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January 17, 2010

UPDATE #1 on the 'Save the Earth Convention' proposal

Hello everysoul!

As you'll see below there has been some pretty interesting feedback and letters in support of the 'Save the Earth Convention' proposal featured at the top of my January 9 compilation. I now consider we have a go for this project and I'll work in the next few days to create an easy-to-use, feature-loaded, attractive website solely dedicated to this initiative.

Should you wish to send me any additional comment/idea/suggestion, you are welcomed to do so. But first,of course, please read this update to be up-to-speed with the latest developments.

It starts with us!...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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This 1st Update is archived at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2010/UpdateConvention1.htm

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From: "Al Farthing" (alfarthing@ns.sympatico.ca)
Subject: Save The Earth Convention
Date: 16 Jan 2010

Hi Jean -- hope the woodpile is holding up okay -- a fairly light winter here so far -- Re. "Save The Earth Convention" -- a cautious yes -- cautious only because we are drowning in good information , books, films, essays, and it is hard to keep up with a fraction of it.

But I think it would draw a good number of people with wise and creative ideas -- it is a topic in the air and all around, but where we seem to have the most difficulty with anything is in the practical applications of what we can do in our day to day lives.

I expect I would tap into this --and so would my friend in Minnesota I expect --- both to learn from others, and to offer whatever we can.

Your own insights on this subject and others has been spectacular lately -- Many thanks --

Stay warm -- Al


Hi Al!

Good to hear from you. We too have a reasonably mild winter here. Applying ourselves to contribute to the healing of our living Earth is indeed the Key. Sensing that everyone is pitching in and willing to go the extra mile - with an extra light environmental footprint - to help solve this massive challenge we have created for ourselves could very well be the trigger, the critical mass of human volition, that will tip the balance back towards equilibrium with all of Nature. The common global effort underway to help our suffering brothers and sisters in Haiti, whose tragedy with possibly over 200,000 deaths approaches the scope of the last great catastrophic devastation left in the wake of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, with nearly 300,000 deaths, is a good example of the kind of global mobilization we need to muster to avoid perishing in the quicksand of unbridled economic expansion and gargantuan siphoning of our planet's resources and extinction of her weakening life force. I'm writing this as I'm watching again the kick in our indolent, complacent ass that the documentary Home was when it was first shown worldwide on TV last June 5, 2009. Sadly, considering the seemingly negligible impact it had on the state of things on Earth, where business as usual is still unchanged with the obstinate focus on economic expansion to propel the gears of global consumption and enrichment of the vast fortunes of a tiny coterie of human beings with imperial lifestyle as their sole goal in life, one is left to wonder if the only thing that will effectively snap our civilization out of its hypnotic fascination for ever more material goods and ever less connections with other humans and the vast Web of Life that still nurtures us is a global collapse of our food supply, water resources and all other key resources upon which our very survival depends... For that is exactly where we are headed if we don't change direction very soon.

Everyone's insights, inspirational motivation and soul thrust towards higher spiritual ground is needed for us all to prosper and for all of Nature to regenerate to its original pristine lushness and vibrancy. I know we can do it. I know we can BE the change we know this world needs right now. And I count on everyone here, in this Earth Rainbow Network community, to join in the global shift towards full eco-responsibility and Lighter living for a brighter future for all beings.

Thank you for being there and speaking out Al ;-)

Much Love!


HOME (English version - 1:33:18) Watch in HD
Utterly spectacular and awe-inspiring! A cinematic ode to the majestic life-giving planet that sustains us all...
"We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate. The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being. For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film. HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet."

- Yann Arthus-Bertrand - HOME official website: http://www.home-2009.com - More information about the Planet: http://www.goodplanet.info/goodplanet/index.php/eng/ - See also all the related videos HERE - et la version française est ICI.

From: Stan Stanfield (stan.stanfield@findhorn.org)
Date: 17 Jan 2010
Subject: Save the Earth Convention

16 January

Dear Jean,

In response to your call for feedback on this idea:

I feel it is a valuable initiative, and I'm glad that you modulated it to take out the emphasis on 'carbon'. One doesn't have to believe in the AGW doctrine to want to see progress on our lovely planet Earth in regards to living more harmoniously with our home.

The ultimate answer, and need, is to do away with the western monetary system. It is broke, and it is better to release it than to try to fix it, for it has only been a stage of our development here anyway, not, as I say, the ultimate answer.

It's time to take a closer look at this matter, of living together on our now globalized home. Some salient points:

* Capitalism requires continual pedaling - aka growth - to keep the system/bicycle upright. Thus such wasteful phenomena as planned obsolescence, and so forth. We need a system that conserves resources, not wastes them, and doesn't pollute the environment in its outworking.

* It is throwing workers out of work, as technology develops. That 'development' should be a boon, not a scourge. (The less that we have to do drudge work, and can concentrate on doing things that interest us, the better.)

* It spawns undesirable, unsocial qualities.

The current system, of exchange of goods and services - for let us remember that that is fundamentally what we are talking about; all else involved in it, all the 'financial' aspects of money-creating legerdemain, is merely secondary, and invokes qualities that do not agree with me, for one; like competition, and greed, and so forth. I feel we need - and the time is now ripe - to move to a system that invokes qualities like cooperation, and mutual respect, and so forth. The sort of thing that socialists talk about; and many people give the negative epithet 'utopian socialist' to. But is it really so outlandish an idea?

Maybe in the past. But not now. For a few reasons. One: Technology. Two: Globalisation. Three: Knowledge. About things like reincarnation. That there is a Plan, of which human life is but a part. And there, not so incidentally, you have your motive for doing things: because life is for growing from the experience. Has meaning, beyond just in and of itself only. Is a gift from our Creator. And out of gratitude for life with meaning, we will give of our best.

Socialists, and other mere materialists, can try to get their ideas off the ground without the spiritual component to the picture if they want. But I wouldn't hold out much hope for that approach to the modern matter - OUR modern matter. Because simply 'wouldn't it be nice if people were nice to each other' isn't enough of a reason, to give of one's best, without the understanding - real, soul-felt understanding - that life has meaning.

Not to belabor the point. Just to conclude: Money - at least as we know it today - needs to go. It's an anachronism, and a belittling one, and a dangerous one, at that; is blocking us from our full potential, by creating separation. All we need is a system of credits - "mutual credit clearing exchanges", like Prof. Thomas H. Greco, Jr. calls them ('The End of Money and The Future of Civilization'), or like those used in local LETS systems today. Only worldwide.

We need to think big. Or at least, bigger.

About where we're at, in our Time on this lovely planet.

Now acutely asking of us our best. As great Crisis presents us with great Opportunity.

To create "a harmonious, sustainable way of living" here, as Prof. Greco categorizes it.

Now, at this time of pending Ascension.

With all the help from other levels that that process implies.

P.S. Another good commentary on the picture of where we're at is the book 'Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth' by David C. Korten. So a lot of good thinking is going into this matter. Including from the likes of Diana Cooper.

And the inspiration of such initiatives as yours, Jean, with your Earth Rainbow Network. Bringing us closer together; for an abiding sense of One Planet - One Humanity - One Destiny.

Keep up the good work.

'Stan' Stanfield

Findhorn Foundation


Dear Stan

Thank you very much for this detailed and compelling contribution to the nascent discussion around this proposal. I very much like your take and agree 100% with the need to integrate our kind of spirituality in this whole effort and the "real, soul-felt understanding - that life has meaning" as you wrote, as the true motivation for people's participation in the global effort towards a more sustainable world.

I take it that you generally agree with the current formulation of this 'Convention'.

I've included your whole letter - with some relevant links embedded for those who would like to dig them - in the update on this I'm about to send out. As you'll see it will mesh well with a reply I just wrote to another subscriber and so I've included your letter just after it.

I look forward to hear again from you as this project develops and hope you will be able to help get this idea off the ground, once the main website is online (hopefully within a week) perhaps with support from others in the Findhorn community and through other contacts you may have in Europe and around the world.

Finally, thanks a lot for your kind words of appreciation for my online networking service. ;-)

Light and blessings to you


Date: 16 Jan 2010
Subject: Re: Save the Earth Convention
From: Rob Wheeler (robineagle@worldcitizen.org)

Dear Jean,

Thank you for posting the Save the Earth Convention and for mentioning it again. I missed it the first time around. I think that the Convention is perfect as written and that this is a great idea. I am already fully committed to a number of very exciting projects that I am working on; however this initiative is quite complementary to most of them. Thus I would be happy to encourage those that I am working with to embrace and promote your/our campaign and to add it to what we are doing as well.

Here are some suggestions for groups to contact. AVAAZ, Global Campaign for Climate Action, whoever is organizing the Civil Society Forum that is associated with the UNFCCC Bonn and Mexico City events, State of the World Forum and the 80% by 2020 Campaign, Global Earthday Network, Coalition for the Global Commons, the World Parliament Experiment (WPE) and WATUN.

Very briefly, here is what I am up to. The World Parliament Experiment and WATUN (World Alliance to Transform the UN) are partnering in an effort to develop a Citizens Agreement on Climate Change. Hopefully we will build on the work of the Global Campaign for Climate Action and Klimaforum 09 to create the Citizens Agreement through the tools on the WPE website, wiki and forum. We will probably organize some kind of an event during the UNFCCC Sessions in Bonn in May and then again in Mexico City in December. Thus we will be able to publicize and promote these efforts. This effort and campaign will also, hopefully, give me the opportunity to network with most of the organizations and networks mentioned above.

I am the Chair of the Executive Committee of WATUN and the new Speaker of the WPE. Thus, I am the primary organizer of the Citizens Agreement campaign along with Rasmus Tenbergen, the founder and Executive Director of WPE. See: http://www.world-parliament.org. I do not yet have any connections with the Earth Day Network and that April 22 40 year Anniversary event is coming up fast now, so you should contact them yourselves. However, I am working with the US Citizens Network on Sustainable Development on launching our Campaign for a US Strategy for Sustainability on Earth Day, so we will probably be working with them on this in time. And I think that the Save the Earth Convention can probably be included as a part of our Campaign sometime after it is launched or at least we can recommend that it be included as a part of the US Strategy for Sustainability.

I am also working with a team of people on an initiative that we are calling the World Transforming Initiatives. We (WTI) include and are linked with many leading social change organizations and networks, including the Club of Rome, Tellus Institute, World Spirit Forum, Tallberg Forum, Sustainability Institute, Earth Charter Intl, WATUN, UBUNTU, etc. We are currently working on a Manifesto for dealing more adequately with our common global challenges ˆ most particularly those dealing with energy policy, environment, and sustainability. We are seeking major funding to produce a website, book, and documentary film featuring the most promising, comprehensive and holistic of solutions.

So, I will gladly pass the Save the Earth Convention idea and project on to them and hopefully it will be included in our project recommendations. As you can see I have a lot going on and am more than busy right now, so I do not know how soon I can follow up on any or most of this. However, I can promise you that if you create the website and begin to contact key international organizations that I will help you to reach out to the ones mentioned above, and others, as well.

Thanks again for sharing your great ideas and for all of the other contributions you continue to make. Oh, by the way, here is a copy of WATUN's brochure (http://www.transformun.org/) so that you can see what we are all about, as our website is still in the first phases of development.


Rob Wheeler


Wow! Your whole letter is very exciting to read. Wonderful!! You are really going at this - your life mission - full speed ahead! I thank you VERY much for your heartfelt support and commitment. I've included your whole letter in the Update I'm about to send out and you'll see in it - among other things - that I had already planned to contact AVAZZ and a couple other key Intl organizations to rally their support behind this initiative - once the main website is online - with its proper domain name - which I'm gonna do in the next few days. No one else has suggested any amendment to the wording I've suggested, so we will go with this one for now.

As I explain in the update (see further below in my correspondence with Dan), I intend to offer on the website 3 categories where people will be able to post their commitments. (...) Of course there will be plenty of information, ideas, links, resources and references to help people who may need tips and suggestions to choose what their commitment will be.

I feel we have a very good potential with this new initiative and you can count on me to keep going at this until it flies on its own and the website is fully operational.

I'll get back to you with a draft for a short introductory letter which will probably be useful to you when you'll contact other groups and invite them to include this as part of their own efforts to mobilize ever more people to help save the Earth.

Warm regards,


Dan Stafford (aquarianm@gmail.com) first posted the following message in the ERN guestbook

Date: 2010-01-09
Name: Dan Stafford aquarianm@gmail.com">
Web:  http://gl-zephyr.blogspot.com/

Dear Jean - I love the idea of the "Save The Earth Convention" you've proposed. I do have a suggestion, but where I'm at I have access to the web and not e-mail, so I'm posting it here. I would love to see this put up on a cohesive site, and have peoples' vows somehow forwarded to that site. A blog with an incoming e-mail address would be ideal, especially with a syndicated feed. Every post would help drive new traffic to the site, and make more people aware. Such a blog can also be set up to automatically post to Twitter as well. I think that the two of us should work together on taking this concept viral, beyond just the ERN subscriber network. I will do some initial setup and get back to you with further details via e-mail soon.



Then he emailed me the following:

Dear Jean,

I have set up a blog with a syndicated RSS / ATOM feed and automatically-updated matching Twitter account for the "Save The Earth Virtual Conference" from your latest compilation this morning.

I have also sent you an invitation through Blogger to have access to posting on this blog. You should have that in your e-mail already.

The URL for the blog is http://savetheearthvirtualconference.blogspot.com/

The way this blog is set up, the more it is posted to, the more traffic it will attract. I can not stress this point enough.

You can post to the blog via e-mail by sending posts to aquarianm.save-the-earth@blogger.com

I was thinking that if people wanted their proclamation publicised, they could e-mail the completed proclamation to one of us, who could then forward it to the blog to become the next post.

Linking to audio or video files (such as Youtube videos) in a post turns that post into a podcast feed, and whatever rich media file you've linked becomes the most recent podcast.

Can you tell that I liked your idea, and want to help spread the word around the web and take it viral?


Dan Stafford

Words are the mind's bridge - its connection to all the universe.
Love is the heart's bridge - its connection to all other souls.
Loving words can work miracles.



Dear Dan

Reading this above, I thought WOW! Fantastic!!

I then visited the new blog you had set up and read your comprehensive commitment/Proclamation:


Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Proclamation:

Whereas political leaders of all stripes appear to be unable to do the right thing to stop the destruction of the environment in part because they are unable to overcome the resistance of vested interests...

Whereas there is precious little time left to shift our civilization onto a sustainable path of development and towards a balanced relationship with the Earth's natural environment and her millions of life forms...

Whereas we are each individually responsible to show the example and take the lead towards alleviating the suffering of Nature, reducing our ecological footprint and assisting in the healing of our living planet...

I hereby resolve to...

1. Use paper as little as possible to avoid the need for cutting trees.
2. Post at least one blog post every day on my environmental blog to encourage others.
3. Take a moment every day to thank the Earth and all life on it for providing me a place to live.
4. Use fossil fuel-powered transportation as little as is possible in daily life.
5. Use only the electricity and water I absolutely need.
6. Recycle as much as I possibly can.
7. Eat as little meat as possible to help reduce emissions and reduce mis-treatment of animals.
8. Stop eating fish until fish stocks replenish.
9. Use the most efficient electrical devices I can find.
10. Encourage others at every opportunity to do what they can to save the Earth.
11. Choose renewable energy options on my utility bill as soon as it is available.
12. Request information on renewable energy options from my utility company at least monthly until it's available.
13. Advocate my elected public officials to choose sustainable practices at every opportunity.
14. Invest at least $20.00 per month in a renewable energy company of some kind.

Signed by:

Daniel A. Stafford

Signed on 01/09/2010

and the invitation you had posted on your site at http://gl-zephyr.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 09, 2010
Save The Earth Virtual Conference


The Save The Earth Virtual Conference is for the ordinary citizens of Planet Earth to respond to the failure at Copenhagen in 2009. This is an on-going, continuous way for people to show what they will and ARE doing in their own lives to help save the Earth, our home. In the sidebar, you will find a description of what you can do to join in the effort with the rest of our family - which is ALL people and life forms on the Earth.

Stop by and see what things you can do to show our "world leaders" how it's done!



So of course I'm thrilled that you've taken this wonderful initiative and will feature all of the above in my next Special Update on this initiative that I'll send to everyone during the coming week, when I'll see that people's comments on this initiative have stopped trickling in - so far there are only a few.

I'll encourage anyone interested to either link to your blog and/or start their own blog - which would be a good way to help this go viral - and since eventually there could be millions of such individual commitments I don't see any problem that they are spread over the Web through MANY blogs and websites. Other initiatives, (like videos, meetings in people's home as someone suggested, etc.) and ideas will certainly spring up either as copycats or inspired by this initial idea and it will be in many many languages. So the commitments cannot really be ALL centralized in just one website or blog. Being viral, by definition means that there is no central point nor any centralized control.

I'll Bcc you on the other email replies I'll do shortly so you may see what came back on this so far. One of them is from Maria Luisa who leads a team of about 10 volunteer translators who translate in about 10 languages every new message from Matthew and from SaLuSa. She has already offered to have her team translate much of last night's proposal on this.

When those translations will become available I'll create (as I've already mentioned in my initial post) a website which will be my personal contribution to this initiative where all these translations will be posted along with the rest of the related material I want to include. Of course, your blog will be prominently featured there as well as all the other similar individual or group initiatives that I'll become aware of.

I already have paid a web hosting (hostgator.com) months ago for a 5 year hosting of another website I intend to create soon and I will be paying this week for a domain name that will be sort of the official starting and networking point for this initiative - no need to do this in double so please let me take care of this domain name registration I'll do shortly - and it will be hosted there at hostgator.com. They have many amazing features and it will be the whole enchilada.

I very much like BTW the Twitter and RSS feeds you've created. Again this is something many others can do to further help disseminate this self-empowering Save the Earth Convention.

Concerning the reaching out aspect to other organizations who might be interested to support this initiative, I welcome your assistance in this just as I'll welcome everyone else's assistance in this regard. This will be very useful especially if you already have contacts with key people in any other groups. Please, just make sure to Cc me (not Bcc please) on all your correspondence on this to keep me in the loop and especially make sure to not omit mentioning in full (not just Jean H.) where this comes from, including http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2010/MomentTruth19.htm where the original proposal on this is featured. In my compilations I strive to ALWAYS include an URL or email reference to where the material I network comes from and I would appreciate others doing likewise about where they found the material they circulate which I personally wrote.

I appreciate your invitation to subscribe to and post on your blog - "I've invited the person who first shared this idea to become a poster here." I'm not sure yet I'll jump in because I'm Soooo overwhelmed with all that already keeps me busy year-long, that I've decided a long while ago to turn down all such invitations - I receive MANY such invitations every week to join this and that blog or facebook or business network or whatever and I never respond to any of them. I just don't have time for more. I never post stuff outside the compilations and meditation Focuses I network simply because I'm already so tied up just keeping up with these 2 things - which amount to nearly 5000 pages every year, which is quite enough for one person...

Concerning the organizations to contact to rally support around this initiative, we need to first coordinate our efforts to avoid contacting twice from different directions the same groups. I'm more than happy to have your assistance in this regard, but we really need to get our act together before reaching out to others. The first thing to agree would seem to hold off until we have a firm confirmation that the initial version I submitted is the one most people feel comfortable to support. For the sake of enabling those interested the opportunity to have an input into this, I suggested a one week period for sending in feedback. I would like we wait that first week out before starting to contact major groups - contacting small, local organizations right away is fine though I feel as I don't expect the initial formulation to be thoroughly changed, but with large organizations, it makes more sense to contact them only when we are sure we have the final version. So far no one has suggested any amendment. Also, I'd like to mention to other organizations when contacting them that this idea has been run by all 3200+ ERN subscribers and some other e-list subscribers and did not elicit anything but supportive comments.

I would like also that you let me be the one getting in touch with 3 large organizations I wish to contact personally: 350.org, AVAZZ and Greenpeace Intl. [PS - plus Earth Day Intl. which is going to be big this year with their 40th anniversary and many others - see Rob Wheeler's email above with the many organizations he will help connect with me/us for this]

I'd enjoy also seeing a list of the organizations you intend to contact on behalf of this initiative and I'll be happy to post it in my coming update on this along with this entire correspondence with you.

So again thank you VERY much for your swift and efficient support for this idea. I'm most happy that we can collaborate together on this.

Much Love to you!



Jean - this all sounds good.

I'm reading and responding to this from my Blackberry, and since this is a rather long thread, I'll forward it to my laptop so I can see it better and respond point-by-point, which will allow us to do a "bullet list" action plan and timeline.

Letting this cook for a week sounds good; that gives us time to work out the coordination. (I know we both have many irons in the fire.)

I will link back and name you as the source on this, but I wanted to be sure you wanted me to do it rather than you through a post of your own. Now I know how to handle that.

Absolutely going viral means spreading it far and wide on the net - and it really helps if the tools in the beginning are set up to push it out as efficiently as possible. The way I'm set up now, one e-mail from me will update the blog, feed, twitter, and numerous blog, podcast, and feed listing services in less than one minute.

We can also record and podcast small Skype conferences through this tool and Youtube.

This is a very good beginning, my friend. Sending love and energy your way - we have much to do. We lightworkers wear many hats.


Words are the mind's bridge - its connection to all the universe.
Love is the heart's bridge - its connection to all other souls.
Loving words can work miracles.

"I like your name change and concept. I wonder if we added small groups gathering in people's homes once a month (or more often if they choose) to discuss the healing of Earth and to act upon their ideas and understanding if this could also accompany your vision."

Joyce Kovelman (asoul1@aol.com)

Note from Jean: Maria Luísa Vasconcelos - mentioned above - who has formed a group of volunteer translators has already asked them to translate the initial version I proposed and has posted four translations already, but she has indicated to me that the website URL and email address I had included are not working. Here is what I replied to her and the whole team of 12 translators:

Dear Maria Luísa

Thank you for your extraordinary support - and THANK YOU again everyone in this wonderful team of translators for your exceptional collaboration.

I've already received your Portuguese translation, the Spanish, German and Latvian ones.

As Guillermo pointed out to you and as you wrote back to me "There are problems also with the other links."

I should have made this more clear. It is simply because this was a fictitious email address (see the somename.net part in MyContribution@somename.net...) meant only to indicate that there will be an email address where people will be able to send their commitments and the domain name somename.net was only just to indicate there will be a website dedicated to this initiative. I will create it this week and hope to have it online by the beginning of next week.

I don't know how many people will view this Save the Earth Convention in your various websites, and it is probably impossible to delete this material from them - which would however be the best thing to do please - but if you cannot delete this, it would be preferable for the moment to add a note saying that the official email address and website will become available soon and that those mentioned - MyContribution@somename.net and www.somename.net - are only examples and not an actual email address and an actual website URL.

I would suggest also to hold off posting more translations on your websites to prevent any further confusion.

As I've indicated yesterday to a friend - Dan Stafford - who has already created a blog at http://savetheearthvirtualconference.blogspot.com/ to promote this initiative, although there will be an official website where everyone will be able to access all the material in many languages related to this and post their commitments in each language section of this site, it will also be possible for people around the world to create their own blogs, each in the language of their country, so that, for instance, people in Germany can visit a German website or blog promoting this and post there their commitments in German as well as review the commitments (in German) of other people. The official website I'll create will allow for this as well, but I don't think it is necessary to have ALL the commitments centralized just in one place. The more blogs will be created to promote this idea, the more chances it will have to become viral and spread fast around the world.

Also if people in any given country wish to discuss this and create local initiatives to further promote this Save the Earth Convention, they will be able to interact in their own language to do so.

I certainly will not be able to deal with any other language than English and French...

Talking about which, it is not necessary Alain to translate anything in French for now for this project as I'll be happy to do so myself ;-)

As I mentioned to you Maria Luísa in my previous email, there will certainly be some additional material to translate later on this week so I may have instructions and complementary info available in many languages for inclusion in the official website.

Finally, thanks for pointing out to me that the video link (for the Michael Jackson video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGdQYQ1gMaM) is no longer valid (sadly). The one you suggested isn't a good replacement BTW. I'll try later on tonight to find a good replacement.

Much Love to all of you!


Than in another email to Dan on January 11, I sharing thew following ideas with him, which he liked.

Thanks for adding the credit info to your blog ;-) I loved you latest entry too! Cool!

I've had some interesting ideas about creating 3 categories where people will be able to post their commitments:

1) Just pledging to do my best everyday and to learn more about the issues (low level) To have an easy category for those who cannot figure out yet what exact commitments they are ready to make.

2) Listing a series of specific commitments and vowing to stick to them (middle level) Much like you did.

3) Local and global heroes of the environment for a better life for all (high level) This is for the people who consider that their current life commitments is already exemplar. They will be invited to submit a detailed entry about their accomplishments so far as a local or global hero of the environment as a stimulating example to others. They will be invited to explain how their lifetime commitment has changed their life and, as a result, how they feel about themselves and their actions and what is their vision for the future. The most noteworthy entries will be featured (by me or based on a website-visitor voting system if I can integrate one on the site) prominently on the site - accessible from a pull-down menu on the homepage or through a simple link.

Other ideas will probably be added as we develop this. Any new idea on your side?



From: Teejay Watts (tjatwestville@hotmail.com)
Subject: RE: The Writing on the Wall Series #64: The Slippery Slope is Getting Steeper... HIGHLIGHTS
Date: 16 Jan 2010

Thanks Jean,

The script you made for the 'Save the Earth convention' seems to me, perfect. I have not made a pledge because I started out on that path decades ago and have been updating myself ever since. There is nothing more that I can do unless I want to live without electricity and with the very basics for survival, but I think this would be counter-productive. I continually try to make others aware of anything my intuition guides me to.

Namaste, TJ

Date: 16 Jan 2010
From: Martin Greenhut (martyg@bcn.net)
Subject: The Save the Earth Convention

Dear Jean,

I needed this reminder of the The Save the Earth Convention that you are coordinating.

It is my intuition that all of us are already doing a great deal to live sustainably and are continually seeking new ways to expand our efforts.

Radically changing our lifestyle though, is a major decision which will touch upon our jobs, our income, our homes, and many other things that we have become completely dependent upon. Since we are social beings living in our cultural milieus, we are connected to our tribal ways of doing things which in the modern day is pretty much structured politically and economically by the market place and the government. Dropping out of it is not something that can be done easily.

It is my belief that our Save the Earth Convention will best bring its energy inward in our lives where we can live in peace and in family love with all of our planetary compatriots and with respect for the Earth and her sustenance. It seems to me that the greatest need on our world today is forgiveness. Forgiveness for everyone in our planetary family. This does not mean that we accept the nefarious deeds that have been done here on our world, but it gives us a chance to let them go into the past which does not exist any more and give us a chance to move ahead into our future world of peace and love. The people who want to carry on in the competitive life and warring world will just get burned out if we give them none of our energy.

Living in peace and in the energy of love, we will have the effect of re-tuning the infrastructure of our social institutions so they can reflect the love that we have to give to one another. We will get the leadership that we seek and the civilization that we bring to life.

We can relate to one another in this time of transition with love, without judgement, just with light. This will bring our world into balance as well.

That is my resolution which I bring to our Save the Earth Convention.
Let us focus our hopes and prayers and our vision to the new world of compassion and love.


Martin Greenhut (martyg@bcn.net)


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