Global Solstice Meditation - 20 June 2020

A Moment of At-One-Ment

Beloved souls,

As we stand at a fork on the road of our collective evolution, coming out of a period of great uncertainty and still facing formidable odds as we strive to overcome our current challenges, whether it is the lesson of humility taught to us all by a tiny virus, the retooling of our technological means to avoid excessive global warming and reformating of our social structures and individual behaviors to sail past the treacherous waters of our still lingering disunion, or the rejuvenation of our sense of Oneness with All That is, we are each called upon to rise to the occasion of this unique moment, from a historical perspective, and Be the Light of this world we are meant to Be.

What we believe in is what we become. Such is the power of our cocreative ability to manifest anything we set our attention upon. Who controls the narrative that focalizes our attention in a given direction can weave a tale of fear which may disempower us, disconnect us from our innate invincibility and make us do almost anything, and not necessarily for the Highest Good of All. It is easy to think of recent events and imagine where this can lead to if we allow such an influence on us to continue its course.

There is a golden opportunity that is being offered to us, by the sheer magnitude of the fear narrative that has been used to steer us in a certain direction, to snap out of our collective hypnosis, awaken to our freedom to be Who We Are, as sovereign souls living a physical experience, and let the Light of Source guide us towards a brighter, freer future. Because we are all connected at a soul level, it is enough that a small but significantly unified number of us reimagine our future and set our minds towards enabling its manifestation for a global shift to occur in the 7,8 billion souls currenly living on Earth. What we feel happening is what happens.

Our civilization has been experiencing for a long time a kind of systemic anthropocentrism. The belief that satisfying our needs takes precedence over protecting the balance of all living things upon which our very survival depends has been systematically built into every nook and cranny of our planetary culture. Again, because we are in essence One Life enacting myriad expressions of Itself, it takes just a significantly unified number of souls to trigger this shift in consciousness from sensing ourselves as being apart from all to being a part of All... a coherently self-aware part constantly adjusting itself to protect and nurture the whole gamut of Life forms enabling us all to thrive as one living, gaian entity.

Now, in addition to reimagining our future as guided from Within, and shifting our perceptual sense of entitlement to take whatever we want from Mother Nature to a new sense of our collaborative impetus to care for all, first and foremost, there is a third purpose we are being called upon to achieve during this solstice meditation. As a way to demonstrate to ourselves that Nature and all its multitudinous manifestations are an extension of our own Beingness, at the deepest level, we are going to address the need to rebalance to a more benign expression of itself the tiny form of self-replicating organic particle we have come to know as the coronavirus Covid-19.

The keener our sense of being intricately connected, ho-oponopono-like, with this exquisite piece of genetic machinery, the easier we can shift its design, so it no longer poses a threat to the human form of life on Earth. And the simplest way to achieve this is to engulf its morphogenetic field with Love and trust Life to respond in kind through simultaneously deactivating every single copy of this virus. This is nothing more that global self-healing though self-Love. There is no need to try to explain it any further to the mind as the mind will not take part in this, its only role being to convey to the inner Self the common goal thus set for all willing souls to accomplish and Be the Light of this world, for the Highest Good of All as One.

* * * * * * *

Once again, you are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the solstice this coming Saturday, June 20. The same guided meditation as for the previous 5 global meditations is available to facilitate a deeper awareness of Who We Are.

Since the climax of this solstice will be at 21:44 GTM/Universal Time, it is recommended that you start playing the mp3 recording provided for this meditation 24 minutes before this moment, that is at 21:20 GTM/UT, which corresponds, if you live in Los Angeles, to 14:20, in New York, to 17:20, and in London UK, to 22:20. For the other time zones, you will find at your local corresponding time to begin playing the recording.

To accurately set the time of your mp3 player (computer, tablet or cell phone), simply visit

If you cannot take part to this globally synchronized meditation at 21:20 GTM/UT, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and do the same procedure suggested above while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

As usual, the recording lasts 30 minutes, and includes, after the first 13 minutes of guided meditation, several inspiring musical tracks to accompany your inner journey.

To let you know in the recording that the climax of the solstice has arrived, you will hear for a fourth time the words I know I know I know, which are then followed by 6 more minutes of music. If you want to remain in silence to continue meditating, after the end of this 30 minute recording, simply add nothing else in your playlist (depending on the type of device you use). Otherwise, select the music of your choice. It is important also that you set the equalizer settings of your mp3 player at "flat" (you add no bass and no treble), or you may hear some distortion.

To download the mp3 recording, please do so preferably via (using the right-click button of your mouse or the equivalent on a trackpad or a touch screen - using two fingers simultaneously), or, alternatively, via the "Download" button at It is also possible to play the recording without downloading it at the two links above. Please remember to keep a copy of this recording for your future uses in the coming year.

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