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Celestial glyph suggested for the June 19, 2011 Meditation Focus


Since there has been no new noteworthy celestial glyph (crop formation) reported this past week, the following sacred geometric archetypal symbol is now suggested as a soul-awaking aid. It was reported last July 3, 2010 at St Martin's Chapel near Chisbury, England and can be viewed at

You are invited to focus your attention for a couple minutes on this celestial glyph, just before the start of the meditation, and simply allow the intricate design of this symbol to stimulate whatever soul remembrance it may trigger.

It can also be observed in the following short video...

Crop circle Chisbury Ring Wilts UK 2010

To find out why this is being suggested, please read SPECIAL SUGGESTION FOR THIS SUMMER at

Please note that you will also receive later this Sunday evening a reminder for the coming Solstice Meditation along with some new complementary material. Versions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian are now also available.

Also of interest...

We Are Creating A New Golden Galaxy - Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman, June 2000
Recently recommended by Mike Quinsey as being still very relevant today.

Interpretation of the Crop Circle Appeared at Braccagni (Grosseto) Italy. Reported 4th June
Crop Circle Says the Length of One Solar Day is Not Always 24 Hours -- The concept of this crop formation is quite simple. The key point is why the 24 black/white circlets on the outer ring reduce to only 6 on the inner ring. And thanks to the information provided by my blog reader about the Medicean Fortress, a must-see local sight-seeing attraction in Grosseto, I am able to understand one of the messages that circle makers want to tell us. The point is the reconstruction of the hexagonal walls. The message from the circle makers is that we need to change the current system in order to face the coming challenge during the chaotic period. One of the changes is reallocation of the current measurement of time from 24 hours/day to 6 hours/day (24 time zones to 6 time zones). But why we need to change? And why 6 time zones?? Well, it will require your wisdom to figure it out…

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