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April 29, 2005

The Light Series #77: Food for Souls

Hello everyone!

Here is what I hope with be a feast for you soul.

Enjoy and share ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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“Cherish the might of the spirit,
The nobility of the ideal,
The grandeur of the dream;
The spirit will create the material it needs,
The ideal will bring the real to its body and self-expression,
The dream is the stuff out of which the waking world will be created.” 

- Sri Aurobindo - Sent by "Ricardo">

"You are about to be given back your real freedom, and you will know beyond doubt that you are great Beings and will claim your rightful place in the Cosmos. First you will learn the truth of your past, and how as wonderful loving beings of Light you undertook to come to Earth. You will also find that from hereon the pathway goes upward and onward, through the many dimensions of reality that for the best part are beyond your present understanding. There are realms of absolute beauty that exist in perfect peace and harmony, and many of you will have achieved that level of progress to move to them. Except for those who choose to remain in an earthly type environment, the remainder will all move out of duality never to have to return except in the name of service to others."

- SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey - taken from

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow."

- Old Native American Prophecy - Taken from where you'll find lots of info, pictures and news about the Rainbow Family gatherings and tribe. "Origins of the Rainbow Tribe: The birth of the Rainbow Family is deeply intertwined with other events of the late sixties and early seventies. Some say we got started at Woodstock, some say we got started at the Human Be-in. The easiest thing to say is that the name Rainbow Family got started at the Vortex Biodegradable Festival of Life in Oregon. That led to folks getting together to eventually sponsor the first World Family Gathering in 1972 in Colorado. After that we've continued to gather every year in the National Forests in North America, and now other Rainbow gatherings are happening all over the world."

- Taken from

"There are life forms on Earth from many civilizations throughout the universe. Humanity itself is a genetic soup created from the genes of many nations often referred to as the Star Nations. There was a knuckle dragger, a form of humanity that was developing naturally as well on the Earth. This diversity of life on Earth is worth preserving. You will never have a nuclear war. It is not going to be allowed. The Earth experience is like none other. It is best to realize how precious the diversity of life is on the Earth and cherish it."

- Taken from "Message For Everyone" by James Gilliland below

"The first picture I remember is that of the mushroom of a nuclear explosion seen from afar in a generally white environment. It was frozen in action. Then with a switch of perception that felt like quickly going earlier on the timeline, before the occurrence of this event, I felt I had something in my hands, a kind of instrument that if used properly, was enabling me/us (there was a sense of collectively doing something to mitigate this potential outcome) to change things at the source and thus set the stage for a better scenario in the future. A quick glide into the future after this shown me a world still alive, but the air was gray with the soot of pollution. Following another quick jump in the past and another use of the “instrument”, I came back in the future to see the results, and this time the air was perfectly clear and the ambiance light and serene. I then suddenly woke up in the middle of my sleep and made sure to impress myself enough with the memory of this dream to have a conscious remembrance of it after my “night” of sleep. The conclusion I drew from this dream is that we definitely have the power in our hands -- and hearts -- to affect the future of this world beyond our wildest imaginings. This is something we urgently need to learn and to wisely use. This is at the heart of our current evolutionary process. And this is not something that anyone of us can do alone... We ought to see past our individual limitations, whatever they may be, to co-create and co-conceive the necessary conditions for achieving the incredible potential for Good and of Love still mostly lying dormant in us. We owe it to our children and literally to ourselves for we are the ones who will eventually come back in this future to reap the consequences, positive or negative, of what we will achieve -- or fail to achieve -- today."

- Jean Hudon - A vivid dream I had in March 2000 - Featured in the current "Meditation Focus #129: Celebrating Our Growing Oneness In Service to The Light" archived at

"You have to be more sympathetic and warmhearted. In case someone strikes you, hug your enemy, apologize yourself and kneel before him. In case someone hates you, love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness. These are the rules of love and humbleness."

- Boriska - The Russian Boy From Mars (see below)

Worthy of Your Attention

Amazing new service by Google
Go there and click of "satellite" on the upper right corner and explore the world's stunning beauties as you've never done before. Once you've got the hang of this tool, you'll have the feeling of being aboard a very high and very fast-flying orbital capable airplane to go view whatever (almost!) your feel you want to see. Only when exploring North America does the system has zooming down capability that allow you to see even the roof of your house (from an altitude of about 1000 feet) if you live in a large city. Still the rest of the planet is certainly worth seeing from the vantage point of 30,000 feet. High-speed Internet access and a fast computer processor are highly preferable to enjoy the ride.


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Many channeled message


From: "Kathleen">
Subject: Feedback
Date:16 Apr 2005

Dear Jean: I stopped writing to you because in my last email to you I asked if you would ask readers for feedback on the ascension. I did not know that few people commented on your compilations at the time, and you ended your email with saying that you did not want to argue with me. My intent in sending my email was not to argue with you and I was somewhat taken aback. You also suggested that I do research to find positive information other than channeling to post.
My emailing you was really a kind of compliment to what I perceive as your spiritual ideals and development, and I guess I was asking you for some hope. I do look on the Net and in books and in my daily life for positive signs. It is not encouraging. I have to take on faith alone that there will be an Earth in the future and that humans will live in Peace with each other. I also consciously bring to mind the book "Mass Dreams of the Future," in which three different futures were perceived by all the people Chet Snow progressed to their future. One of them was humans living in Harmony and Peace with each other and our Earth. It will take a miracle of separating of different dimensional realities for this world to come about.

My despair in my last email seemed unacceptable to you--but I'm human--and I love our Earth and am in constant pain at all the cruelty and destruction going on to Earth, to the animals, to babies and little children. "The Big Scoop" is pretty depressing--please don't take this an attack on you personally--but I'd be an idiot if I smiled happily while reading it.
I do believe in miracles--I've had some in my own life, and know personally of other people who have experienced them. Human history shows that up to this time no Higher Forces have intervened to stop the kind of insanity that is growing by leaps and bounds in our world now. I'm also sorry if I can't take comfort in channeled messages. Sun Bear used to say, "If your philosophy doesn't grow corn, I don't want to hear about it." To me, most channeling doesn't grow corn.
It WILL  take a miracle to stop the forces of destruction from turning our planet into a nightmare world for everyone--many are already living in a nightmare. So--I try to live my life by my highest ideals, and pray for a miracle--a HUGE miracle.
And I hope you don't take this email as my wanting to argue with you. It's just my attempt at the feedback you asked for.

"There is ALWAYS hope..."
- Aragorn


Dear Kathleen

First sorry for the long delay in replying to you. When I first read your email I realized it would require more attention than a quick answer and I was - and still am - under the pressure of tons of urgent things to do all at once - it is like a never-ending thread mill with all the incoming emails to process (3322 unprocessed emails right now in my Inbox accumulated over the past year) and the compilations and Meditation Focus to prepare, my demanding book translation work, the little plants to care for in preparation for the garden, and so on.

I'm sorry I don't recall writing I did not want to argue with you - but I'm sure I did since you say so and think it is the right thing to do anyway - arguing is a waste of time and just ego-clashing. I prefer heart connecting which is what you did above in the rest of your email by sharing with me your deepest feelings of uncertainty about our planet's future and the vain hope, as you see it, that anyone will come rescue us from ourselves, which in a physical sense is correct, but not in an inspirational, spiritual sense I'd say.

Delving on the scenario of a nightmarish future is something I've not done in any serious manner for a long time - OK some passing thoughts for sure but no falling into deep despair gloomy mood ever. The reason is that I have deep within this unshakeable faith that everything will turn out OK in the end, that despite all odds against a bright future, this is our common destiny and that we are here to help assist as many souls as possible make the right spiritual choices in their thoughts, feelings and lives that will eventually put us over the top to exponentially catalyze the spiritual ascension of all the souls who are making these choices now to go along for this ride of many, many lifetimes. I don't mean to say there won't be moments of intense testings and difficult challenges to overcome - since we are always receiving exactly what we are supposed to be able to handle successfully in our ascending spiral of souls evolvement - but I have this deep sense, like a bedrock of knowing what is, that a glorious era is arriving, that Something Wonderful is about to happen.

This has been the underlying theme of most of my life and what I've expressed through countless writings, 2 books (did you read The Immortal Child at it's really worth the couple hours it takes to read you know) and much of what I've done (see at

As for the depressing effect of compilations covering the dark aspects of what happens on Earth, I can certainly relate to this as I have to read all the stuff I network - and of course other stuff too which I chose not to network - to evaluate if it is worth circulating, sometimes add personal comments (usually my immediate gut feeling reaction), and inevitably, to do so, I have to accept to be emotionally open to what it all means, always remembering my responsibility when picking this information for networking that in so doing I'm going to bring this all to the eyeballs and compassionate hearts of my fellow travellers on this great collective experience in co-creation.

But once I'm done, I seldom delve upon all that and even usually forget most of it (meaning I don't rehash this info and let it settle in my subconscious mind), happy to focus here and now on my next task or next moment of enjoyment at whatever I do. This is how I can keep my sanity after 8 years of doing this. But I can do so only because I know I'm dedicating myself to contributing as much as I can to the solutions rather than to the problems, both through this networking service and through preparing the Meditation Focus which to me, and because of the understanding born from over 30 years of such meditation work, is a most powerful way to help foster global awakening and steer the world towards safer waters.

In a sense I do just like you. I "live my life by my highest ideals", except that instead of merely praying (which to me sounds more like "hoping") for a miracle to happen, I know I have in me, through the mysterious working of Universal Life within me, the power to help make it happen. And to me this is not just some metaphoric image. It does actually happen all the time.

But you must not take my word for it just as the fact that merely believing in someone else experience does little to change your own inner experience.

You have to "pick the paddle" and start rowing in the direction your soul is trying to indicate to you for this kind of experience to "miraculously" happen in and through you, and THEN you know. Pure and simple.

Once you've aligned your self to your Higher Self, the One that is always connected with All That Is, especially during deep, sustained state of meditation, the illusion of despair gradually recedes - over time - as well as most other illusions - the fear of death, the sense of loneliness and separation from "everysoul" else.

When you mention that despair does not seem to be an acceptable option to me, it is because I know this is a choice, usually not a clearly conscious choice, but one nevertheless, and I know there are other ways to look at things and that it is preferable to nurture, through connection with God/Creator Within, the sense that we CAN co-create a better, brighter, infinitely more loving, harmonious and peaceful future through BEING a radiating Source right now of this Universal Reality - just like a flying fish that has flown out of the fish bowl long enough to see that New reality All Around and which can then remember this wonderful Other Reality even when it is back swimming with other fishes in the murky bowl of water.

Anyway I'm sure you get my drift.

Cheers and Shine!


P.S. Later Kathleen added "when I refer to "prayer" it is for me a kind of fusion of praying/attuning and then listening/meditating."


From: "Knoel And Tom Babin" witheld by request>
Subject: Feedback re Rising Phoenix Series #39
Date: 21 Apr 2005

Dear Jean,

Here's my first email to you, which I'm sending because your compilation here today provoked me to weigh in on deeksha. I've read most of your emails for at least half a year... I'm inspired to write you because I agree with one writer here below, that your discussion with Kiara was very thought provoking and in my case, validating.

I have now had three sessions of "deeksha" here in Austin, TX which can only be described as life-changing and 110% beneficent....they've all been totally different each time, completely amazing and miraculous. I felt an immediate, instantaneous and apparently permanent relief from what I call the common human sense of "suffering" that the ego puts us through. Its absence is stunning to me every day, even though I know I do still have an ego, but it just never runs me anymore; I'm never at its effect. Things and situations do not freak me out at all anymore. It's gone, the ego's control of me, and this happy condition seems to be lasting in my case, to my complete surprise. To experience NOT having the ego's effect over me shows me daily what a toll it had been taking on my overall well-being and happiness.

The very first time receiving deeksha, last August 15th, I also experienced what I can only describe as a "white-out" in my brain, or I'll call it literal spiritual enLIGHTENment....Formerly, with eyes closed and the brain on "idle," not mentally picturing anything or intentionally meditating, I'd normally "see" only a dark gray, esp. in a room darkened for meditation as we were located in that Sunday. So to have the person giving deeksha (with hands onto top of the head) to cause my visual [with eyes closed] to go completely "white-out" was a MIRACLE, as if a super-brilliant floodlight was being shone into my skull. This sensation was not permanent, but it was thrilling and I just can't explain it except that I guess in my case, God really had to get my attention to enLIGHTEN me, and it did!! I won't say I'm a control freak, because I'm not; thirty years of therapy and metaphysical study has taught me to be flexible, resilient and open to most energy....but because of my profession that I'll explain later, I'm also not one to allow myself to become physically vulnerable to others, to their having such a frank potentially risky chance to affect me like that. So this natural surrendering to the "white-out", allowing and accepting this energy transfer on my part was alien, awe-inspiring, and totally exhilarating....I'll never ever forget it!!

But as time has marched on, I must say that the deeksha has also done something that blunted & has now completely eliminated the feeling of constant aggravating anxiety or dread about life I've always just tolerated [which I interpret to be what the ego does to all of us prior to deeksha], which I tolerated by ignoring this sense of fear of the unknown and the future--what else can we do when it's the human condition?? So now, for the most part, it's stunning to experience its total absence. Not that I miss it!!

Since you don't know me, I will describe myself objectively: I'm a fairly level-headed, emotionally aware and intact but self-contained woman who's got 25 years experience working as a registered nurse in psychiatric hospitals all over the US!! So I'm trying to put it in context for you, that I've not been some closet hard-case of depressed desperation. But like most adults, I have learned my fair share from the "school of hard knocks"; no one escapes struggle and I've always been one to learn lessons the hard way until now...but to have lifted off that controlling panicky effect of the ego is something I have no words for. We all recognize that part of us so distinctly illustrated in the Course in Miracles, that'll say to seek love but never find it, and to now have it be completely eliminated, no longer dragging me down, sabotaging my happiness, that is a true and complete miracle. Every human being on Earth must experience this deeksha energy transfer ASAP.

Kiara & others mentioned feeling blissed out. I haven't exactly felt that, but I do feel more "even keel" and generally MUCH happier in more of the landscapes of my life, even in the face of normal problems and pressures. It's kinda like the idea just floats in, when I hit a problem in life now, with words I used to have to consciously conjure: "Every problem has a solution"; "this too shall pass"...all sorts of reassuring and life-affirming thoughts just wander into my awareness to keep me on the up & up. As they say in Australia, "no worries, Mate" that's just how I feel now without any effort. A MIRACLE!!

Most of my friends and colleagues would describe me as being a very positive, enthusiastic person with the energy of those Ever-ready Bunnies on US commercials.  Above, I admitted that the inside didn't always match my outward behavior; I've often felt upset inside but didn't show it, with periodic but rare bouts of the blues and sadness....but it's just remarkable to me to now have this constant feeling of congruence and "everything's OK" in the face of any of life's irritations and hassle. And I feel an overall lightness of being, ever since my first deeksha last summer, only heightened this month with two more sessions. It's a prevalent sensation that's grown more constant with my other two deeksha experiences I've gotten this month ,about two weeks apart. What a joy that I feel CONSTANTLY at-one with myself, my BIG SELF, not divided internally, or self-critical or fretting anymore about my life, or about our future or anything that in my entire past life could have put me in a tizzy when think about and obsessing over these. I also feel I've been much more productive and problem-solving oriented at work, which is saying a lot there. I've always been very creative and tenacious but often unfocused, wasting time & energy, scattering my forces. And likewise this is also evident in my personal life, my management of the mundane. Nothing rattles my feathers anymore. Thank God I found several locals who've taken the journey to India to bring us back deeksha. We're growing a local community to help build that critical mass & get a worldwide enlightened mass of folks!!

Thanks for reading all this. I don't mind your posting what I've written, but I hope you will not post my email address publicly, as I do NOT want to crispy-fry my email inbox with beaucoup comments or requests from your worldwide readership!! I would like to hear from others in your series if you do, but I myself do not have the spare leisure time that you might have to read that much, even if I would want to!!

Much love and appreciation for what you do for us of all Jean, and God Bless!! from Knoel in Austin!!


From: "Eve Howard">
Subject: Feedback: What I have to do....Eve
Date: 23 Apr 2005

Hi Jean!!

So good to connect. I have meant to respond to your question about the "silence". There is no doubt I appreciate what you do. Each of us are on a path that is so much louder than it has been in the past. You are divinely carrying out your mission. I so appreciate your caution with regard to judgement. Just as there are those for whom it is necessary to root out the darkness - there are other beings who have another purpose and for whom much of the news may be too painful to hear and worse yet it may serve as somewhat of a momentary or longer derailment of their mission. Such as the individual who sits glued to the screen with tears streaming down their face. I would guess that this individual would need to delve less deeply into the abyss. I found a couple of years ago that this person was also me. I appreciate your index at the beginning of each of your compilations. I read each entry and receive distinct feelings with each topic. Some I am drawn to read others I know to stay a distance. I still get very valuable information from your compilations both the uplifting and the not so.

I also wanted to add my comments as to your banter with Kiara. So very well done. I enjoyed it so very much and came away with an even deeper respect for you both! Each of you remained in your higher self modes and played your roles to perfection. Thanks for showing how it is to be done!! Bravo!!

Lots of love and light my friend....please don't stop doing what you do...such a service you provide.



Message left on 2005-04-23 in the ERN guestbook

by Suzanne Sjogren>

Hello Jean,

(As to why you don't receive much feedback) Here it is time for your next compilation and I am reading the previous one. It is known that linear time is changing and this is proof. Please do not stop informing those of us who gratefully consume the information you put together and send out. I for one would not have the "time" to dedicate to this huge task and yet I rely on the information because it is broad in scope and the agenda is FYI and not aligned with a motive other than enlightenment. Please keep on with your dedication to this task. It is gratefully received by thousands and sent on to even more (perhaps in bits and pieces), but none the less continues in bringing this beautiful world and its wonderful creatures into greater understanding and love.


Suzanne Sjogren


Forwarded by "Adi Gaia"> on April 25, 2005

Message For Everyone

By James Gilliland

If you were to meet an off world visitor, what would you ask them? In a deep meditation on day I had the privilege of a telepathic communication with an off worlder known as Blaji. She is over a million years ahead of us in the time flow as we know it. Here is how the conversation went.

The first question I asked is what level they were coming from? They told me they bridge the 5th and 6th dimensions. Then she said we are actually on a ship just above the Sanctuary. I asked how this was possible? She said we are interdimensional time travelers. Our spirituality and technology are one. To converge from a physical being to a light principle and undergo the same process on our ships as they transform into a light principle you must have a strong spiritual understanding or you will loose your mind. You have to operate consciously on many levels, some nonphysical and not be afraid of loosing physicality and the personality self. No attachment to limited identities. When you understand this you will also understand creation, the continuity and connectiveness of life. You are much more than a personality and a body. You are an interdimensional being existing on a vibrational continuum. Through the other less dense spiritual bodies is how we can communicate.

I told her I understand, we must rise to the occasion, get beyond our physical and personalities to have meaningful conversations. The hard part is bringing it back to the physical with clarity. I asked her several questions already knowing the answer but wanted to hear it straight from her. The first question was how do you perceive Earth humanity? She said as very primitive, with a very aggressive selfish and warlike leadership. A civilization bent on destroying itself and the very platform for life. Your civilization is much like our far distant past which we have transcended. In fact we are your most ancient ancestors. We see you as a part of creation that needs help, inspiration and guidance. We serve The Creator by serving its creation, helping it to evolve. We cannot interfere in choice and free will. Wisdom is gained through experience and we cannot take your creations and the wisdom that come from them away from you. We can only inspire you to make better choices, take actions that won't have harmful reactions. We can only work with those who choose to be open to the guidance and inspiration, those who initiate it through prayer and meditation. Not all guidance is coming from Angels and Masters which most of humanity is conditioned to believe.

I then asked her why she would not beam up those who continue to act in an aggressive and harmful manner. Take them to a primitive planet with lots of predators to reflect back to them their own predatory nature? She said on one level this is a good idea, it has been offered on the table at the consortium. On our level it is not allowable. This behavior needs to be quarantined, why infect another planet or the rest of the universe. Your planet is under quarantine for this very reason. You cannot bring the aggressive warlike behavior into space. This is why so many of your military projects go up in flames or explode after launch. Those billions of dollars would best be spent on humanitarian efforts, feeding and housing the poor.

I asked her how she feels about the militaries aggressive stance towards all off world visitors. Surely you could destroy everything they send to do harm. She said one of our ships could deactivate and destroy all the military bases on the Earth yet this would be an aggressive act and we are not aggressive. We take the high road. There are others who are not so non aggressive and understanding. Our very presence keeps them in check. In the interest of national security it would be wise for your governments to form an alliance with the non aggressive, spiritually and technologically advanced off worlders. They are the ones with the power of creation, the true protectors and can offer a defense that far surpasses any other offerings. The only catch is the Earth humanity much choose universal peace. Most of humanity desires peace yet they must hold their leadership to the same desire. Profit and greed at the expense of humanity and the environment is the manifesting force behind present day leadership on Earth. When this changes you will see an end to war, disease, poverty and crime as well as the pollution and destruction of the environment. We have transcended all of this and can assist Earth humanity to do as well. We can only inspire and guide. In some cases we can protect those who have aligned with us in service to humanity and the Earth. The collective consciousness of Earth must choose to live according to the universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. These are the understandings that have been brought to every culture through many masters which eventually become corrupted by kings and religions.

There is one more question everyone asks and I already know the answer but would love to hear it in your words. Why don't you land on the White House Lawn?

In July, 1952 we appeared at the White House. It created quite a stir. There was panic, we were met with aggression and the people were not ready. Since then there have been a myriad of films demonizing off worlders conditioning the minds of Earth Humanity to fear off world visitors. They have been conditioned to believe we came to conquer, enslave, eat Earth humans etc which is far from the truth. There is the belief that technology is power, those with the best technology are the ones who will be superior. In the interest of national security the UFOs must remain a secret because of the immense power to be gained from back engineering. This is all in error. The real power and technology is in the hands of those who understand what real power is. Real power serves, it empowers never overpowers. This understanding opens the door to the power of creation, technologies beyond your wildest dreams. These technologies will not be available to those without the consciousness to handle them.

The next question is concerning nuclear war. It is obvious we are not advanced enough for nuclear energy. We are killing the planet with the waste and creating weapons of mass destruction which can destroy the Earth ten times over. UFO activity heightened after the detonation of the first nuclear bomb. Any comments?

Yes the detonation of a nuclear bomb did attract the attention of the consortium. There were many off worlders who came to investigate and it sparked quite a debate as to whether of not to intervene. Suggestions were made from severe consequences to allowing the experiment to continue. The Earth is an experiment. There are life forms on Earth from many civilizations throughout the universe. Humanity itself is a genetic soup created from the genes of many nations often referred to as the Star Nations. There was a knuckle dragger, a form of humanity that was developing naturally as well on the Earth. This diversity of life on Earth is worth preserving. You will never have a nuclear war. It is not going to be allowed. The Earth experience is like none other. It is best to realize how precious the diversity of life is on the Earth and cherish it.

So what you are saying is we have to get back to basics and simplicity to evolve. We have to choose Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, and behave as if the God in all life matters, honor the Creator in all creation to join the rest of the universe, the greater family of man?

Yes, this is what we are saying, it is the same message delivered by every prophet and teacher throughout the millennium. Any other course ends in destruction, the collapse of civilization and the very platform for life. Choosing to live by the universal principles and understandings will bring an end to war, disease, pollution and the destruction of the environment. It is the only path that will insure the continuation of this civilization. The Earth will always survive. She will reset and cleanse herself. Earth humanity has the option of starting over as primitives loosing all technology as it has in the past or continuing forward in evolution eventually joining the greater family of man. We are the inspiration behind the forward evolution. We cannot choose for humanity, we can only inspire, guide and in some cases protect life for all life is precious.

One last question. How does one go about contacting the greater family of man? There are so many skeptics out there demanding proof be delivered to them.

Many of your skeptics often referred to as debunkers already know we exist. Some have not been educated in what is outside the box of the mainstream which is based primarily on recycled ignorance. To prove or force knowledge on them is an act of trespass. It is not in alignment with their free will and choice which is to remain in their present understanding. The greatest fear is the unknown yet when it is known it is not to be feared. In order to have contact one must rise to the occasion. Advance themselves spiritually, open the sacred senses such as telepathy and clairaudience. Learn to transcend the body and the personality. When you do this we will find you. You will be like a beacon in a primitive world that needs your help. One last thing I might add. It is destiny for Earth to heal and cleanse herself. It is also destiny for Earth humanity to join the rest of the universe. During this process the skies will be filled with ships because to do their work in assisting with the preservation of man it will be necessary to show themselves on occasion. It will escalate exponentially. There will come a time when even the hardest hearts and the closed minded skeptics will have to admit the obvious. It is destiny. Remember this it will give you strength in the days to come.

On that note I heard a loud ringing in my ears followed by a deep pulsating hum. The telepathic transmission ceased and my two sisters came running to the front door banging on it with excitement. I opened the door and they said, "Did you see it, the ship hovering over the house"? I said no but now I have to own the fact that this is not my imagination.

Be well

James Gilliland


From: Tish and Alex>
Subject: A New America - Important Announcement
Date: 21 Apr 2005

A Radical New Look at Americans' Values and New Strategies For Change:

A New America: An Awakened Future on Our Horizon has been written for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of the core values and beliefs that underlie our greater unifying set of principles than the mere "opinions" people express. A New America has also been written for anyone who wants to make a positive difference - as well as for those who are in positions of greater influence and leadership to make immediate use of this material.

This book presents key strategies and elements for political, social, economic, and cultural changes that can facilitate the emergence of an enlightened society. It can be used as a guide providing basic and advanced insights as to how individuals and society to can make such crucial positive changes.

A New America offers new research and insights into U.S. society, the most diverse country in the world. This material demonstrates practical pathways in our personal and social psyche directly leading to a better way of living for all human beings. While a major portion of the book focuses on U.S. society, it is really about all of humanity.

The research behind A New America is used to help define key areas of strategic importance to all of American society and to individuals in positions of leadership in all sectors. It examines key values, attitudes, and beliefs concerning forgiveness and tolerance, ethics and leadership, spirituality, compassion and service, expectations for the next decade, technology, media, healthcare, and many other vital contemporary concerns. Based on a landmark study conducted in 2000 under the In Our Own Words 2000 research project, over 1,600 U.S. households were systematically interviewed to yield a statistically representative combination of age and gender selected by each of the twelve U.S. Census divisions.

As an economic, political, cultural and military superpower that has gained much from its dominance, the U.S. has a unique responsibility to the world. We also have an exceptional opportunity to evolve into a true participatory democracy and to re-energize the concept of civil spirituality from which to guide our values, ethics, and actions.

We each have the innate gifts to be a part of birthing a new world free of conflict and domination. In A New America, there are ultimately no good guys or bad guys. Instead, new concepts are put forward - such as "discernment with compassion" - to bridge the illusory gulf between people.

The alternative is to risk "going down with the ship" by remaining in the confines of an "old game" - one that is rapidly falling apart and endangering all of humanity's future. The key is in making the choice to create something new that serves our extraordinary future potential.


These Bulletins will address key elements and strategic implications of this million-dollar research study. Topics will touch upon the radically innovative typologies and the underlying value and belief systems as they influence politics, media, technology, religion, community, culture, future outlook, spirituality, and much more. For more detailed background on the research and to view the IOOW-2000 Research Executive Briefing Book, please go to

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From: "Suzanne Ward">
Subject: Message from Matthew
Date: 27 Apr 2005

April 26, 2005

S: Matthew dear, hello! I was way too optimistic about how soon I could get back here for a long sitting. So, before we start on the list, is there anything you'd like to say?

MATTHEW: Dear soul, hello yourself and yes, thank you for asking. I'd like to start with something that amused you and I find delightful. You recently heard from three people who have been reading my messages but aren't familiar with the books, so only after going to the Web site did they realize that you're really my mother. I'm mentioning this to clarify our relationship for any others who also may be thinking that "Mother" is just my term of endearment for you.

Now then, I shall continue by replying to the first question on your list that I see from your notes several writers have asked in various ways, "What's with Pope Benedict XVI?"

Joseph Ratzinger himself said that his reign as Pope will be short, and so it will insofar as "papal infallibility." I shall return to that. As primary assistant to his predecessor, he knows what the Illuminati within the Vatican did to keep intact the persona of the beloved Pope John Paul while derailing his intent to bring forth the truth of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. So do not expect Pope Benedict to make waves until there is either sufficient light within the Illuminati members or they have been removed from their influential positions. But also, please do not hold Ratzinger's personal or religious history against him—the former was beyond his control as a youth in Nazi Germany and the latter also was life-preserving. He believes in an afterlife, but he isn't aware of the light power Nirvana residents impart to Earth, so he feels that only by living on the planet can he effect change.

He shares the vision of John Paul, which was to bring to light the lies through which their church has for many centuries controlled the lives of believers, and he has long looked forward to the time when true spirituality will replace all religious dogma. As a member of the international transition team that will be effecting the changes necessary for your world to emerge into the era of peace and harmony, he is protected within the Christed light and always physical light beings are nearby.

The truth about "papal infallibility" will emerge and be recognized as the ruthless manmade control that it always has been. Along with all the other outright lies and distortions currently being taught, it will be relegated to its rightfully shameful place in new history books.

S: Is Benedict a clone or will he be cloned like John Paul was?

MATTHEW: No, he's not a clone, and it's unlikely that this would be tried or even desired by those responsible for the cloning of John Paul. The purpose of clones is to take over in case of death by any means so that the person's powerful influence won't be interrupted. The new Pope hasn't the charisma and the love of the masses as did his predecessor, and if he died tomorrow, the Illuminati within the Vatican very likely would be gleeful that this most logical successor to John Paul was quickly out of their way and they could get one of themselves into the papacy. They had insufficient support to manage this at the election where the prevailing choice was Ratzinger because of his closeness to John Paul.

S: I see. Next, is: Zaccarias Moussaoui has confessed to conspiring with other Al Qaeda members in the 9/11 terrorist attack—why!?

MATTHEW: This is another attempt by the real perpetrators to show they're "pursuing justice," but more so, it's another desperate effort to keep their cover-up from blowing up. Moussaoui has been helpful in the CIA black ops‚ small terrorist incidents, but not so helpful that he wasn't more useful as a mind-control programmed 9/11 conspirator. Although due to an implanted chip during recent medical treatment, he does believe he played that role, still his "confession" was not given without extreme coercion.

Mother, you have read that Al Qaeda is a CIA creation, but more accurately, it is a "ghost" that the CIA arm of the Illuminati has conjured up as the "global terrorists" who must be hunted relentlessly, and any country accused of hiding or funding them is an invasion target. These are the countries with oil, and while control of all oil is an Illuminati aim, the ultimate goal is total world domination through invasion and occupation or simply capitulation by the weaker nations. They never will get anywhere near their objective!

S: Thank heaven we know that! Someone asked if the theory is true that we've already reached "peak oil" year.

MATTHEW: Not in the quantity available, but in the larger sense, yes, you have or very shortly will. Reliance on oil as a major energy source will start diminishing with the emphatic introduction of long-suppressed technology for renewable energy and adaptation measures in transportation areas. Evidence of this will be seen relatively soon along with changes in leadership and national economic systems.

Mother, I know you're a bit uneasy because people new to my messages are asking about topics I've previously covered. I'd like to briefly reply to these because they are very important issues for many.

S: That's fine, dear. Do you want me to type all the questions in one lump?

MATTHEW: It won't be necessary to type any as my comments, however short, will cover the essence of the various questions and be clear without mentioning them.

By Creator's decree and God's authorization for our space family's intervention, there will be NO nuclear war.

There is no "end times" or "Armageddon" on the horizon—this is only a concept, a dark idea devised a couple of millennia past. Like any other concept, this can be manifested only if sufficient energy is invested in it, and I assure you, there is not!

If you are responding to an inner calling to relocate, then do so. But if you are reacting to "prophecies" that your planet will undergo massive sea and land changes, do not bother heading for safety on the highest mountain. Your soul contract is the determining factor regarding both physical safety and the time of your return to spirit life, and one or the other will happen wherever you are.

There will be no new pandemics or even epidemics caused by laboratory-designed diseases—our space family's technology neutralizes these viruses as soon as they are released via chemtrails and other means.

Regardless what regional, national or international laws, alliances, treaties, or constitutions are now in force or may soon be, all that are not beneficial to the people affected will not last long. Changes underway eventually will replace oppressive regimes with wise and spiritually evolved leaders who will strike down all unjust laws and agreements.

Implantable microchips will not become widespread as intended by the dark ones, and in light receptive people who willingly or unknowingly have these implants, the chips automatically will be deprogrammed by the higher vibrations of fourth density.

Be sensible about spending and meet financial and legal obligations to avoid difficulties during the time prior to implementation of a new monetary system and a fair basis for taxation, debt payment and allocation of global resources. I don't know when this will occur—this area is the last stronghold of the dark forces on the planet and they are not giving it up without a tough fight.

Mother, I believe that is all of the repeated topics, so I'll just add another note here and then we'll move on with your list. Daily you hear and see evidence of brutality, unjustness, subversion and fear-filled information such as I have just addressed, yet all beings of light who are sending messages through our respected channels have been imploring: "Do NOT judge any, but rather send love-light to all!" This is much, much more than a spiritual idea! It is to the benefit of those whose decisions are not in your OR their best interests; it is to your benefit because you are responsible for all of your thoughts, motives, deeds and their consequences; and it is to the benefit of Earth because the vibrations of your love-light energy lessen the negativity she still must release along her ascension journey. The power of love is boundless! This is what we feel for all of you!

Now, Mother, if you please, type the next question.

S: OK, dear! If there are such things as vortexes and sacred sites, where might those be?

MATTHEW: Indeed there are sites on the planet that are more sacred than others, and it's because that is where the energy vortexes are. Many existed before the records of Earth human civilization, thus long before the names you know for the areas I'll mention: Egypt; Greece; Iran, Israel and other areas in the Mideast; in Asia, prior to the desecration of the once flourishing land that now is the Gobi Desert; Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayas; peaks in Japan, Africa, the west coast of the contiguous United States and Alaska; spots in southwestern United States; Mexico; the Andes in Peru and abutting countries; the submerged continents of Atlantis and Lemuria; the polar regions. I may have overlooked some, but those quickly came to mind.

I want to add that as darkness began taking hold on your planet, the original strength of the vortexes diminished correspondingly, with changes in land and sea masses as well, and it has been only during the past six decades or so that the vortexes are being restored to their original light intensity that is the source of their energy. This is happening because of the massive in-beaming of light from a multitude of civilizations and, more recently, the great increase in the light you are generating yourselves.

S: This is a good place to ask about the South Pole. Someone sent a long article about members of a research team who were afflicted with strange ailments and also witnessed other anomalies in that area. Do you know what's going on?

MATTHEW: Not specifically with that team or their findings, no, but I can tell you that a lot is going on there that some world leaders know about and do not want disclosed. There is an opening to inner Earth, where a highly evolved population has been living for ages in peaceful and beautiful surroundings, and it's also an entryway for extraterrestrial crafts from both "outer space" and posts beneath the waters. It's possible, maybe probable, that what the team members encountered are the protective measures surrounding this portal to keep visitors away until such time that the inhabitants of the inner Earth cities have total assurance of their own safety and the sanctity of their home is honored.

S: Matthew, do you know if there will be intermingling of the populations on and within Earth after all the darkness has left?

MATTHEW: I believe this will be the desire of all light beings on, within and off-planet—all are family, connected at soul level.

S: I should have known this! Someone who has heard "Always keep your eyes to the sky, for there you will see the signs," wants to know if there is anything to this, like lunar eclipses or planets aligning are signs that we are ascending?

MATTHEW: Well, I think that if everyone always kept eyes to the sky, a great many missteps would result! Speaking seriously, though, the movement of celestial bodies has profound impact because of the energetic changes that affect every soul in this universe. The movement of the most powerful bodies is cyclical, and what's happening now that is aiding greatly in Earth's ascension is the strong in-pouring of "goddess" or "feminine" energy from Venus. This energy of love, gentle strength and harmony—rightfully associated with the goddess Venus herself—is bringing balance to Earth's long-dominant masculine energy that equally rightfully is associated with Mars, the god of war, and is marked by harshness, ruthlessness in achieving success, and male domination over female. This kind of celestial interaction is not unique to your solar system, of course, but rather is a microcosm of the macrocosm, or the universe, which is in constant motion to bring balance where there is imbalance.

S: Thank you. Can you please expand your guidelines for recognizing and treating the symptoms of cellular changes to include Kundalini awakening—is this physical as well as spiritual?   

MATTHEW: Focusing on only one of the designations that differ with cultures or philosophies—Kundalini awakening and chakras opening are among these—can limit the understanding that in light receptive people, spiritual and physical changes go hand in hand. The information that many of us have provided about these cellular changes apply across the board, and even though physical as well as emotional symptoms can differ considerably in type, severity and duration, the same spiritual aspects are present. As I have said previously, not all maladies are caused by cells changing from carbon to crystalline structure, and since you can't be certain which is which, if symptoms are severe or prolonged, it is wise to consult a trusted medical practitioner.

S: OK dear. A mental health nurse asked if the mentally ill and people in prison will ascend with light-filled people.

MATTHEW: This will be determined individually just as it is with every other soul on Earth—how closely free will choices throughout the lifetime conform to the soul contract.

You may say that mental illness precludes sound choices and is such a severe burden for the afflicted person that he or she should get carte blanche ascension rights. But again, this comes back to the soul contract. In cases where mental illness was a karmic lesson selected to balance other lifetimes, by choice the "incurably" ill will be released from this experience and can choose a healthy new body for their next incarnation wherever their evolutionary status entitles them. Those who have less serious conditions and have generated light energy through their motives and deeds will ascend if their contracts‚ longevity clauses permit, and if so, their conditions will be healed in the higher frequencies. Conversely, those with minor conditions where conscience is functioning yet they knowingly behave in denial of that guidance, will be drawn to a world in alignment with their lifetime energy registration where remedial learning will be offered.

While it is legally held that people must be punished for unlawful or immoral acts and imprisoned, both the crime and the incarceration may or may not be part of their soul contracts. If their deeds and consequences are in consonance with the experiencing they chose to balance other lifetimes, then the souls will have completed their karmic lessons and evolved spiritually. Depending on the chosen longevity in their contracts, they may transition to Nirvana or they may travel along with Earth into fourth density where they, along with all people falsely convicted and wrongfully imprisoned, will be freed. Prisoners who ignored the guidance of their conscience and seriously veered from their soul contracts will transition to a world where learning opportunities are in accordance with their needs.

S: So there's really no difference about "earning their destiny"?


S: Do you know about the White Brotherhood? If so, do you work with them? 

MATTHEW: The White Brotherhood, so named because white is the combination of every color in the celestial spectrum and represents every civilization in this universe, is a cluster of highly respected beings with whom other souls in high stations, myself included, interact primarily on a communication level. Likening the Brotherhood to your educational system, they are PhDs whose specialty fields are the major aspects of mass consciousness. They are like a gigantic spiritual resource center where any and all souls are welcome to consult on issues of importance to their own or their civilization's evolution. Although always open for telepathic conferences, these beings rarely initiate visits, and in such instances it is as a messenger to alert leaders of a civilization that is veering off course in its pursuit of its selected universal knowledge—remembering All That Is. However, like all the rest of us, they may not and never wish to impose their knowledge or guidance on any other soul. I should mention that the "Brother" part of their name doesn't refer to masculine membership—at their level of evolution they are androgynous, the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies.

S: I see. How does a soul become a member of the Brotherhood?

MATTHEW: Actually, although I did say "membership," it doesn't really apply because there is a perpetual welcome mat for souls to add their discoveries to the "spiritual library." There is no defined number of contributing beings or functions such as governing bodies need for greatest efficiency.

S: Thank you. Can you comment on the book, The Da Vinci Code, regarding its premise that Jesus and Mary Magdalene married and, after Jesus was crucified, Mary Magdalene went to France where she gave birth to their daughter?

MATTHEW: It is true about the marriage and a child, but in the essential area of the crucifixion, that is the erroneous information in the Bible. Jesus the Christ was not even put on a cross—the crucifixion and resurrection, as well as the virgin birth, are elements of the story concocted by the few who then ruled church and state. They had to distort the authentic life of Jesus and his God-given mission because allowing the truth to become widely known would have removed their control over the populace. Mother, there is no space here to include all that God told you about Jesus, so please add a note about the book that includes this. [Matthew is referring to the chapter titled "Jesus" in Illuminations for a New Era.]

Thank you. Please type the next question. I see that you've crossed off most of your list.

S: Yes! The last two questions also are about books. The first is: What is your opinion of A Course in Miracles?

MATTHEW: As a sterling introduction to "the world unseen," it is most noteworthy. However, the authors who were inspired to produce that material "overlayered" it with their religious beliefs, which like most others' beliefs, were influenced by the falsehoods in the holy books on which the religions are based.

S: And the last is about a book that includes an "improvement" on the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you if your positions were reversed." The woman who wrote about this says it makes sense to her in this example—A masochist might like hurting you because he would like to be hurt by you; but if the positions were reversed, he would realize that you would not like to be hurt, therefore he would not "do unto you." She wants to know your thought on this.

MATTHEW: My immediate thought is that when one intentionally hurts another, it's sadistic, not masochistic, but that's a simplistic objection to what is but one example and presumably not the entire basis of the book that I know nothing about beyond the author's assertion that an improvement in the Gold Rule is needed. So I shall give a simple reply: I think the Golden Rule is splendid as it is. Live by it and you'll see!

Mother, dear soul, I've immensely enjoyed our conversation because you are free of the distress that has been plaguing you in recent weeks. I'm going to take advantage of this to speak about something of paramount importance—how sound affects you. Everything in existence is energy fluctuating at one frequency or another—this is true of sound and light and your body, and their interaction is inescapable.

Now then, Mother, I need to cite your personal experience to make my point more easily. At symphony concerts to which you were gifted tickets, the programs included neoclassical works. You merely endured these, not enjoyed them as you do the harmonious music of the earlier eras considered the classical genre, and you wondered why anyone would want to write or play those "awful angry" sounds. Composers are among the most energy sensitive people on the planet, and their inspiration for the music they write comes from their soul. It was at that level that the first neoclassical composers were feeling the torment and the approaching death throes of Mother Earth, and this is what produced their cacophonous works. In a purposeful digression from what had long preceded it, the dissonant music heralded the encompassing darkness that now, a century or so later, is obvious to the world. Although steady exposure to the neoclassics would unbalance your energy system, as long as you are living in duality, these works offer balance to the melodic richness of the masters‚ compositions, which because of their light have endured throughout many centuries, and the passion in both types of music comes from the soul.

There is NO balance or any redeeming quality whatsoever in "heavy metal" compositions any more than there is goodness in a concentration of heavy metals in your body. The strong dark undercurrent in this NOISE is strategically designed to shatter the body's energy and prevent light from reaching the souls of those who are captivated by these raucous sounds. This fact needs to reach those who regard "heavy metal" as entertainment instead of the strong deterrent to spiritual clarity that it actually is.

Be aware of the effect the tone of your voice has not only on those to whom you're speaking, but on you yourself—you are not immune from the inner disturbance of your own harsh sound, which has the same effect as your reaction to another's anger aimed at you. "A soft voice turneth away wrath" is well worth your attention!

And just one more quotation, "Silence is golden." Whenever possible, remove yourself from all sources of sound and revel in restorative silence. Allow your energy to sigh "Aaaaah" in the quiet peacefulness of communing with Nature.

Yes, all that I've said about sound and silence is in aid of inviting more and still more light into your souls—therein you know your godself and the universe!

Suzanne Ward





What is an Ecovillage?


Ecovillages are urban or rural communities of people, who strive to integrate a supportive social environment with a low-impact way of life. To achieve this, they integrate various aspects of ecological design, permaculture, ecological building, green production, alternative energy, community building practices, and much more.


The motivation for ecovillages is the choice and commitment to reverse the gradual disintegration of supportive social/cultural structures and the upsurge of destructive environmental practices on our planet.

For millenia, people have lived in communities close to nature, and with supportive social structures. Many of these communities, or "ecovillages", exist to this day and are struggling for survival.

Ecovillages are now being created intentionally, so people can once more live in communities that are connected to the Earth in a way that ensures the well-being of all life-forms into the indefinite future.

Ecovillages are one solution to the major problems of our time - the planet is experiencing the limits to growth, and our lives are often lacking meaningful content. According to increasing numbers of scientists, we have to learn to live sustainably if we are to survive as a species. The United nations launched its Global Environment Outlook 2000 report, based on reports from UN agencies, 850 individuals and over 30 environmental institutes, concluding that "the present course is unsustainable and postponing action is no longer an option."

Ecovillages, by endeavoring for lifestyles which are "successfully continuable into the indefinite future", are living models of sustainability, and examples of how action can be taken immediately. They represent an effective, accessible way to combat the degradation of our social, ecological and spiritual environments. They show us how we can move toward sustainability in the 21st century (Agenda 21).

In 1998, ecovillages were first officially named among the United Nations' top 100 listing of Best Practices, as excellent models of sustainable living.

Ecovillages typically build on various combinations of three dimensions:




Ecovillage Living

The Earth is in need of visions and solutions, which give hope and show a possible path forward for humanity. How do we solve the global, ecological and social problems all at the same time? What will the solutions look like? How do we dream of living with each other and the natural world? Is it possible to create a lifestyle, which is basically peaceful, just and sustainable for all? Are ecovillages and sustainable neighborhoods the way forward?

Many people have asked themselves these questions all over the planet during the last 20-40 years. Many have been trying to do something about it. They have been building intentional communities and ecovillages. Some of the answers are in this book. We have collected the best of knowledge from all over the world of how to create a sustainable, integral society everywhere, described by the people who have actually done it. It is a colorful, happy optimistic book with 400 color photos from all over the world.

The book is organized around the 15 dimensions of sustainability: 5 ecological, 5 social and 5 spiritual/ cultural dimensions. When you see them all together you get an idea of how a peaceful, sustainable Earth might look. In this way the book is equally useful for new ecovillage projects as for inspiration for local neighborhoods and Agenda 21 projects all over the world.

Included are 16 full page color collages from individual ecovillages, including: Findhorn (UK), Damanhur, Torri Superiore (Italy) Lebensgarten, Sieben Linden (Germany), Tamera (Portugal) , Sarvodaya (Sri Lanka) Auroville (India), Tlholego (South Africa), Eco Yoff/ Colufifa (Senegal), ), Manitou , The Farm, and Ithaca (USA), Huehuecoyotl (Mexico), Crystal Waters (Australia); Svanholm , Munksøgård, Hertha, The Folkecenter fro Renewable Energy in Thy, Dyssekilde, Sættedammen Cohousing and Snabegaard from Denmark. These will give you a taste of the variety and beauty of the different projects.

The Social Dimension

Danish research has shown that it is the social dimension, which has been the most important in improving peoples’ lives. People want community and better possibilities for their children. They want to cooperate and celebrate life together. They want to integrate the old and handicapped so that all are full members of society. They want to take full responsibility for their lives and decide how to build, organize themselves and make decisions.

The Ecological Dimension

For many people, ecological houses (especially straw bale houses, the new symbol of sustainability after windmills), renewable energy and fresh local foods are what draw them to ecovillage living. They will also find good advice in this book. Permaculture has evolved as a method of integrated design. Plants and animals are here part of local community and treated with due respect.

The Spiritual/ Cultural Dimension

It you want to live a simple, mindful life with the goal of spiritual development, ecovillage living is an option. A healthy ecological and social life is a necessary basis for a spiritual lifestyle. The book gives several examples of the importance of living a new world view and of a spiritual lifestyle. Creativity and art is inherent in this.

Global Justice and Cooperation

Ecovillage living is a lifestyle, which allows for global justice and true cooperation all over the world. This book illustrates how the same basic idea works in Sri Lanka (where they now have a cease-fire after 40 years of fighting very much thanks to Sarvodaya, a network of 12.000 villages) and in Senegal (whose government sees ecovillages as a new development model) as well as many other places in the Global South. As a model and alternative to commercial globalization, we believe that ecovillage living may unite nations and NGO’s in a new and common concept of development all over the planet. It is time that global politics begins to support this lifestyle with real action.

Taking the idea to the mainstream

To build these communities and to learn to live in them is not easy. You are up against the whole megastructure of society, but as this book shows: it is possible and people are doing it against all odds. And having fun doing it. The concept is beginning to reach the mainstream. You start with an appropriate piece of land and reserve parts of it for wildlife and recreation. Clusters of homes 20-30 placed next to each other with common areas, being defined by the future inhabitants; community supported agriculture providing local fresh food; creation of community centers and local workplaces - we describe several examples (Munksøgård and Hertha in Denmark and Ithaca in New York State are good examples).

The book is a happy, optimistic, colorful book about free people who are taking responsibility for their own lives, for their surroundings and for creating global community - the basis of a new global culture.

The book is 185 pages A-4 size with 3-400 design and full color illustrations all through the book.

Editors: Karen Svensson and Hildur Jackson. Compilation of writers from ecovillages all over the world.

Published: 2002 by Green Books, London in association with Gaia Trust, DK.



Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities

Foreword by Patch Adams
by Diana Leafe Christian
New Society Publishers - June, 2003
Paperback, 272 pages.

Creating a Life Together is an overview of the process of forming new ecovillages and intentional communities, gleaned from founders of dozens of successful communities in North America formed since the early ’90s. It distills their hard experience into solid advice on getting started as a group, creating vision documents, decision-making and governance, agreements and policies, buying and financing land, creating sustainable site plans, communication and process, and selecting people to join you. It includes sample vision documents and sample community agreements. It’s what works, what doesn’t work, and how not to reinvent the wheel.

This information is not only for people forming new ecovillages and communities
- whether or not they already own their land. Creating a Life Together can also be valuable for people thinking about joining community one day
- since they, too, will need to know what works. And it’s also for people already living in ecovillages and communities, since they can only benefit from knowing what others have done in similar circumstances.

Chapter Titles:

The Successful Ten Percent
- and Why Ninety Percent Fail.
Your Role as Founder.
Getting Off to a Good Start.
Community Vision: What It Is, Why You Need It.
Creating Vision Documents.Power, Decision Making, and Community Governance.
Agreements & Policies: “Good Documents Make Good Friends.
” Making It Real: Establishing Your Legal Entity.
The Great Land-Buying Adventure. Finding the Right Property.
Neighbors and Zoning. Financing Your Property (Loans You Can Live With).
Developing Sustainable Human Settlements.
Internal Community Finances (Can We Afford to Live There?)
Legal Entities for Owning Land.
If You’re Using a Tax-Exempt Nonprofit.
Communication, Process, and Dealing with Conflict:
The Heart of Healthy Community.
Selecting People to Join You.

Endorsements from activists in sunstainability, permaculture, intentional communities cohousing, and ecovillages:

“Before aspiring community builders hold their first meeting, confront their first realtor, or drive their first nail, they must buy this essential book: it will improve their chances for success immensely, and will certainly save them money, time, and heartbreak. In her friendly but firm (and occasionally funny) way, Diana Christian proffers an astonishing wealth of practical information and sensible, field-tested advice.”

- Ernest Callenbach, author, Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging

“Wow! The newest, most comprehensive bible for builders of intentional communities. Covers every aspect with vital information and dozens of examples of how successful communities faced the challenges and created their shared lives out of their visions. The cautionary tales of sadder experiences and how communities fail, will help in avoiding the pitfalls. Not since I wrote the Foreword to Ingrid Komar’s Living the Dream (1983), which documented the Twin Oaks community, have I seen a more useful and inspiring book on intentional community.”

- Hazel Henderson, author Creating Alternative Futures and Politics of the Solar Age

“Creating a new culture of living peacefully with each other and the planet is our number one need
- and this is the right book at the right time. Creating a Life Together will help community founders avoid fatal mistakes. I can’t wait to tell people about it.”

- Hildur Jackson, cofounder, Global Ecovillage Network (GEN);
co-editor, Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People.

“Every potential ecovillager should read it. This book will be an essential guide and manual for the many Permaculture graduates who live in communities or design for them.”

- Bill Mollison, cofounder of the Permaculture movement, and author, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual

“A really valuable resource for anyone thinking about intentional
community. I wish I had it years ago.”

- Starhawk, author of Webs of Power, The Spiral Dance, and TheFifth Sacred Thing
- and long-time community member.

“While anyone can build a village, a subdivision, or a housing development, the challenge is filling it with people who can get along, who can reach agreements, and who can achieve far more together than they ever could alone. If your aspiring ecovillage or intentional community gets even this far— and this awesome book will show you how — then maybe you have a realistic chance of living sustainably, and by example, of changing the world. My appreciation grows daily for this thorough, practical, and engaging guide.”

- Albert Bates, Director, Ecovillage Training Center, and International Secretary, Ecovillage Network of the Americas.

“Developing a successful community requires a special blend of vision and practicality woven together with wisdom. Consider this book a marvelous mirror. If the abundant, experience-based, practicality in this book delights you then you probably have the wisdom to realize your vision.”

- Robert Gilman, founding editor of In Context, A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture, and author, Ecovillages And Sustainable Communities.

“Creating a Life Together is a comprehensive, engaging, practical, well-organized, and thoroughly digestible labor of love. Hopefully scores of wannabe community founders and seekers will discover it before they launch their quest for community, and avoid the senseless and sometimes painful lessons that come from trying to reinvent the wheel. This book is a gift to humanity
- helping to move forward the elusive quest for community, fueling a quantum leap towards a fulfilling, just, and sustainable future.”

- Geoph Kozeny, producer/editor of video documentary, Visions of Utopia: Experiments in Sustainable Culture.

“So many well intended communities fail because they don’t even know the questions to ask, let alone where to find answers. Creating a Life Together offers a wealth of detailed information to help communities find what is right for their specific situation, and greatly increase their odds of their success.”

- Kathryn McCamant, cohousing architect, and coauthor of Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves



Eurotopia-directory: Intentional Communities and Ecovillages in Europe

New English language edition 2005

Eurotopia is an inspiring book for those who always wanted to gain an impression of the variety of communal lifestyles out there in Europe today. It is especially designed for those seeking a community in which to live or who are already living in one. It is a collection of hundreds of real and existing examples of co-operative living projects which inspires people to think about alternative ways of life and which gives readers the hope that they too might realise these ideas in their own lives.

Eurotopia tells the story of the many people all across Europe who are joining together to achieve their own unique vision as an alternative to the growing social, ecological and economic global crisis. By self-confidently living their dream of a communal life, these people are developing solutions to the practicalities of living together. In the process, they are also responding to modern existential questions.

This is a book which on the one hand raises many (self-)critical questions (How do I deal with money, conflicts, disabled people ...?) and which on the other hand provides answers to a lot of practical ones: How do I found an intentional community? How should I visit (or not visit) a community? How can I get to know or join a community? Where am I welcome as a working guest? How do German, Italian and other communities network together?

Eurotopia is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book on intentional communities and ecovillages in Europe. The new edition contains the addresses of more than 300 locations in 23 countries, with each intentional community or ecovillage presenting itself: including its characteristics, its aims and its particularities. Thus readers gain a lively impression of a way of life which is attracting more and more people every day.

The new edition includes
- 10 articles on communal living
- a listing of more than 300 intentional communities and ecovillages in 23 European countries, including detailed information and descriptions written by the communities themselves
- easy-to-use maps showing the location of each intentional community
- descriptions of 18 community- and ecovillage-related networks, including the addresses of their members
- a chapter with useful addresses on the topic of "community"
- a recommended reading list

The descriptions were collected during the winter months of 2003/2004 and 2004/2005, they have been written by the intentional communities themselves and have been published without changes (except for occasional shortening). The entire book has been compiled and published by the residents of one ecovillage.

More details at


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Introduction to Consensus
Clear information about the what and how of consensus decision-making process, including a 28-page "Guide for Facilitators". "Introduction to Consensus by Beatrice Briggs is the best guide to the consensus process and to facilitating consensus groups that I have seen yet. Both the wording and the format are simple, clear and straightforward - making the concepts and practice of consensus easy to understand and remember. I recommend it highly."


Forwarded by "Adi Gaia">


Atmos: There are far more ET's on Earth than you possibly imagine


Dear Ones,

I come again as a representative of the Galactic Federation. Some wonder how it is that we seem to be aware of so much that is happening upon Earth. Let me explain that we can easily pick up your communication signals, that go out into space in an ever widening circle. We can therefore tune in to your emissions according to what we are interested in, including your television signals. As one who is part of a contingent who will closely work with Earth, it is both useful and necessary to know what is dominating your news. Sadly, we realise that there are controls in place that prevent you from free access to the truth, and in some cases it is completely censored. Now, you will be told that it is in the interests of security and there is an element of truth in this, but the same reasons are put forward as a means of preventing you from knowing too much.

If we wish to know things first hand, we can also locate any person wherever they are and often relay to our craft their live meetings and talks. We also need to know who our friends are, and we are sometimes allowed to further their cause without actually interfering with their freewill. Of course we have our own members in many countries, who have entered your life stream in a perfectly normal way. They do not always know of their connection with us, but will serve us by carrying out their ordained tasks. What they will have is buried memories of their lives in the higher dimensions, and will find it easy to assimilate information about us. They will have an interest in ET's and UFO sightings because they already know the truth of their existence.

There are far more ET's on Earth than you possibly imagine, numbering thousands rather than hundreds. I do not include the various types of ET's that are based on Earth who have not taken a human incarnation. These ones who are typically the Greys, are here by invitation of your Government allowing them undisturbed access to underground facilities where they carry out their experiments. They are often seen above ground and linked with the animal mutilations, and these are often monitored by your government whose purpose is not one of preventing them. There are bases in the Earth, and on the bed of your oceans that have been in existence for thousands of years. These ET's also have permission to be there, and this is given by the Galactic Federation who dictates the terms of their presence. It is usually one of non-interference with human Beings, unless it is appropriate or necessary to do so.

In your historical records you have many incidents of ET contact. You will now see that to be so, if you can allow for ancient contacts to have been interpreted as visitation by Gods. In some instances, such contacts were commemorated by drawings and the language of the day, and these still exist in some areas. There are also many statuettes, but they are more difficult to identify as they are representations of how they envisaged their Gods. Traditions and stories held by ancient tribes give a clue, and your Dogon Tribe are a good example of how they are handed down over centuries of time, and still hold the truth. With an open mind, it is not difficult to accept that the Sirians had contact with these people and gave them information that could not have come to them in any other way.

In your present time, we have used various means to make our presence known. Initially our contacts were carefully chosen and mainly met by pre-arrangement, and your George Adamski is one such example. Now our presence is bolder and we show ourselves openly to numbers of people at the time. We are very careful not to scare you with our actions, but after millions of sightings the fear element is very small. We are disturbed by the actions of the Greys, although they are identifiable by their physical appearance and their deeds are not normally attributed to other ET's. We can never totally remove the concept you have of us that has been perpetuated by your science fiction writers. We are inevitably shown as part of evil forces that wish to conquer your world, and the uglier and more fearsome you can make us look the better they seem to like it.

Many of us in the Galactic Federation are very much like you in appearance, and some could easily walk amongst you without you being aware that they were different. The Venusians for example are very much human in appearance, and often when seen you have remarked on this and the perfection of their features. What is however found with these highly developed Beings, is their countenance and peaceful emanations which you can feel. This is something that has been noted with many other ET's who have the ability to project such energies to you. As human Beings you are capable of sensing such energies, and where they are positive and reassuring you know that you can accept them. Negative energies make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Very soon, we know that we shall be able to show ourselves directly to you. We are aware of the current situation on Earth, and our forces are well rehearsed in the procedure of First Contact. Our fleet communications are instantaneous, and we are updated minute to minute and ready to carry out our part in the first actions. You will only see a fraction of our craft and personnel in the initial stages, as we do not wish to overawe you. In time however, we will be a common sight in your skies, as we carry out our tasks mainly concerned with the restoration and cleansing of Earth.

Our understanding is that the Earth forces have nearly completed the first moves, to create a situation and opportunity to remove your leaders of the dark cabal. We are therefore virtually on our way to make that first historic open contact. We are totally in control of events on Earth, and you shall learn of the victory of the forces of Light very shortly. You are told so often that we are All One, and it is so and shall always be so. See us when we arrive as like you, seeking the Truth of our being and doing so in the knowledge that we may look different, but are in essence exactly the same.

Dear Ones I greatly look forward to arriving on Earth, as I see souls that are to be honored for their achievements and determination to bring Light and Truth to Earth. You have been admirable in seeing this cycle through to its conclusion, and the best is yet to come. God bless you all.

Thank you Atmos.


Through Mike Quinsey


Date: 26 Apr 2005
From: "Isis">
Subject: All is going to plan. A mighty plan that will carry you through to the Ascension

"You can ignore whatever is happening around you that you can see is calculated to bring about fear. Do not give your energy to it, if you believe that you cannot be touched by it, then it shall have no effect on you whatsoever."

"Set your sights on what it is you are planning, and as you are often advised, be in the world and not of it. Allow the energies of the dark to pass you by, as they will only impinge upon you if you attract them to yourself. Keep firmly in your private space of harmony that you have created around you, and deflect any attempt to pull you down."


St. Germain: All is going to plan. 

A mighty plan that will carry you through to the Ascension


If you follow the political scene across the world, you cannot have helped but notice how the situation has become very volatile. The energies for change are affecting countries in many different ways, and the political arena is one where it can manifest quite quickly. You only have to look back at the collapse of Communism in many countries, to see how the strongest bastions of belief can be brought down. It was the power of the people who came together with such focussed thoughts, that brought about the massive changes that happened. In most countries there is unrest, and in the Western World and the Middle East it is clearly rooted in the effect of the war in Iraq. Leaders are being held to account for their roles in supporting an unjustified war against people that presented no threat.

The Iraq war has become the focal point from which the future hangs, and indications are that it will be expanded into other areas of the Middle East. People are aghast at the idea. After centuries of war they have reached the conclusion that it achieves very little for anyone, except those in power with their eyes on other countries resources. The Imperialist days of land grabs and the imprisonment of people in their own country are no longer acceptable. It is seen that there are other ways to live on this planet, both allowing for the individuality to be expressed, and without interference with others. Peace is seen not just as a possibility, but essential at a time when the threat of world-wide destruction is possible.

The expansion in the use of powerful weapons by taking them into space has gone ahead, with the potential danger that no one is safe wherever they are in the world. If ever there was the potential for Armageddon, it will soon arrive if these developments go unchecked. Not a pretty scene, or one that you have contributed to apart from your hard earned money which is being used to fund such plans. The Government that was put into power to reflect your wishes does no such thing, and carries on with its own agenda regardless of public opinion. You know by now, that situations are contrived by them to give the opportunity for the development of their plans. It would seem that the express train of disaster is heading for the buffers at full speed, and the driver seems oblivious or not to care about the result, or it’s effect upon the passengers.

Dear Ones, I mention the facts of the activities of the dark, simply to indicate where you are at present. I do so without any purpose of generating further fear, and on the contrary wish you to know that you hold the greatest weapon of all that can halt the dark in their tracks. It is Love, and indeed you have already understood its power to transmute the dark. For quite some years now, you have applied yourselves to anchoring love all over the Earth. Great centers of Light have arisen as a result, and these continue to grow as even more Light is attracted to them. They have become a formidable grid of Light that is forever expanding into the areas of dark. The dark will yield to the Light, and so the planet is quickly changing, and the vibration is being lifted to new levels. The dark have no answer to the Light except to instil fear by whatever methods they can, and up to now they have been very clever if not devious in their ways to achieve it.

You can ignore whatever is happening around you that you can see is calculated to bring about fear. Do not give your energy to it, if you believe that you cannot be touched by it, then it shall have no effect on you whatsoever. This is what I ask of you, and you can do it and thereby contribute to forces of good that will confront the dark with their Love and Light. Sounds impossible you say, using Love against such dark forces, I can tell you that but for your efforts you would have succumbed to the dark a long time ago. However, I let you into a little secret that you also have the full backing and Love of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and that is a force to be reckoned with at any time.

You have never been alone on your travels through physicality. You may not have always acknowledged your group of helpers, but they have always been there for you. Be aware of their presence, talk to them and tell them what it is you desire from them. You can expect miracles where it is appropriate, but leave the way of manifestation up to them. Sometimes things take place in the most unexpected way. If you do not get exactly what you want, please acknowledge the wisdom of those who know you better than yourself, and also know your Karmic commitments in this lifetime. Certainly make your own pathway to achieve your ambitions, but also be ready to seize opportunities that come your way. Your life will not be lead for you, but you will certainly get help if you so request it.

Set your sights on what it is you are planning, and as you are often advised, be in the world and not of it. Allow the energies of the dark to pass you by, as they will only impinge upon you if you attract them to yourself. Keep firmly in your private space of harmony that you have created around you, and deflect any attempt to pull you down. To achieve this you must have control over your emotions, and even the most tested and positive people can be caught unawares. Anger is very prevalent on Earth at this time; avoid it as it poisons your body, let alone your mind. You live in hard times to be sure, but the outcome is assured and you need not worry about delays and other distractions that abound at present.

Concern yourself not with the details, but know that everything you have been promised will become yours. You have willed the gifts of the Creator into being, and they will be yours by Divine Decree. The plan for your upliftment has never been more certain, and you can already consider the past behind you. A new vista has opened and you are seeing the first glimpses of the great future that is yours. Look to that future, and let go of the tangled web that still clings to you, that is the old you.

I am St. Germain and tell you all is going to plan. It is a mighty plan that will carry you through to the Ascension that you richly deserve. All heaven rejoices that you have come so far, and you will leave the old Earth behind, and take your place in the Golden Age of beauty, peace and great wonder. As always you are carried forward with immense Love and admiration, and believe me, you are great Beings.

Thank you St. Germain


Through Mike Quinsey



From: "Kathleen Roberts">
Subject: Boriska, the Russian Boy from Mars
Date: 25 Apr 2005

Boriska - The Russian Boy From Mars - 4-17-5

Sometimes children are born with quite fascinating talents, unusual abilities.
I was told the story of an unusual boy named Boriska from members of an expedition to the anomaly zone located in the north of the Volgograd region, most commonly referred to as "Medvedetskaya gryada".

"Can you imagine, while everyone was sitting around the campfire at night, some little boy (about 7 years of age) suddenly asked everyone's attention. Turned out, he wanted to tell them all about life on Mars, about its inhabitants and their flights to earth," shares one of the witnesses. Silence followed. It was incredible! The little boy with gigantic lively eyes was about to tell a magnificent story about the Martian civilization, about megalithic cities, their spaceships and flights to various planets, about a wonderful country Lemuria, life of which he knew in details since he happened to descend there from Mars, had friends there.

Logs were cracking, night's fog enveloped the area and the immense dark sky with myriads of brightly lit stars seemed to conceal some sort of a mystery. His story lasted for about an hour and a half. One guy was smart enough to tape the entire narration.

Many were stunned by the two distinctive factors. First of all, the boy possessed exceptionally profound knowledge. His intellect was obviously far from that of a typical 7-year-old. Not every professor is capable of narrating the entire history of Lemuria and Lemurians and its inhabitants in such details. You will be unable to find any mentioning of this country in school textbooks. Modern science has not yet proved existence of other civilizations.

Second of all, we were all amazed by the actual speech of this young boy. It was far from the kind kids his age usually use. His knowledge of specific terminology, details and facts from Mars' and Earth's past fascinated everyone.

"Why did he start the conversation in the first place," said my interlocutor. "Perhaps, he was simply touched by the overall atmosphere of our camp with many knowledgeable and open-minded people," continued he.

"Could he make this all up?"

"Doubtful", objected my friend". "To me this looks more like the boy was sharing his personal memories from past births. It is virtually impossible to make up such stories; one really had to know them."

Today, after meeting with Boris' parents and getting to know the boy better, I begin to carefully sort out all the information obtained around that campfire. He was born in Volzhskii town in a suburban hospital, even though officially, based on the paperwork, his birthplace is the town of Zhirnovsk of Volgograd region. His birthday is January 11th, 1996. (Perhaps it will be helpful for astrologers).

His parents seem to be wonderful people. Nadezhda, Boriska's mother, is a dermatologist in a public clinic. She graduated from Volgograd medical institute not so long ago in 1991. The boy's father is a retired officer. Both of them would be happy if someone could shed the light onto the mystery behind their child. In the meantime, they simply observe him and watch him grow.

"After Boriska was born, I noticed he was able to hold his head in 15 days, recalls Nadezhda. His first word "baba" he uttered when he was 4 months old and very soon afterward started talking. At age 7 months, he constructed his first sentence, 'I want a nail.' He said this particular phrase after noticing a nail stuck in the wall. Most notably, his intellectual abilities surpassed his physical ones."

How did those abilities manifest themselves?

"When Boris was just one year old, I started giving him letters (based on the Nikitin's system) and guess what, at 1,5 he was able to read large newspaper print. It didn't take long for him to get acquainted with colors and their shades. He began to paint at 2.

"Then, soon after he turned 2, we took him to the childrens' day care center. Teachers were all stunned by his talents and his unusual way of thinking. The boy possesses exceptional memory and an unbelievable ability to grasp new information. However, his parents soon noticed that their child had been acquiring information in his own unique way, from someplace else."

"No one has ever taught him that," recalls Nadya. "But sometimes, he would sit in a lotus position and start all these talks. He would talk about Mars, about planetary systems, distant civilizations. We couldn't believe our own ears. How can a kid know all this? Cosmos, neverending stories of other worlds and the immense skies, are like daily mantras for him since he was 2."

"It was then that Boriska told us about his previous life on Mars, about the fact that the planet was, in fact, inhabited, but as a result of the most powerful and destructive catastrophe had lost its atmosphere and that nowadays all its inhabitants have to live in underground cities. Back then, he used to fly to earth quite often for trade and other research purposes. It seems that Boriska piloted his spaceship himself. This was during the times of the Lemurian civilizations. He had a Lemurian friend who had been killed right before his own eyes."

"A major catastrophe took place on earth. A gigantic continent was consumed by stormy waters. Then suddenly, a massive rock fell on a construction by his friend who was there, tells Boriska.

"I could not save him. We are destined to meet sometime in this life."

The boy envisions the entire picture of the fall of Lemuria as though it happened yesterday. He grieves over the death of his best friend as though it was his fault.

One day, he noticed a book in his mother's bag entitled "Where do we come from?" by Ernst Muldashev. One should have seen the kind of happiness and fascination this discovery triggered in the little boy. He's been flipping through pages for hours, looking at sketches of Lemurians, photos of Tibet. He then started talking about high intellect of the Lemurians.

"But Lemuria ceased to exist minimum 800,000 years ago," I uttered in response to his statements. "Lemurians were 9 meters tall! Is that so? How can you remember all this?"

"I do remember," replied the boy.

Later, he began recalling another book by Muldashev entitled "In Search of the City of Gods." The book is mainly devoted to ancient tombs and pyramids. Boriska firmly stated that people will find knowledge under one of the pyramids (not the pyramid of Cheops). It hasn't been discovered yet. "Life will change once the Sphinx will be opened," said he and added that the great Sphinx has an opening mechanism somewhere behind his ear (but he does not remember where exactly). The boy also talks with great passion and enthusiasm about the Mayan civilization. According to him, we know very little about this great civilization and its people.

Most interestingly, Boriska thinks that nowadays the time has finally come for the "special ones" to be born on earth. "The planet's rebirth is approaching. New knowledge will be in great demand, a different mentality of earthlings."

"How do you know about these gifted kids and why this is happening? Are you aware that they are called 'indigo' kids?"

"I know that they are being born. However, I haven't met anyone in my town yet. Perhaps may be this one girl named Yulia Petrova. She is the only one who believes me. Others simply laugh at my stories. Something is going to happen on earth; that is why these kids are of importance. They will be able to help people. The Poles will shift. The first major catastrophe with one of the continents will happen in 2009. Next one will take place in 2013; it will be even more devastating."

"Aren't you scared that your life may also going to end as a result of that catastrophe?"

"No. I'm not afraid. I have lived through one catastrophe on Mars already. There still live people like us out there. But after the nuclear war, everything has burnt down. Some of those people managed to survive. They built shelters, new weaponry. There was also a shift of continents there, although the continent was not as large. Martians breathe gas. In case they arrived to our planet, they would have been all standing next to pipes and breathing in fumes."

"Do you prefer breathing oxygen?"

"Once you are in this body, you have to breathe oxygen. However, Martians dislike this air, earth's air, because it causes aging. Martians are all relatively young, about 30-35 years old. The amount of such Martian children will increase annually."

"Boris, why do our space probes often disappear or fail before they reach Mars?"

"Mars transmits special signals aimed at destroying them. Those mission contain harmful radiation."

(Plutonium-powered probes?)

"I was amazed by his knowledge of this sort of radiation. This is absolutely true. Back in 1988, resident of Volzhsky, Yuri Lushnichenko, a man with extrasensory powers attempted to warn Soviet leaders about the inevitable crash of the first Soviet Mars missions "Fobos 1" and "Fobos 2". He also mentioned this sort of an 'unfamiliar' and harmful radiation for the planet. Obviously, no one believed him then."

"What do you know about multiple dimensions? Do you know that one must fly not on straight trajectories, but maneuvering through the multi-dimensional space?"

Boriska immediately rose to his feet and started to pour all the facts about UFOs. "We took off and landed on Earth almost momentarily!" The boy takes a chalk and begins drawing an oval object on a blackboard. "It consists of six layers," he says. 25%--outer layer, made of durable metal, 30%--second layer made of something similar to rubber, the third layer comprises 30%--once again metal. The final 4% is composed of a special magnetic layer. If we charge this magnetic layer with energy, those machines will be able to fly anywhere in the Universe."

Does Boriska have a special mission to fulfill? Is he aware of it? - I pose these questions to his parents and the boy himself.

"He says he can guess,- says his mother. He says he knows something about the future of Earth. He says information will play the most significant role in the future."

"Boris, how do you know all this?"

"It is inside of me."

"Boris, tell us why do people get sick?"

"Sickness comes from people's inability to live properly and be happy. You must wait for your cosmic half. One should never get involve and mess up other peoples' destinies. People should not suffer because of their past mistakes, but get in touch with what's been predestined for them and try to reach those heights and move on to conquer their dreams." (These are the exact words he was using).

"You have to be more sympathetic and warmhearted. In case someone strikes you, hug your enemy, apologize yourself and kneel before him. In case someone hates you, love him with all your love and devotion and ask for forgiveness. These are the rules of love and humbleness. Do you know why the Lemurians died? I am also partially to blame. They did not wish to develop spiritually any more. They went astray from the predestined path thus destructing the overall wholeness of the planet. The Magic's Path leads to dead end. Love is the True Magic!

"How do you know all this???"

"I know. Kailis."

"What did you say?"

"I said 'hello!' This is the language of my planet."

Read the original in Russian:


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