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Meditation Themes for a Whole Year &

Week # 1: Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light


Starting with the first one below, we offer every week a new meditation theme designed to provide an opportunity to recapitulate the essential awakening keys and concepts explored in the Meditation Focuses networked during an 8-year period, prior to 2012. Those meditation themes replace the Meditation Focuses that have been regularly issued since April 2000 to the subscribers of the Global Meditation Focus Group list.

The first theme "Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light" included below is suggested for this Sunday's 30 minute meditation starting at 16:00 Universal Time/GMT (which corresponds to 11 am in New York during the winter, and to noon during the summer) - if you live elsewhere check HERE for your local corresponding time in winter and HERE in summer (winter and summer in the northern hemisphere).

You are also invited to participate to a global group soul communion that starts 30 minutes before the beginning of the weekly Meditation Focus. As it was suggested in the Meditation Focus #214: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness, "those souls who have taken to regularly participate in these global meditation focuses and similar activities will have, if they so chose, a new opportunity to heighten their skills and deepen their ability to immerse themselves into a collective of souls and thus co-aggregate and meld their respective soul consciousnesses into a fledging group consciousness, which is soon going to be a key element to further expand the now emerging global Oneness Consciousness on Earth." Those 2 successive meditations therefore last one hour, the first one prepping you up for the second one. But if you feel this is too long for you, then participate only to the second one, based on the weekly theme of the Meditation Focus. If you have no problem meditating for one hour, then you should download the 30 minute audio recording for this preparatory meditation through this DROPBOX LINK. Using this, you should have reached a state of deep meditation when the second 30 min recording with the weekly meditation theme will begin, thus allowing for a more fulfilling experience. Please note that you will find a link under the picture further below - such an inspirational picture is provided with each of the 51 other meditation themes - leading to the 52 MP3 audio files that thousands of participants use every week since 2014 when joining in these meditations.

Meditation Themes for a Whole Year

You will find HERE the links to the 52 meditation themes that have been widely networked on the Web from 2004 to 2011 and adapted to the context of a special weekly Meditation Focus Series in 2012. You may use this simply as inspirational material to ponder and contemplate whenever you feel like reviewing them, or you may also choose to initiate a one-year intensive process of soul consciousness awakening through using each suggested theme as the basis for your daily meditations, focussing on a different theme every week.

Ideally you will want to set aside a 30 minute period, at least once a week, every Sunday at the usual time, to go into a state of deep meditation using whatever technique or method that works best for you. If you need some tips as to how one may reach such a state, the introductory instructions below may prove useful to you. In addition, it is recommended that you make time everyday for a short 10 to 15 minutes meditation to allow whatever thoughts and feelings elicited by the daily reading of each weekly meditation theme to percolate through your mind and stimulate whatever awakening process you are going through at that point in time. Try also to pay attention during the rest of your day to insights or soul promptings that may be spurred by the resulting new awareness and greater understanding that will come to your attention. Either note them down to better fix them in your conscious mind or take a brief moment to close your eyes, relax and let it all seep in you.

Basic Meditation Method

Many authors have already marked the way leading to the awakening of our soul consciousness. For a better understanding, you may explore some of the numerous books available on this vast subject. However, we should remember that it is through exploring the rich world of our own soul consciousness that we may gain access to the vast wealth of knowledge stemming from actually experiencing first-hand All That We Are.

We often tend to place too much emphasis on intellectual knowledge, which may create an imbalance in how we perceive ‘reality’. It is preferable to seek some balance between our mental and our intuitive grasp on things, between intellectual reasoning and what spontaneously comes from the heart. You should therefore allow yourself a few minutes of reflection, introspection and meditation each day, in a calm environment conducive to such activity. These moments will provide you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the depths of your consciousness, to find answers to whatever questions you may have, and the inspiration and strength necessary to continue progressing on your soul journey.

There are numerous ways to relax and meditate. Here are some of the main steps common to most techniques:

1. Progressively relax all the body muscles and let all tensions subside. Having a seated, comfortable posture helps greatly.

2. Without any straining, let the thoughts come and go until they gradually fade away. To reach a state of mindful tranquility, one may at first keep the attention focussed entirely on repeating a chosen mantra, observing willfully the flickering flame of a candle or the intricacies of a mandala, listening to a soothing sound or music, or follow intently the movement of one’s breathing, until a point where the inner monologue of one’s thoughts is at rest. Allowing one’s mindful focus to recedes in the background as it slowly breaks away from whatever it first paid attention to, as if one is daydreaming or having one’s head in the clouds, may help to reach a state of detachment from the activity of the mind, and eventually a deep and yet mindful stillness.

3. Staying away from any space and time references—like where one needs to go, what happened yesterday, what should be done tomorrow—and trustfully accepting intuitive impressions, images and inspirations that may spontaneously well up from our soul consciousness is the next stage. There is a subtle and yet clear distinction that enables distinguishing these soul-prompted thoughts and feelings from the usual ramblings of our overactive ego-centered mind, the gist of it being that they speak truth to us and often trigger waves of tingling bliss generally associated with goose bumps.

4. Passively observe and contemplate all phenomena, visions and new ideas arising, without any mental reaction, while maintaining your alertness to prevent doziness.

5. Finally, when returning back to normal consciousness, ponder the deeper meaning of what has been experienced, and note down what seems most important or talk about it with someone to flesh it out and better remember it.

Another useful key is to strive to remain keenly aware of your surroundings and of your intuitive feelings and impressions that may arise at any moment during the day. This anchoring of consciousness in the here and now moment will contribute to lessen the choking hold of the many trance-like illusions programmed into us, which often prevent a direct and undistorted perception of what’s around us and what’s happening. This will create a permanent, instantaneous access to the Universal Consciousness and enable It to guide your thoughts, words and deeds through the still small voice within and the intuitive, spontaneous promptings you may feel.

As you certainly know if you have already attempted entering a state of deep meditation after reading theme-setting material such as the following one, the only way to actually reach a deeply vibrant sense of Oneness, at soul level, is certainly not to try to remember, while you meditate, everything you’ll read in these suggested meditation themes. Simply having a general idea of it in the back of one’s mind is usually all that is necessary.

Finally, if you like to have inspirational music playing in the background while you meditate, the album Angelic Music from Iasos (detailed presentation HERE with links to order it), featuring two tracks of approximately 30 minutes each, has proven to be well suited to this spiritual exercize. One of those two tracks, Angels of Comfort, is available at Or you may play any other music that has proven effective for you during your moments of meditation.

When you are ready to begin, first take a few slow deep breaths while relaxing all muscle tensions, focussing your attention in your heart and feeling the tingling energies permeating your body with growing waves of bliss. Then, when your mind is at rest and you are perfectly centered in your soul consciousness, you may consider you have reached a perfect stillness of the mind and a vibrant mindfulness best conducive to the emergence of a state of deep meditation where the gentle voice of your soul may reach your conscious mind and guide you to Be all That You Are.

Week # 1: Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light

An audio version (mp3) is available HERE with instructions on how to access and use it.

What will the future look like? How will current global challenges be faced successfully so as to create a new era of world peace, spiritual unity and perfect harmony with all realms of Creation? Which role are we each supposed to play in cocreating a New Earth in Service to the Light?

Those questions and many more, undoubtedly, are in the minds and hearts of all those who came here to assist in this Mission, in accordance with the Divine blueprint prepared aeons ago for these coming wondrous times. There must not be any doubt nor any hesitation in our minds as to whether the promise of a manifested Heaven on Earth will come to pass.

Fear must be entirely and permanently banished from our consciousness so as to let the shining Light of Love grow ever higher as the redeeming Flame of God rise ever brighter from all awakening souls on Earth. Loyalty to and compliance with the sacred vows taken in front of the One Source of All must be upheld so as to enable the realization of Absolute Oneness with All That is and the metaphorical return of the prodigal son to the fatherly Home of Bliss Within.

We can and will make this world right.

We can and will make this world perfect.

We can and will make this world fully rejuvenated and balanced, as it was in the Beginning when Man and Woman knew not the delusory sense of separation but only the Perfection that always was, still is, and will forever exist.

Growing ever stronger every day in this unshakable Knowledge of What Is, gratefully acknowledging the challenges placed upon our path to strengthen the bonds of trust and the will to serve as One the mighty Light now pervading planet Earth in all dimensions, and aligning with the inner guidance of God exuding from the very essence of our higher consciousness, we will continue to victoriously anchor in us, all of us, the shining, fiery Light of Love whose Presence is NOW dissipating the last fading remnants of darkness and all its attendant woes until this entire planet is made anew, until Love shines through every heart, until Oneness is known by all.

Let us all contribute in manifesting the Oneness, the Perfection, the Balance, the Rejuvenation, the Miracle Healing and the Exponential Rising of Eternal Love, for the Highest Good of All Creation.

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