Meditation Focus #189

Anchoring The Love of God


What follows is the 189th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, August 10, 2008.


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Since time immemorial, human beings have sought to discover, understand and connect with the Source of their existence, a mystery that, to this day, remain shrouded in the deepest mystery as Its Presence can only be felt through contemplating the innumerable manifestations of Its infinite creativity. Whenever one tries to direct one's attention towards the very source from whence stems the sentient awareness of consciousness, one is faced with stirring visions of awe-inspiring beauties and profound revelations that can often change the direction one's life is taking. And yet, perhaps because this deeply concealed omnipotent and omnipresent Force is so difficult to appraise, even more so to connect with, and also because it got such a bad press through being associated throughout history with religious organizations responsible for innumerable human right abuses and covert manipulations for profit motives of the deeply ingrained desire of most people to find a greater meaning to their existence, few people nowadays actually dedicate their lives to seeking and finding how to enter into a meaningful relationship with that Omniversal Source of All That Is.

But a profound sea change is occurring without great fanfare in the souls, hearts and minds of millions and millions of people touched by the inflowing radiance of Its Presence felt more and more intensely and easily as more and more people learn how to tune out the chattering non sense of their discursive mind to better listen to the inner guidance each human being can receive in the secret alcove of their stilled mind. When immersed in that all embracing, blissful communion with their true Universal Nature, all experiencers of this Sacred Presence eventually reach a state of utter gratitude, absolute Love and unremitting adoration for this unfathomable Being of dazzling Light radiating from the center of the Universe Within. The mystical, tingling and truly stunning ecstasy these souls experience in those holy moments of Grace is but a pale reflection of the infinitely more radiant Reality that no physical being can possible contemplate at close range, yet it leaves such a profound and lasting impression of buoyant wonderment, all encompassing joy and sheer happiness that these blessed beings can then integrate and spread around them a sparkling mist of the Grace that touched them. In so doing, they help anchor in humanity's awareness the resonant desire to similarly seek discover and experience this same blissful communion of Love.

The easiest way to radiate this thought-form and vibrational offering of living adoration is simply to express, once immersed in a deeply resonant state of soul communion with this Reality, thoughts such as "I love you God...", "I am One with You..." and, in so doing, we shall radiate that sense of Love and Communion with All That Is throughout every sphere of sentience and broadcast to all human beings this feeling tone of Sacred Love. Joined as One, as we do every Sunday at the usual globally synchronized time, we will thus contribute beyond measure to the anchoring of the mystical sense of Love and Oneness that is to be the foundation of the New Earth and New Reality now gradually emerging throughout the entire range of human experience, for the Highest Good of all.

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"This is about remembering how important and vital it is express to God/Creator our utmost unconditional Love and in so doing commune with this unfathomable Reality and Universal Consciousness to Whom we are all intricately connected... So anchoring the Love of God is about re-igniting in humanity's consciousness - beginning with each one of us - the remembrance of Where we all come from and rejoice/celebrate/commune in the Love we will collectively express to our Father/Mother God - thus bursting open our self-separating bubble of consciousness and egotism to reach out/reach in, surrender in adoration, and Be One with All That Is."

- Amanumenoum

"I ask you to believe in yourselves, as you were created in the image of God, and have all of the potential to once again become great souls of Light. You are all gods in making and before this cycle ends, you shall attain much higher levels of consciousness and exercise your creative powers. Some of you will find it hard to accept, but when we walk amongst you realise that we are your future selves. You were already evolved when you elected to come to Earth, and have simply fallen into the lower vibrations that have diminished your ability to know your true selves. You have the ability to fully align yourself with the Light, and eventually you will quite easily take to becoming great souls of Unconditional Love. The Light is bringing out your best attributes and your response is magnificent, and we love you for your true selves that are lifting out of the darkness of ages past."

- Diane -- Taken from a message received on August 6, 2008



i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. The Time of Your Life
2. Message from St. Germain
3. A Fable of Transformation
4. The New Earth Rising

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For The Love Of God



The Time of Your Life

Channeled through Carol Cooper-Steyn -- Johannesburg, South Africa

29 May 2008

Greetings dear ones of the Light. It is I, Yeshua, and it is with great love and great joy and great anticipation, beloved ones, that I greet thee this evening. I bring to the forth and to the fore the vibration of anticipation. It is that just recently, my beloved brother, Saint Germain, asked many of you to consider that this is the time of your life. And so it is that all of us who hold the Christ Light with you stand back, as it were, in great anticipation of the greatness of the presence of God being expressed through each of you. Beloved ones, this time upon your planet is the most magnificent that has ever been experienced. And the reason why I say this is because so many have in fact opened to the Light. We stand here in deep honor and respect for all that you have accomplished, beloved ones. And you are on the cusp of experiencing the greatest, greatest time and times of your life.

So as we stand here in anticipation, my question for all of you this evening is: are you ready? Are you ready to blast off into realms of Light that have never ever before been experienced upon the earth plane? Take note of these words, beloved ones. What you are drawing to you has never been experienced previously at any time upon the earth plane. You have heard us speak on numerous occasions of how it is that you live in a different reality to those who live within the third dimensional world. It is now time for you to fully realize this. And this is the journey that all of you are currently undergoing and taking. And as you place your feet into the divine waters of this new life, so new tastes and experiences come to you.

As always, beloved ones, it requires of you to surrender completely and open oneself up totally. This is part of all that we have been working with all of you — that is, a complete letting go of everything that you have come to take as reality, if you like. There are many, many different levels of this. There has been great preparation in anticipation for this time of your life. This is what all of you have been doing — you have been preparing yourselves. And it is not too long now, beloveds, when the energy of preparation is complete.

You may recall not too long ago I spoke of the pulling the rug out from beneath you. For all of you who experienced this, this was part of the preparation because it was, and still is, necessary for every one of you to let go completely of every belief system that you believe to make up reality as it stands. I realize that this sounds, firstly, very challenging, secondly, rather impossible, and thirdly, rather scary for many of you. But think about it, dear ones, if one is to change one's world completely so that there is a complete shift in perception and in reality, one is needing to let go of every thing that holds limitation, beloved ones. This is very much what I have been … I hesitate to use the word "training", because in fact, I am not training you, beloved ones. I am just reminding you of your greatness and your divinity.

It makes me want to weep, not in sadness, but in pure and utter love..... I am not sure how many of realize how much I love you. It is a love that is beyond words. It is a love that you can only experience, you cannot speak about it. This is what I am, this love — this love that I share with everyone — with every one. That was, and still is, beloveds, my purpose. I cannot be anything other than that. This is the emanation of Light which I hold. It is, in fact, pure divine love. And I give it to all of you freely. There is no thing you need to do in order to be assured of my love. Because it is already there. There is nothing you need to do to gain my approval, to gain my love. And the reason why I share this with all of you is because I ask you to consider being like this within your world.

Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone felt like this? If there was no condition placed upon one's approval or one's love ? If we could just all stand as One, with open hearts, in pure divinity and love. If we could all let go of the barriers that create separation between all of humanity and just stand together in divine love. Beloved ones, this is my vision. This is my vision for the future. This is what I wish for you all to contemplate today. That in letting go of your current realities, in letting go of all of your limitations, you are able to stand in love with an open heart, with love pouring through your physical vessel, touching everyone and everything. Not even, beloveds, in your environment, everyone and everything in creation. You have heard me speak of how everything you do, everything you think , everything you say has an effect on the whole of creation.

My greatest wish would be for all of you to experience love the way that I do. My greatest wish is for humanity to allow the barriers of hatred, discrimination, separation, to crumble. So that everyone stands as one in divine union — one heart, one mind, one body of pure, divine light. Imagine the transformation in your world. You are the ones who are hearing my words first hand. You are the ones who have the power to be this within your world. You are the ones who show others what is possible — an alternative reality to the one which they are currently living.

This topic is exceptionally pertinent for South Africa at this time. It is exceptionally pertinent for the whole of Africa, beloveds. Africa, for far too long, has epitomized separation consciousness, poverty consciousness, war consciousness, abusive consciousness. Life does not mean much to many within Mother Africa. Now beloveds, you are a powerful community of light. You are the ones who can change this. You have it within your power to bring light — not only to Africa beloved ones, but the entire planet.

We ask for a volunteer to transcribe this channeling because it is necessary for the lightworkers of the world to unite, to bring an end to separation consciousness and all that it holds. I am not going to go into detail on the many aspects of separation consciousness. All that is needed is for the awareness to bring one-ness, unity consciousness, god/goddess presence to your world. It is entirely possible for every human being upon your planet to be overlit by the Divine and to then bring the divine into physicality. This is your task, beloved ones. I asked you two weeks ago to live in joy, to monitor your thought patterns. This is very necessary because you are powerful co-creators who have raised your vibration when compared with many living within your world. That which you think has much more power to it.

This I would like you to ponder, because I ask you to focus, beloveds, on peace, on love, on light — all of the wonderful things, qualities that you wish your world held. You have the power to make the change in the world. If you come together as a community of light connected with Light workers on a global scale, you can make a huge difference, beloved ones. I would even go as far to suggest that you hold regular meditations. We are aware that this has been one of your dreams. We ask that you consider coming together regularly. I will leave that up you, but to focus intently as divine co-creators on making a change globally within your world.

You have heard us speak on countless occasions of the necessity to let go of the ego, not because the ego is bad beloved ones, but because the ego can in fact get in the way of projects such as that which I am suggesting. Open your hearts, beloved ones, to each other. Recognize — I will say this again — the divinity in each one, the Divine gifts that exist within every one, and allow, just allow the living presence of Light to work through all of you, in divine harmony.

If you manage to do this you will notice that the barriers of separation between you begin to melt so that it is that you come into a space of one-ness, where it is, that you are able, in fact, automatically feel, as if you and another are one, and there is no separation. This means that you feel one another's thoughts and feelings. You know deep within you exactly what the other is feeling, because the barriers of separation have been swept away and you function as one body of light.

Now if this sounds a little weird, it matters not, because it is true. You are capable of doing this. You are capable of creating realities of light, beloved ones, realities of love. However, it is up to every one of you to do this. As you create your community of oneness, so it is that you bring that to the world, and slowly, slowly people begin to respond and awaken to the great Light that is present within your world.

Light workers of the world unite. See the divinity within each of you. See the magnificent role that every individual has to play in this great plan of Light. Beloveds I remind you, every one is unique, carries Divine vibrations which are not held by another — there is a reason why there are so many of you. It cannot be done by one, or even a few, alone. You are needing to come together in one-ness and to truly honor this. This will be one of the most rewarding journeys of your life if you can do this, and I cast your mind back to me suggesting that you love, in the way, that I have expressed this evening.

Take note beloved ones, I am not asking that you become me. I am asking you to look upon my love as an example and a possibility of what can be. It is, that this evening, beloved ones, I take you into my heart space, where therein you shall find a divine temple of love, and I shall hold you there for as long as it is necessary for you to let go completely. For you to allow the barriers which prevent love, to crumble. This is a very individual journey with me. My heart is extended to everyone who wishes to take this opportunity and to come into the powerful light of love with me, Yeshua.

So it is that I shall work with each of you, while you are asleep. This by-passes the conscious mind and works very deeply with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of self. There shall be great healing taking place for many of you around love and what it means, so that you are fully able to completely submerge yourself in love, to express love, to be love and, let me add, to be loved. Beloved ones, this is an important aspect. It is about divine balance remember — giving and receiving. How many of you feel worthy of my love? I hope that all of you would answer — Absolutely, dear Yeshua, I completely and utterly deserve and accept your love. I remind you beloveds, when I walked your planet, I offered this to humanity. And not many could understand it or accept it. Even within those who were my disciples, there was a certain level of ego operating where there was a tussle as to who would succeed me. That is one of the greatest sorrows of that time, because even in the presence of the love, the ego was unable to let go completely. My message is, and I repeat, one of love. It always, always has been.

In your current world, beloved ones, there is still so much competition, in all walks of life. This competition between one another, absolutely prevents love from being made manifest within your world in its completeness. If every human being could turn around and face their enemy, competitor, whichever word you wish to use, with love in their hearts, with pure acknowledgement of the Divinity which is within every one of you, the world would transform.

The world is in a sorry state and it is much to do with the feeling that one has to gather the best of everything to oneself and not share it with others. One has to be the best at everything, and not many realize, the best is within. The Divine presence, of God, Goddess, the I AM, the Divine Light that is the best, and yet, how many choose to even focus upon this? How many are even aware that Divinity is within? You have a great role to play in reminding others of this.

So, I challenge you to let go, to allow love and to be free. May the Light of the I AM always be within you. May you come to recognize your divinity, and in so doing, recognize the divinity of all others. May you open yourself so completely that you welcome Divine LOVE into every aspect of your life and every part of All That Is. May you love like never before so that wherever you are and whomever you are with, you love. Beloveds you are completely deserving of this love. If there is any person here, who is struggling with love, who has rejected love because it is too painful, for whatever reason, I ask you to take a long hard look at yourself. And ask yourself why it is that you continue to reject love in your life. Perhaps it is that you will see that still, now, you reject you.

I, Yeshua, take each of you into my arms now. I hold you in the most exquisite Divine love. Can you receive it? I invite you to journey into my heart and be in love — there!

Beloveds, ignite my Flame of Peace within your world, ignite the Flames of Love within your world, ignite the Flames of Love within yourself. Be open to receive every divine gift that is coming your way and make sure that you are ready for the time of your life.

I AM Yeshua, beloveds, and I greet you completely in love. Adonai dear ones.

Channelled by Carol Cooper-Steyn. For more information on Carol's work with the Ascended Masters go to



St. Germain 01-August-2008

My Dear Ones believe what you hear because you are but a whisper away from the most exciting event that has occurred on Earth in recent times. An event of far reaching repercussions that will reverberate around the world. One that will move you onwards to the promised changes, and release you from the thralldom of centuries of oppression. You have created the manner in which you are proceeding, and experiences that will provide you with memorable and all encompassing changes of breathtaking dimensions. It has been planned and blessed by the highest orders of Beings who oversee and guide your evolution. I am but one of many who have responded to your awakening and desire to return to full consciousness.

You who are the Lighted Ones who walk amongst your fellow travelers, and as you do so are helping awaken those who are just coming out of their slumbers. The lower vibrations are heavy and have kept you in a state of unknowing of your true reality, but now that is rapidly changing. The glory of being in the Light and realizing your true potential far exceeds any dreams you have had of raising your selves up. You are powerful and are manifesting a new vision of Earth, one that fulfils your desire to lift up and leave the old behind. It has served its purpose, and the time has arrived to move onwards.

Your achievements are far greater than you can grasp, as much is happening that you cannot comprehend. You are not only holding the Light and grounding it upon Earth, but also spreading it in all directions and linking with all other sources. It continues to grow faster than at any other previous period, and it will do so until it is all encompassing. As you bring the new Earth into being, so your own evolution proceeds to gain pace and the enlightenment of the masses grows in intensity. What is taking place is unstoppable, and in its ultimate expression will surpass your desires and ideas of what it is like to ascend. Your experience shall be a unique and most exciting time.

You have been preparing for Ascension for eons of time and subconsciously have known that the end-times would bring a complete change. What you could not foresee was the manner in which it would take place, as you have been creating that pathway yourselves. You have of course received much guidance, but in the ultimate it is your freewill choices that have determined the course Humanity has taken. The cycle has to end in its present expression, having served its purpose in allowing you to experience duality. The dark and the Light have vied for your attention, and you have been responsible for all that has been created in that time.

What you are experiencing is contained within the energy you call God. It permeates all that is, and has been your assurance that you would rise up out of the darkness. You have always known that eventually you would have the opportunity to lift up again, into the Light that was your home before you accepted the challenge of duality. It has carried you through all of your experiences, and now it blossoms and opens into the beautiful Light of each soul like a rose opening up and reaching out for the Source. Your radiance is creating such a magnificent glow upon Earth that it is attracting the attention of other Light Beings who gather to witness your Ascension. It will be a most stupendous and great occasion, and the most de-light-ful and complete experience you have ever had.

Look upon the changes as being quite natural, and the normal progression of souls that tread the path of duality. Cycles are orderly and not random happenings; they are stages in your evolution that are carrying you back to the higher dimensions. Your home is not within the present one that you are now lifting up from, but in the higher vibrations from whence you came. You are truly magnificent Beings of Light, but of necessity have set aside those memories to enable you to concentrate on the challenge of duality. You are no lesser Beings because of it, indeed it is quite the opposite and you will take your place amongst evolved Light Beings such as myself. You are revered and loved beyond measure, and by the Laws of Grace you shall complete your experiences and rise up without a blemish upon your record.

Knowing who you really are is your strength and power to sail through the last days of this cycle. See the trauma and chaos as likened to a bad dream that when you wake up, you find it to be an inner experience that can cause you no lasting harm. Duality is your dream world far removed from your true reality, and the outer experiences are passing and will be unable to harm you as you awaken from them. Some souls have become so engrossed in the lower vibrations that they have become trapped and have difficulty in moving on. Have no fear about them and their future as they are not forgotten, and are accompanied on their journey with many Lighted Beings, as you are at present. Their time shall come to break out of their self-imposed limitations, and God patiently awaits their return to the Light.

Whatever you believe is the reason for what is taking place in your life; know that you chose to have that experience. Many find that hard to accept but that is because they have little or no recollection of having made that decision. Furthermore, they have no understanding of the continuity of life, and the thread that runs through the many lives that you have already experienced. Some ask what is the purpose of life and why would they knowingly accept the harshness and sorrow, the despair and hopelessness that is part of duality. Dear Ones it is simply for experience and the evolution of the soul, and you are aware of the outcome of your choices. You are brave souls and confident of the outcome which is why you have never turned back. You are greatly loved souls and accompanied at very step by myself and many higher souls, who open up your pathway for you.

I am St. Germain and come closer than ever as the end times are played out. There is an immutable plan that is well advanced for your final experiences, that shall lift you out of duality fully into the Light and Love that knows no equal or limitations. Your future is assured amongst the dimensions of Light, and every step you take is nearer to the Source of All That Is. The Angels sing their praises for you and Heaven awaits your return at last.

Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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A Fable of Transformation

Long Ago and Far Away

Once upon a time in a far away corner of the universe in the outer reaches of a medium-sized spiral galaxy, there was a beautiful blue-green planet whose inquisitive inhabitants named their world Earth.

Many different peoples inhabited this planet teeming with abundant lifeforms. They had come to learn the many difficult, yet rewarding lessons of exploring in physical bodies what it is like to feel separate and disconnected from their own divine essence and from all around them.

The collective consciousness of all people on Earth greatly affected everything that happened on this revolving planet. Yet because of their explorations into separateness, the vast majority of these people – or humans as they called themselves – were unaware of how their collective will formed their world.

In order to learn the deep wisdom of this Earth school or Univers-city, these humans had chosen to forget how in their deepest essence they were all interconnected and how every individual played an essential role in what happened on their planet and to their people as a whole.

Over the ages and through thousands upon thousands of revolutions of this jewel of a planet around its shining golden sun, the people of Earth developed and expanded their awareness through many rich, beautiful, and sometimes even painful experiences of exploring both their separateness and their togetherness.

Through the rich drama and challenging lessons of many ages, they several times grew close to the point of feeling again their deep interconnectedness with all beings. Yet each time they came close, that awareness then contracted and was eventually shut down by their collective fear of losing individuality and uniqueness.

Major Crisis or Opportunity?

After several cycles of this expansion and contraction, at one point in a new expansion phase, the collective mind grew so intelligent as to permit humankind for the first time to soar beyond the gravitational confines of Earth in shiny, metallic spaceships.

The collective knowledge of the physical world in which they lived grew so deep that certain individuals began to see visions of a major transformation leading to physical paradise on Earth. At the same time, many others greatly feared that these new mental abilities and sophisticated technologies would be used by the militaries and greedy elite to destroy the very life and world in which they lived.

As their collective hopes and fears grew like never before, many humans dedicated to global transformation joined together in a deep prayer about their lives and world. So for the first time in the planet's history, a powerful collective call was sent out to the universe requesting help and guidance for the struggling planet and its people to move beyond selfishness and greed towards loving transformation and integration.

For the first time, humanity as a whole opened to connection and help from the great universe beyond the physical confines of their world.

Their prayer was heard.

The Transformation Team Kicks into Gear

In the vast and varied collection of civilizations and species spread throughout the infinite universe, the call for help from this small, beautiful planet was heard.

Unbeknownst to the people of Earth, there existed in the universe a special team made up of millions of caring souls from various planets, galaxies, and even other dimensions. This loving team had dedicated themselves specifically to serve and support all inhabitants of those developing planets who requested help in times of crisis and transition.

The vibrant souls of this intergalactic transformation team were committed to work together with the local transformation team of any planet that called for help in creating more nurturing, life-enhancing ways of living and growing. This loving team was activated by the collective call from Earth.

Feeling the call for help almost like a fireman on Earth responding to an alarm, the excited souls of the transformation team came together to focus their attention on this beautiful world in crisis. They opened their hearts and souls to the people there. They learned of the ways of humankind and became familiar with the challenges the people of Earth found themselves facing.

While some members agreed to observe and provide guidance from a distance, millions of these souls agreed to be born in human bodies and – like other humans – to forget where they came from, so that they might fully experience being human and more effectively provide help and guidance to humankind.

Lost and Forgotten?

Being born into human bodies and human families without memory of their origin, these transformation team members felt the many pains and joys of growing up while often feeling separate and isolated from those around them.

Some members even chose to go through serious traumas with their human families in order to develop deeper compassion. Others simply felt alone and bewildered, unable to comprehend why those around them couldn't see that love interconnects us all. At times, all of them felt lost and forgotten. They felt they somehow didn't belong and sensed an inner calling to some greater purpose.

As these dedicated transformation team members grew spiritually and the crisis facing the planet intensified, magical things began to happen. Key writings, dreams, mystical experiences, and even inspiring fables began to awaken members of the transformation team to their deeper purpose.

Awakening from the Dream

For some the awakening was gradual, while for others a powerful, unexpected single event lifted the veil. Collectively, members of the transformation team began to remember why they came to Earth.

They found themselves spontaneously connecting with other wise humans who were part of the transformation team and who further helped to awaken and inspire them. Their fears and feeling of separation gradually faded as they became increasingly excited to remember their deeper purpose, and to find themselves now playing an integral role in this empowering planetary transition.

Eventually, all members of the transformation team awoke. Upon awakening, a new, bright sparkle danced from their eyes. It was a sparkle of knowingness.

Knowing that all of us are already interconnected in a divine cosmic dance. Knowing that the joy of love is always there inside when any soul truly opens to it. Knowing that the team's purpose is not to save anyone, but rather to simply be a loving invitation and inspiration to all around them.

Knowing that uniqueness and individuality are welcome even in the interconnectedness of all beings. Knowing that when the people of a planet send out a collective call for help, the transformation team always answers. Knowing that the team never fails to give powerful, inspiring guidance to help make it through even the most daunting crisis.

Once upon a time, the transformation team came to Earth to remind humankind – and even to remind themselves – that we are not alone, that we are all equally important actors intimately interconnected in the divine unfolding of the universe.

The team came to remind us that fear is but an invitation to growth, and that in the end, there is no end. There is only this sacred moment in which to open to all the richness that we are ready to receive. There is only the eternal here and now.

And so to bring this transformation fable to a close (or is it an opening?), the transformation team found and continues to find ever more joyful, meaningful ways to love, explore, play, and grow together with all people of Earth, as they live happily ever after in the ever present here and now.

To join in the fun and deeply meaningful work of the planetary transformation team, enter here.


This team offers an empowering Transformation Course

Transformation Course Overview

Listed below are the number and title of the 12 lessons of the transformation course. The thought-provoking lessons generally take one to two hours to complete. They are composed of inspiring and educational materials presented in both written essays and engaging videos and documentaries available for free viewing on the Internet. The purpose of every lesson is to empower us all to be more effective and inspiring in promoting transformation in our lives and world through love and empowerment.

Lesson 1 - The Infinite Potential Within Every One of Us (To access all other lessons, start with Lesson 1)
Lesson 2 - Media and Public Perception on Planet Earth
Lesson 3 - Taking Responsibility for Our Lives
Lesson 4 - The War Machine Cares Not For Life
Lesson 5 - Breathing Sacred Love
Lesson 6 - Unidentified Objects of Love
Lesson 7 - Every One of Us Makes a Difference
Lesson 8 - The Power Elite and False Flag Terrorism
Lesson 9 - Beyond Life and Death
Lesson 10 - In Sickness and In Health
Lesson 11 - Principles of Transformation (review of previous lessons)
Lesson 12 - Infinite Energy

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The Energies for August 2008

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Lightworkers, August will be a magnificent month in which the Earth will be flooded with the Golden Flame of Ascended Love. This super radiant Light will be focused by the Solar Eclipse on the 1st and the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th, when New Light Codes for Earth's unfolding evolution will be received directly from the Galactic Center.

Beloved Ones, at this time we would speak to you of the unfolding of the "plan" for the New Earth, as you have decided on the level of the Collective Consciousness of Light. In the midst of the apparent chaos we ask you to perceive the Divine Perfection of what is arising on your Earth. It is a Divine Gift of Great Perfection and Beauty, and it is the next step in your evolution as you bring Heaven to Earth.

We will call it the New Structure for Planetary Management or Governance, and it is the form that will emerge in the twenty-first century that will represent Divine Government on Earth. Now, we wish to explain to you that there will be two phases to this "project", and that the First Phase is already in operation. In this First Phase, you are being gradually shifted from a Planet of separate national identities based on a money economy, to a Fifth-dimensional Unified Planet based on an Economy of Love, Co-Operation and Sharing. In the First Phase, you will begin to create networks and structures that will express the Fifth-dimensional energy of Oneness and Unconditional Love. Now, as these networks emerge and strengthen, they will begin to take the interest of those in "governments", and in the Second Phase there will be a merging of the functions of various governments into this Planetary or Global network of Love. Heaven and Earth will merge in a very literal way, and what will emerge at the end of this process will be a Unified Planet under the Stewardship of a Council of Elders who will guide the Earth's development in Co-operation with Spirit.

Beloved Lightworkers, in the Spiritual Realms there is much rejoicing as we unfold to you the next steps that you, as a Collective, have chosen in the conscious evolution of your Earth and her peoples.

Beloved Ones, we hope that you understand now why you are being drawn into Soul Families and Groups, so that you can begin to work together co-operatively, to manifest the next phase of Earth's transformation into the New Earth.

Now, we will say, that the key aspects of all life in the Fifth Dimension are Oneness and Inter-connectedness. You will learn to see yourselves as part of a Planetary Consciousness, and you will work together for the Highest Good. But, in order to do this, you will need to be fully awakened and fully empowered. You must be centered in your Heart, and able to hold the welfare of the Group or the "Highest Good" as your goal in any situation. As an empowered Being, you must be willing to surrender to the Guidance of Spirit as it manifests in your life.

As each of you awakens and allows yourselves to express awakened consciousness, you will be guided by your Higher Self to your perfect role in this emerging structure, as you desire and choose, and according to your abilities and talents. And, as we begin to describe this to you, we wish to emphasize that the different levels we discuss are levels of function and not of status. Those who move to the "higher" levels will be those who have given lifetimes of service, they will be the "Elders" who will be honored as such and for their Light and Love. But, you are all Manifestations of Light, and you are all equal in God's Love, and no matter what role you are called to perform, you are blessed and needed in that role, for Each is a part of the Whole, and Each One is needed to create the Whole. This is the essence of the Consciousness of the One.

In this First Phase, Lightworkers will be drawn into different levels of service. On the first level will be the therapists and healers and teachers, and those who work with individuals in order to awaken and empower and heal. This is the foundation of the Great Awakening on the Planet, and it is an honored role and valuable service for those who are called to serve in this way. Emerging from this group is the next level, those Lightworkers who are drawn to create Groups or to facilitate networks of Groups in their areas. Now, these will not all necessarily be spiritual groups by any means, some may be business related or environmental, or have any level of focus. But, what will be common will be a desire to work from Love, the Heart and with Spirit. At this level, the formation of networks of Conscious and Awakened individuals begins to to take shape.

Emerging out of this group level will be those whose gifts and talents will allow them to become Global or Planetary Networkers and Facilitators. Their work will be to link together Groups of People around the Planet in a Network of Heart-based Light and Love on the Fifth-Dimensional Heart Grid. These will be the Leaders, Teachers and Humanitarians who will strive to promote the Fifth-Dimensional concepts of Peace, Love and Global Co-operation through individual empowerment.

And, as the First Phase moves into the Second Phase, these Planetary networks and groups will begin to join together to create a powerful Planetary network based in the Heart Grid of Inter-connected Love and Compassion. And, because this Light connects from the Heart, it will be immensely powerful and will be seen and perceived by people as they awaken around the Earth. And, as we have said, there will begin a merging of "spiritual" and "political" and "social" forms of being and functions. This will be a challenging task, but those who emerge as Leaders in the next cycle will be supported in their work.

The "senior" level will be created with the emergence of a Planetary Council of Elders, who will be the de facto "managers" or facilitators of the Earth. They will be the Wise Ones, who, after a lifetime of dedicated service, will be selected by Spirit to guide the Planetary Consciousness in its expression of Divine Love and Creativity. This "Council of Elders" is already in formation, and those who are called to this service know who they are and what they need to do at this time.

Beloved Ones, we give you this information to assist you to see how Divine Love is manifesting on Earth according to your Choices. We want you to know that this is what you have chosen in partnership with us. There were many long meetings on the Spirit levels as we worked together to agree to this plan, and so it emerges now as the most Just and Peaceful way to achieve Divine Management of the New Earth for the Highest Good of All. The chaos will gradually seem less threatening as you begin to see the emergence of these new patterns of Divine Grace on your Planet. As the economy of love becomes more apparent, you will begin to feel more supported and more connected.

Beloved Ones, do not be anxious and worry about "where I fit in". Each of you has been part of this planning process, and each of you has a defined role. Many of you have been held back as you develop new skills and talents, or just learn to surrender to the guidance of Spirit by being willing to wait in patience until the next step is revealed to you. Know that when the time is right, you will be led to your perfect place in the emerging structure of Light.

The Energies for August 2008


On the 16th of August, there will be a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on the Full Moon. This powerful eclipse will allow for the integration of the Lunar energy with the "Water Codes" of Aquarius, who is represented by the "Water Bearer". He is the Water God, the Divine Masculine energy of the New Earth that protects the Purity and Power of the Water element so that All may experience the "Codes of Life" or the "Paradise Codes" that are carried in the Water. At this time, there will be many Sacred Spiritual Gatherings and Ceremonies around the Planet to celebrate the New Earth energy and to perform Sacred Water Ceremonies for the New Earth that is birthing in Great Joy.

Beloved Ones, it is a month of Great Celebration. You have achieved what was desired and you have each played your part in this wonderful transformation. Together, you have cancelled the "end times" and re-written the "script" for a Peaceful Global Transformation into the Fifth Dimension of Oneness and Love. And so, it is being created as you have determined. This is indeed a great triumph of Collective Planetary Creation.

We wish you Continued Joy in your Adventures of Light in this month of August.

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