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June 16, 2010

There is ALWAYS Hope Series #7: Lighter Vintage for a Change

Hello everysoul!

A very dear soul, Lou BOGNON ( sent me this below today - she got this message during a group meditation Saturday. I also got the very same insight during a recent meditation - about shifting collectively the Earth's tectonic plates in the Gulf of Mexico so as to shear off and thus squeeze shut the 21 inches gushing oil pipe.

"If all Lightworkers were to focus on the undersea plates below the Gulf at the same time and imagine their love shifting them under the sea, you would be able to stop the leaking oil immediately. Another thing we can all do as Lightworkers is actually to ask for assistance from our Space Family - as this seems to be well above the capabilities of the prevailing earthly consciousness that created the problem in the first place."

I think many people - especially in the United States - already got the message loud and clear about the abuse our planet is taking at our hands and about the urgent need to wean ourselves from our oil addiction, so there is no need to further prolong this agonizing disaster. We can certainly collectively give a good shot at this spiritual remote "geo-engineering" effort... envisioning only a slight tweaking of the crustal plates so as to stop this spill. As for calling for our space family's assistance for the cleanup part, I'm sure they'll be doing so - if it's not already underway covertly - but won't be able to do so in an uncloaked, overt manner for as long as the full disclosure and official recognition and welcome has not been made.

I suggest we all focus intently in the last 10 minutes of this coming Sunday's 30 min. Meditation Focus on connecting deep within ourselves with our living planet, feeling it out as if it's an extension of our own body, and actually moving, ever so slightly, our undersea plates there, in a very localized manner so as to not create unintended consequences with other deep-water oil rigs in the Gulf area, trusting our planetary body will know exactly how to respond to our demand. We could also extend a direct request for assistance to all visible and invisible beings to focalize their efforts towards healing the damage created by the close to 100 million gallons of oil that have leaked so far, and also to collectively serve as channels to send healing to Mother Earth/Gaia.

You will find MUCH more on this Oil Spill disaster, as well as on the aftermath of the Israel attack against the Gaza Flotilla, (and LOTS of other things) in my next compilation which I'll try to send you by the end of this week - BTW it looks like a "news spill" to me as it adds up to over 200 pages (75,000 words) so far!

But for now here is a "lighter vintage" compilation, with nearly all positive stuff for a change, which should do us all some good in these tough times.

As usual feel free to network and send you comments if you feel like it ;-)

Love and Light will prevail!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. In case you could help with networking those translations, please note that the current Meditation Focus #213: Wrapping Our Minds Around Who We truly Are is now available in Dutch - Meditatie Focus #213: Probeer Te Begrupen Wie Wij Werkelijk Zijn - and should also be available by next Saturday in Portuguese (to be archived HERE) and in Spanish (to be archived HERE)

Pour regarder la version intégrale du reportage sur les communes - portant en bonne partie sur l'écohameau Les Plateaux Commun'ô'Terre - réalisé dans le cadre de l'émission Tout le monde en parlait de Radio-Canada et diffusé le 8 juin 2010, aller au

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"Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes... the ones who see things differently... they're not fond of rules... you can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can't do is ignore them, because they change things... they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as crazy ones, we see geniuses, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that do."

- Jack Kerouac

"Are you ready to raise up your hands, hearts and wings to create a better world? It is YOUR TIME to SHINE to create a new world! You are the living bridges between all the cultures of the Earth. You are the unification of all the religions. You are the harmony between all social, economic, and spiritual classes. You are the ones that shift negatives into a positive reality. You are the ones that hold firm to the visions of a positive future. You are the ones that are re-writing our future based on love, unity and harmony. This future is beginning to manifest right before our eyes. You are the ones that we have been waiting for. You are your own ancestors returned."

- Taken from The Solar Wave Countdown to the 2012 Shift of the Ages

"The new human type will be found scattered more or less over the thinking face of the globe. Some apparent attraction draws these scattered elements together and causes them to unite among themselves. You have only to take two people in a gathering endowed with this mysterious sense of the future; they will gravitate instinctively towards one another. They will know one another. No racial, social or religious barrier seems to be effective against this force of attraction."

- Teilhard de Chardin -- Taken from The Gathering (A wonderful vision!)

"As things stand now, the human race is dreaming a hell. But as individuals and as a collective humanity it is our potential to dream of paradise and to create the kingdom of heaven on our Mother Earth. Could it be that the pain in our hearts caused by the hell we have created will spur us on into visions and creations of a world formed in love? It is my prayer and dream, along with a multitude of others who have taught me to dream the Rainbow dream, that each and every one of us learn to dream both while awake and sleeping, the dream of unity and love through divine transformation. This prophecy is a dream and vision that is a potential reality for mankind. It is not an ultimatum. But it is ours to behold and to create if we only dare to dream it together."

- Aleran -- Taken from the Introduction to the Rainbow Dream Vision

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Martin Luther King Jr

"Strength of character in the race as in the individual consists mainly in the power of sacrificing the present to the future… the height of heroism is reached in people who renounce the pleasures of life and even life itself for the sake of keeping or winning for others, perhaps in distant ages, the blessings of freedom and truth."

- James Frazer

"I arise today through the Strength of Heaven, Light of Sun, Radiance of Moon, Splendour of Fire, Speed of Lightning, Swiftness of Wind, Depth of Sea, Stability of Earth, Firmness of Rock."

- Celtic Prayer -- Taken from HERE

"Few people, indeed, actually take time off their busy schedule to pause long enough in an appropriate environment to reconnect, through mind and consciousness-expanding spiritual techniques, with the Life Force that makes their heart throb and sustains their very existence in this all-consuming physical experience known as life on Earth. Even fewer people do go deep enough within their soul to realize in its entire fullness, breath and scope the amazing gift of life that enables them to pursue a lifetime of accomplishment and oh! so evanescent pleasures in a body of flesh, blood and bones. And yet, a fully conscious realization of the uniquely precious nature of our existence, here and now — no matter how difficult our specific personal circumstances may sometimes appear to be — is a sine qua non condition for a global awakening, through countless individual moments of spiritual epiphany, to the grace, beauty and intrinsic Oneness of All That is, thus enabling, ultimately, a complete change of course, individually and globally, towards remembering Who We Are and acting accordingly to make this world a better place for all beings, small or great, sentient and non-sentient. Please dedicate your prayers and meditations to contribute in infusing humanity's consciousness with the realization, through your own personal moments of spiritual epiphany, preferably in a natural environment or at least through inner connection with the vast, magnificent Web of Life, of the innate perfection, beauty and intelligence permeating every single cell of every single life form on Earth, including our own. Completely surrendering to the ecstatic bliss of this realization, let us all link consciously as One to express, each in our own unique and vitally important way, how much we appreciate the Miracle of Life as well as the Universal Life Giver Who makes this all possible, for the Highest Good of All."

- Taken from Appreciating the Miracle of Life (September 28, 2003)

"At the deepest, most expansive level of our consciousness, each of us within ourselves has full access to All That Is. We are all interconnected through this innermost place, where our mystical connection to all beings can be found. In some mysterious way, each of us is an ever-changing manifestation and reflection of the collective consciousness of all beings. In other words, the divine collective of All That Is somehow created us in its own image, and continues to create us in every sacred moment. At the same time, as all levels of our individuated consciousness interact with the world we perceive, each of us is constantly creating the world in which we live as a manifestation and reflection of all that is within us. Your individuated consciousness together with the collective consciousness of all of us and of All That Is are in some mystical way continually mirroring and co-creating each other. Once we open to this place of infinite power and wisdom within and take full responsibility for our role in this co-creative process, we can transform any part of our lives and world. Each of us can literally create new realities through consciously tapping the infinite power within. Once we choose as our deepest intention to co-create together a world that supports and nurtures the divine essence in all of us both individually and collectively, our entire world and universe will dance with us in ever expanding harmonies filled with sacred love."

- Fred Burks ( - Taken from The Divine Co-creative Process of Life - Note: For empowering suggestions on how to open to the deeper and more expanded parts of yourself and create a better world for yourself and all of us, see . And for another beautiful way of expressing the above, see

"As always, I'm grateful for the wonderful work you continue to do, even though I can't always manage to keep up with everything in the newsletters. I don't know how you do it, with so much going on and so much to keep up with. I thought you might enjoy reading of these wonderful shamanic journeys being taken and
written about to help the planet. I'm putting #9 ahead of #8 because it gives a more general feel for what he's doing. Something inspiring amidst all the difficult stuff you have to get immersed in all the time for our sakes! Again, with much appreciation!"

- Lillian Akersborg ( - Here is the material Lillian suggested: Healing Inner Earth Chronicles, #8 (May 26, 2010) and Healing Inner Earth, #9 (May 29, 2010) both by Don Hynes

"Why do we expect Obama to be a perfect human being? I think that we are seeing his potential for greatness, and taking that as who he presently is. It is unrealistic for us to want him to blow his top. That is not something that he does, and if he would try to fake it, he would only look silly. Why don't we accept Obama as he is, and work to push him in the right direction. He has the potential to be a great president, but all these attacks on him is weakening his ability to function. He is not Superman, he is a human being who has a very good heart. Give him a break!"

- Taken from one of the comments to Obama Starting to Assert Himself in the Gulf and recommended by Ricardo (

« Nous vivons une ouverture de conscience planétaire, pressentie depuis quelques années, déjà, et il semble que les "choses" s'accélèrent… Cette ouverture, subtile et physique, nous bouscule un peu, nos cellules se transforment pour s'adapter aux nouvelles vibrations, pour apprendre ou réapprendre à vivre avec cette Lumière dans nos cœurs et la diffuser autour de nous… Avec, ce qui manquait le plus à l'ancien monde ; la Joie, la Paix et l'Amour. »

- Tiré de


1. Taking Personal Responsibility
2. Current events in the context of Earth's ascension
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6. Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy
7. Bilderberg 2010 Agenda Leaked
8. Paramahansa Yogananda on Creating & Destroying Habits at Will
9. Guest Post: The World Cup is a chance to unite a divided country with big ambitions
10. Stand-Off 'Battle' Underway .... ET Versus New World Order
11. The Alien Under the Carpet & Hear the Geometry, See the Sound
12. Message from SaLuSa -- 14 June 2010
13. NASA's confirmed 2012 prediction - Deterioration of Earth's Magnetosphere during Sun's Polar shift in 2012
14. The Moment of Quantum Awakening


As the attention of the world is focused on the soccer world cup games in South Africa for the next few weeks, we ask that before each match, for just ONE minute, that each one of us holds the clear intention for peace, safety and integrity for South Africa, Africa and the world.

By doing this, we are raising our collective consciousness by beaming love, integrity and peace through our hearts, thereby creating a massive WAVE OF PEACE that will sweep away all forms of negativity, changing and uplifting mass consciousness around the world. This is the perfect time to do this.

IMAGINE THE POWER BILLIONS OF MINDS FOCUSING ON PEACE AND INTEGRITY!! Take a moment before each match – and there are 64 matches – even if you are not watching the matches, and “tune in” to this integrity and peace wave. Just feel love and peace in your heart for one minute – that’s all it takes. Scientists have proven the power that group minds have to change what they are focusing on.

LET’S CREATE A PEACE WAVE throughout South Africa, throughout every other country, throughout the whole world. Can you imagine what a change you can make, we can make, doing this together. Let’s capitalize on this unique opportunity to contribute to a safe, secure, joyous event that will send positivity all around the globe. We can all perform MADIBA Magic!!!!

Please participate and pass this on to each and every person you know, all over the world ……. And CREATE THE INTEGRITY AND PEACE WAVE.

Thank you.

Translations of this message are available in Dutch, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Portuguese

Please help network this!

Check also Guest Post: The World Cup is a chance to unite a divided country with big ambitions below


Gulf Phoenix Rising Project
Humanity Healing is sponsoring and endorsing a series of initiatives to both physically assist those nonprofits involved with the direct physical clean-up of the BP Gulf Oil disaster as well as spiritually assisting with the disaster through collective meditations and visualizations. The first of these is on Wednesday, 23 June 2010, at 5:30 EST (GMT-5:00). This time was chosen for astral and planetary aspectation. Click HERE to get your downloadable PDF of suggested meditations. You can also read Gulf Oil Disaster - Uniting Human Minds - A Call to Action to have a better idea of what is proposed. Recommended by Jonathan Eveleigh (

Wake up Call
This is the chance we have to change the wave. We need to stand up for Earth and humanity.

Worldwide Solstice Didgeridoo Meditation - 21 June 2010
Next Monday will be the winter solstice (or for those of you in the northern hemisphere the summer solstice) and that means at sunset it will be time for the next Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation. More details through this Worldwide%20Didgeridoo%20Meditation%20LINK and this LINK - Please help to make the upcoming global Didj Wave even bigger and stronger by participating at your local sunset time on 21st June 2010. Simply play your didj for 45 minutes (and this does not have to be continuous) when the sun is setting and then sit in silence for 15 minutes afterwards. If you cannot play didj, simply listen to some didj music or play another instrument. Meditate on the importance of humanity to take care of the land, as Aboriginal people have done for tens of thousands of years.

First Climb On Burj Khalifa Great Feat - AMAZING TRUST IN ONE'S CLIMBING SKILLS!
UNBELIEVABLE... Alain Robert, the French Spiderman took the tallest building in front of a crowd numbering the tens of thousands without any safety mechanisms in place. Alain Robert completed the climb in only 20 minutes!!!!! !!!!!!!!! - Make sure to see the 9 pictures!!!

Gifted Indigo Child
An amazingly gifted child - Many other Indigo Children related videos there such as Indigo Child's Views on How to Save the World !!

3 Year Old Solves Rubik's Cube in 114 seconds

Starving Yogi astounds Indian scientists (May 11, 2010)
An 83-year-old Indian holy man who says he has spent seven decades without food or water has astounded a team of military doctors who studied him during a two-week observation period. Prahlad Jani spent a fortnight in a hospital in the western India state of Gujarat under constant surveillance from a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit television. During the period, he neither ate nor drank and did not go to the toilet. "We still do not know how he survives," neurologist Sudhir Shah told reporters after the end of the experiment. "It is still a mystery what kind of phenomenon this is." The long-haired and bearded yogi was sealed in a hospital in the city of Ahmedabad in a study initiated by India's Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the state defence and military research institute. The DRDO hopes that the findings, set to be released in greater detail in several months, could help soldiers survive without food and drink, assist astronauts or even save the lives of people trapped in natural disasters."(Jani's) only contact with any kind of fluid was during gargling and bathing periodically during the period," G. Ilavazahagan, director of India's Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences (DIPAS), said in a statement.Jani has since returned to his village near Ambaji in northern Gujarat where he will resume his routine of yoga and meditation. He says that he was blessed by a goddess at a young age, which gave him special powers.During the 15-day observation, which ended on Thursday, the doctors took scans of Jani's organs, brain, and blood vessels, as well as doing tests on his heart, lungs and memory capacity. "The reports were all in the pre-determined safety range through the observation period," Shah told reporters at a press conference last week.Other results from DNA analysis, molecular biological studies and tests on his hormones, enzymes, energy metabolism and genes will take months to come through. "If Jani does not derive energy from food and water, he must be doing that from energy sources around him, sunlight being one," said Shah.

Yes Magazine: Water Solutions (Summer issue)
This whole magazine is dedicated to the protection and restoration of clean, sustainable water supplies - mainly in the U.S. Give it a look!... Such as Water: Will There Be Enough? - I especially loved reading Protecting our Water Commons: Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. and Food in Dry Times (...) A 40 Gallon Water Chaser For Your Beer? The food we eat and the products we use contain “virtual water”—the water used to produce them. Cut down on home use, but here’s where you can really save some water. Water to make 1 pound of - hamburger...2,029 gallons - chicken...468 gallons - apples...72 gallons - tomatoes...16 gallons - bread...171 gallons - cheese...600 gallons CLIP

RSA Animate - The Empathic Civilization - FASCINATING! A MUST SEE!!
Bestselling author, political adviser and social and ethical prophet Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the profound ways that it has shaped our development and our society. Recommended by Carol Lynn Smith ( - You can also watch Jeremy Rifkin himself giving his unabridged 51 min The Empathic Civilisation conference or watch this 3 min TV interview with him. Very enlightening! You may also like...

RSA Animate - Smile or Die
Acclaimed journalist, author and political activist Barbara Ehrenreich explores the darker side of positive thinking. Full 34 min conference HERE Many more RSA Animate in the video links on the right.

3 videos from Ron Van Dyke's spell-binding conference

New Crop formations STUNNING! See GROUND SHOTS Geometric Triumph! Check the effect at the bottom Amazing formation in Italy!!

What I Saw That Night Was Nothing From Our World
(...) Out of photographs I was able to get from that night, in my opinion, is enough to prove beyond all doubt that these things are for real. I myself can hardly believe what I have managed to capture. I viewed these from very close distances, not just something quickly passing-by, these were here, and operating, and I truly have captured some breathtaking photos. I honestly think we have the right to know the truth, and I'm sure that truth is already known... just not let out to the public. I have photographs that could prove these to be real things and not people's imagination or mistaken identity. - MAKE SURE TO CHECK THERE THE DOZENS OF LINKS TO UFO REPORTS UNDER WGFT Coverage Of The UK Craft 'Explosion' - It started becoming dramatic around March 2009... SUCH AS Stand-Off 'Battle' Underway .... ET Versus New World Order INCLUDED AT THE END OF THIS COMPILATION.

Out There: Billions and Billions of Habitable Planets (19 February 2009)
There are about ten thousand billion billion habitable planets in the observable universe, and some of these Earth-like worlds could be found by a mission set to launch early next month, a leading planet-formation theorist now speculates.Alan Boss, astrophysicist at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., and author of "The Crowded Universe" (Basic Books), published this month, came up with that rough number by estimating there is about one habitable planet around every sun-like star in the galaxy, of which there are about 10 billion, and multiplying that by the number of galaxies in the universe (about 100 billion). This result is inexact of course, so give or take a power of ten or so, Boss said, which is standard for these types of estimates in astronomy. "Based on what we already know, the universe is going to turn out to be chock full of habitable planets (i.e. Earth-like worlds), and therefore life is likely to be widespread," said Boss, who discussed these estimates with a group of reporters last weekend in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. CLIP


The Visionary Art of Amoraea Dreamseed
Space is not empty . . . it is full of infinite potential and consciousness waiting to be precipitated into manifestation. It is spilling over into this realm through every pore and receptacle. The Visionary Art of Amoraea Dreamseed taps directly into this Divine Gnosis - the Eternal Wisdom of the Cosmos - and explores the human soul’s relation with God and His own Divinity. Each painting may be received as a living altar or sacred gateway. Like music, visual information is a universal language that awakens ancient future memories of our very purpose and existence. Amoraea’s paintings are sourced directly from experiential visions and meditative states of consciousness. May they also act as a vehicle for your own visionary awareness! More on Amoraea through and

Tamera - 'Beyond 2012' (May 29, 2010)
The birth of a new humanity? What is the shift in consciousness? We greet the peoples of the Earth. We greet the groups on all continents preparing the new age. We greet the newly developing planetary community. We are in a huge cosmic transformation. The great peace of which we have dreamt so long without avail can now be fulfilled if humanity remembers its sources and builds its culture on new foundations. Read the unabridged version of 'Beyond 2012' available in several languages through - Recommended by long-time ERN subscriber Benjamin von Mendelssohn ( who wrote that this whole text "carries a beautiful and important peace frequency and information."

Drunvalo Melchizedek THE BIRTH OF A NEW HUMANITY - Starts with the story of Atlantis

Using iPads to bridge communication gap with dolphins (June 4, 2010)
Research scientist Jack Kassewitz has found that the iPad's touch-based interface is so intuitive that even some nonhuman species can use it. In this case, that species happens to be dolphins. Kassewitz is using iPads with custom-developed software to help facilitate two-way communication between humans and dolphins. Kassewitz has worked for years studying the behavior and communication patterns of dolphins. Numerous studies on dolphin language show signs of advanced intelligence, and it is believed that the high-frequency sounds dolphins make underwater are capable of communicating information that is holographic in nature. Since humans don't communicate natively with holograms, Kassewitz is currently working on a project to build a symbolic language that dolphins and humans can use to communicate with one another.Kassewitz searched for nearly two years to find a touchscreen device that dolphins could reliably activate with their rostrum (or beak), while still being powerful enough to record or play back the high frequency sounds associated with dolphin language and durable enough to work in underwater environments. CLIP

The 10 smartest animals - How do humans compare to other intelligent creatures?
We humans have the ability to learn, to reason and solve problems. We're self-aware, and we’re also conscious of the presence, thoughts and feelings of others. We make tools and practice the art of deception. We're creative. We think abstractly. We have language and use it to express complex ideas. All of these are arguably signs of intelligence. Scientists may not agree on the best and fullest definition of intelligence – but they generally agree that humans are highly intelligent. Other members of the animal kingdom exhibit signs of intelligence as well, and some scientists might say the definition of animal vs. human intelligence is merely a matter of degree – a point that was brought home in 2005 when the London Zoo put “Homo sapiens” on display in the exhibit pictured here. Click the "Next" arrow above to learn about nine other species that stand out for their smarts.

CHECK the Real-time Dot graph - it's behaving strangely lately!


Solar Power Day (June 08, 2010)
There is Sunday of course which was originally and literally Sun’s day as a vaguely religious observance. Now there is Solar Day which is not so much a day set aside to honor solar (power) but a day to show how solar power has grown and can be used. This is to be June 19 and will be an annual day of recognition for the growth of clean, solar energy. The premise of Solar Day is simple: a national day of recognition for solar energy, energy independence and protection of the planet. The first annual Solar Day was held in 2009 with only one event — a tour hosted by the city of San Francisco using bio-diesel buses of solar hot water heating systems in the city. It is designed to be held on the weekend closest to the summer’s solstice which is the longest and sunniest day of the year. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), in 2009 the solar industry added 441 megawatts of new, clean power to the U.S., pulled in 1.4 billion in new venture capital investments, provided 45,000 jobs and grew by 36% in annual revenue. NextEra, the largest solar generator in the world, co-owns and operates two solar thermal projects in California — Harper Lake and Kramer Junction — as well as 15 wind farms. The Harper Lake plant, which has been in operation for more than two decades and generates 160 gross megawatts of power, sells electricity to California’s electric utility companies, which are required to use renewable energy to produce 20 percent of their power by 2010 and 33 percent by 2020. NextEra has invested $1.5 billion in power generation assets in California, about $1 billion of that in solar and wind projects. So yes solar power has indeed grown. This year Solar Day 2010 events will be held in more than 40 cities so residents can find out about their energy options, solar rebates and ways to reduce the cost of their electricity bills for years to come. CLIP

Afghan peace jirga backs Karzai's Taliban peace proposal - VIDEO (4 June 2010) POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT!
Afghan representatives have endorsed President Hamid Karzai's plan to seek peace with the Taliban, on the final day of national peace talks in Kabul.The meeting ended by backing an amnesty and job incentives to induce Taliban fighters to give up arms.The three-day gathering was marked by fierce debate on Mr Karzai's plan to end the country's nine-year civil war. Lyse Doucet reports. MORE details HERE

Peace talks call for ceasefire, but with little hope (JUNE 5, 2010)
Three-day jirga viewed as largely futile exercise with no recommendations binding onany group (...) As the three-day peace jirga ended in Kabul yesterday, those in attendance called for insurgents to lay down their arms; for some prisoners to be released from jail; and for the names of some insurgent leaders to be taken off terrorist watch lists kept by the United States and the United Nations. But none of the 200-odd recommendations made by the delegates is binding on the government of President Hamid Karzai, to say nothing of the Taliban and the other insurgent groups, who - when they were not physically attacking it -mocked the gathering as an American-inspired propaganda show. Further undermining the talks, the legally elected opposition mostly boycotted the meeting, as did several key tribal leaders and influential warlords. Even though all the delegates were hand-picked by Karzai's government, few in Kabul think there is much chance that any of the resolutions adopted will ever become reality. CLIP

Afghanistan's unlikely peace plan: Strengthen Islamic law, free Taliban (June 4, 2010)
Afghanistan's national peace jirga outlined a path for President Hamid Karzai to negotiate with the Taliban, but critics said it is one fraught with obstacles that threaten to throw the country back in time. The conference communiqué Friday called for the removal of senior Taliban figures from a United Nations blacklist, the release of insurgents from prison and the strengthening of Islamic law. Although the resolutions carry no legal weight, they offer a glimpse into the concessions the government and its supporters are willing to make in a bid to lure the Taliban into talks, which they believe will ultimately end the war. Some observers worried the proposed strategy set back progress made since the ousting of the Taliban in 2001, particularly around issues of women's rights. Others said any amnesty offered to the insurgents amounted to elevating them above the law, sowing a sense of invincibility that could fuel further violence. "This nation is not prepared to go 10 years back," said Fawzia Kofi, a member of parliament from Badakhshan province. "The delegates showed that they have already been influenced by Talibanization, making sure the insurgents' ideology is included in these proposals. We cannot offer impunity to these people. They need to be equal before the law," she said. She noted, however, that some of the more hard-line suggestions submitted by the jirga's 28 committees were left out of the final statement, including controversial proposed changes to the constitution. CLIP

Sperm whale faeces 'offset CO2 emissions' (June 15, 2010)
Sperm whale faeces may help oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the air, scientists say. -- Australian researchers calculate that Southern Ocean sperm whales release about 50 tonnes of iron every year.This stimulates the growth of tiny marine plants - phytoplankton - which absorb CO2 during photosynthesis.The process results in the absorption of about 40,000 tonnes of carbon - more than twice as much as the whales release by breathing, the study says. The researchers note in the Royal Society journal Proceedings B that the process also provides more food for the whales, estimated to number about 12,000. Phytoplankton are the basis of the marine food web in this part of the world, and the growth of these tiny plants is limited by the amount of nutrients available, including iron. CLIP


From: Name and email address withheld upon request
Subject: Taking Personal Responsibility
Date: 29 May 2010

"Oh! and one final MOST important thing. I just watched a stunningly powerful video "The Call" that has been released on May 24. It has been recommended to my attention by Jay Iversen (see his email in the Quote section below). I cannot possibly emphasize it enough that you must take 10 blissful minutes right away to go at and watch this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G video. The Time is NOW to act boldly and decisively and we definitely are the ones we have been waiting for!..."

- Quoted from The Moment of Truth Series #21: Bullshit Petroleum and much, MUCH MORE!

Dear Amazing Jean,

After watching this video I realized that it encompassed a great deal of what I was going to send to you, as a result of our earlier communication.... in fact I had even titled it "The Time Is Now". My thoughts were inspired by the definition of Soul, as I don't believe that any of our personal or world problems can, or will, be resolved until it recaptures its Soul as defined here by Robert Rabbin:

- Soul implies connection. This means we experience a real and living bond with others, and we honor this by treating them with respect, kindness, compassion, and dignity.

- Soul implies listening. This means we develop an attitude of openness, curiosity, and patience, so we can truly hear and understand what others are saying.

- Soul implies beauty. This means that our actions must preserve the natural beauty of life in all its manifestations. It means we will not destroy, pollute, defile, or degrade any expression of life.

- Soul implies truth. This means we must speak the truth, we must be accountable for our actions, and we must be straightforward in our dealings with each other and with everyone who is impacted by what our organization does. It means we are bound to be honest and transparent in our actions and intentions.

- Soul implies balance and harmony. This means we must keep our priorities in order and give equal time to our own personal growth, to our families, to our communities--to those pursuits and activities that enrich our whole life. Recognizing the need for balance, we will not be compulsive or greedy, we will not sacrifice the integrity of this moment for a future promise.

- Soul implies universality. This means that we are all shareholders in certain basic values. What do we all want? We all want to be appreciated, to be accepted, to make a positive contribution to others. We want to feel that our lives and our labors make a positive difference. We want to give, to serve, to be the reason for someone else's happiness and well-being. A popular bumper sticker reminds us to serve others in these words: Practice random acts of kindness.

- Soul implies inspiration and deep passion. This means that we live and work from our hearts, from what we truly love. If we follow our hearts to work, we will not need to be motivated by some cheap management trick to give our best effort. Our heart will always ask us to give our best, for the sake of love and passion. We will not need to be bribed. Enthusiasm, cooperation, and commitment are the hallmarks of a heartfelt life.

- Soul implies joy. This means that we work from joy, with joy, and towards joy. This is not a Pollyanna principle, because I think that everything we do in life is for the sake of joy. Let joy be our standard: if joy is present, we are doing things right, and doing things well. If not, we are doing things wrong, and we should stop and figure out how to get back on track. Can you imagine a performance review whose only question was: Please rate the amount of joy you experience, on a scale of one to 10.

- Soul implies going beyond conventional boundaries. This means we should always feel free to risk new ideas and new approaches to old problems. This means we should develop our minds and bodies and spirits so that they glow with creativity and innovation. This means we would welcome boldness, diversity, and initiative. We would be open to continuous learning and growth; and not just for the sake of profit, but for the sake of being creative, dynamic human beings.

- Soul implies clarity and awareness. This means that we speak and act mindfully. Mindfulness is the moment-to-moment awareness of our true motives and intentions. Mindfulness means to be deeply in touch with our thoughts and emotions every moment. Mindfulness means that we are able to see what is actually happening around us, and to not be confused or misled by our own projected fantasies and ideas of what is happening. This means we are committed to illuminating the unlit aspects of our subconscious that often drive us without our knowing.

- Robert Rabbin
As a pioneer in the field of executive coaching, Robert Rabbin founded The Hamsa Institute for Enlightened Leadership in 1990, and as a skilled and inspirational keynote speaker, leadership adviser, and self-awareness teacher.

If we dedicate ourselves, individually, to regaining our Souls we will indeed transform all the unwanted conditions of the world that we encounter daily. If we LIVE this in all aspects of our daily lives at home, at work, at play we will stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated, mind controlled and surreptitiously led into states of fear, apathy, anger and gullibility.

It is e-newsletters like yours, Jean, that allow us to expand and expedite our awakening. Thank you isn't adequate, but our lives will show our appreciation when we step up to the plate and take responsibility for our part, by making it our first priority and intent to regain our individual Souls. As each of us evolves into a being with a Soul, so will the world we live in. All the problems will be resolved as if by magic.

Blessings, love, and kudos for all your efforts,




Current events in the context of Earth's ascension

Message from Matthew - June 2, 2010

This is Matthew, here with loving greetings from all souls at this station and to say that we weep with you about recent occurrences that are evoking grief, fear, anger and grave concerns about what is happening in your world. We understand the purpose of it all and can see the forthcoming greatness, but in the interconnectedness of all souls, we feel your emotions of deep sadness, discouragement and pessimism. That is why we have come at this time.

The Israeli attack on a ship with persons whose purpose is humanitarian; other instances of unprovoked violence; renewed saber-rattling between the two Korean nations; little if any progress to stabilize Iraq or end the fighting in Afghanistan; fear about what will ensue if Iran develops nuclear weapons and what is fomenting in Pakistan; increasing instances of weather anomalies and seismic events; the continued gushing forth of oil in the Gulf of Mexico; economic collapse spreading throughout Europe; governments in chaos — all are indeed lamentable and with dire potential from your world’s perspective.

It is difficult even for the most stout-hearted lightworkers to view those situations and all others that are causing widespread suffering as anything other than the personal and national tragedies they are for the peoples who are directly affected. Compassion is a natural sentiment of lighted souls, and along with prayers and physical and financial assistance where possible, compassion’s high vibrations are helping to uplift those who are suffering. Outrage and assigning blame for atrocities and deliberate hardships also are natural reactions of a concerned populace, and we shall speak more about this a bit later.

It would be a disservice to tell you that all divisive matters will be happily resolved without any serious consequences because there will be some, but not of the severity that many minds are imagining. What we offer in this short message to lighten heavy hearts about all volatile, oppressive and heartrending situations is their higher purpose within the context of Earth’s ascension.

In our last message we stated that there is not much time left for everything that must be — and shall be! — completed before Earth reaches the universal “window” to exit third density, and that the tenacity of the dark minds and hearts has altered the Golden Age master plan. It originally called for a gradual emergence of truths and resultant changes, but in the current energy streams, the clearing away of the last vestiges of darkness is coming thick and fast, and long-standing conflicts between individuals, groups and countries have to peak within a comparatively short interval. With linear time “disappearing” in the vibratory planes the planet has reached, everything in your world is accelerating not just day by day, but minute by minute.

The prevailing vibrations, which are magnifying positive and negative feelings and behaviors, are transmuting negativity into the light that is propelling your planet out of darkness and into the light — that is what ascension is for any soul. In a transformation of that magnitude, death, destruction and despair are inevitable as the energies of greed, ruthlessness and power-lust that ravaged Earth and her residents for millennia are running the final stages of their course, and darkness is lashing out furiously in its fear of losing what little remains of its one-time global control. Because of our love for all souls, we wish the transitional process did not have to be tumultuous; however, it can be no other way in the last stages of a civilization’s harsh, yet determined struggle to raise itself out of deep third density and evolve into fourth.

Accomplishing that is exactly why you are where you are. Of the many souls who wanted to be part of this unprecedented era not only on the planet, but in the universe, you are among those chosen because you have the ancient wisdom, spiritual strength and innate capabilities to bring about profound changes. Do not doubt your powerful selves for even an instant!

Take heart in knowing that there are far, far more light-filled peoples in your world than dark, and at soul level they are eager to play their roles along Earth’s pathway out of violence, turmoil, deceit and corruption.  At conscious level, however, relatively few of them know what you do — that all of you are gods and goddesses with unlimited potential to manifest whatever you intently focus on.

And as strange as this may seem, the lack of that knowledge will, after all, be a fine contribution to ushering in Earth’s Golden Age. Without knowing of their true Beginnings or anything about a Golden Age — or about the decades of assistance from other civilizations or that extraterrestrials are living among you or that many others will join you fairly soon to assist in new ways — those unaware souls are rising to the challenge of healing Earth and preserving it for future generations. They are directing the energy of “outrage and blame” into initiating changes which, although not realized, at this very moment are co-creating a world of harmonious coexistence of all humanity and Nature on Earth and with souls in worlds beyond. You could say that the grassroots movement that has been growing around the globe now also is soaring toward the heavens as you prepare to take your rightful place in our universal family.

Not everyone can be at the forefront of developing new or implementing long-suppressed technologies or be leaders in other avenues of reform, and there is no need for all to be in such positions. Simply BEing the light you are will strengthen and help persons nearby recognize their own light, and the increasing emanations will keep flowing out exponentially. By remembering that light and love are the same energy, simply expressed differently, and as the pure essence of Creator is the most powerful energy in the cosmos, you can see how LOVE is the key to leaving chaos and moving into rejoicing.

The vast changes in your world, already completed in the continuum, will come about swiftly even by your linear time calculations. This period of transition into the Golden Age for all who stay steadfast in the light is its own two-fold reward, so to say — joy in helping to emancipate Earth from the deep tentacles of darkness and leaps in soul growth from participating in this mammoth, magnificent undertaking.

Our beloved brothers and sisters, keep envisioning the world you want and know that you are co-creating it with every thought and deed. Countless numbers of light beings in spirit and physical worlds are accompanying you all along your triumphant journey.

With the infinite love and blessings of the universe, we bid you farewell for this moment.



Suzanne Ward

This message is already available in Dutch and Spanish.
Several previous messages are available in many other languages through



"Fred, you get it! As I do! It's never been about divide and conquer. It's not competition, but cooperation that will save the day... and the planet... and us, the people. I've always liked Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman) for, indeed, he has a remarkable gift for showing us truth through humor. I hope everyone on your list gets it...really understands enough to get beyond our pettiness and narrow-mindedness. Go Right! Go Left! Get Centered! As Dennis Kucinich said when asked why he would have chosen Ron Paul as his running mate if he were chosen as the Democratic nominee, "A plane needs a right wing and a left wing to fly." The ONLY thing that really matters is integrity: integrating the opposites into a harmonious whole that dances rather than clashes. May peace prevail in me.



On 6/10/2010 Fred wrote:

To my friends

I rarely forward email "blasts," even when I agree with the writer's point of view, that take political or religious or even sociological stances...except, perhaps, very selectively. In this instance, this writer has a profoundly revelatory insight on "oil spills and blood spills" that I'm passing along to everyone in my address book (please pardon any duplications), with the encouragement to read it through. It's not that long, it's easy reading and it's worth matter who you are, what "side" you're on or what you're dealing with individually at the moment. If we all read this and give it just a measure of unbiased, open consideration, we might just begin to change our perspectives and start the process of "reinventing" ourselves...and our world.

This is sent to you with care and respect.


NOTE from Jean: As you can see HERE, this has been widely re-posted on the web and is very good indeed...


The Oil Spill and the Blood Spill: Same Problem, Same Solution

By Steve Bhaerman

Sometimes it's just not funny.

There is nothing funny about oil hemorrhaging in the Gulf of Mexico, or blood flowing in the Mediterranean - just the sad joke that we humans are largely the cause of our own suffering. And we are largely clueless as to how and why.

For millennia, we have been under the spell of the lowest common dominator, the notion that it's a you-or-me world, that to survive we must dominate or be dominated. Never mind that at the root of every religion and ethical system is some version of the Golden Rule. We have as a species chosen to apply this law selectively to those in our own family, tribe or nation. When we feel threatened - not necessarily ARE threatened, but feel threatened - we very easily adopt a conveniently modified version of the rule: "Doo-doo unto others before they can doo-doo unto you."

So, for tribes or nations to be manipulated by a sociopathic few, all these misleaders need to do is convince their people of an external threat, and this protective mechanism is activated. While fight-or-flight is a necessary response to an immediate danger, the blood flow to the hindbrain has to come from somewhere. It comes from the forebrain, the place of creative thinking and discernment. In other words, when we are in fear we are less intelligent.

In places like the Middle East, the us-vs.-them story is well established, and each atrocity by the other builds the story one more story high. The one thing the Palestinian terrorists set to blow themselves up and the Israeli soldiers firing on civilians have in common is the belief, "We are the good guys."

It's this belief alone that turns good guys into bad guys. It's how America justified using atomic weapons on Japan, napalm on Vietnamese, and bombs on Iraqi and Afghan citizens. It's the cost of war, paid by the other guy - the bad guy.

From the Mideast ... to the Midwest

In order to bring this notion home, literally and figuratively, we need to take what is happening in the Mideast, and apply it in the Midwest. Just as surely as the Israelis and Palestinians are at war, we the people of America have been divided into two warring tribes, the Red Tribe Republicans and the Blue Tribe Democrats. The main difference between these two tribes is that the right wing understands there is a war going on; the left wing merely feels assaulted.

Here's why.

Whether you believe it's an actual conspiracy, or merely the out-picturing of our divided collective consciousness, the body politic has been split into left-brain and right-brain, masculine and feminine. The political left represents the values of novelty and nurturance; the right stands for structure and protection. Each of these tendencies - progressive and conservative - represents a healthy biological impulse. However, separately they are incapable of wise rule. Why? Well, imagine living your life using only half your intelligence, or worse yet with two parts of your psyche constantly in mortal combat.

Consequently, each political party represents a toxic distortion of a valuable asset. Put bluntly, the Republicans represent the abusive male, the Democrats the enabler female. All of the muscle is on one side; all of the compassion is on the other. Instead of working together, these two opposing impulses have inflicted a deadly autoimmune dysfunction on the body politic. Who benefits? Those who have the most to lose by these two divided forces uniting as an integrated, whole "we the people."

In a healthy, integrated, whole system the forces of protection protect life. Consider the eggshell. It is absolutely necessary to protect the egg during development. However, for a chicken to be born, the shell must break. Structure must yield to life.

In our distorted, divided system the structures designed for protection all too often protect the predator. That's why back in the 1930s, Gen. Smedley Butler, at the time America's most decorated Marine, wrote a booklet called War is a Racket, where he confessed that most of the defending he did during the early part of this century was for United Fruit and U.S. Rubber. In the nearly 80 years since Butler's pamphlet, we have seen the simple desire for defense and protection rigidify into a Military Industrial Complex, a structure largely in service of itself, in partnership with the American empire.

Interestingly, the more libertarian right represented by Ron Paul know about Smedley Butler and his assessment of war, whereas he is an unfamiliar figure to most on the left. That's because each political polarity has it's own information pipeline telling them the "truth." The left is told that the Ron Paul variety of populist - as represented currently by the Tea Parties - are backward racists and isolationists. Meanwhile, the right wing impropaganda machine bangs away at the notion that "liberals hate America," making them as much of an enemy as Al Qaeda is.

Progressives are outraged by the assaults of Limbaugh, Beck and the like, but cannot respond effectively or courageously. Why? Because all the martial energy has been marshaled over on the other side. The right, meanwhile, doesn't dare empathize with the downtrodden, lest we empower welfare cheats. In having their attention focused on the lowly criminal, they are conveniently distracted from the highly criminal.

We are a political house divided, a body politic afflicted with bi-polar insanity. Somewhere in the netherworld, Machiavelli is smiling, for his lesson of divide-and-conquer has been well learned by our misleaders. We the people have learned to identify so much with what divides us that we completely ignore the common virtues and values we share as non-sociopathic humans.

It's Either an Awakening ... Or a Wake

Which brings us to the oil spill.

The major missing piece in this web-of-life threatening tragedy is our ability to act in unison in a moment of crisis. The bi-polar political dysfunction has bred so much mutual distrust, that we've wasted valuable time and energy in obfuscation and blame. But the problem goes deeper than that, as deep as the subconscious programming of "survival of the fittest." We are so programmed with fear of not enough - Swami calls this "scare city" - that we spend our attention, intention, time and resource on protection and acquisition, at the expense of other healthy human "cellular souls."

The cost of this agreed-upon greed, goes beyond the trillions of dollars spent and the millions of lives lost. We now have a rupture in the web-of-life itself, as the fluid we value more than life gushes uselessly and harmfully into the ocean, unstoppable by the magic of technology. Like Disney's Sorcerer's Apprentice, in our ignorance and innocence, we unleashed a power far too powerful for our Mickey Mouse consciousness.

And the good news is?

If we choose to use it as such, the oil spill may be the significant emotional event that bumps us out of the illusion of separation and into a healthier relationship with one another and the planet. What is called for is no less than a spontaneous spiritual evolution from children of God to adults of God, from victims and villains to aware, responsible co-creators. It's never happened before. But never before have we faced such a blatant and immediate human-caused disaster, one that calls into question our fitness as a species.

As many of us have seen in the "try this" or "try that" emails that have been circulating, there is no dearth of potential remedies or even solutions. We already have the worldwide network of communication to create an open-source approach to a situation that threatens every one of us. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention ... and intent is the father. What an opportunity for the people of this world to "gather under one big intent" to take the initiative to create a worldwide "we the people" authority to, for the first time, confront a species-wide threat as a species.

This would not be some top-down New World Order, but a bottom up, grassroots "new world ordering," where we access the heart-and-soul essence of who we are, an essence that has been lost through millennia of domination and programmed fear. It would mean gathering in intentionally diverse groups, and using existing polarities to stretch ourselves beyond the limited choices we currently perceive. It would mean calling forth the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine, to act in accord as dynamic duo dance partners. It would mean taking the obsolete political polarities of progressive and conservative, and turning them into healthy intentions by asking, "How do we wish to progress?" and "What do we choose to conserve?"

I know, I know. I am proposing a sane world. I must be crazy.

But the question to ask ourselves and one another is, how sane is the institutionalized, homicidal, suicidal insanity we have now? As the saying goes, if we keep on the same path, we will arrive at where we are going. Even if we are able to stanch the current oil flow, and we contain the damage to "just" one ocean, what will the next blow be? Will we be able to recover, or will it just be a matter of time before a human-made disaster kills us?

In our book Spontaneous Evolution, Bruce Lipton and I point out the phenomenon of "spontaneous remission," where an individual is told their condition is untreatable and terminal, and yet something mysterious and miraculous happens. They recover, and show no sign of the disease whatsoever. While we might imagine this some super-human miracle, when we look deeper we find that the recovery is preceded by a profound change of belief, and change of behavior.

In other words, a spontaneous remission is often the result of a "spontaneous remissioning." And so the choice is before us to collectively change our mission from "dominate or be dominated" to re-growing the Garden together.

This has been the wake up call we have been waiting for. And the snooze button is no longer working.

Steve Bhaerman is a writer and uncommontator who has written and performed comedy as Swami Beyondananda. He is also the co-author with Bruce Lipton of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here (Hay House: 2009). He can be found online at


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SpillFighters—Dedicated to Oil Spill Cleanup through Bioremediation
The greatest environmental disaster that has ever occurred to the U.S. is looming a few miles Offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. If you look at the satellite photos of the Gulf today you’ll see an enormous portion of the Gulf is already covered in oil. Given the amount of oil already spilled and the undetermined amount of oil still flowing up from a mile under the sea, it is impossible for the upper areas of the Gulf of Mexico to survive as we know it. Also, the financial fallout from millions of citizens that depend on the tourism and seafood industries could trigger another round of foreclosures, bankruptcies and even another recession.BUT, there is one simple and natural solution. “Oil Eating Microbes”. Microbes occur in nature (in fact humans have over a pound of microbes in their bodies) and each type of microbe is programmed to do certain tasks. Some decompose plant matter, others help break down toxins. In the last 20 years scientists have been able to find and ‘harvest’ these naturally occurring oil-eating microbes from around the world and increase their reproduction cycle so that trillions are now available to help us! CLIP Check also...

Gulf Oil Spill-Gutsy Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks


Recommended by Ed Elkin (


British campaigner urges UN to accept 'ecocide' as international crime

Proposal to declare mass destruction of ecosystems a crime on a par with genocide launched by lawyer

Juliette Jowit - 9 April 2010

A campaign to declare the mass destruction of ecosystems an international crime against peace - alongside genocide and crimes against humanity - is being launched in the UK.

The proposal for the United Nations to accept "ecocide" as a fifth "crime against peace", which could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins.

The radical idea would have a profound effect on industries blamed for widespread damage to the environment like fossil fuels, mining, agriculture, chemicals and forestry.

Supporters of a new ecocide law also believe it could be used to prosecute "climate deniers" who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change.

"Ecocide is in essence the very antithesis of life," says Higgins. "It leads to resource depletion, and where there is escalation of resource depletion, war comes chasing behind. Where such destruction arises out of the actions of mankind, ecocide can be regarded as a crime against peace."

Higgins, formerly a barrister in London specialising in employment, has already had success at the UN with a Universal Declaration for Planetary Rights, modelled on the human rights declaration. "My starting point was 'how do we create a duty of care to the planet, a pre-emptive obligation to not harm the planet?'"

After a successful launch at the UN in 2008, the idea has been adopted by the Bolivian government, who will propose a full members' vote, and Higgins has taken up her campaign for ecocide.

Ecocide is already recognised by dictionaries, but Higgins' more legal definition would be: "The extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished."

The ICC was set up in 2002 to hear cases for four crimes against peace: genocide, war crimes, crimes of aggression (such as unprovoked war), and crimes against humanity.

Higgins makes her case for ecocide to join that list with a simple equation: extraction leads to ecocide, which leads to resource depletion, and resource depletion leads to conflict. "The link is if you keep over-extracting from your capital asset we'll have very little left and we will go to war over our capital asset, the last of it," adds Higgins, who has support in the UN and European commission, and among climate scientists, environmental lawyers and international campaign groups.

Although there is debate over how frequently people go to war over resources such as water, a growing number of important voices are arguing this case. Most recently Sir David King, the UK's former chief scientist, predicted a century of "resource wars", and in response to a report on resource conflicts by campaign group Global Witness, Lessons Unlearned, the UN appeared to accept many of the arguments.

Controversially, Higgins is suggesting ecocide would include damage done to any species - not just humans. This, she says, would stop prosecutions being tied up in legal wrangling over whether humans were harmed, as many environmental cases currently are.: "If you put in a crime that's absolute you can't spend years arguing: you take a soil sample and if it tests as positive it's bang to rights."

Under an ecocide law, which would be more potent because prosecutions would be against individuals such as directors rather than the companies, traditional energy companies could have to become largely clean energy companies, much extractive mining would have to be scaled back or stopped, chemicals which contaminate soil and water and kill wildlife would have to be abandoned and large-scale deforestation would not be possible. "I'm only just beginning to get to terms with how enormous that change will be," admits Higgins.

Higgins will launch her campaign through a website - - asking for global support to pressure national governments to vote for the proposed law if it is accepted by the UN Law commission. The deadline for the text is January, and a vote has been scheduled on other amendments in 2012. It would need a two-thirds majority of the 197 member countries to pass.

Higgins hopes the UN's "one member, one vote" system will help over-ride likely opposition of some nations and vested business interests. She also believes many businesses favour clear regulation because they fear a future public backlash. And she cites how, when the US entered world war two, its car manufacturers - despite initial opposition - made 10 times the number of aircraft originally asked for. "It shows you how industry can turn around very fast."

In pictures: top 10 'ecocides'


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BP ecocide oil rig explosion
(...) The international crime of ecocide would legally bind BP to take full responsibility for the damage, destruction to or loss of ecosystems caused by this incident. Where a large oil spill causes large, long term or severe ecosystem destruction, ecocide prosecution will attract imprisonment of the CEO and liability for restorative justice. This is a strong incentive to not have such potentially damaging projects in place from the outset. Unfortunately, ecocide is not yet law, and so the burden of eco-responsibility does not yet exist. CLIP



Jose Arguelles on 2012 -- Closing Of The Cycle: The Last Days and What Is To Be Done

Jose Arguelles

“How come all I see
Is the child of God in misery?”

(Song lyric heard in a hotel restaurant in Chennai, India)

Message of the Time:

Let the wall fall into the moat
The civilization is in ruin
Use no force to correct things
But persevere in silence
The evil way is on the ascent
But it has no foundation
Within yourself the signs of tomorrow are ripened

When we look at our world today in the middle of the year 2010, we see something that more and more resembles the beginning of Roland Emmerich’s 2012. Devastating earthquakes, floods, an unprecedented oil spill – the hemorrhaging of the Earth – and volcanoes. Besides the Iceland eruption, on May 29 it seems three other volcanoes went off: One in Guatemala, one in Ecuador and one in the area of the North Mariana islands. Note that the Mariana volcano – an underwater eruption – is very close to the deepest underwater trench in the world, the Mariana trench. Deep water volcano, Earth’s response to BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig that blew up just about the time the Iceland volcano first went off. Choreography courtesy the divine plan!

The human experiment – for it was never anything more than that – is now out of control. If the cycle is truly ending on 21 December 2012, and something is going to happen, then what is left to be done? No one yet has stepped forward to say, “game over!” So all that is left to be done is to change our consciousness.

As we see from the riots in Greece and Bangkok, not to mention the Israeli response to the effort to get aid to Gaza, while demonstrating the frustration of the people, as always, those who hold the power, the guns and the bombs, wield and often brutally maintain the power. Retreat to the inner realms and cultivate the highest consciousness. This is the essence of the message of the time.

This is a grand drama that is playing out now. What we are seeing is the exhaustion of materialism, what the Club of Rome defined in 1973 as the Limits of Growth. I was recently on an investigative visit to East Africa (Kenya) and South India. For a counterpoint to the misery that was everywhere evident, as I was traveling through different parts of these two countries, I took time to watch CNN, Al-Jazeera or BBC in the hotels so I could follow the oil spill and witness the European union voting a trillion dollar bail out for the Euro and some failing economies. It made me wonder: Where is the trillion dollars to give every human being on Earth a roof that doesn’t leak, an actual sanitary toilet, clean drinking water and real food on the table? No, it was quite evident that the species has failed in taking care of its own and in its capacity to save its environment. What people need to understand is that 21/12/2012 is actually humanity’s deadline, and right now it would rather send a man to Mars then deal head-on with what it has created on its home planet.

So the message of the time, it should be emphasized, is not just to change but to transform your consciousness into a supermental force. The route of material evolution is over. Now we can return to the mainstream of cosmic consciousness.

Consciousness and not life and form is the essential evolutionary principle of the cosmos. As the great Indian thinker Sri Aurobindo wrote concerning this premise:

“In this vision of things the universe will reveal itself in its unity and totality as a manifestation of a single being, nature as its power of manifestation, evolution as its process of gradual manifestation in matter.”(“Supermind in Evolution”)

The power of the mind created the machine and the artificial time that governs our lives. Returned to itself, the power of the mind can ultimately heal all things. The power of a hundred thousand minds synchronized as a single planetary consciousness focused on a single point could alter the evolution of our mind and spirit irrevocably while providing us with the knowledge, insight and telepathic skills to turn our crisis into the second creation.

Such a supermental event of consciousness by 2012 is possible. It is the solution augured by the message of the time. We would then also know, that we are not alone. Cosmic civilization throughout the universe, we will find out, had been waiting for us to come upon this solution. We will hear the cry resounding across the Earth: “Welcome Home!” And we will know: Yes, we are home. A new time and a new day will dawn.


JOSE ARGUELLES is the person who first introduced the date December 21, 2012 into mass consciousness with The Mayan Factor. The initiator of the Harmonic Convergence global peace meditation of 1987, Arguelles is also the founder of the annual Whole Earth Festival (1970) in California, and one of the originators of the Earth Day concept.


THE FACT THAT THE NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES OF THESE TERRIBLY LOST SOULS ARE BEING EXPOSED - see below the video Daniel Estulin Exposes Bilderberg At EU Parliament Conference (5 videos to watch - June 2nd, 2010 - and you may want to start with this TV report with Eslutin) on this - IS A VERY GOOD NEWS IN ITSELF. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski has recently admitted that there is a "global political awakening," which in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government. So the Forces for Good are definitely having a substantial effect! And of course few lamestream media is reporting on this - yet I think it is more than usual... For extensive and up to the minute news from Bilderberg 2010 visit the Master Page


Bilderberg: The Open Conspiracy

Paul Joseph Watson -- May 28, 2010

Now that the agenda for global government and a centralized world economic system is public and out in the open, the importance of the Bilderberg Group's annual conference rests on grooming political candidates. The lion's share of Bilderberg's 2010 agenda has already been announced by its members weeks before - it will revolve around a potential military strike on Iran as well as the future collapse of the euro.

Trilateral Commission members, who routinely also attend Bilderberg's annual confab, have let slip that a war on Iran is being seriously debated, while the elite continue to exploit the fallout from the economic crisis to push for centralized financial regulation.

The consequences of a military strike on Iran will cause a split between Bilderberg luminaries, just as it did before the invasion of Iraq at the 2002 meeting.

During the recent Trilateral Commission meeting in Dublin Ireland, which routinely discusses an almost identical roster of topics to subsequent Bilderberg gatherings, chief advisor to the Russian leadership Mikhail Slobodovsici unwittingly told a We Are Change member he mistook for a colleague, "We are deciding the future of the world….We need a world government," he said, but, referring to Iran, said "we need to get rid of them."

The continued push to pose as the saviors while offering global governance as the solution to the economic crisis was also re-affirmed in a recent speech by IMF chief and BIlderberg member Dominique Strauss-Kahn, when he told an audience of elitists in Zurich that the globalists need to see the 'crisis as an opportunity' to push for "a new global currency issued by a global central bank".

Our sources close to Bilderberg emphasize the fissure that exists within globalist circles. Younger elitists and the nouveau riche are concerned that the global economy is being sunk too quickly and too soon, and that the consequences will be so drastic in the long term that even the wealth and influence of insiders will be threatened.

These divisions in the context of geopolitics was also addressed recently by Trilateral Commission co-founder and prominent Bilderberger Zbigniew Brzezinski, who in addition revealed that a "global political awakening," in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.

The fact that globalists are also debating the timeline as to if and when the euro single currency will collapse, and whether it will be followed by the U.S. dollar has also been publicly discussed in recent weeks.

Former Bank of England policy maker David Blanchflower recently told Bloomberg News that the euro region could break up as a result of the debt crisis in Greece which threatens to spread to other countries on the continent.

As veteran Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker points out in his latest article, the corporate media has already been preconditioning the public to accept Bilderberg's agenda for weeks.

"Bilderberg-controlled news outlets in Europe and the Western Hemisphere are conditioning the public to accept two of the super-secret elite's major goals in advance of its meeting June 4-7 in Sitges, Spain: a U.S. attack on Iran and a financial bailout of Greece and other European Union (EU) countries," writes Tucker.

With the agenda for global government now past the point of secrecy and out in the open, the Bilderberg group's primary role is to groom political candidates for future high-power positions within the new world order hierarchy.

The most interesting aspect to come out of this year's conference in Sitges Spain is the question of who will be attending. While David Cameron's new coalition government in the United Kingdom has opposed the expansion of Bilderberg's European project in rhetoric, they have been busy appointing pro-Euro politicians to influential posts. The possible attendance of Cameron and his new sidekick Nick Clegg will be interesting to watch, as will the question of whether any members of the ousted UK Labour Party are invited. With leadership elections imminent after the resignation of dutiful Bilderberg servant Gordon Brown, Bilderberg will be keen to vet potential future Prime Ministers such as David Milliband.


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Large Protests, Extensive Media Coverage Signifies Awakening To Bilderberg Agenda (June 4th, 2010)
Large protests and extensive media coverage of the 2010 Bilderberg meeting in Spain indicates that the world is finally waking up to the secretive agenda of the elite group.Hundreds of protesters carrying banners and cameras have gathered outside the Dolce hotel in picturesque Sitges as the conference begins today.Police are struggling to contain chanting and bullhorning protesters as delegates including head of the IMF Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Microsoft founder Bill Gates arrive at the meeting. Protesters with cameras have been quick to upload video of the scenes to Youtube.Some protesters are appealing to the police, attempting to convey the message that they are just as much under threat from the elitist agenda of the gathering as everyone else. However, reports suggest that the police are harassing and even arresting photographers and reporters. CLIP

Bill Gates To Attend 2010 Bilderberg Conference (June 4, 2010)
Microsoft founder Bill Gates will join fellow elitists for the first time at the 2010 Bilderberg conference currently taking place in Sitges Spain, after he apparently attempted to pull a bait and switch by pretending to attend another event before being forced to admit to journalists that he will give a speech at the globalist confab. Gates let slip that he would make his debut at Bilderberg after being asked by journalists from 20 Minutos, a free Spanish newspaper which is published daily in numerous Spanish cities as well as others around the world. According to the report, Gates told reporters, “I’m one of those who will be present,” adding that he will take part in a debate with fellow globalists on the subjects of “energy and the needs of the poorest,” as well as climate change, renewable energy and the economic crisis. (..) Both Gates and Rumsfeld’s presence at this year’s event indicates that some very important developments are set to unfold over the course of the next 12 months, particularly with regard to Iran as well as the global warming agenda, which has been on the ropes since the Climategate scandal and the failed Copenhagen summit in December. Gates’ Bilderberg presentation will also likely include information about his eugenicist projects to lower global population figures. During a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste polluters on the planet, Gates told the audience that vaccines need to be used to reduce world population figures in order to solve global warming and lower CO2 emissions to almost zero.Stating that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.” CLIP

Bilderberg plays into conspiracy theory by keeping silent (June 3, 2010)

Conspiracy of Silence: Who are the Bilderberg Group? (June 4, 2010)



Bilderberg 2010 Agenda Leaked

28 mai 2010

According to the documents-which Daniel Estulin obtained from his sources inside the secretive group-issues to be discussed in this year's formal deliberations are:

1. Will the Euro Survive?

2. Development in Europe: Europe's Exit Strategy...On Hold?

3. Do We Have Institutions to Deal With the World Economy?

4. Greece: Lessons and Forward-looking Strategies

5. NATO and Afghanistan: The Practical Agenda for the Alliance

6. Iran and Russia: Economic and Financial Threats to the Alliance

7. The Consequences of War Against Terrorism

8. The Influence of Domestic Issues on American Foreign Policy

9. The Outlook for Japan's Economy

10. The Future of the U.S. Dollar: Alternative Scenarios

That the Bilderbergers-essentially a talking shop for European and North American power players-are interested in discussing the current meltdown of the European economy should come as no surprise, especially as the group's attendee list includes many of the key financiers and string pullers who helped steer Europe into the crisis in the first place. Past attendees of the meeting include current EU President Herman von Rompuy who got the job as the first non-elected head of the undemocratic European Union after a special wine and dine session with Bilderberg steering committee members. Last year he heralded the beginning of global government, praising the increased role of G20 in dealing with the global financial crisis. Other key Bilderbergers include Jean-Claude Trichet, who, as head of the European Central Bank, was instrumental in helping to craft the current European bailout which itself is designed toincentivize the bankruptcy of Europe. Trichet, too, also recently called for global government to regulate the world economic meltdown that his fellow Bilderbergers helped to create.

Those familiar with the Bilderberg group's long-cherished dream of achieving global government through the creation of an international financial framework will be unsurprised to see that a debate on the question "Do We Have Institutions to Deal With the World Economy?" is the third order of business at this year's meeting. Nor will it be a surprise when the question is inevitably answered with the standard globalist line that international institutions like the IMF and the World Bank need to be "strengthened" and even given enhanced regulatory powers as a result of the crisis they have brought about, exactly as Bilderberg observers have been predicting for years. Indeed, as Estulin himself notes in his latest book, Shadow Masters, former U.S. Undersecretary of State George Ball expressed the ambition of the globalists in an address to the 1968 Bilderberg meeting in Mont Tremblant when he stated that they were interested in developing a "world company" to take over the "archaic political structure of nation states"

Other items on the agenda are exactly in line with the issues and plans made at last year's Bilderberg and those ideas debated at last year's G20 Finance Ministers meeting, both of which Estulin was able to infiltrate with his inside sources. The fact that the Iran-Russia alliance is on this year's agenda is doubly telling, not only because a strike against Iran was on the table at this year's Trilateral Commission meeting, but because, as Estulin notes in today's interview, it indicates that the real object of the Bilderbergers' aggression against Iran is the destabilization of Russia, a country that has traditionally been a thorn in the side of the globalists.

Perhaps the only thing that is surprising about this year's leaked agenda is that the secretive group, which has gone to great length to conceal itself from media and public scrutiny, has failed to take precautions to prevent Estulin and his sources from acquiring the information yet again. "I'm a little bit disappointed in the Bilderbergers," he said on the line from Spain, where he currently resides. "I would think they would have taken certain precautions and measures, especially coming to my part of the world."

While the agenda is only a guide for the larger group discussions and the real decision-making takes place among the core members of the group behind closed doors, it does serve as an indicator of the issues and events that are preoccupying the globalists at this sensitive stage of their operation, just as they begin to realize their dream of instituting global government by manufacturing a global depression. Even as these plans begin to come to fruition, the people of Iceland, Greece, and other developed countries are beginning to rise up en masse to throw off the yoke of financial oppression and key Bilderbergers are openly talking of their fears of a global political awakening.

This year's conference marks a new level of exposure and opposition to the Bilderberg group itself. Daniel Estulin will be making an historic speech to the European parliament on June 1st along with Mario Borghezio, Nigel Farage, and other key MEPs. Then Charlie Skelton, reporting once again for the UK's Guardian newspaper, will be taking part in a mass counter-conference where those opposed to the Bilderbergers and their secret proceedings will gather to draw attention to the group.

Stay tuned to for all of the latest information on this year's conference, including an update from Estulin about what his sources are able to reveal about the meeting's proceedings. Coverage starts this Sunday with the release of Episode 131 of The Corbett Report podcast, "Bilderberg 2010."


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Was economic collapse a planned power grab?
(...) "In Spain, Bilderberg is the 'it' topic," Estulin told WND. "The attention this is getting in the European mainstream press is equivalent to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal publishing extensively on it."The attention, Estulin said, has come as his predictions on the cost of oil and other economic factors - based on investigative reporting into the Bilderbergers - have proved more accurate than other economic models in Europe's financial meltdown."Economists cannot explain it without acknowledging the shadow masters working to manipulate economies," Estulin said. "There is a general awakening taking place in people and the national press. This is no longer the domain of conspiracy theorists. Especially in Europe, we're seeing enough cracks to have hope that this dam will break and more and more people will demand to know what the Bilderberg Group has been doing." CLIP

Conspiracy Cafe May 27, 2010
Movie Knowing knew about the Gulf oil explosion last year, has BP sealed the breach or lied again, controlled protest takes to the street au natural, Crown Attorney for Bryant has a checkered past too letting off cops in beating of Crown Attorney, rash of telecom suicides part of a grander plot, It's started the economic slide, war drums in North Korea an elaborate ruse to save the U.S. economy, war on bloggers as the NWO plays the conspiracy card, so listen to the wild card - Conspiracy Cafe.

Corbett Report : Episode #131 - Bilderberg 2010 "the Bilderberg 2010 agenda" (2010/05/30 - 59:59)
Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take another peek behind the closed doors of the secretive Bilderberg group. We uncover the Bilderberg 2010 agenda with Daniel Estulin, organize counter-conference protests with Charlie Skelton of the UK's Guardian newspaper and confront David Rockefeller with the Sovereign Independent.

Is the U.S. Government Planning War?


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Daniel Estulin Exposes Bilderberg At EU Parliament Conference (5 videos to watch - June 2nd, 2010)
Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, who wrote one of the decisive books on the secretive Bilderberg Group, recently gave a groundbreaking speech to the delegates of the European Parliament at the invitation of Italian MEP Mario Borghezio. Never before has Bilderberg been discussed so openly amongst European politicians, and Estulin did not hold back, naming the EU President himself, Herman Von Rompuy as a Bilderberg globalist. Maybe EU states will take Rompuy's debut "first year of Global Governance" speech seriously, now that they know he's a member of a secret and subversive group, whose goal is to create a one world system of control under corporate interests. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE FIRST VIDEO BELOW - THIS IS A MAJOR ELITE EXPOSURE BREAKTHROUGH!

NWO Busted: Man who exposed Bilderberg reveals conspiracy secrets to EU (June 1, 2010)
Secretive and elite - the Bilderberg group, which unites some of the world's most powerful people, has been meeting behind closed doors for decades. An investigative journalist Daniel Estulin has just revealed to the European Parliament all he claims to have discovered about the 'Bilderbergers', and expects the results of his findings to have the 'effect of an atomic bomb'. Then the first video to Estulin's conference at the EU parliament starts at where he describes exceedingly well and in-depth what the Bilderberg is all about... A shock-full disclosure of the Illuminati mafiosi cartel of the rich and powerful elite. He describes them as "the worst enemies of humanity" and as "traitors of humanity as a whole"... Read a transcript HERE - CHECK ALSO...

What To Expect From Bilderberg 2010 In Spain (May 26th, 2010)
Daniel Estulin, the chief Bilderberg Group reporter (along with Jim Tucker and Tony Gosling), was a guest on Coast 2 Coast AM to discuss Bilderberg's agenda at this year's meeting in Spain. The destruction of the US dollar seems high on the list.

Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests (June 3, 2010)
(...) Across the world, secretaries to the rich and the powerful have blocked out the next three days in their bosses' calendars for their annual gathering, this time at the Dolce in Sitges, one of Spain's most exclusive resorts.Normally, every minute of their working lives is accounted for but, each year, a couple of hundred of the world's financial elite and the more business-friendly members of the political class disappear from view; supposedly to save the planet from the dangers of parochialism, the nationalist genie. It is all terribly confidential - breathe a word about it and you're out of the club - but the Bilderberg watcher Daniel Estulin claims to have a copy of the agenda. The big question this time around is whether the euro will survive. "They are afraid that the countries in trouble will leave and the euro will fall apart," said Mr Estulin. "The biggest nightmare is if EU members return to nationally orientated policies."That would certainly explain why the keynote address is being given by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the Spanish Prime Minister. The Piigs - Portugal, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain - are of concern to the Bilderbergers. After all, the club was set up in 1954 by a Polish exile, Joseph Retinger, to create a European bulwark against the spread of communism. It provided the germ of the European idea; Franco-German reconciliation, the entry of West Germany into Nato, the Maastricht treaty - all were cooked up in annual fireside chats.Now, according to Mr Estulin's information, the Bilderbergers are nervous that the erosion of the euro could nudge the world back into recession while public services cuts could trigger unrest and radicalise the political climate.Plenty to talk about at the Dolce, then. The Bilderberg protesters, sure that they can smell a good oldfashioned capitalist conspiracy, will be holding fringe meetings in the town. CLIP

Many more related news on Daniel Estulin and on the Bilderberg HERE

Daniel Estulin - Check his Wikipedia entry!
Daniel Estulin (born in Russia) is an author, public speaker, investigative journalist and author of conspiracy books about the Bilderberg Group,[1] an annual invitation-only conference of the elites in the fields of business, finance, media, military and politics. He is known for his extensive works on this group having written a book called "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group" as well as for his live seminars throughout the world.

The news about the Bildelberg meeting is all over the media in Spain - Many pictures and videos

The Truth Behind The Bilderberg Group (6 June 2010)
(...) The Bilderberg Group have been instrumental in the fascist global economic system that we all suffer from. They have been instrumental in promoting our "New World Order" which is something akin to an Orwellian nightmare. So far the Bildebergs and other secret elite groups have done a bang up job f**king up the planet. But they have also done quite nicely in protecting their immense power and wealth.Look for more of the same here on planet earth in the future. The people that have caused so much of the distress and suffering aren't about to yield power. In fact, their secret meetings are about consolidating more of it.Some foolishly think their elected officials run their country in the contrived democracies in which they live. But that is just a game to keep the human cattle happy and to make them think they have some power as they are marched off to the economic slaughter houses for processing. The Bildeberg Group and the super economic elites that they represent are the powers behind our contrived democracies.If you doubt this, then think how long it took the banking elite to get trillions of your dollars to bail out their bad bets.

Bilderberg: the true power behind thrones and governments (7 JUNE 2010)
THE Bilderberg group – reputedly more powerful than any government - met at the Hotel Dolce in Sitges (Barcelona) on June 3 and for three days approximately 130 people, there by invitation only, discussed current affairs. The annual conference has been held in a different country since 1954 and participants are always impressive figures in politics, banking, commerce, industry and the media. As Bilderberg developed and its influence increased, so did secrecy and security measures. This year the Hotel Dolce was closed to the public for a week with employees obliged to sign a confidentiality agreement and identify themselves when coming on duty. Days before the first guests arrived Cataluña’s regional police drew up plans for dealing with the demonstrations and protests expected from the anti-globalisation groups which now show up wherever Bilderberg meets. Discretion and paranoid security are paramount for Bilderberg’s roll call of past, present and future presidents, prime ministers and politicians. Royalty was this year represented by Spain’s Queen Sofia and Queen Beatrix of Holland and the president of Spanish government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, opened the meeting. (...) In line with Bilderberg practice, no resolutions were proposed in Sitges last week, no votes were taken or policy statements issued. But decisions made and policies adopted last week could affect and influence lives, governments and economies in a world that thankfully has a long way to travel before it becomes Lord Healey’s “single community.”

Spain hosts The Bilderberg Group (7 JUNE 2010)
Citizens across the globe may be interested to learn that a meeting of an anonymous group of shadowy suited figures has taken place in Spain this past weekend. ´The Bilderberg Group´ this year hosted by Hotel Dolce in Sitges, is famous for the calibre and importance of the guest list and the fact that they are not so much invited as summoned. In 2008 whilst still on the campaign trail both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton presented themselves at the Marriot Hotel in Chantilly, North Virginia. They had travelled from Washington for what they insisted was a meeting between themselves. Odd that they should then choose to meet at the only political event happening in the State that month – The Bilderberg Group. This is just one recent example. Since its inception in May 1954 the plutocratic organisation has been graced with the presence of all the main political world players from those countries that subscribe to the ideology of Western Liberal Democracy. Attendees regularly deny being present at these gatherings which only adds to the secrecy that hangs like a shroud around the Group.Whenever this group meets things change. Conspiracy theory or not, the facts speak for themselves. Does it really matter that they are so secretive? Probably not. Are they really trying to enslave the world as they are accused of doing? Probably, but this is only because it is good business to do so. Financial debt is slavery for the middle classes and a great way to control bulk of society and make some money into the bargain. CLIP

Mysterious Bilderberg Group Meets In Spain, Sells Humanity To Space Monsters (7 JUNE 2010)
Here is a fun thing about old-school Conspiracy Theories: They were often true. The Bilderberg Group was, until just a couple of years ago, dismissed by the Lame Stream Media as some kind of crazy fiction — but the terrifying reality was that the news companies were all in on it, for decades, so the broadcasts and newspapers never mentioned this actual annual meeting of world government, finance and industrial leaders because the heads of the media corporations were there, at the secret meetings, PLOTTING AGAINST EARTH (or reaching consensus on Cold War policy, same thing!). Anyway, thanks to the Internet and Alex Jones and whatever, now everybody knows the Bilderberg Group is a real thing — a real working group of world leaders, meeting privately and annually since 1954 — and everybody completely ignores it because come on, don’t be paranoid.The group met in Spain over the weekend at Sitges resort near Barcelona, and once again just about every mainstream media outlet besides The Guardian totally ignored it. (The Telegraph bravely made fun of the conspiracy.) Why cover a meeting of global leaders who were surely discussing/planning coordinated responses to the oil spill, the problems created by Iran and Pakistan and North Korea and Israel, the latest chapter of the global economic collapse, climate change, the Mexican drug war, China buying up all the natural resources in Africa, fresh water shortages, treaties with the space monsters, etc.?One reason nobody covers Bilderberg is because reporters aren’t invited to cover it. Seriously, that’s the main reason. There are no credentials offered to working press, no broadcast television crews allowed, and therefore no reason to send the media. Reporters don’t go where they’re not invited. Look at the oil spill situation: For all the blog outrage about BP image-managing the spill and keeping press away from the bad areas and blocking photographers and boats and whatever, how much coverage have you seen outside BP’s control? The U.S. Gulf of Mexico coastline is 1,700 miles long. Anyway. Here’s somebody writing for The Guardian: Bilderberg is an absurdity. The secrecy is absurd. The lack of a relationship between the event and the mainstream media is absurd. Ivan standing alone by his roundabout bed is absurd. The paranoia of the participants is more than absurd – it’s pathetic.This year, most of the delegates were whisked into the hotel through an underground entrance, dodging the lenses, like a bunch of James Bond baddies, like a dieter creeping downstairs at midnight to eat chocolate cake from the fridge. CLIP

Former Nato Secretary-General Admits Bilderberg Sets Global Policy (June 7, 2010)
Despite debunkers attempting to claim otherwise, Bilderberg illegally sets the consensus on policies that are subsequently enacted worldwide -- Former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes has confounded claims by debunkers that the secret organization which met in Sitges Spain over the last few days does not set policy, admitting during a Belgian radio interview that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers.In a radio interview reported on by the Belgian news website, Claes told host Koen Fillet that Bilderberg does indeed decide policy for the coming year. Claes would certainly be in a position to know, being a two-time Bilderberg attendee as well as the eighth Secretary General of NATO from 1994 until 1995.Claes said that Bilderberg guests are normally given around 10 minutes of talk time, after which a report is compiled of their presentation. “The participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” stated Claes, according to the translated text. The host asked Claes to repeat this astounding admission, before Claes went on to explain that no two guest are allowed to sit next to each other more than once at Bilderberg, to enable the maximum exchange of views on important subjects. A Dutch-speaking reader sent us the article and confirms that the translation is accurate. This represents a solid confirmation of what we already knew through witnessing Bilderberg’s leaked agenda later play out in the real world time after time – that the elitist organization does verbally set global policy in a completely undemocratic and illegal manner. CLIP

Bilderberg 2010 wrapping up in Spain (9 June, 2010)
The annual meeting in which the world's most powerful people come together and discuss world affairs in secret is wrapping up in Sitges, Spain.

Bilderberg 2010: Don't call it a pow-wow! (9 June 2010)
So far at Bilderberg 2010, Charlie Skelton has clocked Queen Beatrix and Henry Kissinger. Not bad considering the Spanish police's ¤10m anti-media operation.
(...) The photos we've seen from this year's conference, which we're showcasing in our big hitters Bilderberg Power Gallery, have been very revealing. You can see from the body language who runs Bilderberg. There's been a lot of power sloshing round the Dolce Sitges Hotel this past week, a lot of wealth, a lot of influence, but you can sense the Überpower when it shows up.We didn't see David Rockefeller this week (maybe his head is already sitting in a cryogenic hatbox somewhere, awaiting nanosuscitation). But we caught the other two big fish. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Henry Kissinger. When they turn up the mood on the forecourt changes, heads turn, smiles beam, commands are whispered into shirt cuffs and ripples of subservience pass through the group. My favourite photo from this year's conference is the top of Kissinger's head, glimpsed through a train of aides, organisers, delegates and security as he wafts (hobbles grimly) to his car. Pity the poor driver, who'd just had the gloved hand of a security goon check his bowel for explosives. Bilderberg 2010 press office. Photograph: We Are Change GermanyTwo days ago I had breakfast with one of the Bilderberg chauffeurs, who was just about to clock on for an airport zoom. (He had no idea I was a journalist. Was I meant to tell him? Is that a rule? I bought him a coffee – that seems fair.) He was grumpy. He wasn't looking forward to being frisked up against his limo, which happens, apparently, if it's one of the bigger delegates. Worst was when he delivered "two important, very old American men, who travelled together" from the airport. (Does this mean Rockefeller made it after all?) He tells me that a colleague got it so bad before chauffeuring Beatrix that he shouted at the security: "Don't kill me, I'm just a driver!"
(...) My breakfast buddy leaned over his coffee and told me that he had a friend in the police force who'd said how much the security for this year's conference was costing. He drew disgustedly on his breakfast Marlboro. "Ten million euros." I realise this is third-hand breakfast natter, but wow. That's a lot of helicopter fuel. (Or is it?) I should stress, the intense security here at Bilderberg has very little to do with any kind of physical "threat". It's to do with distance, power and an extraordinary (one might almost say "unhealthy") wariness of the press. (...) Just this weekend the former Nato secretary general, Willy Claes (Bilderberg 1994), said on Belgian radio that at Bilderberg each participant is given a report and they are "considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect". This remark is revealing of the Bilderberg dynamic: the flowing of policy out from Bilderberg and into the world, from power towards political implementation. From the steering committee to the guest members.
(...) Andrew has been faithfully documenting Bilderberg 2010 in oils, and a gallery of his works will be put up in the coming days at the website of Trilever, the PR company we set up to handle the Bilderberg account, alongside links to all the photos, press releases, and news of next year's meeting (whenever that will emerge). Until then, enjoy our gallery of Bilderberg bigwigs, check out the new faces we've added to our Spot The Delegate competition and stay tuned for my final report from Bilderberg 2010, in which I get publicly branded an MI6 agent. Don't go away!

Photographers arrested and hunted down in the hills (04.06.10)
Photographers are being harrassed, followed by choppers and motorcycles by police in the hills around the Dolce Sitges. Two photographers in the hills had their rucksacks taken by police on motorbikes who'd been informed of their whereabouts by choppers. Two more photographers were detained for four hours. Another was told to delete pictures or face 32 hours detention. Over 300 police have been deployed at great cost to the Spanish tax-payer. Military catamarans patrol the sea outside Sitges, there are choppers in the sky and a no-fly zone has been imposed forcing local hang-gliders out of the air.

Bilderberg: sinister with a smile (11 June 2010)
Now they've been forced into the open, the Bilderberg group want us to believe they're just has beens. Don't be fooled -- An extraordinary thing happened last weekend. The world's most secretive strategy group, Bilderberg, poked its nose out of the shadows and launched its own website: For an organisation that prefers to cordon the press a mile from its meetings, whose press relations policy to date has been to arrest, harass and search journalists, this was an astonishing turnaround. Until now, David Rockefeller's policy forum carried on quietly out of sight.
(...) This secrecy in action is quite a sight. For four whole days, a normally tranquil hotel on the Spanish coast was transformed into the Pentagon: riot police, police helicopters, military divers moored offshore, and hundreds of plain clothes officers – a mammoth ¤10m campaign of press exclusion for a "private meeting", all paid for by the already hard-pressed Spanish taxpayer.Spain was an odd choice of location for Bilderberg 2010. One of the organisers, who sits alongside Kenneth Clarke on the core steering committee (which should be considered the "real" Bilderberg), is Henry Kissinger – still wanted for questioning in Spain over war crimes. Seems the police were pointing their machine guns in the wrong direction.Still, never mind the guns: this year all the furious secrecy and bonkers policing didn't stop the story breaking. The bizarre atmosphere of confusion, paranoia and misapprehension – a direct result of Bilderberg's half-century history of press suppression, of delegates crouching on limo floors, or lying to their parliaments that they've attended (I'm talking to you, Tony Blair) – is finally lifting.On the Bilderberg website, they've just changed one of their tabs from "meeting" to "press release". It's hilarious. Less hilarious is the damage-control strategy that is kicking into place. No longer able to deny its existence, Bilderberg has shifted gear: the story they're putting out now is that "nothing goes on", "just some old chaps having a chinwag" – old, insignificant chaps like José Zapatero (the Spanish PM), Peter Voser (CEO of Royal Dutch Shell), Paul Volcker (chairman of Obama's economic advisory board), Richard Holbrooke (Obama's special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan), Josef Ackermann (CEO of Deutsche Bank). Have a look online at our Bilderberg 2010 "Power Gallery" for more "golfing buddies". Have a look at the piece by Bush speechwriter and Bilderberg attendee Robert Frum, on the website of the National Post – a Canadian newspaper, set up by Conrad Black (pre-incarceration Bilderberg attendee). Just read it, and see what you think. This all looks like Bilderberg trying to "manage the story". It's a bit clunky, because they're not very good at it; they've not had much practice yet. I'm sure we'll see more examples of this "hang-out for has-beens" story in the media. But I'm also hopeful that this disinformation will melt away under scrutiny, just as the world's ignorance of Bilderberg's very existence has finally withered and died.

Plunged into Chaos: Europe on the Eve of the Bilderberg Conference (June 3, 2010)
The Bilderberg group will convene in Sitges, Spain, a resort community 30 km from Barcelona, on June 4-7. As usual, the information is supplied by James Tucker and Daniel Estulin who revealed that this year the issues topping the agenda of the club's meeting will be the global recession and the approaches to provoking such economic breakdowns that can help justify the establishment of a full-scale world economic governance. Intending to prolong the global economic downturn for at least another year, the Bilderberg group hopes to take advantage of the situation to set up a "global ministry of finance" as a part of the UN. Though the decision was actually made at the group's meeting in Greece last year, according to Tucker the plan was torpedoed by US and European "nationalists" (for the Bilderberg group, "nationalists" is a generic term for all nationally-oriented forces espousing national sovereignty and statehood). All year since the last meeting, representatives of the global executive management have been convincing the public across the world to embrace a "new financial order". The idea recurred in the statements made by N. Sarkozy, G. Brown, and the freshly elected European Council President H. Van Rompuy, but – against the backdrop of a relatively harmless phase of the crisis - the activity remained limited to psychological conditioning and no practical steps have been taken. As Jacques Attali wrote quite reasonably in his After the Crisis, Europe has no right to demand a reform of the global financial architecture as long as it can't organize the institutions that would meet its own needs. CLIP

CHECK the first ever official Bilderberg website to have an idea of their lie-full pr

Many more related news HERE - the "king" is seen naked in front of everyone - at long last!


December 12, 1943, in San Diego.

Paramahansa Yogananda on Creating & Destroying Habits at Will

Although more difficult to obtain, your good habits are the diamonds that will give you true and lasting pleasure. Bad habits are the pieces of mere glass that seem to satisfy you, give you satiety, so that nothing gives you pleasure. The happiness you find in meditation, pursuance of God, and devotion, is measureless.

Only God - and a real master who knows God - can truly love us. I will tell you a true story of real love.

There was in India a devoted husband who loved his wife very deeply. Another man became infatuated with her, She ran away with her lover, who eventually left her without friends or funds. One day her husband came to seek her. He spoke gently. 

"Are you though with this experience ? Come home with me if you are."

She demurred. "I could not think of disgracing you further. "

" What do I care about the opinion of society?" he replied. "I love you. The other man only loved your body. I love the real you - your soul. What has happened doesn't make any difference."

That was real love. The husband was not concerned with his honor; he was thinking only of the welfare of his beloved.

One great stumbling-block in the way of giving true love is our habits. In our hearts, we all want to be angels, but our habits make us little devils. In the morning we wake up wanting to adhere to good, but during the day we forget our resolution. The Gita says: "The eager excitable senses do forcibly seize the consciousness even of one who has a high degree of enlightenment, and strives for liberation."

Many people don't understand the terrible nature of habit. Some persons form habit very quickly. This is all right when establishing good habits; but dangerous when performing actions that may create bad habits. Avoid any action which may lead to dangerous habits.

Why should you let yourself be dictated by bad habits ? Such as when you don't want to eat; and still you eat; or you don't want to fight with others, and yet you do. You have allowed yourself to become a slave to bad habits.

To be free is to be able to perform right actions according to the dictates of one's own soul-wisdom, not out of compulsion of habit, or blind obedience, or unreasoning fear. Wisdom confers true freedom.

Doing whatever you please is not freedom; it is an abuse of freedom. What if you lived in a house with twenty other people and everybody would do as they please conflicting with the desires of others ? Freedom comes from following the law of self-government, to be guided by your own wisdom.

Slavery to habits is slavery in its worst form. Resolve to be free. Awaken to the divine memory of your soul's freedom by affirming: " Divine Mother, even though I had bad some bad habits from childhood, I can discard them by the exercise of my wisdom and will. I am master of my own body-house."

Be free ! Do not even be a slave to good habits. Be master of your moods and habits. 

If your mind is strong and if you surrender yourself to God and forget the body, you will be able to maintain your freedom as a child of God. Remember this extraordinary life is but a film offered by God in which you can step in and out. You can be an actor in it, and you can be an observer. When you are an actor, think well before on what you are going to act on. You are acting following your soul's wisdom, and this for the good of yourself but also for the good of your brothers and sisters.

Re-affirm: "I am a freeborn child of God. I am made in her/His image. I will use my divinely bestowed wisdom and free-will to do the right thing that I should do in everything."

As soon as you are convinced of the wisdom of doing a thing, nothing should be able to turn you away from doing it. But you have to be guided by wisdom. I can make myself like anything that wisdom demands.

Never let life beats you down. Beat life ! Affirm, even in the midst of trials, "Danger and I were born together, and I am more dangerous than danger!" Don't behave like a cringing mortal being. You are a child of God!




Guest Post: The World Cup is a chance to unite a divided country with big ambitions

By Martyn Davies of Frontier Advisory -- June 11, 2010

The FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa that begins today evokes the international honeymoon that our country enjoyed after the first racially inclusive democratic elections that were held in April 1994.

Could we have leveraged the "honeymoon" better? Perhaps. Whilst South Africa has re-integrated into the global community of nations, it has not integrated domestically. Economic divisions between South Africans have never been starker. Our country grapples with providing opportunity for the majority of its citizens. The term developmental state - so often bandied about in government circles - has yet to become a reality providing for its needy and impatient citizens. But nevertheless, we are a leading emerging market economy.

The South African government and big business remain desperately disappointed not to have been included in Goldman Sachs' BRIC ranking of leading emerging markets. Hosting a successful World Cup may force a re-consideration, at least from the traditional world, of our status in the pecking order of developing economies. New investors from the emerging world, however, already regard it as a first tier emerging market.

Being the powerhouse economy of the region, we project ourselves as the springboard for investors into Africa. The World Cup is not only ours but the region's. The Southern African Development Community - a grouping of 15 states - has a population of over 250 million people. We are bigger than Brazil, bigger than Indonesia. Some of our neighboring countries probably do not deserve the "FIFA dividend" but regardless, we feel we deserve greater global attention, and the World Cup, at least for a month, is giving it to us.

The only disappointment will be Nelson Mandela's absence from the World Cup's opening ceremony due a family bereavement. But at least the memory of Mandela's leadership takes us back to a time when we believed in the rainbow nation before successive and divisive politicians destroyed that dream for us South Africans. South Africa will never realize its full potential on the global stage if it remains so internally divided. A plea from a patriotic South African to our politicians - please do not undermine the national and racial cohesion that is being brought about by the World Cup to South Africa. Rather, give us an inclusive vision for the country way beyond 2010. The FIFA World Cup has the potential to serve as the catalyst for the revival of our once hoped-for rainbow nation.

So where are we headed after the finals on July 11? We will not win the World Cup but we will have won the world's admiration - that a small African country with big ambitions rose above its internal differences and played host to the world. We will never be a China or an India. But with assiduous leadership and our tenacious people, South Africa will differentiate itself as a winning African economy.


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Fever Pitch: What the World Cup Means to Africa (June 10, 2010)
Listening to South African President Jacob Zuma and FIFA president Sepp Blatter, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they are the world's biggest Afrocentrists, and the bane of all Afro-pessimists existing out in the world today. The Sunday before the biggest sporting event in the world commences, they are almost dancing with glee at the prospect that all the years of hard work and preparation are finally coming to fruition, culminating in the opening ceremony and first game between South Africa and Mexico at Soccer City on June 11. If perhaps you've been living under a rock somewhere, or in the bundu, as we say in Africa, you will not know that the FIFA World Cup is taking place from June 11th until July 11th in South Africa. And, as evidenced by the fact that people from all walks of life in this country know what is taking place, even rock-dwellers should by now know. (...) It is amazing that a simple game could have brought this country of seeming opposites, and differences, and multi-hued, multi-linguistic cultures together. Yet there is nothing simple about the machinations and inner workings of the organizers -- they were and have been a very determined lot. Even in the face of opposition and critics who constantly snapped at their heels.What is clear is that this is one of the biggest public relations coups that this country, and perhaps this continent, has achieved, and has been likened to the release of Nelson Mandela and subsequent democratic change of government. Yet how does Africa fare? With all the criticisms it constantly faces, Africa has quietly gone on to do what Africa has needed to do.If at the end of the day, as political analyst Adam Habib says, that the beautiful moment for Africa has come -- and that the beautiful game has enabled Africa to shine, then it would all have been worth it. If you walk the streets, and you see the cars festooned with flags, and that the height of fashion is to wear an impossible shade of yellow with green, and you hear the vuvuzelas being blown, and shouts of 'Ayoba!' rising up to greet you -- then you know you're in South Africa in 2010. Even for those of us who don't even know or understand the offside rule, for the last few years, we've been hearing nothing but '2010' and 'World Cup.' And finally, the fever's caught up with us. CLIP

2010 World Cup Kickoff Concert: The Highlights
(...) South African Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu came out, dressed in a green and gold striped hat and scarf. "I'm dreaming. Wake me up!" he said, and he danced around the stage. "Africa is the cradle of humanity. So we welcome you home… we are all Africans!" He also paid tribute to former South African president Nelson Mandela for helping to bring the World Cup to the country, and introduced a short film about him. CLIP

Is the World Cup a turning point for South Africa? (June 11, 2010)
(...) World Cup 2010 will not cure AIDS, oust dictators, eliminate corruption or feed the masses. The real winner will be FIFA, soon to be billions of dollars richer. (Goldblatt again: "Football expresses the Faustian bargain that all modern societies have made with money and power.") A successful World Cup will, however, provide an alternative narrative to the regular African story.For one thing, the Finals literally invite South Africa into the family of (mostly white, developed) nations, for the probationary period of the tournament. As absurd and as insulting as it may be, Africa is on trial. We shouldn't fool ourselves, though: The cultural shift cuts both ways. By coming to view the continent as something other than an ATM for commodities, or a disease-ridden basket case, perhaps the developed world can put its awful legacy behind it, and start encountering Africa anew. This isn't just a place where Stephen Lewis comes to cry. It's a vibrant, growing network of nations and ethnicities, complicated beyond imagination. CLIP

South Africa gripped by World Cup fever (11 June 2010)
Almost two decades after South Africa was shunned by the international sporting community, the country on Friday embraced the world with a vivid, colourful opening ceremony and a memorable first match. (...) And a couple of hours before the match started I watched as fans of all ages and backgrounds ran excitedly into the stadium clutching their tickets as if they were made of the gold once mined nearby. Their joy was a marvel to behold and after so many years of covering sport, an uplifting experience.They had come here determined to prove the world they could throw a party to remember. All the worries about crime and security, tickets, transport and infrastructure melted away in the bright Johannesburg sunshine.There were some empty seats - a fact that will anger so many South Africans who would have loved to have been inside Soccer City - and the traffic from downtown Johannesburg and Sandton was horrific.But these were small points and only the most churlish of visitors would have allowed that to overshadow what was a triumphant day for South Africa and for football.And so the scene is set for a memorable tournament. The warmth and jubilation of the fans, the impressive site of Soccer City and the ceaseless noise of the vuvuzelas have already made this very different to anything we have witnessed before.

World Cup Update: 'Those Bloody Vuvuzelas' (JUNE 11, 2010)
Each morning this week my wife and I have been woken to the sound of the vuvuzela, the plastic trumpets now known in our home as "those bloody vuvuzelas." What starts as something like a car horn when played in isolation, builds through the day until when I'm at my desk in a Johannesburg office tower you can hear from the streets below what can only be described as a giant swarm of bees. Loud bees. There is no getting away from the vuvuzela, and tourists are buying up the horns to add to the din made by local soccer fans. Hawkers on street corners are no longer selling items such as phone chargers for your car, but flags, oversize soccer balls and, of course, vuvuzelas in all sizes and colors. World Cup spirit has swept across South Africa, led by plastic horns. If anyone here wasn't caught in the emotion of the first World Cup to be hosted by an African country, a parade through the streets of a Johannesburg suburb earlier this week would have changed that. The parade was a chance to cheer on Bafana Bafana, or the boys, but few caught more than a glimpse. What they will have seen is tens of thousands of people from children who now have a month off school to older cleaning ladies from offices wearing the team's yellow and gold, waving and blasting their vuvuzelas. CLIP

Top 10 Most Annoying Sounds (June 14, 2010),28804,1996489_1996488,00.html
The use of vuvuzelas — a long plastic horn popular with South African soccer fans — at the World Cup has sparked debate about the level of tolerable noise at a sporting event. Here's a look at some other sounds that are not music to our ears. Vuvuzelas have been all the buzz at the 2010 World Cup, but not in a good way. The incessant beehive sound created by the long plastic instruments has saturated entire stadiums, indiscriminately drowning out players trying to coordinate strategy, sportscasters trying to call plays and fans trying to cheer on their team. The horn-blowing tradition first came into vogue in South African soccer during the 1990s and has been part of its sporting culture ever since. Of the vuvuzelas, FIFA president Sepp Blatter had this to say via Twitter: "I don't see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?" Sepp, we can live with nixing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" for a few baseball games if you'll just silence those blasted horns for the remainder of the World Cup. Until then, viewers at home should press mute and players on the field should pick up sign language. CLIP

How Loud Are Those World Cup Vuvuzela Horns? (June 15, 2010)
Haven't you heard? Noisy stadiums are standard issue in professional sports, but at the World Cup in South Africa, fans in the stadium and on TV are growing increasingly agitated by the noise created by vuvuzelas. The roughly 3-foot-long plastic horn has been a traditional fan favorite at South African matches, but they put out an ear-aching 127 decibels of sound. And when thousands of them are blown at the same time, players can have trouble hearing themselves think, and viewers can have trouble hearing the announcers. The threshold of human hearing is 0 decibels. Sustained exposure to sounds above 80 decibels can cause hearing damage. At 120 decibels, pain ensues. And sounds of about 150 decibels can rupture eardrums. Vuvuzelas clock in at 127 decibels, the loudest noisemaker in the stadium. (Decibels measure the intensity of sound logarithmically. So, increasing a sound by 10 decibels means making it 10 times louder; a 20-decibel increase is 100 times louder, a 30-decibel increase is a 1,000 times louder, etc.)But despite concerns for eardrum safety, FIFA has decided not to ban the longtime fan favorite. How loud are vuvuzelas? Here's a comparative chart of sound levels. CLIP - The Vuvuzela Horns are LOUDER than a Jet Plane takeoff!! What!



Stand-Off 'Battle' Underway .... ET Versus New World Order

By Michael Irving, editor of WGFT News

There is a tense Situation in the Skies of the United Kingdom

As 2009 has progressed, there have been more and more appearances - often very low in the sky - of silver, disc Craft and intense, bright orange / yellow / red / gold lights. The craft look like classic saucer / disc craft, approx 20-30 feet in diameter; the lights are frequently mistaken for aircraft on fire because of the intensity of the light and its burning-like character.

They are making their appearance very, very obvious, hovering over the centre of towns and cities; flying slowly at low altitude over busy roads and motorways. Frequently, people in towns have gone into the street for a better view and have found fifty or a hundred people in the street already watching. If the Craft is hovering half a mile away, then there were probably thousands of observers. These sightings have happened hundreds of times right across all of the United Kingdom through the summer of 2009.

Observers - perhaps millions of people - have been kept in ignorance of the scale of what has been happening because mainstream media is blanking this subject. In 2009, many people have had amazing sighting experiences which they felt certain would have been observed by numerous witnesses, and have been dumbfounded when there is no mention of the event on local or national news. However, at sighting reporting forums on the Internet, people have been finding people who only live a street or two away from them reporting the same astonishing event.

Through the summer of 2009, across the UK, three things have happened:

(A) Benevolent / Friendly ET (presumably) has come closer, and closer, delighting, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of people.

(B) RAF fighter aircraft have been speeding into the areas the sightings are taking place, but arrive just after the display has finished. Police helicopters have frequently been monitoring hovering craft and stationery lights.

(C) As the summer of 2009 has progressed, more and more sightings have been reported of large, black triangle-shaped craft. These triangle craft have been identified by experts for quite a few years as expensive technology usually belonging to the 'Secret World Government' also known as 'New World Order'.

Below is a sighting report from 8th December 2009, from the NW of England. This report is fairly dramatic. Throughout 2009, there have been similar reports of what may be a 'stand-off situation' between three groups: (1) The RAF and Police, and (2) The NWO, and (3) Benevolent ET.

It could be that the Police and elements of the RAF do not know what (2) the NWO, and (3) Benevolent ET, are doing, because they do not have 'insider' information. So ..... it's getting interesting.

Location of Sighting: A696, Capheaton, England, UK
Date of Sighting: 8th December 2009 ~ Time: 5.45pm
Witness Name: Nicole & Adam

Driving home from work, my partner Adam, pointed out three triangular orange/red lights in the sky, gliding from east to west about 500 feet high, as smooth as anything. I wound down my passenger side window to hear what it sounded like and get a better look. There was no noise whatsoever.

Just as it disappeared out of sight over the hill to the west, another one appeared .... same thing except I got a much close look this time. It was what appeared to be a completely black triangle, totally flat on all sides, and not flying too fast (it reminded me of a paper airplane except totally flat).

Just as this one disappeared over the hill in the same direction, a huge fighter jet - flying remarkably low - comes chasing/following the triangles from the east. The noise was immense from the fighter. It banked around a little, and went over the hill too; just as a second fighter came close behind.

I got a brilliant look at the second fighter, it was massive, and very well lit up. No more craft were seen.

As soon as we got home, only 10 minutes later, I searched on the internet for American, European and British aircraft currently in use. The black triangles were not like anything the militaries claim to be in use today or from the past. Maybe something new. But, if these are going to be claimed as 'military training exercises' why would a new stealth bomber be so publicly displayed? Why would they fly over a busy road at the end of rush hour? Why would they be lit up for all to see; and why would such huge and loud fighters be chasing/following them drawing huge attention to themselves?

[WGFT editor: Perhaps a situation has developed where those in control are losing their ability to control our view of the world because large numbers of people are figuring things out; and because ET is flying all over the 'darn' place, astonishing large numbers of people, and showing us we live in a world where a few people try to control what we know and what we believe.]



The Alien Under the Carpet

“And the sons of the gods mated with the daughters of Eve.”

The dormant resources evident within the Human gene code signifies the potential of a highly evolved race, one that has been systematically corrupted and degenerated by the splicing in of non-symbiotic genetic material conflicting with the Human design and purpose; a genetic code that has no resonance with the symbiotic evolution of Humanity and its solar system.

It is this distortion that has led to a mind-set that condones the destruction of the eco-system. There is a clear connection between the modification of the Human DNA, the disconnection of circuitry, the program of oppression, brutality and control inflicted upon Humanity, the stabilization of the mutant time/space frequency experience and the extraterrestrial presence behind this agenda.

The loss of eco-symbiosis that will eventually lead to terminal decline (Mars?) cannot be attributed simply to government regimes, environmental hardships, economic limitations or the need for education, nor can the wars and worldwide suffering of Humanity be explained and excused by the arcane religious indoctrination that has entrained Humanity to believe its afflictions are the result of some cryptic collective offence committed in a time out of Human memory, an ancestral offence against ‘god’ that requires lifetimes of atonement.

The recognition of this agenda continues to be considered by many who wish to stay in denial of overwhelming evidence, including those of the New Age movement, as ‘negative’. Most who are aware of the situation fear ridicule if they acknowledge the existence of life forms other than those indigenous to Earth.

The enslavement of the Human race is a predatory act that has been systematically contrived to usurp the power of Human consciousness and manipulate and exhaust the energetic affluence produced by the geomancy of its mother planet.

It is not about negative or positive, optimistic or pessimistic… it is about becoming the mystic, courageously adopting an impartial overview that will inform and empower you to make the choices and take the actions that will maximise your impact on the transformation of the field.

by Jiva Carter ( - The following is also from her

Hear the Geometry, See the Sound

Healing modalities that afford easement and comfort from the pain and suffering of being Human in this dualistic paradigm are undoubtedly precious. At this time in our history, as we approach a never before known portal of opportunity, the challenge is to take this healing knowledge and forge from it an expanded schematic that can address the core wounds that have rendered Humanity a slave race, an immortal race locked in a mortal paradigm; addressing the fulcrum digression that has led to the incalculable catalogue of Human torment. In the face of worldwide poverty, genocide, exploitation and government sanctioned use of torture it is blatantly obvious that there is a global malignancy that defies explanation in Human terms.

The loss of eco-symbiosis that will eventually lead to terminal decline cannot simply be attributed to errant government regimes, environmental hardships, economic limitation or the need for education and better technology. Nor can the wars and worldwide suffering of Humanity be explained and excused by the arcane religious indoctrination that has entrained Humanity to believe its afflictions are the result of some cryptic collective offense committed in a time out of Human memory, an ancestral offense against ‘god’ that requires lifetimes of atonement and the possibility of eternal damnation. Individual development is reliant upon the whole, just as collective development is reliant upon the individual: such is the holonomy of a paradigm.

There can be no peace in this paradigm…peace cannot be defined by the cessation of war. The solution is never found at the level of the problem…you cannot patch up a paradigm.

However many corrupt regimes are overthrown, however many warlords brought to trial, many more replace them, for their existence is not simply the result of a confluence of degenerative circumstances and environments that can be eradicated by peace talks and the gathering of the United Nations. These brutal demonic behavior patterns are programs that self-generate and perpetuate from the matrix itself. This version of ‘reality’ is an anomalous entropic paradigm generated by the brain-wave frequency feedback of a genetically altered race, residing in an isolated temporal zone that has been modified to enslave consciousness and deprive the individual being of its sentient sovereignty.

The new paradigm - the new model of existence - will not come from better government, stricter policing, smarter technology, or a properly organized global community. It will arise from a community that needs no governing at all…from a people whose conscious, energetic, unmediated connection to the Benevolence of their Creation translates through the prism of their daily existence as a natural propensity toward unity and co-operation inspiring them to give and receive love in all that they do. The original Human, prior to genetic modification, functioned in complete harmony with all other forms of life and in total symbiotic resonance with the evolutionary light code of its solar system, responding in full conscious communion to even the softest whisper carried on the solar winds and every photonic nuance held in a ray of light.

That Human race did not need to be organized.
The new model of existence will not be born of the mind as a theory,
it will be understood in the mind, felt in the heart,
made tangible in the body and birthed into time and space
through frequency…through sound.

The new paradigm will be spun from the electro-dynamic ignition of a quantum mass of holistic Human consciousness emitted as a transcendent body frequency as the result of the resurrection of Human bio-circuitry and the resultant activation of the light body. This transcendental harmonic code creates the cymatic geometry that forms the infrastructure of manifestation. Sound structures form. Form is the shape of consciousness. Due to the magnetic dynamic created by the impending alignments of planets and of people, the transformation of the field has already occurred: the shock waves are reaching out to us from the future, moving out from the fulcrum of its event-horizon like ripples in a pond. Its influence is drawing us in to its magnetic field, the resplendence of which echoes our divine immortal blueprint.

CLIP - To read the rest please go at,_See_the_Sound.html



SaLuSa -- 14 June 2010

Sometimes matters proceed in the most unexpected way, and the Gulf oil spill is no exception. Suddenly the truth emerges that it is far more serious than first reported, and the cover up can no longer conceal it. A reckless disregard for your environment and the people likely to be affected has shown the extent to which the Oil Companies are prepared to go. It is a situation that has highlighted the dangers in searching for oil under the seabed. It has awakened people to how easily an oil spill can occur, and is another reason why safe technology must be introduced. Alternative energy supplies are already known but have been suppressed, and the fact that they do exist has brought a demand that they are introduced without delay. Meantime the worst ecological disaster in your history continues unabated, to haunt those in authority who seem powerless to help. We hear your cries for help and that brings our presence just that bit nearer, but there is a lot more involved in this matter than you aware. Our allies are doing their best to move things in the right direction, but it will require much effort on their part to be successful.

It also greatly heartens us to know, that there are concerted efforts by you to focus positive energy and loving thoughts into the Gulf Oil area. It is an approach to the problem that we strongly recommend, and shows that you are taking on the responsibility of finding ways of healing it yourselves. Believe us that your power to produce results and make an impression upon it, are increasing all of the time. More of you are recognising the power you hold within, and as groups of you get together so it will increase exponentially. As a result of all the efforts being made to overcome the problem, you will lessen the impact upon your environment and enable the mess to be cleared away.

We notice the tension is increasing upon Earth, as with the turmoil that exists you are being distracted from keeping your eyes on the end times. Yet, a lot of what is happening will have a direct bearing on the manner in which it will pass by. Certainly nothing can prevent Ascension, but you can make the path a lot smoother by keeping the end result in focus. Joy and happiness awaits you and complete and utter peace, the likes of which you have not truly experienced before. Whatever effort you put in now will be well worth it, and the more you can raise your consciousness levels, the quicker you will detach from the lower energies. On Earth for example, so many of your films and media presentations focus on death and destruction. If you are not careful it can result in you accepting it as a normal part of life, and you can experience damage to your psyche. Generally speaking what is frequently placed before you becomes acceptable, and it is how your natural feelings are corrupted and anaesthetised. The dark Ones have used these methods consistently to deaden your response to the atrocities of war, and inhumane acts against you.

However, we do not wish to dwell upon dark matters, but you have a need to know how your reactions to experiences are being controlled. As benign Beings you are capable of the greatest acts of love and compassion, and when the negative influences are removed we see you coming into your own. There will be changes in your laws so that justice can be seen to be operating in a fair manner. Your rights will be restored and fully protected, so that you cannot be held or imprisoned without sufficient evidence. It is also important that you are allowed legal representation as your right, and not held guilty until it is proven. Equally as important will be a re-structuring of the powers given to those who apply the law and police your streets. In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall. Clearly removing inequality and poverty will by itself remove conditions that often lead to crime. We also see that the need to take drugs to escape your reality, or for social occasions will decline.

People will find peace and happiness living their lives as intended, by being occupied in interesting and rewarding occupations. The pressure and stress of your present way of life will disappear, and much more time given to pleasurable pursuits. Fulfilment in your lives is not something you are used to experiencing, but it will become the normal way of life. Such changes are destined to introduce you to conditions you can expect to expand as you near Ascension. The old ways are already beginning to disappear, and will have no place in the higher dimensions. To say the least, everything will change until the vibrations have been sufficiently lifted up to put duality behind you.

Words are still inadequate to fully describe what you can look forward to in the future. However, with our coming we will make sure you understand the reasons for actions taken. They are to introduce you to our ways of life that shall also become yours, and remove or change anything that has previously resulted in the pollution or damage to you or Mother Earth. It mean changes to many of your methods of manufacturing, and the materials used. No longer will you work in dangerous conditions, and in fact operating methods will become far more automated. The dirt and sweat will become a thing of the past, and no one will labour in such a way.

You might wonder about our ability to build Space craft of enormous size, and we can tell you that it is achieved with robotic or automated means. There is no wastage and the materials are selected for their high quality and reliability. As members of the Galactic Federation, we share our knowledge and technologies so that all can benefit. It is not our way to try to outdo each other, and although we have to incorporate means of self-defence, our craft are not war machines. As we often inform you, our larger ships are like cities in Space, and we can replicate any type of environment within them. Coming on board, you would most likely fail to realise that you were indeed upon one of our ships.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and what is given in this message is just a taste of what is to come. We hope it will lift you up, and put your focus on all that is good and wholesome that is coming your way. Problems that exist now will be short lived, and in spite of how they appear, no lasting damage will remain.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey



NASA's confirmed 2012 prediction - Deterioration of Earth's Magnetosphere during Sun's Polar shift in 2012

April 27, 2009

Scientists have now accepted that the intersection of 2 problems - the deterioration of Earth's Magnetosphere during the Sun's Polar shift in 2012 (as recently discussed) will be the real concern as we approach 2012 :

Now here's the reason why: Scientists have found two large leaks in Earth's magnetosphere, the region around our planet that shields us from severe solar storms. Now in 2012 the suns poles will reverse (not the earths as wrongly said on many 2012 sites - see below!) , during this time a massive solar storm will reck havoc on earth - usually this is no problem - but now due to the 'cracks' in it, Earth's protective Magnetosphere may fail us, so the violent solar and electromagnetic radiation will make it through and cause many problems to life as we know it (eg: disabling communication satellites, mobile phones, effective sleep patterns, & radiation poisoning of humans) Also as earth has to absorb extra radiation & energy this will cause possible changes within the earth's core - with energy being re-dissipated from the earth with new volcanoes formed and crust movement.

As mentioned in the Video below - The leaks are defying many of scientists' previous ideas on how the interaction between Earth's magnetosphere and solar wind occurs: The leaks are in an unexpected location, let in solar particles in faster than expected and the whole interaction works in a manner that is completely the opposite of what scientists had thought:

Important Note: many websites say Earths Poles will shift during 2012 but this is not true. According to NASA, Planet pole reversals (not suns - which like ours can reverse poles quickly in a few years) take a few thousand years to complete, and during that time--contrary to popular belief--the magnetic field does not vanish - "It just gets more complicated" -so this is probably why our Magnetosphere is going weird at the moment. (Another controversial idea is that the Earth's magnetosphere could be influenced temporarily by our current position in the solar system in the Milky way as we past by a big black hole, however theories of the 2012 galactic plane alignment are heavy disputed at the moment ) - Either way its true that Earths Magnetosphere is very weak at the moment and yes this is a sign of initial pole shifting but not complete pole reversal of Earth - this won't happen in 2012 as its a slow process and is predicted to take another 1200 years to complete. What is of major concern overall is how strong the Magnetosphere will be during the solar storms of 2012.

NASA Themis Confirms Massive breach of Earth's Magnetosphere detected:

NASA Extends mission - worried about 2012?
On May 19, 2008 the Space Sciences Laboratory at Berkeley announced NASA had extended theTHEMIS mission to the year 2012 (strange co-incidence right?). In addition a new mission that would send twoTHEMIS probes into lunar orbits was provisionally approved by NASA, pending a technical review before February 2009


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NASA | THEMIS Discovers Biggest Breach of Earth's Magnetosphere (December 16, 2008)

2012: Leaks Found in Earth's Magnetic Field
Scientists have found two large leaks in Earth's magnetosphere, the region around our planet that shields us from severe solar storms.

NASA warns : Massive solar storms rise ahead (JUNE 16, 2010)
A potential increase of solar activity could have destructive effects on Earth and it’s inhabitants, especially on people’s “modern life” The sun is about to get a lot more active, which could have negative effects on Earth. So to prepare, top sun scientists met Tuesday to discuss the best ways to protect Earth’s satellites and other vital systems from the coming solar storms. (...) People of the 21st century rely on high-tech systems for the basics of daily life. But smart power grids, GPS navigation, air travel, financial services and emergency radio communications can all be knocked out by intense solar activity.A major solar storm could cause twenty times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina, warned the National Academy of Sciences in a 2008 report, “Severe Space Weather Events—Societal and Economic Impacts.” CLIP

Check these stunning pictures of the sun on June 13 Composite Image Composite Image
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Decoding of two pictograms 9 May 2010 Stonehenge, Wiltshire and 25 May 2009 Wiltshire
We are two women-scientists from Russia – Victoria Popova Dr.Sc., Ph.D. and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D.
This is decoding of crop circle pictogram Stonehenge, Wiltshire reported 9th May 2010. Additional information you can receive on our website: Our e-mail:
Our previous decoding of pictogram reported 16th May 2010, Yarnbury Castle, Wiltshire you can read in part «article» of Crop Circle Connector. Crop circles are pictograms in which extraterrestrial civilizations (ETC) transfer the urgent news to people of Earth. ETC warn about approach in the near future of three preliminary, and then global cataclysms on our planet. They give us instructions how to continue our life. Thousand of these messages ETC scatter as flyers on all world fields. In their pictograms ETC use two principles of coding – analog and digital. We have made the dictionary of about 200 most common used symbols. As a result now everyone can read and understand messages of ETC. Many crop circles researches consider that crop circles of May 9th, 2010 and May 25, 2009 are similar. It is really so. They both transmit life important information about Earth magnetic field danger. ETC warn that Earth magnetic field reduction has reached the critical value and global cataclysms will very soon begin. Therefore in the centre of both crop circles ETC have placed the symbol of hysteresis loops.
(...) The pictogram summary. This crop circle informs that now on Earth is very life-threatening situation for mankind life. There is only one exit. All civilization should unite consciousness. Consciousness unification will cause an action which will transform our body. We will make the Transition to other material world level without cataclysms. On this safe level we can prolong our life. ETC constantly use this principle of a body transformation by the united consciousness action for flights in universe.
(...) ETC confirm that the decreasing of Earth magnetic field has almost reached the field of start. That is why shortly catastrophes will begin. However, before the start of a global cataclysm three preliminary of incredible strength will happen. We never see such phenomena of nature. After three preliminary catastrophes continuous, increasingly cataclysms will begin, which will cover the entire Earth. Our planet as if will revive. Cataclysms will never stop in difference to American movie «2012», but become stronger. Because it is the beginning of a new cycle of the planet – the cycle of active destruction. Since then, our planet moves into the category of planets of the past development of consciousness.
(...) Time to the consciousness improvement on planet Earth is already over. Just our generation is honored to make the Transition to the next cycle of life. ETC confirm that it is impossible to make the Transition alone or by several people. Only the entire civilization of Earth through united consciousness simultaneously can make the Transition to another - the Highest level of the material world. We now live in the cycle of Consciousness. At the Highest level of the material world will begin a new cycle of life – the cycle of Correction. Everyone will be responsible for actions, which he made in the cycle of Consciousness. The pictogram summary. This picture the same as the previous picture informs that our life on Earth depends of magnetic field condition. With the beginning of global cataclysms it will be impossible to live on Earth, and our civilization will stop its existence. The only exit is through unification of civilization consciousness to make the Transition to other level without cataclysms. There our life in a following cycle – the cycle of Correction will be prolonged.



The Moment of Quantum Awakening

Ken Carey - Excerpted from Starseed: The Third Millennium (1991)

At the moment of quantum awakening, change will occur rapidly, rippling across the terrestrial surface like a wave. Everything in the earth's gravitational field will be affected in some way. There will be a time of massive change, of change on a scale that has no historical precedent, though it does have antecedents in the prehistoric events of this and of distant worlds. The changes that your generation will experience before it passes the torch to another are more fundamental than those that accompanied the agriculture revolution-and those changes took thousands of years. They are more far-reaching than the changes of industrialization, which took nearly three centuries to transpire. Yet, deep and fundamental, massive though these present changes are, they will occur within the span of just a single life.

Properly understood, these changes and their coming have the ability to inspire a degree of hope and optimism unprecedented in the history of your race; for they spell the end of mankind's subconscious condition and therefore portend, as the scriptures of the world foretell, an end to bloodshed, starvation, warfare, exploitation, and needless suffering.

Within your lifetime you will witness revelations that will show the foolishness of much that was once deemed wise. You will watch as traditions and historical habit patterns once assumed to be survival imperatives are discovered to be detriment to a healthy life and to a healthy society. Behavior that made sense for creatures who imagined they were islands of individuality is abandoned by those who experience the interconnectivity of all life. The consciousness that is awakening upon this world is no respecter of Darwin values. Its perception brings new values and new ways of being. During these decades you are seeing the descent of the Angels of Healing. Even now, all around you-and perhaps in your own life-they are incarnating. In some cases these are beings who have not known human form since before the decent of historical time.

It is possible that you are among those who have held only a tenuous and flickering connection with your incarnational successions. It is no matter for judgment. Those who incarnate now, those who bring the fullness of their eternal talents, attributes, and perspectives into today's people, are the agents of healing. They alone have it in their power to experience this awesome time of transition as glorious or traumatic. All are invited to remember their essence, their purpose, their reason for being here, and to bring through into this age of transition the sense of celebration that invariable accompanies such remembrance.

Our numbers upon the earth have grown rapidly since our first large-scale arrivals began in the late 1960's. Yet it is not quantity, not numbers that will make the difference, but the quality of our compassion, the quality of the love that radiates from our hearts. Every individual who becomes a clear and undistorted channel for eternal love into these times offsets a thousand who remain locked in the dissolving values of the old.

We are rapidly dispelling what remains of human illusion, helping all to identify with the growing currents, the energies and the forces of love and life. You are already living in the dawning of the age of Planetary Awakening, the age of peace and community building. It is here now for the most sensitive to its fragrance, texture, majesty, and vision. The age has begun when the earth is to be cultivated like a flower garden and her gifts presented as conscious offerings to the gardeners of eternal beauty, the age when humankind return its gifts to the earth, to her soil, her streams, her mountains, her oceans, her creatures of water, air, fire, and clay.

The future, as always, holds an element of surprise. Yet some things are as certain as the movement of the stars. A mother never knows exactly what hour she will give birth to her child, but since she has a "due date," an approximate time when the baby is expected and will most likely be born. For millennia now there have been those in various traditions of both East and West who have known that the earth has a due date something during the second decade of the twenty-first century. Though there will be much awakening of individuals prior to the first unified movement of the awakened planetary organism, this movement, like a first breath, will occur in but a single moment. It is then that the Star Maker will consciously awaken in all systems of human biocircuitry capable of sustaining universal awareness.

Babies are sometimes born early, sometimes late. So be aware, be vigilant. Do not discount the possibility that the moment might come as a thief in the night. And do not be among the foolish who will wait until the last moment to come to terms with the rising awareness. This is to be an important occasion. It is the event that is central to all of human history. Our emphasis for many thousands of years now has been and continues to prepare you for this single moment. For though the changes will be dramatic, they need not be traumatic.

Though they will bring a fundamental human revisiting of reality's nature, this need not be perceived as threatening. Essentially, it is a positive and joyous event. The consciousness that will eventually emerge will be the consciousness of the Eternal One, the Creator, the Being of Life, awake and aware for the first time inside a material universe. Human circuitry is designed to accommodate this consciousness. In much the same way that your individual cells understand their relationship to you, each awakened human being understands him- or herself in hologramatic relationship to this unified field of awareness.

Since this perception of self differs significantly from historical perception, its emergence in collective human consciousness presents the potential of disorientation in those who might react to its coming in fear. We have much to do before the preparation of human consciousness is complete. Still, even if the awakening were to occur in this very moment with no further preparation, it would be an event of unprecedented beauty. However, in that case fewer people would be in a position to appreciate it. We wish to to maximize enjoyment and minimize discomfort for all concerned. If human beings understand more fully what is occurring, they will be less likely to react in ways that would cause them unnecessary discomfort.

Regardless of whether one accepts this change or attempts to back away from it, this event will be of greater power than any the earth has ever seen. More energy will be released in a very few moments than is typically released upon the surface of the earth in many years. This energy will take the form of heightened perception and deepened emotional connection, rejoining the individual and God.

Though this unprecedented time of intensified energy radiation still lies a few years before you, you are already near enough to it and the event will be so powerful that time is behaving with increasing subjectivity, bubbling and warping, creating islands of the future wherever there are those who deliberately invoke the energies of the emerging consciousness and demonstrate willingness to live their lives in love.

These are not disconnected islands beneath the receding seas of historical illusion. They are united in a veritable continent of rising awareness. As the new reality comes fully into human consciousness (at that moment when the Creator's luminous field comes into perfect alignment with the Earth Mother), all illusion of destructive nature will be dissolved. Though there have been many centuries leading up to this moment, when the moment comes it will be decisive.

There will be a great shift then, a single moment of quantum awakening. In this moment, the smallest interval of time measured in these dimensions-this interval that occurs in every atom between each of its billions of oscillations per second-will be lengthened unto infinity. An interval of nontime will expand. Through that expansion eternity will flow. Some will experience this moments as minutes or hours, others as a lifetime. Still others will experience this flash of nontime as a succession of many lives, and some few will, in this moment, know the Nagual itself, the great nameless Presence that exists before and after all these worlds.

In the expanse of the nontime interval, human beings will have all the time they require to realize, experience, and remember full consciousness of their eternal spirits and to recall the origin of their individuality in the primordial fields of being. All will have ample time to recharge their form identity and its biological projection with the awareness of who they are, why they have individualized, and why they have chosen to associate with the planet's human expression. Each one will have the choice to return to biological form or to remain in the fields of disincarnate awareness.

Those who choose to return to human form will do so fully aware of who they are. No longer will they be put partially incarnate; they will resume biological residence with the full memory and consciousness of their eternal natures, sharing the creative capacities of the Star Maker, whose reflective cells they will then know themselves to be.

Subconscious orientation in fear will be replaced by conscious orientation in love. The sudden release of power, as the polarity of the collective human emotional field shifts from outer to inner orientation, cannot be avoided no matter how smoothly we seek to guide the transition. All will feel an unmistakable surge of power in the instant of quantum awakening. This is as inevitable as the daily rotation of the earth's continents into and out of the light of the sun.

But the effects? The implications? There is no way to predict them. They depend on the choices you make today. By extrapolating current trends of consciousness we can establish a probable range of effect. But there may be as many as eight billion people incarnate at that moment, each with complete freedom of choice. And though the choices each one makes in his or her lifetime prior to that moment will certainly predispose that person in one direction or another, there are no guarantees, no assurances.

The spiritual polarity of collective human consciousness did shift one before, triggering a reversal of the earth's magnetic field, a shifting in the position of the poles, and a great deal of destruction. However, that shift was a shift from consciousness to subconsciousness.

We will have a degree of control during this conscious shift that was absent then and so do not expect the same sort of cataclysmic shock waves. Still it would be underestimating the variables to assume that earth changes will not accompany this event. Almost certainly some will. These will be for the most part of benevolent nature-a melting of the polar ice caps, for example, bringing rain to arid regions and helping to cleanse toxins from polluted lakes and rivers, a warming and simultaneous moistening of climate that will open to agriculture the extensive plains and fertile river valleys of Greenland, Antarctica, and certain of the world's deserts.

To minimize the trauma of this moment for you and others of the human family, it is important that you prepare for it well ahead of time, establishing the habits that will leave your self-understanding fluid, relaxed., And trusting in the overall benevolence of the universe and its resident intelligence.

The best way to prepare for any future moment in time is be fully in the present moment now.

The only habit you must cultivate, though it may go against the programming and traditions of your society, is to allow your consciousness the relaxed flow of attention that brings you a clear and accurate picture of the phenomenal world and continuous awareness of the Eternal Presence from which it has unfolded. Such a state of consciousness will allow you to enjoy the rushing energy currents and heightened awareness that will sweep through the earth during the expansion of the nontime interval and will maximalize the stabilizing influence that radiates from you into your local surroundings.

Long before the moment of collective awakening there will have been established a sufficient core of people functioning on higher frequencies of awareness to enable the harmonic currents of their respective amplified radiations to displace the influence of those who may react in fear, both at the moment of collective awakening and beforehand. The frequency radiations or vibratory emissions of fear are not harmonious. Their effect on collective human consciousness increases at an arithmetical rate (1,2,3,4, etc.) for each additional person whose behavior is centered in fear, but they do not build in the kind of geometric progression (2,4,8,16, etc.) that is characteristic of the harmonic radiations of love.

Before the final instant of final awakening, the radiations of love will constitute the predominant vibrational influence on collective human consciousness, even while a numerical majority remains centered in the historical orientation. That condition is now very near. You who have motivated by love bring to bear on collective human awareness an influence much greater than your historical reason might suppose.

Individually you have an impact on the collective predispositions of your species far greater than that of those who are merely trodding the timeworn paths of self-centeredness. You who do your best to make your decisions out of love, who refuse to be controlled by the subconscious machinations of fear, who take time, if necessarily, in difficult situations to proceed slowly, consciously, lovingly, are truly among our own. Your awareness of these things will soon be in full. You are upon we can depend during the coming shift.

(From: " The Third Millennium-Living in the Posthistoric World" by Ken Carey)


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