Meditation Focus #1 (April 28, 2000)


What you are about to read is the first in what will hopefully be a long
series of weekly meditation foci designed to focalize the attention and
healing energies of a growing number of meditators around the world onto
situations and crisis in need of peaceful resolution and spiritual succour.

While we will recommend each Friday one or more such situations that we
consider in great need of healing assistance, we will not recommend any
specific way to resolve each situation nor suggest any specific meditation
method, preferring to allow each person's meditation or prayer to form
according to their own inner guidance, which is at all times dedicated for
the highest good of all. In taking such an approach, we recognize the fact
that there are spiritual laws at work in any given situation, in the form
of karmic consequences and learning experiences for the beings involved,
and that we are not to infringe on the free will of others or take upon
ourselves to decide the best resolution of any given crisis.

The general aim of this global healing work is to allow for as many people
as possible to collectively attune their healing energies of peace, love
and harmony towards achieving a critical mass of positive intents and
vibrations of goodwill that will help catalyze the resolution of the crisis
in a manner most conducive to the alleviation of suffering and the
causation of peace.

By its very nature, the spiritual assistance one may bring in such
instances is to be intuitively driven and entirely experiential. So even if
some mental processing is necessary at first to review the information we
will provide in a condensed format to introduce you to each meditation
focus and enable a proper appraisal of the severity of the crisis, this
information and any ensuing speculation are better left in the background
during the meditation so that they do not impede the flow of
healing energies through the channel we open in meditation.

The goal of the Focus Group is to facilitate a greater efficiency in the
global healing already underway around the world through the participation
of all those who regularly meditate and pray for peace, love and harmony on
Earth, by selecting and proposing every week a common focus for our
meditations and prayers. You are welcomed to join everyone else involved in
this global healing work, for a few minutes every day at the moment of your
own choosing, and every Sunday at noon local time, for an approximate duration
of 30 minutes, focalizing innerly on the meditation focus or foci to be
proposed each week from now on.

Feel free to circulate this material to others on and off the Internet and
to invite others to join this global healing work. If for any reason you
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If you have any question, comment or suggestion for a meditation focus,
please communicate with Jean Hudon <> who is
the current facilitator of the Focus Group and who will relay your
suggestion to the 6 other members of this group if it meets the selection
criteria that have been adopted. A webpage will soon be available to give
more details as to who is part of the Focus Group, how it works, what are
the selection criteria for the meditation foci, as well as to provide links
to each weekly meditation focus to be suggested, to complementary material
that may be of interest to some people and to the history of the
co-creation of the Focus Group.

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As repeatedly reported in the news media in recent weeks, a widespread famine
in the Horn of Africa (affecting Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya,
Uganda and Djibouti) is looming and dozens of emaciated children are
already dying every day. Emergency food aid is reaching some parts of the
region but more must be done to avert a terrible human tragedy. While a
three year drought is mainly responsible for this famine, the government of
Ethiopia has also been blamed for diverting resources to wage war against
Eritrea. Aid agencies are doing their best to bring food supply and water
to the nomadic population affected and the Ethiopian government is said to
cooperate with this effort. It has now put its war on hold, yet it
maintains an army of 500,000 soldiers at the border with Eritrea and thus
forces this country to devote precious resources to counter Ethiopia's
aggressive stance. (See "Ethiopia, Feed Your Own; it is a Noble Thing To
Do" at for
more background information on this specific situation.)

We recommend this crisis to your attention during your meditations and
prayers this week. Let us help bring about peace and a true healing of
human relationships in this part of the world. And let us pray that leaders
with enough goodwill and vision arise and contribute in implementing
sustainable solutions to this recurring tragedy. May Peace Prevail in
Ethiopia and may natural balance and harmony be restored to the Horn of

More background information is also available from: - U.N. chief says Horn of
Africa can be saved from famine - April 25, 2000 - PARIS (Reuters) -- U.N.
Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Tuesday famine could still be avoided
in the Horn of Africa, but admitted that an ongoing war between Ethiopia
and Eritrea was deterring donors from sending aid. - Awaiting
aid, drought victims see TV appeals as last hope - April 21, 2000 - It's
the image that drives multimillion-dollar relief campaigns, mobilizes
international media, even sways the foreign policy of Western powers. -
Ethiopia says famine help arriving, slowly - April 21, 2000 - Ethiopia said
Friday that more food aid was beginning to arrive, but a big shortfall
remained for about eight million people threatened by famine. World -
After 15 years, Ethiopia confronting famine again - April 17, 2000 -
International aid workers say the drought that has brought famine to parts
of Ethiopia is not as severe as the one that devastated the country in
1984-'85, but, they say, the situation has changed since then both for the
better and the worse. -
Eritrea struggles to feed itself due to war, drought - April 17, 2000 -
Nearly a third of Eritrea's population will need food aid this year, as the
government struggles to feed its people in the face of war with neighboring
Ethiopia, according to a new U.N. report. - UN: Get Food To
Ethiopia Quick - April 14, 2000 - ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) - The lives of
millions of starving Ethiopians can be saved if international donors
respond quickly to new requests for food aid, the U.N. special envoy to the
Horn of Africa said Friday. - Ethiopia Famine
Continues - April 14, 2000 - JERRER VALLEY, Ethiopia (AP) - Nomad Hassan
Isman could only stand and watch while other people's cattle - thin, but
alive - drank deeply from a mud trough at a rare oasis in eastern Ethiopia. - Food aid pledges
far short of Ethiopia's needs - April 13, 2000 - ROME, April 13 (Reuters) -
The world's food aid pledges to famine-hit Ethiopia fall well short of the
country's needs amid depressing prospects for the summer harvest, officials
of the U.N.'s world food body said. - Ethiopia Leader
Seeks Famine Relief - April 13, 2000 - ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -
Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said Thursday he wants to concentrate
on easing a drought-induced famine estimated to threaten 7.7 million of his
people, rather than dwell on the regional politics that have taken his
country to war. - Ethiopia
Famine Aid Agencies - April 11, 2000 - The following aid agencies are
accepting contributions for assistance in Ethiopia. They are members of
InterAction, a coalition of relief, development and refugee assistance
agencies. - U.N.
says 16 million at risk from northeast African drought - March 30, 2000 -
UNITED NATIONS (AP) The United Nations is warning that as many as 16
million people are at risk from the drought in northeastern Africa, where a
devastating famine 15 years ago left nearly 1 million people dead.

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NOTE: In case the Focus Group is unable for some reason to issue another
Meditation Focus next week, the same one as this week will continue to apply.
It is also possible in the future that we will revisit previously selected
Meditation Foci if the need arises, according to circumstances, to
refocus our attention and healing energies to assist in imminent peace
breakthroughs or rejuvenate a more positive momentum towards peace and
the alleviation of suffering.

The Focus Group members wish to acknowledge that we do not claim to have
presented above a complete view of all the aspects of the issue under
consideration. Our basic aim is to work impartially for the highest good
of all, with the guidance of Spirit. We encourage everyone participating
in this global healing work to similarly strive to become neutral channels
so as to help step down the powerful Divine vibrations of Love, Peace and
Unity to a level at which they can be of assistance to alleviate the
suffering of people and instill the goodwill necessary to resolve peacefully
any conflictual situation involved with this week's Meditation Focus.