Global Solstice Envisioning Meditation

Beloved souls,

You are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the solstice this coming Sunday evening, June 20, in North America, and Monday morning, June 21, in Europe.

As usual, the solstice meditation is scheduled to take place as the Earth reaches its northernmost point - the exact moment of the Solstice - at 03:32 GMT/Universal Time (UT).

Exceptionally, the mp3 recording of this guided meditation lasts 18 minutes* instead of 30 and is designed so that when you hear "A new cycle is beginning" at the 11th minute in the recording, it will be exactly 03:32 UT. It is therefore necessary to begin listening to the recording 11 minutes before 03:32 UT, i.e. at 03:21 UT.

This will correspond to:

20:21 in Los Angeles - on Sunday June 20
3:21 in New York - on Sunday June 20
04:21 in the UK and in most of continental Europe - on Monday June 21 and
05:21 in most of continental Europe - on Monday June 21

For other time zones not listed above, you can find your corresponding local time on the World Clock at the following link:

If, for any reason, it is not possible for you to meditate at the moment the Solstice is happening, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

It is recommend that prior to the meditation, you ensure that the device you will be using for the meditation is set to the correct time. To verify this, go to . It is also a good idea to test in advance the volume of the recording and to set it at a comfortable level. The meditation is short (18 minutes), so if you feel you will need more time to get the most from the experience, consider starting earlier and/or continuing after the recording has ended.

You can do this meditation on your own in the privacy of your home for instance, or in a group setting where hopefully, you can be reasonably assured to not be disturbed. If you have prior experience meditating, and even perhaps if you are relatively new to meditation, you may reach a state of resonance with your inner source of intuitive guidance, which is main goal of this meditation. You may also intuitively form visions of a positive future that you will then energetically empower, and may also sense what your role might be in contributing to their manifestation.

To download the mp3 recording of the guided meditation, please go at To download it, hover with your cursor over the start button on the audio bar on the screen. Then right-click if you have a mouse and select the "download" option. On a trackpad or touch screen, use two fingers simultaneously to access the same option. It is also available at via the "Download" option - accessible through the 3 dots icon in the right-hand column. You can also listen to this recording without downloading it at the two links above but it is best to download it a few days in advance to make sure you have it in due time.

Finally, here are some thoughts that will help set the context for this upcoming meditation.

Imaginal Cells and the Natural Magic of Crystallization - Two Metaphors for Our Times

In our field of "spiritual activism", as in every other endeavor where people devote themselves to fostering greater awareness, there is a disruptive and yet constructive tension between these agents of change and the stakeholders of the status quo. The friction between those who have seen the future beyond the inevitable failure of past solutions that can no longer be sustainable, and those who are not yet able to see beyond the benefits they get from the current situation is similar in some ways to what happens at the cellular level inside a caterpillar as it morphs into a butterfly.

Scientists have observed the work of so-called "imaginal cells" in pupating caterpillars as they deconstruct from within to reappear as a butterfly designed for flight and reproduction. Many have used this process as a metaphor to portray how activists, motivated by a common blueprint of higher and more sustainable solutions for our common needs, help steer society in a wiser direction so it may re-engineer itself into a new social organism.

Another metaphor may also help convey the indomitable power held by those who, through their own alignment with the forces of Life, turn the stagnation of entropy into the gestation cauldron of new realities. It has been observed that for an ice sheet to materialize on a pond when temperature reaches the freezing point, all it takes is a single crystal of ice to form for others to appear and aggregate around this initial seed, and gradually spread to the entire surface of this pond. When conditions are ripe, the seeders of a new reality may see their impact magnified beyond their wildest dreams.

Sensing and Anchoring a Guiding Vision and Enabling its Manifestation

Soul-driven inspiration, whether in dreams, deep contemplative meditation or simply through a finely tuned, now moment of alignment with the Source Within, can be fertile ground for exciting new ideas, and the motivational impetus for bringing them into full manifestation. Every one of us has the ability to sense what is right and in line with the highest good of all. The mysterious well of inspiration from which artists, inventors and visionaries draw their creativity is where we may find our guiding visions for a healthier, more balanced future, and from which we can draw energy and motivation to enable their manifestation.

The recorded guided meditation is designed to bring us into an inner place of sacred stillness and receptivity to this subtle and gentle guidance of our soul. All that's needed is to defer to this inner voice we may hear, or to the non-verbal feelings and fleeting images that may arise and blossom in our sensing awareness, as our minds straddle the fine line between our conscious, active mental processes and the emanations of our souls welling up from the deepest recess of our hearts.

You will be invited near the end of the recording to mentally notice and then note down in writing right after the meditation the elements of the vision of our common future you may have perceived, as well as the personal guidance received for your role in assisting their manifestation in the weeks, months and years ahead. You may then email at whatever you're comfortable sharing so your written contribution may be added to what others may send to form a mosaic of visions and commitments to action that, once brought together, will form a common blueprint for the future and roadmap to getting there. If enough people respond to this suggestion, a curated compilation will then be sent to all subscribers and archived at

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available at

If you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" as the subject of your email.

* The reason why this guided meditation lasts only 18 minutes is because it was designed to be shorter at the request of the Stop 5G International team. It was created to be used in the context of their worldwide activities this coming weekend, but is suitable for anyone in any other context.