Meditation Focus #5: The Fledging Peace Between Ethiopia and Eritrea

(Web posted on June 2, for the week beginning Sunday, June 4)


What follows is the 5th Meditation Focus suggested by the Global Meditation Focus Group.

1. Summary
2. Focus Group Recommendations
3. About the Focus Group (new material in this section)
4. More on the Fledging Peace Between Ethiopia and Eritrea
5. Special Survey
6. Networking Nutshell

1. Summary

Last week Ethiopia recaptured what it considers its territory after sweeping advances that have effectively ended a border war in which 120,000 soldiers on both sides have been killed in the 2 year-long conflict between Erithrea and Ethiopia over a chunk of barren land and some economic issues, with 555,000 people in Erithrea dislodged in the last few weeks by the advancing Ethiopian military forces. Indirect peace talks began last week in Algiers while some fighting still continues. The chances of recovery of those two poverty-stricken, famine-ravaged neighbors now depends of the success of those talks and the complete cessation of hostilities.

Please hold in your heart and mind a vision of the successful conclusion of these negociations and the healing of all relations in this part of the world. May Peace prevail in Ethiopia and Erithrea.

(Please see below for more details on this situation.)

2. Focus Group Recommendations

The Focus Group suggests that we focus our meditations and prayers on this situation for the week beginning Sunday, June 4. Please hold and empower the vision, as guided by Spirit during your meditation, of what needs to occur for a peaceful and lasting resolution to be found for all, in so far as it furthers the highest good of all.

Please note that we provide more information below from newsmedia sources so as to enable you to have enough relevant details to better assess the nature of the situation selected for this Meditation Focus. But we would like to encourage you to not let these descriptions tinge the positive visions you want to hold so at to foster peace and healing. Since what we focus on grows, the more your thougthforms and vizualizations will be focussed on the visions of peace and healing which Spirit may inspire you to have during your moments of meditation, the more you will be of assistance towards manifesting such visions.

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3. About the Focus Group

The Focus Group members wish to acknowledge that we do not claim to have presented here a complete view of all the aspects of the issues under consideration. Our basic aim is to work impartially for the highest good of all, with the guidance of Spirit. We encourage everyone participating in this global healing work to similarly strive to become neutral channels so as to help step down the powerful Divine vibrations of Love, Peace and Unity to a level at which they can be of assistance to alleviate the suffering of people and instill the goodwill necessary to resolve peacefully any conflictual situation involved with this week's Meditation Focus.

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Our next Focus will be on the important North/South Korea Summit scheduled from June 12 through 14 in Pyongyang, heralding a possible new era of Peace in Korea.

4. More on the Fledging Peace Between Ethiopia and Eritrea


Thursday June 1 - Ethiopia, Eritrea Mull Peace; Fighting Reported - By Abdelmalek Touati

ALGIERS (Reuters) - Ethiopia and Eritrea mulled peace proposals before resuming indirect talks in Algiers on Friday, but Addis Ababa reported renewed fighting a day after it declared their two-year-old border war over.

The Ethiopian government accused Eritrea of attacking its positions on the eastern front on Thursday, saying Eritrean shellfire had killed two civilians and wounded eight.

There were no other Ethiopian reports of fighting and no immediate comment from Asmara.

Algerian Justice Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said the indirect talks, sponsored by the Organization of African Unity, would resume on Friday afternoon after both governments studied written proposals presented by the OAU.

``It is natural that we give both sides some time to study the proposals and consult with their capitals,'' he said late on Thursday.

Ethiopia said it wanted unspecified ``international guarantees'' before withdrawing its forces from Eritrea following recent sweeping advances that have effectively ended a border war in which tens of thousands of people have died.

``We are inside Eritrea not because we claim these territories, but because they are a theater of war that took us there,'' Ethiopian Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin told reporters at the peace talks in the Algerian capital.

``What we are calling for is that the international community gives us guarantees that Eritrea will not repeat its madness of invading neighbors.''

Eritrea Wants Ethiopian Withdrawal

Eritrea had earlier scoffed at Ethiopia's announcement that the war was over, saying it would not declare a cease-fire until Ethiopian forces had withdrawn.

``How can they say the war is over?'' Eritrean presidential adviser Yemane Gebremeskel asked Reuters in Asmara. ``It is impossible to have a cease-fire before Ethiopia has left all occupied Eritrean territory.''

U.S. special envoy Anthony Lake, who with European Union envoy Rino Serri of Italy is attending the talks, said:

``We are working very, very hard and the focus now is on technical arrangements that concern the withdrawal of the Ethiopians from the Eritrean territories and guarantees for the respect of the frontiers.''

Asked if an agreement could be reached in Algiers, he told reporters: ``Yes, if this was not the case we would not be here.''

On Wednesday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi declared independently of the Algiers talks that the war was over, saying his country had recovered all territory lost since fighting began in 1998.

Ethiopian forces have advanced deep into Eritrea since launching an offensive nearly three weeks ago -- at one point getting to within 100 km (60 miles) of the capital Asmara.

The OAU peace plan calls for both sides to withdraw to positions held before the conflict began and for a cease-fire to then take effect.

Eritrea insists it no longer occupies any Ethiopian territory -- a claim verified by the United States -- but Ethiopia admits its troops are still well inside Eritrea.


TIME EUROPE June 5, 2000 VOL. 155 NO. 22

Showdown to Savagery -- After Ethiopian forces blitz their way into Eritrea, a bloody two-year war may be closer to its conclusion


Eritrea has had a tumultuous history since being detached from Ethiopia and colonized in 1890 by the Italians, who used it as a base to launch their invasion of Ethiopia (then Abyssinia) in 1935. When Italy lost the war in East Africa in 1941, Eritrea became a British protectorate, until it was federated with Ethiopia as an autonomous unit in 1952. In 1962, Emperor Haile Selassie made Eritrea a province of Ethiopia, which triggered an armed campaign by secessionist groups, first against Haile Selassie, then — together with an Ethiopian liberation front — against the regime of Marxist dictator Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam. Once Mengistu was overthrown, Eritrea was given independence by the new Addis government in 1993.

At first the two countries got on well, but tensions grew over landlocked Ethiopia's rights to use the Eritrean port of Assab. Fighting broke out in May 1998 after a dispute over a chunk of land near the border town of Badme. Since then, a stalemate has been punctuated by set-piece battles that have left tens of thousands of people dead and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Both sides have used aircraft, including Sukhoi 27 fighters, MiG-29 interceptors and helicopter gunships. They have also employed rocket launchers and tanks. Military analysts in the region estimate that each country — both among the poorest in the world — spends about $1 million a day on the war.

Any future peace is likely to be strained. The exact position of the border is still in dispute; both countries expelled the other's nationals during the war; and there will be calls for reparations. At some point, they are likely to reopen discussions about Ethiopia's access to the sea. The old deal was worked out largely thanks to the friendship between Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, but goodwill between the two leaders disappeared long ago.

In a stage-managed media event in Zalambessa last Friday, Ethiopian soldiers hoisted their flag and sang their national anthem. As the men celebrated, 11-year-old Gebre Tsadkar, who lives in the nearby Ethiopian town of Fatsi, was preoccupied by the fate of his father, whom he hasn't seen in months. "I worry about him," said Tsadkar, "I just want peace because I want to go to school and learn."

Early last week, Ethiopia's Zenawi told a group of African diplomats in Addis, "We shall negotiate while we fight, and we shall fight while we negotiate." The bad blood between the two countries that comment reflects does not bode well for the peace young Gebre Tsadkar longs for, or for the chances of recovery of two poverty-stricken, famine-ravaged neighbors.


Global Hot Spots: Ethiopia-Eritrea - briefing on the war that began in May of 1998, with links to relevant analysis and background news articles.


- Ethiopia Seeks Guarantees in Eritrea War - Reuters (Jun 1, 2000)
- Ethiopia, Eritrea disagree on whether war is over - CNN (Jun 1, 2000)
- Ethiopia Claims Victory in War With Eritrea - Los Angeles Times (Jun 1, 2000)
- EU Commends Bouteflika's Efforts To End Eritrea-Ethiopia War -Panafrican News Agency (Jun 1, 2000)
- Meles Says War With Eritrea Is Over - Panafrican News Agency (Jun 1, 2000)
- Eritrea disputes 'war over' claim - BBC (Jun 1, 2000)
- Eritrea Stands Firm on Cease-fire Conditions - Reuters (Jun 1, 2000)


5. Special Survey

It is always difficult for any person or group networking vital information through the Internet to evaluate how many networks and people receive what is being circulated, which is why the Focus Group has not mentioned any figure or estimate so far as to how many people are possibly taking part to this global peace-nurturing and healing work. Since the effectiveness of global meditations depends to a large extent on the number of people who are actually participating, we would like to request your assistance to better assess the level of circulation of the Meditation Foci we produce.

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"Last week Ethiopia recaptured what it considers its territory after sweeping advances that have effectively ended a border war in which 120,000 soldiers on both sides have been killed in the 2 year-long conflict between Erithrea and Ethiopia over a chunk of barren land and some economic issues, with 555,000 people in Erithrea dislodged in the last few weeks by the advancing Ethiopian military forces. Indirect peace talks began last week in Algiers while some fighting still continues. The chances of recovery of those two poverty-stricken, famine-ravaged neighbors now depends of the success of those talks and the complete cessation of hostilities.

Please hold in your heart and mind a vision of the successful conclusion of these negociations and the healing of all relations in this part of the world. May Peace prevail in Ethiopia and Erithrea."


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