Special Addendum to the Meditation Focus #106


The following complementary material is exceptionally added to the current Meditation Focus #106 because of its relevance to unfolding events that demand our collective attention in light of the imminent shift foreseen in the next few weeks. Please consider as you meditate and keep in mind as you go about your daily routine the fact that our world is presently at a key crossroad and that choices made right now and during the next days and weeks will have repercussions far into the future and may determine the level of ease or difficulty that will be experienced by the souls currently evolving in this planetary physical realm.

As one reads the following, it is clear that we collectively possess the power to positively affect global events and that we came here precisely to assist in these pivotal times for the Highest Good of All.

As philosopher Edmund Burke once wrote, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

Much is hanging in the balance right now, and the potential is there for those who stand to lose the most if their duplicity is fully exposed to trigger another assault within their own country to justify a complete clamp down on all protests and thus render much more difficult the task of those attempting to bring to the full light of the day all the past wrongs that need to be corrected so as to bring about a complete change of course away from an unsustainable path and towards a saner, more balanced and more acceptable course of action.

Thank you for holding into you heart the vision of Truth, Peace and Harmony prevailing and the unshakeable faith in the Power of Love to heal, awaken and expand into cosmic Oneness with All That Is each and every single soul currently embodied on Terra Gaia.

Jean Hudon
Focus Group Facilitator

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"Our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma."

- Doreen Virtue, taken from " The Healing Power of Lightworkers" below

"I personally found Griffin's book both convincing and chilling. If the complicity of the Bush Administration to which he points is true, then Americans have a far greater problem on their hands than even the more ardent anti-war critics have imagined. If the administration would do this, what else would they do to maintain and expand their power?"

- Rosemary Radford , taken from "Was the Bush Administration Complicit in 9/11?" below.

"Under the Patriot Act, a person can be arrested without probable cause, held indefinitely without being charged, tried without a lawyer or a jury, sentenced without the opportunity to appeal, and put to death—all without notification of…anybody. This is simply a Soviet Gulag and it has been rationalized by the hysterical over-hyping of the War on Terror. The fact that it is not yet widespread does not diminish the more important fact that it has been put in place precisely in anticipation of such procedures needing to be being carried out on a mass scale in the future."

- Robert Freeman, taken from "Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?" below.

"As a TV/radio newscaster and commentator for over half a century, I've tried to inform the public of the takeover of the U.S. government by secret elements, but most Americans remain ignorant of the facts. Consequently, political candidates and office holders continue to avoid the evidence that control of this government is not truly in the hands of the elected "representatives" as constitutionally mandated."

- Triaka, taken from "The Takover" below.


The Healing Power of Lightworkers

by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Lightworkers are those who volunteered, before birth, to help the planet and its population heal from the effects of fear. Each lightworker is here for a sacred purpose. Very often, however, life on earth with its material focus creates a form of amnesia in lightworkers. They then forget their divine and perfect identities, and also their abilities to miraculously help the earth and all living creatures. When lightworkers forget their true identity and purpose, they feel lost and afraid.

You are a lightworker if you:

- feel called to heal others
- want to resolve the world's social and environmental problems;
- believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation;
- have had mystical experiences, such as psychic premonitions or angelic encounters;
- have endured harsh life experiences that eroded the knowledge of your divine perfection;
- want to heal your own life as a first step in healing the world;
- feel compelled to write, teach, or counsel about your healing experiences;
- know that you are here for a higher purpose, even if you are unsure what it is or how to fulfill it;
- feel a sense of time urgency to fulfill your mission before the Shift.

Everywhere on the planet right now, lightworkers are awakening to faint memories about why they came to earth. They hear an inner calling that can't be ignored. This call is a reminder that it is now time to stop toying with material dreams, and get to work.

Many lightworkers are discovering innate spiritual gifts, such as psychic communication skills and spiritual healing abilities. These are the gifts that we volunteered to use to heal the earth and her population during the crucial decades surrounding the millennium. Prophecies predicted our coming, and now it is time for us to fulfill our divine purposes. The world depends upon us!

We, who are lightworkers, don't necessarily need to add anything to ourselves to prepare for our mission. We already have innate abilities, even if they are presently dormant. Instead, we need to work on releasing fears which keep us from feeling confident in our lightworker abilities. When you remind yourself that your power as a lightworker comes from your higher self and God, not from "you", you automatically feel more assured of your abilities as a spiritual healer.

With our focused intent, thought, and spirit, we can heal anything. There are no limits, except those we place upon our healing abilities. We definitely can heal the earth with our spiritual approach. In fact, scientists have recently demonstrated that people can change water and air temperature and also cloud structures, purely through their thoughts. Researchers have known for years that prayer positively affects plants and animals. These studies reveal something that many lightworkers have already known: our collective prayers and healing thoughts can avert prophecies of world trauma.

There is only one spirit and one mind, and we are all part of this collective intelligence and love. Miraculous results in scientific laboratories are demonstrating the factual basis of the oneness of all life. Last year, U.S. and Japanese scientists hooked-up test subjects to blood pressure and heart monitor machines. Simultaneously, in separate and sealed rooms, other test subjects were asked to think loving or angry thoughts about the people hooked-up to the machines. At the exact instant when a subject held a loving thought, the monitored person's blood pressure and heart rate significantly dropped. And then, at the precise moment when an angry thought was projected, the person's vital signs sky-rocketed upward.

We who are lightworkers are already aware of the power of our thoughts. What we are continuing to learn, however, is that our thoughts are even more powerful than we suspected! A large part of our lightworker function, then, is to continuously monitor our own thoughts to ensure they are from a high and loving plane. When we occasionally slip into fearful or judgmental thoughts, we can release these thoughtforms to the angels which surround us, knowing that these spiritual companions want to help us fulfill our sacred purpose.

If your intuition is urging you toward a healing function, you can be sure that this is a Divine voice and not just wishful thinking. During the last several years, a spiritual call has been broadcast - like a psychic "help wanted" ad - asking for lightworkers to awaken to their healing roles. Those who have heard the call sometimes contact me, asking for reassurance that this inner voice isn't setting them up for disappointment or possible failure.

I can certainly understand this fear, since I experienced it myself. When I was a young mother of two and an uneducated housewife, I began having spontaneous visions in which I saw myself as a healer and author. These visions frightened me, because I didn't think I had the time, money, or intelligence to succeed. So I began overeating to silence the inner voice and visions. I didn't feel ready or qualified to awaken to my mission.

What I was doing was the equivalent of pushing the "snooze button" on my spiritual alarm clock. Overeating was my way of delaying God's plan for me, because food would temporarily drown out the sound and sight of my Divine life plan. I gained nearly 50 pounds before I finally surrendered to the Creator and asked for help in making my inner vision a reality. I discovered that as soon as I committed to following my life purpose, doors opened up for me in succession. In miraculous ways that I could never have planned for, everything in my visions became a reality.

We cannot fail when we accept the mission we chose for ourselves prior to incarnation. The power and intelligence of the One mind makes no mistakes. We would not have been assigned our lightworker role, were we not perfectly qualified. Since we are made in the image and likeness of One who is all-knowing, all-loving, and able to heal anything, we can relax in the sure knowledge that we were born to heal.

by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. © 1998


From: http://www.interlinkbooks.com/New_Pearl_Harbor.html

Book Review: Was the Bush Administration Complicit in 9/11?

Dr. Rosemary Radford Ruether
Carpenter Professor of Feminist Theology

A review of The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin. The review also appears in The National Catholic Reporter.

Until recently I dismissed suggestions that the Bush administration might have been complicit in allowing 9/11 to happen as groundless "conspiracy theory." I regarded the federal investigative bureaucracies as suffering from a "lock the barn door after the horse has escaped" syndrome. American government agencies seemed to me to be full of repressive energy and exaggerated overreach after some atrocity had occurred, but remarkably incompetent when it came to preventing something in advance. There is no question that the Bush administration has profited greatly from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, but I did not imagine that they could have actually known they were being planned and deliberately allowed them to happen.

Thus it was with some skepticism that I agreed to read the new book written by David Ray Griffin, a process theologian from the Claremont School of Theology (Claremont, California), that argues the case for just such complicity. This book, The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11, is due for release in January, 2004. Griffin admits that he, too, was skeptical about such suggestions until he began to actually read the evidence that has been accumulated by a number of researchers, both in the United States and Europe. As he became increasingly convinced that there was a case for complicity, he planned to write an article, but this quickly grew into a book.

The first startling piece of evidence that Griffin puts forward is establishing the motive among leaders in the Bush administration for allowing such an attack. Already in 2000, the right-wing authors of the "Project for the New American Century: Rebuilding America's Defenses" opined that the military expansion they desired would be difficult unless a "new Pearl Harbor" occurred. They had outlined plans for a major imperial expansion of American power that included a greatly increased military budget and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, primarily to secure oil supplies, but also to control the region generally. But they believed that the American people would not have the will for such actions without some devastating attack from outside that would galvanize them through fear and anger to support it. In short, they had already envisioned facilitating a major attack on the United States in order to gain the public support for their policy goals.

Griffin then shows the considerable evidence that the Bush administration knew in advance that such an attack was being planned, despite claims by the administration that such an attack was completely unanticipated. As early as 1995 the Philippine police conveyed to the U.S. information found an Al-Queda computer that detailed "Project Bojinka" that envisioned hyjacking planes and flying them into targets, such as the World Trade Center, the White House, and the Pentagon. By July of 2001, the CIA and the FBI had intercepted considerable information that such an attack was planned for the fall. Leaders of several different countries, including the Taliban in Afghanistan, as well as leaders of Russia, Britain, Jordan, Egypt and Israel, conveyed information to the United States that such an attack was being planned. It appears not only that all these warnings were disregarded, but that investigations into them were obstructed.

The actual events of September 11 leave many puzzling questions. Standard procedures for intervention when a plane goes off course were not followed in the case of all four airplanes. Within ten minutes of evidence that a plane has been hijacked, standard procedures call for fighter jets to intervene and demand that the plane follow it to an airport. If the plane fails to obey, it should be shot down. There was time for this to happen before the plane was over New York City in the case of the first jet, and more than ample time in the case of the second. Moreover, when the order was finally given to intervene, it was not to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, seventy miles from New York City, but from Otis Air National Guard in Cape Cod.

Griffin also examines unexplained issues about the other two planes. Eyewitnesses and on-site evidence suggest that a missile or guided fighter aircraft, not a large commercial plane, crashed into the Pentagon. Moreover the part of the Pentagon that was hit was not where high ranking generals were working, but an area under repair with few military officials. Flight #93 was the only plane shot down, although only after it appeared passengers were on the verge of taking control. Griffin also examines the conduct of President Bush on that day, giving considerable evidence that he knew of the first crash immediately after it happened, but delayed his response for some half a hour, nonchalantly continuing with a photo op with elementary school children.

These are only a few details of the myriad data that Griffin assembles to show that not only did the Bush administration have detailed information that such attacks were going to occur on September 11 and failed to carry through protective responses in advance, but that they also obstructed the standard procedures to intervene in these events on the actual day it happened.

Griffin concludes the book with some considerable evidence of the way the Bush Administration has obstructed any independent investigation of 9/11 since it occurred, both withholding key documents and insisting that the official investigation, when it was set up, limit itself to recommendations about how to avoid such an event in the future, and not focus on how it actually was able to happen.

Griffin writes in a precise and careful fashion, avoiding inflammatory rhetoric. He argues for a high probability for the Bush Administration's complicity with allowing and facilitating the attacks, based not on any one conclusive piece of evidence, but the sheer accumulation of all of the data. He concludes by calling for a genuinely independent investigative effort that would examine all this evidence. He himself plans to send the book to the Kean Commission presently charged with that task, even though he has doubts about its real independence.

I personally found Griffin's book both convincing and chilling. If the complicity of the Bush Administration to which he points is true, then Americans have a far greater problem on their hands than even the more ardent anti-war critics have imagined. If the administration would do this, what else would they do to maintain and expand their power?


(Dr. Rosemary Radford Ruether has been a pioneer Christian feminist theologian for over three decades and is among the most widely read theologians in the world. Her book, Sexism and God-Talk, a classic in the field of theology, remains the only systematic feminist treatment of the Christian symbols to date. With wide-ranging scholarship, Dr. Ruether has written and edited over thirty books and hundreds of articles and reviews.)


Foreword by Richard Falk

"It will be painful, and disturbing, to turn the pages of this thoughtful and meticulously researched book. But turn we must. For we owe the truth to those who died, and nothing less." -- Colleen Kelly, sister of Bill Kelly, Jr., who was killed in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and Co-Founder of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows.

From a skeptical vantage-point, but also taking to heart the classic idea that those who benefit from a crime ought to at least be investigated, Griffin, an eminent philosopher and theologian, brings together an account of the national tragedy that is far more logical than the one we've been asked to believe. Gathering stories from the mainstream press, reports from other countries, the work of other researchers, and the contradictory words of members of the Bush administration themselves, Griffin presents a case that leaves very little doubt that the attacks of 9/11 need to be further investigated.

The disturbing questions emerge from every part of the story, from every angle, until it is impossible not to seriously doubt the official story, and suspect its architects of enormous deception. Long a teacher of ethics and systematic theology, Griffin writes with compelling and passionate logic, urging readers to draw their own conclusions from the evidence outlined. The New Pearl Harbor rings with the conviction that it is possible, even today, to search for the truth; it is a stirring call that we demand a real investigation into what happened on 9/11.

David Ray Griffin has been a professor of philosophy of religion and theology at the Claremont School of Theology in California for over 30 years. He is co-director of the Center for Process Studies there and the author or editor of over 20 books.


Media Reviews

"That 9/11 has become a defining moment in our history cannot be gainsaid. But its exact significance is an exceedingly contentious question notwithstanding the seeming clarity of prevailing accounts. David Ray Griffin deconstructs those accounts with a host of unresolved puzzles strongly suggestive of some sort of culpable complicity by US officials in the event. His book presents an incontrovertible argument of the need for a genuinely full and independent investigation of that infamous day."

-- Douglas Sturm, Presidential Professor of Religion and Political Science, Emeritus, Bucknell University

"David Ray Griffin has done admirable and painstaking research in reviewing the mysteries surrounding the 9-11 attacks. It is the most persuasive argument I have seen for further investigation of the Bush administration's relationship to that historic and troubling event."

-- Howard Zinn

"Was the U.S.'s failure to defend itself against the attacks on Sept. 11 a comedy of errors or a brilliant, if cynical, plot by highly placed government officials, or something else? We'll never know as long as the administration stonewalls efforts to get information. But such relatively reliable information as is now available is assembled in this book, so that citizens can come to more informed judgments about the nature and functioning of our government. This is a must read for all who want to get past the conspiracy of silence and mystification that surrounds these events."

-- John B. Cobb, Jr., Professor of Theology, Emeritus, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University

"This book is as full of research and authoritative notes as a field full of springtime daisies. The author raises frightening questions, and the questions beg for answers. One thing we can conclude for certain. The events surrounding 9-11, both before and after, cannot be simply swept under the rug of conventional wisdom unless we allow it. This book gives us a foundation to discover the truth, one that we may not wish to hear."

-- Gerry Spence

"David Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor belongs on the book shelves of all those who, in any way, doubt the veracity of the accounts presented to the public by the Bush administration concerning the worst terrorist attack in America's history. The facts presented in this book are disturbing -- and they should be. Griffin's book goes a long way in answering the age-old question inherent in American political scandals: What did the President know, and when did he know it?"

-- Wayne Madsen, author, journalist, syndicated columnist.



March 6, 2004

As a TV/radio newscaster and commentator for over half a century, I've tried to inform the public of the takeover of the U.S. government by secret elements, but most Americans remain ignorant of the facts. Consequently, political candidates and office holders continue to avoid the evidence that control of this government is not truly in the hands of the elected "representatives" as constitutionally mandated.

In his Farewell Address in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower warned of the conjunction of an "IMMENSE" military establishment and a large arms industry that could cause a SERIOUS IMBALANCE of U.S. government power. While recognizing the need for an adequate defense, the former top Army General said its potential was very dangerous; "In the councils of government must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the DISASTROUS RISE of MISPLACED POWER exists and will persist".

Such secret and unconstitutional entities as the CIA, NSA and NRO do now PERSIST with no "sunset" clause to end their misplaced secret powers, as politicians continue to fund them without serious challenge at a rate "estimated" in the 1990's a $50 billion annually, with no accountability to the taxpayers as the Constitution requires.

Ten years after Eisenhower's warning, Senator William Proxmire concluded congressional hearings into the military-industrial complex with a book "Report from Wasteland". It was followed by other researchers with books such as "Pentagon Capitalism" (Melman) and "The Military - Industrial Complex" (Koistenen), but the DISASTROUS RISE of MISPLACED POWER- the oligarchy - has never been seriously challenged inside or outside the government.

With no discussion among political candidates - or even among voters - to restore the government to its constitutional foundation, the MISPLACED POWER is an ongoing reality spelling constitutional DISASTER and a possible violent power struggle!

Goodwill to you,

Triaka SpiritNet@webtv.net>


From: http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0301-12.htm

Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America?

by Robert Freeman

March 1, 2004

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig tells the story of a South American Indian tribe that has devised an ingenious monkey trap. The Indians cut off the small end of a coconut and stuff it with sweetmeats and rice. They tether the other end to a stake and place it in a clearing.

Soon, a monkey smells the treats inside and comes to see what it is. It can just barely get its hand into the coconut but, stuffed with booty, it cannot pull the hand back out. The Indians easily walk up to the monkey and capture it. Even as the Indians approach, the monkey screams in horror, not only in fear of its captors, but equally as much, one imagines, in recognition of the tragedy of its own lethal but still unalterable greed.

Pirsig uses the story to illustrate the problem of value rigidity. The monkey cannot properly evaluate the relative worth of a handful of food compared to its life. It chooses wrongly, catastrophically so, dooming itself by its own short-term fixation on a relatively paltry pleasure.

America has its own hand in a coconut, one that may doom it just as surely as the monkey. That coconut is its dependence on cheap oil in a world where oil will soon come to an end. The choice we face (whether to let the food go or hold onto it) is whether to wean ourselves off of oil—to quickly evolve a new economy and a new basis for civilization—or to continue to secure stable supplies from the rest of the world by force.

As with Pirsig’s monkey, the alternative consequences of each choice could not be more dramatic. Weaning ourselves off of cheap oil, while not easy, will help ensure the vitality of the American economy and the survival of its political system. Choosing the route of force will almost certainly destroy the economy and doom America’s short experiment in democracy.

To date, we have chosen the second alternative: to secure oil by force. The evidence of its consequences are all around us. They include the titanic US budget and trade deficits funding a gargantuan, globally-deployed military and the Patriot Act and its starkly anti-democratic rescissions of civil liberties. There is little time left to change this choice before its consequences become irreversible.

The world is quickly running out of oil. In the year 2000, global production stood at 76 Million Barrels per Day (MBD). By 2020, demand is forecast to reach 112 MBD, an increase of 47%. But additions to proven reserves have virtually stopped and it is clear that pumping at present rates is unsustainable. Estimates of the date of “peak global production” vary with some experts saying it already may have occurred as early as the year 2000. New Scientist magazine recently placed the year of peak production in 2004. Virtually all experts believe it will almost certainly occur before the end of this decade.

And the rate of depletion is accelerating. Imagine a production curve that rises slowly over 145 years—the time since oil was discovered in Pennsylvania in 1859. Over this time, the entire world shifted to oil as the foundation of industrial civilization. It invested over one hundred trillion dollars in a physical infrastructure and an economic system run entirely on oil. But oil production is now at its peak and the right hand side of the curve is a virtual drop off. Known reserves are being drawn down at 4 times the rate of new discoveries.

The reason for the drop off is that not only have all the “big” discoveries already been made, the rate of consumption is increasing dramatically. Annual world energy use is up five times since 1945. Increases are now driven by massive developing countries—China, India, Brazil—growing and emulating first or at least second world consumption standards. Fixed supply. Stalled discoveries. Sharply increased consumption. This is the formula for global oil depletion within the next few decades.

The situation is especially critical in the US. With barely 4% of the world’s population, the US consumes 26% of the world’s energy. But the US produced only 9 MBD in 2000 while consuming 19 MBD. It made up the difference by importing 10 MBD, or 53% of its needs. By 2020, the US Department of Energy forecasts domestic demand will grow to 25 MBD but production will be down to 7 MBD. The daily shortfall of 18 MBD or 72% of needs, will all need to be imported.

Perhaps it goes without saying but it deserves repeating anyway: oil is the sine qua non of “industrial” civilization—the one thing without which such civilization cannot exist. All of the world’s 600 million automobiles depend on oil. So do virtually all other commodities and critical processes: airlines, chemicals, plastics, medicines, agriculture, heating, etc. Almost all of the increase in world food productivity over the past 50 years is attributable to increases in the use of oil-derived additives: pesticides; herbicides; fungicides; fertilizers; and machinery.

When oil is gone, civilization will be stupendously different. The onset of rapid depletion will trigger convulsions on a global scale, including, likely, global pandemics and die-offs of significant portions of the world’s human population. The “have” countries will face the necessity kicking the “have-nots” out of the global lifeboat in order to assure their own survival. Even before such conditions are reached, inelastic supply interacting with inelastic demand will drive the price of oil and oil-derived commodities through the stratosphere, effecting by market forces alone massive shifts in the current distribution of global wealth.

If the US economy is not to grind to a halt under these circumstances it must choose one of three alternate strategies: dramatically lower its living standards (something it is not willing to do); substantially increase the energy efficiency of its economy; or make up the shortfall by securing supplies from other countries. President Bush’s National Energy Policy published in March 2001 explicitly commits the US to the third choice: Grab the Oil. It is this choice that is now driving US military and national security policy. And, in fact, the past 60 years of US policy in the Middle East can only be understood as the effort to control access to the world’s largest supply of oil.

Witness, for example, the deep US embrace of Saudi Arabia since World War II. One quarter of all US weapons sales between 1950 and 2000 went to Saudi Arabia despite its horrifically repressive, literally medieval tribal nature. The CIA’s overthrow of Mohamed Mosadegh in Iran in 1953 after he nationalized his country’s oil is another example. So, too, was the US strategic embrace of Israel during the 1967 Six Day War. The US was deeply mired in Vietnam but needed a “cop on the beat” to challenge Arab states—Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Yemen—that were “going Soviet.” It has stuck with that relationship ever since.

More recent examples of national strategy in bondage to the compulsion for oil include US support for Saddam Hussein in the Iran/Iraq War; its support for Osama bin Laden in the Afghanistan War against the Soviet Union; and, of course, the most recent invasion of Iraq to seize its oilfields and forward position US forces for an invasion of neighboring Saudi Arabia when it is inevitably destroyed by internal civil war. And under a Grab the Oil strategy, militarization of US society will only deepen.

The reason is that a very major portion of the world’s oil is, by accident of geology, in the hands of states hostile to the US. Fully 60% percent of the world’s proven reserves of oil are in the Persian Gulf. They lie beneath Muslim countries undergoing a religious revolution that wants to return the industrial world to a pre-modern order governed by a fundamentalist Islamic theocracy. Saudi Arabia alone controls 25% of all the world’s oil, more than that of North America, South America, Europe and Africa combined. Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, each control approximately 10% of the world’s oil.

Another 15% of the world’s oil lies in the Caspian Sea region, also a dominantly Muslim region. It includes a group of post-Soviet, satellite and buffer states that lack any semblance of legal or market systems. They are extraordinarily corrupt, really just Gangster Thugocracies masquerading as countries. Think Afghanistan. Both Russia and China consider this region part of their “sphere of strategic influence” portending significant clashes for the US over coming decades.

As long as the US chooses the Grab the Oil alternative, the implications for national policy are inescapable. The combination of all these facts—fixed supply, rapid depletion, lack of alternatives, severity of consequences, and hostility of current stockholding countries—drive the US to HAVE to adopt an aggressive (pre-emptive) military posture and to carry out a nakedly colonial expropriation of resources from weaker countries around the world.

This is why the US operates some 700 military bases around the world and spends over half a trillion dollars per year on military affairs, more than all the rest of the world—its “allies” included—combined. This is why the Defense Department’s latest Quadrennial Review stated, “The US must retain the capability to send well-armed and logistically supported forces to critical points around the globe, even in the face of enemy opposition.” This is why Pentagon brass say internally that current force levels are inadequate to the strategic challenges they face and that they will have to re-instate the draft after the 2004 elections.

But the provocation occasioned by grabbing the oil, especially from nations ideologically hostile to the US, means that military attacks on the US and the recourse to military responses will only intensify until the US is embroiled in unending global conflict. This is the perverse genius of the Grab the Oil strategy: it comes with its own built-in escalation, its own justification for ever more militarization—without limit. It will blithely consume the entire US economy, the entire society, without being sated. It is, in homage to Orwell, Perpetual War for Perpetual Grease.

In his first released tape after 9/11, Osama bin Laden stated that he carried out the attacks for three reasons: 1) to drive US military forces from Saudi Arabia, the most sacred place of Islam; 2) to avenge the deaths of over half a million Iraqi children killed, according to UNICEF, as a result of the US-sponsored embargo of the 1990s; and, 3) to punish US sponsorship of Israeli oppression against the Palestinian people. Oil and the need to control it are critically implicated in all three reasons.

But now comes the sobering part. In response to the 9/11 attacks, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated that the US was engaged in “…a thirty to forty year war (!) against fundamentalist Islam.” It is the fever of War, of course, that becomes the all-purpose justification for the rollback of civil liberties. Lincoln used the Civil War to justify the suspension of habeas corpus. Roosevelt used the cover of World War II to inter hundreds of thousands of Japanese Americans. And now Bush is using the self-ratcheting “War on Terror” to effect even more sweeping, perhaps permanent rescissions of civil liberties.

Under the Patriot Act, a person can be arrested without probable cause, held indefinitely without being charged, tried without a lawyer or a jury, sentenced without the opportunity to appeal, and put to death—all without notification of…anybody. This is simply a Soviet Gulag and it has been rationalized by the hysterical over-hyping of the War on Terror. The fact that it is not yet widespread does not diminish the more important fact that it has been put in place precisely in anticipation of such procedures needing to be being carried out on a mass scale in the future.

The broader implications of the Patriot Acts go far beyond the abusive treatment of criminals or terrorists. Their portent can be glimpsed in the language used to justify them. When Attorney General John Ashcroft testified on behalf of the Act, he stated, “…those who oppose us are providing aid and comfort to the enemy.” These are carefully chosen words. “Aid and comfort to the enemy” are the words used in the Constitution to define Treason, the most fateful of crimes against the state. In other words, protest against the government—the singular right without which America would not even exist—is now being defined as trying to overthrow the government.

And by the internal logic of a global Oil Empire, this is entirely reasonable. The needs of the people of any one country must be subordinated to the larger agenda of Empire itself. This is what the Romans learned in 27 B.C. when Augustus proclaimed himself Emperor. It was the end of the Roman Republic and the disappearance of representative government on earth for almost 1,700 years, until the English Civil Wars in the 1600s. That is the reality we are confronting today—offering up our democracy in propitiation to an Empire for Oil. It will be a fateful, irreversible decision.

Returning to Pirsig’s metaphor, the choice of a Grab the Oil strategy is the equivalent of the monkey holding onto the handful of food, remaining trapped by the coconut. It is an ironclad guarantee of escalating global conflict, isolation of the US in the world, unremitting attacks on the US by those whose oil is being expropriated and whose societies are being dominated, the militarization of the US economy, the irreversible rescission of civil liberties, and the eventual extinguishment of American democracy itself. It is the conscious, self-inflicted consignment to political and economic death.

But the coconut metaphor, remember, involves a choice—food or freedom. What, then, is the alternative, the letting go of the paltry handful of food in conscious preference for the life of continued freedom?

The alternative to Grab the Oil is to dispense with the hobbling dependency on oil itself and to quickly wean the country off of it. Call it the path of Energy Reconfiguration. It is to declare a modern day Manhattan Project aimed at minimizing the draw down in the world’s finite stocks of oil, extending their life, and mitigating the calamity inherent in their rapid exhaustion. It means building a physical infrastructure to the economy that is based on an alternative to oil. And it means doing this, not unilaterally or militarily as the US is doing now, but in peaceful partnership with other countries of the world, the other counties in our shared global lifeboat that are also threatened by the end of oil.

In more specific terms, energy reconfiguration means retrofitting all of the nation’s buildings, both commercial and residential, to double their energy efficiency. It means a crash program to shift the transportation system—cars, trucks—to a basis that uses perhaps half as much oil per year. This is well within reach of current technology. Energy Reconfiguration means using biotechnology to develop crops that require much less fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and machinery to harvest. It means refitting industrial and commercial processes—lighting, heating, appliances, automation, etc.—so that they, too, consume far less energy than they do today. It means increasing efficiency, reducing consumption, and building sustainable, long-term alternatives in every arena in which the economy uses oil.

Such a program would return incalculable benefits to national security, the economy, and to the environment.

In terms of national security, Energy Reconfiguration greatly reduces the county’s susceptibility to oil blackmail. It reduces the need for provocative adventurism into foreign countries in pursuit of oil. As such, it reduces the incentive for terrorism against the US. And by reducing such threats, it reduces the need for a sprawling, expensive military abroad and a repressive police state at home. Savings in military costs—perhaps on the order of hundreds of billions of dollars a year—could well pay for such a program. The saving of democracy, of course, is priceless.

The economic benefits are at least equally impressive. By reducing energy imports, the US would reduce its hemorrhaging trade deficit and the mortgaging of the nation’s future that such borrowing implies. A national corps of workers set to retrofitting the nation’s homes and businesses for energy efficiency would address employment problems for decades in a way that could not be outsourced to Mexico or India or China. And a more efficient industrial infrastructure would make all goods made in America more competitive with those made abroad. In all of these ways, Energy Reconfiguration raises, not lowers, the average standard of living while increasing the resilience of the economy as a whole.

Energy Reconfiguration also delivers enormous—perhaps incalculable—benefits to the environment. By reducing energy intensity, it reduces the impact on the biotic carrying systems of any level of economic activity. Global warming may be the single most potent threat to global stability today. A recently leaked Pentagon report predicted that rapid climate change may well set off global competition for food and water supplies and, in the worst scenarios, spark nuclear war. If the US did no more than change from being the most energy inefficient economy in the industrial world to being of only average efficiency, it would dramatically slow the environmental destruction that hangs like a sword over the entire world.

Are there any precedents for such an ambitious vision? In the 1980s China adopted a nationwide energy efficiency program. Within a decade, overall energy intensity fell by 50% while economic growth led the developing world. Also in the 1980s, Denmark began a crash program in wind-generated electricity. Today, wind provides 10% of Denmark’s electricity while Denmark makes 60% of all the wind turbines sold in the world. India’s Renewable Energy Development Agency used a similar set of programs beginning in 1987 to reduce oil based electricity usage. Today, India is the largest user of photovoltaic systems in the world.

Even within the US there are ample precedents for optimism. The US economy was 42% more energy efficient in 2000 than it was in the 1970s when the Arab oil embargoes shocked the country into action. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards more than doubled the average mileage of US automobiles between 1975 and 1985 before being effectively abandoned in the late 1980s. The National Research Council has reported that efficiency programs sponsored by the Department of Energy returned $20 for every $1 invested, making them arguably one of the best investments in the economy even before a change in national energy strategy.

We should harbor no illusions, however, that adopting such a strategy will be easy. The military and energy industries in which the Bush family is so heavily invested will vigorously resist such a policy. And the energy bill now making its way through Congress is nothing so much as a testament to the death grip the energy industry holds on the American people. It provides tens of billions of dollars of subsidies and giveaways to energy companies while actually encouraging more intensive energy use. As the poster boy of these leviathans, President Bush expressed their sentiments best: “We need an energy policy that encourages consumption.” What more need be said?

In the end, the choice of these two alternatives—Grab the Oil or Energy Reconfiguration—is much bigger than oil alone. It is a choice about the fundamental ethos and, in fact, the very nature of the country. Most immediately, it is about democracy versus empire. In economic terms, it is about prosperity or poverty. In engineering terms, it is a matter of efficiency over waste. In moral terms this is the choice of sufficiency or gluttony. From the standpoint of the environment, it is a preference for stewardship over continued predation. In the ways the US deals with other countries it is the choice of co-operation versus dominance. And in spiritual terms, it is the choice of hope, freedom and purpose over fear, dependency and despair. In this sense, this is truly the decision that will define the future of America and perhaps the world.

A final word on Pirsig’s monkey. The monkey is doomed but not tragic. For the monkey cannot really comprehend the fateful implications of its choice: that its greed assures its doom. In the case of people and a country, however, that is not the case. It is no accident that President Bush has not asked any sacrifices of the country for his War on Terror. That is part of the seduction, like the candy a drug pusher uses to lure an unsuspecting child.

But we cannot, like the monkey, claim to be unaware of the choice we are making. Awareness of such choices is part of the burden of mature citizenship. Nor can we feign ignorance of the consequences. Simply put, our present course will cost us our country. And our doom will be compounded by incalculable tragedy and what Lincoln once called “the last best hope for mankind” will, indeed, perish from this earth. Unless, that is, we find the vision, the wisdom and the courage to let go that handful of paltry treats and choose freedom instead.

Robert Freeman writes about economics and education. He can be reached at robertfreeman10@yahoo.com


International call for participation to the March 20 Global Day of Action

From: http://newswire.indymedia.org/en/newswire/2004/02/800173.shtml

Time to prepare for the next massive demonstration

Time to prepare for the next international demonstration :
20 March 2004 - Global Day of Action - SAVE THE DATE !

The world will once again claim its opposition to war

If you think that it's too late, the war is over, all is done and we can't do anything about that, please consider this:

The USA planned wars against Afghanistan and Iraq has taken, so far, the life of at least 11,000 civilians. That is about 4 times as much as the victims of the September 11th war attacks which were immediately condemned by the international community. The number of victims we caused is still growing up, as people (mostly children) continue to die due to the weapons of mass destruction we use like cluster bombs and napalm-like bombs (MK 77), depleted uranium munitions, ...

Saddam Hussein is undoubtely a criminal who has to reply of his acts in front of an International Criminal Court. That does not give us any legitimacy to crush a country and grab its resources. Today, many regions in Iraq are still deprivated of water and electricity. Iraqis have to queue to get some fuel while we have restored and secured the pipelines which allow us to export "our" oil.


March 20, 2004 is also a unique opportunity to remind our governments that democracy is not just about allowing people to vote once in every few years.Actually, we are getting far away from the model Abraham Lincoln promised: "A governement of the people, by the people, for the people" Citizens are concerned by the politic questions even outside the elections time.A responsible governement should not try to keep us away from the administration of our country. A respectful governement has more consideration for its citizens than just regarding them as "money makers". We, the people, can't accept being told Fairy Tales and lies by those we have elected to represent our interests. We can't stand by a government which use noble value such as "freedom", "democracy", "justice" to cover his wrong doing.We can't support a governement as a model for the world if it bypass/violate Constitutions, national and international laws, Treaties and Conventions.

We want "PEOPLE" to be placed back to a position it should never leave: OVER "PROFIT" !

For all those reasons, we will protest together one more time. ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE, WE ARE WORKING ON IT !

Here is what you can do right now to make the M20 event a success and mark this date in History:

** Distribute flyers and posters announcing the March 20 global day of action.

Check from the organizations listed on this web page for some ready to use outreach material:


If you can't find any information about anti-war actions in your area/country, try to contact the organizations that let you knew about the previous demonstrations (like the 15th February 2003 massive demonstration), and ask them if they support the 20th March 2004 International day of protest against the war.

** Spread the word about this event, forward this mail, write your own message or translate this one into your native language, and send it to friends and relatives.

** Prepare your banners, placards, posters, slogans, ... CLIP

** Organize and try to find a funny, festive way to protest. Be original, be creative, just don't be quiet. Make sure you will be seen and heard.



From: http://amigaphil.planetinternet.be/cgi-bin/show.cgi?nowar29

March 20, 2004 - The World STILL Says No to War

In no particular order, added as they are coming:

United for Peace and Justice (USA)

International A.N.S.W.E.R. (USA)

National Council of Arab Americans (USA)

Campus Action (USA)

Reno Anti-War Coalition (USA)

International League of Peoples Struggle (USA)

Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism (USA)

Vancouver's Anti-War Coalition (Canada)

Stop the War Coalition (UK)

For Mother Earth - Belgian Platform Against War on Iraq (Belgium)

Stop USA (Belgium, FR)

Stop USA (Belgium, NL)

CNAPD (Belgium)

Toronto Coalition To Stop The War (Toronto, Canada)

Progressive Webgroup Alliance (Online action, International)

Noennuestronombre (Mexico)

Midwest March 20 Organizing Coalition (Chicago, USA)

Victorian Peace Network (Australia)

Canadian Peace Alliance (Canada)

World Peace Now (Tokyo, Japan)

North Texas for Justice and Peace (Crawford Texas, USA)

March 20 Houston (Houston, USA)

March for Truth (Maine, USA)

Pittsburgh March 20 (Pittsburgh, USA)

Hague Appeal for Peace (USA)

Stop Terrorkrigen (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Fermiamo la guerra (Rome, Italy)

Netzwerk Friedenskooperative (Germany)

wereldcrisis - Website tegen de nieuwe oorlog (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Stop the war (Athens, Greece)

Stillhalten ist tõdlich (Ramstein, Germany)

Foro Social de Sevilla (Sevilla, Spain)

Stop Wojnie (Warsaw, Poland)

ATTAC - Chile (Santiago, Chile)

Nowar SA (Adelaide, Australia)

Peace Tasmania (Hobart, Australia)
- Nowar Ipswich (Ipswich, Australia)
- The Palestinian American Congress (Louisiana, USA)

Resistir - Invasores fora do Iraque! (Lisbon, Porto, Portugal)

Natverket mot krig (Stockholm, Sweden)

Pysayttakaa sota - Verkosto (Helsinki, Finland)

Stoppa USA's Krig (Gothenburg, Sweden)

Austrian Social Forum (Vienna, Austria)

Fundacio per la Pau (Barcelona, Spain)

GSoA - Gegen den Krieg (Bern, Switzerland)

Irish Anti-War Movement (Dublin, Ireland)

Nej til krig (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Paz Ahora - Expulsemos la guerra de nuestas vidas (Madrid, Spain)

World Day Against War Occupation (Prague, Czech Republic)

Peace Action Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)

Collectif Echec a la guerre (Montreal, Canada)

Add your March 20, 2004 event

A global Call for the March 20 worldwide demonstrations has also been endorsed last January 19, during the Global Social Forum in Mumbai, by the following organizations:

All Together – Korea, Anti-War Coalition – South Africa, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, Asia Pacific Movement on Debt Development, Asian Peace Alliance, Asian Peace Alliance – Japan, Asian Women’s Human Rights, ATTAC – Ag Globalisierung und Krieg, Germany, ATTAC – Japan, Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Bastaguerra, Italy, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (UK), Campaña por la Desmilitarización de las Américas(CADA), Campus Antiwar Network, US, Center for Economic Research and Social Change, Central Unica de los Trabajadores (CUT) (Brazil), Centre for Development Studies, CIEDS Collective, – India, Centro de Estudios Internacionales, Managua, Nicaragua, Chagos Refugees Group, Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India), Code PINK : Women for Peace, Collectif Echec a la guerre-Montreal, Common Action for Peace and against the War, Condi – Iraqi National Democratic Coalition, Continental Campaign Against FTAA, Corp Watch (USA), Documentation for Action Groups in Asia, El Foro Social de Madrid, El Taller International, Focus on the Global South, Forum Against the War (Italy), Freedom from Debt Coalition, Gathering for Peace – Philippines, GENSUIKIN (Japan Congress Against A & H Bombs), GENSUIKYO (Japan Council Against A & H Bombs), German Peace Council, Global Exchange, Global Peace and Justice Coalition of Turkey, Globalize from Below – Korea, Grassroots Peace Network (National Network to End the War Against Iraq), Greek Social Forum, Hemispheric Social Alliance, Iniciativa Mexicana Contra la Guerra. No en Nuestro Nombre, Institute for Popular Democracy, International Association of Peace Messenger Cities, International Civilian Campaign for the Protection of the Palestinian People (CCIPPP), International South Asia Forum (INSAF), Iraq International Occupation Watch Center, Italian Movements of the European Social Forum, JANANEETHI, Jubilee South, KALAYAAN ! (Katipunan para sa Pagpapalaya ng, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU), Korean Federation of Medical Groups for Health Rights, Korean Peoples Action Against FTA & WTO (KoPA), LALIT, Mauritius, Le Mouvement de la Paix, Ledikasyon pu Travayer (LPT), Mauritius, Movement for Democratic Socialism (Japan), Movimiento por la Paz, Spain (MPDL), Movimento (dos trabalhadores rurias) Sem Terra (MST) (Brazil), National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (USA), NGO Federation of Nepal, Not in Our Name Project, USA, Nuclear Free Philippines Coalition, Peace Boat (Japan), Peace Constitution League, Peace Initiative of Turkey, People’s Plan Study Group (Japan), People’s Task Force for Bases Clean Up – Philippines, Polaris Institute, Promoting Enduring Peace, Red Mexicana de Accion frente al Libre Comercio, Social Movements Network, Solidarity (USA), South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD), Stop the War Coalition – Greece, Stop the War Coalition – UK, Stop the War Initiative, Poland, Sumpay Mindanao, Tavolla della Pace, The All India Peace & Solidarity Organisation (AIPSO), The ASR Resource Centre, The Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) UK, The Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa, The No War on Iraq Coordination – Turkey, The People’s Peace Alliance (Pakistan), The South Asian Women for Peace, The Swedish Peace Council, UN PONTE PER (Bridge to Baghdad) NGO – Italy, United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) – US, US Peace Council Vimochana, Forum For Women Rights, – India, Via Campesina, Workers Democracy, Thailand, World Peace Council, World Peace Now, Japan, Xarxa de Mobilitzacio Global (Barcelona), Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA) (India), ZENKO (National Assembly for Peace and Democracy).

Taken from http://www.alternatives.ca/article1097.html


From: http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/DOU403A.html

A Historic Moment for the Peace & Justice Movement

Stopping the 9-11 Cover Up is Ground Zero for the Peace Effort

by William Douglas
4 March 2004


Author's note: In issue #6 of Global Outlook my Kansas City arrest for attempting to attend a anti-Bush demonstration was covered. The good news is that I was acquitted on both counts of Disorderly Conduct. The better news was my protest sign was carried on ABCNews.com ( http://abcnews.go.com/sections/US/WorldNewsTonight/protest_zones_031112-1.html ), reading "What is Bush Hiding About 9-11? Stop the 9-11 Cover Up!" Which brings me to this essay's point. The peace & justice community has a historic opportunity to profoundly affect the future of the world . . . if we take it. We must work to get Bush's 9-11 cover up the attention it deserves. Mainstream media is beginning to look at this, but we need a movement. Why?


It is common knowledge that the Bush team had written the Patriot Act "before" 9-11. We also know through the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) written by Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, etc., that their designs for conquest in Iraq and elsewhere were planned "before" 9-11. The American people would have never allowed such dramatic rollbacks in civil liberties at home and the launching of two wars overseas had it not been for one event . . . 9-11. 9-11 gave the Bush Administration and Pentagon hawks cart blanche to turn the world upside down. It frightened Americans into answering the age old question "guns or butter?" with a resounding answer of "GUNS!!" The problem is, the "official" 9-11 story does not hold water. 9-11 families in mass are filing litigations to demand full 9-11 disclosure. However, they need the support of the peace movement to gain a larger voice. Why should the peace & justice movement be involved in 9-11 truth actions?

Bush has persuaded Americans that to stop future 9-11 terrorist type strikes, we need A) Endless wars, and B) Reduced Liberty at home. The truth is that neither is necessary, the only thing required was for Bush et al to DO THEIR JOBS before and on 9-11, which they did not. President Bush actually ordered the FBI's head of counter terrorism to "back off" the Bin Laden and Al Qaeda investigations before 9-11. All airforce hijacked flight intercept procedures were violated on 9-11, and 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani's attorney is charging that this could only have happened if someone had issued a "stand down" order on 9-11. Oddly, immediately after 9-11 when other planes were grounded throughout the U.S., Bush allowed private jets to spirit Bin Laden family members and other Saudi royals out of the U.S. with no substantive questioning from the FBI. Insider stock trades profiting off the coming attacks of United and American airlines were made at a bank with known CIA connections, AB Brown Trust. The current head of AB Brown resigned on 9-11-2001, leaving behind $2.5 million in unclaimed "winnings" from someone who had bet AGAINST United and American Airlines stocks "the day before" 9-11. If 9-11 was allowed to happen, as it appears it was, it would remove the fuel from the militaristic fires in many Americans hearts that the Bush Admin. absolutely needs to justify endless war and civil liberty rollbacks.

It is time for the peace and justice movement to get behind heroes like Mrs. Ellen Mariani, Kristin Breitweiser, and Mindy Klienburg, 9-11 widows who are fighting for a truth that may unravel the entire Bush "endless war" agenda. Mrs. Mariani's attorney in her suit against Bush, stated that Mrs. Mariani's goal is to end Bush's endless illegal wars, to recover civil rights in America, and to end Bush's manipulation of the American people by shamelessly using 9-11, an event that he allowed to happen for personal political gain, and is now covering up.

Mrs. Mariani and her attorney Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, recently spoke in Kansas City to capacity crowds at several metro churches, and were interviewed by local ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX News affiliates, as well as The Kansas City Star.

A subtle and silent revolution for truth is beginning to boil across North America, and beyond. The 911Visibility.org Movement has emerged in the United States in response to 9-11 widow, Ellen Mariani's, historic lawsuit against G.W. Bush et al for complicity in allowing the 9-11 attacks to occur and for his subsequent "attempted" 9-11 cover up. Long Island Press wrote last week that www.911visibility.org is giving Americans demanding 9-11 truth a voice.

Bush's cover up is about to be thwarted. The 911Visibility.org Project released it's new website www.septembereleventh.org to 100,000 hits from visitors in the first two weeks of it's launch. It's purpose is many fold. To empower ordinary people to contact media and governments worldwide to demand a full and complete disclosure of all relevant 9-11 facts. It seeks to engage the mainstream peace & justice movement in the 9-11 truth movement. It provides step-by-step manuals on how to organize local 9-11 Visibility Projects, from organizing to media outreach, and by forming coalitions of existing peace & justice groups.

CLIP - Read the rest at http://www.globalresearch.ca/articles/DOU403A.html

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