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Celestial glyph suggested for the July 10, 2011 Meditation Focus


The three sacred geometric archetypal symbols suggested as soul-awaking aids for this Sunday's global meditation are the following:

The first and second were reported on the 4th of July in Honeystreet, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, England, and can be viewed at
and at

The third one was reported on the 20th ofJune in Poirino, Italy, and can be viewed at

You are invited to focus your attention for a couple minutes on the one among these 3 celestial glyphs that appeals to you most particularly, just before the start of the meditation, and simply allow the intricate design of this symbol to stimulate whatever soul remembrance it may trigger.

To find out more about why this is being suggested, please review the following SPECIAL SUGGESTION FOR THIS SUMMER.

You are also welcomed to review once again the Summary of the current Meditation Focus #224: Joining the Universal Community of Love before this Sunday's meditation as a mind-refresher for what we are being invited to do/be during this global meditation.


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