Meditation Focus #168

Healing The Human Heart


What follows is the 168th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 3 weeks beginning Sunday, March 18, 2007.


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When considering the level of suffering endured by countless life forms on Earth as well as the profound disconnection existing within too many human beings as to their seamless Oneness with all Life, as exemplified by their mindless destruction of the very Web of Life upon which their long term survival depends, one is forced to admit that there is still a great deal of healing that must occur within the heart and soul of billions of people before true global peace and a sustainable lifestyle for all are achieved. There is a mystery whose understanding still eludes most humans, and it is how much Love and radiant kindness and goodwill can be experienced and manifested by all living souls once the hurts of living are healed and once the misunderstandings and shortsightedness bred by doctrinal upbringings are dissipated through ever higher spiritual awakening and the healing miracle of Love.

It has been often indicated that once a critical mass of human beings have reached a stage in their personal healing and awakening process when true Love can shine unobstructed, then this very vibrational template of spiritual balance empowered by heightened divine awareness will spread to all humankind in a rapid expansion of global awareness and of an exponentially deeper sense of Oneness with All That Is. That alchemical process taking place within the crucible of everyone's heart holds the key to not only our continued existence on this wonderful, beloved living planet, but also to our future Galactic Journey to bring the quintessence of what has been learned in the cauldron of physical experience to countless other worlds where other souls struggle to reach up to their godly inheritance as children of the Omniversal Creator.

As we are joining in a globally synchronized communion of souls with countless other beings this Sunday and the following two Sundays, let us dive deep within our soul to reconnect with our true divine nature and request whatever assistance we may need to heal all that needs to be healed within our heart and, by means of our intimate resonant oneness with all other souls on Earth, to heal all that needs to be healed within everyone's heart and soul. Let us realize how by healing ourselves, we contribute in co-healing with all others the most vital connection in all with our True essence as radiant Sparks of God living a physical experience and learning to Be All That we can Be, for the Highest Good of All.

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"Nothing in the universes can resist the converging ardor of a great enough number of united and organized intelligences."

— Teilhard de Chardin


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.


These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 4:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Perth, Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


On January 1st 2006, the following was highly recommended to your attention in the
Meditation Focus #144: Being All... That We Can Be ...

Fire the Grid: Be Defined (Beautiful music is playing there, so make sure your sound is on)
(...) As time passed I would ask "What do you want of me?" They would speak of the love for the universe and how things have gone terribly wrong. Humanity has spiralled out of control, and has lost its true connection to God and to this Earth. They want desperately for me to give the humans of this world a message from "beyond," that we have inside of us the power to unite this planet as one race with peace and prosperity for all. This power lies inside us all, and when combined with the loving energy of other humans, we can do for this planet what we did for my son. We can revive this Earth and catapult it into healing. With this healing will come a new phase of humanity. We will have a time of peace and harmony. All it will take is our intention, as a united group, and one hour of our time. (...) The time has been set for July 17, 2007 at 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time. I have been given no indication about why this date and time have been chosen, but this date has been told to me over and over again. I have been asked to bring together as many humans as possible, throughout the world from every corner of the globe, to simply sit and pray or meditate for one hour during that time. Hopefully, with your help, we will amass a union of humans, such as the world has never seen. Loving humans with one intention - to heal our planet and awaken our souls to our true purpose…to become one with our Source of Light. This planned sitting of the people of earth will demonstrate the love and faith we feel for the goodness of our world and her inhabitants. We are the catalyst to the healing of earth. A true believer has the power of ten fold, so if you only think you may believe, know that the faith of the others will boost your own faith and the power will be intensified. That is why we must all sit at the same time. We will feed each others power, strengthening the force of delivery and compounding the energy we send into the core of our home. Each and every one of us is important alone, but together we are a very powerful source of creative energy. Remember we are all a piece of God, and that energy of creation lives in all of us. ... (...) In choosing to participate you will be defining your intentions to the universe and you will also be defined as a human who desires positive change for this planet. Be defined and ignite a beacon of light in your soul so that we may be recognized by the world, the universe and each other. CLIP

NOTE: This material above is now available in 10 languages through - This excellent initiative needs support from all Light Servers. As of March 18, 2007, there are now 121 days left before July 17. A tremendous amount of exciting developments have taken place as this most inspired project has grown exponentially. Please take a moment to review the latest updates at and the suggested preparations at and pass on this in formation to all you know. This unique event concerns all humanity and no one should be left aside and not have the opportunity to join in this global healing of our beloved living planet.

Invocation for the New Human Task

I invoke the invisible light, love and power for the New Human Task.

I ask the forces of Light to be my companions for walking the Path of Light.

No own can stand in my way to accomplish the task for which I was born and for which my soul stands.

I invite the Divine Company to open the road so that my service can be carried out with dignity, strength and love.

Let power of the soul unite with the Divine Design and form a ring of fire that will burn away all that is in the way to the True Freedom.

Love, light and power have been integrated for the Great Task, and I offer my service to the Hierarchy of Light and to the source of our lives: Earth and Sun for our cosmic journey.

I dedicate my service to the Cosmic Divine Mother.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


1. Reframing our Perspective as Healers
2. Message from Ela
3. Healing the Human Heart Through Divine Love
4. Healing the Wounded Heart of the World
5. Love Letter from God: COME TO ME

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A Spiritual Perspective from the Global Meditation Focus Group

Reframing our Perspective as Healers

It can sometimes appear to us, in our personal lives and in the world at large, that life is fraught with suffering and difficulty, and that there is little we can do about this, despite our trying. What is happening here is that we are identifying with the victim archetype, and are judging the world from our own perspective of powerlessness. The more we believe that we are powerless, the more our expectation of powerlessness shapes our reality so that it appears to confirm our beliefs. We then move into a state of depression and eventually resign ourselves to our perceived powerlessness. We choose to label events in the world and in our personal lives as 'disasters', as if life is somehow cruel to us, and conspiring against us and the ideals we hold.

All this is an illusion. While there is indeed a lot of pain and suffering in the world, this is just a response to how people create their reality. The cause of suffering is always rooted in illusion. This illusion is created through an act of personal choice, when we choose to perceive life in an incomplete way as a result of the unprocessed beliefs and emotional trauma that distort our vision.

Life gives us everything we need to grow. It is wonderful! How can the Source of our being, and the Source of all that is, which is pure and unconditional love, deny that love for us? We have never been deserted or let down by life, even in our darkest hour. When we think this has happened, we are choosing to isolate ourselves from the flow of life because we have identified with the victim and are feeling sorry for ourselves. In short, we have a poor self-image and with it low self-esteem.

When we develop a fuller perspective of life, no longer distorted by limiting beliefs and emotional trauma, we realise that life is actually conspiring to give us what we need in order to grow and become self-realised as a spiritual being. This fuller perspective of life also enables our self-image and self-esteem to rocket. We will experience the joy of being back in the flow of life, and will regain the integrity of our soul and the creative power and magic this gives us.

When we are working on planetary healing, we therefore need to be working on our own personal healing. Otherwise our own judgements about the world can get in the way of the healing, and even reinforce patterns of suffering in the world. When the media presents an image of the world to us, and when our friends and contacts present a similar image of the world to us, we should not assume that we are getting the full picture or interpretation, and remember that the original experience has been filtered through the mindset of those who are commentating on that experience. So focusing love and healing on a particular image of a world situation is not enough, and may even be dishonest. Planetary healing is not simply about changing how we react to world events by developing love towards those involved: it is about changing how we perceive world events.

In the planetary healing community, people have been caught up in a debate over whether it is beneficial to focus on the negative as well as the positive, or whether we should be focusing on the positive only. The argument to focus on the negative as well as the positive is based on an unwillingness to deny suffering. The argument to focus on the positive only is based on the principle that what we focus on expands, and the conclusion then formed is that if we focus on the negative we give it more power. However, neither argument is focusing on the real issue of healing, and so the debate is to some extent an unnecessary diversion that will create conflict amongst healers and even break up healing groups.

Successful healing is about identifying the false image that is held of a situation and seeing past the veils of illusion that are at the root of all suffering in our world. When the whole world can see past the illusion that separates us from unconditional love and unity-consciousness, the world will be healed very quickly.

In terms of energy dynamics, if we reveal to ourselves the illusion behind a situation in the world that is giving us despair, we will not give the illusion power, precisely because we have recognised it as an illusion; but if we do not recognise the illusion behind the situation, we still give the illusion power even if we send all the positive thoughts in the world to it.

To finish we would like to suggest that the focus of any directed healing be based on the prayerful and loving intention to facilitate an end to the illusion behind the suffering that holds people in conflict with each other and the Earth and in opposition to their spiritual nature, and that we are never so arrogant or self-denying to leave ourselves out of this healing too.

NOTE: Anyone interested may submit material that could be relevant as a Spiritual Nugget at Such material should preferably be written from a collective or impersonal point of view and will be kept anonymous.



Ela -- 14-March-2007

Whilst upon Earth you have great difficulty in imagining the peace and tranquillity that exists in the higher realms. Because you have been on Earth so many times during the cycle of duality, you easily drop into the constant conflict between the Light and dark. You touch upon tranquillity in your moments of withdrawal from the outer senses, when for example you are able to immerse yourselves into a meditation. These times of relaxation and inner peace are so important to you. It releases you from the daily assault upon your senses and allows you to find time for Self.

In these present times when so much is happening, you are often attempting to cope with so many demands upon you that you become overpowered. For the time being this will unfortunately continue, as while events are speeding up to their conclusion the pressures increase. In the circumstances it is as well to be prepared for what will be a hectic period of activity following the occasion of First Contact. Of necessity matters must proceed rapidly to enable the final period of changes to take place in good time.

The Galactic Federation will have no problems in fulfilling their part of the plan, and ensure that you are fully prepared for Ascension. However, it will be advantageous to you if you can find those moments of quietness and retrospection, to steady yourselves for what will be the greatest and most wonderful event ever experienced on Earth. You will take to it more easily if you have allowed for the changes, and reassured yourselves that they are totally in your interests.

It must be apparent even to those who have no knowledge of what is planned, that the Earth and its life forms cannot continue to exist on their present path. It is one of destruction and deliberate decimation of the very foundation of life that supports you all. Fortunately the Galactic Federation have the power and the authority to hold matters at a certain point to ensure that it does not get out of hand, People generally are waking up to what has been happening, and see through the double talk and lies that your leaders present you as the truth.

It is time for those who lead you astray to relinquish their positions of power, and be replaced by those who care for the people rather than themselves. You can clearly see the result of centuries of conflict, and the loss in human life has been phenomenal not to mention the effect of mass destruction. The desire to destroy has followed Man around since time immemorial, as your history will show.

Out of all your experiences a new Man is emerging, who has recognised his Godself, and looks to create a world of Love and Light. Whilst the challenge of duality is still active, it is impossible to fully achieve it but the intent will ensure that it manifests when the opportunity arises. That time speedily approaches, and it is desirable that as many as possible give power to that thought form. Visualise the new Earth with all of its imperfections removed. Renewed and restored to its pristine condition, in readiness for its upliftment. Picture Man also lifting up and becoming one with each other in the understanding of the Oneness that enfolds All that Is.

You have so many kind and loving souls that are ready to emerge, but held back by the last attempts of the last cabal to stay in power. Their place is working with the coming changes, as it would be counter-productive to present the current administration with plans that do not support their own for global control. Many young people are so aware of what is wrong, and feel powerless to make themselves heard above the noise of weapons of war. Have no fear or doubts that their time will soon arrive, and repressed talents and ideas will come to the fore.

The Plan of God is perfect and no mortal shall prevent it from manifesting. It is supported and protected by millions of dear souls who comprise groups both on and off Earth. They use Love and gentle persuasion to bring awareness of God’s plan, as even now there is no force used to make people comply. As always, the feature of your lives is the freedom of choice given so that you may experience to your hearts desire. However, when the truth is made known of Man’s purpose in life and the goal that he is working towards, we fully expect many more to become enlightened.

The truth has been hidden from you behind the false religions and teachings that have denied you your understanding of the sovereignty of Self. You need no one else to dictate the path for Man, although guidance by those who have passed beyond your levels is worthy. All knowledge and understanding is within, and if you open up to your Higher Self you will find it to be so. You are great Beings that have allowed your true identities to be lost through succumbing to the dictates of others, who have taken it upon themselves to show you the way. If any teachings regardless of their source do not resonate with you, let them go. Carry only your truth with you, and you will eventually find out when you need to move on should it be necessary.

When the Masters return the world religions will be shown for the errors that have crept into their teachings. Some through misconception and others by deliberate intent to deceive and exercise power and control over you. Naturally people desire to come together to discuss their beliefs, but that is far removed from having them imposed upon you and often from birth. Fear has no place where the truth is concerned, as it is the story of service and love to others and asking nothing in return.

I am Ela from Arcturus representing the Galactic Federation, and will be involved in helping you through the changes. I will bring my knowledge for your upliftment and understanding of what it means to prepare yourselves for the Golden Age. I along with many others will delight in revealing the beauty and perfection that awaits you. I come from such dimensions that reflect all that can be achieved by you. Your potential is enormous, and you will take your place alongside us in your higher expressions of Self.

Thank you, Ela.

Mike Quincey




Fractal Intuitive

The Divine centerpiece of life can be found at the root of all existence. At times before, the elements of the earth existed in the shadows of the light, and therefore created an energy that has been unknown to human man. It is the time and within the existence of the One that we bring forth the energies contained within the elements now present on the earth realm to assist with the healing that is now called to be HEALING THE HUMAN HEART THROUGHT DIVINE LOVE and SOUL TRANSFORMATION.

In now time, that is ALL time, it is a presence of love that has generated enough life and light to become unto itself an element of healing that requires nothing more than a willingness in order to be awakened and effective within the structures of the body, aligned with the energies that permeate the ALL of the universe. The understanding and the depth of this healing energy is notwithstanding its' beneficial force related to the unknown now becoming the known. It is for this seer the energy to maintain a continuous outpouring of love from the white and open heart that resides within, and a continuum of healing that will be the result. It has come to pass that we are now generating enough light to see into the darkness without fear, and to transmute that darkness, and once again integrate the particles that are contained herein into the ALL.

Be it not for the trials and tribulations of man and his civilization this would not have come to pass. Heavenly in stature, Divine in energy, and Human in existence, from the ALL into the ALL lives the omnipresent. Be it so that we are ONE. Those that shall seek this momentum and understanding shall be those pioneers of love ever-present. So shall they be the ONES who will go forward, ever traversing this universe in its' vastness, walking through the halls of darkness, eyes wide open, heart beating and pulsating in resonance with the One Heart, the keepers of life, the bestowers of Heaven on Earth. So shall it be in the Eternal life force beating within every living thing, the same life force that would stream forth as teaching from the heart so that the ALL shall benefit. So shall it be the Healing of the Human Heart, aligned with the true mirror of the Internal Soul, once again emerging with consciousness at the fore.

This is the new, the now, the necessary energy of healing that will guide and allow the next step in the forward evolution and togetherness of humanity. Be at ONE with the Heart and HEAR the Music of the Spheres, feel the Alignment and Expression of THE Passion, the Divine Will expressing through the Heart as it is open and Aligned with ETERNAL truth, the truth that is upon us, the truth that is here to teach. We are but mere shadows of our true selves, the remainder residing within our own darkened hearts. It is time for the awakening of life to take place, the rushing once more of the Divine in the coursing of veins within. It is time for the Divine to Align with the Elementals, the Forces of Nature that have patiently awaited humanity's slow and laborious birthing process. Be awakened to the Glorious Day that awaits - do not hesitate a moment longer for the Dawn is upon US and the LIGHT is shining within, ready to stream forth as a rainbow into the life of man.

February 25, 2005

Angela Nicastro



Satya Center March 12, 2007 Newsletter -- Healing the Wounded Heart of the World

March 12, 2007

by Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry

At the Cusp of Transformations

Welcome to the March 12, 2007 edition of the Satya Center newsletter. Warm greetings from your Editors, Curtis Lang and Jane Sherry.

Snow is melting here in the mid-Hudson Valley, patches of brown grass are appearing in a sea of white, and we have gone from below-zero nights to sunny fifty degree days this week. Neighboring farmers have begun greenhouse operations to prepare seedlings for spring planting.

It is a time of transition in our little world, and a time of transition for the world at large. The reality of global warming and the imminent end of the hydro-carbon economy have finally begun to penetrate the dense collective thought-forms that structure our mass media mediated consciousness, which supports and maintains the self-destructive status quo.

Over the next couple of years, you’ll be seeing a stream of mainstream Hollywood movies in which human civilization stars as the black-hearted, slow-witted villain out to destroy Mother Nature. Big-budget movies already in the production queue include M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening”, “The Simpsons Movie”, “The Transformers” and James Cameron’s “Avatar”, offering viewers variations on the theme of humanity’s impending total self-destruction.

The good news is that most average people around the world understand the gravity of the situation, despite the best efforts of Fox News and the rest of the mainstream Anglo-Saxon media to misinform the global public.

There is no sign that political leaders in the US or UK have any clue about the urgency of the situation, however. If the history of the environmental movement gives us any indication, we can expect that it will take either a global financial crisis or an outpouring of popular rebellion, and millions of protesters in the streets, to capture politicians’ attention and focus their minds on solving the problem.

China is set to surpass the US in the emission of atmospheric CO2, and despite the announced good intentions of Chinese leadership, there is no indication they are able to deal with the crisis. Last year was "the most grim year for China's environmental situation", Pan Yue, deputy head of the Chinese State Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA), said in a statement in early January 2007. "The goals set out by the cabinet at the start of the year have (2006) absolutely not been achieved."

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The world is in crisis, but the crisis is precipitating an expansion of consciousness. The awakening of the vast majority of the world’s population is already well underway.

To avoid environmental devastation, to manage the challenges of the era of peak oil, to avoid widespread world war and nuclear annihilation, requires a complete restructuring of human society.

To achieve world peace and to achieve a new post-hydrocarbon global society based upon political democracy, sustainable economies, localized agricultural production and energy efficiency, requires a new set of social and political relations and a new group of world leaders.

To achieve peace among the world’s races and religions requires a new, more tolerant, ecumenical spirit and a total separation of religion and warfare. There can be no more widespread support for warrior religions if humanity is to survive.

Above all, there must be a healing of the wounded heart of the world. Right now, the vast majority of the world’s people are locked into issues related to the lower chakras – survival, sexual gratification and conquest, personal and collective will to power and conquest, and perpetuation of ancient patterns of dominance and submission.

The human heart is wounded by the war between the sexes, by the inability of the average human being to open his or her heart to love. This war has all but destroyed the basis for the human family.

The human heart is wounded by the constant human war to subdue Mother Nature – and that war is wrecking the world’s human-friendly ecology.

The human heart is wounded by the war of the priests, which has gone on for millennia, pitting one vision of God against another in bloody battles for the souls and wealth of entire peoples.

The human heart is wounded by the war of the rich against the poor, which has gone on for millennia, as those who have power use that power to exploit those whom they should be protecting and nurturing.

There is only one way to heal the wounded heart of the world, and that way is the way that all true Spiritual Masters of both East and West have long traveled and taught. That way is the way of the open heart, the way of Love.

Only by opening our hearts to the suffering of our fellow human beings in countries and religions currently opposed to our own will we be able to understand them, forgive them, and work together with them to establish peaceful relations.

Only by opening our hearts to the suffering of the billions of people living in poverty around the world will be able to create social and economic systems that provide the necessities of life for all human beings.

Only by opening our hearts to the suffering of the billions of people who will be adversely affected by global climate change can we find within ourselves the strength to change our addictive patterns of behavior, engrained in our daily lives by the global hydrocarbon economy.

Only by opening our hearts to our fellowship with all living creatures, on land, sea and air, and only by opening our hearts to the web of life that constitutes the living, breathing heart and mind of our planetary Mother will we become sensitive enough to fashion a new human society that can thrive in co-operation with that web of life rather than seeking to subdue, conquer and exploit every element of life on Earth.

The solution to all our problems on Earth can be found if we have the courage to open our hearts to love. Love is the answer. Love is the way, and love will find a way.

It is not fashionable to speak in this manner. Love died in our mainstream discourse some time ago. Love is something that only hippies believed to be real. Too many of those hippies grew up to become yuppies and now strive unceasingly to defend and uphold the increasingly unlovely, deadly and deadening status quo. That is an index of how far we have gone toward a society that is based on Thanatos – on Death. For on this blue-green planet, in our human society, based upon the duality of human sexuality, human experience manifests within the polarities of Eros and Thanatos, Love and Death. It is up to us to choose – Death or Love.

I have every confidence that humanity will choose Love, in its many forms and guises, for Love is the evolutionary goal of humanity. The manifestation of that goal  is the development within humanity of a Higher Consciousness, which will operate in a state of ever-Self-conscious Unity with the web of life and also of Self-conscious Unity with Higher Worlds. This Higher Human Consciousness has a  Divine Purpose. That Higher Purpose is to do the work of a world-transforming Divine Will. That Divine Will  requires that humanity consciously infuse every particle of the web of life on Earth, every sentient and non-sentient being, with the energy of universal unity, healing, affirmation and co-operation known as unconditional Love.

This is what is meant by Teachers who speak of Universal Brotherhood, by Wise Ones who speak of the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As a species, we are currently in a process of recognizing the limits of our egoistic consciousness, prior to surrendering to Higher Consciousness. That surrender takes place when we open our hearts to love, when we make a choice to serve Love, to experience Love, to seek Love out.

In the course of human history, poets, lovers, prophets and priestesses have pointed out the many paths to love. In celebration of the many paths to love, and to inspire us all to open our hearts, I offer you a new version of an ancient story about the healing and redeeming power of love.

It’s called “The Rishi, the Sadhu, the Fool and the Milkmaid”.

This parable, a love story for all times and places, reveals a path of enlightenment that depends upon the opening of the heart and the acceptance of joy in the midst of earthly suffering.

Top Satya Center Stories of the Week

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Meditation Moment: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

"Why do so many people feel lonely? Because they themselves have created this solitude in their mind and their heart. In reality, you are never alone. To complain of being lonely means that you lack love. But you lack love because you yourself do not love. So many men and women are content merely to dream of love! They are waiting for the prince or princess of A Thousand and One Nights, and this is why they feel lonely: because they wait for love instead of looking for it in themselves. The love you are waiting for will never come, and you must not wait for it. It is inside you, so let it come out, express itself and shine forth. This is the only way you will find it."

— Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov


From: Living Love Fellowship (
Date: 17 Mar 2007
Subject: Love Letter from God: COME TO ME


My loved ones,

I hear you My dear ones, I hear your lonely calls. I hear you, when you speak to Me of heartbreak, when you speak to Me of suffering. Hear Me, My loved ones, I HEAR YOU. You are heard, from the depths of your soul.

I am standing beside you, and holding your hands. I am kneeling before you, and catching your tears. I am holding you. I am here.

Loved ones, speak to Me. Speak to Me freely. Speak to Me not as if I were far away, but speak to Me as your beloved, and speak to Me knowing that you are My beloved. I am not a psychologist, whose job it is to listen to you. I am not a priest behind a confession screen, who doesn't know you, or care to. I am not a parent who doesn't understand. I am not a distant God. I am here, my beloved ones. HERE. Therefore, speak your hearts. I always hear your heart, but when you do not speak to Me about what you are feeling, YOU feel unheard, suppressed, alone. I do not want to see you feel alone, My beloveds.

Imagine a couple, my dear ones -- a couple with a sweet, intimate relationship. They are together; they share everything; they talk freely and happily. Then, imagine that one of the two people in that relationship becomes troubled. Something is bothering them. They decide not to tell their mate. Every day that person thinks about this thing that bothers them, it becomes a huge part of their lives. Now, imagine their relationship again: is it still the same, now that one of them is always worrying, and not telling the other what they are worrying about? Of course not. Now, there is distance. Even if the other ALREADY knows what that one is thinking, but the worried person won't talk about it, does that not create a feeling of distance?

My loved ones, you are like the worried person in that example. I love you, and you love Me, but you harbor all these troubles. So often, you harbor so much suffering inside of yourselves. You feel distant from Me, because you do not bring yourself to Me, and therefore you feel like you are dealing with it alone.

Or, if you do talk to Me about it, you talk to Me as if I was a million miles away, and because you believe that, you can't hear any answer. You are not listening to the voice that is right here, right now -- MY voice. You have your inner ears strained to hear a voice that is a million miles a away, and there is no space in your attention to the One that is talking to you right now, right here -- Me.

Or, sometimes you come not willing to hear Me at all. You have already decided that you know what's going on -- that I have abandoned you; that you have been betrayed. Just as you have seen human beings shout at one another without listening to the one they are calling "guilty," My children rail at me, without listening.

My loves, My loves, it is okay if you come to Me horrified at what you have seen. It is okay if you come to Me angered, if that is what you are feeling. I do not want you to suppress anything. I want you to come to Me and let Me help you let go of that which you must let go of, and know the truth about that which you need to know the truth about.

When you come to Me feeling angry or disappointed, do not try to hide your feelings; do not try to "be nice" to Me, while you feel angry and bitter inside. My loves, do not do that, because I cannot heal or help you then, and you cannot be comforted. Instead, come to Me with what you feel, AND, AT THE SAME TIME, be open. Be open so that I can help you. Bring your feelings, and know that your feelings may not be based on right ideas. Be open to Me, and I will help you.

And sometimes I will even tell you that the feelings that you think are wrong are not wrong. There is legitimate heartbreak in the hearts of My children, who suffer the losses of loved ones, anger at the badness of the world, and many more things. But My dear ones, I can help you to hold these things in a way which is supremely helpful, and effective, and constructive. Not only can I heal you of your heartbreak, but I can also help you to power your anger with love, and create change in the world. There is an anger, My loves, which is like rain falling on the desert. That is My anger, and the anger of My children, who see what My other children are doing to themselves, and to one another. I can help you to clean your anger of selfishness, bitterness and hatred, and help you return to the root.

Similarly: disappointment, heartbreak, rebellion -- these things can be used for the good. They do not have to destroy My children. It is the selfishness and bitterness behind disappointment, heartbreak, and rebellion that hurt My children, and rob them of their happiness and their natural, blissful, powerful condition. My loves, come to Me, and I will guide you, heal you, help you, and bring you to a more natural condition, a condition in which all that you feel is the result of the fact that you are a child of God. A child of God feels angry when it is appropriate to be angry, and will be heartbroken when something is heartbreaking; but a child of God will love, and love abundantly. Their love is not diminished by anything, not even that which makes them angry or breaks their heart. In fact, when these things happen, they dig and dig and dig to find the answer, for the beloved ones who are making them feel so angry, and break their hearts so much.

My dear ones, this is My constant activity, and therefore, it is your constant activity.

Do not judge your feelings, My dear ones. You have too many ideas to be able to do that correctly. Just come to Me, and know that I will help you, and that it will be okay if you share everything with me. In fact, you are better off that way. That is all.

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