Subject: FOCUS GROUP: Extension of the Focus on the Famine in the Horn of Africa for a second week and Comments received on the Focus Group Meditation #1 (Web Posted; May 5, 2000)

Dear Focus Group participant

This email is in lieu of the second Meditation Focus that was scheduled
today. The Focus Group responsible for choosing and issuing them has
decided to NOT issue another one immediately this week because some time
was necessary to translate in French and Spanish all the material from the
first Meditation Focus along with an introductory letter summarizing how
this Focus group came to be and describing the unique purpose of this global
healing work -- see the introductory letter below. So the previous
Meditation Focus regarding the developing famine in the Horn of Africa is
being extended for this second week. It is recommended that we use it as a
time for consolidation and extension of our efforts so as to reach out to
many more people and invite them to join this global ongoing initiative
using the introductory letter below and the initial Meditation Focus #1
archived at: -- and also available at the new
Focus Group Webpage (still in construction) at:

You'll also find below various comments and feedbacks that were sent to us
regarding this initiative. We would like also to mention that Jean Hudon,
the current Focus Group facilitator will be interviewed for 10 minutes by Fred
Sterling this coming Sunday just after 9:00 PM East Coast Time as part of
his radio show available on the Web (see at to find
out how to tune in) to share information on the facilitation of the global
healing work done by the Focus Group and explain how others may

We thank you for your participation and assistance in networking this material.

Love and blessings to all of you

Focus Group

P.S. To view some telling *and really moving* pictures on the Famine in
Ethiopia go see a photo essay "A Parched land, A Starving People" at



Here is a summary of the proposal that has led to the creation of the Focus
Group which has chosen and formulated this first Meditation Focus.

In a document entitled "Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal" and
circulated around the world through the emailing list of the Earth Rainbow
Network on March 26, 2000 (original document archived at and relayed by
several other networks on the Internet, an invitation was sent out for the
creation of a "Focus Group" that would take upon itself to propose every
week a specific focus to everyone interested in contributing through prayer
and meditation to the peaceful resolution of various conflicts and crises
affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. The main
objective of this initiative is to increase the efficiency of the global
healing work that many people already do on an individual basis, so as to
hasten the dawning of an era of universal peace amongst all humans and
harmony with all other lifeforms.

Numerous comments in support of this initiative have resulted and a group
of 7 people from various contries was soon formed and has since been
working to define the parameters under which it would operate and the
selection criteria for the adoption every week of a new meditation focus. A
few days ago, the first such topic was circulated in English to the 1700+
international contacts of the Earth Rainbow Network in about 50 countries
as well as to the 540 redistribution nodes of the Planetary Awakening
Network, reaching out to more than 150,000 people through the Internet and
created a little over a year ago with the aim of networking more
efficiently the global meditation rendez-vous regularly proposed by various
people and organizations.

Spanish and French versions of this first "Meditation Focus" of our
thoughts and vibrations of peace, love and harmony are now available so as
to enable the Spanish and French-speaking community around the world to
participate to this global healing and peace-making work. Since a couple
days will always be necessary every week before these translations become
available, the Focus Group will always make sure that each new Meditation
Focus is chosen and formulated at least 4 days before the beginning of the
week in which it will applies, and the various translations released every
Friday at noon so as to leave at least 48 hours for its broadcasting on the
Internet - and through all other means available off the Net - before
Sunday at noon, local time, when people in each time zone will begin
focalizing on each newly proposed theme.

As you'll see hereafter, it is suggested to anyone interested to meditate
each Sunday at noon with all the other participants in their time zone, for
approximately 30 minutes, on the issue chosen for that week, and then to
keep it in mind each time they will take a few minutes at the moment of
their own choosing, preferably every day, in order to continue focussing on
the global healing and peace-making work undertaken with the worldwide
community of people using this form of spiritual service for the greatest
good of all.

Let us mention here the three basic principles offered in the initial
proposal so as to outline for the benefit of all concerned the unique
nature of this spiritual service:

1) We are all interconnected and we can all resonate to one another as many
have experienced during previous global meditations.

2) The more our minds and hearts are united around a common purpose through
synchronized meditation and intent, the more powerful is our collective

3) In meditation we become receptive to our essential unity with All That
Is, and by so doing can act as channels for the further reception of this
spiritual awareness and its unlimited love, wisdom, and power into the
collective consciousness. This is particularly so when we are joined with
each other in meditation and are allowing the powerful effect of this
collective awareness to radiate out to all life.

And, as already mentioned in the initial proposal, dedicating a few minutes
every day, in addition to the Global Moment of At-One-ment every Sunday, to
connect with the worldwide web of people who, at any given time of the day
and night, are allowing the power of universal love to uplift their
consciousness and enhance the resonance of this vibration of love within
everyone, we can help catalyze the spiritual awakening of humanity, thus
enabling the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the shifting of human
priorities towards satisfying the basic survival and evolutionary needs of

The Focus Group intends to work impartially for the highest good of all,
with the guidance of Spirit. We encourage everyone participating in this
global healing work to similarly strive to become neutral channels so as to
help step down the powerful Divine vibrations of Love, Peace and Unity to a
level at which they can be of assistance to alleviate the suffering of
people and instill the goodwill necessary to resolve peacefully any
conflictual situation involved with each suggested Meditation Focus.

Here is now the integral translation of the first Meditation Focus issued
on April 28, 2000. Please note that due to the numerous steps and
adjustments necessary for the proper establishment of this global
initiative, it has not been possible to prepare this translation in time
for April 28. As a consequence, and to allow for the French and Spanish
speaking communities around the world to catch up with the English
community, this first Meditation Focus has been extended for a second week
and so will apply until May 13, thus allowing for enough time to reach out
to all those who may be interested to join this global healing work on a
weekly basis.

To see the Meditation Focus #1 go at

To see the French version go at

To get the Spanish version write to Ricardo Ocampo or check the Focus Group webpage at

To make sure you'll always receive each new Meditation Focus, subscribe to
our automatic listserver by sending a blank email at and to get the French version send your
email at


Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: Meditation Focus #1 (April 28, 2000)

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for including me on your mailing list. I have enjoyed the
information for several months. Your recent meditation focus brings
something to my attention that I would like to share to your readers.

I am sure that your readers will not deny that prayer is extremely powerful.
However, to pray for something to happen, even with the best of intentions is
less effective and sometimes not effective at all because you are in effect
acknowledging that this situation exists. Instead, try using your creative
abilities as follows:

Gregg Braden says it well in his latest book, "The Isiah Effect" by
discussing this concept. Basically the concept is being what you want,
living it, breathing it, and fully experiencing it. He gives an example of a
Native American that allowed him to go to a sacred land to "pray for rain".

Gregg fully expected to see a ceremony of dancing and chanting, but the
Native American sat quietly for a few minutes, got up and said, "That's it."
When asked what he did, the Native American explained that he had visualized
rain, mud squishing between his toes, water splattering on leaves,
rivers/streams over-flowing with water, etc. At no suprise to either person,
it poured down rain in the next few days.

So how does this relate to all of us and your meditation on helping people
that are starving? Visualize these people eating, feeling full, having more
than enough to eat. Picture whatever in your mind is how you feel when you
have eaten, have plenty, seeing food on plates, how wonderful food smells,

And last, but not least, you may have heard of thanking an act before it is
done so that the creative process of thanking means it indeed already has
happened. This too, is a form of prayer and using your Father/Mother/God
creative gifts.

Love & Light,
Patricia Myers
Santa Fe, NM


Thanks a lot Patricia for your excellent comment which I've passed to the
other Focus group members and will include in a series of feedbacks soon on
this initiative along with this comment.

This is also what I often do regarding visualizing results to be obtained
and seeing/sensing them actually implemented.

Another good tip is to release completely your visualization once the
meditation is completed by cutting off immediately any further thought of
the subject once the work is done. Any lingering thought we may have on a
subject we visualize tends to diminish the releasing part of it - as if we
were trying to own from the ego-personality standpoint the result or
outcome "we" individually prefer, which creates an attachment to that
hoped-for result and hampers any intended results, however intensely we
might have worked to achieve them in our meditation. We can never "own" any
possible good outcomes resulting form our gloabl healing meditation work.
We can only serve as benevolent conduits for God's supreme wisdom and
perfect evolutionary Plan for Earth and humanity, and in doing so in this
entirely selfless, ego-transparent way, contribute mightily to Its natural
manifestation and complete expression, all within the boundaries set by the
universal non-interference law in the freewill of evolving Sparks of God we
call "souls".

We simply need to let the proper thought-forms and solution-seeds emerge
from the center where the Will of God is known, empower/will them with lots
of spiritual vibes felt as all-encompassing tingling energies springing
from the Spark of God within - VERY important!! not just contemplating
passively the idea or picture but really empowering it from the God-Within
part of us - and then switch our attention completely -- and with no
further thought! -- to whatever else we have to do, trusting - NOT
doubting! - that the job has been done and the results on their way. It is
also good to conclude the meditation work with a thankful and appreciative
feeling for being part - not from an outsider perspective but really as
being One with the Divine Flow of Grace emanating in this space-time point
in the Life/God continuum towards the subject(s) of our meditation in the
3D world - of this wonderful and delightfully ecstatic experience of
At-One-ment with All That Is. Just to reinforce the shattering effect of
this "Reality Check" in our deep psyche - individually and globally - onto
the so tenacious Illusion of Separation.

Love and blessings to you



Date: Wed, 3 May 2000

<< not just contemplating passively the idea or picture but really
empowering it from the God-Within
part of us - and then switch our attention completely -- and with no
further thought! >>

I fully agree, and think you should add your remarks, if you don't mind to my
remarks. I did just what you are referring to last week. I was planting a flower
bed and visualized the plants getting rained on gently, seeing the
drops of water collect on their blooms and leaves. Then I thanked Father
Sky, and forgot about it. One hour after planting this weekend, it rained.
It wasn't until it was raining that I remembered what I had visualized. Nice
confirmation, huh?

From: "Phaedra Cobb" <>
Subject: Congratulations!
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000

Dear Jean

Great news to hear that you have set up the meditation group and are ready
to go today. My name is Phaedra Cobb and I a part of the Flying Squad.
Palden has kept me up-to-date with your group and I have been sending you
positive encouragement and good energy for lift off. I should like to keep
in touch with you and wish you love. Phaedra.

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000
From: (JMB Oy)
Subject: Wishing you a lovely spring time!

Dear Jean,

I wish to send You many Deep Thanks for your
work, efforts and wonderful e-mails!
I wish you the a warm and good spring summer
season which is so lovely time of the year.
We had had such an excellent weather here in
Finland that it seems like a divine blessing,
we have had plus 20 degrees since Easter time when
normally we still usually have snow-rains,
now it is summer already and all the flowers are
blooming. This has had a very positive impact on
people in general.
The focus group meditation #1 is so a great way of service that I send
it to all those I know,
Once more, Enjoy a good and lovely season !

Marjaana Beddard

From: "Steve Diamond" <>
Subject: hi jean
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000

i am very upbeat about the work you and michael are doing with the peace
meditation focus group idea. it is a perfect marriage of an idea with the
'technology' that currently exists.

keep going with it jean, its tres cool!

best wishes to you and your family


Date: Mon, 01 May 2000
From: Barb Retson <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Meditation Focus #1 (April 28, 2000)

Now your talking.....! thanks for doing this

Barb Retson

ELana Straw <> first wrote to me on Sunday, April 30, 2000
Subject: Re: Thank you for compiling these topics for world focus

Dear Jean;

Thank you for compiling these topics for world focus. What I like most is
the way you present the need with back up links - so many just put their
spin with no further information.

I understand your need to get to the garden as that is my love also, as I
try to grow all my food. And it is so soul gratifying to me attuning to
Mother Earth as I dig in her earth and commune with the worms and
critters of the soil and hear the birds and the wind in the trees sing to me. It
makes sitting at the computer a bit confining.

Blessings and Thank you for ALL that you are and do.


For The Healing Circle Network

Visit our Web Site at and learn how you may send your
healing request to more then 800 practitioners in over 32 countries!


Thanks a lot ELana for your support and appreciation

I wonder if it will be possible for you to pass to your 800
practitioners the weekly meditation foci we have started to issue with the
Focus Group as I'm sure many of them will also want to participate to this
Global healing work.

We also have a new website in construction at if you
want to give a look.

Warm regards



From: "ELana Straw" <>
Subject: Re: Thank you for compiling these topics for world focus
Date: Mon, 1 May 2000

Thanks Jean - yes, I have been sending your weekly meditation foci to the
Heart Family or our Healing Circle. We have been setting aside Fridays as
our day of meditation/prayer for our weekly focus on whatever is pertinent
for that week. With your direction on topics it makes it a lot easier for

> If you ever want me to circulate some introductory material to the ERN
list about The Healing Circle Network, please feel free to pass it on to me
with a personal word of intro.

We are continuously looking for others to join with us in this wonderful
project. We have "Healing" practitioners and prayer groups in over thirty
countries and more then 800 healers and those offering prayers. We are
looking for other "Networks," groups and individuals that will affiliate
with us. This way we will have a wider coverage.

Our purpose:
To provide a free venue for those requiring "Healing Energy" and prayers;
to provide that Energy and prayer without specific purpose other then for
their highest and best good, and offer no solicitation of goods, products or

We are dedicated to calling forth the Energies of the Universe to be sent
to the Higher Self of the individual so that it may be used for the highest
and best good for that individual. We suggest calling in all the healing
energies of the Universe, God/Goddess, Mary, Jesus, Reiki Ascended Masters,
angels, etc. and ask them to send their healing energies to whomever named
and those we may have forgotten but who need assistance. We are always
careful not to interfere with an individuals right of choice. "Healing" a
physical ailment or injury might not be the choice of the individual on all
levels. Consequently, we are actually sending "Energy." If it is to be used
in healing an individual, then so be it. If not, then it is directed by the
Universe in other ways to benefit that individual. The individual may
require energy to cope with an emotional event, or an illness which he/she
has chosen to experience on some other level and the "Healing Energy" will
enable them to fulfill that experience with less difficulty and in "Grace".
There are many ways in which the Higher Self may use the energies of the
Universe. It is not for us to make that determination for another!

This venue is not to be used for promoting products or devices; nor is it to
be used to offer medical advice even where the individual offering the
advice is a qualified and licensed medical practitioner.

Thanks and Blessings


From: "Russ MICHAEL" <
Subject: Fw: The Ultimate Powers of Light
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000

Friends and Beloveds,

A beautiful sunny morning in Austria this morning--from me to you!! And
an equally beautiful message from Sharie Ramsey this morning that most if
not all of you will love!! Bask in it!!***LOVE***Michael
Sharie Rose Ramsey <> wrote:

Please post these for by sharing the Ultimate Powers of the Light we
manifest our True Life:

"I know no safe depository of the Ultimate Powers of the society but
the people themselves," said Thomas Jefferson, "and if we think them not
enlightened enough to exercise their control with a Wholesome discretion,
the remedy is not to take it from them but to inform their discretion."

In our innate search for that call to truth, to glory, to power, to joy, to
God... we stumble over it with our every science and religion ... we know
that all the eye can see is Light, and all the ear can hear is Energy
waves... this light and energy we translate into what we think we see and
hear... we might think of it as reality. Our sensation of touch? ... Again,
Light impulses! Even our thought process is Light Energy ... and we
believe our thoughts and feelings are real....

Paul Davies, formerly a Professor of Physics at London & Cambridge
Universities, and Chair of Theoretical Physics at the University of
Newcastle-upon-Tyne wrote the following in his book, "Other Worlds"

"Scientific revolutions tend to be associated with a major restructuring of
human perspective. Copernicus' claim that the Earth did not occupy the
center of the universe began a dissintegration of religious dogma that tore
Europe apart; Darwin's theory of evolution upset centuries of belief in the
special biological status of humans; Hubble's discovery that the Milky Way
is but one among billions of galaxies scattered throughout an expanding
universe opened up new vistas of celestial immensity. It is therefore
remarkable that the greatest scientifc revolution of all time has gone
largely unnoticed ... and not because it's implications are uninteresting,
but because they are so shattering as to be almost beyond belief - even to
scientific revolutionaries themselves.

"The revolution ... took place between 1900 and 1930... Known broadly as
quantum theory... it has grown to incorporate most of modern microphysics,
from elementary particles and lasers and nobody seriously doubts the theory
is correct ... it leads to the conclusion that the world of our
experience - the universe that we actually perceive - is not the only
universe." ...
These contenders for reality overlap our perceived universe and
jostle its atoms. Whether they are only ghost worlds, or as real and
concrete as our own (Ha!), our universe is actually only an infinitesimal
slice from a gigantic stack of cosmic images...

"Science... helps us to build a picture of objective reality - the world
"out there". With the advent of the quantum theory, that very reality
appears to have crumbled... one can either accept the multiple reality of
parallel worlds, or deny that a real world exists at all, independently of
our perception of it. Laboratory experiments... have demonstrated that
atoms and subatomic particles which people usually envisage as microscopic
things, are not really things at all, in the sense of having a
well-defined, independent existence and a separate, personal identity.
Yet we are all made of atoms...

"...studies show that reality, inasmuch as it has any meaning at all, is
not a property of the external world on its own but it intimately bound up
with our perception of the world - our presence as conscious observers...
Previous scientific revolutions ...have... demoted mankind from the centre
of creation to the role of mere spectator of the cosmic drama, quantum
theory reinstates the observer at the centre of the stage. Indeed some
prominent scientists have even gone so far as to claim that quantum theory
has solved the riddle of the mind and its relation to the material world,
asserting that the entry of information into the consciousness of the
observer is the fundamental step in the establishment of reality.

"Taken to its extreme, this idea implies that the universe only achieves
a concrete existence as a result of this perception - it is created by its
own inhabitants!

"...whatever we may experience mentally, time does not pass, nor does
there exist a past, present and future... in spite of the fact that it
dominates our language, thoughts, and actions. It is here, perhaps, that
new developments lie, in unravelling the mystery of the linkage between,
mind and matter."

That is the kind of thing you have to read often in order to help displace
your belief in "reality". The power of thought is the power that manifests
what you perceive to be reality... the Eternal Reality, however, is Here



My "death experience" at age 18 confirms all of the above.
After my death and the flashback of my entire 18 years of life...
seemingly suspended forever...with all of the
attentive thoughts and feelings....I also had a quick review
of two other former lifetimes--where I had "failed" to do what
I had come to do as a "human" on earth!!

What "struck" me so profoundly was that as I looked back
at "physical" earth life..I knew it was "only a dream"--not the
REALITY that I believed so strongly in during my 18 years
of human "encasement!"

Now- after my return into my 18 year old body--over the
years I have learned that thought alone "has life" and lives
and moves through our be-ing and through all dimensions
and levels of life--as so clearly or succinctly explained in the
3 Handbooks....

"As an "awakening humanity" we are becoming sovereign, free, responsible
guardians and custodians of planet earth--
and we invoke All That Is to "help us become!"

"We are also human physical immortals becoming--'help us
become!' "

All of the above leads us individually and collectively toward
and awesome self, group, national, global and galactic self-responsibility!!

So be it--and SO IT IS....