Meditation Focus #152

Envisioning and Co-creating a New Earth


What follows is the 152nd Meditation Focus suggested for the next 3 weeks beginning Sunday, May 28, 2006.


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When considering the many difficulties planet Earth and countless human beings are experiencing at this critical juncture of history, it is easy to fall into a despondent mind-set that can be extremely dispiriting if allowed to persist. Those who have elected at this point in time and in this physical dimension to be of assistance in furthering the emergence of a Lighted era in the very near future have a key responsibility of holding up the resonance of optimistic confidence that all such travails and tribulations are only transient circumstances that, when seen from the vantage point of the soul's innate knowledge of God's Will, are understood as being the necessary ferment enabling the experiences required for soul evolvement that will inevitably result in a much heightened field of spiritual perceptivity and accomplishment within the vast majority of those presently in incarnation on Earth.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to deliberately focus one's attention and imagining abilities onto the shape of all positive things to come and on the sense of blissful happiness that will pervade humanity's collective consciousness as this sphere of Life and all its Life forms ascend into a higher frequency of spiritual resonance and manifest a level of civilized brother/sisterhood never experienced before to such a global extent. Through the barely tapped and infinitely vast powers of co-creativity that endow all self-godly aware incarnated soul, unimaginably potent streams of Light and Love can be summoned to reach out to all living beings and thus communicate boundless hope and catalyze the kind of heart-centered changes that will best help precipitate the very near-future conditions so envisioned.

You are hereby invited to join in unified purpose and intent at the usual globally synchronized meditation time, this Sunday and the two following ones, to assist in anchoring in all sentient Life on Earth, through your own heightened resonant field and radiance of Love and buoyant joy, the keen desire and incontrovertible will to live in peace and to share the bounties of Nature in a manner that is both respectful of its limits and freely available to all. Allow the sense of Oneness with all and loving kindness for everyone to blossom from your soul and let it extend around the world as an arching rainbow of blessings to touch every single heart on Earth, even and most vitally those who have so far been least receptive to the Light, so that through the magic of collective intent and unified purpose the certainty of a now imminent Lighted era becomes a tangible inner bedrock of sacred knowledge in every heart, for the Highest Good of All.

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"Mother, the crucial aspect of these developments is that they have been set in motion by the focused desire and intent of Earth’s people! The more you have asked for the kind of help that is inherent in love, the more abundantly you receive this healing energy—the most powerful force in the universe. So many of you want peace and compassion, understanding and forgiveness, fairness and justness for all that it cannot be denied by the laws of the universe! So many have sent forth this kind of love-light energy in prayers to God, by whatever name, that YOUR power of manifestation is achieving what YOU want! It could only happen in this way because Earth is your homeland, and regardless of the boundless love your “space family” in spirit and in physical feel for you, only you can set your course for deliverance out of the darkness that so long has held you captive in ignorance and deception. (...) I say, everyone can help by staying steadfast in the light and envisioning Earth in the golden glow of love and peace! Many of us have sent word that each of you chose to fill a specific role in this lifetime, so follow your heart as it leads you to participate in light-filled endeavors."

— Matthew, May 22, 2005 - Taken from


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT - as of April 16, 2006:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 5:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


1. Message from Atmos 
2. Global Quest and Genesis of New Earth Council
3. Seeing into the Future: About progression, prediction and future possible realities

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"One-mindedness and one-heartedness, the capacity of whole races of people to become as one being, is natural to us. It is natural and inherent to all beings in the universe and to us on planet Earth too. The implications of this are quite large, and they’re related to the kind of meditation work and link-ups which people have been doing over the years in order, hopefully, to bring about certain wholesome changes in the nature of life, the universe and everything – particularly our difficult situation on our planet today. (...) When we are conferring as individual humans, each of us is representing a part of the universe and interweaving it with other threads from other parts. Each of us is a little probe or microphone from ‘upstairs’ – we are the eyes and ears of ‘God’. Therefore, when we come together in all our diversity and when we start thrumming as one being, we are bringing in vast connections from across the universe. It is crucial to raise this energy and build up this resonance so that we can assume the creative power of the universe, and in the first instance to apply it to creating a miracle out of a potentially disastrous world situation."

— Palden Jenkins - Taken from

"The first and foremost thing one should keep in mind is that whatever happens in the world and whomever is responsible for what happens, the only person one can influence and whose behavior can be controlled for the benefit of the whole is oneself. Each one of us is the most important actor in the human drama now unfolding on a planetary scale and each one of us can choose to be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem. In addition to contributing by all our personal choices in life through what we buy, who we decide to vote for and how we respond to the global crisis, we must never underestimate the power of one determined individual guided by a clear vision and motivated by high ideals, an uncompromising ethic and an unconditional compassion for others and all life forms in bringing the whole world a little bit closer to sanity, peace and harmony. This is the only force that has always been the catalyst for any change occurring on Earth. Be it for the protection of human rights, for the prevention of nuclear war or for the achievement of a better world for all, individual will and action shall remain forever the unique rampart against blind violence, sheer destruction and stupidity erected as a system.

Justice for all, respect for all expressions of nature and love for all that lives may sometime appear like a distant dream. Yet this dream is growing in every human being ever since we have started to walk on this gorgeous planet and look up in the sky at night to gaze at the starry vault embracing our awakening consciousness with rays of dim light, echoing unseen marvels and prodigious wisdom. We are the living flesh of this huge body of life whose throbbing heart beats in our chest and whose crystalline and lucid awareness flickers in our brains. Like all other life forms in this mighty, unfathomable universe, we have been given a mission, not to have dominion over other life forms and conquer natural habitats for our sole benefit, but to open new skies of co-creative ingenuity with the other beings and civilizations inhabiting this planet and, undoubtedly, countless other planets, as far as the mind can imagine.

We must close our eyes, from time to time, calm our thoughts and go deep within to feel, sense, touch this growing awareness that expands its gentle arms and fingers to hold the whole of humanity in one single self-conscious being, a being so full of Love, Compassion and Serenity as to be like a divine expression of God, the true Reality now being expressed on this land, as it was in the Beginning that never was, as it will be in the End that will never be... and as it is Now more than ever."

— Jean Hudon - Taken from



Message from Atmos 


It does not take much calculation to work out how near we are to greeting you upon Earth. The Galactic Federation has a mandate to start its open contact before the end of the year, and you must be heartened by the progress being made to bring the truth out into the open. It is the truth that is moving mountains, and nothing will stand in its way.

Your experiences with the dark forces are like a bad dream, and you must look back and wonder how they came to gain such power. They are clever and also very secretive, and learnt a long time ago that money can buy loyalty. Their schemes were hatched millennia of time ago, and it is only in recent times that awareness of their hidden agenda has become known. They have now become so bold that they care not who realizes what they are doing. They had calculated that it is was too late for any opposition to prevent their plan from fully manifesting.

However, the dark now know they miscalculated the strength of the uprising against them. They can no longer mute the opposition, or stop the revelations about their activities. They still try of course but even belief in their own infallibility is fading. The Light is everywhere and growing daily in its potential, and breaking down resistance to its presence. The Lightworkers even in ones and twos are a formidable force, as they all work in their own particular way for the benefit of Man and Mother Earth.

Where the dark forces are furtive and secretive, the Lightworkers are open and sharing their love and light. The dark are being forced into the corner, and hit out at people who they consider are against them. Some of you fear the dark, but understand that the dark fear the Light. By denying it they are destined to remain where they are, but they will be stripped of all vestiges and trappings of power that they presently carry around. Pretence and lies are always eventually seen for what they are, and no amount of covering up will prevent the truth from being revealed.

You stand at the door of great revelations and events that shall carry you towards your ultimate goal. Although Ascension is not known by everyone at this time, before long all will be conversant with the wonderful evolutionary leap that it offers. No one will be without such knowledge, and even at this late hour they can elect to be part of it. No matter what ultimately happens, the soul will subconsciously carry memories of this time with it. Those who are not ready will have a knowing of their future potential, that will drive them towards another opportunity in the next cycle.

Do not be concerned about other people, as all is perfectly planned, and you sometimes come together for only brief periods. Take the lessons out of life with you, and fondly remember the great friendships you have had. Know that not everyone can take the quantum leap necessary for Ascension. However, love is a link that cannot be broken, and in time all will progress into the higher dimensions and meet again. This must be so as we are all One, and will continue to grow together.

With the continual divisions and separation that seem to be happening amongst your different ethnic groups, it will be a great challenge to bring them together. We feel that once you realize that you are all from the same Source to which you will all return, it should be possible to achieve. For thousands of years the dark have used many ploys to keep you apart, and have concentrated on maintaining the differences between you. They have had much success in playing on the racial and religious differences.

With the advent of global travel and multi-national countries, the dark have lost the ability to prevent a coming together of all people. Sport is a prime example of where you have accepted the different races, and it has been part of the process of breaking down the barriers. National pride can sometimes generate opposition and confrontation, but that is often confined to those who are young souls and yet to understand the principle of sharing.

By example those of the Light show the way, and others do note that whatever it is that they have discovered brings them peace and tranquillity. You learn from each other, and gradually it draws you closer. Once we arrive and bring you the truth of your reality and remove the false teachings, you will better understand what has created the differences between you, and able to overcome them.

We shall approach you with great love and understanding, as for many it will be difficult to accept a major change in their beliefs. We do not force change upon people but present it to them for consideration. We know all that is false will fall away until only the truth remains. “The Truth Shall Set You Free” is an expression that is frequently used, and it very nicely sums up the object of our contact with you.

We have worked openly with you and also behind the scenes, and the Spiritual Hierarchy has laid down the plans for the restoration of your freedom and sovereignty. Together we shall achieve miraculous advancements, and these will start very soon. In reality of course we have been laying down the pathway for such changes for a very long time. No longer shall you be forced to languish within the dark energies. The time for upliftment has long arrived, and the last stronghold of the dark is now breaking up.

Look to your future and live that dream now and you will help manifest it upon Earth. Thought is a powerful energy that can move mountains, and you will be guided to use it wisely as your creative ability grows. In some dimensions not far removed from your present one, thought can create instantaneously.

I am Atmos and can tell you of our great expectations, and that we shall soon be with you. Everything has long been prepared, and thousands upon thousands of our personnel are trained and ready to make the first contact. Shall we say it is down to you at the moment to create that opportunity for us. We are nevertheless still guiding you and we see a satisfactory outcome. Our actions are prompted by great love for you our fellow travellers, because like you we are also on a wonderful journey. It carries us through realms of sheer beauty and magnificence, and shall also be part of your future experiences.

You will see the awesome sights of galaxies beyond number, and the never-ending expanse of the Creator’s Kingdom. Creation is something magical to behold and it will thrill you and astound you at its enormity, and the different dimensions that seem to have no end. Life on Earth has dulled your senses, but your awakening is beginning to start. Welcome to the real worlds beyond Earth that await your presence, and be assured that what you have achieved through the cycle of duality is known throughout the Universe. You are great Beings that are only just beginning to realize your divinity.

Thank you


Through Mike Quinsey

Source: ET First Contact


NOTE: This email is included as a good example of a soul who has chosen to take the path of Light, no matter where it may lead, and who is committed to contribute in co-creating a new era of Peace, Love and Harmony for all on Earth and beyond. Some of you may find a keen interest in Ariel's proposal to create New Earth Council and in her Call to Planetary Stewardship.

Date: 26 May 2006
From: Ariel Ky>
Subject: Global Quest and Genesis of New Earth Council

As I travel, I gain clarity on why I have undertaken this global quest to see the world, to find myself, to possibly find a mate or a community where I can settle down that will be away from the congestion of cities and, frankly, outside of the United States. I am a woman on a mission to meet with my soul family in person in whatever country they reside in, to connect lightbearers and peace lovers with each other, to do my utmost to usher in a world of peace and love for all.

I see myself as a lightbringer bee, pollinating energy and ideas, cross-fertilizing groups and individuals. Everywhere I go, I honor the Earth with ceremony. I am carrying a stone taken from one place to the next in a conscious ritual of physically bringing the energy carried in the stone to a new place, from the Berkeley hills to the desert in Joshua Tree, to the woods of Michigan to the rivers of Quebec. I also hope to meet people who I can work with to put the New Earth Council up and running as more than an Internet group.

Lightworkers, lightbringers, lightbearers... for those of you who are not familiar with these terms, it is simply the family that I belong to, of people who are dedicated to bringing in the light of joy, love, and faith more into the world to bring about a spiritual shift into oneness in which all beings live in peace, prosperity, and harmony. No more war or violence, coercion or needless suffering.

I believe this shift will happen as we begin to support and honor the Earth and heal ourselves, balancing the male and feminine aspects. I believe much of the impetus for this shift will come from women stepping into their power and coming into their own. Not one of us can do this alone. So I ask for you to join me and become a member of the New Earth Council if it resonates with you and you feel a magnetic attraction to the concepts.

First, though, I want you to know why I no longer wish to live in the United States, which has to do with a sense of oppression that I can no longer tolerate. I feel oppressed that my whole life long (all 52 years) my country has been bombing people in other countries, killing and maiming them, wreaking horrendous destruction on the daily lives of people all over the world. I don't care what the reasons or justifications have been. Basically, the business of war has been quite profitable for a few, select people.

As a pacifist, I can no longer abide in such a militaristic, opportunistic country. As a writer and dissident to the current regime, I feel oppressed by the ongoing surveillance and monitoring of anyone who voices opposition to the Bush administration.

As a lover of freedom, I am oppressed by the exploitive and coercive workplaces I have been involved in everywhere I have lived in the United States. I have been continually preyed upon as a consumer and no longer wish to play the game of commerce.

I have grown weary of a competitive way of life and the ongoing marketing of one`s self, as though the bottom line was always money instead of quality of life or living in harmony with nature, or even getting along well with our neighbors in the world.

As a citizen, I am heartily weary of being lied to and robbed by my government so that the rich can get richer and wield ever more control over other people.

As I have been traveling, I have become ever more aware that the United States has become a fascist country and the hollow shell of democracy no longer offers true participation in the process of government or hope of significant change.

That the war hawks in Washington D.C. would like to unleash nuclear weapons in an all-out assault on Iran, killing millions of people, should be a pressing reason for resistance of this government. However, what I see is people everywhere afraid to speak out against the government, afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of expressing anger, afraid of the world at large. Even though people took to the streets in massive peace rallies to stop the war in Iraq, when it started anyway, they grew discouraged. Martin Luther King understood that civil actions such as marches and rallies must be coupled with economic boycott where it hurt the most. That wisdom seems to have been lost among the activists today.

I also believe that mind control is so pervasive in the United States, that we are incapable of taking back control of our government on our own and must affiliate with people from other countries for support, encouragement, inspiration, clarity, and assistance in making the changes that are needed. What is wrong in the United States today impacts everyone in the world. The course of this country is a suicidal one that could destroy all life on the planet.

We must begin to act as better stewards of the planet. Last evening as I was falling asleep I conceived the idea of forming an Earth Council of people from every country on the planet working together to create balance and harmony on the Earth.

Call to Planetary Stewardship

The New Earth Council is being formed to include planetary membership of all women, men, and children who want to honor the Earth by living in harmony with each other and all of creation.

When you become a member of the New Earth Council, you step up into your role of steward of the planet. You take responsibility for your actions and declare your willingness to work with others for the highest good of all life on the planet. You declare your willingness to share your ideas, thoughts, labor, prayers, and resources in this effort.

You declare that you are willing to listen to others with respect, to relinquish all positions or considerations that some beings are higher than others and other beings are lower than others.

You declare that you are willing to change your ideas in order to change what is happening on the planet.

You declare that you are willing to cooperate with others to bring in equality, liberty, and goodwill for all people and life on the planet.

You acknowledge the Earth as a being with four bodies like yours: physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental, and that these bodies need to be healed, cared for, and balanced like your own.

You acknowledge that you are one of the aspects of this planetary being, as are all other people, elements, animals, fish, insects, plants, trees, rivers, mountains, seas, and land. You commit yourself to a process of bringing harmony and balance to the Earth, of loving, honoring, and cherishing all life and the creative force that imbues all life in the cosmos and in all dimensions.

You renounce all wars and killing of other people, including executions by governments. You renounce the use of torture and all forms of coercion and the use of force to control others and cause suffering. You renounce the use of weapons that destroy life. You no longer cooperate with people in positions of authority who force others to comply with their edicts when it is obvious that they are not serving the highest good of all. You no longer support governments that destroy life.

You embrace the credo, "Honor the Earth. Honor the Life force. Honor all creation." You accept your role as steward of the planet.

When you agree to take personal responsibility for stewardship of the planet, you will then become a member of the New Earth Council and you will henceforward be called an Earth Councillor.

Earth Councillors are the meek who will inherit the Earth. Earth Councillors are lovers: lovers of peace, lovers of harmony, lovers of truth, lovers of all people and all forms of life. The planet and the future of humanity needs your commitment. Are you willing to step up on her behalf?

If you are interested in becoming a member of the New Earth Council, please contact me at the following address where I will be staying for the near future (at least until Summer Solstice):

Ariel Ky
La Grande Maison
40 Chemin des Plateaux
Quebec, Canada

Lifetime membership will be awarded for those who join the first year at $60 or you may choose to join for one year only at $30. Eventually I hope that we will gain the status of an NGO, or nonprofit governmental organization. Anyone who chooses a lifetime membership during our first year will be considered a founding member, a member who has helped launch this organization.

I am presently writing the charter for the New Earth Council. If there is anyone who would like to contribute to writing the charter or review what I have written with added suggestions, please contact me. If you are considering joining and have questions, feel free to address them with me by writing to me at my e-mail address:

We will be engaging in various projects... one of them is a book that will be written by a team of writers, a kind of fictionalized primer in the concepts of New Age spirituality. Also, we will be reaching out for members in every country and seeking a dialogue with indigenous people and those living in intentional communities who are trying to work out a model for sustainable living.

We will have a newsletter, gatherings, and an information clearinghouse to network contacts and resources. Eventually, we may organize boycotts and lawsuits against corporations and other actions that will restructure and shift the focus of the way we organize ourselves socially, economically, and politically.

Please network this message to anyone you think might be interested in becoming involved in the mission of the New Earth Council.



Seeing into the Future: About progression, prediction and future possible realities

by Palden Jenkins, 1997

In recent years I've been doing 'progressions' (contrasting to 'regressions') with people in my workshops and once in the Hundredth Monkeying project (more on this at – a mixture of meditation and interactive remote-viewing of the future. What I do is slowly count people forward in time, usually to about twenty years ahead (now 2017 – which lies after the critical time-point many people subscribe to around 2012-15). What's interesting is that many different results come up – probably arising from the fact that I encourage people to place themselves in that time or to see it through someone close to them (if they're disincarnate by then) rather than to view it abstractly.

Yet most of the results seem to hang together with each other to paint a picture of both the dawning of a new world with an utterly renewed and deepened atmosphere and a lot of joy and quite considerable difficulties for some and in some areas – though neither is globally prevalent, at least around 2017. I haven't experimented enough with taking people further forward to a later date such as 2050, when this situation might theoretically have changed.

However, we don't leave things there, since this is not a prediction game. The issue is to get a good grasp of the reality one finds at that point in time and to get a sense of the things one is glad about and the things one might at that time regret or wish were different. I then create a space toward the end of the journey whereby people may explore various alternative possible realities to the details they have 'got', to see what might also be possible in the evolving circumstances. I encourage people to look at the potential future consequences and issues arising around that future time (ie 2017ish), to check out whether what they see might be acceptable when seen from a longer-term viewpoint.

In some cases I ask people to check out other, contrasting circumstances which others in the world of that time might be experiencing, so that they get a wider picture of the condition of humanity. If there are parts which are bewildering or button-pressing about what people experience from this I ask them to backtrack a bit to see where the cruxpoints of evolving situations lie (between 1997 and 2017). Then, after giving space for completions, we slowly come back.

Then comes another process, usually in the form of writing down one's observations, followed by a sharing session. This involves mentally tracking the twenty-year period in stages and how it evolves for each person, with a view to helping them clarify their life-intents for the present, establish something of a timetable for personal life-commitments and activity and identify things they can accentuate or avoid in their current and future actions which might lead toward more wholesome results. The relevance of this is to bring into focus one's capacity to create the future, both in the personal sphere and in one's contribution to the generality.

The advantage of a technique such as this, whether or not it accurately maps possible future scenarios (and I suspect that for at least 50% they are getting quite accurate material) is that it tends to bypass any out-of-proportion wishes or fears one might have for the future. Hopes and fears come up, though if one sets up the session carefully, quite a profound realism can arise in people's progression-journeys. This has some advantages inasmuch as a proportion of people cloud their sense of the future with images of either bliss/redemption or horror – only to find in such an inner process that realism exists in the future too! (For example, some realise that an 'ascension into the fifth dimension' (for example) is not a disincarnate experience – more a change of awareness). Witnessing the results of this kind of work makes me aware of how, today and in the future, we humans, though sharing life on planet Earth, nevertheless live in very different worlds – and we're likely to continue doing so! There might be an overall global median reality, yet our individual experiences of it are all the same exceptionally variant, and heaven and hell exist within the same overall 'reality'!

The general effect of doing such progression-meditations on those who do it is noticeably empowering. Many report that they have gained a more workable handle and orientation on the (or their) future, and a clearer insight into their life-purpose, where they need to go with it and how they can specifically empower themselves to play a personal part in global future-creation. Though I have expected difficulties around use of this technique, I have not had a single report of difficulties arising – yet!

However, I must acknowledge also that I have not been systematically gathering feedback or data from these experiments. Usually we end the session with a round of group-feedback, since everyone benefits from hearing others' experiences – both the similarities and the differences.

A few commonalities which seem to have arisen:

1. the general level of happiness and understanding in the world has risen significantly, even though there are still areas of difficulty and gulfs to cross – it feels as if at that time we're still in the earlier stages of planetary transformation and redemption of the past; however, it seems that the observable changes at that time are not immediately recent and have been there a few years – people are relatively used to them and there aren't predominant signs of social shock or 'punch-drunkness'; some still live in the past, though most accept the present and are intentionally working for the future;

2. the world is not significantly damaged, though there have been some noticeable catastrophes and shifts in society and nature and some people suffer from it, yet there is more global mutual support going on; there's a hint of feeling that the 20th century has been worse than the 21st;

3. there seems to be a greater depth of colour to reality, and many more people are experientially aware of deeper dimensions of reality;

4. there seems to have been much international movement of people, as individuals and masses, and nation-states seem to be something of a thing of the past yet not institutionally changed;

5. there are considerable hurdles to cross, yet a greater willingness to acknowledge and cross them;

6. there seems to have been a levelling-out of belief- and reality-differences and much more mutual understanding, though there are pockets of diehards who cling on to and barricade themselves into specific beliefs too, which causes some trouble but not too much;

7. it seems that some of the greatest difficulties in accepting change arise in USA, where social dissonance seems to have been strong, though some of the more radical individual world change-agents come from there also; China seems to experience quite major disorientation and mass-depression and the Islamic world seems to be going through a (by then, to them) welcome shift in perspective, belief and social practices and a lightening of social atmosphere and equity; Europe and Latin America seem to be relatively stable – Europe seems to have gone through a significant material collapse, yet this has actually helped its social atmosphere and is almost a relief (as if it was less devastating than WW2); there seems to be a power-levelling in the Americas in which Latins assist Anglo-Saxons in dealing with loss;

8. Africa and Russia seem by then to be leading areas for the development of new social initiatives and precedents; some areas of the world are triumphing in social cooperation (akin to 'war efforts') while others are languishing and 'in balance' – things seem to be very much 'in process';

9. there seems to be a greater awareness of spiritual and macrocosmic issues, yet there seems not to have been a classic showing of divine entities or ETs – it seems to be very human-oriented at that time;

10. there have been setbacks, yet they seem to be regarded philosophically and as manageable changes – there's a sense of relief at the things which could have happened and didn't;

11. many of the issues we think now are problems have become assets to the future – such as mining waste-dumps and the arrival of new species-mutations in nature – though this is not without challenges and regrets; climate has changed by noticeable degrees; mass activities such as forest-planting and settlement-rebuilding are under way in some areas;

12. humanity seems to be okay and progressing, without major loss of population (though with some tragedies).

These observations have not been systematically reviewed – they're more impressions picked up from what people have reported. So far I've run this inner journey with some 250 people in about 15 different sessions since 1992.

I would emphasise that I believe it's not advisible to conduct such progression experiments unless set up carefully by people who have good experience in regression or meditative imaging technique and group facilitation. It's important not to inject predispositions such as visionary idealism or future-paranoia if valuable results are to be obtained and if one's responsibility to participants is to be honoured. It's also important to emphasise the notion of 'possible realities' and of our capacity to actively participate in creating the future.

If this e-mail has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, send a blank email to (English only)

For more information, please review the material posted by the Global Meditation Focus Group at