Meditation Focus #171

Being the Light of This World


What follows is the 171th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 3 weeks beginning Sunday, May 20, 2007.


1. Summary
2. Meditation times
3. More information related to this Meditation Focus
4. Peace Vigil for Gaza
5. Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day - 20th of May 2007


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As we grow ever closer to full remembrance of Who We Are, we are learning to let go of self-limitations and willingly accept to open our hearts to ever higher guidances from our souls. One of the key realizations we access this way is the simple truth that we come from the Light and will eventually return to this Universal One Light from which all emanates. How this manifests in our everyday life is the stuff of evolutionary awakening. We are constantly nudged towards accepting our divine inheritance and enabling this part of us to shine through, both to guide us and to beam a guiding light on the path of others.

Whenever the sun shines, we each have a chance to receive the light emanating from our sun star, which is itself a mere reflection of the infinite power of the One Light at the origin of All That Is. Sensing its life-nurturing caress and feeling its warmth, we can, metaphorically-speaking, connect with one of the most visible signs of the Universal Presence, whose existence perpetually reverberates in each one of us, thus rekindling the memory of the glory to which we all participate.

As we are joining in a globally synchronized communion of souls with countless other beings this Sunday and the following two Sundays, let us consciously radiate this inner Light which is the very essence of our being, and thus shine for all to sense the radiance of our collective Reality. In so doing, we shall active within other sentient beings, human or otherwise, the resonating field permeating everything and help trigger a greater awakening to the beauty, magnificence, omnipresence and Love of All That Is. Let us be guided by our intuitive sentience as to what thought-forms and which Love-radiations we shall empower through the collective force of our joined souls, so as to facilitate an ever greater sense of Oneness, Kindness and Blessedness in every soul, for the Highest Good of All.

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We are the Light of this World.
And we are one.

We are one
One with all.
And we want to be free.
We want to be free
Free to be in love,
Free to be in love with all that is.


There is a place to go to find peace,
There is a place to go to find love.
Open your heart,
Open your heart into Forever
Forever, Forever
And you shall be free...

— Constance Demby -- Taken from --


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Perth, Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


Message from Diane -- 16-May-2007. 

For those who follow events on Earth and see them through the eyes of one who is spiritually aware, they can clearly see that the physical battle is not the key to your future. They will also understand that the ages long confrontation of dark and Light has almost reached its end, and is playing out the last acts in the drama of life. As the Light spreads across the Earth it gathers pace, as more people realise that the only way forward is to lift up into it. By these actions the dark are not only denied the negative energies that fuel their plans, but are confronted with the power of the Light that transmutes them. 

As the Light grows at an exceedingly fast rate, it is drawn to each soul in a process that has the power to awaken them. They can ignore it, but it will still be enfolding them and tugs at their consciousness for recognition. It induces change by bringing the truth out, and these are challenges that go to the very heart of each individual. Even those who are deeply involved in the negativity that exists, are not beyond being awakened. However, in accordance with their life plan, they indulge in and play out their darkest dreams as part of the karmic interplay that is duality. 

Freewill allows for a soul to be uplifted at any time, providing they have overcome the attraction of the lower vibrations. You can always change the direction of your path, but it takes a strong character and determination to do so. It is in the recognition of the Light that strength is found, and the realisation that everything else is transient and short lived. By living in the Light the dark energies fall away, as they no longer serve any purpose that is necessary to your evolution. Life is about continually choosing your pathway, and many waver backwards and forwards until they commit themselves to the Light. 

As the truth dawns on people, there is a time that arises when they review their beliefs and the purpose of life. Intuitively they will reach the conclusion that each is playing a part in bringing Light to the Earth, and that it is the highest energy within which all has its existence. You express this quite correctly as “the truth will set you free” and many understand that it is contained within. By all means follow the teachings of another if they reflect your understanding. However, always be ready for a greater truth that may come to you. 

You are far from being alone on this journey through duality, and when you have reached its end as many have, it is the time for further enlightenment. Great Beings who serve others draw close and they will guide you to your goal. They respond to the decision of your inner self to live your life in Love and Light. From this one statement of your intentions, you are placing yourself on the path that leads to your Salvation and in this cycle that is Ascension. 

Beyond Earth there is great activity, and mighty Beings of power that are beyond your imagination hold the Universe in their hands. Yet each and every soul plays a part that influences the outcome, albeit that it cannot change the Creator’s constantly unfolding plan. Your Solar System is changing and prepares for upliftment, and your Sun is the controlling energy that can now be seen to be having such a strong effect. All planets are rising up, and it is your choice as to whether you are prepared in readiness to go with them. 

The great Law of Attraction determines your future by reflecting back to you energies that are vibrating to your level, and if you desire to be uplifted you will need to have the intent to change. Freewill is therefore a two edged sword, and the whole cycle of duality has allowed you to experience exactly as you desired. What you have learnt is that freewill comes with responsibility, and if your actions harm others you will follow those experiences through until you fully understand them. Furthermore, you will make amends through karma and in so doing will redeem yourselves through that understanding. 

Everything that you experience is repeatedly re-moulding or confirming your beliefs. From life to life there is continual progress regardless of whether you drop down into the dark. In fact, such experiences are the springboard to a greater realisation of how the dark and Light are essential to your understanding of evolution. Returning to the Light is the beginning of your exciting and wondrous journey through the higher dimensions. Evolution never stops until you once again reach the Source of All That Is, but that is still a long way off. 

The low point you have experienced is but a passing phase, that will not have to be repeated once you have risen up. It is nevertheless a most important period in your evolution, and will equip you well for service to others who have yet to experience it themselves. There are times when you all envisage a Utopia in which all is in harmony, where love abounds and you experience the perfection of all creation. That vision is soon to be fulfilled and Ascension is the gateway to it, and every effort you put in to achieve it will have proved to be well worthwhile. 

Live your truth in the Light of Love without any measure of it, and give gladly. This way you will be a shining light that will lift up others, and by your example you will be showing them the way to express their Higher Self. Be assured it will be noticed, and you will have planted a seed of truth that will yet come alive. There is no need or place for indoctrination or blind obedience to the beliefs of another. You are free souls that have the understanding of the truth within, and when you sit quietly in contemplation it will come to you. 

I am Diane from Sirius, and we give you thoughts and ideas resulting from our own understanding. You have the ability to be discerning and if they ring true follow them, but always be true to yourself. Our Love and Blessings are with you, and we eagerly await the coming time when we shall all come together.     

Thank you Diane.

Mike Quinsey.  


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Here are some of the latest developments in Gaza. Please also keep this situation in mind during your meditations in the coming three weeks to help ensure that peace prevail there as well.


Palestinian truce begins to take hold

May 20, 2007

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Gunmen armed with rifles, grenades and explosives climbed down from rooftop positions Saturday and residents began venturing out of bullet-scarred homes after their leaders agreed to end a week of Palestinian factional bloodshed in Gaza.

The truce began to take hold as Israel launched a fifth day of airstrikes on Hamas targets in the

Gaza Strip in reprisal for the Islamic militant group's rocket attacks on Israeli border towns. Other recent cease-fires between the factions have been short-lived but Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said he expected this one to stick because of Israel's military action.

"No one would accept to fight one another while the Israelis are shelling Gaza," he said.

The clashes between Hamas and Fatah gunmen loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have brought the two groups that nominally share power to the brink of civil war. More than 50 Palestinians have been killed in a week of infighting.

The overlapping violence from Israel's attacks on Hamas rocket operations has killed 23 other Palestinians in the past week.

On Saturday, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz vowed to keep going after Hamas militants who would fire rockets at Israel, warning them to be "very afraid."

Still, Peretz said time was not ripe for a major Israeli ground offensive in Gaza.

An Israeli airstrike killed three people in a car in Gaza early Sunday, Palestinian medics said. Israel said the car was carrying three Hamas radicals and a load of weapons. The Israeli army also said warplanes demolished arms factories belonging to Hamas and — for the first time since the airstrikes began on Tuesday — Islamic Jihad, a smaller militant group that has also been involved in rocket attacks on Israel.

On Saturday, four Palestinians were killed in air attacks on Hamas targets, while five rockets from Gaza hit the Israeli border area, causing damage, but no injury.

The Israeli air attacks, backed by tank fire, have driven Hamas fighters out of their bases, prompting the militant group to accuse Israel and Fatah of colluding against it.

The Palestinian infighting broke out Sunday after Abbas stationed thousands of security forces on the streets of lawless Gaza City — a move Hamas interpreted as a provocation because it wasn't consulted.

Saturday's truce committed the battling factions to pull their fighters off the streets and exchange an unknown number of hostages.

Four previous cease-fire agreements collapsed earlier in the week.

A gunbattle erupted outside the home of a senior Fatah official in Gaza City as the cease-fire was reached, and security officials said several people were wounded.

And in another sign of the shaky nature of the truce, several hostages from both factions were released before an official exchange ceremony — but only after their captors shot them in the legs, both sides said.

Still, as word of the cease-fire spread, and enforcement teams went out on the streets, fighters began to comply — something they had not done with the previous truces. They also began knocking down roadblocks they had set up to identify rival fighters.

Truce enforcers from various Palestinian factions went from rooftop to rooftop, urging gunmen to leave. At one Gaza City building that had been the site of fierce fighting, Hamas fighters climbed down carrying a cache of rocket-propelled grenades, bags of explosives and AK-47 rifles.

Mervat, a resident who would only give her first name for fear of reprisal, said the fighting terrorized her 5-year old daughter who thought the conflict was with Israelis. The two never left home throughout the fighting.

"Hopefully it will stick this time. We are the only losers if this continues," she said.

She and other residents who had remained holed up at home throughout the fighting stepped out hesitantly to shop for groceries and other supplies.

Ribhi Barghouti held up a fistful of burnt American dollars. He said mortars fell in his apartment, destroying his furniture and burning up his wife's passport and $13,000 the couple had stashed away.

"I lost everything. ... It is impossible to tell what will happen in this place anymore," he said. He said he plans to return to his native West Bank as soon as his wife replaces her ID.

Some Gazans returned to their apartments, passing evacuating fighters on the way, only to decide the damage was too great for them to stay. They stuffed a few belongings into suitcases and left again.

The hostage handover — a major element of the cease-fire deal — was delayed for hours while kidnapped men were located. Shortly after midnight Saturday, two buses carrying kidnapped men from both sides pulled up to the Egyptian representative office in Gaza City, where the cease-fire was negotiated.

Col. Burhan Hamad, head of an Egyptian security team that helped to mediate the cease-fire, said 30 hostages were to be released early Sunday, and the remaining 18 later in the day.

The truce accord was endorsed by Abbas and Hamas' exiled supreme leader, Khaled Mashaal, who conferred a rare three times by phone in the past few days. Mashaal lives in


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Attacks strike terror in Gaza and Israel (18 May 2007)
Gaza is not an easy place to live at the best of times.One of the most crowded areas of the world, where unemployment is high, people are poor and the economy crippled by an international boycott and Israel withholding desperately-needed Palestinian tax-revenues.More than 50% of Gazans are 17 years old or younger. Most feel they have no prospects at home but no way to get out.Foreign powers control all of Gaza's borders; opening and closing them at will. Gaza is also awash with illegal weapons.This is an ongoing, explosive mix of internal and external pressures. all of which need to be addressed.Caught in crossfireAnd now there is a power battle going on, which reaches up to the highest levels of Palestinian politics.Abbas and Haniya have announced several factional ceasefiresFatah gunmen are loyal to the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas; Hamas gunmen to the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya.This makes the situation sound clear-cut. But far from it.Mr Abbas and Mr Haniya have repeatedly announced ceasefires between their factions.Their politicians have even joined together in a fragile unity government. Yet the street battles in Gaza have erupted once again.According to the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs, more than 150 Palestinians have died and more than 650 have been wounded in internal violence since the beginning of the year. CLIP

Living in Gaza (16 May 2007)
Residents of Gaza City are trapped inside their homes as Fatah and Hamas gunmen vie for control of the streets. Two Palestinians in Gaza City and one in Rafah in the south describe the security situation. What's happening in Gaza may soon turn into a proper civil war unless it's stopped immediately.Insecurity has spread across Gaza StripI work for the UNDP [United Nations Development Programme] in Gaza City, but we have no working life right now. All the UN agencies have stopped and today I didn't go in. CLIP

Palestinian rivals: Fatah & Hamas
Two parties dominate Palestinian politics: Fatah which has been at the head of the Palestinian national movement since the 1950s, and the Islamist movement, Hamas, which won the parliamentary elections in January 2006. (...) Current status: The 2006 election defeat put Fatah on the defensive and subsequent events raised fears it would try using its political influence and military power to maintain predominance. The PA's 70,000 police and security forces are mainly Fatah loyalists. After months of factional street fighting in which hundreds of Palestinians were killed, Fatah struck a deal with Hamas to join a unity government as a junior partner. CLIP

Cabinet to discuss support for Fatah (May. 20, 2007)
The security cabinet is expected to discuss on Sunday whether, and to what degree, Israel should support Fatah to keep Hamas from taking complete control of the Gaza Strip, senior government officials said Saturday night.The officials said there had been a great deal of "quiet diplomatic activity" in recent days with Egypt, Jordan and the US regarding ways to stabilize the situation in Gaza.Report: 'Israel considers aiding Fatah'Government officials would not discuss whether Saudi Arabia was involved as well, beyond saying that Israel did not have direct contacts with Riyadh.The defense establishment has yet to set a policy on assisting Fatah in its battle against Hamas. Last week, Israel let several hundred Fatah "soldiers" enter Gaza from Egypt, where they were being trained.According to defense officials, a request from Fatah and the US to allow either Egypt or Jordan to transfer weapons, ammunition and other military equipment to forces loyal to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is being considered by the government, and a decision will be made in the coming days.The goal of this flurry of diplomatic activity, the officials said, was to make sure that everyone realized that it was in no one's interest - not Israel's, Jordan's, Egypt's, the region's‚ or the world's - for Gaza to fall under Hamas's control. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been saying recently in closed-door meetings that with all their corruption and other problems, Fatah at least says it is interested in dialogue and wants a two-state solution. Hamas, he has pointed out, is less corrupt, but does not hide its desire to annihilate Israel. CLIP

Bearded Gazans on razor's edge between life and death ( May 20, 2007)
Once, Hamas members were afraid to wear beards for fear of being arrested by Israel's security forces. Today, they are once again afraid of appearing in public with beards - this time for fear that they will be killed or kidnapped by Fatah militiamen in the Gaza Strip. Sources close to Hamas said over the weekend that at least 10 bearded men have been shot and killed in the past week after being stopped in the street by Fatah gunmen. CLIP Another Hamas official in Gaza City said that many young men had begun shaving their beards for fear of being identified as Hamas members. "We never imagined that the day would come when Muslim men would be afraid to walk in the street because they are wearing beards," he said.He said that about 40 bearded men have been hospitalized after being kidnapped and shot in the legs by Fatah gunmen in the past few days. Doctors have been forced to amputate the legs of some of them because of the severity of their wounds, he added.Fatah accused Hamas militiamen of using the same method against its members. Several Fatah and PA security officers who had been abducted by Hamas militiamen were shot in the legs and left to bleed in the street, said a senior Fatah official in Gaza City. CLIP

Full Coverage: Mideast Conflict;_ylt=AvybfTEQnXLo5zxHHddsKP4UewgF


This is a guided meditation in twelve different places around the world, with over one hundred thousand people expected to participate simultaneously. The objective is to involve as many people as possible on all continents, so that they can meet and meditate together on the theme of planetary peace and harmony with nature, as is stated in the invitation from the Laszlo Foundation: “Considering the subtle, but in critical moments absolutely crucial, effect of awareness on values and human behaviour and consequently on the integrity of life in the biosphere, the aim of the meditation is that of bringing together in different parts of the world, a critical mass of citizens who are interested in and spiritually committed to meditating or praying to heal our planet, by means of the power of their collective consciousness: a planet which is torn and threatened by wars and violence and in great danger from an ecological point of view.” Scientists, philosophers, and organizers of the event are convinced that the coordinated thought of hundreds of thousands of people will have a noticeable effect on the entire planet as regards values and human behaviour. And, at a local level a tangible reduction is expected in the percentage of violence as was proven during American experiments conducted in the 1960’s. Much more details below or directly from

This is the first annual event which will culminate in the year 2012 with the Club of Budapest’s “Embrace the Planet” Celebration. The first global event was inspired by the work of the Mount Fuji Sanctuary in Japan, one of the participating organizations of this initiative. We welcome you to join this worthy initiative. For a detailed list of Participating Organizations and Associated Events, go at


The Objective

In view of the subtle, but in critical times entirely crucial, effect of consciousness on human values and conduct, and thus on the integrity of life in the biosphere: To assemble, in various parts of the world, a critical mass of concerned and spiritually engaged global citizens to meditate or pray together to heal, through the power of their collective consciousness, our war- and violence-torn, ecologically threatened and critically endangered planet.
The Events
The worldwide events of the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day involve a significantly large number of people of good will from different faiths and cultures, coming together to pray for, or meditate on, peace on the planet and goodwill among people, and the way toward re-establishing harmony with nature. The events include the following segments:
• General opening, with speeches, singing, or dancing, as designed by the organizers.
• A sustained period of meditation or prayer, focusing on peace and harmony among people, between nations, and in the relations of humans with life in the biosphere.
• A 15-30 minute period of intense meditation or prayer, guided by a renowned spiritual leader and concluding with the three-fold repetition of a plea, prayer, or intention such as “May Peace Prevail on Earth”.
• A five-minute concluding ceremony, during which the participants form a circle around a globe, or similar symbolic representation of the planet, and hold hands in profound silence.



Measurements of the Effects

1. Worldwide Effect on Computers

The events of the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day will be monitored worldwide for their effect on specially programmed computers located in different parts of the world. The computers will generate a constant series of numbers (zeros and ones) in a random sequence. Roger Nelson is the former director at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratories and is currently heading the Global Consciousness Project, his own research program. Roger Nelson will monitor through his REG network the numbers generated by the computers and search for possibly significant deviations from randomness during the meditation/prayer events, with special attention to the intense and hand-holding phases. (The monitoring will not be communicated to the participants in order to avoid any possible bias due to conscious expectations or intentions.) The findings will be verified and subsequently released to the press and public.

2. Effect on the Local and Regional Communities

Social cohesion, individual and interpersonal fulfillment, also concomitant impact on the environment are strongly dependent on people’s values and priorities. People influence each other’s values and priorities within communities: those with well-adjusted, healthy mind sets generate a collective will that positively affects all people in the community. Joint meditation and prayer by well-intentioned and well-adjusted persons intensifies this effect. They were found to produce a significant impact on the social community of the mediators: crime rates diminish, suicide rates drop, levels of satisfaction rise, negative effects on the environment are reduced. (These effects have been predicted by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1960, and are known as the Maharishi effect.) Nearly 50 scientific research studies conducted over the past 25 years using rigorous research methods and evaluation procedures have confirmed the effects. In the framework of the Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, the Global Coherence Feedback system headed by Joseph Giove, a Californian engineer and human development specialist, will use a specially designed application to monitor the social impact of the meditation/prayer events on each of the communities and the environing social and cultural regions.



Time Synchronization

To ensure an optimally powerful effect, the timing of the meditation and prayer events will be precisely synchronized. Due to the large distances involved in the worldwide events, they cannot all take place at the same time. However, three specific time-zones are specified and the participants are kindly asked to adjust their starting times to the followings:


East Asia / Australia

GMT+8: 12.00 Noon (Western Australia etc.)
GMT+ 9: 1 PM (Japan etc.)
GMT+10: 2 PM (Sydney etc.)

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Central Asia

GMT+1: 11.00 AM (United Kingdom, Cameroon etc.)
GMT+2: 12.00 Noon (Italy, Germany, Hungary, South Africa etc.)
GMT+3: 1 PM (Israel, Greece etc.)

North, Central and South America / The Pacific

GMT-11: 10.00 AM (Samoa etc.)
GMT-10: 11.00 AM (Hawaii/USA etc.)
GMT-7: 2 PM (Los Angeles /USA, Vancouver/Canada etc.)
GMT-5: 4 PM (Mexico, Colombia, Chicago/USA etc.)
GMT-4: 5 PM (New York/USA, Toronto/Canada, Chile, Venezuela etc.)
GMT-3: 6 PM (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil etc.)



Communication of the Results

A series of large-scale meditation/prayer event taking place in a coordinated way in various parts of the world and linking faiths and cultures East and West is a “global first”; it has never been done before. Its effect on artificial devices of high sensitivity, such as complex computers, and on interacting groups of human beings, may produce unprecedented effects. Showing this in a controlled and scientific verified way would be sensational news, of high interest for all concerned people, including religious and spiritual groups, forward-looking sustainability-conscious business companies, and the public media. It would be highly positive news for the human future, as it would show that our thinking, and even our consciousness, can influence the way we, and others around us, live and act. It could be the “butterfly effect” that makes the difference between a destiny of breakdown to violence and chaos, or one of breakthrough to a more peaceful, humane, and sustainable civilization. The Club of Budapest, its interfaith Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day partners, and the coordinators personally, are committed to carrying forward this project, and to make its results known locally as well as globally through the appropriate channels (press communiqués, the Internet, TV reports and interviews).


Following a successful conclusion of the 2007 interfaith Global Peace Meditation and Prayer Day, similar Days are to become an annual event. They are to culminate in September 2012 with the Club of Budapest’s “Embrace the Planet” Celebration, where a very large number of people will hold hands, forming a giant human chain around the planet. Given a measurably significant effect already of local meditation/prayer events in various parts of the globe, it is to be expected that millions of volunteers holding hands and meditating on, and praying for, peace and harmony on the planet, will make a crucial difference for our life and future at a point in time that is widely recognized as critical for the life and future of the human family.


Never before in the history of the planet has an event been organized on such a large scale that will link a series of meditations and coordinate the faiths and cultures of East and West. It is a ‘Global First’.

Experiments on the positive influence on fields of harmonious consciousness were conducted from the beginning of the 1970’s. In research carried out in 1974 in four American cities it was discovered that the percentage of crime in urban zones touched a negative peak when 1.1% of the population participated in programs of Transcendental Meditation.

The ‘field’ produced by the meditation brought order and harmony to the entire life of the city. Scientists called this phenomenon of greater consistency in collective consciousness the ‘Maharishi Effect’, in honour of the founder of Transcendental Meditation, who had already spoken of the effect in the 1960’s. Research conducted later in hundreds of other cities produced the same positive results.

This ability of fields of human consciousness to influence events – and also the functioning of machines and computers – is becoming an ever more accepted fact by the international scientific community. Trials in this direction are being made by the Institute of Noetic Sciences in California using random number generators that produce casual sequences of ones and zeros.

Repeated tests seem to indicate that collective awareness is able to influence these casual sequences producing order when there is a positive field and increasing the entropy when it is negative. The effects of this experiment on artificial instruments of high sensitivity such as complex computers and on interacting human groups could produce unprecedented effects.

Demonstrating it in a controlled and scientifically verifiable way will be a sensational piece of news and very positive for the future of humankind because it will demonstrate that our way of thinking and our states of consciousness can influence the way in which we live and act. It could create the so called ‘butterfly effect’ and make the difference between a destiny of disintegration towards violence and chaos and a step towards more peaceful, sustainable and humane civilization.

Following the positive conclusion of Global Peace Meditation Day of 2007, these events will become an annual appointment which will culminate in September 2012 with the 'Embrace the Planet Celebration' organized by the Club of Budapest. Millions of people will hold hands to create an uninterrupted chain around the planet.

To go to the organizers' website for this world changing event at . So far, here are the locations and how many people are expected to gather:

Mount Fuji, Japan, 10,000 • Sydney, Australia, 500 • Oneness Temple, India, 50,000 • Auroville, India, 5,000 • Lucknow, India, 500 • Tel Aviv, Israel, 1,500-3,000 • Budapest, Hungary, 4-5,000 • Damanhur, Italy, 1,000 • Villaggio Globale, Bagni di Lucca, Italy, 4,000 • Duluth, MN, USA, 1-5,000 • Hawaii, USA, 1-5,000 • Samoa, 150,000



Global Peace Meditation Day…. Join in the global experiment

Date: May-20-2007

Link to Damanhur live from 10.30 Italian time and participate in the guided peace meditation in English and Italian via this link:

Timing schedule - large events (with more than 500 participants at one location)

East Asia / Australia
GMT+8: 12.00 Noon (Western Australia etc.)
GMT+ 9: 1 PM (Japan etc.)
GMT+10: 2 PM (Sydney etc.)

Europe/Africa/Middle East/Central Asia
GMT+1: 11.00 AM (United Kingdom, Cameroon etc.)
GMT+2: 12.00 Noon (Italy, Germany, Hungary, South Africa etc.)
GMT+3: 1 PM (Israel, Greece etc.)

North, Central and South America / The Pacific
GMT-11: 10.00 AM (Samoa etc.)
GMT-10: 11.00 AM (Hawaii/USA etc.)
GMT-7: 2 PM (Los Angeles /USA, Vancouver/Canada etc.)
GMT-5: 4 PM (Mexico, Colombia, Chicago/USA etc.)
GMT-4: 5 PM (New York/USA, Toronto/Canada, Chile, Venezuela etc.)
GMT-3: 6 PM (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil etc.)

If this e-mail has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, send a blank email to (English only)

For more information, please review the material posted by the Global Meditation Focus Group at