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August 25, 2010

The Inconvenient Truths Series #5: Extreme EXTREMES!

Hello everysoul!

After 3 weeks of enjoying summertime activities, amongst other things, a new compilation is overdue. Saying that August was an eventful month would be quite an understatement. Tens of Millions of people have been and are still experiencing severe hardship due to extreme weather episodes which, according to many climatologists, prefigure what is ahead for most of the planet. Meanwhile a whole host of other issues with far-reaching consequences have gone unattended by the lamestream media, many of which (stealthy and clearly dangerous GMO contamination of North America's food supply, amazing ET stories and bed bugs, to name just a few) are of course featured in this large compilation which you are encouraged to circulate in whole or in part as you see fit.

Back in touch with you shortly with the advanced networking of the Equinox Meditation: Fourth Step in a Cycle of 12 Globally Synchronized Meditations (it falls this year on September 23 at 3:09 UT) so you may all have enough time to plan accordingly if you wish to join in - and have a spiritual "blast"!

Enjoy and share...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"By Earth’s invitation, other civilizations lessened to the extent possible the damage to marine life and coastlines caused by the oil in the Gulf of Mexico; and by Earth’s desire, there will be no explosion of methane gas that could cause widespread sickness and loss of life. Your planet’s healing ability and other worlds’ technology can remedy or prevent these and other types of manmade destructiveness, whether intentional or by negligence or ignorance. 28. The oil spill was a major turning point in Earth’s favor. The oil companies’ dominance in energy production has been drastically reduced as demands for alternate sources have soared. Soon you will see long-suppressed technologies coming into use for many purposes, from curing diseases and eradicating pollution to providing light and heat and transportation fuel."

- Matthew - Taken for his August 13 message which also covers the following topics: Effects of ascension's late stages; suggestions to relieve symptoms; weather technology; ascension data, who will go along with Earth; animals; 2012; Gulf oil spill; Obama, law of attraction; media, discernment; delayed announcement of ET presence, landings; economy

"Every living being on this planet shares the same dream and desires : to live with dignity, to find peace within a caring community, to have enough to eat everyday, a good roof over one's head, to have access to education, and above all, to live without fear of being killed, tortured or raped. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for millions of people. Today, countless human beings need our compassion and our love, no matter what political persuasion, individual views, racial divide or religious convictions may separate us. Can we find peace and balance despite such differences? Absolutely, provided we understand that the only barriers that exist are those we have created within our own mind. My journey hasn't been that different from yours, in the sense that each new direction in our lives begin with an inspiration, a surge of love. And when the desire to serve becomes so great, I really do think that the universe conspires to enable us to fulfill this inspiration. This website is for me the first step in that direction. This is the vision that guides me today as I've decided to transform oppression against women and their children into an opportunity they can turn to their advantage. Humanitarian action must now be seen through a new light. Please join me to make a world of difference... one heart at a time."

- Martine Vallée ( - Find out much more about the PassionCompassion Foundation created by Martine through - Version française au

"The Sabian symbol for this month's Virgo Solar Festival is as follows: "A large white cross dominates the landscape. The wisdom and compassion that only the experience of suffering and isolation can bring." The significance is obvious here. We are being raised upon the cross of sacrifice and suffering which will reduce our hubris, our excessive pride and self-confidence, which is the primary fuel for our egoistic personality and rational mind. We are being asked to transcend our limited points of view and allow the Higher Mind and Higher Self to align our every thought, word and deed with our Higher Purpose to the greater good of all humanity. Lightworkers and human beings generally are being challenged by outer events in the world to open their hearts. We are surrounded by images of human suffering from around the world, of fish and birds and animals suffering in the Gulf, and of environmental devastation brought about by our addiction to the neo-feudal oil-fueled militaristic societies spawned by the Twentieth Century Industrial Revolution. We are challenged to access our own inner wisdom that tells us to act in solidarity with those who are being oppressed by military machines around the world. We are challenged to support those minorities who are being targeted as scapegoats by reactionary elements that seek to shift blame from the system itself onto those least able to resist their aggression. We are challenged to act in defense of the human habitat and to allow ourselves to imagine the unthinkable -- that we are going to have to change everything we consider our normal lifestyle if we are to avoid global war and environmental catastrophes. This is indeed the onset of humanity's "Dark Night of the Soul", when we realize that all the technology, social systems and philosophies our egocentric rational minds have constructed in the world are indeed becoming the instrumentation of our collective destruction.

(...) Americans have set themselves up as political and economic role models, cultural leaders and imperial masters of the world, and the world is now rejecting our leadership. Unfortunately, America's leaders are locked into a herd mentality with little or no room for new thinking. Their interests are best served by a continuation of the status quo trends of American dominance, less democracy, mindless consumption, environmental degradation and increasingly hierarchical society. In all these areas, America is now the country whose leaders, values, lifestyles, political system, economy, and foreign policy interests, backed by the world's largest military force, are most at odds with the legitimate aspirations of the rest of the world. American policies currently stand in opposition to the rest of the world's legitimate aspirations for environmental protection, social justice, worker's rights, abundant social safety nets, financial democracy and international co-operation in the interests of peace among equals. This is a recipe for disaster. However, if the citizens of the Soviet bloc could peacefully change the system in a military dictatorship, I think that Americans certainly have it within their power to do the same. Right now a majority of Americans realize the Afghan war was a mistake, and I believe that within a few years, a majority of Americans will fervently desire to join the rest of the world in pursuing a more democratic, environmentally sound, economically just, thoughtful and spiritual way of living. It is out of this fervent desire for change that change appears. Keep the faith and keep your fervent desire alive.

This is the moment of worldwide labor, just prior to the birth of a planetary human consciousness. This is the moment known to mystics as The Dark Night of the Soul. Will humanity birth a planetary consciousness based on scientific rationalism placed in the service of elite social structures and hierarchical dominance, resulting in environmental destruction and continuous warfare or a consciousness of love and spiritual science, bringing about environmental balance and peace, bringing us untold breakthroughs in every realm of earthly existence? That is the question, that is the transition we face, that is the opportunity, and that is the clue to the nature of our role, as midwives to the embryonic new World Consciousness. Let us approach that birth with reverence, with confidence, with bravery, with a clear mind and a heart singing with faith, devotion and yes, surrender, to the New. In this way, we join our life force, our soul force and our mental energies to the Divine Plan and to the legions of lightworkers and spiritual beings who prepare the way, even now, for the coming victory of the forces of Light."

Curtis Lang and Jane ( -- Taken from their August 24 Full Moon in Pisces, 2010 August Cosmic Weather Forecast

"I was sixteen in 2012, when the Initiation came. People called it a crisis at first, but their perspective gradually changed. The global climate had gone so awry by then that everyone everywhere was suffering – and in some areas destitution and emigration had set in. Food shortages and resource-supply disruptions were serious, especially in countries which previously had been rich, where people were unused to dealing with hardship. Paradoxically, the poor had stronger habits of cooperating than the rich, who tended to fight their corner – except for those valiant individuals with a conscience. Millions were on the move, worldwide, seeking refuge and a future. Folks were becoming more tolerant and cooperative than twenty years earlier, though social stress was high and many countries were in chaos. And then it happened... It looked like the end of the world. Everyone, everywhere, felt the Rumble. It was a sedate day-long quake, worldwide, after a scary year in which several disasters and wars broke out. It wasn’t catastrophic – it rose to five on the Richter scale in some places. But it went on for a whole day without intermission. No one had known anything like this before – geologists registered a continuous regular pulsing throughout the Earth lasting eighteen hours. And then a terrible brooding silence followed. Everything stopped and went quiet. No one knew what would happen next. The world’s population was transfixed for weeks, walking around in a daze.

(...) The world was on tenterhooks, teetering on a brink. Anything might happen, and the world was expecting the worst. With hindsight, it was the prayers that clinched it. Not exactly prayers, but a global resonance, a sudden unity of perspective in which everyone realised we were all in the same boat and subject to forces far larger than anything humans could comprehend or control. There had been worldwide meditation and prayer link-ups during the previous twenty years, though few believed they were anything but cranky, vain activities of no practical effect. But this was the moment something shifted. Charles Windsor, England’s temporary king, gave his ‘Hour of Need’ speech at the newly-relocated United Nations headquarters in Dubai, and the whole world was watching. When he finished his rather moving speech and asked the world to pray with him, the world indeed did pray. Or they felt things strongly – their feelings were aligned. They were desperate – billions of people together – and inspired by his words. Somehow, this turned a key.That was the moment when the Rumble happened, in that quietness. They reckon 20% of the world’s population was praying – over one and a half billion people, of all persuasions. The first Rumble lasted, well, perhaps a few minutes – though it was like an eternity. Then it decreased. Then more came, and more, for a whole day. It seemed like the end of everything: a certain acceptance, even relief, dawned. The End was perhaps here. It went on and on, and people were getting worn down with fear, never knowing when and how it would end. Then everything went very still – even the biggest cities were quiet. People seemed dazed, overcome – this was visible in the worldwide television coverage. The silence then gave way to a murmuring, then an outbreak of a cacophony of reactions. Some started crying and breaking down, and others started revelling. Some stood transfixed, and others discussed and took stock of the situation. Those who could still function – mainly the people who had made personal changes in their own lives before that time – helped those who couldn’t. In some areas there were deep social crises and some outbreaks of mass hysteria. Even the BBC went out of action for ten days. All this went on for weeks. "

- Palden Jenkins -- Taken from My Life in the 21st Century (August 20, 2010)

"Your planet is poised on the brink of utter transformation. The form of this transformation has multiple expressions, and it is you—the collective—that will affect these outcomes to a greater or lesser degree.Some of these outcomes, these possibilities, fulfill the prophecies of planetary destruction and purification. Other timelines, other expressions, reveal a different outcome. A sudden unexpected shift in human consciousness could bring the Controllers, who have so negatively affected your destiny, to their knees. And there are hundreds of other possible timelines between these two polarities. There are vested interests in your society who wish you to remain hypnotized, which wish for you to continue in the delusion that you are limited to one timeline, one experience of life as they so deem it. But you have, within your nature, the ability to change timelines and probabilities at the last moment of any event—whether it be personal or collective. We do not say this to be “positive.” We say this as a matter of fact concerning your evolutionary potential. Whether you will collectively reach this potential or not remains to be seen, but the path of an Initiate is to reach upward for the highest potential, regardless of what may or may not be happening around him or her. Thus, in this message we shall discuss what you can do, and how you do it. From our perspective, your collective destiny is the summation of individual choices that you, as persons, make. This is combined with evolutionary and terrestrial forces that are far beyond your and your fellow humans’ abilities to control. This collection of forces also involves cosmic patterns of energy and intentionality from areas of the cosmos beyond your local solar system, for you are a part of a complex cosmic matrix that is your universe. If we were to use a metaphor, we would say that you, as humanity, are on a great ocean vessel. But many of you are asleep, and there is someone at the helm directing this vessel that should not be there. For many historical and trans-historical reasons, which we won’t go into here, various beings have commandeered your ship.But, ah, how the tides are turning. More and more of you are waking up, though some, still half-asleep, stagger across the deck as they watch the tempestuous storm of their world changing before them. The Controllers know that many of you are waking up—too many for their comfort.It is, indeed, an interesting time to be alive!"

- The Hathors through Tom Kenyon -- Taken from The Art of Jumping Time Lines (August 3, 2010)


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The Happy Planet Index
Does living a good life have to cost the Earth? The Happy Planet Index shows that it's possible for a nation to have high well-being with a low ecological footprint. -- Happy Planet Index is an innovative measure that shows the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is created around the world.It is the first ever index to combine environmental impact with well-being to measure the environmental efficiency with which country by country, people live long and happy lives. The second compilation of the global HPI, published in July 2009, shows that we are still far from achieving sustainable well-being and puts forward a vision of what we need to do to get there.The Index doesn't reveal the 'happiest' country in the world. It shows the relative efficiency with which nations convert the planet's natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens. The nations that top the Index demonstrate that it is possible to achieve high life satisfation and long life expectancy without over-stretching the planet's resources. The HPI shows that around the world, high levels of resource consumption do not reliably produce high levels of well-being. It also reveals that there are different routes to achieving comparable levels of well-being. The model followed by the West can provide widespread longevity and variable life satisfaction, but it does so only at a vast and ultimately counter-productive cost in terms of resource consumption - Find out more at

America's Got Talent YouTube Special - Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho amazes the crowd with her powerful opera singing

The Nature of Things with David Suzuki - The One Ocean Series
Four episodes worth watching! Take the Pledge - Learn How to help Save the Oceans. Here is an excerpt from the introduction to the 4th episode: "Strange days are dawning in the global sea. Creatures are on the move. Dead zones are expanding. The foundation of life is slowly eroding. And we are the agents of that change. Over the past 200 years, human beings have poured more than two trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. And as The Changing Sea vividly illustrates, that carbon dioxide isn’t just changing the climate on land. It’s transforming the ocean in ways that haven’t been seen for millions of years. So is mass extinction the inevitable fate of the future sea? In the waters near a still active Mediterranean volcano, this compelling documentary shows us what the future ocean may look like, if we don’t take action now. An ode to the power and beauty of the ocean, a warning of all that may be lost if we continue with business as usual, The Changing Sea asks us all one compelling question – are we willing to form a new partnership with the ocean and it’s astonishing creatures? If not, then our future and the future of thousands of other species may hang in the balance."

Here are the main issues featured:

- Acidification: Our use of fossil fuels, our dependence on fertilizers, our demand for more and more land, contribute one way or another to one of the greatest threats facing our ocean today, acidification. Acidification is controllable! You can help put a stop to it.

- Coral Depletion: Corals and coral reefs have been with us for millions of years. We could lose most of them in just a few decades. Help repair our reefs and save our deep-sea corals!

- Dead zones: There are areas in our global ocean devoid of life. Forty years ago there were fewer than fifty of these so-called dead zones. Today there are 405. The proliferation of these zones can be stopped. Pledge to make the ocean a living zone, not a dead zone!

- Overfishing: The ocean is a complex system of interdependent relationships. It is also the life-blood of millions of people. Aquaculture is not the answer. Careful management of our exploitation is. Depleted stocks can bounce back. Help stop overfishing.

- Pollution: Our pollution has over-run the ocean’s natural filtering and recycling capabilities and kills seabirds and sea creatures by the hundreds of thousands yearly. We only have one ocean. Keep it clean. Pledge to do more about pollution.

Protect the Oceans from Devastating Acidification

BP Oil Spill Stalls Gulf Loop Current - Global Consequences if Current Fails to Reorganize
Abstract: BP Oil Spill may cause an irreparable damage to the Gulf Stream global climate thermoregulation activity - Oceanographic satellite data now shows that the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico has stalled as a consequence of the BP oil spill disaster. This according to Dr. Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy. He further notes that the effects of this stall have also begun to spread to the Gulf Stream. This is because the Loop Current is a crucial element of the Gulf Stream itself and why it is commonly referred to as the “main engine” of the Stream. The concern now, is whether or not natural processes can re-establish the stalled Loop Current. If not, we could begin to see global crop failures as early as 2011. An Open System in Trouble - The Loop Current is a clockwise flow that extends northward into the Gulf of Mexico and joins the Yucatan Current and the Florida Current to the Gulf Stream. Although at first glance the Loop Current appears confined within the Gulf, scientists define it as an “element of an extremely complex, open system”: as all other “elements” of the so-called “Earth System”, are not separable from the others. These various “elements” of the Earth System (i.e., atmosphere, landmasses and so forth) are so strongly correlated to one another that at some point, they become indivisible. Why is this important to all life on the planet? The Gulf Stream is a strong interlinked component of the Earth's global network of ocean conveyor currents, which drive the planet's weather systems. For this reason, Zangari's concern is that should the Loop Current fail to restart, dire global consequences may ensue as a result of extreme weather changes and many other critical phenomena. The repercussions of which could trigger widespread droughts, floods, crop failures and subsequent global food shortages.
(...) Now, current temperature measurements for the Gulf Stream on the Atlantic Front (from 76 to 47 meridian) now appears to be about 10 degrees Celsius cooler than it was this time last year. Consequently, a direct causality nexus has now been established, between the stall of the Gulf Loop Current and this new temperature drop in the Gulf Stream on the Atlantic Front. For this reason, the focus of Zangari's research is presently centered on finding signs of a return to the former natural equilibrium of the Gulf. Again, he stresses making predictions (pessimistic or optimistic alike) because “these phenomena are unpredictable because they are ruled by strong non-linearities.” Nonetheless, we must ponder the question: What does this new nexus portend for our future? To that, Zangari says “we can affirm that this system (the Gulf Stream) is changing in an unpredictable way, which may produce serious consequences on planetary scale.”

The Disappearing Male
Male birthrate is on the decline globally - How much are chemicals to blame? In the last 50 years, sperm count is down 50% and up to 85% of sperm is ABNORMAL. Chemical exposure is likely responsible for a 200% increase of male genital birth defects. As an infant the child is more exposed to chemicals in mother's breast milk and in the environment. - CHECK ALSO U.S. regulators lack data on health risks of most chemicals (...) When the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed in 1976, it exempted from regulation about 62,000 chemicals that were in commercial use. In addition, chemicals developed since the law's passage do not have to be tested for safety. Instead, companies are asked to volunteer information on the health effects of their compounds...

Jason Clay: How big brands can help save biodiversity - TEDtalks - 24 sobering minutes
Convince just 100 key companies to go sustainable, and WWF's Jason Clay says global markets will shift to protect the planet our consumption has already outgrown. Hear how his extraordinary roundtables are getting big brand rivals to agree on green practices first -- before their products duke it out on store shelve. Recommended by Carol Lynn Smith ( who wrote: "At 11:24 min. he states: 100 companies control 25% of the trade of all 15 of the most significant commodities on the planet... If these companies were to demand sustainable products, they'll pull 40 to 50% of production. Companies can push producers faster than consumers can... After 40 years the global organic movement has achieved .7% of global food production. Change can be achieved faster with a different approach."

Key News: Secret U.S. War Widens, Approval of GMO Beets Revoked, Police Use of GPS Tracking, More

Key News: Churchill Ordered UFO Cover-up, Oil Blowout Claims Disputed, No Data on Chemical Risks, More

Key News: CIA Tapes Found, FBI National Security Letters, Brazil to Collect Data on UFOs, more

Crop Circles 2009 - 2010 - A well produced recap of all the main crop formations of 2009

What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery - Check also this review and this related Facebook page
Watch the trailer

Driving in China - OUCH!

Paper Sculpture by Allen and Patty Eckman - AMAZING NATIVE AMERICAN PAPER SCULPTURE!


NOTE from Jean: Long-term ERN subscriber and avid biker Jim Grapek ( has a most promising movie project for which he is now seeking investment partners and supportive friends to help bring his original vision to life. It looks to be a bit in line with the "What the BLEEP do we know" movie concept, but with a most unique tack that may indeed appeal to a more mainstream audience and thus help change the fundamental cartesian-newtonian paradigm under which most humans still operate. Here is how he introduces it... (and you can also find more details through and

Revolutionary Partners Wanted!

Successful Cornell-Syracuse grad/entrepreneur/producer seeks a few daring investment partners to start a revolution - as in Revolution: A 3D IMAX® Motorcycle Odyssey. "It's not about the noise; it's about the silence". 

Through the magic of 3D and IMAX®, Revolution transports audiences onto the saddles of the steel and chrome horses which have helped define our popular culture. They will rocket down the track aboard 1,500 horsepower drag bikes, fly ‘free-style’ through the air with top Motocross racers, and traverse some of earth’s most majestic landscapes. And many of Revolution's featured riders are women... (talk about restoring the power of the goddess!)

On a deeper level, featuring some of world's top physicists, high rollers and living luminaries - Revolution shows us why, if we are to thrive or even survive this next century, we must let go of outdated notions about how the world works and replace them with the latest scientific findings - findings which present us with a radically different model of how our universe works. Why must we embrace these new understandings? Because while motorcycles can be designed and fine tuned using basic Newtonian formulas... people and societies cannot. Businesses, governments and even our relationships have all been built on 300-year old understandings which in many respects are no longer valid - and no longer serve us. The fact is, the world simply doesn't work the way we've been taught. Aligning with these new understandings will give us all powerful new solutions to create a better world. 

Indeed, we CAN change everything! All I need now to make this happen is YOU - a visionary, Revolutionary, investment partner. (Referrals with contact information good, too). So let's move fast, have fun, and save the day! The script is drafted; a superb team is ready to roll, and the ancillary products list growing. Email me ASAP to learn about what could be... the ride of a lifetime!">

(Non-investor revolutionary types can also FRIEND Revolution and keep posted on developments on FACEBOOK. A portion of the film's proceeds will go to the Earth Rainbow Network and other transformational organizations who are raising awareness to create a brighter future.)


NOTE from Jean: On the possible eve of yet another false flag operation carried on the US soil by the CIA/MOSSAD/global corporate shadow government to con the US public into blindly supporting an insanely violent attack against Iran, here is an outstanding review and analysis of several previous false flag operations prepared by Fred Burks and his team as a means to forewarn us all against precisely such a scenario. Such advanced knowledge and enlightened understanding of how most elite/cabal/Bilderberg-controlled governments subvert our fig-leaf democracies to implement the nefarious agenda of the said global corporate shadow government is a precious means through which their covert attempts at manipulating history can be neutralized and, in fact, turned against those scheming souls to victoriously insure that Love, Peace and Harmony ultimately prevail on Earth. But the responsibility of availing ourselves with this information - which only confirms once again what we have seen all along in the past 10+ years of this ERN networking service - and acting upon it, first and foremost through ensuring that as many others as possible get to know this as well BEFORE anything like this happens - which is how we can help prevent it - squarely rests with each one of us...

Date: 19 Aug 2010
From: "PEERS: Email List" (
Subject: False Flag Operations: When Governments Secretly Attack Themselves To Foment War

This message is available online at

"False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy. Or as Wikipedia defines it:

False flag operations are covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own. False flag operations are not limited to war and counter-insurgency operations, and have been used in peace-time; for example, during Italy's strategy of tension.

The term comes from the old days of wooden ships, when one ship would hang the flag of its enemy before attacking another ship in its own navy. Because the enemy's flag was hung instead of the flag of the real country of the attacking ship, it was called a "false flag" attack.

There are many examples of false flag attacks throughout history. For example, it is widely known that the Nazis, in Operation Himmler, faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. And it has now been persuasively argued — as shown, for example, in this History Channel video — that Nazis set fire to their own parliament, the Reichstag, and blamed that fire on others. The Reichstag fire was the watershed event which justified Hitler's seizure of power and suspension of liberties.

And in the early 1950s, agents of an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind "evidence" implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers). Israel's Defense Minister was brought down by the scandal, along with the entire Israeli government. Click here for verification.

The Russian KGB apparently conducted awave of bombings in Russia in order to justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power (see also this essay and this report). And the Turkish government has been caught bombing its own and blaming it on a rebel group to justify a crackdown on that group. Muslim governments also play this game. For example, the well-respected former Indonesian president claimed that their government had a role in the Bali bombings.

This sounds nuts, right? You've never heard of this "false flag terrorism," where a government attacks its own people then blames others in order to justify its goals, right? And you are skeptical of the statements discussed above? Please take a look at these historical quotes:

"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." - U.S. President James Madison

"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship ... Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country." - Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

What about the U.S.?

Is it logical to assume that, even if other countries have carried out false flag operations (especially horrible regimes such as, say, the Nazis or Stalin), the U.S. has never done so? Well, as documented by the New York Times, Iranians working for the C.I.A. in the 1950's posed as Communists and staged bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected president (see also this essay).

And, as confirmed by a former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence, NATO carried out terror bombings in Italy with the help of the Pentagon and CIA and blamed communists in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism. As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: "You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security."

Moreover, declassified U.S. Government documents show that in the 1960s, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a plan code-named Operation Northwoods to blow up American airplanes (using an elaborate plan involving the switching of airplanes), and also to commit terrorist acts on American soil, and then to blame it on the Cubans in order to justify an invasion of Cuba. The operation was not carried out only because the Kennedy administration refused to implement these Pentagon plans.

For lots more on the astonishing Operation Northwoods, see the ABC news report; the official declassified documents; and watch this interview with James Bamford, the former Washington Investigative Producer for ABC's World News Tonight with Peter Jennings. One quote from the Northwoods documents states: "A 'Remember the Maine' incident could be arranged: We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation."

What about Al-Qaeda?

You might think Al-Qaeda is different. It is very powerful, organized, and out to get us, right? Consider this Los Angeles Times article, reviewing a BBC documentary entitled The Power of Nightmares, which shows that the threat from Al Qaeda has been vastly overblown (and see this article on who is behind the hype). And former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski testified to the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative."

And did you know that the FBI had penetrated the cell which carried out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, but had – at the last minute – cancelled the plan to have its FBI infiltrator substitute fake powder for real explosives, against the infiltrator's strong wishes? See also this TV news report.

Have you heard that the CIA is alleged to have met with Bin Laden two months before 9/11? Did you know that years after 9/11 the FBI first stated that it did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Bin Laden for 9/11? (See also this partial confirmation by the Washington Post) And did you see the statement in Newsweek by the CIA commander in charge of the capture that the U.S. let Bin Laden escape from Afghanistan?

Have you heard that the anthrax attacks – which were sent along with notes purportedly written by Islamic terrorists – used a weaponized anthrax strain from the top U.S. bioweapons facility? Indeed, top bioweapons experts have stated that the anthrax attack may have been a CIA test "gone wrong." For more on this, see this article by a former NSA and naval intelligence officer and this statement by a distinguished law professor and bioterror expert (and this one).

It is also interesting that the only Congress members mailed anthrax letters were key Democrats, and that the attacks occurred one week before passage of the freedom-curtailing PATRIOT Act, which seems to have scared them and the rest of Congress into passing that act without even reading it. And though it may be a coincidence, White House staff began taking the anti-anthrax medicine before the Anthrax attacks occurred.

Even General William Odom, former director of the National Security Agency, said "By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In ‘78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism, yet in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation" (the audio is here).

Why Does This Matter?

Please read what the following highly respected people are saying:

Former prominent Republican U.S. Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr stated that the U.S. is close to becoming a totalitarian society and that elements in government are using fear to try to bring this about.

Republican U.S. Congressman Ron Paul stated that the government "is determined to have martial law." He also said a contrived "Gulf of Tonkin-type incident may occur to gain popular support for an attack on Iran." Former National Security Adviser Brzezinski told the Senate that a terrorist act might be carried out in the U.S. and falsely blamed on Iran to justify yet another war.

The former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, Paul Craig Roberts, who is called the "Father of Reaganomics" and is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Scripps Howard News Service, has said:

"Ask yourself: Would a government that has lied us into two wars and is working to lie us into an attack on Iran shrink from staging 'terrorist' attacks in order to remove opposition to its agenda?

Retired 27-year CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who prepared and presented Presidential Daily Briefs and served as a high-level analyst for several presidents, stated that if there was another major attack in the U.S., it would lead to martial law. He went on to say:

"We have to be careful, if somebody does this kind of provocation – big violent explosions of some kind – we have to not take the word of the masters there in Washington that this was some terrorist event because it could well be a provocation allowing them, or seemingly to allow them to get what they want."

The former CIA analyst would not put it past the government to "play fast and loose" with terror alerts and warnings and even terrorist events in order to rally people behind the flag.

General Tommy Franks stated that if another terrorist attack occurs in the United States "the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government." Former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter stated before the Iraq war started that there were no weapons of mass destruction. He is now saying that he would not rule out staged government terror by the U.S. government. And British Parliament Member George Galloway stated that "there is a very real danger" that the American government will stage a false flag terror attack in order to justify war against Iran and to gain complete control domestically.

The abundance of reliable information in this essay suggests that not only has the U.S. in the past conducted false flag operations, but there is a possibility that 9/11 involved some element of this deceit, and a future false flag operation cannot be ruled out. Let us spread this news to all who care so that we might build the critical mass necessary to stop these secret operations and work together for a more caring civil society.

Special Note: For a collection of reliable, verifiable information suggesting that 9/11 may have been a form of false flag operation, please see the 9/11 Information Center available at this link.

What you can do:

- Inform your media and political representatives of this vital information on false flag operations. To contact those close to you, click here. Urge them also to join in calling for the release of secret documents related to such operations and for a new, impartial investigation of 9/11.
- Learn more about 9/11 and the secret societies which may have been involved in this powerful lesson from the free Insight Course.
- Read concise summaries of revealing major media reports available here suggesting elements of government either allowed or facilitated the 9/11 attacks.
- Read other powerful, reliable articles dealing with the 9/11 at this link.
- Spread this news to your friends and colleagues, and recommend this article on key news websites so that we can fill the role at which the major media is sadly failing. Together, we can make a difference.

Final Note: believes it is important to balance disturbing cover-up information with inspirational writings which call us to be all that we can be and to work together for positive change. Please visit our Inspiration Center at for an abundance of uplifting material.

See our archive of revealing news articles at

See also the other excellent material from Fred Burks in "Amazing Disney Television Documentary Claims UFOs Are Real" at the end of this compilation.


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Masterminds, Mosques and Mass Insanity: "War on Terrorism" Propaganda Ratcheted up Ahead of War Escalation (August 20, 2010)
Exemplified by the furor over the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" in New York, and rumors of a new Al-Qaeda "mastermind", 9/11 "war on terrorism" propaganda has been ramped up to deafening levels by various political factions. Nearly a decade since Bush/Cheney's 9/11 false flag deception, a fearful, self-destructive American mass public remains fully brainwashed by "war on terrorism" deception--- ignorant of history, and militantly oblivious to facts. "Ground Zero mosque": the art of missing the point The ludicrous uproar over plans to build a Muslim community center in New York, the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" has dominated mainstream corporate news headlines. Political players from all sides, including President Barack Obama have joined the fray, attempting to prove themselves the superior "anti-terrorist", or the better "commemorator of 9/11, when 3,000 people were killed by Muslim terrorists". The right-wing is going berserk, gleefully. Heated arguments have exploded around religion, tolerance, democracy, etc.---everything except the only fact that matters: 9/11 was a false flag operation, courtesy of the Bush-Cheney administration, carried out by an elite consensus, in order to justify the "war on terrorism", and everything that came with it. Mass murder. Unending resource conquest. A police state within US borders. Open criminality. The perpetual threat posed by a fabricated outside enemy, and a militarized, fearful populace, remain the centerpieces of elite policy, and they have been consistently maintained by both Bush/Cheney and Obama administrations. The demonization of Muslims continues to facilitate pillage. While violent hatred continues to be directed at Muslims (and all "foreigners"), the criminals who truly massacred 3,000 people in the World Trade Center continue to enjoy power, wealth, and high positions of world "leadership" and remain in control of virtually every aspect of society. Those who perpetuate the cover-up (including the Obama administration) still "run the world", to mass public enthusiasm. CLIP

EXAMINER: Antigravity UFO, Tesla time travel, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes: four U.S. black ops in 9/11
This article solves the mystery of how 9/11 was implemented - through the use of specific black budget exotic technologies. It is worth your while reading as a concerned citizen - of the U.S. or of the world. As the article states, "The principal barriers to use of this prima facie eyewitness, whistleblower and documentary evidence in criminal prosecution of the perpetrators of the false flag operation of September 11, 2001 are (1) A U.S. government truth embargo around these black budget technologies; (2) An active campaign by agencies such as the National Security Agency (NSA) to disrupt the 9/11 truth movement, and any prosecution of the true high level perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag operation, such as former U.S. President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard B. Cheney, and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld; and (3) a denial paradigm within the9/11 truth movement, the mainstream media, the international justice system, and a significant constituency of the public that these exotic technologies exist and may have been used by high-ranking officials and individuals in the commission of the 9/11 false flag operation." We are circulating this article to you because its URL was blocked in a sophisticated manner and you deserve to evaluate these alternative possibilities for yourself.


The Asian Floods-Signs of Climate Catastrophes to Come? (August 9, 2010)
They haven't gotten anywhere near the attention they deserve, but the floods that have struck much of Asia over the past couple of weeks may be the biggest humanitarian disaster in recent memory-bigger even than the earthquake that hit Haiti in January and the 2004 Asian tsunami. Both of those catastrophes killed far more, but the floods have affected 13 million people in Pakistan alone, and parts of India, China and North Korea have also suffered from the rains. The floods will destroy homes and business, wreck agriculture and destroy infrastructure, leave disease and disability in their wake. Flooding in China has already killed more than 1,100 people this year and caused tens of billions of dollars of damage. In shaky Pakistan, where the public has been enraged by the government's typically fumbling response to the flood, it could even increase support for hard-line Islamic groups.
(...) Still, the unrelenting rains that have produced the Asian flood is the sort of extreme weather that is likely to become more common with climate change, as Alister Doyle points out for Reuters:This year is on track to be the warmest since reliable temperature records began in the mid-19th century, beating 1998, mainly due to a build-up of greenhouse gases from fossil fuels, according to the U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO)."We will always have climate extremes. But it looks like climate change is exacerbating the intensity of the extremes," said Omar Baddour, chief of climate data management applications at WMO headquarters in Geneva.The reinsurer Munich Re reported last month that the first half of 2010 set a loss record for natural disasters; overall it estimates that the number of extreme weather events like windstorms and floods have tripled since 1980, and is expected to grow with warming.That could be especially true for extreme flooding. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has said that warming is, on the whole, likely to increase intense rain and snowfall, leading to more catastrophic floods like the ones we're seeing in Pakistan. Warmer temperatures will also mean that colder or high-elevation areas that once received most of their precipitation in snow will get more of it in rainfall-and if the people and the land are ill-equipped to deal with heavy rain, that shift can also lead to more floods as well.
(...) It's all part of what Thomas Friedman has called "global weirding"-the weather gets strange and unpredictable, with the extremes getting more extreme. And unpredictability can kill-cities and countries are forced to deal with natural disasters on a scale they've never had to before, no longer able to look to the past for a reasonable expectation of what the future will be. We'll need to get better at adapting to disasters-even poor countries can provide some protection, as Bangladesh has shown by fortifying itself against sea-level rise. But the heartbreaking Asian floods should be one more reminder of the need to put the world on a path to lower carbon emissions-before the weather reaches extremes that no one can handle. CHECK ALSO Errant climate may be sign of breakdown, scientists say

Climate Change Debate Rises with Pakistan Floods
KARACHI, Pakistan, Aug 16, 2010 (IPS) - "If this is not God's wrath, what is?" 40-year-old taxi driver Bakht Zada said of the massive floods in Pakistan that have swept away his life earnings.Speaking to IPS from Madyan city in Swat district in north-western Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Zada might pin the blame for Pakistan's worst floods in 80 years on forces beyond humankind, but environment experts are debating whether they are linked to a much more earthly phenomenon - climate change. Three weeks after unusually heavy rains began to pour on July 12 - some areas received up to 300 millimetres in a 36-hour period - Pakistan's floods have affected 14 million people and killed 1,600, apart from damaging huge swathes of agricultural land, the mainstay of the economy.
(...) Against this backdrop, experts have been trying to make sense of recent instances of extreme weather phenomena. Apart from the floods here, floods in China killed more than 1,100 people, and drought, a heat wave and wildfires hit Russia, in signs that seem consistent with the warming of the planet due to enormous amounts of heat-trapping greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. "Global warming results in catastrophic weather events. The recent floods are a result of climate change, undoubtedly," insisted Simi Kamal, a geographer and water specialist. "Above-normal temperatures in the Indian Ocean give rise to increased precipitation. And in the north of Pakistan, when moisture-riddled wind currents collide with the mountains and are pushed up into cooler altitudes, moisture is released in the form of cloud bursts," added Khalid Rashid, a mathematician and physicist who studies changes in global weather patterns. "This is what seems to have happened this year." Others are cautious about making categorical conclusions about links to climate change, but agree that weather patterns have been changing, becoming more extreme and more unpredictable. CLIP

Sunday Times retracts critique of climate scientists' report (June 23, 2010)
The UK Sunday Times has apologised over a major part of the so-called “climategate’ scandal – "Amazongate". In February this year, the Sunday Times ran a story alleging that the IPCC was making stuff up about the effects of climate change on the Amazon. The story was picked up across the world, appearing in print, on blogs and on television. The allegation was that the IPCC used a bad reference for its predictions around the Amazon, one taken from a WWF report. The reference WAS missing from the report, but the science was correct. "In fact, the IPCC's Amazon statement is supported by peer-reviewed scientific evidence," says the Sunday Times apology. In fact, the Sunday Times had the reference to the peer-reviewed scientific literature a full eight hours before going to print. It had also talked with the author of that scientific literature, but that didn't appear in the story either. CLIP

Markey: Deniers of global warming should 'start their own country' (08/07/10)
Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) suggested a novel use Saturday for a 100-square-mile ice sheet that has broken off Greenland. "An iceberg four times the size of Manhattan has broken off Greenland, creating plenty of room for global warming deniers to start their own country," Markey said in a statement. "So far, 2010 has been the hottest year on record, and scientists agree arctic ice is a canary in a coal mine that provides clear warnings on climate." Some scientists have attributed the breaking off of the ice sheet to abnormally warm temperatures this year. Markey, who chairs the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, co-authored the House version of the climate change bill that's currently stalled in the Senate. He said it was "unclear how many giant blocks of ice it will take to break the block of Republican climate deniers in the US Senate who continue hold this critical clean energy and climate legislation hostage." CLIP

Greenland ice sheet faces 'tipping point in 10 years' (August 10, 2010)
The entire ice mass of Greenland will disappear from the world map if temperatures rise by as little as 2C, with severe consequences for the rest of the world, a panel of scientists told Congress today. Greenland shed its largest chunk of ice in nearly half a century last week, and faces an even grimmer future, according to Richard Alley, a geosciences professor at Pennsylvania State University "Sometime in the next decade we may pass that tipping point which would put us warmer than temperatures that Greenland can survive," Alley told a briefing in Congress, adding that a rise in the range of 2C to 7C would mean the obliteration of Greenland's ice sheet. "What is going on in the Arctic now is the biggest and fastest thing that nature has ever done," he said. Greenland is losing ice mass at an increasing rate, dumping more icebergs into the ocean because of warming temperatures, he said. The stark warning was underlined by the momentous break-up of one of Greenland's largest glaciers last week, which set a 100 sq mile chunk of ice drifting into the North Strait between Greenland and Canada. The ice loss from the Petermann Glacier was the largest such event in nearly 50 years. Andreas Muenchow, professor of ocean science at the University of Delaware, who has been studying the Petermann glacier for several years, said he had been expecting such a break, although he did not anticipate its size.

Eastern U.S. Headed for Many More Extreme Heat Waves with Warming, Study Finds (August 13th, 2010)
(...) Oppressive temperatures gripping Southern and Eastern U.S. states this summer will only worsen if little is done to curb greenhouse gases, according to an August report update from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), a conservation group."2010 is a sample of what's to come," said Amanda Staudt, lead climate scientist for the report titled "Extreme Heat in Summer 2010: A Window on the Future.""Global warming is bringing more frequent and severe heat waves, which will seriously impact vulnerable populations."It is a supplement to the federation's 2009 report "More Extreme Heat Waves: Global Warming's Wake-Up Call."This hot summer is a continuation of what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says is already the hottest January through June on record. New Jersey, Delaware and North Carolina have already recorded their hottest June ever and Rhode Island and Delaware have recorded their steamiest July, according to NOAA. Hundreds of daily temperature records were set across the country — with July being among the top five hottest on record for 10 Eastern states.(...) The report explains how summers such as this one could become the norm by mid-century if carbon dioxide emissions aren't brought under control.For instance, Washington is projected to sweat through 100 summer days above 90 degrees by 2050 if emissions continue unabated. That number could hold steady at about 55 days, however, under a lower-emissions scenario. CLIP

As 'plant productivity' dips, a search for answers (August 20, 2010)
A new study recorded a slight dip in the amount of CO2 taken up over the past 10 years. If the trend continues, scientists say it could signal a tipping point in earth's ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere -- Earth's plants – natural scrubbers removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere – reduced their carbon uptake by some 606 million tons during the past 10 years, according to a new study. The dip is slight. And it's unclear whether the decline signals the beginning of a trend or merely represents a decade-long lull. But it comes on the heels of two decades of growth in carbon uptake by plants around the world. Given the important role everything from sage brush to Sequoias plays in removing from the air some of the CO2 from human industrial activities, the decline is "the major punch line to us" from the study, says Steven Running, a forest ecologist at the University of Montana who took part in the research. The results appear in Friday's issue of the journal Science.
(...) The fall-off is small compared with roughly 88 billion tons of carbon human activities pumped into the air over the past 10 years. But if the decline continues, the duo suggests it could signal a tipping point for one of the two major "sinks" for the long-buried carbon humans have added to the system by burning coal, oil, and gas, as well as through land-use changes. The other major sink is the ocean, and it appears to be growing less cooperative as well. In their latest report on the state of the global carbon cycle, published in the journal Nature Geoscience last November, scientists associated with the Global Carbon Project noted that the fraction of CO2 emissions from human activity appears to have declined by about 5 percent between 1959 and 2008, essentially as the sinks themselves respond to global warming. CLIP

Three Pillars of a Food Revolution BY Anna Lappe (19 August 2010)
As marketers learn to fake climate-friendly food, how do we spot the real thing? Anna Lappé says it's a question of values. A few years ago, I stumbled on a United Nations study that transformed how I think about the climate crisis. In the report, researchers pegged greenhouse gases from the livestock sector at 18 percent of total global emissions. Combine this with other aspects of our food chain—from agricultural chemical production to agribusiness driven deforestation to food waste rotting in landfills—and food and agriculture sector is responsible for nearly one third of the planet's manmade emissions. Move over Hummer; it's time to say hello to the hamburger.It doesn't take high-level math to realize if we're serious about averting the climate crisis, we need to add the food chain to our conversation. (Of course, we should be talking about agriculture's impact on the environment for a host of other reasons, too. Agriculture is the world's single largest user of land and water, using up 70 percent of the world's freshwater resources every year. Agriculture is also responsible for widespread air and water pollution and agricultural chemical runoff that causes aquatic dead zones around the world. At last count, there are more than 400, including one in the Gulf of Mexico that swells every year to a size three times larger than the BP oil spill.So what can we do? Thankfully, we're learning every day about the power of sustainable food systems to help reduce emissions from the food chain and mitigate the climate crisis.
(...) With historic floods devastating as many as 20 million people in Pakistan, a chunk of glacier four times the size of Manhattan breaking free from Greenland, and temperatures from Moscow to New York City hitting historic highs and leaving us all roasted, more and more people are starting to feel the direct impact of what may very well be the signs of climate chaos to come. In order to get back to the level of greenhouse gas emissions we need to be to stabilize the climate, every sector must play a role. Now, nearly five years after I read that United Nations report about livestock and the climate crisis, it's ever more visible the role that food systems plays, not only in exacerbating the crisis, but also in helping address it. CLIP

Brazil’s worst logger: the government? (October 3, 2008)
Brazil’s environment minister announced yet another series of measures to halt deforestation of the Amazon this week, but their impact was weakened not only by the fact that destruction had increased sharply once again but that the government itself was among the worst culprits.A federal agency charged with implementing agrarian reform and giving land to the poor filled the top six spots on a list of the nation’s 100 worst deforesters since 2005, according to the list, published by the environment ministry on Monday. The top 100 deforesters cut down the equivalent of 160,000 soccer fields, said Environment Minister Carlos Minc. “The numbers are terrible,” he admitted to reporters. The statistics were a surprise and an embarrassment to Mr. Minc, who took office in May after his predecessor resigned, complaining that her hands were tied by a government more interested in economic growth than environmental protection.
(...) As if the report that the government was responsible for most of this year’s deforestation wasn’t embarrassing enough for the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, it came on the same day that deforestation for the month of August rose 134 percent. The monthly total this year was 1,868 acres, up from 568 in 2007. Minc announced a plan of 12 new measures that include the hiring of 3,000 additional forestry agents and the creation of six checkpoints on main Amazonian highways to better halt the transport of illegal timber and charcoal.Will new measures help save the rain forest? However, the measures include no major funding initiatives and the creation of two new committees that environmentalists deride as merely adding to the bureaucracy. The moves come just eight months after another campaign was launched amid much fanfare. That campaign, code-named Operation Arc of Fire, won worldwide attention as hundreds of federal agents descended on the rain forest to close sawmills and hit highways used by illegal timber merchants. Arc of Fire is ongoing, but it and the new measures are stopgap ones, said Greenpeace. The group warned Minc’s predecessor a full year ago that INCRA was hiring logging companies to clear land for settlements rather than seating people on already felled areas, said executive-director Marcelo Furtado. Despite assurances to the contrary, no action was taken, he added. “Unfortunately, this is not news,” says Paulo Adario, the Amazon Campaigns Director. “We need to change the current policy of giving fiscal incentives to predatory activities and start investing in responsible actions that keep the forest standing. We can halt all deforestation in the Amazon by 2015 by linking economic development to environmental protection.”

The Amazon is the largest remaining tropical forest in the world, as big as Western Europe or the whole of the US, and plays a vital role keeping the world's climate stable. The Amazon is estimated to store between 80-120 billion tonnes of carbon. If this is destroyed, roughly 50 times the annual greenhouse gas emissions from the US will be emitted at one go. The Brazilian Amazon is also home to more than 20 million people, including over 200,000 people from 180 different indigenous nations. It is the most bio-diverse region in the world. Studies estimating that approximately one quarter of all known land-based species of plants, insects and animals thrive there.Despite all this, deforestation continues at a breathtaking pace. One fifth of the Amazon has already been destroyed forever. If current rates of deforestation continue, the Amazon will be gone within fifty years. The major threats come from trade in illegal timber and unsustainable expansion of crops like soy and cattle ranching. Deforestation and land-use change account for 75% of all Brazilian greenhouse gas emissions, making Brazil the world's fourth biggest climate polluter after China, the US ad Indonesia.

Slaughtering the Amazon
The cattle sector in the Brazilian Amazon is the largest driver of deforestation in the world, responsible for one in every eight hectares destroyed globally. Efforts to halt global deforestation emissions must tackle this sector. (...) According to the Brazilian government: ‘Cattle are responsible for about 80% of all deforestation’ in the Amazon region. In recent years, on average one hectare of Amazon rainforest has been lost to cattle ranchers every 18 seconds. The cattle sector in the Brazilian Amazon is responsible for 14% of the world’s annual deforestation. This makes it the world’s largest driver of deforestation, responsible for more forest loss than the total deforestation in any country outside Brazil except Indonesia.

Pakistan accepts flood aid money from rival India (August 20, 2010)
Pakistan has accepted an offer of $5 million of flood aid from neighbor and longtime rival India, in a move that could spark a political backlash at home. (...) The two countries have made efforts in recent months to repair bilateral relations, which took a plunge following the 2008 Mumbai attacks. India blames those attacks on Pakistan-backed militants. The two countries have fought three full-scale wars, most recently in 1999. The United States had urged Pakistan to accept India’s offer of aid earlier this week. When Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called his Pakistani counterpart to offer his condolences following the worst natural disaster in Pakistan’s history, it was an event widely reported in the Pakistan media. “In such times of natural disasters, all of South Asia should rise to the occasion and extend every possible help to the people of Pakistan affected by the tragedy,” Mr. Singh said, according to a statement released by his office. According to Badar Alam, editor of Pakistan’s Herald magazine, the amount of aid pledged is “symbolic, but its effect is immense. It’s a good confidence building measure between the two countries.” But, he warns, Pakistan’s religious parties will try to spin the move “as a sign of weakness.” “They will see it as a capitulation to India, that our own government is so weak we have been forced to accept help from the historic enemy,” says Mr. Alam. Mosharraf Zaidi, a columnist for Pakistan’s The News, termed the decision brave: “It’s a tremendous gesture, very mature. India should be commended for donating it and Pakistan should be commended for accepting it.” CLIP

As floodwaters recede, anger grows in northwest Pakistan (August 22, 2010) PAKISTAN IS HELL ON EARTH!
In northwest Pakistan, some villagers are returning home after the massive flooding only to find destruction and an absence of government help.The northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the first hit by the deluge created by monsoon rains at the end of July. The region, bordering Afghanistan, is also in the front line of the battle against the Pakistani Taliban. Anger is growing at the lack of aid, a fury directed at the provincial government and the national administration, both run by secular, pro-Western political parties, raising fears that the crisis will build support for Islamist forces. Kamran Rehman Khan, a senior official in the Charsadda administration, said the floods affected 74,000 families in the district, roughly 500,000 people, with 54,000 of those families now housed in schools or tents. "The whole catastrophe is overwhelming," said Khan. "Whatever we do is not enough."While further south in the country the floods continue to the eat up more land, in the northwest, the waters have receded, removing the danger of drowning but leaving behind the threat of disease and a population that's homeless and hungry. Pakistan's Federal Flood Commission reports that 178,484 homes were destroyed or damaged in this province alone.Before the great flood came, there were some 120 homes in the village of Drab Korona, in the Charsadda district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Today, only a mosque, two schools and the odd brick wall of other buildings survived. The rest of the buildings were made mostly of mud. A torrent of freezing water, which eventually went roof-high, had come in the dead of night. By the next afternoon, almost everything was washed away.With the floodwaters gone, Drab Korona looks like a muddy garbage site, a jumble of battered ruins encased in thick sludge. Strewn around is broken furniture, trucks, rafters that had been used to support houses, evidence that homes once stood there. Under a baking sun and sapping humidity, the village air is heavy with the gut-churning smell of rotting flesh, a stench that seems to come in waves. Most of the buffalos and other animals were drowned. Their carcasses lie putrefying somewhere under the slushy mess. Villagers who've returned to search for belongings complain of skin problems. The stagnant water and animal remains have turned places like Drab Korona into breeding colonies for germs, medical aid groups warn.
(...) Amid the fatalism of some, there is also burning anger, at the authorities, in particular the provincial government, which is run by the secular Awami National Party. Charsadda district was the party's base, but in Fakirabad Majoki, residents spat expletives at the ANP, praising instead the mildly Islamist party of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the pro-Taliban Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, which they said had come to their aid or at least shown concern."The ANP is not here, it doesn't exist for us," said Hameedullah, a 55-year-old villager. "Asfandyar (Wali Khan, the ANP leader) hasn't come here, even to his own area. If I saw him, I would become a suicide bomber against him myself."

Radiation, plague, and fires: foreign embassies urgently evacuate staff from Russia (7 August 2010)
A hasty evacuation of diplomatic staff from foreign embassies, like a stampede, began in Moscow. Many embassies are trying to hide the evacuation for political reasons. Mass evacuation of the embassies of Canada and Poland was officially reported at night on August 7. (...) Sophisticated diplomats immediately understood the diplomatic slang, familiar to them, and rushed to pack baggage, Russian media reported. Early in the morning of 7 August, the escape of foreign diplomats from Russia took epidemic proportions. It is possible that the diplomats, through the intelligence services of their countries, know something that is not yet known to the general public. CLIP

Fires threaten Russian secret nuclear bombs factory (9 August 2010)
(...) Meanwhile, according to Russian media outlets on August 8, a huge forest fire broke out 15 kilometers from the secret city of Snezhinsk in the Chelyabinsk region, where the "Russian Federal Nuclear Center - All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics", produces nuclear bombs. Russian mass media outlets, due to military and political censorship, were allowed to report only that forest litter in the area of 7 hectares was burning. Fire threatens settlements and industrial enterprises. Extinguishing a forest fire is impossible, Russians complain. Heavy equipment sticks in remote and swampy areas. And with a backpack fire extinguisher, you cannot extinguish much. Sunday evening, Chelyabinsk media outlets reported that 2 hectares of forest have already been burnt near the secret nuclear bombs factory and that authorities unsuccessfully tried to extinguish the fire.

Toxic Smoke Causes Deaths To Double In Moscow, As Russia Announces State Of Emergency In Nuclear Center City Of Ozersk (August 9, 2010)
(...) MOSCOW, Aug. 9 (Xinhua) - A state of emergency has been declared in Russia's Urals city of Ozersk, where one of the largest nuclear storage and fuel-reprocessing center Mayak is located, reported RIA Novosti news agency Monday, citing the local administration.Local authorities claim the move was caused by the "complicated situation" with peat bog fires. CLIP

Radioactive smoke? Russia wildfires rage near Chernobyl (August 11, 2010)
Greenpeace says Russia wildfires are spreading across six provinces that were heavily contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. One Russian official accused Greenpeace of 'panic-mongering.' -- The cloud of toxic smog that has blanketed Moscow for weeks lifted dramatically on Wednesday, but environmental experts point out that much of Russia is still aflame. And they warn there is a new threat of radioactive smoke from forest fires raging near the site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. Some experts worry that clearing air over Moscow will trigger a rapid drop in official interest in the very real emergency that's still gripping large parts of Russia, and they say it does not bode well for long-term cleanup and prevention prospects."It seems like Russian politics is based on one single calculus: How does this affect Moscow?" says Vladimir Slivyak, cochair of Ecodefense, a Moscow-based grassroots environmental group. "They're already saying it was just a once-in-a-thousand-year accident, and declaring that it's over. But it's not over." On Tuesday, the environmental group Greenpeace Russia published a map based on satellite images, that shows wildfires still spreading across wide regions of southwest Russia, including six provinces that were heavily contaminated by long-lasting radioactive fallout during the disaster 24 years ago. Russian officials have denied the existence of the fires, and Russia's chief medical officer Gennady Onishenko accused Greenpeace of "panic-mongering," but the organization insists that its conclusion is based on solid evidence and official sources.Russia's state forestry service, Roslesozashchita, admitted in a statement posted on its website Wednesday that, as of Aug. 6, there were 28 forest fires covering about 270 hectares burning in the Bryansk region alone, which is considered the most radioactively contaminated part of Russia."We're not talking about a repeat of the Chernobyl catastrophe, but the danger is not insignificant either," says Vladimir Chuprov, head of Greenpeace Russia's energy program. "The worst scenario is the continuing spread of radioactive particles through the area. The danger is first of all to firefighters and local people, but the contamination can spread with smoke to new areas."When the Chernobyl reactor melted down, the resulting steam explosion poured atomic radiation equal to 100 Hiroshima bombs into the air, much of which settled on surrounding regions of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. Though the immediate Chernobyl zone is not currently menaced, environmentalists say dozens of fires have spread around contaminated Russian regions, including Bryansk, Kaluga, Tula, Oryol, and Ryazan. Official suppression of information - Some add that they are almost as worried about the official wall of denial as they are by the dangers posed by the ongoing fires. CLIP -IN PICTURES: Russia's fires - MANY RELATED VIDEOS AND ARTICLES

Russia admits fires burned on Chernobyl-hit land (August 11, 2010)
MOSCOW — Russia on Wednesday admitted wildfires hit swathes of land contaminated by the Chernobyl disaster, raising fears that buried radioactive particles could be released into the air, as a new wildfire broke out near a nuclear facility. The new wildfire caused by lightning flamed up near a major nuclear research centre in the Russian town of Sarov, causing the plant's management to ask firefighters and troops to reverse their withdrawal. Russia had begun withdrawing hundreds of firefighters and soldiers sent to douse the fires around Sarov, a town 500 kilometres east of Moscow which houses the country's main nuclear research facility and is still closed to foreigners."The centre's director Valentin Kostioukov has asked the emergency situations ministry urgently to suspend the withdrawal of troops from Sarov and send in heavy equipment as reinforcements," it said. (...) Fires covering an area of 92,700 hectares (more than 350 square miles) were blazing in Russia, almost half of Tuesday's figure of 174,000 hectares, it said in a statement.But 612 fires were still ablaze, up from 557 reported on Tuesday. The spokesman for the governor of the Moscow region said a full plan had been worked out to flood peat bogs in the Moscow region. Left over from the Soviet era, they burned in the fires and helped create the smog. CLIP

EVACUATE NOW!: This is Not a Drill
Russia is burning down this summer. The smoke is engulfing Moscow and the European Union. Embassies are emptying. What’s the deal? Thousands of forest fires are burning all over Russia. More importantly, the nuclear weapons factories and reactors around Mayak and the former Soviet Union’s Uranium Project are going up in smoke. The smoke is toxic and radioactive in every possible sense of the words. Russian forest fires are burning down old H-Bomb factory areas and the Chernobyl poisoned woodlands. This holds the virtual certainty of at least 241,000,000 Lethal Doses of radioactivity becoming air borne during a fire. Due to peculiar nuclear forces the tiny ceramicized radioactive particles stay in the air for months or even years till they are “rained out” by some form of precipitation. (...) If you are planning a trip to Europe or Russia – don’t go. If you are already there – leave immediately. If you have family or friends there – get them out if you can. This is not a drill. It is the real deal. Another way to look at the Mayak national sacrifice zone in Russia is that the old Soviet Union manufactured 30,000 global thermonuclear weapons. There were numerous “accidents” at Mayak that weren’t supposed to happen and “officially” never did happen. The government lied, of course. The 1,000 sq km around the Mayak bomb factory is one of the most contaminated areas on Earth because the Mayak Uranium Project manufactured the most poisonous substances on Earth for the most lethal weapons on Earth. Manufacturing thermonuclear weapons is a really nasty business. As far as Weapons of Mass Destruction goes, there are the real McCoy. As of 8/15/2010 all personnel in Russia and the European Union are advised to evacuate immediately. I repeat. This is not a drill. If you can’t leave, get your kids out. It may be too late already.

Russians die in great numbers in Moscow (9 August 2010)
449 people died in Moscow over the last day, which is 4,5 times more than usual. 5,155 Muscovites died in July. Heat and smog are literally killing Muscovites. City's morgues are packed with corpses, queues of Russians, burying their relatives, could be seen in cemeteries. Statistics is appalling. 1,560 people died in Moscow in the period of 1 to 15 July. This is more than usual for a fortnight, but not much. However, in the second half of the hottest month for 140 years, the number of deaths increased more than twice - 3,595 Russians died. An absolute record of mortality, 449 Russians, has been established in Moscow on August 8. If such death rate continues, more than 13 thousand Muscovites could die from heat and smog in one month. - We are shocked by such numbers, but they are true, told the head of one of the capital's ambulance stations. - These data was supposed to be kept secret. Heat and smog have killed 2,213 people in 8 days of August. People with chronic illnesses and the elderly are mostly at risk, but many people of middle age also died. CLIP

Suicide fears amid Russia wildfires (August 17, 2010)
Russian health experts have warned that unprecedented heat and suffocating smog from wildfires will lead to more suicides, higher alcohol abuse rates and other problems, and accused the government of failing to address the long-term health dangers. CLIP

Birds perish in Moscow air from smoke, fires came to GULAG center (8 August 2010)
Birds began to perish in Moscow because of the thick smog, and animals begin to leave their usual place of residence in the forests outside Moscow, the Russian office of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) reports. According to eyewitnesses, several sparrows fell from sky and crashed dead during a short period of time before the eyes of passers-by in northern Moscow. Residents of other areas of the city told that they saw larger birds, crows and doves, falling from sky like stones. Many motorists say that dead and crushed birds and animals has become much more frequent on the roads. "Apparently, because of inhibited reaction, birds and animals are stupefied by smoke and fumes and have no time to escape from under the wheels", said one of the driver eyewitnesses. Meanwhile, funeral offices report an unprecedented increase in death rate in Moscow during a summer period. "Usually, the busiest time for funeral companies offices is fall, winter and spring, but not summer, because people leave the city at this time. But this year, all records were beaten - the number of calls increased 3- to 4-fold", representatives of a funeral office told reporters. According to them, crematoriums are working in a frantic rush, and some of them even refuse to accept dead bodies because they do not have time to cope with the working load. Meanwhile, according to media reports, fires approached the center of Russian GULAG in Mordovaia. Zubovo-Polyansky District, in the forests of which are located as much as 17 camps of Dubravlag, where Russians subject to Holocaust more than 13 thousand Russian prisoners and citizens of nearly 50 foreign countries, is in the midst of forest fires. The most difficult situation for prison guards is developing around the concentration camp #7. It is located in the center of the town Sosnovka. CLIP

Moscow Smoke Returns After Four Days of Relief as Forest, Bog Fires Burn (August 15, 2010)
Moscow saw a “sharp” rise in the concentration of carbon monoxide and other pollutants in the air as the Russian capital continued to struggle with smoke from forest fires and burning bogs.The concentration of pollutants in the air jumped above admissible levels from 8 a.m. before beginning to recede after noon, the city’s environmental protection department said on its website today. The level of contamination is expected to decrease in the coming hours, it said. Moscow enjoyed four days of relief from smog before the winds shifted today, bringing back the smoke from wildfires which started enveloping the capital on Aug. 6. Heat, drought and fire have hobbled Russian agriculture, leading the government to ban grain exports from today to the end of the year. Emergency crews are battling 498 fires, including 35 burning peat bogs, covering a total area of 53,500 hectares (206.6 square miles), a decrease of 3,000 hectares over the past 24 hours, the Emergency Situations Ministry said today on its website. CLIP

''Damned Russia is burning'' by Boris Stomakhin (political prisoner in a Russian concentration camp)

Heavy downpours help Russia's firefighters (August 20, 2010)
Heavy rain has drenched the Russian capital, helping firefighters battle the remaining wildfires on the city's outskirts.A cold front that hit western Russia has ended a two-month heat wave and cleared skies over Moscow from suffocating smog.Temperatures in Moscow fell from 32 degrees Celsius (nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit) to 9 degrees Celsius (48 degrees Fahrenheit) in just two days.Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry on Friday reported new success in the battle against the country's forest and peatbog fires. They now cover some 9,000 hectares (some 22,000 acres), or less than a 20th of the territory they swept earlier this month.Russia's worst heat in 130 years had triggered thousands of wildfires in Russia.

Cascadian Megaquake
A BBC production posted 2009 describing the POTENTIAL for a west coast tsunami due to the Cascadian subduction zone.

Deepwater Horizon Long Slog Continues (21 August 2010)
Washington - Looking towards September, National Incident Commander Adm. Thad Allen told a room of reporters at the National Press Club on Friday that he expects the Macondo well may finally be sealed. Getting to that point, however, he warned, would require an uninterrupted flow of successes. "We are not done. Nobody's declared mission complete," he said.Allen said several things need to be accomplished before the well can be plugged, among them, completing what he called "an ambient pressure test," to prove hydrocarbons are not escaping. This test, Allen says, is currently under way and is holding. At the same time, Allan has ordered BP to deliver plans for what is being called a "fishing expedition" which involves dropping a drill pipe with a camera into the well to identify how many pipes need to be stabilized. Once approved, and assuming the well is stable, the camera-equipped pipe will be lowered. And even then, more needs to be done before the well can finally be sealed, including removing the maligned blowout preventer and completing the primary and secondary relief wells.
(...) The dispersants have been problematic for several reasons: among them, their high levels of toxicity and reports that they are not working.When asked about the June 19 report about dispersants failing to mitigate the spill's impact, Allen said news about the 22-mile plume which the Woods Hole Oceanic Institute discovered in June wasn't a surprise to him or to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration."We knew at the time they had located that," he said of the underwater plume the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said had "persisted for months without substantial biodegradation." Allen dispatched the issue, saying the "fine particles of oil" the group found in June are difficult, ephemeral things to track. "Our real challenge," he said, "is trying to measure the Gulf right now for the hydrocarbons that are out there, trying to track them."Allen estimates that the attempt to plug the well for good will begin in the second week of September. Acknowledging that progress has appeared slow, he said it was too close to the end of things to rush. "We want a stake in the heart of this well," he said.

How Has It Come to This? by Dahr Jamail and Erika Blumenfeld (22 August 2010)
(...) The scene is apocalyptic. Sorbent booms blackened and browned with oil lay chaotically in the lagoon. It is one of the more disgusting, vile scenes I've ever seen. All of us fall silent. All we can do is take photos. The stench is overpowering. I gag. My eyes water from the burning chemicals in the air, but also from sadness. My throat is sore, my voice instantaneously hoarse, and I feel dizzy. I look over to see Erika taking photos, tears running down her cheeks. All of us are devastated. "This is some of the worst I've seen," says Jonathan, who has been out investigating the results of the BP oil disaster every week since it started in April. He continues to take samples. I hear him gagging and look over as he coughs the stench from his lungs before bending down again to take another sample.Shortly thereafter he finishes taking samples, and we are off, all of us hobbled and shaken by what we've just seen, along with the exposure to such a vast amount of chemicals. During the ten-minute walk back to the boat, we hardly speak. I look out at the Gulf, the oil rigs and platforms in the distance, then down at the sheen oozing out of the sand at the water's edge as I walk alongside another tide pool.Craig picks us up in the boat, and we begin the trip back to Fourchon. I climb up atop the "crow's nest," a small seat overlooking Craig's boat. I write in my notepad about what we've just seen, but mostly, I just look out at the Gulf. I've long since surrendered trying to get my head around the enormity and longevity of this disaster. The government cover-ups and its complicity with BP. The profiteering happening from this disaster, not dissimilar to the rampant war profiteering I've seen in Iraq. The cost of this? The Gulf of Mexico, the ninth largest body of water on the planet, befouled with oil and toxic dispersants. About halfway back to port we come upon a thick sheen layer that is covered in emulsified, white foam … the same kind I've seen in videos taken by VOO workers, in which dispersants have been used atop oil. We stop so Jonathan can take more water samples. As we do so, the stench burns my eyes. We carry on, only to pass more slicks like this. The entire day we've been in sheen, and we've traveled more than 40 nautical miles, much of it in open Gulf waters. All the water we've boated across and all the islands we've explored are entirely covered in sheen or oil. From back atop my platform, I'm amazed at the myriad rigs and platforms we pass, sometimes thick enough in number to resemble floating cities.Throughout the day, the question "what have we done" drifts into my consciousness. What have we done? How has it come to this?Thousands of lives along the Gulf Coast are being devastated by this disaster. This is merely the beginning of yet another toxic epoch for the Gulf of Mexico, all the humans that live along the coast, and all the marine life and wildlife that make their homes here.What have we done? How has it come to this? Where do we go from here?

New study: Oil plume under Gulf surface is big - 22 miles long - and likely to survive awhile (08/20/10)
WASHINGTON — A 22-mile-long invisible mist of oil is meandering far below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, where it will probably loiter for months or more, scientists reported Thursday in the first conclusive evidence of an underwater plume from the BP spill.The most worrisome part is the slow pace at which the oil is breaking down in the cold, 40-degree water, making it a long-lasting but unseen threat to vulnerable marine life, experts said.Earlier this month, top federal officials declared the oil in the spill was mostly "gone," and it is gone in the sense you can't see it. But the chemical ingredients of the oil persist more than a half-mile beneath the surface, researchers found.And the oil is degrading at one-tenth the pace at which it breaks down at the surface. That means "the plumes could stick around for quite a while," said study co-author Ben Van Mooy of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, which led the research published online in the journal Science. Monty Graham, a scientist at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama who was not involved in the study, said: "We absolutely should be concerned that this material is drifting around for who knows how long. They say months in the (research) paper, but more likely we'll be able to track this stuff for years." CLIP

Scientists Cast Doubt on Claims BP Spill's No Threat to Gulf (4 August 2010)
Washington - Many scientists say they're skeptical of a widely publicized government report Wednesday that concludes much of the oil that gushed from BP's leaking well is gone and poses little threat to the Gulf of Mexico.According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the "vast majority" of the 4.9 million barrels released into the Gulf has either evaporated "or been burned, skimmed, and recovered from the wellhead, or dispersed." (...) Many scientists, however, questioned both the rosy White House assessment and the administration's motives, timing and record of estimating how much oil was flowing from the well.The report says that less than half of the oil remains in the environment. About 26 percent of it remains as surface sheen or tarballs, or other forms of oil. About 16 percent was dispersed naturally, and another 8 percent was dispersed by the chemicals BP pumped onto the surface of the Gulf and deep underwater at the source of the leak. (...) The scientists and other experts who challenged the government's conclusions warned that painting too rosy a picture could hamper the environmental monitoring and cleanup work that remains to be done in the Gulf. Marine conservationist Rick Steiner, a retired University of Alaska scientist, said: "Let's look at this another way: that there's some 50 percent of the oil left. It's still there in the environment."The government report also fails to account for the effect of vast, underwater plumes of microscopic droplets of oil that remain unmeasured, scientists said, and it downplays the potential long-term effects of the release of as much as 4.1 million barrels of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Some 800,000 barrels were captured at the wellhead. The remaining 50 percent in the water is the equivalent of almost eight Exxon Valdez oil spills, until now the country's benchmark environmental disaster. "Now what we're hearing is they don't think the damage will be as bad as they initially thought," Steiner said. "We have to remember that the same thing was said after the Exxon Valdez. But much of the damage didn't become apparent until the second or third year." CLIP

Bacevich: Vietnam vs. Munich and Creating an "Iraq/Afghanistan Syndrome" (5 August 2010)
Campaigning for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008, Senator Barack Obama said, "I don't want to just end the war, but I want to end the mindset that got us into war in the first place."But as Andrew Bacevich notes in his new book,"Washington Rules: America's Path to Permanent War," as President, Barack Obama has done the opposite: he has promoted and acted on behalf of the mindset that leads to war. Most prominently, President Obama has so far missed every major exit ramp for starting to get out of Afghanistan, instead escalating militarily and "doubling down" on "counterinsurgency" in Afghanistan - Vietnam 2.0 - even as the war has become increasingly unpopular in the United States - as it has been in Afghanistan and in the rest of the world. The majority of Americans, three-quarters of Democrats and three-fifths of House Democrats want President Obama to establish a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces. But the White House so far refuses to even publicly discuss such a move, even as it claims to support "Afghan-led reconciliation" with leaders of the Afghan Taliban, which, if real, almost certainly would require a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces, a key demand of Afghan insurgents. This is all the more striking as the administration celebrates the drawdown of US forces from Iraq, because the centerpiece of the present relationship between the US government and the Iraqi government is an agreement stipulating the total withdrawal of US forces from the country by the end of 2011. That which is now the centerpiece of US relations with Iraq is still mostly taboo for discussion among the "national security elite" regarding Afghanistan: a timetable for the withdrawal of foreign forces. Bacevich puts President Obama's stunning reversal in historical context: since Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, there has been a "Washington consensus" among the national security and foreign policy establishment for a policy of permanent war and for "power projection" around the globe to prepare for aggressive war. To follow through on his campaign promise to "end the mindset that got us into war" would compel President Obama to confront this establishment, something he obviously was not prepared to do.Instead, President Obama signaled to the national security establishment that they should ignore his campaign rhetoric and that he would act instead on the broad imperial commitments of every president since Truman and Eisenhower, not only doubling down in Afghanistan, but trying to declare the military budget off limits for cuts, escalating military attacks in Pakistan that have never been authorized by Congress, establishing political ground for a future war against Iran by pretending that Iran's enrichment of uranium constitutes a threat to the personal security of Americans, helping to bring down the Japanese prime minister rather than submit to the popular Japanese demand to withdraw US marines from Okinawa, supporting in deed if not initially in word the military coup in Honduras, establishing a new military basing agreement with Colombia and replacing President Bush's European "missile defense" with "missile defense lite," just to name a few examples. But Bacevich is an academic, so, unlike President Obama, he has no reason to worship at the altar of the national security establishment. Indeed,"Washington Rules: America's Path to Permanent War" is a call for Americans to reject the Washington consensus for permanent war, global counterinsurgency and global military power projection and to demand instead that America "come home," as Martin Luther King called for in 1967, and focus on resolving its own domestic problems rather than act as a self-appointed global police and occupation force. CLIP

Obama Administration In Danger Of Establishing "New Normal" With Worst Bush-Era Policies, Says ACLU (July 29, 2010)
Group Releases 18-Month Review Of President's National Security Policies And Civil Liberties -- NEW YORK - The Obama administration has repudiated some of the Bush administration's most egregious national security policies but is in danger of institutionalizing others permanently into law, thereby creating a troubling "new normal," according to a new report released today by the American Civil Liberties Union. "Establishing a New Normal: National Security, Civil Liberties, and Human Rights Under the Obama Administration," an 18-month review of the Obama administration's record on national security issues affecting civil liberties, concludes that the current administration's record on issues of national security and civil liberties is decidedly mixed: President Obama has made great strides in some areas, such as his auspicious first steps to categorically prohibit torture, outlaw the CIA's use of secret overseas detention sites and release the Bush administration's torture memos, but he has failed to eliminate some of the worst policies put in place by President Bush, such as military commissions and indefinite detention. He has also expanded the Bush administration's "targeted killing" program. The 22-page report, which was researched and written by staff in the ACLU's National Security Project and Washington Legislative Office, reviews the administration's record in the areas of transparency, torture and accountability, detention, targeted killing, military commissions, speech and surveillance and watchlists."President Obama began his presidency with a bang, signing executive orders that placed the power of the presidency behind the restoration of the rule of law and gave meaning to the president's stated view that America must lead with its values," said Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director of the ACLU. "Unfortunately, since that time, the administration has displayed a decidedly mixed record resulting, on a range of issues, in the very real danger that the Obama administration will institutionalize some of the most troublesome policies of the previous administration - in essence, creating a troubling 'new normal.' We strongly urge the president to shift course and renew his commitment to the fundamental values that are the very foundation of our nation's strength and security." CLIP

Big Brother: Obama Demands Access to Internet Records, in Secret, and Without Court Review (AUGUST 12, 2010)
The Obama administration is seeking authority from Congress that would compel internet service providers (ISPs) to turn over records of an individual's internet activity for use in secretive FBI probes.In another instance where Americans are urged to trust their political minders, The Washington Post reported last month that "the administration wants to add just four words--'electronic communication transactional records'--to a list of items that the law says the FBI may demand without a judge's approval."Under cover of coughing-up information deemed relevant to espionage or terrorism investigations, proposed changes to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) would greatly expand the volume of private records that can be seized through National Security Letters (NSLs).
(...) The fourth amendment unambiguously states: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." However, in "new normal" America constitutional guarantees and civil rights are mere technicalities, cynical propaganda exercises jettisoned under the flimsiest of pretexts: the endless "War on Terror" where the corporate state's praetorian guards work the "dark side." Once served, firms such as telecommunication providers, banks, credit card companies, airlines, health insurers, video rental services, even booksellers and libraries, are compelled to turn over what the secret state deem relevant records on targets of FBI fishing expeditions.If burdensome NSL restrictions are breeched for any reason, that person can be fined or even jailed if gag orders built into the draconian USA Patriot Act are violated. However, even the Patriot Act's abysmally lowered threshold for seizing private records specify that NSLs cannot be issued "solely on the basis of activities protected by the first amendment of the Constitution of the United States."Despite these loose standards, congressional investigators, journalists and civil liberties watchdogs found that the FBI violated the rules of the road, such as they are, thousands of times. Between 2003-2006, the Bureau issued 192,499 NSLs, according to current estimates, the FBI continues to hand out tens of thousands more each year.
(...) The latest White House proposal would hand the secret state unprecedented access to the personal communications of every American. What Bushist war criminals did secretly, Obama intends to do openly and with the blessings of a supine Congress. As constitutional scholar Glenn Greenwald points out, "not only has Obama ... blocked any reforms, he has taken multiple steps to further expand unaccountable and unchecked surveillance power." Nowhere is this more apparent than by administration moves to "reform" ECPA.While the Justice Department claims their newly sought authority does not include "'content' of email or other Internet communications," this is so much eyewash to deceive the public. In fact, the addition of so-called transactional records to the volume of files that the state can arbitrarily seize, would hand the government access to a limitless cache of email addresses, dates and times they were sent and received, and a literal snap-shot on demand of what any user looks at or searches when they log onto the internet. As I have pointed out before, most recently last month when I described the National Security Agency's PERFECT CITIZEN program, the roll-out of privacy-killing deep-packet inspection software developed by NSA already has the ability to read and catalogue the content of email messages flowing across private telecommunications networks. CLIP

Administration Must Disclose Information About Illegal Drones Use (VIDEO)
The Obama administration has approved a program that authorizes the CIA and the military to hunt and kill individuals who have suspected links to terrorism anywhere in the world, even in countries that are far away from any war zone or battlefield. Key details about the program -- including who can be targeted and how much evidence is required to put a name on the "kill list" -- remain secret. The policy violates international law and, at least when it comes to U.S. citizens, also violates the Constitution.

U.S.-China Conflict: From War Of Words To Talk Of War - Part I, By Rick Rozoff (August 15, 2010)
Relations between the U.S. and China have been steadily deteriorating since the beginning of the year when Washington confirmed the completion of a $6.4 billion arms deal with Taiwan and China suspended military-to-military ties with the U.S. in response. In January the Chinese Defense Ministry announced the cessation of military exchanges between the two countries and the Foreign Ministry warned of enforcing sanctions against American companies involved with weapons sales to Taiwan. The Washington Post reported afterward that during a two-day Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing this May attended by approximately 65 U.S. officials, Rear Admiral Guan Youfei of the People's Liberation Army accused Washington of "plotting to encircle China with strategic alliances" and said arms deals with Taiwan "prove that the United States views China as an enemy."
(...) On July 23, in a blunt reference to China, she said that the U.S. "has a national interest in freedom of navigation, open access to Asia's maritime commons, and respect for international law in the South China Sea," where the islands are located, and that "We oppose the use or threat of force by any claimant,‰ as "America's future is intimately tied to that of the Asia-Pacific." Clinton formally initiated a campaign to recruit the ten members of ASEAN - Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand - into a rapidly evolving Asian NATO aimed against China. After seven months of unrelenting challenges to China, when it appeared that enough gratuitous insults and mounting threats had already been issued, the USS George Washington aircraft carrier arrived in the Sea of Japan on July 25. Three years before, the U.S. Defense Department released a report on China which claimed it was "pursuing long-term, comprehensive transformation of its military forces to enable it to project power and deny other countries the ability to threaten it." Proceeding from that perspective, Washington is ensuring that China will be so thoroughly boxed in by U.S. warships, submarines, interceptor missile systems and advanced deep penetrating stealth bombers - and a ring of U.S. military client states ready to host American ships, planes, troops, missile shield installations and bases - that it indeed will not be able to protect itself from the threat of attack. Eleven days after the completion of the U.S.-South Korean naval exercises in the Sea of Japan, the U.S. Seventh Fleet began a weeklong series of naval maneuvers with Vietnam, the first-ever such joint exercises. USS George Washington, fresh from the recently concluded naval war games with South Korea, arrived in the South China Sea for the occasion. "The formidable USS George Washington is a permanent presence in the Pacific, based in Japan. As one of the world's biggest warships, it is a floating city that can carry up to 70 aircraft, more than 5,000 sailors and aviators and about 4 million pounds (1.8 million kilograms) of bombs. It lurked Sunday [August 8] about 200 miles (320 kilometers) off the central coast of Danang, Vietnam's jumping-off point for the disputed [Spratly and Paracel] islands."
(...) The U.S. Seventh Fleet is "the largest of the forward-deployed U.S. fleets, with 50-60 ships, 350 aircraft and 60,000 Navy and Marine Corps personnel." That is, the mightiest seaborne military machine in the world.
(...) On China's Western flank where a narrow strip of land connects the two countries, the U.S. Defense Department announced on August 11 that, in addition to 30,000 U.S. forces not so assigned, "The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan now has almost 120,000 troops from 47 different countries assigned to it," including forces from Asia-Pacific nations South Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. The noose is tightening around China and the nation's military knows it.

Iraq War Vet Camilo Mejía: US Withdrawal Plan Marks "Privatization of Military Occupation" (August 20, 2010)
JUAN GONZALEZ: The news networks had hours of coverage of the so-called withdrawal throughout the day yesterday. Much of it was interviewing the troops coming home and their families. Well, we're also joined by an Iraq war veteran, one you probably won't see on CNN or MSNBC: Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejía, the first US combat veteran to publicly resist the war.
(...) JUAN GONZALEZ: Camilo, your reaction now to this so-called news of the withdrawal of the last combat brigade from Iraq?
CAMILO MEJÍA: My reaction is that this is just another media stunt, because what is not being reported as strongly as the final troop leaving Iraq is that we're still leaving 50,000 troops in country, not to mention that the 4,000 who are leaving are being replaced by 7,000 security contractors, called "dirty gangs" by Iraqis. I think that basically what we have is just a recycling of forces in what effectively could be called a transferring of military duties from the US military into the hands of corporate paramilitary forces in Iraq.
AMY GOODMAN: Camilo, as you see the coverage over the last twenty-four hours, first, you know, as one of the leaders of Iraq Veterans Against the War, do you think this is the right move, what President Obama is doing? And then, what are your thoughts, hearing, watching soldiers talking about their experiences?
CAMILO MEJÍA: I have not been really tracking the testimonies of soldiers about the alleged withdrawal of the troops. But I do think that it's very troubling to see how the corporate media are covering this withdrawal, because very little to nothing has been said about the fact that we are privatizing just absolutely everything. Now we have the situation in Iraq where huge contracts are going to be given to these corporations to do what the US Army used to do, not that one is better than the other. I think there probably will be less accountability for private security contractors to be doing the job that soldiers, who are at least subject to be court-martialed, but are now going to be in the hands of people like Erik Prince and people like that. We already have over 100,000 contractors in Iraq operating, many of them operating in the capacity of mercenaries. If you read the coverage by the New York Times, you realize that these are not just going to be security guards, these are going to be highly specialized former military personnel who are going to have the skills and the ability to operate radars, to go out there and find improvised explosive devices, so we're talking about EOD personnel. You're talking about people who are pilots. You're talking about people who are going to be operating drones in Iraq. So this is not just people who are going to be bodyguards. You're talking about highly specialized individuals who are going to be replacing soldiers from the US military and other special operations units within the Army. So, basically, it's the privatization of a military occupation. It is what we're witnessing right now, the transferring of military authorities and duties from the US military into corporate paramilitary forces. CHECK ALSO End of Iraq Combat Operations or Beginning of Downsized, Rebranded Occupation Relying Heavily on Private Military Contractors?

Obama Admin Claims End to Combat Operations in Iraq, But Iraqis See Same War Under a Different Name (August 20, 2010)
The Obama administration says the last combat brigades have left Iraq. Is this the end of the Iraq war or just a rebranding of the US occupation? More than 50,000 troops remain in Iraq as well as 4,500 special operations forces and tens of thousands of private contractors. The US embassy in Baghdad is the largest in the world-the size of eighty football fields. We get a perspective on the so-called withdrawal rarely heard in the US media: that of two Iraqis, Raed Jarrar of Peace Action and Yanar Mohammed of the Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq. (...) I don't think what happened this week or what will be happening by the end of this month will have any real implications on the situation on the ground, because most of the US troops, the combat forces, have left Iraqi cities and towns and villages last June. So there are no real implications of what is happening now on the situation. The situation in Iraq is extremely bad. It's very bad. The services that the Iraqi public are receiving are dysfunctional. People don't have access to very basic services like water, electricity, sewage, education and healthcare. The political situation is deteriorating. It's very bad. Iraq does not have a government almost after six months of the election. And the security situation is extremely bad, as well. But these are two different tracks, though. From an Iraqi perspective, although a majority of Iraqis, maybe a national consensus, would agree that the situation is extremely bad in Iraq, that Iraq is still broken, there is still a majority of Iraqis who want this occupation to end. So it's not like Iraqis believe that prolonging the occupation would fix what this occupation has broken. (...) You don't see the US troops on the streets anymore. They are in their bases. They are running the politics totally on their own terms, for their own interests. But they don't have-they don't need to have their troops on the ground. They have trained the Iraqi army to do the same oppressive acts that they do to the people on the ground. The number of detainments, the oppression against people everywhere, the Iraqi army is doing a very good job at that. They are representing the same tactics, so the US troops don't need to be there, as long as the US politics have been put in place. So, what do we feel about that? Well, we have heard in the report earlier that it was called Operation Iraqi Liberation or Iraq Freedom. In our opinion, we are back to point zero now. At this point, organizing-freedom of organizing does not exist, because as-I don't know how many people in the US have heard that workers are not allowed to organize. Unions have been banned to organize in some of the ministries in Iraq. Civil society organizations are also being harassed by some facilities put in place by the government. And the democracy that has been imposed on Iraq by this occupation has brought forward a prime minister who runs prisons. Nouri al-Maliki runs a prison, and everybody knows that. The Human Rights Watch has written a report about it. He runs a prison where hundreds of men have been tortured. And I'm not speaking five years ago, six years ago; this was found out in April 2010. Nouri al-Maliki runs a prison in Baghdad where hundreds of men have been tortured Abu Ghraib-style. And we all know where those lessons have come from. CLIP

Debate: Is DREAM Act a Solution for Millions of Undocumented Youth or a Funnel for Military Recruitment? (August 20, 2010)
The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act-DREAM-would allow undocumented young people a chance at citizenship provided they attend college for at least two years or enlist in the military. It's been described as a dream come true for undocumented youth wanting a chance to stay in this country without the fear of deportation. But many antiwar activists warn that the bill will simply funnel more young people into the military.
(...) The two-year option to serve in the military is also not a two-year option, because any military contract is eight years. No less than eight years. Whether it be a combination of two years of active service and eight years in the Reserves or four each or three and five, it doesn't matter. It's always eight years. And people are always subject to stop-loss. On top of that, the DREAM Act does not grant residency. It grants conditional, temporary residency, which means that at any given point between the time that the person applies for the DREAM Act, there's a period of six years when this person is not even eligible to apply for permanent residency and is subjected to be deported just like any other undocumented immigrant here. In the case of people in the military, you have people going to Iraq or Afghanistan and coming back with post-traumatic stress disorder and getting into all kinds of trouble because they find a hard time to readjust to society. They get into drug-related problems, which is one of the offenses through which a person can be deported. Moral turpitude problems are very common with undocumented people, because this could be something as simple as using a fake ID or a fake Social Security number to be able to obtain work. So here you have the possibility of a person who is undocumented, graduates from high school in the United States, and does not have the ability to go to college, to be funneled into the military, serve in Iraq, come back possibly with amputations, possibly with post-traumatic stress disorder, come into the United States, not be a legal resident still, and commit a minor crime, a drug-related offense, forgery or whatever else that's considered moral turpitude or a deportable violation, and after serving in Iraq, after having gone through all of that hell, come back here and still be deported. It gives the government the opportunity to take a pool of 65,000 kids who graduated high school in this country to send them into the military and, upon their return, still have the ability to very likely deport them. It's a very draconian bill. CLIP

Washington, We Have a Problem (September 2010)
How broken is Washington? Beyond repair? A day in the life of the president reveals that Barack Obama’s job would be almost unrecognizable to most of his predecessors—thanks to the enormous bureaucracy, congressional paralysis, systemic corruption (with lobbyists spending $3.5 billion last year), and disintegrating media. Inside the West Wing, the author talks to Obama’s top advisers about the challenge of playing the Washington game, ugly as it has become, even while their boss insists they find a way to transcend it. (...) Washington is hard to govern, above all, because of the radical growth in the scope of the federal government’s responsibilities—it’s an obvious fact, but it’s where explanations must begin. On the eve of World War II, F.D.R. had six high-level aides who carried the title “administrative assistant to the president.” Harry Truman, after the war, had 12 of them: they met every morning in a semicircle around his desk. There are now upwards of 100 people who have some variation on “assistant to the president” in their titles. The sheer number of things the executive branch is responsible for just keeps expanding; the time available to think about any one of them therefore keeps shrinking. This is not just a management issue, it’s a stakeholder issue: every special interest in the country is working zealously to keep what it has, or to get something better. Emanuel, who was a top White House aide through most of the Clinton years, thought the pace was bad back then. It’s much worse now. “Leon thinks it’s a huge problem,” he says, referring to Bill Clinton’s chief of staff, Leon Panetta, who is now Obama’s C.I.A. director. “He says that this is a highly caffeinated speed.” CLIP

Fiddling While the US Economy Burns (August 23, 2010)
We know we live in hard times that are on the verge of getting harder with 500,000 new claims for unemployment last week, a recent record. The stock market may be over for now as fear and panic drives small investors out. Big corporations hoard stashes of cash rather then hire workers. The D-Word (depression) is back in play. Foreclosures are up, and the Administration’s programs to stop them are down, well below their stated goals, only helping one-sixth of those promised assistance. And here’s a statistic for you: 300,000. That’s the number of foreclosure filings every month for the past 17 months. This year, 1.9 million homes will be lost, down from 2 million last year. Is that progress? In July alone, 92, 858 homes were repossessed.At the same time, the number of cancelled mortgage modifications exceeded the number of successful ones. According to, last month, “the number of trial modification cancellations surged to 616,839, greatly outnumbering the 421,804 active permanent modifications." And don’t think this is only a problem that affects the homeowners about to go homeless. The New York Times quotes Michael Feder, the chief executive of the real estate data firm Radar Logic, to the effect that we are all at risk. “My concern is that if we have another protracted housing dip, it’s going to bring the economy down,” Mr. Feder said. “If consumers don’t think their houses are worth what they were six months ago, they’re not going to go out and spend money. I’m concerned this problem isn’t being addressed.” The larger point is that even if you believe the economy is already down, it can go lower. No one knows how to “fix it” either just as BP couldn’t plug the “leak” that, truth be told, is still oozing oil. So what are we doing about it? Are we demanding debt relief or a moratorium on foreclosures? Are we shutting down the foreclosure factories? Nope. Progressives are spending time and wasting passion this August debating on an Islamic Cultural Center near Ground Zero, invariably responding to the provocations and agenda of adversaries. They are always on the defense, never taking the offense.Who is beating the drum for job creation and a new economic policy? Maybe the unions, but their voice is muted and ignored in the electronic noise machine. CLIP

Axing the Bankers' Money Tree - Homeowners' Rebellion against Wall Street
Over 62 million mortgages are now held in the name of MERS, an electronic recording system devised by and for the convenience of the mortgage industry.  A California bankruptcy court, following landmark cases in other jurisdictions, recently held that this electronic shortcut breaks the chain of title, voiding foreclosure. The logical result could be 62 million homes that are foreclosure-proof. In a Newsweek article a year ago called "Too Big to  Jail: Why Prosecutors Won‚t Hit Wall Street Hard in the Subprime Scandal," Michael Hirsch wrote that we were unlikely to see trials and convictions like those in the savings and loan scandals of the 1980s, because fraud and blame have been so widespread that there is no one to single out and jail. Said Hirsch: "The sad irony is that in pleading collective guilt, most of Wall Street will escape whipping for a scheme that makes Bernie Madoff's shenanigans look like pickpocketing. At the crest of the real-estate bubble, fraud was systemic and Wall Street had essentially gone into the loan-sharking business." "Unfortunately," he added, "prosecution of fraud is the only way you're going to get reform on Wall Street." Sure enough, a year later we got a banking reform bill that was so watered down that Wall Street got nearly everything it wanted. The too-big-to-fails, rather than being whittled down to size, have grown even bigger, circumventing antitrust laws; and they are being allowed to carry on pretty much as before. The Federal Reserve, rather than being called on the carpet, has been given even more power; and the Consumer Protection Agency -- the main part of the bill with teeth - has been put under the Fed‚s watchful eye. Congress and the Justice Department seem to have bowed out, leaving no one to hold the finance industry to account. But the best laid plans even of Wall Street can sometimes go awry. In an ironic twist, the industry may wind up tripping over its own Achilles heel, the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems or MERS.
(...) "Because of the missing ownership documentation, Charney is now starting to file quiet title actions, hoping to get her homeowner clients full title to their homes (a quiet title action quiets‚ all other claims). Charney says she's helped thousands of homeowners delay or prevent foreclosure, and trained thousands of lawyers across the country on how to protect homeowners and battle in court." If courts overwhelmed with foreclosures decide to take up the cause, the result could be millions of struggling homeowners with the banks off their backs, and millions of homes no longer on the books of some too-big-to-fail banks. Without those assets, the banks could again be looking at bankruptcy. As was pointed out in a San Francisco Chronicle article by attorney Sean Olender following the October 2007 Bokyo decision: "The ticking time bomb in the U.S. banking system is not resetting subprime mortgage rates. The real problem is the contractual ability of investors in mortgage bonds to require banks to buy back the loans at face value if there was fraud in the origination process. ". . . The loans at issue dwarf the capital available at the largest U.S. banks combined, and investor lawsuits would raise stunning liability sufficient to cause even the largest U.S. banks to fail . . ." Nationalization of these giant banks might be the next logical step - a step that some commentators said should have been taken in the first place. When the banking system of Sweden collapsed following a housing bubble in the 1990s, nationalization of the banks worked out very well for that country. The Swedish banks were largely privatized again when they got back on their feet, but it might be a good idea to keep some banks as publicly-owned entities, on the model of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. For most of the 20th century it served as a "people's bank," making low interest loans to consumers and businesses through branches all over the country. With the strengthened position of Wall Street following the 2008 bailout and the tepid 2010 banking reform bill, the U.S. is far from nationalizing its mega-banks now. But a committed homeowner movement to tear off the predatory mask called MERS could yet turn the tide. While courts are not likely to let 62 million homeowners off scot free, the defect in title created by MERS could give them significant new leverage at the bargaining table.     

THE WAY WE LIVE NOW - The Charitable-Giving Divide (August 22, 2010)
With the battle over whether to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy shaping up as the major political event of the fall, opponents of repeal were handed a bounteous gift this summer when Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and 38 others announced that they formed a pact to give at least half their wealth to charity. After all, what better illustration could there be of the great social good that wealthy people can do when the government lets them keep their hard-earned dollars to spend as they please? The problem is that the exceptional philanthropy of the superwealthy few doesn't apply to the many more people defined as rich in the current debate over the Bush tax cuts - individuals earning over $200,000 and couples with revenues over $250,000. For decades, surveys have shown that upper-income Americans don't give away as much of their money as they might and are particularly undistinguished as givers when compared with the poor, who are strikingly generous. A number of other studies have shown that lower-income Americans give proportionally more of their incomes to charity than do upper-income Americans. In 2001, Independent Sector, a nonprofit organization focused on charitable giving, found that households earning less than $25,000 a year gave away an average of 4.2 percent of their incomes; those with earnings of more than $75,000 gave away 2.7 percent. CLIP

Tony Blair Must Be Prosecuted (August 05, 2010) AND SO SHOULD CHENEY, BUSH AND CO...
Tony Blair must be prosecuted, not indulged like his mentor Peter Mandelson. Both have produced self-serving memoirs for which they have been paid fortunes. Blair’s will appear next month and earn him £4.6 million. Now consider Britain’s Proceeds of Crime Act. Blair conspired in and executed an unprovoked war of aggression against a defenseless country, which the Nuremberg judges in 1946 described as the "paramount war crime." This has caused, according to scholarly studies, the deaths of more than a million people, a figure that exceeds the Fordham University estimate of deaths in the Rwandan genocide. In addition, four million Iraqis have been forced to flee their homes and a majority of children have descended into malnutrition and trauma. Cancer rates near the cities of Fallujah, Najaf, and Basra (the latter "liberated" by the British) are now revealed as higher than those at Hiroshima. "UK forces used about 1.9 metric tons of depleted uranium ammunition in the Iraq war in 2003," the Defense Secretary Liam Fox told parliament on 22 July. A range of toxic "anti-personnel" weapons, such as cluster bombs, was employed by British and American forces. Such carnage was justified with lies that have been repeatedly exposed. On 29 January 2003, Blair told parliament, "We do know of links between al-Qaeda and Iraq …." Last month, the former head of the intelligence service, MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller, told the Chilcot inquiry, "There is no credible intelligence to suggest that connection … [it was the invasion] that gave Osama bin Laden his Iraqi jihad." Asked to what extent the invasion exacerbated the threat to Britain from terrorism, she replied, "Substantially."
(...) Instead of remorse, Blair has demonstrated a voracious and secretive greed. Since stepping down as prime minister in 2007, he has accumulated an estimated £20 million, much of it as a result of his ties with the Bush administration. The House of Commons Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which vets jobs taken by former ministers, was pressured not to make public Blair’s "consultancy" deals with the Kuwaiti royal family and the South Korean oil giant UI Energy Corporation. He gets £2 million a year "advising" the American investment bank J P Morgan and undisclosed sums from financial services companies. He makes millions from speeches, including reportedly £200,000 for one speech in China. In his unpaid but expenses-rich role as the West’s "peace envoy" in the Middle East, Blair is, in effect, a voice of Israel, which awarded him a $1 million "peace prize." In other words, his wealth has grown rapidly since he launched, with George W. Bush, the bloodbath in Iraq.
(...) The suffering of the children of Iraq will remain a specter haunting Britain while Blair remains free to profit.

Israel cracks down on dissent (July 29, 2010)
Al Jazeera: Human Rights Watch is reporting a crackdown on political activists who criticize Israel -- The Israeli parliament is considering several new laws that could seriously impact the ability of citizens to criticise the government, according to rights groups. Human Rights Watch is reporting a crackdown on political activists who criticise Israeli's treatment of the Palestinians. In what rights groups consider part of an alarming pattern, Shin Bet, Israel's internal security agency, recently admitted to spying on a young Australian activist in the West Bank.

Thousands of Haitians Face Risk of Forcible Evictions from Temporary Camps (August 17, 2010)
It's been over seven months since Haiti's devastating earthquake left up to 300,000 dead and displaced over 1.5 million. Only a small fraction of the displaced have found new homes, and those who've found shelter in temporary camps now face a new round of displacement. According to Haitian community groups, thousands of Haitians are at risk of forcible eviction from some of the 1,300 camps established since the quake. The evictions come at a time when reports show a rising number of rapes and sexual abuse in the aftermath of the quake, especially in the camps for the internally displaced. [includes rush transcript] CLIP

France Urged to Pay $40 Billion to Haiti in Reparations for "Independence Debt" (August 17, 2010)
According to the UN-sponsored Haiti Reconstruction Fund, only two countries-Brazil and Estonia-have fully paid the pledged amount. The United States, France, Canada and many others have failed to send their pledged aid. A recent review by CNN found that just two percent of total pledges have been delivered to Haiti. Calls are now growing for another form of payment to Haiti: reparations. This week, a group of prominent academics and activists published an open letter calling on France to repay an "independence debt" it imposed nearly 200 years ago after Haiti successfully won independence from France. Haiti was forced to pay France around 90 million gold francs up until World War II, which after interest and inflation is valued today at up to $40 billion. [includes rush transcript] CLIP - More from Democracy Now on Haiti at

New York Senate Passes Temporary Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing (AUGUST 4, 2010)
In a predawn vote Wednesday, New York State's senate passed a bill that reaches beyond the debate over the environmental safety of drilling for gas in the Marcellus Shale and would effectively ban almost all gas and oil drilling in the state until next spring. The bill circumvents an environmental review by the state's regulatory agency that could be finished this year. The bill prohibits the underground process of hydraulic fracturing, which breaks up buried rock and releases gas trapped inside.Its author, State Senator Antoine Thompson, told ProPublica the moratorium is aimed at pausing the kind of high-volume hydraulic fracturing used in horizontally-drilled wells in the Marcellus Shale until legislators can reach an informed decision about its risks. CLIP

Arctic Sea Belching Tons of Methane (March 4, 2010)
Ocean permafrost an overlooked greenhouse gas source, study says Arctic seabeds are belching massive quantities of methane, according to a new study that says ocean permafrost is a huge and largely overlooked source of the powerful greenhouse gas, which has been linked to global warming. Previous research had found methane bubbling out of melting permafrost-frozen soil-in Arctic wetlands and lakes. But the permafrost lining the deep, cold seas was thought to be staying frozen solid, holding in untold amounts of trapped methane. "It's not the case anymore," said study leader Natalia Shakhova, a biogeochemist at the University of Fairbanks, Alaska. "The permafrost is actually failing in its ability to preserve this leakage." In fact, Shakhova and colleagues estimate that roughly eight million tons of methane are leaking into the atmosphere each year from the East Siberia Sea, fueling concerns of accelerated global warming CLIP - (Related: "Methane Bubbling Up From Undersea Permafrost?")

Ice Island Breaks off Greenland; Bigger Than Manhattan (August 6, 2010)
New Petermann glacier collapse may be biggest in recorded history -- An ice chunk four times the size of Manhattan has broken off of Greenland's Petermann glacier-possibly the biggest glacier collapse in recorded history, scientists announced Friday. The so-called "ice island" covers a hundred square miles (260 square kilometers) and holds enough water to keep U.S. public tap water flowing for 120 days, according to Andreas Muenchow, a physical ocean scientist and engineer at the University of Delaware.As a result of the collapse, Petermann glacier-located about 620 miles (1,000 kilometers) south of the North Pole-lost about a quarter of its 43-mile-long (70-kilometer-long) floating ice shelf, satellites images taken Thursday show. CLIP

Navy plans could affect more marine mammals (August 5, 2010) AGAIN!!!
The Navy plans to increase ocean warfare exercises, conduct more sonar tests and expand coastal training areas by hundreds of square miles — activities that could harass, injure or disturb the habitats of hundreds of thousands of marine mammals, federal records show. The Navy is seeking federal permits to broaden an existing range off the Pacific Northwest and dramatically expand exercises and sonar use in the Gulf of Alaska. The Navy's plans have ignited a debate with environmental groups that say the service underestimates the long-term impact of its activities and fails to restrict training sufficiently in marine sanctuaries and other areas where it is likely to affect sensitive species. The plans to expand training off the Pacific Northwest, where the service's exercise areas reach into the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, have drawn about 3,500 public comments, most in opposition. Critics of the Navy's plans point to its use of new sonar systems that can disrupt marine mammals' brain function and behavior, noting that even brief disorientation or other "temporary" effects can have serious consequences, such as changes in reproductive activity. Among the most serious concerns is the potential for whales to strand themselves on beaches: Since 2000, there have been at least four instances in which mass strandings of whales have been associated with the Navy's sonar use, federal records show.

Truth about Fluoride hits Mainstream TV in Australia 2010-8-5 its a poison - MUST WATCH!
The truth about fluoride and its toxicity levels are rarely publicized on the mainstream media. After all, how would the public react if they learned they were being poisoned by their own governments?However, a local news broadcast in Melbourne, Australia has done just that, exposing the realities of what fluoride really does to the human body. The news anchor from today tonight opens the introduction to the clip by stating "the truth is, fluoride is a poison and adding it to our drinking water is an evolving social experiment started 40 years ago. Now, one of the world's top fluoride experts has issued a grim warning about what it could be doing to our health and that of unborn children."

Teens carry 30 per cent more BPA than rest of population (August 17, 2010)
Discovery of chemical in nearly all Canadians raises alarm -- Teenagers may carry the highest levels of bisphenol A - about 30 per cent more than the rest of the population, according to the first national survey about the compound conducted by Statistics Canada, but exposure to the estrogen-mimicking chemical is widespread, with detectible levels in 91 per cent of Canadians. The survey, released Monday, found that the average level of BPA, as the substance is known, was just over one part per billion, an exceedingly small amount, but still a thousand times higher than natural levels of estrogen found in the body. Statistics Canada said its data, based on urine samples collected from more than 5,400 people aged six to 79, suggest there is "continual widespread exposure in the Canadian population" to BPA. The Statscan sampling is the largest such effort done to date in the world. (...) Some scientists and public-health advocates are worried about even these trace amounts, saying they could contribute to increased risk of breast cancer and precocious puberty in girls, among other hormonally caused health impacts that have been observed in animal experiments using low-level exposures to the compound. CLIP - related articles: Workplace BPA tied to male sex problems - Elevated amount of BPA can increase cardiac risk by 45%, study finds (...) The evidence is now overwhelming that human exposure to bisphenol A is at the root of significant human disease, and that one of the most important things we could do for public health is to reduce human exposure to this chemical CLIP - Food may not be sole BPA source - Bisphenol A poses disease risk for adults, study says

EMF-Omega-News 7. August 2010
Association between number of cell phone contracts and brain tumor incidence in nineteen U.S. States - Awareness on the Subject of Microwave Radiation - Russian work on hazards of microwave radiation - Electromagnetic Fields Lead to Diabetic Disasters - Fighting Back: Eminent Researchers Unite as Institutes Avoid Answering Important Questions - Collected papers of Sam Milham, MD - Are you or your family be effected by a phone mast? - Our heads in a microwave oven - Cell Phone Radiation: Facts and Health Risks you should know - Do not install any wireless meters at this location - Hartburn residents protest over phone mast - Greenbank phone mast application blocked over health fears - Concern at phone mast near two schools - Liverpool Tesco hide unapproved mobile phone mast in flagpole - Do communication masts signal rising health dangers? - Cancer calling? East Bay couple on a mission to warn of cell phone risks - Urge Congress on EMF Safety: FCC Must Change Exposure Guidelines for Microwave Radiation Exposure - Fairfax bans PG&E's SmartMeters for six months - Hacker Spoofs Cell Phone Tower to Intercept Calls - Mobile Phones: Texting Like Heroin for Teens

EMF-Omega-News 14. August 2010
High Court Judgement in Italy - Vanished insects hint at potential bio-catastrophe - Diseases of Civilization Linked to Electricity - Dangers accepted far too naively - Local doctor shares his views on dangers from electromagnetic radiation - Stricter guidelines soon for mobile radiation - Power fears raised with council - Parishioners protest plan for cellphone antennas in Ridgefield church steeple - Wireless phones cause cancer or other maladies - Wi-Fi opponents make waves - Residents in Chafford make documentary for fight against mast - Troon residents protest against giant phone mast - Next-up News - News from Mast Sanity

EMF-Omega-News 21. August 2010
Effects of Exposure to GSM Mobile Phone Base Station Signals on Salivary Cortisol, Alpha-Amylase, and Immunoglobulin A - History of Microwaves: From Weapons to Your WiFi - Review of Soviet Microwave Research 1969 - The BioInitiative Report: Biological Standards for Wireless - On the use of skin biopsy in the diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy - Electro Hyper Sensitivity in Japan - Wi-Fi fears swell - What will be the health impacts from Johannesburg being Wi-Fi? - Parents fear Wi-Fi microwaves making children ill - Blame Wi-Fi: Canadian Parents Claim Wireless Networks Harm Children - Consider the potential for bias in your statements - Wireless Danger at Stratford General Hospital - Woman feels the waves - Local woman fights wireless industry to reduce health risks - Unappealing Antennas Stall Cell Coverage - Vodaphone mobile phone mast plan is rejected - Phone masts for floodlights deal - Protesters call for meeting over mast - Residents gear up for second phone battle - Anger as O2 phone mast gets green light - Residents oppose second plan for a phone mast near houses - A mobile phone mast proposal has met a frosty reception from Portsmouth City Council - College phone mast consultation extended - Smartphone 'Death Grip' Earns Its Name - Compact Flourescent Bulbs (CFL) emit electromagnetic radiation - Beware electrosmog - Mobile Telephony: the hard truth of the business


Date: 05 Aug 2010
From: Rishael Sisler
Subject: Thoughts, Thanks and Blessings

Dearest Jean,

I felt a little foolish after sharing my story about The White Light Magic Show, although it is the truth as well as I can remember it after 34 some years. I am still diligently looking for that book.

On a more positive note... I LOVE the Bloomsday concept and everything you are doing with the meditations and compilations. I am an ultra-sensitive and often find it difficult to cope with all that I know about what is going on in our world. I've always been different in the way I see the world and the things that I see in the world. My greatest strength over fear and depression is Love. I learned at some time in my pursuit of knowledge that you cannot feel two emotions at the same time... So... when I am overwhelmed by what I know and feel or fear that is happening... I think about one thing or someone that makes me feel Love and then hold on to that feeling until it replaces my fears. If I can't sleep... I remember how I felt as a child on "Christmas eve" with the anticipation of a magical and wondrous awakening. These are simple exercises but they have served me well in many complex situations and trying times. We as Human beings are so Magical and Miraculous by design. Discovering our own relationship to what we imagine and then experience in life is the greatest "new Frontier" of discovery for me.

I have one more little story that profoundly affected my life and it is about the "Mountain Charlie Tree" which is a giant redwood tree that is on private land just up the road from where we once lived in Los Gatos California. I often walked up to the tree to sit in meditation and marvel at its strength and majesty. On one particular visit... as I sat down with my back to the tree to meditate I said to the tree, "you have stood for so long and seen so many things in your years... would you please share with me a story"... and then I began my meditation. This majestic entity showed me a story that I saw and felt like a movie... It started shortly after the industrial age began... and the Earth was feeling effects of the pollution mining war etc. that was happening and tried to communicate her discomfort but the people didn't hear. Then the nuclear testing began and more experiments, wars and abuse to nature happened and the Earth cried out louder... but the people didn't hear. Things continued to get worse as they have and then a time came when the wars, pollution sickness and death was overwhelming all life at a global level. Everything was gray dark and dying... most everything was dead or barely clinging to life. There were roving groups of humanity struggling to stay alive in the unlivable condition that we had created on Earth.

All at once... every group of people alive lay down on the Earth all over the planet and reached their hands and feet into the soil and hugged the Earth with their whole bodies with an outpouring of remorse and love for what had been and what they wished could still be. The outpouring of feeling was overwhelming in its intensity especially the love that each one felt for our planet. Then the magic began... and like time lapsed photography the Earth came back to life and beauty starting from each body laying on the Earth expressing Love and begging forgiveness. I didn't know what to make of this story... but it did give me hope as I had been doing a lot of research at that time (around 1983-84) on the environmental situation on our planet. The last thing the tree told me... was that I was ill that I had cancer and that I should do something to heal myself.

I did have cancer I found out...a second stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma and I did work to recover from that illness and have always been grateful to the Mountain Charlie Tree for sharing that story and that information. On another note, tonight I rented the DVD of the movie "Ray Bradbury's Chrysalis". For anyone who enjoys science fiction It has a wonderful and powerful ending and a great message about nature.

Sorry about the lengthy message Jean... I Love all that you do and I am so grateful for your compilations as my time for research is still very limited because I am still caring for my Mother who will be 92 this December.

Blessings Love, Light,

Rishael Sisler

"I am imagining/feeling the Earth healing"


Date: 17 July 2010
From: Sylvia Bucek (
Subject: Re: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness

Dearest Jean,

This comes with heartfelt appreciation and thanks for your July 11th Meditation Focus, and stunning summary entitled "Be All That You Are".

During the meditation, suddenly and out of the blue for a moment I was transported to an unspeakably beautiful dimension that I really can’t describe in words except to say that I thought I’d somehow been beamed into Heaven. Gradually it dawned on me, this must be a New Earth, and I was an immortal child coming into being. Jean, I think it was a drill, like a practice run. I would have written sooner, but have been too overawed by the experience. Nor have I been able to talk about it, but it feels as though I must.

So I am composing an “Afterword” for the end of my book, Flight Manual, before listing it on And I wonder if I have your permission to tell it the way it happened; during the July 11th Meditation Focus with Earth Rainbow Network (and should I include your name?).

God bless you dear Jean,

Much love,



Dearest Sylvia

What an amazing vision you had there! Of course you can tell your experience in this Afterword and I'd love to read it... Usually when such experiences happen we simultaneously receive a detailed download of information and so when you'll flesh out your description of what happened, you may want to grab a thread (a thought) which, if you follow it without any critical judgement and with complete trust, will lead you to a treasure throve of information waiting to be brought up from your subconscious mind.

It's what happens to me when I receive, while in deep meditation and blissful ecstasy, the initial flash for the topic of the next meditation focus. I can see/hear/feel a whole train of thoughts and often brilliant, inspiring ideas that flash through my mind at lightning speed and I'd love then to be able to immediately record them all - but doing so, and thus stepping out of the deep state of meditation I'm in, would end the download or curtail it. So I've learned to trust that, later on (often a couple weeks later) when I finally sit down, usually very late at night in near exhaustion, to put in writing the summary description for the next meditation focus, it will come to me as if by magic word by word, forming whole sentences and well structured paragraphs, based usually merely on the title that I try each time to note down at the end of the meditation to make sure I won't forget it. It sometime happened that I had not noted it down and then when I tried to recall what that topic was, the few words I had heard that encapsulated the entire vision zapped to me, I had a blank and was clueless for a moment until it started coming back, exactly like when you try to recall a dream you had through grabbing a thread, a faint memory of an element at the end of it, and then you can bring parts of the rest of the dream to your consciousness through pulling at this thread... which is why I'm suggesting this to you when you will write the story of your experience.

Let the words guide you and don't try to mentally control the flow of thoughts of your inspiration, but simply ride its wave, never trying to think ahead about where it is going - or should be going - being keenly attentive that if you are suddenly blocked and no more word comes, it is probably because you introduced a glitch in the transmission through choosing yourself a word or a line of thoughts, instead of trusting the flow and riding it without controlling its direction. That's when the best "juice" comes out. So if you sense that while writing you have diverged from the center of the flow and are suddenly going nowhere, just stop, backtrack (delete the words that feels like they are from your controlling mind instead of from the Flow) up to the point it made a whole lot of intuitive sense and let the Flow pull you back into the main current again to continue recording the thoughts emerging from your subconscious Divine Well.

And I'm sure you did indeed have a vision of the new Earth we came here to co-manifest and anchor through our loving devotion for All That is - through simply BEing All That We Are.

Much Love to you!


PS If I resonate with your Afterword, I may very well - with your permission - include it in a coming compilation along with this whole letter above to introduce it...


THANK YOU Jean for your awesome reply. I’ve read & reread it many times…every word of it is an inspiration.

Your suggestion to grab a thread is absolutely wonderful.

When I incorporate your description of the thread with the “eye of the needle” (that I’ve been grappling with), then of course I can see how the “knot” in the thread would be a glitch in the transmission. So that gives me a better understanding of how to proceed with the afterword I need to write.

I love your description of the new Earth we came here to co-manifest and anchor through our loving devotion for All That is - through simply BEing All That We Are.

Needless to say, if you will choose to include the story of my experience in a coming compilation, your whole letter (and anything you’d feel inspired to add) should definitely introduce it.

I will email you the story as soon as it’s written – though it may take a while. July 24th I leave for a week at a wilderness cabin on Round Lake, with no Internet access…all part of going with the flow, I’m sure.

With much love,



Subject: My vision - July 11th

Hello Jean,

Your suggestion (about grabbing a thread of thought) was wonderful… "Usually when such experiences happen we simultaneously receive a detailed download of information and so when you'll flesh out your description of what happened, you may want to grab a thread (a thought) which, if you follow it without any critical judgement and with complete trust, will lead you to a treasure throve of information waiting to be brought up from your subconscious mind.” …well, I took your advice and followed the thread all the way back to my childhood and the download of information I received at age ten, about growing up in the natural kingdom and growing into the conscious state of our divine Being. And remembering our spiritual wings (which my book, Flight Manual, aspires to help with).

I think that my experience of July 11th may have been like a ‘test flight’. So I have attempted to explain it in the form of an ‘Afterword’ that I’ll add to the book before listing it with Here it is:

"As a child I lived in a true-to-life wonderland and thought everyone else did, too.

My earliest memories recall my deep love of Nature and appreciation for all things natural, including what might otherwise be termed supernatural. I knew that animals communicate with us, and that we commune with flowers and trees and, of course, Angels. Back then I was unmindful of the veil between the heavenly strata and physical plane, nor did I know about the rift between man and the natural kingdom. Had I wondered about it, I may simply have thought that there is so much more to life than meets the mortal eye.

At age ten, in my mind's eye I saw that as a human being I was predisposed towards a consensus reality that appeared to be dead-ended, but my Higher Self was showing me that the human is essentially an immortal being on a spectacular journey to Heaven on Earth, even though part of that journey looked like an altered reality where it was possible to lose sight of one’s natural self and become lost in a virtual world. (Down the road this would be explained during a near death experience. However, at the moment I was seeing things from a perspective outside linear time). I anchored the moment in my mind, like an icon, showing a little girl in a yellow bathing suit, waist deep in crystal clear water under a cerulean sky. Next to her head is a thought balloon, like you’d see in a comic strip, and it shows her adult self returning to that moment as though she were coming down from a mind journey that appears to be fading like a dream.

My Higher Self was showing me that one simply needs To Be, (referring to one’s Soul Being), and that in time anything else falls away.

Fast forward to July 11, 2010 … today, during our collective meditation and soul communion with the Global Meditation Focus Group (Meditation Focus #214: Stepping Up Towards Oneness Consciousness)… out of the blue I was momentarily transported to an unspeakably beautiful dimension that appeared to be a new kind of Earth. At first I thought I had somehow been beamed into Heaven. Then I thought that somehow, by some miracle (that one perhaps need not understand), I had returned to the childhood scene described above, as I seemed to be standing in crystal clear water under a cerulean sky and was aware of being a child, but I was also aware of being an adult who was entering a state of consciousness that is one with its greater self.

I wondered if I had died. No sooner did the thought come to mind, than I sensed that the world, as I had known it, was fading like a dream. Intuitively I understood I was an immortal Soul coming into Being.

I came back knowing that the Human DNA is encoded with the journey and that it can be downloaded (God willing) if the condition we are in allows us to receive it. It all begins with recognizing our unity with the sacredness of everything and identifying with reverence for every form of life, thus allowing our divine blueprint to unfold, while we remain heart-centered and soul-focused."

Jean…that’s the end of the ‘Afterword’ for Flight Manual that I’ve written so far. But, I wonder if I might add this quote from your letter to me, about the “new Earth we came here to co-manifest and anchor through our loving devotion for All That is - through simply BEing All That We Are”. Those words seem to sum it up so beautifully.

Much love to you,




Three Inspiring Stories of Kindness

A couple of weeks ago I left my country with a team of athletes headed for the USA to compete in a Worlds event. It was the first time any of us had been to America. We were amazed at how huge everything was and our anticipation and excitement was high but we were to encounter something that would have a profound affect on us all ... especially on me. We arrived in America 6 days before the event giving the team time to acclimatise and do a bit more training, on the eve of the competition we met a person who literally banged into us. He was a local and was looking for a person who he thought we might know. In our discussions we found that actually we didn't know the person he was looking for but were invited to this persons place for a barbecue and a swim, all 9 of us. At first we were a bit cautious and even suspicious but he insisted on us coming to his house giving his cellphone for us to call him up when we were ready to come. Anyhow we threw caution to the wind and decided to take him up on his offer, which to me had sounded sincere from the word go. I'm pretty good at reading people and when we were talking to this person he seemed genuine in his interest in the event, in us and his invitation. Well we set off to his place following his instructions finding out that he lived about 5 minutes from the venue we would be competing at and in a beautiful home. He greeted us first and his two companions (of the 4 legged variety) came out to greet us in their own doogy way as well. At that point I knew that he had opened his home and heart to us. He treated us as though we had been friends forever. We talked, ate and drank with him. We swam and talked, drank and ate some more. At that stage because he had told us not to bring anything to put towards dinner we decided to give him a T-shirt from our country and a small gift. And wouldn't you know it if he gave us all gifts as well. His kindness was absolute and sincere. The next couple of days he came to the venue where we were competing and watched our events, cheered us on and had good fun. He, his friends and his uncle came to watch as we won gold and silver. On our final day in America he once again invited us back to his home and also invited another two more of our teams . When we arrived his friends were their to greet us, his mum had done a whole heap of baking for us, he had prepared food and his younger brother had come over to bring a football so the boys could have a bit of a run. We all went to the pool where we swam, played ball games and football and enjoyed one another company. Not once did he expect anything from us. When we said our goodbyes their were a few tears and it felt like we were leaving family. He in turn felt the same way. He has said that he wants to take up the sport we compete in and maybe see us all at the next World Event in our sport in another two years in New Caledonia. We encouraged him to work on it and left another gift and t-shirts. Not to be out done he had gifts for our team and with that we left but not before he bowed as we waved goodbye. That whole meeting and exchange has left me feeling uplifted with joy in my heart for humanity. This man's out pouring of kindness, hospitality and unconditional love was so overwhelming. To some in the group it left them feeling as though he was too good to be true and even on the weird side. For me he was an inspiration and a ray of sunshine and I am so thankful for having met such a person who has shared his family his friends, his home and his heart with total strangers. His parting words were we love you all and I'm sure we will meet again soon. I thought I'd share my story with everyone because kindness feels good when your on the recieving end of it and I'm sure when you're giving it out.


During my freshman year of college, I went 500 miles away from home in an effort to experience something new. Naturally, through the course of the year, I had my ups and downs, problems with friends, stress from school, and homesickness. There was one particularly bad week when everything seemed to be building and I had never been so stressed or upset. All I wanted to do was go home. I missed even having the privacy to cry in my room without having a roommate there. One night, after a really rough day during that week, I escaped to a rarely used stairwell. All of my friends had deserted me, it seemed, and I had a number of papers due at the end of the week. I was sobbing on the phone to my mom when two people came down the stairs together. The guy walked right past me, averting his eyes in mixed embarrassment and respect, I can only assume. But the girl he was with gave me a hug and a comforting and understanding smile. It was amazing to me that when none of my friends cared about me, a complete stranger did.


We were in a restaurant and I noticed an elderly couple with a helium balloon tied to their table. When I asked them what the occasion was they told me it was their 50th wedding anniversary. I was glad and sad for them. Glad, because they still cherished each other. Sad, because they were all on their own. No family, no friends. As I went back to our table I thought that I should pay their bill. I tried to do it anonymously, but the restaurant manager was curious: what is this, who are they to you, who are you, why are you doing this? Finally, I told them I was a church pastor and felt prompted to do it. The elderly couple were stunned speechless at the counter when told a total stranger had paid their bill. They were nearly in tears. We were all nearly in tears: the couple, the manager, the waitresses, and me. Two months later I got a call. "Have you got the latest Woman's Weekly?" "No, I only read the Man's!" I said. Deb, who was with us in the restaurant, rang to tell me that my simple act of kindness was reported to the magazine (from memory, it was either the restaurant manager or the elderly couple). I wasn't expecting anything in return, but that $44 or so random act of kindness touched the hearts of thousands. Imagine what would and could happen if we all practice random acts of kindness on family, friends, neighbors and strangers even for the next 30 days? Firstly, it will do something beautiful on the inside of you. And you never know what it will do to others. Go on, do something special, be creative and make someone's day! I'd love to hear your story. Be blessed as you bless others in kindness.

- Taken from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website where you can find more inspirational stories and daily suggestions for things you could do to make someone else happy. Here is an excerpt from the description of what they do: "As people tap into their own generous human spirit and share kindness with one another, they discover for themselves the power of kindness to effect positive change in their lives and the lives around them. When kindness is expressed, healthy relationships are created, community connections are nourished, and people are inspired to pass kindness on. (...) The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a resource for people committed to spreading kindness. We provide a wide variety of materials on our website, including activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans, teacher's guide, project planning guide, publicity guide, and workplace resources on our website at - all free of charge. (...) The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is the United States delegate to the World Kindness Movement, an organization that includes various nations. People in these countries promote kindness within their countries' borders and are creating a global network of kindness and compassion. As people from different cultures and from all walks of life are joining to spread kindness, they are creating a powerful, synergistic action throughout the world. Please join us in bringing kindness and compassion to our local and global communities!"



UN chief: Never seen anything like Pakistan floods

By CHRIS BRUMMITT (AP) - August 15, 2010

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he has never seen anything like the flood disaster in Pakistan, and urged foreign donors to speed up assistance to the 20 million people affected.

Ban's comments after surveying the devastation over the weekend reflect the concern of the international community about the unfolding disaster in Pakistan, which is battling al-Qaida and Taliban militants, has a weak and unpopular government, and an anemic economy propped up by international assistance.

"This has been a heart-wrenching day for me," Ban said Sunday after flying over the hard-hit areas with President Asif Ali Zardari. "I will never forget the destruction and suffering I have witnessed today. In the past I have witnessed many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this."

Ban visited Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis devastated the country in May 2008, killing an estimated 138,000 people. He also flew to China's Sichuan province just days after an earthquake killed nearly 90,000 people in March 2008.

The floods that began more than two weeks ago in Pakistan's mountainous northwest have now hit about one-quarter of the country, especially its agricultural heartland. While the death toll of 1,500 is relatively small, the scale of the flooding and number of people whose lives have been disrupted is staggering.

The world body has appealed for an initial $460 million to provide relief, but only 20 percent has been given.

Once the floods recede, billions more will be needed for reconstruction and getting people back to work in the already-poor nation of 170 million people. The International Monetary Fund has warned that the floods could dent economic growth and fuel inflation.

"Waves of flood must be met with waves of support from the world," said Ban. "I'm here to urge the world to step up assistance," he said.

Zardari has been criticized for his response to the disaster, especially for going ahead with a state visit to Europe just as the crisis was unfolding. Zardari has visited victims twice since returning, but images of him at a family owned chateau while in France are likely to hurt him for months to come.

In his first comments to the media since returning, he defended the government.

"The government has responded very responsibly," he said, saying the army, the police, the navy and officials were all working to relieve the suffering. "I would appeal to the press to understand the magnitude of the disaster."

Zardari said it would take up to two years for the country to recover.

Ban said visa restrictions had been eased for humanitarian workers and they now could get visas on arrival at Pakistan airports.

On Saturday, the prime minister said 20 million people had been made homeless in the disaster.

The monsoon rains that triggered the disaster are forecast to fall for several weeks yet, meaning the worst may not yet be over. Over the weekend, tens of thousand of people were forced to flee their homes when they were inundated by fresh floods from the swollen River Indus.

While local charities and international agencies have helped hundreds of thousands of people with food, water, shelter and medical treatment, the scale of the disaster has meant that many millions have received little or no assistance. The U.N. has voiced fears that disease in overcrowded and unsanitary relief camps may yet cause more deaths.

Earlier Sunday, survivors fought over food being handed out from a relief vehicle close to the town of Sukkur in hard-hit Sindh province, ripping at each others' clothes and causing such chaos that the distribution had to be abandoned, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene.

"The impatience of the people has deprived us of the little food that had come," said Shaukat Ali, a flood victim waiting for food.

Waters five feet (1.5 meters) deep washed through Derra Allah Yar, a city of 300,000 people on the border of Sindh and Baluchistan provinces, said government official Salim Khoso. About 200,000 had fled the city and Khoso said he did not know how they would be fed.

"We are here like beggars," said Mukhtar Ali, a 45-year-old accountant living on the side of a highway along with thousands of other people. "The last food we received was a small packet of rice yesterday and 15 of us shared that."


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To send in assistance go at

UN chief speaks of sorrow over of Pakistan flood crisis

UN Secretary General calls for urgent action in Pakistan (August 16, 2010)
The world has been sluggish in helping out with this particular natural disaster - A day after Canada pledged an extra $33 million (on top of $2 million last month) for Pakistan flood relief, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon made an urgent request for the world to come to the aid of those affected. Ban Ki-moon said he's seen many natural disasters but nothing like this, with over 1,500 dead, and 20 million homeless-and with more flooding likely to come. There's also a growing fear of diseases, including chlorea and malaria. The UN has had trouble reaching their target amount of aid for Pakistan as other nations are not reacting as quickly or as generously as they have with past disasters, including the 2004 tsunami, or the earthquake in Haiti.

Farmers Bear Brunt of Pakistan's Deadly Floods (August 16, 2010)
Crops washed away, livestock drowned: Painful future for Pakistan's farmers- For generations, the Indus River was a lifeline. Now it has turned destroyer, ripping up rice, wheat and sugar cane crops and leaving behind bloated corpses of cows and goats.When the floodwaters recede, millions of farmers who used the Indus to irrigate their crops - and propel Pakistan's economy - face an uncertain future.The United Nations warns that unless farmers in hard-hit Punjab and Sindh provinces manage to plant their winter crop of wheat in mid-September as normal, there might be food shortages in the region and the nation as a whole.In the north, where the floods began nearly three weeks ago, fruit farmers are also hurting.Last year, cherries, peaches and apricots in the Swat Valley rotted on the trees because of an army operation against Taliban militants. This year, roads and bridges have been washed away so crops cannot be carried to the rest of the country.The most destructive floods in Pakistan's recorded history have affected an estimated 62,000 square miles (160,000 square kilometers) of land - about a fifth of the already poor country. Around 20 million people have had their lives disrupted, and 1,500 have been killed. The scale of the disaster has overwhelmed authorities and led to fears of social unrest, especially given the weak and unpopular government. Hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift camps or by the side of the road, soaking up monsoon rains and surviving on handouts. Many have brought their valuable livestock with them. The disruption in food supplies is causing price increases across the country. CLIP

Pakistan capable of preventing cholera: US (16 August, 2010),-says-us-680-hh-05

Pakistan's extraordinarily weak state leaves flood victims on their own (August 13, 2010)
Many millions of Pakistanis have long believed their politicians to be corrupt and venal. That it took their president, Asif Ali Zardari, two weeks before he managed to meet some flood victims has simply confirmed their view. Pakistanis know Zardari's record all too well. For years he has used political influence and a team of lawyers to stave off convictions in the many alleged corruption cases he faces. His election to the presidency resulted in the most advanced of all the international cases against him - in Switzerland - being abandoned.In Pakistan rumours abound about dinners in the presidential palace in which he is said to entertain his business cronies into the small hours. But Zardari's personality is only part of the problem. Ever since Pakistan was created, the army has been the only institution capable of responding to natural disasters. One of the reasons that the military has been so politically dominant is that successive civilian governments have relied on the generals to help them deal with national crises. In the immediate aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake of 2005, for example, the army was called upon to reopen devastated roads and distribute supplies. The scale of the disaster meant many victims were left pleading for more help. But, for all that, many acknowledged that the army did a pretty good job in atrociously difficult circumstances.This time it's different. Hundreds of thousands of military personnel are fighting the Taliban in the north-west of the country. The constraints this has placed on the military's response to the flood has only served to expose more clearly the incapacity of the civil administrative structures.The weakness of the state has reached extraordinary levels. Fewer than 5% of Pakistanis pay any tax. The government is unable to provide schools and medical care for tens of millions of people. But even if the flood has heightened the level of criticism they face, the politicians will not be unduly concerned. They are so used to being viewed as incompetent and self-serving that they are largely immune to public criticism.Some Pakistanis fear that hardline Islamists could exploit the state's failure by mounting relief programmes. But past experience has shown that the religious organisations also lack the ability to deliver aid on a national scale. Except for a lucky few, Pakistan's flood victims are on their own. Many will survive only because their poverty has rendered them extraordinarily tough and resourceful.

History of floods in the Indus Valley of the 9000 year old Pakistani Civilization (August 15, 2010)
Pakistanis of the Indus Vally have faced floods before, and if weather patterns are any indication, the Pakistanis of todays Indus Valley will face more floods in the future.Although some of its water comes from melting Himalayan glaciers, the vast majority is dumped by the summer monsoon.As torrential rain sweeps in from the Indian Ocean, floods are triggered almost annually.Its floodplain was an early cradle of civilisation 9,000 years ago. Here people first gave up their nomadic ways to farm livestock and cultivate crops.Today, the Indus Valley is home to 100 million people, who rely on it completely for drinking water and irrigation. To many, it is "the Great Mother"."Monsoon intensity is somewhat sensitive to the surface temperature of the Indian Ocean."During times of cooler climate, less moisture is picked up from the ocean, the monsoon weakens, and the Indus river flow is reduced."
(...) Due to the population growth, the people are today living in the alluvial flood plains which used to left for the river to meander about. Today the river is changing its course and as it flows down, it engulfs many of the populated areas. 500 km of river bed's floodzone is called "kacha". This is the natural flood plain of the river. However today the "kacha area" is inhabited by millions of people. Those who live in the flood plain (kacha) are poor people who do not have the means to live in safe lands. Some of the banks, on both sides of the river were built in 1932. On both sides of the river-the British had built kushtas (dykes). These have since been elevated to prevent the river from overflowing. The angry river when filled to capacity has a propensity to go over these artificial banks. CLIP

UN says Pakistan floods worse than 2004 tsunami (August 9, 2010)
The United Nations said Monday that massive floods in Pakistan had affected 13.8 million people and eclipsed the scale of the devastating 2004 tsunami, as anger mounted among survivors.The Pakistani government and UN officials have appealed for more urgent relief efforts to cope with the worst floods in more than 80 years, with President Asif Ali Zardari due to return home after a heavily criticised European tour.The entire northwestern Swat valley, where Pakistan fought a major campaign to flush out Taliban insurgents last year, was cut off at the weekend as were parts of the country's breadbasket in Punjab and Sindh."This disaster is worse than the tsunami, the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the Haiti earthquake," Maurizio Giuliano, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), told AFP.He said the 13.8 million affected outstripped the more than three million hit by the 2005 earthquake, five million in the tsunami and the three million affected by the Haiti earthquake.The United Nations estimates 1,600 people have died in Pakistan's floods. About 220,000 were killed by the December 26, 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia.Martin Mogwanja, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Pakistan, called on relief operations "to be massively scaled up"."Millions of people have suffered and still there is more rain and further losses are feared. I appeal to the world to help us," Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani told reporters.Foreign donors including the United States have pledged tens of millions of dollars in aid but, on the ground, Islamic charities with suspected extremist links have been far more visible in the relief effort than the government.Pakistan's meteorological office forecast only scattered rain in the next 24 hours and said the intensity of monsoon showers was lessening.But with floods sweeping south, thousands of people are fleeing into cities to seek safety as heavy rains continued to lash the province of Sindh and water levels rose further in the swollen Indus river.
(...) The United Nations estimated that up to 500,000 people are homeless and 1.4 million acres of agricultural land destroyed in central Punjab province, but said damage was worst in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The OCHA spokesman Giuliano said that even donkeys were being used to access parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa inaccessible by other means and warned that the risk of water-borne diseases persisted. Authorities in the Punjab district of Muzaffargarh issued a red alert and ordered people to evacuate as water entered the city from breaches in canals."The situation is very serious. We are totally helpless. That's why we asked people to move to a safer place," local official Farasat Iqbal told AFP. CLIP

China, Pakistan Brace for More Rain After Landslide, Flooding (August 9, 2010)
China and Pakistan prepared for more rain as Premier Wen Jiabao called for "all-out" efforts to rescue survivors from a landslide and as Pakistan battled the deadliest floods in more than eight decades. Drought and fires scorched Russia. (...) Elsewhere in Asia, flooding in North Korea swept away crops, houses and damaged power equipment, piling on hardship for a country that already needs aid to feed its 24 million people. More than 500 people are missing and 145 dead after flash floods struck the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir in India, Press Trust of India said yesterday. Extreme Events - Climate change should be viewed as "threat multiplier," Nick Robins, head of the Climate Change Centre of Excellence at HSBC Holdings Plc, said in a Bloomberg Television interview in London. "It increases the likelihood of certain types of extreme events."In Russia, record temperatures are feeding the fires, many in drained peat bogs that once produced 50 million metric tons of fuel a year and are now mostly abandoned because of a lack of demand. Temperatures of at least 34 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit) will plague central Russia through Aug. 13, according to the state Hydrometeorological Center. CLIP

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Pakistan to acquire 4000 ton class Frigates - WRONG SET OF PRIORITIES!...
BEIJING, July 22 (APP): Pakistan Navy is very satisfied with the performance of the F-22P frigate it bought from China and hopes to further the cooperation with the nation, said Admiral Noman Bashir, Pakistan's Chief of Naval Staff. Two of the four F-22P frigates it ordered are already in service in Pakistan Navy, with the third one scheduled to be commissioned on September 15 this year. It is also expected that all the four ships will be in service by 2013. "We are very happy with the performance, and some technology is as good as in Western countries," the China Daily quoted Admiral Noman Bashir, who visited China four times last year. Pakistan also hopes to buy bigger ships with more firepower from China, such as 4,000 ton class frigates. CLIP

Pakistan $2.5 Billion arms wish list (June 17, 2010)
WASHINGTON Pakistan is seeking attack helicopters and heavy weaponry worth $2.5 billion from the US to take the war against Al Qaeda into the mountains bordering Afghanistan, a report said on Wednesday."I have been ambassador here for two years, and all I have to show for it is eight second hand Mi-17 transport helicopters for a war that requires helicopters to root out Al Qaeda and the Taliban," Pakistan's ambassador to Washington Husain Haqqani told The Washington Times." Military operations would have been quicker and much easier to plan and execute if we had the equipment. We have had tremendous attrition and a lot of loss of lives because of not having the right equipment."Pakistan has a $2.5 billion wish list which includes new helicopter gunships, AH-1W and the Apache-64-D, armed helicopters such as the AH-6 and MD-530 Little Bird, and utility and cargo helicopters such as the UH-60 Black Hawk, the CH-47 D Chinook and the UH-1Y Huey. CLIP

General Atomics can export Predators: 50 for Pakistan? (July 20, 2010)
(...) General Atomics see the potential for sales of as many as 100 units in the Middle East and Pakistan of the so-called Predator XP model approved for export, Pace said. (...) Predators range in price from about $4 million for the basic model to about $15 million for the so-called Avenger version. CLIP

JF-17 Thunder to represent Pakistan in UK air show (July 16, 2010)
ISLAMABAD: JF-17, the fighter jet developed indigenously by Pakistan and China, will make its maiden appearance at an international show being held in the United Kingdom.In line to make an appearance in Farnborough Air Show 2010 being held from July 19-25, two JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force flew to the UK from a PAF base. These aircraft are manufactured at the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra. The JF-17s will be displayed for the first time at the Farnborough Air Show alongside other modern aircraft of the world. The JF-17 Thunder distinguishes PAF as the only air force in the world that manufactures combat aircraft. It is an all-weather, multi-role, combat aircraft that has the potential to be the mainstay of any modern air force. According to this Wikipedia entry... "Program cost: US$ 500 million - The JF-17 is expected to cost approximately US$15 million per unit. The Pakistan Air Force has announced that it has a confirmed order for 150 JF-17s, which may increase to 250 aircraft." Check also JF-17 Thunder exports estimated at $5 billion




Is Iran, like Iraq, 'Asking for War'?

By William Blum - August 4, 2010

If and when the United States and Israel bomb Iran (marking the sixth country so blessed by Barack Obama) - and this sad old world has a new daily horror show to look at on their TV sets - and we then discover that Iran was not actually building nuclear weapons after all, the American mainstream media and the benighted American mind will ask: "Why didn't they tell us that? Did they want us to bomb them?"

The same questions were asked about Iraq following the discovery that Saddam Hussein didn't in fact have any weapons of mass destruction. However, in actuality, before the U.S. invasion Iraqi officials had stated clearly on repeated occasions that they had no such weapons.

I'm reminded of this by the recent news report about Hans Blix, the former chief United Nations weapons inspector who led a doomed hunt for WMD in Iraq. Last week, he told the British inquiry into the March 2003 invasion that those who were "100 percent certain there were weapons of mass destruction" in Iraq turned out to have "less than zero percent knowledge" of where the purported hidden caches might be."

He testified that he had warned British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a February 2003 meeting - as well as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in separate talks - that Hussein might have no weapons of mass destruction. [Associated Press, July 28, 2010]

In August 2002, Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz told American newscaster Dan Rather on CBS: "We do not possess any nuclear or biological or chemical weapons." [CBS Evening News, August 20, 2002]

In December, Aziz stated to Ted Koppel on ABC: "The fact is that we don't have weapons of mass destruction. We don't have chemical, biological, or nuclear weaponry." [ABC Nightline, December 4, 2002]

Hussein himself told Rather in February 2003: "These missiles have been destroyed. There are no missiles that are contrary to the prescription of the United Nations [as to range] in Iraq. They are no longer there." ["60 Minutes II", February 26, 2003]

Moreover, Gen. Hussein Kamel, former head of Iraq's secret weapons program and a son-in-law of Saddam Hussein, told the UN in 1995 that Iraq had destroyed its banned missiles and chemical and biological weapons soon after the Persian Gulf War. [Washington Post, March 1, 2003]

There are yet other examples of Iraqi officials telling the world that the WMD were non-existent, including the submission of a 12,000-page report to the United Nations detailing how the weapons were destroyed.

If you don't already have serious doubts about the mainstream media's devotion to questioning the premises and rationales underlying American foreign policy, consider this: Despite the two revelations on Dan Rather's CBS programs, and the other revelations noted above, in January 2008 we find CBS reporter Scott Pelley interviewing FBI agent George Piro, who had interrogated Saddam Hussein before he was executed:

PELLEY: And what did he tell you about how his weapons of mass destruction had been destroyed?

PIRO: He told me that most of the WMD had been destroyed by the U.N. inspectors in the '90s, and those that hadn't been destroyed by the inspectors were unilaterally destroyed by Iraq.

PELLEY: He had ordered them destroyed?

PIRO: Yes.

PELLEY: So why keep the secret? Why put your nation at risk? Why put your own life at risk to maintain this charade? ["60 Minutes", January 27, 2008. See also's "CBS Falsifies Iraq War History," January 28, 2008, and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting [FAIR] Action Alert, February 1, 2008]

Would it have mattered if the Bush administration had fully believed Iraq when it said it had no WMD? Probably not. There is ample evidence that Bush knew this to be the case, as did Tony Blair. Saddam Hussein did not sufficiently appreciate just how psychopathic his two adversaries were.

Bush was determined to vanquish Iraq, for the sake of Israel, for control of oil, and for expanding the empire, though it hasn't all worked out as the empire expected; for some odd reason, it seems that the Iraqi people resented being bombed, invaded, occupied, and tortured.

The result of Bush's Iraqi policy can be summed up by saying that it would be difficult to cite many other historical examples of one nation destroying another so completely, crushing and perverting virtually every aspect of their society and humanity.

Now Israel presses Washington relentlessly to do the same to Iran - not that the U.S. necessarily needs much prodding - primarily because Israel is determined to remain the only nuclear power in the Middle East; this despite Iran telling the United States and the world many times that it is not building nuclear weapons.

But if Iran is in fact building nuclear weapons, we have to ask: Is there some international law that says that the U.S., the U.K., Russia, China, Israel, France, Pakistan, and India are entitled to nuclear weapons, but Iran is not?

If the United States had known that the Japanese had deliverable atomic bombs, would Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been destroyed? Does USrael believe that there is not already enough horror and suffering in the news?

In what could be part of the preparation for an attack on Iran, 47 members of the House of Representatives recently put forth a non-binding resolution declaring Iran to be "an immediate and existential threat to the State of Israel".

To illustrate this threat, the resolution quoted Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on several occasions avowing sentiments like: "God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism" ... calling for "this occupying regime [Israel] to be wiped off the map" ... "Like it or not, the Zionist regime is heading toward annihilation" ... "I must announce that the Zionist regime, with a 60-year record of genocide, plunder, invasion, and betrayal is about to die and will soon be erased from the geographical scene" ... "Today, the time for the fall of the satanic power of the United States has come, and the countdown to the annihilation of the emperor of power and wealth has started".

Pretty damning stuff, isn't it? N'est-ce pas? Nicht wahr? But there's a lot less here than meets the eye.

Notice that it doesn't quote Ahmadinejad in a single specific, explicit threat of an Iranian attack upon Israel or the United States. No mention or indication that "I" or "We" or "Iran" is going to do any of this, carry out any act of violence.

And I would say that that's because it's not what he meant.

In another quote, which the resolution fails to cite, the Iranian president in December 2006 said: "The Zionist regime will be wiped out soon, the same way the Soviet Union was, and humanity will achieve freedom." [Associated Press, December 12, 2006]

Obviously, the man is not calling for any kind of violent attack upon Israel, for the dissolution of the Soviet Union took place very peacefully.

Furthermore, in June 2006, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated: "We have no problem with the world. We are not a threat whatsoever to the world, and the world knows it. We will never start a war. We have no intention of going to war with any state. [Letter to the Washington Post from M.A. Mohammadi, Press Officer, Iranian Mission to the United Nations, June 12, 2006]

Why didn't the authors of the congressional resolution quote that one?

I think that one can derive a better understanding of the Iranian president's statements by seeing them as metaphor, as bragging, as wishful thinking, as well as poor translation (for example: "wiped off the map"), coming from a man foolish enough to publicly claim that there are no gays in Iran. [See Anti-Empire Report, October 1, 2008, second part]

But more significantly, the resolution offers no reason why Iran actually would attack Israel or the United States. What reason would Iran have to use nuclear weapons against either country other than an irresistible desire for mass national suicide?

Indeed, the very same question could have - and should have - been asked before the invasion of Iraq. Of the many lies surrounding that invasion, the biggest one of all was that if, in fact, Saddam Hussein had had those weapons of mass destruction the invasion would have been justified.

With all the lies exposed about the American Iraqi misadventure, I and many others had allowed ourselves the luxury, the hidden pleasure, of believing that the United States government and media had learned a lesson which would last for some time.

They'd been caught and exposed. But it's the same all over again with the lies about Iran and Ahmadinejad. (No, he's not even a Holocaust denier.)

In any event, Israel probably doesn't believe its own propaganda. In March of last year, the Washington Post reported: "A senior Israeli official in Washington" has asserted that "Iran would be unlikely to use its missiles in an attack [against Israel] because of the certainty of retaliation." [Washington Post, March 5, 2009]

This was the very last sentence in the article and, according to an extensive Nexis search, did not appear in any other English-language media in the world.

And earlier this year we could read in the Sunday Times of London: "Brigadier-General Uzi Eilam, 75, a war hero and pillar of the [Israeli] defence establishment, believes it will probably take Iran seven years to make nuclear weapons. The views expressed by the former director-general of Israel's Atomic Energy Commission contradict the assessment of Israel's defence establishment and put him at odds with political leaders." [Sunday Times (London), January 10, 2010]

If any country in this world is a threat to use nuclear weapons with remarkably little regard for the consequences it's Israel.

Martin van Creveld, an Israeli professor of military history and loyal Israeli citizen, remarked in 2002: "We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under." [Originally in the Dutch weekly magazine, Elsevier, April 27, 2002, pages 52-3; picked up in many other international publications]

Think of the scene near the end of "Dr. Strangelove." That's Israel sitting astride the speeding nuclear bomb waving the cowboy hat.


Related articles and videos:

Two Minutes to Midnight? Cutting Through the Media's Bogus Bomb-Iran Debate (August 24, 2010)
(...) Does the U.S. have the right to attack Iran because it is enriching uranium? The idea that the U.S. has the right to take such a catastrophic step based on the fevered imaginations of Biblically inspired Israeli extremists -- Goldberg has previously suggested that Prime Minister Netanyahu believes Iran to be the reincarnation of the Biblical Amalekites, mortal enemies the ancient Hebrews were to smite -- or simply to preserve an Israeli monopoly on nuclear force in the Middle East is as bizarre as it is reckless. Even debating the possibility of launching a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities as a matter of rational policy, absent any Iranian aggression or even solid evidence that the Iranian leadership intends to wage its own version of aggressive war, gives an undeserved respectability to what would otherwise be considered steps beyond the bounds of rational foreign policy discussion. Perhaps someone in our media hothouse could take just a moment to ask why, outside of the United States and Israel, there is no support -- nada, zero, zip -- for military action against Iran.
(...) In an excellent commentary that dismantles the logic of Goldberg's argument, David Kay -- the American who served as an UNSCOM arms inspector in search of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after the U.S. invasion -- suggests that: "Israel is engaged in psychological warfare with the Obama administration -- and it only partly concerns Iran… [B]eyond Iran, of probably greater importance to the current Israeli government is avoiding the Obama administration pushing it into a choice between settlements and territorial arrangements with the Palestinians that it is unwilling to make and permanent damage to its relationship with the U.S. Hyping the Iranian nuclear program and the need for early military action is a nice bargaining counter... if the U.S. wants to avoid an imminent Israeli strike, it must make concessions to Israel on the Palestinian issues." Creating a sense of crisis on the Iran front, narrowing U.S. options in the public mind, and precluding a real discussion of U.S. policy towards Iran may serve multiple purposes for various interested groups. Taken together, however, they reduce all discussion to one issue: when to exercise that military option kept "on the table," given the unlikeliness of an Iranian surrender. The debate’s ultimate purpose is to plant in the public mind the idea that a march to war with Iran, as Admiral Hayden put it on CNN, "seems inexorable, doesn't it?" Inexorable -- only if the media allows itself to be fooled twice.

Iran official: We have obtained the S-300 missile system (4.08.10)
Fars news agency says Tehran signs deal with Belarus after Russia reportedly refused to provide Iran with the surface-to-air system over recent UN sanctions. - A semiofficial Iranian news agency says Iran has obtained four S-300 surface-to-air missiles despite Russia's refusal to deliver them. The Fars news agency said Wednesday that Iran has obtained two missiles from Belarus and two others from another unspecified source.Russia signed a contract in 2007 to sell the missiles to Iran but said in June that new UN Security Council sanctions against Tehran prevent delivery. The sale would have substantially boosted the country's defense capacities, raising Israeli fears it would tip the military balance in the Middle East.In June, a senior Iranian official said that that if Russia persisted in its refusal "to deliver the systems, we are well capable of producing missile defense systems that are very much similar to Russia's S-300 apparatus."Since the recently approved UN sanctions resolution against Iran, Russia has released several contradicting reports regarding it missile deal with Iran. The senior Iranian official added that if Russia eventually refused "to deliver the systems, we are well capable of producing missile defense systems that are very much similar to Russia's S-300 apparatus." Since the UN sanctions resolution against Iran was approved last Wednesday, Russia has released several contradicting reports regarding it missle deal with Iran. Russia said on Thursday it was in discussions with Iran on possible new nuclear power plants in the Islamic state, the country's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters. Israel and the United States have asked Russia not to deliver the missile systems, which can shoot down several aircraft or missiles simultaneously and could potentially be used to protect nuclear facilities.Western diplomats in Moscow believe Russia is eager to keep the deal in reserve as a bargaining chip. Iran has expressed increasing frustration over the unfulfilled contract.

Eric Margolis: Most US media ignoring explosive testimony by former MI5 head at Iraq inquiry. TRANSCRIPT: "The testimony is shocking and explosive, but nobody in the States wants to be shocked or hear explosions. The head of MI5, who knows more than anybody else-except for MI6, foreign intelligence-what was going on, has dismissed all of the claims made by the Bush administration and by British Prime Minister Blair, all the claims to justify invading Iraq. They were lies-that's what she really said. And amazingly, the American media has paid very little attention to her astounding testimony. Other witnesses at the Chilcot investigation that's reviewing the reasons for Britain going into the war against Iraq have also painted a very negative picture of the government, of its decisions. And what we see is a fabric of illegality, of violation of international law, and just downright lying our way into the war."

(...) Well, in fact, the idea of rebranding-or re-missioning, as the military like to call it-combat troops into non-combat troops or-advisory and assistance brigades is what they decided to call what are in fact combat brigades with some advisers and assistants. That whole rebranding process was really only made possible because the news media just went along with it very consciously. In other words, there is a major story here, which is that what the president told the public in his address February 27, 2009, was really not the truth. I mean, he simply boldly stated, I'm pulling out all combat brigades within 18 months. CLIP




Protect nature for world economic security, warns UN biodiversity chief

John Vidal - 16 August 2010

Ahmed Djoghlaf says nations risk economic collapse and loss of culture if it does not protect the natural world

Britain and other countries face a collapse of their economies and loss of culture if they do not protect the environment better, the world's leading champion of nature has warned.

"What we are seeing today is a total disaster," said Ahmed Djoghlaf, the secretary-general of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. "No country has met its targets to protect nature. We are losing biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. If current levels [of destruction] go on we will reach a tipping point very soon. The future of the planet now depends on governments taking action in the next few years."

Industrialisation, population growth, the spread of cities and farms and climate change are all now threatening the fundamentals of life itself, said Djoghlaf, in London before a key UN meeting where governments are expected to sign up to a more ambitious agreement to protect nature.

"Many plans were developed in the 1990s to protect biodiversity but they are still sitting on the shelves of ministries. Countries were legally obliged to act, but only 140 have even submitted plans and only 16 have revised their plans since 1993. Governments must now put their houses in order," he said.

According to the UN Environment Programme, the Earth is in the midst of a mass extinction of life. Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. This is nearly 1,000 times the "natural" or "background" rate and, say many biologists, is greater than anything the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago. Around 15% of mammal species and 11% of bird species are classified as threatened with extinction.

Djoghlaf warned Britain and other countries not to cut nature protection in the recession. In a reference to expected 40% cuts to Britain's department of the environment spending, he said: "It would be very short-sighted to cut biodiversity spending. You may well save a few pounds now but you will lose billions later. Biodiversity is your natural asset. The more you lose it, the more you lose your cultural assets too."

He urged governments to invest in nature. "If you do not, you will pay very heavily later. You will be out of business if you miss the green train."

Mounting losses of ecosystems, species and genetic biodiversity is now threatening all life, said Djoghlaf. In immediate danger, he said, were the 300 million people who depended on forests and the more than 1 billion who lived off sea fishing.

"Cut your forests down, or over-fish, and these people will not survive. Destroying biodiversity only increases economic insecurity. The more you lose it, the more you lose the chance to grow.

"The loss of biodiversity compounds poverty. Destroy your nature and you increase poverty and insecurity. Biodiversity is fundamental to social life, education and aesthetics. It's a human right to live in a healthy environment."

Djoghlaf lambasted countries for separating action on climate change from protecting biodiversity. "These are the two great challenges. But the loss of biodiversity exacerbates climate change. It is handled by the poorest ministries in government, it has not been mainstreamed or prioritised by governments. Climate change cannot be solved without action on biodiversity, and vice versa."

The UN chief said that children were losing contact with nature. "We are moving to a more virtual world. Children today haven't a clue about nature. Children have not seen apple trees. In Algeria, children are growing up who have never seen olive trees. How can you protect nature if you do not know it?"

A major UN report in the impacts of biodiversity loss that will be launched in October is expected to say that the economic case for global action to stop the destruction of the natural world is even more powerful than the argument for tackling climate change. It will say that saving biodiversity is remarkably cost-effective and the benefits from saving "natural goods and services", such as pollination, medicines, fertile soils, clean air and water, are between 10 and 100 times the cost of saving the habitats and species that provide them.


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Economic report into biodiversity crisis reveals price of consuming the planet (21 May 2010)
Species losses around the world could really cost us the Earth with food shortages, floods and expensive clean up costs.
(...) One report estimated the cost of building and maintaining a more comprehensive network of global protected areas - increasing it from the current 12.5%-14% to 15% of all land and from 1% to 30% of the seas - would be $45bn a year, while the benefits of preserving the species richness within these zones would be worth $4-5tn a year. Another unpublished report for the UN by UK-based consultants Trucost claimed the combined cost of damage to the environment by the world's 3,000 biggest companies was $2.2tn in 2008. Echoing Lord Stern's famous description of climate change as "the greatest and widest-ranging market failure ever", Sukhdev - who supports action on climate change as well - said the destruction of the natural world was "a landscape of market failures", because the services of nature were nearly always provided for free, and so not valued until they were gone."The earth and its thin surface is our only home, and there's a lot that comes to us from biodiversity and ecosystems: we get food, fuel, fibre; we get the ability to have clean air and fresh water; we get a stable micro-climate where we live; if we wander into forests and wildernesses we get enjoyment, we get recreation, we get spiritual sustenance; all kinds of things - which in many cases are received free, and I think that's perhaps the nub of the problem," said Sukhdev who was visited the UK as a guest of science research and education charity, the Earthwatch Institute."We fail to recognise the extent to which we are dependent on natural ecosystems, and not just for goods and services, but also for the stability of the environment in which we survive - there's an element of resilience that's been built into our lives, the ability of our environment to withstand the shocks to which we expose it...the more we lose, the less resilience there is to these shocks, and therefore we increase the risk to society and risk to life and livelihoods and the economy," he added. CLIP



Wheat Crisis Threatens Inflationary Timebomb, Food Riots

Global food prices skyrocketing as a result of devastating weather conditions, hedge fund speculation

Paul Joseph Watson -- August 9, 2010

Russia's ban on wheat exports following widespread fires in the country sent food prices skyrocketing by 19 per cent in just a single week as fears grow that global volatility in foodstuffs and commodities could lead to a worldwide inflationary timebomb accompanied by widespread food riots.

Lenin once called grain the "currency of currencies," underscoring its importance in how it affects everything from staple foods such as bread to animal feed.

On Thursday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signed a decree prohibiting the export of wheat, barley, rye, corn and flour until the end of the year, contributing to a whopping 92 per cent rise in world wheat prices since June.

Having A Supply Of Healthy Foods That Last Just Makes Sense

Persistent drought conditions across the Russian Federation are also threatening winter plantings, "With potentially serious implications for world wheat supplies in 2011/12," according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation.

Food shortages as a result of freak weather conditions in other areas of the globe are also contributing to spiraling prices.

- Droughts in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, two of the world's great "breadbaskets" are also impacting prices.
- Floods in Canada have further reduced wheat supply and driven up costs.
- Unseasonal frosts in Florida have hit orange juice harvests.
- Devastating floods in Pakistan have wiped away livestock and farms, with thousands of square miles of agricultural land destroyed, causing prices of staple foods to soar.
- Excessive rain in Brazil and Colombia has inflated coffee prices.
- Rising grain feedstock prices have led to a general spike in meat prices globally.

According to the London Independent, the crisis threatens to spark an "inflationary timebomb," wreaking fiscal devastation to fragile economies in the west, while threatening the very livelihoods of millions of people in developing countries.

"Taken together it suggests that Western nations will be hit by a sharp inflationary spike next year, as the price of bread, beer, petrol and many other everyday items climbs higher again. Given the sluggish prospects for growth in Western economies it threatens a return to "stagflation" - stagnant growth coupled with high inflation," states the report."

Global hedge funds are now moving to corner the food and commodities market, with hedge fund manager Anthony Ward investing a purported £650m ($1 billion dollars) in the cocoa market by buying 240,000 tonnes of beans, enough to make 5 billion chocolate bars. Financial speculation on food prices has amplified volatile prices.

Globalist mouthpiece the Financial Times concedes that "another food crisis does not look out of the question," as a result of Russia's wheat export ban, noting that food riots occurred in developing countries two years ago amidst similar conditions.



GMOs in Food: Genetically Modified Food & Our Kids

By Jaclyn Gallucci on Aug 12th, 2010

She calls it Franken-food, genocide.

Strawberries grown from seeds injected with DNA from arctic flounder fish to make them frost resistant. Seeds pumped with suicide genes that yield an infertile harvest so corporations can profit from a patent placed on the plant's genetic code. Rice injected with traits that make it more nutritious so those in parts of the world where vitamin deficiencies are often fatal have a dependable source of vitamins. Wheat injected with bacteria that renders its grain resistant to pesticides and insecticides. Cows injected with artificial sex hormones so they produce more milk.

It's the existence of these genetically modified organisms (GMOs)-some on the market, some not-that make Sarah Rogan, mother of three, visibly shaken and uneasy at the mere thought of her children eating fast food or school lunch, whether it's green beans or pizza.

"Never, absolutely never," she says, clenching the handle of her shopping cart.

But many of us eat them every day, whether we know it or not. From breakfast cereals to soft drinks, hamburgers to soy milk, GMOs have worked their way into 60 to 70 percent of our food supply, and here on a Saturday morning in Aisle 7 of the Waldbaum's in Jericho, Sarah is the only one out of the last 10 people to walk by who knows exactly what they are.

"GMO? No idea," says Ted Cinelli, father of two. "Everything is going to kill you someday. If we listened to every last warning or what have you, we'd all starve to death."

But Sarah and Ted have something in common. Their children were born in the '90s, when GMO ingredients entered the commercial food supply. Sarah and Ted are raising the first generation of genetically modified kids, and what their future holds is a mystery, a tragedy or nothing to worry about-depending on whom you ask.

Generation GMO

A slew of books and documentaries have been released over the past decade focusing on farmers in the Corn Belt being bullied by big business while government agencies like the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) let it happen, or children entering puberty at extremely early ages due to hormones in dairy products. Everyone has an opinion on GMOs, from the Vatican to the local farmer. But how the issue of GMOs affects Long Island is relatively unknown to the public and something many are still trying to figure out.

GMOs have been on the market since 1996. The FDA has approved them because they originate from conventional foods and conventional foods are deemed safe, therefore, GMOs are considered safe too, because they are "substantially equivalent." Out of a handful of studies that either suggest GMOs are safe or dangerous, there is not one that isn't considered by someone to be flawed, not up to scientific standards or biased. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states, "Several animal studies indicate serious risks associated with GM food…There is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects, there is causation. GMOs have been suspected of being responsible for everything from autism and cancer to diabetes and allergies."

And since New York State doesn't require foods containing GMO ingredients to be labeled (although there is legislation pending), GMOs remain silent ingredients.

"Going to the store, most people are going to buy milk-most milk or butter is coming from cows that have been administered hormones," says Rob Endelman, a Wall Street trader from Roslyn turned professional organic chef who relies heavily on Long Island produce. "Most people are going to be buying bread or other items that contain corn or soy or wheat that are from genetically modified crops."

The U.S. is the largest producer of genetically modified crops. Although genetically modified (GM) ingredients are in the majority of the food supply, only 52 percent of people realize that these foods are sold in grocery stores and only 26 percent of people believed they had eaten a GM food, according to researchers from the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers' Cook College.

"I teach organics and when I'm presented with a class, generally speaking 90 percent don't know what GMOs are," says Ian Steiber, a Long Island organic consultant.

Why are so many people in the dark when it comes to GMOs? Well, since the FDA's stance is GMOs do not differ "in a meaningful or uniform way" from non-GMO derived crops, the government considers this information a non-issue.

And so far on Long Island, it is a non-issue, at least as far as our exposure to them goes. In Nassau and Suffolk counties, exposure to GMOs comes primarily from fast foods and processed foods, not fresh fruits and vegetables.

The "sweet local corn" signs that line the roads out to the Hamptons mean just that-conventionally grown local corn that has been crossbred for hundreds of years to become the corn we know today.

But in the Midwest, where millions of acres of field corn are grown, farmers aren't so lucky. Field corn is different from sweet corn in that it is cultivated for animal feed, corn syrup and additives that are used in processed foods. This type of corn is subsidized by the government and is mostly made up of GMO varieties bred to withstand pesticides. The most well-known and prevalent is Roundup Ready Corn, manufactured by the agricultural biotech company Monsanto, the biggest and most controversial player in the industry. The GMO seeds are meant to be used along with Roundup, a pesticide Monsanto also owns.

"Corporations suck them into the credit line to buy the seeds, the sprays, the equipment and they keep them on a treadmill that way," says farmer Steve Storch, who runs Natural Science Organics at Larry Halsey's Green Thumb organic farm in Water Mill. "The land isn't worth anything so what is their equity? The farmers here have too much money for that."

The seeds are available to Long Island for those who want them, but since corn, soy, cottonseed, wheat and sugar beets- the five main GMO crops-aren't widely produced on Long Island, GMOs are rarely found on local farms. However, technology is moving along and options are growing. Currently in the works are patents for AquaBounty's GMO salmon that would grow at twice the normal rate and Monsanto's GMO pigs. But for all the promises technology offers, GMOs pose even more doubts.

Seeds Of Change

GMOs don't only apply to food. Poplar trees have been genetically modified to clean up pollution from contaminated soil. Modified genes are being studied in the medical world as possible therapies. As for food, GMO's offer year-round fresh produce. The first GMO to hit Long Island was the Flavr Savr tomato.

During the winter, tomatoes grown in southern states are picked while green and shipped up north to snow-covered areas like Long Island. The tomatoes are ripened in containers filled with ethylene gas.

"They gas them to make them turn red," says Melville farm-owner Bob Schmitt, whose family has been in the Long Island farm industry for more than five generations. "They look like a tomato in the wintertime, but they are really just a piece of cardboard."

This is where GMO technology comes in. By isolating a trait to keep the tomatoes firm, the fruit can be crafted to ripen but not soften as quickly as regular tomatoes-and not taste like cardboard.

There are also environmental benefits with certain GMOs, Schmitt says. Atrazine, a popular herbicide widely used across the country for decades, was found to build up in the environment and pollute groundwater. Atrazine has been phased out as it has been replaced with less environmentally toxic herbicides the GM plant has been engineered to tolerate, like Roundup.

"It's not something that gets into the water, it's not something that gets into the air," says Schmitt. "People spray it on their sidewalks, on their driveways; kids walk over it. You don't have to keep your kids in the house for four or five days."

Those against GMO crops say this only makes it easier for farmers to use extra chemicals, knowing it won't damage their plants.

But while Schmitt does not use GMO crops, he isn't against the technology altogether and says there is a bigger picture people often miss.

"There is so much that GMO technology can do for mankind," he says. He cites Golden Rice, a GMO crop created by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in 2000 that was introduced as a possible solution in combating Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD). At the beginning of the 21st century, an estimated 124 million people in Africa and South East Asia were affected by VAD, which resulted in up to 2 million deaths and hundreds of thousands of cases of irreversible blindness, according to the World Health Organization.

"I'm not promoting it or talking [GMOs] down," continues Schmitt. "It's just that people don't understand it.

"We have plenty of food here, so we can very easily sit in this country and talk with our mouths full. But not everyone around the world has that luxury, and when you have starving people around the world, that's where the biggest future for GMOs is-and I don't mean next year, but 10, 20, 50 years along the road-for parts of the world that have to depend on other countries for their food supply to be able to feed themselves."

Although GMO crops have their negatives and positives, another kind of GMO doesn't have a silver lining. It's also possible to modify animals. In fact, all milk and dairy products in the U.S. have artificial hormones-rBGH or recombinant bovine growth hormone-unless the label states otherwise.

Raging Hormones

"We're here to announce today that we are suing both the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois over our right to give you truthful information about what's not in our ice cream and frozen yogurt and about your right to know," Ben & Jerry's co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who both grew up in Merrick, announced at a news conference at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods Market in Chicago on the morning of May 7, 1996.

At that time, the government began requiring that in order for dairy products to be labeled hormone- or rBGH-free, this statement had to be added to the label:

"According to the FDA no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rBGH-treated and non-treated cows."

The decision to add this sentence was decided by the FDA's deputy commissioner of policy, Michael Taylor, previously Monsanto's attorney who, after his FDA gig returned to Monsanto as vice president. Taylor is the same government official who declared, on behalf of the FDA, that GMOs were safe and required no further testing.

Monsanto is the sole manufacturer of rBGH, marketed under the name Posilac. When injected into cows, Posilac forces each animal to produce 10 percent more milk per day.

Taylor's appointment to the FDA is part of what Storch and many others call a revolving door between Monsanto and government agencies, whereby many Monsanto higher-ups have moved on to government positions, and vice versa.

"If [Monsanto's] product was on the up-and-up, then why did they go through such a backhanded approach?" adds Steiber.

But back in 1996, Ben and Jerry refused to give in to either party. Since each state in the U.S. has jurisdiction as to whether a hormone- or rBGH-free label is allowed on a product at all-and Illinois was one of four states that decided it wasn't-it meant that despite the FDA approval, Ben & Jerry's could not include the label on any of their products, as it was not possible for them to produce a different package for a portion of their consumer base.

In a settlement later that year the parties agreed to specific labeling.

Why all the fuss?

Many believe there is a link between rBGH, cancer and early puberty, most notably Dr. Sam Epstein, chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and author.

"Monsanto and the [U.S. Department of Agriculture] insist that rBGH milk is indistinguishable from natural milk, and that it is safe for children and other consumers," he said in a statement. "This is scientifically and medically untrue…Of major concern is a wealth of long-standing scientific evidence incriminating [excess levels of hormones] as delayed causes of breast, colon and prostate cancers."

A new study released this month in the medical journal Pediatrics found that girls are more likely today than 10 to 30 years ago to start developing breasts by age 7 or 8-which could be a sign of hormone exposure. But there is no definitive proof published in scientific literature that links cancer or early puberty to the intake of dairy products.

That's Not My Job

"The reason we are here today is because the 1992 White House chose to fast-track genetically modified foods and crops at the expense of science," said Jeffrey Smith, executive director of The Institute for Responsible Technology, in testimony before the Environmental Protection Agency on May 22, 2007.

"Not wanting Congress to intervene and pass new laws that might slow down approvals through extensive testing and evaluation, they cobbled together a regulatory framework based on existing laws that were ill-equipped to handle the harmful and unique risks of this new technology," said Smith. "The strange malady of passing on the responsibility to others has befallen too many regulatory agencies in regards to GMOs, and when it is traced back to see who is ultimately providing assurances, it often turns out to be the biotech companies offering assumptions that promote profits."

Monsanto denied Smith's allegations and all of the other criticism it has received, and hires their own scientists to review any negative studies, which, so far, have all been deemed "flawed" by the company.

One such test conducted in 2008 by Dr. Jurgen Zentek, professor for veterinary medicine at the University of Vienna, found preliminary negative effects of GMO corn on the organs of mice. Monsanto quickly had their own people review the data.

"These products have been proven to be safe," said Jerry Hjelle, Ph.D., vice president of Monsanto's regulatory group in a statement. "This report does not provide any basis to conclude otherwise. Activist groups for years have attempted to call into question the safety of biotech crops. They have made multiple allegations based on data taken out of context and lacking rigorous scientific review. These have ultimately failed to be substantiated."

"If you say anything about Monsanto, they come down on you pretty heavy," says organic farmer Steiber.

Down To Business

It's not so much the direct health effects that worry Long Island Seed Project Director and Suffolk Community College Professor Ken Ettinger. It's the fact that the food supply is being taken over by corporations-specifically the largest, Monsanto-and their increasing domination of it.

Take the Terminator Gene, or suicide gene, for instance, that renders future generations of plants infertile.

"Oh gosh, that's like a nightmare," says Ettinger. "Usually I'm so impressed with technology but I'm also very apprehensive. What's really amazing is part of the patent that is held by the Terminator Gene is by our own U.S. Department of Agriculture."

Monsanto has publicly declared that it wouldn't release the gene, but the technology exists and the consequences of it getting into the environment are a mystery.

"Many farmers save the seed from one generation to the next and the Terminator Gene is a terrible ploy that doesn't allow you to do that," says Ettinger. "You're basically at the mercy of the corporate entity, whoever is marketing the seed, and you have to go back to the company for the seeds. And often for the herbicides and the fertilizers and whatever other chemical controls the company wants to sell you-it's purely for profit."

For now the Terminator Gene is a dead issue, but GMOs still worry Ettinger.

"It's very difficult to imagine the problems that might come from that technology," he says. "There is just no history in the world of having that kind of manipulation. When you're inserting the genes from other organisms-you know, a flounder into a strawberry or bacteria into corn-there's just nothing in the agricultural record like that for the thousands and thousands of years that we've had agriculture."

Then there is the issue of ownership and cross-contamination.

"The cross-contamination of GMOs to heirlooms, that's a concern to organic farmers," says Steiber. "I had heard a story about a window washer in NYC. Pollen was showing up on skyscrapers from the Midwest."

Since 1997, Monsanto has sued 144 farmers over patent infringements. They have won every case.

One of the most famous cases involved Canadian Canola Farmer Percy Schmeiser whom Monsanto successfully sued after unlicensed Roundup Ready Canola was found growing on a large portion of his farm. Schmeiser claimed it was due to cross contamination by wind-blown pollen and has been heavily involved in the anti-GMO movement ever since.

"The truth is, Percy Schmeiser is not a hero," Monsanto said in a statement. "He's simply a patent infringer who knows how to sell a good story."

But regardless of the outcome, regardless of the potential positives and negatives related to GMOs, regardless of the supporters and the dissenters, the fact that a corporation has so much power over the food supply leaves Ettinger, and many others, uneasy.

"They are just so profit-oriented and they'll do litigation just to make sure nobody is benefiting from their technology," he says. "It just doesn't seem like seeds to feed the world ought to be the property of a corporation. That bothers me-a whole lot."

In The Schools

Despite the uncertainty and varying opinions over GMOs, more and more schools on the Island are trying to go back to basics, which allows them to bypass the issue altogether and eliminate the processed foods that are the biggest sources of GMOs.

"We are very interested in getting GM foods out of schools," says Luisa Giugliano of the Sea Cliff School Nutrition Committee. "It's a really hard road. I think schools for so many years have gotten used to receiving these big, nearly free commodity foods, and it's hard not to be dependent on them."

The Commack School District has eliminated GMO foods, including sodas, from all their schools.

"It's a district-wide effort," says Brenda Lentsch, Commack School District spokeswoman. "It's a really intensive policy to encourage a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits."

But it's not an easy transition to make, especially for financially strapped districts.

"They're really limited," says Wendy Mikkelsen of Huntington, founder of MyHealthyThing, a healthy and GMO-free snack-vending-machine company. She supplies refrigerated vending machines to schools across the Island that offer organic Pop-Tart alternatives and fresh fruits and vegetables. "Everybody wants healthier foods for the kids but it's costly, and I think they're really challenged to juggle getting healthier foods without raising the prices. I mean, could you really get a healthy lunch for $2 out in the world?"

The Waldorf School of Garden City has perhaps the most intensive program of all, but it didn't require a conversion from a traditional school menu to something entirely new. Students have grown their own vegetables, used in school meals, since the school's beginnings. They also get food delivered from their extension campus, a farm in New Hampshire.

"It's something that is so vital in their lives," says Robert Ingenito, Director of Communications for The Waldorf School of Garden City. "They see where the food comes from. It's not just the grocery store, it's food that comes from a natural farm, and they get to be a part of that process."

But Mikkelsen says oftentimes the opposite is true in public schools. She says at one district meeting she asked if a certain label met the criteria.

"They said no, that it had too much sugar."

It was a banana.

"So a banana doesn't meet some of the criteria at some of the school districts. It's crazy."

But Mikkelsen says the ground is ripe for change and people are starting to investigate things for themselves and rely less on assumptions about the food they are eating.

"We think, 'Oh, it has a friendly face,' but it's really up to us to do the research because the big companies aren't going to do it for us," she says. "There doesn't seem to be a general consensus on what healthy means. Everyone has a different take on it. But there's got to be a reason why all of a sudden there is this epidemic of ADHD or autism and diabetes, and the more you read, the more you question our food supply and what it is the government is doing to our food supply, to help the regulations fit what somebody is making money on. There needs to be more information about what all of this is and also on those who are giving out that information."

And with so many opinions and little accepted data, it's even harder for the public to make informed decisions about GMOs when there is so much contradictory information on its safety. Opinions aside, we are eating GMOs every day and what the consequences-or benefits-are, only time will tell.

"It's a science that is here, and many people fear it," says Melville farm owner Schmitt. "We all fear the unknown. There's such a high percentage of food in this country that has some GMO technology. You can hinder it, but it's there. Whether I like it, it doesn't matter-the train has already left the station."


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Monsanto has been in the news this week, with a U.S. District Court Judge ruling that the USDA has to at least go through the motions of regulating the company's genetically engineered sugar beets. Monsanto, you may know, is not likely to win any contests for the most popular company. In fact, it has been called the most hated corporation in the world, which is saying something, given the competition from the likes of BP, Halliburton and Goldman Sachs. This has gotten me thinking about, of all things, ice cream, and of how Monsanto's clammy paws can be found in some of the most widely selling ice cream brands in the country. These brands could break free from Monsanto's clutches. So far they haven't, but maybe this is about to change. Ben & Jerry's gets all their milk from dairies that have pledged not to inject their cows with genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH). Why, then, can't Haagen Dazs, Breyers and Baskin-Robbins do the same?Starbucks now guarantees that all their milk, cream and other dairy products are rBGH-free. So do Yoplait and Dannon yogurts, Tillamook cheese, Chipotle restaurants, and many others. But ice cream giants Haagen Dazs, Breyers and Baskin-Robbins continue to use milk from cows injected with rBGH, a hormone that's been banned in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and all 27 nations of the European Union. As if to add insult to injury, Haagen Dazs and Breyers have the audacity to tell us, right on the label, that their ice cream is " All Natural."
(...) Does it matter whether there are excess levels of IGF-1 in milk? It decidedly did to the European Commission's authoritative international 16-member scientific committee. Their report said the excessive levels of IGF-1 found in the milk of cows injected with rBGH may pose serious risks of breast, colon and prostate cancer. How serious is the increased risk? According to an article in the May 9, 1998 issue of the medical journal The Lancet, pre-menopausal women with even moderately elevated blood levels of IGF-1 are up to seven times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with lower levels.As if these risks to human health weren't enough reason for nations to prohibit the use of rBGH, there are more. The artificial hormone is also notorious for causing the cows much pain and distress. It does this by increasing painful and debilitating diseases like lameness and mastitis in cows who are injected with it. And because it increases udder infections in cows, it has greatly increased the use of antibiotics in the U.S. dairy industry. If you wanted to design a system to breed antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you'd be hard pressed to do better.Does the increase in udder infections have an effect on the milk, and thus any ice cream, cheese or other product made from it? Most definitely, according to Dr. Richard Burroughs, a veterinarian deeply familiar with rBGH. "It results in an increase of white blood cells," he says, "which means there's pus in the milk!" The antibiotic use, he adds, "leaves residues in the milk. It's all very serious."How, then, was such a dubious and tainted product ever approved for use in the U.S.? The answer provides a glimpse of how successful Monsanto's efforts have been to exert control over our nation's food policies.
(...) f you want to strike a blow against Monsanto's efforts to control the world food supply, you can follow me on Twitter, post this article to your facebook page, spread the word and get engaged. Monsanto and its allies have a grand vision. They are intent on controlling the world's food supply. Don't let them. And don't let them cram their genetically engineered products down your throat. Even in a product as tempting and sweet as ice cream, that's no treat.

Protesters destroy genetically modified grapevines at French government research site (August 15, 2010)
PARIS - Protesters have destroyed vines of genetically modified grapes at a government research site in eastern France.The security chief for the Haut-Rhin region, Jean-Christophe Bertrand, told Europe-1 radio that 50 people were detained after the incident Sunday morning. The government ministers for the environment, agriculture and research condemned the "intentional destruction" at the National Institute for Agronomic Research in Colmar. In a statement, the ministers said the research on the biotech vines poses no risk to health or the environment, and was meant in part to study a virus that damages grapevines.French environmental activists have routinely destroyed fields of genetically modified crops.

Food Standards Authority in Disarray (16 August 2010)
The Food Standards Authority Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is in disarray, issuing conflicting reports that are vague and elusive, over the entry into the food chain of a new Monsanto/Dow Chemical pesticide filled GE corn variety, "Genuity Smartstax". The new variety of corn is "stacked" with a combination of six different insecticidal and two herbicide tolerant genes that have never been assessed. In Australia, FSANZ has given MADGE an understanding that Smartstax has been approved even though the levels of the pesticides being produced in the corn are unknown, safety parameters for human ingestion have never been set, and despite the scientific evidence that the combination of different gene insertions could produce further chemical or protein allergens. (...) The Smartsatx corn is being grown on 4 million acres in the Corn Belt of America and the chemical cocktail of Bt insecticides kill caterpillars and release the Bt toxin to kill soil micro organisms below ground. The corn survives being sprayed with high levels of herbicides that are absorbed into the grain, and which cannot be washed off or boiled away. American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) called for a moratorium; implementation of long term safety testing with epidemiological research and methods to determining the effects of GE foods on human health. They asked Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community, and the public to avoid GM foods when possible. CLIP

The American Academy Of Environmental Medicine Calls For Immediate Moratorium On Genetically Modified Foods (May 19, 2009)
Wichita, KS - The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) today released its position paper on Genetically Modified foods stating that "GM foods pose a serious health risk" and calling for a moratorium on GM foods. Citing several animal studies, the AAEM concludes "there is more than a casual association between GM foods and adverse health effects" and that "GM foods pose a serious health risk in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health." The AAEM calls for: A moratorium on GM food, implementation of immediate long term safety testing and labeling of GM food. Physicians to educate their patients, the medical community and the public to avoid GM foods. Physicians to consider the role of GM foods in their patients' disease processes. More independent long term scientific studies to begin gathering data to investigate the role of GM foods on human health. "Multiple animal studies have shown that GM foods cause damage to various organ systems in the body. With this mounting evidence, it is imperative to have a moratorium on GM foods for the safety of our patients' and the public's health," said Dr. Amy Dean, PR chair and Board Member of AAEM. "Physicians are probably seeing the effects in their patients, but need to know how to ask the right questions," said Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, President of AAEM. "The most common foods in North America which are consumed that are GMO are corn, soy, canola, and cottonseed oil." The AAEM's position paper on Genetically Modified foods can be found at AAEM is an international association of physicians and other professionals dedicated to addressing the clinical aspects of environmental health. More information is available at

Fears over Europe's GM crop plan (28 July 2010)
After a decade in which just a single genetically modified (GM) crop was approved for commercial planting in the European Union (EU), the European Commission has tried to break the logjam. But its new proposal, which would allow individual member states to choose whether or not to grow an approved GM crop within their borders, is likely to create further uncertainty within the agricultural biotechnology industry. The plan has drawn fire from all sides of the intense debate over GM crops, with industry officials, farmers and anti-GM campaigners all condemning the move. CLIP

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'Don't release new strain of Aedes mosquitoes' (20 AUG 2010)
PETALING JAYA: A plan to release about 3,000 genetically modified Aedes mosquitoes into the environment may be just the weapon needed to curb the spread of the deadly dengue fever. The National Biosafety Board (NBB) is studying the plan in view of the alarming number of lives lost in the country to the infectious disease. But the Third World Network (TWN), an independent non-profit international body involved in issues relating to development, has sounded a warning: don't jump the gun. It has urged the NBB to reject the plan, saying the new non-biting male Aedes mosquitoes from the OX513A strain may cause other environmental problems. The TWN said that a number of factors must be considered before such a move is undertaken.The NBB is assessing a field experiment proposal from the Institute of Medical Research to release the mosquitoes in Bentong, Pahang, and Alor Gajah, Malacca, in early October. It is hoped that the genetically-modified OX513A male mosquitoes will mate with the female strain, causing its progeny to be dead and thus eventually reduce the number of Aedes mosquitoes. Currently, NBB is seeking public opinion over the matter in its website, and the deadline is Sept 4. "Although the board is seeking public opinion, many other factors must be taken into account before releasing them (mosquitoes),"said TWN's senior researcher Lim Li Ching. She said that one important factor to be considered is that the progeny of the mosquitoes will only be dead provided the environment is free of an antibiotic called tetracycline. "However, tetracycline is fairly common as it is used for medical, veterinary, lifestock and agricultural purposes. "If the mosquitoes breed in the presence of this antibiotic, the progeny may live and may increase the Aedes population in the environment," said Lim. Subsequently, the living progeny may pose additional health risks, being the by-product of a genetically modified male. CLIP


Date: 23 Aug 2010
From: Jeff Wefferson">
Subject: Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World

NOTE FROM JEFF: Engdahl's primary conclusion from his research into the forces behind the genetic engineering paradigm is that this entire field has been developed for the sole purpose of being used as a weapon of depopulation. Genetic engineering is a range of techniques which seeks to create viral mutations of existing life-forms, and recombinant expressions of fantastic...and largely hidden...varieties of unnatural forms. For example, imagine what these post-Nazi-Frankenstein minds have done in their experiments on human beings that no one knows about yet? If 'super-weeds' who thrive on herbicide and that tractors can't destroy already exist, what about new varieties of human beings on the horizon...planned and unplanned? Genetic engineering essentially is a premeditated and guided version of the exact same process of mutation that is accomplished by the effects of chemical and radiological mutagens on DNA. The biggest difference is that genetically engineered life-forms may be designed to reproduce themselves, whereas life-forms that have been mutated by chemical toxins or radiation are far less likely to be able to reproduce.

To get a clear picture of "who would do this" in terms of planning and implementing a scientifically advanced global program of depopulation, read these excerpts from Engdahl's brilliant book Seeds of Destruction, chapter "The Brotherhood of Death".



Genetically Manipulated Crops: The GMO Catastrophe in the USA. A Lesson for the World

by F. William Engdahl

Recently the unelected potentates of the EU Commission in Brussels have sought to override what has repeatedly been shown to be the overwhelming opposition of the European Union population to the spread of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in EU agriculture. EU Commission President now has a Maltese accountant as health and enviromnent Commissioner to rubber stamp the adoption of GMO. The former EU Environment Commissioner from Greece was a ferocious GMO opponent. As well, the Chinese government has indicated it may approve a variety of GMO rice. Before things get too far along, they would do well to take a closer look at the world GMO test lab, the USA. There GMO crops are anything but beneficial. Just the opposite.

What is carefully kept out of the Monsanto and other agribusiness propaganda in promoting genetically manipulated crops as an alternative to conventional is the fact that in the entire world until the present, all GMO crops have been manipulated and patented for only two things—to be resistant or “tolerant” to the patented highly toxic herbicide glyphosate chemicals that Monsanto and the others force farmers to buy as condition for buying their patented GMO seeds. The second trait is GMO seeds that have been engineered genetically to resist specific insects. Contrary to public relations myths promoted by the agribusiness giants in their own self-interest, there exists not oné single GMO seed that provides a greater harvest yield than conventional, nor one that requires less toxic chemical herbicides. That is for the simple reason there is no profit to be made in such. 

Giant super-weeds plague

As prominent GMO opponent and biologist, Dr Mae-Wan Ho of the Institute of Science in London has noted, companies such as Monsanto build into their seeds herbicide-tolerance (HT) due to glyphosate-insensitive form of the gene coding for the enzyme targeted by the herbicide. The enzyme is derived from soil bacterium Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Insect-resistance is due to one or more toxin genes derived from the soil bacterium Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis). The United States began large scale commercial planting of GMO plants, mainly soybeans and corn and cotton around 1997. By now, GM crops have taken over between 85 percent to 91 percent of the areas planted with the three major crops, soybean, corn and cotton in the US, on nearly 171 million acres.

The ecological time-bomb that came with the GMO according to Ho, is about to explode. Over several years of constant application of patented glyphosate herbicides such as Monsanto’s famous and highly Roundup, new herbicide-resistant “super-weeds” have evolved, nature’s response to man-made attempts to violate it. The super-weeds require significantly more not less herbicide to control.

ABC Television, a major US national network, made a recent documentary about the super-weeds under the rubric, “super weeds that can’t be killed.” [1]

They interviewed farmers and scientists across Arkansas who described fields overrun with giant pigweed plants that can withstand as much glyphosate as farmers are able to spray. They interviewed one farmer who spent almost ¤400000 in only three months in a failed attempt to kill the new super-weeds.

The new super-weeds are so robust that harvester combines are unable to harvest the fields and hand tools break trying to cut them down. At least 400000 hectares of soybean and cotton in Arkansas alone have become invested with this new mutant biological plague. Detailed data on other agricultural regions is not available but believed similar. The pro-GMO and pro-agribusiness US Department of Agriculture has been reported lying about the true state of US crop harvest partly to hide the grim reality and to prevent an explosive revolt against GMO in the world’s largest GMO market.


One variety of super-weed, palmer pigweed can grow up to 2.4 meters high, withstands severe heat and prolonged droughts, and produces thousands of seeds with a root system that drains nutrients away from crops. If left unchecked, it takes over an entire field in a year. Some farmers have been forced to abandon their land. To date palmer pigweed infestation in GMO crop regions has been identified in addition to Arkansas, also in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, New Mexico, Mississippi and most recently, Alabama and Missouri.

Weed scientists at the University of Georgia estimate that just two palmer pigweed plants in every 6 meter length of cotton row can reduce yield by at least 23 percent. A single weed plant can produce 450 000 seeds. [2]

Roundup toxic danger being covered-up

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the US and the world at large. Patented and sold by Monsanto since the 1970s under the trade name Roundup, it is a mandatory component of buying GMO seeds from Monsanto. Just go to your local garden store and ask for it and read the label carefully.  

As I detail in my book, Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, GMO crops and patented seeds were developed in the 1970’s with significant financial support from the pro-eugenics Rockefeller Foundation, by what were essentially chemical companies—Monsanto Chemicals, DuPont and Dow Chemicals. All three were involved in the scandal of the highly toxic Agent Orange used in Vietnam, as well as Dioxin in the 1970’s, and lied to cover up the true damage to its own employees as well as to civilian and military populations exposed.

Their patented GMO seeds were seen as a clever way to force increased purchase of their agricultural chemicals such as Roundup. Farmers must sign a legal contract with Monsanto in which it stipulates that only Monsanto Roundup pesticide may be used. Farmers are thus trapped both in buying new seeds from Monsanto each harvest and buying the toxic glyphosate.

France’s University of Caen, in a team led by molecular biologist, Gilles-Eric Seralini, did a study that showed Roundup contained one specific inert ingredient, polyethoxylated tallowamine, or POEA. Seralini’s team demonstrated that POEA in Roundup was more deadly to human embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells than even the glyphosate itself. Monsanto refuses to release details of the contents of its Roundup other than glyphosate, calling it “proprietary.” [3]

The Seralini study found that Roundup’s inert ingredients amplified the toxic effect on human cells—even at concentrations much more diluted than those used on farms and lawns! The French team studied multiple concentrations of Roundup, from the typical agricultural or lawn dose down to concentrations 100,000 times more dilute than the products sold on shelves. The researchers saw cell damage at all concentrations.

Glyphosate and Roundup are advertised as “less toxic to us than table salt” in a pamphlet from the Biotechnology Institute promoting GMO crops as ‘Weed Warrior.’ Thirteen years of GMO crops in the USA has increased overall pesticide use by 318 million pounds, not decreased as promised by the Four Horsemen of the GMO Apocalypse. The extra disease burden on the nation from that alone is considerable.

Nonetheless after introduction of Monsanto GMO seeds commercially in the USA, use of glyphosate has risen more than 1500% between 1994 and 2005. In the USA some 100 million pounds of glyphosate are used on lawns and farms every year, and over the last 13 years, it has been applied to more than a billion acres. When questioned, Monsanto’s technical development manager, Rick Cole, reportedly said the problems were “manageable.” He advised farmers to alternate crops and use different makes of herbicides produced by Monsanto. Monsanto is encouraging farmers to mix glyphosate with its older herbicides such as 2,4-D, banned in Sweden, Denmark and Norway for links to cancer and reproductive and neurological damage. 2,4-D is a component of Agent Orange, produced by Monsanto for use in Vietnam in the 1960s.

US Farmers turn to organics

Farmers across the United States are reported to be going back to conventional non-GMO crops instead. According to a new report from the US Department of Agriculture, retail sales of organic food went up to $21.1 billion in 2008 from $3.6 billion in 1997. [4] The market is so active that organic farms have struggled at times to produce sufficient supply to keep up with the rapid growth in consumer demand, leading to periodic shortages of organic products.

The new UK Conservative-Liberal coalition government is strongly backing lifting a de facto ban on GMO in that country. UK Chief Scientific Adviser, Prof. John Beddington, recently wrote an article in which he misleadingly claimed “The next decade will see the development of combinations of desirable traits and the introduction of new traits such as drought tolerance. By mid-century much more radical options involving highly polygenic traits may be feasible.” He went on to promise “cloned animals with engineered innate immunity to diseases” and more. I think we can pass that one up, thank you.

A recent study by Iowa State University and the US Department of Agriculture assessing the performance of farms during the three-year transition it takes to switch from conventional to certified organic production showed notable advantages of organic farming over GMO or even conventional non-GMO crops. In an experiment lasting four years—three years transition and first year organic—the study showed that although yields dropped initially, they equalized in the third year, and by the fourth year, the organic yields were ahead of the conventional for both soybean and corn.

As well, the International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) has recently been published, the result of three-year deliberation by 400 participating scientists and non-government representatives from 110 countries around the world. It came to the conclusion that small scale organic agriculture is the way ahead for coping with hunger, social inequities and environmental disasters. [5] As Dr Ho argues, a fundamental shift in farming practice is needed urgently, before the agricultural catastrophe spreads further across Germany and the EU to the rest of the world.[6]

Endnotes: To review them please go at


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Genetically engineered versions of the canola plant are flourishing in the form of roadside weeds in North Dakota, scientists say, in one of the first instances of a genetically modified crop establishing itself in the wild. Critics of biotech crops have long warned that it is hard to keep genes — in this case, genes conferring resistance to common herbicides — from spreading with unwanted consequences. The roadside plants apparently start growing when seeds blow from fields or fall out of trucks carrying the crops to market. In the plains of Canada, where canola is widely grown, roadside biotech plants resistant to the herbicide Roundup have become a problem, said Alexis Knispel, who has just completed a doctoral dissertation on the subject at the University of Manitoba. Some farmers, she said, have had to return to plowing their fields to control weeds — a practice that contributes to soil erosion — because they can no longer use Roundup to control the stray canola plants. She also said the proliferation of roadside canola would make it difficult to keep organic canola free of genetically engineered material. The biotech canola has also been found growing in Japan, which does not even grow the crop, only imports it. Scientists have also reported that genetically engineered grass established itself in the wild in Oregon. Note: For a highly-informative survey of the dangers of genetically-modified foods, click here.



Bed Bug Infestation Is Scaring Millions Of Americans

Outbreaks of bed bugs, soaring in the most unexpected places -- like CNN's headquarters -- stoke some of our deepest fears.
August 16, 2010

Peter Krask stepped out of his New York City apartment one day last year, shut the door, and walked away forever, leaving behind almost everything he owned.

He carried away only a few items of clothing, personal records, and his computer.

Krask's apartment was infested with bedbugs. Savoring warmth, they swarmed in his DSL port, light fixtures, carpets and furniture. They'd feasted on him nightly for a year - which he spent visiting doctors in an increasing state of panic over the rashes inflaming his buttocks and other body parts before finally ascertaining the cause.

It was Cimex lectularius, the flat, cockroach-colored, lentil-sized pest whose favorite food is not just warm blood but human blood. Bedbugs are back, bigtime. According to a National Pest Management Association study, outbreaks have soared 81 percent nationwide since 2000. Their sudden resurgence in all fifty states of a formerly bedbug-free nation has caught off-guard not just the medical and pest-control industries but millions of ordinary people who now apply costly, time-consuming, potentially toxic and inconclusive strategies for slaughtering insects that inhabit indoor environments both soft and hard and can lie in wait without eating for up to a year. Finding hosts, they feed by night, doubling in size as they suck.
Lending a whole new meaning to the phrase "home invasion," the very idea stokes our deepest fears of swarming hordes and sleeper cells and sneak attacks.

Bedbug infestations at Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria's Secret and other trendy Manhattan stores last month - and last week in Manhattan's Time Warner Center, home to CNN - cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each in lost sales, furniture, equipment and merchandise, plus the wages of dozens of workers transporting, fumigating and destroying tainted goods. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

America's bedbug problem, says University of Florida entomology professor Philip Koehler, "has reached epidemic proportions."

It's getting worse, he says. And there's no end in sight.

"Especially in the Northeast, bedbugs are becoming a common part of everyone's lives" - in homes, stores, offices, hotels, hospitals, vehicles, schools, theaters, and restaurants.

"Did you ride home in a car, bus or train? You might have been feeding bedbugs while sitting in your seat."

Koehler has seen bedbugs infesting deluxe retirement condos and VA-hospital waiting rooms, crawling out of purses and backpacks, and "pouring by the thousands" from wheelchairs whose paralyzed riders could not feel the bites. Almost any environment under 120 degrees Fahrenheit can support bedbugs. A single pregnant stowaway on a sleeve, say, or in a thrift-shop cushion could turn you into the next Peter Krask.

He spun those few clothes salvaged from his abandoned apartment in a hot dryer, one of the few tactics known to kill bedbugs and their eggs. Before the self-employed writer and floral designer could use his computer again, "it was placed in a sealed bag with poison-gas pellets for a week."

Other bedbug victims he's known have hired companies that poison-gassed all their possessions in the backs of unmarked trucks.

"I burned through every resource I had to restock my new apartment. In every store where I went to buy new things, salespeople told me that other customers had come in with similar horror stories" about bedbugs.

Physically, psychologically, financially, "it was a total catastrophe."

Virtually eradicated nationwide sixty years ago thanks to superpowered pesticides such as DDT, bedbugs are back - largely because those chemicals are now banned, but also thanks to what experts quoted in news reports call "increased foreign travel." While much of this involves airplanes - and Koehler points out that "there are parts of the world such as India and Pakistan that have had bedbugs forever and where they never went away" - the bedbug resurgence is spurring not-so-surprising buzz about its origins.

CLIP - To read the missing part, please go at

Bedbugs aren't the only vector making a comeback. At her Berkeley, California headlice-removal salon Catcher's Nitz, registered nurse Sylvia Cummings-Umegboh seats clients in brightly illuminated barbershop chairs, sections their hair beautician-style, affixes a magnifying-glass headgear over her eyes, then painstakingly snares ant-sized lice and their gluey poppyseed-sized eggs, known as nits, with a long-toothed stainless-steel Nit-Free Terminator Comb, flicking them into Barbicide-treated trays from which they can't escape. Sprays and shampoos augment the task here, just as at similar salons popping up in increasing numbers nationwide to tackle the surge of infestations now plaguing schools, camps and daycare centers.

With its fuchsia-pink walls and giant toy car for toddlers to ride, Catcher's Nitz feels fun and chic, because Cummings-Umegboh - who issues all-clear certificates after treatments - wants to counteract the shame that lice traditionally invoke.

"It's very stressful, but there shouldn't be any shame. It's just like having the common cold; that's how prevalent it is. It's nothing to do with being nasty-dirty. A nice clean head is usually the head that lice will choose first, because a clean scalp gives them easier access to the blood. That's how they roll."

So now we must reacquaint ourselves with a reality that our ancestors knew well: Tiny crawly things might be anywhere, anytime, on anything and anyone; they can get on us, in us, and wreck our lives. How primitive. We thought we had transcended this. We thought science and civilization had liberated us from the brutish paranoia it invokes. The very words "outbreak" and "infestation" feel funny to say: archaic, like lines in a play set in the 16th century. Say them we must, as news breaks today of a brand-new antibiotic-resistant bacteria emerging in (wait for it) India and Pakistan.

Just as the mysterious appearance of what turned out to be AIDS radically changed the way America had sex, the resurgence of bloodsucking parasites will change the way we see and touch surfaces and each other.

"Fifteen years ago, people didn't think twice about bringing home free stuff they found on the curb," says BedBug Central's Jeffrey White. "That way of thinking needs to change." As part of a long-overdue policy overhaul, he says medical facilities shouldn't let patients bring blankets from home, thrift shops should heat-treat merchandise on principle, and all retail stores must rethink returns.

"What if someone buys something, puts it in their infested house for four weeks, then returns it to the store?"

White sees no new wonder-weapon on the horizon set to quell this invasion.

"We need to develop more bedbug-controlling methods as soon as possible, especially more affordable methods - because yes, you can pick bedbugs up at a four-star hotel, but the sad truth is that we are starting to see these bugs 'reservoir' among people in the lower socioeconomic classes, because those are the people who can't afford to exterminate them."

DDT was deadly and cheap.


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Bedbug City: 1 in 10 New Yorkers has grappled with bedbugs in their home (August 16th 2010)
Bedbugs are taking over New York.A new Daily News-Marist poll suggests that The City That Never Sleeps is probably too busy itching: One in 10 New Yorkers has now battled bedbugs in their home.That's twice as many as the city estimated were plagued by the pests in 2009. The poll results suggest that more than 800,000 New Yorkers have had bloodsucking bedbugs crawling in their sheets."I got all chewed up," said Margaret Martinez, 61, of the Bronx, one of the 11% of poll respondents who reported having personal run-ins with the tiny bloodthirsty insects. "I woke up and I had bites all over my arms and my face. I was all swollen," she said.From swanky glass lofts to creaky tenement walkups, the plague of parasites appears to have spread fairly evenly across the five boroughs. CLIP



Human-looking extraterrestrials secretly in U.S.?

June 30, 2010 - According to accounts released Saturday, April 24, 2010, by the coordinator of an e-mail news and information service, officials of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and other U.S. government agencies have been involved in security activities involving human-appearing extraterrestrial beings in the U.S.

Victor Martinez, the e-mail information coordinator, is a former federal employee with an interest in space, defense and current affairs. Recipients of his e-mail news items include a wide variety of people interested in emerging and leading-edge scientific and other developments.

In his April 24 information release, Martinez quoted one of his alleged established contacts, one of a handful of current or former officials of the DIA, regarding any new or updated information on extraterrestrial encounters that would be of interest to the public.

The DIA contact reportedly provided information about the monitoring and intervention by U.S. officials regarding a particular extraterrestrial being posing as a human within the U.S., Martinez wrote in his e-mail report.

The contact also noted the more general issue of extraterrestrials visiting Earth who may blend in with the human population, for various reasons.

According to Martinez, his contact stated, "In reference to your repeated requests to present some new information never before disclosed to the public ... I went outside of our agency to close intelligence contacts of mine and secured the following ... I just received information on a highly sensitive operation code-named 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' that occurred in early 1980. It involved U.S. intelligence capturing an alien being living among us."


The contact also allegedly told Martinez, "Here is the story. Personally, I've never heard of this particular operation before in all of my years in intelligence circles and employment. This information extracted about the alien is still highly classified and extremely difficult to obtain."

"From what I've learned, except for former presidents Carter, Reagan and Bush I, most presidents since then have not been briefed on this specific operation."

Martinez went on to report that an apparently new source, established via his long-time contacts, provided additional details on this alleged operation.

The new source reportedly wrote, "I am an intelligence colleague of the man whom you have come know as 'Anonymous' who has asked me to brief you on a very special USG operation."

"I was directly involved with 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA.' It involved the finding, tracking and eventual capture of an extraterrestrial entity."

"The original operation began in early 1980 when an Earth female was identified by U.S. intelligence as being a so-called 'alien abductee.' She had been abducted by a male non-human in 1977 which was her first abduction," the source allegedly told Martinez.

"This woman was single, 23-years-old and a trusted, well-respected U.S. government employee."

"The male non-human showed the Earth woman abductee projections of alien life on another planet. The projection was from a small, triangle device. The woman viewed this projection which she described as images displayed in a 3-dimensional 'holographic' view."

The information source also claimed, "The male non-human never harmed the Earth woman abductee. During the three years of her ongoing abduction, the Earth woman was taken by the male non-human through a 'veil of light' to another place. The Earth woman described this place as being 'a light bubble.' She would sit inside the bubble and view these holographic projections with the male non-human."

"On one occasion, the male non-human introduced the Earth woman to another male, whom the Earth woman described in debriefing details as not being human, i.e., not being an Earth male abductee. The Earth woman called this other being a "creature.'"

"This creature performed a medical examination on the Earth woman. The woman did not fully consent to the alien's examination as she was temporarily paralyzed. After the examination, the woman was taken back to her residence."


According to Martinez' source or sources, this federal employee's experience triggered an investigation. The source reportedly stated, "When the Earth woman brought up her abduction by a male alien to the attention of a co-worker, the co-worker contacted an office security official, who then contacted U.S. intelligence officials."

"U.S. intelligence spent hours and hours vetting the woman's story, conducting thorough background investigations, performing surveillance, and administering several polygraph examinations."

"The Earth woman's story was eventually deemed to be factually true and correct. U.S. intelligence then mounted a very special, highly classified operation to capture this alien being, who lived near Landover, Maryland."

The source(s) also claimed, "In early 1980, the 7602 Air Intelligence Wing, Section III, began a detailed, intense investigation involving the presence of extraterrestrial creatures having infiltrated the highest levels of the United States government."

"This information originated from several abductees, who underwent extensive screening to determine their credibility."

"With the assistance of the 4th District, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, a highly classified operation was launched, code named: 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' to find, detain and debrief that 'human' and determine whether or not he was an actual extraterrestrial creature/non-human and an imminent or potential threat to our national security."

"The entire operation lasted five months and involved approximately 60 intelligence officers. Every intelligence gathering capability was utilized at the time: Ground, aerial surveillance, telephone wiretaps, photographic evidence and other undisclosed clandestine operations were all conducted and some simultaneously in concert with one another."

The source also stated, "The non-human entity was quickly identified, carefully watched, photographed and eventually captured near a shopping mall (southeast of Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland) after it walked up an embankment. It was quickly determined that this male alien had no special powers nor abilities."

"The male non-human voluntarily complied with the U.S. intelligence AFOSI special agents and went quietly and without incident. The male non-human was then remanded to custody and placed in captivity at Ft. Belvoir Army Post, Virginia."


Martinez' source(s) also allegedly reported, "The male non-human was interrogated by teams of AFOSI special agents over several weeks and in total was questioned and intensely interrogated for many months by other agencies."

"It was during this time that the male non-human disclosed its race, its resident planet and the reason it came to Earth. The male alien basically cooperated and provided details of its life on his alien home world."

"The non-human entity was released on the direct orders of then President Carter in late 1980, and subsequently left Earth and returned to its home planet."

"The male non-human originated from the star system Delta Pavonis, 20 light-years from Earth where it was the 4th planet from their sun. It is roughly the same size as our Earth."

"We called the captured alien Septeloids. That was the identifying alien species name given to them by the astrobiologists on our team. I have no idea how they picked that name as well as some of the other odd-sounding alien species names ending with the suffix of 'loid.'"

"The travel time to Earth was 18 Earth months using a very complex propulsion system and time-space displacement travel mode. Back then in 1980, we could not understand the alien propulsion system and we never saw his spacecraft."

"When President Carter let the male non-human leave, he just vanished. I was never in the intelligence loop as to how he left or how he departed Earth," Martinez' source reportedly stated.

"These aliens from Delta Pavonis have been visiting Earth for 100 Earth years. Apparently, they could assume the human shape and form and easily live among us."

"I'm not sure how they learned English so well nor other languages. You've got to remember that this was extreme compartmentalization. I knew just what I was suppose to know. There is much more to the alien debriefing that I do not know."

"From what I've learned over the years, this race of alien beings originally came to Earth as explorers about a century ago."

"With respect to the male non-human's employment, he worked as a records keeper for the U.S. Dept. of Commerce in Washington D.C. He was able to manufacture his own identification documents by assuming the name/ID of a deceased Earth human."

"He was in a career that did not require a high-level security clearance thereby enabling him to escape the much greater scrutiny given to 'Secret' clearance level background checks and above."


Martinez quotes his source as stating, "Although they possessed the human shape, form and basic anatomy, they were not human beings like you and me. Their actual, normal, 'real' appearance was that of a hideous-looking creature that would most certainly scare, frighten and terrify a normal Earth human."

"Above all, they did not have any extra powers nor abilities. They had no weapons and never tried to harm Earth humans. Their sole intent and stated mission was that they just wanted to study Earth humans and obtain the basic structure of the human body, anatomy and social interplay."

"I don't know how many others of this specific type of aliens were among us as I was not authorized that specific highly classified information," the source reportedly told Martinez.

"However, I am positive that there were more similar-type operations than just this one. 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA' was just one operation that lasted nine months from start to finish in the D.C. area."

"U.S. intelligence had more such operations around the U.S., with one in the southwest and another in the northwest, but I don't know for sure on the location details."

In apparent response to a question Martinez posed, the source reportedly responded, "As for other visiting alien races, we knew of nine of them."

"The Ebens were the nicest while the Trantaloids were the ugliest, meanest sons-a-bitches and most dangerous."

"I only know that the very inner circle of our government knows. That is about all I can tell you. I never spoke with the male non-human in 'Operation TANGO-SIERRA,' but I was actively involved in this operation. Most of the older fellows who knew all of this are dead now. Former CIA Director Richard M. Helms was our boss for this operation. He died some years ago."

Martinez noted in his report that Navy Adm. Stansfield Turner was CIA director at the time.

"The CIA/DIA/NSA were all involved as well as one or two FBI special agents, but they were never fully briefed."

"The lead agency was the 7602nd that operated out of Ft. Belvoir. Those guys were the best of the best. I was the lead case officer for the surveillance part of the operation. I was very good at that. I was trained by the best and worked inside the old Soviet Union for many, many years."

"I could follow the devil around and he would never know it. Most of the UFO operations - clandestine, that is - were performed by the 7602nd."

"In fact, the CIA came to them for their specialized training. The 7602nd Air Intelligence Wing remained secret for many years. Although it was a U.S. Air Force unit, the unit contained all branches of the armed forces except the Marines ... we never could train those guys!"

Martinez' alleged new contact also reportedly advised him, "Your Anonymous source is probably someone I know since we have a very close-knit intel group who meets about once a month where we discuss items of mutual interest. We all live in the [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. We have many intel contacts in Texas, especially Austin."

"We used to have a much larger group, but over the years, time has taken its share of our beloved, cherished friends ... "

"I hope all of this works out for you. Good luck, Mr. Martinez."


One of Martinez sources also commented on other longstanding reports within the leading-edge community researching allegations of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth.

"The 'Yellow Book' is quite an extraordinary piece of alien technology. It was given to us by the Ebens. It tells the entire history of their race, planet and most of the history of the universe as well as our own. As far as I know, no one has ever viewed the 'Yellow Book' to its very end. As you stated in one of your releases, it would take an entire lifetime to read it and yet another to understand it."

Martinez indicates he posed a question to the source about the alleged operation that has been referred to as "Project SERPO," a mission reportedly begun in the early 1960s that sent a 12-person team of specially-trained U.S. military personnel on a planned ten-year exchange program to the Ebens' home planet.

"I was briefed into this very special project many years ago, but only as a trainer. I was not sure of the exact nature of this project until I read all about it on the Serpo.orgWeb site."

"Like all other operations and special projects, SERPO was highly compartmentalized. I have now read the entire SERPO story, which I never knew was even posted on the Internet until I was placed in contact with you. I learned much from it and it looks like you pretty much have the entire story."

"I congratulate and commend you for getting this very important piece of America's 'hidden' history out. I really enjoyed reading this information. I just shared it with many of my old intel friends - and they knew about it! It's truly an amazing story ... "

"I guess there still is a controversy on whether two women went or not. At least one went for sure. I knew six of them while in training as their instructor. Two were nurses, one was a linguist and I'm not sure about the others with the passage of time."

Martinez claims his source also explained, "There was a 'Group-6' that was involved in the Roswell Incident cover up. 'Group-6' controlled the administrative side of all UFO investigations at the time. It was centered in New Mexico."

"It primarily involved the 1121 Special Activities Squadron of the USAF. It also thoroughly investigated the famous Lonnie Zamora contact incident of Friday, April 24, 1964, in Socorro, NM; I remember it well because I was stationed in NM then."

"There was in fact an MJ-12 group which stood for 'Majority Group-12.' It was comprised of 12 USG officials who controlled, managed and directed every aspect of the UFO phenomenon. Most of the officials were governmental types, but some were not. That 'MJ-12' name was changed some years ago which I understand you know."

The source also reportedly stated to Martinez that the home world of the alleged hostile alien species, the Trantaloids, "is the third planet out from the star Epsilon Eridani in the constellation Eridanus at 10.5 light-years away. Although somewhat cooler and fainter than our sun, it is very similar."

Martinez' source also advised him that " ... since this information originated outside of our agency, this is all I can provide you with at the moment."

Source: - Get MANY more newsbreaking UFO stories through - and through this LINK


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Washington Post report supports accounts of military personnel keeping UFO secrets from commanders
July 19, 2010 - The Washington Post has begun publishing the results of a two year investigation into the world of Top Secret programs in the U.S. Titled: Top Secret America, the investigation aims to expose the waste, redundancy and lack of oversight of many of the Top Secret programs created in response to the 911 attacks. More specifically, it states: "The top-secret world the government created in response to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, has become so large, so unwieldy and so secretive that no one knows how much money it costs, how many people it employs, how many programs exist within it or exactly how many agencies do the same work." One of the findings of the report is that the military chain of command is routinely undermined as personnel are ordered not to reveal their activities to their commanding officers. This supports the claims of whistleblowers who have come forward to reveal cases of military personnel being ordered not to tell commanders about Top Secret programs to which they had been recruited. The programs in question concerned UFO technology and extraterrestrial life, and commanding officers denied access included senior admirals and generals. (...) The Washington Post plans to continue publishing the results of its two year investigation into Top Secret projects in the U.S. More confirmation can be expected to emerge confirming some of the accounts of whistleblowers recruited to above Top Secret compartmented programs involving UFOs and extraterrestrial life that are "need to know" secrets kept even from their military commanders.

One of the comments posted about a new formation at Horton, nr Devizes, Wiltshire. Reported 9th August
Modern crop pictures are our "Tiananmen Square": where is Julian Assange when we need him? Recently I was talking with a young Chinese girl who, although very intelligent, had never heard of the historic events at Tiananmen Square in 1989. What had happened was that the Chinese government, fearful of another popular uprising for democracy, had censored the news of that important event completely out of all of their history books and media discussions, so that as far as many young people living in China today would know, the big protest "never happened". A symbolic parallel here with modern crop pictures seems overwhelming. Those remarkable transmissions through space and time, using a technology which is far beyond anything we have today, have been going on now for twenty years from 1990 to 2010, approximately fifty times each summer across southern England or Europe (mainly). Yet insofar as the great majority of people living on Earth today would say, such crop pictures "never existed", because they have been completely censored out of all history books or mainstream newspaper reports. The governmental authorities in England or other countries must be quite fearful of what modern crop pictures portend, in order to treat them in such a serious fashion. Julian Assange, where are you? There is an important task for you here! NOTE from Jean: a Google News search with "crop circles" lead to a mere 111 related results... and preciously few in the mainstream media, including this Daily News one: Jesus images 'crops up' beside motorway: Religious images spotted in fields by the M4 and Circle enthusiasts at Marlborough (from a local newspaper website) - and this egregious mangling of facts purportedly criticizing an alleged yahoonews disinformation propaganda (which doesn't even exist any longer on the web but which has attracted plenty of comments including this ATS one: Yahoo News Gets Crop Circle Story Half-Right in which they partly conclude: "The question, as in all of ufology, is not whether any examples of the phenomenon are man-made. Without the slightest doubt, the vast majority of them are." Gross! While you are at it, give a good long look at the crop formations that have appeared so far in August:

"When asked about his personal view of the alien presence on Earth, Lieutenant-Colonel Leo Tércio Sperb demonstrated that he belongs to a lineage of Brazilian military that is quite open and prepared to face the reality of the UFO Phenomenon. He asserted that he thinks "there's no question about the existence of other intelligences in contact with Earth's humankind", and that "contact between them and us is inevitable and will definitely happen in the future".

- Taken from Brazil UFO Sighting - "Contact Between Them and Us is Inevitable

What is the Frequency of UFO Sightings? (February 03, 2010)
Space is full of life. Space travelers visit us. One out of eight people have seen or know someone they trust enough to believe that there are UFOs and alien races visiting our planet. If you want to know for sure contact me. "If you can see UFO craft every clear night with third generation military grade night vision goggles, then everything else is a lie". All you have to do is look through the glasses!It is like looking in a camera or looking at an alien movie on TV. The sky is full of craft. Just like the streets are full of different types of cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, etc. the skies are much the same. (...) Third generation night vision picks up many more frequencies than the naked eye. Then it translates the light that reflects off of these objects into a viewable spectrum of light that the eye can see, but through the electronic capabilities of the equipment. Many things that are invisible can be seen at night with the night vision goggles.Many people now about this, but the mainstream media ignores it and or will not print the truth about it. During the day, the stars are still out, but because it is so bright we don't see the stars nor do we see much because of the brightness. At night we don't have enough light to see. The night vision sensitivity is amazing! It illuminates the night sky so that you can see all the stars, bats, birds, planes, UFOs, and invisible UFOs. NOW YOU KNOW! If you want to know more call me or go to this website, or both.

"The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about."

- H. Jackson Brown Jr.


Date: 12 August 2010
From: "PEERS: Email List" (
Subject: Amazing Disney Television Documentary Claims UFOs Are Real

This message is available online at

"Mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history – actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people have seen or experienced this alien presence. Yet many others still refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence all around them. From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community."

-- Walt Disney Television special on aliens and UFOs titled Alien Encounters

Dear friends,

In March of 1995, Walt Disney Television aired a most intriguing one-hour television special on UFOs titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland. This highly unusual UFO video special presents UFOs and alien visitation to our planet as a matter of fact. Though the film's existence is acknowledged by the respected website of the Internet Movie Database, you will not find it available anywhere for purchase.

Those who tracked this incredible production state that it was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities. Thanks to a viewer who was able to roll the VCR and capture it, we have a record of the startling statements it contained. You can watch this fascinating 45-minute program at the link below.

At first glance, this unique Disney television special appears to be an elaborate promotion of a scary New Tomorrowland ride on alien encounters which was about to open at Disney World. But on closer inspection, it is much more. The entire program, which opens with a short segment by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, does not even question the existence of UFOs and a major UFO cover-up. In fact, at times it has a tone of ridicule towards those who still deny the existence of UFOs.

Considering the very limited showing and audience, and the highly unusual stance on UFOs taken, many suspect that this program was a probe to measure public reaction to news of the reality of visitation and interaction with various forms of non-human intelligent life on Earth. The 10-minute section on alien abductions seems particularly designed to scare viewers. For information that the abduction phenomenon may not be as scary as presented in this film, read about the thought-provoking documentary Touched, based on the careful research of Harvard Professor John Mack at this link. Or watch it online here.

Besides watching this most amazing Disney UFO video at the above link, select excerpts from the intriguing program are also available in a partial transcript below. And at the bottom of this message you can find a box with excellent suggestions on what you can do to further educate yourself and others on this intriguing topic, and how to make a difference by spreading the word.

With best wishes,
Fred Burks for PEERS and the Team


UFO Video Special Excerpts: Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland

Key excerpts from a transcript of the UFO video special Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland. All quotes were spoken by host/narrator Robert Urich unless otherwise noted. Remember, Disney CEO Michael Eisner and program narrator Robert Urich delivered these quotes with straight, matter-of-fact, totally serious cadence and inflection, as you can see in the video we've posted at the link above.

Robert Urich [Intro sequence over various UFO photos and film]: This is not swamp gas. It is not a flock of birds. This is an actual spacecraft from another world, piloted by alien intelligence – one sighting from tens of thousands made over the last fifty years on virtually every continent on the globe. Intelligent life from distant galaxies is now attempting to make open contact with the human race. And tonight, we'll show you the evidence.

Disney CEO Michael Eisner [standing in front of what looks like a military hangar, guarded by armed troops]: Tonight we celebrate the New Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World in Florida with a television special that's out of this world. Hello, I'm Michael Eisner, head of the Walt Disney Company.

At a top secret military installation somewhere in the United States, there are those who believe that the government is hiding the remains of an alien spacecraft that mysteriously crashed to earth. With more and more scientific evidence of alien encounters and UFO sightings, the idea of creatures from another planet might not be as far-fetched as we once thought. In fact, one of you out there could have the next alien encounter. Enjoy tonight's special. I'm going to walk over and see if I can sneak a peak. [soldiers raise weapons] Maybe not!

Robert Urich: Scientific verification of extraterrestrial life forms routinely arriving on earth; top secret reports from ongoing military investigations; compelling home videos of alien craft captured within the last few months; world figures who have gone public with their own extraterrestrial experiences; the shocking history of government misinformation programs designed to prevent widespread panic; and personal accounts of those who have been abducted and studied against their will.

From beyond the boundaries of our perceptions, intelligent beings are beckoning mankind to join the galactic community. It's an invitation which is both wondrous and terrifying. This is the nature of alien encounters.

Mankind has the unique ability to ignore the obvious, especially when the facts reveal a disturbing truth. We once believed the sun revolved around the Earth. When Galileo demonstrated the reverse is true in 1634, he was charged with heresy and placed under house arrest for the last eight years of his life. The charges were later dropped – 342 years later.

Now as we approach the new millennium, mankind is in the midst of the most profound event in history – actual contact with intelligent life from other planets. For nearly 50 years, officials have been documenting routine alien encounters here on earth, and thousands of people have seen or experienced this alien presence.

Yet many others still refuse to acknowledge the obvious evidence all around them. What is it like to be confronted by a creature whose intelligence and skill is far beyond the comprehension of mankind? Would it be enlightening? Would it be an exercise in terror? Or perhaps both?

Here in the New Tomorrowland at the Walt Disney World resort near Orlando, Florida, these concepts are brought to life as guests experience their own alien encounter, a sensory thriller from Disney and George Lukas. We'll give you a sneak preview later in the show. But first, we must prepare you for the future with some shocking insights from the recent past.

Alien ships seem to arrive in waves, and if the last few years are any indication, planet Earth is experiencing a tsunami of sightings. For the last few months of 1994 and lately in 1995, Gulf Breeze, Florida has been ground zero for alien encounters. Especially during the day, extraterrestrial craft have become common ornaments in the uneasy skies. You would think these alien sightings would be front-page news. So why have they received almost no national attention? The answer is simple. For governments determined to maintain their authority, extraterrestrial contact is pure dynamite.

Capt. Kevin Randle (retired air force intelligence officer): There's beings from another planet. We don't know where they come from. We don't know what they're doing here. There's nothing we can do about it. Any time a technologically superior civilization comes in contact with a technologically inferior civilization, the technologically inferior civilization ceases to exist – not necessarily through conquest, not necessarily through invasion, but because the technology changes the underlying social structures of that civilization, and it disintegrates.

Urich: Those fears are reflected in a 1960 federally funded study by the Brookings Institution, which warned that public knowledge of alien life could cause civilization to collapse.

Why have aliens chosen to visit our small blue planet, hidden on the distant fringes of an insignificant star cluster? Well, we invited them here.

There have been reports of alien encounters throughout recorded history. But since the end of World War II, alien encounters have adopted a darker, more menacing demeanor. No longer just spirited lights dancing in the sky, UFOs turned more brazen, announcing themselves with surprising ferocity.

Most alien activity on earth in this century seems to have been sparked by the single most profound technological achievement in human history. The atomic bomb did more than blow away every conventional notion of combat. It also saddled mankind with the awesome responsibility of life and death for the entire planet.

But what the world didn't know in 1945 was that the atomic bomb's brilliant burst of energy would also be mankind's cosmic calling card, announcing to the universe that a technological society had evolved on a small blue planet in the backwaters of the stars. So as the world celebrated the war's end in 1945, aliens who heard man's atomic trumpet were already charting their course toward earth, responding to our open invitation.

As early as 1947, the large alien ships began to arrive, navigated by living creatures. Their advanced physics allowed them to traverse the galaxy and pierce earth's atmosphere with amazing speed. The U.S. military immediately went on the alert against the unknown menace. Sightings were perceived as threats to the security of an America still reeling from the edgy consciousness of war. And the sightings were taking place all across the country.

More than one alien craft crashed and was recovered for secret U.S. military research. The most famous case took place in July of 1947 just outside the community of Roswell, New Mexico – famous, because local officials openly admitted they had retrieved an alien ship before their commanders instructed them to keep the story confidential. What you can't explain, they reasoned, you must deny.

This is the actual site where the Roswell saucer was discovered, along with the bodies of three extraterrestrial missionaries who didn't survive the collision. The debris and the dead were impounded and taken away for top secret study, while a classified investigative committee called the Majestic Twelve was organized by President Truman, and a government cover-up was initiated with a calculated disinformation campaign.

But while the Pentagon refused to publicly admit aliens had arrived on earth, their top secret internal memos told a different story, even detailing the various ships and the creatures they had autopsied.

By the early 1960s, UFOs were having a chilling effect on our defense operations. Their tremendous speed often caused them to be misidentified as incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles, putting American air bases on red alert. There needed to be some way for the U.S. and the Soviets to distinguish between nuclear attack and alien visitors.

Clifford Stone [retired army officer]: The Hot Line between Moscow and Washington was set up so that they could go ahead and make last-minute pleas, that "We're not attacking you, and you're not attacking us." The purpose of this was to insure that a nuclear war would not be touched off by a UFO appearing on the scopes and being mistaken for enemy aircraft.

Urich: The Hot Line eased some international tensions, but it didn't halt the interaction between the military and the aliens, which continues to this day.

Stone: [In] November of 1975, essentially every SAC [Strategic Air Command] base in the United States was visited by UFOs. We have reason to believe that the UFOs went ahead and had some effect on changing the codes within the missiles, within the launch control facility, to change where the missiles would hit.

1976, September, Iran, two F-4s try to intercept a UFO and shoot at one of the UFOs. The weapons systems of the planes go dead, the communications systems go dead. These are just two examples of cases which sound like they came out of science fiction, but in reality, they're from government documentation, documents released by the State Department.

Urich: Indications are that government, military and scientific leaders will soon release nearly a half-century of official documentation of ongoing alien encounters on earth. Perhaps they feel it would be too embarrassing not to reveal the truth, before the truth reveals itself. But these FBI files acquired through the Freedom of Information Act outline nearly fifty years of UFO reports investigated by federal agents all across America, overwhelming evidence that something sinister is at work.

This particular report from October of 1969 was filled out by Jimmy Carter. He was still Governor of Georgia at the time he witnessed a luminous object suspended in the twilight sky. Later, when he assumed the office of President of the United States, his staff attempted to explore the availability of official investigations into alien contact. As this internal government memo illustrates, there are some security secrets outside the jurisdiction of the White House.

Planet earth has always been a laboratory for alien life forms which can drop in from space or slowly mutate into bizarre fleshy organisms at our feet [holding a large mushroom]. Understanding the nature of these strange creatures from above, and below, is the greatest challenge of our age. We now know that our future, indeed the future of earth itself, rests in the balance of the solid and the ethereal, of common sense and the irrational, in our relationship with alien life as grotesque as a fungus, or as glorious as the heavens.

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