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Celestial glyph suggested as a soul-awakening aid
for the May 8, 2011 Meditation Focus


As indicated in the Meditation Focus #223: Dedicating Oneself to Serve the Will of Good ...

"Considering the powerful effects the many symbols appearing around the world and known as the "crop circles" can have to stimulate deeply concealed memory engrams encoded into our very souls, it is hereby suggested that, from now on, we all begin using those sacred geometric archetypal symbols as soul-awakening aids during our global meditations in this last stretch towards the coming big dimensional shift. You are therefore invited to focus your attention for a couple minutes on a different celestial glyph every Sunday, just before the start of the meditation, and simply allow the intricate design of each suggested symbol to stimulate whatever soul remembrance it is designed to elicit."

Since there has not been any new reported crop circle at this point, it is suggested we all use the pictorial design posted HERE for the purpose suggested above.

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The suggested celestial glyph is also posted at this URL above.


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The following transcript is excerpted from the soundtrack of the DVD Star Dreams: Mystery of the Crop Circles, (produced by Alliance Motions Pictures) which you can watch in its entirety HERE (Part 1) and HERE (Part 2), where it is described as follow:

Presenting the story of the greatest revelatory phenomenon of our time. A 85 minute documentary which shows the circles themselves for all to see and presents the top crop circle researchers. Investigating the over-all assumption of hoaxing, balls of light, sacred site connection, media and people's reaction to the phenomena, and outlining the basic understandings arrived at so far. Images of the major crop circles, interviews with top researchers and a narrative line dealing with the mystical aspects of the phenomenon. Many are now coming to believe these mysterious symbols, appearing all over the planet (more than 11,000 since 1980), are a communiqué to humankind allowing a greater human consciousness to emerge. They are here to offer humanity at this time, an opportunity for an expanded consciousness and an understanding of how the world works in the larger context of the inter-galactic community. Science and media have not given the phenomena it due consideration. Now is the time for a careful re-consideration based on the information and insights gained by the many researchers in the field.

The following excerpt starts at 32 min 8 sec into the second part of this online video, and the person speaking is Alton Kamadon, publisher of the Eagle Wings Magazine and founder of the Melchizedek Method

"I come from Australia where I know there is a lot of crop circle activity, but my particular experience occurred in England. We had the opportunity to enter into a fresh, newly manifested crop circle. As we entered into the crop circle, we immediately could feel the circular energy. We decided to lie on our backs and simply face the sky. I was suddenly taken out of my body. I was drawn up into what I would term a "light ship", an ET light ship. Right in front of me were two beings. I can describe them as being rather small in stature. They seemed to be wise of men, but there was a sparkle in their eye and they were truly very divine beings. I immediately said ,"Who are you guys". They said, "We are the crop circle makers." It was just telepathic communication. They simply were there beaming this beautiful loving energy, with these amazingly crystal-clear, strikingly blue eyes, and they really wanted me to know their story.

They described themselves as beings that were directly from the Source, with an Arcturian vibration. In reality, they had entered into a much higher level of divine wisdom within their consciousness and that was why they had been given this great mission. It was an honor for them to have been selected to do this. And I said, "OK, how did this happen?" And they said, "It works this way." They get a directive from the God Source. They combine their intelligence, their wisdom, then they work with the natural energies of the universe. This way, they said, they did not harm the crop. In fact, they enhance the energy within the crop, so that you could take a piece of that wheat and it would have the most extraordinary energy within it and would be empowered divinely. They explained that the image was given to them into their consciousness, and that, holographically, they would project this into the correct position, working with the electromagnetic energy of the planet to call upon the elemental kingdom to bring that particular pattern into manifestation.

They described themselves as being an essence, that this was their mission at this moment to assist the spiritual growth or awareness of the human soul group and the planet. There was this sense of being very proud of the mission that they had volunteered to do. They wanted to bring the awareness of fractality to humans, that that is the real secret of expansion into a vibration of Light, which is our destiny as a human race... it is to manifest the next level of our creation, which is a Light body. In other words, we are talking about the process of ascension. I did ask them a question. I said, "Will humanity be successful in their quest for enlightenment?" and the answer, unanimously, was "Yes!"

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