October 8, 2005

The Writing on the Wall Series #44: Shifting Up From The Fear-Mongerers' Grasp

Hello everyone!

Once again the harvest of important news to consider has been plentiful and current trends indicate that swift positive changes in the U.S. are a growing probability, while at the same time the list of abjectly sordid horrors perpetrated by this Cabal-controlled government is more than enough to make any sensible human feel deeply sick. Not that I wish to make anyone feels like that by exposing this information to your attention, but as we know all too well, such misguided actions thrive in the darkness of secrecy and only through exposing them to the full light of public awareness and spiritually enlightened, unconditionally loving rectifying Light ministration could they become positively countered and eventually corrected to harmless, benevolent behaviors, cut from their deep darkness sources of driving power. I know it sounds like an abstruse explanation, but it is meant more for the soul's cognizance that for the mental grasp of the intellectual mind.

In short, let us continue taking the steam off their fright train and soon enough the whole world will be free from all fears, free to Love to our souls' contentment and shine all the Light That We Are.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. There will be a new Meditation Focus issued late this Saturday night.

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“The Bush administration, driven by the twin horses of the Apocalypse, the Evangelical Christian Zionists and Neo-Con Zealots, pulls America ever closer to the brink of disaster by wielding whips of righteous prophecy and self-serving lies.”

- Dr. William A. Cook, in his new book "Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy"

"From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we be united and in peace.
From the heart of the Dolphin Mind, may we all be enlightened and live in harmony together.
From the heart of the Oceanic Mother, may all beings, all species, all life honor and support each other in peace.
From the heart of Mother Earth, may we awaken to our highest fulfillment in love with all beings.
From the heart of Dolphin, Whale, Ocean, Earth and the deepest heart of our own life, may we live as One."

- Suggested prayer, chant, song to unite with. It came to Penelope Smith (check her site at ) from uniting with the dolphins near Japan and all over the world. She wrote: "I can feel the positive energies building up as we unite in the upcoming demonstration and prayer circle on October 8 around the world for the Japanese dolphins and for the enlightenment of all concerned. Forwarded by Judith Iam> See all the details at as to why this prayer was proposed at (Every year from September through April some Japanese fishermen ---in some few remote villages -- eradicate about 20,000 dolphins and other whales in the most brutal way imaginable. This is the largest deliberate massacre of dolphins anywhere in the world. The fishermen have said they kill the dolphins primarily as a form of "pest control." They say the dolphins eat too many fish and they need to eradicate the competition. CLIP) Check also at

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Cindy Sheehan - Our Imploding President : Katrina Will Be Bush's Monica
Recommended by Ed Elkin>

August 2005 "Mayan Clock" Crop Formation and Related Formations
(...) The Silbury Mayan 2004 finale said in simple graphical terms: "There are only 52 / 6 years remaining until the End of the Fourth Sun in late 2012". The ancient Mayans used 52 years as their "century", proceeding in our case from late 1960 to late 2012. (...) "In summary, all three crop patterns (2004 Silbury Hill; Waylands Smithy; Woolstone Hill) are some of the most intricate ever created and seem to focus on the near-future dates of mid-August 2007, after mid-summer 2009, and late 2012 (December 22, 2012 ends Mayan Grand Calendar) as a significant time indeed. According to Mayan legend, it will be the time of a great worldwide earthquake, also prophesied in other ancient cultures including Judaism, Christianity or the Muslim faith. CLIP

Amazingly well carved pumpkins

Cool sand sculptures


If people in the ’60s had limited themselves to only voting, lobbying, and volunteering, Black people would still sit on the back of the bus and women would still die from back-alley abortions. Hurricane Katrina, the Roberts nomination, and the war on Iraq cannot be stopped with “politics as usual.” That which you will not resist and mobilize to stop, you will learn – or be forced – to accept. "Wednesday 11-2-05: A massive day of repudiation of the Bush Regime, launching a movement to drive Bush himself from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking society is reversed." CLIP


1. Cheney: Prepare for Decades of Mass Murder
2. Bush Criminal Cabal to be Indicted!
3. New York fireman forced to resign for questioning 9/11 official story
4. Urgent Appeal: Closures of the Gaza Strip
5. Wall Mart already selling clothes with chips: Corporations, government to track your every move
6. None Dare Call it Genocide
7. Report on the Formal Hearing on Reported Cabal Violations of Universal Laws
8. Organic food standards threatened in the US
9. We Won! New Mexico EIB To Hold Hearings on Banning Aspartame in July
10. Gentle reminder
11. Breast cancer awareness month - October
12. The World is in our Hands

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George Bush’s “Major Speech” Resets the Terror Trap! Will America Take the Bait?
The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. – Heinrich HimmlerOn the morning of October 6th, George W. Bush made a not-for-prime time “major” speech before a select group of supporters. For those unfamiliar with the National Endowment for Democracy, rest assured that it is a highly controversial, tax-supported group that tries to influence elections in foreign countries. What a perfect audience for the President!The speech was redundant and unremarkable, despite being hyped as significant’ and highly important. There was little new rhetoric and not an iota of comfort for a nation consumed with concern about the morass and turmoil in Iraq. There was, however a concerted effort to capitalize on a strategy that worked so well in the President’s rush to war in 2003: make them afraid. The speech this morning was carefully constructed to prey upon the innermost fears triggered by the attacks of 9/11. It pulled out every available stop in an effort to use those alarms to gain support for staying the course in Iraq. The speech this morning was designed to once again lure Americans into the insidious and sinister Bushco Terror Trap. In case you missed it, the tactics started early in the week. George Bush and Dick Cheney both got the word out last Monday: Without provocation, Bush’s senior aides warned that “a quick exit for US troops could sow a deadly harvest of future terror attacks on US soil.” At almost the same time, Cheney cautioned that Iraq could become a staging area for large-scale terrorist attacks on the United States if troops are withdrawn too early. They had tossed the public some food for future thought.The next opportunity came at Tuesday’s press conference. The President was asked only ONE question about the war, yet he managed to repeat “terror” or “terrorist” SEVEN times during his exchange with reporters. “We also got [sic] to continue to make sure we meet our obligations to prevent further terrorist attacks,” Mr. Bush reminded us. “Iraq is a part of a global war on terror,” he insisted, without challenge or explanation, as usual.The stage was set, subtly and craftily to try to win back waning support for the war. The main performance would be on Thursday, when the President would give his ‘”significant” speech to the nation. It would be “the latest shot in a volley of addresses on Iraq by top administration figures” ahead of a referendum on Iraq's draft constitution on October 15. With little fanfare, but with calculated measure, the Trap was being put into place. It was oiled and refurbished and ready to go. CLIP

Cheney warns of 'decades of war' (October 6)
Mr Cheney made a direct appeal to the American people - US Vice-President Dick Cheney has said that the US must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades. Addressing US military personnel, he said that the only way terrorists would win was if the US lost its nerve and abandoned Iraq and the Middle East. Mr Cheney is the latest senior member of the US administration trying to bolster support for the war in Iraq. CLIP - READ "Cheney: Prepare for Decades of Mass Murder" BELOW...

Washington Insider: Subway Alert Is Fake Terror To Distract From Indictments (October 7)
After it was reported that Karl Rove had agreed to give further testimony to the Grand Jury investigating the CIA leak, Rove's attorney Robert Luskin denied his client had received a target letter from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, a formal "heads up" sent to individuals who are about to be indicted. However, it is being reported from well-informed sources throughout Washington that 1) target letters have been sent to Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Ari Fleischer; 2) Rove has agreed to testify and possibly agree to a plea bargain agreement in return for his testimony against other targets of the criminal probe; 3) Cheney and Bush may be named as unindicted co-conspirators; 4) Bush's "war speech" before the National Endowment for Democracy and a late Thursday afternoon report that "19 operatives" have arrived in New York City to place bombs on subway trains are blatant attempts by the White House to divert attention from the impending indictments against the Bush White House. The main stream media is just beginning to take notice that a "Watergate-level event" is about to occur in Washington. Question: if Bloomberg really thought there was a credible threat against the subway, would he be riding it?

President Bush's Major Speech
According to the New York Times, the president's inability to grow beyond his big moment in 2001 is unnerving. But the fact that his handlers continue to encourage him to milk 9/11 is infuriating.

Rove backs off grand jury testifying; Fears indictments
Karl Rove's going back to the grand jury--but not today. "A source close to Rove said Bush's chief political adviser and his legal team are now genuinely concerned he could face charges" write Leonnig and Vandenhei in the WashPost. "As recently as a week ago, people familiar with Rove's role in the affair said they believed he was in the clear because, after Time magazine reporter Matt Cooper testified in July about his conversation with Rove, Rove had not heard back from Fitzgerald."

Fall of the Rovean Empire?
Sidney Blumenthal writes that drunk on power, the Republican oligarchs overreached. Now their entire project could be doomed.

28 Percent Think Country Is Headed in Right Direction
President Bush's job approval is mired at the lowest level of his presidency, and public feelings about the nation's direction have sunk to new depths in an Associated Press-Ipsos poll.

Bin Laden to surface after new attack on US soil: ex-CIA expert (Oct 05)

Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight (Oct 4);_ylt=AhMmEqVo.cAzINRDN_nhWIus0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b2NibDltBHNlYwM3MTY
WASHINGTON - President Bush, stirring debate on the worrisome possibility of a bird flu pandemic, suggested dispatching American troops to enforce quarantines in any areas with outbreaks of the killer virus. Bush asserted aggressive action could be needed to prevent a potentially crippling U.S. outbreak of a bird flu strain that is sweeping through Asian poultry and causing experts to fear it could become the next deadly pandemic. Citing concern that state and local authorities might be unable to contain and deal with such an outbreak, Bush asked Congress to give him the authority to call in the military.The president has already indicated he wants to give the armed forces the lead responsibility for conducting search-and-rescue operations and sending in supplies after massive natural disasters and terrorist attacks — a notion that could require a change in law and that even some in the Pentagon have reacted to skeptically. The idea raised the startling-to-some image of soldiers cordoning off communities hit by disease."The president ought to have all ... assets on the table to be able to deal with something this significant," Bush said during a 55 minute question-and-answer session with reporters in the sun-splashed Rose Garden. Dr. Irwin Redlener, associate dean of Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health and director of its National Center for Disaster Preparedness, called the president's suggestion an "extraordinarily draconian measure" that would be unnecessary if the nation had built the capability for rapid vaccine production, ensured a large supply of anti-virals like Tamiflu, and not allowed the degradation of the public health system. "The translation of this is martial law in the United States," Redlener said. It was the president's first full-fledged news conference in over four months, as the White House hopes to regain momentum lost amid sky-high gasoline prices, a rising death roll in Iraq, and a flawed response to Hurricane Katrina. Bush has seen a small rise in his approval ratings, but they remain near the lowest of his presidency. Despite the polls and recent grumbling about his performance from some Republicans, Bush insisted he still had "plenty" of political capital that he would spend getting lawmakers to go along with his proposed budget cuts, Iraq strategy, proposals to add to U.S. oil refining capacity and desire for a reauthorization of the anti-terror Patriot Act. CLIP More on this at and at FULL COVERAGE: Bird Flu;_ylt=A86.I0a5zUZDY.MAdCla24cA;_ylu=X3oDMTA2ZGZwam4yBHNlYwNmYw-- and FLU 'ODDITIES' BREAKING NEWS

Martial law and the Avian Flu Pandemic by Michel Chossudovsky (October 4, 2005)
The threat of the avian flu pandemic is real. Until recently, national governments and the WHO have dismissed the seriousness of the crisis. The public has been misinformed. The issue has been barely mentioned by the media.Why all of a sudden is avian flu on the presidential agenda?The issue was placed on the agenda of the President's White House Press Conference (October 4, 2005). There was nothing spontaneous in the White House journalist's question to President Bush, which explicitly pointed to a role for the country's "defense assets" in the case of a pandemic. We are not dealing with an off-the-cuff statement. Both the question as well as Bush's response calling for a greater role of the Military, had been prepared in advance: CLIP

Experts Unlock Clues to Spread of 1918 Flu Virus
The 1918 influenza virus, the cause of one of history's most deadly epidemics, has been reconstructed, and found to be a bird flu that jumped directly to humans, two teams of federal and university scientists announced yesterday.

Senate Democrats Seek $4 Billion to Fight Bird Flu
Senate Democrats want to add nearly $4 billion to the US fight against the deadly avian flu, with most of the money to be used to stock up on an anti-viral drug. But Republican Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska said he would try to kill the effort because the money is needed for troops in Iraq.

Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent,,1-3-1050175,00.html

Cars stolen in US used in suicide attacks (October 4, 2005)
The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering some vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior US Government officials.

US Forces 'Out of Control', Says Reuters Chief
Reuters has told the US government that American forces' conduct towards journalists in Iraq is "spiraling out of control" and preventing full coverage of the war reaching the public.

Senate to Give Bush $50B More for War
The Senate is ready to give President Bush $50 billion more for wars, even as public support for the Iraq fighting slips, US casualties climb and Congress grows increasingly frustrated with the direction of the conflict.

"Not One More Death, Not One More Dollar
Soon we'll be reaching another horrific milestone in the war in Iraq - the death of the 2,000th U.S. service member. AFSC, Military Families Speak Out, and Gold Star Families for Peace are calling for people across the U.S. to stand up and say that the needless killing of U.S. troops and Iraqis must stop and that the resources funding this war are needed for other things. On the day after the 2,000th reported U.S. military casualty, people will gather in communities across the U.S. to show that the country's pro-peace majority wants Congress to take action to stop the deaths in Iraq by stopping the dollars that are funding the war.

Bush claimed God told him to invade Iraq, Afghanistan (Oct 6)
LONDON (AFP) - US President George W. Bush allegedly said God told him to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, a new BBC documentary will reveal, according to details. ADVERTISEMENTBush made the claim when he met Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas and then foreign minister Nabil Shaath in June 2003, the ministers told the documentary series to be broadcast in Britain later this month. The US leader also told them he had been ordered by God to create a Palestinian state, the ministers said. Shaath, now the Palestinian information minister, said: "President Bush said to all of us: 'I'm driven with a mission from God.'God would tell me, 'George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan'.' "And I did, and then God would tell me, 'George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq...' And I did." 'And now, again, I feel God's words coming to me, 'Go get the Palestinians their state and get the Israelis their security, and get peace in the Middle East.' And by God I'm gonna do it'," said Shaath.Abbas, who was also at the meeting in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh, recalled how the president told him: "I have a moral and religious obligation."So I will get you a Palestinian state." CLIP

Huge change in Iraq (Oct 6th, 2005)
Baghdad - US-led forces have bombed eight bridges on the Euphrates River in western Iraq to stop insurgents using them, US military spokesperson Major General Rick Lynch said Thursday. "We have been taking out portions of bridges with precision strikes," he told a news conference. Of 12 bridges between the Syrian border and Ramadi, 110km west Baghdad, "four remain under control of the coalition forces and Iraqi forces after precision strikes on the others," he said." One of the vulnerabilities of this insurgency is freedom of movement," he added. "We took out portions of these bridges to deny terrorists, foreign fighters and insurgents the capability to cross north to south or south to north across the Euphrates River." Why is this a big deal? Because we are actually destroying infrastructure in a country we occupy. We are saying that the military value of the bridges to the insurgency is greater than the value to us in either a military or economic/social way. This can be compared to the use of chemicals to destroy the jungle in Vietnam. Not because it caused cancer but because it was the long term destruction of some portion of the country. CLIP

Iran warns Israel against attacking nuclear sites (October 2)
DAMASCUS (AFP) - Iran's parliament speaker warned Israel against any attempt to attack its nuclear facilities, and promised to "teach it a lesson" if it did. ADVERTISEMENT"If Israel does something stupid and attacks our nuclear facilities like it did in Iraq, we promise to teach it a lesson it will never forget," Gholam Ali Hadad-Adel said after talks with his Syrian counterpart in Damascus. He was referring to a 1981 strike by Israel against the Osiraq nuclear reactor in Iraq, which the Jewish state suspected of developing atomic weapons. "We will not give in," Hadad Adel said, citing the "right" of all countries to use nuclear energy for civilian energy purposes under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).In an escalating crisis over Iran's nuclear ambitions, Tehran has rejected proposals that it abandon fuel cycle technology in return for incentives and has resumed uranium conversion work in defiance of a suspension agreement with Britain, France and Germany. Iran insists its activities are peaceful but faces accusations it is developing nuclear energy as a cover for a weapons programme. The International Atomic Energy Agency last month adopted a resolution that found Iran in "non-compliance" with nuclear proliferation safeguards -- an automatic trigger for taking the matter to the Security Council.Iran threatened Tuesday to retaliate by blocking tough inspections of its nuclear sites and resuming uranium enrichment activities.Israel, which has long warned against Iran's nuclear ambitions, has not signed the NPT and is believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East, though it neither confirms nor denies reports that it has about 200 nuclear warheads. Since Saddam Hussein's regime was ousted from Iraq in April 2003, Israel has viewed Iran as it prime enemy in the region.

Hardball diplomacy goes public (October 5)
The British accusation that Iranian elements are behind lethal attacks on British troops in southern Iraq came out after months of frustration. (British denouncement of Iran is a sign diplomacy is failing...)

Al Gore | The Threat to American Democracy
Al Gore gives an address on the importance and failings of the media in our democracy. Gore: It is no longer possible to ignore the strangeness of our public discourse. I know that I am not the only one who feels that something has gone basically and badly wrong in the way America's fabled "marketplace of ideas" now functions.

Senate Defies Bush on Torture (05 October 2005)
Washington - The Republican-controlled Senate voted Wednesday to impose restrictions on the treatment of terrorism suspects, delivering a rare wartime rebuke to President Bush. Defying the White House, senators voted 90-9 to approve an amendment that would prohibit the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" against anyone in US government custody, regardless of where they are held. The amendment was added to a $440 billion military spending bill for the budget year that began Oct. 1. The proposal, sponsored by Sen. John McCain, also requires all service members to follow procedures in the Army Field Manual when they detain and interrogate terrorism suspects. Bush administration officials say the legislation would limit the president's authority and flexibility in war. But lawmakers from each party have said Congress must provide US troops with clear standards for detaining, interrogating and prosecuting terrorism suspects in light of allegations of mistreatment at Guantánamo Bay and the abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. CLIP

Don't Veto America's Values
Wednesday night, the Senate overwhelmingly passed an amendment put forth by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) spelling out that the United States and its soldiers will not subject prisoners to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment." It's hard to believe that it even needs to be said and even harder to believe that President Bush has threatened to veto the bill because it prohibits torture. Senator McCain, who was himself subjected to torture as a prisoner during the Vietnam War, is not alone. No fewer than twenty-five retired generals and admirals signed a letter supporting his stand. The McCain amendment would make it clear that torture is not allowed. Tell President Bush to sign it. To read McCain's statement on the amendments, click here. Send this petition to President George W. Bush - Sending a clear message to our troops and the world that torture will not be tolerated is essential to restoring America's image abroad. It is also an increasingly urgent requirement in order to ensure the safety of our troops and promote the security interests of our nation. Senator John McCain's amendments to the Defense Authorization Bill would do that. To fulfill its commitment to human rights and the rule of law, the White House should support these amendments.

When Will Rumsfeld Face the Music?
Matthew Rothschild: Lynndie England just got three years and a dishonorable discharge. When is Donald Rumsfeld going to face the music and get canned or indicted for his part in the torture scandal?

Gitmo's Hunger Strikers
From its inception, Guantanamo has relied on a soldier-speak that is replete with half-truths and distortions. Clive Stafford Smith states that in 2002 there was a ripple of concern at the number of Guantánamo detainees trying to take their own lives. The military then announced that suicide attempts had radically declined. It took a foreign journalist to expose the truth: The very word "suicide" had been replaced by the authorities with the term Manipulative Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) - and there were still plenty of SIBs. The military was lying by semantics.

Bush Moves to Block Torture Probe

Torture of Iraqis Was for 'Stress Relief,' Say US Soldiers
For the first time, American soldiers who personally tortured Iraqi prisoners have come forward to give testimony to human rights organisations about crimes they committed.

Chaplain: 'Military Created Atmosphere for Torture'
James J. Yee, a former Muslim chaplain at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, says in a new book that military authorities knowingly created an atmosphere in which guards would feel free to abuse prisoners.

Government Accused of Death Squads in Iraq
22 bodies, lined up in coffins in a mosque courtyard on Friday, appeared as shriveled as ancient mummies after lying for one month in the desert where they were dumped, bound and bullet-ridden. They were Sunni Arabs, rounded up from their Baghdad homes one night by men in police uniforms.

Italy Issues 22 Warrants for CIA Agents Arrests
The latest warrants came after Italian investigators reconstructed the contents of a computer hard-disk belonging to one of the accused, according to the Italian Corriere della Sera newspaper. Prosecutors believe the operation was part of a US anti-terror policy called "extraordinary rendition". The policy involves seizing suspects and taking them to third countries for questioning without court approval. The US has previously acknowledged it sends terror suspects to third countries for questioning, but denies it condones torture. Mr Hassan, 42, is believed to have been abducted on 17 February 2003, and flown out of the country from a US base in Aviano, north of Venice. After his release last year, he called his family telling them he had been tortured with electric shocks during his detention. The CIA has refused to comment on the case and the Italian government has said it had no prior knowledge of the kidnap plot. CLIP

Italy Seeks Former US Diplomat in Kidnapping
Italian authorities have ordered the arrests of a former US Embassy official here and two other people in connection with a "rendition" case in which CIA operatives allegedly kidnapped a radical Muslim cleric from Milan and flew him to Egypt, where, he has said, he was tortured.

'Frog-Marching' Bush to the Hague
Robert Parry states that while Private Lynndie England's punishment fits with George W. Bush's pledge to prosecute military personnel for wrongdoing in Iraq, a larger question is whether low-ranking soldiers are becoming scapegoats for the bloody fiasco that Bush created when he ordered the invasion in defiance of international law.

Pentagon Plans New Landmine Production
The Pentagon has requested $1.3 billion for two new antipersonnel landmines, the first of which could roll out as early as 2007. The United States has not used antipersonnel landmines since the first Gulf War when 100,000 mines were scattered by plane across Iraq and Kuwait. This move would end a moratorium on landmine use signed into law by George H.W. Bush in 1992 and would call into question the United States' previous intention to join the 145 country 1997 Mine-Ban treaty. There have been reports of U.S. use of landmines in the war in Iraq, but the Pentagon has yet to either confirm or deny this claim. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has estimated that such weapons kill and maim 500 people, mostly civilians, per week.

Dems Fight Efforts to Cut Food Stamps
Democrats are fighting attempts to make cuts in food stamps and conservation programs at a time when people are coping with hurricanes and drought.

GOP Plans Cuts in Food Programs, Conservation
Under orders to cut agriculture spending by $3 billion, Republicans in Congress have proposed reducing food programs for the poor by $574 million and conservation programs by $1 billion.

GOP Senators Cut Critical Aid To Children, Poor, Elderly (October 06, 2005)

American Companies Repatriate Massive Sums Earned Abroad
American companies may repatriate as much as 350 billion dollars of foreign earning this year, virtually free of taxes, thanks to a law approved to counter outsourcing and create jobs. It's not certain that the hundreds of billions of repatriated dollars will create many jobs. On the other hand, they have already had two unexpected effects (...) It's not certain that the hundreds of billions of repatriated dollars will create many jobs. On the other hand, they have already had two unexpected effects: they are feeding the wave of mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street and are supporting the American currency. The 350 billion dollars represent over half the American trade deficit and facilitate its financing. (...) American companies pay very little taxes. According to the latest figures available, revenues from taxes on corporate earnings represented barely 7.4% of Federal tax revenues in 2003, compared to a peak of 52% in 1952. Between 1995 and 2003, they went down by 16%. In theory, corporations are taxed at 35% of their earnings. In reality, by taking advantage of very complex legislation that contains many hidden loopholes, of a system of favorable provisions and tax havens, they pay much less. According to a study by the General Accounting Office - Congress's investigatory arm - 45% of companies with more than 250 million dollars of capital did not pay a cent in taxes between 1996 and 2000. During the same period, according to Citizens for Tax Justice, the ten companies with the highest profits (Microsoft, General Electric, IBM, General Motors ... ) paid on average only 8.9% of earnings in taxes.

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History
Recommended by Phyllis Montague>

Is the US developing psychotropic weapons? (02 October 2005)
This intriguing article was posted on Sept. 29 on the web site, a Montreal-based site for critical research. -- It is interesting chiefly for the material to which it calls attention, indicating that highly classified research is under way within the U.S. military establishment on advanced technologies capable of affecting the human brain and nervous system and human behavior, with an aim to their use in warfare. (...) The Russian Federation [1] and the European Parliament (Resolution on the Environment, Security and Foreign Policy [of] January 28, 1999, Nr.A4-005/99) have already proposed [an] international ban of the use of such means, and it seems rather evident that the major obstacle on the road toward the international ban of [the] influencing of functioning of [the] human organism is the government of the United States of America which, so far, made no effort at the international [level] toward the ban of remote manipulation, health impairment, or [the] killing of human beings. Dennis J. Kucinich, the author of the bill proposing the ban of deployment of "mind control" weapons in the U.S. Congress in October 2001, was quoted [asserting] that those weapons actually exist and "those people who control them are deadly serious and intend to use them, if we don't stop the weaponization of space" [10]. V. Lopatin proposed, in his book [The] Psychotronic Weapon and the Security of Russia [11], a State Defense Initiative [as a] fundamental [principle when] he suggested "[admitting the] actual feasibility of informational psychotronic war (as a matter of fact it is already taking place without declaration of war) and the feasibility of exerting violence by means of the use of PSW" (psychotronic weapons) [11]. Apparently, without [the] intervention of international organizations against remote manipulation of human organisms the secret arms race among the world governments may continue until the information war actually breaks out. In this way the human world may sink into some kind of virtual reality where the independence of human thinking, feeling, and decision making will be destroyed as a part of an "information war," or, in the worst case, large masses of people may be killed and unlike [the case] with nuclear weapons, the world will still remain inhabitable for the winners. After the warning of the Russian government that the U.S. invasion of Iran could have "grave and unpredictable consequences," President Bush stopped talking about military action in Iran. Probably the U.S. military preeminence in the world is no [longer] overwhelming, as the Russian daily Segodnya wrote in the year 2000. With the [impending] oil crisis and [the] ensuing new divide of the world along the lines of competition for access to the world oil reserves, as is [demonstrated] by [the] U.S. invasion of Iraq and [the] development of [the] Shanghai Cooperation Organization, world war could [break out]. Will people accept [the] irresponsibility of their governments, or will they engage in the ban of classified means of remote control of functioning of human organisms and brains?

Devices capture everything you ever type, then can send it via your ethernet card to the Dept. of Homeland Security without your knowledge, consent or a search warrant each time you log onto the internet! Freedom Of Information Act Requests For Explanation From DHS, refused. (...) The real life implications of this are plain: Computer manufacturers appear to be cooperating with the Department of Homeland Security to make every person who buys a new computer subject to immediate, unrestricted government recording of everything they do on those computers! EVERYTHING! This information can be sent to DHS, online, without your knowledge or consent, without a search warrant or even probable cause! That's why this device is hard-wired directly into the ethernet card, which communicates over the internet! CLIP

Clean-Air Advocates Criticize GOP Gas Bill
A House bill ostensibly aimed at easing the nation's energy crisis would dramatically weaken pollution laws by relaxing environmental standards on both oil refineries and aging power plants, several clean-air experts said.

Energy Hog Lessons
Kelpie Wilson writes that Bush and the Republicans have a well-known agenda of removing all regulatory restrictions on industry. They have already suspended labor and contracting laws to "speed" Gulf Coast reconstruction. Now they are using the disaster-spawned energy crunch to break down environmental laws and restrictions that they failed to destroy with last summer's energy bill.

Louisiana Ecological Harm Called Unprecedented
The environmental damage from hurricanes Katrina and Rita is unparalleled in its scope and variety, scientists say, with massive oil spills blanketing marshes, sediment smothering vast fishing grounds, and millions of gallons of raw sewage scattered in New Orleans and along the 400-mile Louisiana coast.

Toxic Gumbo
Senate Republicans, led by Environment and Public Works Committee chairman James Inhofe - who has declared that global warming is a hoax - have introduced a bill that would allow the EPA to waive clean water and air laws during cleanup. The EPA itself is drafting a plan that would allow the agency to waive state regulations on smog emissions or pollutants pouring out of coal plants.

The Erosion of Environmental Policy
The Bush administration and Congress have been chipping away at the National Environmental Policy Act ... Now the House is about to consider how to "modernize" the act, but based on what the White House and Congress have already done, it's clear that the agenda isn't so much updating the law as gutting it.

Sacrificial Sham: Bush asks Americans to avoid unnecessary car trips and save energy
GRIST SUMMARY: President Bush last week called on Americans to drive less and conserve gas. "We can all pitch in," he said. Of course, "all" is relative: Though the president directed federal agencies to reduce energy use, Republican congressional leaders were meeting even as he spoke to push for more energy-industry subsidies and weaker environmental laws governing fuel production and distribution. This has activists gearing up for a fight. Republican leaders are "racing faster than a hurricane to smash through alleged environmental barriers before anyone realizes what they are up to," said Frank O'Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch. Still, the unfamiliar call to sacrifice from Bush points out how much Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have rattled confidence in domestic oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico. Also last week, Bush took his seventh tour of the Gulf Coast since Katrina hit; no word on whether he scaled back the size of his fuel-intensive motorcade, which typically consists of more than a dozen SUVs, vans, and limos. Details at

'Caribou People' Wage Last Stand in the Arctic
Later this month, Congress is set to decide, after almost 30 years of contentious debate, whether to allow oil exploration to proceed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. If this passes, oil rigs in the refuge will decrease the already-dwindling herd of caribou by drilling in their calving ground. It will also herald the slow death of the Gwich'in Indian tribe's 13,000-year-old subsistence culture, the last of its kind in North America.

Hit the Streets to Demand Action on Global Warming
Climate change is not just another "issue." It threatens every aspect of life as we know it. Climate change activists have issued a call for mass action on this December 3rd to protest the US government's blockage of global action against climate change.

Our Melting Planet
Species are dying out faster than we have dared recognize, scientists will warn this week. The erosion of polar ice is the first break in a fragile chain of life extending across the planet, from bears in the north to penguins in the far south.

The Growing Cost of Growing Wheat (September 24, 2005)
Nobody's called it a "perfect storm," yet. But between rocketing costs for fuel and fertilizer, low prices for their crop, increased shipping surcharges and worries over whether this will be another dry winter, local wheat farmers say the future is looking pretty grim these days. "I'm not sure anyone is aware of it, but energy prices are quickly making the continuation of wheat farming questionable unless something begins to change soon,' said Walla Walla County farmer Nat Webb. Over a relatively short period of time, fuel prices have tripled and the cost of fertilizer has doubled, Webb and others said. At the same time, the price for soft white wheat, the type which accounts for 88 percent of the wheat grown in Washington state, is hovering slightly above $3 a bushel, "a 20-year low," CLIP

Eastern Canada Bakes in Extreme High Temperatures (October 06, 2005)
OTTAWA — Much of eastern Canada is baking in dramatically high temperatures, a fact which underlines how climate change is set to affect the giant country, a leading environmental expert said Wednesday.The temperature in the capital Ottawa hit 27.7 degrees Celsius (81.9 degrees) Tuesday, a full 12 degrees Celsius above the average for the time of year and 1.5 degrees above the previous record set in 1951.The unusual heat affected much of the central province of Ontario, as well as Quebec to the east and the Atlantic provinces. Temperatures in the New Brunswick capital of Fredericton were set to hit 25 degrees Celsius Thursday, some 10 degrees warmer than normal."It takes a lot for me to shake my head about the weather, but the thing that stands out most in my mind about this, is the relentlessness of it. It started in June and it is here in October," said David Phillips, senior climatologist at Canada's federal environment ministry. CLIP

Earth Headed for Global Warming Catastrophe
A leading worldwide climate research institute in Hamburg, Germany predicted last week that the Earth is heading for a climate catastrophe in the next 100 years, with sea ice in the North Pole region predicted to completely melt in summer and extreme weather events increasing in both frequency and strength. The study is being followed up this week by the release of a report from the UK's Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to the presidency of the European Union, on the impact of climate change on migratory species. The report details and predicts major losses in many of the world's animal populations with continued global warming. The releases come on the heels of another release issued by National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), a part of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which has reported that summer Arctic sea ice fell far below average for the fourth year, with winter ice seeing sharp declines, and spring melts beginning much earlier that even 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media and government continue to abdicate their responsibility to appropriately inform and alert Americans to the growing threat of global warming, as well as the need for timely and responsive change to slow global warming through massive reductions in fuel burning and other greenhouse gas releasing sources. CLIP

Asia-Pacific 'to Face More Disease' as Planet Warms
A report on climate change warns that rising world temperatures could increase the incidence of malaria, dengue fever and cholera.

Melting Planet: Species are Dying Out Faster Than We Have Dared Recognize, Scientists Will Warn This Week (October 2)
The erosion of polar ice is the first break in a fragile chain of life extending across the planet, from bears in the north to penguins in the far south.

Climate Change and Pollution are Killing Millions, Says Study (October 6)
Poor sanitation to blame, says World Bank reportEconomic growth stalled by environmental factors - Almost a fifth of all ill health in poor countries and millions of deaths can be attributed to environmental factors, including climate change and pollution, according to a report from the World Bank. Unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene as well as indoor and outdoor air pollution are all said to be killing people and preventing economic development. In addition, says the bank, increasing soil pollution, pesticides, hazardous waste and chemicals in food are significantly affecting health and economies.More controversially, the report, released yesterday in New York, links cancers to environmental conditions and says global warming has a major impact on health. "For almost all forms of cancer, the risk of contracting this disease can be reduced if physical environments are safe for human habitation and food items are safe for consumption," says the report.It also cites the spread of malaria and dengue fever as climate change intensifies. Global warming, says the report, is leading to lower yields of some crops and the salination of coastal areas. "In 2000 more than 150,000 premature deaths were attributed to various climate change impacts, according to the World Health Organisation," it says. (...) Millions of people who have moved to cities to find work have swapped indoor for outdoor air pollution, suggests the report. Urban air pollution is estimated to cause about 800,000 premature deaths, it says, approaching the number of people affected by indoor air pollution from wood fires in poorly ventilated homes in rural areas. CLIP

Kimberly-Clark is clear-cutting ancient forests to make Kleenex and toilet paper

November 3rd is the International Day of Action for the Boreal Forest start organizing now!
On November 3rd, people around the world will stand together to tell governments and corporations to stop destroying our great northern forest. Join the growing global movement to save the Boreal. CLIP

Amazon dries out as worst ever drought hits rainforest (October 1),3604,1582355,00.html
Drop in water level affects towns dependent on river - Crisis blamed on Gulf coast hurricanes - Large parts of the Amazon rainforest are at their driest in living memory, a direct consequence, scientists say, of the severe hurricane season off the US Gulf coast. CLIP

Experts: Spanish Fishing Devastates Sharks (October 4, 2005)
DUBLIN, Ireland (AP) -- Spanish fishermen are devastating stocks of deep-water sharks in the northeast Atlantic, using wasteful and unregulated methods that leave more than half of their catch to rot, according to an investigation by Irish, Norwegian and British marine experts.In two reports produced this year they found that the trawlers frequently leave nets unattended for weeks, even months, in hopes of maximizing profits. They estimate that the practice may have wiped out four-fifths of two threatened species: the leafscale gulper shark and the siki shark, also known as the Portuguese dogfish. ''What they're doing is not illegal, and that's the problem,'' said Dominic Rihan, fishing gear technologist for the Irish Sea Fisheries Board, who helped produce the report. ''The European Union needs to restrict and regulate the fishery properly,'' Rihan told The Associated Press in an interview Tuesday. ''Proper regulation would mean that these vessels must deploy a reasonable amount of (netting) gear that can be removed within three days. What they're doing now -- the waste is incredible.''Since 1991, up to 50 Spanish-owned trawlers have been anchoring nets on the Continental Shelf, some 2,600 to 4,600 feet deep off the coasts of England, Ireland and Scotland. The experts' most recent report, presented to a marine conservation conference in Aberdeen, Scotland, last month, cited what it called ''an unwritten code of silence'' being observed by most of those in the deep-sea shark trade. (...) Often, he said, the trawlers also flout EU regulations by abandoning damaged nets, which can ensnare sealife at the ocean bottom for years.Last month, Rihan said, an Irish Sea Fisheries Board vessel went trawling for dumped or broken deep-sea shark nets in just one section of Irish territorial waters -- and pulled up more than 25 miles of nets, which average about 100 yards in length each.

Greenpeace wants solar thermal power developed (OCTOBER 7, 2005)
CAIRO, Egypt - The solar thermal power industry could be worth 16.4 billion Euros and create 54,000 jobs worldwide by 2025, according to a report launched today in Egypt by Greenpeace, the European Solar Thermal Power Industry Association (ESTIA) and IEA SolarPaces.The report, "Concentrated Solar Thermal Power - Now", is a practical blueprint, which proves that in two decades solar thermal power could supply clean electricity to more than 100 million people living in the sunniest parts of the world (1). Greenpeace and ESTIA are encouraging politicians and policymakers to support this new sustainable industry by taking the necessary steps laid out in the report, which provides a detailed action plan for Governments who want to invest in this new technology. It also illustrates how the Middle East and North Africa could become the main centre for solar power with the potential of also exporting electricity to Europe (2). CLIP

The Other Hurricane: Has the Age of Chaos Begun? (October 7, 2005)
The genesis of two category-five hurricanes (Katrina and Rita) in a row over the Gulf of Mexico is an unprecedented and troubling occurrence. But for most tropical meteorologists the truly astonishing "storm of the decade" took place in March 2004. Hurricane Catarina -- so named because it made landfall in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina -- was the first recorded south Atlantic hurricane in history. Textbook orthodoxy had long excluded the possibility of such an event; sea temperatures, experts claimed, were too low and wind shear too powerful to allow tropical depressions to evolve into cyclones south of the Atlantic Equator. Indeed, forecasters rubbed their eyes in disbelief as weather satellites down-linked the first images of a classical whirling disc with a well-formed eye in these forbidden latitudes. (...) As I flew toward Louisiana and the carnage of Katrina three weeks ago, I found myself reading the August 23rd issue of EOS, the newsletter of the American Geophysical Union. I was pole-axed by an article entitled "Arctic System on Trajectory to New, Seasonally Ice-Free State," co-authored by 21 scientists from almost as many universities and research institutes. Even two days later, walking among the ruins of the Lower Ninth Ward, I found myself worrying more about the EOS article than the disaster surrounding me.The article begins with a recounting of trends familiar to any reader of the Tuesday science section of the New York Times: For almost 30 years, Arctic sea ice has been thinning and shrinking so dramatically that "a summer ice-free Arctic Ocean within a century is a real possibility." The scientists, however, add a new observation -- that this process is probably irreversible. "Surprisingly, it is difficult to identify a single feedback mechanism within the Arctic that has the potency or speed to alter the system's present course."An ice-free Arctic Ocean has not existed for at least one million years and the authors warn that the Earth is inexorably headed toward a "super-interglacial" state "outside the envelope of glacial-interglacial fluctuations that prevailed during recent Earth history." They emphasize that within a century global warming will probably exceed the Eemian temperature maximum and thus obviate all the models that have made this their essential scenario. They also suggest that the total or partial collapse of the Greenland Ice Sheet is a real possibility -- an event that would definitely throw a Younger Dryas wrench into the Gulf Stream.If they are right, then we are living on the climate equivalent of a runaway train that is picking up speed as it passes the stations marked "Altithermal" and "Eemian." "Outside the envelope," moreover, means that we are not only leaving behind the serendipitous climatic parameters of the Holocene -- the last 10,000 years of mild, warm weather that have favored the explosive growth of agriculture and urban civilization -- but also those of the late Pleistocene that fostered the evolution of Homo sapiens in eastern Africa. CLIP

Study: Euthanizing Right-wing Pundits would Solve Global Warming (Humor!)

Study Suggests Most in US Will Be Fat
A new study that followed 4,000 people for three decades suggests that over the long haul, 9 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women will become overweight. Obesity raises the risk of heart disease, some cancers, diabetes and arthritis.

Swedish Eco-Friendly Funeral: Turn Bodies into Tree Mulch

Half a Million Hurricane Victims Still without Housing
Five weeks after the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, about half a million people are still without permanent housing, the acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said Thursday.

Pat Robertson Cashes in on Katrina
Pat Robertson, Founder and Chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has used his influence with the Republican Party to cash in on the Katrina disaster. The Bush Administration has approved the inclusion of his relief organization on FEMA's list of key donation organizations. Operation Blessing has funneled millions of dollars into Robertson's coffers. Of the organizations listed on FEMA's website, only two are non-"faith-based."

U.S. Representative McKinney Censored in Congress
Representative Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) used the word "impeachment" on the House floor but, she said, it was not reflected in the official transcript of her September 8 description of "high crimes and misdemeanors visited on the American people." In a speech entitled Tremendous Challenges that Face our Country, McKinney recounted the incompetence of the Bush Administration in addressing the needs of hurricane Katrina victims and the policies of Republican elites responsible for rampant poverty and an increased racial divide. Questioning everything from the lack of action on Katrina to rewarding the rich, the congresswoman later promised to use the word repeatedly on the House Floor until she sees it reflected in the Congressional Record.

Omega-News Collection 8. October 2005



Cheney: Prepare for Decades of Mass Murder

By Kurt Nimmo

It seems we, the people of the United States, will accept whatever nonsense our rulers dispense, and without asking serious questions. For instance, Bush, speaking before “a pro-democracy group,” as the New York Times describes the National Endowment for Democracy, a subversive group that specializes in meddling in the elections of other countries and installing neolib sycophants, “used some of his toughest language… to assert that the war in Iraq was vital to a crucial struggle against terrorists,” for instance terrorists created by the CIA and its helpers in Afghanistan and elsewhere. “The influence of Islamic radicalism is also magnified by helpers and enablers,” Bush told the oxymoronic “democracy” organization. “They have been sheltered by authoritarian regimes, allies of convenience, like Syria and Iran, that share the goal of hurting America and moderate Muslim governments, and use terrorist propaganda to blame their own failures on the West and America and on the Jews.” Of course, there is no evidence Syria and Iran are “sheltering” anything of the sort, and Bush was unable to prove Iraq sheltered Osama bin Laden or possessed weapons of mass destruction capable of inflicting untold terror in fifteen minutes, a smoking gun mushroom cloud, as a dissembling Condi Rice deemed it.

Meanwhile, Dick Cheney, addressing soldiers he and the neocons expect to sacrifice their lives (or limbs or health due to the ruinous effects of depleted uranium), said “the US must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades,” reports the BBC. “Like other great duties in history, it will require decades of patient effort, and it will be resisted by those whose only hope for power is through the spread of violence,” Cheney said. ‘’As the people of that region experience new hope, progress, and control over their own destiny, we will see the power of freedom to change our world, and a terrible threat will be removed.” Of course, when Cheney was asked during the Vietnam War to answer the call of “great duties,” he had “other priorities,” allowing people of lesser resources and class (unable to secure college deferments or, as his boss did, cushy positions in the Texas Air National Guard) to fight and die.

As well, when Cheney tells us we “must be prepared to fight the war on terror for decades,” what he really means is we must surrender our civil liberties, consent to 24/7 surveillance, national ID cards, subdermal chips, and other pervasive aspects of the corporate-plutocratic Panopticon conveying a “sentiment of an invisible omniscience” in true Orwellian fashion. Cheney also means the American people must prepare themselves for endless and ever increasingly brutal violence, both abroad where “vassals” resist Cheney’s version of neocon-neoliberalism and at home where law enforcement officers are transformed into paramilitary goons, trained and commanded to confiscate guns and either “evacuate” citizens to concentration camps or quarantine their neighborhoods as ill-defined (or government concocted) diseases spread (or do not spread, except by way of corporate media hype)

“Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network and other terrorist groups ‘were actually at war with this country before 2001,’ Cheney told attendees at the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting and exposition,” NewsMax reports. “In 1983, an explosives-laden truck killed 241 U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon, Cheney recalled. Afterward, U.S. troops were withdrawn from Beirut, he said…. And ‘time and time again, for the remainder of the 20th century, the terrorists hit America and America did not hit back hard enough,’ Cheney said. In 1993, terrorists bombed the World Trade Center in New York City, he noted. During the same year, he recalled, extremists in Mogadishu, Somalia, ambushed and killed 18 American soldiers.”

Cheney does bother to mention the historical fact that Lebanon was in the middle of a civil war at the time, exacerbated by an Israeli invasion as the IDF chased and killed Palestinians who had the temerity to resist occupation and decades of humiliation, and Reagan sent troops as a “stabilizing factor,” but actually sent to support Lebanese President Amin Gemayel (of the Kataeb Party, that is to say the Phalange, a fascist organization), resulting in Reagan being forced to pull out U.S. troops after a suicide bomber killed 241 Marines in response to U.S. warships indiscriminately shelling Druze civilians in response to the earlier bombing of the U.S. embassy by Muslims outraged over U.S. support for the fascist Phalange and the Israelis. Cheney of course would have his cardboard cut-out president “stay the course” in Lebanon, with predictable results—more dead civilians, more animosity directed against the United States, and more soldiers sent home with missing arms, legs, and insurmountable mental problems. According to Bush’s brain, the problem is “America did not hit back hard enough,” probably meaning the U.S. didn’t nuke Lebanon.

As well, Cheney neglects to mention that when Somalis “ambushed and killed 18 American soldiers” in their own country, U.S. troops indiscriminately fired on crowds of Somalis in Mogadishu, killing more than 1,000, at least five times the officially reported number. “In a dramatic new account of the battle in central Mogadishu, collated from hours of interviews with American and Somali survivors, Mark Bowden of the Philadelphia Inquirer has revealed that U.S. troops abandoned their rules of engagement—to fire only when threatened by fire—and shot down every Somali they saw, including women and children,” Richard Dowden reported for the Observer. “According to Bowden’s account, U.S. troops took hostages and murdered wounded Somalis and a prisoner. They also used the bodies of Somalis as barricades. Bowden also reveals that, far from the official version of the mission (that it was not intended to kill anyone) helicopter gunships began the ill-fated raid by firing anti-tank missiles into houses.” Black Hawk Down, indeed.

Of course, as we now know, massacring civilians is the standard modus operandi in Iraq. Again, if we are to believe Cheney, such indiscriminate and horrific violence is not good enough and the U.S. needs to “hit back” at civilians with even more determination and less discrimination.

But what our cardboard cut-out president and his brain, Dick the Destroyer, are not telling us is that “we” are losing the “war” in Iraq and Dubya and Dick’s spate of speeches are simply exercises in transparent propaganda. Charley Reese, writing for, puts it into perspective:

The so-called war against terrorism is unwinnable. It was designed to be unwinnable so that it can be carried on for an indefinite duration and thus support the vast military-industrial-anti-terrorism complex. The end of the Cold War scared this complex half to death. It can only survive with an enemy at the gates…. The president and his band of pro-Israel neoconservatives grossly misled the American people into a war that, even were we to win it (and we won’t), will not benefit the American people one iota. It’s good to see that more and more Americans are catching on to the fact that our government was not honest with us.

However, it remains to be seen if the American people care in sufficient numbers if they were lied to, let alone put an end to the insanity of the neocon plan for generational shock and awe (now promised to have a nuclear dimension), invasion, and occupation. For, with each passing day, the government, under the control of the warmongering neocon death heads, consolidate power, minimize the opposition, trash the Constitution, and erect an all-encompassing police state with its intrusive high-tech Panopticon of surveillance and subversion.


Date: 05 Oct 2005
From: Dan Stafford>
Subject: Bush Criminal Cabal to be Indicted!

Note from Dan: Wouldn't I just love for this to be real????





ABC News Confirms Indictments To Be Issued For Bush & Cheney

by Scott Mowry


On last evening's edition of "Shop Talk from Plot HQ" for Sunday, October 2, 2005, hosts Lenny Bloom and Sherman Skolnick reported that ABC News has confirmed there are impending indictments of both George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The revelation was made by none other than George Stephanopolis on the Sunday morning news show "This Week," proclaiming his information came from "reliable sources."

Skolnick and Bloom theorised that, now Stephanopolis has leaked this historical information, it is likely that the major networks particularly, ABC and CBS, will begin immediately preparing news specials on the potentially explosive story of these indictments.

"They are trying to prepare the American people so it's not a shocker," said Bloom.

Bloom asked Skolnick how he saw the scenario playing out after Bush and Cheney are removed from office. Skolnick predicted a three-headed troika government emerging for a temporary period of time. 

"We’ll have a 3-person administrative emergency panel made up of Al Gore, the actual President, some (military) general who’s not a war monger, and a 3rd person they’ll select. In other words, we’ll get into an emergency situation where an election cannot do the trick anymore."

Skolnick also expressed his concerns on how the Bush administration and those who control them may respond to this latest development.

"I think our government will be discredited and swept away because this stooge and scapegoat, George W. Bush, supervised by his father who is not now an elected official at all, on behalf of the Queen of England and the Anglo-American aristocracy, has controlled what is going on in the United States, and so I’m very concerned that they may in the very near future create some kind of earthquake scenario. And then the White House will claim there’s an emergency and there has to be Martial Law."

Skolnick also warned of a potential stock market crash with the date of October 19th, particularly likely to be the actual day. "I think by the third week of October we may have another historical event. October has been historically "crash month."



Could Rove, Libby, Cheney & Others In The White House Iraq Working Group Be Charged With Conspiracy?

A new theory about Fitzgerald’s aim has emerged in recent weeks from two lawyers who’ve had extensive conversations with the prosecutor while representing witnesses in the case. They surmise that Fitzgerald is considering whether he can bring charges of a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by a group of senior Bush administration officials. Under this legal tactic, Fitzgerald would attempt to establish that at least two or more officials agreed to take affirmative steps to discredit and retaliate against Wilson and to leak sensitive government information about his wife. 

To prove a criminal conspiracy, the actions need not have been criminal, but conspirators must have had a criminal purpose . This was to prevent Joe Wilson from revealing that the Bush administration KNEW the claim of Iraq buying Niger Yellowcake uranium was a lie at the time Bush made the claim in his 2003 State of the Union Speech.

The forged Niger documents are the proof that the lies about Iraq's WMDs were deliberate, with malice aforethought.

The implication is that Bush and Cheney took part in discussions with Karl Rove, Lewis Libby and other administration spinmeisters about what to do about that pesky Joseph Wilson IV, former acting ambassador to Iraq who had stood up to Saddam in fall of 1990. Wilson had gone to Niger in spring of 2002 to check out the stories circulating in intelligence circles that Saddam had recently bought uranium there. Vice President Cheney had asked the CIA about the stories. 

Wilson had found that the structure of the uranium industry in Niger (which frankly was in French hands) made the purchases implausible. What Wilson did not know at the time was that the stories were generated by actual documents, a set of clumsily forged letters generated by Italian military intelligence officer Rocco Martini (who claimed he was the tool of "higher powers.")


See also:

Plamegate Noose Tightens at the White House
Think it's fair to say that the combination Sunday of the Walter Pincus-Jim VandeHei piece in The Washington Post and George Stephanopoulos' bombshell on television's This Week felt like a tug on the noose around the White House's neck?

(A Speech for the New York Petrocollapse Conference – October 5, 2005)
by Michael C. Ruppert
(...) In April 2001, just a month before Vice President Richard Cheney’s National Energy Policy Development Group (NEPDG) which had been meeting in secret since January of that year, released its own public report, the Council on Foreign Relations, arguably home to the most influential policy makers and economic interests in the world, released its own energy report. Some of its admissions, even in comparison to damning ones from Cheney’s public NEPDG report, were rather stark admissions that the scope and seriousness of Peak Oil were well understood long before any public evidence of peak started to appear. That report, titled “Strategic Energy Policy Challenges for the 21st Century: Report of an Independent Task Force Sponsored by the James A. Baker III Institute and the CFR” included the following observations: “Strong economic growth across the globe and new global demands for more energy have meant the end of sustained surplus capacity in hydrocarbon fuels and the beginning of capacity limitations. In fact, the world is currently precariously close to utilizing all of its available global oil production capacity, raising the chances of an oil supply crisis with more substantial consequences than seen in three decades. “These choices will affect other US policy objectives: US policy toward the Middle East; US policy toward the former Soviet Union and China; the fight against international terrorism. Meanwhile, across much of the developing world, energy infrastructure is being severely tested by the expanding material demands of a growing middle class, especially in the high growth, high-population economies of Asia. “As demand growth collided with supply and capacity limits at the end of the last century, prices rose across the energy spectrum at home and abroad…” Ladies and gentlemen, that is a near-perfect description of what Peak Oil is and how it is now playing out on the world scene. The CFR report also included a line which has been almost an economic mantra since the Second World War. “… Oil price spikes since the 1940s have always been followed by a recession.” Since we have now witnessed the largest oil price spikes in history over the last four years, including a more than 100% jump in the wellhead price of oil in just the last three years, we should reasonably be on the brink of a recession, shouldn’t we? Today we are – especially in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita – within mere weeks on an economic collapse that may well surpass the one which began with the stock market crash of 1929 and from which there will be no recovery. These devastating hurricanes are not separate from Peak Oil and do not explain it away. They are instead revealing Peak Oil in all of its deadly significance. The hurricanes are deadly catalysts which have pushed US and planetary collapse into overdrive and given it momentum that will be impossible to recover from. There won’t be enough energy available to rebuild the energy infrastructure, let alone make up for what has been lost. There will be no coming back for a US economy which – as of today – has more than 90% of its Gulf oil production and more than 65% of its Gulf natural gas production shut in. News reports – conveniently ignored on the nightly news – have confirmed that as far as infrastructure is concerned Rita and Katrina are unparalleled disasters that would, under normal circumstances, require a decade and hundred of billions of now non-existent dollars to recover from. Before the storms hit, the world was producing oil at maximum capacity and still falling short of global demand. There has not been a single discovery of a 500 million barrel field for two years in a world that uses a billion barrels every 11 days and discoveries have been in steep decline since the mid-1960s. CLIP

Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves to Europe
Venezuela has moved its central bank foreign reserves out of US banks, liquidated its investments in US Treasury securities, and placed the funds in Europe, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">

From: Sunbear>
Sent: October 06, 2005

New York fireman forced to resign for questioning 9/11 official story

A fireman in New York has been forced to resign because he dared to question the official story about 9/11.

America is constantly portrayed as a shining example of freedom and democracy, but the illusion only works as long as the majority of people do not think or see beyond the reality defined by politicians and the mass media.

Americans have the right to "freedom of speech", but only as long as they do not express doubts about official state doctrine. The moment anybody questions the conditioned belief system, they become unacceptable -- especially if they do so in a way that exposes other people to an alternative way of thinking.

The mass media are quick to report that the fireman in question is a "Muslim", as though this somehow helps to explain what happened.

But are his religious beliefs really relevant? Would he have been treated differently in this society of "equal rights" on the basis of his religious beliefs? The "war on terror" is creating an environment in which Muslims often feel less able than anybody else to question the politicians, and when any group of people is afraid to speak their minds, the "war" for freedom and democracy has already been lost.


The New York Fire Department has begun a hunt for another Muslim chaplain after its new imam had to resign over his views on the 11 September attacks.

Imam Intikab Habib, 30, told a New York newspaper he doubted al-Qaeda hijackers alone caused the Twin Towers' collapse, and suggested there was a conspiracy.

He stepped down hours before he was due to be officially sworn in on Friday.

The FDNY, which lost 343 firefighters in the 2001 attacks, said he would not have served effectively in the role.

Mr Habib told Newsday, in an interview published on Friday, that he was sceptical of the US government's version of events.

"I've heard professionals say that nowhere ever in history did a steel building come down with fire alone," he is quoted as saying.

"Was it 19 hijackers who pulled it down, or was it a conspiracy?"

Mr Habib, who trained in Islamic law in Saudi Arabia, offered no theories on who else might have been involved and described the attacks as tragic.

He made his comments after Newsday asked whether he thought New York's firefighters would object to an imam with Saudi connections. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

Remarks 'offensive'

Fire Department chief Nicholas Scoppetta told reporters Mr Habib, who preaches at a New York mosque, had passed a background check.

But, he said: "It became clear to him he would have difficulty functioning as an FDNY chaplain.

"There has been no prior indication that he held those views."

Mr Habib, originally from Guyana, told a local TV station that he had not wanted to step aside but it was "the right thing to do for the department".

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg welcomed Mr Habib's resignation, his spokesman Ed Skyler said.

"The remarks were offensive and the mayor is satisfied that the chaplain has resigned," he said.


BBC News, "NY imam quits over 9/11 remarks", 3 October 2005.


Forwarded by From: "ibrahim">

October 6, 2005

Urgent Appeal: Closures of the Gaza Strip

After the unilateral Israeli withdrawal from Gaza Strip, a new situation emerged, where the fate of the Rafah crossing and other major Palestinian ports of entry and exit are in the hands of the Israeli forces. The Israeli forces imposed a strict and comprehensive closure on all of its borders with the Gaza Strip, putting 1.4 million Palestinians under complete siege for indefinite period. This situation is converting the Strip into a closed prison, where no access to the outside world is allowed. Thousands of patients, students, and other traveling citizens are stranded at the border for weeks.

According to Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) the closure has resulted in a huge shortage in medical supplies, mainly drugs used for treatment of (Diabetes Mellitus) D.M., hypertension, cardiac & cancer diseases, as well as drugs used for treatment of elevated triglycerides. Such situation is created by poor infrastructure in the medical field accumulated from being under Israeli occupation for many years. 

In addition, hundreds of Palestinian citizens are withheld at the Egyptian side of Rafah crossing and forced to sleep for weeks at the border denied of their basic human needs. What make it worse are the bad conditions and insufficient facilities to accommodate such big crowd of citizens in the Egyptian side. As a result, hundreds of women, children, and elderly, who are prevented from passing, are left to live in intolerable conditions. These unjustified measures do not spare patients coming back to Gaza after treatment abroad and being held for days, which in turn result in more suffering and deterioration of their health conditions.

All such Israeli measures are a clear violation of international law which treats Israel as an occupying force – Israel insist to continue to be, despite the disengagement from Gaza.

We urge all governments, UN agencies, the European Union, the Quartet committee, and international human rights organizations to act urgently by putting pressure on Israel to lift the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip and allowing free movement of Palestinians. We appeal to all of you to help in enforcing the international law of the freedom of movement to Palestinian citizens as set by the 4th Geneva conventions.

We all must demand that Israeli government refrain from such practices and measures and immediately permit the Palestinian citizens to pass through the crossings as well as allowing medical supplies to enter Gaza in order to ward off a humanitarian disaster resulting from deteriorating health conditions.

For more Information please contact:

Gaza Community Mental Health Program:
Husam El-Nounou, 972-8-2825700, 059-9862595

Physicians for Human Rights- Israel:
Ibrahim Habib, 972-3-6873718, 054-7577696


Forwarded by Phyllis Montague>


Wall Mart already selling clothes with chips: Corporations, government to track your every move

New book 'SPYCHIPS' sets out disturbing scenario using RFID technology

October 6, 2005

"Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? There's actual discussion about that. You will rule on that — mark my words — before your tenure is over."

— Sen. Joseph Biden, to Judge John Roberts at Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Sept. 12, 2005

Imagine a world of no more privacy, where hidden radio frequency scanners will be constantly pointed at you, wirelessly reading microchips embedded in your clothing, shoes, bank cards and even your own flesh.

It's the ultimate in "Big Brother," and according to the explosive new book "SPYCHIPS: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track your Every Move with RFID," companies including Wal-Mart, Target, Gillette, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, IBM and even the U.S. government have all invested in making such a scenario a reality within the next decade.

Welcome to the world of Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, where tiny computer chips smaller than a grain of sand will track everyday objects — and even people — keeping tabs on everything you own and everywhere you go.

While it sounds far-fetched and futuristic, it's already here and documented in "SPYCHIPS," written by Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre. These two privacy advocates have uncovered extraordinarily detailed plans to use this new technology to watch U.S. citizens.

Revelations in the book include IBM's blueprint for a "Person Tracking Unit" that scans the RFID tags on unwitting members of the public as they move through retail stores, airports, train stations, elevators, libraries, theaters and even public restrooms. They intend to follow your every move.

Nokia is developing an RFID-reader cell phone that could be used to scan people and inventory their belongings as they walk past on the street. Bank of America has cooked up a "Crowd Identification Device" to scan RFID tags on the things people are wearing and carrying to pinpoint, identify and bombard them with targeted audio advertising messages. There is even an RFID armband that delivers a dose of paralyzing medication or an electroshock to subdue individuals.

These are just a few of the patents and patent applications revealed in "SPYCHIPS" that major corporations and the U.S. government have planned. The book chronicles efforts to keep these plans a secret, revealing the contents of confidential industry documents and outlining plans to "pacify" the public, co-opt public officials and develop spin to ensure the adoption of the RFID infrastructure.

The book also discusses the industry's more underhanded tactics, like a foiled plot by the Grocery Manufacturers of America to mount a smear campaign against author Katherine Albrecht. As the authors were researching the book, illegal efforts were made by unknown persons to gather intelligence on them, including siphoning telephone records and targeting bank records. Someone even contacted their friends and family to probe for information, the authors say.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been invested in what global corporations are calling the hottest new technology since the bar code — and billions more are in the balance. Wal-Mart's top suppliers are already on board with RFID tracking, and high-level former government officials like Tommy Thompson and Tom Ridge have joined the boards of major RFID companies. In fact, Thompson, former secretary of health and human services, now sits on the board of the VeriChip human implant company and has publicly suggested RFID implants for us all.

"Spychips could strip away our last shreds of privacy and usher in a nightmare world of total surveillance — to keep us all on Big Brother's very short leash," say the authors.


Recommended by Bill Derau> on October 7, 2005

None Dare Call it Genocide


Sometimes we all need to focus in on this sort of message, because it helps to shake us out of our comfort zone so that we will take actions necessary to defend our health, our lives, and those around us.

Please visit:;action=display;threadid=14985

And watch the lecture titled:

"None Dare Call it Genocide" by Dr. Stanley Monteith. Dr Monteith exposes the organized attack against the people of America and the World. There are people who don't think like WE THE PEOPLE do. There are evil people in the world who would rather see most of us dead. Dr Monteith goes over the means and ways of the wicked that have a different world view then you and I.

This is a brilliant tour de force. Very important information in light of what we're seeing unfold right now vis a vis Avian Flu Pandemic, vis a vis FEMAS murderous actions in New Orleans, and the spector of possible Martial Law hanging over our country if a Pandemic should break out. From the url above you will arrive at a wave file to click on from which you can watch Dr.Monteith's presentation at the Radio Liberty Conference, 2004.

I've been on his radio show before to discuss the Codex issue, and today someone on the IAHF list reminded me of his work which is well worth our attention at the present time.

Monteith has put a huge effort into connecting the dots in order to help us all to fully see and understand the population control agenda being slickly arrayed against us, hitting it from all angles.
Compared to Monteith, I realize I am only an expert in one narrow aspect of this agenda.

I just watched his lecture, and even though not all of his information was new to me, he presents it in such a moving, gripping style that it was well worth the time spent.

Please forward this to those you love and urge them to watch it too because knowledge is power. The only chance any of us have against this agenda is to be fully aware of its reality.
Its far too easy to ignore information like this with all the distractions around us that obscure this stuff from view, but we can't afford to do that, especially given the possibility of an Avian Flu pandemic this winter that could kill even more people than the Pandemic of 1918.

While there is no way to predict with any total certainty how bad this Pandemic will be, we should prepare for the worst, while hoping for the best. It could be as bad or worse than the pandemic of 1918 or it could only be as bad as the one of 1958, but none of us can afford to make any assumptions or to just shut our eyes and minds to the information Monteith presents.


For Health Freedom,
John C. Hammell, President


Forwarded by "Kathleen Roberts">

Oct. 02, 2005

Report on the Formal Hearing on Reported Cabal Violations of Universal Laws

by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Dear Friends and Star Kids,

What you are about to read concerns an event which took place on Thursday, September 29, (2005), one of the most historic dates in modern human history. While previously much of the detail of this event had to be kept confidential to prevent Cabal sabatoge, now the entire story can be revealed.

A month ago I sent out a bulletin entitled "Star Visitors' Plan to hold the Cabal accountable for violations of Universal Laws". In that message I reported how the Star Nations have long been monitoring Earth, and have watched with concern when global threats arose to such proportions as to threaten human survivability as a free species. That report recounted how the Star Nations conducted a previous Formal Hearing in 1937, to deal with the then-threat of the Cabal in its Nazi-Stalinist-Fascist incarnation, but that the Cabal objected successfully that there was no representation from Earth on the High Council of the Star Nations, and so thus cosmic law did not allow the Star Nations to intervene under those circumstance.

That report also told of how "the Star Nations have not lost sight of the grave danger the Cabal represent to the survivability of the human race. The Star Nations have also been tracking the growing numbers of monstrous abuses of Earth and human rights by the Cabal. And so, the Star Nations have determined that it is time for a new Hearing."

That new Formal Hearing on Reported Cabal Violations of Universal Laws took place on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005.

This time the outcome was different.

This time Earth was represented on the Star Nations High Council by a Councillor of Earth.

This time an updated report of Cabal violations was presented by a Star Visitor Watcher, at a Hearing at which the Councillor of Earth, a Witness for Earth, and a Witness for the Star Nations also participated. Members of the High Council of the Star Nations were also in attendance, not visible on this dimension, but their energy signatures were readily detectible.

The charges which the Watcher presented against the Cabal included their multiple serious and heinous violations of the 11 (cosmic) Universal Laws, as well as human laws and the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (See the 11 Universal Laws on: ) The Watcher brought up various instances of Cabal violations of the Universal Law of Free Will, particularly across the life of former mind-control slave, Wendi Powers.

The Councillor of Earth presented Cabal violations of the following Universal Laws: Law of Free Will (citing the hundreds of victims of intimidation and coercion he has interviewed), Law of Change (citing Cabal obstruction of Earth's progress), Law of Movement and Balance (citing the emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances caused by Cabal torture and information suppression), Law of Innocence, Truth and Family (citing especially the wholesale Cabal sexual and psychological abuse of children to turn them into mind-control sex and psychic slaves and intelligence couriers, and the wholesale Cabal disinformation campaigns), Law of Life (citing Cabal murders and harvesting the life energies of ritual victims), and the Law of Love (citing wholesale perversions and MILABS gang-rapes of kidnapped civilian victims during faked "alien abductions").

The Witness for Earth concurred that the charges against the Cabal were consistent with her information and experience. The Witness for the Star Nations also concurred, and added his observation about how the Earth being (Mother Earth) has suffered environmentally at Cabal hands.

In the interest of the kind of transparency which dawning Fifth World society shall be known by, the identities of the Hearing participants are hereby revealed, as agreed to by the parties involved.

The Watcher is Byrd, a Star Visitor consciousness who has co-incarnated into the body-mind space of Wendi Powers, and takes turns being the forefront personality/speaker. Byrd also provides communication link to his adoptive race, the Zeta, who thus at times utilize the Wendi vehicle to speak on their own. Byrd's Mentor, a Reptoid Star Visitor, also on occasion uses Wendi's body to communicate through. Ms. Powers is a Star Seed human computer technician residing in Nashville, TN. ( )

The Earth member of the High Council of the Star Nations, the Councillor of Earth, is Dr. Richard Boylan. In a previous incarnation he was a Star Visitor member of the High Council, but, in view of Earth's devolving plight, chose to incarnate this time as a human (a Star Seed human) in order to be fully of Earth and authentically provide representation for Earth on High Council. He was reappointed to High Council, this time as Earth's representative, about a year ago. He lives in Sacramento, CA. ( )

The Witness for Earth is Marja Roberts, a Star Seed human who lives in New York. ( )

The Witness for Star Nations is Frank Feliccia, a Star Seed human artist in Nashville, TN. ( )

The Councillor of Earth requested of Star Nations an expedited decision, in view of the desperate situation on Earth. It did not take long for High Council to render a verdict. Within a few minutes the Zeta reported that High Council had accepted all the charges. The Cabal stood convicted of multiple counts of violations of Universal Laws.

Following the Hearing the Cabal tried to present some flimsy Objections to the High Council. The Councillor of Earth was designated to respond to them. He dealt with these hypocritical Objections in a lengthy legal brief presented to High Council, who on Saturday (Oct. 1) promptly dismissed the Objections as without merit, and ordered their Decision reactivated for being carried out.

What is the practical consequence of this Cabal conviction?

As I wrote a month ago, "If they are in violation, and the collective High Council agrees on these things, then 'action can be taken to handle the energy pattern of Cabal members as not being the same as other humans,' as one Star Visitor put it. In other words, the Cabal will be treated differently than other humans. Very differently. If convicted, the Cabal will not have any interactions with the Star Visitors, and will be screened from any technical assistance the Star Nations offer other humans. Other substantial consequences will also ensue, which will not be spelled out at this time. Suffice to say, a substantial part of what the Cabal have built their power base on will be removed.

"One Star Visitor has told me that the consequences of the Cabal’s conviction will mean "a whole new ball game" as to how things will soon start going on Earth.

"The news of the Star Nations holding the Cabal accountable soon is shared with you so that you may understand that we have concerned allies "out there", who are far from indifferent to the terrible plight of Earth being and her beloved children, us humans, at this time. And that the Star Nations are anxious, within the parameters of the cosmic laws of Supreme Source, to do what they can to remove a major obstacle to humanity's having a viable future."

The Zeta have now, for example, begun a new practice of presenting their reports noting the negative deeds and energy signatures (of the Cabal) in contrast to the positive deeds and energy signatures of regular humans: sort of Black Hats versus White Hats reports (to borrow an old cowboy-movies metaphor.)

It is my view that the result of the Star Visitors being now legally able to deal with the Cabal with proper discrimination is that this will result in the gradual and accelerating dismantling of the Cabal's empire. It is my expectation that signs of Cabal devolution should become apparent within the next two years, if not sooner. I do not think it prudent to go into further details at this point, but am confident that the reader can use his/her own acumen to foresee how this can take place.

What will Earth be like after the Cabal are gone? There will be no more obstacle to our task of ushering in the long-prophecied Fifth World, a cosmic, just, non-materialistic, peaceable, "extended-family" society. Such a Fifth World will incorporate the soon-to-be-liberated benefits of such elements as clean non-petroleum energy, psychotronic healing machines, ZPE-powered hydroponic food-growing machines, gravity-shielded superfast airliners and sea freighters, and the immense store of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific knowledge that the Star Visitors wish to have publicly shared with the people of Earth.

But the Zeta also point out that the Cabal will not go down without a fight, and that, following this legal conviction, will accelerate their actions in a desperate attempt to consolidate power and neutralize perceived adversaries. Prudent humans will need to be mindful of such a climate of desperation, and circumvent situations of danger.

As one Star Visitor put it: "The war has begun."


From: "Rebeca Davis">
Subject: Organic food standards threatened in the US
Date: 6 Oct 2005

Jean I do not know if you have seen this, but I am passing it along in case you have not. Since most of my diet is organic food this is alarming.


This is for those who live in the US.

Please pass this on.

See the bottom for how to take action (it's easy)

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) needs your immediate help to stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading organic standards. After 35 years of hard work, the U.S. organic community has built up a multi-billion dollar alternative to industrial agriculture, based upon strict organic standards and organic community control over modification to these standards.

Now, large corporations such as Kraft & Dean Foods--aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), are moving to lower organic standards by allowing a Bush appointee to create a list of synthetic ingredients that would be allowed organic production. Even worse these proposed regulatory changes will reduce future public discussion and input and take away the National Organic Standards Board's (NOSB) traditional lead jurisdiction in setting standards. What this means, in blunt terms. is that USDA bureaucrats and industry lobbyists, not consumers, will now have more control over what can go into organic foods and products.

This week, acting in haste and near-total secrecy, the U.S. Senate will vote on a "rider" to the 2006 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that will reduce control over organic standards from the National Standards Board and put this control in the hands of federal bureaucrats in the USDA (remember the USDA proposal in 1997-98 that said that genetic engineering, toxic sludge, and food irradiation would be OK on organic farms, or USDA suggestions in 2004 that heretofore banned pesticides, hormones, tainted feeds, and animal drugs would be OK?).

For the past week in Washington, OCA has been urging members of the Senate not to reopen and subvert the federal statute that governs U.S. Organic standards (the Organic Food Production Act - OFPA), but rather to let the organic community and the National Organic Standards resolve our differences over issues like synthetics and animal feed internally, and then proceed to a open public comment period. Unfortunately most Senators seem to be listening to industry lobbyists more closely than to us. We need to raise our voices.

In the past, grassroots mobilization and mass pressure by organic consumers have been able to stop the USDA and Congress from degrading organic standards. This time Washington insiders tell us that the "fix is is already in." So we must take decisive action now. We need you to call your U.S. Senators today. We need you to sign the following petition and send it to everyone you know. We also desperately need funds to head off this attack in the weeks and months to come. Thank you for your support. Together we will take back citizen control over organic standards and preserve organic integrity.

Take action here:

This is for those who live in the US.


Date: 04 Oct 2005
From: "Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum.">
Subject: We Won! New Mexico EIB To Hold Hearings on Banning Aspartame in July

Dear Lists:

Thank you for all the calls made yesterday! Consumer power in action is unstoppable!
In this morning's meeting one official stated: "Personal health should not be abrogated by corporations trying to substitute their corporate-serving policies for genuine state concerns over protecting health." This meeting verified that New Mexico has authority to ban aspartame for violating state and federal statutes on adulteration.

The FDA Board of Inquiry rejected aspartame but through the politics of Don Rumsfeld who was CEO of Searle, a new Commissioner was installed who overruled Board of Inquiry

It has now been proven that states have the right to ban aspartame, but the decision to actually do so in New Mexico will be made next July. This will set a precedent for the nation. We won the Battle, now let's go to War. Mission Possible International is dedicated to the proposition that disability and death are not an acceptable cost of business.

Congratulations Stephen Fox. You're an inspiration to us all!

And thank you Attorney Steven Looney for representing the people!

More details at...

State plans hearings on aspartame


From: "Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum.">

Governor Backs Sweetener Safety Hearings

Industry Looking to Block Meeting

By Jackie Jadrnak

SANTA FE, Oct 6, 2005 - Gov. Bill Richardson doesn't think the federal government is doing enough to protect the public from possible dangers of aspartame.

He said Wednesday that he supports a decision this week by the Environmental Improvement Board to hold hearings next summer on the safety of the sugar substitute, commonly known as Equal or NutraSweet. It is an ingredient in about 6,000 products.

Asked if he is concerned aspartame may be harmful, Richardson answered, "Yes, from what I've learned." Critics of the sweetener have claimed it causes cancers and other health problems, despite the fact that it has been approved as safe in countries around the world.

T. J. Trujillo, Santa Fe attorney for a low calorie products industry group, said Wednesday he and his clients are still exploring whether they have any grounds for an immediate appeal to block the hearing. In the meantime, industry representatives will reach out to New Mexico government officials and policy advisers, he said. "We want to figure out their positions and work for a resolution."

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for determining the safety of food additives, approved aspartame in l981. Richardson said he doesn't want New Mexico to overstep its bounds.

But "I'm not saying we can't do anything about it," he added. Hearings next July might give some idea of what steps New Mexico should and could take, he said.

FDA spokeswoman Kimberly Rawlings said officials there are aware of the New Mexico board's action and are keeping an eye on what happens next.

(end of article)

NOTE FROM BETTY: People interested in banning aspartame from your state you need to check on statutes on poisonous substances and adulteration. I would suspect they are the same in other states and countries.You have a precedent set. Let's get aspartame off this planet. I think its of interest that attorneys for Calorie Control Council, the aspartame industry front group, said they are exploring whether they have grounds for appeal to block the hearing. Since they push this toxin as safe, they should embrace this hearing.What are they afraid of?Perhaps the thousands and thousands of victims who are invited to New Mexico to testify? Or maybe because now Italian researchers who declared malignant brain tumors, lymphoma and leukemia after a three year study have now added kidney cancer among other cancers.They call aspartame a "multipotential carcinogen".

This goes along with what the FDA's own toxicologist, the late Dr. Adrian Gross, told Congress. He said aspartame violated the Delaney Amendment which forbid putting anything in food you know will cause cancer because without a shadow of a doubt aspartame can cause brain tumors and brain cancer. However, in original studies it also caused mammary, ovarian, testicular, pancreatic and thyroid tumors, for starters!

As we know, the Governor of California has outlawed pop in schoolsthere.We hope Governor Richardson will now do the same in New Mexico, including any product with aspartame.

Join the Aspartame Information List on, click on aspartame for more information and also - Aspartame Toxicity Center, Also

Dr. Betty Martini, D. Hum., Founder, Mission Possible Intl, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097770 242-2599


From: "Tass Schwab">
Subject: Gentle reminder
Date: 03 Oct 2005

Dear Jean

Your compilations that I have been receiving for over a year have kept me abreast of all the political happenings in USA. Your meditations have been looked forward to, so much good is coming form your mission. I am writing from South Africa. A country that was torn by hate and still is struggling to deal with racial issues. The ANC was born out of desperation to right the wrongs but soon due to the oppression, became a movement although dedicated to a struggle worth fighting for became a war. Hate mongering from all sides the rest is history.

I would hate it if your e-mails and the sentiments of all Light Workers became filled with hate for the Bush regime. It is imperative that we hold the Light and also allow love to make the change so that the great American nation can walk into the future knowing that they overcame this period of time in the right way.

We need to add the US Government to our "zap them with Light" meditations. We do not need to have clips mocking Bush. Keep in mind that he has been put there to awaken YOU that care to action, without him the American Nation would be slumbering into a decline of other sorts.

All events that are distasteful are a way of clearing. I want to ask all, would you be as aware of the folly of war and natural disaster if you were not having to go through losing your children? All these events have awakened the American nation out of complacency.

Daily there are thousands in other parts of the world (China, Africa etc) who have been experiencing natural disasters, war famine to name a few. The USA has been largely untouched comfortable from our African perspective.

Be glad that there has been a wake up call. Be aware that we should not hate. Be holding the Light

Goddess Blessings

In the Light



Date: 3 Oct 2005
From: Jaiia Earthschild>
Subject: Breast cancer awareness month - October

Aloha Jean,

Sending you blessings and aloha and... this article as this is National Breat Cancer Awareness Month and I truly believe that it is important to look at our cultural fears and shame around breasts as a contributing factor in the radical increase in breast cancer in the past 100 years (from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 7 women).

Many blessings,



Breast Friends 

If I had three wishes to make, I would make one of them this: that the human race would openly love and honor the breast of woman. Passionately, fervently and fearlessly.

Nothing feels to my hand quite so exquisite as the soft undercurve of my own breast...unless there's a naked baby nearby and well, breasts and babies, you know how they are about each other. As I write I am mentally counting the states, religions and even whole continents where I would be variously persecuted and prosecuted for such thoughts. In fact there are only a few magazines which will print this, and even you may have squirmed a little reading about all this softness. But with religious zeal I shall pursue my point.

There are some who call for the legalization of marijuana and others who claim that a man's right to bear arms is inviolable. Well I maintain that a woman's right to bare her breasts, to feed her children or just to allow them the sunshine is an inalienable goddess given right. The form of radical sexual discrimination which allows my brothers to shop, surf, drive or fix the roof bare-chested, no matter how plump they are but which will arrest me for feeding my own baby in the park has to be addressed...perhaps by moratorium.

Imagine "May 1st National Breast Day" - there could be parades...Giant floats and pink-tipped helium balloons. A celebration of all the extraordinary multicultural forms and shapes and sizes of this beautiful delicate gift of Woman. 'Bless 'em all, bless 'em all, the firm and the soft and the small'...songs dances, specially flavoured ice-creams, nipple shaped takeout containers...I'd better stop or no one will print this anywhere.

"But it will titillate so!" howls the missionary educated unconscious..."uncontrollable urges bursting out everywhere, no woman will be safe - those things must remain Hidden!"

Now I have lived in several countries where the breast was accepted as a legal member of society. It was well liked and remained an erogenous zone, but the men in those cultures did not erupt in violent outbreaks of repressed lust every time a woman decided to sunbathe.

I am tired of wearing a felony under my sweater. I have no facts to support the theory, but could the constant increase in breast cancer which was once a one in ten thousand occurrence and is now in the U.S.A. a one in eight occurrence have anything to do with the shame imposed upon something so beautiful?

I have played with this issue, attempted to make light of it, but I hope you will take these ideas to heart. We who no longer honor the Great Mother, the Earth have dishonored her daughters and their power to nurture. Society changes, we can change laws which represent spiritually harmful values. We are mammals. This organ closest to the heart is sacred. I invite you to join me in honoring the breast in a whole new enlightened way. As a symbol of the Great Mother.

P.S... I bet you can't guess what my other two wishes would be

(First printed in the Byron Bay Echo, Australia as part of the series 'P.S. Gaia is your Mother' - I have all rights to the piece)

Jaiia Earthschild is a composer/performer, a freelance writer, an expressive arts educator and therapist for children between the ages of 3 and 85. She has also worked for 18 years in the field of sexual therapy and re-education. You can find out more about her, her seminars, her sessions and her music at


From: "Theresa Matthew">
Subject: The World is in our Hands...
Date: 7 Oct 2005

Hi I thought you would be interested to receive words of a new song I have received this week. Blessings of Peace

Theresa Matthew


The World is in our Hands

Do you understand? The world is in your hands

And do you care to know, you reap what you sow

Fathers, Sons and Grandfathers all sit in a circle of peace

Smoking the peace pipe and praying that war will cease

For man sleepwalks to his death

Destroying all beauty around

Awake Awake Awaken

Can you hear the crying Sound?

For Mother Earth is crying out

Her pain is now so great

Mother Earth is calling out

Why must mankind hate

You’re tearing up my body

And smashing all my bones

How can I breathe through my forests

When the trees now fill your homes

Poison in my bloodstream

Dying rivers cannot flow

Awake awake awaken

You reap what you sow

Do you understand the world is in our hands

Do you care to know you reap what you sow

Mothers Daughters Granddaughters all dance in the circle of peace

Singing songs of healing so war and destruction will cease

For man sleepwalks to his death destroying all beauty around

Awake awake awaken

Can you hear the crying sound?

Can you hear? Can you see ? Do you care enough to be

Light upon the earth Protecting our Earth Mother

Light upon our earth Loving one another


If you are not yet a subcriber to the Earth Rainbow Network emailing list and would like to subscribe to its automated listserver and regularly receive similar compilations covering a broad range of subjects, including each new Meditation Focus issued every two week, simply send a blank email at from the email account to which you want to receive the material compiled and networked by the Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator. Subscription is FREE!