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March 18, 2005

Rising Phoenix Series #37: Co-creating A New World With All The Help We Can Get

Hello everyone

As usual I've done my best, within the limited time I can devote to this never-ending task, to put together information and views from different sources - some of which were suggested by ERN subscribers - that can make a significant impact to help "expand and deepen global awareness and the sense of forming a global spiritual community gradually empowering itself to contribute in shaping the future of this world", as is the general goal of this work.

Hoping you appreciate this service and help disseminate what resonates with you.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Please note that a new Meditation Focus will be issued this Saturday and will focus on the 'forgotten' crises of Africa, mainly in Congo, Uganda and Sudan (Darfur).

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"Dear Jean, I bring my hands together to thank you for all that you share with us. For the hours that you search and sift. Your selections enrich my consciousness, deepen my awareness, help me relish our interconnectedness. I so appreciate your gift. And would like to honour you for offering this to me/us all."

- Marion Ellis> South Africa

"One of the main reasons why our greater family from beyond this dimension design and create the transient sacred spaces we call "crop circles" could be for us to hold sacred rituals, alone or with others, so we may enter into a state of deep meditation and use them as transdimensional portals to access higher knowledge and commune with the Universal One."

- Just a hunch...

Worthy of Your Attention

Tree and Ice Circles
Circles and patterns do not only occur in grain fields and other crops. Mother Earth – with its magnificent nature – is an enigmatic creation that can produce geometric patterns in the most surprising media. Recommended by star light>

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The Phoenix Lights Documentary movie trailer

One World network
The OneWorld network and portal brings you the latest news, action, campaigns and organisations in human righs and global issues across five continents and in 11 different languages, published across its international site, regional editions, and thematic channels.


1. March 13 Message from Matthew
2. NESARA confirmations
3. Exopolitical review of Peter Jennings' Primetime TV show "Seeing is Believing"
4. Cosmic Voyage
5. Essay on the Kundalini

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From: "Suzanne Ward" suzy@matthewbooks. com>
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 14 Mar 2005

March 13, 2005

S: Hi, sweetheart! I'm sure you know that I've been accumulating a lot of questions for you.

MATTHEW: Indeed! I also know that you're hoping my replies will be short so you won't have to spend many hours typing. I'll do my best to accommodate you, dear soul!

S: Mash dear, it isn't my time—it's the amount of material we need to cover and still keep this to a reasonable length. I know you're aware of a recent TV network special program on UFOs—a number of people are interested in your opinion of it.

MATTHEW: Yes, we are well aware not only of this program, but the varied responses of viewers, and it's heartening to know that some there share our view. The perception from this vantage point is that presenting the topic to the extent it was is a big breakthrough. This program could not have been aired if the Illuminati did not have a serious reason, which was to shore up the ever-eroding credibility of mainstream media. Once this falters completely, one of their major weapons is gone, so their need to preserve the remaining credibility is greater than ever before—that is the importance of the "breakthrough. " We see this as their reluctant but inevitable "catch-up," if you will, to the growing belief that extraterrestrial spacecraft are in your skies and the corresponding question: Why has the US government consistently ignored addressing something of this profound importance?

It is true that the program omitted a great deal of information that knowledgeable people are aware of, and yes, it also presented a lot of old, weary information. The "official" line on the Roswell incident wherein a crashed spacecraft was for decades declared a weather balloon was exposed, but the admission that it was a secretly developed plane also is a lie, and there was no mention of the ET who survived in captivity for a few years after the crash. Naturally nothing was said about governments‚ collusion with ETs, who exchanged their knowledge of technology for noninterference in their experiments with humans with whom they had soul contracts. Nor any mention of the ET emissaries who offered governments even more advanced technology for guarantees of disarmament so your world could live in peace for the benefit of the entire universe. Likewise, no mention of Stephen Greer, whose evidence that would expose the longstanding cover-up and suppressed technology is well known by the US government and CIA. And many others and much more proof wasn't touched upon. 

However, please don't overlook the program's strong points, such as the admission that the UFO investigation known as Project Blue Book was a fraud whose only purpose was to debunk all sightings by giving them plausible explanations. And while the program included "abductions," the courageous speakers did not represent their experiences as terrifying—the program could have included only those who did have such experiences. Although Mr. Jennings did not state the obvious, that if other civilizations are in Earth's vicinity, they apparently have no malicious intent or you would have seen that long since, neither did he imply that an invasion is a possibility, so "Be afraid!" We are pleased that the program ended with a physicist articulately speaking about a kind of "time-bending" that would enable swift space travel by civilizations that may be millions of years advanced from Earth's population. In short, we herald this breakthrough as a positive development despite its wrong information and serious omissions.

S: Thank you. Just as a reminder, Mash dear, we have about 15 questions to go. Some people who don't understand why our benevolent space family isn't doing more—"removing the dark cabal," as one writer put it—so that Earth's ascension can be faster want to know if this is because not enough of us have invited ETs to help—like, the mass consciousness isn't sufficient for them to respond?

MATTHEW: No, Mother, that's not it. By Earth's request, ET assistance has been underway for more than six decades since the planet started ascending out of her death throes. By Creator's decree, ETs have used their technology to prevent nuclear detonations in space and, in aid of God's honoring Earth's free will that there be no more terrorist acts on the scale of "9/11," they have prevented numerous similar attempts. However, other than these instances, the free will of the "dark cabal" must be respected in accordance with the cosmic law, and that is why they still are causing all sorts of mayhem, oppression, death and destruction. Those conditions will not continue much longer. The higher frequencies will end the physical lives of the people who are causing those conditions, the people who knowingly and deliberately refuse the light that would heal their fearful spirits and permit their survival in the higher densities where your planet is heading. And it is because of the massive light-beaming by numerous other civilizations that Earth is sufficiently rejuvenated to make this journey.

So you see, there has been almost incalculable ET response! Your personal invitations to them for assistance are for your own survival and that of other humans. Earth's animal and plant life automatically will go along with the planet and as she ascends, the animal kingdom once again will become peaceable.

Mother, I wanted to be more succinct in this reply, but to answer fully, I had to repeat some things I've stated in previous messages that readers of this one may not have seen.

S: That's fine, dear. Actually, you've just answered another question, too: What will happen to our animals when the planet entirely leaves third density? Now, several writers forwarded a message about witnesses to landings in the Himalayas and an advanced landing base there.

MATTHEW: This is correct, but not new, information. The peoples of that area have long been in contact with off-planet civilizations, and when I say "long," I am speaking of many thousands of years. It is an area remote from military attack, so there is safety for both the ETs and the local population, who are highly evolved souls themselves.

S: A long article that includes logical explanations for a few of the many planes and ships that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle suggests that the "lost continent of Atlantis" may have something to do with the energy vortexes in that area and poses the question: Is the Bermuda Triangle a "stargate"? 

MATTHEW: It could be considered so, yes, but it is not correct that a "stargate" is a unique place in Earth's atmosphere where ET craft may enter. Spacecraft are capable of entering Earth's atmosphere anywhere—it is at the farther distances off-planet where electromagnetic conditions are favorable or discouraging relative to ease of entry. Also it's not correct that all lives aboard the ships and planes that disappeared in that area were lost—many of the souls aboard were rescued by occupants of spacecraft in the vicinity and have been living in their bodies in other densities in accordance with the individuals‚ Earth lifetime energy registrations. As to the Triangle's Atlantis connection, it is the unimaginable energy emitted by the titan of Earth crystals that was the very core of the Atlantean civilization that now is presenting your science with an inexplicable time and space "warp. "Other anomalies in that large area also are evidence of that ancient civilization.  

S: Did any astronauts ever land on the moon or have those landings been faked, as some reports claim?

MATTHEW: There have been both actual and "faked" landings. The astronauts who did land saw evidence of advanced civilizations and were threatened never to reveal what they had seen, and the message from your space family has gotten through to your governments that the moon cannot be a military outpost.

S: Someone wants to know if the three-day null zone, when Earth enters the photon belt, is imminent or already has happened? Related to this is, will we reach "Zero Point," the inversion of the magnetic poles? 

MATTHEW: Regarding the null zone of the photon belt, neither scenario is correct if this question refers to your near-past or near-future linear time. We are aware of the several theories there about the photon belt and most are wrong. Earth is not within or even near the belt, which is a stunningly vast and powerful force that no one would have to ask about if you were anywhere at all near its gravitational field. The confusion no doubt is because photon energy is the makeup of the higher frequencies that are coming in and mingling with the electrical composition of your atmosphere, your planet and your bodies. In time, Earth will be in "photon territory," so to speak, but at this juncture, electrons still dominate your world— witness your electrical and electronic appliances. Those wouldn't operate if your solar system were orbiting in photon energy fields. 

Likewise, a polar shift would be such a profound occurrence that no one would have to ask if this had taken place because virtually all life on the planet would cease. Your scientists are searching for explanations of enigmas for which there is no precedence in your recorded history. They can only use the knowledge that has served them in the past, but it isn't applicable to what actually is occurring—simply, your planet is moving into frequencies that are alien to your known science.

S: Will drilling in the Arctic Refuge happen?

MATTHEW: It appears that the energy momentum of your government's determination to do this cannot be stopped, so yes, we expect that this will happen. But I want to remind you that when Earth has ascended further into fourth density, all environmental destruction will be stopped by popular mandate and reversed via the assistance of ET technology.

S: Can you say anything about John of God, a healer in Brazil who uses very unorthodox methods of surgery? There was a recent TV program about him and his work, but it was somewhat demeaning of his motives and healing success.

MATTHEW: He is a highly evolved soul who is fulfilling his pre-birth agreement to the letter. The only divergence from his otherwise conscious awareness of his agreement's mission is that he is crediting specific physicians with guidance, whereas his abilities actually are coming from his cumulative soul, of which some of those physicians are personages and thus more than guides. What skeptics and some of John's patients do not understand is that people cannot be healed if their soul contracts call for experiencing chronic illness, incapacitation or death at a young age. No healer, however powerful, can override those kinds of soul contracts, which are designed for the learning of all the principal parties involved, not only the afflicted person. 

S: The next issue is the recent beachings of dolphins and whales. Do you know the cause, and since these sources of light-anchoring on the planet are dying, what does this portend for Earth? 

MATTHEW: The destruction of these magnificent souls is deliberate. Species-wide, they are the most spiritual and intelligent life forms on Earth, and yes, the whales anchor the light in the ocean depths where the dark forces cannot diminish it, and the energy they emanate, like the dolphins, is pure love-light. The dark forces are mistaken in thinking that they are reducing the light by their sonar testing and ocean pollution, the major cause of cetaceans‚ death, because these souls have agreed to leave their spiritual energy on the planet rather than ascend to its high station of origin. 

It is sad for us to see cruelty or neglect by humans befall your animal population, who are souls themselves. The blatant disregard of animal stewardship in times past and still happening on a mammoth scale has caused much of the negativity that has to be transmuted via geophysical events. However, it is another indication of consciousness-raising and spiritual clarity that many groups are working around the world to alleviate the plight of your animals.

S: People are still asking if there will be massive changes in coastlines, etc. Do you want to touch on this briefly?

MATTHEW: Geophysical events will continue until the kinetic energy amassed by negativity is released, but nothing will be as dire as some reports claim. Even with manmade technology as a part of this, the technology of your space family has helped and will continue to help by leveling out the effects of these events to lessen loss of life and property.

S: Please define what you mean by "being spiritually prepared. "

MATTHEW: It is knowing that you are a godself with eternal life; that your body is only a temporary lodging to enable your soul's chosen experiencing for this lifetime; that you are inseparable from all other life in the universe; that your thoughts, feelings and actions create your life and affect all others everywhere. The simplest creed for living is the Golden Rule. 

S: Are peace rallies, parades and global and small group meditations really effective? Someone asked specifically about planting "peace poles"—one has been placed in Iraq, and if more were planted around the world, will this help to heal Mother Earth?

MATTHEW: EVERY peace- and healing-focused thought and activity is vital! Each is much more than "really effective" in itself—each is an integral part of the collective consciousness wanting peace, wanting to heal your world, and that's what is bringing a cessation of strife and suffering. However slowly it may seem as you view your world still in such violence and destructiveness, your thoughts, feelings and deeds centered in peace, in world healing, are precisely what will achieve this sublime state. To put it another way, if NONE of you thought about peace or world healing, it wouldn't happen in your lifetimes. Earth will ascend, to be sure, but bereft of your company.

S: Well, that's clear enough! Do you know anything about a grid that was formed February 11? Supposedly, humanity made an evolutionary leap that day to the 7th and last stage of life here before graduating into another planetary system.

MATTHEW: Oh my, Mother! That rather sounds like Utopia, I'd say, which is fictional.

S: Is that your whole reply, Matthew?

MATTHEW: I could add that I never before heard of this. I didn't even pick it up in your thought.

S: OK, dear! Three people forwarded the report stating that on February 15, the roundup of dissidents in the US started, and they're being put in huge concentration camps—is this true?

MATTHEW: What is true is that from your country's beginnings, dissidents have been persecuted there, as elsewhere starting untold centuries before. It's also true that stories of such large prison camps have been circulating for some time. What is NOT true is that such camps exist in preparedness for holding anyone, but if the stories of their intent and especially that the roundup has started, can accomplish FEAR!, that is success in itself. I'd like you to consider the logistics and guard contingent involved in such a large undertaking, but only for a fleeting moment so you can see the unlikelihood of this reaching actuality. Do NOT put any thought energy into this! Putting forth energy into any idea is what manifests it.

S: What part, if any, do Free Masons have in world events?

MATTHEW: Well, the Free Masons, like any other secret society—and every other organization or body that has any influence in your lives—has at its peak members of the Illuminati. But the majority of Free Masons have no idea whatsoever what goes on above a certain degree in that society, and they have the same part in world events as every other soul—they chose to be where they are to learn their karmic lessons according to their soul contracts.

S: Are the more restrictive bankruptcy laws in the US the work of the dark forces?

MATTHEW: Yes, as simply another method of creating more hardships for people already heavily burdened by debt, in many cases due to your outrageously expensive health care systems and the proliferation of prescription drugs. It is all part of the ultimate design of global economic collapse, which would throw the population into chaos and make it easier for the Illuminati to play their trump card of world domination. This will not come to pass, but there will be some tense times and challenges ahead as the current grossly imbalanced economic system is replaced by an equitable allocation of resources.

S: Here's the last on the list. Several people have forwarded a message channeled by Sananda that refers to "First Contact" and "Second Coming" as being connected to NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act], and states that the "Second Coming" is not only the Christed energy coming in, but that Jesus will physically come to Earth. Please comment on this.

MATTHEW: My first comment, Mother, is that I understand why this is last on your list. It is disheartening to us that the Illuminati's disinformation about NESARA has been so successful that many doubt its existence and also doubt the credibility of my messages because I say this is valid US legislation—the latter is why you didn't want to include this at all, but your integrity demanded that you do so. The Illuminati's success isn't surprising because NESARA is the single most lethal blow in existence to their power, so they have spared no effort—including the infamous "9/11" and many individual assassinations—to deny or ridicule the act. 

To address the first part of this issue, except as you just stated it, I am not familiar with the message reportedly from Sananda—the name of the soul essence that in one instance embodied as Emanuel, who became more commonly known as Jesus and more properly as Jesus the Christ. However, the Jesus you know from the Bible is not going to be walking around among you. The Christed energy—the love-light essence of the realm closest to Creator—is among you now. More, it is within you and always has been! Every soul in the universe is a spark of that energy, which is the life force of all, but throughout the ages since Creator gave the gift of free will with its inseparable capacity of co-creation, souls have chosen to live within the light or not. What you see happening on Earth is the result of those souls who chose to experience outside of the light. This is NOT to judge them, but to explain that out of the purity of love energy—which is everyone's birthright by virtue of its being the original ingredient of each soul—some have chosen to depart for wider experiencing. Once this began, it has had to continue until there is balance in the spectrum of experiencing, and this may require hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. Some entire civilizations have achieved this balance and live in bliss, while others, like yours, are mix of souls, only some of whom have the spiritual clarity to move forth into the vibrations where the harmony of balance will prevail.

As for "First Contact," many erroneous reports of landings and Earthlings greeting ETs are circulating, possibly due to the eagerness of those who are issuing these claims and possibly due to disinformation, the purpose of which is to time and time again, raise and then dash your hopes. We urge you to keep the faith that the time of welcoming your space family visitors is coming soon, but please do not put a timeframe on it.

Mother, I believe that is sufficient. I have attempted to suppress my inclination to expound, but I think my replies are clear. Do you?

S: I'll need to read this, of course, but I didn't feel there were any gaps in your answers as we went along. OK, dear, I think everything is clear. Although unusually brief for the most part, it's still a long message because there were so many topics to cover.  

MATTHEW: I thank you, dear soul, for your hours with me. Let us have a personal chat at the computer soon, but for now, to you and to all readers, hold steadfast with us in the love-light of Creator that continuously is gracing us all.

Suzanne Ward


NOTE FROM JEAN: I received the following letter in the mail (snail mail!) the day after I received the message above from Suzy Ward. Since Matthew made a quite emphatic statement on this topic above, I thought the coincidence to be too striking to not include this below - anonymously at the request from the sender. I think both the statement from Matthew and the following confirmations need to be considered with an open mind even if you have reservations about this whole thing - just in case it all turned out to be true...

NESARA confirmations

I wish this sharing to be offered anonymously as those who I know and who have offered testimony to this very positive tool for change would have a need for their privacy to be honored.

The tool which I speak of here is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act (NESARA).

It is interesting that St. Germain working through Godfrey Ray King in the book “Unveiled Mysteries” prophesized in the early 1930’s that in 70 years, those in power would be taken out of power – and that the world would change overnight. St. Germain also was a gifted individual in the Earthly realm in the area of finances. He developed a system(s) which would multiply financial resources at incredible rates through processes which he initiated. These funds have been multiplying for many years and will be made available to fund the new “world” the Golden Age – in this day and time – some 70 years after the prophecy made to Mr. King in the early 30’s. By the way, the book is an excellent read from a metaphysical standpoint as well.

For several years, I was not certain that NESARA existed for certain. I felt that is was morally and ethically appropriate, but how could this truly exist was my question. Then, Spirit started playing with me and to date, I have received FIVE personal confirmations that NESARA does exist.

God has given us the internet as a tool for quick information sharing in this day and age where there is so much to share. Jean, Thank you for doing your part! Now, I believe that it is time for all us to do our parts by sharing NESARA widely with everyone that we know so that we can get this project completed.

Following are my five personal confirmations:

Confirmation #1

Talked with (local bank) -- regarding an account notice from a processor saying that $10.00 should be remitted now. There is never a request for remission on this type account -- so, I called (local bank) and asked for that department. A person answered the phone. They said that the request for remittance was an error erroneously mailed out by the processor and they had received a lot of phone calls on this issue. “Please disregard the notice.”

The thought came to me -- ask "Do you think that this has anything to do with the upcoming NESARA announcement?" They said, "It has nothing to do with that."

I then asked, "Is you bank ready and prepared for the new banking changes?". The person replied, "Yes". I asked, "Do you think the announcement will come soon?" They replied, "Very soon."

I then offered that I would imagine that from the perspective of the Bank that there will be a great deal of work involved in implementing the new bank changes – the person replied, "It will be a lot of work."

Confirmation #2

Shortly after above, I went to another local bank and was being assisted by a teller who is an old (friend) acquaintance. Upon completing the transaction, I asked when we would be getting our new multi-colored currency. She looked a little puzzled at first, and then pulled out one of the “new” twenties (Federal Reserve Notes) and asked – “You mean this?” I replied – No – I mean the new currency for the new banking system. The person raised their head in a “recognizing” way and said, “Ohhhhh, That! Well, you know, they will find some way to counterfeit anything.”

Confirmation #3

Confirmation at the first local bank again – six months later. Called to check on some special paperwork that I had ordered and the person who had helped me previously was not in. Her assistant (who is the same person in the above first confirm above) answered the phone. Recognizing that individual as that same person, I chatted for a bit and then reminded the person that we had a conversation a few months back about NESARA. I asked the person if the information that they receive about NESARA comes primarily from sources inside the bank – or from outside the bank. They said that, “Most of the information comes from inside the bank communications.”

Confirmation #4

Another person that I met last year works with the United States Department of Agriculture. The individual works in a department there that deals with financial issues…. I shared that I subscribe to a few email groups and that sometimes things are shared other than simply the standard topics for the list at times. Went on to talk about farm foreclosures in the early 90’s involving fraudulent lending practices – the individual confirmed – and I further said that I read that there was a judgment determined for the farmers in this court case and the fraud was so widespread that the only remedy was determined to be a total revamping of the financial and governmental structures – she confirmed (nodding) and saying “yes, yes, yes”. I commended the individual for their courage which they were embracing – being willing to stand in the fire – in order to be available through this process as it appears that there will be great deal of “work” when the announcement for the NESARA is implemented. The individual said something to the effect that (s)he doesn’t know why (s)he is doing it – crazy maybe…….

Confirmation #5

Recently, I was speaking with a friend in another state from where I reside -- she has a daughter who was working at a printing company which was doing the printing of the new rainbow currency for the new banking system.

Obviously, these are my experiences, everyone would like to have theirs….. At this time, because change is needed desperately, I would like to encourage everyone to visit the website http://www.NESARA.US and acquaint themselves with the history of this Divine plan for transformation; read the archived Dove reports; listen to the audio files; subscribe to the Dove reports; print out the prepared fliers and distribute widely; provide support where requested; share this message with as many people as you can; and KNOW that this is the tool which has been provided to usher in the “Golden Age” of Enlightenment. Many blessings for your support and involvement toward positive change.


See also:

NESARA Progress (March 12, 2005)
(...) This next weekend there are many rallies around the US and in other countries on the two-year anniversary of the Bush government attacking Iraq. These rallies are a great opportunity for us to share the great news that NESARA is the ANSWER! NESARA removes the Bush government and nullifies the basis for all unconstitutional actions, including Bush’s attack on Iraq. Therefore, NESARA will bring about the resolution of the Iraq problems caused by Bush’s actions. In glancing at the United for Peace and Justice website, , I see they have a long list of cities and countries where people will be rallying together this coming weekend March 19, 2005 and March 20, 2005. Here’s the link where you can check for a rally near you:
These rallies are good opportunities to give a boost of hope and inspiration to others by sharing the good news of NESARA. On WWW.NESARA.US there is a NESARA flyer you may print out and photocopy to hand-out at rallies or other gatherings which gives overviews of NESARA’s major benefits. Click on the following link to display the “Six Point Flyer”:


Recommended by Alfred Lambremont Webre>


Exopolitical review of Peter Jennings' Primetime TV show "Seeing is Believing"

by PJ, Exopolitics Advisor and Researcher

March 06, 2005

There are many ways to look at the same situation in life and no two people will share the same perspective. This is also true for the February 24, 2005 ABC Peter Jennings’ UFO special Primetime show. This show seemed to have been designed for the mainstream, for people who had not spent much time, if any, researching the issue UFO and ET contact issue. It was designed for those who don't normally watch the documentaries that most people reading this article have seen.

Before getting into my exopolitical review of Jennings’ production, it’s important that I make a point about human perception. I will use a model founded on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It defines that the way human beings perceive any reality or events is based on the context that is built around the event in question. In other words, the meaning that we give to something (UFOs or abductions) is determined by how it is framed, by the frame of reference. To give an example, if a five star general says that UFOs are real, we tend to believe more than if a psychiatric patient tells us that he saw a UFO. It is the same information, only the frame of reference is different. NLP explains that by changing the frame of reference around an event, we change the meaning of the event.

The science of marketing and advertising is known as positioning, which is really nothing but framing a product or a service. We can also position an idea. All great communicators have mastered the ability to position their arguments in people’s minds in a way that creates an orchestrated meaning. Let us have a look at how Jennings positioned his awaited show “UFOs – Seeing is Believing”.  

What Peter Jennings did in his production is to apparently position his show in a way that de-framed the Roswell UFO crash question. By doing this, it also indirectly helped to de-frame the issue that a ‘shadow government’ exists. Without Roswell or other such crashes, there is little evidence or logic to validate the issue of a secret government. He also created a weak frame of reference in regards to the ‘abduction’ phenomenon. But Jennings did build a strong frame of reference for UFOs in general, de-framing and re-framing project blue book as a non-scientific research project who’s purpose was not to properly evaluate the issue of whether UFOs are real or not. He even framed Hynek as someone who ended up believing that UFOs were real and required further scientific investigation. Towards the end of his program, Jennings included a short, but strong scientific argument in regards to a theory of the nature of reality that brought forward this important issue of the existence of other dimensions (Einstein’s wormhole). This was done through the interview with Michio Kaku's, the founder of the String Theory. It’s interesting to note that this opens the door for the theory brought forth by Alfred Webre’s new book “Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe”.

If Jennings would have wanted to create a strong case for Roswell, all he would have had to do is cite former astronauts who have spoken out about it, former intelligence, army and civilian witnesses, etc., many who have never profited from Roswell.  But this did not seem to be his intent. Instead, he framed the people involved with the promotion of the Roswell UFO crash in a way that made them look like opportunists who were motivated by fame and money, all based on what he called the non verifiable story of Jessie Marcel.  

If he would have wanted to create a strong case for abductions, all Jennings would have had to do is present the interview of Harvard's late Dr. John Mack, interviews of David Jacobs, Dr. Janet Colli, Dr. Richard Boylan, and many other researchers from around the world. Creating a strong frame of reference for abductions, which are sometimes difficult for people but are really “sacred encounters” when one researches a bit deeper, was not his intent. The combined testimonies would have created a frame of reference that would have presented the data in a way that would have created a meaning of more credibility, and more believable than how he only used Budd Hopkins and framed him as “the artist from New York who believes in aliens and hypnotizes people”. To move towards de-framing Hopkins, which means de-framing the alien abduction issue, all that was needed was to get someone on the air with a Ph.D from a well known and credible institute who explains that hypnosis wasn’t proven to retrieve memories and that these people’s memories were caused by sleep paralysis, etc.

Why did Jennings focus on creating a strong frame of reference validating the UFO issue only, and not crashed disks, government conspiracies or abductions? What does it mean? Everyone will have a different theory. Many will believe that it did not help the field and was an attempt to discredit their lifelong research. Many believe that the full truth should be broadcasted at once on primetime television because the truth is important. These are good points and there are many ways to see it.

Here is an exopolitical/NLP perspective, based on a frame of reference of gradual disclosure to the masses.  When people think of alien abductions, most people think about scary looking beings or monsters who come into your bedroom at night, abduct you, your kids and your wife against their will to do painful medical experiment. Can anyone think of a scenario that could create more fear with the general population?  

If one wanted to take a potential fearful event or situation (abductions are scary for the masses) and transform it into something that was no longer fearful, all one has to do is to discredit the references on which the fearful event is build upon. In other words, the potential scary frame must be pre-framed by discrediting the references that make up the potential scary frame. Once done, even if the scary frame is introduced, it will not be believed because it has already been framed in people’s minds as fiction (people are not getting abducted).

If references of alien abductions would have been presented on ABC as being strong and believable, the fear will become more real for people. If people then complain to the government to get them stopped, and the government can’t do anything about it, one can only imagine what would be the result. Most people are not yet able to understand the spiritual implications of ‘abductions’ and don’t understand that these beings come from other vibrational dimensions. To try to educate the masses who watch ABC about this issue would be like trying to explain to a European who lived 3000 years ago how to program a computer. The knowledge gap is too vast at this point to bring in this complex information to the mainstream.

Some remote viewers have written about alien abductions and gathered data that shows that the abductions have a spiritual purpose, but this issue is so controversial and so difficult to understand from the ‘frame of reference’ of someone who has not had a spiritual awakening or done vast research that it could not be understood by those who watch mainstream media.

Perhaps the only solution that ABC saw was to make the references of alien abductions weak so few would believe it and because of this, it wouldn’t create general fear in society and people would dismiss abductions easily. They might have felt like they had to somehow frame abductions in a way that left most in the mainstream believe that there were other explanations. Like most, I was disappointed that Dr. John Mack was not featured, but after watching it, I know that his important work could have been damaged, just like they framed Budd Hopkins' work in a way that makes it easy to dismiss. Perhaps not being part of this UFO special protected Dr. Mack's work for the future.

The other issue that was re-framed was the issue of government ‘conspiracy’. When people think of a ‘shadow government’, most people think about evil greedy people who run the world, with the intent of creating a new world order of complete control through fear and torture, etc. Visuals of such a new world order create very fearful imagery since this “secret government “ is alleged by whistleblowers to have ‘disposed’ of people and acted against the U.S. constitution for decades. Thus, many crimes would have been committed since the 1947 Roswell UFO crash to keep it all secret.  But if references are debunked about Roswell, it helps discredit the issue of a secret government which takes away the fear and paranoia of such an organization for the mainstream person. If scientists and investors thought they could get killed for investigating the issue of UFOs, fear would prevent them from getting involved.

This is how over promoting the conspiracy frame of reference could work against those who want to see the issue taken seriously by the mainstream. If a strong case of conspiracy is put forth to the mainstream, fear will insure that most people will keep their distance and not want to get involved with such issues. Under the conspiracy frame of reference, only a few courageous Souls will take part and want to be involved, despite the risks that they perceive, whether real or not real. Paranoia will most likely be their way of life, unless they have a strong spiritual foundation.

If we look for silver linings, one way to look at the ABC Primetime special is that by not framing the UFO issue through a fearful conspiracy frame, Jennings opened the door for more scientists to study the question instead of being immobilized by fear. To look at the issue through a gradual exopolitical disclosure perspective might make one feel more positive about what ABC’s UFO show accomplished.

Exopolitical Disclosure suggests that disclosure should be done in a gradual, sequential and responsible way that considers humanity’s many worldviews such as religious, economic, scientific, psychological, etc. This might be necessary when dealing with the masses to avoid shocking the collective consciousness with too much of an abrupt revelation that shocks current paradigms.  

Perhaps what ABC did was to create an opportunity to build from a fresh start instead of from the perspective of fear of an evil ‘shadow government’ that assassinates people such as John F. Kennedy, but from the perspective that we are not alone in our fantastic universe, that Unidentified Flying Objects are real and require more scientific research since we don’t officially know for sure what intelligence is behind them.  

To promote his February 24th show, Jennings appeared on the Jon Stewart comedy show "The Daily Show" on February 23rd. It was an excellent interview that added much needed humor to this issue that can sometimes be so serious because of its profound implications. Jennings then took the opportunity to reframe the ‘shadow government’ issue and joked about a letter that his son received from a blogger focused on conspiracies. He read the letter on the air and it suggested that he made a deal with the "Shadow Government" by framing the JFK assassination in his earlier special as the work of a 'lone gunman' so then the ‘shadow government’ would allow him to be the one out of the three major networks to reveal what historians will see as the most important story in the history of mankind: we are not alone. Here is the transcript below:

"You know my son... and he sent me this today because everybody has a different reason why they think we did this and he picked this up from one of our newly brilliant bloggers. (Reading the letter) "A while back Jennings did a special on the JFK assassination. He tried to convince us that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the face of an overwhelming number of skeptics, I might add.  What if a deal was cut with ABC and Peter Jennings that he did this JFK documentary for the "shadow government" (laughter in the crowd. Jennings adds: "I love this serious thinkers"). This “shadow government” that still denies there was more than one gunman then they would let him be the first anchorman of the big three to start the disclosure process. It would be very tempting for him to want to the focal point of the greatest revelation in the history of mankind."

The letter that his son allegedly received seems to have been used through a humorous frame of reference to perhaps send a message to those in the alleged ‘shadow government’ that as disclosure unfolds, those involved who have been breaking the constitution and the law will not be exposed. Or who knows, perhaps it was Jennings’ way to reveal, indirectly, a deal that he made.

Those who did not believe in UFOs before Jennings’ show might now be more open to consider the question from a more scientific perspective, though discounting Roswell. What does this mean? It means that there is an opportunity to move towards disclosure without cornering those who have allegedly been guilty of past crimes, and acted against the U.S. constitution. If those who have been involved in the cover up feel that they would be prosecuted for their past crimes might continue to create new crimes to hide past crimes, with no end in sight.

If the full truth all at once was the solution, spiritually evolved benevolent ETs and other ‘energies’ could have made it available to us a long time ago. Or perhaps they already did indirectly reveal the truth to us through our religious scriptures and other more current sources such as formerly classified CIA / military remote viewing data and some channeled data, amongst other sources. Perhaps information must be released in a way that allows members of our civilization to evolve spiritually, as we move away from conflicts and wars.

Let’s remember that we are dealing with the most classified subject in the history of the USA.  The world is not yet a peaceful place and we must also not forget that we need to resolve our international conflicts as we move towards disclosure. How can we get along with ‘off-planet beings’ when we can’t get along with each other? Personal spiritual transformations must go hand in hand if disclosure is to be successful and avoid creating more problems on Earth.  

If we focus on the latest NASA and the European Space Agency discoveries, we notice that there has been a lot of information in the last year about planet Mars, synchronistically, just after President Bush announced his Mars Space Exploration Vision in January 2004. Scientists now know that Mars used to have a salty ocean, that ice exists today on Mars, that there is methane and ammonia in the Martian atmosphere, which indicates that life might exist as you read this article. Further information is detailed later in this article.

Disclosure for the masses and mainstream might end up taking place through discovering that there is still today life on planet Mars. This seems like a logical sequential way to slowly awaken the collective consciousness that there is life out there, and has been for millions of years! Disclosure can be an empowering and positive experience for the human race, instead of fueling every imaginable conspiracy theory and fear of aliens or secret government. The truth is that we live in a fantastic Universe filled with life and most people seek to make their dreams come true and seek happiness regardless of their belief systems, whether they are part of a secret society or not.

In Alfred Webre's book “Exopolitics”, he talks about the need for a 10 year period of public education about life in the Universe, through all institutions, mass media, science, etc. A Decade of Contact is a gradual and sequential process, where information is revealed to the masses in a gradual and psychologically safe way. For those who have a more advanced knowledge, he suggests that we put our attention on a Star Dreams Initiative which is a public interest diplomacy project proposal with Off-Planet Cultures.

Remote viewers who were involved with the military and the CIA have confirmed, scientifically, that there exist data suggesting life on Mars. Some have done more advanced research and have acquired data suggesting that humanoid beings exist on planet Mars. Remote viewing exercises by Prof. Courtney Brown, PhD of Emory University, report the possible existence of a present Martian Off-Planet Culture, living under the surface of Mars, as well as on Earth in underground bases in the United States of America, and in intentional rural colonies in South America. This Martian culture reportedly may be survivors of a Martian-Solar System cataclysm in the distant past.

Remote viewing data also suggest that Advanced Grey ETs have rescued Martians from their cataclysm perhaps millions of years ago (while dinosaurs were roaming the Earth) and have genetically re-engineered them and brought them forward in time to today. One wonders if human beings have also been genetically re-engineered over the last thousands of years or longer, as there is evidence of this today with the so called ‘Star Children’ or “Indigo Children’ based on many researcher’s data.

As far fetched as this data is and as far fetched as time travel also seems to be, let us not forget that the idea that UFOs can travel faster than the speed of Light is also farfetched. Discovering that we live in a Universe made up of many dimensions is also farfetched. The concept of remote viewing (formerly top secret CIA/ Military), which allows us to gather data in the past, present and future, from any location in the Universe, is also very farfetched, but scientifically proven to be accurate. Being alive on this planet during the most unique time in all of human history could also be considered farfetched. What are the odds that we would be living now, instead of having lived thousands of years ago? What are the odds that one would be reading this article right now about the most farfetched issues of our time?  It almost feels like there’s a spiritual reason why some of us are here today and involved in this work.  

Dr. Courtney Brown's release of remote viewing data that Mars was once a planet that was hospitable to life and still hosts life today was first ridiculed by many when his book Cosmic Voyage was published in 1996. Though many people dismiss it as a coincidence, what has stunned some sceptics is that since the publication of his first book, the following is now becoming self-evident:

1. Scientists have discovered that Mars once had saltwater oceans

2. Scientists have discovered that microbial life once existed on Mars as evidenced by a Mars meteor that has impacted Earth (also:

3. Scientists have discovered both methane and ammonia in the current atmosphere on Mars. Sciences demonstrates that such gases can only result from current life or from recent volcanic activity. Currently, scientists have found no active volcanoes on Mars.

4. That Ice Packs on Mars Suggest Present Life Possible based on European scientists:

5. In February 2005, NASA researchers claimed that they had evidence of present life on mars:

6. 25 percent of 250 Mars science experts now believe there could be life on Mars today:

Ultimately, only time will tell if Dr. Courtney Brown and the several CIA/Military remote viewers are accurate that there is intelligent life on Mars today. We will then need to understand what it means within the context of events that have unfolded in our Galaxy. We will need to then be clear on what we need to do with this revelation, the greatest revelation in the history of humanity.

One can read more about this issue in Part IV of Webre’s new book “Exopolitics – Politics, Government and Law in the Universe”. I feel that it frames the discovery of life on Mars in a higher spiritual context and frames it in a way that allows us to better understand why we are now being engaged by off-planet cultures (UFOs) seemingly from all over the universe based on testimony of contactees. Higher intelligences seem to want us to know that there is a society out there and that we must reach a certain spiritual maturity in order to align with them. Webre’s book focuses on global problems that we face and also shows us the direction that we can take to resolve these problems so we move towards reconnecting with Universe Society.
Looking at life on Mars from an exopolitical perspective will be important and potentially vital for decision makers once the announcement is made official that there is intelligent life on planet Mars. Ideally, disclosure that we are not alone should be used as leverage to create more spirituality and love in the world instead of fear, hate and anger against a secret government that has been lying for decades or hate or anger against aliens who seemingly abduct people against their will. There is more to this story.

Remote viewing data indirectly supported by many researchers such as Dr. Janet Colli, Dr. Richard Boylan, the late Dr. John Mack and others, further explain that what some call ‘abductions’ is part of an ancient galactic spiritual genetic plan for Earth to help us evolve spiritually, and to help greys also evolve spiritually towards better connecting to God/Source, or the Creator of the Universe, also defined as the vibration of Divine Love. Quantum physicists explain that all is vibration in our Universe even that which feels solid is not solid but vibrating particles. Our physical bodies are nothing but vibrating particles and we may feel solid, but we are pure vibration. Spiritual experiences from the reports of doctors involved with worldwide Spiritual Emergence Networks are often described as sacred or Divine vibrations or Divine Energy. If Grey ETs indeed genetically re-engineered Martians, it only makes sense that humans on Earth have also gone through the same process for eons, mostly when scientific data supports this possibility.

Ultimately, if humans don’t move towards becoming more loving and more spiritual, we will self-destroy, with or without disclosure that we are not alone in the Universe, even if we are given access to clean technology. Our materialistic worldview has moved us towards destroying forests which create the precious air that we breath and has moved us towards polluting this same air in ways that are unprecedented because of billions of us burning oil. Most people use their creative abilities to create technologies and devices that destroy our world and ourselves, though they might make us feel good in the short term. We find it acceptable to create weapons while we don’t find it acceptable to create new devices that could replace our addiction to burning oil. With global warming and climate change, unless we change ourselves and change our ways, scientists tell us that our race will not be around to talk about and debate the issue of life in the Universe or any other issue in another 100 years.

What can prevent us from self-destruction is disclosure that is leveraged in a way that creates a better world, not a worst world filled with fear. Peter Jennings opened the door for further scientific research in regards to UFOs and in regards to the understanding of other dimensions through Michio Kaku's interview. Jennings gave some breathing room to those who have the secrets, with the opportunity for a fresh start by inviting the public to ask the U.S. and world governments to scientifically investigate UFOs since it wasn’t properly done in the past with Project Blue Book. He may have opened the mind of some skeptics with this process and has also made it socially acceptable for other journalists to now report UFOs and talk about this issue that has been ‘taboo’ for decades with most journalists. This could be a major breakthrough that transforms the next 10 years and allows us to move towards solutions.

A wise man once said to focus 5% of our attention on the problem and 95% of our attention on the solutions. Let us follow what we each feel is the solution, what we each bring to the table and trust that more advanced and wiser ET beings would not be wasting their time in engaging us if they felt that we did not have a chance to survive what Gregg Braden calls the Shift of the Ages. This is a time of opportunity that all religions and prophets have talked about and we can create the future that we choose by being proactive and positively influencing the right people to move forward with solutions.

Let’s create a future that leaves a legacy of star dreams to future generations as detailed in Alfred Webre’s book “Exopolitics” and let's make the best of all the things that come our way...



Cosmic Voyage

By Courtney brown


Published in 1996 by Dutton , A division of Penguin USA. From the book jacket:

. . . The story of his extraordinary odyssey of exploration is one that needed to be told.

Dr. Brown made his discoveries using a process called Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV) - a procedure originally developed by the U.S. military as a highly classified and strangely effective spy system. Brown himself was trained in this method by a former member of the military unit that specialized in remote viewing. Now the author has taken a technique designed as a verifiable and stunningly accurate espionage tool and turned it toward the heavens.

The results of his work are truly staggering. This fascinating book suggests that at least two alien civilizations may have been and continue to be intimately involved with Earth humans:

A Martian race who, having barely survived an ancient natural catastrophe on their own world, still struggle to survive underneath the surface of their nearly dead planet.

The Greys - a seemingly highly advanced humanoid people who nearly destroyed themselves by wanton abuse of their environment - now seek to enhance their own evolution.

Yet there is more. Using SRV, Brown suggests the existence of a distant galactic federation of extraterrestrial civilizations, which humans may one day be fortunate enough to join - if we survive Earth's coming planetary crises.

Shocking, moving, and ultimately inspiring, Cosmic Voyage not only offers new possibilities about alien visitors, but also suggests that we may have stumbled across the first direct evidence of the existence of the human soul. It also outlines a path toward potential interstellar diplomacy that may one day prove the true salvation of the people of Earth.

Here's what they're saying...

Quoting Whitley Strieber, Author of Communion:

"Cosmic Voyage breaks new ground, takes us on an extraordinary journey into some of the deepest mysteries of alien contact and the human future, and leaves us -- above all -- with a powerful new tool for further exploration. It is a wonderful, audacious, and important book, and off the scale when it comes to compulsive, delightful, exciting reading."

Quoting John E. Mack, M.D., Author of Abduction:

"If we are to reap the rich harvest of knowledge that the UFO field promises, we will need new methods of exploration suited to discovering phenomena that reach us from the subtle or unseen realms. Political scientist Courtney Brown, courageously applying the established methodology of Scientific Remote Viewing, has documented the reality of intelligent life outside of our planet. His book is important for both scientists and general readers who wish to expand our ways of investigating extraordinary phenomena."

If you click on "DOWNLOAD NOW" with your left mouse button, your browser will automatically open up Adobe Reader (version 5 or greater) and you will see the book. You will need to save the book from within your web browser after it finishes downloading. (After you see the book on your screen, click "File" and then "Save.") Alternatively, you can click on "DOWNLOAD NOW" with your right mouse button, then choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link Target As" and then save the file. You will need to open it later from your hard drive after it finishes downloading. (PDF format, 2.1 megs)

NOTE: This book is currently out of print and is now available only as a free ebook at



From: "David Fiske">
Subject: Essay on the Kundalini
Date: 09 Mar 2005


As you evolve you discover that your own energy is linked to a life force. David Suzuki says, "We are our environment" in that whatever we put out into it we eventually take back into our bodies. It is as though there is energy on our planet that expresses itself as life here, changing and spiralling. It will go on whether humans survive their own follies or not.

In one sense our growth depends on how we utilise our own energy. Nothing happens without energy. If you want to evolve you need more than energy you need POWER. Power is focused energy, not a profligate energy that is scattered and wasted, but an energy that is accumulated, cultivated, refined and directed towards a goal.

As you grow you begin to prioritise your desires so instead of fluttering in all directions you try to fly specifically.

As you do this you discover that instead of you toiling with great effort up a slope the path is often graced by the goal lifting you up for a few paces. You get drawn up.

What I am saying is is this. We live in a sea of energy. For a while it seems like we grow by imbibing that energy; what is without is taken within. But sometimes it seems more as if that energy is filling us. As I have repeatedly told my students, "When you enter the Mystery, the Mystery enters you." Then what seemed without is now living within.

This is what Kundalini achieves.

We have bodies that are ‘wired’ for Bliss. We have an energy grid (meridians and channels, nadis) already in place. However the grid has blocks and the energy that flows along it is not at maximum. Our task is to clean up the energy lines. You can call it scouring the system. Purification. Our task is to open up to the energy in the Universe. This is done by what we eat, drink and breathe. Not just that, but how we do them too; with what attitude, with what feeling. How we sit, how we stand, and how we move.

Just recognising that you are an internal energy system is a big step in the right direction. It means you need to feel within. What is within is going to spill out. As I like to quote, "What you think, you will say; what you say, you will do and what you do, you will become." You lay out your future in this way and when it arrives at your door you can't blame anyone for the wailing and weeping!

When you start feeling you are an internal energy system you can start cooperating with it. You practise Right intent.

1) Harmonise your body posture

2) Harmonise your breathing

3) Harmonise your mind.

This is the essence of Tai Chi and what I teach.

It is fundamental tenet of mine that there is a Force in life that wants us to evolve. It isn't trying to make the path unnecessarily hard, to arbitrarily throw obstacles in our way. As you start to feel a harmony within you start to harmonise with this Force. There is an energy that knows better than your small self what you need. At times this energy takes over and gives you a jolt in the right direction. This is Kundalini. Kundalini is that Power which makes the crooked straight, which goes before you to prepare a place, which sweeps through your system. When it is active go along for the ride!

It has been my experience that many of the bliss experiences are purification of the system. As Kundalini cleanses you can feel pleasure, even sensual. Your breathing follows a pattern of its own. Your body can move. You can make sounds. It is like that energy that dog has when it shakes itself dry. A spontaneous cleansing. (The sort of thing our planet is beginning to do, as we seem incapable to doing it ourselves. The earth will shake and we will wonder “why is this happening?”)

In Tantric terms Kundalini is the Shakti power. It is the Goddess and she wants to unite with Her Lord Shiva in your head. She desires Him. She can become impatient to join with Him. All her movements are to get there; to rise up your spine in a gush of Ecstacy, Light and Power and shimmer in your head.

Energy loops back on Itself. She, Shakti, who is creation returns to the Silent One. There is completion in that Joy.

Kundalini will completely seduce you. She is a jealous lover though. You have to give her your All. You know when you are with someone but they know you are elsewhere. You even look over their shoulders. This will get you nowhere. You know how rejected you feel when this happens to you. There are no half measures with Kundalini. Oh yes you can do it that way. Just as I can have students who regard what I teach as a hobby, something to do once a week, when they are not busy with something else.

Each step is still a step in the right direction. No effort is wasted. Nevertheless to find the All you must give your all. When you do that, the All comes to you.



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