Meditation Focus #92

Re-creating the World Anew


What follows is the 92nd Meditation Focus suggested for the TWO consecutive weeks beginning Sunday, August 10, 2003.


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As we are heading towards an uncertain future in which global warming, massive species extinction and human hunger on a global scale are currently set to be the main factors shaping the lives of the billions of souls inhabiting this planet — unless we change course as a result of global awakening and individual empowerment to be All That We Are — the time has finally come to turn our attention and co-creative forces, as One Unifying Humanity, towards co-creating the conditions that will ensure the radical solutions necessary to face the radical challenges to our common survival we have created for ourselves over the last few generations. And one of the main causes of the derelict status of our world, from an environmental and global standpoint, has been the cunning and continuous manipulations of our economic systems by a wealthy elite to further enhance its own control and dominance over the resources and riches of this planet to the detriment of the vast majority of human beings and for hidden purposes serving deeply concealed, negatively-inclined beings as part of a much larger battle encompassing the entire physical and non-physical universes.

One of the key strategic control centers of this elite is rooted in the military and high level governmental structure of the United States of America, although several other centers of lesser prominence do also exist in Europe and Asia. Because of the considerable military might and economic power at its disposal, the U.S. government has been for many decades at the forefront of the concerted efforts of this discreet cabal which nevertheless use all possible channels and centers of power around the world to further its various aims, and which has successfully come to so dominate through direct ownership or otherwise the means of communication and news media as to maintain a tight stranglehold on what is broadcast and known so as to preserve its stealthy nature. Yet, despite all their efforts and resources dedicated to establish and impose their global dominance, they have not been able to prevent nor stop the gradual awakening of hundreds of millions of people who, thanks in part to their interconnection through the Internet, now see with ever greater clarity that the growing chasm between the few megarich and the destitute billions of human beings is becoming intolerable and that the wars initiated without proven provocation by the American oligarchy are simply unacceptable, and are vigorously opposing them through a growing anti-globalization movement and through significantly large demonstrations such as those organized to oppose the war in Iraq.

Prompted by the sheer magnitude of our global predicaments and nudged awaken by the globally awakening Unity Consciousness of All That Is in all of us, countless souls have now been alerted as to the need to change course and re-create the world anew, and in the process are gradually parting with the obsolete values and beliefs of a dying paradigm of self-centered blindness responsible for so much of our planet's ills. This co-creation process is two-fold. We firmly oppose what is directly causing the destruction and imbalance in our world and we courageously dedicate ourselves to creating here and now, as well as supporting, the initiatives and seeds of change that will soon blossom into a new Era of permanent enlightenment and peace, both innerly and globally.

Please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming two weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following one, to contribute in fostering within each of us the sense that a positive future awaits us and that we can empower ourselves, individually and globally, to meet the challenges of our time and ensure to all the material and environmental conditions conducive to the spiritual fulfillment of all the divine potential for goodness, kindness and oneness we each can manifest, for the Highest Good of All.

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i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

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3. More information on this Meditation Focus

This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus. It is recommended to view this information from a positive perspective, and not allow the details to tinge the positive vision we wish to hold in meditation. Since what we focus on grows, the more positive our mind-set, the more successful we will be in manifesting a vision of peace and healing. This complementary information is provided so that a greater knowledge of what needs healing and peace-nurturing vibrations may assist us to have an in-depth understanding of what is at stake and thus achieve a greater collective effectiveness.

First you may want to review Matthew Ward's recent (August 7) message in support of Nesara (see excerpt below) at
(...) Some consider NESARA to be political and economic in nature while others view it as spiritual because of the high level light beings affiliated with it. NESARA is both. When people are severely oppressed by political and economic conditions that foster impoverished living circumstances, lack of health care and education, monopoly of natural resources, slave labor, unjust laws and courts, starvation, and tyrannical regimes, offering "soul food" isn't enough. When people are preoccupied with mere survival requirements, giving them only spiritual messages is not going to bring about the global reforms they need to rise out of their misery. That is why the provisions of NESARA are monumental in scope, embodying sweeping reforms for Earth that will begin as soon as the legislation is officially announced. When people become aware of the reforms, they will be motivated to participate according to their capabilities.



Homeless And Starving In The Land Of The Free

US Homelessness and Poverty Rates Skyrocket While Billions are Spent Overseas on Occupation

By Jay Shaft - Coalition For Free Thought In Media


As I watch far away images of body bags being filled, I see much closer images of bodies. I went by a local park the other day and it looked like a concentration camp crossed with a mass murder scene.

There were people in rags and covered with filth lying scattered all over the place. At least twenty people were on crutches, had parts bandaged, or with open wounds not even covered. They were all hungry and a large majority were sick.

All around this city I live in, and nation-wide, the level of homelessness and poverty is growing alarmingly. From the last counts and estimates nation-wide, there has been at least a 35-45% increase in homelessness and poverty. The increases have come over the last two years with the biggest increases being in 2002 and especially in the first six months of 2003.

Add to that the barely subsisting or borderline homeless/poor, and we start to see a very alarming trend that shows no sign of going away. Over 30% of Americans are on the borderline of poverty. A lot just do not quite make the cut to receive food stamps or some kind of benefits and live on a razor edge of desperation and starvation.

I have talked to people that run food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters. Places like Day Star, Catholic Charities, St, Vincent De Paul, and many other major support agencies. They all tell me they have seen a vast increase in people that would starve or be without clothes if not for their services.

The most shocking sight to see is homeless and starving children, living right near some of the richest neighborhoods!!!!! Right here in "humanitarian" America, home of the worlds largest "humanitarian" and "liberating" force (or is it FARCE?).

This country is putting more and more of our citizens on the brink of homelessness and desperate poverty. In addition, it seems that we have pushed countless others over the brink and into the bottomless pit of despair and need. All you have to do is look around, open your eyes, and you will see the vast sea of hungry and destitute.

I have seen more and more children and families out on the street or in feeding centers and at food handouts. To think that the world’s richest country allows this to happen is sickening! To think that we turn a blind eye to starving children because it is easier to tolerate than do something about it!

We cannot afford to hire teachers, build new schools, or even maintain the ones we have. Our children slip farther into the void of illiteracy and neglect. We are the lowest among the industrialized "first" world nations in literacy scores! Many "third" world countries now have higher literacy rates than the U.S.

We are setting ourselves up to turn the world’s richest country into a third world quagmire. This country is sinking into a swamp of drowning poor and so-called "Economically Challenged!” The rich meanwhile buy bigger S.U.Vs (self indulgent ubiquitous vulture mobiles), and bigger gated houses to keep out the flotsam and detritus of the cast aways.

Homelessness Reaches New Levels

3.5 million people, 39% of them children, currently experience homelessness every year. 60% of all new homeless cases are single mothers with children.

Recent studies suggest that the United States generates homelessness at a much higher rate than previously thought. By its very nature, homelessness is impossible to measure with 100% accuracy. More important than actually knowing the precise number of people who experience homelessness is how to go about ending it.

A growing number of cities, including Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta, are criminalizing activities of the homeless, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless. More than 60 cities are introducing measures to make it illegal to beg or sleep on the streets, to sit in a bus shelter for more than an hour, or to walk across a parking lot if the person doesn't have a car parked there.

In 2002 the US Conference of Mayors reported a 19% increase in shelter requests due to homelessness in 25 surveyed cities. Requests for shelter by families increased by 20%.

On average 30% of all requests for shelter went unmet in 2002, with 38% of requests by families going unmet. In 60% of the reporting cities, emergency shelters had to turn away families due to lack of resources, with 56% reporting they had to turn away other homeless people.

People are remaining homeless for at least 6 months on average with 82% of cities reporting an increase in the length of time people are homeless.


President Bush claimed that his FY2004 budget "helps America meet its goals both at home and overseas." Yet, upon examination of the budget numbers, the goals of many Americans appear not to have been included.

At a time when unprecedented numbers of families and individuals are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, the President proposed no new resources to meet their needs. His budget maintains funding levels for most homeless assistance programs; levels so woefully inadequate that each year record numbers of people are turned away from life-sustaining services.

In releasing his FY2004 budget, President Bush claimed "human compassion cannot be summarized in dollars and cents." Neither, can the untold suffering of the 1.35 million children whose lives will be disrupted by loss of housing and health care this year, or the sorrow of their parents, who struggle against the odds to provide stability and hope, or the frustration and pain of those who work but cannot afford housing, or the fear of those whose health conditions, coupled with lack of housing, threaten their very survival.

In particular, the President's Medicaid proposal threatens to leave many more families and children uninsured, dramatically increasing their risk of becoming homeless due to illness or injury. Children are especially vulnerable to losing coverage under the proposed merging of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

Hunger and Starvation Increasing, Especially For Children

In 2001, the USDA reported that the number of Americans who were food insecure or hungry or at risk of hunger was 33.6 million. In the last year it is estimated that there has been an additional 5-10 million additional people who are


4 Billion a month to occupy Iraq, 1.9 billion to occupy Afghanistan

America is bleeding money into foreign occupation, while cutting back on the programs that provide a safety net for America's poorest citizens. The military budget is expected to top $450 million for the fiscal year 2004.

The costs of occupying and improving conditions in Iraq and Afghanistan are not even factored into the latest military expenditure proposals. The US is pledged to rebuilding Iraq's electrical and water infrastructure at estimated costs of $10 Billion for the electrical grid and $500 Million to rebuild the water system and supply clean water to the population of Iraq.

While the US is committed to at least two years of occupation in Iraq and possibly up to ten years, our own people slip into further poverty and starvation.

If the US spent just three months occupation costs, they could wipe out hunger and homelessness completely for ten years. However, it does not seem like feeding and sheltering our own citizens has a very high priority.

If the US took just 25% of their annual military budget, it could go a long way to wiping out hunger and homelessness around the world. Just 10% of our military budget spent yearly on America could give every high school graduate a college education for four years.

It seems like it is not a priority to protect our children from starvation and living on the streets. Our education system is crumbling and the school breakfast and lunch programs are being slashed mercilessly.

Increasingly in America, private foundations and organizations are stepping in to take up the slack that the government fails to adjust for. Most charities are reporting budget shortfalls due to the government cutting their funding and resources.

If this crisis continues, we are in danger of actually having worse hunger and homelessness than some third world countries. The military expansion and occupation must stop so that we can salvage our future before it is too late to stop the landslide of poor and starving.

We must put our priorities in line with the welfare of all our citizens. We cannot afford to neglect the children or any citizen any longer. There must be a call of reckoning to stop this depriving of anyone their basic needs to exist.


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Rebuilding Iraq May Cost Up to $100 Billion, Bremer Says (July 31)
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq's U.S. administrator said on Thursday that rebuilding the country could require anywhere from $50 billion to $100 billion of outside money over the next couple of years.


William Rivers Pitt delivered the following comments as the keynote speaker at the Veterans for Peace National Convention in San Francisco.

We Stand Our Ground

10 August 2003


They call it Pax Americana, a plan to invade Iraq, take it over, create a permanent military presence there, and use the oil revenues to fund further wars against virtually every nation in that region. This we call bringing our "values" over there. Norman Podhoretz, one of the ideological fathers of this group of neoconservatives who now control the foreign policy of this nation, described the process as "The reformation and modernization of Islam." That's a pretty fancy phrase. I am a Catholic, and can therefore call it by its simpler name: Crusade. We know all about those.

This is the Project for a New American Century, the product of a right-wing think tank that, in 1997, was considered so far out there that no one ever thought its members would ever come within ten miles of setting American policy. One broken election, however, vaulted these men into positions of unspeakable power. Their white papers, their dreams of empire at the point of the sword, have become our national nightmare, and the nightmare of the world. I speak of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, John Bolton, Lewis Libby, and the rest of these New American Century men who have taken our beloved country and all it stands for it and thrown it down into the mud.

You will note that I did not name George W. Bush, for blaming Bush for the gross misadministration of this government is like blaming Mickey Mouse when Disney screws up. He is not in charge. Truman said "The buck stops here," and so we point to Bush as a symbol of all that has gone wrong. But he is not in charge. These other men, these New American Century men, have delivered us to this wretched estate, and by God in Heaven, there will be a reckoning for it.

But is it all ideology for these men? Of course not. There is the payout. Have you ever heard of a company called United Defense, out of Arlington, Virginia? Let me introduce you. United Defense provides Combat Vehicle Systems, Fire Support, Combat Support Vehicle Systems, Weapons Delivery Systems, Amphibious Assault Vehicles, and Combat Support Services. Some of United Defense's current programs include:

The Bradley Family of Fighting Vehicles, the M113 Family of Fighting Vehicles, the M88A2 Recovery Vehicle, the Grizzly, the M9 ACE, the Composite Armored Vehicle, the M6 Linebacker, the M4 Command and Control Vehicle, the Battle Command Vehicle, the Paladin, the Future Scout and Cavalry System, the Crusader, Electric Gun Technology/Pulse Power, Advanced Simulations and Training Systems, and Fleet Management. This list goes on and on, and includes virtually everything an eternal war might need.

Who owns United Defense? Why, the Carlyle Group, which bought United Defense in October of 1997. For those not in the know, the Carlyle Group is a private global investment firm. Carlyle is the eleventh largest defense contractor in the US because of its ownership of companies making tanks, aircraft wings and other equipment. Carlyle has ownership stakes in 164 companies which generated $16 billion in revenues in the year 2000 alone. The Carlyle Group does not provide investment or other services to the general public.

Who works for the Carlyle Group? George Herbert Walker Bush works for the Carlyle Group, has been a senior consultant for Carlyle for some years now, and sits on the Board of Directors. This company is profiting wildly from this war in Iraq, a tidy gift from son to father.

And then, of course, there is Dick Cheney's Halliburton, profiting in the millions from the oil in Iraq. Halliburton subsidiary, Brown & Root, is also in Iraq. Their stock in trade is the building of permanent military bases. Here is your permanent military presence in Iraq, and all for an incredible fee. Cheney still draws a one million dollar annual check from Halliburton, what they call a 'deferred retirement benefit.' In Boston, we call that a paycheck.

Pax Americana. That which President Kennedy spoke so eloquently and specifically against when he said, "What kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced upon the world by our weapons of war." This is now the rule of law for this nation. It must be stopped, and we must be the ones to stop it.



Also from:

North Korea Next to Hear - U.S. War Drum

By Geofrey York

Toronto Globe and Mail

07 August 2003

Beijing - A senior Pentagon adviser has given details of a war strategy for invading North Korea and toppling its regime within 30 to 60 days, adding muscle to a lobbying campaign by U.S. hawks urging a pre-emptive military strike against Pyongyang's nuclear facilities.

Less than four months after the end of the Iraq war, the war drums in Washington have begun pounding again. A growing number of influential U.S. leaders are talking openly of military action against North Korea to destroy its nuclear-weapons program, and even those who prefer negotiations are warning of the mounting danger of war.

Some analysts predict that North Korea could test a nuclear warhead by the end of this year - an event that could cross the "red line" that would provoke a U.S. attack.

The tensions were heightened by a recent exchange of gunfire across the border between North Korean and South Korean soldiers. Talks between U.S. and North Korean officials are expected to be held in Beijing soon, but nobody is predicting an imminent diplomatic agreement, especially after North Korea denounced a U.S. negotiator as a "bloodsucker" and "human scum."

Military conflict in the Korean peninsula could trigger a catastrophe, not only because of the suspected presence of nuclear bombs in North Korea, but also because of the 11,000 North Korean artillery weapons along the border that could inflict death and destruction on millions of people in the South Korean capital, Seoul, which is within artillery range of the North's guns.

Former CIA director James Woolsey, a Pentagon adviser and close ally of Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, gave the most explicit glimpse into the thinking of U.S. military planners this week when he revealed the details of a possible plan of attack against North Korea.

The plan would include 4,000 daily air strikes against North Korean targets, the deployment of cruise missiles and stealth aircraft to destroy the Yongbyon nuclear plant and other nuclear facilities, the stationing of U.S. Marine forces off the coasts of North Korea to threaten a land attack on Pyongyang, the deployment of two additional U.S. Army divisions to bolster South Korean troops in a land offensive against North Korea, and the call-up of National Guard and Reserve units to replace U.S. combat forces that are currently bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Massive air power is the key to being able both to destroy Yongbyon and to protect South Korea from attack by missile or artillery," Mr. Woolsey wrote this week in the Wall Street Journal in an article co-written by retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant-General Thomas McInerney.

"We believe the use of air power in such a war would be swifter and more devastating than it was in Iraq," the article said. "We judge that the U.S. and South Korea could defeat North Korea decisively in 30 to 60 days with such a strategy."

Mr. Woolsey and Lt.-Gen. McInerney said the U.S. should already be preparing "to assess realistically what it would take to conduct a successful military operation to change the North Korean regime."

They acknowledged the risk that U.S. military strikes could trigger an explosion of radiation from North Korean nuclear plants, along with massive artillery attacks against Seoul by the North Korean heavy guns that are hidden in hardened underground bunkers on the border.

But U.S. cruise missiles and stealth aircraft could launch precision bombing attacks that would "minimize radiation leakage" at Yongbyon, while also sealing shut the underground bunkers where the artillery pieces are hidden, they said.

They warned that a war could soon become necessary to prevent North Korea from selling weapons-grade plutonium to "rogue states" and terrorist organizations. "The world has weeks to months, at most, to deal with this issue, not months to years," Mr. Woolsey and Lt.-Gen. McInerney wrote.

Similar warnings were issued recently by William Perry, the former U.S. defence secretary, who said North Korea and the United States were drifting toward war - perhaps as early as this year.

Mr. Perry said the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush is "losing control" of the North Korean nuclear crisis, making it possible for Pyongyang to begin selling nuclear weapons to terrorists soon. "The nuclear program now under way in North Korea poses an imminent danger of nuclear weapons being detonated in American cities," he told The Washington Post.

He said North Korea seems to have begun reprocessing some of the 8,000 spent fuel rods from a closed nuclear plant. This could allow Pyongyang to build up to six nuclear bombs in the next six months. "I have thought for some months that if the North Koreans moved toward processing," he said, "then we are on a path toward war."


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Emergency in Korea  (July 24)
In the dream world of American neo-conservatives, crossing North Korea off the planet would be a technically easy operation-the country is an economic ruin-and morally tempting-there is nothing sympathetic about the regime. After having taken part in all kinds of international terrorist and bandit operations over the years, now Pyongyang offers itself the ultimate luxury: trying to guarantee its perpetuity by threatening to proclaim itself a nuclear power soon. This unheard of blackmail legitimately gives the shudders not only to South Korea, a prosperous democracy, but also to the Japanese and Chinese neighbors of the peninsula. Beyond that, it should sound alarm bells for all powers responsible for global security. CLIP

Al Gore | The Direction of Our Nation Troubles Me
(...) The 2001 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, George Akerlof, went even further last week in Germany when he told Der Spiegel, "This is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history...This is not normal government policy." In describing the impact of the Bush policies on America's future, Akerloff added, "What we have here is a form of looting." (...) First, powerful and wealthy groups and individuals who work their way into the inner circle -- with political support or large campaign contributions -- are able to add their own narrow special interests to the list of favored goals without having them weighed against the public interest or subjected to the rule of reason. And the greater the conflict between what they want and what's good for the rest of us, the greater incentive they have to bypass the normal procedures and keep it secret. That's what happened, for example, when Vice President Cheney invited all of those oil and gas industry executives to meet in secret sessions with him and his staff to put their wish lists into the administration's legislative package in early 2001. That group wanted to get rid of the Kyoto Treaty on Global Warming, of course, and the Administration pulled out of it first thing. The list of people who helped write our nation's new environmental and energy policies is still secret, and the Vice President won't say whether or not his former company, Halliburton, was included. But of course, as practically everybody in the world knows, Halliburton was given a huge open-ended contract to take over and run the Iraqi oil fields-- without having to bid against any other companies.

US Nobel Laureate Slams Bush Gov't as "Worst" in American History (July 29)

Rivals Say Halliburton Dominates Iraq Oil Work (August 8)
The Bechtel Group, one of the world's biggest engineering and construction companies, has dropped out of the running for a contract to rebuild the Iraqi oil industry, as other competitors have begun to conclude that the bidding process favors the one company already working in Iraq, Halliburton. (...) Working in Iraq has helped turn around Halliburton's financial performance, its second-quarter results showed. The company made a profit of $26 million, in contrast to a loss of $498 million in the period a year earlier. The company stated that 9 percent, or $324 million, of its second-quarter revenue of $3.6 billion came from its work in Iraq.

Dick Cheney Has Long Planned To Loot Iraqi Oil
As this week's Feature highlights, Vice President Dick Cheney has been plotting the conquest of Iraq since he was Secretary of Defense in President George H.W. Bush's Administration-a plan then considered insane aggression. Moreover, on July 17, 2003, Judicial Watch announced that Cheney's Energy Task Force had developed a map of Iraq dated March 2001, as well as maps of the neighboring United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and Saudi Arabia, which show that Cheney knew precisely how much the conquest of Iraq would be worth. The map, which shows oilfields, pipelines, tanker terminals, and refineries, includes eight "blocks" for exploration near the border with Saudi Arabia. Iraq has been proven to have the second-highest amount of oil reserves of any nation in the world, next to Saudi Arabia. And, this is without exploration of the eight blocks near the Saudi border-a vast area that is at least one-third of the country-which could make Iraq number one in terms of proven reserves. CLIP

Exposed: The Carlyle Group
A Shocking Documentary That Uncovers The Subversion Of Americas Democracy.
Watching this 48 minute documentary will outrage you about the depth of corruption and deceit within the highest ranks of our government and the first family.

A Piece of the Amazon Pie (August 6)
The Bush Administration is, yet again, lending a helping hand to its chums in the natural gas industry. Now Bush and Co. are throwing their weight behind the Camisea Gas and Pipeline Project and are pushing for the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Inter-American Development Bank to approve funding for a project that could line the pockets of some of the administration's closest pals. This week, both banks may front the Camisea Project nearly $300 million in loans and loan guarantees. Critics charge that the funding could pave the way for even more financing for the $1.6 billion project, and that the project itself will continue to have a devastating effect on both the rainforest and its inhabitants. The Camisea Project is described by one corporate watch-dog as one of the most destructive projects around. The project, argues Corpwatch, single-handedly harms the indigenous communities there while doing major damage to a pristine tropical rainforest in the Amazon: "It extracts gas from the pristine Amazon rainforest, an area of extreme biodiversity where indigenous people have lived for centuries. Some of them live in voluntary isolation from the rest of the society, which makes them much more vulnerable to outside interference. They have no immunity to diseases like the common cold, and are extremely susceptible to gastrointestinal illnesses, for which immunization is not adequate. Although a reserve was established for their protection, three-quarters of the project is located inside this reserve. Over its 40-year life, the Camisea project will have irreparable impacts on the lives of those who live in and around the reserve. In addition to its social impacts, the Camisea project has already caused irreversible damage to the environment. Massive erosion, sedimentation, and biodiversity loss have already occurred. Long-term impacts also include open access to a region previously protected by natural barriers and the project threatens one of Latin Americas most important marine reserves on the Ramsar protected Bay of Paracas." So, who stands to profit from the Camisea project? None other than familiar Bush and Cheney darlings: Hunt Oil (whose chairman Ray Hunt raised nearly $100,000 for the 2000 Bush campaign), and Kellogg, Brown and Root (a subsidiary of Halliburton). According to the Washington Post's James V. Grimaldi, KBR's parent company, Halliburton, has a $1 billion stake in the venture: Halliburton's KBR unit is a top candidate to build a $1 billion seaside liquefied-natural-gas plant on the Peruvian coast if Hunt goes ahead with plans to export Camisea gas to the United States by 2006. The separation plant and pipelines slice through a forest renowned as one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Its inaccessibility has kept it largely untrammeled, except for an indigenous population of a few thousand. Near the coast, another processing plant is planned for the buffer zone around the Paracas reserve, home to such rare species as Humboldt penguins and green sea turtles." Grimaldi writes that the location of the Paracas plant was selected for purely economic reasons. Should a spill occur, the rare species in the reserve would be exterminated. Grimaldi quotes a 161-page assessment by the Export-Import Bank saying that it is "ill-prepared for a spill of any magnitude." CLIP

Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction
The Number One Issue Facing Humanity - The most important piece of Rainforests Destruction information to understand is this: If no action is taken, between 2012 and 2016 the land area of virgin Rainforests will go below the critical built-in natural safeguard threshold providence of 10% virgin Rainforests area with its 50% species remaining.

Amazon destruction speeds up
New satellite information from Brazil has revealed a sharp increase in the rate of destruction of the Amazonian rainforest. The information shows the speed of deforestation increased by 40% between 2001 and 2002 to reach its highest rate since 1995.

One in Ten Tree Species at Risk of Extinction
CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom, August 4, 2003 -- More than 8,000 tree species, 10 percent of the world's total, are threatened with extinction, and the situation has grown worse over the past five years, according to a new report sponsored by the UK Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

Global Warming May be Speeding Up, Fears Scientist Alarm at 'unusual' heatwaves across northern hemisphere (August 6),3604,1012989,00.html
One of Europe's leading scientists yesterday raised the possibility that the extreme heatwave now settled over at least 30 countries in the northern hemisphere could signal that man-made climate change is accelerating. "The present heatwave across the northern hemisphere is worrying. There is the small probability that man-made climate change is proceeding much faster and stronger than expected," said Professor John Schellnhuber, former chief scientific adviser to the German government and now head of the UK's leading group of climate scientists at the Tyndall centre. Prof Schellnhuber said "the parching heat experienced now" could be consistent "with a worst-case scenario [of global warming] that nobody wants to come true". He warned that several months' research would be needed to analyse data from around the world before scientists could say why the heatwaves are so intense this year. "What we are seeing is absolutely unusual," said Prof Schellnhuber. "We know that global warming is proceeding apace, but most of us were thinking that in 20-30 years time we would be seeing hot spells [like this]. But it's happening now. Clearly extreme weather events will increase." Other climate scientists across Europe suggested the present heatwave was perhaps the most intense experienced and linked to global warming.

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'Dr Strangeloves' Meet to Plan New Nuclear Era (August 7),3604,1013652,00.html
US government scientists and Pentagon officials will gather today behind tight security at a Nebraska air force base to discuss the development of a modernized arsenal of small, specialized nuclear weapons which critics believe could mark the dawn of a new era in proliferation. This is a confab of Dr Strangeloves. The fact that the Pentagon is barring the public and congressional staff from this key meeting on US nuclear weapons policy suggests that the administration seeks to discuss and deliberate on its policies largely in secret. (...) The place and time of the Offutt meeting is infused with apparently unintended historical irony. The visitors arrived on the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing and the last will be leaving on Saturday, the anniversary of the attack on Nagasaki. The B-29 planes which dropped those nuclear bombs, Enola Gay and Bock's Car, were both built at Offutt. The use of those weapons marked the beginning of the cold war and the first nuclear age. Today's meeting, many observers believe, could mark the start of a second. "This is a confab of Dr Strangeloves," said Daryl Kimball, head of the Arms Control Association, a national non-partisan membership organization dedicated to working for arms control. "The fact that the Pentagon is barring the public and congressional staff from this key meeting on US nuclear weapons policy suggests that the administration seeks to discuss and deliberate on its policies largely in secret." The uncanny echoes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not go unnoticed by a handful of Catholic protesters from Iowa who have gathered at Offutt to mark the anniversaries for the past 25 years. Father Frank Cordaro, the leader of the protest group, said: "This is an American blasphemy to life and to God. They are going to violate another treaty by developing small nuclear weapons. We had made the promise not to do these weapons, but this sole superpower is just ignoring the non-proliferation treaty. That's madness." CLIP

U.S. Marks Hiroshima Anniversary By Holding Top Secret Summit to Discuss Expanding Nation's Nuclear Arsenal - Listen to: Segment || Show (August 5)

Facing A Second Nuclear Age

Hiroshima Mayor Lashes Out at Bush on Atomic Bombing Anniversary (August 6)
HIROSHIMA, Japan - Hiroshima's mayor lashed out at the United States' nuclear weapons policy during ceremonies marking the 58th anniversary of the city's atomic bombing, which caused the deaths of over 230,000 people. Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba said the United States worshipped nuclear weapons as "God" and blamed it for jeopardizing the global nuclear non-proliferation regime. "The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the central international agreement guiding the elimination of nuclear weapons, is on the verge of collapse," Akiba said Wednesday in an address to some 40,000 people. "The chief cause is US nuclear policy that, by openly declaring the possibility of a pre-emptive nuclear first strike and calling for resumed research into mini-nukes and other so-called 'useable nuclear weapons,' appears to worship nuclear weapons as God," he said. CLIP

Washington Pushes the Nuclear Taboo (August 7)
Experts work hard on new anti-bunker weapons.

Liberals Form Fund To Defeat President Aim Is to Spend $75 Million for 2004 (August 8)
Labor, environmental and women's organizations, with strong backing from international financier George Soros, have joined forces behind a new political group that plans to spend an unprecedented $75 million to mobilize voters to defeat President Bush in 2004. The organization, Americans Coming Together (ACT), will conduct "a massive get-out-the-vote operation that we think will defeat George W. Bush in 2004," said Ellen Malcolm, the president of EMILY's List, who will become ACT's president. ACT already has commitments for more than $30 million, Malcolm and others said, including $10 million from Soros, $12 million from six other philanthropists, and about $8 million from unions, including the Service Employees International Union. The formation of ACT reflects growing fears in liberal and Democratic circles that with Republicans likely to retain control of Congress, a second Bush term could mean passage of legislation, adoption of regulations and the appointment of judges that together could devastate left-supported policies and institutions. (...) In a statement describing his reasons for giving $10 million, Soros said, "I believe deeply in the values of an open society. For the past 15 years I have focused my energies on fighting for these values abroad. Now I am doing it in the United States. The fate of the world depends on the United States and President Bush is leading us in the wrong direction."

Number of U.S.-caused deaths around the world since 1945
Data from William Blum book, "Rogue State" supplemented by casualty data from various sources - Last Revised: 20-Jul-03
Total number of deaths: Between 10,778,727 and 16,861,695...

Now We Pay the Warlords to Tyrannise the Afghan People (July 31),3604,1009416,00.html
(...) A Human Rights Watch report published on Tuesday documents crimes of kidnapping, rape, intimidation, robbery, extortion and murder, committed not in spite of the government but by its forces - by the warlords and their police and soldiers, who are paid, directly and indirectly, by US and British taxpayers. CLIP

Homeless And Starving In The Land Of The Free (August 1)
US Homelessness and Poverty Rates Skyrocket While Billions are Spent Overseas on Occupation.

The Bush administration's top 40 lies about war and terrorism

Voting Systems 'Can't be Trusted' (July 30),1413,36~53~1540873,00.html
Machines at risk for fraud, hacking. (...) A team at Johns Hopkins University's Information Security Institute examined software from the Ohio-based Diebold Election Systems, which has about 33,000 voting machines in use throughout the nation. The software could be manipulated and the outcome changed by anyone with $100 worth of computer equipment, researchers said. CLIP

U.S. Media Are Too Soft on the White House By Norman Solomon (August 1),0,4311499.story

Bush's High Crimes Against the Nation (August 1)
George W. Bush has knowingly deceived the American people on the two overriding policy issues of his presidency — the invasion of Iraq and the deep tax cuts. Other presidents have lied. Only Bush has repeatedly duped Congress and the public to thwart their exercise of informed consent. He is the first president to use propaganda as the main weapon in selling his policies. Bush's unprecedented pattern of deception may constitute an impeachable offense. CLIP

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