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Special 11-11-11 Reminder and Complementary Information


As we are about to attain a critical threshold in our collective awakening to Oneness, the following 48 hours hold a special significance in many soul's heart and provides a unique opportunity to all Light bearers to contribute to the crystallization of the higher frequencies of Love that are surging around and within us and opening the portal for ever greater soul achievements.

Here are some suggested experiences and messages facilitating this overarching goal, for the Highest Good of All as One.

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11 - 11 - 11 : One Breath One World... Imagine a night when we get together to breathe as One
ULTIMATE ENERGY at this once in a lifetime celebration. Globally we will synchronize BREATH & PRAYER for healing our planet. This is a rare opportunity to maximize your physical and mental potential. On 11-11-11 the Global Community Unites for a Live Broadcast Using special TUMO breathing we will create a massive
Power Breathing Prayer Circle for WORLD PEACE. 30 thousand people have already experienced our healing circles all over the United States. Most describe the healing energy that flows through the body as more powerful than any drug. A euphoria and higher state of consciousness is experienced by nearly all people. Join us Online for a magical evening that will enhance your life forever. Watch their video! Live
Broadcast: Global Community Unites for one special night to Unite with breath, prayer and music. Using advanced breathing techniques, each person will feel the ultimate ALL-IS-ONE experience. Find out more... The main program will air on Friday, November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) starting at 9:30 pm EST, 6:30pm Pacific - To find your local corresponding time elsewhere on Earth click HERE - In Europe, it corresponds to 3:30 am on November 12...


Relevant Inspirational Quotes

Love and Light are returning to Earth very quickly, with much having been grounded each time you have reached a key point. The next one is 11.11.11. and it is an extremely important time, that will dramatically increase the frequency of your Light Body and Physical Body. Some of you will undoubtedly be aware of it and know that the intensity has increased. It will continue right through to Ascension, when you should be perfectly ready to complete the process. Then the Golden Age will have commenced with further stages of enlightenment that carry you forward to even higher dimensions. The more earthly affairs will be completed in good time, and the old paradigm will have eventually been denied any further energy to keep it going. Already it is breaking up, and much of your early contact with us will be spent dealing with it. We are pledged to remove everything that has no place in your immediate future. So it is going to be an exciting period to be present on Earth, as love replaces fear and those negative emotions that have been fuelled by the lower vibrations. The Oneness of All That Is will lift you up and people will drop any ideas of separation, as they come together to create a new civilization that acts as One where all souls love and care for each other. Supposed differences that have been played upon by the dark Ones to keep you apart, will be quickly overcome. There will be no place for religious dogma, and the one Truth will prevail as souls learn to connect with their Higher Self."

- SaLuSa - Taken from his 9 November 2011 message

"Along with you, we have been observing the steady progress of the light as the Occupy movement spread in the United States and on to other countries, and the spirit of freedom that inspired 'Arab spring' continues. Even people who do not know that these major developments are due to the higher frequencies along Earth's ascension pathway do realize that your world is significantly and rapidly changing. And soon the momentum is going to increase. There are 'time pockets' in the celestial calendar that are especially advantageous for energy surges, and one such will be in a few days, 11/11/11. The surge, which for Earth will be a forward thrust in her journey, will affect people differently. Those who are unbalanced by being immersed in the low vibrations of negativity will experience upsetting physical and emotional jolting. Lightworkers, including the millions who don't identify themselves as such, will feel a sense of upliftment as they flow in the accelerated pace of the universe. Truths and reforms will be catapulting into your midst as there can be no more delays in the highest universal council's master plan to free your planet of millennia of dominance by darkness. That is why efforts to strengthen the European economy will not prevent the imminent collapse of the global economy, which has long been controlled by the Illuminati. It is why local, state, provincial and national governments will accede to the citizens‚ demands for betterment of their lives, and why wars and other violence will wind down.
(...) When will model communities be ready? Because so much has to take place in the months prior to the end of 2012, including economic recovery after the collapse so funding will be available, it's likely that no large communities will be ready until the Golden Age is underway. Many individuals and groups around the world have been inspired to establish spiritually-based communities. Those that are planned to be self-sustaining will include everything necessary for ideal living, from education to health care and farming to cultural resources. Without addressing the specific issues being questioned, we state that no dire-sounding prognostications or predictions will come to fruition; only ideas, plans and activities that are energetically aligned with the prevailing light intensity can reach manifestation. If we knew exactly when the crews who are roving in your skies are going to land, it would be our great joy to tell you. However, since we cannot in this moment do that, what we can say with assurance is that it won't be much longer–a great deal must be accomplished during the next year and their on-site assistance is part of it. Our family members overhead and those in your midst are in constant contact and all are diligently serving to help you bring to an end the long era of Illuminati control. Your steadfastness in the light is bringing ever closer that day of meetings and greetings with your brothers and sisters. Then you will see for yourselves how greatly you are loved and honored by them–and all other light beings in this universe–and the swiftness with which Earth will be restored to her Eden self. The months ahead will be more joyously dynamic than you can imagine!"

- Matthew - Taken from his November 5 message - To receive Matthew's new message every month through his mother, Suzanne Ward, you may subscribe through sending a blank email to - To find out more:


Recommended videos and article

FlashMob Peace Meditation, NYC 2011

WE ARE THE 100%: Thoughts on the rEvolution
Earlier this year, I found out about these things called "meditation flash mobs." Excited at the prospect of being in my heart with others in some of the busiest places in New York City, I became a meditation flash mob junkie. The experience consists of picking a busy, public place and then gathering to meditate together for an hour. Following the meditation we usually chant and do a little dancing. The crowd consists of indigo and crystal kids all grown up, actualizing their mission, and then others flock around them. These flash mobs have been happening all over the world, from Sedona, AZ to Moscow, Russia. The intention is to bring light and love to that area. The first time we meditated together was in Union Square, the busiest section of downtown New York. I was shocked at how blissful the experience was, how many people came to join, and how many people thought we were entertaining enough to watch.When we sit down to meditate, it's like the universe knows exactly what to do. The click into bliss is immediate. Every time we do these meditations, I see crystal cities of light descending up on us. The energy is very strong, and will usually affect me for days.

(...) In August of 2011, about six weeks before the #Occupy movement took hold, my friend Anthony Finno, owner of City Life Wellness here in Brooklyn, put on a suit, called on the meditators and headed down to Wall Street. We set up an unassuming meditation flash mob directly in front of the New York Stock Exchange! My dream was becoming a reality! Anthony, a master negotiator, had the police, the paparazzi and the bankers in the palm of our hands instantly. Our intention was simply to hold a loving and grounded space for whatever transition needed to happen. We were aware that there was a lot of chaotic and fearful energy around financial fluctuations, people losing jobs and homes, corruption being exposed and so on and so on. What if we held the space for all of that energy to be met with love? What if we allowed ourselves to channel that energy deep into the earth so it could be supported and nurtured? It was important that we be outside, that we be seen, instead of doing our lightwork thing in secret like it's been for so long. Anthony made a huge banner with our intention statement so everyone knew what we were doing and encouraged us to talk to people if they were curious. We were not protesting or challenging anything, just loving. We were peaceful, non confrontational and respectful. Proudly, we made the New York Times and several other news sources. We continued these meditations about once a week for six weeks until one day it was enough. On that last day we were accompanied by an ancient Olmec crystal skull affectionately called Pancho. Three days later, the #Occupy movement came in.

(...) On October 27th, 2011 I went to the event with the 13 crystals skulls and the Mayan priests expecting something new and huge to hit me. But as I listened, I realized we had already achieved what they were talking about. Global unification was happening as they were speaking.The revolution will not be televised, but it will be between you and me, face to face, soul to soul. And I think we did it. The years of preparing through lightwork, ceremony, and the reading and rereading of prophecy were all validated when a global outcry for a better world hit the streets. People want a world that more accurately reflects their hearts, and are tired of letting corruption go by unchecked. We will continue to shout it out until our energy and hearts are fully woven into the new system. The new system is global, conscious and requires everyone to bring their full selves in to participate. It will take time to form, but it is happening.This new system exists within a different experience of time than we have known, it is born from our hearts, and not from our minds trying to fix something broken. CLIP

Occupy Wall Street Flash Mob Meditation
Flash Mob Meditation at Liberty Plaza in the rain on 10/19/11

The Med Mob Mumbai Movie ~ Flash Mob Public Meditation

Meditation Flash Mob @ Occupy WallStreet

Meditation Flash Mob St. Paul's Cathedral October 27, 2011

Occupy Love - Andrew Harvey Asks "What more do you need to get going?" (1 min 45 s)
Speaking to the crowd at #OccupyVancouver, author, mystic, and spiritual activist Andrew Harvey urges everyone waiting on the sidelines to GET INVOLVED. Watch Andrew's full speech at Occupy Vancouver HERE - (In his 18 min speech Andrew has 4 very interesting suggestions for this global movement and much, much MORE! Really inspiring and absolutely worth watching!) MORE THROUGH


11-11-11: Source Code Activation

By Lauren - October 27, 2011 

“We would open with this: Congratulations! You are officially on the runway to new earth.”

- The Pleiadian High Council (PHC)

The Anticipation

So here we are… on the cusp of the long-awaited completion of the Mayan Calendar, the ancient and accurate “time”-keeper of 16.4 billion years of evolutionary consciousness. There is so much going on all over the planet to support the emergence of a new evolutionary cycle, but the event that is really blowing my mind is the ceremonial pilgrimage of the Mayan Elders who will carry the Thirteen Crystal Skulls from one US coast to the other and culminate in a (highly sacred) Mayan Crystal Skull Ceremony (The journey will begin in Manhattan tomorrow, 10/27/11 and will conclude in Los Angeles on 11/11/11) Details HERE.

For those unfamiliar with the significance of the Crystal Skulls, Cal Garrison says:

“…these ancient relics are said to contain information about the history of our planet and the future of mankind. Carved out of pure quartz crystal, and other crystals such as jade, the Skulls generate an energy field that activates human consciousness in a way that expands our perceptions of reality. Ultimately they are the manifestation of Spirit in a form that is now helping to shift the magnetic frequency of Mother Earth. When the Spirits of the Skulls are ceremonially awakened, ancient wisdom, wisdom that has been preserved in a crystalline matrix for eons, enters the unified field and fills the collective consciousness with all the knowledge of everything that has happened on the planet in the last 26,000 years, and perhaps beyond.”

To think that all that sacred energy is coalescing less than 60 miles from me is pretty trippy… so much that if I tune into it, it rattles every cell in my body with a visceral excitement that I can hardly contain. Which is odd considering I barely understand the ramifications of it all.

And if you’re wondering what this will mean for us…well, the Pleiadians say it will take about 2 weeks to integrate more clarity about what this means for those way-showers who are about to step fully into their divine roles and purposes in the “active duty” phase…and about a century or seven to digest what this leap in evolution means for the planet as a whole. Overall, the time between now and the 11:11 gateway is alive with potential and our conscious participation with this sacred passageway is very powerful, and can be felt in a very real way thru prayer, meditation, visualization… or really, just by thinking about it.

One thing we already know… well, two things: 1) our physical bodies still haven’t caught wind that we need them now to move into position… and 2) the energy of what’s to come is pulsating so vibrantly that we can literally feel our supports about to birth thru the veil. Our new/true lives are so close to us now that it’s tantalizing.  If you tune in, it literally feels like Christmas eve…only, it may be that Christmas eve you spent as a kid with the flu : ((

We have some idea what our gifts may be, but we don’t REALLY know for sure… and that’s the excitement of it all. We definitely made our wish lists… likely, many times over... but the unseens say that even our wishes pale in comparison to what’s in store.

“We, like you, can feel the pulsing energies of convergence building around your sphere and we are just so delighted at what each of you, the new earth guardians, are about to experience in yourselves, and witness in each other.” - PHC

Aside from the fact that we are finally climbing out of the deep void we were stuck in for the last several weeks, nothing much has changed on the outside yet…we are still needing to nurture ourselves and to remain centered in our heart-space while we continue to allow the full birth of our multidimensional selves to take form. Those who are ready are priming to become the official new-earth guardians & overseers, the protectors of all of creation and masters of the material world here to lead humanity into the full breadth of love by virtuous example.


“The moment that each of you have been waiting for, the moment that we have termed “inception” is approaching.  This is heralded by the massive energies precipitated by the opening of the 11:11 stargate portal on 11/11/11.  What this means for the way-showers is monumental, for it is this group who will be physically laying the template on earth for all other inhabitants to follow.” -PHC


On Becoming Multidimensional

We are soon to experience life as multidimensional beings, which the PHC say is one of exquisite undertaking… a way of living life through the perception of simultaneous realization & with the ability to focus through the incorporation of many dimensions of awareness… at once. This is not something that we have context for, so the Pleiadians would like to offer... to the best of their ability… a small frame of reference for those who will be entering this new landscape.

“You are the first group of souls who will be utilizing your full human potential and christed-monadic capabilities. This means that those of you who are entering leadership, or earth stewardship roles, are those of you who have undergone a full 12 strand DNA activation and have enabled the extensions of your over-soul to do the same. This is the beginning of the new multidimensional human race, the seeding that will begin the long evolutionary journey home for humanity.” – PHC

Unfortunately, my work is always a little ahead of me so I don’t have a complete understanding of what all that means yet, but what I do get is that those who resonate with this truth… that is to say, those who feel this to be true… will embed this reality within the matrix of man, thereby allowing the distortions of our human genetics to be returned to its original design. This, they say, is what biological ascension assures us, the propagation of a new-human race and apparently there are many of us here to exploit this divine opportunity.

For those who are called into guardianship, stewardship or leadership roles, the 11-11-11 gateway is offering us the ability to not only anchor into multidimensionality, but to open the doorway to the christed heart within… that which commands usage of the sacred adamantine particle (the base-level particles that create all physical manifestations of LOVE). This opening will prepare us to utilize the laws of magnetic resonance… the universal design for creation in the new earth.

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Also recommended...

Transference: the reBirth by Lauren (November 8, 2011)
**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.
(...) The PHC came bursting thru the veil yesterday with a preparation message for the 11:11 this week saying that we need to make a conscious effort to stabilize and anchor ourselves in the earth plane because the incoming frequencies are not only powerful, but in the words of the council, are “literally restructuring the physical foundation of your existence with the Source Codes of regeneration.”“What we would like for you to understand is that the upcoming alignment is the one you have been waiting for…it is ostensibly THE most powerful event of the ages…an adjustment that will enhance your lives in every way.” - PHC
From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the purpose of the 11:11 gateway is to anchor the frontrunners of new humanity both into the crystalline unity grid… the portal to full multidimensional consciousness… and into the heart center (crystalline core) of our planet… that which will precipitate the final integration period, the alignment of the physical body. This unprecedented alignment between the earth and those starbeings/lightworkers ready to be “plugged in” will apparently trigger a great psychic and physical opening that the PHC are coming forth to address. “The changes that we speak of are psychic in nature, but also offer you the unique ability to harness the power of earth to propel you out of limitation and into pure love.” - PHC From what I can understand, this sacred passageway is bringing us into alignment with both the forces of nature (earth), as well as the forces of creation (cosmic), which is not only enabling/activating this heightened sense of perception & pure love that the unseens have been telling us about for so long…but it also the divine dispensation that the ultra-sensitives have been waiting for to balance themselves and be released from the electromagnetic distortions that caused so much suffering for so many years.

The Pituitary Dimensional Attunement
This exercise has been recommended in conjunction with the World Meditation on 11/11/11 described HERE

From: Thrive Movie ( On Behalf Of Thrive Movie
Sent: November 9, 2011
Subject: Thrive Launches in Just Two Days!

Dear Friend,  

Wow. It is hard to believe that the moment is almost here.  

For more than eight years we have worked diligently to consolidate a lifetime of research into THRIVE - What on Earth Will it Take? a feature length film and website whose purpose is simple: To empower a more informed and leveraged movement for global transformation!  

And in two days, at exactly 12:01am PST on 11/11/11 the film will be released into the world.  

THRIVE is the culmination of our journey to seek answers to the most critical questions of our time, including:  
Is it possible for humans to thrive? And if so, why aren't we?  

If nature teaches us anything it is that Life is meant to work. And like every living thing, our purpose is to thrive.  

And yet, for the majority of people on the planet, life is not about thriving... It's about surviving, just trying to hang on.  

Is this really the best we can do? Did the universe labor for nearly 14 billion years only to bring forth a species that would end up as an enemy to life itself, and to its own Home?  

We don't think so.  

Like so many of you, we have spent nearly a lifetime trying to figure out what happened - what is happening that could account for the staggering agony and deprivation on this planet.  

Our research led us to places we never expected to go, revealing surprising discoveries that seemed unrelated at first, but which turned out to be crucially connected, as you'll see.  

We came across a code - a pattern in nature that's been embedded in arts and icons throughout the centuries. We believe this code holds the key to a new source of clean, sustainable energy that could completely revolutionize the way all people live.  

We came to understand how our economic system is rigged. And we found out what we can do about it.  

Our journey revealed ways we can claim our power to create liberating, healthy systems everywhere on Earth!  

We have realized that we are not a mistake. We are simply mistaken. We've been blinded to our brilliance, shorn of our strength, ignorant of our genius, unaware of our true power and magnificence.  

But all of that about to change.  

We encourage you to share this worldwide event with your friends, family and colleagues by forwarding this email notifying them of THRIVE's exciting launch on 11/11/11 in 10 languages.  Like you, they won't want to miss this!    


Foster, Kimberly and the THRIVE Team


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