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Complement to the Global Meditation Focus this Sunday


Please note that contrary to what was announced in Meditation Themes for a Whole Year & Week # 1: Co-creating a New Earth in Service to the Light, this first suggested meditation theme will also apply to the January 1st 2012 global meditation. The second theme will be networked next Monday and the next ones every other Monday afterwards. The French translation was networked on December 26 and thus the 974 French subscribers to the 2 French lists (this one and this one) could not join in the first one last December 25. So in order for everyone in English, Portuguese and French-speaking countries to meditate with the same theme every week from now on, the issuance of the second theme, which was due last Monday, was delayed to next Monday.

In addition to envisioning what will the future look like and empowering ourself to resolutely co-manifest Heaven on Earth, as is suggested for our contemplation and spiritual activation in this first theme, we can also include this pivotal coming year 2012 as part of our soul examination. Let us make these coming 366 days the dawn of a Golden Age of Love, Peace and Harmony on Earth and beyond.

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As a complement to the meditation theme you've already received, the following quotes are also worth contemplating...

"The courage and dedication of countless people striving to live in peace, genuine kindness and in harmony with one another is extraordinary. Despite the many ongoing challenges, we set aside our differences and work diligently in our daily encounters with each other to help one another. I know this is contrary to what is portrayed in media, news and official presentations, yet if we stop for just a moment and consider the many, many experiences we have with friends, family and community, it is obvious the greater expression is one of kindheartedness. When given the opportunity, people come from love, as it is the natural and innate essence that connects us all. Yes, we still stumble over momentary judgments and opinions, become sidetracked with doubt and fear, and perhaps occasionally engage in argument and conflict, yet these are always temporary expressions. Ultimately it is our heart that guides us and our compassion that motivates us to help one another. It is precisely this fundamental understanding that inspired me to initiate this new project – All Nations Love. It is time for each of us to reconnect with the goodness in ourselves and each other, and to cultivate this with every fiber of our being. We are the people of this world and we are all part of one great heart."

- Harold Becker ( - Excerpted from his announcement of a wonderful new initiative, All Nations Love, which you may discover HERE.

"In 2011 many souls awakened into their greater potential to live their lives as an expression of Source Love and Light. There is now such a universal outpouring of Love and Light being sent into your world that thousands of souls are awakening to their true potential for living in Christ or Unity Consciousness. As this vast awakening progresses, be prepared to be joyfully overwhelmed by how quickly many souls will demonstrate more compassion and unconditional love in their daily lives. Those of you who moved deeper into Unity or Christ Consciousness during the many shifts that occurred in 2011 sent a great wave of Divine Love into the hearts of humanity. That wave has allowed immense numbers of people around your world to start remembering what a tremendous gift it is to be here during this Great Shift in the Ages. Many are starting to remember how powerful, loving and wise they truly are and that they have the ability to make positive changes by simply aligning their minds with the Source consciousness that is already encoded within their heart."

- Masters Jeshua and Mother Mary -- Excerpted from Living As Your Presence - Part I

"All the ascended Masters within the Councils of Shamballa suggest that you end the year 2011 in a state of gratitude and total forgiveness for yourself and for everyone who has ever been in your life or in your family tree throughout every lifetime. In 2012 you can then become a living demonstration of the lightness of being that comes from living without holding onto any guilt, remorse, fear, disappointment or any residual longing for what was or what might have been. As you place more of your attention on living as the Divine Love and Light that is the true essence of your Presence, your Light quotient raises until eventually there is simply no room in your mind or body for limiting thoughts and feelings. When you discipline yourself to live in Divine Love, your heart will remain open to the guidance of your Presence and you will literally experience more and more of the profound joy that naturally comes from living in Unity Consciousness. Many of you are aware that you have been a part of creating a new home base for humanity Ñü a 5th Dimensional base where everyone will truly be experiencing much more of what is possible when you are relating Presence to Presence. We are seeing new levels of optimism emanating from many of you who are already feeling that you have entered into at least the outskirts of your new Golden Age of Freedom."

- Ascended Masters El Morya and Lady Miriam -- Excerpted from Living as Your Presence - Part II

"I call upon the assistance and energetic support of my guides, the angelic kingdom and ascended masters. Please surround me in your loving energy. I call forth my soul, monad and the Creator to oversee and support this healing process. I ask for healing on behalf of myself and humanity for all karma that was created due to sabotage during pervious transition periods upon the Earth. Let all karma, negativity, pain, fear and regret held by myself and humanity be bathed in a powerful healing light so that it may be dissolved and restored as a supporting loving energy to assist our current period of transition. I release all energies from the past that may influence our current experiences and ask that love is the only experience of all as we move through this sacred transition period. Let all unneeded energies whether they are released from the atmosphere, the consciousness of humanity, the Earth or the bodies of humanity, let all processes of release and healing be easy and guided by the perfection of the Creator."

- This invocation was sent by Judith IAm ( who also recommended this wonderful video...

THE GREAT BELL CHANT (The End of Suffering)

Also recommended...

Join Us For A Spirited 42 Days Bringing in 2012 Together
2012 New Year and Entrance into the Fifth World – The Age of the Great Coming Together – This special Blooming Humans New Year’s Wave begins Sunday January 1st.

The Fifth World of the Great Coming Together is an open field of creation, vast and richly fertile. Our Dream Seeds, carried forward with Love and Gratitude, will grow a diverse, new, thriving Garden of Illuminated Hearts to nourish and strengthen our current and future generations. What we plant now will grow, rise and bear seeds. Our dreams, passions, intentions, thoughts, and soul-callings -- in all their diversity -- will cross-pollinate and inter-weave, bringing forth new possibilitiesAnd evolutionary expressions of the Divine, here on Earth. A Great Coming Together, indeed. As you are ready to grow ... to activate and bring forth the divinely designed Dream Seed within you ... Join us for A 42 Day Blooming Humans 2012 New Years wave.

100 Ways To Elevate Your Consciousness

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