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December 24, 2005

Rising Phoenix Series #41: The Cherry On The Sun Day

Hello everyone!

This will most likely be my last compilation for 2005 for a total of 70 compilations amounting to 10 Megs of material - plus 23 Meditation Focuses amounting to 1,6 Megs.

I hope you enjoyed the ride - all the (approximately) 5,000 pages! I did!

Of course, as I alluded to in a reply to a feedback I got (see item #2 below), it came at a cost to me, time-wise (certainly close to 1000 hours), and emotionally-wise, as it is always a challenge to deal with so much information and try to make sense of it all while attempting to distill it all down to some positive ways to face it all, and personally translate this knowledge into some kind of meaningful understanding and appraisal of where we are going and what can be a useful contribution towards making this world a better place for all sentient beings.

I guess you probably went through similar feelings and thoughts...

Looking forward to continue with the same patient zeal in 2006... with 6 more years to go before we collectively reach the famed 2012 threshold of global awakening and vibrational ascension.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Happy Holy-Days period and a profoundly empowering New Year filled with Love and ever more spiritual realizations of our common Oneness.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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Enter the darkness
Go down into the cave of your soul
Into the dark night of the planet
Open to the oneness
Know what your soul knows
So you will be made whole
On the longest night of the year
Hold onto hope
Hereon returns the light

— Ariel Ky> - Winter Solstice 2005 Poem

"The Cost of Global War: One official from the World Bank estimated that the US will spend in excess of $900 Billion per year to maintain the global military presence that the Bush administration has in mind; nearly double the current Pentagon budget. This is probably accurate. The New World Order requires a gluttonous, iron-fisted military to maintain its supremacy and to preserve the existing economic paradigm. The only real threat to this system is the "transformation" of consciousness that is sweeping across the world. It is a rising tide that has stopped the American juggernaut in Iraq and Afghanistan."

— Mike Whitney - Taken from "Transformation" and the Beginning of Global Resistance at

Extra Christmas money - A blonde, wanting to earn some extra money, decided to hire herself out as a "handy-woman" and started canvassing a nearby well-to-do neighborhood. She went to the front door of the first house, and asked the owner if he had any odd jobs for her to do. "Well, I guess I could use somebody to paint my porch," he said, How much will you charge me ?" The blonde quickly responded, "How about $50.?" The man agreed and told her that the paint and everything she would need was in the garage. The man's wife, hearing the conversation, said to her husband, "Does she realize that our porch goes all the way around the house?" He responded, "That's a bit cynical, isn't it?" The wife replied, "You're right. I guess I'm starting to believe all those dumb blonde jokes we've been getting by email lately." A short time later, the blonde came to the door to collect her money. "You're finished already?" the husband asked. "Yes," the blonde replied, "and I had paint left over, so I gave it two coats." Impressed, the man reached into his pocket for the $50 and handed it to her. "And by the way," the blonde added, "it's not a Porch, it's a Lexus."

- Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">

Worthy of Your Attention

Santa's Jigsaw
Recommended by "John T. Linnell">

Cool Site (You can make it go faster if you wish...)
Recommended by Phyllis Montague>

FIRE THE GRID: Wonderful story and project
Recommended by

Winners of National Wildlife Photo Contest
Recommended by "Mark Graffis">


1. New School Model
2. Feedback
3. Good News From Around the Planet
4. Investigate Misconduct of Bush Administration
5. No President Is Above the Law
6. Connecting the Dots
8. President Takes Responsibility for Wrongheaded Invasion of Iraq!
9. SEN. BOXER CALLS FOR 9/11 TRUTH "Wherever It Leads...We Need the Truth"
10. Paper Cutters
11. Greenpeace Find Whalers
12. "PLEASE HELP US!!!" from the WHALES and DOLPHINS of EARTH!!!
13. A Risk of Total Collapse
14. Check Out My New Numbers

See also:

Internet censorship gets worse (Dec 17)
Progressive and investigative journalist web site administrators are beginning to talk to each other about it, e-mail users are beginning to understand why their e-mail is being disrupted by it, major search engines appear to be complying with it, and the low to equal signal-to-noise ratio of legitimate e-mail and spam appears to be perpetuated by it. In this case, "it," is what privacy and computer experts have long warned about: massive censorship of the web on a nationwide and global scale. Google is systematically failing to list and link to articles that contain explosive information about the Bush administration, the war in Iraq, Al Qaeda, and U.S. political scandals. But Google is not alone in working closely to stifle Internet discourse. America On Line, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others are slowly turning the Internet into an information superhighway dominated by barricades, toll booths, off-ramps that lead to dead ends, choke points, and security checks. America On Line (AOL) is the most egregious is stifling Internet freedom. A former AOL employee noted how AOL and other Internet Service Providers cooperate with the Bush administration in censoring email. The Patriot Act gave federal agencies the power to review information to the packet level and AOL was directed by agencies like the FBI to do more than sniff the subject line. The AOL term of service (TOS) has gradually been expanded to grant AOL virtually universal power regarding information. Many AOL users are likely unaware of the elastic clause, which says they will be bound by the current TOS and any TOS revisions which AOL may elect at any time in the future. Essentially, AOL users once agreed to allow the censorship and non-delivery of their email. Microsoft has similar requirements for Hotmail as do Yahoo and Google for their respective e-mail services. There are also many cases of Google's search engine failing to list and link to certain information. According to a number of web site administrators who carry anti-Bush political content, this situation has become more pronounced in the last month. In addition, many web site administrators are reporting a dramatic drop-off in hits to their sites, according to their web statistic analyzers. Adding to their woes is the frequency at which spam viruses are being spoofed as coming from their web site addresses.Last year, the Bush-Cheney campaign blocked international access to its web site -- -- for unspecified "security reasons."

Congress Extends Patriot Act for One Month
Congress on Thursday approved a one-month extension of the Patriot Act and sent it to President Bush in a pre-Christmas scramble to prevent many of its anti-terrorism provisions from expiring December 31. The brief extension of the widely criticized bill is perceived as a conceptual victory over the controversial provisions that were not permanently adopted.

Patriot Act Extended for Six Months
In a major setback for the White House on a top domestic priority, the Senate on Wednesday passed a mere six-month extension of the Patriot Act - due to expire on December 31 - even though President Bush had demanded that most of the law become permanent.

A Time to Impeach (Dec 19)
When the U.S. Senate last Friday refused to renew the liberticidal Patriot Act -- with its provisions for spying on Americans’ use of libraries and the Internet, among other Constitution-shredding provisions of that iniquitous law -- it was in part because that morning’s New York Times had revealed how Bush and his White House had committed a major crime. By ordering the National Security Agency -- the N.S.A, so secretive that in Washington its initials are said to stand for “No Such Agency” -- to wiretap and eavesdrop on thousands of American citizens without a court order, Bush committed actions specifically forbidden by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Passed in 1978 after the Senate’s Church Committee documented in detail the Nixon administration’s widespread use of U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on the anti-Vietnam war movement and other political dissidents, FISA “expressly made it a crime for government officials 'acting under color of law' to engage in electronic eavesdropping 'other than pursuant to statute.’”, as the director of the Center for National Security Studies, Kate Martin, told the Washington Post this past weekend. And the FISA statute required authorization of the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to make such domestic spying legal. Bush and his NSA sought no such authorization before invading American citizens’ right to privacy -- a blatant flouting of the law that made both wavering Democrats and libertarian Republicans mad enough to vote against extending the hideous Patriot Act, which thankfully will now expire at the end of the year. (...) A Zogby poll released November 4 showed that, when asked if they agreed that, "If President Bush did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq, Congress should consider holding him accountable through impeachment," Americans answered Yes by 53% to 42%. It is therefore not simply an extremist raving to suggest that impeachment of George Bush should be put on the table. Remember that, in the impeachment of Richard Nixon, Article 2 of the three Articles of Impeachment dealt with illegal wiretapping of Americans. It said that Nixon committed a crime “by directing or authorizing [intelligence] agencies or personnel to conduct or continue electronic surveillance or other investigations for purposes unrelated to national security, the enforcement of laws, or any other lawful function of his office.” There was no national security justification for Bush’s illegal NSA wiretaps -- which could easily have been instituted by following the FISA law’s provisions -- and, instead of being related to “enforcement of laws,” Bush’s eavesdropping was indisputably in contravention of the law of the land. And when a president commits a crime in violation of his oath of office swearing to uphold the law, it is the time to impeach.

Conyers Calls for Censure and Investigation of Bush and Cheney
As President Bush and his aides scramble to explain new revelations regarding Bush's authorization of spying on international telephone calls and emails of Americans, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee has begun a process that could lead to the censure, and perhaps impeachment, of the president and vice president.

Senators Seek Probe of Bush's Spying Orders
Rebuffing assurances from President George W. Bush, bipartisan members of the US Senate's Intelligence Committee called on Tuesday for an immediate inquiry into his authorization of spying on Americans.

NBC poll: should Bush be impeached? * 87% say YES*
Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment? Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial. No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors." No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching. I don't know. Vote to see results ...
Do you believe President Bush's actions justify impeachment?   * 78511 responses Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to justify putting him on trial. 87%
No, like any president, he has made a few missteps, but nothing approaching "high crimes and misdemeanors."4%
No, the man has done absolutely nothing wrong. Impeachment would just be a political lynching.7%
I don't know.1%

Demand Hearings for Domestic Spying

Christmas Bush
The President of the United States has publicly acknowledged it. He personally authorized the secret services to practice wiretapping outside any legal framework. George Doubleyou explained that he used his military powers for the sacred cause of defending America against terrorism. In the end, it's only one little infraction more. There was the trifle of the Abu Ghraib prison, where American soldiers defended the free world with cudgels and humiliations. The Guantánamo prison, where prisoners without rights, lawyers, judges, etc., are sequestered, is also necessary for safeguarding America's security. As are the kidnappings of presumed terrorists - with a few cases of mistaken identity, but anyone can be wrong sometimes - said subjects to be schlepped around by the CIA, outside of any oversight, to secret prisons equipped for extremely refined interrogations. The USA must defend the West against barbarians, Good against Evil. And should a country prove to use illegal eavesdropping, torture, humiliation, uncontrolled imprisonment, we can trust Bush. He'd attack it without hesitation.

At Last, 'Impeachment' Talk Appears in Media
Suddenly this week, scattered outposts in the media have started mentioning the "I" word, or at least the "IO" phrase: impeach or impeachable offense. The sudden outbreak of anger or candor - or, some might say, foolishness - has been sparked by the uproar over revelations of a White House approved domestic spying program, with some conservatives joining in the shouting.

Impeaching Bush/Complicity of Democrats
Recommended by "Mark Graffis"> who wrote: "I listened. It's outrageous how these Nazis are treating you and many others. Police State IS the only term for it."

William Rivers Pitt | The Breaking Strain
William Rivers Pitt: If we as a nation do not impeach a sitting president for such a vast array of blatantly illegal activities - activities directed at the American people themselves - then as a nation of laws we have lost our way. We have no meaning. We are finished, and the ideals for which so many have served and fought and died are ashes. Intolerable. Impeachable.

Congressman Calls for Bush Impeachment (2005-12-19)
Congress Congressman Calls for Bush Impeachment - The Associated Press - ATLANTA U.S. Rep. John Lewis said Monday in a radio interview that President Bush should be impeached if he broke the law in authorizing spying on Americans. THANK CONGRESSMAN LEWIS

Bush's Impeachable Offense
Yes, the president committed a federal crime by wiretapping Americans, say constitutional scholars, former intelligence officers and politicians. What's missing is the political will to impeach him.

Bush: 'I Am the Law'
Max J. Castro writes: "La Loi, c'est moi; I am the Law." That is what George W. Bush, so anti-French, so unlike the Sun King and yet so monarchical, has in effect told those who question the president's right to do whatever he wants under the guise of the "war against terrorism."

A Very Special Holiday TREASON'S GREETINGS
What better way to say “Treason’s Greetings” than to sing some heartwarming, uplifting, and “updated” carols outside Karl Rove’s house? See our Protesters Christmas Carol Songbook - All good people, be ye from D.A.W.N., be ye from Veterans for Peace, be ye from CODEPINK, be ye dissenter or be ye elf, now isn’t the hour to join hands and raise voices to let our leaders know our heartfelt sentiments. “The Mocking of a President” (Lots of photos) DON’T FORGET TO “HONOR” THE PRESIDENT’S STATE OF THE UNION MESSAGE JANUARY 31 WITH A MASSIVE PROTEST! Click on any thumbnail to see full-sized seditious image! CLIP

Part I: Bush Fundraisers Cash In by Giving - Then Receiving
Bush administration policies, grand and obscure, have financially benefited companies or lobbying clients tied to at least 200 of the president's largest campaign fundraisers, a Blade investigation has found. Dozens more stand to gain from Bush-backed initiatives that recently passed or await congressional approval.

Weekly White House Protests "The Mocking of a President"
We mock the criminal Bush Cabal in over 80 Languages every single Saturday from noon until dark. Be there!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. | America's Anti-Torture Tradition
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks of how the Bush administration has finally been pressured into backing a ban on cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners. He says what remains shocking about this embarrassing and distasteful national debate is that we had to have it at all.

Evidence of Death Squads Mount in Iraq
Hundreds of accounts of killings and abductions have emerged in recent weeks, most of them brought forward by Sunni civilians, who claim that their relatives have been taken away by Iraqi men in uniform without warrant or explanation.

Coercion Marred Iraq Elections
Iraq's elections were marked by widespread intimidation and coercion by paramilitary groups, experts said Tuesday. The first results from the parliamentary election last week show the country is dividing between Shia, Sunni and Kurdish regions.

Iraqis March, Say Elections Were Rigged
Large demonstrations broke out across Iraq on Friday denouncing parliamentary elections that protesters claimed were "rigged" in favor of the main religious Shiite coalition.

A New Phase of Bright Spinning Lies about Iraq
Norman Solomon: What's on the horizon for 2006 is that the Bush administration will strive to put any real or imagined reduction of US occupation troop levels in the media spotlight. Meanwhile, the Pentagon will use massive air power in Iraq. The Bush administration is eager to downplay the escalation of this air war. In 2006, the anti-war movement must do the opposite.

Bush's Fumbles Spur New Talk of Oversight on Hill
After a series of embarrassing disclosures, including the existence of secret US prisons abroad, the CIA's detention overseas of innocent foreign nationals, and, last week, the discovery that the military has been engaged in domestic spying, Congress is reconsidering its relatively lenient oversight of the Bush administration.

The Case against Karl Rove
Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald met with the second grand jury investigating the leak of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson for several hours Friday. Unless Rove's attorney intervenes at the 11th hour yet again, Fitzgerald is expected to ask the grand jury to indict Rove-at the very least-for making false statements to the FBI and Justice Department investigators in October 2003, lawyers close to the case say.

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, & Cybernetics (Dec. 6, 2000)
In 1948 Norbert Weiner published a book, Cybernetics, defined as a neurological communication and control theory already in use in small circles at that time. Yoneji Masuda, "Father of the Information Society," stated his concern in 1980 that our liberty is threatened Orwellian-style by cybernetic technology totally unknown to most people. This technology links the brains of people via implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based supercomputers. The first brain implants were surgically inserted in 1974 in the state of Ohio, USA and also in Stockholm, Sweden. Brain electrodes were inserted into the skulls of babies in 1946 without the knowledge of their parents. In the 1950s and 60s, electrical implants were inserted into the brains of animals and humans, especially in the U.S., during research into behaviour modification, and brain and body functioning. Mind control (MC) methods were used in attempts to change human behaviour and attitudes. Influencing brain functions became an important goal of military and intelligence services. Thirty years ago brain implants showed up in X-rays the size of one centimetre. Subsequent implants shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. They were made of silicon, later still of gallium arsenide. Today they are small enough to be inserted into the neck or back, and also intravenously in different parts of the body during surgical operations, with or without the consent of the subject. It is now almost impossible to detect or remove them. It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a microchip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life. Such plans are secretly being discussed in the U.S. without any public airing of the privacy issues involved. CLIP - Recommended by "Stephen Kaplan">

Glaxo Chief - 'Our Drugs Do Not Work On Most Patients'

Pentagon Hid 20,000 Hospitalizations from Anthrax Vaccine

BBC video: Zimbabwe facing widespread starvation (21 Dec 2005) (15 minutes viewing time)
Thousands of people in Zimbabwe are facing starvation as the result of the country's heavy economic decline. President Robert Mugabe has refused aid and banned church feeding programmes.

It's better to green your diet than your car (17 December 2005)
THINKING of helping the planet by buying an eco-friendly car? You could do more by going vegan, say Gidon Eshel and Pamela Martin of the University of Chicago. They compared the amount of fossil fuel needed to cultivate and process various foods, including running agricultural machinery, providing food for livestock and irrigating crops. They also factored in emissions of methane and nitrous oxide produced by cows, sheep and manure treatment. The typical US diet, about 28 per cent of which comes from animal sources, generates the equivalent of nearly 1.5 tonnes more carbon dioxide per person per year than a vegan diet with the same number of calories, say the researchers, who presented their results at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco last week. By comparison, the difference in annual emissions between driving a typical saloon car and a hybrid car, which runs off a rechargeable battery and gasoline, is just over 1 tonne. If you don't want to go vegan, choosing less-processed animal products and poultry instead of red meat can help reduce the greenhouse load. Recommended by "Kathleen Roberts">

World Is at Its Hottest since Prehistory, Say Scientists
The world is now hotter than at any stage since prehistoric times, a top climatologist announced last week. His startling conclusion comes as NASA reported that 2005 has been the hottest year ever recorded. Research also shows that carbon dioxide levels in the air - the main cause of global warming - are higher now than at any time in the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Seven States Agree to Reduce Emissions from Power Plants
After more than two and a half years of intense negotiations that nearly collapsed last week after the withdrawal of two states, the governors of seven Northeastern states signed an agreement yesterday to jointly reduce carbon dioxide emissions 10 percent by 2019.

Throwaway Christmas
Britain will discard more waste this Christmas than ever before, with an estimated three million tons of rubbish accumulated over the next few days. Barely a quarter of goods, packaging and uneaten food is likely to be recycled, incinerated - spewing pollution into the atmosphere - or dumped in landfill sites.

Omega-News Collection 17. December 2005


From: "Karen J. Wagner">
Subject: New School Model
Date: 16 Dec 2005

You wrote:

Dear Jean,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been reading your compilations for about a year now and believe that your network is one of the most amazing and miraculous places on the Internet. I am about to launch a New School Model here in Atlanta, GA and will send you more info as it becomes available. The working name is The Hahn Academy, named after Kurt Hahn, the German Jew who was exiled from Nazi Germany for his transformational education strategies. We will provide a safe, healthy learning environment for children who wish to be a part of the solution to transforming this wonderful world! Our curriculum will also be Native American based. I’ll stay in touch!

In Peace, Love, Gratitude and JOY,

Karen Wagner
Atlanta, GA USA



Dear Karen

Thank you so very much for your kind words of appreciation which are heartily welcomed.

I believe your New School Model Initiative is a MUST spread idea in light of the ever greater need for more compassionate and more enlightened teaching of true spiritual (not religious!) values to the growing number of souls incarnating with a clear mission to help establish a New Era on our beloved living planet.

Interestingly I woke up this morning with a clear recall of a dream in which I was meeting with Bill Gates to whom, after commending him for his and Melinda's remarkably positive contribution to humanitarian progress (in Africa, mainly) through their charitable foundation, I was suggesting that it would also be very helpful if, through their efforts, people in Africa and everywhere else could have access to similar transformational education strategies you allude to and to a globally inclined and spiritually focused teaching curriculum that would help millions of people to gain a greater clarity and understanding of their true nature and purpose in this lifetime. I also sensed as I was proposing him these suggestions that I would be delighted to contribute a kind of overall, sensitive and balanced framework towards creating the basis of what would be taught through this worldwide educational campaign, in line with the latest and most basic emerging consensus of What IS that needs to be known and experienced by all human souls on Earth as we approach the jump point threshold into a new era of unparalleled peace, unconditional love and global harmony.

I thought it was interesting to share this dream with you in light of what you are doing ;-)

Please keep me/us appraised of the unfolding development of your most vital initiative.

Much Love and Godspeed!



From: "Richard Keber">
Subject: Feedback Re: The Writing on the Wall Series #46:Torturous Genocidal America
Date: 16 Dec 2005

Wow man - thanks for all the incredible time and effort you obviously put into this amazingly huge compilation - it took me all morning to just read Part 1 (including following all the links that piqued my interest) and it was simply an exhausting experience - afterwards I needed to lean heavily on my faith that our One Humanity is indeed evolving and that we are indeed on the threshold of a dream - usually there is a Matthew or other cosmic message in there (I'm aware I'll get to one in a subsequent Part) to break up the looonng list of items concerning the multiple and detailed ways humans are committed to exploring their roles as evolutionary throwbacks - I felt devastatingly wasted and was unable to continue without taking a brisk walk in the cold winter sunshine to regain my energy and perspective - it REALLY gave me a sense of how it must feel to be you, and a good deal of compassion and awe for the task you have undertaken and the dedication your work represents - so I want to thank you again for the information you provide in my life, and say I wish for you a blessed holiday season and a new year filled with more than enough time to spend in whatever nurtures and inspires you - may God hold you gently in Her Heart-Light - peace, brother


Wow Richard!

Thanks for sharing with me both your appreciation for my contribution to global awakening (as I see it) and the feelings this mind trek triggered in you.

It is at times a challenging feat of endurance for me to be doing this and immerse myself in all this often difficult information as I've been doing for the past 9 years now. I often have to burn the midnight oil (and some more!) to get through the whole process of reviewing the nearly 500 new significant emails (SPAM excluded) I receive every week, explore the numerous links and new resources that come to my attention — and believe me, I'm eternally grateful for all the email contributions and tips I receive from so many (sometime too many!) - ERN subscribers in this ever growing task of sifting through all the latest developments — make some kind of order in this chaos, bring together what fits together in a - hopefully - cohesive compilation, and then email it to all 3000+ subscribers, and finally archive it all on the ERN website.

So when I receive appreciative comments such as yours, it definitely helps make the next round more pleasing, knowing that despite the - all considered - very few such feedbacks I get, it must surely serve some useful purpose. As I often told myself, the mere fact that so many people, over the course of so many years now, have endured on this list and accepted to have their conscience repeatedly stimulated in all kinds of ways by all the material I feel necessary to feature in my compilations, is in itself a clear indication that this networking service is not only appreciated but probably essential to help stir world consciousness towards greater responsibility and spiritual commitment towards achieving the aims we all agreed to achieve - before going in incarnation - in a common renewal and rejuvenation effort of this planetary field of evolutionary experiencing.

Just a word also to point out that, to me, the work of the Meditation Focus, which I've been also co-creating with Spirit for the last 68 months, has an even greater meaning for me in the sense that it represents a most effective way to positively influence the slow maturation process of our awakening global family of souls here on Earth and abroad in the universe and beyond, while in the process providing each meditating participant with an opportunity to manifest in an ever greater way the unlimited powers for Good and enlightened Love that so often remain dormant once we pass the threshold into a new embodied experience.

Thank you for this opportunity you offered me through your letter to express a bit of my Self through these written words.

Much Love and Light into your heart - no matter what you may read in my compilations - as we soon enter a new round of cosmic change and evolution ;-)



Forwarded on Dec 18 by Rudolf Schneider> who wrote: " If you would like some uplifting, inspiring reading on all the good news happening around the planet that you never hear about in the usual media, take a look at this report."

Good News From Around the Planet

EXCERPTS from the Good News e-Bulletin, December 13, 2005

The father of a Palestinian boy shot dead by Israeli soldiers donated the boy's organs to Israelis awaiting transplants. (Thank you Shahin!) Ismail Khatib's son Ahmed, 12, was shot Thursday in Jenin. Soldiers said he carried a toy rifle and they mistook him for a militant. He died Saturday, and Israeli doctors transplanted his kidneys, liver, lungs and heart to Jews, Arabs and a Druse, ranging from a 7-month-old baby to a 58-year-old woman. Ismail Khatib said he hoped the organ donations would send a message of peace to both Israelis and Palestinians. Adapted from LA Times, November 10, 2005

Venezuela youths transformed by music
The National System of Venezuelan Youth and Children's Orchestras, called El Sistema by its members, is celebrating 30 years of making classical musicians out of half-a-million young Venezuelans and transforming their lives while gaining international reputation. The program's social mission is helping "the fight of a poor and abandoned child against everything that opposes his full realisation as a human being". It has brought the sounds of Beethoven in barrios by giving many underprivileged and at-risk youths instruments, scholarships and free transportation. Adapted from BBC 28 November 2005

India and Pakistan have opened a third crossing point on the Kashmir border to provide aid for survivors of October’s earthquake. Postponed to allow for the construction of a foot bridge, the crossing is currently open only to relief supplies. Later, the crossing will be open to civilians. The frontier was drawn after the 1948 war between the neighboring countries. They have fought three wars since independence from Britain in 1947. They struck a deal last month to open five points. Adapted from BBC 12 November 2005

Gesture from Venezuela Heats the Bronx
In a gesture combining generosity and high theater, officials from an American subsidiary of Venezuela's state-owned oil company announced yesterday from a chilly corner of the Mount Hope neighborhood that they would sell heating fuel at a 40 percent discount to 75 apartment buildings in the Bronx, benefiting 8,000 low-income residents. Adapted from

Bill Gates Fights to End Malaria
The world's richest man, Bill Gates, believes it is possible to completely wipe out malaria that kills thousands every day, including 2,000 kids. He pledged $258.3 million recently for the development of new drugs, a vaccine and better protection against mosquitoes.
November 05, 2005

Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia, is becoming the first wireless country
A project funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has brought broadband internet access to hundreds of remote villages in Macedonia by putting the country's 460 primary and secondary schools online. In Macedonia, where the spectre of a civil war that was narrowly avoided still remains, there is faith that the internet might ease community tensions Adapted from BBC 11 November 2005

Liberia Elects Africa's First Woman President
Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf, a Harvard-educated economist and 67-year-old grandmother, a former World Bank economist and veteran politician, is nicknamed “The Iron Lady”, but has promised to show a new, softer side as president. The election was organized and its security guaranteed by a UN peacekeeping force. Adapted from

Michelle Bachelet remains favourite to win Chile's presidency next month and become the first professional female politician to lead a major Latin American country. Ms Bachelet is undoubtedly a breaker of moulds and a symbol of national reconciliation. She is a divorced mother of three in a largely Roman Catholic country. She was detained and tortured after the 1973 military coup led by Augusto Pinochet, yet rose to become defence minister when democracy was restored. Adapted from The Guardian December 14, 2005

'Unification Baby' Seen as Omen by N. Koreans
The South Korean baby is the first born in the North. Her birth Oct. 10 has been hailed as a mystical sign that the half-century-long division of the Korean peninsula is coming to an end. The mother was more than eight months pregnant when she traveled to North Korea. The parents named the baby Kyoreh, meaning "One People." Adapted from LA Times November 20, 2005

Koreas Hold Reunions for Divided Families
440 South Koreans traveled today to the North's Diamond Mountain resort for a three-day reunion - the 12th since the Koreas agreed to promote peace and reconciliation after an unprecedented summit between their leaders in 2000. So far, more than 10,000 Koreans have been reunited. Millions of Korean families remain separated following the division of the Korean Peninsula in 1945 and the 1950-53 Korean War. There is no direct mail, telephone or other communication between ordinary citizens across the border. Adapted from AP November 06, 2005

Ninety-five United Methodist Bishops repent their "complicity" in the "unjust and immoral" invasion and occupation of Iraq. Too many of us were silent," said a statement of conscience signed by more than half of the 164 retired and active United Methodist bishops worldwide. This is the first time that individual Methodist bishops have confessed to a personal failure to publicly challenge the buildup to the war. President Bush is a member of the United Methodist Church, according to various biographies. Adapted from FOX News November 11, 2005

Indian barbers offer AIDS advice and free condoms with haircut The "Barbers Intervention Project" is being implemented in 20 states and territories of India. More than 10,000 barbers are involved to promote safe sex, spread the message of prevention against HIV/Aids, and offer free condoms to their customers. Adapted from BBC 13 December 2005

WHO: Polio spread finally halted across Africa
After hard-line Islamic clerics in Nigeria led the 2003 immunization boycott (claiming the polio vaccine was part of a U.S.-led plot to render Nigeria's Muslims infertile or infect them with AIDS), the Nigerian polio strain spread to 15 African countries plus Yemen and Indonesia. Vaccination programs restarted in Nigeria in July 2004 after the 11-month boycott. But the delay effectively set global eradication efforts back at least a year. Now, this polio epidemic has been successfully stopped and polio has been stamped out in 10 of the 18 previously polio-free countries: Benin; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; Central African Republic; Chad; Ghana; Guinea; Ivory Coast; Mali and Togo. The coordinator of WHO's global polio eradication program said: "The world can be polio-free in another 12 to 18 months everywhere, and the poorest countries in the world are committed to turning this around." Adapted from CNN/AP November 10, 2005

Hundreds of sea turtles rescued in Brazil from a turtle smuggling ring in the Amazonian jungle. Trafficking sea turtles is a serious crime in Brazil which can lead to large fines. Adapted from BBC 3 December 2005

Now that the Puget Sound orcas are listed under the Endangered Species Act, steps to protect them will help humans as well. Human health should benefit from increased protection from oil spills and further restrictions on chemical and sewage discharges into the Sound. 13 December 2005

Scientists Discover Moon Orbiting So-Called 10th Planet
The astronomers who discovered the 10th planet (named Xena) in the solar system have made another intriguing announcement: it has a moon ( which they nicknamed Gabrielle after Xena's faithful sidekick in the TV series) October 1, 2905 

NASA discovers interstellar 'chocolate'. The discovery of nitrogen-carrying aromatic hydrocarbons (one type is the main ingredient in chocolate) throughout the universe has profound significance for the occurrence of organic life in space. Prior to their recent discovery in space, scientists had thought these biologically important molecules, key ingredients in the primordial chemical soup from which scientists think organic life may have arisen, were unique to Earth. Adapted from Christian Science Monitor October 26, 2005

Did you know that Human DNA consists of more than 3 billion building blocks whose sequences form genes, just like letters spell a word? For any two unrelated persons, these letters are 99.9 percent the same.


From: Ariel Ky>
Subject: Investigate Misconduct of Bush Administration
Date: 23 Dec 2005

Support Congressman John Conyer's resolution to investigate the misconduct of the Bush administration. It's heartening to see some resistance finally this month in Congress. Visit Conyer's website,, and sign the censure resolution. He is asking us to "become a citizen cosponsor the resolution to censure Bush and Cheney." Read his report, "The Constitution in Crisis: The Downing Street Minutes and Deception, Manipulation, Torture, Retribution and Coverups in the Iraq War.” The Select Committee Conyers is calling for would have subpoena authority to investigate the misconduct of the Bush Administration with regard to the Iraq war and report on possible impeachable offenses. Conyers is also proposing that both Bush and Cheney be censured by Congress for abuse of power.

Who can we call on to investigate the misconduct of the Senate? Our compromised press? It seems as though just about each and every Senator has either been bribed, threatened, or blackmailed. Either that or they truly endorse whatever the Bush administration has wanted. The Senate has acted like Bush's pet dog, rolling over whenever he wants. Bush treats the Senators like dogs, too, making them beg, bark, and bite at his command. The House hasn't done much better to represent the diverse interests of their constituents.

Ariel Ky>


Forwarded by "Rayah Rowswell"> On Dec 23


No President Is Above the Law 

by US Senator Robert C. Byrd

Floor Speech - December 19, 2005

Senator Byrd on Monday expressed his strong concerns about possible violations of the Constitution in the Bush Administration's admitted practice of spying on American citizens:

Americans have been stunned at the recent news of the abuses of power by an overzealous President. It has become apparent that this Administration has engaged in a consistent and unrelenting pattern of abuse against our Country's law-abiding citizens, and against our Constitution.

We have been stunned to hear reports about the Pentagon gathering information and creating databases to spy on ordinary Americans whose only sin is choose to exercise their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. Those Americans who choose to question the Administration's flawed policy in Iraq are labeled by this Administration as "domestic terrorists."

We now know that the F.B.I.'s use of National Security Letters on American citizens has increased one hundred fold, requiring tens of thousands of individuals to turn over personal information and records. These letters are issued without prior judicial review, and provide no real means for an individual to challenge a permanent gag order.

Through news reports, we have been shocked to learn of the CIA's practice of rendition, and the so-called "black sites," secret locations in foreign countries, where abuse and interrogation have been exported, to escape the reach of U.S. laws protecting against human rights abuses.

We know that Vice President Dick Cheney has asked for exemptions for the CIA from the language contained in the McCain torture amendment banning cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment. Thank God his pleas have been rejected by this Congress.

Now comes the stomach-churning revelation through an executive order, that President Bush has circumvented both the Congress and the courts. He has usurped the Third Branch of government - the branch charged with protecting the civil liberties of our people - by directing the National Security Agency to intercept and eavesdrop on the phone conversations and e-mails of American citizens without a warrant, which is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. He has stiff-armed the People's Branch of government. He has rationalized the use of domestic, civilian surveillance with a flimsy claim that he has such authority because we are at war. The executive order, which has been acknowledged by the President, is an end-run around the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which makes it unlawful for any official to monitor the communications of an individual on American soil without the approval of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

What is the President thinking? Congress has provided for the very situations which the President is blatantly exploiting. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, housed in the Department of Justice, reviews requests for warrants for domestic surveillance. The Court can review these requests expeditiously and in times of great emergency. In extreme cases, where time is of the essence and national security is at stake, surveillance can be conducted before the warrant is even applied for.

This secret court was established so that sensitive surveillance could be conducted, and information could be gathered without compromising the security of the investigation. The purpose of the FISA Court is to balance the government's role in fighting the war on terror with the Fourth Amendment rights afforded to each and every American.

The American public is given vague and empty assurances by the President that amount to little more than "trust me." But, we are a nation of laws and not of men. Where is the source of that authority he claims? I defy the Administration to show me where in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or the U.S. Constitution, they are allowed to steal into the lives of innocent America citizens and spy.

When asked yesterday what the source of this authority was, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had no answer. Secretary Rice seemed to insinuate that eavesdropping on Americans was acceptable because FISA was an outdated law, and could not address the needs of the government in combating the new war on terror. This is a patent falsehood. The USA Patriot Act expanded FISA significantly, equipping the government with the tools it needed to fight terrorism. Further amendments to FISA were granted under the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2002 and the Homeland Security Act of 2002. In fact, in its final report, the 9/11 Commission noted that the removal of the pre-9/11 "wall" between intelligence officials and law enforcement was significant in that it "opened up new opportunities for cooperative action."

The President claims that these powers are within his role as Commander in Chief. Make no mistake, the powers granted to the Commander in Chief are specifically those as head of the Armed Forces. These warrantless searches are conducted not against a foreign power, but against unsuspecting and unknowing American citizens. They are conducted against individuals living on American soil, not in Iraq or Afghanistan. There is nothing within the powers granted in the Commander in Chief clause that grants the President the ability to conduct clandestine surveillance of American civilians. We must not allow such groundless, foolish claims to stand.

The President claims a boundless authority through the resolution that authorized the war on those who perpetrated the September 11th attacks. But that resolution does not give the President unchecked power to spy on our own people. That resolution does not give the Administration the power to create covert prisons for secret prisoners. That resolution does not authorize the torture of prisoners to extract information from them. That resolution does not authorize running black-hole secret prisons in foreign countries to get around U.S. law. That resolution does not give the President the powers reserved only for kings and potentates.

I continue to be shocked and astounded by the breadth with which the Administration undermines the constitutional protections afforded to the people, and the arrogance with which it rebukes the powers held by the Legislative and Judicial Branches. The President has cast off federal law, enacted by Congress, often bearing his own signature, as mere formality. He has rebuffed the rule of law, and he has trivialized and trampled upon the prohibitions against unreasonable search and seizures guaranteed to Americans by the United States Constitution.

We are supposed to accept these dirty little secrets. We are told that it is irresponsible to draw attention to President Bush's gross abuse of power and Constitutional violations. But what is truly irresponsible is to neglect to uphold the rule of law. We listened to the President speak last night on the potential for democracy in Iraq. He claims to want to instill in the Iraqi people a tangible freedom and a working democracy, at the same time he violates our own U.S. laws and checks and balances? President Bush called the recent Iraqi election "a landmark day in the history of liberty." I dare say in this country we may have reached our own sort of landmark. Never have the promises and protections of Liberty seemed so illusory. Never have the freedoms we cherish seemed so imperiled.

These renegade assaults on the Constitution and our system of laws strike at the very core of our values, and foster a sense of mistrust and apprehension about the reach of government.

I am reminded of Thomas Payne's famous words, "These are the times that try men's souls."

These astounding revelations about the bending and contorting of the Constitution to justify a grasping, irresponsible Administration under the banner of "national security" are an outrage. Congress can no longer sit on the sidelines. It is time to ask hard questions of the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the CIA. The White House should not be allowed to exempt itself from answering the same questions simply because it might assert some kind of "executive privilege" in order to avoid further embarrassment.


See also:

The New York Times: This Call May Be Monitored ...
After 9/11, says The New York Times, Americans expected some reasonable and carefully measured trade-offs between security and civil liberties. They trusted their elected leaders to follow long-established democratic and legal principles and to make any changes in the light of day. But President Bush had other ideas. He secretly and recklessly expanded the government's powers in dangerous and unnecessary ways that eroded civil liberties and may also have violated the law.

Violating the Constitution
Retired USAF lieutenant colonel Karen Kwiatkowski, who spent two years at NSA headquarters, discusses the fact that President Bush signed an executive order that allegedly allowed the collection and operational intelligence use of international telephone or electronic mail conversations, even if one or more participants were Americans. She says many questions must be asked and answered, including the most important one: "Is it right?"

Bush Vows to Continue Spying on Americans
Reacting to Bush's vow to continue spying on Americans, Sen. Russell Feingold, D-Wis., said the president's remarks were "breathtaking in how extreme they were." Feingold said it was "absurd" that Bush said he relied on his inherent power as president to authorize the wiretaps. "If that's true, he doesn't need the Patriot Act because he can just make it up as he goes along. I tell you, he's President George Bush, not King George Bush."

Rumsfeld Spies on Quakers and Grannies
Matthew Rothschild discusses the recent report that Rumsfeld's Pentagon is tracking lawful protests.

Pentagon Illegally Spying on Activists
The National Security Agency story has pushed military spying on anti-war groups off the front pages, and the Pentagon appears to have seized upon administrative error to explain away its slide into domestic spying.

Pentagon Spying on Americans in US and Abroad
Counterintelligence Field Activity, or CIFA, is a three-year-old agency whose size and budget remain secret. It has grown from an agency that coordinated policy and oversaw the counterintelligence activities of units within the military services and Pentagon agencies to an analytic and operational organization with nine directorates and ever-widening authority.

FBI Papers Show Terror Inquiries Into PETA; Other Groups Tracked (December 20, 2005)
FBI counterterrorism investigators are monitoring domestic U.S. advocacy groups engaged in antiwar, environmental, civil rights and other causes, the American Civil Liberties Union charged yesterday as it released new FBI records that it said detail the extent of the activity. The documents, disclosed as part of a lawsuit that challenges FBI treatment of groups that planned demonstrations at last year's political conventions, show the bureau has opened a preliminary terrorism investigation into People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the well-known animal rights group based in Norfolk.The papers offer no proof of PETA's involvement in illegal activity. But more than 100 pages of heavily censored FBI files show the agency used secret informants and tracked the group's events for years, including an animal rights conference in Washington in July 2000, a community meeting at an Indiana college in spring 2003 and a planned August 2004 protest of a celebrity fur endorser.The documents show the FBI cultivated sources such as a "well insulated" PETA insider, who attended the 2000 meeting to gain credibility "within the animal rights/Ruckus movements." The FBI also kept information on Greenpeace and the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the papers show.The disclosure comes amid recent revelations about the extent of domestic spying by the government after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Those disclosures include the expansion within the United States of military intelligence and databases covering, among others, peace activists; increased use of "national security letters" by the FBI to examine personal records of tens of thousands of citizens; and, most recently, warrantless eavesdropping of overseas telephone calls and e-mails by U.S. citizens suspected of ties to terrorists.ACLU leaders contend that the memos show that FBI and government Joint Terrorism Task Forces across the country have expanded the definition of domestic terrorism to people who engage in mainstream political activity, including nonviolent protest and civil disobedience. CLIP

Evidence indicates Bush wire-tapped alternative medias (December 22, 2005)
Bush using warrant-less spying as a pretext to monitor U.S. “enemies” list?- WASHINGTON - There is evidence that President Bush’s executive order authorizing eavesdropping on phone conversations of U.S. citizens, monitoring email and gaining access to private computers while failing to follow the law requiring court-ordered warrants may amount to criminal activity. Internet IP address logs from this writer’s computer firewall security system provide evidence that the Department of Defense (DOD) is conducting surveillance, since logs show DOD internet identification numbers during specific occasions while we conducted phone interviews with intelligence agents and sources, and also while reports were being word-processed for stories regarding White House crime family activities.DOD intrusion attempts to monitor the contents of our computer, track key-strokes or install a surveillance device were listed in our firewall security log as “high-rated attacks” by the U.S. government, the circumstances about which this writer and other witnesses would be willing to testify if subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury or Congress. CLIP

Police Infiltrate Protests, Videotapes Show (December 22, 2005)
Undercover New York City police officers have conducted covert surveillance in the last 16 months of people protesting the Iraq war, bicycle riders taking part in mass rallies and even mourners at a street vigil for a cyclist killed in an accident, a series of videotapes show. In glimpses and in glaring detail, the videotape images reveal the robust presence of disguised officers or others working with them at seven public gatherings since August 2004. The officers hoist protest signs. They hold flowers with mourners. They ride in bicycle events. At the vigil for the cyclist, an officer in biking gear wore a button that said, "I am a shameless agitator." She also carried a camera and videotaped the roughly 15 people present. Beyond collecting information, some of the undercover officers or their associates are seen on the tape having influence on events. At a demonstration last year during the Republican National Convention, the sham arrest of a man secretly working with the police led to a bruising confrontation between officers in riot gear and bystanders. Until Sept. 11, the secret monitoring of events where people expressed their opinions was among the most tightly limited of police powers. CLIP

All Overseas Phone Calls Tapped
The National Security Agency, in carrying out President Bush's order to intercept the international phone calls and emails of Americans suspected of links to al Qaeda, has probably been using computers to monitor all other Americans' international communications as well, according to specialists familiar with the workings of the NSA.

Bill Would Allow Arrests For No Reason In Public Place (December 19, 2005)
Citizens Would Also Have To Show ID - CLEVELAND -- A bill on Gov. Bob Taft's desk right now is drawing a lot of criticism, NewsChannel5 reported.One state representative said it resembles Gestapo-style tactics of government, and there could be changes coming on the streets of Ohio's small towns and big cities. The Ohio Patriot Act has made it to the Taft's desk, and with the stroke of a pen, it would most likely become the toughest terrorism bill in the country. The lengthy piece of legislation would let police arrest people in public places who will not give their names, address and birth dates, even if they are not doing anything wrong. WEWS reported it would also pave the way for everyone entering critical transportation sites such as, train stations, airports and bus stations to show ID."It brings us frighteningly close to a show me your papers society," said Carrie Davis of the ACLU, which opposes the Ohio Patriot Act. There are many others who oppose the bill as well. "The variety of people who opposed to this is not just a group of the usual suspects. We have people far right to the left opposing the bill who think it is a bad idea," said Al McGinty, NewsChannel5’s terrorism expert. McGinty said he isn't sure the law would do what it's intended to do."I think anything we do to enhance security and give power to protect the public to police officers is a good idea," he said. "It is a good law in the wrong direction."Gov. Bob Taft will make the ultimate decision on whether to sign the bill. WEWS was told that Taft is expected to sign the bill into law, but legal experts expect that it will be challenged in courts.

Report: The Constitution in Crisis
In brief, we have found there is substantial evidence that the president, vice president, and other high-ranking members of the Bush administration misled Congress and the American people regarding the decision to go to war with Iraq; misstated and manipulated intelligence information regarding the justification for said war; countenanced torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment, and other legal violations in Iraq; and permitted inappropriate retaliation against critics of their administration.

Victims of Creeping Fascism (12/19/05)
When a sitting president declares that the constitution is just “A God damned piece of paper,” it reveals much about his inner character; or lack thereof. It reveals dangerous illusions of omnipotence, contempt for the law, and scorn for the people. It was George Bush who uttered those tortured words to Whitehouse aides last week. Easily misled by false idols intoxicated with power and driven by insatiable greed, we are witnessing nothing less astonishing than the demise of the American experiment. Dreams of democracy, justice, peace and hope are receding into the dim recesses of ever more distant memory. We see them morphing into an Orwellian nightmare of monstrous proportions that promises to pursue us to our graves. If we continue on this course of ethical decline, in another decade we will not even be able to recall the forms and texture of those dreams that once held so much promise.The American people have allowed the theft of the past two presidential elections with hardly so much as a whimper of protest. Most are not even aware that they occurred. Moreover, we have allowed indicted Congressman Tom Delay to redraw congressional districts in a way that gives conservatives a substantial advantage over democrats and totally precludes progressives from competing. While the morality of such actions may not be in question—their legality is currently under investigation by federal prosecutors.As a result of decades of complacency created in part by the fog of television, and the ongoing corporatization of the government, the American people find themselves the victims of creeping fascism. Like the proverbial frog placed in a pot of warm water upon a lighted stove, we hardly notice the gradual loss of our freedoms. By the time we awaken to reality—if we ever awaken—we will find ourselves parboiled. By then it will be too late to extricate ourselves. CLIP

Is our president a liar? -- "He is President, Not A King" Russ Feingold - Was he lying then or is he lying now? Either way he is a liar. Must watch video at (Windows Media) or (Flash format)

How Bush Tried to Kill Snoopgate Story (Dec 19)
The president was so desperate to kill The New York Times‚ eavesdropping story, he summoned the paper's editor and publisher to the Oval Office. But it wasn't just out of concern about national security. - Finally we have a Washington scandal that goes beyond sex, corruption and political intrigue to big issues like security versus liberty and the reasonable bounds of presidential power. President Bush came out swinging on Snoopgate- he made it seem as if those who didn't agree with him wanted to leave us vulnerable to Al Qaeda- but it will not work. We're seeing clearly now that Bush thought 9/11 gave him license to act like a dictator, or in his own mind, no doubt, like Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War.No wonder Bush was so desperate that The New York Times not publish its story on the National Security Agency eavesdropping on American citizens without a warrant, in what lawyers outside the administration say is a clear violation of the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. I learned this week that on December 6, Bush summoned Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger and executive editor Bill Keller to the Oval Office in a futile attempt to talk them out of running the story. The Times will not comment on the meeting, but one can only imagine the president's desperation. (...) No, Bush was desperate to keep the Times from running this important story- which the paper had already inexplicably held for a year -because he knew that it would reveal him as a law-breaker. He insists he had "legal authority derived from the Constitution and congressional resolution authorizing force." But the Constitution explicitly requires the president to obey the law. And the post 9/11 congressional resolution authorizing "all necessary force" in fighting terrorism was made in clear reference to military intervention. It did not scrap the Constitution and allow the president to do whatever he pleased in any area in the name of fighting terrorism.

Where's the Outrage?
Bush's defense of his phone-spying program has disturbing echoes of arguments once used by South Africa's apartheid regime. Arlene Getz tells why Americans should examine the parallels.

The Extra-Legal Executive
The surveillance matter is disturbing not only, or even especially, because of the casual disregard for civil liberty and Anglo-American tradition it entails. Rather, the main point here is about the law. It was universally understood on September 10, 2001, that, wisely or unwisely, intelligence agencies could not conduct this sort of operation without first gaining approval from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

David Sirota: The Most Important Question of All in Bush's Domestic Spying Scandal (Dec 18);_ylt=AmqZxtwk9zFMgyKpJOw51pwe6sgF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MXN1bHE0BHNlYwN0bWE-
(...) And that gets us right back to the most important question: why would the President deliberately circumvent a court that was already wholly inclined to grant him domestic surveillance warrants? The answer is obvious, though as yet largely unstated in the mainstream media: because the President was likely ordering surveillance operations that were so outrageous, so unrelated to the War on Terror, and, to put it in Constitutional terms, so "unreasonable" that even a FISA court would not have granted them.This is no conspiracy theory - all the signs point right to this conclusion. In fact, it would be a conspiracy theory to say otherwise, because it would be ignoring the cold, hard facts that we already know. CLIP

THE GLOBALISTS CHANGE STRATEGY - Why The Patriot Act Is Intended To Fail (December 22)
Next attack will give Globalists reason to blame ‘Constitution huggers,’ NSA spying leak part of the disinfo - From all the indications we have studied it seems that the Patriot Act is intentionally destined to fail so that when the Globalists carry out a terror attack they can blame ‘civil liberties advocates’ for preventing them from keeping the general public safe and then reject out of hand criticism of all future police state legislation that they pass.Neo-Cons who have received their uniform talking points memo are all over the radio bragging, ‘you just wait until there’s another attack, you’ll be in the forced labor camps’. We have heard this from Michael Savage and many others of his ilk on numerous occasions. Why do they need the Patriot Act to fail? Because if the Globalists carry out another terror attack right now, people will be inclined to say that the existing Patriot Act powers were in the hands of the government and they failed to protect us, thus discrediting the police state legislation. This was the tone of a memo circulating amongst Republican elite last month which voiced concern about how another terror attack would play out. The authors of the memo feared that people’s loss of faith in their belief that the government could protect them would override group think reactions of begging the state to ensure their safety once again under any circumstances. CLIP

Big Brother Bush: President Steps toward Police State
Without a serious leap of imagination, particularly with the list of those under surveillance not available to anyone outside the NSA and the Pentagon, it is also possible to project that political critics of the Bush administration could end up among those being tracked. The idea that all of this is being done to us in the name of national security doesn't wash; that is the language of a police state.

Lots more on this at


From: "Bill Cain">
Subject: Connecting the Dots
Date: 23 Dec 2005

Connecting the Dots

Have you seen the three block cartoon strip where, in the first block a woman lets out a scream, in the second block her husband asks what’s wrong and in the third block she says, “I just connected the dots about 9-11.”?

A lot of people in the slow lane are just beginning to understand what Iraq is really all about, but many of us have had the bigger picture in focus for some time now – the one that shows beyond any shadow of a doubt that 9-11 was an inside job meant to further a higher, hidden agenda which has nothing to do with the best interests of the common person in this or any other country.

Now there appears to be another dot to connect in this hideous puzzle – one that might have a chilling direct link to many of us. Last summer when my computer became sick, the repair technician said he had never seen one with so much imbedded spy ware that had clogged it to a crawl. Spy ware, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is what those who want to snoop into what others are doing on their computers can send in an attempt to further reveal more about one’s computer habits. I knew intuitively that, because I was on so many lists and alternative news sources like this one, which regularly post anti-government sentiment, I’d been under surveillance for quite some time.

Now we hear that our wonderful president, who stays up all night figuring out ways to protect us, has been found recently to have authorized illegal domestic spying on an undetermined number of US citizens since 9-11. BINGO. Dot connected. As they say, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist. If, as many of us on these enlightened internet forums know - that 9-11 was not about terrorists attacking this country – why do you think Bush would have engaged in such useless, unnecessary spying activity? There can be no other reason than to identify dissidents - those people who understand what’s really going on, want the Truth to come out and abhor the current administration. People like myself and perhaps….you?

There are unsubstantiated articles on the Internet which claim there are dozens of concentration camps here in the US which are fully operational as I speak and ready to accept prisoners. I hope this latest dot doesn’t keep anyone up at night. The nightmare continues. God help us all before it’s too late.

Bill Cain





November 29, 2005

The Honorable Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico
4th Floor, The Capitol
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501
Attention David Contarino, Chief of Staff
505 827-3000

The Honorable Patricia Madrid, Attorney General
of New Mexico The Honorable Stuart Bluestone,
Deputy Attorney General of New Mexico 2nd Floor,
The Bataan Building Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 505 827-6000 & 505 827-6004

Dear Governor Richardson, Attorney General Madrid, and Deputy A.G. Bluestone:

Even though I am not a resident of your wonderful state, I want to encourage implore follow through to the fullest possible measure in protecting the men, women - and especially the children - of New Mexico by moving with unflinching conviction to become the first state of the Union to ban the use of Aspartame.

I have been a professional broadcast journalist for over 20 years and have done a great deal of research into the outrageous approval of this terrible toxin and its hideous aftermath...a tragic trail of disease, personal destruction and even death. I have actively supported, on my program and site, the selfless devotion of heroic scientists and doctors, and regular citizens of America, in their truly inspiring efforts to defeat the corporate Goliath of Greed and to protect the health of the People.

I do not need to go into details about what Aspartame really IS and how it destroys lives and bodies, as I'm sure you have a mountain of scientific evidence and proof on your desk already.

Let me just say that we are well aware you are confronting a multi-billion dollar corporate beast which cares not a whit about the lives of Americans, and it will take every ounce of your courage and statesmanship to tell these people and their hired goons to go home...that their game is finished in New Mexico.

Millions of Americans...and citizens of other nations around the world...are counting on your resolute courage and moral strength to be the first to say "NO" to the poison Aspartame.

You will earn an eminently deserved place in contemporary American history as a Governor and an Attorney General who stood side-by-side with medical science in defending your constituents in the face of wicked pressure from those whose sole concern is their corporation's profits.

You, Governor Richardson, will be hailed as a truly great American and an honest political force in our country...something that is in dreadfully short supply now.

Know well that we, the PEOPLE, stand behind you no matter what state we may live in. Your wise and compassionate leadership will inspire us all for many years to come.

Kind regards, Jeff Rense

The Jeff Rense Program and Founder,

Letter to the Governor, the Attorney General, and the Deputy Attorney General of New Mexico


November 28, 2005

The Honorable William Blaine Richardson The Honorable Patricia Madrid The Honorable Stuart Bluestone

Dear Governor Richardson, Attorney General Patricia Madrid, and Deputy Attorney General Stuart Bluestone:

Below please find the letter I wrote the EIB in September proving that aspartame violates both State and Federal Statutes on Adulteration. I want each of you to take the time to read the EIB letter from September, and this more current one to you with my responses to the Ajinomoto of Japan's New Mexico lawyer's brief asking that the Board of Pharmacy not move forward with any hearing on aspartame's neurotoxicity. Thus, you will know that aspartame is a product that is poisonous, mislabeled, and adulterative, making it unfit for human consumption.

If aspartame were under consideration for approval today based on science instead of by the politics of Don Rumsfeld (, there is no way it would be approved today. The FDA refused approval for 16 years, and at one point, even asked the Justice Department to prosecute the manufacturer for fraud and submission of false documents! This is the first and only time in its history that FDA did this. However both prosecutors, Sam Skinner and William Conlon, hired on with the defense team representing the industries, and the statute of limitations expired.

FDA continued to deny approval, and another branch of the Federal Government, the Department of Defense, was doing research on using aspartame as a biological weapon against other nations. Then Donald Rumsfeld, President of G.D. Searle, who was also on Reagan's transition team, "called in his markers," as he worded it, and his choice for the new FDA Commissioner, Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, was appointed. It mattered not that aspartame was a proven carcinogen and triggered in original studies brain, mammary, uterine, ovarian, testicular, pancreatic and thyroid tumors, as well as testicular atrophy, polyps and seizures.

Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, told Congress that aspartame, without a shadow of a doubt triggers brain cancer and violates the Delaney Amending forbidding carcinogenic additives. Hayes ignored the objection of his own Public Board of Inquiry and approved it in 1981. Dr. Gross told Congress in l985 that since it triggers brain tumors, FDA could not by law have set an allowable daily dose. In 1987 FDA toxicologist, Dr. Jacqueline Verrett, testified to Congress that all Searle's studies were built on a foundation of sand and should be thrown out; it had not been proven safe, though it was on the market in thousands of products at that time.

FDA is the handmaiden of Big Pharma, their loyal attack dog. Dr. James Bowen of Hawaii, who has Lou Gehrig's caused by aspartame, has written that before the FDA approved aspartame, it was intact, but once it was approved and FDA had to lie about its safety, it is as though they no longer cared. One employee of the FDA told the mother of an aspartame-seizure victim: "We revoked the petition for approval; we tried to indict the company; we said it wasn't safe, and we said it caused seizures and brain tumors. They should have listened to us. Now what do you want us to do?"

On please see the Bressler Report, an FDA audit by Jerome Bressler, now retired. It gives the manufacturer indigestion. I thanked Mr. Bressler for his candor in letting the world know how deadly aspartame is, and he told me the studies were much worse than his FDA Audit showed because when they retyped it, they removed the worst 20%. He didn't say who was behind it but to look for two mice studies and a cover letter and I would learn how bad it is. Dr. Bressler repeated this to Dr. Russell Blaylock, a neurosurgeon who spoke to him on the matter. Dr. H. J. Roberts of Palm Beach Florida asked his congressman to get the missing records. The FDA wrote the congressman that the information is confidential and they would not release it. That is against the law, of course, but if the FDA released this particular information, they'd be found guilty of altering reports.

Dr. John Olney, one of the world's most renowned neuroscientists, founded the field of neuroscience called excitotoxicity, after doing the studies on MSG and aspartic acid, the excitotoxin in aspartame, which constitutes 40% of aspartame by molecular weight. He found lesions in the brains of mice from these chemicals and tried to prevent aspartame approval. [An excitotoxin is a biochemical that literally stimulates the neurons of the brain to death. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock wrote a book on this subject, Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills]. Dr. Olney, fed up with all the fraud, insisted that Searle do studies in his lab so he could oversee them, and prevent manipulation. The studies showed brain damage. Dr. Olney thought it would never be approved, but didn't realize that Searle simply deleted those studies from its report to FDA.

In 14 years, I've spoken to a lot of informants and could give a course on how manufacturers of aspartame manipulate studies, and mislead the public. You simply cannot get a chemical poison like aspartame, a deadly, deadly neurotoxic drug, and carcinogen, to show safety unless you manipulate the studies for that purpose.

One study pivotal in the approval of aspartame was a 52-week oral toxicity study on 7 infant monkeys. Five had grand mal seizures and one died. However, it's very well known that aspartame is a seizure triggering drug, and interacts with anti-seizure medication and all medication and vaccines. It damages the mitochondria of the cells; this is one of the reasons, and, of course, it is a chemical hypersensitization agent that triggers polychemical sensitivity syndrome.

The FDA report of 92 symptoms from 10,000 volunteered consumer complaints, more that the complaints to FDA about all other food additives combined, is on [In other words, the FDA's own 92 symptom chart shows four different kinds of seizures triggered by aspartame!]

Monsanto, which bought Searle in l985, decided they would do studies to show safety and put the minds of the people at rest. Here's what they did, in this hopelessly flawed double-blind study funded by Monsanto, the Rowen study of l995:

They were so afraid somebody would have a seizure they actually had 16 of the 18 subjects taking anti-seizure medication during the study. They knew the CDC showed that most seizures linked to aspartame don't appear until three or more months of real world aspartame use, so they did a ONE DAY study with subjects all having been given in advance anti-seizure medication!

The aspartame was in capsules, so instead of spiking the plasma phenylalanine level and significantly changing the phenylalanine/LNAA ratio, the phenylalanine was absorbed very slowly -- more like what happens when ingesting food (Stegink l987). These researchers discussed in detail the issue of plasma phenylalanine and LNAA levels. It was particularly absurd that they gave the aspartame in capsules, even though they cited industry research (Burns l990) that proves capsulated aspartame eliminates the spike in plasma phenylalanine! The researchers were pretending to test the hypothesis that phenylalanine/LNAA ratio changes cause seizures, but intentionally skewed their dog-and-pony show to get the result they wanted.

Capsulated aspartame slows the absorption of methanol and may reduce its toxicity somewhat similar to the way ingestion of food with methanol may slightly reduce its toxicity (Posner l975) and also eliminates the quick absorption of the excitotoxin, aspartic acid (Stegink l987). When aspartic acid is absorbed quickly, it is extremely excitotoxic (Blaylock l994, Olney l980), especially in conjunction with formaldehyde that comes from the methanol in aspartame.

This "study" consisted of ONLY ONE SINGLE DOSE of aspartame ingestion. This was comparable to the test subjects just smelling the bottle! The results of this study only apply to people who take a single dose of encapsulated aspartame while they're on anti-seizure medication. Not only is this study worthless, but also key information wasn't in the abstract; namely, the fact the subjects were on anti-seizure medication and that the aspartame was in capsules. This is just one example, and there are indeed hundreds, of the tactics used by the manipulative criminals in the aspartame industry who are trying to prevent two board hearings and investigations by the state of New Mexico into their manipulative techniques to conceal and misrepresent evidence!

Ralph Walton M.D. did an independent study on aspartame, and Monsanto, knowing they could not control the study, even refused to sell him the aspartame. After one man had a retinal detachment (the methanol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde and formic acid destroys the optic nerve) and lost vision in that eye, and another subject had conjunctival bleeding while others reporting they were being poisoned, the study was halted. You CANNOT do an honest study on this chemical poison and show safety. Poisons are always poisons - period. Dr. Walton's study is on (click on aspartame).

Further, in l996 when Dr. John Olney made world news on the aspartame/brain tumor association, Dr. Walton joined him on 60 Minutes with his research on peer-reviewed studies and funding, showing 92% of independent peer reviewed studies reveal the problems aspartame causes. Dr. Walton also stated if you removed the studies FDA had something to do with 100% of independent studies show the problems with aspartame. Read this study on (scroll down to experts).

So if all independent studies show problems, what does this say about industry controlled/ funded studies that say aspartame is so safe? And why do the manufacturers threaten researchers who do these independent studies? Dr. Richard Wurtman of the Brain Studies Department of MIT testified before Congress on how dangerous this drug is. He also decided to do studies on aspartame and seizures, but was threatened by the VP of Searle that if he did his research, his funding would be terminated. Today Dr. Wurtman refuses to speak out about aspartame, yet MIT is getting funding again. However, he couldn't destroy the paper trail on how deadly aspartame is. Although Wurtman edited "Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function," this book is now removed from MIT, but many of his reports are on our web sites explaining the toxicity.

Gregory Gordon did an 8 month investigation on aspartame when he was with UPI (on and also wrote the article "FDA Resisted Proposals To Test Aspartame" when he was working with the Minneapolis Star Tribune in l996. The manufacturers manipulate the FDA into helping them prevent new independent studies, by citing the ostensible "200 studies that show it is safe." Gordon wrote:

"Food and Drug Administration officials have for years resisted proposals from government scientists for comprehensive studies on the safety of the artificial sweetener aspartame, which [at least] 100 million Americans consume as NutraSweet. Between the early l980s and l994, scientists at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) proposed at least four times that the government's leading program for toxicology research fund such studies, the Star Tribune has learned. The government scientists said they wanted the National Toxicology Program to conduct animal studies to resolve questions about the sweetener's cancer risks. After each of these "nominations," NIEHS officials elected not to pursue the research at the urging of FDA officials, who said they were satisfied with industry- sponsored research that found no health risks. ...

"Now, after a scientific paper by researchers at Washington University of St. Louis has rekindled fears that aspartame may cause deadly brain tumors, some present and former NIEHS officials are criticizing the FDA for using its influence to delay research that could have settled some or all of the safety questions."

Perhaps by now, you can understand why no one in the USA knew that the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences Cancer Research Centre in Bologna, Italy was doing a 3-year study on aspartame. No independent researcher would want the manufacturers to know, because they would threaten, try to prevent and harass them. The studies, just recently released, show just exactly what was expected, that aspartame triggers malignant brain tumors as in original studies, lymphoma, leukemia and even kidney cancer and cancer of the peripheral cranial nerves. They called it a multipotential carcinogen, which we've known for 25 years!

In the 1970's, G.D. Searle sacrificed people in South and Central America who were in poor villages. They developed brain tumors and seizures; one pregnant woman began to bleed extensively, lost her baby, and disappeared; and otherwise the studies showed aspartame destroys the brain and central nervous system. Aspartame also hardened the synovial fluids accounting for the agonizing joint pain so many victims complain about. Searle did not publish these studies, although we have the affidavit of the translator. They promptly closed the Florida office, went back to Illinois, and sent the physician involved to Mexico.

Now FDA will just stick with industry and accept the flawed studies instead of the real ones. They're complaining the Italian researchers didn't kill the rats after 2 years but let them live out their lives. This to determine how many cancers the aged rats would develop, just as my files are full of cancer reports from older Americans. The quicker you kill them, the fewer cancers you find!

Studies in Norway a few years ago showed aspartame destroys the brain, especially in the area of learning. The studies in South and Central America revealed the brain tumors. The manufacturers' own studies in Dr. Olney's office showed aspartame destroys the brain. The manufacturers have been caught red-handed so all they can use is their abundant clout & cash to get regulators to rubber-stamp their poisons. To hell with the people their poisons kill!

This letter has been long and detailed; in order for you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt, as FDA toxicologist, Dr. Gross, told Congress, that aspartame is indeed a carcinogen. Dr. H. J. Roberts's medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, is 1038 pages of diseases and horrors that this toxin causes. As an abortifacient and teratogen it has destroyed millions of babies in their mother's womb and caused ADD, Autism, ADHD, Tourette's, mental retardation and a host of other horrors to our children.

Governor Richardson, thank you for your courage to get junk food out of school. Please just remember "no sweeteners," as they mostly are all chemicals except for Just Like Sugar (available in Whole Foods) and the sweet herb Stevia. There are products like Xylitol that can cause some bloating but nowhere near as bad as what it is presently in soft drinks. With the information I am giving you in this letter, you and the legislators can strongly stand up to and reject the complaints of the lobbyists for the corporations which include Ajinomoto, Altria Corporate Services (Kraft-Philip Morris), the Glutamate Association of America, Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola, when your excellent legislative efforts in this realm come before the 2006 legislature. Attorney General Madrid and Deputy Attorney General Bluestone, please show the same kind of courage in your legal research and your eventual Opinion for the Pharmacy Board, that they can move forward to hear evidence on the neurotoxicity of aspartame in medications, vitamins, and aspirin, despite the fact that this neurodegenerative product technically retains its ill-gotten FDA approval.

Aspartame has caused an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. It also aggravates and simulates diabetic retinopathy and neuropathy and interacts with insulin. It's a drug that makes you crave carbohydrates as Dr. Wurtman has reported. [Please see protest of National Soft Drink Association on

A book could be written on what the manufacturers have done! Even in the UPI investigation, it was reported physicians who spoke out to Congress were put on a yacht and the aspartame manufacturers tried to change their mind. No one disagrees they have bottomless checkbooks, but they also intimidate, threaten and have no concern for how many perish on their poison, and this should be prosecuted in due course by racketeering statutes, because purely and simply, racketeering is precisely what they do! If aspartame were safe, consider they would not have to manipulate studies, and try to prevent any independent studies, just as Ajinomoto is trying now to prevent any inquiries about aspartame's neurotoxicity from two New Mexico Boards!

In one of the manufacturers' press releases on the new Italian study, they commented that they thought it was criminal that the regulatory people were not advised. In other words, what they are saying is that they had no opportunity to change the results by purchasing the researchers' loyalty! Dr. Blaylock said their study confirmed the previous study by Dr. Trocho and co-workers (l998) that also found the formaldehyde breakdown product of aspartame to be damaging to cellular DNA and that this damage was cumulative. Similarly, when aspartame manufacturers and their front groups like the Calorie Control Council say the recent Italian studies by the Ramazzini Foundation don't go along with other carcinogen studies, they are lying; they are trying to compare the truthful new one from Italy to ones they controlled to get the result they wanted. And the Trocho people were intimidated terribly.

Please don't forget Dr. Blaylock's words in Aspartame Makers Tell A Whopper,

"This study should terrify mothers and all those consuming aspartame sweetened products. This was a carefully done study that clearly demonstrated a statistically significant increase in several types of lymphomas and leukemias in rats. Both of these malignancies have increased significantly in this country since the widespread use of aspartame."

He also wrote: "These studies strongly indicate that drinking a single diet cola sweetened with aspartame everyday could significantly increase one's risk of developing a lymphoma or leukemia."

Clearly by statute, the Environmental Improvement Board of New Mexico and the Board of Pharmacy have the power to conduct hearings, examine the evidence, and if they deem appropriate, to then ban aspartame. If they didn't exercise their powers given to them by the legislature in statutes, they would be of no use to the people. This was corroborated by former Special Assistant Attorney General Stevan Looney, now of the Sutin Firm, who represented Petitioner Stephen Fox pro-bono because he knew he was protecting the health of the citizens of New Mexico.


With that being said, I would like to go over the specific arguments from the attorneys who represent the manufacturers who make this toxin poisoning the world.

CLIP - Read the missing part at

Free the citizens of New Mexico from this deadly poison!

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club
Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 and
Aspartame Toxicity Center,


See also:


MP Calls For Ban On 'Unsafe' Sweetener,2763,1667734,00.html

Safety Of Artificial Sweetener Called Into Question By MP:,2763,1667771,00.html

IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 14, 2005
The Charles Fleming Murder Case: How Did Diane Fleming Get Wrongly Convicted Of Murdering Her Husband?
Charles Fleming, 37, died a typical aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet) poisoning death. Bad lawyering by defense counsel and exculpatory evidence withheld by the Commonwealth of Virginia prosecutors led to the conviction of Charles Fleming's wife, Diane Fleming. (PRWEB) December 14, 2005 -- Charles Fleming, 37, played basketball every Sunday. On a hot summer day in June, 2000, Charles came home and drank a bottle of Gatorade that he and his wife Diane had just bought to mix with creatine, a food supplement. Charles wanted to try creatine because it promised muscle mass. This particular Sunday was the first time Charles ever drank Gatorade; the Flemings bought it particularly to mix with the creatine. After drinking the Gatorade with the supplement, Fleming became ill and went to bed early. The next morning Fleming went to work but, feeling ill, returned home. Charles Fleming’s condition deteriorated rapidly and he was taken to the hospital. During treatment, Fleming was given Ativan because he was combative and confused; from there, he slipped into a coma and died. The autopsy showed Charles Fleming died from ‘acute methanol poisoning’. In February, 2002, Case No. CR01F01484-01, Commonwealth Of Virginia v. Diane Fleming, Diane Fleming was tried and convicted to sentences of 30 years for murder and twenty years for adulteration, allegedly ‘spiking’ her husband’s Gatorade with methanol, a poisonous alcohol, from a bottle of windshield washer fluid. Diane Fleming has been incarcerated for almost 4 years as prisoner #311655 in the Troy, VA. (Fluvanna), Department of Corrections. Diane Fleming has given permission to this writer to write about the following latest endeavors to free her. CLIP read the rest at
Recommended by ERN subscriber Carol Guilford>

Two New Studies on Aspartame

Testimony Before Congress by Louis Elsas, M.D.,

Open Letter to the Albuquerque Journal and New Mexicans:

Ajinomoto, Aspartame and Brain Tumors: Recipe for Death

New Study Released Linking Aspartame to Cancer
A recently released study conclusively links aspartame to cancer. Read the BBC report playing it down. And the press release from the institute that conducted the study. Or download the entire study.

Sweet Misery Released
The documentary "Sweet Misery" reveals one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution. The toxic, long-term effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a "hoax" by the sweetener industry. The real footwork, however, unravels something less comforting than a mere "hoax." "Sweet Misery" is a Sound and Fury Productions release. Note from Jean: To get this excellent documentary (I watched it!) and in the UK, write to

NOTE: Many of the links at are not active yet. To access the full database (over 800 webpages) of aspartame related material compiled by David O. Rietz before his untimely death please go at



President Takes Responsibility for Wrongheaded Invasion of Iraq!

by Karen Kwiatkowski

If you thought the devil was behind it, you’ve confused a couple blatant liars who strut when they walk!

Bush did it!

After well over three years of lying, prevaricating, misleading, and confusing the American people, after killing, maiming and destroying the livelihoods of tens of thousands of Iraqis and Americans at a healthy 20-to-1 ratio, and after the unprecedented destruction of Iraq’s infrastructure, let the record show, on December 14, 2005, Dubya said "I am responsible!"

And as a loyal and patriotic American, let me be the first to say, it wasn’t his fault. And even if it was his fault, he’s already said he’s glad he did it, and he’s going to keep doing it until he is good and ready to stop doing it!

Truth be told, that darn intelligence community fed him the wrong headlines! A good and decent President only reads headlines, and he should only have to read the simple ones that please him and make him smile. Why couldn’t the CIA get it right?

Our shining President reminds us that no matter what was said and done, it was always, only and ever about forcing a fresh friendly democracy on Baghdad. And look! Nice elections are happening there! Everyone is giving us the purple finger in honor of that towering moral force for all things bright and beautiful, an American President who only wants the very best democracy and the very finest freedom for the people of Iraq under the tree this year!

And just look at what our President has achieved in Iraq. A nice big constitution, completed in record time! We and our Iraqi puppets burned the midnight oil, so to speak, to write this tome, this giant redwood of constitutions! Just think—it took Americans 230 years to get the Patriot Act and embrace the intense protofascist degree of government interference in our daily lives and permanent federal abrogation of the Bill of Rights. Iraq is already there, with roving military forces, curfews, and instant justice conveniently provided in both 120 mm and 5.56 mm varieties. Only the bipolar in this country can count on that kind of freedom and democracy, so far.

Speaking of the Bill of Rights, the one we wrote for the Iraqis is way longer than the quaint little one we use here in Amerika. Iraqis now have lots of great rights we can only dream of in Duluth or Des Moines.

Sure, we left out the right to bear arms, but armed citizens protecting their property and lives is so old-school, don’t you think? Not to mention a drag on the free exercise of government power! Anyway, what do Iraqis need guns for? We have given them an Ethnicities-R-Us "provincial proportional representation" system – what’s not to like about that?

Now, some of you unpatriotic whiners out there are bound and determined to focus on all the wrong things. You are missing the big picture, people! Like Secretary of State Rice said just this week on the Sean Hannity show, "This President envisions a different future, and we [me and him and Cheney and our neoconservative enablers] are making that future happen."

In fact, Madame Secretary Rischovsky was on the Sean "Pravda" Hannity program to discuss the most recent expansion of the American executive branch – a politically strengthened bureaucracy at State "with a mission to anticipate [non-U.S.] state failures and prevent conflict." Rice told the adoring, loyal and patriotic Hannity audience that "next time" we do "this," we will do a far better job than we did in Iraq. Our central planning and our five-year plans will be more robust, more realistic, more wonderful in every way!

What is "this" exactly, you ask? "This" would be, of course, creating a fake intelligence storyline, in order to build popular and congressional support, in order to invade a small weak country, in order to kill tens of thousands of human beings without legal, moral or defensive justification, in order to establish new military bases and long-term natural resource extraction contracts, in order to enrich our corporate friends and closest allies.

Next time we do this?

Look, you libertarians, you anarcho-capitalists, you constitutionalists, you left-wingers and other domestic terrorists and dead-enders, those of you who criticize the American government for its unbridled interventionism on behalf of universal values. Listen up, because I’m only going to say this once! Get with the program!

We are going to do this again and again and again.

We are going to do this over and over and over.

We are going to keep doing it until the Chinese stop paying, or Vermont secedes.

And that’s final!

December 16, 2005

Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. [send her mail], a retired USAF lieutenant colonel who spent her final four and a half years in uniform working at the Pentagon's Near East/South Asia bureau. She lives with her freedom-loving family in the Shenandoah Valley, and among other things, has written on defense issues with a libertarian perspective for, hosts the call-in radio show American Forum on Saturday nights, and blogs occasionally for


Date: 16 Dec 2005
From: Ethan X>
Subject: SEN. BOXER CALLS FOR 9/11 TRUTH "Wherever It Leads...We Need the Truth"

This is the closest that I have ever heard ANY US Senator going into the real truth about 9/11.

Please read what Senator Boxer said about getting to the truth about 9/11, and about the possible motives for the Bush administration.

Each and every one of us should write to Senator Boxer and to our own US Senators and tell them that NO. 9/11 TRUTH should NOT be placed on the "Back Burner!"

We should call them constantly. We should make the roar in Congress SO loud about this issue that our legislators finally realize that Americans are *not* going to back down and accept the bogus lies, errors, and omissions contained in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Congress needs to know that we are not going to stop until we get the truth. We must DEMAND the truth, not ask for it. We must let them know that we no longer believe their lies. We must allow every single US Senator to fear the power of their constituents' growing dissatisfaction and upset at being played for fools and being fed virtually nothing but a pack of lies for four years.

2,749 of our fellow citizens died that day. Don't we deserve to know exactly what actually happened to them - and at whose hand? Know this for certain: We will never, ever just be handed the truth on a platter!

Our only hope of ever getting the truth is the day when the American citizens force the issue like we never have before and demand it!

We deserve that the real truth be pursued, as Senator Boxer says, "wherever it leads." And so far? That just hasn't happened. And it's not going to happen - until and unless you and I and the next guy and gal *make* it happen.

Please forward this widely.




December 13, 2005

Yet another voice has been raised in the ongoing skepticism about the 9/11 Commission Report, but it comes from a somewhat surprising source. U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer [D-CA] - occasionally mentioned as a potential 2008 presidential candidate - has joined the ranks of those lacking confidence in the Commission's findings.

According to an analysis at, the Senator's statement that truth must be pursued "wherever it leads," reflects the "growing awareness among Americans that the 9/11 Commission Report is, as David Griffin writes, 'a 567-page lie.'" The article cites a Zogby poll result, showing that "half of New Yorkers believe that top U.S. officials conspired to commit high treason and mass murder on 9/11/01." It then summarizes Boxer's discussion of the issue, as broadcast on the Wisconsin Public Radio program "Conversations with Kathleen Dunn," with Kevin Barrett of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

Barrett brought up the issue of Mohammed Atta and the apparently nefarious connections that existed between him and the CIA, as well as with certain members of Congress and other government operatives. Boxer noted, "That isn't what the 9/11 Commission Report said — but that doesn't mean it isn't true." She emphasized that "we need to pursue the truth about 9/11 wherever it leads. The truth should be the only priority. And we need the truth." However, she declared, this would probably have to be back-burnered for the immediate future: "My main focus now is to end the war in Iraq." - ST


See also:

LA Citizens Grand Jury Condemns US Government Roll In 911 And Subsequent Coverup Sees US 'Treasonous Inside Cabal' As Responsible For 911 Terror Attacks
Finds Official Story 'Impossible, Implausible' On Multiple Fronts Demands Immediate Release Of CIA Inspector General's Report, Cheney Counter-Terrorism Task Force And War Game Records, Pentagon Evidence Seized By FBI And Suppressed 911 Report Of 'Broadly Inaccurate Accounts By Several Civil And Military Officials' -
LOS ANGELES - In findings issued today, the Los Angeles Citizens' Grand Jury condemned the 9/11 Commission's official version of the events of September 11, 2001 as "physically impossible, untenable, contradictory, implausible and fraudulent" and called for the release of several documents specifically naming officials responsible for 9/11, being withheld until after the election. Citing evidence that at least 8 of the 19 alleged suicide hijackers reported themselves alive after 9/11, that the World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 came down not from fires from the planes but controlled demolition explosives which require weeks to prepare, and Administration managed "war games" (including a field training exercise scenario covering multiple hijackings and a plane going into a building) that were actually happening on 9/11 as causing air traffic controller confusion & lack of fighter response, the nation's first Citizens' Grand Jury on 9/11 unabashedly concluded 9/11 was "an inside job" that demands "legal prosecution, civil liability and political condemnation" around the world. CLIP

Justice for 9-11 - Citizens's complaint
On November 19, 2004, the "Justice for 9/11" Steering Committee submitted a Citizens' Complaint and Petition to the offices of the Attorney General of New York State, Eliot Spitzer, citing probable cause for an independent grand jury investigation to examine unsolved crimes committed in connection with the events of September 11, 2001. We are publishing the complete Complaint and Petition online in this space as a living, growing document. Nine members of September 11 families, Ground Zero first responders, and citizens of New York have signed on as the first complainants. We call on citizens to support this action, to initiate similar actions in other states, and to sign the online petition of solidarity.

Untold Story of the Woolworth Building Incidents on 9-11

Great Site for Exposing 911



Paper Cutters

Environmentalists take on Victoria’s Secret to protect Canada’s forests.

December 12, 2005

By Jeremy Caplan

There’s nothing sexy about bad publicity. Victoria’s Secret has had its fair share over the years, usually fueled by critics of the retail company’s suggestive lingerie ads or seminude fashion show, which returned this month after a two-year hiatus. But now the attacks are coming from a bunch of tree huggers in suits. ForestEthics, an environmental-advocacy group founded in 1994 to protect British Columbia’s Clayoquot Sound, has launched a campaign of protests, including some 150 last month in Toronto and at Victoria’s Secret stores around the U.S.

The reason the environmentalists are so mad: Victoria’s Secret prints and mails 395 million catalogs a year, averaging more than 1 million a day. The activists argue that Victoria’s Secret contributes to the stripping of endangered forests. ForestEthics, based in San Francisco, is trying to pressure the company into changing the paper it uses, 25% of which comes from Canada’s Great Boreal Forest, one of the world’s largest endangered woodlands. Unlike more radical environmental groups, which refuse to negotiate with companies they view as evil, ForestEthics has met with Victoria’s Secret and recommended green-friendly suppliers. “It used to be that you either worked with companies or against them,” says ForestEthics executive director Todd Paglia. “But that’s foolish and a false choice. We help companies change, but we don’t take no for an answer.”

ForestEthics’ carrot-and-stick approach has proved effective. From 1999 to 2002, the organization pushed Staples and Office Depot to stop buying paper derived from endangered forests and to ensure that 30% of the paper they sell has recycled content. Thanks to pressure from ForestEthics, Victoria’s Secret prints its clearance catalogs on paper that has more than 80% recycled content. To Paglia, however, that is only a starting point. “Moving 6% or 7% of their catalogs to recycled paper is to be applauded, but the remaining 350 million need to change,” he says.

Victoria’s Secret is one of dozens of major companies that print millions of catalogs on nonrecycled paper. Over the past decade, U.S. catalog production has grown 40%, and in 2004 over 18 billion catalogs were mailed, more than 64 for each person. In addition to Victoria’s Secret, ForestEthics has singled out Sears and J. Crew for having poor paper practices and sourcing from the Boreal. “It’s scandalous that Canada’s heritage is being literally thrown away by Americans,” says Tzeporah Berman, British Columbia program director for ForestEthics. “Some of the most important forests that we have left, like the Boreal, are being clear-cut and shipped to the United States at incredible rates to make catalogs that most people just drop in the trash.”

Companies generally argue that recycled paper costs more or looks worse than nonrecycled paper. But Dell and Williams-Sonoma have started switching to recycled paper with little, if any, noticeable change in expense or quality. And for a catalog industry that manages a feeble 2.5% average response rate, adding recycled content to bulk mailings is unlikely to do much harm, Paglia argues. It may help boost a company’s image at a time when more consumers are shopping for green-friendly products.

For now, talks between Victoria’s Secret and ForestEthics continue. “We have been good environmental stewards, and we recognize there is more to be done,” says Anthony Hebron, spokesman for Limited Brands, which owns the company. ForestEthics, meanwhile, is on a roll. It is developing a Do Not Mail campaign in the U.S., modeled on the American Do Not Call registry, to let consumers decide whether they want to be barraged with junk mail. “In the Internet age, printing catalogs at this volume is like running cars on a steam engine,” Paglia says. “It would be quaint if it weren’t so destructive.”

Much more details at and at


From: "Alicia Power">
Subject: Greenpeace Find Whalers
Date: 23 Dec 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Greenpeace Finds Whalers

You may have already seen in the news and know that yesterday, after weeks of being tossed about by the Southern Ocean, we came upon what we were looking for - the Japanese whaling fleet. My ship, the Esperanza, and the Arctic Sunrise, pulled within inches of the nearest Japanese vessel. Our activists set out in eight rigid inflatable boats and did what we do best - put ourselves on the line to protect the whales.

As the action was in full swing, two Japanese "catcher" ships arrived on the scene with dead minke whales hung from their hulls. I positioned my ship, the Esperanza, in front of the stern ramp of the factory ship to block the transfer of the catch. This prompted one of the catcher ships to try to push my ship out of the way. For the safety of all of us onboard, I was forced to pull the Esperanza back. Meanwhile, the whalers turned high-pressure fire hoses on our activists and tried to beat them with metal rods and hooks.

Japan has more than doubled its planned catch of minke whales to 935 and added 10 endangered fin whales. Fin whales are the second largest creatures on earth, after blue whales.

It's only with your support that Greenpeace has been able to take action and expose this needless slaughter. I can't tell you how much it means to us to know that there are thousands of people back home supporting us during these difficult times. Together we are Making Whaling History!

Captain Frank Kemp
Greenpeace Ship Esperanza

Click here to view the latest news and images direct from the Southern Ocean



From: Jeff Wefferson>
Date: 21 Dec 2005
Subject: "PLEASE HELP US!!!" from the WHALES and DOLPHINS of EARTH!!!

Greetings and Happy Holidays! We all have a tremendous amount to be thankful for this holiday season, not the least of which is our complete freedom to communicate with each other in any way we choose. In honor of this gift, this freedom, which we often take for granted, and in honor of one of the highest abilities that we, as "intelligent" beings share with other intelligent beings on planet Earth... I offer you this Christmas greeting, in the spirit of sharing.. .an awareness that, despite the plenitude and comfort of our day-to-day lives, all is NOT well with the children of the Earth.

Many, many life-forms are under attack by what we call "civilization." Our fellow beings are crying out to us any way they can... to get our attention, to ask us to stop our brutality, our degradation of their home, our destruction of their lives.

If you pause for a few moments, and go deeply within yourself, maybe you can hear the cries for help, maybe you can feel their pain and suffering.

I bring your attention specifically to the cetaceans, the whales and dolphins, the "people of the sea", the plight they suffer from the human attack manifesting as low-frequency sonar, whaling, trawling and drift nets, chemical and noise pollution of the global ocean.

The Earth is far more their planet than ours. They have physical adaptation, communication, social relationships, indeed, "intelligence" far surpassing that of "man, the wise."

If we as-a-whole weren't asleep at the wheel, brain-dead zombies from our technological intoxicants, rampaging world-eaters, indeed, the homo sapiens macro-virus... were we not in a collective coma of denial and distraction, we could clearly hear, feel, experience the cries from our fellow beings who are trying to get us to wake up at this very moment.

I urge you to read the articles below and bring yourself up to date on what is happening. And I'd like to introduce you to Capt. Paul Watson, known as the Sea Shepherd. At this very moment he and his crew are somewhere in the great Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, tracking down and confronting pirate Japanese whalers.

A co-founder of Greenpeace, Watson left to do his own thing, which some refer to as "direct action conservation." Check it out... if there is anyone on this planet who loves life and is doing something about it, it is the Sea Shepherd.

It's possible that the cetaceans possess the most highly advanced minds on the planet... if we can somehow learn to understand the secrets of how they communicate, think of the new horizons that would open in our minds. They might be able to teach us about the nature of "reality"; as it is right now, we are trapped inside our own "holodeck", our strictly human matrix of "reality." But how "real" is it? And how can we possibly truly communicate with beings who we are waging a full-spectrum war upon???




Excerpt from Sea Shepherd's long, 18 December 2005

"I cannot express to you, my friends, just how it pains me to know that these butchering criminals are even now pursuing helpless whales as we search for them. At this moment, the hot blood of a whale is most likely pouring into these frigid waters. Every day that passes means the oceans are robbed of the life of more of these gentle giants.

What sort of beings are these whalers? They slaughter the whales without thought, without mercy or remorse. What sort of culture can support such a barbarously cruel industry? How can the nations of the world stand by and allow Japan to contemptuously continue to kill the whales and get away with it just because they are the economic bullies of Asia?

Right now, an intelligent, sociable, incredibly unique creature is being hauled through the anus of a belching steel factory ship where men scurry like cockroaches over the warm body slicing through the flesh with their efficient knives, spilling the entrails onto the deck, and ripping the fetuses from the bodies of mothers who will never feel the joy of birthing and nursing their offspring.

What these men do out here in these lonely, remote, and hostile waters is unforgivable. They wage a relentless slaughter on creatures whose brain size alone should exempt them from our savageness."

Sea Shepherd Interview:

"Apart from our collective ego as a species, the idea of an Earthling species more intelligent than ourselves is difficult to swallow. We measure intelligence in strictly human terms, based on those abilities that we as a species excel at. Thus we view hand-to-eye coordination as a highly intelligent ability. We build things; we make tools and weapons, manufacture vehicles, and construct buildings. We use our brains to focus our eyes to guide our hands to force our environment to conform to our desires or our will. Whales cannot or do not do any of the things we expect intelligent creatures to do. They do not build cars or spaceships, nor can they manage investment portfolios."

from "The Paragon of Animals: Reflections on the Perception of Intelligence",

"Extinction is a difficult concept to fully appreciate. What has been is no more and never shall be again. It would take another creation and billions of years to recreate the passenger pigeon. It is the loss of billions of years of evolutionary programming. It is the destruction of beauty, the obliteration of truth, the removal of uniqueness, the scarring of the sacred web of life

To be responsible for an extinction is to commit blasphemy against the divine. It is the greatest of all possible crimes, more evil than murder, more appalling than genocide, more monstrous than even the apparent unlimited perversities of the human mind. To be responsible for the complete and utter destruction of a unique and sacred life form is arrogance that seethes with evil, for the very opposite of evil is live. It is no accident that these two words spell out each other in reverse."

from "The Politics of Extinction: Remain a Parasite or become an Earth Warrior",

"I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's."

- William Blake

"On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers: everyone is crew."

- R. Buckminster Fuller


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Japanese Whalers and Greenpeace in Remote Ocean Battle
A Japanese whaling fleet and Greenpeace environmental activists are involved in a stand-off in the remote Southern Ocean near the coast of Antarctica with the two sides accusing each other of ramming their vessels.

Daring rescue of whale off Farallones (12/15/05)
Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines, diver says - A humpback whale freed by divers from a tangle of crab trap lines near the Farallon Islands nudged its rescuers and flapped around in what marine experts said was a rare and remarkable encounter."It felt to me like it was thanking us, knowing that it was free and that we had helped it," James Moskito, one of the rescue divers, said Tuesday. "It stopped about a foot away from me, pushed me around a little bit and had some fun."Sunday's daring rescue was the first successful attempt on the West Coast to free an entangled humpback, said Shelbi Stoudt, stranding manager for the Marine Mammal Center in Marin County.The 45- to 50-foot female humpback, estimated to weigh 50 tons, was on the humpbacks' usual migratory route between the Northern California coast and Baja California when it became entangled in the nylon ropes that link crab pots. (...) Humpback whales are known for their complex vocalizations that sound like singing and for their acrobatic breaching, an apparently playful activity in which they lift almost their entire bodies out of the water and splash down.Before 1900, an estimated 15,000 humpbacks lived in the North Pacific, but the population was severely reduced by commercial whaling. In the 20th century, their numbers dwindled to fewer than 1,000. An international ban on commercial whaling was instituted in 1964, but humpbacks are still endangered. Between 5,000 and 7,500 humpbacks are left in the world's oceans, and many of those survivors migrate through the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary.Whale experts say it's nice to think that the whale was thanking its rescuers, but nobody really knows what was on its mind. CLIP


From: "Mark Graffis">
Subject: A Risk of Total Collapse
Date: 21 Dec 2005


Published on December 21, 2005 by the Guardian/UK

A Risk of Total Collapse

We would be foolish to take for granted the permanence of our fragile global civilization

by Dylan Evans

Is it possible that global civilization might collapse within our lifetime or that of our children? Until recently, such an idea was the preserve of lunatics and cults. In the past few years, however, an increasing number of intelligent and credible people have been warning that global collapse is a genuine possibility. And many of these are sober scientists, including Lord May, David King and Jared Diamond - people not usually given to exaggeration or drama.

The new doomsayers all point to the same collection of threats - climate change, resource depletion and population imbalances being the most important. What makes them especially afraid is that many of these dangers are interrelated, with one tending to exacerbate the others. It is necessary to tackle them all at once if we are to have any chance of avoiding global collapse, they warn.

Many societies - from the Maya in Mexico to the Polynesians of Easter Island - have collapsed in the past, often because of the very same dangers that threaten us. As Diamond explains in his recent book, Collapse, the Maya depleted one of their principal resources - trees - and this triggered a series of problems such as soil erosion, decrease of useable farmland and drought. The growing population that drove this overexploitation was thus faced with a diminishing amount of food, which led to increasing migration and bloody civil war. The collapse of the civilization on Easter Island followed a similar pattern, with deforestation leading to other ecological problems and warfare.

Unlike these dead societies, our civilization is global. On the positive side, globalization means that when one part of the world gets into trouble, it can appeal to the rest of the world for help. Neither the Maya nor the inhabitants of Easter Island had this luxury, because they were in effect isolated civilizations. On the negative side, globalization means that when one part of the world gets into trouble, the trouble can quickly be exported. If modern civilization collapses, it will do so everywhere. Everyone now stands or falls together.

Global collapse would probably still follow the same basic pattern as a local collapse but on a greater scale. With the Maya, the trouble began in one region but engulfed the whole civilization. Today, as climate change makes some areas less hospitable than others, increasing numbers of people will move to the more habitable areas. The increasing population will make them less habitable and lead to further migration in a domino effect. Huge movements of people and capital will put the international financial system under strain and may cause it to give way. In his book The Future of Money, the Belgian economist Bernard Lietaer argues that the global monetary system is already very unstable. Financial crises have certainly grown in scale and frequency over the past decade. The South-east Asian crisis of 1997 dwarfed the Mexican crisis of 1994 and was followed by the Russian crash of 1998 and the Brazilian crisis of 1999. This is another example of the way globalization can exacerbate rather than minimize the risk of total collapse.

This would not be the end of the world. The collapse of modern civilization would entail the deaths of billions of people but not the end of the human race. A few Mayans survived by abandoning their cities and retreating into the jungle, where they continue to live to this day. In the same way, some would survive the end of the industrial age by reverting to a pre-industrial lifestyle.

The enormity of such a scenario makes it hard to imagine. It is human nature to assume that the world will carry on much as it has been. But it is worth remembering that in the years preceding the collapse of their civilization, the Mayans too were convinced that their world would last forever.

Dylan Evans is a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England


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We are facing a severe survival test
This is the winter of our discontent and also of our discomfort. Our wake up call has arrived. U.S. News, in a recent article analyzing the energy outlook, predicts the next several months will test our survival skills to the maximum. Peak Oil and Gas are beginning to weigh upon us. Experts in the energy field have been saying for months that natural gas will be our biggest problem this winter, and we are seeing its cost heading for the moon as supplies tighten up. Some look at the prices at the gasoline pump and believe it all is a matter of big oil companies gouging the consumer, but that analysis is misleading. Mike Ruppert, publisher of From the Wilderness publications, says it this way: "Peak Oil cannot be a conspiracy of big business to get rich when big businesses are about to be shut down, either because of a lack of energy or a frozen work force. It cannot be a conspiracy of big business when GM and Ford teeter on the edge of bankruptcy; when 800,000 jobs are slated for the ax this winter; when Delta and Northwest are in bankruptcy; when the Federal Reserve has blithely announced it is going to conceal how much money it is printing into the M3 money supply. It cannot be a conspiracy to impose a one-world order when the international scene is starting to look like a saloon fight in a Western. It cannot be anything other than what it is: the beginning of the collapse of modern industrialized civilization." As the first snowfall of the season smacked the Northeast last week, it became even more apparent that hurricanes Katrina and Rita did a lot more to our energy supply and distribution system than most had thought; the ripples are still spreading through our economy. CLIP

Crude oil supply said to be very vulnerable
FARGO, N.D. - We are on the verge of running out of oil. That was the message keynote speaker Paul Roberts delivered to those attending the 2005 Renewable Energy Summit on Dec. 12 at the Ramada Plaza Suites in Fargo. Many right now are blaming the high energy prices in the U.S. on the hurricanes that pounded the Gulf States earlier this year, but Roberts, the author of "The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New World", a critically acclaimed book on the crude oil situation in today's world, doesn't agree with that assessment. "Our energy system is vulnerable and needs to be re-thought," he said. "It was out of balance before the hurricanes came through and it will be that way for many years to come unless we take appropriate action." According to Roberts, historically there has been a crude oil surplus each day of 4 to 10 million barrels, which could easily be tapped into if an emergency situation developed. Today, that figure has shrunk to only 0.5 to 1.5 million barrels of surplus production. "If they have a revolution in Venezuela, or some African nation that exports a lot of oil, and we could see an immediate shortage of crude oil supplies," he said. He contends this precarious situation is widely understood, yet no action is being taken to correct it, since in the past a shortage of crude oil has always been a short situation that fixed itself eventually. But, he said, the problem is not going to fix itself this time. Instead the situation will only get worse and the only solution to the crude oil shortage is to find ways to conserve oil and look for alternative fuel sources. However, at this time, curbing demand doesn't hold out much hope. China recently passed Japan as the second largest user of oil in the world and Roberts expects their thirst for oil will only continue to grow. CLIP

Petrocalypse Now!



Check Out My New Numbers

An overwhelming majority of both Democrats and Republicans agree with Donald Rumsfeld’s recent statement: “There is compelling evidence that al-Qaeda is linked to al-Qaeda.”

December 12, 2005

By Patricia Marx

After a cascade of opinion polls showed that George W. Bush’s popularity had descended to an all-time low, the most recent numbers reflect a slight improvement for the President. Despite those gains, however, Bush’s approval rating (40% last week) remains dismal. So why is President Bush happy? “Well, according to those expert fellows,” the President might explain, “the margin of error on these things is really small, so that means we’re making less errors, and that’s a good sign. And here’s something else that folks should keep in mind. There hasn’t been a big hurricane in this country in a couple of days, so we’re achieving victory status on that too. But the really good news is that in terms of the polls that my people in the White House have totally made up, I’m actually doing fantastic.” A sample:

69% of heads of families who have saved $1 million or more due to the President’s tax laws enthusiastically support the President’s tax laws.

56% of voters think Bush did not intentionally deceive the American public about the reasons he went into the Food Emporium. Experts tell us that according to a random sampling conducted at zoos around the country, most chimpanzees are disinclined to voice any objection to the way the President pronounces the word nuclear.

100% of Americans 18 months or younger seem to give the impression that they are not disappointed by U.S. negotiations with North Korea over, oh, something or other.

96% of the Wilmerding family in Akron, Ohio, think Bush is doing a really terrific job as President.

51% of scientists believe the Big Bang led to greater upheaval in the world than the American invasion of Iraq.

57% of senior citizens say the President leads “strongly and decisively” when it comes to the bunny hop.

62% of educators are pretty sure that the President is smarter than SpongeBob but not smarter than Dan Quayle

of Americans who have at least four years of college education blame George W. Bush for the defeat of our country in Vietnam.

87% of the ranchers in Montana say they are in favor of the way the President handles dry brush and scrub on the Crawford ranch.

51% of those who watch the nightly news see nothing wrong with Bush’s green windbreaker with light blue lining.


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