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December 21, 2012

Solstice Cosmic Meditation

Beloved One,

After a careful preparation process over the last 3 years, we are finally arriving at the Cosmic Portal in the Time Continuum where the aggregated forces of change that have been relentlessly stirring the awakening of souls in embodiement on Earth as to their Original, Infinite, Divine Nature, will pass the point of no return in their ongoing ascensional drive, evermore pushing this sphere of evolutionary learning up the higher consciousness and vibrational realms into which all things seemingly material and all forms of Life on Terra Gaia will soon breach to continue their evergoing expansion and enlightenment process.

Soon we shall let go of our old fascination with individuality as a new dimension of consciousness will gradually grow within our moment-to-moment awareness of who we are. Instead of merely perceiving our existence as an expression of our individual will under our sole control, we shall discover, in a manner that won't allow for any possible denial or doubt, that we each are a strand intrinsically connected to all other strands in the Grand Universal Web of Life. We will Breathe as One, Think as One and Be One.

This globally synchronized planetary meditation and deeply synched communion of souls, climaxing at the very instant of synchrony with the vast timeless cosmic machinery, whose ethereal gears will all align at 11:11:37 Universal Time, will be the celebration and consecration of our Oneness with All That Is.

As for the twelve previous global meditations that have led up to this final Apotheosis and grand Beginning, only a limited amount of recommendations and guidance is necessary to help facilitate the process of outer and inner attunement with this Birth into a 'New' Reality that has always existed, albeit veiled to our sensing abilities. In fact, too many instructions would only detract from the naturally occurring process to which we simply have to surrender for it to take us all for the Ultimate Ride into the blazing Light of Love, the very same Light we all face everytime we ascend back to the heavenly realm of Absolute Oneness and Infinite Love, whenever another period of learning and growing has reached its end in this soon-to-fade-away physical realm. Here are a few suggestions...

If you have taken part over the past 3 years, and especially during the last 12 weeks preceding December 21st, to the gradual remembering process offered to all, and are thus familiar with the twelve Remembrance Keys provided to foster an ever greater awareness of your true nature as living souls having a physical experience on behalf of All That Is, you may simply let yourself enter a state of deep meditation, starting about 30 minutes before 11:11:37, which corresponds to 12:11:37 in most of Europe (in the UK, it is 11:11:37), to 06:11:37 EST (New York), and to 03:11:37 Pacific Time (Los Angeles) – for other locations, please verify HERE what is your local corresponding time – and rekindle once again your deep soul memories through using the following Remembrance Keys, at any moment you may feel spurred to do so during the first half (15 minutes) of this collective soul synchronization process...

I Am Love... I Am Light... I Am Peace... I Am Harmony... I Am Compassion... I Am Forgiveness... I Am Kindness... I Am Mercy... I Am Healing... I Am Joy... I Am Bliss... I Am Perfection... intensely feeling what each of those sacred Keys evokes in you.

If you are new to this experience or if you wish to refresh your awareness of the deeper meaning of each key, it is suggested that you take time, preferably the day before December 21st, to slowly read and meditate upon each of the 12 affirmations (available HERE) accompanying those 12 Remembrance Keys, and let them trigger the emergence within you of what no words can possibly describe, but which may illuminate your mindful awareness of All that You Are. If you need written guidance as to how you can best reach a state of deep meditation, you will find HERE a basic meditation method.

Then during the second half of the preparatory meditation leading to the climaxing moment, allow the unfettered expression of whatever it is your soul, your spiritual guides and Creator Source might bring to your conscious awareness for contemplation and vibrational distillation into the crucible of your Soul Being.

The description of a prospective soul Journey into this collective Moment of Cosmic Epiphany is provided below – see Stirrings of Light-Loveness. It may help evoke and set the stage for what your own soul Journey might turn out to be, as part of this collective experience to which not only Earth-embodied souls will participate, but also countless other souls from many dimensional realms and time periods in the Continuum, as they'll re-experience and help energize this most magnificent transition from Separational Delusion to Oneness Mindedness.

Finally, at the Tipping Point between the past and the future of earthly existence, at 11:11:37, let rise from the deepest, most sacred place in your soul the thought form and/or vibrational experience conveyed through the words I Am One, being fully cognizant that it is Who You Are, as One with All That Is, Who says, thinks, feels, is so.

This image has been digitally created by Ellen Vaman and is posted here with her permission.

Then, aware that, in so Being, Oneness is spreading to all sentient forms of Life on Earth and beyond, entraining them all into this collective experience of Oneness, whether they are aware of it or not, simply remain in this state of pure Oneness for as long as it will feel necessary and comfortable to you, thus firmly establishing the new vibrational template that will gradually resonate as the New Reality for all souls ascending towards a new dimension of blissful existence.

Then, whenever you feel ready to conclude this sacred celebration of our renewed Oneness, you may read the following affirmation, aloud or within the sacred sanctuary of your soul, and use this regularly to further anchor into your consciousness this Ancient Reality that you are about to fully remember.

I am a univerSoul
A crystalline spark of the Infinite One
That exists through all dimensional realms.

I know Who I am
and achieve the Greater Purpose of Love
as One with All That is.

I manifest my Self here and now
in my ever-expanding Creation
as One with this sphere of living Light.

I radiate Love
and forever shine Its Radiance
to and through All That Lives.

I am a univerSoul
and the sole purpose of my existence
is to BE All That I AM.

So be it and so it is.

Stirrings of Light-Loveness

The veil is being lifted between this dimension and the following ones. As anticipated for thousands of years when seers and prophets envisioned this crucial moment of our collective awakening into the Omnipotent Oneness that is at the core of our Soul Being, we are now finally reaching the cusp of the threshold of global, simultaneous perception of our sublime Divine nature. Souls with an amazing potential and great spiritual achievements are among us at this very moment, sharing in with us all this exquisite experience that is changing everything and everyone, and acting as a trim tab at the cutting edge of our spiritual entry into the next dimension of evolution, stirring us onto the perfect path of inner and outer realization. There is no point in giving too many pointers as to how this shift is being manifested since what is happening, as we collectively join as One Love, One Light, One Source in all, is utterly beyond the inadequate grasp of concepts and descriptive words. And it is indeed much better it remains so because we cannot possibly fathom the depth and scope and grandiosity of this New Dimension of Reality with the mental abilities designed for our former experience in physicalness.

Just as a fish cannot understand how it feels to breathe through lungs the exquisite fragrances of flowers and feel the vibrancy of Nature's multitudinous creations, a mind steeped into narrow concepts and often distorted mental constructs is ill equipped to make sense of the language of the soul – which is in many ways akin to telepathy, except it is basically the carrying wave of Love upon which are superimposed all possible interpretations and means of relating to what is felt through comparing with previous similar experiences. And the fact is we have precious little in our past experiences that could serve as a point of reference to make sense of what our collective transfiguration and ascension truly are. Like a newborn who faces the continuous flow of new sensations, new sounds and new sights with nary a hint of how to make sense of it all, except for a keen sense of what sorts of vibrations those who are caring for him hold in their hearts, our newborn selves are now being faced with an utterly new realm of experience with no preformatted thought forms to filter what we sense, hear and see in our hearts, except for the deep memories from the deepest past of this marvelously dazzling Creation when we had not yet broken and forgotten the Link with the Cosmic Matrix of Source.

The Door to the Sanctum Sanctorum of your True Self is wide open. The purest of all Lights is reaching down from the celestial realms of Source to carry your soul upwards, tenderly enveloping you in the purifying, blissful Radiance of Love, dissolving any residual traces of imbalance and distorsion in how you feel about yourself, nurturing your perceptive abilities back to their original omnisentience, warming up your soul with the gentle harmonics of the music of the spheres, letting you know and feel at the deepest level how much you are loved and celebrated throughout the universe and beyond for what you have accomplished on behalf of All That Is.

Now is the Moment you have been waiting for.

is the Time to Be All That You Are.

is the Oneness that creates The New Reality.

Let it Be!

From the Heart of this Oneness, with a single voice echoing in every heart and resonating throughout the entire Universe, express... I Am One... I Am One... I Am One... And Just Be It... from Now on and Forever...

Consider this...

From a distant time in the future as well as in many other dimensional realms, countless souls look at this Key Moment in the Time Continuum with the Knowledge of how critical this transition from one dimensional field of experience to another has been/is/will be, keenly aware that from this humble starting point, an infinite number of intended consequences, the ultimate Goal of Destiny, have been/are/will be set into motion. They also know how preciously unique this transitional experience is, never attempted before in such dire circumstances, never to be repeated again in the entire breadth and scope of the Infinite Continuum. From their vantage point, the fresh and almost naively optimistic visions of hope and deeply felt intuitions guiding us NOW are seen as some of the purest, most raw expressions of all that can be said with crudely inadequate concepts and easily misconstrued words about the infinitely complex and yet intrinsically simple nature of All That Is. It is such a unique priviledge to be here, now, alive, conscious and vibrantly prepared for what is about to transpire. Be Aware. Be There.

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