Global Solstice Meditation: Cocreating a Benevolent Civilization

June 21, 2022

Beloved souls,

You are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the soltice this coming Tuesday, June 21. The practical instructions are provided further below, as well as some complementary information to what you are about to read, which is designed to set the theme and tone for this meditation.

Once again, we are being given an opportunity to participate, as souls, in the unfolding collective creation of a bright new Era of Peace, Love and Harmony.

We have all heard by now about the many challenges humanity faces as we forge ahead towards an as yet uncertain future. It matters a lot whether or not we hold the belief and have a personal intimate conviction that we will successfully overcome these tests to our innate ability to serve the highest good of all and, in so doing, enable the emergence of the needed changes and adaptations to thrive and avoid the pitfalls we have created for ourselves.

Our creative energy follows our attention. If we allow doubts and fears to permeate our perception of how things will eventually turn out for us all, then we are telling the Universe - or Source - that we believe we are unable to master the necessary skills to set things right, and that nothing could possibly prevent whatever it is we fear from happening. If we merely pretend to be optimistic about our future, while deep down we are driven by doubt and fear, that's what we fear the most our creative power will help manifest. No tightrope walker can maintain balance if doubts and fears are percolating deep within.

So the prime condition to efficiently help co-manifest a future of our wildest dreams is to first rid ourselves of the poisonous influence of these two handicapping feelings. And the best way to do so is to steadfastly cultivate faith and Love. This is a deliberate, conscious choice that must be made, again and again, every single waking moment and even in our dreamtime, to a point when we simply KNOW deep within that no matter what may happen, we will always find a way ahead. We can even welcome with an open heart whatever challenges may arise, trusting they are meant to teach us a valuable lesson, if only in proving to ourselves that we can definitely transform any crisis into an opportunity to grow stronger and better… all together, in symbiotic, coherent cooperation with each other and with all Life.

There is no limit to what can be achieved when we let the combined power of faith and Love guide us. Imparting this unwavering awareness to other souls around us is probably the most important mission we have right now as awakening souls living a fabulous human experience. We need to turbocharge this can-do-and-be-it-all feeling through our gleaming thoughts and soul radiance, so it may permeate every other soul touched by this radiance through the web of souls connecting us all.

This is our litmus test as a fast-evolving species and as an emerging galactic civilization. There is no point in fighting against this or that. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more we oppose something, the more it is magnified, simply because we disempower ourselves through giving our creative power away to those who wrongly believe they do the right thing, when they are simply being driven by their own doubts and fears, and are thus contributing to the endless merry-go-round of evolutionary dead ends and failures.

So let us set our soul's eyes on the highest, loftiest goals we can conceive of, and activate the mysteriously wonderful creative gears of the Universe that will align and coalesce in synchronous perfection to make possible whatever we conceive, when intuitively guided by Source.

Here are some thoughts you may hold in your mind and heart during this solstice meditation.

Peace on Earth will happen in our lifetime, within a generation.

All armed forces will be unified and given a new mission to serve the highest good of all. All our cultures, in their beautiful diversity, will also unify to make true the dream of a human brother/sisterhood of caring souls helping each other to achieve their full innate potential.

Justice will prevail with the swift end of all forms of abuse and dysfunctional relationships.

All imbalances will be rectified through the growing will to always serve the highest good of all. Service to self will be balanced out with service to others, as our intuitive sense that what-is-good-for-others-is-good-for-me will dissolve the egoic shell stemming from the illusion of separation. Oneness with All That Is will be felt and acted upon as a natural state of mind, universally shared paradigm and baseline consciousness. Everyone will get it.

Benevolence, driven by unrelenting, unconditional, all-pervading Love, will become the emblematic hallmark of our fast evolving new human civilization.

Regenerative practices in all fields of human activity will lead to fast healing, within a few decades, of all the strands in the web of Life affected by inconsiderate exploitation and desecration, prior to our global awakening as loving, grateful children of our Mother Earth. A massive clean-up operation along with the natural resilience of Nature will bring our world back to harmony, as lush forests will grace anew our planet wherever they had receded, and as all wildlife will thrive again in perfect balance with our benevolent species. All forms of chemical, radioactive and electromagnetic pollution will be banned, soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history.

This vision of a benevolent civilization, imbued with Peace, Justice and Love, will spread like wildfire in humanity's collective consciousness as we will light the fuse of global awakening that has been primed by decades of growing awareness of ever more souls acting on their intuition that this was their life mission, as starseeds and messengers from the Universe, to embody the power of faith and Love, and prepare the ground, now fertile and ripe, for this massive transition into a new dimension of consciousness and hallowed state of Beingness.

Not only shall we join this June 21 in a globally synchronized meditation to continue the Work that has been accomplished through hundreds of similar meditations over the past 35 years, starting with Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, but we will nurture, day in, day out, in our heart and consciousness the unshakable faith that, through us all, Love is flourishing and a new era is dawning with the cocreation of a benevolent human civilization on Earth, and soon, throughout the Milky Way and beyond.

* * * * * * *


If you are not aware what the global event Harmonic Convergence was, when tens of thousands of people gathered at sacred sites around the world to meditate as the sun rose on August 16 and 17, 1987, you way watch the following 3 videos:

You way also wish to read...

Looking Back on the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-17, 1987

"An important part of the Harmonic Convergence observances was the idea of congregating at "power centers." Power centers were places, such as Mount Shasta, California, Mount Fuji, and Mount Yamnuska where the spiritual energy was held to be particularly strong. The belief was that if 144,000 people assembled at these power centers and meditated for peace, that the arrival of the new era would be facilitated."

- Taken from

It is noteworthy that, as in August 1987, on June 21 this year we will be in the midst of another rare planetary alignment in our solar system as you can read in...

See a rare alignment of all the planets in the night sky

"The celestial show, best viewed between June 17 and June 27, will be the last time the five brightest planets cluster in the sky until 2040."

Concerning the global challenges alluded to in the introductory text above, the point is not to pretend they can be easily resolved without massive changes in our collective mindset and cultural paradigms. The point is to emphasize that they CAN be resolved and that such massive changes CAN occur, provided we are not hampered by doubts in our ability to do so and by fears in the back of our minds about what the future may hold. It is surmised that by the collective activation of the power of faith and Love, through our soul connexions with and through Source as we will meditate on June 21 and that we will nurture in our hearts every day afterwards, the necessary shifts will happen. We are infinitely more powerful cocreators than what we have been led to believe so far.

Needless to say, the more people will help network this material and the more will participate in an active ongoing fashion, the more this growing collective perception will catch on.

It is also important to be aware that countless initiatives, locally and globally, are underway to facilitate the transition to a benevolent human civilization as described above. You certainly know many of them already. Here a few relevant examples among thousands that are similarly inspiring:

CODES FOR A HEALTHY EARTH - Cultivating Peace with All of Life

"We, Citizens of Earth, unite in love and concern for our planetary home and all its inhabitants. We come together as one humanity, across national, cultural and ideological boundaries, to restore the well-being of all Life on Earth. We recognize that our personal, collective and planetary health are all interconnected and interdependent. For humanity to thrive, the entire planetary ecosystem must thrive. We affirm that the only legitimate purpose of governance is to protect and cultivate the health and vitality of the planet and all its inhabitants for generations to come."

- Taken from the Declaration at the link above, which is definitely worth reading and contemplating deep within.

One Earth

"Together we can solve the climate crisis through three pillars of collective action: a just transition to 100% renewable energy, protection and restoration of half of the world's lands and oceans, and a shift to net-zero food systems and fibersheds."

Bioneers - It's all alive. It's all connected. It's all intelligent. It's all relatives.

Deep Transformation Network - A global community to explore pathways to an ecological civilization

7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal - January 1-7 every Year

Oika - The only future is beautiful

"We should stop thinking of the future only in terms of imminent degradation. If there is to be a future, it must be beautiful. We know enough. Now we need only feel enough gratitude and conjure enough imagination to make it so."

- Taken from the 7th principle of Oika at

World UNITY Week 2022, June 18-25 "Coming Home Together"

World UNITY Week is an annual FREE, online 8-day event embracing the mid-year Solstice, Yoga Day, UN Refugee Day and a vast array of interconnected global content. This year World UNITY Week launches the 99 Days of Peace through Unity culminating in Peace Week in September (17-24).

The New Earth Manifesto

"WE, sovereign living beings, pure consciousness, pure love, recognize that human beings are part of the Earth ecosystem. We have recognized that our health is inseparable from the health of the plants, animals, water, soil, air and cosmic cycles. We remember our inherent creative power and our infinite potential for evolution. Together we manifest a New Earth, where all life is valued."

• Many more examples through

* * * * * *


As usual, this meditation is scheduled to take place as the Earth reaches the exact moment of the solstice at 09:14 GMT/Universal Time (UT). The mp3 recording of the guided meditation lasts 30 minutes and is designed so that when you hear a gong at 23 minutes in the recording, you will know the climaxing moment of the solstice has been reached.

So you need to start playing the mp3 recording 23 minutes before 15:59 UT, i.e. at 09:14 UT. This will correspond to: 01:53 in Los Angeles, 04:53 in New York, 09:53 in the UK, 10:53 in most of continental Europe and in South Africa, and 18:53 in Sydney, Australia. For other time zones not listed above, you can find your corresponding local time at the following link on the World Clock website:

If, for any reason, it is not possible for you to meditate at the moment the solstice is happening, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and listen to the guided meditation while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

It is recommend that, prior to the globally synchronized meditation, you ensure that the device you will be using to know the exact time when to press Play is set to the correct time. To verify this, go at It is also a good idea to test the volume of the recording at least a few minutes before you start playing the mp3 file, and to set it at a comfortable level. It might be preferable also to set the equalization at the "flat" setting. You can do this meditation on your own in the privacy of your home, for instance, or in a group setting where, hopefully, you can be reasonably assured to not be disturbed and be comfortably seated. If you prefer, you can set aside a moment to start relaxing before 15:36 UT, and prepare some additional music of your choice to play after the meditation, or simply remain in silence, if you prefer to continue meditating after the 30 minute recording ends.

To download the mp3 recording at, hover directly over the start button on the audio bar on the screen. Then right-click if you have a mouse and select the "download" option. On a trackpad or touch screen, use two fingers simultaneously to access the same option. The mp3 recording can also be found at If you cannot download the mp3 ahead of the meditation, it can also be played directly from these 2 links, but because of the higher number of people who are expected to join this time, please do not wait till the last minute, either to download the mp3 file on your computer or other type of device, or to access the link to listen to it without downloading it if your device doesn't offer this option to you.

Note that you can use this recording as often as you wish afterwards to further delve into the wondrous Universal Field of Consciousness, radiate more Love and become ever more in tune with Who you really Are.

* * * * * * *

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available HERE. If you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" as the subject of your email.