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Addendum to the Meditation Focus #229


The following material is offered as a complement to the current Meditation Focus #229: Visioneering and Pioneering the Coming Golden Age

"We cannot die spiritually, it's impossible, but we are not even out of diapers in terms of our growth in this way. We are made in the image and likeness of God. We are co-creators. When will we get it? Yes, the blinders have been put on over our eyes, our lives are lived in the image of lies. Lies that have existed for aeons of time and have controlled countless generations of people. Will we be the ones to see through the veil and exact the change into our true reality? We can do this people! We have to see the potential and love that we were created with and we have to recognize this in everyone and everything including our planet. Don't allow doomsday to be representative of our feelings on this. You might think that a good dose of reality will change things, but it fosters reactions that are not going to result in the changes we want. We have to start to SEE the world we want! If we actually SEE the world we want we then are on our way to MANIFESTING the world we want. We are CO-CREATORS! Is there urgency in this? YES, but the real change is that we start to stand up as spiritual beings that are grateful for the beauty and completeness of what we have and then walk into that space of beauty where everything we have need of has already been established for us. Why is this important? If we don't do this, we deny who we are and what we are capable of doing as the Beings God intended us to BE and we'll always have the same conflicts to live with. Focus on the complete picture of Paradise. We were given Paradise, we have soiled our nest, but we can get it back. We have to SEE Paradise in order to create it and we can't do it alone. We have to do it TOGETHER!"

- Suzanne Sjogren ( - Found in the ERN guestbook


1. December 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast (excerpt)
2. Golden Age Living - Part 2

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December 2011 Cosmic Weather Forecast

December 10, 2011

by Curtis Lang with Jane Sherry

The Dark Night of the Planetary Soul

This Saturday, December 10 at 6:36 am (PST), or 9:36 am (EST), we celebrate the Sagittarius Solar Festival and the Full Moon at 19° Gemini, which takes place during a simultaneous Total Lunar Selenelion Eclipse.

The Gemini Full Moon Total Lunar Selenelion Eclipse

This rare total lunar Selenelion Eclipse will be easily visible in large parts of Asia, Alaska, Hawaii, and the West Coast of America, but only a partial eclipse will be visible on the East Coast.

As the moon enters the southern part of the Earth's shadow, the lunar eclipse begins with a partial phase at 4:45 am PST (7:45 am EST) and extends through the total eclipse, winding down into another partial eclipse phase which ends at 8:18 am PST (11:18 am EST). The period of the total lunar eclipse begins at 6:06 a.m. PST or 9:06 am (EST) and lasts 51 minutes.

According to a report by Joe Rao on, during this full moon you will be able to observe this rare celestial phenomenon known as the Selenelion eclipse. “There will be a short window of roughly 1-to-6 minutes (depending on your location) when you may be able to simultaneously spot the sun rising in the east-southeast and the eclipsed full moon setting in the west-northwest,” according to Rao.

At the time of a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Earth and moon are pretty much exactly aligned, with the Earth in the middle. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the Sun’s rays from striking the moon.

However because of refraction of light through Earth’s atmosphere, objects near the horizon appear higher in the sky than their true position as measured by astronomers -- and larger as well, which is why the full moon near the horizon often looks so huge to us.

So when the eclipse occurs near sunrise, as it does this month, the Sun and the eclipsed Full Moon are visible simultaneously just above the horizon at opposite points in the sky. That’s the magic of the Selenelion Total Lunar Eclipse.

Mental Purification During the Full Moon Selenelion Eclipse

What on Earth does it mean symbolically? How can we work with conscious intention at the time of this auspicious Cosmic event to promote the greatest good for ourselves and our communities?

One esoteric meaning of this unusual celestial event is that the darkest time is just at the time of the dawn! So if recent events have left you feeling you’re on a bit of a roller-coaster emotionally, financially, professionally, or mentally, that’s par for the course. It is after all a Gemini Full Moon, and Gemini is notorious for living in two worlds -- or more -- at once.

And Gemini is the sign of the mutable mind.

So it’s a good thing for us all to reflect upon our mental hygiene. We can take a moment to observe our habits, preferences, attractions and aversions and to make a conscious effort to release that which no longer serves us.

It is time to reflect upon our typical reactions to stress, fear, turmoil, and global chaos and to really get into Being the Witness to our own ingrained self-defeating patterns of behavior, habitual thought-patterns, conventional wisdom and other mistaken mental maps of the world.

If we identify with temporary negative emotions and states of being, or situations, we feel even more exhausted, tired, emotionally drained, and overwhelmed.

It can be exhausting to deal with avalanches of fear, anger and feelings of overwhelm as we are faced with the daily deluge of “stuff”, whether it’s news from the “outer world” that impacts our lives directly, second-hand emotions from viewing or hearing about the suffering of others, problems that our friends and families have with finances, environmental problems, personal problems, and general emotional or physical stuff.

Lightworkers can be exposed to even more “stuff” than many other folks, especially if they interact with the general public as healers, therapists, ministers, or volunteers of some sort.

So in a time of turbulence and over-stimulation, a time of forced civilizational transformation, all of humanity is stressed to the max.

And we are just entering the gateway to the years of most intense transformation. We all need all the help we can get in protecting ourselves during this amazing and transformative time.

Jane has written an essential Guide to Psychic Self-Defense that all Lightworkers can use to help ward off unwanted energies, banish negative collective thought-forms, and release intense emotional states of all kinds.

You’ll find a huge tool-kit of psychological and spiritual exercises, meditation techniques, hygiene and nutritional tips, a set of practical ways you can cleanse yourself of unwanted energies.

This Full Moon Selenelion Eclipse in Gemini is the ideal time to perform any and all kinds of purifications and exercises or practices designed to let go of that which we no longer wish to hold onto mentally, and to empower us with new energy to visualize and create new ways of being in the world that will better reflect the Higher Mind and the compassionate Unity of heart and mind that Higher Self comprises.

So this weekend, when we have identified that which we wish to release, we can perform a ritual or do a meditation or a trance-state Spirit releasement, or a self-Reiki emotional and mental healing session at the time of the Selenelion Eclipse and we can be certain that the Cosmic Currents of Energy and the Celestial Climate set by the stars are fully supportive of our spiritual practices. We can expect much better than average results doing any releasing work of this kind over the weekend.

Selenelion Lunar Eclipse a Magical Moment for Lovers

Another deep meaning of this December 2011 Selenelion Eclipse in Gemini concerns the Cosmic balance between masculine and feminine, Sun and Moon.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and sometimes the symbol is interpreted as “The Lovers”. Gemini is a great sign for lovers. And this Full Moon in Gemini when the Sun and Eclipse Moon share the sky at dawn is a time of Balance between The Divine Lovers. This weekend needless to say should be very good for lovers.

This Selenelion Eclipse occurring just prior to the pivotal year 2012 appears as a gateway leading toward greater understanding between the sexes, equal rights for men and women, and an equal appreciation for masculine and feminine qualities, everywhere in the world.

So any spiritual practices involving relationships are extremely well aspected during this Selenelion Eclipse weekend.

Any shared spiritual practices you enjoy with your loved one will provide additional benefits to both of you.

Any romantic involvements attract beneficial influences at this time, so this is a great time to enjoy increased intimacy with your loved one.

For anyone who is currently seeking a loving relationship, the Selenelion Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is the time to perform rituals, meditations, prayers, and visualizations affirming your choice, filling your heart with love, and asking the Universe to guide you to the perfect partner. If possible visualize the Star Goddess and ask her to set your foot upon the path of Synchronicity, which leads always to the Source of Love. Then watch for meaningful coincidences and full-blown synchronicities to lead you to the relationship adventure of a lifetime!

For those who would like to explore the many flavors of love, including self-love, Platonic love, romantic love, partnership, and the archetype of the Divine Lovers, we offer our free e-book, Back to the Garden: Cultivating Love in our Lives.

Here we explore the spiritual laws of love, the laws of resonance and attraction, the karmic origins of love, techniques to release the karmic bonds that bind us all, paths leading to the transformation of the egoistic personality into the faithful vehicle of the Higher Self, and practical advice and techniques to help you along many of the infinitely varied, winding ways of love.

Selenelion Eclipse: Doorway to Higher Mind

Looking at the Selenelion Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini with a view toward our own inner spiritual development, the fact that the sunrise and total lunar eclipse will be visible simultaneously indicates that the Higher Self symbolized by the Sun becomes visible at the moment of the eclipse of the Egoistic Personality, symbolized by the moon.

In the awakened Seeker, the personality remains as devoted servant to the Higher Self, it does not disappear.

Needless to say, this weekend all spiritual practices designed to forge the bridge between the personality and the Higher Self are spectacularly well aspected. You can expect better results than normal when performing rituals, meditations, shamanic practices, prayers, and other spiritual practices.

In all cases, attempt to connect with the energy of the Selenelion Total Full Moon Eclipse. Visualize the rising sun and the setting moon in eclipse, in the sky simultaneously, and put yourself in sync with the magical energies of this weekend through the power of your intent.

Imagine the rosy glow of the rising sun in the east-southeast of the sky, and see the shadowed moon setting in the west-northwest quadrant of the sky -- at the same time.

This will accelerate your progress along the path toward the final goal -- the moment when the bridge between personality and Higher Self becomes so strong and well-developed that the Higher Self becomes the dominant Source of expression through the physical vehicle. That is the moment of the Golden Dawn.

Thus the Dawn of Enlightenment can and must take place at the same time as the symbolic eclipse of the personality. That moment of Enlightenment is what our current Cosmic Weather Pattern brings to us.

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Or perhaps the 21st Century will be a time of paradox, when both darkness and light intensify around the world.

Perhaps the deeper truth is that during this time of amazing change, we are in a historical period that corresponds symbolically to the Selenelion Total Lunar Eclipse. The Total Lunar Eclipse is the moment of extreme cultural darkness, personal sacrifice, and spiritual transformation. 

And this moment of extreme darkness is simultaneously the moment of the Dawn of a new understanding of the importance of Community, of Unity and of Spirit.  

It just depends upon where you are standing on the face of the Earth whether this will be apparent to you or not. 

Each of us has the power to create our own reality during this time of global human transformation. Each of us will certainly live in a reality we have chosen for ourselves to the extent that our choices are limited by our belief systems. And each of us has an amazing array of choices before us. 

All things are possible at this moment of history on planet Earth. That is the lesson of this month’s Selenelion Total Full Moon Eclipse. Even that which the rational mind believes to be impossible!  

Doesn’t it seem impossible that you could see the rising sun and a Full Moon Eclipse at the same time?  

The impossible. That is what we must meditate upon this month, above all.  

Human beings limit their own possibilities by mistaking their limiting mental maps of the world for the world that the maps represent. During this weekend of the Gemini Full Moon Selenelion Eclipse, it is fitting that we contemplate the activity of the rational mind, which is celebrated in the sign of Gemini, the twins, since the rational, logical mind is the Source of duality, and also the tool humans use to dissect and analyze all that exists in a spirit of scientific inquiry.

This month this long-term Cosmic Weather Pattern is triggering monumental, magical changes within us and those inner changes are impelling us on our various paths of Self-discovery. We are all being stretched by the program of accelerated spiritual progress the current Celestial Climate has initiated, and we are discovering new abilities within us, new strengths, new desires, new goals, new hopes and new clarity of vision. 

Over the next six months, in the wake of the spiritual activation this Selenelion Eclipse triggers, new visions will begin to appear in our dreams, our meditations, and in our thoughts as we go about our daily lives. Soon we will be given opportunities to manifest those visions and dreams in our every day reality. Soon we can begin to take our part in implementing the changes in the outer world that will bring about a new, true balance between sexes, races, nations, and economic classes. 

For now, during this December month of Festivals, we celebrate Saturnalia, the Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is a time of the year when Wisdom School Teachings of the West have always taught that those on the path of Spirit can achieve tremendous feats of spiritual attainment because of the supportive Cosmic Energies flooding the Earth during this most magical time of year. 

Thursday December 22, 2011 we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice is one of the sacred "cross-quarter days" marking the yearly round of our four seasons, celebrated in traditions of pagan and indigenous peoples throughout the northern hemisphere for millennia. 

In our new article Winter Solstice 2011: Love & Light to All!, Jane and I explore the Ancient origins of the sacred cross-quarter days.

Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Icelandic, Irish and Hindu spiritual traditions speak of the succession of the Ages through a period of time known as the Great Year, calculated to be approximately 26,000 years, and the reincarnation of human souls through vast cycles of time. All these traditions celebrate yearly festivals dedicated to the return of the light, the birth, and re-birth of a Solar Deity. 

In this article Jane and I also discuss the esoteric meaning of the Jewish Feast of Hanukkah, the secret Western Mystery school teachings concerning the Victory of the Sun, and the Mysteries of Winter Solstice 2012, the moment of the end of the Mayan calendar.

Archangel Gabriel presides over the winter season which begins on the Winter Solstice. To help you connect with Archangel Gabriel, Jane and I bring you The Winter Solstice Gabriel Meditation.

We are pleased to offer you these instructions for obtaining “The Gabriel Initiation", a simplified version of an Ancient technique that was originally offered only to advanced students of certain esoteric Western Mystery School traditions.

Gabriel is the Archangel of Good Tidings, New Vision, and New Life. Gabriel will help you to connect with the new energies streaming into the planet and will help you to connect with new dreams, visions and creative ideas during this auspicious season of eclipses, endings and new beginnings. 

Love and Light,

Curtis and Jane

Meditation Moment 

Unless the eye catch fire, God will not be seen
Unless the ear catch fire, God will not be heard
Unless the tongue catch fire, God will not be named
Unless the heart catch fire, God will not be loved
Unless the mind catch fire, God will not be known

-- William Blake



Golden Age Living - Part 2

There is a moment within every heart that is divinely blueprinted to awaken one's soul to its true inheritance as an undeniable expression of Source Love and Light. Throughout history this kind of a spiritual awakening has most often taken place within individuals who were ready to bring their service into the world. Even with an awakening, it would sometimes take years before that service might completely manifest. Yet now there is such a universal outpouring of Love and Light around your world that thousands of souls are awakening almost simultaneously. As this quantum awakening progresses, be prepared to be joyfully overwhelmed by how quickly you may all be crossing over the threshold into a new Golden Age.

Masters Jeshua & Mary Magdalene and Kuthumi & Lady Claire:

Due to the tremendous influx of Love and Light that has been pouring into the hearts of humanity over the last few months, many across your world are starting to remember how powerful, loving and wise they truly are and how they have the ability to make positive changes within themselves, within their relationships and within the world!

The shifts you want to see are now being supported by the angels and all of us on the spiritual planes more than ever. Yet keep in mind that we only give our energies to the creations that are founded in love. Other creations attract energy through vibrational resonance, so since you have free will, whatever you think is made manifest based on the depth of your intent. In these times, your thoughts and feelings are being amplified more than usual; therefore, it is a good idea to pay very close attention to what you are putting into motion.

Source energies are continuing to stimulate the remembrance of Oneness within the ancient crystalline strands of your DNA. Although these strands are all blueprinted to be opened during the Great Shift in the Ages, they are like little microcosmic time capsules—each one is going to light up in its own time, and the actual moment is determined by your Presence and your soul's Divine Blueprint for these times. As these strands wake up, they may be stimulating very ancient, pre-separation memories of having lived in Oneness within other civilizations. These memories are important to humanity because they can be used to establish Unity Consciousness within these times.

You are all creators who are literally dreaming your next evolutionary step into existence as surely as you dreamed your present world into being. It all begins inside of each of your hearts and minds and it is all happening now. It is your choice what your new Golden Age is going to look like and feel like as you walk within it. Yet one thing is certain—you must be totally present to live in the freedom that you are being called into at this time.

There is a pulsing glow of living Light that is becoming stronger within your planet. This increase has expanded humanity's access to the crystalline grid that is surrounding your Earth. That grid is being supported by each one of you who is aligned with the Source Love and Light at the core of your being. This crystalline, or All Christ grid, is supporting all the Love and Light that each of you has assimilated over the ages so your combined forces can spiritually lift the consciousness of your world into the 5th Dimension.

The frequency changes within your bodies and within your world are a necessary part of this great shift. They are making the ascension into the 5th dimension possible, and though you are truly multi-dimensional, a full ascension involves taking the whole of your emotional, physical and mental bodies into Unity Consciousness. This potential was amplified for many of you as you walked through the 11.11.11 portal. What you established within your world at that time is now part of a bridge into the 5th dimension that will continue to be strengthened by each one of you as you continue to walk more fully as your Presence.

Please know that you are truly being supported and applauded across all of the heavenly worlds for building this bridge. And as a result of your continued dedication, the ascension gates will continue to widen to include more and more of humanity. When you are truly present you are—in that very moment—an awakened being. If your mind wonders off into the memories of yesterday or the fantasies of tomorrow, then you have placed your attention back into the illusionary world of the ego and separated yourself from your Divine Presence. Though this is where the majority of humanity is still focusing its consciousness, you are being called to do whatever is necessary to live as your True Self so you can Walk the Earth as Living Master during these pivotal times and manifest your part in the new Golden Age.

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