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Global Illumination Meditation – December 21, 2016

As our planet is once again reaching a new Solstice, and as humanity is still searching for a Way Forward and Upward through the many challenges of this hour in Earth's historical shift from a planetary-bound to a space faring civilization, all spiritually aware souls are invited to join, this Wednesday, December 21, in a global communion of souls and in common purpose for the illumination of this world.

Starting with this solstice, we are now going to use a new pathway, a Golden Path of Light, to contribute to both individual and global enlightenment. Rather than using a step-by-step guided meditation, we will be led to tap into our own spiritual guidance, each relying on our own meditational experience, to achieve the common aims suggested on the accompanying and unifying soundtrack suggested for our global meditations this coming year.

This is a new stage we are undertaking, as guided from Within, to further develop and assert our spiritual mastery, but also to become more actively instrumental in fostering a greater spiritual awakening and shift to a higher dimensional experience of Life on Earth, which can thus help humanity as a whole to get past the threshold where open contact with more advanced, hyper-dimensional species and more direct assistance from them may become possible.

It is clear that reaching such a global shift point ensuring greater harmony on Earth, peaceful open-ended cooperation and a general recognition of our common humanity and mutual responsibility to care for each other and for all Life on Earth is the only sensible, effective option Forward and Upward to mend all our relationships and heal our living planet from centuries of abusive, unbalanced and unsustainable stewardship.

To become a collective living vessels for a Higher Cosmic Consciousness, with the assistance of the younger generation of older souls now being readied for the Mission they incarnated for, each individual soul has a key role to play to hold the vibration of Love, no matter what, and to exemplify through the template of their daily sacred existence the Golden Path of Light we co-create together to launch the Era of Illumination which is now dawning on Earth.

2017 - The Year of Individual and Global Activation

A critical mass of awakening has now been achieved through ongoing incremental efforts and dedication from countless souls in embodiment. The Time has come to gradually shift to a more deliberate and concerted activation phase that will further anchor the considerable progress accomplished in all fields of human existence and expand the manifestation of our higher wisdom into a whole new range and realm of achievements.

As we are each being guided onto our unique and vitally important pathway of life on Earth, we co-manifest a vibrant tapestry of shining, stirring examples, shedding ever more Light around us that other souls may then be inspired to emulate and magnify. The countless simple and humble ways through which millions of souls are doing trailblazing Work for the furtherance of the Plan of Creator Source on Earth mostly go unnoticed, and yet they are the cornerstones of the new era of collective enlightenment that has begun 4 years ago in the time continuum we all share.

It is to a more conscious participation in the global symphony of Love we co-express that our global meditations in the coming year will be dedicated. Individual, perfectly adjusted guidance will be provided to each soul taking part in those global reunions of souls, both during the meditations but also, and most importantly, on a moment-to-moment basis throughout their daily lives, as a magical thread to confidently follow, so we may all get to do and BE all we came here to do and BE.

May the Light of the One in All be your guiding beacon… here, now and forever.

Practical Information About this Global Illumination Meditation

Starting at 10:29 GMT/Universal Time (UT), which corresponds to 05:29 in New York, 02:29 in Los Angeles and 10:29 in London, UK (for other time zones, you can find HERE your local corresponding time), you will begin listening to the mp3 recording provided HERE and at this DropBox LINK. This meditation will thus begin exactly 15 minutes before the peak moment of the December solstice that will occur at 10:44 GMT/UT. The recording lasts 30 minutes and comprises music and a few simple thoughts provided as guideposts along the way. If you prefer, you may also choose to either play your own meditation music or simply meditate in silence, keeping in mind what has been explained above. And if the time recommended is not suitable for you, you may also pick any other moment of that day that best suits you, and then project your consciousness beyond the illusory limitations of time to add your soul presence to that of all others that day, knowing that time is a mere illusion from a cosmic, timeless perspective.

Finally, when the 30 minute meditation is over, it is recommended you note down the highlights of your experience and key thoughts you will have, as a reminder of the guidance thus received. What you do afterwards with this guidance will most likely become the foundation for whatever new guidances will be given to you whenever you will participate in other such global meditations, understanding that acting upon the guidance received is the gateway to new future guidances.

Thank you for passing this invitation on to others so as to help us all expand the circle of participating souls.

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If this e-mail has been forwarded to you and you wish to receive the future solstice and equinox meditations, simply send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" in the subject field of your email.

Recommended Complementary Reading

Exopolitics and Earth's Looming Ecological Emergency

Earth's best exopolitical strategy for surviving its looming ecological emergency is to integrate with spiritually advanced off-planet cultures now visiting Earth. We must seek multilateral, interplanetary, and Universe government assistance in transforming our present permanent warfare economy and fossil fuel-nuclear civilization into a sustainable, cooperative, Universe-oriented society. The Leaky Embargo strategy and scientific remote viewing data have given us a working critical path. We can begin outreach to the apparent off-planet culture on Mars. In parallel, we can outreach to other ethical, spiritually advanced off-planet cultures now visiting Earth.

Intentional contact and interrelation with a Mars-based (or other) off-planet culture could impact positively our transformation of the permanent war economy on Earth into a peaceful, sustainable, cooperative Space Age one. Contact with a possible Martian civilization could aid in our terrestrial society's integration into Universe society. Because of the ecological cataclysms Mars has suffered in the past, Martian society is focused on environmental survival. Mars is astronomically relatively close to our planet. If the preliminary scientific remote viewing data are correct, and Martian civilization is about 150 years in advance of Earth's current development, Martian society may have developed key technologies for space travel and clean energy production. A Martian civilization's proximity to Earth is highly fortuitous. Having survived a planetary cataclysm on its home planet, Mars, Martian society may be able to teach our terrestrial civilization how to cope with looming ecological emergencies on Earth.

Human exopolitical acknowledgment that off-planet cultures are visiting Earth comes at the same time as a well-founded scientific prediction that humanity – or the present human civilization – may be extinct by the end of the 21st century. Professor Peter Barrett, Ph.D., director of Victoria University's Antarctic Research Center, warns that climate change is a major threat to our planet:

"After 40 years, I'm part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery that we know from our knowledge of the ancient past, that if we continue our present growth path, we are facing extinction... Not in millions of years, or even millennia, but by the end of the 21st century."

The scientific basis for this potentially cataclysmic warming of the Earth's climate is confirmed by reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an international body of over 1,000 climate scientists from 100 countries that is considered the world's most authoritative source of information on global warming. Emission of greenhouse gases caused by human consumption of fossil fuels, it believes, may lead to a peak in the Earth's temperature to the same level of global warming that it had 35 million years ago, before the appearance of ice sheets in Antarctica. A recent climate change study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense concludes that abrupt climate change and ensuing environmental and social emergencies may accelerate on Earth as soon as the period 2015 to 2020. The collapse of the ocean conveyer climate system is predicted to accelerate abrupt climate change, resulting in food and water shortage, and massive population dislocations.

Unless a global strategy for reduction in carbon dioxide emissions is undertaken, humanity may well destroy its own civilization by the end of the 21st century. It appears that the United States, which has been leading the opposition to global controls on carbon dioxide emissions and accounts for about four percent (4%) of the global population, by some reports produces up to one-third (30-35%) of the world's greenhouse gases. Moreover, ecological catastrophe caused by nuclear winter resulting from an intentional or accidental nuclear war, or environmental warfare, such as seismic or climate warfare, would also produce further ecological crisis on Earth.

A lifting of the planetary quarantine could not come at a more fortuitous time for humanity. The synchronicities between the lifting of Earth's quarantine, through a Leaky Embargo strategy, and the threat of human extinction, resulting from environmental catastrophe on Earth, are remarkable. In the very time period that our fossil-fuel nuclear civilization could cause our extinction, humanity has available to it the tools for public interest diplomacy with off-planet cultures, which could well be instrumental in helping Earth's transformation and survival into a universal future.

Some scientific remote viewing data developed in the 1990s indicate that humankind may not be able to forestall the major effects of this coming ecological catastrophe, and may suffer a large population die-off. These specific data indicate that the galactic federation will not intervene to facilitate humanity's survival of the coming ecological catastrophes. The galactic federation sees these self-induced ecological catastrophes as necessary for humanity's long-term evolution. They will cause us to acknowledge our shortsighted exploitation of the Earth's resources and our many social dysfunctions, and then permit us to build anew after a considerable period of soul-searching.

Under this scenario, surviving humans may be forced beneath the surface of the Earth, in underground structures, for several centuries, until the Earth's climate comes back into balance. If this is our fate, humanity may be helped in this scenario by integration with an off-planet culture on Mars that can teach us how to survive underground on Earth, which is how the Martian civilization has survived since the cataclysmic destruction of its environment.

It is a scientific principle that we can change our collective future. We humans do not have to acquiesce in a die-off scenario, brought about solely because the greedy human plutocracy and permanent war economy encourage humanity to continue to consume fossil fuels and accelerate climate shift through greenhouse gas emissions.

Exopolitics is providing us with another avenue, one of transformation to a sustainable, Universe-oriented society. Once you and I are made aware of alternative futures, we can choose and mobilize towards a positive future here on Earth.

Choose to transform Earth into a Universe-oriented society, without the unnecessary trauma of a human near-extinction. Exopolitics is our bridge to Universe society, our future home. Invite all of humanity and our visiting, spiritually advanced off-planet cultures to participate in the Star Dreams Initiative*.

We are entering a new domain of politics. We are shifting from a terrestrial-bound community to a Universe-directed body politic, which is our fundamental cosmic right. The transformation starts within each of us, for we ourselves are the universal transformation. We, the people, are the new universal human beings. We are only at the beginning of our exploration of the Universe.

Join in the vision of a Decade of Contact in all nations, a transformation of our human self-image. The Decade of Contact will be a proactive, education-based process of global integration with Universe society. Our entire terrestrial fabric – governmental, scientific, technological, philosophical, educational, energetic, and environmental – calls out for a new Universe-based reality. Let us save our precious Earth. Together, let us create a new vision, a planetary campaign for a Universe-based ecology.

- Alfred Lambremont Webre

Taken from pages 142 to 146 of his new book Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe (published December 17, 2016) available for free at

* Star Dreams can offer an alternate vision to the weaponization of space, or Star Wars. … Star Dreams represents a transformation of our war industry into a peaceful, cooperative, sustainable Space Age society, and integrating with an intelligent, organized Universe society. The choice of peace is a choice that almost every man, woman, and child can dream of. Star Dreams embraces the ideals of caring about life, curiosity, exploration, trust, cooperation and a desire to move towards a more spiritual future. (Same book, page 124). More details through
- From Common Ground Magazine: "Is the Universe Friendly?"