March 28, 2000

Subject: More feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Hello my friends

Here are some more feedbacks received to be added shortly on the website for future consultation by others ( to be posted under ).

Please note that I also sent a similar request (see below) for a resume and more details on what could be their specific contribution to this focus group, as I did for Anthony, to Karyn Martin-Kuri, Kalama Hochreiter and Ricardo Ocampo. I would recommend to the other people from the original advisory group considering to formally join the first Focus group to likewise prepare something similar at your earliest convenience as a way to introduce ourselves to each other in the Focus group.

You'll see a number of responses I made below to people who wrote regarding various issues that were raised by them. If in disagreement or if you want to add anything to this, simply forward your comment to me and I'll include them in the next series of such feedbacks - possibly the last one before we make decision as to who will actually be part of the first Focus Group and then proceed ahead with the rest of our tasks.

Warm regards to everyone

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

This exciting feedback and wonderful commitment from Leigh, who was part of the initial Advisory group, just came in :-))

Thanks a lot my dear spiritual brother!

From: "Leigh"
To: "jean hudon" <>
Subject: core group
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Dear Jean

Your proposal is now gaining much momentum, and I congratulate you for
holding firm to your vision.

I have been away for the past few days, and now I'm back I would like you to
know that you can count me in for the focus group.



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

I AM, very much interested in being one of your core group members, to assist
the Planet and All my Brothers and Sisters in the realization of Gods Love
that resides in them and all around them, to bring Peace and Self healing to
the world. Sensei Anthony Sanchez


Dear Anthony

I want to thank you first for your feedback.

Thanks also for your offer to be part of the Focus group. I received similar offers from some other people and realize that I'll need to request more information from each applicant to get to know them a bit when I do not know them at all from previous contacts - which is the case with you. And eventually when a decision has been made as to who is to be part of the first Focus group (the others whose offer won't be retained could wait for their turn on a sort of replacement list, as I'm sure some people will leave the group from time to time - temporarily or definitely - for various reasons) then each group member will have to provide the group with a more formal resume and a brief description of their field(s) of expertize (if any) and the specific contribution and role they intend to play as part of this focus group. Of course we will then get to better know each other as we will interact in the ongoing group discussions to decide upon the selection criterias of the issues to be retained for the weekly list and then in the actual review and selection process, including the drafting and adoption of the actual content of each weekly list.

Finally you may wonder how we will proceed for the selection process of the members of this Focus Group itself. I'll first wait to see if there will actually be too many people volunteering for the job once the actual work it will imply has been properly assessed by each applicant and then, if there are still to many candidates, it will probably be those who appear to have the best qualifications and experience for this job who will be retained.

So here is my request from you for now

Since I don't know you or what "credentials" and experience you might have to be part of this focus group, I would first need to review some kind of resume from you and have a sense of what your background and experience is in relation to this kind of service.

Could you also tell me what in your view could be your specific contribution to this group?

We would hope to keep the number of people involved in this group to about 7 people as already mentioned in the proposal. Since many people have already expressed their interest in playing such a role, I'll have first to ask the same info to those about whom I have no previous knowledge.

And then we will see as explained above.

It would also help me to know that you have read all the 60+ pages posted at:
(Initial Post &amp; Feedbacks)

(First Draft Proposal and Comments Received)

and get some kind of feedback from you or any comment you might have on all this initial process.

You should also review the first feedbacks received in the last 2 days about this proposal and just posted at:

Thanks for your attention to this matter and all my best to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you want to read a resume on me, there is one posted at

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Dear Kindred Lightworker,
I totally support the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal and plan to
be involved once things are set into motion.
The proposal, however, leaves out special meditations for special times,
that, I feel should be made available as an option for all who are on the
email list.
For example, I recommend that everyone be invited to join in a
worldwide linkup with a gathering that is being organized by James Twyman the
"Peace Pilgrim" at Joshua Tree, California, on April 23, 2000 at 11 am PDT.
The purpose of this gathering is identical to the purpose you have
outlined--to promote greater peace and harmony worldwide.
Also, I feel strongly that there should be a global linkup on May 3, 2000
at and before the moment of the new moon in Taurus 9:12 pm PDT when 7 planets
will be in some degree of alignment in Taurus, square to Uranus in Aquarius.
I would be interested to receive your response to these suggestions.

Yours in Oneness,

James Maynard
Dean, The Ultimate Human School of Initiation
Former Dean, Cluny Hill College, Findhorn Community, Scotland


Dear James Maynard

I thank you very much fo your feedback and support for the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal.

Concerning the special meditations that occur from time to time, I don't think it is necessary we rebroadcast these important information through the weekly list since this is not the prime purpose of this weekly alert system. As was mentioned in the last paragraph of the proposal:

"Finally, this proposal does not preclude anyone from submitting information
on suggested meditation linkups or other initiatives directly to others
through the Planetary Awakening Network of through any other channel."

This was in reference to the fact that all such other suggested meditation linkups or other initiatives are already networked through the PAN system, usually directly by the people on this list or, if no one is doing so, I usually take the initiative to forward to the PAN list a copy of the relevant compilations I regularly do of such events for the benefit of the 1640+ people on the Earth Rainbow Network emailing list that I manage -- as you already know since you have been on the ERN list for a good while now. Regarding the 2 events that you mention, I'll soon prepare such a compilation (although I believe I already included all the relevant information on the Great Ecperiment II to occur next April 23, 2000 in a recent post to the ERN list) that I'll forward in part to the PAN list as a reminder of those 2 events.

One last thing, just to be sure there is no confusion. We are not creating a new emailing list for these weekly alerts. They will be emailed only to existing e-lists such as the PAN and ERN lists and will be relayed from there to many other e-lists as each recipient see fits.

All my best to you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Marjorie Kass" <>
Subject: Re: meditation project
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000

I have read the suggestions for the meditation project and am in agreement.
I would like to be a part of it. I especially subscribe to the ideas of
Laurence Helwig that we submit our prayers and meditation to the Highest
Will. It is possible that we do not know the Will of God for every region
of the world. We even do not know the highest Will of God for our own
lives. Let us say, "Your Will, Oh God, Your Will only."

With Love,

Marge Kass

NOTE FROM JEAN: Marjorie was already on the ERN list and so will automatically receive the weekly list wehn it will begin going out. Thanks Marjorie for your comment and support

From: Miranda Jacobson <>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: re: global healing meditation

Good day!

My idea on global healing meditation groups is that there are many in
existence today. Why not work as a network gleaning the groups together into
a whole? I will help you if you so desire. I have been working with group
prayer/meditation groups worldwide for over 26 years and have a charitable
organization called Light of the Living Rainbow, Incorporated.

Let me know if you would like some assistance in any way.

Rev. Miranda Jacobson


Thanks for your comment and input Miranda. I've included your comment with the other ones received (you'll get a copy of it when it goes out). Did you check the previous ones at ??

If you review the ongoing discussion thread that went through in preparing this proposal and the ensuing comments received, I think you'll see that the very purpose of this initiative is to bring more cohesiveness in the somewhat dispersed efforts of so many existing spiritual groups and networks while not interfering with the individual light and service each of them provide in their own unique ways around the world.

In short "Unity in diversity"

Warm regards,


From: "ELana Straw" <>
To: <>
Subject: Peace Meditation Focus Group
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000

Please Register Me As A Participant of the Peace Meditation Focus Group.
I am the founder and manager of the Healing circle Network.
I have read your proposal and want to be part of this movement.

Full Name: ELana Straw
Address: 913 East Mize Road
City: Demorest
State: Georgia
Country: USA
Postal or Zip Code: 30535
Telephone Number: 706-776-3372
E-Mail: Healing Touch
Personal E-Mail:
Size Of Network: 105 members in over 32 countries
Project or Group Name: The Healing Circle Network
Project Description: Healing Prayer Network - members in more that 32 countries. We are already using Fridays to send healing energy prayers to heads of government, countries that are warring, countries that are feeling the severity of the weather; countries that struggling with property, etc. We do not pray for victory over another - only for the highest and best for all concern. We believe in the law of non-interference and choice.



Visit our Web Site at and learn how you may send your healing prayer request to more then 300 practitioners in over 30 countries!

NOTE: I responded to Elana and added her on the ERN list so she may receive the weekly list.
Here is also below an email received from Maggie about The healing network, an organization coordinated by Elana. It is very interesting to link with them as there are parallels between their healing assistance for individuals in need of healing energies (a very potent form of healing assistance!) and the work of assistance with peace vibrations to the healing of conflictual situations around the world.

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: The healing network

Dear Jean,

This is the information on the Healing Network which many of the members of the
Women's Spiritual Network have joined. Anyone can ask for help or participate as
a distant healer. Please reply for inquiries to Elana. Love and light, Maggie

The Healing Network
Contact Elana "Allan (Joviel) Straw" <>

We are a group of volunteers dedicated to providing "healing" energy to
those in need by distributing the names of individuals, locations, events or
things requiring "healing" energy to as many "healers", "healing groups" and
"prayer groups" as possible. We are represented by "healers" in more then
thirty countries and have over 300 members lending their gift of prayer and
healing energy to assist others.

By using THE HEALING CIRCLE in this manner, "healers" and "prayer groups"
throughout the world will be focused on the specific act of sending
"healing" energy to an individual, location, event or thing. As you know,
tremendous results have occurred in the past when several individuals and/or
groups united in this effort. Think of the effect if individuals and groups
around the entire world united in a single minded effort directed to one
specific person, location, event or thing!

In the coming times of changes, we believe it is more important then ever
that we communicate with each other, help each other and in turn provide
guidance and help to others who are not aware they are on their path. The
Core Group Network provides a vehicle for a support network of a magnitude
of brightness unheard of in the past. With numbers comes strength,
knowledge, unity and direction of purpose.


The Healing Circle and all those associated with this page strongly believe
and advocate that regular medical help and advice from your doctor(s) should
continue to be sought and followed.



Visit our Web Site at and learn how you may send your
healing request to more then 300 practitioners in over 30 countries!

Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: More thoughts on your proposals

Hi Jean and Michael

I woke up this morning having a telepathic conference call (t-mail
conversation) with you both and decided I'd switch it to an email one.
Further on from my email yesterday suggesting a Spirit's United Nation (I'm
not stuck on names by the way - just a suggestion), I would really like to
put my energies to the creation of a new world reality.

Jean mentioned in his email coordinated world meditations for peace and I'd
like to add some thoughts to that conversation. When we meditate for peace,
many people focus on war and try to bring the energy of peace to that
situation. Peace energy is stilling and calming and to some degree that will
help the situation. However, what underlies the problem (which is conflict
and war) is separation and lack of recognition of one sourceful beingness in
every religion, faith, doctrine, culture and person. So if I was going to
work creatively on this problem, I wouldn't send the energy of peace to it,
instead I'd hold the energy of unity for others to step into. Threfore I
wouldn't call them peace meditations, but rather global unity link-ups where
we consciously create and recognise our unity of spirit, of source, or
whatever anyone wants to call it, in every country, every person, every
religion, etc.

Let me give you an example. In a workshop recently a friend was really
troubled about the Mozambique situation and was empathically pulling all the
sorrow and trauma. She was in tears within seconds. I said, stand in a
place of power and know that you can do somethng about it. What would you
do? She said, send the energy of hope. So I had her do that and she cried
some more. I said, you cried more because the energy of hope is ineffectual
in this situation. It makes no difference. It doesn't address the problem.
And it leaves you feeling powerless and showering the energy of your sadness
all over their country. She was perplexed. So I said, the people of
Mozambique have chosen in spirit to be one of the first countries of our
world to be cleansed, cleared and ready to be one of the first countries of
the new world order. Africa will be a leading country in this new
millennium. This flood (1) is bringing world awareness to changing global
conditions forcing many to move into change and (2) bringing economic aid to
the country so that it can begin its rise into this new way. I celebrate
their gift, their contribution to us. They are not weak, lost people,
they're great beings contributing to the transformation of our world and I
have deep admiration and thanks for them doing so. So we reached out as a
group to have others round the world recognise and honour those wonderful
people for their gift and to place into the consciousness for everyone to
donate money to the funds for Mozambique as that could move their future
forward. We sent the energy of recognition of spirit, which is the most
transformative energy you can work with. The woman's tears stopped, the
upset lifted and the whole group saw that we are no longer powerless little
beings sitting in our homes wrestling with the horrors of the world. No, we
ARE great beings of Light and we can change things now.

I look foward to more of this conversation. What an exciting time! What
amazing transformation is in our hands and hearts and minds waiting to be

I love you both for all that you do.


Dear Soleira

Interesting to know we are meeting in your dreams ;-)

Thanks for sharing this story about the need to focus on the empowering abilities we all have that some many people are unaware of.

I'd caution though against using the words "new world order" which are now so heavily loaded in many people's minds with the evil intents of the elite oligarchy that try to impose its new world order.

Regarding advocating a certain form of unity meditation as you recommend instead of one focussed on peace, I doubt we will try to do so through the weekly list.

If we begin to use this as a platfrom to influence people towards our preferred kind of spiritual work we will certainly put off lots of people who might not necessarily share our views. Some people prefer to simply use the power of prayer or invocation while others will go through an elaborate meditation process, perhaps involving some kind of ritual, etc. to achieve their own form of service for peace and unity on Earth. So it is better IMHO to remain as neutral and non-judgemental as possible, as already explained, when we will formulate those meditation alerts.

We will probably need to devise a short introductory statement that will explain in just a few sentences the spirit of inclusiveness and openness through which these meditation alerts are fashioned and proposed as well as the general goal we want to achieve which is embodied in the motto "For the highest good of all".

Another thought that came regarding the numerous comments and feedbacks and sharing of experiences this process is bound to elicit as it will proceed in the months and years ahead -- so many feedbacks in fact that it would probably take an entire separate emailing list to deal with them properly -- is that I could simply set up somewhere on the web (There is a place at where one can set up a website for free as long as you can tolerate the banner they impose on your site) a webboard where people can go and post themselves their feedbacks and comments and so anyone interested will be able to view them afterwards and even comment on them if need be.

I'll look into this if I see that such a need actually arises.

Love and blessings to you


From: "Hanne Macsay" <>
Subject: Sv: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000

Dear Jean
Thank you again for your wonderful work.
The recent Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal sounds great to me and I hurried to forward your mail to my usual group of 14 mail addresses (in Denmark, U.K. + one in the USA). - Most of them include several light workers. -
I have already received some totally positive reactions.

YES, we'ld be grateful for this service. There is so much going on and we certainly need somebody to coordinate it all! Sundays are perfect for a weekly common meditation (local morning, noon or evening) and instead of reading from lots of different sources about other arrangements, it would be wonderful to have "our own meditation news network".

Thank you so much to the group for their initiative! We are all looking forward to further information.

JOY, LOVE & PEACE prevail!
Hanne Macsay - Denmark

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change
the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has".
Margaret Mead - Anthropologist.

NOTE FROM JEAN: Thanks a lot for your support Hanne and for passing around this proposal ;-)

From: "Rich CrystalWolfe Baker" <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000

Greetings jean;

Would like to get involved with this project. What do I do? How do I get

Aho, Bless Be
Rich 'CrystalWolfe' Baker, D.D.
home page:'s.htm
business :
ICQ# : 6998479


Hello Rich

Nice to hear from you - as I see you've been on the ERN list for quite a long time now.

To better answer your question I'd need to know what kind of involvement you have in mind, what you think you could do...

If it is simply to take part into the meditations, you'll receive a copy of the weekly list of meditation foci as all other people subscribed on the ERN list and then you'll be able to join in when possible for you. And you can also take a few minutes everyday to add your healing and peace vibrations to the worldwide pool of such vibrations ministering through the guidance of the spiritual Elders of humanity to the various "hot spots" on Earth.

Love and blessings to you


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace meditation

Hello Jean,

Yes, I'm interested in participating in the global meditation on Fridays in
sending out *Universal Love* for the highest good of all. Please include me
and send details.

Thank you and much love & peace,


Dear Janeeda

Thank you for your commitment to participate to the weekly peace meditation (to be held every Sunday - it is the the weekly list that will be emailed each Friday) explained in the proposal and for your interest in our work. Since you are not on the PAN or ERN list, the simplest way for you to receive this weekly alert list (when we will begin issuing them - we are not there yet) is that I add you to the ERN list. So if that's OK with you (? - just let me know if you are not interested) your name has been added to the Earth Rainbow Network emailing list for future updates. Being on this list, you will receive information on a broad range of subjects. If at any time you wish to be removed from this list, simply ask me so.

Looking forward to hear from you again

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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