Sent March 31, 2000

Subject: Final feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal


Just a quick word to say, here are the latest and probably the last feedbacks that I'll forward to all of you. In my next email, I'll try to propose a short list of criterias for selecting the issues to be listed in the weekly list of foci for meditation. I'll also review once again the feedbacks received and try to synthesize the essential ideas and suggestions from it all.

I received 3 résumés so far. So if those who are to be part of the Focus Group are to introduce themselves to each other, it would be time those who did not submit a résumé do so in the next few days. Then I'll put them all together and forward them only to those who have shown an interest to be on the Focus Group members. We received 2 more offers of participation to the Focus Group - 2 first emails below.

If some of you have not read the previous feedbacks to this proposal, you can review them


And at the bottom of this webpage above, you'll find a link to more feedbacks

Best regards to everyone

Jean Hudon

P.S. Again if you want to read a resume on me, there is one posted at

From: "Deborah Tompkins" <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000

I have read with great interest and delight proposals and formation of a
great proposal. Gratitude to all for the time and commitment that will
ultimately bring us all to the place that is our birthright to be in. As I
read the drafts, concerns I thought of were answered. My input was going to
be the basic simplicity and directness of the statement "For the highest
good all.", with no qualifiers or biases. Simple, objective and effective.
The core group function is a weighty and awesome responsibility. I would
like to be a part of it, in whatever capacity is appropriate.

Blessings to all

Deborah Tompkins

NOTE from Jean: I've responded to Deborah and requested more details on her background as I did for the other people interested so far to be part of the first Focus group -- see an example in the previous series of feedbacks.

I did the same for Melody-Rose Parker below

From: "Melody-Rose Parker" <>
Subject: Feedback on World Peace Meditation
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Dear Jean,

I am very interested in participating in a core group who creates world
peace. In terms of feedback, I would point out a teaching that was given by
Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Ascended Master through Terri Sue Stone several
weeks ago. It paraphrases something like this:

In the past age, we did you a disservice, particularly since our written
teachings were so close to the incoming Age of Aquarius. The bulk of our
written messages through channels like Alice Bailey were geared toward the
energy of, "You can create your own reality." This worked for the past age,
but this is not how the energy in the Aquarian age works. So, I would give
you a new teaching on this so that you can take advantage of the Aquarian
energies, for we truly are now in the Age of Aquarius.

The hallmark of the Aquarian Age is "as is acceptance" causes transcendence.
So, if you are not feeling well, do not say, "My body isn't feeling well.
There's something wrong with it. I'll visualize, etc., etc. and change that
reality through my efforts." (Of course, that is not to say that you do not
get up in the morning and ask your body what would be good for it today and
give it the supplements, nutrition, and water that it is asking for as fuel
to create optimum performance.) Instead, the Aquarian energies work most
effectively in the following way, "Oh, I don't feel very well today. Okay,
that is the way it is." By as-is accepting, you are not creating an
resistance in the energy and, therefore, when there is no resistance in the
energy, you will transcend the circumstances easily. This is about not
creating resistance to any energy or lessons you or people are learning, but
to unconditionally love.

If you wish to see the full transcript of this teaching, the web site for
Terri Sue Stone's work with Djwhal Khul is

I believe it was Abraham who channeled through Elizabeth Hicks that the
judgments we make about people and their lessons show the conditions we put
on loving them. So, given these two major teachings in my life, it would be
my recommendation that the meditations to help create world peace would
first start with creating peace within. In my understanding, that is
self-acceptance, as is, flowing out from oneself into the world. In
practical terms, for a world peace meditation, I would see this as looking
at a situation unconditionally; accepting what is going on as it is; and
then just act as a conduit for this unconditional love and acceptance to
flow into the situation, which is the Divine and Perfect Love and Truth of
Source Creator.

Then, I believe these meditations will be most effective and take advantage
of the energies of the Aquarian Age.

May the Source of All That Is Send You Happiness and the Causes of Future

Melody-Rose Parker

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Meditation

Dear Jean,

Pathways to Peace and The World Peace Prayer Society are two organizations
that encourage daily meditation at noon for world peace. Pathways to Peace
encourages meditation any time and for an extended time on Sundays. I would
encourage you to expand upon this noon time as you plan on a meditation
group. I went to the web site and enjoyed the enthusiastic responses to the

May Peace Prevail on Earth,
Monica Willard
Pathways to Peace, NGO Representative to the UN

From: "Phyllis von Miller" <>
Cc: "Patti Cota Robles" <>,
"lightweaver" <>
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Hi Jean:

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems to me we already have the form,
Lightweaver's PAN Alert System, and the forum, Barb Wolf's Global
Meditation Calendar.

It feels like what might be missing is a traffic director (system?), and
assistants for both of the above systems, to keep alive when they need to
give their attentions to other affairs.

I am in full accord w/ Deborah: " would be easier to receive a prayer
request than long messages with many opinions on a political situation."
For those who wish to debate an issue, invite them to your WebPages.
Frankly I am in overwhelm w/ all the lengthy info that comes on a daily
basis. I like the style of the Grist....

And for folks who get knocked off center, send them something from Patti
Cota Robles; her info puts things back into perspective and calms the

Thanx for giving me the space to share my thots and feelings. I had to
meditate a tad on this.

Peace prevails on Earth ~ Phyllis ~ White Wolf Woman ~ ICQ#2505539

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000
From: Grace Skrzypiec <>
Subject: focus groups..

Hi Jean
I am not sure exactly what is being planned in terms of the focus groups
... I would just like to offer my assistance if needed, one way or another
... I am a research pyschologist by trade and am a trained focus group
facilitator. In my work we used focus groups as a starting point to get a
general picture of the nature of things and then used the information to
form the first draft of survey questionnaires. This provided us with an
instrument which enabled a statistical process and some "hard",
quantifiable data which was used to "support" a variety of "new" policies
(for people who continually need "proof" of things). I don't know exactly
what you might have in mind, but if this is a direction you might be
thinking of taking, then I'd would be more than happy to offer any kind of
assistance I can.

You are doing great work Jean .... bless you!
Love and Light


Thanks for your kind offer Grace. But obviously (to me at least ;-) this is definitely not the usual kind of focus group you describe. Still your experience may be useful at some point and I'll try to keep it in mind as we forge ahead.

Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

Greetings jean;

Would like to get involved with this project. What do I do? How do I get involved?

Aho, Bless Be
Rich 'CrystalWolfe' Baker, D.D.
home page:'s.htm business : ICQ# : 6998479

Hello Rich

Nice to hear from you - as I see you've been on the ERN list for quite a long time now.

To better answer your question I'd need to know what kind of involvement you have in mind, what you think you could do...

If it is simply to take part into the meditations, you'll receive a copy of the weekly list of meditation foci as all other people subscribed on the ERN list and then you'll be able to join in when possible for you. And you can also take a few minutes everyday to add your healing and peace vibrations to the worldwide pool of such vibrations ministering through the guidance of the spiritual Elders of humanity to the various "hot spots" on Earth.

Love and blessings to you


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000

Are there any localtions local here in Dallas holding Meditations for this yet?


Not that I am aware. And I don't believe there will be. We have not recommended to organize such meetings. This will happen only if someone take the initiative to do so.

Will you?


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000

Yes Jean if you feel Spirit is willing to have something like that now in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.
Tell me what you think would a good way to go about starting it if Spirit thinks they are ready for it here.

(To be continued...)

Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000
Subject: Re: Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal

I am very interested and will help coordinate this in any way I can.

-Ric McCain


Thanks for your support. You'll be kept posted through the PAN list as the weekly list of meditation foci will be sent to this list. Please let me/us know what you have in mind regarding coordination.

NOTE FROM JEAN: Although this is not a feedback on the proposal per se, I feel it is relevant to include this here as Dave brings up an interesting albeit incomplete perspective since he does not elucidate his point at the end as you'll see. If anyone of you is interested to further explore this discussion with him, please Cc me your correspondance. As for me I simply don't have time to elaborate on this.

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000
From: "Lennon, David" <>
Subject: True Balance and power station

Hi Jean,
You're doing well! Thanks for promoting TB. I'm at work now but when home will
soon send you info on focusing Light, such as world meditations. We are
literally babies still when it comes to working with Light, and up until now
people have just been anchoring it into the planet on a broad scale. Now we are
learning to focus it, just like a laser beam and of course with such
concentration it can be more effective.

Also, another interesting thing is occuring - the 'power station' supplying the
Light is constantly monitoring the type and amount of Light energy being demanded
by Planet Earth, and especially humans. Actions such as the ones you are helping
coordinate and inititiate cause the power station buzzers to litterally go off
and indicate earth is now requiring more and more Light of a positive intent.
This is of great interest to many others monitoring our activities and a way of
monitoring how things are going.

This then leads to another important lesson - flow. Its no different than an
electrical circuit and in order to have a good flow we need positive and
negative. At present we are doing the equivalent of installing super large
positve wires, but have neglected the negative wires (don't panic! I'm not
suggesting anything 'negative' here). I use the analogy of changing the dirty
water in a swimming pool. We are presently pumping in clean water with a
stormwater size pipe, yet trying to empty the dirty water with a garden hose. And
on top of this, we are offloading a lot of our own negative energies into Mother
Earth as we cleanse ourselves.

Its like vacuuming your house, but never emptying the bag. Sure you got rid of
the dust, but you never moved it out of your house!

What we have is a lot of 'negative' energy that needs to escape and move on to
its next place of 'learning' and this will help 'balance' the positive dominance
developing. Mother Earth needs to vent a lot of this energy and she is doing so
by flexing and stretching herself. By releasing it with unconditional love, we
help it in its transformation and consequently ours, as we are connected. As the
energy leaves, we do not come from an attitude we are banishing it, punishing it
or wishing it good ridence. Its not a witch hunt. We thank the energy for
showing us our faults and bad ways, as it was our most important teacher if you
think about it.

So what can we do? There are certain places on the planet that are excellent
'energy relief valves' and we can also establish our own. I was guided to do
this in my own backyard and this is how I came to understand this. It's not hard
and armed with just the intent to do so, and unconditional love for all energy,
guidance on how will follow. There are no set procedures, which humans often
find hard to accept. Its about demonstrating spontaneity and not being limited
by prior knowledge and understanding. Times are changing very quickly so what
worked yesterday will not always work today, and if we can't be flexible and open
to spontaneous guidance, then we will not move forward.

I hope you find this interesting and can relate to it. Its very important and
the next step in working with Light.

Keep up the good work,

There is still more to read: Yet more feedbacks to the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal