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April 6, 2005

Rising Phoenix Series #38: Channeled Views

Hello everyone!

There is lots of channeled material in this one, and some quite controversial statements to ponder.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. I'll have another compilation for you this Friday.

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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes."

- Proust

"Sometimes life's shadows are caused by our standing in our own sunshine."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Worthy of Your Attention

This Magic Moment (ABSOLUTELY AMAZING STORY!!!!!!)
Recommended by RAYD8 PEACE & LOVE>


1. Proactive Global Mind link this Friday
2. Query
3. Message from Matthew
4. St. Germain: Not one of you walks alone
5. St. Germain: The Forces of Light are in a commanding position
6. Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages
7. Judge overrules Brussels ban on vitamins

See also:

Food Supplements Directive deemed invalid (April 5) A VERY GOOD NEWS!!
Advocate General finds Food Supplements Directive invalid under EU law. This is a remarkable victory for ANH and consumers of leading-edge food supplements. There was tremendous news today for the millions of people in Europe who choose to use food supplements. Following a landmark challenge in the European Courts of Justice (ECJ) brought by the Alliance for Natural Health and Nutri-Link Ltd to the contentious Food Supplements Directive, which effectively proposed to ban 75% of vitamin and mineral forms, Advocate General Geelhoed, the senior adviser to the ECJ, gave his Opinion in favour of the Alliance’s case. CLIP See also "Judge overrules Brussels ban on vitamins" included below.

Some Reflections on the Recent Papacy of JPII by Matthew Fox, PhD
While the media responds profusely to the telegenic pope who has just passed, and while he accomplished some good things such as taking a stand against the Iraq war and against capital punishment and against the idolatry of consumerism, I really do believe that history will not be kind to this papacy. This pope and his self-appointed German mafia headed by Cardinal Ratzinger will have to face the judgement of history (and very likely God also) over issues that include but are not limited to the following: CLIP
Recommended by Brenda/Beverly> - A searing criticism of Pope Jean-Paul II and the Catholic Church. A perspective worth considering in view of the current media frenzy surrounding this man.

Support for Ram Dass - by Wayne W. Dyer
(...) He is currently living in a home on Maui, which he doesn't own and is currently in jeopardy of losing. I am asking all of you to help purchase this home and to set up a financial foundation to take care of this man who has raised so much money to ensure the futures of so many others. To live out what Ram Dass has practiced with his actions. Please be generous and prompt - no one is more deserving of our love and financial support. In the end these donations will help ensure that Ram Dass and his work will reach another generation or remind a current generation that it is in giving that we receive. If there has ever been a great spirit who lived in our lifetime, literally devoting his life to the highest principles of spirit, it has been Ram Dass. I love this man; he has been my inspiration and the inspiration for millions of us. It is now time to show him how we feel by doing what he has taught all of us to do - Just, BE HERE for him, NOW. CLIP - Recommended by Ed Elkin> on April 5



From: "Helen Jandamit">
Subject: Proactive Global Mind link this Friday
Date: 5 Apr 2005

Dear Jean,

Firstly, I wish to thank you for the wonderful work that you are doing. I really appreciate receiving the lists that you compile.

I have received from several independent, multidimensional and telepathic sources, indication that significant earth changes are imminent in Indochina. This scenario is a potential but not set in stone. It can be changed by loving, well-directed intent.

Please could you include this call in one of your compilations. I feel it is not appropriate to get too specific about places or times although these have been clearly indicated. Let's just say - it's soon.

One with you,
Helen Jandamit (In Bangkok)


We have the power to change our lives: let's get proactive!

Few have missed the fact that earth changes in the Asian region have been occurring more and more frequently of late. Yet few of us have done much to help, except for making the odd donation of clothes or money. How much better it would be if we were to mitigate disaster before the event, rather than try to help the victims afterwards.

But what can we do, you might wonder? Quite a lot, actually. We have the power to change our lives, so let's stop reacting and get proactive instead.

In coming together as a group, either in person or in mind, and tuning into the flow of the universe to extend peace to the world, we can prevent, or at least reduce, the intensity of natural disasters. We think it's worth a try, what about you?

For those in Bangkok, a group will be meeting at 8pm on Friday, 8th April, 2005. Please check this link for directions and a map:

If you cannot be with us in person, please work out what time in your area will coincide with 20.00 Thai time =13.00 GMT or UT and join with us in mind then and participate in whatever way works for you.

A second meeting and mind link will take place on April 21, also at 20.00 Thai time =13.00 GMT or UT at the same location.

The loving power of your directed intention to create peace and geological stability in IndoChina and South-east Asia now is all you need.

Let's make that difference.


Date: 1 Apr 2005
Subject: Query

Aloha Jean ~ As one who appreciates all that you do in and for the Light, may I point out something that I believe is not of the Light and that was a part of your series which you mailed Saturday, March 26, 2005, and which was then forwarded by others.

Item #4 was by Mike Quinsey who quoted St. Germain as saying "we can energize mind control and bamboozle people if we so wish and we shall do so when it becomes necessary".

I believe "moral means to moral ends" is the Light Way and mind control and bamboozling appear to me to be immoral means. Isn't mind control and bamboozling contrary to widely-based spiritual teachings of this being a planet of "free-will" wherein we learn the lessons of making personal choices for our own spiritual growth? And what about giving our power to others by expecting to be rescued by such immoral means?

My perception of the natural Cosmic Laws of this planet do not support mind control and bamboozling

Am I wrong?
Goodwill to you,


Aloha Triaka

My take on this is that it all comes down to the context.

If this was being done to prevent a mad man from starting a nuclear war, I'm all for it.

What is immoral for one person may not necessarily be so for another. Examples abound for this. The notion of morality is based on whatever concepts one person believes in - meaning I don't think there is a universal code of morality, just as what is seen as being true for one person is not necessarily true for another.

So although in principle I agree that infringing on someone's free will seems morally wrong, if it helps avert a colossal mistake at a critical moment with far reaching consequences for millions of beings or prevent willful evil deeds with apocalyptic consequences, then I'd say it is for the greater good of all. Let us remember that powerful people on Earth with very misguided intents make everyday decisions affecting negatively the lives of millions of people. So should good beings with impeccable intents and spiritual vision be always under the strict obligation to never interfere in any human's free will through telepathic influence — what Quinsey described with the very loaded term "mind control" which I'm quite sure is not what St. Germain had in mind when he directed his thoughts to him - just another example of the medium influencing the message — or to never temporarily disorient or make dizzy someone?

I think not.

Again the choice of the word "bamboozle" may not adequately reflect the thought that was initially suggested - for instance, I've been made VERY dizzy in some instances by invisible influences and for my own good as I realized afterwards and I think I know what St. Germain means by this and this is a very benign form of interference, believe me, comparable to what any parent do to prevent a toddler from self-inflicted harm.

Making swift, radical judgements from what can only be a limited perspective as compared to what can grasp beings who are more closely in synch with higher dimensions and guided by some sort of council of wise beings divinely empowered to implement some grand plan as I imagine it to be, is certainly not taking the larger picture in full, enlightened consideration.

Finally on the issue of "giving our power to others", I don't recall that there was any suggestion of this in the message from St. Germain. It is true that there could be a tendency for some people to entirely rely of more advanced souls' intervention to set things right here on Earth. This is an unfortunate side-effect of all such channelings from higher sources, since in their desire to reassure us as to the reality that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel of our currents tribulations, they often fail to prod us strongly enough towards becoming active participants in and co-creators of this new era of Lighted bliss. But then again, this could be seen as too much interfering in choices that must be made based on our own inner prompting and inspired self-enlightened decisions to have any real lasting spiritual value in our ever ascending spiral of karmically induced and individually chosen learning experiences.

That's only my 2 cents on this, which is as good as yours ;-)

Much Love to you Triaka and thanks for bringing this up with me.




Thank you Jean ~ My perception of the natural laws of the cosmos is that harmonious means can be found to harmonious ends - what I term moral means to moral ends - absent of initiatory physical force -

But until these natural "rules of the cosmic road" are widely practiced, and in view of the agreed fact that we all may perceive right and wrong differently, the bottom line for me is "adjudication of differences", which is a moral principle of my proposed global CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY

Goodwill to you,



From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 5 Apr 2005

April 5, 2005

S: Matthew dear, hello! As you see, I have many questions for you.

MATTHEW: Yes, indeed you do, Mother, and good day to you! I shall gladly answer all, but before we begin with your list, I want to remind everyone of something I have mentioned in previous messages.

It is of utmost importance that you use keen discernment in evaluating all information, including channeled. More than ever before, you are being inundated with information, some of it DISinformation, from myriad sources, and part of soul evolvement is learning to use your intuition—your soul's alert to your consciousness—to discern the validity of what you hear and read. Please do not go into fear if information sounds dire or hold onto that which sounds as if just moments from now, peace and perfection will reign on Earth. We understand that the truth has been so long hidden from you that it is not easy to instinctively know what is true and what is false, but you must expand your minds and determine for yourselves what to believe. We also understand that the truth being revealed—and much more is to come—sometimes is difficult to believe because you have been conditioned by the many powerful influences in your life to accept without questioning whatever "authorities" tell you, thus some revelations forthcoming may be shocking.

Earth is reaching energy levels where truth is being revealed in all the areas where you have been misled by falsehoods and kept unaware of universal reality. The energy of these higher vibrations is bringing to light the ancient wisdom and knowledge that has been withheld from you in third density, where the darkness that has held you captive, thrives.

Now, Mother, that said, please type the first question.

S: Many people have asked for your comments about Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul.

MATTHEW: Knowing that these questions have been sent to you is partly why I said that some revelations may be shocking.

First I shall speak about Pope John Paul. The Pope so beloved and respected by many throughout your world was cloned several years ago when it became clear to the dark souls that he was a liability. Seeing that he was determined to hinder their aim of retaining their power over religious believers, they ended the physical life of the light being John Paul. Since his soul elected not to enter the clone, he transitioned to Nirvana and has worked diligently to bring light to all souls on Earth.

In accordance with his soul contract and conscious desire, John Paul wanted to lift the people of the world above the confinements of the church dogma that was controlling them through deceit, and that did not serve the purpose of the dark souls who were bent on maintaining the status quo. Consider: What single influence during the past two millennia has been more divisive and has wielded more control over lives than religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church with its strategically established infallibility of its highest authority, the Pope? Although the clones that have been carrying on in the name of the Pope have publicly shown his gentleness, humility and loving spirit, it was to beguile, not to show the way to true spiritual growth. None of the reforms John Paul intended have come to pass. At the time of the downloading of his intelligence, knowledge, and experiential memories into the first clone, the clone was programmed to suppress John Paul's divine inspiration to allow ancient records hidden in the Vatican to come forth and to share with the world's poor the vast wealth amassed by the church.

Speaking now of Terri Schiavo, her soul left her body within a few weeks of the onset of her comatose condition. Living in a vegetative state was not part of Terri's soul contract—had it been, her soul would have remained with the body—and no discarnate soul wished to transfer, or "walk in," to the body. Her physical reactions were the body's life force responding to others' interaction with her, but there was no real mental recognition, only primitive physical responses. It is understandable that those closest to Terri in either love bonds or nursing attendance interpreted her responses as a full life force—i.e., spirit, mind and body—because they had no awareness that her soul could choose, much less that it did so choose many years ago, to move onward into a world of activity and evolvement. It is distasteful—let me say that more strongly—it is despicable that Terri was used as a political and legal mechanism, and it has been sad for us to see the prolonged agony of her parents and their family. I am choosing not to speak of her husband as I don't see how I could without appearing to be judgmental, and I am not judging him. Someday he will do that himself.

S: This is a good place to bring in the suggestion of someone who has read the books that you explain in a message, which reaches far more people than the books, what heaven is.

MATTHEW: Excellent suggestion! Nirvana, the proper name of the world commonly called heaven, is a multilayered realm that encompasses both of what are considered by Earth religions to be heaven or hell. Every soul who leaves an Earth lifetime automatically is drawn to the layer of Nirvana where the energy corresponds to the individual's energy that is registered by his or her lifelong free will choices in thought, feeling and action. As individuals in the lower and basest layers receive the light continuously beamed to them, they progress upward into layers of lighter density. I cannot reduce an entire book to fit into this explanation, so for those who wish to know more about the transition from Earth to spirit lifetime and the vibrant, diverse life in Nirvana, I suggest reading Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven.

S: OK dear! This multipart question also is about Pope John Paul and Terri Schiavo—all the prayers for both of them. Pertaining to Terri: Since some prayers were for her to be allowed to die and others were to keep her alive, this put a great deal of emphasis on "the other side." The two highly publicized deaths have been a focus on the whole process of dying. The writer would like you to comment on her statements and also: Will all the praying change or hasten coming events?

MATTHEW: Most prayers for Terri were sent forth with such fervency— actually some in anger—by people promoting their own philosophies, that collectively they created static energy rather than the sense of peacefulness that could have come with prayers "for her highest good." You rarely know your own soul contracts, much less another's, so always praying for one's highest good is the most effective prayer. Still, I must say that prayer is seriously misunderstood. It is not something said in specific words at a designated time or special place. It is ALL of your thoughts and feelings about the person—or self!—at all times in all places.

Nearly all prayers for Pope John Paul were based in love or at least respect regardless of people's religious affiliation. These indeed were powerful in opening hearts and had the effect of a great in-pouring of healing light, which Earth joyfully welcomed.

The deaths of these two prominent people, as well as the days preceding and following, have had a profound impact upon people's sensitivities and greatly increased soul-searching into the purpose of life on Earth and what the afterlife holds. So, despite the reality that long ago John Paul's and Terri's souls chose to enter Nirvana, the deaths of the persons the masses believe them to be have had the very beneficial effect of heightened awareness within the populace.

S: The next question: Are we actually in the 4th dimension, or close, and if we are in it, how far approximately have we gone?

MATTHEW: First let me say that the progression from third density completely into fourth is a huge step in consciousness-raising, and it is a matter of individual souls, not a collective mass, who make this journey. So, even as your majority population still is lagging in this respect, some of you already are within fourth density insofar as spiritual clarity. The members of your space family who are living among you came with that clarity or still greater evolvement and comprehension of universal truths.

Earth herself is steadily on pace in her ascension process and is nearing the end of third density's clutches, where the darkness is making its last desperate stand to retain control. We can see the strands of dark power snapping like sparks from a live wire that still has some sparks to fling off before the ultimate remedy comes. Once the planet is fully within fourth density, her travels into fifth will be comparatively swift and marked by the golden glow of cooperation, sharing and harmony between individuals and among neighbors, townsfolk, countrywide and globally.

S: Please speak about Codex Alimentarius, the agreement made by powerful national and international organizations that very soon will make dietary supplements obtainable only by prescription.

MATTHEW: This blatant effort to reduce or eliminate your access to these natural and effective treatments and remedies may come into law, but if so, like other unjust laws and practices devised by the dark forces, it will not last long. The same is true of all other dark measures to jeopardize your health, such as the proliferation of harmful prescription drugs, mandatory vaccinations, the spreading of toxins via chemtrails, fluoridation of water, and radioactivity. Greatly to your benefit, the drugs and inoculations will cease, and your space family has the technology to quite quickly restore purity to your air, soil and water. I want to add that your own efforts in resistance to all of the current destructive measures are imperative as evidence of your choice and determination to right the wrongs in your world!

S: This is a good place to insert a question that's on down the list: Why is everyone so sick? The writer said that sickness is hitting young people, too.

MATTHEW: In previous messages I have said that there is no one single cause of the varying types and harshness of maladies that indeed are more prevalent than in past years. All the toxins in those manmade conditions I just mentioned are reaching collective quantities sufficient to batter your immune systems, with the symptoms more severe or lethal in bodies that are especially susceptible to the toxins‚ effects.

Mother, mindful of more questions on your list and a wish to not exceed the length of "reader interest" that is a concern to you, I won't ask you to copy my suggestions for minimizing the effects of conditions caused primarily by cellular changes, but I do ask that you please note my message wherein those are included. I want to again mention as well that when illness or pain is prolonged, it is advisable to consult a trusted medical practitioner. [ The March 1, 2004 message contains Matthew's suggestions; it is archived on a number of Web sites, including ]

S: Since both "good" and "bad" reptilians are on Earth, how can we recognize one from the other so we know whom to trust?

MATTHEW: On Earth, reptilians appear in bodies like yours so that they blend in, so I'd say that recognition and trust are the same as with your human population. And please remember: Many of you have the genetic inheritance of both species, and I'm speaking here about only the composition of physical bodies, not souls. Now then, the eyes of dark souls of any origin are the most revealing—there is no light to shine through—and rarely can dark ones master looking directly into the eyes of light beings because they avoid the light. Better said, they fear the light because they believe it will be their downfall—they don't understand that it would be their salvation! Evaluate people's actions, not the rhetoric of those whom you know or know about, and always pay attention to your intuition and instincts. By the universal law of like attracts like, you are naturally drawn to some individuals and you withdraw from others, depending upon your energy streamers and theirs. Regardless of species, light beings attract each other and the same is true of the dark.

S: The next question: Does Matthew have any thoughts on 1) the break in the economy, 2) a potential stock market crash, 3) a crash in real estate, 4) an explosive move in gold and possibly silver?

MATTHEW: Yes, I have very clear thoughts on those. National economies are in tatters, especially in the United States, and many countries are both impoverished and encumbered with massive debt. Stock markets everywhere—which always have been manipulated by the Illuminati and by now have ballooned out of repair—will be brought into a realistic form initially and very likely replaced by a better system later on. Real estate prices have burgeoned, making home ownership difficult or impossible for the average young family; yet construction of houses and commercial buildings continues even as many are vacant or repossessed by the mortgage lenders, and the ranks of the homeless are growing. Gold and silver will become the value base for all present forms of currency, so yes, an "explosive move" there.

All of this is part of the transition from the current hoarding of unimaginably vast fortunes and the abject poverty of billions, to which only those living in those polar circumstances can relate, to the equitable allocation of the world's resources. This is a vital step toward reaching fourth and fifth densities, therefore the changes will begin shortly. Actually, they have begun on a small scale, but I cannot give an exact time-frame when the full impact of profound changes will come because in this moment, there isn't sufficient clarity in the energy field of potential to determine this.       

S: You have said that the innocence of animals automatically will let them ascend with Earth. Does this mean that their cells are changing to crystalline and their consciousness is being raised, like light-receptive people?

MATTHEW: Yes to both. Mother, you know this, but for those who may not, I emphasize this extremely important fact: Animals‚ spiritual awareness, sensitivity to energy fluctuations, and extent of emotions and intelligence have long been underestimated or completely disregarded by unfeeling humans, the most brutal killers on Earth. Among some animal species, usually those most commonly considered pets, are highly evolved souls who have chosen to experience in animal bodies, thus they have far more wisdom and spiritual clarity than many within your human population. These animals have come specifically to enhance your relationship with all animal life because this is vital to your individual journeys into the higher vibrations where cruelty in any form cannot exist. Without the awakening that has come to those who are dedicated to improving the lives of animals, Earth could not have made the progress she has in ascending out of third density.

S: Mash dear, thank you for going beyond the answer to the question! Next: When Earth completes its transition to a new density, will it be exclusively photon-based or with some electrons and just predominantly photons? Will there be a defined moment when our electrical and electronic equipment stops functioning, or will it be gradual, or will the equipment keep on working but we won't need it?

MATTHEW: Photons and electrons are the primary sources of energy in your solar system's part of the universe. The two types of particles can co-exist, but the energy source for any inhabited celestial body is determined by which of the particles is dominant, as electrons now are on Earth. When photons increase in your atmosphere to the point where they are dominant, equipment designed for electrical energy cannot operate. That day is coming, but you will be ready for it. By then you will have equipment designed to use photon energy, so you won't experience a sudden moment when your current items abruptly cease functioning.

S: With the talk of bird flu and other new diseases, is a bioengineered pandemic on its way?

MATTHEW: No. As long as the dark forces retain any power, they will continue attempts to unleash their laboratory-devised viruses to vastly reduce Earth's population—achieving this end has been part of their scheme for global domination. With AIDS and various types of conditions diagnosed as cancer, they have achieved success primarily by means of the toxic medications and treatments, but the introduction of new diseases will not succeed. For instance, SARS was intended to kill many millions, but with thanks to the neutralizing measures initiated by your space family, only relatively few deaths occurred. Although the slaughter of healthy animals to "prevent the spread of disease" may happen, the same preventive measures regarding diseases will be undertaken by your ET friends for the comparatively short time dark souls will be around to attempt such dreadful actions against Earth's life forms.

S: Matthew, there are still several questions, but I'm concerned about the length of this message. Is it OK with you if we get to the others next week?

MATTHEW: Mother, I know that for the most part, you have asked the questions where timeliness is an issue, and the others can wait a week without compromising their worthiness. I shall add only that this is a fast-action time for everyone. You will be seeing more and more revelations of truth as deceit and corruption are exposed, and also more evidence of Earth's release of negativity through geophysical means. Embrace the truth, however initially shocking, and even those events with seemingly devastating effects as proof that you are moving ever closer to regaining paradise on Earth. Stay steadfast in the light!

Suzanne Ward



Date: 01 Apr 2005
From: "Isis">
Subject: St. Germain: Not one of you walks alone

*Excerpted from: The Circle Of Light Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.
Publisher/Editor: Lady Isis
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"Realise that for the Light there has never been a period of in-activity, you have been working towards this time in your evolution for hundreds of years."

"...the Light does not rush things, or wait until the last moment, there has been an immaculate plan in place and it has now reached fruition. The energies are grounded and nothing will prevent the Light manifesting in all of its glory."

"This waiting period has been something of a test of your resolve and faith. Believe in your intuition and accept that your victory is assured."

St. Germain: Not one of you walks alone

Another month has gone by, and your expectations are higher than ever. This is rightly so as the crescendo builds up to the grand finale. You know how close it is to the announcements you so wish to hear. Now you are better able to withstand the disappointment as some opportunities pass by, and you are not sure why this happens. It is not too important in the long run, but what is essential is the timing as has often been mentioned. Of course, there is an optimum time when we shall force the issue. This will be in order and not be imposing upon your freewill, indeed it is quite the opposite as your desires for peace continue to grow.

You will know we already have a Divine edict that allows intervention at such time as we require the great events to commence. In fact, for quite some time you have been building up the energies for change. They are still growing and adding to the power of the Light, whilst at the same time the dark are finding their power is diminishing. You will understand that although things appear to be stagnated, this is far from the truth. The dark are in turmoil although outwardly they pretend it is otherwise, and their plans are falling apart.

So many more people of good intent, who do not have the knowledge you have are adding their energies to the Light. It has resulted in a faster transmutation of the dark energies, and there is certainly some desperation creeping into the minds of the dark forces. They were always arrogant and believed they could fool you all the time, talking of the goals that were dear to your heart, yet doing the opposite. Now, the dark are being obstinate in the face of a lost cause, and resist the changes that are beginning to happen now. They could have gone out with a gesture to everyone that would have indicated a change in their mindset. A number of times over the recent years they have gone back on a promise to allow announcements about NESARA and particularly First Contact.

Realise that for the Light there has never been a period of in-activity, you have been working towards this time in your evolution for hundreds of years. In other words, you have sub-consciously known that at the end of this cycle that you would have an opportunity to ascend. It has become more intense over the last 300 years, as the plans have begun to materialise. You will realise that the Light does not rush things, or wait until the last moment, there has been an immaculate plan in place and it has now reached fruition. The energies are grounded and nothing will prevent the Light manifesting in all of its glory.

Human Beings are prone to worry, and you can be very fickle where your emotions are concerned. This waiting period has been something of a test of your resolve and faith. Believe in your intuition and accept that your victory is assured. In so doing, you can ignore the details and concentrate on the gifts from the Creator. Start as soon a possible to live the new energies, and make them part of your daily life. Relax in the certainty of a wonderful future that is already etched in the halls of time. Look ahead and not back, and create your vision of the future now. See everything from a new perspective, knowing that the old no longer serves your purpose. You are far from alone in your desire to see the new energies fully grounded. You will find that people of a like kind will gravitate towards you.

Most importantly, remember that you have legions of Angelic and Spirit workers giving you support. They yearn to be of help, but need to know that they are welcomed by you. Some of you live your daily life by acknowledging their presence, and you are guided steadily along your path. Do not be afraid to ask for help, it is encouraged by us, as we are All One and working towards the same goal. There is not one of you that walks alone, although I know that some feel very lonely. I can only suggest that you try to understand yourself, and what it is that causes such sadness. Are you possibly holding onto dreams that have been shattered, when you should be looking to move onwards? I say this with much compassion, but you sometimes will not accept that there is a time to let go. All occurs with good reason, and all has a lesson to offer, so try to find out what it is that has lead to your experiences.

With Ascension beckoning, it is time to release the baggage you have carried on your backs for millennia of time. Many have already experienced cleansing as the vibrations of their physical body increase. Sometimes it can be quite dramatic and lay you low for a period of time, but generally speaking there is a gradual change. It can be helped by you acknowledging your need to change, and as you draw more Light to yourself so you are working towards this end. It is not difficult, and open to each one of you as soon as you acknowledge your Godliness. Learn to take a greater notice of your Higher Self, your God Self, call it your intuition if you wish.

I am St. Germain, and cast Light upon the waters of life. I am approachable as are the Brotherhood of Light, please come to us in your thoughts and prayers and we will listen to your needs. We cannot always give you exactly what you want, but our help is assured. We are all converging upon the path to a new reality, enjoy this time on Earth as it will be one to remember. I give of my Love to you all and remind you of your greatness.

Thank you St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

Note from Jean: Among other things, the reminder in this message above that we need only to ask for help to receive it struck me as important - provided it is done from a desire to seek empowerment to stand up more firmly on our own spiritual legs rather than perpetuating an immature attitude of always waiting in self-doubt for the cues from higher sources to finally make any move, metaphorically and literally speaking.



Date: 02 Apr 2005
From: "Isis">
Subject: St. Germain: The Forces of Light are in a commanding position

*Excerpted from: The Circle Of Light Ezine a Newsletter Egroup.
Publisher/Editor: Lady Isis
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"The Lightworkers came to Earth in numbers calculated to raise the level of consciousness. This was started over a hundred years ago, and gradually enabled you to introduce facets of the truth alongside the traditional beliefs. There is no element of using means that would have infringed your freewill."

"You are not in any danger that we cannot deal with, and we have the advanced technology to accomplish it."

"First Contact has really started in all but name, which makes the official announcement very close."

St. Germain: The Forces of Light are in a commanding position

There is no doubt that events are coming to a head, as you sometimes say, the heat is being turned up. The Forces of Light are in a commanding position and there has never been any doubt as to their success. The consciousness of the people has long reached a level where they have moved away from the reality that had been created by the dark. But for that, the Earth could have already disappeared from this solar system and you along with it. It is true that many major catastrophes have been averted since the change of your reality, and this gives you an idea of where you were heading. You woke up in time to start saving your Earth, and the glorious future that had been planned for the end-time. The Creators plan was always destined to manifest, but the question has always been about the most appropriate time, and this has been dependent upon you. You are what it is all about, and if in spite of the efforts to guide you to the path of Ascension you chose differently, we would have respected your freewill.

The Lightworkers came to Earth in numbers calculated to raise the level of consciousness. This was started over a hundred years ago, and gradually enabled you to introduce facets of the truth alongside the traditional beliefs. There is no element of using means that would have infringed your freewill. The Light has presented you with an honest appraisal of the Truth, and continues to do so. What it has achieved is an opening of your mind to other possibilities, and you have decided what you wish to accept. Against this you have the dark who would still take away your sovereignty and further erode your freedom, if you allowed it. The dark have no scruples and try to fool you at every turn, and whilst advocating peace plan war, and shout freedom whilst imprisoning you in a welter of suffocating laws.

There has never been a time such as this for thousands of years, when the Light and dark are head to head. By bringing both out into the open you can see what is on offer, even though the dark tries to confuse and distract people's attention. It does not matter what laws are introduced, as if they are counter to the love that many feel for their fellow beings, they will be challenged. It was not too long ago that you would have accepted changes introduced by your government, without a second thought. You once believed that they had your best interests at heart, but now you know otherwise.

The threat of global war becomes ever closer, and there is almost a fear that nothing can stop this onward march to destruction. However, this situation has presented a stark choice for the people of Earth. If you wish for these threats to be replaced by the intention to bring permanent peace, you start talking your peace. You visualise your peace, and pray for your peace, and continue to contribute to the positive energy that is building up and will manifest what you want. This is the way it works, and when we say you have already won the battle, this is what we mean. First it becomes accomplished in the higher dimensions, and then it comes into being upon Earth.

You have an example of the confusion that is caused by the dark, with the current predictions that abound at present. You get comment from scientific sources about the state of the Earth, and it does not paint a pretty picture. There should not be too much surprise at the suggestions of further earthquakes, and all that follows such an occurrence. We have concurred at the likelihood of them, but we have also told you that whilst they are necessary, damage and human loss of life will be kept to a minimum. You are sometimes warned of the many asteroids that travel through space, and the possibility of the devastating results if one hit Earth. Dear Ones, we monitor what is in space, and unless there is a specific reason for one to arrive on Earth, we divert or destroy it. You are not in any danger that we cannot deal with, and we have the advanced technology to accomplish it.

NESARA and First Contact are very much in the news, and here also there is the continuing speculation as to when they will come out. NESARA is law, and since the time it was thus declared it has been a massive undertaking to set it up ready for its announcement. By now, you are aware that the Illuminati have a vested interest in ensuring that such attempts are foiled, and they have so far been successful. It requires very little to stall the announcement, but the dark will go to any lengths to achieve their aims, as has already been seen. You will also know that an allowance has to be made for the dark to exercise its freewill.

First Contact has really started in all but name, which makes the official announcement very close. As you know, many events are intertwined and it is not easy to foresee exactly what the outcome will be. It is however obvious that amongst the very first actions must be the removal of the cabal that holds power. There are many wheels within wheels, but if all falls into place there is every possibility that the whole process will start within the next few weeks. It is that near, and the frantic efforts of the dark are a sign that they also recognise that theirs is a lost cause.

Do not get involved in petty disputes as to who is right or wrong about the way in which events will be finalised. It matters little except that you should know that the Light cannot fail. Your glorious future is assured, and soon we can all come out into the open and play your roles in the final episode leading to Ascension. Simply keep your focus on the Light and do not be distracted by the goings on around you. Your strength is in your beliefs, hold strong to them and you will not be let down.

I am St. Germain and I hope I have been able to dispel some of the fears that surround you. Instead, disperse the fears by surrounding yourself in Love, and even more Love, and you will lift yourself above the lower vibrations. See the victory now, you do not have to first wait for it to manifest. Find more strength in my Love, and the Angelic Kingdom who are now so close to you, call upon them and they will be delighted to be of service.

Thank you St.Germain.

Mike Quinsey


Forwarded by Star Light>

From: Sal Rachele>

Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages

Received by Sal Rachele

April 6, 2005

Beloveds, this is Sananda at your service. The channel asked me to say a few words about the confusion and distortion surrounding recent channeled messages purportedly from me, so this will be an attempt to set the record straight.

The channel is well aware that some may be angered by what I am about to say, and some may even take it out on the channel. The channel is only a messenger. It is the message that is important. Examine it. Dissect it if you wish. Analyze it. Compare it to other messages. Ask your own God Presence to discern the truth regarding this and all messages. IT IS THE MESSAGE THAT MUST BE LOOKED AT CLEARLY AND WITH FULL AWARENESS.

That includes its Source. What is the energy of the message? What is its purpose? What is it trying to accomplish? Why was it given? What is the motivation behind the message? What is the energy of the being giving the message? Does it ring true? Does it assist you in your evolutionary path? Does it help you expand your awareness? Is it of service to you and your fellow human beings? Is it for your highest and best soul growth? Does it contribute to your happiness, soul growth and well-being?

Beloveds, this may seem like a lot of questions, but how many of you are asking them? Is it not essential that you DO ask these questions? The purpose of this message is to shed some light on recent channelings given in my name. It is not our intention to be overly critical of God's messengers or to find fault with a particular channel or channeling. However, it is evident that messages are circulating around your world right now that are not clearly describing our purpose and agenda.

First of all, let me repeat this very clearly and succinctly. WE OF THE CONFEDERATION DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN EARTHLY POLITICS. We do not have an opinion on NESARA or the current president of the United States or the goings on within the inner chambers of what you term the "Illuminati." We will make general statements regarding the overall philosophy of the forces that have been controlling your planet. We will make suggestions on how you can spiritually transcend the limited viewpoints of those hell-bent on controlling and dominating your people. But we NEVER tell you what decisions to make, who to vote for, what economic program to support or reject, or what specific action to take regarding a political bill or legislation.

There is a prime directive that is still very much in place. Divine Intervention does not mean we have come to save you or beam you up into a fleet of ships. It does not mean we will do everything for you. It does not mean we will tell you how to invest your money. It does not mean we will zap little grey aliens with energy beams. It does not mean we are fighting the "dark forces." Fighting ANYTHING means acknowledging that it has power over us, and our reality is far different from that.

God's Love is our reality. God's Love is not fighting any so-called "dark forces." God's Love merely creates beauty and harmony wherever it shines. It does not judge the righteous and the sinner. It does not see the so-called "negative ETs" as any less a part of God than anyone else.

Yes, we acknowledge that you have been misled and fed lies for the purpose of appeasing the power-hungry desires of a small group of souls. Yes, we acknowledge that there are ETs in the astral space of your planet that do not understand the nature of Divine Perfection. Yes, we acknowledge that it is imperative that you practice discernment and not allow yourselves to be led astray from the goals of your own souls.

We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your own psychological conditioning and programming. We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your belief systems, including the so-called "sacred cows." These are the beliefs that hinder your spiritual progress because you think they are absolute truths when in fact they are based on illusion. Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that promotes separation and judgment is a distortion. Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that keeps you from being more fully aware of your Divinity and your connection to All That Is, is a distortion. There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own self-judgment. When you judge yourselves, beloveds, you then in turn judge others. Then a world of hate and malice arises within your own consciousness and you see that reflected in the world around you. There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own belief in illusions. The negative ETs and dark forces cannot have power over you BECAUSE YOU ARE A SON OF GOD (or daughter, if you prefer). You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. You are perfect, whole and complete. When you realize this, you will stop giving power to so-called "dark forces" and they will have no control over you whatsoever.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you and your beloved planet will ascend into your rightful place in Creation. We are here to assist, but WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE YOU. Sorry about that. You are much too powerful to be patronized in that manner. You are much too magnificent to abdicate your power to someone else. You must take responsibility for your own Creations. We are here to help you see where you are mis-creating, but we will not do your work for you. That would not be empowering. I know some of you are angry with us over this message, but that is for you to work out. Why are you angry? Because our goal is to empower you to think for yourselves? Because our goal is to empower you to be the greatness that you are? You are Gods, each and every one of you. Would we expect any less of you? Would that be serving you?

Beloveds, you need to up your level of discernment. There are messages circulating on your Internet that do not represent our views. You need to look a little deeper into the messages. You need to look a little deeper into yourselves. You have the answers within you. GO WITHIN. THE TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE, IT IS WITHIN THERE. You are the way, the truth and the life. That has been my message for millennia. It will continue to be my message. The answers are within you. It is time to go within to the Source of your being.

When you TRULY go within, then your outer actions will reflect this. You will no longer be looking for someone to save you or tell you platitudes to soothe your ruffled feathers. We are not here to soothe you. We love you too much to do that. We are here to help you see yourselves in a brighter light. Send love and blessings to those tortured souls who believe the only way to survive is to dominate and control others. Theirs is a call for love, not condemnation. Of course, we are not saying you should approve of their actions. Only that you see them as they are — children of the same God that created you and deserving of the same Love that you are enfolded in as we speak.

Beloveds, put away your fingers of accusation and your weapons of righteous indignation. Open your hearts and minds to the truth of your own being and awaken to the glory you are! I am Sananda, in the name of the Most Radiant One. In the name of Father/Mother God, I send you love from all of the Confederation.


Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 815, Snowflake, AZ 85937 (928) 537-8616



Judge overrules Brussels ban on vitamins

By Maxine Frith, Social Affairs Correspondent

06 April 2005

A controversial EU directive that could ban thousands of popular vitamin and mineral supplements has been declared illegal by a European judge.

The judgment is a victory for health food manufacturers and retailers who appealed to the European Court of Justice to overturn the proposed law.

The new rules governing vitamins and minerals are due to come into effect on 1 August and are designed to improve the safety and efficacy of products sold by the industry, worth millions of pounds. Only named ingredients with proven scientific benefits have been included on an EU "positive" list of approved substances that would be allowed in health supplements.

More than 300 different vitamins and minerals are not on the positive list, meaning that 5,000 supplements will be banned if the proposals become law, according to campaigners, who have been led by Carole Caplin, Cherie Blair's former lifestyle adviser. Popular supplements that will be outlawed include certain vitamin C brands, some calcium capsules and copper tablets.

The legal case against the directive was brought by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), a Europe-wide association of more than 300 manufacturers, retailers, consumers and doctors opposed to the legislation.

The advocate general at the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave an advisory opinion that the directive, as it stands, infringes basic EU principles.

He said that the current proposals lacked clear rules for the European Commission to follow when deciding whether or not to include an ingredient on the positive list. The advocate general's opinion that the directive is "invalid" is not binding, and the full ECJ will rule on the case in July, but the court normally follows his opinion.

More than 20 million people in the UK spend £335m a year on vitamins and supplements in the belief that they bolster health and well-being. One in three women and one in four men takes supplements, and campaigners said the legislation would lead to inferior ingredients being used because more beneficial ones had been left off the positive list.

David Hinde, legal director at the ANH, said: "This is a very significant opinion in a landmark case. What we want to see in the EU is the food supplements directive doing the job for which it was created, which is to provide a 'safe harbour' for food supplements so that they are not classified as drugs, and to promote their availability across the EU. We are optimistic the ECJ will adopt the recommendations of the advocate general."

Under the directive, manufacturers could apply for products to be added to the "positive" list by submitting scientific evidence about the benefits of the supplements. But the high cost of producing such dossiers - up to £250,000 - would have meant that smaller manufacturers and health stores were most at risk from the new rules.

Sara Novakovic, the owner of Oliver's Wholefood Store in Richmond, south-west London, welcomed yesterday's ruling. She said: "At last it is now highly likely that we can continue to offer the products that our customers ask for and want, rather than have to remove them all from the shelves for no good reason and supply them with inferior quality alternatives."

However, the industry faces a continuing fight against EU legislation over health supplements and vitamins. The advocate general upheld the concept of EU legislation on health supplements, saying that the proposals needed to be reworked rather than scrapped.

Further directives on the maximum doses of vitamins and rules governing herbal remedies are due to be brought in over the next two years.



A mineral found naturally in nuts, raisins and leafy green vegetables, and included in supplements such as Boots A-Z multivitamins. It is needed for the absorption of calcium, and deficiency is linked to osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.


An antioxidant that can protect against free radicals associated with degenerative disease. Naturally occurring versions of the compounds that make up vitamin E would be banned.


Antioxidant that can help boost immune response and improve heart function, and is linked to sperm function. Certain types are on the positive list, but yeast form is said to be the most easily absorbed.


Vital for the production of haemoglobin, the pigment in red blood cells that transports oxygen around the body. Organic forms of iron that are easily absorbed by the body would be banned.


A mineral that balances blood sugar levels and is widely used by diabetics to help control their condition. Chromium picolinate supplement, which is not on the "positive list", is seen by health professionals as a safe and effective nutritional supplement for people with insulin resistance and those at risk of diabetes.


"Bio" forms of calcium that are the most easily absorbed by the body would be banned. Calcium works with vitamin D and is needed to build bones and teeth, and can help regulate heartbeat.


A diet low in potassium can be a factor in high blood pressure, and supplements can help with fluid balance, heart rhythm and nerve impulses. More than 20 forms would be outlawed.


All forms would be banned, yet it can help maintain flexible joints, supple skin and strong nails and hair. Silica levels in the body deplete with age, and many elderly people take supplements.


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Judge declares EU directive on health foods is 'invalid' (6 Apr 2005)
A EUROPEAN health directive which could have seen common vitamins and food supplements banned from British shop shelves has been declared "invalid" by a top European judge.


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