Meditation Focus #161

Celebrating Our Global Awakening


What follows is the 161st Meditation Focus suggested for the next 2 weeks beginning Sunday, November 26, 2006.


1. Summary
2. Meditation times
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4. Peace Vigil for the Middle East


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Turning Tide of History #20: Shifting From Homo Bellicus to Homo Noeticus
(Posted November 22, 2006)


For a number of years, people from all walks of life have been participating in ever larger numbers to the various facets of the emerging New Consciousness evolutionary movement, also called the Aquarian Age or the New Age, pointing to the spiritual renaissance of humanity as a whole. The various forms and expressions of this movement are too numerous to be exhaustively and accurately listed by anyone today. Suffice it to say that there is hardly a single aspect of human life that has not been affected in some way by the inner resonance of this New Consciousness and the inherent values of this movement as it gathered momentum and force in the human collective psyche and in the outer world of human affairs. As we can all intuitively sense when correctly attuned to the inner guidance that has been playing an ever greater role in an ever growing number of people, none of this has happened by mere coincidence or chance. It can been perceived and described as the result of an ever growing influx of intelligent Life Forces serving the aims of a Divine Plan conceived for the express purpose of assisting all souls in incarnation towards fulfilling their ultimate destiny, which is remembering their divine origin and nature, shifting their entire existence towards assisting others in realizing a similar awakening and eventually reunifying within the Source of All That Is in a supreme embrace of their true and eternal Nature.

During those years, millions of people and countless other souls assisting from higher realms of existence in our global evolutionary processes have rallied in common purpose and heightened vibrational harmonization to help fulfill the Grand Design of the Universal Creator Being for our earthly field of experiential learning. The spiritual Heart Beat of humanity has thus been gradually quickened to enable greater and more sustained awakening in everyone's hearts and minds as to the ineffable beauty of our living planet, the indissociable unity of All That Is, and the pressing need to co-create more harmonious relationships within our global human family and with the sacred Web of Life both nurturing and protecting us all. The challenges thus fruitfully faced so far are difficult to measure from a limited human standpoint for only through the prescient knowledge of universal consciousness can the differing pathways of experience that could have ensued without this stepping down of cosmic energies of changes be asserted and understood. Yet there is no need to grasp such other scenarios of planetary evolution for this spiritual work is and should always be done from a place of complete detachment concerning the results of our spiritual service to the Light that guides each participant as a homing beacon towards the Source from which all emanates.

To assist in fostering our progress towards ever higher realizations of our infinite potential for divine goodness, unconditional love and unfathomable peace, as well as to celebrate our continuing global awakening, please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming two weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following Sunday, to energize an ever greater sense of oneness permeating all spheres of existence and every single Life form, whether physical or ethereal, thus enabling the inner grace and beauty inherent to all sentient beings to flourish and helping everyone to transcend the limitations that have prevented so far billions of our brothers and sisters to see for themselves the glory of perfection that is within and all around us. Let us join our souls in a communion of scintillating stars to accompany all beings towards rediscovering, remembering and celebrating Who They Are, for the Highest Good of All.

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NOTE: The summary above has been adapted from the following:

Celebrating Our Growing Oneness In Service To The Light
(Posted on April 17, 2005)



"We are all connected in and through one body of love...

The power of our minds united around our knowing this is awesome...

We have no other wish for this power than to radiate it (be radiant with it), in service to the universal One Being of love, wisdom and truth (through whom and in whom we have our being)...

A glorious outcome for the highest good is assured...

Our role as Lightbearers is to serve that outcome by allowing ourselves to be conduits and stepping down transformers through whom the very high level frequencies of the healing power of the Creator Being are brought down to Earth...

As such we are each and every one of us a living prayer for the Earth to be made heavenly..."

- Boudewijn Wegerif 1936 - 2004


"The true purpose of this initiative can therefore be described as devising a flexible and neutral means through which the convergence of the inner guidance of Lightworkers throughout the world can be better achieved with the immediate objectives of the Divine Plan for this period of our collective evolution. As each person participating to a globally synchronized meditation may have already experienced, the sense of channelling in unison with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of other people the Power-filled vibrations of Peace and Love towards all humans and all life forms on Earth is a life-changing and profoundly sacred experience. For a few moments, one forgets everything about the ephemeral circumstances of everyday life to merge thoroughly and without any residual sense of separation into the all encompassing vibrations of Unity and God-beingness to radiate, as an ultra-high multidirectional beam of energy, the scintillating Light of Love arising in those awe-filled moments from the deepest recesses of our Divine Self. Pearls of bliss form in our eyes and roll down our smiling face as we let It Be — as we express the Power of the stars condensed in human form towards all awakening brothers and sisters of our extended human family on our home planet, reaching out to them with the Knowledge that one day, soon, Peace, Love and Harmony shall prevail on Earth."



i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond (for most countries) to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 7:00 AM -- Los Angeles 8:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 10:00 AM -- New York, Toronto & Montreal 11:00 AM -- Halifax, Santo Domingo, La Paz & Caracas 12:00 PM -- Montevideo, Asuncion * & Santiago * 1:00 PM -- Rio de Janeiro * 2:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 5:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington * +5:00 AM

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


1. The Great Awakening
3. Star Kids Demographics
4. Helping Children Explore Star Visitor Encounters
5. Gosh, I was just thinking about you



The Great Awakening

By Peter Russell

We are living through the most exciting times in human history. Breakthroughs in every area of science are opening our minds to the beauty and mystery of the material world. At the same time technology is giving us the power to make many of our dreams come true.

But what makes these times even more exciting is that we stand on the threshold of the greatest changes in human consciousness ever. Whether it is our relationships with our loved ones, our attitude to money, the ever-increasing pace of life, the environmental crisis, everything is pushing us to wake up to our full mental potential. We are being called to rediscover for ourselves the profound truths of which the great saints and teachers have spoken for thousands of years.

At their core, they all have been urging us to become wiser, more compassionate, more psychologically healthy human beings. To let go of our attachments to having things be a certain way, to be less materialistic, less egocentric, less greedy and hungry for power or status. And through this shift in consciousness to find peace in the moment -- the inner peace we have been yearning for all along, but fruitlessly seeking in the world around.

This is the next great frontier; not outer space but inner space. The exploration and development of human spirit. This is not an exploration to be conducted by some scientists in a laboratory; it is an exploration in which we are all personally engaged, and it is taking place in the laboratory of life. And it is an exploration that is already underway.

Look at the book bestseller lists. Hardly a week goes by without at least half of the top ten being about some form of personal development. Look at television, the specials on healing, the success of Oprah. Look at the Internet, the plethora of sites devoted to spiritual growth of one form or another. This is what people are hungry for today; this is the direction the collective consciousness is moving in.

And look at kids today. I know many in their teens and early twenties whose values and wisdom far outshine the liberated thinking of a couple of decades ago. Those of us who lived through the heydays of the sixties might have thought our philosophy of life was pretty cool; and by the standards of the time it probably was. But place some of the wiser kids of today back in that world, and they would stand out as beacons of enlightenment.

Spiritual exploration is not just some lofty work, to be undertaken by some select few who have renounced the worldly life. Every day we have the opportunity to learn a little more about ourselves, to let go a little more of attitudes that no longer serve us, to step back and be a little less attached to desires. In every unexpected situation when the world fails to match our expectations, when what is happening is not what we think should be happening, we can remind ourselves that we have a choice. We can either see the situation through the eyes of fear - all the ways in which it could lead us to suffer. Or we can choose to see it through the eyes of love - as an opportunity for learning, growth and greater understanding.

This shift in perception is a foundation stone of spiritual work. If we practice this in every situation in which we find ourselves, with every person we meet, then we can move from being the victim of our thoughts and feelings to being the master of them. And through that help ourselves and each other to become happier, healthier, and more caring people.

Much more through and
Audio and Video Streams -




Where do animals fit into this Gigantic paradigm shift
Published in The Edge:Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness, June 2004
It was early fall in the Uintas Primitive Area in Utah. Fourteen year old Bryan was hunting with his father and several other men. Somehow Bryan got separated from the group. The men searched for him to no avail. Wearing only jeans, a T-shirt, and light jacket, Bryan grew cold and frightened. Night fell, and rain turned to sleet, then snow. As he huddled at the base of a pine tree, he was frightened by loud snorting sounds  He peered through the branches of the trees, and there, coming toward him were two huge female elks. They came near and sniffed him, then turned and left. Although Bryan was afraid they would return, he began suffering from deadly hypothermia and drifted off to sleep. He could have died under those conditions, but Bryan woke up the next morning. In fact, he woke up in more ways than one.

When he awoke, he discovered to his amazement and awe that the two elks were lying on either side of him keeping him warm. They had saved his life. Seeing he was awake and safe, the elk folks trotted off. Soon after that, the search party, led by dogs, found Bryan. At first, no one believed Bryan’s story, but then they looked at the tracks and impressions in the snow where the elks had lain protectively beside Bryan, and there was no doubt. It was later that Bryan shocked them all by declaring that he would never hunt again. “How can I possibly take the life of another wild animal after two wild animals saved my life?” he asked.

We are awakening to such realizations ourselves as we journey within this chaotic birthing that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin calls “a new humanity coming into form.” We are becoming conscious of our true nature and liberating ourselves from centuries of old cultural programming. We are witnessing and taking part in the collapse of the old anthropocentric paradigm of dominance, control, exploitation and destruction. Out of the mud, we see the rising of the “lovely lotus”—the new world-view of compassion, cooperation, unitive communion, and reverence for life.

Where do animals fit into this gigantic paradigm shift? How does this affect them, and how does their journey intersect with ours? As children we have historically been allowed to love all animals. However, this natural sense of kinship is soon put tp sleep in most cultures. Because the dominant paradigm, within which we still live, proclaims that the world is a competitive and violent place in which one must be powerful in order to survive, we are taught early that we must ignore the suffering of those we dominate and exploit. Empathy for them weakens our resolve, and so it must be eliminated. In a fear-based culture, there is no sense of interconnection with the Universe or with other beings. There is no sense of God-within-all. There is instead a drastic and terrifying disconnection. This deeply ingrained belief system is, in fact, one of the roots of our human tendency to remain unconscious, to respond automatically to our programming. Bryan broke out of his programming as a young hunter who was being diligently trained to not feel empathy. The elk people awakened him and reopened his heart to his connection to all beings. 

As Edge readers, most of us are experiencing more and more periods of conscious awakeness. Yet we are waking up to truth in the midst of a world that is still operating on the principles of fear. Each day we, like Bryan, find ourselves in situations that call for new responses, not old programmed reactions. As our inner growth sparks us to express the love in our hearts, we find ourselves questioning authority at every turn. As we see the damage being done by traditional medicine, industry, politics, education, etc., we find our hearts longing to do our part to create new ways of being in this world.

As we open our hearts to the animal nations, we are questioning the centuries old assumptions that we have the right to use animals for entertainment, for clothing, for experimentation, for slave labor, and for food.  Those assumptions have caused the most horrific mass suffering, extinction, and slaughter of animals anyone could possibly imagine. As we embrace our sacred interconnection with the entire Universe, as we begin to see God in every animal, leaf, and stone, we realize that we are one with all. As such, we can no longer eat, wear, or exploit our friends of the animal nations, our fellow travelers on this fascinating road to the new paradigm of compassion, peace and love.. 

We are becoming Homo Ahimsa—the gentle, compassionate human. We are living in “Jump Time,” as Jean Houston calls it—a time in which we have the chance to elevate our nature from the most violent species on earth to a species that lives in a constant state of amazement and wonder at the miracle of life. What great joy lies ahead for us and for the animals as we stop looking at them as commodities for our use and begin working together with them to awaken the world to love and reverence for all life.

Bio: A former therapist and program director for mental health clinics, Judy Carman is a dedicated animal rights, environmental, and peace activist. She is founder of the Circle of Compassion Initiative, co-founder of Animal Outreach of Kansas and co-founder of the Prayer Circle for Animals. She is the author of Born to Be Blessed and Peace to All Beings: Veggie Soup for the Chicken’s Soul, published by Lantern Books. (The story of Bryan can be found in Peace to All Beings.) 
Suggested Reading: for information about how billions of animals are being tortured and killed and what you can do to help stop the suffering. for vegetarian recipes..

The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World by John Robbins.



Star Kids Demographics

From: On Behalf Of three feathers
Sent: November 24, 2006
Subject: [UFOFacts] RE: just magic or Star Kid at work?

Richard Boylan PhD> wrote:
There are 3.7 billion Star Kids and Star Seed adults on Earth currently. The Cabal are hopelessly outnumbered.

What are the demographics on this? Meaning, do you know the breakdown of how many Star Kids / Adults are in each country/nation? If you don't, a wild guess would suffice :-)

Or is that something the SV don't want us to know, since such information might cause cultural / social / ethnic bias? I don't see why it might, but you know how some folks are

Would we be able to tell, from where Cabal manipulation is most active?

deb threefeathers


FW: [UFOFacts] RE: Star Kid demographics


Demographics? You want Star Kid demographics? Here you are.

Percentages of Star Kids and Adult Star Seeds in the U.S. Population

In the group comprised of children from infants to 12 years of age, 96% tested as Star Kids!

Teenagers (those in the 13-18-year-old group) are made up of 81% Star Kids.

Two-thirds of young adults (those 19-29) are Star Seeds (67%).

Almost half of the younger mature adults (ages 30-45) had Star Seed energy signatures (45%).

One in five middle-aged (45-60) persons is a Star Seed (21%).

Even among senior (60+) citizens, one in eight (12.%) has a Star Seed energy signature.

Now, I have to tell you that I was positively dumbfounded by these results. I had frankly not expected the numbers to be anywhere nearly so large! After I completed these surveys, I had to take the rest of the day off. I was so flabbergasted. As I sat and reflected on the implications of these studies, a principal implication stood squarely in my face. It had became clear that very many of these Star Kids, and certainly most of the Star Seed adults, are very likely unaware of their real nature. These are what may be labeled Star Kid and Star Seed "Latents", persons not yet awakened to their complete heritage and their full potential. More about this later! 

Percentages of Star Kids and Star Seeds Globally

Next, I extrapolated these Star Kid/Star Seed percentages to Earth’s current population, which the UN estimates to total 6.3 billion humans alive now. Again, the figures are staggering.

The Global Star Kid Count, (those ages infant to 19, including "Latents"), is 2.2 billion! That is not a typo, the word starts with a "b".

The Global adult Star Seed Count, (adults ages 20-100+, including "Latents"), is 1.5 billion.

United Nations demographers tell us that the median age of humankind today is 27.5 years old. That means that there are as many people younger than 27.5 as there are older than 27.5 years of age.

In the younger half of the human population, (where the Star Kid Tidal Wave is embedded,) of these 3.1 billion youthful citizens, 86% (2, 740,000,000) are Star Kids and Star Seed young adults.

Whereas in the older half of the human population, a lesser 31% (1,008,000,000) are Star Seeds, and most of these are the younger mature adults.

Numbers of Star Kids in the United States

Next, we can proceed to extrapolate these percentages to the United States.

The latest available demographics peg the current U.S. population at over 281 million people.

The pre-high school U.S population, (ages 0-14), is made up of approximately 60 million children. Of these, 85% are American Star Kids (51, 450,732).

In the high school to early adult sector, (ages 15-24), there are approximately 39 million young people. Of these, 73% are American Star Kids or Star Seed young adults (28,707,504).

These include young adults coming of age and starting to build their careers and families, as well as those soon to enter these ranks. This is where the Star Kid Tidal Wave is starting to penetrate the current society in ways it can already sense, but has not yet really fathomed. As the many Latent Star Kids and Star Seeds awaken to their true nature and abilities, society will not be able to miss their impact.
in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
Email: drboylan@...
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd
P.O. Box 1009
Diamond Springs, California 95619, USA

You may join Dr. Boylan's information e-mailing list by sending one email to:


"A Star Kid may be defined as a child of both human and extraterrestrial origin. The extraterrestrial contribution to the child's makeup may come from hybridized reproductive material, from genetic engineering, from Star Visitor biomedical technology, and from telepathic consciousness linking, as well as from directed incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body."

Taken from


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just magic or Star Kid at work?

Friends and Star Kids,

I have learned from Councillor Asheoma of Star Nations that quiet examples of Star Kids operating in very public view are Chris Angel of the Mind Freak TV program, and magician David Blaine.

Some of the explanation for the astounding feats that Chris Angel is able to do comes from the fact that he utilizes his Star Kid psychic abilities, such as telepathy, remote viewing and telekinesis.

Likewise, David Blaine's exceptional performance is enhanced by Star Kid abilities.

The Cabal are of course not happy having people see live public demonstrations of such advanced abilities. The stunt that David Blaine recently failed at with the underwater tank and holding his breath would have made it, but Councillor Asheoma said that David was psychically attacked by Cabal during the May 8, 2006 stunt. It involved holding his breath underwater to set the world record for length of time.

After spending seven days in a large human aquarium, he went into the breath-holding effort. Due to the Cabal psychic attack, he went into convulsions and was rendered unconscious, and had to be rescued from the aquarium by a diver.

Thus the Cabal seeks to discredit advanced abilities in the new Star Kids, and thus "eliminate competition" to one of the Cabal's power bases in its own stable of servant psi operatives.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Also worth exploring:

"Awakening""How Extraterrestrial Contact Can Transform Your Life" by Mary Rodwell
The book has been the result of six years of intensive study and research as therapist and principal of ACERN. The material from over 700 individuals and their families to compile a book that would meet the needs of those “waking up to their contact experiences’ and for those already aware of their Contact. CLIP



Helping Children Explore Star Visitor Encounters

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (Published in 1999)

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is the account where Jesus is sitting down, having finished teaching. Some small children want to run up to him, but their mothers restrain them. The Avatar of Galilee responded to this by saying, "Allow the little children to come to me, and do not hinder them, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

Lakota spiritual Elder Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand) declared at the Star Vision Conference that "Jesus was a Starman." By this the Lakota shaman meant that Jesus was from the stars: his consciousness was at least in part Star Visitor, and may have been supported by hybrid Star Visitor-human genetic structure. And Jesus's touching love and caring for children is shared by the myriad other Star Visitors now making contact with humans. They, too, reveal a deep concern for Earth's children, particularly the ones here now. For they know that these are the generation which will grow up to lead Earth into a totally new and transformed era - what indigenous people call the Fifth World.

A Star Child may be defined as a child with both human and Star Visitor origin. The Star Visitor contribution to the child's makeup may come from reproductive material, from genetic engineering, from biomedical technology, and from telepathic consciousness linking, as well as from directed incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body.

These children are special, as their sometimes bewildered and bemused parents know all too well. They often seem to be little adults in children's bodies. They often have a gaze and a knowingness that belies their years. Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering in an ongoing effort to upgrade the human race have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born. But even though increased cranial size is a rough index of intelligence, even more important is the qualitative increase in human development, in areas such as enhanced psychic abilities, ability to harness bioenergetic (chi, prana) energy and earth and cosmic forces to heal, and telepathic and intuitive linking with others and with Source Consciousness.

Certainly not all Star Visitor assistance with humankind's development is at a physical level. Telepathic downloading of information, often during the night in what are made to seem like "Dreams", increases the range of knowledge and perspective with which these children operate. These children seem at home with complex devices which their parents sometimes struggle to master. They seem to home in on the personal computer, for example, and without fear navigate it almost intuitively.

Einstein received such information to inspire some of his advanced theories. When NSC Special Studies Group member Dr. Michael Wolf was at Princeton being studied as a child prodigy, he had a conversation with Einstein, who was not surprised that young Wolf got some of his advanced ideas during nocturnal downloads, too. [1] And NASA technology consultant David Adair tells of a conversation with world-famous physicist Stephen Hawking, who asked where David got his advanced technology concepts. "These ideas come to me during sleep," Adair responded. Hawking replied, "If you had given me any other answer, I would not have believed you. I get those 'Dreams', too."

Some of this generation's vanguard children are what I call Star Kids. These children's very conception, like Jesus's, was due to more than mere human reproduction. Their mother or father were experiencers of Star Visitor contact, sometimes without conscious memory of that fact until later in life. As a result of that contact, the Star Child was conceived with either genetic material which is in part of the Star Visitors, or at least had their human genome altered by Star Visitor bioengineering to bring out abilities beyond the average. In more than a few cases, the Star Child's parents were themselves Star Children, and their child's subsequent development built on their own. In one case I worked with a family where there were four generations of experiencers!

These Star Children are either much brighter, more cosmic-minded, more psychic, or all three than their human peers. Some of them even remember a previous life in which they lived with their Star family. Almost invariably I have found, during hypnotic regression to previous existence, that they had volunteered for a round of incarnation as a human on Earth, particularly at this pivotal time.

These kids are often confused at first by the primitiveness of Earth, by their dense physical bodies, and by the often witless level of thinking and behavior of their age-mates, not to mention many adults they observe. These children really unnerve their parents when the kids talk about where they came from "before", or that their "real" (Star Visitor) parents are "up there".

When these kids make profound observations about human foibles, almost as outsiders, more than one parent has shaken her head and asked herself, "What kind of child have I had?"

It is to address such perplexity, and to outline a path of understanding about these children, that this article is written.

Many of these Star Children are coached in special Star Visitor Night Schools. Scores of experiencers have told me about going at night to a special location on Earth, or up into a spaceship, to be shown and taught many things, including events of the near future. These Star Kids may not understand everything they have been shown at the time. But later, when it will be important, the information comes or will come to the surface of their mind to be used.

Famed author Whitley Strieber went to such a Star School when he was of elementary student age. He would get the urge to leave his house and bicycle across part of San Antonio to a wooded setting where other children his age were also gathered. There a figure in a hood and robe taught special school, showing the children scenes from the past and the future, among other things. Whitley assumed that the teacher was a nun, like the robed Catholic Sisters who taught in his parochial school. Later, in adult life, he met some of the individuals who had also attended this same Star School. [2]

One most interesting Star Kid is a six-year-old girl I've met whom I'll call Katrina. She told her parents and brother, and finally me, about the school she goes to up in a space ship at night. She even drew the ship, which has a classroom with a "chalkboard that's not really a chalkboard", and drew the special "pen" she uses to draw from a distance onto the non-chalkboard.

Katrina not only remembers her Star Visitor mother, but one day the Visitor mother appeared to Katrina's mother, and told her to take good care of Katrina, now that she was an Earth child. Katrina also writes "alien language" characters, and speaks and translates her "alien language" fluently.

A young boy I know I'll call Seymour is another Star Child. He had visitation in his bedroom at night, and used to talk about it until his mother became disconcerted and told him there's no such thing as aliens. Seymour quickly learned not to share what he knew with her. But he still shares drawings of Star Visitors and spaceships with his more accepting grandfather.

The Star Visitors have indicated that soon there will be special schools set up for these Star Children, where they can learn and have freedom to use the advanced abilities and talents they have, such as telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, penetrating intuitiveness, aura-reading, bioenergetic healing, and their close connectedness with their Star Visitor guardians, without the ridicule or negative peer pressure they would face in ordinary schools. Such schools will require special, sensitive learning and skills-development and Star Visitor-human bicultural curriculum development I call such the Star Kids School [3], and am planning to help establish grade-school and junior-senior high school units of this Star Kids School in the near future, as resources manifest.

Such schools will also have a component for parents, where these mothers and fathers will get guidance on how to help their Star Kids truly be all that they can be. And there will be help for their parents to come to terms with their own journey from ordinary "reality" to the cosmic society into which we are rapidly evolving. As a prologue to developing such a Star Kids school, I convened the ACCET Star Seeds/Star KidsConference 2002 in Spring (April 6-7), 2002).

As I see it, some parents will choose to send their Star Child to a Star Kids School (when available), and others will send theirs to public school and try to supplement that education with home instruction, while still other parents will home-instruct their Star Child, feeling equipped enough with information and Star Visitor awareness to do so. Which of the three is the best course? That will be a parent decision.

In what I have been shown, the Star Kids School is a resource, not a mandatory experience. Such a school would contain not only human-appearing Star Visitor-upgraded Earth kids, but also the more Star Visitor-looking hybrid kids with the thin, wispy hair and oversized eyes and skulls, who appear too "exotic" to mainstream in regular Earth schools. The Star Kids School will be the first safe place for such half-ling children to reside on Earth. And, of course, the human-appearing, Star Visitor-upgraded Earth kids make rather compatible schoolmates for these halfling hybrids to play and learn with. Thus begins the opening phase of Integration of the Schools - Cosmic Style! :-)

These Star Children are soon coming of age in time to take leadership roles in the completely transformed world predicted to come to pass over the next dozen years. They will be the new world's teachers, leaders, alternative healers, visionaries, community organizers, and peacemakers. And from their ranks will come Earth's ambassadors to communicate with the ambassadors of the Star Visitors, as we make the transition from an Earth-bound society to one which travels among the stars.

Let us welcome our Star Children, and carefully nurture their development. They are indeed our future.


1. Personal communication, 1998.

2. Personal communication, 1996.

3. (c) 1999.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, retired university instructor, and internationally-noted researcher of Star Visitor-human encounters.


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THE NEW HUMANS: 5th Root race, Indigos, China’s Super Psychics & Star Children - by Mary Rodwell - 26 October 2006
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Gosh, I was just thinking about you

The Times - September 07, 2006

If you think telepathy is tosh, many scientists agree with you . . . but they ignore the evidence
Have you ever thought about someone for no apparent reason, and then that person rang on the telephone? Have you felt you were being watched, and turned round to find someone staring at you? Recent surveys show that a majority of the population in Britain have had these experiences. If they are more than coincidences or illusions, they suggest that minds are more extensive than brains.

There is a growing body of evidence that telepathy and the sense of being stared at are real, with an active discussion of these topics in scientific journals for example, last year a special issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies was devoted to the ability to detect stares, for which the scientific name is scopaesthesia, from the Greek words for viewing and feeling. This ability may have a long evolutionary history.

Animals that were able to detect the looks of hidden predators may well have survived better than animals without this ability.

Telepathy may also have deep biological roots, acting as a means of communication at a distance between members of animal groups. It is still expressed in domesticated animals, many of which seem to be able to detect the feelings and intentions of their owners beyond the range of the usual senses. For example, many dogs seem to know when their owners are coming home, and go to wait at a door. In some cases they do this when the person is still miles away, long before the animal could have heard familiar footsteps or car sounds. In a series of videotaped tests, I found that dogs still went and waited at the door when the owners returned at times randomly selected by the experimenter, when no one at home knew when they were coming, and when they travelled in unfamiliar vehicles such as taxis.

Many mothers still seem to feel when their children need them, even if they are miles away. Children whose absent mothers responded to their distress telepathically and returned to them would be more likely to survive than children with unresponsive mothers; so telepathic traits may have been favoured by natural selection.

The commonest kind of apparent telepathy in the modern world takes place in connection with telephone calls. About 80 per cent of the population claim to have had experiences in which they think of someone for no apparent reason, then that person calls; or they know who is calling when the phone rings, before picking it up. Many people have had similar experiences with e-mails.

Is this just coincidence? An illusion of telepathy could be created if people remembered when someone called or e-mailed soon after they thought about that person, but forgot all the times that they thought about someone who did not contact them. An illusion of telepathy could also arise if someone had an unconscious expectation that someone they knew would call or e-mail, based on an implicit knowledge of that person’s behaviour. Until recently, there were no scientific investigations of telephone telepathy to test these possibilities.

Over the past few years, with the help of my research associate, Pam Smart, I have investigated telephone telepathy experimentally in hundreds of controlled trials. Volunteers were asked to give us the names and telephone numbers of four people they knew well. During the test session, the subject was videotaped continuously sitting by a landline telephone. We selected one of the callers at random by the throw of a die. We then asked that person to call the subject. When the telephone rang, the participant guessed who was calling before lifting the receiver. The guess was either right or wrong.

By chance, participants would have been right about one time in four. In fact, 45 per cent of the guesses were correct. This research has been replicated at the University of Amsterdam, again with positive results.

Tests in which some of the callers were near the Antipodes, in Australia and New Zealand, showed that the effect did not seem to fall off with distance. Emotional closeness, rather than physical proximity, seemed to be the most important factor.

However, some scientists are so strongly committed to a belief that the mind is confined to the head that they dismiss all such evidence as illusory. For example in yesterday’s Times, Professor Peter Atkins, a chemist, described telepathy as a “charlatan’s fantasy”. But no one understands very much about the nature of our minds. The very existence of consciousness is unexplained. The conventional idea that mental activity is nothing but brain activity is only an assumption, not a proven fact.

Instead, I suggest that our minds may extend far beyond our brains, stretching out through fields that link us to our environment and to each other. Fields are more extensive than material objects: magnetic fields extend around magnets, and electromagnetic fields around mobile phones. Likewise, mental fields are rooted in brains but extend beyond them. The directions depend on our attention and intention.

Mental fields could help to explain telepathy, the sense of being stared at and other widespread but unexplained abilities. Of course this hypothesis is controversial. But science progresses not through dogma and polemic, but by exploring new possibilities and by paying attention to the evidence.

The author is director of the Perrott-Warrick project for research on unexplained human abilities, funded by Trinity College, Cambridge.


Rupert Sheldrake --- biologist and author of more than 75 scientific papers and ten books. A former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, he studied natural sciences at Cambridge University, where he was a Scholar of Clare College, took a double first class honours degree and was awarded the University Botany Prize. He then studied philosophy at Harvard University, where he was a Frank Knox Fellow, before returning to Cambridge, where he took a Ph.D. in biochemistry. He was a Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University, where he carried out research on the development of plants and the ageing of cells. At Clare College he was also Director of Studies in biochemistry and cell biology.

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Following the recent positive development with the cease-fire in Gaza agreed upon by Israelis and Palestinians, please keep also this situation in mind during your meditations so as to foster the chances of an opening of successful peace negotiations in the coming months, possibly leading to the formal creation of the State of Palestine with international recognition and the establishment of a true lasting peace between Israel and Palestine.


Palestinians, Israel agree to Gaza cease-fire (November 25, 2006)

• NEW: IDF says militants fire rockets into Israel just before deal takes effect
• Abbas says all Palestinian factions agree to plan
• Israel pledges to withdraw troops from Gaza
• Agreement does not cover West Bank

JERUSALEM (CNN) -- A total cease-fire in Gaza began at 6 a.m. local time Sunday (11 p.m. Saturday ET) after Israelis and Palestinian factions agreed on a proposal, authorities said Sunday.

All Palestinian factions have agreed to stop firing rockets into Israel under a cease-fire agreement, according to Nabil Abu Rdaina, a spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has agreed to withdraw troops from Gaza and cease military operations, said Miri Eisin, government spokeswoman.

"We think that there's the possibility of hope here," she said. "What we hope is that the violence itself will stop, and we'll be able to see a little bit of peace and quiet in and around the Gaza Strip."

The agreement covers only Gaza, she said, and not the West Bank.

Just before the cease-fire took effect, militants fired three rockets into Israel, according to Israel Defense Forces. No one was injured, but a building was damaged.

Abbas called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to offer the cease-fire.

In the United States, a White House spokesman called the cease-fire a "a positive step forward."

"We welcome the announcement," said spokesman Alex Conant. "We hope it leads to less violence for the Israeli and Palestinian people."

Rdaina said, "We hope that this will be a good start to stop all the activities and to withdraw from Gaza as well from the Israeli troops."

The firing of rockets into Israel has recently prompted Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. Three such airstrikes occurred Saturday and early Sunday.

In one of the recent strikes, two people were killed -- one a member of the Palestinian National Guard and the second a militant from the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigade, the military wing of Hamas, according to Palestinian security sources.

In another strike, a Palestinian militant was killed and three others wounded, one critically, when a minibus was targeted east of Gaza City, Palestinian sources said. Hamas confirmed those in the bus were part of the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigade. A third airstrike targeted a car near al-Azhar University in Gaza City, security sources said.

The Israel Defense Forces said it conducted an aerial attack on a Hamas terror cell in the Sajaiya neighborhood. It didn't provide casualty figures. The IDF said the cell was part of the group's weapons production division.


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Israel, Palestinians agree to mutual ceasefire (Nov 26, 2006)n
Gaza - Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert have agreed by telephone on a mutual ceasefire starting at 6 am Sunday, Abbas advisor Nabil Abu Rudeineh announced late Saturday in Gaza.'President Abbas informed Prime Minister Olmert on telephone that the Palestinian factions decided to stop firing homemade rockets at Israel starting from Sunday, 6 am,' Abu Rudeineh told a news conference. He said that Olmert told Abbas that he accepts the proposal, and that Olmert 'decided to stop military operations into the Gaza Strip.'Abu Rudeineh said that four armed wings met earlier Saturday with Prime Minister Ismail Haneya and agreed to stop launching rockets from Gaza at Israel starting at 6 am Sunday.' President Abbas told Olmert that the Palestinian side is ready to be committed to the calm starting from Sunday morning,' Abu Rudeineh said. 'Mr Olmert accepted also to end all Israeli military operations.' He said that Olmert informed Abbas that he would instruct the Israeli Defence Forces to start withdrawing from northern Gaza Strip at 'the same time militant groups stops firing rockets from Gaza at Israel.'' All Palestinian armed wing of different national and Islamic factions agreed to be committed to ending all military actions, together with ending Israeli military operations, including restoring calm and ending the current situation,' said Abu Rudeineh. He said that all Palestinian factions within the next few days would start a wide dialogue toward 'a full, mutual and permanent ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians.' Abu Rudeineh told reporters also that Abbas asked Olmert to stop military operations in the West Bank 'to protect the atmosphere of ceasefire and calm in all the Palestinian territories.'

Qassam fired at Sderot despite truce (11.26.06),7340,L-3332528,00.html
Rocket fired from Gaza just over an hour after agreed upon truce goes into effect lands north of Sderot; no injuries reported, damage done to structure; earlier IDF says forces left Strip; six Qassams fired at Negev area prior to ceasefire. CLIP

Israeli army says has withdrawn all troops from Gaza (2006-11-26)
JERUSALEM, Nov. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Israeli army said on Sunday that it had withdrawn all of its troops from the Gaza Strip overnight before the truce took effect. A spokeswoman for the Israeli army said "there are no forces now in Gaza." CLIP

Hopes for peace as Hamas agrees to truce (2006-11-26),,1957540,00.html
Agreement with Israel could lead to release of captured soldier, a new Palestinian government and an end to Gaza incursions. (...) Palestinian militants have maintained a steady fire of rockets at Israeli areas close to Gaza. Although the crude rockets are very inaccurate, in recent weeks they have managed to hit town centres more frequently than before. If the ceasefire is successful, it could bring about a host of developments including the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured in June, Israel's release of Palestinian prisoners and the formation of a new Palestinian government. The agreed ceasefire only relates to Gaza and does not include the West Bank. Israel said it also included a stop to the digging of tunnels to Egypt, used to smuggle arms to the militants.In an indication of a new atmosphere, Khaled Mashal, an exiled leader of the militant Hamas organisation, said in Cairo that his organisation was willing to give Israel the opportunity to negotiate on the creation of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza for six months. If the Israelis did not take up the opportunity, he said, the Palestinians would reply with a third 'intifada'. 'Hamas will become stronger all resistance forces will become stronger ... and will go on with a third uprising,' he said. Mashal, who wields massive influence in Hamas because he is the main conduit for money, was in Cairo to discuss the release of Shalit and the formation of a new government with representatives of Abbas's Fatah faction and the Egyptian government. He is seen as a hardliner in the Hamas movement with close ties to the military wing. The release of Shalit and the Palestinian prisoners, the formation of a government and the violence have become connected. Abbas is hoping a comprehensive peace package will be the foundation for halting violence, launching new talks with Israel and lifting punishing economic sanctions imposed on the Palestinians since Hamas formed its government following an election victory in January. CLIP

Gaza to get electricity supply from Egypt (2006-11-26)
Palestinian and Egyptian officials will sign a final deal to provide Gaza Strip with Egyptian electricity instead of some Israeli power, a Gaza power company announced on Saturday.The Gaza Electricity Distribution Company (GEDC) made the announcement in a statement issued by its general director Sulaiman Abu Samhadana. According to the deal, a switching station would be built in southern Gaza Strip border town of Rafah to receive 150 megawatt of Egyptian power as the first phase, said the statement. The first phase costs about 22 million U.S. dollars, said the statement, adding the four-phase project would provide Gaza with 800 megawatt when it is completed. It would be built completely in one year if Israel did not put obstacles. The proposed Gaza switching plant would be connected with an Egyptian station in al-Ariesh city with 60 km-long cables. Fixing the cables will cost about 100 millions of Egyptian Pound (17.39 million dollars). On June 28, three days after Palestinian militants kidnapped an Israeli soldier, Israeli F-16 warplanes have shelled the only power plant in Gaza that produced almost 45 percent of Gaza electricity, leaving the poor strip powerless for three months until Egyptians have recently re-operated the Gaza station.Through 10 cables, Israel provides Gaza with the remaining electricity. Abu Samhadana said the project will cover the shortage of power in Gaza for decades.

Palestinian human shields give Israel pause (Nov 20)
TEL AVIV – In perhaps the most effective act of nonviolent protest in the six-year Palestinian uprising, hundreds of Gazans forced Israel over the weekend to call off airstrikes on the residence of a militant leader by swarming the house as human shields.In recent months, Israeli security forces have used telephone calls to warn Palestinian militants and others near alleged militant safe houses and weapons caches, giving them up to a half hour to evacuate. When militia leader Mohammed Baroud got the call Saturday, he enlisted neighbors to protect his house from the Israeli military. They've now set up a system of shifts to protect the house around the clock. Palestinian leaders are hailing this as a moral victory that will be replicated. If so, it may herald a significant tactical shift from attacks by tiny secretive militant groups to nonviolent civilian protest, a change that will force Israel to adjust its strategy. It also underscores the difficulty of fighting militant groups embedded in a civilian population - whether it be in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Gaza."The Palestinians are creative and this is something amazing," says Maher Miqqdad, a Fatah spokesman. "Maybe in the past six years of the intifada, the focus was on military resistance. But we shouldn't deny the importance of peaceful resistance. There is an importance in increasing the peaceful struggle."An Israeli army spokesman who spoke on condition of anonymity said the attack was scrapped after the military realized that dozens of Palestinians were demonstrating on the roof of Mr. Baroud's home. CLIP

Cheney, Saudi king discuss trouble spots (Nov 25)
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Vice President Dick Cheney sought Saudi help on Saturday in dealing with Iraq's spiraling violence and other regional trouble spots where U.S. policy is on the line: Iran, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories. Cheney's visit with King Abdullah was brief, lasting only a few hours before he flew back to Washington, but it underlined the two allies' concerns over upheavals across the Middle East, which many Arabs blame on U.S. policies. (...) The official said Saudi Arabia hopes Washington will not snub any Palestinian government that emerges from talks between the militants of Hamas and the more moderate Fatah faction. The U.S. and other nations have shunned the current government led by Hamas, which has refused to recognize Israel and renounce violence against the Jewish state. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, of Fatah, is trying to work out a new unity government with Hamas, but Arabs hope the U.S. will be flexible with how much Hamas must moderate to allow a resumption of the peace process with U.S. ally Israel.Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries on the Persian Gulf are also deeply concerned over the West's confrontation with Iran over that nation's suspect nuclear program.Gulf countries worry about the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran and its attempts to expand its influence in the Middle East. But they also fear the West's attempt to force Iran to rein in its program could bring Iranian reprisals.

FACTBOX - Key facts about the Gaza Strip

Full Coverage: Mideast Conflict

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Please sign: GAZA - Stop the Siege! Stop the War!
To the Israeli government and world leaders: The situation in Gaza has reached emergency levels - inadequate water, electricity, and medicine; widespread hunger, poverty, and unemployment; schools and other services rendered inoperative; constant bombardments and attacks by the Israeli military. This humanitarian catastrophe is man-made: It was brought on by the ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip by Israel and the sanctions imposed by the international community on Palestine, made worse by repeated IDF attacks. If this situation continues, we will see spreading disease, malnutrition, and more violence. Under these conditions, negotiations - the only way to reach peace between both peoples - also become an impossibility. We call upon Israeli leaders to end the siege of and war on Gaza. We call upon world leaders to end the political and economic sanctions of Palestine. The siege and sanctions are sowing chaos and death in Gaza. They must come to an end.

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