Special Addendum to the Meditation Focus #199


The first part of the following material is provided as a complement to the current Meditation Focus #199: Preparing the Ground for Ascension and the second part is provided as a follow up to the Special World Environment Day Focus

May Light, Love and Joy prevail in every heart for the Highest Good of All as One...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator and Global Meditation Focus Group Facilitator

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1. Goodwill Festival of Humanity
2. Home

1. Goodwill Festival of Humanity

From: http://souledout.org/goodwill/goodwillfestival08/goodwillfminvite.html

Significance of the Goodwill Festival

Also known as the Festival of the Christ and as the Festival of Unification, this is the festival in honor of the Spirit of Humanity. It represents the effect of the Buddha and of the Christ on the consciousness of Humanity. It is on this day that our spiritual and divine nature is further revealed.

From: http://www.souledout.org/goodwill/goodwillfestival03/goodwillfestoverview.html

(...) Each year the Wesak Festival is the annual beginning of a new spiritual approach taking place between Hierarchy and Shamballa. The Festival of the Christ during the full moon of Gemini is the subsequent opportunity for approach to Hierarchy. The Christ stands as the emissary for Humanity and we stand along with him calling out for the energies of Light, Love, and the Will-to-Good which planet earth desperately needs, for whenever humanity invokes help from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we receive a response. Our task is to work closely with the Christ, who stands at the "center where the Love of God is known" and invoke, receive and channel this electromagnetic force directly to the planet, stimulating and activating the expression of Goodwill and Right Human Relations in all areas of life.

For 2000 years at this festival the Christ has represented Humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy as the God-Human, Leader of all people, and the "eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII:29). Traditionally, every year at this time, Christ delivers the last sermon of the Buddha before the assembled Hierarchy.

A synthesis occurs at the Gemini full moon ~ in which the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity further blend their attention towards empowering the will from Shamballa that came through at Wesak. It is now that we apply love-wisdom energies, willfully directing love and light to that which propagates the Principle of Goodwill and right human relations.

The subjective work of the three spiritual festivals prepares the way for the return of the Christ, the appearance of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the great energy that comes with Them, the Will-to-Good from Shamballa. As the Christ leads the Spiritual Hierarchy in distributing the energy of the Will-to-Good into the consciousness of Humanity, we open our hearts and minds to its inflow and then are able to participate in its distribution into all the kingdoms of life. And so it is at the Goodwill Festival that the three planetary festivals crescendo in revelation, producing seven great results.

The last sermon of the Buddha

Before dying, the Buddha gave his last sermon. This last sermon had eight main points:

1) The more desires one has, the more they will suffer. Our mere existence is suffering. In our life we distinguish pleasure from suffering and tend to cling to pleasure. This is our inherent nature. But suffering is inseparable from pleasure, for one is never found without the other. Therefore, the more we seek pleasure and avoid suffering, the more entangled we become in the duality of pleasure and suffering.

2) Be content with our state of being. If we are not satisfied with our state of being we will be slaves to the five desires which stem from the five senses.

3) When the self and the external world become one, eternal serenity is enjoyed. Forget the self, forget others. Become one with no barrier between the self and the outside world.

4) Without any interruption, practice meditation. Meditation includes not only sitting. Every moment of one's life is meditation. This means to experience the oneness of yourself, time, and place.

5) Do not forget what the Buddha taught. As Buddha was dying, he told his disciples to forget about him and his belongings. The important thing was to remember his teachings.

6) When we enter samadhi and understand impermanence, we are unshaken. Everything is constantly changing, including ourselves.

7) Nonattachment is the essential wisdom. Because all existence is fleeting, attachment to them is wasteful.

8) When we reach enlightenment we and the world become one, and there is no duality.


From: http://www.souledout.org/goodwill/goodwillfestival09/goodwillfminvite.html#med

If at all possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. If you are unable to do this, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to align with these energies and be part of this global meditation.

We at SouledOut.org plan to be in meditation during three time slots, and all who wish to join in for this meditation are welcome to do so:

1. Saturday, June 6 from 9:00 - 9:15 pm PDT
(04:00 - 04:15 UT Sunday, June 7)
2. Sunday, June 7 at 11:00 - 11:15 am PDT
(the exact time of the full moon is 11:12 am PDT / 18:12 UT)
3. Sunday, June 7 from 9:00 - 9:15 pm PDT
(04:00 - 04:15 UT Monday, June 8)

We will sound The Great Invocation at the beginning and end of each of these 15-minute intervals.
Prior to your meditation take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align your energies.
Consider what is the appropriate way to join in this meditation ... you may wish to participate in group formation on the physical plane as well as on the inner planes. Whether or not you choose to be "alone" on the physical plane, know you are uniting with many others who also are attuning to the energies available at this Global Festival, and that this group focus creates a powerful channel for the meditation to be potent and effective.

The Full Moon Festivals Culminate over a Five-Day Period ...

Our meditation focus beginning at the new moon leads into the two "days of preparation" immediately preceding the full moon. These are to be dedicated to spiritual reflection and detachment from everyday concerns, as each prepares to become a vessel for the energies of light and love they will receive and channel. At this time we hold the attitude of dedication and service, and seek to assume that attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart which will make us of spiritual use.

The day of the full moon itself is the "day of safeguarding," one of inner peace and silence during which we attempt to contact and consciously hold the energies for the rest of humanity. We will not formulate for ourselves what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects. While one may not observe the exact moment when the moon is full, it's important to find some quiet time to reflect alone or use this opportunity to meditate with others of like mind and focus.

The two succeeding days are called the "days of distribution." We now turn the attention outwards, away from ourselves, and our efforts are to pass on the spiritual energies that have been contacted. We assist these spiritual energies, transformed into goodwill, in flowing to where there is greatest need.

We now continue to hold the high space throughout this most auspicious day of the full moon, an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, a time of spiritual retreat and contact. If you wish, feel free to continue use of this meditation for the entire month of Gemini.


From: http://www.souledout.org/goodwill/goodwillfestival09/goodwillfminvite.html#med

Goodwill Festival of Humanity
2009 Global Meditation
The Full Moon in Gemini ~ Sagittarius
Sunday, June 7 at 11:12 am PDT (18:12 UT)
(To find your local corresponding time, please go HERE)

We take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align our energies. When this is achieved, as part of the united group channel through which spiritual forces can become available, we sense and embody the Spirit of Goodwill.

Illumined, we rise as one to meet the Light from the high place, Shamballa. The gateway that is Gemini swings open wide.

In response to the invocation of humanity, the golden, white Light of Deity shines brightly upon us. This reveals within us the perfect relationship between spirit and form. We stand now at the midway point where these energies meet.

A perfect rose appears within our heart center, and the very same rose, perfect in every way ~ color, scent, and petals ~ appears at the heart center of the Spiritual Kingdom. The two centers blend and fuse.
As radiating centers of spiritual will, evoking the Will-to-Good in all we contact, we are blending and fusing with the Spiritual Kingdom to create a channel for the Wise Love from Shamballa.

We see two cords of light spiral upward from us, they are met with a cord of light spiraling down into them. The three are perfectly woven together, becoming one great pillar of light.

This light pulses, and the One Soul emerges from the light and speaks, "Humanity aligns with the Hierarchy, bestower of all good. All rejoice!"

Presently, a beautiful cascade of golden light pours over us, and we sense the Divine energy of the Christ. In the center of the Christ light, we behold the very same perfect rose as exists in us. In this moment we are One, unified.

The Love of Deity is now firmly anchored in our world. This Love leads us to serve, as the Goodwill within us grows stronger and stronger.

We have risen, we are ever more illumined. In this Light, the Divine Life becomes known. We must now serve, each in our own way, to bring this Divine Light of Unification into our world.

As we emerge from meditation, with focused mind, heart and will, we dynamically intone The Great Invocation.


From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!

- Adapted version (3)

“We rise, we know, we serve.”

Festival in the Heavens (Audio - 1:16)
At this full moon, there is a festival in the heavens. This occurs as the Gemini full moon enters the white ether of the Milky Way. This is the place of reunion, of true kinship, the place of cosmic consciousness. It is a place within the galactic magnetic field. It is from here that we receive an exceptional spiritual outpouring into our hearts from the spiritual Sun, Sirius. This galactic magnetic field carries this blessing to ALL on Earth during this time. Its highest effect is world unity.


There would be much to say about Home, the powerful cinematic statement and wake up call that was broadcast worldwide yesterday. One thing sure, it was hard to remain indifferent to what was shown and it is to be hoped that the more encouraging elements featured at the end of it will be enough to motivate ever more people to make a green shift in their life towards a truly sustainable lifestyle. More than ever, it is only a thorough spiritual awakening as to our Oneness with All Life on Terra Gaia -- and our prime responsibility as its most dominant species to undo centuries of blind destruction and heal the rift of perceptual separation from all Life that has driven humanity to be so oblivious to the impact of our individual and collective actions -- that will ensure that a new Golden Age will arise and a new sense of Oneness with All That Is will prevail.

If you didn't see yet the documentary Home or want to see it again, here is where to go:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqxENMKaeCU (English version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNGDj9IeAuI (French version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWRHxh6XepM (Spanish version)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hFivbgIEqk (Russian version)
NOTE: You can watch the whole film until June 14

See what you can do to help: http://www.goodplanet.org/en/ - http://www.goodplanet.org/ (French)
Check the anemic newsmedia reactions on it HERE and this Wikipedia entry.

From: http://www.russiatoday.com/Art_and_Fun/2009-06-06/All_eyes_on_Earth.html

All eyes on Earth

6 June, 2009

It has been made in almost three years; a high-budget documentary aspiring to a high aim – rescuing the Earth together. The world premiere of the major environmental movie “Home” has turned eyes toward the planet.

The unique project of two French masters – director Luke Besson and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand – offers a look at our planet and its future from a different perspective. It took almost three years to complete the mega-movie, shot over almost a year in 54 countries, providing 488 hours of footage.

Perhaps, it is the most unusual premiere in the history of cinema: a simultaneous multi-display of the film on World Environment Day was billed by producers as “the greatest green event ever.” And the venues were unusual too: instead of cinemas, “Home” was shown outdoors to spectators in 87 of the world’s largest cities. And absolutely free of charge.

Parks and river banks seem to be the best places to watch a film about the beauty of our planet and about preserving this beauty. But this major environmental project also targeted theatres, TV, DVD and the Internet.

For an hour-and-a-half, the camera soars through the air showing shrill, beautiful views from different corners of the Earth along with choking mega-cities. It is a film about the life history of the Earth and how we are constantly destroying it from day to day.

What our planet will be like in some 20-30 years is absolutely unknown. If humanity doesn’t stop its destructive influence on nature, we will soon find ourselves in a different alien world, inadequate for life. This message is translated into dozens of world languages telling us that, “It’s too late to be a pessimist.”
In all of this film, strangely enough, everything is beautiful – even the polluting factories, airfields and oil platforms shot from above. However no prescription about what to do is given here – the authors of the film are sure that spectators will understand everything from it. “I explain what is happening, I don’t offer solutions…But we all have solutions within ourselves,” Yann Arthus-Bertrand says.

However, the advice of the famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is still well-timed: “When you’ve finished your own toiletries in the morning, then it is time to attend to the toiletries of your planet. Just do so with the greatest care.”

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HOME Documentary Gets Wide Release Today (June 5, 2009)
June 5, World Environment Day, is the date when the documentary 'HOME' is released simultaneously in movie theaters, on TV, Blu-ray, DVD and online. Shot in HD in 54 countries and 120 locations over 217 days, the all-aerial filming style highlights the Earth's wonders as well as its wounds and provides a perspective to approach the changing environment.

Driving Home a strong message (6/6/2009)
DOHA: Doha yesterday joined cities around the world in the release of Home, a stunning tour of the planet shot in high definition entirely from the air. Qatar’s landmark Museum of Islamic Art, along with Eiffel Tower in Paris, New York’s Central Park and London’s Trafalgar Square, joined the global premiere taking place in more than 100 countries and in 23 languages.The worldwide release of Yann Arthus Bertrand’s high-budget documentary to save the planet coincided with World Environment Day yesterday, and was billed by producers as “the greatest green event ever”.The MIA theatre was packed much before the screening began and many had to be turned back despite their desire to be a part of the global event. (...) The shift from the miracles of earth to its sad plight today in the “green movie” gives the message “It’s too late to be a pessimist.” The movie stresses that it is time to stop activities that cause 20 percent of the world’s population to use up 80 percent of its riches.To make earth a better place, the linkage between all the factors of nature should be restored. This can be done by consuming less and sharing more.

'Home' documentary a risk for Gucci parent PPR (June 2, 2009)
A new film about human excess and its impact on Earth's fragile ecosystem debuts Friday, marking an unusual risk for its financial backer, one of the planet's biggest retailing conglomerates, France's PPR SA.PPR, the maker of Gucci leather handbags and Puma shoes, paid 10 million euros of the 12-million-euro production budget to create "Home," a documentary that will debut in 127 countries on June 5, World Environmental Day. In it, filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand mixes stunningly beautiful natural landscapes with a critical monologue about human consumption, along with aerial footage of our destructive footprint on the planet. (...) The film is narrated in English by Glenn Close, in Spanish by Salma Hayek -- also Pinault's wife -- and in 15 other languages. CLIP

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