Solstice Meditation: Symphony of Souls

December 21, 2021

Beloved souls,

You are invited to join in a globally synchronized meditation, for the solstice this coming Tuesday, December 21.

If you have not done so yet, please review the 2 introductory emails sent to you...

Back in the Saddle - sent on December 16

This is THE Moment - sent on December 18

As one can gather through reading these 2 documents, we have a unique opportunity to assist in dispelling the shadow of fear that is hanging over many souls who have been led to believe the misleading narrative weaved by those who tried to further entrap humanity under their control. Despite their cunning efforts, this plan will not succeed. In fact, in the grander scheme of things, it has already been thwarted as more and more souls are awakening and asserting their sovereignty over what goes into their body and what their future will be. But many more need to be liberated from the dark spell of mind-control bewitchment that has been cast on them. We can help create a global spiritual environment where it will become much easier to lift this spell and make irrelevant those who thoughtlessly continue to try maintaining it in place.

Channeling the Power of Love is how we do this. We just let the Light of Universal Unconditional Love shine through us and let it work its healing magic on all. The basic effect it has is raising our vibration, individually and collectively, out of the range where scaremongering intents can be effective. To use a metaphor, when sun rays shine strongly enough, ice melts and, overtime, disappears.

There is no need for now to further explain what can and must ultimately be experienced to be felt and thus understood at soul level, where it matters the most. But on December 22, I'll send you one more text I had been inspired to write as a concluding offer for this global Symphony of Souls we are about to experience.

If you are so inclined, please feel free to share with everyone anything you'd like to express from soul level as a result of your participation to this meditation, when thousands of souls will convene in a holy ceremony of Love affirmation and manifestation on behalf of all sentient beings on Earth. You can do so privately with me at with the understanding that I'll compile and publish, anonymously or under their soul name if provided, the Love offerings from actual meditating participants, or through the Comments section under the post of this invitation on Facebook at

Finally, I've been aware that some people have helped disseminate the previous 2 emails I sent you - which is much appreciated. If you feel comfortable doing so, now would be a good time to forward this email to those who might be receptive in the hope of increasing the scope and reach of our collective channeling of Love from Source, which the recorded guided meditation is designed to facilitate.


As usual, this meditation is scheduled to take place as the Earth reaches the exact moment of the solstice at 15:59 GMT/Universal Time (UT). The mp3 recording of the guided meditation lasts 30 minutes and is designed so that when you hear a gong at 23 minutes in the recording, you will know the climaxing moment of the solstice has been reached.

So you need to start playing the mp3 recording 23 minutes before 15:59 UT, i.e. at 15:36 UT. This will correspond to: 07:36 in Los Angeles, 10:36 in New York, 15:36 in the UK, 16:36 in most of continental Europe, and 02:36 on the 22nd in Sydney, Australia. For other time zones not listed above, you can find your corresponding local time at the following link on the World Clock website:

If, for any reason, it is not possible for you to meditate at the moment the solstice is happening, please pick any other moment that suits you best, and listen to the guided meditation while mentally projecting yourself at the exact moment when it is occurring in the Time Continuum, knowing that time is merely an illusion from our physical standpoint, and that the power of our focused intent can easily overcome this illusion.

It is recommend that, prior to the globally synchronized meditation, you ensure that the device you will be using to know the exact time when to press Play is set to the correct time. To verify this, go at It is also a good idea to test the volume of the recording at least a few minutes before you start playing the mp3 file, and to set it at a comfortable level. It might be preferable also to set the equalization at the "flat" setting. You can do this meditation on your own in the privacy of your home, for instance, or in a group setting where, hopefully, you can be reasonably assured to not be disturbed and be comfortably seated. If you prefer, you can set aside a moment to start relaxing before 15:36 UT, and prepare some additional music of your choice to play after the meditation, or simply remain in silence, if you prefer to continue meditating after the 30 minute recording ends.

To download the mp3 recording at, hover directly over the start button on the audio bar on the screen. Then right-click if you have a mouse and select the "download" option. On a trackpad or touch screen, use two fingers simultaneously to access the same option. The mp3 recording can also be found at If you cannot download the mp3 ahead of the meditation, it can also be played directly from these 2 links, but because of the higher number of people who are expected to join this time, please do not wait till the last minute, either to download the mp3 file on your computer or other type of device, or to access the link to listen to it without downloading it if your device doesn't offer this option to you.

Note that you can use this recording as often as you wish afterwards to further delve into the wondrous Universal Field of Consciousness, radiate more Love and become ever more in tune with Who you really Are.

* * * * * * *

Thank you for your assistance in widely networking and sharing this invitation which is archived at and available on Facebook at The French version is available HERE. If you wish to be invited by e-mail to the next solstice and equinox meditations, just send an email to with "I want to receive the invitations to future global meditations" as the subject of your email.