September 8, 2011

Special 9/11 Complement


The following is a special complement to the SPECIAL INVITATION - One: The Event: Make the Shift from Fear to Love on September 11, 2011 which you received 2 days ago and for which a Spanish version is now available. New related and/or inspirational material came to my attention and I thought you would also like to know about these other inspiring 9/11 initiatives and recent messages.

May Peace, Love and Harmony Prevail on Earth...

Jean Hudon
Focus Group Facilitator and Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

PS There will be a Special 9/11 Information section in my next compilation. If you are interested, you may preview it HERE where it is temporarily archived.

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1. ONE The Event launches on 9/11 to help transform fear into love
2. Message from SaLuSa -- 7 September 2011
3. Message from the Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies


Recommended by ERN subscriber Sonja Baumgartner ( from Austria
From 9-11-2011 until 9-30-2011 with the main focus on the SOLAR Circumpolar Rainbow bridge WAVE on September 23rd, 2011 -- TEN years after the attacks on the Twin Towers the TIME is ripe to move into a new Cycle. On September 11th, 2011 a new 260 day cycle begins! Let us not commemorate what happened on 9-11-2001, but CHANGE the effects! The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation is the perfect tool to unite humanity in ONE FIELD of CONSCIOUSNESS! Choose a time in your daily routine which suits you best and do the CPRB-Meditation for 20 days after 9-11 as there are 20 Solar Seals in the Mayan Calender and each day stands for one seal. In this way we ran re-program our reality from that of terror to LOVE and PEACE! - CLIP

The following excellent Rainbow Light Meditation 30-minute guided meditation by Shanta Gabriel is highly recommended for this meditation – this is a perfect tool to tune your bodies, chakras and thus your whole being in to the Rainbow Light energies and to ground this light in the Centre of Mother Earth. Note from Jean: If you are so inspired, you may wish to download this unique guided meditation and use it regularly and share it with others during special spiritual events. The following prayer is also recommended by Sonja...

Prayer of the Seven Galactic Directions

From the East, House of Light
May wisdom dawn in us
So we may see all things in clarity.

From the North, House of Night

May wisdom ripen in us
So we may know all from within.

From the West, House of Transformation

May wisdom be transformed into right action
So we may do what must be done.

From the South, House of the Eternal Sun

May right action reap the harvest
So we may enjoy the fruits of planetary being.

From Above, House of Heaven

Where star people and ancestors gather
May their blessings come to us now.

From Below, House of Earth

May the heartbeat of her crystal core
Bless us with harmonies to end all war.

From the Center, Galactic Source

Which is everywhere at once
May everything be known
as the light of mutual love.

Ah Yum Hunab Ku Evam Maya E Ma Ho!

“All Hail the Harmony of Mind and Nature!"

Much more through

The 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment
On September 11, 2011 and for eight days thereafter the Intention Experiment will be hosting a special 9/11 Peace Intention Experiment which will run at the same time (1 pm Eastern DST) each day. Tens of thousands of people from the West and the East will join hands, jointly apologize for the 9/11 tragedy and together participate in an Intention Experiment to lower violence in a targeted area. The results will be monitored by a team of prestigious scientists and we'll report back to you with the results.

Global Oneness Day
The energy of Oneness - the energy of Who We Really Are - can heal the planet and revolutionize life. It is simply waiting to be lived! - 40 Days to Oneness - Begins September 11, 2011, leading up to the second annual Global Oneness Day on October 24, 2011... Free teleconferences with James Twyman, Anakha Coman, Steve Farrell, Neale Donald Walch and many othersé What would it be like to dedicate 40 days of your life to embodying and expressing Oneness in service to the worldwide realization and actualization of our deep interconnection, unity and peace? Would you like to find out? Click here for more details. CLIP - much more there including the Global Oneness Declaration, the Global Oneness Day TeleSummit, the Global Oneness Day Mural Project, the Global Rhythm Circle for Oneness and the Association for Global New Thought

Global Care Room - Great initiative by the Global Coherence Initiative folks from the Heartmath Institute
Check their New Participant Guidelines and then their recent CARE FOCUS: HURRICANE IRENE to get a feel of how it works. To find out more and to participate, you'll need to sign in and then log in. Here is how they suggested to meditate to dissipate the intensity of hurricane Irene prior to its land fall: "Let's start by connecting with our own heart's love while breathing love, care, and compassion in and out through our heart area... Now let's radiate our love and care to everyone participating in this Care Focus. Imagine our interconnectedness as a network of light, and see our love and care being amplified and uplifted by each others light. All indications point to Hurricane Irene being extremely destructive to the Eastern Coast of the United States, including densely populated areas such as New York City and the East Cost of New Jersey. President Obama and the mayors of East Coast cities are ordering evacuations. In this Care Focus, let's radiate our love and care to the entire region. Visualize the hurricane dissipating in strength and moving further out into the Atlantic Ocean, with less impact on potentially affected populations. Let's sustain our vision for the highest best outcome and maintain our compassion and unconditional love for those involved and throughout any recovery process. Through these emerging global stress events, it's important to practice the caring maintenance of our own energy balance in relationship to these seemingly ongoing occurrences. When our emotions are exhausted and frayed, it compromises our personal system and diminishes the effectiveness of our intentions to be helpful. We compassionately realize it's harder to prevent emotional drain at times when personally connected to these stressful events. Yet it's worth taking time out on occasion to consciously breathe the feeling of calm and restoration into your system. Doing this from your genuine heart feelings restores emotional resilience, which is especially needed when giving energetic care and support to others who are experiencing a harder time. Use any restoration techniques that work for you. The important thing is: at least remember to do it. Self-care is an essential component in global care."

NOTE: David Nicol ( from Gaiafield is planning to use this Global Care Room system in support of ONE The Event. Check Saturday at to see how you may join in for this Event.

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ONE The Event launches on 9/11 to help transform fear into love

by Mike Adams - June 22, 2011

In an effort to transform fear into love through the power of human intention, Seattle firefighter Erik Lawyer has launched a transformational event called ONE The Event ( Erik is the founder of Firefighters for 9/11 truth and is fully informed about the rather obvious fact that 9/11 was an inside job. But instead of focusing on the conspiracy of it, he has decided to focus his efforts on moving forward in the spirit of love and positive intention. (See my comments below...)

You can join in the event at by joining the email list and taking part in the global consciousness shift on September 11. (9/11/11) A video teaser at the site explains what the event is all about.

I spoke with Erik Lawyer for 45 minutes about the event, his experience as a 911 truther and why he has shifted his focus to transformation through positive intention. The full interview with Erik is available now at

There, Erik explains why and how his journey as a 9/11 truther brought him to his present course of action.

I also ask some direct questions about Erik's philosophy, questioning how positive intention alone can transform the world when the global elite are using bombs, info-terrorism and economic warfare against the people. If we all just focus on the positive, I said, the global elite are still screwing us all behind our backs, right?

To hear Erik's answer to that question, listen to the full interview:

The interview is roughly 45 minutes long, and we cover a lot of territory including the power of intention, elements of conspiracy in 9/11, personal journeys and much more.

My own take on the effectiveness of positive intention

For the record, and just so there's no confusion about my own position on 9/11 and the power of intention, I am a believer in the power of focused intention but only when it is married with ready action. Protecting our freedoms and civil liberties cannot be accomplished solely through sending love vibrations to the world, I believe. We must also take steps in the physical world to put that intention into action and protect ourselves from those who operate from a place of destruction rather than love.

As a relevant example of the failure of doing just one thing and not the other, consider the Tibetan Buddhists who spend much of their time meditating in temples. Over the last several decades, they have been overrun by the communist Chinese; imprisoned, butchered and nearly eradicated from China while adopting a stance of non-violence. That has earned them near extinction in the face of tyrannical oppression. Positive meditation clearly has not saved them from the violence of the communist Chinese government.

To focus all our energies in the spiritual realm while neglecting the security needs of the physical world is a grave oversight. We need both approaches to achieve lasting freedom and peace. Erik Lawyer's event plays an important role in this by bringing together large numbers of people to broadcast positive intention, but let us all remember there is another component to peace, and that is the physical front line comprised of those who are marching in the streets like Gandhi did, or standing up to fraudulent authority like Martin Luther King, or taking part in a violent but necessary revolution like Thomas Jefferson or Paul Revere.

In essence then, I believe that positive intention is a necessary component of positive change but not the entire solution, and I think Erik Lawyer would probably agree with that assessment. We each do our part to make the world a better place, and ONE The Event plays an important role along with all the other freedom efforts and tactics being pursued by others who have a different approach. Erik is to be commended for his efforts, and I hope you consider taking part in the event on 9/11/11.

Why we must still demand answers about 9/11

I also support those who continue to question the official lies about 9/11 and who are digging for the truth about this event which was obviously and blatantly staged in a classic "problem reaction solution" format. I would also love to be able to buy a pair of jeans made out of the same material as the magical terrorist passport that the FBI claims somehow survived the impact and the explosion that melted skyscrapers... and then magically appeared unscathed on the sidewalk below even though the entire airplane and all its passengers were literally blown to bits. (Alex Jones jokingly refers to this material as the same stuff from which the Hammer of Thor was constructed...)

I would also love to know how the WTC 7 building defied all known laws of physics and collapsed in a near-perfect demolition style free-fall even when it was not hit by any airplane and only suffered from a few office fires. Concrete and steel buildings do not simply collapse all their support columns in perfect unison and pancake one floor on top of another, floor by floor, all the way to the ground, unless there is a demolition team involved, using precisely-placed explosive charges detonated in a specific timing sequence.

I also love how the BBC broadcast the "fact" that the WTC 7 building had collapsed even while filming that broadcast with the building still standing rather evidently in the background. Somebody at the BBC, it turns out, jumped the gun on the media conspiracy and accidentally reported the WTC 7 collapse a few minutes before it actually happened (

Any intelligent person examining the evidence surrounding 9/11, of course, inevitably concludes that the WTC 7 building was primed with explosives well ahead of 9/11, which is why thousands of physicists, architects and firefighters have publicly questioned the official explanation of 9/11 ( And while I greatly admire Erik Lawyer's approach with ONE The Event, I still believe we all need honest answers about who was really responsible for 9/11 and why the official story is so laughably and obviously fabricated.

The official story on 9/11 looks about as believable to me as CNN's fake broadcasts from Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War. Watch this hilarious video to see what I'm talking about:

And finally, check out the event sign-up page at:



Message from SaLuSa -- 7 September 2011

We see so many of you creating an atmosphere of calm around you, and that is greatly needed in a time of confusion. You have the advantage of knowing that whatever happens or threatens your peace, a satisfactory outcome as promised will manifest. As you approach the final period of chaos, know that it can only go so far before our influence and authority will take over. We are far more active than any previous time, as we direct our allies into their final positions from which they will launch their take-over from the dark Ones. You may not see us in the early encounters, but be assured we will be there with them.

Our powerful position is instrumental in gaining the co-operation of your leaders, particularly as we bring the answers that can overcome the worldwide problems that are so immense they do not have any answers for them. We have the solutions and backing of the Creator and that represents a powerful means of persuasion. Because we come in peace does not mean that we can be ignored, as in the final reckoning we can be quite firm without resorting to any form of intimidation. We shall soon be announced as the Galactic Federation and our role in your Universe will be fully explained.

As you may realise our role is not to interfere with the karma that is being worked out at this time. Many of you have taken on quite a lot in this lifetime, and it is not our place to alter the course of it. With Ascension in sight those of you that have chosen that path, obviously wish to go forward having cleared any karma that is outstanding. Knowing this should enable you to face it with absolute confidence, as if you handle it badly that will most likely create more karma. Please allow others to handle their own problems unless you are asked to give help or advice, and avoid being pulled into them unnecessarily.

We need you as bearers of the Light more than ever as you can add your voice to those who spread fear, not intentionally but through lack of understanding. Even if you are not clear as to the actual timing of events, you know enough to help pacify those who are confused. The main point is that the old systems are inadequate for the new cycle that is about to fully manifest. So major changes are essential to clear the way for the New Age to begin. That will eventually lead to the Golden Age which is beyond your present imagination. We could liken it to the Cavemen trying to comprehend your present lives for the first time. The wonders and beauty are barely touched upon on Earth, and the energies that abound everywhere are exciting and constantly uplifting. By then your consciousness levels will also have been lifted up to heights that would be termed as Galactic. You are to awaken to the truth and nothing will be held from you, unlike now when so few of you have even glimpsed it.

You are emotional Beings that have moods that change in a flash, and are part of your experiences that you are learning to control. This aspect of your lives has led to so much sorrow and regret, but it is increasing your level of awareness. The answer is to always live in your Light where possible, and if you can maintain it you will find that Love can overcome all problems. When you understand who you really are and the purpose of life, it becomes somewhat easier to cope with the challenges of life. You are in unsettling times but we know that you can be equal to them if you stay calm. The next few months offer the opportunity for long reaching changes to be made, and you need to be alert and ready to live as one leading the way. You have the Light on your side, so there is nothing to fear.

The energies continue to rise up on Earth and it helps to lessen the impact of the physical changes that must of necessity take place. One day you will look back at this period in your lives and marvel at your courage in having taken on duality. Yet you will also be pleased that you did, as it will have increased your consciousness levels by leaps and bounds. Life wherever you go in the Universe, is all about gaining experience, but the fastest way is to be at levels that really challenge you.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey



The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies

September 5, 2011

Greetings from the Federation:

We are back to discuss another aspect of the emerging Disclosure process with you. You are immersed in the changes going on right now around your planet. There is a great shift underway in the economic and business fields that have created unstoppable change which moves us closer to Disclosure and our ability to teach you what we know about your Ascension process in the little time left before that too arrives.

Your world will change drastically after Disclosure. In large measure, it will change because even the least of you will have access to free energy and other technological marvels as you can only now dream about but which exist on your world at this time. This includes teleportation devices, machines which will allow you to watch past events in holographic format, communication devices that will allow you access to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Third world countries, most significantly hit by the Illuminati’s greed and play for power, will now become equals with all other nations. Imagine the untapped wealth of knowledge, innovation, and talent that will open up to all humanity when these countries become on par with all others and their people can be heard. Education will become worldwide and interactive, not just a local luxury. With teleportation, whole classrooms can move to historic sites to see and experience for themselves in addition to using holographic techniques to view history as it unfolded. Your true history will be taught and there will be no subject withheld from you. All areas of exploration and experimentation will be open to you, with the acknowledged purpose that any discoveries are for the betterment of all humanity, not just a few.

Many of these scenarios appear “pie in the sky” to you and a nice dream, but nothing more. That is the furthest from the truth, however. Imagine the absolute freedom of the human spirit with such devices. Now you understand why this technology, this knowledge, this history, was kept from you for so long. No one can stand above another when you realize that you are all one.

These things, and many more, are coming to you. Already there is underway a great movement that will lead to the redistribution of your wealth systems, your legal systems, and the way you do business. The necessary protocols for the Disclosure event are being put into place. We grow ever closer to the inevitable and remain as excited as ever that we can finally be brought together in open, loving contact.

As matters progress in exponential degrees, you will be overwhelmed by the speed with which this process unfolds. We are there, at each turn, to make sure that all goes according to plan. Be Light of heart in these days coming and we will be joyous together in our meeting.

CHECK ALSO THE September 7, 2011 UPDATE -- "The feelings you have always had, of knowing something “big” was to occur in your lifetime and that you were to be part of it, are genuine feelings that cannot be dismissed. Do not even accept what we say about this. Simply look inside and discern this truth for yourselves. Let that be your guidance even though you cannot “put your finger on” the exact plan of which you are to be part. Your efforts to date have so tremendously helped this whole process forward more than you can ever know. Your dedication to the Truth and to the Light are wonderful inspirations for us, here, as we work to bring us closer to our inevitable union. Love is the key. It is time to open the door."

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