Meditation Focus #151

Having Faith in Us,
Having Faith in Life,
Having Faith in Our Future


What follows is the 151st Meditation Focus suggested for the next 3 (THREE) weeks beginning Sunday, May 7, 2006.


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"In the end, each Seeker has to make the Choice to dive and trust, in a leap of cosmic faith, that the true face of Divine Reality will be revealed, just at the right moment, to show where to next set foot, to inspire the right words as we go along sharing our views, and generally to guide us exactly where we are supposed to be, based on the lessons that still need to be learned and shared in our nearly endless journey from Light to darkness and back."

— Amanumenoum - Taken from "Born To Be God" below


Entering a new era, an unprecedented time when life on Earth will be altogether immeasurably better than what has ever been known so far is both the focus of a growing number of souls dedicating their existence towards facilitating this already existing reality—from the standpoint of a Higher Cosmic Order—and the perennial promise long prophesied as the next Big Step in the spiritual evolution of all Life on Earth. Furthering this goal is fast becoming the ultimate quest and life mission of countless awakening souls orchestrating their efforts through the innerly guided promptings resulting from choices made long ago to help manifest the Great Change of Ages, in conjunction with our own planet's ascending frequencies into the Lighted Realm of the fabled Promised Land. As things now stands, and despite the long odds this may seem to be for some, victory is assured against the dark forces whose plans are fast unravelling despite their best efforts to maintain their grasp on power.

One of the key ingredients in successfully directing the tide of history towards the brighter future we are destined to experience is the power of faith in our own abilities to transcend the illusory limitations of a fading era, nurtured by the emerging awareness of our true divine nature as sons and daughters of the One Creator who brought all that is into existence. Acting in concert as soul fragments of the Immortal Being of Love, sensing the vibrant Life Force connecting us all, and radiating as One the inner Knowledge that comes with Being God, we have the Power to precipitate the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

You are hereby invited to join in unified purpose and intent at the usual globally synchronized meditation time, this Sunday and the two following ones, to assist in anchoring in every soul on Earth the keen sense of our collective ability to master all the challenges at hand, ever trusting in the stupendously resilient power of Life to make things right again for all life forms, and focalizing the radiant beacon of our unified Love towards blazing the path ahead into our imminent future of ascended perfection, for the Highest Good of All.

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i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation to the healing of the Earth as a whole. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below correspond to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT - as of April 16, 2006:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 5:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time if a nearby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.

"Spiritual evolvement of the eternal soul is the goal and core motivation of every one—even in dark souls, the spark of light that is their life force flickers with this recognition—and this truth must not be dimmed by the humanness of pessimism, even despair, about your physical world. The darkness that has been causing everything abhorrent on Earth for eons knows it has lost the battle and is pulling out. With the assistance of benevolent ET civilizations, you have brought your world to this juncture in unprecedented speed—rejoice in this and stay steadfast in the light that is recreating your homeland's Eden self. Please do not let yourselves be pulled backwards into fear about your "future," but focus on your world as you want it. You don't have conscious memory of choosing to participate in this glorious achievement, but by following your intuition and inspiration, you are contributing exactly in accordance not only with your desire, but your capability to do this!

(...) It is the light that will unify the peoples of your world and heal aching hearts and troubled minds. Think of this analogy: Imagine Earth as a dull green ball encased in a net of thick dark rope so tightly binding that barely any part of the green peeps through—that image dates back sixty or seventy years. Rid yourself of that image and see the net as loose, slender white string with some tiny dim stains scattered about, and the ball as a verdant green beginning to shimmer and rotate and much more visible—this is Earth today. Now see the ball as vibrant glistening green, turning freely within the net whose minute threads are sparkling like crystal and radiating white and golden streamers that blend with the incoming light rays. This is the paradise you are creating—Earth surrounded by a grid of Christed light and glorying in the vibrations of peace and harmony among all of her life forms. Please hold this vision in your thoughts instead of preoccupation with how and when events will unfold as they are predestined in this part of the tapestry of your eternal life."

— Matthew - Taken from his March 18, 2006 message available at

"During the transitional period from this moment into the world of love, peace and harmony that you are co-creating, all the heartache, tyranny and pain will cease, so please keep steadily envisioning that world!"

— Matthew - Taken from his April 28, 2006 message available at

"Worldwide the momentum for peace is circulating with greater intensity than ever before in any civilization on Earth, some of them so long before your recorded history that your current consciousness cannot imagine it. The spirit of wanting to live in harmony with mutual respect and to assist all who are in need, to seek new avenues of cooperation—this is the spirit that is emerging with heartfelt intent. It is coming forth within families, communities, states and provinces, countries, and the unified sentiments are based in LOVE. Love and light are the same, the essence of Creator and of God, by whatever name given, and it is the most powerful force in the universe.

All of those critical developments are abundantly evident, but there are others just as critical that are not. As the light has been intensifying, receptive people have been transformed at cellular and spiritual level, and they are the only ones who will survive physically in the higher vibrations of Earth’s pathway—people choosing to retain their dark proclivity will not. Your original DNA strains, which in antiquity were reduced and corrupted, are being restored. Souls highly evolved spiritually and intellectually have been embodying on the planet, and they will be wise and just leaders. Extraterrestrial civilizations that responded to Earth’s plea for helping her return to a state of well being will make their presence known as your “space family,” and you will recognize your Oneness with All.

We tell you this to confirm your intuitive knowledge within the universal consciousness. We tell you this as a reminder that you chose to participate in this magnificent process and we encourage you to feel your success. It is your steadfastness in the light that has enabled the benevolent changes to this point. The energy of FEELING this success pours forth to create even more abundant light and move this Grand Reformation fully into the promised Golden Age."

— Matthew (Taken from his May 7, 2004 message available at

"We are all connected as in a giant spiritual hive and we all resonate to each other. The power of human minds and hearts united around a common purpose through meditation and prayer is awesome and the more people can be harmonized around a common goal, the more powerful their collective influence on others and on unfolding world events can be. When we join in meditation, we are mere instruments for the universal Will, Love and Wisdom of God. We then act as conduits through which the very high level frequencies of the healing power of God can be stepped down to our human level and thus reach forth to all humans through the Web of Life interconnecting us all."

— Amanumenoum - Taken from

Born to Be God

Chapter 1

Every time a human being comes to life, in this world or in any other place in this universe where souls have a new opportunity to experience physical “reality”, a new cycle begins whereas a spark of God’s consciousness enters once again a body and starts afresh a new round of karmic playing towards ever greater awakening. Past threads that were uncompleted are woven into a new set of possibilities, either with the same players who have agreed prior to reincarnation to pursue unfinished evolutionary business within the same group of kindred souls, or within an entirely new context, but with always the same overarching goal: to reach ever higher on the ascending pathway from oblivious ignorance to the penultimate impersonation of Universal Divine Consciousness.

For as this book, this medium of mind to mind/heart to heart communication intends to make abundantly clear, there is just One Purpose to all that exists: coming to the deepest possible realization that we each are an integral, indissociable fragment of the One Being, The Universal Archetypal Essence, the Eternally Existent Presence, The Omniversal Source from which All That Is stems—and to which it will all eventually return.

Discovering the infinitely intricate consequences and overall meaning of this simple fact is what all sentient life is all about. It is pointless to pretend that one—anyone!—has succeeded in wrapping one’s mind around what all that means, from stars to flowers, from atoms to super universes, from the invisible realms to the most ethereal of angelic worlds. For no one can comprehend it all. But the odyssey of learning every possible shade and nuance of what conscious awareness can encompass is what makes the Universal One in us happy to Be. Being the All Seeing, sensing all that can be sensed, touching with our mind’s grasp every single aspect of experiential knowing is what makes the heart of Omniversal Creator in us throb.

We each are this Force. We each can feel its pulsing Presence in our conscience’s loins. Every song ever composed, every word ever uttered, every thought ever formed is but an expression of that same Presence, of that same Joy, of that same blissful Perfection.

Everything hinges on us becoming aware of just Who we are, of just Who everyone is, of just what All That Is really is. And to that end, a nearly infinite numbers of possibilities are offered to experience every aspect of this cornucopia of perceivable realities—a “reality” being anything that appears real to our sensing abilities. From the realm of nirvanic paradise, where we all continue our journey after living a whole existence on Earth, or anywhere else in this universe, where we rest and regenerate between the intensely challenging tests of material embodiment, and where we also learn and exercise new skills that will prove useful at some future point in the Life continuum, to all other possible realities we may encounter in our never-ending journey from blissful Oneness to mindless oblivion and back, we are constantly accruing experiences and seeking to understand WHY, to what end this all IS.

The journey is long, very long indeed, and we sometime may feel very lonely as we try to cope with the endless bombardment of sensations, emotions and perceptions that may or may not help trigger the remembrance of our true nature and of why we are here for.

Usually when one starts awakening from the slumber of material inertia, from the treacherously tempting assaults of life’s multifaceted stimulations carrying us from birth to so-called death on a treadmill of seemingly predetermined situations and circumstances, submerged into the morass of trivial trivia that encumbers most everyone’s mind and clutters the ascending pathway from ignorance to full-bloomed knowledge, and we look around for like-minded people similarly inclined to question the prevailing narrowly focused paradigm, it takes some time to figure out no one is alone on this eternal quest. But sure enough, the inner resonance of spiritual awakening attracts other like-hearted souls and we realize that more and more beings are in the process of reconnecting with their spiritual roots. Despite the uniqueness of each person’s interpretation of “reality”, there appears to be enough of a common language to be able to share with someone else what is seen from our respective vantage points, and to mutually appreciate and acknowledge the precious beauty and gifts thus commonly contemplated.

Yet for many this sense of loneliness is an endearing myth that proves hard to dispel. The deeply ingrained habit of carrying on an endless inner dialogue both nurtures the illusion of being the sole witness of our every day, moment by moment, happenings, and perpetuates the disconnection from All That Is around and within our individual bubble of awareness.

In fact, the pervasive sense of being cut off from everything else starts the very moment our umbilical cord is separated from our mother’s womb. From this instant on, we are led to believe that none of what constitutes human embodiment has anything to do with the magnificently soothing feeling of oneness we experience between incarnations and, to a lesser degree, while we are still connected to our mother’s physical and psychic bodies. From that point on, in each new sojourn in physical reality, we unconsciously crave and long to reconnect our shattered persona back into the cosmic womb where all is felt as One. It is like an ever echoing sensation of Something Primordial that is hurtfully amiss which, even if deeply buried within the psyche of each human, continuously tries to remind us that our separation, our individualization is a mere figment of our collective imagination, and that we ought to find a way back to where the hurt of disconnection is no more.

This inner drive to reestablish the link with Omniversal Source is precisely what propels every single human relationship, from the bond between mother and child to the everlasting love that sometimes develops between two—or more—human beings.

Whether we like it or not, we are forever moved to embrace our spiritual side and trace our way back until we somehow succeed, at some point in the Life Continuum, to fully reconnect with the Source of our very existence, that still small voice within, that place of all Knowingness which knows infinitely much better than what our limited grasp of things usually allows. The very process of walking the path towards rediscovering that pervading sense of blissful Oneness we intuitively remember from the time we were not yet separated from the Source of all is in itself a most joyful experience.

The quest for true happiness, that seemingly unattainable goal, is initiated the moment we separate from the Cosmic Womb, when for the first time we experience individuated thoughts, feelings and consciousness. It is for this return back to the great undivided sense of bliss that we ceaselessly strive throughout all our lives, until we finally remember our way back to Oneness Love, Absolute Perfection and Eternal Serendipity.

Being on this long, infinitely long journey which began so long ago that we invariably forget we have ever embarked upon such an odyssey, we try our best to find some measure of contentment through whatever keeps us interested, captivated, even entranced long enough to forget the missing element to our happiness. We are led through the stimulating influence of our environment—family, school, work-related, volunteered or not—to undertake all kinds of activities and projects that for a time fill our life and offer us a modicum of satisfaction. Through our many relationships with other humans, with preferred animals, even with Nature in all its infinitely diverse forms of expression, we create bonds, enjoy wonderful moments of joy and succeed in most part to alleviate the nagging sense of being alone in our own bubble of consciousness.

For most people, these fleeting moments of shared intimacy along with vague remembrances of being part of a Greater Whole experienced in their dream state is all they will ever know of their true cosmic nature as fragments of the Universal Being who manifests Its Presence in and through all that is. Yet there is now an ever growing number of souls in incarnation who catch increasingly clearer glimpses, while awake, of why they are here and how they can access, while in embodiment, states of consciousness and blissfulness during which they reconnect, through high vibrational resonance, with the Omniversal Force that had been dormant within them ever since they took their first breath. This book is dedicated to those blessed souls who are reaching in to reconnect with their divine essence and rekindle their innate sense of belonging to the One from Whom everything emanates. Through exemplifying how these way-showers manage to open their treasure throve of ecstatic resonance that is embedded within the very fabric of their soul, acting like a holographic crystal of the Greater Whole, this written medium may indeed serve as a reminder of the glories that are everyone’s birthright once the vibrational shift in consciousness has been activated.

And that’s all it may do. Spiritual cognizance of one’s own true nature cannot be taught. It can only be experienced and thus remembered. Reading about it may perhaps trigger a recognition of something similar previously experienced, a sudden dawning of an already felt revelation, like an echo restimulating a preexisting knowledge of one’s greatness still reverberating deep within despite aeons of slumbering forgetfulness; vicariously exploring through thoughts and concepts encoding in a written language the evocative offerings of another soul may help sustain one’s own quest for higher knowledge and deeper sensory activation of Oneness Consciousness; but in the end, each Seeker has to make the Choice to dive and trust, in a leap of cosmic faith, that the true face of Divine Reality will be revealed, just at the right moment, to show where to next set foot, to inspire the right words as we go along sharing our views, and generally to guide us exactly where we are supposed to be, based on the lessons that still need to be learned and shared in our nearly endless journey from Light to darkness and back.

Activating Sentient Knowledge

There is an old saying that goes like this: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” What this means is that when a soul is actively seeking the path to spiritual remembrance of one’s inner, intuitively felt knowledge in relation to any subject under consideration, as soon as that soul properly attune to the right inner attitude of unquestioned faith in one’s own “veritas absolutis”, then, as if by magic, the needed answer—whether it is a better grasp of anything observed, or simply a keener sense of direction regarding what, where, how and when our next step, metaphorically speaking, should be—spontaneously comes to mind, illuminating like a powerful beacon what we’ve known all along, but forgot we knew.

Getting to the point where we are able and unreservedly willing to surrender to our divinely inspired higher knowledge is, for most people, the tricky part, since we are usually convinced we know better and don’t need any kind of assistance. And yet, we do it all the time, but just don’t recognize it as such. Anytime you open your mouth to express a thought, you surrender to that which in you knows how to move your lips, tongue, vocal chords and lungs in perfect harmony to project sounds that others will translate through their own auditory apparatus and skills learned over years of experience to decipher those sounds into meaningful sentences, more or less representing the thoughts you initially wished to convey. You also surrender to your finely tuned sense of balance anytime you undertake a physical activity that involves synchronously moving thousands of muscles, small and large, to do something as simple as walking on a straight line, or as complex as surfing a wave on a slippery board.

Imagine the level of trust and surrender in one’s own balancing abilities a tightrope walker must achieve to avoid falling to an almost certain death in some cases. Now imagine the same level of trust applied to returning to that self-sentient place within you where you can tune into Universal Divine Consciousness, of which you are a holographic fragment, and tap into this infinite Source of all knowledge to extract effortlessly whatever information you may need at any point in time.

First, you don’t even begin to question what then comes to mind, for any such questioning, however well intended it may be, introduces an element of doubt. You simply take at face value the nascent thought and the accompanying first few words that spring to mind, seemingly from nowhere, and allow these forming ideas, endowed with corresponding feelings, images and sensations to guide your attention to wherever they may lead, relaxing all along in the well trodden path—once you’ve walked it often enough to know it always lead you exactly where you are supposed to be—that threads from the awareness of something that needs to be rediscovered/remembered/reactivated, to the unshakeable bedrock of a realization now and again fully exposed to your sentient awareness.

Now, once you got a clear enough glimpse of what it is you had to be appraised of, whether it is a life-saving information—say, a warning about an imminent danger that if you are trusting and wise enough to heed will indeed prevent you from being hurt of killed—or simply an inspiring thought that will make you more buoyant, or make more fun whatever it is you are doing, you can then come back to a more analytical state of mind and assess the value of what was communicated to you through your permanent link with your higher Self.

But if you are to successfully tap deep into your well of inner knowledge, you have to learn to resist the urge to start pondering or mentally reacting to the initial thread of thoughts or images springing to your attention, either tentatively if these are your first steps on this path, or possibly very strongly, depending on your experience at this, along with an array of supportive emotional and psychic feelings surging throughout your whole body to confirm the truthful validity of what is being conveyed to you. Indeed, if you allow too much of your intellectual mind to move into a scrutinizing stance, it will instantly blur your spiritual vision and you may then loose track of the guiding thread thrown at you as a lifeline by your higher Source of Knowledge to show you the way ahead in your journey of self-discovery.

It is precisely through this same process that this book is being written, just following the thread of ideas wherever they may lead, without any actual plan as to its content, except for a general intent of allowing the intuitive guidance of the holder of the pen—the so-called “author”—to express his innate knowledge born of literally lifetimes of experience at this, for the benefit of those you may find an interest in these writings.

Likewise, when a musician endowed with a finely tuned talent at composing music, follows his inner muse and brings forth to this plane of existence a perfectly balanced work of art, he is not in any way the sole originator of his musical creation, as his Source is the same as that which guides every possible creation in this universe. Whenever one creates something that has never existed before, to the knowledge of the creator, one then automatically takes part into the same creative process that has taken place since the very first moment when that manifesting abilities of the Universal Creator has started—if there ever was a starting point!—making All That Is out of the Omnipotent Nothingness. In that sense, and to a considerably lesser degree, we each partake of the same creational urge that has been the originating ferment throughout all times and at the basis of all creations as expressed by the Universal Being, the supremely mysterious and yet all too familiar Presence that writes these words right now, as well as read them through your own eyes, right now, in the ever present time continuum that stretches from infinite past to infinite future, but is ever accessible from the Universal Holographic Matrix at any nano-point in time, each infinitesimal segment of which is always in perfect synchronous coexistence with all others—which is why the human perception of time has no basis in Universal reality.

Likewise, just as humanity’s embryonic perception of the true nature of time, the generally acknowledged consensual understanding of the true nature of God, of the Supreme Being who created all that exists, is far from the truth as seen from the perspective of one who has started grasping the awe-inspiring magnitude of this magnificent and yet so simple Reality. A topic so often relegated to the boring indoctrination of believers fed with dogmatic scriptures devoid of any vibrancy and mainly designed to enslave souls under the pretence of liberating them from ignorance, the subject of discovering and truly understanding who and what God is rarely gets the attention it deserves, for if people were to really grasp how central this question is to achieving complete happiness, they would pay far more attention to it.

(To be continued...)

4. Global Ascension Meditation

On May 25th, 2006 at 7 pm GMT / 3 pm EDT (New York)

Now is the time to become again fully aware of our true power of creation and truly live the love and the light, the divine essence of who we really are. Only thereby we experience the ascension into light, the way back to oneness and the creation of the New Age or Heaven on Earth.

The following meditation exercise came forth as a support for the process of ascension. You can do it any time whenever you feel like it. You can do this alone or together in groups. You have all the choices available which cosmos presents to you.

To strengthen the morphic field of ascension we invite you to do this meditation together with other lightworkers worldwide on a special day at a special time. For this purpose we ask all lightworkers to join us in this meditation on Ascension Day, May 25th, 2006 at 7 pm GMT / 3 pm EDT (New York)

and thereby support the ascension into light and the realization of the New Age. We would be very happy if as many people as possible join us in this meditation.


The Meditation

(Everybody starts to get into the meditation in his/her own way)

We open us to the cosmic energy. With our breathing white golden divine light is flowing into us. The light is streaming in every cell of our body. We are glowing in this light and we feel safe and secure.

Then we connect with our planet, Gaia. We let the light in us stream into Earth, deep inside her and see it anchor in the crystalline core in the center of the planet.

In this light we are one with the cosmos and the earth, ONE with us and with ALL THAT IS.

We feel our breath streaming through our body. We open our heart and direct our awareness into the middle of our heart. We connect with our inner light, our inner Christ-power, the divine source in us. Love, Power and Peace is streaming through our hearts and fulfills us completely.

We ARE in our divine presence.
We ARE completely in our truth.
We ARE unconditional love.
We ARE a manifestation of the divine on earth.

(Hold the energies for one moment)

The divine power who we ARE in our heart fills our whole being. The divine power expands around us and connects with the energies of the other physical or etherical beings in this room.

The divine power is expanding - into the house, the place, the city. This power in us expands into the whole country and into the continent and unites with all other divine energies on the surface of Earth to ONE light, to ONE power, to ONE beaming grid of love and peace.

Our united divine power is streaming deep into the earth, into the crystalline core of the planet. There we anchor our energies and from there they flow back to the surface in powerful rays of light - and out into our solar system, into universe, filling all levels of the cosmos, penetrating ALL THAT IS.

(Hold the vision for one moment)

Everything now is light, everything now is love, everything now is peace, in ourselves and all around us.

We are back home again, at home in god, at home in ourselves. We have come back into the oneness of creation. Back to the paradise which we once left to experience ourselves, to become human beings.

We now realize who we really are: Ascended Masters in the Consciousness of Light, divine love and universal peace.

In the consciousness of our divine presence we create the New Earth. With our light and with the power of love in ourselves, we create the presence of the divine here on earth. A world full of peace, attentiveness and compassion.

This creation is awakening now. It is awakening in us, in our hearts. And through us it will awaken in this world. Humanity knows its divine potential and is finding its true nature of human beingness. The cosmic plan, the ascension into light, completes itself.

(Hold the vision for one moment)

With our consciousness we come back to the place of our physical body. We become aware once again where we are.

We take a few deep breaths and come back completely into the Here and Now. Back into our own deeply felt truth.

(End of Meditation)

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"With all the tribulations ahead of us, it is indeed vital to somehow, by way of encouragement and a positive, sustained focus on the Golden Pot of hope - the new global Golden Era of peace, harmony and spiritual enlightenment - at the end of the Tunnel of Karmic Litmus Test and soul-forming and proofing trials, foster an ever greater sense of spiritual empowerment that will enable the sleeper souls to accomplish their cosmic duties in earnest and manifest through our "continued intense focus FOR peace, love, harmony, justice, fairness, equity of resources allocation, and the like" the Grand Spiritual Awakening that will transform our struggling world and dimmed existence into a colossal explosion of joy and restore global harmony everywhere."

— Amanumenoum - Taken from

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