September 2, 2005

Miscellaneous Subjects #217: Was Katrina on Scalar Steroids?

Hello everyone!

Exceptionally, I have a second compilation for you this week, obviously because of the fast-paced developments following Katrina disaster.

I support Victoria's suggestion below to "send prayers of peace and hope" to help mitigate the emotionally draining and psychic trauma experienced by our brothers and sisters affected by hurricane Katrina.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"I live in Houston and we are seeing so many people escape the flooding from Louisiana come here to Houston. They are transporting most of the homeless people from the intense flooding in New Orleans, here to Houston to place then in the once Astro Dome Center where they will stay for weeks or even months. Our streets are filling up fast with these victims of the massive flooding. I ask that everyone get past their own feelings and judgement and send prayers of peace and hope to all these people who are now so displaced, as well as some of them losing their family members, their pets, their homes, their jobs and their possessions. Now is the time to fill our hearts with compassion and faith that there is a Divine Plan going on with what appears to be human suffering and personal trauma. Please donate to the Red Cross or other charitable organizations available to help these people, who are our brothers and sisters get back on their feet again. My husband and I have donated to the Red Cross and we are planning on giving to much needed blood donations. In peace" - Victoria>

Please mobilize and motivate friends and family to donate to aid organizations, such as those listed below.
Feed the Children
The Salvation Army
United Jewish Communities
Catholic Charities
The American Red Cross
(Note: see article below "Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross")


1. Latest Message from Matthew
2. Katrina and the Scalar Weather Wars
3. Death Toll Rising on Gulf Coast Amidst Chaos
4. Horror and Disgrace
5. Gulf Coast "Chaos" -- A Sign of Things to Come
6. MANY oil platforms missing, years before return to production
7. KATRINA: What it means to America
8. Stores invaded, stripped of merchandise in beleaguered city
9. RFK Jr: Reaping the Whirlwind
10. A Declaration of War
11. Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross
12. Easter Island Metaphor

See also:

New Orleans: shoot to kill orders even for those taking essential items (2 Sep 2005) !!!!
The White House announced it would have zero tolerance for looters - even for those taking essential items needed to stay alive. Louisiana Governor's Kathleen Blanco warned that troops had orders to shoot to kill. She said "These troops are fresh back from Iraq, well trained, experienced, battle tested and under my orders to restore order in the streets. She went on to say "They have M-16s and they are locked and loaded. "These troops know how to shoot and kill and they are more than willing to do so if necessary and I expect they will."

Bush "Casual to the Point of Carelessness" on Katrina
George W. Bush gave one of the worst speeches of his life yesterday, especially given the level of national distress and the need for words of consolation and wisdom. In what seems to be a ritual in this administration, the president appeared a day later than he was needed. He then read an address of a quality more appropriate for an Arbor Day celebration.

Crisis approaching- stay alert! by Carol Wolman (27 Aug 2005) PRESCIENT WARNING!
I have no special inside knowledge. But it doesn't take a weatherman to say which way the wind is blowing these days. Cindy Sheehan is waking up the country with her question "What is the noble cause my son died for?"Of course, the noble cause is oil, and the American people have gone along with Bush because of our addiction to oil. Oh, how we love our SUV's. And don't forget the yellow ribbon supporting the troops!Of course, the irony is that not much oil is coming out of Iraq, thanks to the Iraqi patriots who refuse to let their main natural resource be stolen by foreign occupiers. And peak oil is just around the corner. As the price at the pump goes up, Bush's ratings in the polls go down.Rumors out of Washington say that Dubya is cracking up, yelling at people, swearing and flipping birds at the mention of Cindy's name. This in itself could precipitate a crisis. The man is used to getting his way, and with his finger on the nuclear button, we cannot afford to have him lose his sanity. No doubt, many Republicans who have not been co-opted or coerced into the Bush machine are sharing these concerns.With Fitzgerald and the grand jury breathing down his neck, and a peace/impeachment movement coalescing around Cindy Sheehan's vigil, Bush has every right to be nervous. Will he bomb Iran as a diversion? Will he nuke an American city and blame it on "terrorists"? There's no telling what he might do. CLIP

Mayday Mississippi Delta
TO begins round the clock information support for everyone impacted by Katrina. We are going to be providing the best sources for up-to-date information available. Our coverage is expanding quickly.

Rescuers: Boat Operation Suspended
As police and National Guard troops struggled to restore order Thursday in New Orleans, emergency teams suspended boat rescue operations because conditions in the flooded city were too dangerous, rescuers said. Thousands are still stranded in New Orleans.

'Hope is Fading' at New Orleans Convention Center (September 2, 2005)
An explosion jolted residents awake early Friday, illuminating the pre-dawn sky with red and orange flames over the city where corpses rotted along sidewalks and thousands remained stranded - crying for food, water and a way to evacuate.

From Margins of Society to Center of the Tragedy (September 2, 2005)
Many African-American leaders note that the victims in New Orleans were largely black and poor, those who toiled in the background of the tourist havens, living in tumbledown neighborhoods that were long known to be vulnerable to disaster if the levees failed. Without so much as a car or bus fare to escape ahead of time, they found themselves left behind by a failure to plan.

John Nichols | The Real Gas Gougers (September 2, 2005)
How convenient for the oil industry that Hurricane Katrina hit just before the traditional Labor Day-weekend hike in gas prices. Now, John Nichols states, that instead of having to fake up some absolutely absurd excuse for jacking up gas prices, the industry can try and dupe Americans into thinking that they are suddenly paying $3.25 a gallon because of a storm.

Gas prices getting 'out of control' (September 2, 2005),0,3437462.story?coll=ny-top-headlines
The nation continued to teeter yesterday on the edge of a gasoline shortage as refineries damaged by Hurricane Katrina remained closed and the busy Labor Day weekend approached. Gasoline futures rose again, by about 7 percent in New York trading, suggesting that still higher fuel prices could be in the offing for motorists already paying well over $3 a gallon in many areas of the country, including Long Island and the city. CLIP

Air fares poised to really take off,0,2481258.story?coll=ny-business-print
Airline passengers can expect to pay higher fares in coming weeks as a result of Hurricane Katrina. The storm badly damaged Gulf Coast oil refineries, leaving them unable to process jet fuel, industry experts said yesterday.

KATRINA: THE ECONOMIC IMPACT 'A lose/lose' for economy,0,6931983.story?coll=ny-business-print
Even before the waters recede from the streets of New Orleans, it's clear that Hurricane Katrina's impact will ripple through the regional and national economies for months to come. The price tag on actual damage could, in the end, be in the $30-billion range, experts say. But the effects could be far more extensive, on oil production, consumer spending, shipping and transportation, and tourism.

Did New Orleans Catastrophe Have to Happen?
Local officials are now saying, the article reports, that had Washington heeded their warnings about the dire need for hurricane protection, including building up levees and repairing barrier islands, "the damage might not have been nearly as bad as it turned out to be."

"No One Can Say They Didn't See It Coming"
In 2001, FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the US. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent to pay for the Iraq war.

Geography Complicates Levee Repair (August 31, 2005)
Until engineers can repair breaks in the huge levees that separate New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain, the city will essentially be an arm of the Gulf of Mexico, subject to the ebb and flow of the tides. And because the tidal pull widens the breaks, experts said yesterday, that will make it all the harder to repair them - the first step in restoring the inundated city to normal.

William Rivers Pitt: Wake of the Flood

Lost in the Flood - Why no mention of race or class in TV's Katrina coverage? (August 31, 2005)
What the newscasters didn't sayI can't say I saw everything that the TV newscasters pumped out about Katrina, but I viewed enough repeated segments to say with 90 percent confidence that broadcasters covering the New Orleans end of the disaster demurred from mentioning two topics that must have occurred to every sentient viewer: race and class.Nearly every rescued person, temporary resident of the Superdome, looter, or loiterer on the high ground of the freeway I saw on TV was African-American. And from the look of it, they weren't wealthy residents of the Garden District. This storm appears to have hurt blacks more directly than whites, but the broadcasters scarcely mentioned that fact. CLIP

SUDAN: More support needed for returning refugees and IDPs
NAIROBI, 1 September (IRIN) - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, has urged the international community to donate more resources for the reconstruction of southern Sudan as one of the world's largest displaced populations begins to return home. "I call on the international community to be strongly involved in the recovery of Sudan," Guterres told reporters on Wednesday in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, following a 10-day visit to Sudan, Chad and Kenya that focused on the Sudanese refugee situation. He said the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, was doing as much as it could - with limited funds - to improve life in southern Sudan so people who fled their homes during the 21 years of civil war between the north and south could go home. "During centuries, very little has been done in southern Sudan," he said. "We have not a problem of reconstruction; we effectively have a problem of construction. Most things are missing." As refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) within Sudan began returning home, he said, UNHCR was drilling boreholes and building schools and health clinics in the south to improve conditions for people to return, rebuild their lives and remain in their homeland for good. CLIP

National Guard at Breaking Point in Iraq and Gulf
On Aug. 1, a spokesman for the Louisiana National Guard lamented to a local reporter that the state might be stretched for security personnel in the event of a big hurricane. Dozens of high-water vehicles, generators and Humvees were employed in Iraq, along with 3,000 Louisiana National Guard troops.

Iraq War Costs Exceeding that of Vietnam War
A stunning new report from the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) shows that the war in Iraq has so far cost every person in the US $727, making the Iraq War the most expensive military effort in the last 60 years. Moreover, the costs of the war and the continuing American occupation of Iraq have exceeded those of the Vietnam war during eight years.

Bush Is the Real Threat
Now that the US president has announced that he has not ruled out an attack on Iran, if it does not abandon its nuclear program, Tony Benn asserts that the Middle East faces a crisis that could dwarf even the dangers arising from the war in Iraq.

Leahy Reacts to Bolton's Bid to Strike "Respect for Nature"
Senator Patrick Leahy: "It didn't take long for Ambassador Bolton to find ways to further erode our leadership in the world and our standing as a moral authority. In his tantrum over this straightforward reference to the environment, Ambassador Bolton does not speak for most Americans, and I count myself among them."

Road map for US relations with rest of world (August 27, 2005),3604,1557419,00.html
Hundreds of deletions and insertions on just about every global issue could undermine the UN summit agreement - For any student of the Bush administration's foreign policy, the US version of the draft United Nations summit agreement, leaked earlier this week, is an essential text. The hundreds of deletions and insertions represent a helpfully annotated map to Washington's disagreements with most of the rest of the world on just about every global issue imaginable. Most of the disagreements illustrated in this document are longstanding. President Bush was never going to sign a document urging UN member states to support the Kyoto protocol on climate change, or the international criminal court. The mystery is how these differences surfaced only at the end of a long drafting process.

Western States Sue Bush Administration over Decision to Open Pristine Forests
California, New Mexico and Oregon sued the Bush administration Tuesday over the government's decision to allow road building, logging and other commercial ventures on more than 90,000 square miles of untouched forests.

Los Angeles Times Questions 9/11 Official Story in Revealing Interview (30 Aug 2005)
"Anyone who types the words '9/11' and 'conspiracy' into an online search engine soon learns that not everybody buys the official narrative of what took place on Sept. 11, 2001. A professor emeritus at the Claremont School of Theology, 66-year-old David Ray Griffin...compiled a summary of material against the accepted story...' The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions,' a critique of the Kean commission document in which he suggests that a chunk of the blame for the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil lies closer to home than the caves of Afghanistan." CLIP

Torrance, CA Emergency Simulation Targets Big Business and Local Government Managers - Ominous Timing in Advance of Hurricane Katrina

Fuel cells might get hydrogen from water, organic material (August 31, 2005)
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - A novel technique for producing hydrogen from water and organic material has been found recently at Purdue University, a discovery that could help speed the creation of viable hydrogen storage technology. Though the method has not yet been evaluated for economic feasibility on a large scale, chemist Mahdi Abu-Omar said it could offer solutions to several problems facing developers of fuel cells, which are looked upon as a potential replacement to fossil-fuel burning engines in automobiles. The technique requires only water, a catalyst based on the metal rhenium (REE-nee-um) and an organic liquid called an organosilane, which can be stored and transported easily. "We have discovered a catalyst that can produce ready quantities of hydrogen without the need for extreme cold temperatures or high pressures, which are often required in other production and storage methods," said Abu-Omar, an associate professor of chemistry in Purdue's College of Science. "It is possible that this technique could lead to fuel cells that are safe, efficient and not dependent on fossil fuels as their energy source." CLIP

Study Predicts World's Population Will Grow
World population growth will continue, reaching 6.5 billion in 2005 and going to 7 billion in about seven years. Of that growth, 99 percent will be in developing countries. The use of modern contraceptives is more common among wealthy women than poor women in nearly all countries.

Radioactive Wounds of War
Tests on returning troops suggest serious health consequences of depleted uranium use in Iraq. In the current wars in Afghanistan and, especially, Iraq, DU has become the weapon of choice, even though studies in the mid-90's concluded there was no safe way to use DU as weapons.

Omega-News Collection 27. August 2005


From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 1 Sep 2005 02:26:46 -0700

August 31, 2005

S: Hello dear! Do you have anything to say before we start the questions?

MATTHEW: Only my greetings to you, dear soul! Let us begin with the questions about hurricane Katrina as that is in everyone's mind. To start, I'll answer those who are asking if global warming was responsible for this titanic storm. Global warming isn't an actuality, but global cleansing is, and that is what originated Katrina. Yes, increasingly obvious aberrant weather occurrences, even entire climate changes, are besetting the planet; however, they are not heading Earth into oblivion but rather paving the way to her Golden Era. All of these unusual occurrences are either releasing kinetic energy—the amassed negativity due to humankind's brutality to each other, the animals and the planet body—or clearing specific areas where trauma took place, and all of the extremes shortly will swing back toward moderation of temperatures, breezes, and nourishing rainfall.

Now, did weather control technology play any part in this storm's intensity? Indeed it did! However, Katrina started as Earth's own effort to rid herself of negativity so that she can continue at her ascension pace—often I have mentioned that geophysical events will continue for a while longer for that reason. Had Mother Nature been left alone, the extent of death and devastation would not have happened—our space family's technology would have leveled out the hurricane's forcefulness so that a much wider area, largely over water, would have had stormy weather and the same amount of negativity would have been transmuted.

But Mother Nature was not allowed to pursue her own course. On-planet weather controllers, who intended even more death and destruction than is being discovered, saw and seized the opportunity to cause that. By reducing the wind velocity, ET technology thwarted those intentions to the greatest extent possible, but their efforts to deflect the path of the storm were seriously hampered by the controllers‚ determined steering of the hurricane into their desired location. Katrina became a battlefield of technologies, and even though the ET's is more advanced than that developed on-planet, it could not disperse the powerful momentum of that energy so as to prevent the sea inundating low-lying areas.

Some among you are wondering if the death toll and property loss is a matter of personal and/or planetary karma. No. The intervention efforts of our space family could not have been put forth if that were the case. A vital aspect of the planetary cleansing that started several decades past and is enabling Earth's ascension is the opportunity for souls to complete their third density karma so they can accompany Earth into the higher vibrations where darkness cannot exist. From my current station outside your galaxy, I cannot easily monitor all the details of Katrina's aftermath so I can't tell you the number of souls whose karma was completed prior to transition, but I know from colleagues in Nirvana that many of the souls‚ contracts had not been fulfilled. If the families and friends of those whose physical lives were lost could know that through divine grace, all who died have been given full credit for karmic completion and thus may reincarnate in a higher density, it could be some measure of comfort for those who understand how significant this spiritual evolutionary step is.

Since Earth's karma is tied to her residents‚, until all of them have achieved balanced experiencing—and that is the purpose of karma—she herself will be seeking balance.

Mother, don't bother typing your recurring thought: "Was more negativity incurred by Katrina than gotten rid of?" Thankfully, that answer also is "No." Because the on-planet weather controllers don't understand Earth's need to free herself of negativity through release of kinetic energy, they can't see how disasters of that storm's proportions can possibly have any positive effects. But there are. A vast amount of kinetic energy was released, which propelled the planet more rapidly in her chosen direction, and the outpouring of light from a compassionate world is adding to the ever increasing in-beaming from well beyond Earth. Take heart in knowing that the outcome of this diabolical plot to kill masses and destroy far more area than was affected is the opposite of what the planners intended. Even with the personal tragedies affecting so many, Katrina is a severe setback for the darkness.

The release of that amount of negativity means that the need for severe natural geophysical events in your future has been lessened, although not yet eliminated, and ET technology can immediately counter manmade efforts. While that certainly is good news, the primary positive outcome is that the fourth density, or maybe higher, status of those who physically perished means that no longer are they easy prey for the dark overlords‚ influence—that is the real battle between light and dark forces: Which will attract souls? And there is still another excellent result—I'll mention that in my reply to a question that I know is coming.

S: OK. Please explain how some souls can jump from third density here to higher than fourth in their next incarnate lifetime.

MATTHEW: I added that for accuracy of my statement because I don't know if any among the deceased persons already is fourth or higher in soul evolvement.

S: I see. Thank you. Before we go on to the other questions, do you want to say anything else about Katrina?

MATTHEW: I don't think so, Mother—I replied to the questions on your list and added information, so let's move on to the next questions that are, in short: What will happen in Iraq? and Will the US invade Iran?

The constitution presented to the Iraqi citizens is a sham of democracy devised by the Illuminati's puppets put into influential positions in that country. There will be heavy opposition to the puppet government, albeit it attributed only to the machinations of the United States government—not to mention that the three major factions in Iraq have different ideas about who is entitled to rule all—so internal strife and chaotic conditions will continue for some time to come. Pressure on the Bush administration to withdraw US military will continue and, added to the disclosure of evidence proving his and others‚ complicity in "9/11" and the true reasons for starting the war in Iraq, that will result in troops‚ orderly departure and some easing of tensions within that country. However, peace and cooperation among all Iraqis—and this is true of ALL peoples on Earth—will come with the light of the higher frequencies. At that point, if dark influences still are prevailing in some hearts and minds, those souls simply won't be with the rest of you.

Now I return to the positive results of Katrina. First, I shall tell you frankly, that prior to the advent of this hurricane, momentum in the energy field of potential had reached the point where preventing an invasion of Iran was nearly impossible. Now this cannot go forward as intended, not with the nation's expectation of adequate assistance to the many thousands who are homeless and in great need. It is not due to any greater respect for life among the prominent members of Bush's administration, but straightforward logistics and funding that must shelve for the time being their invasion plans. Fomenting the turbulence that of course would result from their use of weather control, yet planning to launch an invasion a short time after wreaking such vast destruction at home shows their desperation-type thinking. With still more intense light generation above, on and within Earth, the delay can be sufficient so that the implicating evidence will become public. Even with disbelievers—and the resonance of the shock will be considerable!—the faltering support for troops occupying Iraq, let alone expanding the warfront, will weaken further and then die.

S: Matthew, that turnabout is wonderful! Why didn't you tell me this before?!   

MATTHEW: Mother dear, your thoughts haven't been of me of late—they‚ve been about Susana's arrival tomorrow and the difficulties your ailing hand have been presenting.

S: But still! Well, OK, Mash. Shall I type another question?

MATTHEW: Yes, please, but select only a few more. When you can type normally again, I'll answer the others in my next message or reply directly to those who sent them.

S: That will be good. Someone wants your comments on Internet reports about "a major disaster in September" that involves all military being on standby and all leaves cancelled.

MATTHEW: I'd say that September's non-invasion of Iran alters that! Very likely any able-bodied military personnel in the US will be needed to help rebuild lives and livelihoods of those in Katrina's destructive path.

S: It would seem so. Is it true that a military coup is planned to remove Bush from office?

MATTHEW: To some extent. This has been considered as the best option to the folly of Bush's intent on expanding the warfront to Iran, but the logistics of a small unit installing military rule over a population that never has experienced an overthrow of their government—and such a large country to quickly bring under new control—are too formidable for success. This is more than conjecture on my part as an ill-planned, short-lived, and unpublicized attempt met its own folly. What this shows, however, is that the growing dissension within the top ranks of the military is a reflection of the light having reached some of them as well as many within lower ranks—they have lost all former motivation to kill, conquer and occupy homelands of "the enemy."

Mother, this is part of what I said many months ago about 2005 being pivotal regarding major changes. During the remaining four months of the year you will see not only further crumbling of military resolve, but documented evidence of the lies and corruption within the Bush circle and previous administrations. That will be the hole in the dike, so to speak, and such a mammoth hole that there can be no stopping the exposure of all the other deceitfulness that has controlled life on Earth for millennia. Smaller sums are trickling in for light-service projects, and while major economic changes are lagging, the dark ones cannot hold onto their ill-gotten fortunes much longer.

That said—and now I speak for myriad light beings—staying steadfast in the light will speed the transition from the darkness remaining into the glorious dawn of love and harmony among all peoples. We urge you to send forth the good will of the light to those who still are fearful of it, those who feel safe only in their dark thoughts and schemes. This is in aid of your own journey with Earth along her ascension pathway, too, where the "ticket price" is the same as the destination: LOVE.

Mother, you're starting to show signs of stress. Please select one more question to wind this up.

S: I'm going to write two sort of related questions because I think they're a really appealing way to finish your message. An energy healer asked: Is there a universal language of pulsations of color, moving patterns and symbols that the soul speaks to the cells, and are crop circles part of this? The other question is: What role does music play in our ascension process?

MATTHEW: Those are definitely related questions, Mother, and I agree that speaking about them will be an endearing completion. The soul is in constant communication with the entire body, and since souls are inseparable, yes, there is a universal language that serves all. To those mentioned facets of that language, add tone. Tone—or the sounds of the spheres—is a most vital part of healing energy; it is love being expressed via sound manifestations just as surely as through those of light. Tones composed into grand musical compositions on Earth, as throughout the universe, heal and illuminate mind, spirit and body, and the more absorption of tonal energy, the more a soul evolves.

It would be a bit of a stretch to try to snugly fit crop circles into this, although their amazingly intricate and precise patterns are created by moving light beams. The circles have their own purpose—to reassure you who believe in extraterrestrial civilizations that they are this close to you so it must be in friendship, and to wake up the minds that accept explanations only from science or religion. With the increasing frequency and complexity of the circles, those minds cannot much longer deny that there are forces in operation that call for looking beyond traditional sources. We know that some of you want to decipher the exact meaning of each design, but that isn't necessary for understanding the message of all: We are with you in love and peace.

So are all the rest of us light beings, we who aren't gracing your fields with phenomenal patterns, but are as near to you as your heartbeat. As soon as your pathway reaches the higher vibrations where you are heading, you will know how beloved by us you are.

Mother, that's enough for this time. Thank you for being such a conscientious scribe.

S: Thank you for today's message, sweetheart. 

MATTHEW: Thank you for being my mother! Ciao for now, dear soul!


More about Matthew at


From: "Larry Stell">
Subject: Katrina and the Scalar Weather Wars
Date: 31 Aug 2005

Go to and follow the link there to the subpage. This is a new posting on top of McCanney's website:

August 29, 2005 posting !!!! NEW !!! visit the new Oil Futures Sub Page ... where greed and profit go hand in hand ...



Just as "insiders" made a killing on airline futures (short-selling stock) right before 9-11, so we see -- once again -- oil futures (selling short) by "an administration" of oil insiders who made a killing as this hurricane broke all natural laws of hurricanes and veered into the oil refineries and platforms as though steered from satellites that can do it. Details at and



Article follows:


Posted at

Date: 29 August 2005

Today Cloak and Dagger has linked an article on scalar wave weather engineering by Stefan Grossmann. Of course it references the work of Col. Tom Bearden, the leading western expert on the subject.

Engineering the weather with scalar weapons is done by simply pouring heat into certain regions, and extracting heat (cooling) other regions. In the article Bearden describes how by heating and cooling areas in a rotational pattern the atmosphere can be made to rotate (hurricane). Also, since the power of a hurricane is related to the temperature of the sea at a given point, a hurricane can be increased by simply heating the ocean under it. If you think about, nearly all weather phenomena are the result of differences in temperature between one region and another. The scalar weapons in weather mode are basically giant heaters and coolers controlled from afar and able to target any place on earth with either heat or cold.

According to Bearden the chief weather war mischief makers are the KGB and a consortium of the "Yakuza" and "Aum Shinrikyo" cult, to which the KGB has handed over most of the routine work. Bearden says the West is playing catch-up ball here, but is no longer totally undefended. I am not sure if this "weather war defense" involves HAARP or not. In any case the resulting picture is not pretty.

Slowly but surely Bearden's information is getting out there and people are starting to realize the true terror of the situation. Is the secrecy beginning to break down, like a Louisianna levee? People must demand to be told the truth about scalar weapons. Only once, to my knowledge, has the official U.S. acknowledged these weapons. This was in a statement by Sec. Def. William Cohen which Bearden tirelessly repeats.

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves... So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations...It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."

--Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn.

This statement was made over 30 years after Krushchev announced such weapons! At that time no one in the world knew what he was talking about, and generally, they still don't!

Even worse than these weather wars, in my opinion, is the use of scalar weapons to induce earthquakes along fault lines. Bearden is convinced that the KGB/Yakuza has registered a number of longitudinal wave interferometers on the Yellowstone caldera to try to trigger a super eruption.

I suggest reading the whole Grossman article, but here are a few excerpts.


Scalar Weather Wars:

Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans

by: Stefan Grossmann


1. The Bush Jr. regime is a hair's breadth away from collapsing in chaos, infamy and insanity as the truth radio is about to break the story how G. W. Bushfraud bribed his way into the White House in late 2000. See separate news coverage coming soon.

What happens in such situations is: News diversions are orchestrated in order to take away the public's attention from the homespun disasters. Such as, a whale strands in the arctic and all the oil-soaked spy-riddled mainstream media babble about stranded whales for days or even weeks until the news about the actual catastrophe at home is forgotten and, for practical purposes, suppressed.

This well-known routine is happening again. As the to-be-covered-up news event (Bush bribed his way into the White House) is so huge, the cover-up ploy is also huge: A scalar-engineered hurricane named Katrina. The shadow government has decided to sacrifice an entire city, New Orleans, to cover up the coming news of bribery and in order to further rig the price of oil.

2. Weather engineering includes the blow-up of small hurricanes into large ones. The technology is zealously denied by so-called meterologists and physicists, but it exists anyhow. It has been described, for example, by veteran Pentagon scientist and scalar researcher Col. Tom Bearden at his huge web site,


See also:

This pdf document gives a 45 slide presentation of a scientific basis for weather control
Recommended by "David Hopper">



Death Toll Rising on Gulf Coast Amidst Chaos

August 31, 2005

Gulf Port, Mississippi (AHN) - Horrific images and stories are slowly streaming out of New Orleans and coastal communities along the Gulf coast of Mississippi where rescuers are claiming to have seen thousands dead. One rescue worker out of Georgia worked the hurricane and had been sent down 4-days ago to Mississippi in advance to help rescue and injured people, tells stories of tagging bodies face down in the water along the Mississippi coast.

Families have reportedly been discovered drowned in homes that are left with spray paint markings of one mark and two marks-identifying homes and debris as checked or not checked where dead bodies were located or not.

Stories of bodies being pulled from trees, cars, and collapsed buildings in communities along Mississippi are filtering out as the rescue portion of the operation has turned into recovery,bagging, and tagging victims who died in the massive surge.

The Mayor of New Orleans is estimating the death toll to climb well into the thousands as the rescue operations for the living take precedence over the dead that can no longer be helped.

Looting, disease, and chaos is quickly spreading throughout the city as over 10,000 additional National Guard troops have been ordered down to New Orleans.

Random shootings as well as local hospitals have been overrun by looters who are running in packs of 300 to 400 taking over the buildings stealing supplies and medicine.



September 1, 2005

Horror and Disgrace

I’m horrified by the hell that New Orleans has become, and I’m appalled at the shamefully inept response of my government.

FEMA has been on Bush’s chopping block and is a much weaker entity than it used to be. Great.

This is an immense human tragedy, one that will work hardship on millions of people. It is beyond the capabilities of state and local government to deal with. It requires a national response.

Which makes it all the more difficult to understand why, at this moment, the country’s premier agency for dealing with such events - FEMA - is being, in effect, systematically downgraded and all but dismantled by the Department of Homeland Security.

Apparently homeland security now consists almost entirely of protection against terrorist acts. How else to explain why the Federal Emergency Management Agency will no longer be responsible for disaster preparedness? Given our country’s long record of natural disasters, how much sense does this make?

Watching CNN and MSNBC for the past few days, I’ve seen the reporters on the ground growing increasingly distraught and angry at the extent of the misery and how little help is coming. Thousands of people were told to go to the convention center for help. Since Monday, not one drop of water or bite of food has arrived. Not one official has come by to talk to anyone. People have died. Bodies are lying on the ground, a couple in wheelchairs. Old people, babies dying.

The people the reporter talked to were crying out for help. The cameraman was so upset they put him on the air and he gave an impassioned plea for help for about five minutes. I wondered what the heck was going on that even minimal help hadn’t arrived.

Then I heard that the director of Homeland Security had to be told about the people there from a news reporter. He didn’t they existed. Neither did the FEMA guy. Who the hell’s in charge?

The FEMA guy, Brown, actually said that these people were at fault because they should have left when warned. Well. I’ve lived hand to mouth. You don’t have a car. You don’t have money for gas. You don’t have the means to put up your entire family in a hotel. Your old mother won’t go anyway, and you can’t leave her.

How about if you have pets? No pets allowed in shelters. How about if you evacuated the last time they told you to, and it cost $1200 to put up your whole family at a hotel for a few days, and nothing happened. How about if these predictions never turn out that bad and you take your chances?

How about the fact that this hurricane wasn’t that bad for New Orleans? The hurricane just missed the city and caused most of its damage to the east. It was the levee break that did them in. And how about the fact that the Bush administration cut the funding for repairing the levees, even though the threat of this disaster happening was known to all.?

And the head of FEMA takes time out to scold the victims for not leaving town.

This time, Bushco’s going down. Time for Democrats to take over the country again. Democrats were traditionally good at helping out the little guy, and there are a heck of a lot of little guys who are going to need a lot of help for a long time.

I’m miserable that this is my country.


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Disasters Keep Coming but FEMA Phased Out
In the days to come, as the nation copes with the disastrous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we will be reminded how important it is to have a federal agency capable of dealing with natural catastrophes of this sort. ... Which makes it all the more difficult to understand why the country's premier agency for dealing with such events - FEMA - is being, in effect, systematically downgraded and all but dismantled by the Department of Homeland Security.


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Subject: Gulf Coast "Chaos" -- A Sign of Things to Come
Date: 1 Sep 2005

Look closely at what's going on in the Gulf states:
You're seeing America's future, when the infrastructure (cannibalized for Iraq and a nonsensical "war on terror") further decays and a Great Depression finally hits.
You're seeing how politicians in Washington, D.C., really feel about the poor.  

People living without food, water, clothing, shelter, or medical care -- especially if they're black -- are just told to "be patient," day after day, until, predictably, they simply die.
You're also seeing just how effective "Homeland Security" and FEMA will really be at "protecting the American people" in the event of a massive terrorist attack.
They're worrying primarily about getting the OIL pipelines running again.        
The lives of tens of thousands of people coldly left to die are glossed over as just "collateral damage," as 3000 were at the World Trade Center.
Watch: Soon you'll see how the federal government's military forces "restore order," under martial law, as the starving and doomed-to-die who dare to trespass on "private property" to steal food or water are shot dead in the street in cold blood.
The first response of Washington bureaucrats is always an itchy trigger finger -- "security" (suppressing "insurgents") is their main concern, not "disaster relief."
Welcome to living conditions in Iraq, in the United States. (The Iraqi people too are outraged that there's no electricity, no water, and nobody cares so long as the oil and blood money is flowing into the right hands. Unlivable conditions like that are natural breeding grounds for "insurgents.") So look carefully: This is what the Bush Administration's foreign policy looks like when applied as domestic policy.



Federal Officials Pressed to Explain Pace of Response

September 1, 2005

NEW ORLEANS -- (KRT) -- Hungry and desperate people trapped in a destroyed city. A police department in what one official called "survival mode." Dead bodies on the streets, blankets flung over them -- sometimes.

Capt. Michael Pfeiffer of the New Orleans Police Department said the department's communication system failed during the storm and police districts now were working their areas often unaware of what was happening elsewhere in the city. Pfeiffer still has a handheld radio, but he's almost out of battery power and needs to keep it off most of the time.

"We're in survival mode here," Pfeiffer said.

With New Orleans degenerating toward anarchy and other areas hit by Hurricane Katrina still awaiting assistance [AFTER FOUR DAYS], federal, state, and local officials are under mounting pressure to explain why they haven't moved faster to get aid to people and places devastated by the storm.

Terry Ebbert, the head of New Orleans' emergency operations, called the federal government's response "a national disgrace."

Citing the complexities of trying to assist people in a 90,000-square mile area, much of it still flooded, officials in Washington on Thursday offered little more than empathy, pledges that the pace would pick up and pleas not to engage in finger-pointing.

"We certainly understand frustration coming from people on the ground who are in need of help, and we will continue working to get them the assistance that they need," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

There was evidence Thursday that Americans believed what they saw on television more than what they heard from government officials.

A Survey USA poll of 1,200 adults nationwide found that 59 percent of Americans thought the federal government wasn't doing enough to help victims of the hurricane and its aftermath, up from 50 percent the previous day. Fifty-five percent of the whites and 75 percent of the African-Americans polled said the federal response had been inadequate.

In Mississippi, three days after Katrina, officials opened 20 sites in Harrison County to deliver water and ice to frustrated residents. While people had been reduced to searching through garbage for food, authorities didn't expect to be able to distribute any food until Friday. There's still no timetable for making temporary shelter available to those without homes.

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Subject: MANY oil platforms missing, years before return to production 
Date: 1 Sep 2005


Newest (and very informative and very scary) report from an anonymous insider

Posted by Prof. Goose in Supply/Production

August 31 at

This is from an oil industry insider I consider quite credible. She was definitely right about everything in her last post. If she's right about this one, we may finally start to get a true picture of what's going on. All below the fold.


There are MANY production platforms missing (as in not visible from the air). This means they have been totally lost. I am talking about 10's of platforms, not single digit numbers. Each platform can have from 4 to 100+ wells on it. Most larger ones have 20-30 wells in this area, with numerous caisson wells. They are on their sides, on the bottom of the gulf - they will likely be left as reef material, provided we can get permission. MMS regulations require us to plug each of the wells that were on these platforms - HUGE cost now, as the platforms are gone... Hopefully, MMS will grant 'abandon in place' status for these wiped out structures.

We also set individual wells as satellites and pipe them back to existing platforms. These stand-alone wells are called caisson wells. 90% of those in the storm path are bent over, rendering them a total loss. We would have to remove the existing bent structure and drill a new well, as bent pipe is basically unusable.

We utilize platforms as gathering hubs. We pipe the raw oil/water to them and then send it on for separation, or separate it there and send finished oil on. Damage to a hub means everything going to the hub is offline indefinitely. There are +/- 15 HUBS missing. MISSING!! As in we cannot find them from the air.

Thus even if the wells feeding the hub are ok, we have nowhere to pump the oil to...

The jackup drilling rigs appear to be in various stages of damage, but most rode the storm out with minimal problems. However, each of them has shifted position.

When we jack the rig up, it is carefully positioned directly over the well slot where we are working. The derrick has rails that allow us to slide it in 4 directions to get the derrick directly over the well or slot. If the rig moves (right/left, or from level to uneven), it has to be jacked back down to the waterline and repositioned with tugboats, then jacked back up. After it is back up and level, the derrick is slid on the 2 sets of rails, and bolted into position over the well or slot again.

Thus we have to reset each of the drilling rigs, which requires getting OUT of the well, tugboats and a move, then getting back into the well. The open hole we have drilled (what is not enclosed in cemented casing) is likely to be lost, and if the wellhead or the casing is bent, then the well will have to be redrilled. This is an exploration setback of at least a month, but we don't yet know the boat situation.

Boats are usually brought into harbor to weather storms. We do not have a boat count yet, but from the initial reports, we may have lost or grounded 30% of the Gulf of Mexico fleet. This means everything will cost more, take longer - repairs, repositioning, everything.

In short, the Gulf area hit by the storm is basically in about the same shape as Biloxi. The damage numbers you have gotten from the government and analysts are, in my opinion, much too low. We are looking at YEARS to return to the production levels we had prior to the storm. The eastern Gulf of Mexico is primarily oil production...

Loss of the MARS platform alone cost us 95,000 barrels a day for a year or maybe more.

YEARS, people. I know what this means - hope everyone else gets it too...

Click here to go to an image of a destroyed rig.

The front page of the Houston Chronicle has a rig beached on Dauphin Island. The legs have been sheared off and derrick is missing – thus it is a total loss. This rig was operating in Main Pass (adjacent to Plaquemines Parish), and thus was blown to Alabama and beached.

Update [2005-8-31 10:6:22 by Prof. Goose]:The insider asked me to attach this article to her post.

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KATRINA: What it means to America 

We'll all feel the pain

As New Orleans staggers, ripples of its fate spread over the nation

September 1, 2005

The monstrous scope of what befell New Orleans is just settling in: All that water. All those people. All that loss, in a place where no city was ever meant to be.

Yet for 287 years, New Orleans has clung tenaciously to a low spot slung between the nation's greatest river and a 630-square-mile lake, producing music and architecture and cuisine and charm that beguiled and influenced America beyond all proportion to its size.

Over these past three days, though, it's been a watery fade to black for the town once called the City that Care Forgot.

"The gods of hurricanes have been playing darts with New Orleans for years and years, for about as long as there has been a New Orleans," said Peirce Lewis, a geographer who wrote "New Orleans: the Making of an Urban Landscape."

It is perhaps the most un-American of American cities. Houston may be bigger, along with Indianapolis and Milwaukee and 30 other U.S. cities, but New Orleans is set apart by its iconic cachet: It evokes a state of mind, a unique amalgam of dim jazz clubs and Mardi Gras revelry, Creole cuisine and "A Streetcar Named Desire." It's sultry and sexy, a laid-back place for letting go.

Now, all that is gone for the foreseeable future, literally inundated with a cluster of ongoing catastrophes: fetid flood waters that won't recede, breached levees that resist repair, scattered fires, looting and, everywhere, shattered or gummed-up infrastructure. It's largely unlivable, with much of the sodden, splintered housing stock wrecked beyond repair.

"We are dealing with one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history," President George W. Bush said yesterday.

The greatest and grimmest toll, of course, is human. Mayor Ray Nagin predicts thousands may be dead, their bodies even now crushed or drowned in flooded, airless homes. If Nagin is right, that will make the storm the nation's deadliest natural disaster since at least the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

"We're all kind of at a loss for words at how extreme this is," said Kara Bunte, an American Red Cross spokeswoman. She added, in measured understatement, "It's going to be a long road ahead in terms of our relief. And we can't do it alone. It's going to take the entire nation."

And to varying degrees, the entire nation may feel its effects, and not just at the gas pump.

Forget for a moment New Orleans' storied rep as the Big Easy, the picturesque Paris of America, the picaresque birthplace of jazz. Forget the French Quarter, Preservation Hall and Mardi Gras parades, beignets at Cafe du Monde.

That's the New Orleans of tourism, its No. 1 industry. The more prosaic fact is that the Port of New Orleans is one of the world's biggest and most important, a global transfer point for grain, gravel, copper and other commodities. It enjoys the nation's top market share for imported steel, natural rubber, plywood and coffee.

"New Orleans' site, the actual real estate, is just dreadful," shaped as it is like a saucer, fringed by levees, vulnerable to hurricanes, said Lewis, a retired Penn State professor. But as a city, its situation, as he puts it, is superb. The nation's largest river runs through it.

Which is why he thinks the city will be rebuilt, in case there was any doubt.

"The Mississippi River," he said, "is not going away." And while the stately oaks along St. Charles Avenue and the facades of Antoine's and Commander's Palace were damaged by Katrina, "a lot of valuable architecture" survived.

"My guess is that there will be a good deal left for tourism," he said.

Beyond its charms, New Orleans is a desperately poor city, whose reigning tourism industry produces low-wage jobs. Katrina destroyed untold numbers of businesses, and those that survived are unlikely to need the same work force they had before, so layoffs loom.

"The poor folks are the ones who are going to get hurt every which way," said Neil Smith, a geographer and director of the CUNY Center for Place, Culture and Politics.

Usually, against all odds, hurricanes generate a flurry of spending, in part on rebuilding, that has a net positive economic impact. This time could be different. The gain may be one of the smallest ever because of the rise in energy costs, analyst David Rosenberg wrote in a Merrill Lynch research report. Eight oil refineries were shut down, as were oil and gas production plants. And the insurance payout, he said, could be as high as $26 billion, with damages about $40 billion.

It's too soon to quantify in what ways Katrina may have been America's biggest or most destructive or costliest natural disaster, but the American Red Cross's Devorah Goldburg in Washington is comfortable with the designation.

"We know that, in terms of the type of response we're providing and are going to be providing," she said. Katrina alone, she added, is eclipsing the Red Cross response to last year's four hurricanes.

Virtually all New Orleans was evacuated; residents may not be able to return home, if they have a home, for 12 to 16 weeks. To anyone who has doubts about the epic scale of the disaster, Goldburg says this:

"Have you turned on the television lately?"


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Stores invaded, stripped of merchandise in beleaguered city

By Allen G. Breed, Associated Press

August 31, 2005

NEW ORLEANS -- At first it just seemed that the Wal-Mart in New Orleans's Lower Garden District was doing a very brisk posthurricane business yesterday: The parking lot was full, people were leaving with brimming baskets, and city police and firefighters were there as if to oversee it all.

But people weren't going through the front door. They were squeezing between boards meant to protect the now-shattered glass from Hurricane Katrina's winds. One man was packing his van so full of computers, televisions, and DVD players that he had trouble closing the rear doors. One woman was carrying three jugs of laundry detergent in a city with no power to run a washer.

As in other cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina, as in so many past disasters elsewhere when crisis and chaos have replaced order and normalcy, an already beleaguered New Orleans was beset by looters.

The widespread plundering started before Katrina had finished her onslaught yesterday. That afternoon, looters broke into an emptied sporting-goods warehouse in Mid-City, a grocery store in Treme, and the hardware center Uptown. In one instance, witnesses said, police were called but did nothing until one man shot another.

People said they'd heard that Wal-Mart had opened its doors to provide supplies for law enforcement agencies sheltering the 10,000- plus people in the Superdome. A Wal-Mart spokeswoman, Sharon Weber, said that law enforcement, emergency management teams, and relief agencies have ''unwritten permission" to help themselves to whatever they need from Wal-Mart stores in times of crisis, but that standard procedure is for the police or aid officials to ''leave us a list of what they take so they can pay us later."

At the Lower Garden District Wal-Mart, among the items seen being loaded into police cars were dozens of T-shirts, DVDs, and dog food.

But when law enforcement officials went to get their goods, others -- people of all ages and races -- followed.

''They just came and no one could stop them," said David Brown, 38, a Port of New Orleans employee.

Brown and a co-worker were filling their vehicle with dozens and dozens of canned goods -- stews and chilis and Spaghetti-O's. Brown said the food would be used to feed the port's police and its employees, many of whom, like him, had worked nonstop since Saturday.

They were only taking essentials, he said, although a copy of Queen Latifah's ''Beauty Shop" DVD was on that list.

Brown said the work showed no sign of easing up soon.

''It's pretty bad," he said. ''They've been calling for body bags all day."

Most streets in New Orleans were empty yesterday except for the hub around the Wal-Mart, in a section of the city that remained dry. People were everywhere: in cars and trucks, pushing goods in carts and baby carriages, dragging full trash cans and laundry baskets. The steady stream of cars caused a traffic jam on the streets near the store -- the type of traffic jam last seen in New Orleans when people tried to evacuate.

''Is everything free?" asked a woman who pulled up in a red car. Hearing ''yes," she started to chant, ''TV! TV! TV!"

Inside, a teenager held up a pair of blue lacy panties and snickered, ''I want to see somebody in these so bad," before tossing them in his basket.

Another man used a table to break into one of the last unscathed jewelry cases. A little girl balanced atop a cart filled with cases of beer.

A rumor that the National Guard had arrived sent people running toward the store's exit, shouting: ''Come on! Come on!" But no one put down any merchandise, and the Guard rumor turned out to be false.

Some shoppers were oddly selective. One woman said she was taking only facial-care products. Another was pushing a cart filled with silk roses and baby's breath.

In the pharmacy aisle, she leaned over the handle, pushing it slowly as she read labels the way a paying customer would.

But the overwhelming feeling was one of chaos -- angry shouting, carts ramming, fast grabbing. When a teenage girl passed out face down between the baby clothes and a women's sock display, people pushed past or stepped on her.

Joseph LoCascio, of Picayune, Miss., stopped to try to help the girl. He rolled her over, and she vomited pink liquid all over her face and hair. He then rolled her back.

''This is fucked up," he said. ''. . . People just walking around like they don't care. All they're worried about is getting free shit instead of a human life."

''I've never seen people like this," said Sandi Nolan, 21, of Baton Rouge, La.

''They're getting chainsaws and fishing poles, anything they can get for free."


From: "Mark Graffis">
Subject: RFK Jr: Reaping the Whirlwind
Date: 31 Aug 2005

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.



“For They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

As Hurricane Katrina dismantles Mississippi's Gulf Coast, it's worth recalling the central role that Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour played in derailing the Kyoto Protocol and kiboshing President Bush's iron-clad campaign promise to regulate CO2.

In March of 2001, just two days after EPA Administrator Christie Todd Whitman's strong statement affirming Bush's CO2 promise former RNC Chief Barbour responded with an urgent memo to the White House.

Barbour, who had served as RNC Chair and Bush campaign strategist, was now representing the president's major donors from the fossil fuel industry who had enlisted him to map a Bush energy policy that would be friendly to their interests. His credentials ensured the new administration's attention.

The document, titled "Bush-Cheney Energy Policy & CO2," was addressed to Vice President Cheney, whose energy task force was then gearing up, and to several high-ranking officials with strong connections to energy and automotive concerns keenly interested in the carbon dioxide issue, including Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Commerce Secretary Don Evans, White House chief of staff Andy Card and legislative liaison Nick Calio. Barbour pointedly omitted the names of Whitman and Treasury Secretary Paul O‚Neill, both of whom were on record supporting CO2 caps. Barbour's memo chided these administration insiders for trying to address global warming which Barbour dismissed as a radical fringe issue.

"A moment of truth is arriving," Barbour wrote, "in the form of a decision whether this Administration's policy will be to regulate and/or tax CO2 as a pollutant. The question is whether environmental policy still prevails over energy policy with Bush-Cheney, as it did with Clinton-Gore." He derided the idea of regulating CO2 as "eco-extremism," and chided them for allowing environmental concerns to "trump good energy policy, which the country has lacked for eight years."

The memo had impact. "It was terse and highly effective, written for people without much time by a person who controls the purse strings for the Republican Party," said John Walke, a high-ranking air quality official in the Clinton administration.

On March 13, Bush reversed his previous position, announcing he would not back a CO2 restriction using the language and rationale provided by Barbour. Echoing Barbour's memo, Bush said he opposed mandatory CO2 caps, due to "the incomplete state of scientific knowledge" about global climate change.

Well, the science is clear. This month, a study published in the journal Nature by a renowned MIT climatologist linked the increasing prevalence of destructive hurricanes to human-induced global warming.

Now we are all learning what it's like to reap the whirlwind of fossil fuel dependence which Barbour and his cronies have encouraged. Our destructive addiction has given us a catastrophic war in the Middle East and--now--Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children.

In 1998, Republican icon Pat Robertson warned that hurricanes were likely to hit communities that offended God. Perhaps it was Barbour's memo that caused Katrina, at the last moment, to spare New Orleans and save its worst flailings for the Mississippi coast.


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A Declaration of War

By Phyllis Bennis,

September 1, 2005.

The US has issued an open threat to the other 190 U.N. member states, the social movements and peoples of the entire world, and the United Nations itself.

The Bush administration has declared war on the world. The 450 changes that Washington is demanding to the action agenda that will culminate at the September 2005 United Nations summit don't represent U.N. reform. They are a clear onslaught against any move that could strengthen the United Nations or international law.

The upcoming summit was supposed to focus on strengthening and reforming the U.N. and address issues of aid and development, with a particular emphasis on implementing the U.N.'s five-year-old Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Most assumed this would be a forum for dialogue and debate, involving civil society activists from around the world challenging governments from the impoverished South and the wealthy North and the United Nations to create a viable global campaign against poverty and for internationalism.

But now, there's a different and even greater challenge. This is a declaration of U.S. unilateralism, uncompromising and ascendant. The United States has issued an open threat to the 190 other U.N. member states, the social movements and peoples of the entire world, and the United Nations itself. And it will take a quick and unofficially collaborative effort between all three of those elements to challenge the Bush administration juggernaut.

The General Assembly's package of proposed reforms, emerging after nine months of negotiations ahead of the summit, begins with new commitments to implement the Millennium Development Goals--established in 2000 as a set of international commitments aimed at reducing poverty by 2015. They were always insufficient, yet as weak as they are, they have yet to be implemented.

The 2005 Millennium Plus Five summit intended to shore up the unmet commitments to those goals. In his reform proposals of March 2005, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan called on governments north and south to see the implementation of the MDGs as a minimum requirement. Without at least that minimal level of poverty alleviation, he said, conflicts within and between states could spiral so far out of control that even a strengthened and reformed United Nations of the future would not be able to control the threats to international peace and security.

When John Bolton, Bush's hotly contested but newly appointed ambassador to the United Nations announced the U.S. proposed response, it was easy to assume this was just John Bolton running amok. After all, Bolton, a longtime U.N.-basher, has said: "There is no United Nations." He has written in The Wall Street Journal that the United States has no legal obligation to abide by international treaties, even when they are signed and ratified. So it was no surprise when Bolton showed up three weeks before the summit, demanding a package of 450 changes in the document that had been painstakingly negotiated for almost a year.

But, in fact, this isn't about Bolton. This Bush administration's position was vetted and approved in what the U.S. Mission to the U.N. bragged was a "thorough interagency process"--meaning the White House, the State Department, the Pentagon and many more agencies all signed off. This is a clear statement of official U.S. policy--not the wish- ist of some marginalized extremist faction of neocon ideologues who will soon be reined in by the realists in charge. This time the extremist faction is in charge.

The U.S. proposal package is designed to force the world to accept as its own the U.S. strategy of abandoning impoverished nations and peoples, rejecting international law, privileging ruthless market forces over any attempted regulation, sidelining the role of international institutions except for the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO, and weakening, perhaps fatally, the United Nations itself.

It begins by systematically deleting every one of the 35 specific references to the Millennium Development Goals. Every reference to concrete obligations for implementation of commitments is deleted. Setting a target figure of just 0.7 percent of GNP for wealthy countries to spend on aid? Deleted. Increasing aid for agriculture and trade opportunities in poor countries? Deleted. Helping the poorest countries, especially those in Africa, to deal with the impact of climate change? Deleted.

The proposal puts at great risk treaties to which the United States is already a party, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The U.N. Summit draft referred to the NPT's "three pillars: disarmament, non-proliferation and the peaceful use of nuclear energy." That means that states without nukes would agree never to build or obtain them, but in return they would be guaranteed the right to produce nuclear energy for peaceful use.

In return recognized nuclear weapons states--the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia--would commit, in Article VI of the NPT, to move toward "nuclear disarmament with the objective of eliminating all such weapons." The proposed U.S. changes deleted all references to the three pillars and to Article VI.

The U.S. deleted the statement that: "The use of force should be considered as an instrument of last resort." That's also not surprising given the Bush administration's "invade first, choose your justifications later" mode of crisis resolution.

Throughout the document, the United States demands changes that redefine and narrow what should be universal and binding rights and obligations. In the clearest reference to Iraq and Palestine, Washington narrowed the definition of the "right of self-determination of peoples" to eliminate those who "remain under colonial domination and foreign occupation."

Much of the U.S. effort aims to undermine the power of the U.N. in favor of absolute national sovereignty. On migration, for instance, the original language focused on enhancing international cooperation, linking migrant worker issues and development, and the human rights of migrants. The U.S. wants to scrap it all, replacing it with "the sovereign right of states to formulate and enforce national migration policies," with international cooperation only to facilitate national laws. Human rights were deleted altogether.

In the document's section on strengthening the United Nations, the U.S. deleted all mention of enhancing the U.N.'s authority, focusing instead only on U.N. efficiency. Regarding the General Assembly the most democratic organ of the U.N. system--the United States deleted references to the Assembly's centrality, its role in codifying international law, and, ultimately its authority, relegating it to a toothless talking shop. It even deleted reference to the Assembly's role in Washington's own pet project--management oversight of the U.N. secretariat--leaving the U.S.-dominated and undemocratic Security Council, along with the U.S. itself (in the person of a State Department official recently appointed head of management in Kofi Annan's office) to play watchdog.

The Bush administration has given the United Nations what it believes to be a stark choice: adopt the U.S. changes and acquiesce to becoming an adjunct of Washington and a tool of empire, or reject the changes and be consigned to insignificance.

But the United Nations could choose a third option. It should not be forgotten that the U.N. itself has some practice in dealing with U.S. threats. President George W. Bush gave the U.N. these same two choices once before--in September 2002, when he threatened the global body with "irrelevance" if the U.N. did not embrace his call for war in Iraq. On that occasion, the United Nations made the third choice--the choice to grow a backbone, to reclaim its charter, and to join with people and governments around the world who were mobilized to say no to war. It was the beginning of eight months of triumph, in which governments and peoples and the U.N. stood together to defy the U.S. drive toward war and empire, and in doing so created what The New York Times called "the second super-power."

This time, as before, the United States has threatened and declared war on the United Nations and the world. As before, it's time for that three-part superpower to rise again, to defend the U.N., and to say no to empire.

Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies , is the author of the forthcoming Challenging Empire: How People, Governments, and the U.N. Defy U.S. Power (Interlink Publishing, October 2005).


Date: 2 Sep 2005
Subject: Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross

Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross


Establishment charities have history of withholding disaster funds

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

September 1, 2005

As the aftermath of hurricane Katrina continues to wreak mayhem and havoc amid reports of mass looting, shooting at rescue helicopters, rapes and murders, establishment media organs are promoting the Red Cross as a worthy organization to give donations to.

The biggest website in the world,, displays a Red Cross donation link prominently on its front page.

Every time there is a major catastrophe the Red Cross and similar organizations like United Way are given all the media attention while other charities are left in the shadows. This is not to say that the vast majority of Red Cross workers are not decent people who simply want to help those in need.

But what the media fails consistently to remember in their promotion of the organization is that the Red Cross have been caught time and time again withholding money in the wake of horrible disasters that require immediate release of funds.

The Red Cross, under the Liberty Fund, collected $564 million in donations after 9/11. Months after the event, the Red Cross had distributed only $154 million ( . The Red Cross' explanation for keeping the majority of the money was that it would be used to help 'fight the war on terror'. To the victims, this meant that the money was going towards bombing broken backed third world countries like Afghanistan and setting up surveillance cameras and expanding the police state in US cities, and not towards helping them rebuild their lives. Then Red Cross President Dr. Bernadine Healy arrogantly responded when questioned about the withholding of funds by stating, "The Liberty Fund is a war fund. It has evolved into a war fund."

Despite the family members of victims of 9/11 complaining bitterly to a House Energy and Commerce Committee's oversight panel, the issue seemed to be brushed under the carpet and the mud didn't stick.

The Red Cross' scandalous activities reach back far before 9/11. See:

After the devastating San Francisco earthquake in 1989, the Red Cross passed on only $10 million of the $50 million that had been raised, and banked the rest. Similar donations after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the Red River flooding in 1997 were also greedily withheld.

Smaller charities that were involved with the 2004 Tsunami relief project went public to say that large charities like Red Cross and United Way were engaged in secret backroom negotiations with each other that meant a large portion of the donation money was purposefully restricted from reaching the most needy areas affected by the disaster.

The history is clear. The Red Cross and other large so-called charities are in actual fact front group collection agencies for the military industrial complex.

Many informed historians have even alleged that the Red Cross was used as a Skull and Bones cover to overthrow The Russian Czar and pave the way for the rise of the Bolsheviks.

Do not give any money to the Red Cross unless you support the expansion of empire abroad and police state at home. Find a smaller trustworthy organization in the local area of New Orleans and make your donation to them.


From: "Bill Cain">
Subject: Easter Island Metaphor
Date: 1 Sep 2005


As someone who's been to Easter Island, I can attest to the ecological, social and political disaster that took place there several hundred years ago. It represents in microcosm what is currently taking place world wide. Unfortunately, I don't think much can be done to reverse the trend. Once a mindset fed by lies, fear and limited resources takes hold, nothing short of playing out the consequences and picking up the pieces after the ensuing carnage can be expected.

I'd like to believe all the optimistic predictions that you post to this list, but quite frankly, I don't see anything changing for the better. In fact, I see things getting worse. Crime after crime is committed by this administration with impunity, while the 435 spineless jellyfish who call themselves legislative "leaders" and who are in positions of authority to do something, remain silent. At the beginning of the year Matthew predicted that Bush would have his comeuppance by the summer. Now he says by the end of the year. The new-agers all say that we're currently transitioning from the third vibration to the fourth. Or is it the fourth to the fifth, and everything is about to change for the better. If we get beyond 2012, I guess we can put that to bed. The ET's steadfastly refuse to interfere with our "free will" even if it means, I guess, our self annihilation.  And so it goes.

There were good people in Germany in the 1930's who understood what was happening there at the time, but were too afraid to do anything about it because of the political climate. Such a climate now exists in this country and there are good people again who are frozen in fear of ending up like JFK.

After the tribal wars ended on Easter Island, the few remaining residents eventually resorted to cannibalism, not only as a means of survival, but as an accepted ritual. Could that be the end result of where we are presently headed?

Bill Cain


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