Global Equinox Meditation - 22 September 2020

Forging Ahead Towards Enlightenment

Beloved souls,

Here is first a message setting the context for the meditation proposed to you below.

Mother Earth Speaking

Impersonating your planet's consciousness is meant as a means to convey some teachings to those souls seeking greater clarity about recent events on Earth related to the Covid "pandemic", and about themSelves.

This has been an intense learning experience for most. Now is a good time to draw some lessons from what happened.

Many have sought to take advantage from this occurence to advance their own interests. Examining their actions is not the purpose of this message. It is to help you learn an essential skill that will be necessary in the times ahead.

For millions of years, tiny particles known as viruses have played a key role in fashioning your species, controlling your overall number and pruning the less adapted specimens. That's what they are designed for. Your species has recently discovered their existence, studied them and tried to prevent them from doing what they naturally do. Because of their power to terminate life in unsuitable specimens, your species has developed fear over their activity. This fear has been exploited by those who strive to advance their own interests to further extend their influence over most others. This was unavoidable and must not be resented. In fact, it is part of the global experience designed to help you master fear and develop your ability to think for yourself. So in a sense, you can be grateful towards those who follow their inclination to control and foster changes towards their desired outcomes. Now let's see what other higher perspective can be useful here.

Your bodies are designed to die. You all know this, but prefer to avoid thinking about this because the uncertainty over what happens next frightens you. There is no need to be frightened of death, even of suffering, because even that is something to be mastered.

You are not your bodies. These are useful, magnificently designed "garments" provided for your enjoyment and spiritual advancement. But they are not YOU. You are far more than mere specks of matter lost amidst an infinite amount of matter in this grand universe. You are emanations from an energy Source your current consciousness is ill equipped to fathom.

At this stage in your planetary evolutionary path, when spiritual assistance in the form of assimilable knowledge is ever more available, more and more embodied souls are coming to realize just Who They Are.

This realization is not coming in the form of mental understanding but of intuitive knowing. Getting a grasp on this type of instantaneous Knowledge is essential to master the next steps ahead towards a spiritually-centred, space and dimensional-faring civilization. Countless other planetary fields of evolution - schools for soul learning - have gone from the earth-bound stage you are now to the forever-expanding galactic stage you are meant to reach in the coming next few centuries. This is the timescale frame of this message. And it concerns not some anonymous future earthlings descending from your current collective genomic pool. It concerns YOU, for you are going to come back, inevitably, time and time again, in the centuries and millennia to come as you have - most of you at least - for hundreds of centuries past.

Your mind may resist, because of limiting cultural conditioning and beliefs, this sort of considerations but, deep down, something in you feels this is familiar ground. So please, choose for a moment to accept the fact your soul, your real being now sensing and feeling and thinking, is indeed on a millennia-spanning journey of continuous learning through a long succession of bodies - garments - it uses to interface with physical reality, other embodied souls and all the exquisitely designed expressions of Universal Creativity… including viruses.

One of the most limiting emotions you can experience is fear. One of the most liberating ones is Love. Between these two antinomic extremes lies the whole gamut of feelings a sensing being can experience. Being able to experience emotions is a gift to be mastered for much higher purposes ahead on your evolutionary journey. One of these gifts is the ability to remain perfectly centred, in an inner space of perfect stillness, amidst the raging storm of ephemeral happenings, and thus become a consciously participating conduit for the Creative Power innately vested in every soul.

Achieving this kind of mindful emotional stillness is the stuff of spiritual masters - which all souls are meant to become. Developing this natural ability cannot be done without adequate testing in the proper challenging environment for you to flex your stillness "muscle" and eventually become the still point of radiant centredness amidst the infinite vastness of physical reality. Hence the Covid "pandemic"… and all the other challenges thrown at you by Yourself, by your own freewill Choices before embodiment, and in every passing moment, each moulding the next one to further the goals of your self-chosen evolutionary journey.

Channeling the Omniversal Reality through simply Being All That We Are is one of the most magnificent experiences a soul may sense. It may not feel like something feasible, accessible or real to your human consciousness right now, as it struggles with the many challenges of your particular circumstances, but nevertheless it will come to pass and feel as real as the unfathomable Bliss you experience each time you go back to the spirit world where you rest between stints in physical reality, and assimilate the lessons learned.

So, from this larger, deeper perspective, your current experiencing with the new "normalcy" of a fear-based life those in authority try to bring you into may not feel as forbidding as before… which is the place of inner stillness this message intents to provide you as an antidote or cure for the malady being inoculated to you through the current cultural conditioning. Whether you accept this perspective and make it yours is your choice, as a sovereign soul being living a physical experience - one of your self-choosing, never forget this.

To further expand your awareness of Who You Are, remember also that Life always puts on your path - your Golden Path of Light - the necessary stimuli and hints to guide you ahead. Spirit is also always there, a mere thought/feeling away, to whisper into your spiritual ear the glimpses of intuitive knowing that will help you steer the ship of your physical adventures towards the port you are uniquely destined to reach. And Love - as a resonating, vibrant effulgence of Bliss - is and will always be your best compass to chart the best course, the path of least resistance, towards this ultimate goal.

May the Light of Source always illuminate your Path.


* * * * * * *

Once again, you are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the equinox this coming Tuesday, September 22. The same guided meditation as for the previous 6 global meditations is available to facilitate a deeper awareness of Who We Are.

Since the climax of this equinox will be at 13:30 GTM/Universal Time, it is recommended that you start playing the mp3 recording provided for this meditation 24 minutes before this moment, that is at 13:06 GTM/UT, which corresponds, if you live in Los Angeles, to 06:06, in New York, to 09:06, and in London UK, to 14:06. For the other time zones, you will find at your local corresponding time to begin playing the recording.

To accurately set the time of your mp3 player (computer, tablet or cell phone), simply visit

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at 13:30 GTM/UT, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

As usual, the recording lasts 30 minutes, and includes, after the first 13 minutes of guided meditation, several inspiring musical tracks to accompany your inner journey.

To let you know in the recording that the climax of the equinox has arrived, you will hear for a fourth time the words I know I know I know, which are then followed by 6 more minutes of music. If you want to remain in silence to continue meditating, after the end of this 30 minute recording, simply add nothing else in your playlist (depending on the type of device you use). Otherwise, select the music of your choice. It is important also that you set the equalizer settings of your mp3 player at "flat" (you add no bass and no treble), or you may hear some distortion.

To download the mp3 recording, please do so preferably via (using the right-click button of your mouse or the equivalent on a trackpad or a touch screen - using two fingers simultaneously), or, alternatively, via the "Download" button - accessible through the 3 dots (...) button on the right - at It is also possible to play the recording without downloading it at the two links above. Please remember to keep a copy of this recording for your future uses.

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