June 24, 2005

The Writing on the Wall Series #40: All Dressed Extra Large

Hello everyone!

This one has been long in coming because I've been even more busy than usual.

I wish you all a wonderful summer - or wintertime if you live in the southern hemisphere , much happiness and trust in the common power of good-hearted people to make things right on Earth for the highest good of all.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Matthew's June 21 10-page message is archived at
Here is a brief excerpt:

"Each of you is exactly who you are and where you are because this is vital to the special role you chose to play in this unprecedented time on Earth. No other time in all of your planet's history, which includes many other civilizations and spans many, many millennia in linear time, is as crucial as these days at hand. Earth is leaving the limitations of third density, where the darkness that has caused everything that you may call evil‚ has flourished. So it is not only for your own soul's evolution that you chose to be who and where you are, but also because your essence is needed in your location. Your cumulative lifetimes in areas familiar to you now as well as at other points in your evolutionary history, are contributing to your conscious knowledge and leading your pathway, and the collective energy emanating from your various regions is helping Earth rise into the higher vibrations of love, peace and harmony.

In preparation for personal and planetary ascension, karmic lessons have been presented in concentrated and accelerated form, and this requires that some people create conditions that cause suffering for a multitude of others. Again, this is purposeful—it allows souls to fill the gaps in third density lifetimes and attain the balanced experiencing that simultaneously readies you to accompany Earth and contributes to her karmic fulfillment. So although it may appear that your world is in terrible shape and worsening, this is the end of the dominance of darkness as all that it comprises is coming to light. Because you don't know others‚ soul contracts, you cannot know what strategic role someone may be playing in this crucial balancing act, and therefore you are asked not to judge any.

How do you know what role you chose or if you're on the right pathway? By following your conscience, intuition and inspirations, all of which are your soul's messages to your consciousness. Let your inner voice lead you, and please do not ever doubt your importance! Some roles may seem more important than others because of influential positions, but I assure you, all of you have equal capacity and opportunity to generate the light that is helping Earth to ascend. Never are you alone—myriad souls in spirit and in physical forms are assisting you all along the way of this joyous, exciting and enlightening journey!"

"Everyone in the movement should feel very heartened that the grassroots effort of the past two years has laid the foundation for what will be the next big move. The movement to impeach George W. Bush is about to reach its highest level yet. The catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq is now exposed. The people of the country, and more and more members of Congress, are turning against the war and demanding that President Bush be held accountable. We will insist that accountability means impeachment. ImpeachBush/ - Recommended by "A'keara">

"You are entering a dramatic and exciting time. There is a wave of energy passing through your galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. This wave affects the very nature of energy and matter, bringing all matter into a higher vibration. Although it is just beginning to come to the earth plane, you may already be feeling the effects of this higher vibration of light. You may be receiving more insights, having more frequent psychic and telepathic experiences, and feeling a deeper need to know your life purpose and put it into action. You may feel you have less time and more to do, for this wave changes the nature of time.Some of us have come to assist you during this special time. We have discovered much about this wave of energy; we know that it is light and it is conscious. We have discovered that by working with and aligning with this light the potential for evolution and growth is enormous. Your ancient prophets foretold this wave, and the thought of major transformation during your current time seeded to prepare you for it. Some have foreseen it as a time of earth upheavals. Such upheavals need not occur; they are symbolic of the internal changes that may happen as thoughts, feelings, and attributes of a lower nature leave and are replaced by those of a higher nature. You can ride this wave of light and experience more joy, peace, and love than you have ever known. Begin to do so by embracing your spiritual growth, linking with your Higher Self, and working with light. Take small steps as they appear to you, grow in harmony with nature and the earth, and then you will be in alignment with the higher vibrations this wave brings."

- Orin through Sanaya Roman from the book - Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self - - Taken from where you'll find more quotes related to Ascension - Recommended by "Steve Marsden">
Other new additions to his site recently recommended by Steve:

Worthy of Your Attention

All the latest - and stunning! - Celestial Glyphs in the UK in June. A MUST SEE!

Make sense. Make peace. Make history - Washington DC, September 10 - 12, 2005
Join us in our nation's capitol to lobby for a Cabinet-level Department of Peace, as the legislation is re-introduced in the House of Representatives as a tribute to victims of September 11th. From a culture of peace comes a world without war. (...) Join us for a conversation with legendary journalist Walter Cronkite and Congressman Dennis Kucinich about building a culture of peace, and more specifically the Department of Peace. (...) Join with hundreds of citizens from across the country.* Develop a comprehensive understanding of the Department of Peace legislation. * Discover and practice effective lobbying strategies. * Network with citizens from around the country * Visit Capitol Hill and walk the halls of Congress * Meet your representatives* Make your voice heard. * Form a new political constituency with the power to make an historic impact. Every generation has its moment. This is ours... CLIP

Every Single Day, 50,000 People Die Needlessly Of Extreme Poverty
30,000 Of Them Are Children...

Petition to Senate - Investigate Oddities of 9/11:

The Truth Hurts - Factory farming is an attitude that regards animals and the natural world merely as commodities to be exploited for profit. In animal agriculture, this attitude has led to institutionalized animal cruelty, massive environmental destruction and resource depletion, and animal and human health risks. MUST SEE WEBSITE! REALIZING HOW EATING MEAT CONTRIBUTES IN MOST CASES TO SUCH EXTREME HORRORS WILL MAKE YOU THINK TWICE NEXT TIME YOU HAVE ANY KIND OF MEAT PRODUCT IN YOUR PLATE - IF YOU EVER EAT MEAT AGAIN... Check the file on laying hens, pork and veal - just to have an idea...

Special request from Jeff Wefferson>

"I wanted to ask you if you could possibly put a little thing in your compilations for me...I am now seeking all kinds of COOL LOOKING VISUALS for use in my new project which is to create the ULTIMATE visual show for use with my live music. It will not be sold, it's not commercial, it's intended to be a spiritual/creative/cosmic expression of imagery that not only is visually interesting but also meaningful. This includes all kinds of animations, visual display of scientific information of all kinds (from tornados to solar flares, eclipses, brain waves, charts, graphs, sonograms of whale sounds...) Still images can be used as well. Stock footage of any kind of relevant "news" stuff can be brought in."


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7. Cli-mandate Al Gore
8. Excerpts From the Senate Hearing on Iraq
9. Fanning the flames of impeachment
10. John Conyers' Hearing on the Downing Street Memo
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12. Just Hearsay, or the New Watergate Tapes?
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14. Oil and Food: A New Security Challenge
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17. Water conference 05 R. Shrinivasan report

See also:

Memogate Finally Covered by AP

Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent
In a June 15, 2005 editorial titled "All the Evidence Proves that Al-Zarqawi is an American Agent," a leading Egyptian government daily Al-Akhbar's states that Al-Zarqawi is working for the U.S. and is massacring Iraqis in an effort to extend the occupation in Iraq. [1] The following are excerpts from the article: (...) Why is Al-Zarqawi massacring innocent Iraqi citizens and [members of] the Iraqi National Guard, the Iraqi army and the Iraqi Interior Ministry? Al-Zarqawi undeniably aims to harm the Iraqi people and members of the Iraqi forces, who undergo training to protect [their] homeland in the future. This massacre of the Iraqi forces and the Iraqi people is meant to strengthen the American occupation of the region [that is known to be] the main route to Central Asia, formerly under USSR control, [and that is] rich in oil wells, and surrounds Iran and the Caspian Sea..."

New US Move to Spoil Climate Accord (June 19),6903,1509839,00.html
Extraordinary efforts by the White House to scupper Britain's attempts to tackle global warming have been revealed in leaked US government documents obtained by The Observer.

Investigate This... If They Let You (June 24, 2005)
The Commercial Media Are Killing the Type of Journalism Gary Webb Championed (...) Many of these issues have become more prominent since the death of reporter Gary Webb in December 2004. Webb dug up the dirt on how CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contra rebels were financing their war against the Sandinista government by selling large amounts of crack cocaine to drug dealers operating in poor African-American communities in Los Angeles. In 1996, Webb’s story, “Dark Alliance: The Story Behind The Crack Explosion,” was published in the San Jose Mercury News, and it was arguably the first exposure of U.S. government impropriety to receive mass attention through the Internet.The story was any investigative journalist’s dream, filled with government corruption, international intrigue, institutionalized racism, lies, and hypocrisy. It validated what many people believed, but what was missing from the national dialogue: that the U.S. government’s involvement in the drug war was about money and maintaining political control in other countries, and that poor people, especially brown and black, are considered expendable. Veteran journalist Robert Parry, who first reported on the same issues 11 year earlier, credits Webb for bringing long-overdue scrutiny to this dark chapter of history. However, Parry notes in an essay written after Webb’s death, “When black leaders began demanding a full investigation of these charges, the Washington media joined the political Establishment in circling the wagons.”In a textbook example of what can happen to a renegade reporter when the U.S. government and the corporate media form a collaborative-spin machine, Webb’s work was torn apart. CLIP Many more articles through including the full text online of "Dark Alliance at

US Lied to Britain Over Use of Napalm in Iraq War (June 17, 2005)
American officials lied to British ministers over the use of "internationally reviled" napalm-type firebombs in Iraq.Yesterday's disclosure led to calls by MPs for a full statement to the Commons and opened ministers to allegations that they held back the facts until after the general election. Despite persistent rumors of injuries among Iraqis consistent with the use of incendiary weapons such as napalm, Adam Ingram, the Defense minister, assured Labour MPs in January that US forces had not used a new generation of incendiary weapons, codenamed MK77, in Iraq.But Mr Ingram admitted to the Labour MP Harry Cohen in a private letter obtained by The Independent that he had inadvertently misled Parliament because he had been misinformed by the US. "The US confirmed to my officials that they had not used MK77s in Iraq at any time and this was the basis of my response to you," he told Mr Cohen. "I regret to say that I have since discovered that this is not the case and must now correct the position." Mr Ingram said 30 MK77 firebombs were used by the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force in the invasion of Iraq between 31 March and 2 April 2003. (..) Mr Ingram did not explain why the US officials had misled him, but the US and British governments were accused of a cover-up. The Iraq Analysis Group, which campaigned against the war, said the US authorities only admitted the use of the weapons after the evidence from reporters had become irrefutable. Mike Lewis, a spokesman for the group, said: "The US has used internationally reviled weapons that the UK refuses to use, and has then apparently lied to UK officials, showing how little weight the UK carries in influencing American policy." (...) The MK77 bombs, an evolution of the napalm used in Vietnam and Korea, carry kerosene-based jet fuel and polystyrene so that, like napalm, the gel sticks to structures and to its victims. The bombs lack stabilizing fins, making them far from precise.

From Kucinich: Long list of talking points for Iraq Withdrawal

US Was Big Spender in Days before Iraq Handover (22 June 2005)
Cash was loaded onto giant pallets for shipment by plane to Iraq, and paid out to contractors who carried it away in duffel bags. The United States handed out nearly $20 billion of Iraq's funds, with a rush to spend billions in the final days before transferring power to the Iraqis nearly a year ago, a report said on Tuesday. A report by Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman of California, said in the week before the hand-over on June 28, 2004, the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority ordered the urgent delivery of more than $4 billion in Iraqi funds from the U.S. Federal Reserve in New York. One single shipment amounted to $2.4 billion -- the largest movement of cash in the bank's history, said Waxman. Most of these funds came from frozen and seized assets and from the Development Fund for Iraq, which succeeded the U.N.'s oil-for-food program. After the U.S. invasion, the U.N. directed this money should be used by the CPA for the benefit of the Iraqi people. Cash was loaded onto giant pallets for shipment by plane to Iraq, and paid out to contractors who carried it away in duffel bags. The report, released at a House of Representatives committee hearing, said despite the huge amount of money, there was little U.S. scrutiny in how these assets were managed. "The disbursement of these funds was characterized by significant waste, fraud and abuse," said Waxman. An audit by the U.S. Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction said U.S. auditors could not account for nearly $8.8 billion in Iraqi funds and the United States had not provided adequate controls for this money. CLIP

Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? (16 June 2005)
The following text is the Introduction to the 767 page: Did George W. Bush Steal America's 2004 Election? Essential Documents.

Special Report: The world in the palm of their hands: Bilderberg 2005, Part II (June 7, 2005)
Read how these secret societies manipulate, direct, select who wins, who loses. who lives who dies will certainly give a perspective of what is currently happening, and what is to come. The subjects covered: UN Tax - Peak Oil - US Airlines and Pension Funds - Nobel Peace Prize - Journalistic Whores - China and Textiles - Iran-Russia-China - Iran - Russia - Miscellaneous News... and it concludes with: "Through lies and obfuscations, Bilderbergers are desperately trying to foist onto the unwilling world population a totalitarian, one-world government, a single global currency and a syncretic universal religion.Those of us who care deeply about the future of politics, domestic and international, cannot afford to ignore the fact that the grimly political One World Government is no longer merely a shadow subculture. It has, in fact, emerged as the dominant force in world affairs." Recommended by Bill Derau>

Uzbek Ministries in Crackdown Received US Aid (18 June 2005)
Moscow - Uzbek law enforcement and security ministries implicated by witnesses in the deadly crackdown in the city of Andijon last month have for years received training and equipment from counter terrorism programs run by the United States, according to American officials and Congressional records. (...) The United States has worked closely with Uzbekistan, a corrupt and autocratic state with a chilling human rights record, in the fight against international terrorism. It has also tried to professionalize the Uzbek military, improve its border security and help secure materials that could be used in nuclear, chemical or biological weapons - areas of engagement that American officials say are of clear national interest. But such policies can backfire, improving the martial abilities of units that commit crimes against Uzbek citizens, and associating the United States with repression in the eyes of Uzbek people and the Islamic world. Uzbekistan is an overwhelmingly Muslim country with severe restrictions on freedoms of worship and expression. Hundreds of civilians were killed when Uzbek forces fired into dense crowds on May 13, according to survivors and human rights organizations. The crackdown, which the Uzbek government has described as a counterterrorism operation, crushed an antigovernment rally that was prompted by an armed uprising and a prison break. CLIP

Schiavo had irreversible brain damage, autopsy reveals (15 Jun 2005)

Guantanamo Inmates Can Be Held 'in Perpetuity' - US (June 15)
Republican senators called on Wednesday for the rights of foreign terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay prison to be legally defined even as the Bush administration said the inmates could be jailed there "in perpetuity." (...) "Guantanamo Bay is an international embarrassment to our nation, to our ideals, and it remains a festering threat to our security," Leahy said. "Our great country, America, was once viewed as a leader in human rights and the rule of law, and justly so. Guantanamo has undermined our leadership, has damaged our credibility, has drained the world's goodwill for America at an alarming rate," Leahy added. Critics have decried the indefinite detention of Guantanamo prisoners, whom the United States has denied rights accorded under the Geneva Conventions to prisoners of war. The prison, was called "the gulag of our times" in a recent Amnesty International report. CLIP

Halliburton to Build New $30 Million Guantánamo Jail (16 June 2005)
Washington - A Halliburton Co. unit will build a new $30 million detention facility and security fence at the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where the United States is holding about 520 foreign terrorism suspects, the Defense Department announced on Thursday. The announcement comes the same week that Vice President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld defended the jail after US lawmakers said it had created an image problem for the United States. Critics have decried the indefinite detention of Guantánamo detainees, whom the United States has denied rights accorded under the Geneva Conventions to prisoners of war. The prison was called "the gulag of our times" in a recent Amnesty International report. An air-conditioned two-story prison, known as Detention Camp #6, will be built at Guantánamo to house 220 men. It will include exercise areas, medical and dental spaces as well as a security control room, the contract announcement said. The contract announcement did not specify whether the new prison would also hold foreign terror suspects. Under the deal with the Norfolk, Virginia-based US Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic, the work is to be wrapped up by July 2006. It is part of a larger contract that could be worth up to $500 million if all options are exercised, the Defense Department said. The project is to be carried out by Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root Services of Arlington, Virginia. It includes site work, heating ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing and electrical work, the Pentagon said. The first prisoners arrived at the prison camp in January 2002 after the Sept. 11, 2001, hijacked airliner attacks on New York and the Pentagon. The Pentagon has said about 520 detainees from more than 40 countries are being held at the prison, without giving a precise figure. Rumsfeld said on Tuesday US taxpayers had spend more than $100 million on construction costs and no other facility could replace it.

The Smoking Gun - an excerpt from the documentary film "Hijacking Tragedy".

Can We Handle the Truth? Part Two: Who "Created" Condi Rice?
Excerpt: In an earlier piece we posed the question: Is Condoleezza Rice a patsy? In the world of psychological operations ("psyops"), a "patsy" refers to a decoy deliberately inserted into a psyop to deflect attention away from a team performing a special activity (such as an assassination or coup d'état), thus allowing the team time to escape unnoticed while the patsy takes the blame. "Psyop" is a word used in intelligence circles to describe the entire operation, including a cover-up by media, designed to manipulate psychologically the belief mechanisms of the nation for political reasons.It appears that Condi was groomed most of her life to be used in this way.She is not an actual decision maker, but a mere shield, as is her boss,George W. Bush. They have served their purpose by getting America involved in the war in Iraq. They are now disposable. CLIP

Give and Take - G8 Talks Poverty Reduction (15 June 2005)
While WTO Trade Policies Increase Poverty through Job Destruction - International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation - G8 nations have been accused of being myopic in talking poverty reduction in Africa while pursuing trade policies at the World Trade Organisation which are destroying African jobs thus creating poverty. Tens of thousands of jobs have been lost in the continent's textile and clothing industries since trade liberalisation on December 31 last with the ending of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement propelled China to the forefront of the sector choking off African export opportunities especially in the US market. Speaking in Dakar, Senegal, Neil Kearney, general secretary of the global union in the sector, the Brussels-based International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers' Federation, said world leaders were decrying poverty in Africa in the lead up to the G8 summit in the UK next month while at the very same time contributing to that poverty by letting WTO trade policies wipe out the textile and clothing industries across the continent.

Stress, Depression Overwhelm Tsunami Survivors (June 24, 2005)
(...) The tsunami left nearly 230,000 dead or missing from Indonesia to Somalia. But millions more still living have been traumatised, some of them permanently. Rebuilding shelters and providing food is much easier than healing the mental wounds, experts say. "People have started realising that their loss is permanent," said Dr K. Sekar, a community psychiatrist at India's National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). "Two groups are very severely affected, women and adolescent girls." CLIP

Deadly Immunity By Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (16 June 2005) (MUST READ! MUST HEED!!!)
A Salon/Rolling Stone joint investigation. When a study revealed that mercury in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the government rushed to conceal the data - and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.
(...) The federal officials and industry representatives had assembled to discuss a disturbing new study that raised alarming questions about the safety of a host of common childhood vaccines administered to infants and young children. According to a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency's massive database containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines - thimerosal - appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. "I was actually stunned by what I saw," Verstraeten told those assembled at Simpsonwood, citing the staggering number of earlier studies that indicate a link between thimerosal and speech delays, attention-deficit disorder, hyperactivity and autism. Since 1991, when the CDC and the FDA had recommended that three additional vaccines laced with the preservative be given to extremely young infants - in one case, within hours of birth - the estimated number of cases of autism had increased fifteenfold, from one in every 2,500 children to one in 166 children. Even for scientists and doctors accustomed to confronting issues of life and death, the findings were frightening. "You can play with this all you want," Dr. Bill Weil, a consultant for the American Academy of Pediatrics, told the group. The results "are statistically significant." (...) The story of how government health agencies colluded with Big Pharma to hide the risks of thimerosal from the public is a chilling case study of institutional arrogance, power and greed. I was drawn into the controversy only reluctantly. As an attorney and environmentalist who has spent years working on issues of mercury toxicity, I frequently met mothers of autistic children who were absolutely convinced that their kids had been injured by vaccines. Privately, I was skeptical. I doubted that autism could be blamed on a single source, and I certainly understood the government's need to reassure parents that vaccinations are safe; the eradication of deadly childhood diseases depends on it. I tended to agree with skeptics like Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California, who criticized his colleagues on the House Government Reform Committee for leaping to conclusions about autism and vaccinations. "Why should we scare people about immunization," Waxman pointed out at one hearing, "until we know the facts?" It was only after reading the Simpsonwood transcripts, studying the leading scientific research and talking with many of the nation's preeminent authorities on mercury that I became convinced that the link between thimerosal and the epidemic of childhood neurological disorders is real. Five of my own children are members of the Thimerosal Generation - those born between 1989 and 2003 - who received heavy doses of mercury from vaccines. "The elementary grades are overwhelmed with children who have symptoms of neurological or immune-system damage," Patti White, a school nurse, told the House Government Reform Committee in 1999. "Vaccines are supposed to be making us healthier; however, in 25 years of nursing I have never seen so many damaged, sick kids. Something very, very wrong is happening to our children." More than 500,000 kids currently suffer from autism, and pediatricians diagnose more than 40,000 new cases every year. The disease was unknown until 1943, when it was identified and diagnosed among 11 children born in the months after thimerosal was first added to baby vaccines in 1931. CLIP

BC to Now Air 'Killed' Robert Kennedy Jr. Interview

Hanford Area Tests Find Plutonium in Fish, Mulberry Trees (June 15, 2005)
SEATTLE, Washington, (ENS) - Radioactive contamination in public areas surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Site in Richland, Washington is higher and more geographically widespread than previously thought, according to a report today from a government watchdog group and a chemical data firm.The Government Accountability Project (GAP) and Boston Chemical Data Corporation issued a study that includes the first reports of plutonium in clams and fish in the Columbia River.The report includes evidence that radiation levels in mulberry trees are higher than previously reported, and that strontium-90 has entered the ecosystem in high levels. "This is hard evidence that points to past Department of Energy reports as being inadequate to protect the people of southwest Washington and northern Oregon," said Tom Carpenter, GAP Nuclear Oversight Campaign Director. (...) In addition to plutonium being found for the first time in fish, increased levels of strontium, mercury, beryllium, uranium, and cesium were detected in aquatic creatures. Short and long term effects of this exposure remain unknown, the report states. CLIP

Japan Uses 'Alarming' Tactics in Whale Vote (June 18, 2005)
Anti-whaling nations were one vote short of blocking Japan's efforts to overturn a 20-year moratorium on commercial whaling, Environment Minister Ian Campbell said yesterday. Before flying out to the International Whaling Commission's meeting in South Korea, Senator Campbell told The Sun-Herald that Japan had been engaging in "disturbing" and "alarming" tactics to strong-arm smaller nations into backing its plans.Senator Campbell refused to reveal his "intelligence" on the Japanese tactics before Wednesday's vote, saying: "They will be revealed in due course, but what we are hearing is very, very disturbing."They don't care if they win by one vote. This is their big chance. The intelligence we've got would scare you to bits. It's alarming." CLIP

Monsanto Keeps Up Attack on Seed Saving Farmers
As if U.S. farmers weren't in enough trouble, now the "seed police" are after them. Monsanto, the world leader in genetically modified grains, is pursuing fines and jail sentences for farmers who use their seed in noncontractual ways-such as saving it and sowing it the next season.

Extinction of Frogs is Catastrophic, Scientists Say (June 23, 2005)
(...) Toads and frogs are dying out under pressure from the expansion of agriculture, forestry, pollution, disease and climate change, NatureServe said. "Amphibians are disappearing before our eyes," the report said. Scientists fear they could be indicator species -- a sign of possible future damage to other parts of the ecosystem because frogs and toads are especially vulnerable and thus are the first to disappear. "Disappearing amphibians break links in the food chain, with often unpredictable effects on other organisms," the report said.

Bush Set to Shun G8 Allies on Global Warming (June 24, 2005)
OSLO - Unconvinced that the world is warming, US President George W. Bush looks set to shun pleas by his main industrial allies to step up a fight against climate change at a Group of Eight summit next month. The July 6-8 talks will test how far other G8 nations, and big developing countries whose leaders will also attend, are willing to stick to UN schemes to curb emissions of heat-trapping gases without the United States, the top polluter. "The choice at the summit is a weak agreement or no agreement at all," said Elliot Diringer, a director of the Washington-based Pew Center, an environmental think-tank. "There is no indication that the Bush administration is willing to move in any significant way," he said of the Scotland summit, where climate change and aid to Africa are top themes.

Strange Ozone Hole this Year (June 3, 2005)
Even through large levels of ozone were destroyed in the Earth's atmosphere this winter, NASA's Aura spacecraft detected that the ozone layer is actually looking quite healthy above the arctic, and did its job stopping harmful ultraviolet radiation. This strange paradox is explained by a very unusual winter in the Arctic, where stratospheric winds brought in large quantities of ozone from the Earth's middle latitudes.

Kiss Your Vitamins Goodbye

Omega-News Collection 18. June 2005



By Sharon Leigh> - 2005-06-19

Dear Jean:

Sometimes, we must take a chance, take a leap of faith even when our actions are small. If we are to affirm the Glory, the Light, the Spark of the Great Creator that is within each of us, we must affirm it in all of us. I know that there are those who hold great resentment and negativity for the Bush family, and yet everything that Christ and the other Masters taught tell us that God forgives everything. Perhaps if we affirm what is that Spark within the President and First Lady of the United States, it will fan the flame and brighten the world. This may sound too optimistic, but we have nothing to lose by taking this action and everything to gain. I am sending this Letter to Laura and ask for your assistance in making the Letters to Laura Campaign reach around the world. Use my words or develop your own to implore the First Lady to stand up and be the great woman that the world so needs now. I humbly thank you for your consideration of this campaign. I affirm the same great Light and Glory within you and I see it illuminating the world.

In service,
Sharon Leigh


Dear Mrs. Bush:
Dear Laura:

I write to you from the very essence of my heart and soul, for if anyone can bring love and light, intelligence and beauty to our world it is you. You are our hope and you hold the faith and the prayers and the trust of the people of the world.

Please appeal to the President to stop the wars, to stop the inhumane treatment of others, to stop the corporate takeover of our planet, to protect this magnificent Creation that is Earth. This lack of love and beauty cannot be your vision of a future for your grandchildren....nor can it be our President's vision and legacy.

I believe that it is possible for one strong and brave woman to make a difference to the whole world. You are that woman. You can speak up and assist the most powerful man in the world to act from wisdom and compassion.

This begins a "Letters to Laura" campaign that will reach around the world with all of us who are mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters, teachers and ministers and nurses and leaders and citizens writing to ask for your help. We are in a dark night of the soul and we need you. Please stand up for us. Please release us all from fear and mistrust of one another.

It is not too complicated to accomplish, but it does require the might of the Angels and the promise of heaven on earth. Take our prayers and our vision with you as you speak to the President and to those who can bring peace and prosperity to all nations, all peoples of this magnificent creation of God.

Please make Peace in the world, end starvation and poverty, protect all the children with health care and education, be the steward of all life on earth. Be the Heroine that you are meant to be. You will find that you have so much help, so much more than you could ever imagine.

May God be with you and bless you and hold you closely,

Sharon Leigh

There is a reason that you are the First Lady of the United States of America right now. That reason must be to bring peace to the world, to nurture all of the children, to give every human being a chance for a healthy, balanced life and to restore the wonder of this blessed planet.


Suzanna Sjogren> - 2005-06-19

Two weeks ago for two nights consecutively, my husband and I both woke in the very early morning (approx. 3:00am) hardly able to breath. This has never happened before and we sleep with our windows open. All I can say is that I believe we were experiencing what it would be like if we humans continue on our bent to destroy the vital life force of our home, planet Earth. How can Gaia sustain us if we consume beyond her provisions and as gluttons feast wildly from her abandoned in our ego centric needs and not considering Her needs for re-nourishing? If our oxygen supply depletes it will be curtains for all life forms including Gaia Herself. That will certainly even the playing field!


Date: 22 Jun 2005
Subject: Voices of Hope Concert

Dear Jean:

I am sending information on an important fund-raiser, amazingly synchronized with Live 8 event a few days earlier. We are hoping you will put all or some of this in your next posting. I am also attaching a flyer, FYI, but do not expect you to include it.

I found your last meditative announcement very moving and helpful.

Hope all is well.

Joyce A. Kovelman, Ph.D.


We are pleased to inform you of a Sacred Music Concert with Cantor Estherleon Ambassador For Peace, and many other exciting guest and performers. The Voices of Hope Concert will be held at the John Anson Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles on July 8, 2005 at 8:30 P.M.

In parallel with the Live 8 concerts earlier in the week, this special event seeks to raise global awareness and urgently needed funds to eradicate poverty, feed the hungry, and provide clean, non-toxic water to everyone. Auspiciously, the Voices of Hope concert takes place on the last day of the G8 Summit in Scotland.

We invite those who cannot attend this special event, to join with us in meditation at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on July 6th. The synergy and energy of like minds and loving hearts, whose collective focus and intention are to benefit humanity everywhere, will help us attain the funding necessary for realization of these urgent goals. Please come to the concert and raise your voices, to help us heal our children all over our world.

The Voices of Hope Concert, “Children Helping Children” conceived by Estherleon and Ivor Pyres, is produced by Ms. Norma Foster, President of the United Nations Association - USA Pacific-Los Angeles Chapter, who have endorsed the Millennium Development Goals Concert, and is co-produced with Mr. Ivor Pryes. Proceeds from the concert will go to Ryan’s Well Foundation that raise funds to build wells to supply clean water in poor countries. Ryan Hreljac, the founder of this foundation has been raising money to build wells since the age of 6. Now 13, he has raised $1,000,000 to build wells in poor countries. Recently he was awarded Ontario's highest honor, the Order of Ontario, Canada.

Tickets and Donations are tax-deductible, $100, $50, $20. General Admission and $10 for children under 12. For tickets, contact the Ford Amphitheatre, 323-461-3673 or For more information, please go to and/or contact Dr. Joyce Kovelman, 818-368-5950>


From: "Stephanie Rudd">
Subject: Feedback to Holocaust survivor leaving US
Date: 2 Jun 2005

Re: Subject: Holocaust Survivor Leaving US--Sees what's Coming
Date: 30 May 2005
Holocaust Survivor Leaving US - Sees What's Coming
By Joey Picador

Dear Jean,

This piece I found very sad yet know it in my heart to be true. We recently lived next door to a British woman who is Jewish. She is a fine woman with a wealth of wisdom and understanding of her faith and is also currently training as an Interfaith Minister. As she grew up she had no relatives apart from mother, father and an aunt. All the rest of her family were victims of the Holocaust. Her family had fled early and thus escaped.

She talked once of the "grapevine"- the early warning system if you like put in place whereby Jews warn others of danger coming from the subtle and not so subtle changes in the societies they are part of. She spoke of the British Jews feeling the need to congregate for safety again, not to leave themselves isolated in places of their choosing of living. She also spoke in the same way as the man in this article does because they can see the danger.

I think politicians rely on people forgetting the signs and signals that precede slowly drip drip drip... the changes seem slow and maybe even justified... and the old ones who remember die and the new ones have no history to rely on. In this way inhumanity can be perpetuated time after time through the generations.

Our modern Jewish friends remind us of the need to be careful and watchful... not closed hearts or minds...just cautious... to pay attention to the smallest detail because the freedoms we have taken for granted and indeed even our lives and the lives of those we love can be taken without warning and without resort to justice.

I would also add that you say let us hope that such a situation never comes to pass. Let us all join in that heartfelt wish - but also I would say to you that it already is happening Jean; maybe not specifically to the Jews at the moment. But many peoples are being rounded up and taken elsewhere for torture without recourse to justice, people are dying with no real explanation to their family, people are going "missing"... what the old Jewish gentleman and my friend are talking of here is that it is already happening... in the shadows... in the silence to people, and when this starts to happen it is all to easy to focus on one particular group to target.



NOTE from Jean: I've met Michael Stillwater and Gary Malkin in California several years ago and often listened to their hauntingly inspiring and spine-tingling Graceful Passage CD album which they created to help people at the time of their transition from this physical life to the spiritual realm. I've often recommended this album as a gem and I'm absolutely positively sure that their new release "Care for the Journey: Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare" which Michael recommends to our attention below is just as extraordinary sublime. Michael also took this opportunity to offer his personal view about the issue raised in my previous compilation regarding Bhagavan and Kiara. I totally agree with his compassionate view on all this. And incidentally, for those who are interested to review more related feedbacks on Bhagavan's movement, I have compiled and additional 14 pages at

Date: 15 Jun 2005
From: Michael Stillwater>
Subject: Care for the Journey

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your considerable efforts on behalf of communicating truth from a platform of impartiality, an intuitive sense of what needs to be shared, and love.

I was disturbed but not completely surprised by your writing regarding Kalki and the Diksha movement. I have known and respected Grace for many years, before she met Kiara, before she gave Diksha. I know several others who are enthusiastic about the teaching/transmission, and see how it spreads. While always hesitant to cast aspersion on any path/teacher, I have grown to be naturally suspicious regarding giving a guru the power to save me, or to become dependant on them. On a much lesser extent, even in my role facilitating chanting groups (ChantWave), , I am at times projected upon, and it is a practice to not get caught in the glamor of this projection. Anyone who has ever brought teachings or experiences that are helpful to other people's understanding/awakening is susceptible to this.

May we all have mercy for that part of us which so much wants salvation or enlightenment that we are willing to sacrifice our internal navigation system, which is, no matter how faulty, connected at some level to the greater guidance of everything. May we also trust that each of us is finding our way, even when it seems like a dead-end. And that we have a role to play in helping others along the way, even if we don't know what it is, and even if the role we think we are serving has nothing to do with the way we are really helping others.

Following is the original subject I wanted to communicate with you about, trusting you will know when is the best time to share this (considering the magnitude of all the issues you are writing about), regarding healthcare practitioner renewal.


Care for the Journey: Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare

Thank you for your supportive review when Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying was first released in 2000. It has since touched many lives, often at the doorway of death, helping both dying people, their families, and their care professionals. There are now nearly 50,000 copies in print, and it is considered a leading palliative care resource in America. An educational work grew out of this recording/book, a workshop called 'Grace In Practice: Clinical Applications for Graceful Passages', which led us to understand the need for system-wide renewal of care practitioners, including a release of the need (myth/ belief) of being in absolute control of life and death, and a more balanced view around death itself as not being a failure, but a natural part of the cycle of life.

America is undergoing a healthcare crisis of unparalleled scope, with:

* the rising population of older people
* the increasing number of dying people
* more nurses leaving the field and fewer entering
* the window of time for practitioner-patient encounter decreasing
* the majority of healthcare dollars spent in the last weeks and months of a person's life
* technology often overshadowing human contact.

The factors involved in this crisis are numerous, the magnitude enormous, the international consequences inevitable, the personal effect significant. The situation cannot be addressed or solved by any simplistic solution.

Yet, in the view of Malcolm Gladwell, author of "The Tipping Point- When Small Things Make A Big Difference", there is a phenomenon which allows the possibility of change, even on a societal level, to be born from energy brought to bear on a precise point in the spectrum of things, similar to how an exactly-positioned acupuncture needle can re-ignite and balance an entire energetic system.

At Companion Arts (our nonprofit) we have chosen to focus on the emotional and spiritual well-being of care practitioners, using the spoken wisdom of respected elders in the movement, accompanied by original music, to deliver essential messages into the heart of those in the front lines of service.

Two months ago we released our newest recording, "Care for the Journey: Messages and Music for Sustaining the Heart of Healthcare". The music is by Emmy-award winning film composer Gary Malkin, and the speakers include Desmond Tutu, Rachel Naomi Remen, Angeles Arrien, Joan Borysenko, Christiane Northrup, Naomi Judd, and other educators/ inspirational leaders in compassionate healthcare. It is designed as an appreciation gift as well as an educational resource, and being given as a gift from hospital administration to staff, from instructors to students in nursing colleges, and from patients to their own nurses, doctors and other care professionals. It is also being appreciated by anyone on a journey of healing and awakening the healer within.

Individuals may purchase a copy for $19.95 plus shipping. For more information or to order; more on this at

if you wish to order multiple copies at a discount, for a gift to your staff, or if you would like an on-site workshop or retreat, contact

Quotes about Care for the Journey:

Imagine in the midst of a hectic day being able to retreat to a quiet place for a few minutes of nurturing words from healing leaders such as Jean Watson, Rachel Naomi Remen, Christina Puchalski, Desmond Tutu, Christiane Northrup, Angeles Arrien, Joan Borysenko, Naomi Judd, Tom Lant, Jeremy Geffen, or Ira Byock. This CD makes that vision a reality with a collection of short reflective messages, spoken against the backdrop of restful music. Care for the Journey is a wonderful distillation of the teachings of these special individuals that can help healthcare workers reconnect with their reason for entering this field.

Charlotte Eliopoulos
Beginnings Magazine, June 2005
American Holistic Nurses Association

Care for the Journey is a montage of wisdom that will inspire and comfort anyone who is navigating the seas of health and illness. These contributions, from some of the wisest healers in the world, brim with compassion, hope, and understanding. The realization that permeates these messages is the core spiritual message that is so urgently needed in our time.

Barbara Dossey, RN, PhD, HNC, FAAN
Author: Florence Nightingale: Mystic, Visionary, Healer,
Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice, and Rituals of Healing

Larry Dossey, MD
Author: The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things
Reinventing Medicine, and Healing Words

Care for the Journey is a powerful reminder that healthcare is a mission, not just a business, and that the healing professions are a calling, not just a job. On every single track, the message and the music sent a tingle up my spine. It's a message that's never been more important than it is today. This is a masterwork, and a fitting gift for anyone who is privileged to have the title of caregiver.

Joe Tye, author
Never Fear, Never Quit and The Healing Tree

I am deeply touched by your work. I have been a critical care nurse, educator and administrator for 23 years. I have never encounterd an audio presentation that so perfectly captured the deep essence of compassion-based care that I have lived, witnessed and experienced in my nursing work. I believe deeply that unless we attend to the spirit of our healers, acknowledge their distress and reawaken their spirits we are heading for an unprecedented crisis in the work world of our health care providers. Compassion and spiritual rejuvenation for providers is like water to a thirsty camel... consumed quickly and with deep appreciation! Thank you for pushing this dream into a manifest reality for all of us!

Sue Chapman RN BScN CNC(C)

m i c h a e l s t i l l w a t e r


From: Ron McEntee>
Date: 15 Jun 2005
Subject: End the charade that poses as a free election and a free choice

Thank you as always for your compilations. I always enjoy going through them. And I'm always glad, even when I disagree with something, to know people are at least communicating. I've long had a simple theory that is also quite deeply and spiritually, indomitably powerful: Communication leads to Understanding; Understanding leads to Love. And of course there is nothing more powerful, more necessary, more eternal, than love. So it's nice to see people communicating.

On a political level a truth has become quite clear to me for some time now, and it only becomes more clear and more simple with the passing of time. For these people who want to act like George Bush is Hitler reincarnated, for even those Bush supporters who would like to think Bill Clinton was somehow the devil, my wish is that they would all wake up and take a good, long, hard, truly deep researching look at the history of the last century, and I likewise wish they'd all read very carefully the "Farewell Address" of George Washington when he left the presidency. All the self anointed experts are so worried about demonizing the founding fathers and pretending they themselves would have been saints without ever being able to even attempt to imagine putting themselves in the context of earlier times ~ indeed, perhaps some of their souls DID tread upon the earthly level of those very same times, and perhaps they also owned slaves and acted as if women's views were subservient on political levels, etc. ~ but if those who would judge would allow an ample amount of wisdom into their judgements, they would also be able to learn quite a lot from the founding fathers.

I could write forever on this subject and probably never make sense to those who think simply of Bush or Clinton as the problem or solution to all the world's ills. So I'll just end it here and put it simply. Never again vote for a Democrat or Republican for American political office ~ End the charade that poses as a free election and a free choice when voting for "representatives" ~ Vote only for those candidates who are independents or from parties not owned and operated by corporate and financial moguls ~ and the Constitution of the United States would live again. Sound dumb? Sound simple? Or sound naive? Or sound ignorant?

~ Ron McEntee, President/Publisher, Active Communications, Inc., Active Voice/Weekly Farce, P.O. Box 394, Berea, OH 44017


From: "Judith Taylor">
Date: 16 Jun 2005
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #214: Smoking Guns Aplenty!

Dear Jean

What a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive (Shakespeare and still relevant)! I admire your sticking to compiling these often depressing documents of man's folly and am particularly alert to the fact that so many people in the US feel disempowered - thank goodness it's not everyone!

From South Africa, at least we have our president taking a stand against corruption in sacking Jacob Zuma, whose personal dependency on additional funding seems to have placed him in a very vulnerable position! However, we are looking at bringing coal fired power stations back into operation and we are still intent on pebble bed reactors in a country where sun and wind power has such potential!

Our rivers are a mess and plastic pollution is out of control. The poor can get jobs in (not officially) the "black market" where they have little pay and no security, whilst the labour union backed market is so regulated that is it difficult to sack people not making the grade, committing crimes, defrauding etc that the regular economy is sluggish. Minimum pay is actually not the problem but job protection is. Fair labour laws ought to be fair to both sides in an emerging economy and should hammer BIG business exploitation (not to say that small business doesn't do the same).

If CODEX becomes a world wide law, then many people here will no longer be able to do their work of healing. The little nations have to fight alongside the protesters in the large nations to bring back balance. Large cheque books are not the be all and end all when they are focused on becoming larger at the expense of so many. Already we see leaders in some nations organising campaigns to wipe out the poor, so that they can continue to prosper, we have one such (or is it two?) next door.

Yes there is karma and perhaps many people will just literally lie down and die in despair. 5 million children in Africa have already been abandoned to their deaths by the world and I am sure that many more will follow. Not just in Africa, but everywhere throughout the world. Once I questioned whether I should be a mother, but took the risk anyway, now I question whether I should be a grandmother and whether I should not tell my beloved daughter that not having a child is the best thing to do in the face of a coming maelstrom.

Oh Africa! You rape your women and children
You kill them with impunity
You allow men to destroy your creation
And we let you!
Oh Gaia, you allow destruction
When will you ask for reckoning?

Love and light

Judith Taylor


From: Freed Schmitter>
Subject: Cli-mandate Al Gore
Date: 15 Jun 2005

Dear friends,

Reading Jean Hudon's e-mail news as a long-time subscriber and occasional contributor, I read about the hope-giving Al Gore presentation.

More than four years ago, I started a 'Climandate' petition via the Petitions website to (promote to) mandate Al Gore as the favored representative for 'We The American People' concerning the Kyoto Protocol.

(Unfortunately, it is no longer presented at this moment at the website under the topic Environment. I will attempt to fix this.)

Anyway, more information and backgrounds with direct links are available via my website

Although it did not get the deserved attention yet, this might be an interesting way to involve the broad public into the good cause. Petitions generate curiosity and stimulate further investigation into the matter, and could spread like wildfire.

Please have a look at the gathered material. Many more interesting facts, documents, ideas, hopeful notions and proposals are collected on


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Excerpts From the Senate Hearing on Iraq

By The Associated Press

June 23, 2005

-- Excerpts from Thursday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the Iraq war:


Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld: "There have been a series of gross errors and mistakes. Those were on your watch. ... Isn't it time for you to resign?"

Rumsfeld: "Senator, I've offered my resignation to the president twice, and he's decided that he would prefer that he not accept it, and that's his call."


Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.: "The public views this every day, Mr. Secretary, more and more like Vietnam. ...

"In the last year, Sir, the public support in my state has turned, and I worry about that, because that's the only way we'll ever leave before we should, is if the public loses faith in us."

Rumsfeld: "I am absolutely convinced that we'll have the willpower and the staying power and the courage to do what's right there. The alternative is to turn that region back to darkness, to people who behead people. And that is not a happy prospect."


Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich.: "General Abizaid, can you give us your assessment of the strength of the insurgency? Is it less strong, more strong, about the same strength as it was six months ago?"

Gen. John Abizaid, top U.S. commander in the Persian Gulf: "In terms of comparison from six months ago, in terms of foreign fighters, I believe there are more foreign fighters coming into Iraq than there were six months ago.

"In terms of the overall strength of the insurgency, I'd say it's about the same as it was."

Levin: "So you wouldn't agree with the statement that it's in its last throes?"

Abizaid: "I don't know that I would make any comment about that other than to say there's a lot of work to be done against the insurgency."

Levin: "Well, the vice president has said it's in its last throes, that's the statement the vice president _ it doesn't sound to me from your testimony or any other testimony here this morning that it is in its last throes."

Abizaid: "I'm sure you'll forgive me from criticizing the vice president."

Levin: "I just want an honest assessment from you as to whether you agree with a particular statement of his _ it's not personal. ...

Abizaid: "I gave you my opinion of where we are."


Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va.: "Mr. Secretary, I've watched you with a considerable amount of amusement. ... I've been here a long time, longer than you have. ... I've seen a lot of secretaries of defense. ... I don't think I've ever heard a secretary of defense who likes to lecture the committee as much as you. ...

"You may not like our questions but we represent the people. ... We ask the questions that the people ask of us whether you like it or not. ... The problem is we didn't ask enough questions at the beginning of this war that we got into, Mr. Bush's war. ...

"I don't mean to be discourteous. I've just heard enough of your smart answers to these people here who are elected. ... So get off your high horse when you come up here."

Rumsfeld didn't respond to those remarks.



Fanning the flames of impeachment

By Bev Conover
Online Journal Editor & Publisher

June 21, 2005—With the Downing Street Minutes that unmask his lies, with his wars in Afghanistan and Iraq lost, with his poll numbers tumbling, with Republicans jumping ship, with the economy tanking and with parents shielding their children from his military recruiters, why is George W. Bush still smiling, swaggering and acting like the dictator he hopes to become?

The friction from the grinding wheels of unintended consequences have lit a fire, the flames of which need to be fanned until they consume Bush, his whole administration, and the worthless whores and pimps in Congress.

But neither the flames nor the smoke in the reality-based community have yet gotten through to Bushworld, where reality is whatever he and his necons says it is. Bush's delusional thinking allows him to believe that the Planning Scenarios dreamt up by the Homeland Security Council, coupled with making permanent, and adding to, the dreadful Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act, better known as the USA PATRIOT Act, will provide him with all the tools and protections he needs against dissidents (terrorists in his parlance) foreign and domestic.

In his article, Orwellian "Scenarios": Emergency Preparedness Against the "Universal Adversary", Michel Chossudovsky brilliantly lays out how the Planning Scenarios call for labeling all who oppose the Bushistas as "Universal Adversaries" and using every apparatus of the federal, state and local governments in dealing with "foreign terrorists," "domestic radical groups," "state sponsored adversaries" and "disgruntled employees."

Then there is the latest attempt to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which limits a president to two terms in office. If the bill, H.J. Res. 24—sponsored by Congressman Steny D. Hoyer (D-Md.) and co-sponsored by Congressmen Howard L. Berman (D-Cal.), Frank Pallone, Jr., (D-NJ), Martin Olav Sabo (D-Minn.) and F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-Wisc.)—gets a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress this time and is ratified by three-quarters of the states before the 2008 election, George W. Bush can be president for life.

Shoot, he's stolen two presidential elections and with a majority of voting machines now controlled by his corporate friends and supporters, why not go for the third and final time? That's less embarrassing—if a Bush is ever embarrassed by anything—than pulling a Papa Doc or Baby Doc Duvalier and just up and declaring himself "president for life." Of course, if the amendment fails, he could go that route.

With these thoughts dancing in Bush's nearly empty skull, you can see why he is still smiling. In Bushworld, war can be declared on any nation at any time for any reason or no reason and "Universal Adversaries" can be disappeared into gulags, tortured and killed. There is no punishment for the inhabitants of Bushworld: not for stealing elections; not for the attacks they perpetrated on September 11, 2001; not for waging illegal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq; not for torture, murder, destruction of other people's countries and heritage; not for stealing other people's wealth and resources; not for squandering their own nation's wealth or depriving Americans of their freedoms.

In the reality-based community, however, the wheels of unintended consequences have not only started a fire, as the American people awaken from the corporate media induced slumber, but, once in motion, the wheels can't be stopped.

Bush can ignore the Downing Street Minutes, and corporate media harpies, such as Dana Milbank, can make fun of hearings such as the one Rep. John Conyers conducted last Thursday, but the American people are beginning to realize how they were snookered into an illegal war on Iraq and the word impeachment grows louder by the day from every corner of the land: Impeach Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Gonzales!

George W. can go on the radio every Saturday, as he did this past one, and falsely tie 9/11 to Iraq, but only his deluded diehard supporters will believe him. Condoleezza Rice can continue to utter the lie, as she did on Fox News Sunday, that her boss's administration said before the criminal invasion of Iraq "that this is a generational commitment," but the people haven't forgotten that Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld said it would be a cakewalk and the Iraqis would greet the invaders with hugs and flowers.

Watergate, too, started off with a little smoke about a "third-rate burglary," which was brushed off by most of the news media at a time when not all the major media were yet in the hands of a few corporations. Then came a small flame when it was revealed the burglars had long-standing ties to the CIA.

The flame wasn't big enough to deprive Richard Nixon of reelection, but it continued to grow, forcing him to stand before the American people and disingenuously declare, "Your president is not a crook." Ah, but he was worse than a crook, which we will get to in a minute.

Despite what was later written in Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's "All the President's Men," about Nixon taking to the bottle, as the flames grew higher and higher; wandering the corridors of the White House at night, talking to portraits of dead presidents; forcing the criminal, Henry Kissinger, to get down on his knees with him to pray in the Oval Office, Nixon still had a sense of self-preservation and listened to his advisors and the members of Congress who told him to resign before a Bill of Impeachment was passed. It would be surprising if Bush and his gang did likewise.

For those who believe Nixon was the victim of a bloodless coup d'état, perhaps he was. For Watergate and the cover-up were not his biggest crimes. His biggest crime was committed during his 1968 election campaign, when, on the one hand, he was telling the American people he had a "secret plan" to end the Vietnam War, while, on the other hand at the urging of Kissenger, he illegally sent Anna Chenault to tell South Vietnamese President Nguyen Van Thieu not to attend the peace negotiations in Paris; that the US would give him a better deal.

Given the fact that Donald Graham, the late publisher of the Washington Post, was CIA and his widow, Katherine, who became publisher upon his death, was either CIA herself or just soft on the agency, might explain why she allowed then cub reporters Woodward (who also has CIA ties) and Bernstein to keep on the Watergate story when newspapers, such as The New York Times, were dismissing it as a non-story. And how helpful it was to have the aid of Mark Felt, who claims he was Deep Throat; Felt who was a great admirer FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and who, as number two man in the FBI, was the boss of the illegal COINTELPRO operation. Perhaps, in their minds, it was better to throw Nixon to the wolves over Watergate than have the sordid mess come out about a presidential candidate that had gotten away with disqualifying himself for office by interfering in foreign policy and, thereby, causing the deaths of thousands more American troops and Vietnamese.

With the Bush family's ties to the Washington Post, this time around the Post seems bent on protecting George W. by either not reporting, dismissing or making light of his crimes.

But the filth keeps leaking like pus from a gangrenous limb and all the lies cannot stem the stench or stop the rot.

Yes, George W. may be smiling, when he's not snarling and acting like king of the mountain, which is why we, in the reality-based community, must keep fanning the flames of impeachment until they consume him and all in his rotten administration.



NOTE from Jean: You may listen to a streaming version or download an MP3 version (54.5 Megs) of the whole hearings through this URL above. THIS IS A HISTORIC AUDIO FILE! AN AMAZING EVENT HAPPENED THERE! I LISTENED TO MOST OF IT!

John Conyers' Hearing on the Downing Street Memo

Palast for Conyers:

The OTHER ' Memos' from Downing Street and Pennsylvania Avenue

Greg Palast, unable to attend hearings in Washington Thursday, has submitted the following testimony:

Chairman Conyers, It's official:

The Downing Street memos, a snooty New York Times "News Analysis" informs us, "are not the Dead Sea Scrolls."

You are warned, Congressman, to ignore the clear evidence of official mendacity and bald-faced fibbing by our two nations' leaders because the cry for investigation came from the dark and dangerous world of "blogs" and "opponents" of Mr. Blair and Mr. Bush.On May 5, "blog" site carried my story, IMPEACHMENT TIME: "FACTS WERE FIXED," bringing the London Times report of the Downing Street memo to US media which seemed to be suffering at the time from an attack of NADD -- "news attention deficit disorder."The memo, which contains the ill-making admission that "the intelligence and facts were being fixed" to match the Iraq-crazed fantasies of our President, is sufficient basis for a hearing toward impeachment of the Chief Executive.

But to that we must add the other evidence and secret memos and documents still hidden from the American public.

Other foreign-based journalists could doubtless add more, including the disclosure that the key inspector of Iraq's biological weapons, the late Dr. David Kelly, found the Bush-Blair analysis of his intelligence was indeed "fixed," as the Downing Street memo puts it, around the war-hawk policy. Here is a small timeline of confidential skullduggery dug up and broadcast by my own team for BBC Television and Harper's on the secret plans to seize Iraq's assets and oil.

February 2001 - Only one month after the first Bush-Cheney inauguration, the State Department's Pam Quanrud organizes a secret confab in California to make plans for the invasion of Iraq and removal of Saddam.

US oil industry advisor Falah Aljibury and others are asked to interview would-be replacements for a new US-installed dictator.

On BBC Television's Newsnight, Aljibury himself explained, "It is an invasion, but it will act like a coup. The original plan was to liberate Iraq from the Saddamists and from the regime."

March 2001 - Vice-President Dick Cheney meets with oil company executives and reviews oil field maps of Iraq. Cheney refuses to release the names of those attending or their purpose. Harper's has since learned their plan and purpose -- see below.

October/November 2001 - An easy military victory in Afghanistan emboldens then-Dep. Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz to convince the Administration to junk the State Department "coup" plan in favor of an invasion and occupation that could remake the economy of Iraq.

And elaborate plan, ultimately summarized in a 101-page document, scopes out the "sale of all state enterprises" -- that is, most of the nation's assets, "…especially in the oil and supporting industries."

2002 - Grover Norquist and other corporate lobbyists meet secretly with Defense, State and Treasury officials to ensure the invasion plans for Iraq include plans for protecting "property rights." The result was a pre-invasion scheme to sell off Iraq's oil fields, banks, electric systems, and even change the country's copyright laws to the benefit of the lobbyists' clients. Occupation chief Paul Bremer would later order these giveaways into Iraq law.

Fall 2002 - Philip Carroll, former CEO of Shell Oil USA, is brought in by the Pentagon to plan the management of Iraq's oil fields.

He works directly with Paul Wolfowitz and Douglas Feith. "There were plans," says Carroll, "maybe even too many plans" -- but none disclosed to the public nor even the US Congress.

January 2003 - Robert Ebel, former CIA oil analyst, is sent, BBC learns, to London to meet with Fadhil Chalabi to plan terms for taking over Iraq's oil.

March 2003 - What White House spokesman Ari Fleisher calls "Operations Iraqi Liberation" (OIL) begins. (Invasion is re-christened "OIF" -- Operation Iraqi Freedom.)

March 2003 - Defense Department is told in confidence by US Energy Information Administrator Guy Caruso that Iraq's fields are incapable of a massive increase in output. Despite this intelligence, Dep. Secretary Wolfowitz testifies to Congress that invasion will be a free ride.

He swears, "There's a lot of money to pay for this that doesn't have to be U.S. taxpayer money. …We're dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon," a deliberate fabrication promoted by the Administration, an insider told BBC, as "part of the sales pitch" for war.

May 2003 - General Jay Garner, appointed by Bush as viceroy over Iraq, is fired by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The general revealed in an interview for BBC that he resisted White House plans to sell off Iraq's oil and national assets. "That's just one fight you don't want to take on," Garner told me.

But apparently, the White House wanted that fight. The general also disclosed that these invade-and-grab plans were developed long before the US asserted that Saddam still held WDM:

"All I can tell you is the plans were pretty elaborate; they didn't start them in 2002, they were started in 2001."

November/December 2003 - Secrecy and misinformation continues even after the invasion.

The oil industry objects to the State Department plans for Iraq's oil fields and drafts for the Administration a 323-page plan, "Options for [the] Iraqi Oil Industry."

Per the industry plan, the US forces Iraq to create an OPEC-friendly state oil company that supports the OPEC cartel's extortionate price for petroleum.

The Stone Wall

Harper's and BBC obtained the plans despite official denial of their existence, then foot-dragging when confronted with the evidence of the reports' existence. Still today, the State and Defense Departments and White House continue to stonewall our demands for the notes of the meetings between lobbyists, oil industry consultants and key Administration officials that would reveal the hidden economic motives for the war.

What are the secret interests behind this occupation?

Who benefits?

Who met with whom?

Why won't this Administration release these documents of the economic blueprint for the war?

To date, the State and Defense Department responses to our reports are risible, and their answers to our requests for documents run from evasive to downright misleading.

Maybe Congress, with it's power of subpoena, can do better.

Blogs, the Media and Democracy

Let me conclude with a comment about those pesky "blogs" that so bother the New York Times. We should stand and offer a moment of quiet gratitude to the electronic swarm of gadfly commentators who make it so much harder for the US media to ignore news not officially blessed.

Yes, Judith Miller's breathless reports for The Times that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction may have maintained "access" for the mainstream press to its diet of White House propaganda, but the blogs insure that, whatever nonsense the US press is biting on, the public need not swallow.


This week Greg Palast's investigative team was named winner of a 2004-5 Project Censored award from the California State University at Sonoma Journalism School for their exposé of the secret US plans to seize Iraq's oil assets.

Special thanks to the chief investigator on Iraq, Leni von Eckardt, as well as additional support from Matt Pascarella.

The investigation was conducted for Harper's Magazine, BBC Television Newsnight and "blog" outlet

View the BBC television reports and the Harper's and related reports at


See also:

Conyers delivers petition to "unidentified W. H. aide"...check his fists.
"Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., left, ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, hand-delivers petitions to the White House to an unidentified White House aide, right, standing on the other side of the Northwest Appointment gate of the White House, Thursday, June 16, 2005 in Washington. The petitions are signed by 105 members of Congress and more than 540,000 Americans demanding that President Bush provide a detailed response to the evidence in the Downing Street memos of deceptions about the war in Iraq. MANY MORE PICTURES AT THIS URL ABOVE! THERE IS ALSO A "Media contact list" OF OVER 1000 MEDIA EMAIL ADDRESS POSTED THERE THAT ANYONE CAN USE TO REQUEST THAT THE US MEDIA WAKE UP AND PUSH THIS MEMOGATE STORY TO PRIME TIME, FRONT PAGE SATURATION COVERAGE!

Congressman Conyers Hammers the Washington Post (June 17)
I write to express my profound disappointment with Dana Milbank's June 17 report, "Democrats Play House to Rally Against the War," which purports to describe a Democratic hearing I chaired in the Capitol yesterday. In sum, the piece cherry-picks some facts, manufactures others out of whole cloth, and does a disservice to some 30 members of Congress who persevered under difficult circumstances, not of our own making, to examine a very serious subject: whether the American people were deliberately misled in the lead up to war. The fact that this was the Post's only coverage of this event makes the journalistic shortcomings in this piece even more egregious.

A Press Coverup (June 17)
Leave it to the Beltway herd, with their special brand of arrogance, to insist that the Downing Street memo wasn't news. To judge by their responses, the leading lights of the Washington press corps are more embarrassed than the White House is by the revelations in the Downing Street memo -- which quite suddenly is becoming as "famous" as NBC's Tim Russert suggested weeks ago, when most of his colleagues and everyone at his network were still ignoring the document. Mooing in plaintive chorus, the Beltway herd insists that the July 23, 2002, memo wasn't news -- which would be true if the absence of news were defined only by their refusal to report it. (...) How foolish and how sad that all these distinguished journalists prefer to transform this scandal into a debate about their own underachieving performance, rather than redeem mainstream journalism by advancing an important story that they should have pursued from the beginning. This is a moment when the mainstream press could again demonstrate to a skeptical public why we need journalists. Instead they are proving once more that their first priority is to cover their own behinds. (...) A classified document recording deliberations by the highest officials of our most important ally over the decision to wage war is always news. A document that shows those officials believed the justification for war was "thin" and that the intelligence was being "fixed" is always news. A document that indicates the president was misleading the world about his determination to wage war only as a last resort is always news. And when such a document is leaked, whatever editors, reporters and producers may think "everyone" already knows or believes about its contents emphatically does not affect whether that piece of paper is news. The journalists' job is to determine whether it is authentic and then to probe into its circumstances and meaning. There are many questions still to be answered about the Downing Street memo, but the nation's most prominent journalists still aren't asking them. CLIP

Senator Harry Reid's Floor Statement on Bolton Nomination (June 16)
Reid: Bush Runs "Roughshod over the Constitution" (...) Let me remind my colleagues that this is no small matter. Concerns about this Administration hyping intelligence cannot be dismissed lightly. U.S. troops are fighting in Iraq today largely because this Administration told the Congress and the American people that Iraq not only possessed stockpiles of WMD but was also capable of using them against us and our allies. Subsequently, we have learned that the Administration's own investigator concluded Iraq did not possess either the stockpiles or the means of delivery. And just as importantly, there are a series of unanswered questions about whether senior officials in this Administration dramatically and intentionally hyped this threat to justify their desire to invade Iraq. So Mr. President you can see why we believe it is no small matter for us to learn whether Mr. Bolton was a party to other efforts to hype intelligence. CLIP

Downing Street Memo a Growing Problem for Bush (June 17)
House Democrats opposed to the Iraq war came together Thursday to draw more public attention to the so-called "Downing Street Memo," the British government document that advised Prime Minister Tony Blair that President Bush was determined to invade Iraq nearly a year before the war was launched. CLIP



Democrats Call for Inquiry into 'Downing Street Memo'
CBC News (Canada)

16 June 2005

Senior Democrats are calling for a full investigation into a memo that appears to accuse U.S. President George W. Bush of misleading Americans into backing the war with Iraq.

Bush has always maintained that "the use of force has been and remains our last resort."

But the memo, called the Downing Street Memo, could be the first documentary proof that Bush deceived the American people.

During a forum organized by the U.S. House Judiciary Committee held to investigate the implications of the memo, Rep. John Conyers said the document "means that more than 1,600 brave Americans and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis would have have lost their lives for a lie."

"Quite frankly, the evidence that appears to be building up points to whether or not the president has deliberately misled Congress to make the most important decision a president has to make, going to war," said Rep. Charles Rangel.

The memo is based on a briefing given to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top security advisers in July 2002, eight months before the war.

Labelled "top secret," the memo summarizes a report from Richard Dearlove, the head of British intelligence, who had just met senior Bush officials in Washington.

The memo says: "Military action was now seen as inevitable."

That "Terrorism and WMD [weapons of mass destruction]" would be used to justify the war.

But, the memo says, "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Neither Bush nor Blair has challenged the authenticity of the Downing Street Memo. But earlier this month both said it is wrong.

"The facts were not being fixed in any shape or form," said Blair.

"Somebody said we had made up our mind to use military force to deal with Saddam [Hussein]," said Bush. "There is nothing further from the truth. My conversation with the prime minister was how we can do this peacefully."

A separate document says Blair pressured Bush to take his case to the United Nations to give a legal justification for the war.

Michael Smith, the reporter for the Sunday Times who obtained the leaked memos, said that was a brilliant case of misdirection.

"The whole business about going to the UN is not to avert war, but actually to get an excuse to carry out war. And I think that's the killer document for me."

At the hearing, Democrats called for a congressional investigation and some witnesses said Bush may have to be impeached.

"It is a high crime to engage in a conspiracy to deceive and mislead the American people about the basis for taking the nation to war," said constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz.

The U.S. media have given scant coverage to the Downing Street Memo, so it may not have much of an impact in Washington.

On Thursday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan dismissed the allegation in the Downing Street Memo. He said the Democrats were "simply trying to rehash old debates that have already been addressed. And our focus is not on the past. It's on the future and working to make sure we succeed in Iraq."

But what is having an impact is the surging number of American soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq. New poll numbers now show that most Americans feel the war wasn't worth fighting.



Just Hearsay, or the New Watergate Tapes?

By David Paul Kuhn

17 June 2005

At a crowded basement forum on the Downing Street memo, Democrats demanded an inquiry into what Bush knew about Iraq war planning and when he knew it, but stopped short of calling for impeachment.

Washington - Forced to the basement of the U.S. Capitol and prevented from holding an official hearing, Michigan Rep. John Conyers defied Republicans and held a forum Thursday calling for a congressional inquiry into the infamous British document known as the "Downing Street memo."

Three dozen Democratic representatives shuffled in and out of a small room to join Conyers in declaring that the Downing Street memo was the first "primary source" document to report that prewar intelligence was intentionally manipulated in order make a case for invading Iraq. Not only did Republican leaders consign the Democrats to the basement, Democrats claimed that the House scheduled 11 votes concurrent with the forum to maximize the difficulty of attending it. Because the forum wasn't an official hearing, it won't become a part of the Congressional Record, but members worked to make sure that the attending media and activists captured their words for posterity.

The Downing Street memo, so far disputed by Washington and London in some of its details but not its authenticity, reports on minutes of a meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his national security team on July 23, 2002. First reported by the London Sunday Times on May 1 of this year, the internal memo states that, in the opinion of "C" (Sir Richard Dearlove, the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service), "intelligence and facts were being fixed around the [Bush administration's] policy. The author of the memo added that it "seemed clear that Bush had made up his mind to take military action." Since then, several other British government memos have become public that also make the case that the White House was planning the war long before it admitted to doing so.

The Democratic representatives attending the forum said they believed if such information had gotten out prior to the war, neither the House nor the Senate would have supported the Oct. 11, 2002, congressional vote giving the president the power to order the invasion.

To the Democrats taking turns to speak at the forum on Thursday, the memo was tantamount to the first word of tapes in the Nixon White House during the Watergate scandal. Impeachment was on these representatives' minds as four longtime critics of the war in Iraq, including former Ambassador Joe Wilson, repeatedly urged Congress to hold an official inquiry into the validity and origins of the Downing Street memo.

"We sent our troops to war under dubious pretenses," asserted Wilson, who traveled at the government's behest to Niger in February 2002. There he discovered that President Bush's claim that Iraq was attempting to obtain uranium in Africa was false. The White House later retracted the accusation.

Speaking to the question of impeachment, Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., asked point blank, "Has the president misled, or deliberately misled, the Congress?"

The answer is at the heart of Conyers' push for further investigation. Misleading Congress is an impeachable offense, and Conyers' petition for an inquiry into the memo seemed a first step in that direction -- though no one made that call outright.

"Many of us find it unacceptable to put our brave men and women in harm's way, based on false information," Conyers said. Though most of those at the forum voted against the war in Iraq, Conyers, who is the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, insisted that the forum was not partisan politicking, but a function of their oversight duty.

As members of Congress crammed into the small room, no bigger than 30 by 50 feet, Democratic representatives spoke and then scurried out to make scheduled votes. After being denied a hearing, then forced to the basement, which Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash., called unprecedented, the Democrats believed Republicans had purposely scheduled 11 votes to interrupt the forum.

"Absolutely, it was absolutely timed," McDermott said in an interview after the forum. "There was no need to do it then. And they were having a major appropriations hearing at the same time. That was also to keep people away, because appropriations are your chance to get money for your district that you've been working all year on."

McDermott spoke as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., delayed her aide and sprinted down the hall in her high heels to do an interview with Pacifica Radio. Covered mostly by liberal media outlets, the forum got some mainstream news attention, from the AP to the Baltimore Sun to CNN. Democrats who dropped by included Reps. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, Charles Rangel of New York, Virginia's Jim Moran, and Barbara Lee of Oakland, Calif.

Following the forum, Conyers led Democratic representatives and activists on a march to the White House, hoping to deliver a letter with more than 550,000 signatures of the public and more than 120 members of Congress, mostly but not all Democrats. White House spokesman Scott McClellan told the Associated Press that Conyers "is simply trying to rehash old debates."

As he left, the mild but indefatigable Conyers was a little angry that the forum was denied a proper room in the Capitol.

"They tried to shut us out," Conyers said after the hearing. "They tried to cut us off. They put us in a tiny room. The significance shouldn't be lost on anybody."


See also:

Bush Impeachment Resolution passed in Oregon


Date: 15 Jun 2005
From: Dan Stafford>
Subject: Six More Downing Street Docs Authenticated!


Six More Downing Street Docs Authenticated!

14th June 2005

Later today will be posting an article that they have been researching for several days. Six new secret British documents have been leaked and made widely available on the internet, including via the links below. These were retyped from the originals to protect the source, but has verified the authenticity and will be reporting on that research, on the significance of the documents, and on the timeline of the events illuminated by this information, known to the British media but new on this side of the pond.

Last week we were made aware of additional leaked documents regarding the Iraq war. While some of these documents were posted online at various Web sites, we wanted to be certain on the chain of custody. The documents in question are transcribed from the originals and then copied. We wanted to be sure that what we would be posting and distributing to the coalition members was authenticated fully. As we are an advocacy group, we asked Larisa Alexandrovna of Raw Story to take the information and investigate it. We agreed that the coalition would act responsibly in this matter and wait on the facts to drive the advocacy, not the advocacy to push the facts.

The Raw Story article is scheduled to run later today at which point we would have released the documents along with the article. This morning, several prominent Web sites posted the documents, thereby creating some confusion. Raw Story also posted the documents in order to help keep the focus on the context that is forthcoming. We ask that you act responsibly in distributing the documents. When the Raw Story article goes out today, the documents that are now posted will have context. The documents on Raw Story and here at ADS are the ones that the chain of custody was established for. We cannot speak to other documents circulating on the Web. Please be ready to distribute the article and documents when we post the article later today. We apologize for the confusion.

• "Iraq Options Paper," UK Overseas and Defense Secretariat, March 8, 2002

The greater investment of Western forces, the greater our control over Iraq’s future, but the greater the cost and the longer we would need to stay. The only certain means to remove Saddam and his elite is to invade and impose a new government, but this could involve nation building over many years. Even a representative government could seek to acquire WMD and build-up its conventional forces, so long as Iran and Israel retain their WMD and conventional armouries and there was no acceptable solution to the Palestinian grievances.

SIGNIFICANCE: UK government anticipated "nation building over many years," in contradiction to public case by Bush administration. British also believed Iraq might acquire WMD without Saddam Hussein in power.

We have looked at three options for regime change...


The aim would be to launch a full-scale ground offensive... A pro-Western regime would be installed... The optimal times to start action are early spring.

SIGNIFICANCE: Timing of invasion already set in March 2002. Aim is not an Iraq which can democratically choose its policies, but a "pro-Western regime."

Most Iraqis see the INC/INA as Western stooges.

SIGNIFICANCE: The head of the INC (Iraqi National Congress) was Ahmed Chalabi; Chalabi is now acting Oil Minister of Iraq. The head of the INA (Iraqi National Accord) was Ayad Allawi; Allawi was Prime Minister of the Iraqi Interim government from June 1, 2004-April 7, 2005.

• "Iraq: Legal Background," UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, March 8, 2002

The US... maintain that the assessment of breach [of UN resolutions] is for individual member States. We are not aware of any other State which supports this view.

SIGNIFICANCE: Bush administration’s interpretation of international law, which eventually invoked for the invasion, was so bizarre it was not shared by any other nation on earth (including UK).

• Memo from David Manning (Foreign Policy Advisor to Blair) to Blair on Manning’s Dinner with Condoleezza Rice, March 14, 2002

I said you would not budge in your support for regime change but you had to manage a press, a Parliament and a public opinion... Condi’s enthusiasm for regime change is undimmed.... Bush has yet to find the answers to the big questions:... what happens on the morning after?

SIGNIFICANCE: Aim was always regime change. Bush had no plan for future of Iraq.

• Memo from Christopher Meyer (UK Ambassador to US) to David Manning on Meyer’s lunch with Wolfowitz, March 18, 2002

"On Iraq I opened by sticking very closely to the script that you used with Condi Rice last week. We backed regime change, but the plan had to be clever and failure was not an option. It would be a tough sell for us domestically, and probably tougher elsewhere in Europe. The US could go it alone if it wanted to. But if it wanted to act with partners, there had to be a strategy for building support for military action against Saddam. I then went through the need to wrongfoot Saddam on the inspectors and the UN SCRs and the critical importance of the MEPP as an integral part of the anti-Saddam strategy. If all this could be accomplished skillfully, we were fairly confident that a number of countries would come on board."

SIGNIFICANCE: UN process was a sham for Blair’s sake; aim was not disarmament but regime change, which had already been decided on.

• Memo from Peter Ricketts (Political Director, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office) to Jack Straw (UK Foreign Secretary), March 22, 2002

For Iraq, "regime change" does not stack up. It sounds like a grudge between Bush and Saddam. Much better, as you have suggested, to make the objective ending the threat to the international community from Iraqi WMD...

SIGNIFICANCE: Aim was regime change, but that wouldn’t sell; WMD issue was useful for PR reasons.

US scrambling to establish a link between Iraq and Al [Q]aida is so far frankly unconvincing.

SIGNIFICANCE: Even UK government at the highest levels believed the Bush administration claims of an Iraq-Al Qaida links were false.

• Memo from Jack Straw to Blair, March 25, 2002

We have also to answer the big question-what will this action achieve?... [no US assessment] has satisfactorily answered how that regime change is to be secured, and how there can be any certainty that the replacement regime will be better.

SIGNIFICANCE: UK government at its highest levels did not believe the US had any plan to be certain a new Iraqi government would be an improvement on Saddam and would not develop WMD.


One person, One vote, It Counts! Do it, America!



Oil and Food: A New Security Challenge

By Danielle Murray - Asia Times

03 June 2005

From farm to plate, the modern food system relies heavily on cheap oil. Threats to our oil supply are also threats to our food supply. As food undergoes more processing and travels farther, the food system consumes ever more energy each year.

The US food system uses over 10 quadrillion Btu (10,551 quadrillion Joules) of energy each year, as much as France's total annual energy consumption. Growing food accounts for only one-fifth of this. The other four-fifths is used to move, process, package, sell, and store food after it leaves the farm. Some 28% of energy used in agriculture goes to fertilizer manufacturing, 7% goes to irrigation, and 34% is consumed as diesel and gasoline by farm vehicles used to plant, till, and harvest crops. The rest goes to pesticide production, grain drying, and facility operations.

The past half-century has witnessed a tripling in world grain production - from 631 million tons in 1950 to 2,029 million tons in 2004. While 80% of the increase is due to population growth raising demand, the remainder can be attributed to more people eating higher up the food chain, increasing per capita grain consumption by 24%. New grain demand has been met primarily by raising land productivity through higher yielding crop varieties in conjunction with more oil-intensive mechanization, irrigation, and fertilizer use, rather than by expanding cropland.

Crop production now relies on fertilizers to replace soil nutrients, and therefore on the oil needed to mine, manufacture, and transport these fertilizers around the world. Rock deposits in the United States, Morocco, China, and Russia meet two-thirds of world phosphate demand, while Canada, Russia, and Belarus account for half of potash mine production. Nitrogen fertilizer production, which relies heavily on natural gas to fuel the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into reduced forms of nitrogen such as ammonia, is much more widely dispersed.

World fertilizer use has increased dramatically since the 1950s. China is now the top consumer with use rising beyond 40 million tons in 2004. Fertilizer use has leveled off in the United States, staying near 19 million tons per year since 1984. India's use also has stabilized at around 16 million tons per year since 1998. More energy-efficient fertilizer production technology and precision monitoring of soil nutrient needs have cut the amount of energy needed to fertilize crops, but there is still more room for improvement. As oil prices increase and the price of fertilizer rises, there will be a premium on closing the nutrient cycle and replacing synthetic fertilizer with organic waste.

The use of mechanical pumps to irrigate crops has allowed farms to prosper in the middle of the desert. It also has increased farm energy use, allowed larger water withdrawals, and contributed to aquifer depletion worldwide. As water tables drop, ever more powerful pumps must be used, perpetuating and increasing the oil requirements for irrigation. More efficient irrigation systems, such as low-pressure and drip irrigation, and precision soil moisture testing could reduce agricultural water and energy needs. But in many countries, government subsidies keep water artificially cheap and readily available.

Countering the historical trend toward more energy-intensive farm mechanization has been the adoption of conservation tillage methods - leaving crop residues on the ground to minimize wind and water erosion and soil moisture loss. Soil quality is improved through this technique, while farm fuel use and irrigation needs are lowered. Zero-till farming is practiced on 90 million hectares worldwide, over half of which are in the United States and Brazil. Reduced tillage is now used on 41% of US cropland.

Although agriculture is finding ways to use less energy, the amount consumed between the farm gate and the kitchen table continues to rise. While 21% of overall food system energy is used in agricultural production, another 14% goes to food transport, 16% to processing, 7% to packaging, 4% to food retailing, 7% to restaurants and caterers, and 32% to home refrigeration and preparation.

Food today travels farther than ever, with fruits and vegetables in Western industrial countries often logging 2,500-4,000 kilometers from farm to store. Increasingly, open world markets combined with low fuel prices allow the import of fresh produce year round, regardless of season or location. But as food travels farther, energy use soars. Trucking accounts for the majority of food transport, though it is nearly 10 times more energy-intensive than moving goods by rail or barge. Refrigerated jumbo jets - 60 times more energy-intensive than sea transport - constitute a small but growing sector of food transport, helping supply northern hemisphere markets with fresh produce from places like Chile, South Africa, and New Zealand.

Processed foods now make up three-fourths of total world food sales. One pound (0.45 kilograms) of frozen fruits or vegetables requires 825 kilocalories of energy for processing and 559 kilocalories for packaging, plus energy for refrigeration during transport, at the store, and in homes. Processing a one-pound can of fruits or vegetables takes an average 261 kilocalories, and packaging adds 1,006 kilocalories, thanks to the high energy-intensity of mining and manufacturing steel. Processing breakfast cereals requires 7,125 kilocalories per pound - easily five times as much energy as is contained in the cereal itself.

Most fresh produce and minimally processed grains, legumes, and sugars require very little packaging, particularly if bought in bulk. Processed foods, on the other hand, are often individually wrapped, bagged and boxed, or similarly overpackaged. This flashy packaging requires large amounts of energy and raw materials to produce, yet almost all of it ends up in our landfills.

Food retail operations, such as supermarkets and restaurants, require massive amounts of energy for refrigeration and food preparation. The replacement of neighborhood shops by "super" stores means consumers must drive farther to buy their food and rely more heavily on refrigeration to store food between shopping trips. Due to their preference for large contracts and homogenous supply, most grocery chains are reluctant to buy from local or small farms. Instead, food is shipped from distant large-scale farms and distributors - adding again to transport, packaging, and refrigeration energy needs.

Rather than propping up fossil-fuel-intensive, long-distance food systems through oil, irrigation, and transport subsidies, governments could promote sustainable agriculture, locally grown foods, and energy-efficient transportation. Incentives to use environmentally friendly farming methods such as conservation tillage, organic fertilizer application, and integrated pest management could reduce farm energy use significantly. Rebate programs for energy-efficient appliances and machinery for homes, retail establishments, processors, and farms would cut energy use throughout the food system. Legislation to minimize unnecessary packaging and promote recycling would decrease energy use and waste going to landfills.

Direct farmer-to-consumer marketing, such as farmers' markets, bypasses centralized distribution systems, cutting out unnecessary food travel and reducing packaging needs while improving local food security. Farmers' markets are expanding across the US, growing from 1,755 markets in 1993 to 3,100 in 2002, but still represent only 0.3% of food sales.

The biggest political action individuals take each day is deciding what to buy and eat. Preferentially buying local foods that are in season can cut transport and farm energy use and can improve food safety and security. Buying fewer processed, heavily packaged, and frozen foods can cut energy use and marketing costs, and using smaller refrigerators can slash household electricity bills. Eating lower on the food chain can reduce pressure on land, water, and energy supplies.

Fossil fuel reliance may prove to be the Achilles' heel of the modern food system. Oil supply fluctuations and disruptions could send food prices soaring overnight. Competition and conflict could quickly escalate. Decoupling the food system from the oil industry is key to improving food security.

Danielle Murray is a staff researcher with Earth Policy Institute


See also:

'Record Volume Rise' in World Energy Consumption (14 June 2005)
World energy consumption surged 4.3 per cent last year, the biggest percentage rise since 1984 and the largest volume increase ever, according to new figures from BP, the oil company. Burning fossil fuels at a faster rate also resulted in the largest absolute increase in carbon emissions, adding to the stock of "greenhouse gases" blamed for global warming. BP's annual statistical review, released on Tuesday, showed that the fast-growing economies of Asia were responsible for a large portion of the rise. China's fuel consumption rose by 15.1 per cent and India's by 7.2 per cent. Global consumption of oil also rose by 3.4 per cent, or 2.5m barrels a day, the biggest increase since 1978. Some 900,000 b/d of that increase in demand came from China, but BP said the demand also rose strongly across virtually every region. "Overall, the growth of global oil demand has outstripped oil production capacity growth, reducing the level of spare capacity," said David Allen, group managing director of BP. "That has been the fundamental cause of the oil price increases we've seen over the last two years." The average oil price in 2004 was $38 a barrel, BP said, up from $29 a barrel in 2003 and the highest ever figure expressed in "money-of-the-day". The oil price has averaged about $49 a barrel so far this year. At the same time, Britain and Australia suffered large falls in oil production they pumped 10 per cent and 13.9 per cent less respectively. Even so, BP said there was no shortage of available energy resources. At present production rates and without taking into account future discoveries, the world has enough oil to last 40 years and enough natural gas to last 60 years, according to BP. Lord Browne, chief executive of BP, said last week he expected world oil prices to remain at more than $40 a barrel until new supplies came on stream in the next three to four years.



As Toyota Goes ...

June 17, 2005

By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN - New York Times

So I have a question: If I am rooting for General Motors to go bankrupt and be bought out by Toyota, does that make me a bad person? It is not that I want any autoworker to lose his or her job, but I certainly would not put on a black tie if the entire management team at G.M. got sacked and was replaced by executives from Toyota. Indeed, I think the only hope for G.M.'s autoworkers, and maybe even our country, is with Toyota. Because let's face it, as Toyota goes, so goes America.

Having Toyota take over General Motors - which based its business strategy on building gas-guzzling cars, including the idiot Hummer, scoffing at hybrid technology and fighting Congressional efforts to impose higher mileage standards on U.S. automakers - would not only be in America's economic interest, it would also be in America's geopolitical interest. Because Toyota has pioneered the very hybrid engine technology that can help rescue not only our economy from its oil addiction (how about 500 miles per gallon of gasoline?), but also our foreign policy from dependence on Middle Eastern oil autocrats.

Diffusing Toyota's hybrid technology is one of the keys to what I call "geo-green." Geo-greens seek to combine into a single political movement environmentalists who want to reduce fossil fuels that cause climate change, evangelicals who want to protect God's green earth and all his creations, and geo-strategists who want to reduce our dependence on crude oil because it fuels some of the worst regimes in the world.

The Bush team has been M.I.A. on energy since 9/11. Indeed, the utter indifference of the Bush team to developing a geo-green strategy - which would also strengthen the dollar, reduce our trade deficit, make America the world leader in combating climate change and stimulate U.S. companies to take the lead in producing the green technologies that the world will desperately need as China and India industrialize - is so irresponsible that it takes your breath away. This is especially true when you realize that the solutions to our problems are already here.

As Gal Luft, co-chairman of the Set America Free coalition, a bipartisan alliance of national security, labor, environmental and religious groups that believe reducing oil consumption is a national priority, points out: the majority of U.S. oil imports go to fueling the transport sector - primarily cars and trucks. Therefore, the key to reducing our dependence on foreign oil is powering our cars and trucks with less petroleum.

There are two ways we can do that. One is electricity. We don't import electricity. We generate all of our needs with coal, hydropower, nuclear power and natural gas. Toyota's hybrid cars, like the Prius, run on both gasoline and electricity that is generated by braking and then stored in a small battery. But, says Luft, if you had a hybrid that you could plug in at night, the battery could store up 20 miles of driving per day. So your first 20 miles would be covered by the battery. The gasoline would only kick in after that. Since 50 percent of Americans do not drive more than 20 miles a day, the battery power would cover all their driving. Even if they drove more than that, combining the battery power and the gasoline could give them 100 miles per gallon of gasoline used, Luft notes.

Right now Toyota does not sell plug-in hybrids. Some enthusiasts, though, are using kits to convert their hybrids to plug-ins, but that adds several thousand dollars - and you lose your Toyota warranty. Imagine, though, if the government encouraged, through tax policy and other incentives, every automaker to offer plug-in hybrids? We would quickly move down the innovation curve and end up with better and cheaper plug-ins for all. Then add to that flexible-fuel cars, which have a special chip and fuel line that enable them to burn alcohol (ethanol or methanol), gasoline or any mixture of the two. Some four million U.S. cars already come equipped this way, including from G.M. It costs only about $100 a car to make it flex-fuel ready. Brazil hopes to have all its new cars flex-fuel ready by 2008. As Luft notes, if you combined a plug-in hybrid system with a flex-fuel system that burns 80 percent alcohol and 20 percent gasoline, you could end up stretching each gallon of gasoline up to 500 miles.

In short, we don't need to reinvent the wheel or wait for sci-fi hydrogen fuel cells. The technologies we need for a stronger, more energy independent America are already here. The only thing we have a shortage of now are leaders with the imagination and will to move the country onto a geo-green path.


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San Diego, CA. - June 19th, 2005

Federal Judge Sabraw has ordered an open court oral argument for Friday, June 24, 2005 at hear arguments by the United States to support a motion to dismiss the AIDS ORIGIN lawsuit of Dr. Boyd Ed Graves. Dr. Graves AIDS ORIGIN research and his nearly eight years of continuous legal action against the United States for the creation, production and proliferation of HIV/AIDS has been
receiving critical acclaim from scientists and medical doctors from all over the world.

I am hopeful, said Graves, that the Federal Court will deny the United States motion to dismiss and allow this issue to reach a jury verdict some time next year. I am certain reasonable people will conclude the U.S AIDS ORIGIN documents require and demand further accountability from the defendant, the United States of America.

According to the 1971 progress report of the U.S. Special Virus program, HIV/AIDS is a recombinant (virus) agent that has been formed by converging a leukemia and a lymphoma, a BIOLOGICAL WEAPON.

In 1984, (alleged) co-discoverers of HIV/AIDS, Drs. Robert Gallo and Luc Montague, concluded the original name of HIV/AIDS is LEUKEMIA/LYMPHOMA virus. See, Montague, L. & Gallo, R.C., et. al., Human T-Cell Leukemia Lymphoma Virus Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, (Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 1984). Additionally, the United States admits that the Nazi sheep virus visna, had not yet appeared in human disease. Because no one could explain how this Nazi sheep virus supposedly hopped species, the U.S. General Accounting Office began an investigation into the U.S. origin of HIV/AIDS in July, 2001 at the bequest of a Congressman.

The United States has sought to hide, dispel, distract and mislead any serious inquiry into the U.S. Special Virus program at every level and by every means necessary until this litigation.

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From: "Nelly Lewin">
Subject: Water conference 05 R. Shrinivasan report
Date: 18 Jun 2005

My dear Jean,

There are false Gurus who build their fortune out of their followers' despair and credulity and these, obviously do not apply what they preach, and you have the true Sages who are showing us the way. These, in spite of repeated criticisms, false rumours and slandering - like all the ones the Great Saints have had to suffer-, proceed and make the world a better place because their message is not just a hollow shell. It makes us feel that there are hopes for Mankind after all…

Let our lives be our message…

I thought you might be interested by this document I have just received.

In His Service, Light and Love

Have a bright and lovely day




WHAT'S NEW IN Sai Baba Community

Bombay, Raman Srinivasan writes:

I have just returned from Japan after attending a UN convention on "Water and Resources" and what I found was something amazing which I want to share with you and you may pass this on to as many people as you want.

The plenary session of about 1800 delegates had in the podium men like the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of China, Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Singapore. Indonesia and Ministers from about 20 countries, presidents of world Bank, IMF and Mayors of at least 20 major cities of the world and Mrs Annan, wife of the UN Secretary General -- in fact a very high power body. The Session started with a 30 minute Dance on the Theme of Water performed by the School children of Japan and at the end of it I got my first surprise! It was announced that it was by the Satya Sai School children of Japan.

At the end of the three day session there was a well attended ballet on Global Resources - again by the Satya Sai school children of the Asean region!

1800 delegates gave a standing ovation.

I had to deliver a keynote address on Swami's water project -- again an invitation from UN that I was surprised to receive at the last minute - and this generated a lot of enthusiasm. The attending press was so interested that they wanted me to answer questions on an impromptu press conference where there was a lot of interest on Swami's service projects. This even included an invitation from the Deputy
Prime Minister of China to come to China and talk about this.

During the conference I found several dignitaries from politicians to Bankers - some of them wearing green rings obviously given by Swami -- and many others, who were obviously Swami's devotees. All this goes to show how pervasive is the awareness of Swami all over the world, in all opinion making bodies and how unobtrusively he is placing his devotees in all world forums and how each one of us have a role to play in creating this new world order based on Truth, Non Violence, Peace, Right Conduct. In fact, throughout this seminar which was completely a non Sai function, there were frequent references to these value systems. I also had the opportunity to speak at several Sai Centres in Japan -- Obviously one of the hidden purposes of this sudden and surprising visit of mine. I was impressed not only by the dedication, but by the Quality of Service work.... particularly on Educare, prevailing in this region.

Please feel free to circulate this to as many Sai Devotees as you can.

I am not normally an email buff, but this whole experience was so humbling and a remarkable demonstration of the increasing pervasiveness of Swami and the role each one of us will be called upon to play towards this.




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