Meditation Focus #101

Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light


What follows is the 101st Meditation Focus suggested for the THREE consecutive weeks beginning Sunday, December 14, 2003.


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What will the future look like? How will current global challenges be faced successfully so as to create a new era of world peace, spiritual unity and perfect harmony with all realms of Creation? Which role are we each supposed to play in co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light? Those questions and many more, undoubtedly, are in the minds and hearts of all those who came here to assist in this Mission, in accordance with the Divine blueprint prepared aeons ago for these coming wondrous times. There must not be any doubt nor any hesitation in our minds as to whether the promise of a manifested heaven on Earth will come to pass. Fear must be entirely and permanently banished from our consciousness so as to let the shining Light of Love grow ever higher as the redeeming Flame of God rise ever brighter from all awakening souls on Earth. Loyalty to and compliance with the sacred vows taken in front of the One Source of All must be upheld so as to enable the realization of Absolute Oneness with All That is and the metaphorical return of the prodigal son to the fatherly Home of Bliss Within.

We can and will make this world right. We can and will make this world perfect. We can and will make this world fully rejuvenated and balanced, as it was in the Beginning when Man and Woman knew not the delusory sense of separation but only the Perfection that always was, still is, and will forever exist. Growing ever stronger every day in this unshakable Knowledge of What Is, gratefully acknowledging the challenges placed upon our path to strengthen the bonds of trust and the will to serve as One the mighty Light now pervading planet Earth in all dimensions, and aligning with the inner guidance of God exuding from the very essence of our higher consciousness, we will continue to victoriously anchor in us, all of us, the shining fiery Light of Love whose Presence is NOW dissipating the last fading remnants of darkness and all its attendant woes until this entire planet is made anew, until Love shines through every heart, until Oneness is known by all.

Please dedicate your prayers and meditations, as guided by Spirit, in the coming three weeks, and especially in synchronous attunement at the usual time this Sunday and the following ones, to contribute in manifesting the Oneness, the Perfection, the Balance, the Rejuvenation, the Miracle Healing and the Exponential Rising of Eternal Love, for the Highest Good of All Creation.

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i) Global Meditation Day: Sunday at 16:00 Universal Time (GMT) or at noon local time. Suggested duration: 30 minutes.

ii) Golden Moment of At-Onement: Daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you.

These times below are currently corresponding to 16:00 Universal Time/GMT:

Honolulu 6:00 AM -- Anchorage 7:00 AM -- Los Angeles 8:00 AM -- Denver 9:00 AM -- San Salvador, Mexico City, Houston & Chicago 10:00 AM -- New York, Toronto & Montreal 11:00 AM -- Halifax, Santo Domingo, La Paz & Caracas 12:00 PM -- Montevideo, Asuncion * & Santiago * 1:00 PM -- Rio de Janeiro * 2:00 PM -- London, Dublin, Lisbon, Reykjavik & Casablanca 4:00 PM -- Lagos, Algiers, Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris & Madrid 5:00 PM -- Ankara, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, Athens, Helsinki & Istanbul 6:00 PM -- Baghdad, Moscow & Nairobi 7:00 PM -- Tehran 7:30 PM -- Islamabad 9:00 PM -- Calcutta & New Delhi 9:30 PM -- Dhaka 10:00 PM -- Rangoon 10:30 PM -- Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta 11:00 PM -- Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing & Kuala Lumpur +12:00 AM -- Seoul & Tokyo +1:00 AM -- Brisbane, Canberra & Melbourne +2:00 AM -- Wellington * +5:00 AM

+ means the place is one day ahead of Universal Time/Greenwich Mean Time.

* means the place is observing daylight saving time (DST) at the moment.

You may also check at to find your current corresponding local time if a closeby city is not listed above.


This complement of information may help you to better understand the various aspects pertaining to the summary description of the subject of this Meditation Focus.


(...) What are the Inspirations?

I now realise that these pieces were given via me in 1990 for full use now and for the next few years. They originate from a loving being/beings in the 5th Dimension (5D) to positively assist those of us who resonate with and choose to read/listen to them. Despite their beautifully worded presentation (I made no changes to them as I received them), they give quite specific information about several areas more and more of us will become concerned with as time goes by. They cover: our own true nature what is going on for us as an evolving species what is happening to the earth what to expect in the future the shift from Third (3D) to Fifth Dimension (5D) how to get there (create/bring it here) and what it is like.

My wakeup call in the 5th Dimension

It happened on Saturday the 15th September 2001. I was meditating when I suddenly realised that I had consciously arrived in the 5th Dimension (5D). This is a dimension of brilliance – golden white light, loving harmony, based on self-truth where the beings are fully conscious of their Godforce-connection. I will share more of 5D with you in following pages.

I say "realised" and "consciously", because I've been there before many times in meditation and daydreams, but a part of me (the doubting part) has usually chosen to right it off as imagination, or purely a mind-trip. On Saturday it dawned on me that what I have done naturally for as long as I can remember (since childhood) is actually not simply imagination. It is as real as the 3D world we are expierincing now. And it is a place available to all of us as we: (i) acknowledge that it exists, (ii) accept the likelihood of experiencing it and (iii) open up to the doorway within us that will enable us to get there.

In the light of the Inspirations I have received, I now believe that this is so. I also feel that the Godforce, however we choose to perceive It, is "calling us back to our true home", i.e. 5D. And as such, all that is happening - to each of us on a personal level, as well as collectively as a human species - is in line with that wish of the Godforce. So for all the times that you have wondered why there’s so much suffering, whether you belong here, isn’t there something bigger/better/more real that’s supposed to be going on – take heart. While personal and/or global events may appear to be getting worse, it’s actually turning into a really interesting event! You and I along with all other souls of our own choosing are embodying our true selves. But more of that later.

How can these Inspirations be of real use to you?

Firstly, the information received consciously can be taken at face value as purely inspirationally written messages to give your spirit a "lift".

Secondly, the information can be meditated on and, using your intuition, you can gain a lot more insight into what is going on at this time. I will also be providing my own commentary as I work through them, firstly, to add my own understanding. Secondly, while reviewing these inspirations, I find that I return to 5D and receive many impressions as to the extra meaning contained within them. So I feel that adding my comments will be of assistance to some.




From 3rd to 5th Dimension

I am one with the Eternal Spirit, was received in Carmel, California in 1990. I was sitting on the back porch of a friend's house overlooking the mountains when I had a strong urge to write. I am one with the Eternal Spirit is what I saw/heard. If it resonates with you, I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have even seen something similar yourself in meditation.

Anyway, in the light of my recent meditations, research, and in line with many ancient prophecies, I now see that this states very clearly what we can expect to happen as we move from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension. (What's the difference between 3D and 5D?) Another way of seeing this is a shift in consciousness from our present, material consciousness to full Christ consciousness. However you tend to view this, I know that in a few (busy) years from now, those of use who have chosen this path we will be making this "journey".

Date-wise, you might like to mark 13/14 December 2012 in your diary. I received this date in a dream when I was just pregnant with my son. In the dream Barry (my husband) and I were in a large house and a woman who lived there asked me if I wanted to hold her baby. (She was the soul who was in charge of "delivering" my son's soul into my care). I said "yes" and she handed the baby to me.

I asked him if he'd slept well and he actually answered "Yes" (from his mind to mine). I knew from how he communicated that he was intelligent. I said, "What are you here (on earth) for at this time?" And he replied, "For the Event."

I asked "When's that?" feeling hugely amazed. And he said, "13/14 December 2012."

So here is the Inspiration. This is very clearly about our move into the 5th Dimension (as some call it). I see it as a merge with Christ Consciousness - but it's one and the same really. And the move will happen for many of us on the 13/14 December 2012.

As soon as I am able, I will upload further information by way of "hidden messages" or Inspirations - together with my commentary. I will also include other visions, dreams and information I have received over the years that make up more of the puzzle.

Kindest wishes Aannsha


I am one with the Eternal Spirit

Oh sweet reality! My thoughts soar like a seagull flying high above swirling green oceans as I stand here, waiting for our union.

I am standing on a hilltop; a gentle breeze lifts my long hair and then lets it fall softly back onto my shoulders. I am with a group of people, in a circle all holding hands, silently praying. Meditating. Waiting.

I look at each face, framed by the backdrop of golden green pastures – new growth springing from fertile soil. Each face - eyes closed - a picture of blissful peace, calm anticipation of His return. My heart bursts open with love for these people – brothers, sisters, friends who have worked together for so long towards this Day. My heart expands, completely enveloping this circle; welcoming, warming each precious Soul standing here.

This Day has been our focus ever since I can remember – it has brought us together and carried us through many difficult circumstances.

This Day – prepared for lovingly by each of us in daily meditations; longed for collectively in our waking thoughts; dreamed of prophetically in our nocturnal slumbers.

This Day – the point of our existence.

Suddenly, I feel the energy changing all around me. The air is becoming charged, rarified; the surroundings seem visibly less dense, shimmering in a golden/white light that is diffusing through the clouds and streaming onto the Earth.

The sound of music fills my ears. Angelic voices ring in melodic harmonics that lift my consciousness to breathtaking heights.

I take a long deep breath, drinking in this amazing prelude to His arrival and my lungs become filled with exotic jasmine perfume – perfume that filters through my whole being, until I feel like the petals of a delicate flower opening to the radiance of pure sunlight for the first time.

The breeze now feels like Angels’ wings caressing my cheeks with a touch so soft, so delicate that my whole body becomes sensually, vitally alive.

The Angels’ voices soar to a climatic height, accompanied by ethereal trumpets playing clear, light-filled notes. And then it happens.

Suddenly. Like heavenly waters breaking upon the Earth’s shore – pouring through an invisible hole from the highest dimension, flows a wave of pure Love. Invisible, yet visible, it washes over each of us.

For all my preparation, this influx of divine energy is so powerful, it nearly knocks me over.

Sheer God Force streaming through into my reality. Total unconditional love pounding at the door of my heart, which yields with a graceful bow as The Christ enters my being.

I stagger slightly and take in a sharp breath, and as I do so, I am filled with total knowing. We are one. My whole body feels so alive, so electric, I feel I will explode in a myriad of heavenly colours. My heart, so filled with love, is momentarily overwhelmed and beats as fast as the wings of a hummingbird.

My mind explodes outward, expanding on, on, further and further to the unending limits of Space. My internal eyes see stars, planets, exploding nebulae all in the flash of a split second as I am joined with the mind of God - The Vast Knowingness of the All That Is.

All I know is that I exist. All details explode into the oneness of It All. My whole body/mind/soul shudders in the ecstasy of being at one with the heart and mind of the Creator.

And now the wave recedes. Not completely - it laps against the shore of my reality - bathing, cleansing, caressing my stunned consciousness.

My eyes focus again on my shimmering surroundings.

I breathe out a long, calming breath. And I just stand there – still riveted to the spot of land that anchored me on Earth; that received the aftermath of the electric jolt as it surged through me to the core of the planet.

I become aware of myself – my slow breathing, the grateful tears streaming down my face. The feeling of peaceful completeness that I have never experienced before. The absence of the always-present longing for something-someone. I become aware of a new presence within me. Colouring my vision, my thoughts, my emotions. I’m still me, but now I am infinite in this finite body.

He is here.

Living. Breathing. Experiencing life through me. With me.

My earthly body falls to its knees, weeping with relief - thousands of lives and lifetimes sobbing their thanks through me.

I touch the Earth with my hands. The soft green grass feels good to my touch.

At last.

I am Conscious.

I am Present.

I am Home.


Copyright © 1990 Aannsha Jones>



Who you really are

Basically, this is confirmation that you are not your body. You are not your emotions. And you are not your thoughts. You are more than that and yet more subtle than all of them. You are not fragile, vulnerable separate from everything and open to illness or attack like you believe when you identify with your body or emotions. You are much more than this, because you are an extension of the Godforce ...

Who Am I?

Imagine a dot of light, smaller than a pinhead. That is what you are.

Imagine a ball of light, bigger than the sun. That is what you are.

You are an infinitesimal force of light energy, so subtle and yet so powerful that you have to stretch your imagination to picture yourself.

Don’t be fooled by your physical body. Yes, that is a part of you. But it is only a fraction of your true being. Your total being is a glorious soul of infinite proportions.

Totally connected to the Godforce, your soul radiates light, love and energy to you and all the other lives and on earth and around the many universes that make up its whole experiential being.

Fed the by Infinite Source, your soul lovingly places a life in a time-frame, at a certain location in the wondrous macrocosm of life. That life, sometimes conscious of its soul connection, sometimes not, gathers experiences, feelings, thoughts – acts out series upon series of events so the soul can grow.

With all that knowledge, gained over eons of time, from star to planet, from microbe to macrobe, your soul can expand. Grow. Develop. Ever closer to the Godforce, ever nearer to home.

Speeding through space faster than light, yet slow enough to take in every minute detail, your soul expands in the glory of God. For your soul is God. A part of God, just as you make up a part of your vast multi-dimensional Self. All interconnected, all parts of the whole.

Your fragile body that is experiencing this is just a part of an infinite, magical, spectacular family so vast that to behold it all at once would surely blow your mind!

For your mind is the link. Your heart-mind is the connection between your earthly being and your cosmic self. Expand your heart-mind and you will expand your knowledge of your Self. Connect with the inner-most depths of your being and you will connect with the far flung, glorious expansion of your soul.

Search within and you will discover the wondrous vastness of without. Know your Self completely and you will know your Cosmic Family.

For all are one… all are joined… all dance together to the magical tune of the universe…

And all dance together, the glorious steps home.


So, next time you feel alone, dispirited, unloved, stupid or any of those other heart-wrenching emotions, stop! Remember!

You are not an isolated soul being tossed about by a cruel insane fate in an unloving confusing world. It may seem like that if you are only identifying with your body.

Stop! Remember! Your real Self is divine, pure love, and in touch with All That Is.

Take time to sit and feel. Feel the silence that is alive with joy. And listen to your Spirit's words as It calls to you.

Kind regards


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By Estelle Nora Harwit Amrani

December 30, 2002:

I am not a fortune teller. I don't make predictions, unless it's about earthquakes. But, I'll get to that in a moment.

With everything else, I see probable futures. These are based on how the energy is at this moment, and if it continues in the same direction it will have a certain outcome by our co-creating it. The thing about predicting the future is that no one really can, because we can always change it. I have had many prophetic dreams throughout my life, with varying levels of accuracy which I attribute to what I'm specifically tuning into (and some of the information may, therefore, fall by the wayside), or that others have had similar visions and together we changed the outcome for the future. I will add my new dreams or OBEs on this page if I feel they can be of some help. These are some of my visions but not necessarily definite outcomes - because that is up to us to co-create.


August 28, 2003:

On August 28 I had this dream: I am at the beach surrounded by an arched glass building. From the distance I see waves building, higher and higher, coming in. There is no time to do much to escape them. They come crashing over the glass building. But, as they crash, the ocean somehow manages to toss out fire balls, like lava, scattering them all over. I scream to the people to get out. Most don't manage to get out. If the water didn't get them, the fire did. It was horrible. I kept dodging the fire and somehow was able to survive this very bizarre experience.

Upon discussing this dream with a friend of mine, Robert Morningstar, he corroborated what I saw. It was our ancestor's archival memories of what brought human beings to Earth after the Mars became uninhabitable. My friend said that I perfectly described the cataclysmic destruction of the Martian ecosphere and its Martian civilization in a single day. The day when an asteroid, two in fact, struck Mars in the north at Elysium and the most catastrophic impact ever recorded (before Shoemaker Levy hit Jupiter in 1994) at the Hellas Basin on the Southern Hemisphere of Mars. This impact caused huge tidal waves on one side, which propagated in a day and night to the other side of the planet. When the waves arrived, their arrival coincided with tectonic events unleashed by the Hellas blast. The impact caused the simultaneous formation of the gigantic volcanoes on the other side of Mars, Olympus Mons and the volcano chain called Tharsis Montes. These spewed the fireballs, which I saw arising out of the seas and waves, completing the atmospheric catastrophe that destroyed the atmosphere of Planet Mars. But the Earth must beware also, we too could end in a night from such an impact.

We are currently in a period of adjustment for our electrical systems to adjust to carrying higher energy of the fifth dimension. This is why the recent power outages occurred. Two more major adjustments are still ahead. A portal through interdimensional realities has opened and that is what is causing the challenges. Columbus Ohio was the first of several to open. Watch for more lightening storms. I also feel the explosions that have taken place recently also relate to the energies of Mars and the changes we're going through.

For those aware of how thoughts create reality, this is a good time to be centered and focus on being calm, and reflect on how we value life. Change does not have to be catastrophic and deadly.


I seem to have a knack with knowing when quakes will come and magnitude they will be, and usually I get this information several days before the quake. As a few examples: One of the first times I recall feeling a quake in advance was in 1971. I woke up from a dream about a huge quake in California. I told my college roommate, who awakened when I got up startled. Five minutes later, the quake hit. The 1994 quake was something I felt coming a year before. Then it got intense a week in advance. A group of channels and myself did energy work on my birthday, which was four days before the quake, to try to alleviate earth pressure. Several hours before the quake hit us, I had an OBE with the Greys (and I told them to hit the road). Five minutes before the quake, a voice woke me up and shouted for me to get out, that this was the big one. I got my family up and out of bed as the quake started and we were out of the house before the furniture fell. Had we stayed where we were, we would have been seriously injured or killed.

The last two large quakes I felt coming would be in China this month, and a 7.9 in Alaska on November 2, 2002. I had dreamed of the one in China just before it hit. I am approximately 16 hours behind China's clock and was sleeping when it occurred. When I woke up, I knew there had been a quake in China. I called the "time" to calculate the exact time it hit and compare it to my dream. Four days before the quake in Alaska. I "saw" a newspaper with the entire story of the quake, the time it hit and its magnitude. I wrote around to several friends to ask if they had heard of this quake on Thursday, but they hadn't. Together we checked Cal Tech's earthquake site and other sources on the Internet, but there had been no quake in Alaska. I couldn't understand it because for me I had already seen the report of it. But, the quake didn't come until Sunday, and it came at the exact place, time and magnitude I saw on Thursday. (This is documented in emails.) That was one of the freakiest predictions I had ever had because seeing a newspaper in front of my face with the entire detailed story four days before the event was really different for me. I can't sit down and say to myself, "Okay, where and when will there be a big quake," and the answer appears. It doesn't happen like that. It just comes to me anyway it can, when I'm open.

The week prior to September 11, 2001, I had a dream (an OBE into the future) in which I was at a military base. I was invited into a special viewing room where I could watch aircraft take off and land. I saw jets, helicopters, an ET craft. In the room with me were around 15 people. Suddenly, the glass window through which we saw the aircraft closed up - a brick wall moved into place and blocked it. I looked around and realized that the place was in an emergency lockdown situation. The President's plane had landed and the base was sealed off. Urgency was in the air and people were scurrying around. I walked out of the viewing room and a female guard at the door (who somehow emitted an extraterrestrial vibe) gestured to me to follow her, if I choose to. I shook my head, no thanks, smiled and walked quickly away. Something big was up and I needed to be out of there and go be with my family. I did not know at that time why I saw what I did. I didn't know when what I saw would take place, but I knew it was going to be soon. During that week before 9/11, I spoke with friends of mine who are also psychic and they had their own visions of a coming disaster. Some saw buildings being hit by planes. Some saw thousands dying. Each of us had a piece of the puzzle, but we weren't sure exactly where or when this would happen. We were all on edge that week. I had had strong pulls to New York, but I didn't have any idea that the pull could involve a catastrophe.

People have asked me what I see for the future, particularly the year 2012. Some say that time, or the earth, will end then. I have never seen that time or the planet will be destroyed then. I have seen many changes take place; geologic as well as architectural; scientific as well as cultural. In 1996, I did a future progression in a hypnotherapy class. Here's what I saw:

New York's skyline had changed, but I couldn't put my finger on why it had changed. I saw a pyramid (which I found out after 9/11 is where the Twin Towers had stood). Further on in the future in New York I saw a new subway system that worked like a monorail with a new kind of track. Very modern architecture could be seen from the distance in Manhattan.

A really fun vision I had was an OBE to Venus. What I saw was later documented in the news and scientific journals.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris and London were under some kind of attack. There were fires everywhere and lots of fear and worry. There was an element trying to create war and poverty, food was scarce. This seemed limited to England and France, however. It also felt like it could be prevented.

The area around Kansas had undergone some kind of devastation - couldn't tell if it was due to a nuclear disaster, or weather, or geophysical events (like a sudden volcano springing up or tornado winds that brought fires), but the area was desolate, flattened, blackened, dried out, and deserted.

I saw extraterrestrial ships coming here and helping us bore holes into mountains with lasers to create new roads and passes where there were none.

In Jerusalem, there would be a progression of wars between the Arabs and Jews. By 2012, I was standing there watching smoke fade away and I looked up into the sky. I saw my spirit family there, and all of the spirits of the leaders of the major religions. We smiled at each other and they said I was joining them by being on the Earth plane.

I knew everything would be fine. I signaled to people in Jerusalem to look up. Stop and look. They looked up. Some couldn't see the spirits at first, but then their eyes adjusted and they could see them clearly. Everyone gasped, was astonished, didn't know what was happening. As everyone watched, the spirits glowed in a golden light and white light came out of their center and that was filled with love and tremendous power. The telepathic message that came from me and the spirits to the people was to see that all is of the same Source, all is one, to unite, and to be in peace with each other. More and more people came and saw the spirits, huge in the sky. Everyone stared in awe and realized they were witnessing a miracle. Their vision had gone multidimensional and consciousness instantly shifted and the vibration on the planet was raised/increased. It was as if everyone finally got it, finally got the message of what God is - and that is love. There was no point in fighting one another because it's just fighting yourself. It was fantastic! By 2013, a new way of living had begun.

I had progressed myself up until 2056, so I know there will be an Earth at that time, albeit a different kind of Earth.

I saw Los Angeles in the future with some geophysical changes. I saw the cars of the future. I saw how health had changed - improved dramatically due to the findings in genetics and utilizing more holistic cures - in fact, disease was much rarer. I saw people working more from their homes and taking more time to enjoy life. I also saw the city as being less crowded. People had moved to other regions that had previously been uninhabited. It looked good. And that was my vision of the future. Yours may be different. Then again, maybe we share the same vision.

I feel that those who have had enough of war, enough of playing out polarity games, enough of abuse, can join together with the will to change our future into one of more harmony, peace, love, safety, and more abundance of the good for all. Seeing something in a future vision gives us the opportunity to decide if we want to change the future.

It just takes a few minutes of our time each day to focus on what we want to create for our world. Give it your attention every day, for however long you desire, and do it with complete conviction, no doubts. Speak it out loud, say it in your head, feel it in your heart. All we need to do is reach critical mass in order to slide us into a new reality of our co-creation. I do not think our planet will go up in smoke in the near future because I don't think we want that to happen.


The NDE and the Future

Kevin Williams' research conclusions

Many people were given visions of the future during their near-death experience. Generally, these visions foretell a future of catastrophic natural disasters and social upheaval followed by a new era of peace and have actually already come to pass. Some of them did not happen as foretold. Many of these apocalyptic visions are to happen within the next few decades. Remarkably, these visions agree with prophecies of the Bible, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and the Virgin Mary visitations of Fatima, Garabandal, and Medjugorje.

Scientific evidence supporting the ability to successfully predict the future

The 9/11 New York City terrorist attack seems to have affected global consciousness through more than news channels. There seems to have been a psychic dimension to the response. Since August, 1998, the Global Consciousness Project, located at Princeton University, has maintained observation of about 40 radioactive random number generators placed at locations around the world. Previous research has shown that the activity of such devices can be affected by psychokinesis (mind over matter). The project tracks psychokinetic effects on these sensitive instruments produced by dramatic events impinging upon global consciousness.

After the terrorist attack, the project assembled data from the generators to see if there had been any extraordinary output from these devices. According to the project's report, there was indeed an unmistakable and profound response. The interpretation of the result is that the world's awareness of the terrorist tragedy created a powerful moment of global awareness, a unified and coherent psychic event which impacted the output of the radioactivity in data collectors. The global consciousness event appears to have begun approximately 10 minutes before the first crash until about four hours afterward. (Kevin Williams) A successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that doesn't happen

The goal of apocalyptic prophecy is to warn people to prevent it from happening. The reason prophecies are given to humanity is to change current trends and change enough people so that the prophecy will be diverted. Well-known prophecies that were foretold to occur around the millennium have not happened. Skeptics point out that this proves these prophecies to be false. But a better understanding of prophecy reveals that either (1) or (2) is true:

(1) The prophecy was successful in permanently diverting the outcome by the raising of the world's consciousness. (2) Because the prophecy gives an exact date, the prophecy may still be valid and the date may be wrong.

Prophecies from very credible sources rarely give an exact date. Even Jesus said he didn't know the date and time when he would return. This should be a lesson to everyone who comes across a prophecy with an exact date. (Kevin Williams) The future is not fixed and can change

During Karen Schaeffer's NDE, she was shown her children’s future as it would exist if she decided to remain in the light. Because she decided to return, the future she was shown did not happen. This suggests that the future is always changing from moment to moment based upon our current actions and decisions. This principle supports quantum mechanic principles. (Kevin Williams) One of Margot Grey's NDE research subjects stated:

During my experience ... I was also shown events that are likely to happen in the near future, but was made to understand that nothing is absolutely fixed and that everything depends on how we choose to use our own free will, that even those events that are already predestined can be changed or modified by a change in our own way of relating to them. (Grey, 1985, p. 123)

Rev. Howard Storm was given information on how the future is not fixed:

We have free will. If we change the way we are, then we can change the future which they showed me. They showed me a view of the future, at the time of my experience, based upon how we in the United States were behaving at that time. It was a future in which a massive worldwide depression would occur. If we were to change our behavior, however, then the future would be different. (Rev. Howard Storm)

Howard was also told how a single person can change the world:

All it takes to make a change was one person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person changing for the better. They said that the only way to change the world was to begin with one person. One will become two, which will become three, and so on. That’s the only way to affect a major change. (Rev. Howard Storm) During Ricky Randolph's NDE, he was told virtually the same thing:

You must return and help others to change by changing your life! (Ricky Randolph) Dannion Brinkley was told how the future is conditional upon human beings:

If you follow what you have been taught and keep living the same way you have lived the last thirty years, all of this will surely be upon you. If you change, you can avoid the coming war. If you follow this dogma, the world by the year 2004 will not be the same one you now know. But it can still be changed and you can help change it. (Dannion Brinkley) Dannion was also told that the future is not cast in stone:

The flow of human events can be changed, but first people have to know what they are. (Dannion Brinkley) Dannion gives the following advice on how people can change the world:

The quickest way to change the world is to be of service to others. Show that your love can make a difference in the lives of people and thereby someone else's love can make a difference in your life. By each of us doing that and working together we change the world one inner person at a time. (Dannion Brinkley) During George Ritchie's NDE, Jesus said that Ritchie had 45 years to accomplish a particular mission:

It is left to humanity which direction they shall choose. I came to this planet to show you through the life I led how to love. Without our Father you can do nothing, neither could I. I showed you this. You have 45 years. (Dr. George Ritchie)

When Ritchie was revived, he had no idea what he was supposed to accomplish within 45 years. Years afterward, his NDE attracted the attention of Raymond Moody. It was Ritchie's NDE that inspired Moody to begin his ground-breaking research into NDEs and become of the father of the near-death experience. In 1985, Ritchie published his near-death account which was 42 years after his NDE occurred.

During Ned Dougherty's NDE, a Lady of Light told him how to change the world to prevent these catastrophic visions of the future from happening:

I was told that the world could be saved, not by its leaders, but by prayer groups throughout the world. I was told that the prayers of a group of twenty could save a nation from war. I was told that the fate of mankind rested on our ability, individually and collectively, to change the direction of mankind in accordance with God's plan ... Depending on mankind's response to God, these events may be altered, postponed, or cancelled. (Ned Dougherty) One particular experiencer told NDE researcher Margot Grey that catastrophic earth changes are a reflection of the social upheaval and violence that is happening all over the world at the moment. (Margot Grey) Successful NDE prophecies predicting the 9/11 terrorist attack

During his NDE, Ned Dougherty was given a vision of the future involving a terrorist attack. He wrote about it in his book, Fast Lane to Heaven, six months before 9/11 occurred. Here is what he wrote:

A major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, DC, severely impacting the way we live in the United States. (Ned Dougherty)

This description of Ned Dougherty's vision of a future terrorist attack is a perfect description of what happened six months later in New York and Washington.

Dannion Brinkley received a psychic vision of the 9/11 terrorist attack before it happened. On 9/01, seventeen days before the New York terrorist attacks, Dannion announced that the world is on the verge of a...

"... spiritual awakening which calls for deep self-examination." (Dannion Brinkley)

On September 1, 2001, Dannion Brinkley also called for a global Day of Truth to occur on September 17 where people could...

"... take time before this date to personally examine our own lives and priorities as citizens of earth in this time of transition. This is a wake-up call ... For it is only as we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human fragmented realities that the light of grace can shine upon us." (Dannion Brinkley)

Dannion Brinkley gave this announcement 11 days before the September 11th terrorist attack. Something certainly provoked Dannion Brinkley to make this announcement.

Dr. PMH Atwater received a vision of the September 11th terrorist attacks which is documented in her free downloadable PDF file entitled The Challenge of September 11. (Dr. PMH Atwater) NDE visions of future catastrophes

When Guenter Wagner was a child, he had an NDE during which Jesus had an extensive conversation with him about averting a nuclear war.

Jesus told Guenter that there were very powerful and cunning beings who were his enemies with whom he had been constantly fighting. He told Guenter to warn the world against them. Then Jesus told him to turn around. When he did he heard people screaming and saw fire and smoke that gradually took on the shape of a mushroom. Jesus told Guenter that he will do everything in his power to prevent this from happening. Jesus told him that this war has been going on for a very long time and the evil beings had become more and more powerful. Jesus said that if this continued he would not see any means of preventing them from taking over everything. He said that if the enemy had really succeeded in coming into his world, the war would have been lost. He would have been powerful enough, no doubt, to fight them off, but the war would have been lost in the long run. Jesus was afraid of loosing this war. Then it was intimated to Guenter that Jesus needed help. Jesus told him that the only way he could help him was by going back and telling the world about his experience. (Guenter Wagner) Almost every day, several times a day, for more than forty years, Edgar Cayce would induce himself into a unique out-of-body state identical to an NDE. Through his sojourns he would reveal profound information on various subjects. But it was the information that he revealed about the future that he is most known for. The following is an listing of his prophecies fulfilled and yet to be fulfilled:

Edgar Cayce's prophetic visions that have already happened:

(a) The Stock Market Crash of October 1929
(b) The Great Depression
(c) The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
(d) The beginning and end of World War II
(e) America's entry into World War II
(f ) The death of Franklin D. Roosevelt
(g) India's independence from Britain
(h) The re-establishment of the nation of Israel
(i ) The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Essenes
(j ) The death of John F. Kennedy
(k) The Civil Rights Movement and 1960's civil unrest
(l ) The fall of the Soviet Union and communism
(m) The U.S. and Russia alliance
(n) New technological discoveries (see his web page) (o) The existence of the planet Pluto
(p) A shift of earth's magnetic poles (see this article) (q) The day of his own death

Edgar Cayce's prophetic visions yet to happen:

(a) Armageddon will be a battle in the spirit realm to prevent souls from the hell realms to reincarnate for 1000 years. It is also a battle within everyone between their higher nature and their lower nature.
(b) The possibility of a World War III
(c) Catastrophic natural disasters
(d) A dramatic rise in the level of the ocean

Visit Cayce's prophecy page for a complete description of his visions of the future. (Edgar Cayce) Dannion Brinkley's major prophetic visions that have already happened:

(a) The demoralization of America from the Vietnam War
(b) The presidency of Ronald Reagan
(c) Turmoil in the Middle East
(d) The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster
(e) The collapse of the Soviet Union
(f ) The Desert Storm war against Iraq in 1990
(g) The existence of chemical weapons in the Middle East

Dannion Brinkley's major prophetic visions yet to happen:

(a) Oil used as a weapon to control the world economy
(b) The economic collapse of the world economy
(c) A war between China and Russia
(d) Democracy in Egypt overthrown and fanatics rule
(e) An alliance between the Chinese and Syrians
(f ) Catastrophic natural disasters in America
(g) The fall of America as a world power
(h) The rise of an environmental religion beginning in Russia
(i ) A leader from Russia to become a U.N. leader
(j ) The possibility of a World War III
(k) A scientific discovery to alter DNA and create a biological virus that will be used in the
manufacture of computer chips (see this article)


A Golden Age of peace and enlightenment

Prophecies from such sources as NDEs, the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nostradamus, and psychic phenomenon, all agree that a new era of peace on earth will come after the foreseen natural disasters purify the earth from the sins of modern civilization. The following information are some of the positive prophecies of the future that are foreseen to occur after the catastrophic prophecies take place.

Rev. Howard Storm's visions of the future:

(a) No nuclear holocaust will occur (but possibly 1 or 2 bombs go off).
(b) There will be almost no technology in the future.
(c) Children to be the most precious commodity in the world.
(d) Raising children is will be the highest priority.
(e) A euphoric future with no anxiety, no hatred, no competition, enormous trust and mutual respect.
(f Love and prayer will become a stronger force on earth.
(g) People will garden more in the future with almost no effort.
(h) Gardens will grow by the power of prayer.
(i) Groups of people praying together will be able to control the climate.
(j) Animals will live in harmony with people.
(k) Wisdom will be more important than knowledge.
(l) All knowledge can be accessed through prayer.
(m) People will be able to communicate telepathically with everyone else in the world.
(n) There will be greater insight into life after death.
(o) It will be like the Garden of Eden.
(p) God will usher the paradise on earth within the next 200 years.
(q) For paradise to come, God will have to restrict some of humanity's free will.
(r) This world will resemble some near-death descriptions of heaven.
(s) Travel will be instantaneous.
(t) The need for clothing and shelter will be eliminated.

Howard Storm was given an important message from the Beings of Light concerning the future of humanity:

They want every person to consider every other person greater than their own flesh. They want everyone to love everyone else, completely; more, even, than they love themselves. If someone, someplace else in the world hurts, than we should hurt – we should feel their pain. And we should help them. Our planet has evolved to the point, for the first time in our history, that we have the power to do that. We are globally linked. And we could become one people. (Rev. Howard Storm)

Mellen-Thomas Benedict's visions of the future:

(a) The second coming of Jesus is about self-correction because we are already saved.
(b) Science will soon quantify spirit and discover what holds the universe together. They will have to call it God.
(c) Religions are about to become more enlightened because more light is coming into the world.
(d) There will be a reformation in spirituality that is going to be just as dramatic as the Protestant Reformation.
(e) There will be many religious people fighting against other religious people because they believe that only they are right.
(f) The world will become a safer place.
(g) The clearing of the rain forest will slow down and in fifty years there will be more trees on the planet than in a long time.
(h) The earth is in the process of domesticating itself and it will never again be as wild of a place as it once was.
(i) There will be great wild reserves where nature thrives.
(j) Gardening will be the thing in the future.
(k) The population increase will reach an optimal range of energy to cause a shift in consciousness. That shift in consciousness will change politics, money, and energy.
(l) Humans will soon be able to live as long as we want to live in our bodies. After living 150 years or so, there will be an intuitive sense that it is time to change channels.
(m) Humanity will eventually see the wisdom of life and death.


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