Special Meditation Focus

The Cloth of Many Colors Peace Vigil (September 19-20)

and The Equinox (September 22)


This is a special issue from the Global Meditation Focus Group for the
Cloth of Many Colors Peace Vigil on September 19-20, and the Equinox on
September 22.


1. Summary
2. Meditation Times
3. More on the Peace Vigil and the Equinox


Hundreds of thousands of people from nearly every country in the world have
contributed small swatches of cloth to be sewn into a peace quilt that is
nearly a mile long. The Cloth of Many Colors is a living prayer. On
September 19 at approximately 11am New York Time, the quilt will be
presented at the United Nations in New York, and on September 20 at
approximately 8.30am New York Time, it will be wrapped around the United
States Capitol building in Washington, DC. There are also plans to take it
to the Pentagon. To coincide with this event, a twenty-four hour peace vigil
will start on September 19 at 10am New York Time (2pm Universal Time). Spend
this 24-hour period focusing on peace and committing yourself to creating a
world based upon compassion and love.

The September Equinox will occur on the 22nd at 17.28 Universal Time, when
the Sun is directly above the equator. It represents a time of balance.
Since ancient times, humanity has marked out the Solstices and Equinoxes as
important times to attune to the Earth's relationship with the Sun, and
today they are used for linking up globally in meditation for the upliftment
of our world.

Please hold in your heart and mind a vision in which the integrity and
sacredness of Nature and her cycles are honoured by all. See the whole Earth
as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all
relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our
underlying unity with All That Is.


The Cloth of Many Colors

i) September 19 at 15.00 Universal Time
ii) September 19 at 16.00 Universal Time
iii) September 20 at 12.30 Universal Time
iv) At the top of any hour, or at any other time between September 19 at
14.00 Universal Time to September 20 at 14.00 Universal Time.

The September Equinox

i) September 22 at 17.28 Universal Time
ii) 17.15 - 17.45 Universal Time
iii) Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset, Local Time
iv) At the top of any hour, or at any other time of your choice.

Differences from Universal Time are as follows, and are in Daylight Saving
Time where applicable:

Honolulu = -10 hours / Los Angeles = -7 hours / Denver & San Salvador = -6
hours / Mexico City, Houston & Chicago = -5 hours / New York, Toronto,
Montreal, Asuncion & Santiago = -4 hours / Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo = -3
hours / Reykjavik & Casablanca = 0 hours / London, Algiers & Lagos = +1 hour
/ Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Johannesburg & Madrid = +2 hours / Athens,
Helsinki, Jerusalem, Nairobi & Istanbul = +3 hours / Moscow & Baghdad = +4
hours / Tehran = +4 and a half hours / Islamabad = +5 hours / Calcutta & New
Delhi = +5 and a half hours / Dhaka = +6 hours / Rangoon = +6 and a half
hours / Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta = +7 hours / Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing &
Kuala Lumpur = + 8 hours / Seoul & Tokyo = +9 hours / Brisbane, Canberra &
Melbourne = +10 hours / Wellington = +12 hours

To confirm your time difference from Universal Time (GMT) please visit



The Cloth of Many Colors goes to the UN, the US Capitol, and the
Pentagon. Hundreds of thousands of people from nearly every
country in the world have contributed small swatches of cloth
to be sewn into a peace quilt that is nearly a mile long. The
project, called "Cloth of Many Colors," is a living prayer, and
this September it will be presented at the United Nations in
New York, then wrapped around the US Capitol in Washington,
DC, then finally the Pentagon. This is one of the most powerful
opportunities we have to create a world based upon the laws
of love rather than the rules of fear.

The Details: On September 19 at approximately 11:00 am the mile
long quilt will be presented during a ceremony at the UN, part of
Millennial Peace Day. Children from around the world will hold the
cloth inside the UN, then walk with it outside to the UN Rose Garden
where hundreds or even thousands of people will gather to pray.
The World Peace Prayer Society will then present the flags of
every nation of the world using the prayer "May Peace Prevail on
Earth" as each country is named. A Prayer Shawl from the quilt will
then be presented to the wife of Kofi Annan, Secretary General of
the UN, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and a special shawl to honor
John Denver.

The next day, September 20, at approximately 8:30 am, the same
cloth will be wrapped around the United States Capitol building in
Washington, DC. Thousands of people will gather there to hold the
quilt as it symbolically embraces the nation, and all nations. The
Cloth of Many Colors will then be wrapped around members of
Congress who will join in a ceremony of peace and forgiveness
during a special breakfast in their honor.

How you can be involved:

a) Spend this 24-hour period focusing on peace and committing
yourself to creating a world based upon compassion and love.

There is no format for this, only your own passion and desire.

b) Pass this message to everyone you know. If millions of people
participate in this amazing event then peace will certainly prevail.

c) Join us in New York or Washington for the events that will
unfold. If you are in the New York area on September 19 join us
at the United Nations Plaza in the Rose Garden around 11:00 am.
If you are in the Washington DC Area on September 20, meet us
on the West Side of the US Capitol at 8 am.

For updated information see http://clothofmanycolors.com/

d) This is only the beginning of the Cloth of Many Colors Project.
To add your own piece of cloth or to make your own quilt go to
http://clothofmanycolors.com/ for information.


The following information is provided by
a) Carolyn Sky Dancer;
b) The World Healing Service; and
c) Dan Furst.

a) From Carolyn Sky Dancer

E-mail: carolyn@ShamanicAstrology.com

The Solstice and Equinox points form the four gates or four directions of
the celestial medicine wheel. The Sun illuminates and activates these gates
as it appears to journey through the sky from the Earth's perspective. In
reality, it is the Earth's journey through the sky as it orbits the Sun that
creates the seasonal cycles. The ancient ones had an active and conscious
relationship with the sky mysteries, creating standing stone circles and
other monuments to assist in tracking these yearly cycles and capturing or
maximizing the incoming energies activated during these seasonal shifts as
different parts of the sky were being engaged. Working with the Solstice and
Equinoxes as well as the cross-quarter dates (the half-way point between
each Solstice and Equinox) helps us to remember these mysteries and to
develop our own relationship with the seasonal cycles of Earth and Sky.

b) From The World Healing Service

Website: www.worldhealing.co.uk/

This September Equinox, the exact time of the Equinox will occur at 5.28pm
GMT, when the Sun enters Libra. The astrological theme concerns balance and
relationships. The Sun in Libra will align with Neptune in Aquarius and
Saturn in Gemini to form an equilateral triangle, or Grand Trine, which in
astrology denotes a highly supportive exchange of planetary energies.
Neptune in Aquarius represents spiritual awakening and interconnection,
while Saturn in Gemini is about structuring our thoughts and ideas, and
grounding them responsibly into physical form. The Equinox Grand Trine will
therefore assist us to conceive of and build new relationships that honour
our spiritual interconnectivity, and to assist the awakening of group
consciousness through our communication with each other and with Spirit.
Venus, the ruler of Libra, and therefore of the Equinox, will itself be in
Libra, heightening our sensitivity to our relationships. Meditating on a
vision in which we all realise and honour the sacred interconnectedness of
all life, is highly recommended.

c) From Dan Furst

E-mail: hermes3@lava.net
Website: www.hermes3.net/

The Autumn Equinox, one of the four "cardinal festivals" of the Earth year,
so called because on this day the year was thought to turn like a door on a
hinge (Latin cardo) as the Sun now reaches the 180° point on the zodiac
wheel at 0° Libra, exactly opposite the 0° Aries point of the Spring
Equinox. Autumn now begins as Sun enters Libra (the Scales), symbolizing the
balance of light and darkness at the moment when the Solar energy of the
year begins to wane, and Earth energy waxes toward harvest and abundance.
Like the Cancer month of early summer, the Libra season is a time when a
balanced, sideways movement is favored. This is more a season of weighing
advantages and exploring options, and especially for bringing in and
securing the harvest, than it is for launching new enterprises.

Among the many festivals held throughout the planet, starting from this

Greek festival of Demeter, whose symbol is the cornucopia, and Roman
festival of Ops: the day of thanksgiving to Mother Earth for the abundance
of the harvest and the continuance of life.

Celtic Mabon, the year's second harvest, celebrated in the weighing of the
grain and fruit, and festivals of plenty.

Taoist festival honring the Shen, or divine principles, of Wind, West, and
Autumn. Rituals held at this time celebrate the importance of living in
harmony with the rhythms of Earth and Sky.

Coyna Rayni, the Incan festival of rain, devoted to the purgation by water
of illness and evil.

In the ancient Mediterranean and Middle East, Mihrigan, the festival of the
solar god Mithras, was held on the day of the Autumn Equinox. This holy day
survives today as Mihr, the month of the Autumn Equinox in the Iranian

In some Native American Calendars, the month of the Raven begins on this

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