November 3, 2005

Miscellaneous Subjects #219: Towards a New Era Through Many Tribulations

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"Jean, I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you what an important role in my life you serve. I am an ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and consider myself an emissary of light. As such, I am constantly seeking out information and experiences that will aid my own spiritual evolution and that of anyone I have the opportunity to share time or space with. Without a doubt, your messages are one of my most valuable resources. You, and all who seek to contribute to your mission, are each important emissaries of light. Blessings and thanks to each of you!"

- "Konstanz Kuraz"> who also sent this inspiring statement: "We are Peace walking. Through the search for Truth and Balance we Understand with our infinite Hope, Creativity and Integrity that we are Love and Compassion in the world. We are celebrating a Unity of all into a state of Grace, Joy and perpetual Peace."

Reading from Hopi Nation 

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.
Now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
And there are things to be considered:
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader.
This could be a good time!
There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold on to the shore.
They will feel they are being torn apart, and they will suffer greatly.
Know the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of
the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water.
See who is in there with you and celebrate.
At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves.
For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a
halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we've been waiting for."

– The Elders, Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation"

Taken from

"The Libby indictment provides a window into what this is really all about, how this administration manufactured and manipulated intelligence in order to sell the war in Iraq and attempted to destroy those who dared to challenge its actions."

- Democratic leader Harry Reid - taken from "White House Ducks Prewar Intel Questions"

"I regard you as one of the world's foremost "thinking" mass communicators in this human trek through time and space, as you put it, "from Source to blazingly love-filled oneness with all-that-is". Thank you for your time, effort, and great service! In this light, may I ask you and your many associates if enlightenment or spiritual awakening is likely to lead, as I believe, to abandonment of all the world's divisive "nation-states" in favor of allegiance to the One-Human-Family and, perhaps, a global constitution/cooperative that empowers all people equally, in balance, along the lines of my own service of spiritual-politics: ? In the Oneness"

- Triaka>

Worthy of Your Attention

Stop Alito: Put Our Message in Front of the Senate
With his administration growing weaker by the day, President Bush caved to pressure from the radical fringe of the Republican Party and nominated Samuel Alito to replace Sandra Day O'Connor on the Supreme Court. Alito is a notoriously right-wing judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. He has consistently ruled to strip basic protections from workers, women, minorities and the disabled in favor of unchecked power for corporations and special interests. Bush's ploy to woo the far-right could reshape the High Court for decades to come—but we don't have to let that happen. Today we're joining the campaign to stop him by aiming to collect 500,000 signatures in 48 hours. Can you help us get there? For more information, see our ;action alert. The nomination of Samuel Alito poses a grave threat to the protections Americans count on, including basic workers’ rights, women’s rights, and civil rights. We call on the Senate to stand up for all of us and reject the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court of the United States.

The Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime -- Sign the call now! --
Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights.
Your government is openly torturing people, and justifying it.
Your government puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead of night.
Your government is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.
Your government suppresses the science that doesn't fit its religious, political and economic agenda, forcing present and future generations to pay a terrible price.
Your government is moving to deny women here, and all over the world, the right to birth control and abortion.
Your government enforces a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.
People look at all this and think of Hitler – and they are right to do so.
The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.
More details at

Activists mobilize for Hong Kong WTO (20 Oct 2005)
Trade ministers, NGOs, and social movements are all converging on Hong Kong, China, for the 6th Ministerial meeting of the WTO (World Trade Organization), which will take place from December 13-18th, 2005. A network of movement activity is bustling, with hubs including the Hong Kong People's Alliance on the WTO [en | chinese] and the Stop the New Round Coalition (SNRC), among others. Peasants and small farmers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea are getting organized to come to Hong Kong, mobilize against corporate globalization and present alternative proposals. Conferences, cultural events, mass mobilizations, and direct actions are being planned between December 11th-18th, with the majority of activity during The People's Action Week, opening with a Public Assembly of the movements on the 13th and closing with a mass march on the 18th. CLIP

The Metamorphosis and Sabotage of Canada by our Own Government: North American Union
Summary: The North American continent is being transformed from three sovereign nations (Canada, USA, Mexico) into one regional corporate power base, the North American Union. Unlike the creation of the European Union, there is no public political/ academic discourse on the merits, or pros and cons of a North American Union building up to a vote within each nation as to the wish of the people to join such a union. Instead the union is being created by stealth, is already well on its way to fruition, and is being imposed on us by our own elected representatives and government with no opposition. The driving forces are corporate and military. The Chief Executive Officers of the most powerful corporations operating in the three countries want this union and have been working for some time devising their strategies and goals. Their facilitators are first, unelected officials and bureaucrats who move easily between corporations and government; second, former elected officials like John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada; third, the heads of the three nations, Martin, Bush, and Fox; and finally, the governments and the rest of the elected members who apparently just rubber stamp what is put in front of them by the unelected officials- few questions, if any asked. The ultimate enforcement mechanism for the North American Union is a police state. The tools for the police state are "anti-terrorist" laws. Anti Terrorist laws are a ruse to strip the citizens of civil liberties in order to prevent dissent against the police state. The Orwellian justification is "security", "safety". Part one deals with the North American Union of Canada USA and Mexico. It is being created by the corporate side under the North American Task Force, and the military side by the Binational Military Planning group. CLIP By Connie Fogal, Leader, Canadian Action Party and long-time ERN subscriber. This is a must read in-depth analysis! Here is the conclusion of PART One...

(...) So we can see that those two bodies, the trilateral task force and the Bilateral Planning group, are well entrenched in process. The fact is that most Canadians oppose this deep economic and military integration. Now the greedy corporations are staking out a claim on more and more land in a region of North America in order to be bigger, and better and more profitable than a group of corporations from another regional block. The European Union was the first block. There is a rising Asian block. I am not the first to see the USA attacks on the middle east as a means of preventing the Asian blocks from becoming the most powerful . The third region is the Americas. South America has not been an easy go for the globalizers. So the focus is concentrating for now on North America.) By examination of the arrangements and deals happening under our noses but by stealth, we can see that our worries expressed over the years are coming to fruition. The globalizers are well into the process of implementing a clear regime run by them, about them, for them, and enforced by governments. The masses of people do not count except as cannon fodder in the wars of conquest and as slaves for the production process . There is every intention of regime change from democracy to tyranny. Our governments are already the willing whipping boys being the instruments of social control. They have no shame in removing our civil liberties and destroying our constitutional protections .This is happening all around the world with the USA, Britain, Australia and Canada being the most advanced in the regime change process. It is an outrage and a disgrace that Canada is now competing with Britain to become the lowliest lick spittle groveling agent to the USA led regime change process. There is nothing good in this regime change process for the citizen.

6,000+ News Links Published And Archived In 2005 my Mark Elsis

À tous les abonné-e-s francophones : voici un site québécois fort complet sur le phénomènes des "chemtrails" que je recommande à votre attention :

À noter également : Marjolaine Caron vient de publier son nouveau livre : Ma vie après ta mort - Il sortira en librairie le 5 novembre cette semaine. Elle participera à l'émission de Claire Lamarche: Faut voir clair à TVA le mercredi 9 novembre à 9hrs PM. Ce sera 1 heure d'émission sur elle et le lancement de son nouveau livre. Recommandé par "Marie Soleil Plante"> qui a aussi contribué à ce livre. Plus de détails au et au

Burning Ice
Recommended by star light> who wrote: "Please take a look of these updated repose. I think most of them are from ERN except the first one. They all have music now. I had a great time translate the words from your newsletters into choreography."


1. New message from Matthew
2. Two Years of investigation resulting into a hand slap
3. Seven Day to Save Your Coast
4. Abbas and the Lame Duck
5. Calls for Genocide must be met with compassion
6. Getting Tough With the Mullahs
7. Secret space war
8. Terrible atrocities being done to birds!
9. Current news about the peace pilgrimage in Israel/Palestine
10. More Channeled Confirmations of Bush & Co's Impending Demise
11. The Cabal is Crumbling
12. Merry Fitzmas to all!


From: "Susan R. Jason">
Subject: Fascism at peace rally today
Date: 2 Nov 2005

Hi Jean,

I was shocked at the police violence and intimidation at today's peace rally, and also at the critical-mass bike ride that took place today in Eureka, CA. Eureka pd and the CA highway patrol worked in co-operation with federal marshals to intimmidate and threaten and do violence to peaceful, non-violent protesters.
Tonight's local news on KMUD radio gave an excellent accounting of the goings on. The broadcast will be repeated at 8:00 am tomorrow morning. There is an excellent interview with David Cobb, Green Party presidential candidate in the 2004 election... he was there. I encourage you to tune in and listen on line at 8 am, pst if you get a chance. You can listen at . The news is shocking, but people should be aware of what's going on these days. If I get up that early, I'll tape the news and mail it to you, as well as a recording of tonight's Civil Liberties Monitoring Project’s call in talk-show, which pretty much focused on what happened in Eureka today.

I sure hope we can turn things around SOON, with the help of all of us and the Gallactic Federation and our ET friends. There'll be plenty of us calling our congressional representitives tomorrow morning with lots of questions for them to account to. I'll keep you posted. Also, thank you for posting that important sea-flow action anouncement in your next compilation. I know Mother Earth appreciates all the help She can get.

Much Love,



See also:

Hunger in America rises by 43 percent over last five years (28-Oct-2005)
More than 38 million Americans go hungry, including nearly 14 million children

Drought Deepens Poverty, Starving More Africans
A recent report by the United States Agency for International Development said that Malawi "is now in a near constant state of food shortage, with persistently high levels of nutritional deprivation." Most Malawians cannot finance even a minimally adequate diet.

Tragedy in South Asia: The Earthquake and the U.S. Response
The massive earthquake of October 8, 2005 in South Asia has assumed truly horrific proportions, killing upwards of 40,000 people, leaving 50,000 injured, and affecting more than four million people. In keeping with its slow and lackluster response to the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. government initially offered a paltry $100,000 in aid to earthquake victims in Pakistan˜the same amount of aid Afghanistan sent to the United States after Katrina. But since then, U.S. aid for rescue and reconstruction has been ratcheted up to $50 million. With this increase, the United States is behind only Kuwait and the UAE, who have pledged $100 million each. While it is true that enlightened self-interest may have inspired the Bush administration to increase its aid offering to Pakistan, what is needed now more than ever is a recasting of global security in human terms; a recognition that the human implications of such tragedies impinge directly upon the political consequences and cannot be neatly separated. CLIP

Earthquake donations slow, limited (Nov 3)
PUTRAJAYA: Contributions in cash and kind for earthquake victims in Pakistan are not streaming in as expected, and this has surprised Wisma Putra. However, Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said that even donations from Western countries had been slow and limited. “This is probably due to the many natural disasters this year, which have been quite major. “I am surprised by the level of assistance and funds donated by Malaysians towards the victims of the tragedy in Pakistan ... it’s not what we expected,” he told reporters yesterday. Syed Hamid said the Government had also offered Pakistan the use of helicopters and aircraft to carry aid and to transport victims. The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), chaired by Malaysia, had extended RM500mil to Pakistan, he added. The earthquake that struck on Oct 8 and subsequent aftershocks killed more than 80,000 people in Pakistan and left three million homeless. Relief organisations, such as Peace Malaysia, are still appealing for help to send winter tents to the homeless as the Pakistani winter approaches. The minister said Malaysia would propose an international relief fund for natural disasters to enable faster coordination and mobilisation of aid for the affected countries. “At present, most countries have their own relief funds for natural disasters. But we think there should be an international fund for the response time for aid to be faster,” he said.

73,000 dead in Pakistan earthquake (Nov. 2)
UNITED NATIONS (UPI) -- U.N. officials have put the death toll from Pakistan's October earthquake at 73,000 with at least 69,000 people injured. The figures, from the U.N. Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, cover only casualties in Pakistan. Other parts of South Asia were also affected by the 7.6 magnitude quake Oct. 8. Updated figures from Pakistani officials led to the death toll increasing by some 18,000 in one day nearly a month after the devastating quake. As many as 3.5 million people are still in need of medical care and 3.2 million remain homeless with winter approaching, Kristen Knutson, a UNOCHA spokeswoman said Wednesday. The United Nations asked a donor conference, which some 92 countries participated in last week in Switzerland, for $550 million in emergency funds for earthquake relief. Knutson said the United Nations has received $131 million in pledges and commitments. More related news at

Fading Beta Leaves Thousands in Shelters (Oct 31, 2005);_ylt=A86.I1ZTTmlD8EMAhxOCbpwv;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl
MANAGUA, Nicaragua - Thousands of people remained in shelters in Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday after Hurricane Beta swept across the Central American nations, flooding rivers, downing trees and destroying houses, churches, medical centers and schools. (...) Packing winds up to 105 mph, Beta dumped as much as 15 inches of rain in Nicaragua and neighboring Honduras, where its outer bands of rain caused four rivers to overflow, isolated communities and damaged crops. The record 13th hurricane of this year's Atlantic storm season made landfall Sunday on Nicaragua's central coast, about 200 miles northeast of Managua, as a Category 2 hurricane before quickly weakening to a tropical storm and eventually becoming a tropical depression before beginning to dissipate. Nicaraguan Civil Defense Chief Col. Mario Perez Cassar said 80 percent of the buildings on the central coast were heavily damaged or destroyed. "But miraculously, only four people were reported missing and only one was injured," Perez said.No serious injuries or deaths were reported in Honduras. (...) The region has been pounded recently by hurricanes and heavy rains. Early this month, Hurricane Stan hit southern Mexico at Category 1 strength on Oct. 4, caused flooding and mudslides that killed 71 people in the southern state of Chiapas and left 654 dead — and 828 missing — in neighboring Guatemala. Another 71 died in El Salvador. Hurricane Wilma, which was a category 4 storm when it made landfall earlier this month, killed four people in Mexico, 12 in Haiti, one in Jamaica and 21 people in Florida. More stories on Tropical Storms and Hurricanes at;_ylt=A86.I1s9TmlDuaAAvhtGXMkB;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

Prosecutor Should Dig Deeper
Scooter Libby lied to cover up greater crimes, the authors argue, and more potential Bush administration crimes should be investigated including lying to Congress, violations of the US Anti-Torture Act and violations of the US War Crimes Act.

Fitzgerald: "Investigation Is Not Over"
The CIA leak investigation is "not over," special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald said Friday after announcing charges against I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff.

Libby Indicted, Perjury, Obstruction - Resigns
Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter' Libby Jr. was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case.

Deconstructing the Indictment
Stirling Newberry analyzes the Libby indictment. Stirling deconstructs the indictment and raises the questions that need to be asked.

Cheney, Libby Blocked Papers to Senate Intelligence Panel
Vice President Cheney and his chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, decided to withhold crucial documents from the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2004 when the panel was investigating the use of pre-war intelligence that erroneously concluded Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Frank Rich: One Step Closer to the Big Enchilada
Frank Rich: To believe that the Bush-Cheney scandals will be behind us anytime soon you'd have to believe that the Nixon-Agnew scandals peaked when G. Gordon Liddy and his bumbling band were nailed for the Watergate break-in.

The White House Criminal Conspiracy
Former federal prosecutor Elizabeth de la Vega says the Bush administration engaged in intelligence fraud comparable to the accounting fraud of companies like Enron, but with far graver consequences. She examines in detail the evidence that the President and his aides conspired to defraud the United States by intentionally misrepresenting intelligence about Iraq.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Joseph Wilson speaks in Washington, DC at a National Press Club luncheon. 10/31/2005
Recommended by Robert Lederman who wrote : "To understand the real degree of criminality and treason behind the Bush administration's machinations against Valerie Plame-Joe Wilson you've got to see this tape. It was Cheney who sent Wilson to Niger because Wilson was the most qualified person in the US government to look into the yellow cake issue."

For full coverage of the CIA leak investigation

Who Pays the Bills for the Bush Administration? The "Good" Bad Guys or the "Bad" Good Guys?
With George W. Bush's popularity falling below 40%, it is clear that his administration's ignorance, incompetence and immorality has finally come to the attention of the American people in spite of Bush's pandering to the religious right wing (1). The self-righteous spin and belligerent action (2) taken by the Bush administration on the global stage, in the name of the American people, simply cannot be justified outside of the confines of Old Testament Roman religion.That is precisely why religion is so important to the Bush administration. Without religious justification, the Bush administration has no justification at all, certainly nothing based on factual knowledge. (...) With the fall of religious capitalism, conservatives and liberals will be reunited as a people, and they will have little choice but to pay the bills of the Bush administration, insofar as they are even payable. There is no way to pay off many of Bush's bills. How do you say that you are sorry for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths in the Middle East? In this evolutionary progression from national corporate democracies to a global people's democracy, America will finally become what America was intended to be, a light unto itself and the world.God bless the people. What would we do without them? They pay for everything. The people have always paid for everything. Moreover, the people have been here all along. They were here before Bush and they will be here after Bush. No wonder Jefferson could see the people as deserving of rights that transcend the daily desires of the wealthy and powerful.When Bush says, in his self-absorbed way, "We'll all be dead," he speaks only for himself. Today's children will dance on his grave, not for the evil he has done, but for the good that will come from the end of his evil.The question for the American people is this: How much more human insult and injury and death will the Bush administration impose on you before you take America back? It is, after all, your country. When you take it back, don't ever give it away again. Recommended by Rudolf Schneider>

I Can't Wait
David Swanson: I don't know about the world, but certainly I can't wait any longer to end this war or to impeach this president. One more death, American or Iraqi, is too many. Actually, what I said is not true. We do know something about the world. We know that polls that were done last year were unable to find another country on the planet that would have elected Bush or even made it close enough for him to steal.

US stocks: The visible hand of Uncle Sam
John Embry and Andrew Hepburn provide a valuable entry into the world of finance. The two analysts illuminate the shadowy trail of the "Plunge Protection Team" in its apparent mission to rig the American stock markets.Their account is backed up by considerable indirect evidence, as well as statements by credible insiders. If their account is correct, it means that US markets look a lot like the Japanese markets that were long derided for being subject to repeated official manipulation. A more important conclusion may be that US markets are even shakier than many believe. CLIP

GAO Confirms 2004 Election Stolen (October 26, 2005)
Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings -
As a legal noose appears to be tightening around the Bush/Cheney/Rove inner circle, a shocking government report shows the floor under the legitimacy of their alleged election to the White House is crumbling. The latest critical confirmation of key indicators that the election of 2004 was stolen comes in an extremely powerful, penetrating report from the General Accounting Office that has gotten virtually no mainstream media coverage. The government's lead investigative agency is known for its general incorruptibility and its through, in-depth analyses. Its concurrence with assertions widely dismissed as "conspiracy theories" adds crucial new weight to the case that Team Bush has no legitimate business being in the White House. Nearly a year ago, senior Judiciary Committee Democrat John Conyers (D-MI) asked the GAO to investigate electronic voting machines as they were used during the November 2, 2004 presidential election. The request came amidst widespread complaints in Ohio and elsewhere that often shocking irregularities defined their performance. According to CNN, the U.S. House Judiciary Committee received "more than 57,000 complaints" following Bush's alleged re-election. Many such concerns were memorialized under oath in a series of sworn statements and affidavits in public hearings and investigations conducted in Ohio by the Free Press and other election protection organizations. The non-partisan GAO report has now found that, "some of [the] concerns about electronic voting machines have been realized and have caused problems with recent elections, resulting in the loss and miscount of votes." The United States is the only major democracy that allows private partisan corporations to secretly count and tabulate the votes with proprietary non-transparent software. Rev. Jesse Jackson, among others, has asserted that "public elections must not be conducted on privately-owned machines." The CEO of one of the most crucial suppliers of electronic voting machines, Warren O'Dell of Diebold, pledged before the 2004 campaign to deliver Ohio and thus the presidency to George W. Bush. Bush's official margin of victory in Ohio was just 118,775 votes out of more than 5.6 million cast. Election protection advocates argue that O'Dell's statement still stands as a clear sign of an effort, apparently successful, to steal the White House. Among other things, the GAO confirms that: CLIP

SHE THREATENS THE LIFE OF CANADIAN GOVERNMENT MINISTER PETTIGREW. Toronto - Canadian officials are left wondering why Condoleeza Rice wants Canada's 9-11 PROMIS SOFTWARE FLIGHT RECORDS so desperately that RICE has resorted to ASSASSINATION threats against a Canadian Government official no less. Of course, Royal Canadian Mounted Police would make NO comment! U.S. Secretary of State, already indicted in the United States CIA LEAK CASE is now being investigated for threatening the life of Canadian Government Minister Pettigrew. She threatened Pettigrew yesterday at their meeting with ASSASSINATION unless Canada hands over the original FLIGHT RECORDS, concerning 9-11, linked to smoking gun evidence gathered by Canada using PROMIS Software that shows alleged 9-11 aircraft well into Canadian airspace at the SAME TIME as the the attack on WTC occurred.

Ending the Fraudulence
Paul Krugman writes that this administration's political triumphs have never been based on its real-world achievements, which are few and far between. The administration has, instead, built its power on myths: the myth of presidential leadership, the ugly myth that the administration is patriotic, while its critics are not. Take away those myths, and the administration has nothing left.

CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons
The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaeda captives at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe, according to US and foreign officials familiar with the arrangement.

US Denies UN Group Access to Detainees
Spurning a request by UN human rights investigators, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday the United States will not allow them to meet with detainees at the Guantanamo prison for foreign terrorism suspects.

Vice President for Torture
The Washington Post: Vice President Cheney is aggressively pursuing an initiative that may be unprecedented for an elected official of the executive branch: He is proposing that Congress legally authorize human rights abuses by Americans. He will be remembered as the vice president who campaigned for torture.

Cheney Taps Torture Memo Author to Replace Libby
On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney appointed his legal counsel, David Addington, to be his new chief of staff following the resignation of Lewis "Scooter" Libby. Addington once wrote that the war on terrorism has rendered the Geneva Conventions "obsolete."

Having already threatened to veto the entire defense bill if restrained in any way from continuing its policy of international torture crimes, administration operatives will try to gut the McCain amendment in conference committee. Although passed 90-9 by the senate, three of the senators who voted for MORE torture, Ted Stevens (AK), Thad Cochran (MS) and Kit Bond (MO) will be on the committee to reconcile the Senate and House versions of the defense bill. And Stevens has already declared he will try to EXEMPT the CIA, the primary offender in acts of illegal torture, from being covered by the provision. Those who are trying to grant Bush the right of an absolute dictator to torture anybody he wants anytime and anywhere he pleases must not be allowed to sneak a CIA "get out of atrocity free" card into the bill. An explicit exemption for the CIA would not only pervert the intent of the McCain amendment, it would cut the heart out of existing law and actually WEAKEN prohibitions on such abominable conduct. CLIP

The Department of TORTURE
Where atrocity threatens to become official U.S. foreign policy - The Senate amendment to the new Defense Appropriations Act would explicitly prohibit the U.S. government from subjecting those in its custody to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment or punishment. It's pretty straightforward stuff. Yet despite a rousing 90-9 vote for its passage, there are still dark forces at work trying to subvert the intent of this measure, the language of which must survive the conference committee with the House of Representatives. If the morality perverters have their way, there will be a carve-out to exempt the CIA from this prohibition. They are seeking this with the express knowledge that sadists (acting under the color of CIA authority) have been responsible for the horrific abuses which made necessary further action and clarification of existing law. This exemption would in fact turn the measure on its head to by omission AUTHORIZE torture by a particular agency, diametrically contrary to the amendment's intent. They might as well appoint a "Torture Czar" and make it a cabinet level position. Actually, for all practical purposes we already have a torture czar . . . it's the Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney. Yes, it is Cheney himself who is PERSONALLY pressuring the conference committee to rescind the McCain amendment in this way (just as he was pressuring CIA analysts in the cooking of the justification for war with Iraq). CLIP

Truth about Torture
Army Capt. Ian Fishback is plainly a very brave man. Crazy brave, even. Not only has the 26-year-old West Pointer done a tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, he has had the guts to suggest publicly that his boss, Donald Rumsfeld, lied to Congress.

Rumsfeld to Profit from Avian Flu Vaccine
The prospect of a bird flu outbreak may be panicking people around the globe, but it's proving to be very good news for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other politically connected investors in Gilead Sciences, the California biotech company that owns the rights to Tamiflu, the influenza remedy that's now the most-sought after drug in the world. CLIP
Originally from

U.S. Could Restrict Travel to Prevent Flu
WASHINGTON (AP) - Sustained person-to-person spread of the bird flu or any other super-influenza strain anywhere in the world could prompt the United States to implement travel restrictions or other steps to block a brewing pandemic, say federal plans released Wednesday. CLIP

Army Dumped WMD Offshore in US
Millions of pounds of unused weapons of mass destruction were dumped in oceans before Congress banned the practice in 1972. The threat is still out there, and may be growing.

Bush Stole Election By Computer Fraud, Guilty of 9/11, Lied about W.M.D.'s, Downing Street Memo, Katrina, Illegal War against Iraq, Media Complicity
DEMAND IMPEACHMENT - Harpers Magazine - Fascist State Now

India sees foreign link to attack (31 October 2005)
India has not publicly blamed any group for the attacks India says there is evidence that foreign militants were involved in Saturday's bomb attacks in Delhi, in which at least 62 people died. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf that he expected Pakistan to honour its promise to end cross-border terrorism. The BBC's Sanjoy Majumder says India believes groups based in Pakistan or linked to them may have been involved. Pakistan says it has no indication that Pakistani groups were involved. A little-known Kashmiri group said it was behind the attacks. Police say they are trying to verify the claim by Islami Inqilabi Mahaz. Gen Musharraf has condemned the bombings and offered Pakistan's support to the Indian investigation. Mr Singh made the comments during a telephone call in which Gen Musharraf offered his condolences for the triple bombings, which happened in quick succession. According to an Indian Foreign Ministry statement, Mr Singh told Gen Musharraf said he "continued to be disturbed and dismayed at indications of external linkages of terrorist groups with the 29 October bombing". He then "drew the president's attention to Pakistan's commitment to ending cross-border terrorism". A Pakistani foreign ministry spokeswoman said the government had no indication that Pakistani groups had been involved in the attacks. "Unless they share the evidence with us, it remains a mere claim which we cannot accept," she said. India and Pakistan have been involved in a long-running dispute over the territory of Kashmir. Earlier on Monday, Gen Musharraf said this month's devastating earthquake in Pakistan and India provided an opportunity to help the two countries resolve their dispute. On Sunday, the two countries opened several points along Kashmir's line of control - the de facto border between the two countries - to provide better access for relief workers to earthquake victims.

Casualty might be Indo-Pak peace (October 31, 2005))
New Delhi: Just a few hours after three bombs ripped through the heart of New Delhi, India and Pakistan announced a deal to open LoC for earthquake survivors and relief. Pakistan swiftly condemned the bomb attacks as acts of terrorism. India refused to blame its neighbour--at least not until investigations were complete. The message was clear. For now at least, South Asia's heavyweights do not want the Delhi bomb attacks to derail two years of delicate peace talks. But, if as many here suspect, the bombs which killed 59 people were planted by members of a Pakistan-based militant group, some impact is unavoidable, and some tough issues will have to be tackled.

Gates gives malaria research US$ 258.3 million shot in the arm (Oct 31)
Microsoft Corp chief Bill Gates, through his charity group Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has announced grants of US$ 258.3 million for research into malaria prevention and control.“Millions of children have died from malaria because they were not protected by an insecticide-treated bed net, or did not receive effective treatment. If we expand malaria control programs, and invest what's needed in R&D, we can stop this tragedy,” Gates said while announcing the grant. “It's really a tragedy that the world has done so little to stop this disease that kills 2000 African children every day. If those children were in rich countries, we would have headlines, we'd take action. We wouldn't rest until every child was protected,” he added. While US$ 107.6 million from the above grant would go to GlaxoSmithKline's Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI), Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) would get US$ 100 million, and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine-led The Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) US$ 50.7 million to develop methods of prevention as well as drugs to counter the disease.GlaxoSmithKline would use the grant to complete the trials for an anti-malaria vaccine and apply for its approval, while MMV would try to accelerate the development of new medicines by getting approvals from regulatory bodies. IVCC would use the funds to develop specialized insecticides and other mosquito control methods. According to Gates, a report by Malaria R&D Alliance has shown that malaria is given a paltry US$ 323 million for research, indicating about 0.3 per cent of all expenditure on research into various diseases. This despite the fact that annually, about 500 million are afflicted by the disease, especially children in sub-Sahara Africa. At least two children die of malaria in this region every minute, causing a loss of US$ 12 billion annually for the impoverished country's GDP. “The report confirms what has been clear, and that is that the world isn't investing nearly enough in malaria R&D,” Gates said. (...) IVCC is working towards developing more effective insecticides and improved bed nets to tackle the mosquito menace. “Historically, controlling mosquitoes has been key to controlling malaria, but mosquitoes are developing resistance to insecticides. We need new insecticides that are up to the task today, and that are safe for humans and the environment,” said Dr Janet Hemingway of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. According to the Malaria R&D Alliance report, halving malaria mortality rate by 2010 would require an expenditure of around US$ 3.2 billion annually. This number is 90 per cent more than what is being spent on the prevention and control of the disease as of now.Every year, the disease claims around 2.7 million lives globally, with 75 per cent of the victims being African children.

Parents Turn to Organic Over Food Fears (Nov 2, 2005);_ylt=A86.I11ZvGlDPzsBFBqs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA3ODdxdHBhBHNlYwM5NjQ-
WASHINGTON - Erin O'Neal has two daughters and a fridge stocked with organic cheese, milk, fruits and vegetables in her Annapolis, Md., home. She is among the increasing number of parents who buy organic to keep their children's diets free of food grown with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or genetic engineering."The pesticide issue just scares me — it wigs me out to think about the amount of chemicals that might be going into my kid," said O'Neal, 36. Sales of organic baby food have jumped nearly 18 percent since last year — double the overall growth of organic food sales, according to the marketing information company ACNielsen. As demand has risen, organic food for children has been popping up outside natural food stores. For example, Earth's Best baby food, a mainstay in Whole Foods and Wild Oats markets, just reached a national distribution deal with Toys R Us and Babies R Us. Gerber is selling organic baby food under its Tender Harvest label. Stonyfield Farm's YoBaby yogurt can be found in supermarkets across the country. The concern about children is that they are more vulnerable to toxins in their diets, said Alan Greene, a pediatrician in northern California. As children grow rapidly, their brains and organs are forming and they eat more for their size than do grown-ups, Greene said. "Pound for pound, they get higher concentrations of pesticides than adults do," said Greene, who promotes organic food in his books and on his Web site, . New government-funded research adds to the concern. A study of children whose diets were changed from regular to organic found their pesticide levels plunged almost immediately. The amount of pesticide detected in the children remained imperceptible until their diets were switched back to conventional food. CLIP

Gore Says It Is Not Too Late to Combat Climate Change
Former vice president Al Gore delivered a speech about global warming upon accepting the Global Environmental Citizen Award from Harvard Medical School.

EPA Studies Ways to Cut Warming Pollution
Bush's plan would cost utilities $3 billion to $6 billion a year to cut nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and mercury by 70 percent, the EPA said, but would generate up to $143 billion in health benefits by 2020.

Use Arms Cash for Water, Mitterrand Widow Says (October 28, 2005)
PARIS — One percent of the world's arms budget should be channelled into providing access to drinking water in the most parched corners of the planet, the campaigning widow of former French President Francois Mitterrand said.D anielle Mitterand, whose foundation France Libertes launched an access to drinking water campaign on Tuesday, told Reuters ahead of the initial press briefing that 34,000 people die each day from a lack of fresh water. "The world's arms budget is $1,000 billion annually," Mitterand said. "We are asking that one percent of this budget be used each year for 15 years to finalise a real programme of access to fresh water in those places where the infrastructure is insufficient."According to World Health Organisation figures some 1.5 billion people around the world lack access to fresh water and 2.6 billion lack sanitation. Mitterand's France Libertes aims to reverse that situation. She says that people should be entitled to 40 free litres of water a day and that access to it should be enshrined in constitutions as an inalienable human right. CLIP

Oil Peak in 2005? (30 October 2005)
More evidence is coming in weekly to suggest that world oil production peaked in 2005. Within this past month, two notable petroleum geologists have produced statements to that effect. (...) If world oil production has indeed peaked, then demand and production are diverging and the trend will be towards rising oil prices from here on in. However, the real problem lies not so much with the peak and with the irreversible decline that will follow. How serious our problems will be depends in part on how steep this decline is, and—possibly in larger measure—on how we react to the divergence and decline. So far, the market and the general public has not yet realized that world oil production has peaked, much less the significance of this event. This is because the peak is being masked by specific production problems due to natural catastrophes, wars and civil unrest. At present, neither the market, the media nor the general public has been able to see the forest for the trees. This situation is both bad and good. It is bad for society overall, because it means that we have not started to grapple with the problem. If society would wake up right now and begin to prepare, we could optimize our chances of transitioning into a sustainable paradigm. The longer it takes our society to wake up, the worse our chances will be of making this transition. On the other hand, this social denial is delaying the other shoe (being the economic shoe) from dropping. Once the full realization of what is happening floods into the market, there will be an economic crash in response. This intervening period, which Dr. Bakhtiari calls 'Transition One', will provide a chance for those who are aware of what is happening to quietly prepare. (...) Possibly one of the most important things you can do to ensure community security is to get involved in your local food bank, or start one if none exists in your area. Food banks can serve as a platform from which to launch community gardening programs. And nothing will spell security for your community so much as locally produced food and a system for ensuring that none in your community must starve.

Oil Execs to Be Asked to Justify Profits
Top executives of three major oil companies will be asked by senators next week why some of their industry's estimated $96 billion in record profits this year shouldn't be used to help people having trouble paying their energy bills.

Hurricanes Heap Energy Supply Problems on United States (October 27, 2005)
WASHINGTON, DC, (ENS) - It will take "many months" before the oil and natural gas infrastructure on the Gulf Coast is repaired and full production is restored, Interior Department Secretary Gale Norton told a Senate panel on Thursday. Some 68 percent of the region’s oil production and 55 percent of its natural gas production remains offline due to damage from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Norton said, and repair costs will be in the "billions of dollars." Norton said the slow recovery is due to the extensive damage as well as the "limited amount of repair equipment and skilled personnel." Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman joined Norton at the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee hearing and told lawmakers the nation is dealing with an "extraordinary situation by the one-two punch of Katrina and Rita. "More than 50 percent of the Gulf Coast’s oil and gas pipelines are either damaged or offline and 16 natural gas processing plants remain closed, according to the Energy Department. "The hurricanes have clearly demonstrated the need for diversification of our energy supply," said Norton, who praised Congress for moving forward to open the Arctic Refuge to oil and gas drilling and touted the administration’s efforts to boost drilling in the West. CLIP

Britain Hosts Energy Summit while Failing to Meet Its Emission Targets (Nov 1)
Energy ministers from across the world gather in London today to begin the latest chapter in the increasingly urgent international battle against climate change. Their talks open against a background of growing concern about the visible effects of man-made global warming, such as the disappearance of 40 per cent of Arctic sea ice, and the potential impact of rapid growth in China, India and other fast-developing economies. Tony Blair, who invited the ministers to the summit, is expected to address them today. The new dialogue was kickstarted at July's summit of the world's richest nations in Gleneagles, Scotland, where Mr. Blair pushed climate change to the top of the agenda - then disappointed many by appearing to concede too much to the United States, the biggest producer of greenhouse gases. The US has refused to sign the Kyoto agreement on climate change. Britain itself is on course to badly miss its stated target of a 20 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2010. (...) What's the real point of today's climate change meeting in London? The brutally simple answer: to get China on board in the fight against global warming. The meeting, promoted personally by Tony Blair, has sprung from the great issue which remains unaddressed by the Kyoto protocol: what's to be done about China, India and the other big developing nations? For in the decades to come these countries with their huge and rapidly expanding economies will emit colossal amounts of CO2 - China will overtake the US as the biggest carbon emitter by 2025 - yet at the moment they are not required to set any targets to limit their emissions, as the industrialised countries are, under the treaty. What can be done by Britain and her allies to get China and the others on board? The obvious answer is to encourage China and other developing nations to grow, but to grow in a way that does not damage the climate. In practice this means ensuring that the 500 huge coal-fired power stations which the Chinese are going to build between now and 2030 are fitted with the CO2-reduction technology which is just being developed in the West. Known as carbon capture and storage (CCS), this involves trapping the CO2 coming from power station chimneys, liquefying it, and storing it permanently deep underground. It might sound fanciful, but it is already being done successfully by the Norwegians under the North Sea. But how is this technology, and others that are coming on stream, to be transferred to China, and indeed India, Brazil and Indonesia? Who is to pay for it, and how? Is it aid? Is it trade? The meeting is taking an initial look at these very broad issues. How important is the meeting? Some would take the view that it represents the most important step forward since the Kyoto protocol itself was signed in 1997. Climate change cannot be dealt with properly without the co-operation of the whole world; and the issue of what to do about the future carbon emissions from the developing world is at last being addressed. It is fair to say it is a signal success for Mr. Blair and his vision of what could be achieved by putting climate at the top of the agenda for Britain's presidency of the G8.  CLIP

Report Slams World Bank Role in Clean Energy (November 1, 2005)
WASHINGTON - The World Bank is lagging behind global efforts to promote clean energy instead of leading them and rarely considers climate change strategies when lending for projects in developing countries, a new report said on Monday.The report by environmental advocacy group Friends of the Earth, urged the bank to rethink its role in promoting clean energy, amid booming energy demand in fast-growing developing nations. "Based on an examination of publicly available documents for World Bank Group energy lending, the bank has failed to adequately fund and create policies to push the development of clean energy and has failed to meet even its own commitments," the report said. "This failure to adequately fund clean energy misses a tremendous opportunity to use these energy sources to promote development and poverty alleviation, and it continues the Bank's long-standing over-investment in harmful energy sources." The report came on the eve of a meeting in London of the Group of Eight industrial nations to discuss climate change and clean energy. It will be chaired by British Prime Minister Tony Blair.The World Bank was asked by the G8 in July to develop a new global framework for climate change that would remain effective long beyond the 2012 expiration of the Kyoto Protocol. CLIP

Mighty Amazon close to running out of water (October 30, 2005)
A state of emergency has been declared in the Amazon River basin, which is suffering its worst drought in 42 years. More than 1000 towns and hamlets that rely on the river for transport have been cut off as water levels fall, making the river unnavigable.Several major tributaries, as well as parts of the main river itself, contain only a fraction of their normal volumes of water, and lakes are drying up. The Amazonas Government secretary Jose Melo said hamlets cut off from the outside world by the low river level were running out of drinking water, medical supplies and provisions.The region bakes in intense heat of about 38 degrees at this time of year. The level of the Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon, has dropped 12 metres since July to just 16 metres. The Amazon River, South America's largest, has hit its lowest level in the 36 years since records have been kept near its source in Peru.The Amazon is the second-longest river in the world, after the Nile, but discharges far more water at its mouth than any other. "This drought and its effects are really shocking," said Carlos Rittl, Greenpeace Brazil's climate campaigner. "Towns are lacking food, medicines and fuel because boats cannot get through." To make matters worse, as the rainforest becomes increasingly dry, damaging wildfires are regularly breaking out across the region, destroying trees. Greenpeace blames deforestation and climate change for the drought. "The Amazon is caught between these two destructive forces, and their combined effects threaten to flip its ecosystems from forest to savannah," Mr Rittl said.

Satellite Images Reveal Amazon Forest Shrinking Faster - New Methods Detect Twice As Much Logging As Previously Estimated

Amazon Forest Hit By Hidden Logging
Damage To The Amazon Rain Forest May Be Twice As Large As Previously Thought Due To Undetected Selective Logging,US And Brazilian Forest Experts Report.

Amazon Logging Twice As Heavy As Thought, Images Show

Malawi Is Burning, and Deforestation Erodes Economy
Malawi is losing nearly 200 square miles of its forests annually, a deforestation rate of 2.8 percent that the Southern Africa Development Community says is one of the highest in sub-Saharan Africa. Most of the wood goes to make charcoal for cooking fires.

Plan B 2.0: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble - by Lester R. Brown

Despite receiving over 350,000 letters and phone calls from OCA members and the organic community, Republican leaders in Congress October 27 attached a rider to the 2006 Agricultural Appropriations Bill to weaken the nation's organic food standards in response to pressure from large-scale food manufacturers. "Congress voted last night to weaken the national organic standards that consumers count on to preserve the integrity of the organic label," said Ronnie Cummins, National Director of the Organic Consumers Association. "The process was profoundly undemocratic and the end result is a serious setback for the multi billion dollar alternative food and farming system that the organic community has so painstakingly built up over the past 35 years. As passed, the amendment sponsored by the Organic Trade Association allows: Numerous synthetic food additives and processing aids, including over 500 food contact substances, to be used in organic foods without public review. Young dairy cows to continue to be treated with antibiotics and fed genetically engineered feed prior to being converted to organic production. Loopholes under which non-organic ingredients could be substituted for organic ingredients without any notification of the public based on "emergency decrees." OCA will work to reverse this rider with an "Organic Restoration Act" in Congress in 2006.

What Is Organic? Powerful Players Want a Say
As organic food enters the mainstream, evolving from an idealistic subculture rooted in images of granola and Birkenstocks, a bitter debate has ensued over what exactly the word "organic" should mean. And now Congress is jumping into the controversy.

A vulnerable natural-gas supply (November 1, 2005)
Among the many lessons of Hurricane Katrina is the serious vulnerability of our nation's natural-gas supply — and the urgent need for Congress and industry to work together to find a way out of what is now nothing short of a national emergency. It is a crisis for the 6-in-10 American families who heat their homes with natural gas and face an average price increase of close to 50 percent or $500 per family this winter. It is a crisis for the chemistry industry, which uses natural gas as a raw material for compounds used in thousands of consumer products — from agriculture, telecommunications and automobiles to pharmaceuticals, health and beauty products and food packaging. It is rippling through the economy in the form of product shortages. Simmons Bedding Company has reported that it cannot obtain enough polyurethane foam needed to make bedding. Goodyear is cutting U.S. tire production by 30 percent due to rubber shortages. Newell Rubbermaid has seen resin costs jump 21 percent in a year, and is looking at switching to alternative materials. And a bottled-water company that wanted to supply water to FEMA found that its suppliers could not provide the plastic needed. Production of carpet and fertilizer are also down. The natural-gas crisis is threatening U.S. manufacturing, economic growth, employment and international competitiveness. More than 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by chemistry. The industries that rely on chemistry together represent more than a quarter of the nation's entire workforce. Unaffordable natural gas is driving away investment, crippling our manufacturing base and reducing job opportunities. It is transferring to foreign countries the advanced research and technology desperately needed in order to compete on the world stage. In effect, our nation's energy policy has become its de facto manufacturing and national-security policies as well. In the chemistry industry alone, more than 100 plants have closed and more than 100,000 jobs have been lost. These jobs have been literally exported to other countries — in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and China — where natural gas is plentiful and up to 20 times cheaper. CLIP

The Deadliest Killer of the 20th Century, With More Deaths Than All the World Wars, Lurks Right Inside Your House, and Threatens to Take You and Your Family. The Story No One Told You. In 1918, a virulent, never seen before, form of influenza seemed to suddenly appear. It seemed to kill within hours, and spread around the world within days. It seemed to appear simultaneously all around the world. Its spread was faster than any then known means of human travel. In 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization warned of repeats of such a rapid and deadly pandemic, through such variants of influenza as SARS and Bird Flu. But without knowing what caused the 1918 pandemic or how it spread, how can the CDC or WHO make such a claim? Unless they already know something they are not telling. (...) Normally the progress of a flu is that a virus enters the mucous membrane lining of the lungs, enters cells, then makes many copies of itself, which causes the cell to expand to such an degree that it bursts open. The new viruses then cloak themselves with a coating taken from the old damaged cell wall, thus hiding themselves from the human body's own T-cell antibody immune defense system. To the body's immune system the new viruses simply appear to be pieces of the body's own lung tissue. By creating a fever, the viral infection is slowed down sufficiently so that the body's T cells can find the swollen infected lung cells, surround them and metabolize (literally eat) the damaged cell with strong acids which also breaks down the RNA viruses into basic amino acids. This effectively "kills" the viruses so that they can't reproduce. But viruses are not living things, and you can't kill something that's not alive. All the body can do is destroy or dissolve the RNA amino acid chain which makes up the virus. Not knowing this, most doctors treat the flu with aspirin or fever reducers, as a palliative treatment to ease the aches, pains, and delerium fever effects. The result is that within hours, the fever goes down and the patient feels much better. What neither the patient nor the doctor knows is that with only a normal 98.6F body temperature, the viruses are allowed to reproduce unchecked. Within 72 hours, the viruses have grown from one or two virus bodies to millions or billions. The body is now completely overwhelmed. But while taking aspirin or cold medications, there are no symptoms or warnings of what is yet to come. As a last resort the body tries to quickly flush the infection of billions of viruses from the lungs with massive amounts of T- cells, and fluid in the lungs to "cough out" the virus. This is called viral pneumonia. Soon within hours the patient is in the hospital. The doctors try to treat the now 105 degree fever with more anti-febril aspirins, or related medications to "treat the fever." Then within another 24 hours the patient, suffocating and gasping for breath, is dead. You should note that the original infection did cause a mild fever, aches and pains, which the patient "self-medicated" with over- the-counter products. For the next several days, the patient seemed to have no symptoms, but was actually growing billions of copies of influenza virus in his lungs. Then days later, the patient and doctor seem to see a sudden rapid case of viral flu infection that is now overwhelming the body. Is that what really happened? What caused the patient's death? Was it the original flu virus, or was it the use of Aspirin to lower the flu fever which then shutdown the patient's own immune system response? Obviously, the latter. So how did this cause the massive rapid spread of the 1918 Flu? CLIP

Most Offspring Died When Mother Rats Ate Genetically Engineered Soy (Oct 5, 2005)
The Russian scientist planned a simple experiment to see if eating genetically modified (GM) soy might influence offspring. What she got, however, was an astounding result that may threaten a multi-billion dollar industry.

Omega-News Collection 29. October 2005



From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: New message from Matthew
Date: 1 Nov 2005

November 1, 2005

S: I'm here, dear! I know you're ready to start.

MATTHEW: Good morning, dear soul! Thank you, yes, I am, because we are aware of the thoughts foremost in many minds and they are the same as the majority of questions you most recently received. So first I comment on the indictment against "Scooter" Libby. To those who are disappointed that only he was indicted, I say: Have patience—it will be rewarded. Patrick Fitzgerald meticulously prepared this case within legal boundaries to preclude any possible disruption in the process due to a technicality. Of course, any defense of allegations based only on a legal technicality could not close the breach of public trust that the disclosed facts have created, but there is a need here for balance, for justice to be served, and it will be. Will other indictments follow? Indeed! This one is the wedge, and it's a huge one, in exposing the web of deceit in the Bush administration. A promising adjunct to the legal process underway is the extensive news coverage; this case has greatly decreased media control over what can be withheld from the public. Will the legal measures result in convictions? Yes, they will.

Now, Mother, I'd like you to type the first question on your list. My reply goes beyond those I have just given, which really could be logically expected.

S: OK. "Will this legal process be finished quickly and the 'domino effects' Matthew talked about get underway?"

MATTHEW: On the heels of disillusionment with their government because of its feeble response to the recent hurricanes' devastation, the people of the United States are seeing evidence that their leaders have committed serious criminal offenses and lied to cover their tracks. This double revelation has been terribly stressful, thus the unfolding of the vast betrayal must be done not only within the laws, but prudently and compassionately so as to reach, but not traumatize the national psyche. I do not mean that this protective measure is consciously obvious to any involved, but it is in consonance with the rising of spiritual clarity and is an unrecognized factor in the proceedings.

Yes, the Bush administration can be expected to counter the internal turmoil with steps to divert the country's and the world's attention to other areas. They will not be successful in starting an endemic of avian, or "bird" flu. They will not be successful in imposing martial law throughout the country. They will not be successful in further attempts at widespread terrorist acts as justification for accusing, invading and occupying other nations. They will not be successful in opening new warfronts in any event.

It bears repeating what I have stated before: The US government appears to be the warmonger, but those within the government who have spearheaded all of the tumult are members of the Illuminati; theirs is not a national, but a global "citizenry," and their intentions are to weaken all countries through death toll, property destruction, debt and/or control of all natural resources. Within the Illuminati are the owners of the corporations that manufacture weaponry, planes and tanks as well as the corporations with no-bid contracts to rebuild destroyed infrastructure and to provide fuel for the machines of war, so there is this collaborative vested interest in perpetuating the Bush administration's proclaimed need to "support the troops" and "solidify democracy and freedom" in Iraq.

Let me speak about the situation in Iraq for a moment. In a previous message I mentioned that in the first stages of war's cessation, combat weapons would cease working and troops would lay them down. This is occurring. It is the result of the increasing light reaching hearts and minds throughout the military ranks and the application of our space family's technology. Physical death and debilitating injuries happening now within any troops is in accordance with their original or amended soul contracts, and while grief for the families is just as real and intense, this development heralds the beginning of the ending of armed conflict on Earth.

Mother, because many you hear from are new to my messages, plus we can see a great number of early-on soul-searchers, I feel it is important to repeat something else I have stated. The souls whom you could call tyrannical or evil in their brutality, greed and corruption agreed to act in these ways to provide karmic balancing to many millions of other souls, which extends to Earth's own balancing. At a certain point, long since reached, their agreements called for these "dark ones" to join their light brother/sisterhood; but instead, they reneged and knowingly and willfully continued their control on the planet. Waiting for them to honor their agreements to join the light slowed Earth's ascension pace until she requested intervention of extraterrestrial light forces—this is vastly different from the survival assistance she called out for six or so decades past. Through both advanced technology and intensified light beaming, our extended soul family has steadily diminished the powers of the darkness at the same time they have "inspired" you to generate your own light. It is your light in conjunction with that of beings throughout the universe that has brought Earth to this point where the truth coming forth will lead to peace throughout your world.

Now I believe we can move on with your list, Mother.

S: A reader has several questions about 9/11: What is the extent of Bush's foreknowledge and/or complicity; when and from what source will information about this come out; will Bush be impeached or imprisoned; will other Bush family members be implicated and/or punished; will Cheney go down with Bush? Another reader asked if government changes will happen this year, and she also wants you to give the approximate timeframe for evacuation from the planet because of major Earth changes.

MATTHEW: Oh my! on that last question—I'll get to it later. The terrorist act commonly called "9/11" was devised and executed to justify invading Iraq, and both were planned in concept even before Bush's first presidential term, but he was in agreement. Because of who is named in indictments to come, there can be little doubt of his complicity; he, Cheney and all named and many unnamed will fall as the administration publicly crumbles. Information about the Bush family's long history of collaborating with so-called "enemies of the state" will come out, and all will be accorded due justice. These people are among the dark ones who reneged on their soul contracts, and universally speaking, it is neither judgment nor punishment that they will receive, but rather the inescapable, natural consequences of the energy they have been putting forth by their free will choices. And yes, changes in the US government will come by the end of this year.

Now then, no one will need to be "evacuated" due to the changes that are Earth's means of cleansing herself of accumulated negativity! I have addressed this topic in previous messages and the same is in the books. I think it is appropriate to suggest to you who are new to my messages and value their information, to please read previous ones on the site set up for them. ("Matthew's Messages" at This will enlighten about important areas with which you may not be familiar, and it will avoid the necessarily brief references in repetition. While these may be helpful reminders to long-time readers, brevity does not well serve the needs of questioning newcomers, yet it is not feasible to frequently repeat material verbatim. Also, without intention, I have been guilty of incompletely relating all aspects of an issue; in a later message—often prompted by my mother's or a reader's questioning—I add to that coverage. Then there are situations that I often address because they are unfolding, and your familiarity with preceding happenings permits a clearer understanding of their progression. I am emphasizing this because the energies pouring in are moving things faster and faster, and your comprehending what is happening and why is crucial in these moments.

I say also that it will be most helpful for you to read the four books called the Matthew Books, although that series designation is misleading in that the books contain messages from many high sources including God and representatives of a dozen or so advanced civilizations. Their presentations along with my own and others‚ are the foundation of which my circulating messages are an extension. The books put everything that has been and is happening on Earth in the universal context. You are "citizens" of this universe who chose this lifetime on Earth to assist in her transition from third to higher densities—understanding this is paramount to knowing who you are, your purpose for incarnating now, and why situations are evolving as they are.

Please do not interpret this as my saying that the messages and the books are the best, much less the only sources of information that is vital for you to know! Many high light beings are sending similar information through their respected messengers, and all of us have told you that the "purest" truth is within you. The communication between your soul and your consciousness is direct, without the potential of distortion or misinterpretation caused by the layers of energy between the source at a high station and the messenger on Earth. Listening to and heeding the "voice" of your soul is part of spiritual growth, just as is learning to be discerning about all information by paying attention to your intuition. Intuition, along with instinct, inclination, inspiration and aspiration are ways in which your soul communicates "knowingness" to your consciousness. 

Now then, Mother, let's move on.

S: Fine, dear! Here are several related questions about Patrick Fitzgerald—I think they are clear without the rest of the emails' contents. Is he receiving protection from the light, and if so, is he aware of it; does he have ET bodyguards; is he an old soul who "walked-in"; is he one of the ETs working for us on Earth; is what he's doing according to his soul contract; will he live to complete his legal work; if he is assassinated, will the indictments go forward without interruption?

MATTHEW: Mr. Fitzgerald is one of the most protected individuals on Earth, and his soul contract called for everything that has prepared him to superbly carry out his primary—and critical!—mission of this lifetime. To answer further would be an invasion of this highly evolved soul's privacy.

S: I see. Please comment on "peak oil."

MATTHEW: This is a contrived story to create more wealth for the greedy and more fear in those already despairing. The "peak oil" term has been given to an effort that has achieved its dark intent well; a recent announcement of one oil company's quarterly profits at a record $10 billion blatantly shows the greed aspect. There is no oil shortage, but the claim that there is has put many in fear of the future. There is fear right now in the people living in cold climates who cannot afford to heat their homes; in the people who rely on personal transportation to commute to their jobs and had no monetary margin for the prevailing high gasoline prices; in the small companies and trucking services that cannot afford to stay in business with the higher energy costs. And there is fear in the people who want to preserve the environment about the proposed desecration of pristine areas to drill for oil, just as there is about the vast pollution that has been caused by oil. Because fear puts a barrier between the soul and light, fear is one of the most powerful and most successful tools of the dark forces that are pulling the strings of their Earth-bound puppets.

The "silver lining," so to speak, is that peoples who are divided in philosophies and beliefs are united in concern about this global situation. Even with the Illuminati's suppression of "free energy" technologies, car manufacturers are beginning to produce "hybrid" vehicles; and scientists and engineers in other areas are gearing up to reduce the need for oil. True, you can say that this is only good business sense, but it is important nevertheless because oil is Earth's blood and its extraction must stop. Moreover, the desire to end reliance on oil is yours—whatever steps are taken to restore your planet to full health and beauty must originate from your desires and efforts, your thought forms, and not your ET family's. It is because you want a better world that they are willing to help you create it. 

S: Thank you, dear. "Once Earth has ascended into the next dimension along with all of us, what will our lives be like and will we need to continue to work and go to school, etc.? Since there will be no more disease or illnesses, I'm assuming we won't need hospitals, medical personnel, and industries that support those needs, like insurance and pharmaceutical companies. What types of jobs or other activities will we be doing?"

MATTHEW: In some respects, what you will encounter in the higher vibrations can be compared with my description of life in Nirvana. Much of what currently is needed to support Earth's population is not a part of life in your spirit realm, but that wondrous change is instantaneous for the souls who transition, and you are beginning the few years of your transition from those current requirements to life without them. Mother, I mentioned some of the changes in a message quite some time back, and I ask that you locate and copy the section I've put in your mind. It is a general idea of the major areas where life will greatly differ, and that is all that I can provide because the choices of where and how to "fit in" are up to each of you. However, please be assured that with the leap in your spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth, you will find your right place—your soul knows what it is!


(Excerpt of August 22, 2004 message)

MATTHEW: I do understand, Mother. There will be many changes. A world of peace, love and harmony demands more changes than only the absence of war and other dire circumstances that cause fear, grief and suffering. Yes, many, many people will die before the Golden Age arrives. As sorrowful as these deaths may appear to you, what these souls endure beyond their pre-birth agreements gives them leaps forward in soul growth, and the vital importance of any incarnation notwithstanding, this one is but a fleeting moment of their eternal life. They will greet their return to Nirvana knowing that if they choose another Earth lifetime, it will be in the splendor and glory of a revitalized world and the abiding love among its inhabitants.

About the cetaceans, yes, their spiritual mission is to embody in huge bulk and inhabit the seas to absorb and anchor the light being beamed to the planet from distant civilizations. That purpose soon will have been fulfilled and these souls, which species-wide are the highest evolved spiritually and intellectually on your planet, will soar to their original light stations when they make transition. Those who are leaving physically continue to grace your planet with their love energy.

As Earth continues her ascension into the higher vibrations, eating habits will change as people learn to respect and honor all animal life, so the reduction in food sources from the seas will not be a concern. The herds of food animals will decrease through the cessation of breeding and natural transition, and as plants become diet staples, those that are harmfully genetically engineered will lose their health risk elements.

The allocation of food and other basic life essentials available in the richer countries will be shared on an equitable basis with the poorer countries until a global production order is achieved. Carnivorous animals will exit their food chain and turn to the plant kingdom for sustenance as they evolve into peaceable companions once again, and animal reproduction will be naturally slowed so they will not overpopulate the planet. The balance of nature no longer will require pestilence, so no disease causing or transmitting factors will be present, and the use of toxic chemicals and prescription drugs will cease.

Current and imminent technologies will be used for improving all conditions of life, but here, too, there will be changes from what you are accustomed to, primarily in transportation, power sources and construction materials. Medical treatments will drastically change until there no longer is any need for that because bodies, which will have a greatly longer lifetime, will become free of all forms of dis-ease. Educational systems and resource materials will change to reflect the truth of universal and planetary history, and religions also will change in accordance with the truth that will be revealed.

Those are some of the most significant changes, and all will have trickle-down effects that ultimately will permeate and uplift every facet of life on Earth. You can see that changes in employment will be considerable, but your greater spiritual clarity and greater usage of brain capacity in the higher frequencies will enable the transition into fields supporting cooperation and harmony to come joyously.


Thank you, Mother. I see that this is one of those topics where a reader's question evokes my adding specific information for a fuller description. Recreational pursuits will be changing in accordance with those overall changes mentioned above. Sports that harm or kill any life form will end; the disproportionate sums now paid to professional sports figures will end, too, and none of you will object as the emphasis evolves from the "kill 'em" competitive nature to achieving one's own athletic potential solo and within a group spirit as well. The intentional decreased funding and appreciation for the arts will turn around so that these vital expressions from the soul will be given their proper importance and honor; the forms of expression themselves will return to beauty that is recognized by all. Education of the very young and re-education of all others—the latter better said, remembering—will be a large and exciting part of life; you who will be leading the way in this endeavor chose teaching roles, so you can rest assured that you will know how to proceed. Perhaps the most profound change in your lives will be the relationships between you and the members of your space family both in productive, progressive planetary restoration and in mutually respectful friendships.

S: Matthew, give me a minute, please. OK, thank you. You said that we are "beginning the few years of transition." I don't want to assume anything, so do you mean that the indictment of Libby is the first step and everything from now on—say for the next five or six years—will be an advancement toward the Golden Era?

MATTHEW: Mother dear, you aren't wrong, but it is more involved than your question reveals, and that is due to my incomplete explanation. The transition from third density into the higher frequencies began when Earth cried out for help 60 - 70 years ago in your linear counting. It is the absolute, undeniable dramatic evidence of the unprecedented speed and scope of changes to which I was referring in "the few years of transition." The indictment of Mr. Libby is the first public step in the crumbling of the Bush administration, and the replacement of many current members of the US government by the transitional body ready to step in will be the first of the major "dominoes" whose falling effects will reverberate around the world.

Not everything between this moment and a totally balanced, harmonious world will be completely smooth sailing. It would be most unfair to you and dreadfully remiss on my part if less than explicit statements could lead you to think that it will be. The dark ones have not yet conceded their influential positions, and they will continue all efforts to maintain what by now is only a tenuous toehold on their former worldwide control. Furthermore, other seeds that the off-planet dark forces have planted have taken root, and even when light-filled beings are in leadership roles, for a while some others will act with destructive intent as Earth continues her journey toward fourth density. The third density psyche is resistant to change, especially when shock accompanies the need for change, and shocking it will be to those whose belief foundations will be shattered, even if in increments; so many will not welcome the revelations, and your alertness, prudence, compassion and patience will serve you and them. And yes, more planetary cleansing is needed.

However, in every moment Earth is rising in her own vibrational level, not only into a space of higher vibrations—you could say that she becomes where she is. So there is NO reason to feel discouraged because those things long ago set in motion must play out the energy invested in them. It surely does not mean that light workers have not maintained their own momentum; it simply is why the next few years is a transitional period instead of a sweeping change in the blink of an eye. Please don't think that this could not happen like lightning—in far more advanced civilizations, such swiftness is possible because they KNOW they have that power. The vast majority of Earth's peoples can't even imagine that such exists.

Mother, I must improve on my terminology. Rather than "the next few years," let me say "the last phase of Earth's ascension into fourth density." Any reference to a number of years puts a process into your linear timeframe and your expectations are based on that. We understand that you still need clocks and calendars, but also you need to start thinking in terms of a series of accomplishments without attaching hours or months or years to them. Your "time" is collapsing, and the higher Earth ascends, the less applicable your devised time measurements will be—you will sense this as days and months passing more and more rapidly. It isn't "time" that marks or measures achievements, it is the energy put forth, the energy "surrounding" them. Your ideas of distance and space also are uniquely yours; separation is by energy frequencies. Eventually you will remember this, but in this moment, you have no conscious idea "how far" and "how fast" you have advanced in recreating the Earth of your cellular memory!

S: Mash dear, for many it's been a long wait to live in that world! Here's a question that to some extent, you've answered, but I find it so endearing that I'm going to type it all. "I wanted to ask Matthew about what will happen to our pets when the earth successfully transcends to a higher vibration. Will they all go with us? Will their need to eat meat (beef, chicken, for example) change?"

MATTHEW: I'm pleased to see you smiling, Mother—you do tend to take our conversations in these messages so seriously! Of all life forms on Earth, the animals with whom you have bonded embody the most admirable of what you call "human traits"—their ranges of comprehension and emotions far exceed what is usually attributed to them. Yes, these loving and loved souls will accompany you into the higher densities if their normal life spans permit; otherwise, they will transition to Nirvana, where reunions with you eventually will take place. They, like you, will easily and happily adjust to non-meat diets.

With this, dear soul, we have nearly reached the space limitations so as not to exceed "email capacity." But I cannot say Goodbye without urging you to steadfastly continue sending forth love-light to all of Earth. Evidence of what you have accomplished by so doing is at the very beginning of this message—the first indictment, and perhaps the first concrete proof you have recognized of your power to manifest the magnificent world of peace you desire and envision.

In my leave-taking, I speak on behalf of the host of souls at this high station: What masterful and dearly beloved light workers you are! With the love of the universe, we embrace and accompany you.


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Suzanne Ward



From: "Bill Cain">
Subject: Two Years of investigation resulting into a hand slap
Date: 31 Oct 2005

Two years. Two years of supposedly impartial, non-partisan investigation into crimes in high places within the US government, and all that's discovered is that an aide lied.

It takes two years to determine this? Two years on the part of an independent prosecutor who we were told had been given wide latitude to investigate and uncover corruption at the highest levels of government and which could hopefully lead to the implication and indictments of individuals including even Cheney and Bush? The real reasons behind the Iraq War and even 9-11 could now, certainly be expected to be uncovered. Unfortunately, no. In the course of two years the only wrong doing that could be found was on the part of an aide who most people had never heard of and who will most likely fade into the same obscurity from which he suddenly emerged last week. Everyone else gets a free pass while attempting to sweep the story under the rug to join all the other undisclosed dirt accumulated since this administration took control.

All the other crimes apparently never happened or can't be proven. Everything the mainstream media has neglected and ignored during this time evidently was not worth bothering with after all. UNBELIEVABLE!

How can this be? How can the mountain of overwhelming evidence of corruption and crimes against humanity be glossed over by someone who was supposed to be charged with the responsibility of impartially revealing the truth, getting it right, telling it like it is and how it's been for almost five nightmarish years?

Can you hear the rest of them breathing a collective sigh of relief while they go back to the business of usual of planning the next war and the next pretext to justify it?

If nothing else arises from this latest deflated effort and the Bush syndicate is successful at trivializing what will likely amount to a hand slap, then is there any hope left at all?


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Libby Indicted, Perjury, Obstruction - Resigns
Vice presidential adviser I. Lewis "Scooter' Libby Jr. was indicted Friday on charges of obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak case.

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff Libby indicted (10/28/2005)
Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has been indicted for five counts by the federal grand jury investigating the outing of covert CIA agent Valerie Plame for perjury, obstruction of justice and making false statements to the grand jury, RAW STORY can confirm.Libby will resign. ABC News, citing a White House source, said his "boxes are packed." According to the New York Daily News, his post will be filled by Cheney's chief counsel David Addington. The announcement will be made at 2 p.m. ET. Others may yet be indicted, lawyers close to the investigation say. While the media spotlight has focused on key White House advisors, officials outside the senior staff have also been fingered in the probe. Sources close to the investigation say the probe will continue, and could expand to include other elements, including forged documents that purported to show Iraq had sought uranium from Niger. CLIP

Cheney's Power in Spotlight
Vice President Dick Cheney makes only three brief appearances in the 22-page federal indictment that charges his chief of staff, I. Lewis Libby Jr., with lying to investigators and misleading a grand jury in the CIA leak case. But in its clear, cold language, it lifts a veil on how aggressively Mr. Cheney's office drove the rationale against Saddam Hussein and then fought to discredit the Iraq war's critics. The document now raises a central question: how much collateral damage has Mr. Cheney sustained?



From: "Susan R. Jason">
Subject: Seven Day to Save Your Coast
Date: 1 Nov 2005

Hi Jean,

I came home today from a long weekend, and found this urgent message in my email. I hope you will share it with the ERN readers, and I encourage all to participate in raising awareness of this issue. I also encourage all in the USA to contact their representatives immediately and urge them to vote against this proposal to open up the coastlines and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling of any kind. This is our (maybe LAST) chance to protect these areas from exploitation. I think it's our duty to walk our talk, and all stand up and be counted on behalf of our Mother Earth...this is a way for each one of us to make an historically important difference. Thanks for passing this on.

Much Love,



Sent: October 31, 2005
Subject: Seven Day to Save Your Coast

Dear Seaflow Community Member,

Please activate today to save our coastlines and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! Thanks to North American Ocean Noise Coalition member Richard Charter and the National OCS Coalition for their work to defeat the Budget Reconciliation Package and for sending this alert to Seaflow. The Arctic Refuge may be drawing its last breath at the hands of the oil industry. Thanks for speaking up and spreading the word on behalf of our wild spaces and wild faces. Mary Jo Rice P.S. The vote on the House floor is scheduled for November 7. Please don't delay.


Only Seven Days to Save Your Coast in Congress:

A bill aimed at opening all of America's most sensitive coastlines to offshore drilling will be voted on, up or down, on the House Floor in only a week, on November 7. House Leadership has chosen to hide offshore drilling within a broader budget bill that is immune from any amendments, so your own Representatives must now vote against "final passage" of what is called the "Budget Reconciliation Package" to save your state's coastal waters.

Hastily approved by a party-line vote in the House Resources Committee on October 26, the deceptively titled "Ocean State Options Act" would immediately remove all of our existing coastal protections by quickly rescinding the bipartisan offshore drilling moratorium that has been renewed each year for twenty-four years. This treacherous proposal would instead create a complex new bureaucracy requiring each state's legislature and governor to continually agree to ask the Secretary of Interior, every five years, for an additional extension of their state's protection, but after ten years all protection for every state would be gone. The Secretary of Interior could, at any time, deny continued coastal protection, even while states would be continually coerced - with offers of money - to allow offshore drilling.

If that's not bad enough, the very same Budget Reconciliation Package would also open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies while opening our coast. The oil industry, flush with record-setting profits, is now lobbying hard to get this bill passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law before coastal communities and the public can wake up to what is in this last-minute legislation. Each American who cares about their favorite coastal natural treasure now has a critical role to play in the upcoming House vote. We need to alert the media in all coastal regions with our own Op-Eds and calls to reporters, and above all, we must make calls to be absolutely sure that our own Representatives will vote against final passage of the Budget Reconciliation Act on November 7. This is a history-making moment, and the future of our coast, forever, depends entirely on what actions we each take in the next seven days.

To get direct contact information such as the DC office phone number for your Representative, you can visit, or go to

You can also call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Representative's office.

Richard Charter
Co-Chair, National OCS Coalition


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This is it! The showdown vote to protect the Arctic Refuge is upon us!
Last spring, Congress narrowly passed a Budget Resolution that paves the way for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Now the final vote to protect the nation's greatest wildlife sanctuary looms near. This week and next week, the House and the Senate will vote on the Budget Reconciliation Bill, the final vote in the budget process. The Budget Reconciliation Bill will formally legalize drilling for oil in the Arctic Refuge! With your help, we will defeat it. CLIP

The cost of energy to heat homes is predicted to jump 40 percent or more this winter. Some cynics in Congress are exploiting the energy crisis to push for drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, despite the fact that drilling there would only drop gas prices by one penny per gallon and even then not for 20 years. Read this enviro tip to learn what you can do to cut energy costs and help lessen the impact on our planet.

Effort to Save Endangered Wildlife Moves to Senate
Help Save the Endangered Species Act - Urge your Senators to maintain our national commitment to protecting America's special plants, animals and places...Defenders of Wildlife is hard at work to save the Endangered Species Act and the special creatures the law protects. Our Senate champions were encouraged by the narrow margins of the House vote, which few Congress watchers felt would be so close. We are working with Senate heroes to ensure that the bill, introduced by Rep. Richard Pombo (R-California), is defeated and imperiled wildlife remains protected. CLIP


From: "G u s h S h a l o m">
Date: 30 Oct 2005
Subject: Abbas and the Lame Duck

Uri Avnery


Abbas and the Lame Duck

A twenty-minute drive is all that separates the Israeli Prime Minister's office in Jerusalem from that of the Palestinian President in Ramallah. But for all practical purposes, the Muqata'ah in Ramallah might as well be on the moon.

The day before yesterday, Ariel Sharon declared for the who-knows-how-many-th time, that he had cancelled his planned meeting with Mahmoud Abbas. The reason: Abbas "is not doing anything against terrorism". A routine pretext, but it seems that this time the act itself is not mere routine.

The long campaign for the elimination of Mahmoud Abbas is entering its final phase.

Much to the regret of Sharon & Co., Abbas cannot be "eliminated" the usual way, as were Sheikh Ahmad Yassin and many other Palestinian leaders. In the case of Abbas, it is not even allowed to use the word "elimination" - an official term of the Israeli army, taken straight from the Mafia lexicon.

The ascent of Abbas after the elimination of Yassir Arafat - still shrouded in mystery - turned on a red light in Sharon's office. After all, his plans are all based on the slogan "There is Nobody to Talk With". Abbas, on the other hand, looks to the world, and even to a significant part of the Israeli public - like a Palestinian leader eminently fit to talk with. Worse, he looks that way to President Bush too.

That made a cautious approach necessary. Carefully concealing his anger, Sharon shook hands with Abbas in Aqaba, in the presence of Bush. He saw, with growing concern, how the Palestinian leader was received in the White House and heard Bush praise the democratic elections held by the Palestinians. There was a growing danger that the Americans would realize an old nightmare of Israeli governments: an "imposed peace" that would compel Israel to return more or less to the pre-1967 border.

Therefore, Sharon adopted a cautious tactic: gain time, wait for a change of circumstances, and in the meantime be content with sticking needles into Abbas' effigy. It was impossible to launch a campaign of demonization against him, as had been done to Arafat, with the full participation of all the Israeli and world Jewish media. But in all the media, a daily message was planted: Abbas is a wet rag, Abbas is not worth anything, Abbas is not able to destroy the "terror infrastructure", it's quite useless to talk with him.

This week, the style was sharpened. No more pity for poor Abbas, doing his best and failing, but an outright attack on him. Abbas, it is being said, doesn't really want to put an end to terrorism. The news pages of all newspapers, from Maariv to Haaretz, were mobilized for this campaign. The radio and television networks joined in with enthusiasm.

At the same time, the violent confrontation broke out again with full force.

Who started it? Depends who is asked. As always, each side declares that the new round began with an atrocity from the other side. If one wants to, one can go back 120 years, to the first stone thrown by a Palestinian shepherd at the first Jewish settler - or to the first blow struck by the first Jewish settler on the head of a Palestinian shepherd who had led his goats onto his field.

As a matter of fact, the confrontation has not stopped for a moment. The Palestinians did indeed declare a Tahidiya ("calm"), but that was only an agreement among themselves. The Israeli army was no party to it and continued with great vigor entering Palestinian towns and villages, arresting "wanted" militants and killing some of them, here and there.

The new round started with the killing of Luay Sa'adi, a militant of the Islamic Jihad in the Tulkarm area, who had already spent five of his 25 years in Israeli prisons. The army described him as a very senior commander, a huge "ticking bomb". The Jihad took up this ludicrous assertion with alacrity, because it justified a major retaliation. In private, Palestinians said that he was just a local activist.

Either way: when Sharon, between breakfast and lunch, gave his assent to the execution, he knew that he was also condemning some Israelis to death - since it was certain that the Jihad would respond with an act of revenge. There is no escape from the conclusion that that was indeed the purpose of the action.

It was confirmed with great speed. A Jihadist from a close-by Palestinian village carried out a suicide bombing in the fruit market of the Israeli town Hadera, five Israelis were murdered. (In the terminology used by all Israeli media, as dictated from above, Israelis are always "murdered", while Arabs "find their death", or, at most, are "killed".) The village of the suicide bomber is separated from Hadera by the high Separation Wall, but it seems that this did not hinder him. Before his death, he was videoed declaring that he was taking revenge for the killing of Sa'adi - disproving the army's contention that the bombing had been prepared before the killing and had nothing to do with it.

As if it had only been waiting for this outrage, the army went immediately into well-planned action. A choking general blockade was imposed on the northern West Bank. Towns and villages all over the West Bank were cut off again, sometimes only hours after the roadblocks around them had been removed at the insistence of Condoleezza Rice. A general man-hunt against Jihad activists was started, with a broad hint that the turn of Hamas and Fatah activists would not be far behind.

In the Gaza Strip, a parallel cycle started. Out of solidarity with the West Bank comrades, some Qassam rockets were fired at Israeli localities, without hitting anyone. The response was prepared in advance: the Army cut the Strip off from all contact with the world, all passages were closed. The Strip was shelled and bombed from land, air and sea. Helicopter missiles killed Jihad activist Shadi Muhanna together with his assistant and four passersby, including a boy - an act that may well bring Chief-of-Staff Dan Halutz another step closer to the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Revenge is assured, and so is the revenge for the revenge.

While all over the world praise is heaped on the "disengagement" and on Sharon, the Man of Peace, he has launched a general offensive for the annexation of most of the West Bank.

Last week, all over the Palestinian territories, the miserable living conditions were made even worse. That looks like collective punishment, which is forbidden by the Fourth Geneva Convention. But in reality, it was something worse: the aim is to sow despair among the Palestinians, bring them to their knees, compel them to accept Sharon's diktat - to be content with 42% of the West Bank (11% of pre-1948 Palestine) in several enclaves - and, ultimately, to convince them to emigrate altogether.

Sharon behaves like a bullfighter, sticking his bandilleras between the shoulders of the bull in order to enrage and bait him, till he lashes out in all directions.

While attention is diverted by the widespread military action, the settlements are being enlarged at a feverish pace, and new settlements are springing up. The building of the Wall continues vigorously, regardless of the Hadera bombing which showed that its security value is doubtful. The dismantling of the hundred "outposts" that were put up after 2001, as demanded by the Road Map, is not even on the agenda. All the army did was to remove five new "outposts" set up this week, with much mutual shoving and hitting, without using tear gas, salt or rubber bullets or stun grenades, which are seemingly reserved for Israeli peace activists.

The demand by the Quartet emissary, James Wolfenson, to open the absolutely vital passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, was treated with contempt. Since Wolfenson is highly regarded by Bush and Condoleezza Rice, this has a special significance.

Sharon's people are closely following events in Washington. They know that Bush is in deep trouble and is fast becoming a Lame Duck. Condi, the duckling, is limping along behind him.

For Sharon, that is a great relief. At long last, he can now stop praising Abbas and start to bury him.  

Another "elimination".

Another suicide bombing.

Another retaliation.

Another Kassam rocket.

And so on, until the next intifada.

For President Bush, the establishment of the Palestinian state is not an urgent matter.

After all, no American lives are involved.

For us, however, it is a very urgent matter.

Because Israelis and Palestinians are losing their lives.

- Gush Shalom   
For access to a lot of interesting material:
--The brochure Truth Against Truth (available in many languages)
--Boycott list of settlement products
--video footage of hot spots
--Archive of articles and documents



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Palestine calls for end to Israel's control over Gaza (Oct 31)
Seoul: The Palestinian foreign minister on Monday called Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip a positive development, but warned the region would remain a virtual prison for its people unless Israel ends its control there. "This is a positive development, but nothing has changed in the legal status of Gaza," Nasser Al-Kidwa told a news conference after meeting South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon. "Israel still controls Gaza's international gateway, fishery resources, etc. Its intervention in the living of those in Gaza still continues," he said. Israel withdrew from the volatile Mediterranean coastal Gaza Strip in September, ending a 38-year occupation. The Palestinians, who hope to build an independent state in the West Bank and Gaza, have called for quick solutions to outstanding issues in Gaza, including the status of the Rafah crossing into Egypt, the airport, the seaport, and the link between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Unless these issues are resolved, the Gaza Strip may "turn into a big prison," Al-Kidwa said. CLIP


From: "Maggie Erotokritou">
Date: 31 Oct 2005
Subject: Calls for Genocide must be met with compassion

In this article sent to me by Rene Wadlow, he reminds us of the need to create a harmonious spiritual dimension in world politics and to remember the function of the Genocide Convention and why it was brought about. Thank you Rene for clarifying it in this way.




Calls for Genocide Must Be Met By A Wave of Compassion

Rene Wadlow
Representative of the Association of World Citizens to the United Nations,

The recently elected President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, at a conference "The World Without Zionism" on 26 October 2005 demanded that Israel be "wiped off the map" and added "Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nations fury."

President Ahmadinejad's call was in a prepared speech. His statement was not an emotional ad hoc addition as a response to a chanting crowd, but an element in a world view that denies the possibility of peaceful coexistence. President Ahmadinejad went on to explain "The establishment of the Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world. The skirmishes of the occupied land are part of a war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land."

This direct and public demand for the destruction of a State and necessarily of a significant part of its population is a call for genocide. Such direct and public incitement of genocide is punishable under Article III of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

The drafters of the 1948 Convention had in memory the long incitement to hatred against the Jews by Nazi leaders. Few took the Nazis seriously in the mid-1930s and did not foresee that hate constantly repeated would lead to systematic action. Likewise, in more recent times, few took seriously the constantly repeated verbal attacks against the Tutsis in Rwanda over radio and in the press. Yet these attacks prepared the ground for the physical destruction of people and created the regional instability which is still weakening the African Great Lakes region.

The Genocide Convention in its provisions concerning public incitement sets the outer limits of political discourse. Groups, peoples, social classes or social categories are not to be attacked and threatened. Thus the Genocide Convention is a constant reminder of the need to moderate political discourse so as to debate issues and policies, not peoples or groups.

We who strive to create a harmonious spiritual dimension in world politics need to respond to hate with compassion. We must seek ways to re-double our efforts to help establish peace in the wider Middle East. We need to share our concern with Iranian leaders that political language and sentiments should be inclusive.

Letters of concern can be shared with the Iranian Missions to the United Nations:

Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations
622 Third Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA
and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic to the United Nations
Chemin du Petit-Saconnex 28 CH-1209 Geneva, Switzerland


See also:

Iran holds Israel hate fest (28/10/2005),,2-10-1462_1825167,00.html
Tehran - Iran was on Friday holding its annual anti-Israeli hate fest with huge rallies across the country, shrugging off widespread condemnation of its president's call for the Jewish state to be "wiped off the map". Tens of thousands of regime loyalists were taking to take to the streets of Tehran for "Jerusalem Day" - a carnival-style event heavy on bloodthirsty rhetoric that includes would-be militants signing up for suicide bombing missions. But this year's event comes amid a storm over the remarks by hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who on Wednesday called for Israel's annihilation and spoke of an age-old war between Islam and the West. He also told a conference entitled "The World without Zionism" that "the establishment of the Zionist regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Islamic world". Damaging comments The Palestinian fight against Israel is one of the central dogma of the Islamic regime in Iran, but Ahmadinejad's fiery speech was the first time in years that such a high-ranking official has openly demanded Israel's destruction. His comments have been hugely damaging for Iran's image, already under intense Western pressure over its nuclear energy programme - suspected as being a cover for weapons development - and facing the prospect of seeing the issue referred to the United Nations security council. Iranian media has largely ignored the international furore, while state television was on Friday broadcasting continuous footage of Palestinians being beaten, shot or arrested by Israeli troops. Comments 'repulse' Blair British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he felt "a real sense of revulsion" over Ahmadinejad's comments. "If they continue down this path, then people are going to believe that they are a real threat to our world security and stability," he said after a European Union (EU) summit near London on Thursday. French President Jacques Chirac was equally upset, calling his Iranian counterpart's words "senseless and irresponsible", while a joint EU statement said the remarks were "inconsistent with any claim to be a mature and responsible member of the international community". The EU has been trying to lure Iran to abandon its nuclear fuel drive in exchange for trade and other incentives, but Tehran has rejected such a deal and the dialogue has been broken off since August. Bid to throw Iran out of UN Israel, which alleges Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and long-range missiles that could strike at its heart, is pushing for Islamic republic to be thrown out of the UN. UN chief Kofi Annan also expressed "dismay" over the comments by Ahmadinejad, a straight-talking hardliner and Revolutionary Guards veteran who won a shock election win in June. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose country is Israel's main regional ally, also urged Iran to apply "political sobriety".

Iran says no plan to attack Israel (Oct 30)
TEHRAN — Iran yesterday sought to cool international outrage over its president’s comment that Israel should be “wiped off the map”, insisting the Islamic republic had no intention of attacking the Jewish state. Amid an escalating war of words over President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s remarks, Iran’s Foreign Ministry slammed a UN Security Council statement that condemned the comments as “unacceptable”. But the ministry also moved to repair some of the considerable diplomatic damage already wrought by the comments, saying the Islamic republic was bound by its UN commitments and was not going to attack Israel. “The Islamic republic of Iran is committed to its engagements based on the UN charter and has never resorted to, nor threatened to resort to force against another country,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement quoted by the Irna news agency. CLIP

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SOME ADVOCATES TAKING A MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE STANCE ABOUT IRAN. This whole situation could lead to a major confrontation unless cool heads prevail...


Getting Tough With the Mullahs

By Elan Journo

November 1, 2005

The president of Iran -- a country believed to be building nuclear weapons -- recently demanded that "Israel must be wiped off the map." But European diplomats, who are courting Iran in an attempt to halt its suspected nuclear weapons program, said that such belligerence won't derail their overtures.

The diplomatic effort led by Britain, France and Germany is touted as a reasonable way to settle the dispute over Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program without any losers. By enticing Iran to the negotiating table, we are told, the West can avoid a military confrontation, while Iran gains "economic incentives" that can help build its economy. But this deal -- backed also by the Bush administration -- can only strengthen Iran and turn it into a greater menace.

The European deal -- which is said to include the sale of civilian aircraft and membership for Iran in the World Trade Organization -- rests on the notion that no one would put abstract goals or principles ahead of gaining a steady flow of economic loot. And so, if only we could negotiate a deal that gives Iran a sufficiently juicy carrot, it would forgo its ambitions.

But to believe that Iran really hungers for nuclear energy (as it claims) is sheer fantasy. Possessing abundant oil and gas reserves, Iran is the second-largest oil producer in OPEC. To believe that it values prosperity at all is equally fantastic; Iran is a theocracy that systematically violates its citizens' right to political and economic liberty.

What Iran desires is a nuclear weapon -- the better to threaten and annihilate the impious in the West and in Iran's neighborhood. Iran declares its anti-Western ambitions stridently. At an official parade in 2004, Iran flaunted a missile draped with a banner declaring that: "We will crush America under our feet." (Its leaders, moreover, have for years repeated, in essence, the demand that "Israel must be wiped off the map.")

A committed enemy of the West, Iran is the ideological wellspring of Islamic terrorism, and the "world's most active sponsor of terrorism" (according to the U.S. government). A totalitarian regime that viciously punishes "un-Islamic" behavior among its own citizens, Iran actively exports its contempt for freedom and human life throughout the infidel world. For years it has been fomenting and underwriting savage attacks on Western and American interests, using such proxies as Hezbollah. Like several of the 9/11 hijackers before them, many senior al-Qaeda leaders, fugitives of the Afghanistan war, have found refuge in Iran. And lately Iran has funneled millions of dollars, arms, and ammunition to insurgents in Iraq.

It's absurd to think that by offering Iran rewards to halt its aggression, we will deflect it from its goal.

The only consequence of engaging such a vociferously hostile regime in negotiations is the whitewashing of its crimes and the granting of undeserved legitimacy. The attempt to conciliate Iran with "incentives" further inflames the boldness of Iran's mullahs. What it teaches them is that the West lacks the intellectual self-confidence to name its enemies and deal with them accordingly. It vindicates the mullahs' view that their religious worldview can bring a scientific, technologically advanced West to its knees.

Far from converting Iran into a non-threat, the "incentives" would sustain its economy, prop up its dictatorial government, and perpetuate its terrorist war against the West. Whether Iran accepts the European deal or prolongs "negotiations" indefinitely, so long as the "diplomatic" approach continues, Iran gains time to engage in covert nuclear weapons research. Iran's flouting of a previous agreement to stop enriching uranium (which prompted the current talks) and its documented attempts to acquire nuclear weapons technology erase any doubts about how it will behave under any future deal.

This approach of diplomacy-with-anyone-at-any-cost necessarily results in nourishing one's enemy and sharpening its fangs. That is what happened under a 1994 deal with communist North Korea. In return for boatloads of aid and oil from the United States, Japan and other nations, North Korea promised not to develop nuclear weapons. Despite UN inspections, North Korea flouted the agreement repeatedly. When caught cheating, it promised anew to end its nuclear program in return for more "incentives." In February 2005, North Korea declared (plausibly) that it had succeeded in building nuclear weapons.

Another, older attempt to buy peace by giving "incentives" to an enemy was a cataclysmic failure. In 1938 the Europeans pretended that Hitler's intentions were not really hostile, and insisted that "peace in our time" could be attained by allowing him to walk into Czechoslovakia. Instead, he was emboldened to launch World War II.

Ignoring the lessons of history, the Europeans are advocating a deal with Iran that likewise purchases the reckless pretence of peace today, at the cost of unleashing catastrophic dangers tomorrow.

To protect American (and European) lives, we must learn the life-or-death importance of passing objective moral judgment. We must recognize the character of Iran and act accordingly. By any rational standard, Iran should be condemned and its nuclear ambition thwarted, now. The brazenly amoral European gambit can only aid its quest -- and necessitate a future confrontation with a bolder, stronger Iran.

Elan Journo is a junior fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, CA.


Date: 31 Oct 2005
Subject: Secret space war
From: The Enigma Channel>

From the Director of 'THE ILLUMINATI'

A new 2 hour Feature Length Documentary




For The First Time All on One Film

Message from the Director CHRIS EVERARD:

If you are one of those people who liked my last film, ‘THE ILLUMINATI’, then I am sure you’ll Love my new film ‘SECRET SPACE’. It has taken me seven years to make, travelling to three continents and fourteen countries.  There are Many clips of UFOs taken directly from the cameras aboard the Space Shuttle – never before seen by any member of the public. My film exposes the true nature of NASA and the secret space programme.

More than that, I expose the involvement of Aleister Crowley, Satanists and high ranking FreeMasons in the Apollo Moon Missions. We then journey deep inside Russia and learn of Alien Technology designed to Scan the ‘soul’ of an abducted person. We thoroughly analyse official NASA footage Of UFOs being shot at in space by secret weapons on the ground... And show for The first time NASA footage of a group Of extra-terrestrial lights which ‘dance’ And convey messages to the crew of The Space Shuttle, whilst hovering In the upper atmosphere. This is the First film ever made which exposes the ongoing SECRET SPACE WAR.

“...You can’t even begin to understand The geo-political conspiracy on the Ground, before you properly comprehend exactly What is going on in space.”


“David Icke is in top form. Secret Space is a throbbing, scary Roller coaster ride into the Unknown.”


To order using PayPal or CC-Now:

Only on DVD. NOT on VHS. Not on eBay. Not in any shop

NOTE FROM JEAN: the following is taken from and is worth a closer look...

Hip Hop Chronicles describes SECRET SPACE as 'A jaw-dropping exposure of how the American Illuminati families seek to dominate planet Earth by controlling Space ... the most important film about alien contact and the control of humankind ever made. Astounding footage..."

SECRET SPACE takes you deep inside the dark occult world of NAZI Germany, where Jews and ex-French Resistance fighters were used as slave labour to develop rocket-based weapons such as the V2 and the V1 'Doodlebug' - the forerunner of today's 'Cruise' missile.

We explain how ex-SS Nazis were brought to America by the CIA under 'Project Paperclip' and given senior posts at NASA. We also see how NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasedena was set-up by Jack Parsons - a rocket engineer who was a disciple of Aleister Crowley. From the late 1940s onwards, an unholy alliance of O.T.O devotees, NAZIs and senior 33rd degree Freemasons dupe the American taxpayer of billions of dollars and fake several moon missions in order to further their work on secret 'black budget' operations - a series of secret space programmes designing space vehicles and weapons systems to thwart attacks by alien craft... For the first time on film we see the 'Baby Shuttle' - a small space shuttle which fits inside the payload of the existing space shuttle and is then released into outer space for covert operations.

...It sounds incredible - but SECRET SPACE contains a wealth of documents, photos and footage which proves that all this and more has come to pass.

SECRET SPACE exposes the fact that nearly all the first American astronauts into space were high ranking 32 and 33rd degree Freemasons. And that the brother of one of the Apollo Mission managers was appointed Sovereign Grand Commander of all Freemasons in America as a 'thankyou' for engineering the fake Apollo moonshots of 1969.

By using rocket technology invented by arch occultist, Jack Parsons, NASA supremo Werner Von Braun and his team of ex-NAZIs began filming the many UFOs which Astronauts reported during their early spaceflights. They named the NASA space craft after Gods of mythology and even named the 'Titan' rocket after their mentor Aleister Crowley. We expose NASA's biggest secret - that the existence of alien craft has been known about since the early 1950s and that Nikola Tesla's 'Death Ray' patents are being developed into space-based weapon systems in order to shoot down invading alien craft - just as reported by senior Pentagon officer, Colonel Philip Corso in his book 'The Day After Roswell'.

We examine the evidence presented in Corso's book "The Day After Roswell" and compare this with the latest UFO footage filmed by NASA astronuats aboard the Space Shuttle.

SECRET SPACE contains dozens of UFO clips and photos never before seen - including rare World War II footage of man-made 'flying saucer' type craft invented by the NAZIs using designs which were 'skryed' from the psychic ether by members of the occult Thule Society.

SECRET SPACE is a feature length documentary which is fast-paced and full of suprising footage - including a segment showing no less than six Illuminati-Freemasonic handshakes being exchanged between NASA personnel at Mission Control.

SECRET SPACE brings together authors and researchers who are the experts in their own fields of study - we get first hand testimony from Russia's VALERY UVAROV about aliens 'scanning' abducted humans in order to find a bio-chemical/psychic 'key'. We also investigate the recent discovery of an ancient mechanism found in the Siberian forests which seems to be able to vapourize comets and astral bodies which may collide with planet Earth.

JAIME MAUSSAN speaks authoratively on the 'secret government', MJ12 group and recent UFO footage filmed in the USA and South America.

MARCUS ALLEN is the editor of the UK edition of NEXUS MAGAZINE and has become recognised as one of the leading authorities on analysing official Apollo images supposedly taken on the lunar surface. Marcus shows us how giant models and studio sets were built by NASA in order to dupe billions of dollars from the American taxpayer - in staging fake moon expeditions and using this as a propaganda weapon in the 'Cold' war.

SECRET SPACE features extensive interviews with two British authors, DAVID ICKE and CHRIS EVERARD. We present analysis of the most recent video recordings of UFOs made aboard the space shuttle and proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that not only are NASA astronauts actively filming UFOs almost on a daily basis, but that some kind of laser weapon (caught on camera) is being used against these alien vehicles!

MODERN ASTRONOMER magazine said "...This is on the face of it all too much to comprehend - but this film logically and chronologically traverses several decades of space and UFO research, fusing together the different strands with an absolutely mind-boggling expose of how Aleister Crowley's 'right hand man' used occult magic in order to develop rocket technologies which are still used by NASA to this day. Even if only 1% of all this amazing information is true, Mankind is in big trouble! Viewing this film will totally alter your attitude towards NASA and the Extraterrestrial phenomenon".

SUMMARY: NAZIs, the CIA and Project Paperclip Slave Labour Used by Werner Von Braun Rocket Factory Man Made Flying Saucers of World War II - Hitler's Secret Weapons Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley & the JATO Rocket Systems Occult Names For The Space Shuttles How NASA Faked the Apollo Moon Landing Photos UFOs in America Today MJ12 & The Manhattan Project - The Secret Government 33rd Degree Luciferians Control NASA The Masonic Flag on the Moon Lunar Surface Claimed Under Territorial Rule of World International Freemasonry Aggressive Aliens - Why We Never Returned To The Moon Astronauts and the Aliens Space Serpents and Creatures in the Upper Atmosphere Anomalous Craft Filmed Near the Russian MIR Space Station Spherical UFOs Over the World The Siberian Alien Installation Alien Abductions in Russia Harvesting Technology from the Roswell Wreckage The Star Wars SDI Deployments and NASA's Nuclear Nightmare more!

Message from the Director, CHRIS EVERARD:

My last film, called THE ILLUMINATI, required me to investigate a global fascist dictatorship - a dictatorship with occult aspirations to create a permanent state of fear and war on planet Earth. I exposed the fact that the Bush family are currently 'stage managing' the 'New World Order' on behalf of the Illuminati network of secret societies... and had rigged the 2000 & 2004 Presidential Elections in order to take control of the armed forces and use NASA's space technology to fulfill their fascist, occult ambitions... Bosnia, Afghanistan and the illegal occupation of Iraq are military operations which are being controlled from space using communication satellites, infra-red reconnaisance satelites and even space-based lasers.

The US Government has set up 'Space Command' inside Cheyenne Mountain and are using space technology to cultivate panic and destruction on the face of planet Earth... Like his father before him, George W Bush has put the weaponisation of space clearly on the agenda. The STAR WARS weapons programme is still continuing, even though the 'cold' war with Russia has ended. In 1998, someone smuggled over 100 hours of video footage of UFOs from the European Space Agency to me - all this material had been filmed by NASA astronauts whilst aboard various space shuttle missions.

Then, more footage arrived anonymously in 2003 which had been recorded via a downlink interceptor dish in someone's back yard. In order to analyze the footage with some authority, I enrolled on a course of Astronomy and studied at the world famous Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Analysis of this UFO footage filmed by NASA astronauts aboard the space shuttle revealed that there were literally hundreds of UFOs entering and leaving the Earth's atmosphere almost on a daily basis. In fact, the audio soundtrack of these UFO clips show the astronauts discussing the anomalous objects. Not only that, but one can clearly see lasers, or some kind of Nikola Tesla-inspired 'Death Ray' being used against the amadas of UFOs.

NASA obviously has some big secrets - not least of which is to explain why some of the Apollo Moon Landing photos are faked, and also why ex-German SS NAZIs and Freemasons were in charge of NASA's space programme. Once you see the evidence I present here, I am sure you will agree that The People are being hoodwinked - just as the Pentagon's Colonel Philip Corso confirmed in his book 'The Day After Roswell'. My film shows beyond all shadow of doubt that not only are there strange 'Space Serpents' and UFOs out there - but that the American Illuminati families have begun a SECRET SPACE WAR with them.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy watching SECRET SPACE. May God bless us and protect us.

signed: CHRIS EVERARD, director, London November 2005


Date: 31 Oct 2005
From: The Sacred Earth Society>
Subject: Terrible atrocities being done to birds!

The price of the crime

We read it in the newspapers, we hear it on the radio every day, every hour, that hundreds of thousands, nay, millions of chickens, geese, ducks and turkeys are being pitilessly exterminated all over the world. We see them on television running for life, desperately flapping their wings, we hear their cries of terror as they are brutally grasped by men in masks and overalls, piled on top of each other in containers and either gassed or burned alive or thrown into pits and buried alive. And we accept it. There is no outcry, no protest, no scream of indignation. Even the World Federation for the Protection of Animals (WFPA) is keeping quiet. Nobody dares to accuse the administrations who are responsible for this and raise their voices to say out loud that this is not a way to treat sensitive, living beings, and that this is a crime and a heavy collective guilt for which we unfailingly will have to pay.

The price may be the loss of our migratory birds, along with the devastating and unimaginable consequences for the environment and for our own survival.

Migratory birds with their potential to spread avian flue have suddenly become the mortal enemies of man. “Killerenten” - killer ducks - is the name given by a popular Swiss newspaper to the innocent wild ducks and geese that are flying into our lands at this time, day after day, to pass the winter on our lakes. And in certain eastern European countries we can already see hoards of humans roaming about destroying birds nests in panic-stricken fear of some hypothetic virus. In blind and furious determination they are demolishing and burning down nesting areas and barricading all openings to cow sheds with netting and meshing to stop swallows from building their nests under the roofs and beams — a clear death sentence for that already heavily threatened species of birds.

What in heaven’s name has yet to happen before we recognise in our unrestrained consumption of meat and our abject and highly dangerous methods of factory farming the very source of our misery? How much more hardship, suffering and catastrophes still need to occur before we understand that the vile and stupid maxim of “mankind before all else” is leading us to ruin?

October 2005


Fondation Franz Weber
1820 Montreux
TÌ©l. +41 (0) 21 964 42 84
Fax +41 (0) 21 964 57 36

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From: "Tamera Info">
Subject: Current news about the peace pilgrimage in Israel/Palestine
Date: 2 Nov 2005

Healing Biotope I Tamera, Portugal

Current news of the Peace Pilgrimage "GRACE" in Israel/Palestine

Sabine Lichtenfels, theologian, co-founder of the Healing Biotope I Tamera and one of the nominees of "1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005", will carry out a peace action with a growing group of people in Baqa el Gharbiya (Israel/ Palestine) on November 9th, 2005, which marks the 16th anniversary of the opening of the Berlin Wall and the day of the Reichskristallnacht in 1938. In solidarity with this action, similar actions and peacewatches will be taking place simultaneously, amongst them at Auschwitz (Poland) by Sami Awad from Bethlehem and Ohad Ezrahi from Israel; by Andrea Fleischanderl and Ursula Maier at the former concentration camp of Mauthausen (Austria); by Marco Pogacnik and a group of pilgrims at Ljubliana (Slovenia); by Mauricio Martinelli at Venice (Italy) and by Dieter Duhm with some peaceworkers at Tamera (Portugal).

Until this date Sabine Lichtenfels and her theater group from Tamera will perform the play "We refuse to be enemies",
a piece, that takes an exceptional look at the political conflict in the "holy land". The play will be shown at various places in Israel and in Palestine, i.e. Tabgha (31.10.); Tiberias (2.11.); Shibli (3.11.) and Nazareth (4.11.).

The text of the medition which will be recited at the Wall can be found on the following webside:

Interested people, from all countries, are heartily invited to spread the text and to participate in the action.

In addition there will be a website making available video-clips of parts of the pilgrimage and of the action on November 9th, both as Stream and as Downloads.

Further information about Sabine Lichtenfels under

Those who wish to invite Sabine Lichtenfels for an introduction of her peacework, for interviews or for latest coverage of events, should please contact: Janni Hentrich, IGF Institute for Global Peacework, Tamera/Portugal.
Tel.: +351- 283 635 484, e-mail:


From: "Steve Marsden">
Subject: More Channeled Confirmations of Bush & Co's Impending Demise
Date: 28 Oct 2005


Germain - through Mike Quinsey) - 10.26.05

America is a sleeping giant that is awakening from it slumbers. It is about to embark upon the path to greatness and show that it can become the gentle giant that it was always intended to be. Until now there has never been a real opportunity to live up to the promise of becoming the greatest nation upon Earth. Good intentions have flowered, only to be trodden on by those with other ideas who have deserted a nation that was destined to lead from within the Light and not the dark.

The people have now risen up and desire to fulfill their destiny. Where they have previously been led into successive wars, there is now a declaration that an end to wars must take place. No more will the majority of people tolerate leaders that walk past opportunities to engender peace. The people have repeatedly said „No More‰ and that demand is being answered right now.

A number of times we have told you that the dark will eventually implode upon itself. Now you see evidence of it before your very eyes. There is no stopping this collapse, regardless of what action is taken to repel it. The power of the last cabal is fast ebbing, and they run around trying to plug the holes. At whatever level you look at what is happening now, the last moments are being enacted of the most disastrous government you have ever had.

It is an example of power having got out of control, and the more heinous acts carried out the stronger has been the reaction against them. Yet through their actions they have confronted the Light, and dared people to respond. Some turn away and do not want to see what is before their eyes. However, many others stand up for their principles and right living, and take the challenge up. The dark cannot defeat the many who now work hard to not only put a stop to their activities, but to have them removed.

There are White Knights in all walks of life, and many holding high positions within both the government and military establishment. What is taking place will require much support from all sides if the process is not to be derailed. We see further with our eyes and it would seem to us that by this week ˆend the first steps will have been taken that will spell the beginning of the end for the dark.

There will be much frantic activity coming, and it will be such that your media will be unable to ignore it any longer. They have a duty to present you with any news that affects the running of your country. The sooner the facts are released; the sooner people will be able to grasp the importance of this time. One thing will quickly follow after another, and it is essential that events are carefully and truthfully reported. There must be a calmness instilled, and there must not be a reaction that causes more problems.

It will be one thing for Bush and his Administration to be removed, but when the wide repercussions take place and your political system is disabled there could be fear amongst your people. This is where those who have knowledge of what is happening need to come to the fore, and take on the mantle of responsibility for informing others. There will of necessity be an interim period before First Contact can be announced. It is intended to make known the intentions of the Galactic Federation as soon as possible, but as with everything else the timing is going to prove important.

We shall be closely following developments and are ready to intervene if we see opposition to the plan. At this stage there are no longer any other options; the plan must be quickly put in hand. The people world-wide must see a democratic system evolve out of the ashes of centuries of wrong thinking and actions. We intend to make sure that all understand the magnitude of what is about to take place. It is an event of unparalleled opportunity to restore peace on Earth for all time.

Meantime, I would ask all Lightworkers to continue sending out the Light to wherever they perceive it is needed. You still do not fully comprehend how powerful you are, but I see a great belief growing amongst many of you. Remember as always, that where you provide a channel for the Light, you will be used for even higher energies from those who work with you from the higher dimensions. I see continuing success and that victory we have assured you of is in sight.

I am St. Germain and I congratulate you for your patience and dedication to the Light. You have in some cases been working to bring truth and Light to Earth for a very long time. Your continual efforts and strong belief in your mission have served everyone well. Now you will see the fruition of those efforts, and you can stand proud for your achievements. Humanity and the Earth brace themselves for the ride of a lifetime, one you will recount many times into the future. There is so much Love accompanying you along this last stretch, and believe me when I say that the Hosts of Heaven are with you all of the way.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey


From: "Steve Marsden">
Subject: The Cabal is Crumbling
Date: 3 Nov 2005


Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

8 Men, 18 Tzec, 1 Caban

Selamat Jarin! We greet you and arrive with more to tell you about your reality. In the past week, much has happened to move you toward a final resolution in dealing with Earth's last cabal. These now desperate men and women have made a number of secret deals to obstruct those who desire to remove them from office. However, they are playing their final hand. A ring of legal and economic problems is encircling them in a vice from which they cannot escape. As they scurry into what they feel to be their last refuge, these hapless wrongdoers only set the stage for their own fall and, in the process, unwittingly prepare you for the events that will enable the transitional regime to gain power. This regime is to restore constitutional rule in North America and alter a shameful "economy of the truth" into a global flood of good tidings. Moreover, many terrible humanitarian conditions can be turned around as the plans for global prosperity coupled with a government-backed pledge to service is brought to bear upon these iniquities. We pledge you our full support as you start out toward your new reality.

The growing need for change produced a vast network dedicated to supporting the swift rise in consciousness upon your globe. This includes many who seek to use their influence and power in service to the Light. At present, your world is a volatile and dangerous place. Many nations want to stockpile a nuclear arsenal and have constructed elaborate missile development programs. They are also focused on developing economies and acquiring military forces to rival those of the West. This has led to secret alliances in the so-called Third World aimed at challenging the power of the West. A swift end to this potentially suicidal arms race is essential and pressing. We have watched carefully as your planet's nations hurtle, like lemmings, toward the precipice. Moreover, poverty and disease continue to spread. These factors alone signal the need to wrench this last dark cabal from power and set your fragile planet upon a course toward peace and cooperation. Your transitional leaders are more than capable of accomplishing these lofty goals.

Some seven years ago, an operation was started to end the outrageous crimes foisted upon you by a dark cabal centered mostly in North America. This global group has been at the forefront of an effort to enslave humanity since the late 1940s. In its early days, this cabal assassinated the first US Secretary of Defense and proceeded to establish a global cover-up of the existence of UFOs. Next, these dark ones consolidated their power by perpetrating an artificial "cold war" in collaboration with their cohorts in the East. Concurrently, they treasonously set up pacts with various dark galactic empires, benefiting from these ill-advised connections to consolidate exorbitant temporal power. Under cover of the cold war, powerful off-world and secret in-house technologies were exchanged, including mass mind-control capability. Along the way, they accumulated truly mind-boggling amounts of financial wealth. In the 1950s and 60s, they wielded their power to dispose of presidents and world leaders at will and generally seemed unstoppable.

Yearning for yet more power, this cabal fought to gain the allegiance of the other cabals that ruled your world, and by the late 1980s, this was done. The Anunnaki were compelled to bow to their rising power and appointed them the prime cabal on the planet. With this in hand, this dark group focused on schemes for achieving its remaining objectives by the late 1990s. However, Heaven knew of its aims and set forth countermeasures to lure this arrogant group to an unanticipated defeat. Remember that this was done because your divine destiny is freedom, not slavery; also, the galaxy was now ready to change her path. These points are crucial to knowing your future. As the dark ones gathered momentum, the Light countered their ambitions by creating conditions that would demolish them. This is why you are now watching this last cabal scrambling even to retain its power base in its North American homeland despite its erstwhile supremacy.

The present American regime, finagled into power by this dark cabal, is riddled with conspiracies merely to maintain its power. Nonetheless, it has allowed its powerful mentors to rig oil and gas prices, invent fictional energy crises, and manufacture an illusory "war on terrorism". Taking lessons from the past, these dark ones demolished the World Trade Center, started a number of illegal wars, and in general spread havoc worldwide. To top all this, they more than tripled their already obscene amount of wealth. Their final ploy is either to achieve world domination or to goad their global opponents into an Armageddon-style confrontation. This insanity must be halted at once, and therefore their every move is monitored by Heaven. The intention is to replace this loathsome regime with one that can completely reform American and global society. This is the primary goal of our Earth allies.

And how have our Earth allies set about affecting this monumental task? To begin with, and against much global opposition, they compiled a huge abundance and set up a means for reforming worldwide and local banking practices. This initiative was supported by elements within the US government that were setting the stage for the removal of this regime. The restoration of constitutional governance and a return to "common law" are necessary to re-establish freedom and end the illegal practices that have long denied Americans their homes, their income, and their sovereignty. This restoration can bring back faith in fair government and end the rampant spread of political and corporate corruption. The new government-in-waiting is resolved to reverse the present suicidal policies and pursue total global peace.

This dramatic political about-face hangs on the legal processes that will remove this cabal. These procedures were obstructed time and again by the duplicity and perfidy of those still in league with the dark cabal. Once these officials were finally weeded out, the process surged forward. Now, major breaks are ready to occur and it is picking up a momentum of its own. Remember that all but superficial changes take place in strictest secrecy on this planet. At present, those in charge of this "countercoup" have secured their positions and taken on new allies. Moreover, this dark regime is finally tumbling to the fact that its fall is imminent. It is surrounded by those who daily negotiate secretly for their removal. Its only remaining ploy is to play for time and to try to stall these negotiations.

The groups involved in the interim government are resolved upon a due legal format for the new "Nuremberg" trials. Those who hatched the recent treachery will receive the due process of the law. Furthermore, the new government requires the legitimacy to effect America's transition, politically and governmentally, back to the position she was in prior to Lincoln's assassination (he, too, was removed by the forbearers of this dark cabal). The Constitution in force at that time can then be restored. Applying the provisions of constitutional law will result in a sweeping purge of all present government. The power of allied Banking and of Bar Associations will end, paving the way for new banking and legal systems. America will be set free, and the tyranny that took root with the murder of Lincoln will be expunged! Together, We are Victorious!

Today, we reviewed what is happening on your world. We ask you to begin a mass letter-writing crusade to end the present criminal American regime. Unite in your own way with those designated to be the active players in this drama. Show them that you support change and are willing to donate your services once these rapscallions are out of office. We now take our leave. Blessings, dear Ones! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the perpetual Supply and infinite Abundance of Heaven are indeed Yours! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! and Be Blessed in Love and Joy!)


From: "Karen Kirschbaum">
Subject: Merry Fitzmas to all!
Date: 2 Nov 2005

Dear Jean,

Blessings to you and the work that you do. At last we have hope that the long awaited changes are going to happen ! The cracks are beginning to show in the facade of the Bushies. Thank you for all your contributions. The following came to me from

Blessings In The Light,

Karen Kirschbaum


Merry Fitzmas to all! 

'Twas the night before Fitzmas, and in the White House
Every one was scared shitless, and Bush was quite soused.
The indictments were hanging like Damocles' sword
As verminous oxen prepared to be gored.

The perps were all sleepless, curled fetal in bed,
While visions of prison cells loomed in each head.
And Dick in his jammies and George in his lap
Were sweating and swearing and looking like crap.

When out on the web there arose such a clatter,
The blogs and the forums were buzzing with chatter.
Away to the PC Rove ran like a flash;
He booted his browser and cleared out his cache.

The rumors that flew through the cold autumn air
Made Dubya shiver with angry despair.
When what to his horror-filled eyes did he spy?
A bespectacled man with a brown suit and tie!

With an impartial manner that gave Bush the shits,
He knew in a moment it must be St. Fitz!
With unwavering voice, his indictments they came.
He cleared out his throat and he called them by name:

Now Scooter, Now Libby,
Now Blossoming Turd,
Now Cheney, dear Cheney,
Yes, you are the third.
To the bench of the court,
Up the steps, down the hall,
Now come along, come along,
Come along, all!

He then became silent and went right to work.
He filed the indictments and turned with a jerk
And, pointing his finger at justice's scale,
Said, "The people be served, and let fairness prevail."

He then left the room, to his team gave a nod,
And the sound could be heard of a crumbling facade.
And we all did exclaim, as he faded from sight
"Merry Fitzmas to all, and to all a good night!"


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