Meditation Focus #188

Manifesting a New Earth Through The Power of Love


What follows is the 188th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 4 (FOUR) weeks beginning Sunday, July 13, 2008.


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Every time we get to shift our vibrations towards the higher end of the frequency spectrum, either through going into deep meditation or through other such deeply connecting spiritual harmonization with our Higher Divine Self, we have a glimpse of our true vibrational nature and can partake in blissful communion to the eternal banquet awaiting the souls reconnecting with their True Universal Source. Such an experience is fast becoming a determining factor in assisting millions of embodied souls on Earth to reassess their life priorities and redirect their creative energies towards being obedient, willing Instruments of the Will of God Almighty. One of the rewards of aligning oneself with the Divine Will of All That Is is the access to the dynamic power source at the very origin of all Creation: The Infinite Power of Love. Once such an access is granted through our own choosing of the Higher Pathway of Light, the soul, which is the true eternal Essence of our Being and the very fountain of our sentient consciousness, can soar upon golden wings, expanding its reach to touch the entire cosmos at once.

To attain such a state of permanent communion with the only Reality beyond the ephemeral existence of a single lifetime, one has to learn to surrender into the embrace of Love and to let this mightily radiant force burst through every speck of our living self to shine ad infinitum and empower whatever our mind is contemplating, as guided from within the crux of our innermost source connection with the mind of the Infinite. This surrendering process to the Power of Love is now to be the prime focus of our ever expanding and spiralling ascension towards ever greater masterful expression of Who We are. One has to know from experience the sheer magnitude of this Force, this amazingly pure and pristine energy that L-O-V-E is... Only then can a soul truly empower the visions of a New Earth given to us as guiding beacons towards the future of this planet that already exists in the living time-space continuum. Joining... Communing with... and Being... the Creator through the mystical fusion of Oneness with All That Is, we can then each anchor the magnificently shining nodes of the New Earth emerging like a colossal phoenix from the fertile crucible of billions of years of incremental evolutionary refinements into an apotheosis of perfection, a time of permanent rejoicing into the intensely lucid knowledge of our true nature, an era of complete peace, compassion and loving adoration.

Please, accept this invitation to join during the next four Sunday global meditations the millions of souls, seen and unseen, that will once again gather through the simple willful focus of their desire to do so, and offer themselves as channels and instruments to assist in the collective manifestation now underway of a new higher realm of existence, a New Earth, ascended, transmuted and glorified, bathing in the radiance of perfection, absolute harmony and unconditional surrender into the flowing grace of Love. Make the conscious choice to allow the fully manifested Power of Love to surge through your heart towards the furthest confines of the Omniverse and let any residual sense of separation be dissolved into the infinitely ecstatic communion of Love thus activated, for the Highest Good of One...

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"The first picture I remember is that of the mushroom of a nuclear explosion seen from afar in a generally white environment. It was frozen in action. Then with a switch of perception that felt like quickly going earlier on the timeline, before the occurrence of this event, I felt I had something in my hands, a kind of instrument that if used properly, was enabling me/us (there was a sense of collectively doing something to mitigate this potential outcome) to change things at the source and thus set the stage for a better scenario in the future. A quick glide into the future after this shown me a world still alive, but the air was gray with the soot of pollution. Following another quick jump in the past and another use of the “instrument”, I came back in the future to see the results, and this time the air was perfectly clear and the ambiance, light and serene. I then suddenly woke up in the middle of my sleep and made sure to impress myself enough with the memory of this dream to have a conscious remembrance of it after my “night” of sleep. The conclusion I drew from this dream is that we definitely have the power in our hands -- and hearts -- to affect the future of this world beyond our wildest imaginings. This is something we urgently need to learn and to wisely use. This is at the heart of our current evolutionary process. And this is not something that anyone of us can do alone... We ought to see past our individual limitations, whatever they may be, to co-create and co-conceive the necessary conditions for achieving the incredible potential for Good and of Love still mostly lying dormant in us. We owe it to our children and literally to ourselves for *we are the ones* who will eventually come back in this future to reap the consequences, positive or negative, of what we will achieve -- or fail to achieve -- today."


"What will the future look like? How will current global challenges be faced successfully so as to create a new era of world peace, spiritual unity and perfect harmony with all realms of Creation? Which role are we each supposed to play in co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light? Those questions and many more, undoubtedly, are in the minds and hearts of all those who came here to assist in this Mission, in accordance with the Divine blueprint prepared aeons ago for these coming wondrous times. There must not be any doubt nor any hesitation in our minds as to whether the promise of a manifested Heaven on Earth will come to pass. Fear must be entirely and permanently banished from our consciousness so as to let the shining Light of Love grow ever higher as the redeeming Flame of God rise ever brighter from all awakening souls on Earth. Loyalty to and compliance with the sacred vows taken in front of the One Source of All must be upheld so as to enable the realization of Absolute Oneness with All That is and the metaphorical return of the prodigal son to the fatherly Home of Bliss Within.

We can and will
make this world right.

We can and will
make this world perfect.

We can and will
make this world fully rejuvenated and balanced, as it was in the Beginning when Man and Woman knew not the delusory sense of separation but only the Perfection that always was, still is, and will forever exist.

Growing ever stronger every day in this unshakable Knowledge of What Is, gratefully acknowledging the challenges placed upon our path to strengthen the bonds of trust and the will to serve as One the mighty Light now pervading planet Earth in all dimensions, and aligning with the inner guidance of God exuding from the very essence of our higher consciousness, we will continue to victoriously anchor in us, all of us, the shining fiery Light of Love whose Presence is NOW dissipating the last fading remnants of darkness and all its attendant woes until this entire planet is made anew, until Love shines through every heart, until Oneness is known by all. Let us all contribute in manifesting the Oneness, the Perfection, the Balance, the Rejuvenation, the Miracle Healing and the Exponential Rising of Eternal Love, for the Highest Good of All Creation."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #101: Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light

"I have a vision that one day soon all humans on Earth will recognize the powerful Force that unites us all, and behave as true brothers and sisters, caring for and cherishing each other, as they contemplate the glimmer of Love emanating from the depth of their soul through the purified window of their eyes. (...) As we collectively reach the Threshold of our Awakening to blissful Unity and Universal Divine Knowledge, we become in a forever more conscious manner what we have always been since the very first Spark of Life manifested Itself as an expression of the Creator's Will to Be. Humanity is morphing from a collection of individual, fragmented and disparate elements into a unified symphony of harmonized colors shining brightly like a globe-circling rainbow of gilded Love after a long stormy history of war and destruction. Fear no more that fear itself could prevent us from becoming Who We Are, for Love is shining like a star in our hearts and guiding our every thought, word and deed. Let there be Peace on Earth, joy in everyone, harmony everywhere and beauty in everything. So it is and so be it."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #107: Empowering The Vision of a New Earth

"By agreeing at soul level to both conduct our lives in the highest possible ethical manner and collectively empower the vision of a healed world where all humans and all the kindred life forms sharing this wondrous living sphere with us all live in peace, harmony and bountiful beauty, we can all mightily contribute to precipitate, through the natural work of universal laws governing how all creations are made possible, the fast emergence of what this planet is meant to be-come in the very near future. A New Earth is being born right now through our growing attunement with our Higher Self, connected with and inseparable from All That Is. May we all abandon permanently any residual sense of separation from the Universal Oneness That Is and gradually grow into the highly evolved Beings of Light we are, so as to fulfill our self-assigned missions and learn the important lessons we came to realize — thus becoming more fully compliant with the agreement we each made at soul level before reincarnating to experience the third dimensional challenge of awakening to our true divine nature and shining forth the Lighted Presence that heals everything, and brings perfect balance in every single and yet eternal moment."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #133: Attuning to the Emerging New Earth

"Those who have elected at this point in time and in this physical dimension to be of assistance in furthering the emergence of a Lighted era in the very near future have a key responsibility of holding up the resonance of optimistic confidence that all such travails and tribulations are only transient circumstances that, when seen from the vantage point of the soul's innate knowledge of God's Will, are understood as being the necessary ferment enabling the experiences required for soul evolvement that will inevitably result in a much heightened field of spiritual perceptivity and accomplishment within the vast majority of those presently in incarnation on Earth. Therefore, it is highly recommended to deliberately focus one's attention and imagining abilities onto the shape of all positive things to come and on the sense of blissful happiness that will pervade humanity's collective consciousness as this sphere of Life and all its Life forms ascend into a higher frequency of spiritual resonance and manifest a level of civilized brother/sisterhood never experienced before to such a global extent. Through the barely tapped and infinitely vast powers of co-creativity that endow all self-godly aware incarnated souls, unimaginably potent streams of Light and Love can be summoned to reach out to all living beings and thus communicate boundless hope and catalyze the kind of heart-centered changes that will best help precipitate the very near-future conditions so envisioned."

- Taken from Meditation Focus #152: Envisioning and Co-creating a New Earth


"The day of the fulfillment of the prophecy given long ago draws nigh. We would ask you to be the messenger for this day which shall be called the Prophecy of Love day, in your time and calendar July 13th 2008. We would ask that for 24 hours on this your day of July 13th, 2008, that people all over your planet would commune at all of the Sacred places upon beloved Gaia and allow the energies of unconditional love to flood every cell, every fiber, and every molecule of their Beings. We will be focusing our collective energies upon each of you as you do this. The frequency of Love that you will feel in your bodies will be more than you have ever felt before because of this collective focus. If you would do this you will literally become Lightning Rods of Love. We ask you to hold this energy and not to project it outward. After 24 hours of receiving and Being unconditional love it will become apparent to you that, indeed without projecting, your outer world will have already changed. If 1 million or more of you will answer this call then all of the other prophecies of destruction and doom will be shifted. For it is Love that will bring balance and harmony to your world. Focus not upon what you think is wrong in your world rather focus on the Kingdom of Heaven manifested now within the hearts of all creatures and upon Terra and it will be so. If you cannot be at one of the Sacred power points then find the quiet in nature. If this is not possible then be a Loving rod right where you are for your bodily temple is the temple of a Living God. On this day a tidal wave of Love will sweep across your planet and all life upon her and the veil of separation shall be lifted and you will know that truly you and the Creator are One. Not only are you rendering this great service for your planet, but for all of creation and in this we bow before you in deep gratitude."

- Taken from The Prophecy of Love Day


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

- R. Buckminster Fuller

"Child of the sun, look to the stars and listen to Maya's message of time... time to realign ourselves with the rhythm of the moon... to restore our lost sense of oneness. Children of the sun, we must wake up and remember again our journey as one family, one species, and one destiny for all mankind. "

- Taken from Maya... Children of the Sun

"The splitting of the atom was a split in consciousness in this society. And we need to heal our nation and the world, through creating a vision of a world as one. And a vision of the world as one has no room for nuclear weapons. There are 12 nations which either possess or are trying to acquire nuclear weapons. 20 nations either possessing or trying to acquire biological weapons. 26 nations either possessing or trying to acquire chemical weapons. 20 nations either possessing or trying to acquire missile technologies to deliver those weapons. Pandora's box has been opened. But there is a power greater than all of those weapons. And it's the power of love through which the human heart expresses itself. The advancing tide is toward human unity! We saw it reflected at the beginning of the new millennium which so many of us celebrated in the year 2000. Where despite the dire predictions, people gathered peacefully all around the world, without incidents! Celebrating our humanity! Proving that we can get together around the world peacefully! The advancing tide is toward human unity, and the technology of our society has reflected that through the connectivity of the Internet, through communications, through transportation, and through trade. Every one of us has had the opportunity to connect, in our lifetimes, with people so we realize that we truly are a global village. This thinking that separates us from other nations and other people is archaic! And so as we offer a competing vision for the world, that competing vision can seek to make war itself archaic."

- Taken from Dennis Kucinich’s Acceptance Speech for the 2003 Gandhi Peace Award archived at

"I would like to suggest that no matter what happens, we ought never to take ourselves too seriously for life is meant to be a fun and fast-learning experience. So I and we all should always strive to remember we are all children at heart, always able to see things through the sparkling prism of a love-filled heart, always ready to express compassion and caring to whomever is in need of support through a difficult moment, always taking responsibility for our own emotions and enlightening mistakes and even sometime sheer human ego-driven stupidity, until one day when we will all be free from the burden of past traumas, mistaken beliefs and self-imposed limitations, free to shine as in the Beginning all the Mighty Beauty and Glory of our true Divine Self, the One that strives to come through and guide us all back Home. Love, Light and Laughter will prevail!

- Amanumenoum -- Taken from

"The Time is Now... Awake from your sleepy state and carry out your Divine Mission on Earth. The Time is Now... Open your mind to the ideas poured into you through the sacred guidance of your soul. The Time is Now... Manifest the Vision of a New World through enlightened and courageous actions."

- Taken from

"Mother, the crucial aspect of these developments is that they have been set in motion by the focused desire and intent of Earth’s people! The more you have asked for the kind of help that is inherent in love, the more abundantly you receive this healing energy—the most powerful force in the universe. So many of you want peace and compassion, understanding and forgiveness, fairness and justness for all that it cannot be denied by the laws of the universe! So many have sent forth this kind of love-light energy in prayers to God, by whatever name, that YOUR power of manifestation is achieving what YOU want! It could only happen in this way because Earth is your homeland, and regardless of the boundless love your “space family” in spirit and in physical feel for you, only you can set your course for deliverance out of the darkness that so long has held you captive in ignorance and deception. (...) I say, everyone can help by staying steadfast in the light and envisioning Earth in the golden glow of love and peace! Many of us have sent word that each of you chose to fill a specific role in this lifetime, so follow your heart as it leads you to participate in light-filled endeavors."

- Matthew, May 22, 2005 - Taken from


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Perth, Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

You may also check at;p1=0 to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


The following is provided as a complement to further the process of inspirational understanding of what, in truth, cannot be grasped from a purely intellectual perspective, for the True Key to unlock the vault of your spiritual knowledge lies within you... and nowhere else.


1. I am one with the Eternal Spirit
2. A Healing Insight
3. Peace Proclamation
4. The NOW Ten Commandments

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I am one with the Eternal Spirit

Oh sweet reality! My thoughts soar like a seagull flying high above swirling green oceans as I stand here, waiting for our union.

I am standing on a hilltop; a gentle breeze lifts my long hair and then lets it fall softly back onto my shoulders. I am with a group of people, in a circle all holding hands, silently praying. Meditating. Waiting.

I look at each face, framed by the backdrop of golden green pastures – new growth springing from fertile soil. Each face - eyes closed - a picture of blissful peace, calm anticipation of His return. My heart bursts open with love for these people – brothers, sisters, friends who have worked together for so long towards this Day. My heart expands, completely enveloping this circle; welcoming, warming each precious Soul standing here.

This Day has been our focus ever since I can remember – it has brought us together and carried us through many difficult circumstances.

This Day – prepared for lovingly by each of us in daily meditations; longed for collectively in our waking thoughts; dreamed of prophetically in our nocturnal slumbers.

This Day – the point of our existence.

Suddenly, I feel the energy changing all around me. The air is becoming charged, rarified; the surroundings seem visibly less dense, shimmering in a golden/white light that is diffusing through the clouds and streaming onto the Earth.

The sound of music fills my ears. Angelic voices ring in melodic harmonics that lift my consciousness to breathtaking heights.

I take a long deep breath, drinking in this amazing prelude to His arrival and my lungs become filled with exotic jasmine perfume – perfume that filters through my whole being, until I feel like the petals of a delicate flower opening to the radiance of pure sunlight for the first time.

The breeze now feels like Angels’ wings caressing my cheeks with a touch so soft, so delicate that my whole body becomes sensually, vitally alive.

The Angels’ voices soar to a climatic height, accompanied by ethereal trumpets playing clear, light-filled notes. And then it happens.

Suddenly. Like heavenly waters breaking upon the Earth’s shore – pouring through an invisible hole from the highest dimension, flows a wave of pure Love. Invisible, yet visible, it washes over each of us.

For all my preparation, this influx of divine energy is so powerful, it nearly knocks me over.

Sheer God Force streaming through into my reality. Total unconditional love pounding at the door of my heart, which yields with a graceful bow as The Christ enters my being.

I stagger slightly and take in a sharp breath, and as I do so, I am filled with total knowing. We are one. My whole body feels so alive, so electric, I feel I will explode in a myriad of heavenly colours. My heart, so filled with love, is momentarily overwhelmed and beats as fast as the wings of a hummingbird.

My mind explodes outward, expanding on, on, further and further to the unending limits of Space. My internal eyes see stars, planets, exploding nebulae all in the flash of a split second as I am joined with the mind of God - The Vast Knowingness of the All That Is.

All I know is that I exist. All details explode into the oneness of It All. My whole body/mind/soul shudders in the ecstasy of being at one with the heart and mind of the Creator.

And now the wave recedes. Not completely - it laps against the shore of my reality - bathing, cleansing, caressing my stunned consciousness.

My eyes focus again on my shimmering surroundings.

I breathe out a long, calming breath. And I just stand there – still riveted to the spot of land that anchored me on Earth; that received the aftermath of the electric jolt as it surged through me to the core of the planet.

I become aware of myself – my slow breathing, the grateful tears streaming down my face. The feeling of peaceful completeness that I have never experienced before. The absence of the always-present longing for something-someone. I become aware of a new presence within me. Colouring my vision, my thoughts, my emotions. I’m still me, but now I am infinite in this finite body.

He is here.

Living. Breathing. Experiencing life through me. With me.

My earthly body falls to its knees, weeping with relief - thousands of lives and lifetimes sobbing their thanks through me.

I touch the Earth with my hands. The soft green grass feels good to my touch.

At last.

I am Conscious.

I am Present.

I am Home.



By Aannsha Jones (



By Lou Bognon (

No-body has to die of either diagnosis or prognosis.

Here is an healing insight that is not entirely new.

Nowhere it is written or carved in stone or any other earthly medium for that matter, that should one be diagnosed with say - terminal cancer and the prognosis is 6 months - that such life will end on schedule.

The diagnosis and prognosis are and shall remain a doctor's opinion, based on belief systems perpetuated by his training and the experience of his trainer's themselves based on the previous doctor's experience and belief and so on and on.

Now ˆ that is not to say that in the doctor's experience this has not been the case since he deals with such disease, or in most cases, the experience he inherited from the doctors who went before him and therefore believed such cases to have a certain outcome, duration, etc. Still, Doctors, like the rest of us, are a product of their belief systems, even if they often consider them to be purely scientific. It was a purely scientific belief also not that long ago that cancer was a death sentence and today the very same scientific community successfully treats cancer to an ever increasing degree.

In the early eighties the same was said for Aids because it attacks the immune system itself there was no hope. Millions died of such belief and now more and more survive and live comfortably and peacefully with the virus.

The time has come to question all beliefs.

Does the doctor "know" or does he "believe" it to be so?

There is a huge difference between these two verbs and what they stand for.

To quote Dr Deepak Chopra: “Beliefs are just ideas that we hold to be true.”

They have an inherent organizing power, of which the placebo effect is such an example.

This is actually what explains why some make it and some do not: their belief is simply different, or for some, they actually know otherwise. When a doctor tells you that you have six months to live you are faced with two main choices:

One - you believe him and die on schedule, both of the diagnosis and of the prognosis.

Two - you tell yourself he is not God and does not know anything for sure, that all he says is based on his own experience, itself based on his own beliefs scientific or otherwise; and so you choose to fight as there is far too much you still need to accomplish here before you go, you pray, you try different opinions, treatments, you choose to make it.

Making “it” here is of course about choosing life, about reconnecting to the healer within and understanding what created the disease in the first place, so that health can again be re-created.

This insight on healing as a choice available to us as opposed to giving in to disease, diagnosis and prognosis is just as applicable to any of us as it is to Mother Earth now.

We need to start - as healers present on earth at this time - by reviewing the diagnosis and the prognosis for our planet by some of our more pessimistic scientists and we need to start telling ourselves that Mother Earth can heal herself and our role is to become conscious children of love who can become loving healers to assist in her healing now. After all Love heals everything.

The more of us are able to express our love in a real, tangible and continuous way to Mother Earth, say to all the diversity of her forms, from her rivers and seas to her mountains and her forests, to all her creatures great and small, from the smallest amoeba to the greatest of her whales, all her life including the human family, the more such thoughts will become powerful forms which will infuse her body and memory.

Let us remember that Mother Earth has consciousness and divine intelligence encoded in every single one of her cells - just like us. In order for us to truly connect to her and play our healing role, all we need to do is to remember - in all we do, say, buy, eat, consume, create or dream about - to ask ourselves with love in our hearts this little innocuous question:

Is this good for Mother Earth and will it contribute to her healing?

Simple intentions, thoughts, gestures and actions of love, gratitude and protection - we can start small and then teach our children, friends, neighbours, we can then all teach by example - that is how our Love will assist in manifesting a new Earth. We must all remember that we have choices, for who we are in truth can do anything. We Are Love and Love Heals anything.


Peace Proclamation

Mitron, of the angelic realms, has said, "I declare world peace."

Commence the process of bringing peace into the realm of shared consciousness among people on the planet by focusing the intent of world peace with global celebrations of opening the heart to love. This creates the force field for actions that will follow to manifest a shift of the ages within the hearts and minds of all people of Terra.

Schedule a series of days to honor women, men, children, older people, indigenous people, the planet, the stars, the ancestors, the future race of humanity, the animals, birds, trees, flowers, cetaceans, fish, bees (and other insects), the stone kingdom, the subtle realms of faeries, etc. Such days are to begin with small, local celebrations of dance, art and music. However, sharing these events with others in the world through the Internet and other media will create a groundswell that will sweep across continents, building a peace movement that will unite humanity.

Women, claim the power of love, stop warring with men, instead love them and do everything to make them feel safe and secure in your love, overcoming their fears; men are to do likewise. This process begins with the women, though, many of whom are already centered in their heart as nurturers and caregivers.

Proclaim peace and goodwill in legal documents declaring an end to the practice of war between nations and countries. Convert existing military forces to help people, build renewable energy infrastructure, and clean up the environment. If need be, people are to organize themselves in autonomous communities, withdrawing support (taxes, cooperation, fealty) to those governments which refuse to carry out the will of the people to end all war.

As nearly all of the people in the world have now chosen to live in peaceful cooperation with each other, effectively claiming sovereignty over their lives, delegation of war-making authority to governments is hereby rescinded. Fashion other kinds of societal arrangements to meet people's needs, replacing institutions that perpetuate racism and other divisions between people. Allow corrupt leaders, systems, governments, and institutions to fail as you withdraw your support, instead creating more effective ways of living together in harmony with each other and Gaia, your Mother who makes your existence possible.

And so Mitron spoke. (June 30, 2008)

Received through Ariel Ky (



The NOW Ten Commandments

A group of 28 metaphysicians have worked for 2 years on ‘The Now Ten Commandments’. Under the guidance of The World Development of Human Resources and The Australian School of Esoteric Sciences these 28 metaphysicians gathered, after 2 years, in Vietnam to create a synergy with each person making a unique contribution, having been working within the matrix of cyber space together.

The group, through Intuition, have entered the realms of Akasha to Intuit new meanings for archaic Commandments that a large portion of Humanity continue to follow. The result has been ‘The Now Ten Commandments’ shown below.

We have attempted to alter the significance and meaning of ‘Existence’ as it is known in and beyond our Perceivable Realms of Being-ness, through Christianity and Judaism. Although both sects are rather fragmented, they both have a common foundation.....The supposedly handed over to Moses on Mount Sinai.

In our realm the Word of God is ineffable. A commandment proclaimed by God may not be trespassed. It is not that we are naughty for breaking a rule; it is that the rule “cannot” be least the spirit of the rule.....! Should a ‘Commandment’ appear to be breached or broken it only means that we have miss-interpreted the commandment, or it is not of a divine nature: it is not a divine injunction. It is not ineffable!

The ineffable or ‘Divine Will’ seeks expansion, evolution and embellishment; not limitation. The Commandments are there to explain how the Universe works.

The Now Ten Commandments

You are the source of your own creation, free to express that as you choose.

You are the Truth, the Light, the Way. Be the Inspiration and unique expression of your evolving Divinity.

Respect and Love yourself. Your name is a vibrational expression of the soul.

There is only the present moment; it is the eternal space between “what was” and “what will be”. In fully experiencing “the now” you joyfully celebrate what you truly are – a divine being having a glorious human experience.

Appreciate the richness of where you have come from. The masculine energy initiates and the feminine energy makes possible. Respect and harmonize these energies.

The ever-evolving flow of life is eternal. Respect and honour the magic and mystery in all there is.

Experience your sexuality freely. It is an expression of self-respect, self-esteem, self-worth, self-love. It is a path to the realization of oneness.

Your attitude towards abundance will determine how abundant you are. Abundance is an integral part of Spirituality. Respect another’s belongings through choice. You are responsible and accountable for what you claim.

Your innate intelligence knows what is right. Have the courage to live your truth.

Being joyful for another’s success sets them and you free. Singing your song and living the life of your dreams makes things possible for yourself and others.


With wonder, joy and anticipation we embrace opportunities for expressing inspired creativity. From this moment in time we commit to:

Nourish and care for our physical body out of love and respect.
Nurture and care for our earth and all that inhabits it and to allow it to regenerate itself elegantly.
Respect, love and learn from the magic, purity and innocence of children and our child within.
Embrace life with magic from the innocence of the heart and create beauty in all there is.

For further information or enquiries regarding this information, please e-mail Patrick Symington (




To align to Divine Will and the Highest Good of all.

To be motivated and committed to the mission of co-creating a new Earth paradigm of higher consciousness.

To focus on selfless Divine Service as our highest priority.

To move, individually and as a group, in absolute integrity, impeccability, Self-Mastery and alignment to Divine Principle and Universal Law.

To serve in heart-centered Unity Consciousness and embrace every person and situation in authentic love, understanding, harmony and compassion.

To consistently monitor the quality, accuracy, appropriateness, clarity and perception of our highest Divine Guidance to insure the highest alignment to the unified mission and Divine Will.

To detach our self from the illusion of this duality, holding a place of compassion, grace, neutrality and knowingness that we are One with all energy.

To take highest responsibility for our own individual advancement into Self-Mastery through personal contemplation and resultant transformation.

To humbly forgive ourselves and others for any misjudgments we thought we have made or perceptions that we have been hurt by another.

To have unwavering courage to face our own fears while honoring them, loving them and then releasing them to their higher energy forms.

To see only Divine Perfection in each person, experience and manifestation.

To move forward in unwavering trust and faith that we are totally and completely supported in all aspects and levels of our life experience.

As androgynous beings, to consistently activate, harmonize and empower the inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.

To embody the multidimensional glory of formed existence and realize the illusion of this earth's physical duality and its state of impermanence.

To honor our Higher Mind as connected to the One Heart of Creation or Unified Consciousness Field of Infinite Potential.

As Ambassadors of Light, to embody our Highest Human Potential and to help others do the same.

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