Building The Foundation for Our Spiritual Beliefs

As the transition on our planet into new higher dimensions gains momentum, we have ever increasing amounts of spiritual information available to us.

This article is presented to help newcomers to spiritual pursuits establish the best foundation possible upon which to build their new spiritual concepts. It is also being presented to encourage those who are further along on their spiritual path to inspect each concept currently part of their belief system to insure it is up-to-date with the highest truths as new spiritual information is being revealed.

Some of the information which is now available may be well known to those who have pursued expanding their spiritual awareness, but some of it may offer new concepts that could not have been previously given until a higher degree of spiritual awareness had been reached upon the planet.

What I have written are truths for me but you must use your own feelings to determine if you wish them to be truths for you. This is called discernment and this is the central topic I wish to comment upon.

The use of discernment when applied to increasing our spiritual awareness is simply the process of determining if information of a spiritual nature which comes to our attention from any source is essentially true or not. We must determine if this information is uplifting and if it guides us to become the highest version of ourselves that is possible.

Most spiritual information cannot usually be verified through our physical senses. It is not something we can smell, taste, or touch. And the information which the majority of the people see and hear is presented by other human beings as they relate what is truth to themselves.

We therefore must use another method to verify for ourselves which parts of the spiritual information being presented in this transition period, are the ones which will lead us to become the highest version of ourselves that we can be.

Discernment is simply using our personal feelings to determine the value of spiritual information instead of mentally evaluating it. When we use our minds to analyze it, we are easily influenced by preconceived ideas and beliefs which were created from information offered to us in the past. Even if that information from the past was a beneficial truth for us at that time, it may no longer be in our best interests to accept it now.

When we are sincerely making the effort to raise our understanding of spiritual matters, and we use the feelings which come from our hearts instead of our minds, we will be accurately guided to know when the information we receive is the highest truth for ourselves at that time.

When we have this desire to raise our spiritual awareness, spiritual information will come to us in many ways. It may come from a book we read, in a conversation we have with other persons, or even through a single remark that we hear in a movie or television program. It may come in a printed article in a newspaper or magazine, or in an article in an online newsletter such as this one which you are reading right this moment.

Also, it may not even be words at all, but simply an action which another person performs which we happen to notice. As we begin to raise our spiritual awareness, the easier it is for Spirit to bring information to us using all of these sources. We benefit greatly if we develop the attitude that anything which catches our attention, is brought to us for a purpose, and we seek to discover how it can benefit us.

I use the word Spirit for the highest spiritual entity or creating force I know. You may insert God, Creator, or whichever word that is most applicable for your truth.

If we depend upon another person's opinion, we are simply accepting that person's truth. It may not be a truth which is in the best interests for ourselves. This principle applies to anywhere we search for verification which is outside of ourselves. If it does not come from within us, we can never know if it is in our own highest interest or not. Discernment is not seeking someone else to tell us what is true, it is evaluating the information ourselves by how we feel about it.

Many people believe they do not have the ability to receive answers from Spirit. Probably most people do not receive verbal messages from Spirit but every person can receive messages in the form of feelings. We may call it our intuition, or perhaps simply "a gut feeling" that we have. These all refer to the same thing, the feelings within us which are receiving messages from Spirit, which we cannot hear verbally.

Many people simply do not understand why they have those feelings. All too often we push our feelings away in order to use our minds to analyze the information, to find an answer which the mind can more easily accept. When we do this, the outcome is influenced by our ego, and then we ignore our feelings which hold the highest truths for ourselves.

Discernment is simply the process of paying attention and listening to our inner feelings, to that "gut reaction" we can feel about anything we see, read, or hear. It is an innate ability of each person that comes with our life in a human body if we will simply take a few moments to quietly rest and listen. This is the voice of the heart.

If you are not accustomed to meditating, or quietly listening for spiritual answers, when you first begin you may not experience a feeling noticeable enough which you consider as an answer. You may think it is simply your imagination. Do not feel discouraged. Continue to make the effort and each try will bring you closer to having recognizable feelings you can depend upon. The more it is used, the stronger it becomes.

This year, discernment is of significant importance because we are at the turning point in the transition of our planet and society when the controlling force of the dark energy is being broken and a new order is being established.

Large numbers of messages are now being issued from many sources, originating both on our planet and from off our planet. We each are responsible for determining our own future by what information we accept as our truths to follow, and which ones we choose to discard. The source you are now reading is no exception. Apply your discernment to this message as you would to all others.

Discernment lays the very foundation of our own individual spiritual principles and spiritual advancement. As new spiritual information is accepted with our discernment, it begins building layer upon layer. Older information which no longer serves our highest interests will fade and fall away from the pressure of these new layers.

As our foundation of truths begins to grow, we must add another element to discernment. This element is trust. Our trust in ourselves and in the guidance Spirit gives us, must grow as our discernment grows. They are linked together. The smallest element of doubt can undermine even the strongest determination. If we wish for our spiritual awareness to continue to open, our trust must become absolute. We accept completely that we are receiving information from a higher positive source for assistance to become the highest version of ourselves that we can be.

This does not mean that we believe the information which we receive is absolute and will not change as our life experiences change, but it means we trust our ability to receive the most positive information possible at all times

If we apply these principles of discernment and truth in a sincere effort to raise our spiritual awareness, our information will always come from the highest Light, for the betterment of ourselves and therefore it will also be for the betterment of mankind in general.

Because of the Law of Attraction, as this foundation of new truths and trust builds, it begins to attract more positive experiences of truths to us. In this step by step process, we soon need less negative and challenging experiences to raise our spiritual awareness. The result will be that our lives become filled with a positive and uplifting Light.

I wish everyone the joy of such Light in your life… We are all One...


Sent by Jim ( on March 25, 2008