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+ Suggestion to extend for one more week the Meditation Focus
on the situation in Kashmir

Web posted on August 11 for the 2 consecutive weeks beginning Sunday August 13


What follows is the fifteenth Meditation Focus suggested by the Global Meditation Focus Group for the 2 consecutive weeks beginning Sunday August 13.


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In the Horn of Africa the lives of over 20 million people are reported to be at risk because of food shortages caused primarily by drought and compounded by deep poverty and war. In north-eastern India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, flash floods and landslides have left 300 people dead and several million homeless and in need of food and medical help, with more heavy rains forecast. In the United States, wildfires raging across eleven states - the worst in fifty years - have brought the total devastation there this year to four million acres of land, and like similar fires recently in Spain, Indonesia, Russia, China, and the Amazon, are fuelled by drought conditions.

Where they are not a natural unfolding of the Earth's own processes and evolutionary cycle, or a response to solar cycles, the above situations seem to represent the effect of a disruption to the planetary ecosystem and energy field by the disharmonious thoughts, feelings, and actions of humans. The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently stated that human activities have begun to modify global climate, and that the anticipated rate of warming over the coming years will be "greater than any seen in the past 10,000 years". Such changes, caused to a large extent by pollution and deforestation, are believed to result in greater drought and flooding.

Please hold in your heart and mind a vision of the Earth's climate and weather patterns being restored to their perfect divine state for this present time, as known to and defined by Spirit, recognising at the same time that some climate and weather patterns may be part of the Earth's own natural changes, and of humanity's spiritual evolution. Hold a vision, as guided by Spirit, of a global awareness and healing of those thoughts, emotions, and actions that adversely affect the Earth's climate, so that as a global family we recognise and honour the sacred web of life on Earth. Where life is currently suffering in response to the extreme weather conditions, may relief be provided through our open hearts, and through the healing energies of Spirit. May love, wisdom, and harmony prevail, for the highest good of all.


i) Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes with a special Earth Healing Focus in the last few minutes.

ii) Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below are currently corresponding to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT: Honolulu 06:00 -- Los Angeles 09:00 -- Denver & San Salvador 10:00 -- Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 11:00 -- New York, Toronto, Montreal, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 -- Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 13:00 -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 16:00 -- London, Algiers & Lagos 17:00 -- Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Johannesburg & Madrid 18:00 -- Athens, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Nairobi & Istanbul 19:00 -- Moscow & Baghdad 20:00 -- Tehran 20:30 -- Islamabad 21:00 -- Calcutta & New Delhi 21:30 -- Dhaka 22:00 -- Rangoon 22:30 -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 23:00 -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur 00:00+ -- Seoul & Tokyo 01:00+ -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne 02:00+ -- Wellington 04:00+

(+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time)


This section is for those who wish to understand in more detail the situation of this week's Meditation Focus. For those who wish to read on, we would encourage you to view the following information from a positive perspective, and not allow the details to tinge the positive vision you wish to hold in meditation. Since what we focus on grows, the more positive our mindset, the more successful we will be in manifesting a vision of healing. We provide the details below because we recognise that the knowledge of what needs healing can assist us to stucture our awareness to maximise our healing effect.

i) Three Global Crises To Consider

a) The lives of over 20 million people in the Horn of Africa are reported to be at risk because of food shortages. The immediate cause of the problem is a three-year drought, but it is compounded by deep poverty and war. Kenya appears to be the hardest hit by drought at present.

b) In India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, nearly 300 people have died in flash floods and landslides, with millions of people left homeless. The floods were triggered by heavy monsoon rains, which caused the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries to burst their banks. With more heavy rains forecast, there are fears the numbers could rise. Some food aid is getting through, but many survivors are reported to be going down with fever and diarrhoea because of the lack of clean drinking water and medicines. This is the second flood disaster in east India in two years; last year 30,000 people died after a massive cyclone hit the east Indian state of Orissa. Apart from one or two islands, north-east India is the wettest place on Earth.

c) U.S. officials say brush fires raging across eleven western states are the worst in 50 years. There have been more than 60,000 fires so far this year, devastating nearly four million acres of land. The U.S. National Interagency Fire Centre says that 66 large fires are still raging, affecting over 866,000 acres. Many fires in Idaho and Montana, the worst affected areas, are forecast to burn until the snow season.


ii) The Ecological Background

Human activity has been increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (mostly carbon dioxide from combustion of coal, oil, and gas), which trap heat and raise temperatures. Clearing land for urban development and agriculture also adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere; most of these emissions are thought to come from tropical forests, although the northern boreal forest may already be increasing its contribution. A warmer atmosphere alters most climatic parameters, including increasing evaporation and rainfall around the planet (a warm atmosphere holds more water), and altering ocean circulation patterns.

According to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global surface temperatures have increased about one degree Fahrenheit (0.3 to 0.6°C) since the late nineteenth century, and about one half degree Fahrenheit (0.2 to 0.3°C) over the past forty years. It projects that global warming could raise worldwide average temperatures as much as 6 degrees Fahrenheit in the next 100 years. That would be a rise faster than any other experienced during the last 10,000 years. The world's biggest greenhouse gas emitter is the United States.

There are viable alternatives to fossil fuel. However, the world's rich, influential fossil fuel industry have consistently tried to undermine political action on climate change.

The drought in Africa is due to cooler sea temperatures in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which have lowered rainfalls in the Horn of Africa region. As the population has increased, the land has been divided up into ever smaller parcels. The soil has become more overworked, leading to weaker yields. Without forestland pumping water into an area's atmosphere, there is little moisture released into the air to condense into clouds and to then fall again as rain. The result is that just downwind of the place that was once forest, the rains no longer fall and desertification begins. This has happened over much of north and eastern Africa, leading to massive famines as the rains stop, crops fail, the topsoil is then blown away, and what is left is desert.

Boreal forests require disturbances such as fires for natural reproduction and rejuvenation. However, climate change is likely to dramatically accelerate the intensity and frequency of fires, which are more common during warm, dry weather, resulting in the release of more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Climatic changes will have the greatest impact on boreal forests, as they are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than temperate or even tropical forests. If climate change is left unchecked, it is thought that over half of the existing boreal forest and its species may disappear in the next 50 years. Canadian forest fires have clearly been increasing in area burned, with the three highest recorded years this century being 1989, 1995, and 1994.

Forests have several major functions. Most importantly they help to regulate the Earth's climate and are home for millions of indigenous peoples, animals and plants. Forests influence the global climate most notably by taking in carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases, and moving water from the soil to the atmosphere. Deforestation and forest fires increase soil erosion (topsoil is normally held in place by vegetation) and make slopes less stable, making landslides more likely.

Source ts/forests.html

iii) The Spiritual Background

The interconnectedness of the planetary ecosystem is a reminder of our spiritual interconnectedness with all things. When we see the planetary ecosystem going out of balance or starting to break down, we are being given a very clear physical message about what happens when we close our consciousness to our spiritual interconnectivity with all things. Part of the service that the animal and vegetable kingdoms are performing is to act as a reminder to us about who we really are.

The massive pollution and deforestation (75% of original rainforests have been destroyed) that we humans cause show that our economic system is out of control. Climate change is therefore an indicator that we have not yet learnt how to honour and work with the resources and energy that comprise our economy and Earthly existence. We therefore need to rethink our relationship with each other and the Earth, from which these resources and this energy are derived. When we are motivated primarily by short-term economic growth and personal gain, we will never act in our wider, long-term interests. A broader, enlightened self-interest needs to be established, based upon the foundation of our universal self, or spiritual identity with All That Is.

Some alternative researchers claim that advanced technology is secretly being used to manipulate global weather patterns. The Global Meditation Focus Group does not, however, have proof of this.

Finally, it is quite probable that the weather and climate of Planet Earth are a reflection of our inner weather and climate. The stress, depression, fear, and violence that humans produce collectively will have their own vibratory effects upon the energy field of the Earth, which we suspect will in turn manifest as extreme weather conditions or climate change. So clearing up our psychic litter and attending to our own spiritual and emotional growth will be a priority.

As also expressed in the spiritual perspective we emailed yesterday, "The planetary conditions we see before us are a mirror of our own inner state." If you have not read this Spiritual Nugget #1 yet, we recommend it to your attention. It is posted at

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