Meditation Focus #129

Celebrating Our Growing Oneness In Service to The Light


What follows is the 129th Meditation Focus suggested for the next 2 weeks beginning Sunday, April 17, 2005.


1. Summary
2. Meditation times
3. More information related to this Meditation Focus
4. Suggestions, feedbacks and contributions are welcomed.


Please note also that the Festival of the Wesak, the second of the three major spiritual planetary festivals, taking place on the full moon in Taurus, occurs on Sunday, April 24 at 3:06 am PDT (10:06 UT) - Details at and


As of this coming April 28, five years will have passed since the first Meditation Focus was issued on April 28, 2000 , five years during which what started as a vision born from a profoundly stunning dream, gradually became an important instrument to both stimulate greater participation of meditators around the world in ongoing globally synchronized weekly meditations, and to foster greater unity among Lightbearers towards effecting, from the spiritual dimension of Life, changes — individually and globally — that are meant to be conducive to the Highest Good of All. During those years, thousands of people and countless other souls assisting from higher realms of existence in our global evolutionary processes have rallied in common purpose and heightened vibrational harmonization to help fulfill the Grand Design of the Universal Creator Being for our earthly field of experiential learning.

The spiritual Heart Beat of humanity has thus been gradually quickened to enable greater and more sustained awakening in everyone's hearts and minds as to the ineffable beauty of our living planet, the indissociable unity of All That Is, and the pressing need to co-create more harmonious relationships within our global human family and with the sacred Web of Life both nurturing and protecting us all. The challenges thus fruitfully faced so far are difficult to measure from a limited human standpoint for only through the prescient knowledge of universal consciousness can the differing pathways of experience that could have ensued without this stepping down of cosmic energies of changes be asserted and understood. Yet there is no need to grasp such other scenarios of planetary evolution for this spiritual work is and should always be done from a place of complete detachment concerning the results of our spiritual service to the Light that guides each participant as a homing beacon towards the Source from which all emanates.

To properly mark and celebrate this important milestone in our collective progress towards ever higher realizations of our infinite potential for divine goodness, unconditional love and unfathomable peace, please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming three weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following two Sundays, to energize an ever greater sense of oneness permeating all spheres of existence and every single Life form, whether physical or ethereal, thus enabling the inner grace and beauty inherent to all sentient beings to flourish and helping everyone to transcend the limitations that have prevented so far billions of our brothers and sisters to see for themselves the glory of perfection that is within and all around us. Let us join our souls in a communion of scintillating stars to accompany all beings towards rediscovering and remembering Who They Are, for the Highest Good of All.

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"We are all connected in and through one body of love...

The power of our minds united around our knowing this is awesome...

We have no other wish for this power than to radiate it (be radiant with it), in service to the universal One Being of love, wisdom and truth (through whom and in whom we have our being)...

A glorious outcome for the highest good is assured...

Our role as Lightbearers is to serve that outcome by allowing ourselves to be conduits and stepping down transformers through whom the very high level frequencies of the healing power of the Creator Being are brought down to Earth...

As such we are each and every one of us a living prayer for the Earth to be made heavenly..."

- Boudewijn Wegerif 1936 - 2004


i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes. Please dedicate the last few minutes of your Sunday meditation BOTH to the healing of the Earth as a whole and to reiterate our willingness and desire - if we so choose - to receive assistance from our space family in order to help set things on a path towards a new era of global peace, love and harmony for all. See the Earth as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our underlying unity with All That Is.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below will correspond, this Sunday April 3, to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage * 8:00 AM -- Los Angeles * 9:00 AM -- Mexico City, San Salvador & Denver * 10:00 AM -- Houston * & Chicago * 11:00 AM -- Santo Domingo, La Paz, Caracas, New York *, Toronto *. Montreal *, Asuncion & Santiago 12:00 AM -- Halifax *, Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo 1:00 PM -- Reykjavik & Casablanca 4 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, London *, Dublin * & Lisbon * 5:00 PM -- Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Geneva *, Rome *, Berlin *, Paris * & Madrid * 6:00 PM -- Ankara *, Athens *, Helsinki * & Istanbul * & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Baghdad *, Moscow * 8:00 PM -- Tehran * 8:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 PM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington +4:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.

You may also check at to find your corresponding local time for tomorrow if a nearby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


1. Draft proposal which led to the creation of the Global Meditation Focus Group
2. Proposal for the creation of a Peace Meditation Focus Group (Final Draft)
3. Meditation is as sunlight upon the Unified Field
4. Finding the Mother in Each of Us

The history of the co-creation of the Focus Group is available through several links at the bottom of

1. Draft proposal which led to the creation of the Global Meditation Focus Group

Sent: March 17, 2000


(...) One last thing. I mentioned to you a dream I made this week. It left a powerful impression on me as dreams sometimes do and was instrumental in having me focusing the needed time to prepare this proposal below. So here it is for your consideration.

The first picture I remember is that of the mushroom of a nuclear explosion seen from afar in a generally white environment. It was frozen in action. Then with a switch of perception that felt like quickly going earlier on the timeline, before the occurrence of this event, I felt I had something in my hands, a kind of instrument that if used properly, was enabling me/us (there was a sense of collectively doing something to mitigate this potential outcome) to change things at the source and thus set the stage for a better scenario in the future. A quick glide into the future after this shown me a world still alive, but the air was gray with the soot of pollution. Following another quick jump in the past and another use of the “instrument”, I came back in the future to see the results, and this time the air was perfectly clear and the ambiance light and serene. I then suddenly woke up in the middle of my sleep and made sure to impress myself enough with the memory of this dream to have a conscious remembrance of it after my “night” of sleep.

The conclusion I drew from this dream is that we definitely have the power in our hands -- and hearts -- to affect the future of this world beyond our wildest imaginings. This is something we urgently need to learn and to wisely use. This is at the heart of our current evolutionary process. And this is not something that anyone of us can do alone...

We ought to see past our individual limitations, whatever they may be, to co-create and co-conceive the necessary conditions for achieving the incredible potential for Good and of Love still mostly lying dormant in us. We owe it to our children and literally to ourselves for *we are the ones* who will eventually come back in this future to reap the consequences, positive or negative, of what we will achieve -- or fail to achieve -- today.

One in the Light of God




In drafting this proposal, the author is responding to the best of his abilities to the inner Source of guidance prompting him to co-create with other interested parties a mechanism allowing for an optimal use of both the powerful spiritual resources and experience of Lightworkers throughout the world and of the ability for instant communication and mass broadcasting of information provided today by the global Internet network. For a number of years, he has participated with others to the gradual interconnecting of people walking onto a divinely guided spiritual path and has fostered, through networking numerous global meditation events, the emerging sense that we do indeed form a spiritual community encompassing all awakening humans around the entire planet. His role in this regard has always been self-effacing, putting aside any pretence of being the actual author of his work, fully aware that the words forming through his mind always came from a higher Source and an infinitely larger and wiser perspective than his limited ability to perceive things could ever allow him to grasp. This proposal is put forward in the same manner and it is hoped that others who will consider it will strive to approach it from the same perspective and allow the same higher Source to guide them in their response to it.

Context of this proposal

For a number of years, people from all walks of life have been participating in ever larger numbers to the various facets of the emerging New Consciousness evolutionary movement, also called the Aquarian Age or the New Age, pointing to the spiritual renaissance of humanity as a whole. The various forms and expressions of this movement are too numerous to be exhaustively and accurately listed by anyone today. Suffice it to say that there is hardly a single aspect of human life that has not been affected in some way by the inner resonance of this New Consciousness and the inherent values of this movement as it gathered momentum and force in the human collective psyche and in the outer world of human affairs. As we can all intuitively sense when correctly attuned to the inner guidance that has been playing an ever greater role in an ever growing number of people, none of this has happened by mere coincidence or chance. It can been perceived and described as the result of an ever growing influx of intelligent Life Forces serving the aims of a Divine Plan conceived for the express purpose of assisting all souls in incarnation towards fulfilling their ultimate destiny, which is remembering their divine origin and nature, shifting their entire existence towards assisting others in realizing a similar awakening and eventually reunifying within the Source of All That Is in a supreme embrace of their true and eternal Nature.

The true purpose of this initiative can therefore be described as devising a flexible and neutral means through which the convergence of the inner guidance of Lightworkers throughout the world can be better achieved with the immediate objectives of the Divine Plan for this period of our collective evolution. As each person participating to a globally synchronized meditation may have already experienced, the sense of channelling in unison with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of other people the Power-filled vibrations of Peace and Love towards all humans and all life forms on Earth is a life-changing and profoundly sacred experience. For a few moments, one forgets everything about the ephemeral circumstances of everyday life to merge thoroughly and without any residual sense of separation into the all encompassing vibrations of Unity and God-beingness to radiate, as an ultra-high multidirectional beam of energy, the scintillating Light of Love arising in those awe-filled moments from the deepest recesses of our Divine Self. Pearls of bliss form in our eyes and roll down our smiling face as we let It Be — as we express the Power of the stars condensed in human form towards all awakening brothers and sisters of our extended human family on our home planet, reaching out to them with the Knowledge that one day, soon, Peace, Love and Harmony shall prevail on Earth.

To enable and encourage ever more people to share in a similar experience on a regular basis and thus catalyze the manifestation of this Divine Plan for planet Earth, it is natural that one would conceive the notion of creating a vessel through which a coordination of the activities and meditations of interested Lightworkers could be achieved. Such a vessel already exists in its embryonic stage right now under the name of the Planetary Awakening Network whose formation and expansion have been facilitated mainly by Michael Lightweaver with the assistance of other interested parties. The idea of creating a Governing and Guidance Council for this network has come forward a few weeks ago and is now in the process of being introduced to all the participating members of this loosely connected group of people to see if there is any interest and support for such a system that would better facilitate and coordinate everyone’s energies and abilities to further enhance the positive action Lightworkers already exercises within humanity’s collective consciousness.

Notwithstanding how this idea will be presented and how it will evolve as others will gradually offer their constructive perspective in response, there are 3 obvious facts that need to be remembered when considering this project:

1) We are all connected as in a giant spiritual hive and we can all resonate to
one another as demonstrated during the collective outpouring of grief that follow the death of world-renowned and beloved personalities such as Princess Diana for instance.

2) The power of human minds united and synchronized around a common purpose through meditation and prayerful intent is awesome and the more people can be harmonized around a common goal, the more powerful their collective influence on others and on unfolding world events can be.

3) When joined in meditation, we are mere instruments for the universal One Will, Love and Wisdom of God. We then act as conduits through which the very high level frequencies of the healing and transformative Power of God can be stepped down to the human level and so reach out to all humans through the Web of Life interconnecting us all.

All those trained enough to serve in meditation as tools in the hands of God and channels for the almost magical power of Love have felt deep within what these 3 realities can mean at the human level.

Now the question is: What can be done to further increase our collective efficiency in assisting the Power of God within us all into creating the best conditions on Earth and so hasten the spiritual evolution of all Life?

The simplest suggestion that may first come to mind is to encourage every awakening human to dedicate at least once a day a few minutes of their time, at the top of the hour of any hour of their choosing and preference, to close their eyes, open their heart and connect with the worldwide web of other people likewise meditating at the top of their local hour, and to let the Power of Love uplift their consciousness and use them as channels to further enhance the resonance of this vibration of Love in everyone’s minds and hearts. Thus, wherever you are and whenever you choose or feel prompted to do so, you will know and may sense that countless others are joining just like you into a Golden Moment of At-Onement with Life and in so doing, catalyze the awakening of humanity to our divine nature, foster a peaceful and swift resolution of any existing conflict and help reorient the bulk of human priorities towards satisfying the basic survival and evolutionary needs of every child, woman and men on Earth.

Then, in addition to this regular practise that will both accelerate the spiritual awakening of every participant and help generate a global atmosphere of peaceful understanding and loving compassion towards all humans and the millions of life forms inhabiting this world with us, we can also consider the possibility of joining all together once a week, every Sunday at noon local time, for the purpose of facilitating the peaceful resolution of potential or existing conflicts that could severely hamper the spiritual evolution of people in any given area of the world and possibly degenerate into open wars. To help set the main focus (or foci) of each of those weekly global meditations, a council of wise persons, either the Governing and Guidance Council suggested for the Planetary Awakening Network or a different group if such a PAN council is not established, could take on itself to establish a set of simple, clear and yet flexible criteria guiding it in selecting which situation(s) warrant(s) some urgent collective healing attention and issue once a week, every Friday, the suggested list of places and problems requiring such attention.

Anyone would be welcomed to submit issues and situations that are deemed urgent and critical enough to necessitate a global focus of healing, peaceful and love-filled energies. This council would need to be small enough (possibly 7 people) to be able to quickly and efficiently select each weekly list of situations requiring a spiritual ministration of such vibrations. The council should be as balanced as possible, its members representing as diverse a range of viewpoints as possible. The council would also be attentive to not set upon itself to select from a purely intellectual perspective what the most pressing issues are, its member pledging from the start to act, as best as can reasonably be expected, as living instruments of the Will of God and thus always striving to check within if there is any intuitive “red flag” as to the appropriateness of selecting any proposed situation as a priority for everyone. The council members would make sure the wording chosen and complexion given when suggesting an issue in the weekly Top Priority list are general enough to avoid tinging the ultimate preferred outcome with preconceived ideas and judgements as to what it should be, respecting in this the free will of the humans involved, the karmic requirements which no one can properly assess but the Lords of Karma themselves and the ultimate Will of God.

“May the highest possible good of every being involved be achieved” could be the permanent motto and overall focus of all issues marked for each weekly collective meditation.

Finally, let us add that nothing in this proposal should be seen as precluding or preventing any other group or person to submit directly to others in the Planetary Awakening Network, or through any other medium, any of the many meditation rendez-vous that are regularly proposed on the occasion of significant planetary alignments or other important dates in our yearly calendar.

The work of this council, if established with clearly defined and workable parameters yet to be adopted, could prove to be a welcome addition to the existing tools we have to facilitate and ease the transition towards a New World and a New Era for all life on Earth. It could greatly maximize the already considerable potential for Good and loving compassion in action and gradually help transform the scattered lights of individual healing efforts into a more harmoniously attuned Web of Love encompassing and connected into the entire planetary being. And, above all, it could serve as a finely tuned and highly responsive instrument to further assist in manifesting the Divine Plan on Earth.


To view the numerous feedbacks to this first draft, please go at



Proposal for the creation of a Peace Meditation Focus Group

The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate a greater cooperation and synchronization between those who work or wish to work for peace and healing on Earth through meditation and other consciousness-raising techniques. There are already a number of extensive networks dedicated to this aim, such as the Planetary Awakening Network with which we intend to work.

To further this aim we are putting forward a proposal for the formation of a core group (the "Peace Meditation Focus Group)" to better coordinate the efforts of everyone interested. By doing so we believe that we will be providing the means for a greater degree of order to emerge from what sometimes seems to be an unfocused and - to some extent - individualistic movement of people, and thereby increase the power and resonance of our collective healing intent.

This project is based upon the following three ideas and principles:

i) We are all interconnected and we can all resonate to one another as many have experienced during previous global meditations.

ii) The whole is greater than the mere sum of its parts. The more our minds and hearts are united around a common purpose through synchronized meditation and intent, the more powerful is our collective effect.

iii) In meditation we become receptive to our essential unity with All That is, and by so doing can act as channels for the further reception of this spiritual awareness and its unlimited love, wisdom, and power into the collective consciousness. This is particularly so when we are joined with each other in meditation and are allowing the powerful effect of this collective awareness to radiate out to all life.

Suggestions for the Project

1. The Golden Moment of At-Onement

The simplest suggestion that may first come to mind is to encourage everyone to dedicate at least once a day a few minutes of their time, at any hour, to closing their eyes, opening their heart, and connecting with the worldwide web of meditators, and to let the power of universal love uplift their consciousness and enhance the resonance of this vibration of love within all. Thus, wherever you are, and whenever you participate, you will know and may sense that countless others are experiencing, just like you, a moment of At-Onement with Life, and in so doing, are helping to catalyze the spiritual awakening within humanity that will enable the peaceful resolution of conflicts to be reached and the reorientation of human priorities towards satisfying the basic survival and evolutionary needs of all on Earth.

2. The Global Peace Day

In addition to this regular practise that will both accelerate the spiritual awakening of every participant and help generate a global atmosphere of peace and compassion towards all life, we can also consider the possibility of uniting once a week, every Sunday at noon local time, for the purpose of facilitating the peaceful resolution of potential or existing conflicts in the world.

To help set the main focus (or foci) of each of those weekly global meditations, we propose that a core group of persons agrees to establish a set of simple, clear and flexible criteria that will guide the selection of the situation(s) that warrant some urgent collective healing attention, and, on every Friday, issue the suggested list of places and problems requiring such attention.

Anyone would be welcome to submit to the core group issues and situations that are deemed urgent and critical enough to necessitate a global focus of healing, peaceful and love-filled energies.

The core group would need to be small enough (possibly 7 people) to be able to quickly and efficiently select each weekly list of situations requiring our attention. The core group should be as balanced as possible, its members representing as diverse a range of viewpoints as possible. The core group should avoid selecting from a purely intellectual perspective what the most pressing issues are, and pledge their intention to act from their spiritual center, checking within for the appropriateness of selecting any proposed situation as a priority for everyone. The core group members would make sure that the wording and complexion of top-priority requests are general or basic enough to avoid tinging the ultimate preferred outcome with preconceived ideas and judgements as to what it should be.

Our aim is to respect the free-will evolution of all, and to dedicate all we do to the highest good of the individual and the whole.

"For the highest good of all" could be the permanent motto and overall focus for all issues marked for each weekly collective meditation.

Finally, this proposal does not preclude anyone from submitting information on suggested meditation linkups or other initiatives directly to others through the Planetary Awakening Network of through any other channels.




Meditation is as sunlight upon the Unified Field

We live in an interconnected world, or a "psychic ecosystem" of many minds and bodies. This unified field, through which we interact, conveys every inner impulse, just like radio signals, with lightning speed to the world at large. In return, the conditions of the world are transmitted back to us in a constant feedback-loop. Our Brothers' and Sisters' misery is also our own, and so too is their love and good will. Every mind renders instantaneous effect upon every other mind, continuously. This is the natural law of cause and effect, also known as karma.

States of mind resemble the various nation-states of the world. Each has its own policy on human relations, be it kind, ruthless, compassionate or indifferent. Every mind state has its own scope of influence, with far reaching environmental effects upon our entire planetary society. Every feeling, thought and intention we have, contributes to the unfolding of external events, which mirror our internal focus. Inner states become like entities, traveling from person to person through the agency of resonant human minds.

We live in a unified ocean of consciousness, where every single state of mind has relevance. There is no inner impulse that does not eventually give rise to profound outcomes. For this reason, our inner state of being must be considered of equal importance to the outer state of social affairs. The inner and the outer are inextricably bound together, and can never be separated. Thus, war torn fields of battles waged, or peaceful splendors of harvest, are ultimately only an intention, feeling or thought away.

In order for us to change the outer condition of community, environment and international policy, we must first change the inner condition known to be their primary cause. Peace can be reflected in the outer world only when it is firmly established within. The same may be said about love, clarity, compassion and good will to all nations and neighbors. For this reason, it is our need as a species to master our inner state of being, so that outer chaos may be transformed to peace and spiritual prosperity. Meditation is a primary key in this work. As we meditate, we create a coherence and elevation of the consciousness (mind state) within. Like all other states of mind, the meditative state creates profound changes in our personal sphere, and ultimately, within the collective sphere of our global civilization. The inner coherence, love and clarity that meditation acts to cultivate within, can then be combined with other people who also meditate. Through this practice, individuals and groups may reorient their state of mind at will. As a body of persons dedicated to the greater enlightenment of our species, we may direct our new-found inner force together. We may mutually create at-will changes in our environment, in the same fashion as we created them within.

World and Earth changes are upon us. Many of these reflect the inner imbalances of our human collective consciousness, in the form of war, extremes in weather and climate, environmental degradation and general confusion. Through meditation we can and we are transforming these world conditions by intentionally bringing love and clarity to bear upon the shadowy corners of the world. In this way, meditation is as sunlight, upon the Unified Fields of the planet Earth.



Finding the Mother in Each of Us

Out of multitudes of choices, we chose to arrive in this place and time to bring our unique gifts to bear on a world often dominated by fear and hatred. While these emotions can sometimes serve the survival and safety of the ego, the transformation of fear and all its cousins (hate, greed, etc.) into more positive, loving energies must be an important goal for all of us. As long as we allow such emotions to dominate us, we are locked into the dead-end job of being only minimally human. What if it were possible to rise up and come away from all of that? What if the main things keeping us from claiming our legacy of being a co-creator of our world were our remaining fears? The release of negative emotions need not be an arduous task. They can be transformed in the fire of the Love coming to us in every moment from the Spirit of Life. As we maintain our focus in alignment with Love, all these negativities can be burned away.

Our focus can and should remain on the positive aspects of creating a new awareness. As we all know, we perpetuate and accentuate that which we give our energy to. So, our intentions must be focused on the other side of the emotional coin. If we face our fellow pilgrims with an attitude of "What can I do to help? What does Life need from me in order for it to flourish?", then we are part of the solution not the problem. Whatever our individual gut feelings about what it means to "love" are, we need to focus our meditations on creating an environment, physically and spiritually, that allows love to flourish.

Before all else, we want to feel safe. The warmth and safety of the womb are some of our earliest memories. The enfoldment of a mother's loving hug allows us to feel safe enough to take that first step, to start down our path. With a haven of loving arms at our back, we find the courage to venture into the often terrifying unknown. While we cannot mother everyone in a physical sense, we can enfold each other in a womb of compassionate concern, patience and a knowing that each of us shares this one LIFE.

Of course, no one can actually create that snug, warm place called home for us. We must connect, individually with the real SOURCE of belonging. There is no real substitute for the one-on-one relationship with the mother/father within. However, for those of us whose connection feels tenuous at times, the enfolding hug of our peers who care can make all the difference. Reassurance that she/he is accepted and included is a teenager's only real priority. We never really lose that need to know that our peers value our presence and want us to be a part of what is going on. I need the approval and validation implicit in the simple act of being accepted as an equal partner in our shared LIFE, and maybe all of us do. Coming of age as a spiritual being means sharing the job of "mothering".

We begin to know what it means to focus on what LIFE wants now, as we become more open to being a transmitter/receiver rather than an isolated computer. When we can get our ego out of the driver's seat, we discover that the Spirit of Life is constantly transmitting data that we need to hear. We learn that we can listen better when we let go of the reins and enjoy the ride. We can be active, passionate listeners even when it seems like we are being passive. Sometimes the patience to hear the whole story before we act on it allows us to then move decisively and accurately, to let LOVE have a body to use as her own.

As we consider the needs of our "psychic ecosystem", our "unified field", in an unfolding process of awakening, we might ask: "What would Love do now?" Can we get quiet and still enough to hear that small voice that tells us what the Spirit of Life needs to happen? That we want and need to know is not enough. Unless we have the support system in place that creates a warm, safe feeling of home, we may not be able to respond to Love's request. Without the agreement of kindred spirits to support and enhance our effort, we are whistling into the wind.

The synergistic effect of true agreement creates the safe, inclusive environment that allows a fertile field to sprout new partners in our quest. When we meditate to heal the Earth and awaken the dormant spiritual giants, we should remember to take the time to warm the bottle and change the diaper of the frightened child in each of us.


I would like to extend an invitation to anyone inspired to do so to offer any suggestion that could be useful to improve the weekly Meditation Focus either in its presentation format or its formulation of common purpose, or regarding possible topics for consideration as future Meditation Foci. Likewise any feedback on this current Meditation Focus or on previous or future ones are always welcomed and will be considered as to their relevance and wisdom but will not be published. Finally, should anyone wish to write and propose a contribution similar in nature, length and purpose to the two "Spiritual Nuggets" featured above, understanding that this will be shared anonymously in a spirit of detachment from personal authorship of inspired insights, it will be reviewed for possible inclusion as complementary inspirational material, whenever the context is appropriate for this.

Focus Group Facilitator

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