Selection Criteria

To help set the main focus or foci of these bi-monthly global meditations, the Focus Group has established a set of simple, clear, and flexible criteria to guide the selection of the situations that we feel require urgent collective healing attention. The criteria are as follows:

i) A large-scale threat to the peace and wellbeing of life must be posed by the crisis under consideration for selection. By large-scale we mean that which affects whole communities, societies, or ecosystems. Where the very life of the community, society, or ecosystem itself is at stake, we take this threat to be the most serious and deserving of our attention.

ii) The issue or issues to be selected should preferably have been in the news media around the world in some way recently so people receiving our Meditation Focus on this topic can better sense that this is indeed an urgent issue. However, the Focus Group may decide to recommend an issue that has gone entirely unreported provided that substantial evidence can be provided to support the choice of selection.

iii) It is preferable to select an issue for a given focus when it is most immediate and timely, and can be tied with some actual actions on the verge of being taken that could either potentially improve the situation or worsen it if things go wrong.

The selection process will be carried out by the core group, which will be kept small enough for this to be done quickly and efficiently, and which will draw its membership as much as possible from a diverse range of people, so that a rich variety of viewpoints and experience can be brought to it. The Focus Group core members will avoid selecting from a purely intellectual perspective what the most pressing issues are, and will strive at all times to act from their spiritual centre, checking within for the appropriateness of selecting any proposed situation as a priority for everyone.

The Focus Group core members will also make sure that the wording and complexion of of each Meditation Focus suggested are general or basic enough to avoid tinging the understanding of the ultimate preferred outcome of the situations with preconceived ideas and judgements as to what they should be. Our aim is to respect the free-will evolution of all, and to dedicate all we do to the highest good of the individual and the whole.

When preparing the summary of the issue for each Meditation Focus, we will strive to avoid invoking an 'us versus them' scenario, unconsciously engaging in psychic warfare, or approaching the subject judgementally. The Focus Group will strive to remain factual, concise and to give just enough information to help people figure out what is at stake in any given situation without burdening them with facts, leaving those interested to further research the issue with the webpage URLs or other sources referenced, should they wish. We will make it clear that we do not claim to present a complete view of all the aspects of the issue under consideration, and that working impartially for the highest good of all is necessary for all those who are participating in this global healing work. We will encourage everyone to strive to become neutral channels to assist the stepping down of the Divine vibrations of Love, Peace and Unity to a level at which they can be of assistance in the alleviation of suffering.

"For the highest good of all" is the permanent motto and overall focus for all issues marked for each weekly collective meditation.

Anyone is welcome to submit meditation requests to the core group that are deemed urgent and critical enough to necessitate a global focus of healing, peaceful, and love-filled energies.

The Focus Group will issue each new Meditation Focus twice a month. In addition, on certain occasions, the Focus Group may issue on any day a special request for people to link up in meditation on what it judges to be a significant calendrical date in relation to the healing and peace-building work it is doing - for example, the date of the Solstice or Equinox, or the date of an organised event that is judged by the Focus Group to be of particular importance and relevance.

To read how those criteria were adopted read this Compilation of the responses received from the other Focus Group members to determine the Selection Criteria.