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February 19, 2005

The Light Series #73: It's a New Day, It's a New Life!

Hello everyone

I think many of you with enjoy this compilation.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"What Freedom means to me - freedom from hardship, pain and sickness; to live a good life; of choices and voices; from the hold and control of world government; from the lies and deceit perpetrated by organized religion; from the corrupt financial systems; from the destruction of our plant; from the forces of darkness. Freedom IS, the great shift to the 4th dimension; first contact by our ET brothers and sisters; spiritual awakening of all mankind."

- Teresa George> -- Found on the ERN guestbook at

"Can Exopolitics help create a hopeful outcome for humanity? Exopolitics provides a representation or a model that helps create true hope for the future by addressing the truth that we are not alone in the Universe and that we can choose to evolve, change and move towards reconnecting with our extended universe family. Exopolitics extends this notion towards the heavens and towards our extended cosmic-human family. It can help support a true trend of hope for our dying planet by creating a new internal representation of reality and an understanding of how our planet fits in a complex and spiritual Universe. This trend towards social, governmental, personal and spiritual transformation will alter human behaviour and in time, create a more spiritual and caring world: a legacy of hope for our children and all future human generations."

Alfred Lambremont Webre> -- From EXOPOLITICS: POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE (EcceNova Editions 2005) available online at - More details and pictures of the author at - and interestingly Alfred is also a subscriber to this ERN list.

"Alfred Lambremont Webre suggests that our own galaxy, and indeed our universe, is filled with intelligent life that is self-organizing by its very nature. He interprets a growing public acceptance of intelligent and organized extraterrestrial life as an indication that our own civilization may be on the verge of entry into the community of extraterrestrial worlds. This naturally raises political questions, and Webre's response is that humanity should abandon fear of off-world life, and look upward as a unified species that no longer spends so much of its energy on internecine warfare. It is a vision of a brighter future for all human kind, one which will undoubtedly resonate profoundly with many."

- Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director, The Farsight Institute, Author of Cosmic Voyage and Cosmic Explorers
Lots of other such enlightening quotes about Alfred's upcoming book at

Worthy of Your Attention

We Are The Earth
(29:42 minutes Video) Air, Water & Soil - Keynote address by David Suzuki


1. 2/10/05 - Earth News Hour - Guest: Jean Hudon
2. To Love or not to Love - The Children of Life - It's in our Hands
3. Consuelo Luz is a true daughter of Mother Earth
4. Indigo: A review
5. Why We Need A New Calendar?!?
6. Safe Places and What is Happening
7. Thai tsunami trauma sparks rash of foreign ghost sightings
8. The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing
9. Putin pressured to accept Maskhadov’s ceasefire call
10. A Matter of Conscience by Sgt. Kevin Benderman
11. World Sound Healing Day - February 14, 2005
12. A Universal Greeting



From: "Meria Heller">
Subject: todays show
Date: 10 Feb 2005

2/10/05 - Earth News Hour - Guest: Jean Hudon

Show opens with "My Karma Ran Over My Dogma" by Armond and the Symptoms

Jean Hudon joins my co-host Mark Elsis and myself to discuss the spiritual side of the world's problems. Jean is the host of and you can join his free newsletter at the site. Another hero who has devoted much of his life to his "passion". We talk about our oneness on todays show. We also discuss: How to follow your own unique passion; how to enjoy balance by spending time in nature; Why we don't seem to learn from history; Canada's media vs. our own; North Korea; global warming; creator energy; how to enjoy life through detachment; and so much more. Very enjoyable quick moving, personal interview. Check out as well. Mark does a wonderful tireless job on many wonderful sites.

"Be the Change you Want to See In The World" - Gandhi.
For Paid Subscribers only

NOTE from Jean: "Mark Graffis"> listened to this interview live and kindly recorded it for me and then emailed it to me as an MP3 files which I've now posted on the ERN site in case others would like to listen to it as well. He later wrote to me : "Just came back from a long swim and am listening once again to the show. You did very well and your accent makes you all the more endearing. It was really great to finally hear what you sound like after 8 years or so of knowing you online." Meria also appreciated it and wrote afterward to thank me "for a wonderful interview on todays show. It was very warm and real."

So you now have a choice: Either you go through to listen to it, in which case you'll also support Meria since you will need to buy a $5 pass good for one week to listen to this and as many other interviews you'd like out of the hundreds of past interviews she did over the last 5 years (an amazing treasure throve!!), or you download the 12.9 megs, mp3 Quicktime file for this one-hour long interview by going at

But please note that I would appreciate you download it only if you actually intend to listen to it so as to help make sure my IPS provider doesn't come back to me with complaints that the bandwidth use is suddenly too large on the ERN site. With over 2800 subscribers to this list, it could perhaps create a problem.

One thing that would also be GREATLY appreciated would be that someone with time on his/her hands create a transcript of this show which I could then post to everyone and archive on the ERN site. If you are willing to do so, please let me know first in case several people are up to this task, in which case I'll split the job between all of them.

Finally, to prepare myself for this interview and wrote down the following 10 themes - featured as questions below - as suggested by Mark Elsis. Of course, none of the following was used verbatim, but we generally covered most of it, so it will give you an idea of what was discussed. Mark Elsis and Meria also pitched in many interesting segments and comments over the course of our 3-way conversation which went so well that it seemed to me the whole hour came to an end very quickly.

Ten questions suggested for my interview with Meria and Mark Elsis on the Earth News Hour

1st question: You may want to ask me to tell the listeners a bit on what I do...

ERN compilations, Meditation Focus, translation work with a brief summary on each as to how I came to do this. This way they'll start figuring out what I'm about.

2nd question: From all you've learned through this work on the Web since 1997, what are the three most pressing things we should all address?

1) Getting good, undistorted, unfiltered information on what is really going on;
2) Picking an issue that resonates with you and devoting your efforts and creativity to help bring about solutions, individually or with others, locally and/or globally;
3) Empowering others to do #1 and #2.

3rd question: Is it enough to tackle issues? Is there something else we must do?

What happens "out there" is merely a reflection of what happen - or does not happen - within us. So inner changes in perspective, being more in touch with our spiritual reality, knowing Who We Are, is the ferment that will precipitate outer changes in lifestyle, social involvement and ultimately facilitate global changes for the better.

4th question: How do we get in touch with our inner "Spiritual Reality"?

There is an infinite number of ways. What matters is that each one finds his/her own unique way. There is no single Truth to believe in, no dogmas to follow. Only experience through self-discovery and a willingness to open one's heart can lead each one of us to find our own path towards reconnecting and remembering our "Spiritual Reality".

5th question: How does this awakening to our "Spiritual Reality" applies to world problems?

In subtle and sometimes dramatic ways. Most of this goes unnoticed because it all happens within the confines of our consciousness. Yet as more and more people awaken and make more conscious choices as citizens, consumers and living souls, those changes start affecting what happens around us. Eventually it also manifests in big ways as when 10 million people protested the imminent Iraq war worldwide a couple years ago and in every instance when people find the courage to stand up for what they truly believe in: peace, human compassion (such as the global donations and efforts to alleviate the suffering from the tsunami) and unconditional love for all.

6th question: Is there hope for future generations despite the global threats to our environment, the excessive military spending and so many armed conflicts on Earth?

Of course! Once people start realizing in a massive way that they have been led into delusionary realities - politically, religiously, and otherwise - by their leaders, they will snap out of their collective trance-like state of mind and recognize that the outer realities no longer fit with their newly found inner spiritual awareness and they will change accordingly, thus pulling the plug on all the things that destroy the world and wreck their peace of mind. Instead of the outer world bending us to fit the mold, we will bend the outer world to fit our spiritual conscience. It has already started happening.

7th question: Can we really achieve alone changes of such magnitude that our agonizing planet will bounce back from the brink of ecoblivion or ecosuicide?

We have never been alone. The real Powers That Be sustaining Life on Earth have always been at our side. But because we need to learn certain lessons the hard way for them to stick, it was necessary - and still is - that we learn on our own the rope of mastering a global civilization and overcoming our differences to unite as One human family. We are getting there and in due time, willy nilly, all the laggards will catch up. The only thing is that for some it will take a thousand more lifetimes, whereas for others this one is pretty much the last one or almost the last one. As for the planet, something so wonderful is ahead of us, we just have no idea. And I won't spoil the fun by talking about it.

8th question: How come so few people openly talk about what you are talking?

There are plenty of people doing that. It is just that everyone has a different, complementary way to do so. Both of you are bringing more awareness in other people's lives as to what happens thus providing access to good, undistorted, unfiltered information as we discussed earlier. A google search with the word "spirituality" bring up 15,100,000 results while a search with the word "war" brings up 223,000,000 results - So we still have some way to go. Yet the curve of spiritual growth is exponential and although the bad and the good stuff is currently coming to a head, what I see is violence going down everywhere and benevolence going up massively.

9th question: What is your vision for our future in 30 years time when you'll be 82?

We will see what comes up if we get there in the interview - but I'd like to mention the guided meditations into our future and the coherent visions over 300 people in the UK and Quebec brought back from this experience several years ago.

10th question: What do you suggest people could do right now following this interview?

Take a moment to ponder and meditate on what has been said here. See what resonates as true to you and also what seems implausible to you. Focus on what seems acceptable and make a conscious choice to further explore the notions offered. Put down on paper a list of 3 things you'd like to accomplish following this contact with what I proposed. Go visit and look around to see what feels good to you. Pay attention to the subtle signs Life gives you everyday indicating where you should put your attention and invest your time. Remain aware of the things that are not good for this planet but devote more and more time to co-create with others a better world for all while enjoying more quality time with your Higher self to get to know more your true "Spiritual Reality".


Note from Jean: I wrote the following in 1992 when I was involved in helping to create a globally televised event in support the UN Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. The video clips they were meant to become were never produced - I even have an accompanying visual description of the video content for each text. So here are these as yet unpublished texts. Better later than never...

To Love or not to Love

Picture this... Out in the vastness of space, amidst hundreds of millions of stars and galaxies, we know of just one, single place so far, where Life has taken hold and evolved over aeons of times to the prodigious and intricate multiplicity of forms and expressions we know today. The profligacy and lush diversity reached by millions of Life forms in all possible habitats defies even the most detailed description we can make of it. Beyond looking at it from a scientific, analytical perspective, you must feel it with your heart and soul if you are really to begin to grasp the extreme beauty and ravenous explosion of colors, sounds and smells that emerges from our natural environment. But is it really ours? Does it belong to us? Do we own the right to use it at our convenience as a disposable commodity to satisfy our ever-expanding needs? So far our relation with Nature has been almost entirely based on an extraction mentality. We take what we need, as much as we want, whenever it fits us without asking ourselves if there are limits and risks to do so. But we have begun to slow down a bit lately. We have seen the consequences, the quickly progressing unraveling of the intricate web of Life, patiently created over millions of years, that we destroy in a flicker of time.

Now, take a step back... and look again... What do you see? A world in transition, from childhood to maturity, a people learning to cope with its excesses, and a huge responsibility to stop the foolishness, the spoiling of our nest, and restore Nature to its original pristine healthy balance. We are One with this Web of Life. Nothing separates us from it, save our distorted thinking and outmoded, self-destructive habits. When we let go, even for a brief moment, of the scales over our eyes, and listen to the throbbing Life beating in our hearts, we feel... we sense deep within that we belong to the Earth, not the other way around... We immerse our thoughts and feeling of beingness into its immense living being, into its biosphere of Life and we hear the powerful mighty echo of Love swelling in each and everyone of our cells to unify us and change forever the way we see the Earth and all that lives upon it. And we know that all is well...


The Children of Life

In all of us there is a child, there is this spark of Life untouched by all the human miseries and problems, there is an eye which is able to see through the veil of illusion directly into the marvelous, beautiful world surrounding us. Let's go to this place within us and look through those eyes for a moment. What can we see...

There are the eyes of our mother as she look over us when we are very young, tender eyes with warm hands holding us carefully. There is also another being, strong and vigorous, our father, protecting us. Both express their Love for us in all sorts of ways. We can rely on them. They are there all the way through our childhood as we discover the world and its infinitely diverse expressions of Life and beauty. We marvel every step of the way to its countless forms and behaviors all shaped by millions of years of relentless efforts to adapt and thrive in all sorts of environments and climates. And we are here today, one of the countless expressions of this marvelous, almost miraculous Force that has shaped and given birth to this magnificent world, watching through our child's eyes... And listening to other children's voices as we try to understand our world and continue to grow into adulthood without squandering and wasting everything that has been offered to us, out of Love, by our mother Earth and our father Sun. And we know, deep within, that we can awaken the same desire to care and protect, that we too can Love, because that's what children of Life are born for. To care, to protect and to Love.


It's in our Hands

Let's take a moment to contemplate the crucial challenge of this hour and ponder what our next step will be. We have discovered the sorry state of our world. We have seen the smokes clogging the air, the filth tainting our water and the sufferings endured by untold numbers of our brothers and sisters of Life. We can no longer close our eyes and pretend we don't know. Something has to be done and the time to do so is now. Politicians and environmentalists of all shades have come together on many occasions to face the though decisions and bargain for the best possible solutions to these mighty problems. We know that there can be no failure for it would spell the end of this world within a very short span of time.

Yet we all sense the uncertainty in the air, we all feel that our collective human will is wavering in front of the task and unsure as to the level of sacrifice we must endure now if we are to secure a future for our children. This is an almost too large responsibility for our frail shoulders and we are even not sure to be able to face up to the task at hands. Let there be no doubt that this could be something impossible. We can save the Earth. We can avoid the traps of selfishness and the delusions of shortsightedness. When we each decide, individually, that saving the Earth is to be our top priority, starting right now in our own backyard, then we know the positive results are bound to happen sooner or later globally. We know that we have taken it in our hands. Politicians and environmentalists alone cannot do it for all of us. But all together... it as if it was already done! So let's join our hands, let's open our hearts to each other, and let's band our wills to make this world a safe and healthy place for all generations to come. We will be proud of ourselves and thus will fulfill our duty and responsibility to pass on the Torch of Life, alive and healthy, to the unending succession of living beings who will inhabit the Earth for millions of years to come.



From: "Meria Heller">
Subject: Consuelo Luz is a true daughter of Mother Earth
Date: 4 Feb 2005

Hi Jean,

It was on your newsletter that I found the angel on Earth, Consuelo Luz. I aired her What Would Jesus Do song on the show, and she sent me her CD "Missing Water".

I must tell you this is the best CD (and I get tons) I've heard in decades.

She is a true daughter of Mother Earth, and a warrioress with the voice of an angel and a heart as big as the globe.

As a teacher of the wheel, many of those songs speak to Mother Earth and love. I was so touched I had tears stinging my face listening.

Wherever this woman came from, we all must do whatever we can to support her work. These are the songs people need to hear. I recommend it 150%

Fabulous. Thank you for your work, without it many stars would have a harder time shining.

Shine on brother,


"THE MERIA HELLER SHOW "- 5th yr On The Net- #1 on Net!

NOTE: Meria mentioned that she will have Consuelo on her show on March 30.


NOTE from Jean: This is the second critical comment of that nature that I've received about Indigo - the first one was about the poor acting and poor production. So although I did not see it, and after passing on many supportive emails about it, I think it is time I also pass on this kind of review to let people know about another side of the "coin" regarding a movie that probably has as much to tell us as do people's reactions to it. After all the hype we've heard about Indigo, it is time we hear what simple cinema goers have to say about it - even if it may displease some. If others have seen it as well and have similar or different opinions, I'm sure everyone would like to get them as well.

From: "The Hermit IX">
Subject: Indigo: A review
Date: 4 Feb 2005

by The Hermit IX

In my welcome message I threaten to give an occasional rant. Most of you have not seen one yet. So here goes. I usually stay away from expressing my opinions because I tend to agree with the statement: "Opinions are like a**holes: everybody has one and doesn't need another". So I promise not to make a habit of this.

About ten years ago I virtually stopped going to the movies and watching television except for the news. A major reason was because of the violence. (Yes, the news can be violent but I feel it is a citizen's duty to get the "official" version of things before finding out the facts.) I went to see Indigo because it was supposed to "spiritual cinema". It didn't occur to me that gun waving, a dysfunctional family and a drug bust would make up the majority of this film. For this reason alone I'm sorry I paid the inflated ten dollar ticket price to support it. There are countless examples of old movies that have no violence that are totally enthralling.

I didn't find much that was spiritual about this movie at all. In the opening infomercial we were told that this movie was a step up from What the Bleep Do We Know?. This movie did not hold a candle to What the Bleep What the Bleep was a movie that we can learn from. I didn't find anything of such value in Indigo. To me spirituality means inner growth that an individual works at throughout their life (times). I didn't see anything that was helpful in this regard in the movie. The sweet girl that played Gracie demonstrated psychic and healing gifts. I don't know how accurately her displays are bases on fact. And if there are kids who can do these things how does it help us? Will it help us love others more? We all know we should be doing this already. Is it teaching us to be better healers? I did love to watch her do her little magic tricks though, even if it was acting. My eyes even began to water.

In the infomercial it is said several times that "we are the ones we are waiting for". I agree with this. But later, during the film, we are told that the indigos are going to save the planet. So which is it? And this gets to heart of what I find unsettling about the discussion of the indigo phenomenon: It's implied that these kids are going save us. This leads to several problems. 1) If these kids are going to solve the problems people may take the idea that we don't have to do anything. No inner or outer change by the current population will make the Earth a sorry place from economic collapse, peak oil, climate change, etc. before our star makes it to twenty-one. 2) If we believe that these kids are so advanced there is a tendency to put them on a pedestal rather than give them the nurturing, guidance, teaching, and discipline that they will need if they are not to become spoiled, as Americans tend to have to a proclivity to do already. 3) Are there enough of these kids to make a difference? I have never met one and only know one person who has. I did see a young Mexican woman who was supposed to be an indigo as a child but when I saw her on stage in Virginia Beach and had a private consultation with her I could only say she has now lost her abilities.

So after paying the high ticket price we are asked to do free publicity for the film as if this is promoting a pure spiritual movement that will help us all. With the way Walsh merchandized the Conversations With God material and Twyman's self promoting there is more than enough commercialism in their "spiritual" way of thinking.

There may be a tendency of some among you to say "well, even though I may agree with most of what you say, it's still one for our side. It brings attention to 'spiritual' things." - Thinking that this will bring more people to "our way seeing things". I would counter that this "us and them" thinking is part of the problem. Promoting a movie that doesn't have spiritual truth makes the same impact on the consciousness of our planet as the difference of choosing to root for either the Yankees or the Dodgers. No growth will occur in any choice more than any other choice.

My advise(no extra charge): Take your ten dollars and put it towards a good book like Spiritual Enlightenment: The Damnedest Thing by Jed McKenna ($21.95) or The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz ($14) and have several hours of enjoyment while growing spiritually.

Note: If this review made you angry you missed the point and I'm not particularly interested in hearing your opinion. All other questions, comments and criticism are welcome. :-)

The Hermit IX is a crabby, old guy that no one will live with in Augusta County except for Morty and Merly who adore him and are the most mercilessly spoiled Abyssinian cats in central Virginia.

Indigo: The Poll

Out of the people that responded to the Indigo review all but one really cute and otherwise spiritually astute woman from British Columbia didn't like the movie. The final tally was 1 liked it, 15 didn't like it and two out of 200+ think I'm not crabby.

The most frequent comment was about the film was the poor quality of the acting and production in general. Of course I agree with this but didn't mention it because I was concentrating on content. Besides I like amateurishness in some things. I like college radio for example. Really, do you listen to Clear Channel? When it comes to brain surgery or airline pilots I have a different opinion. Oops! Enough of this!


Final Note on this from Jean: In my email reply to Glenn, who is a long-time subscriber to this list, I've added the following comment:

I'm Ccing Stephen Simon - the producer/director of Indigo - on this as I'm sure he'd like to see it as well. I had not read the script but find that it is typical of Hollywood's mindset and fear that if a movie does not have some elements of violence in it, it won't be appealing to enough people to make enough money. To me, portraying yet more violence, especially in the context of a movie purported to be about spirituality, is like pandering to the lowest common denominator for the sake of "playing it safe". I can't wait for mainstream movies to finally kick their addiction to violence and go fully spiritual, that is, shift completely to the side of love, benevolence and harmonious, peace-fostering human behaviors, as exemplified in the Immortal Child story. The world of movies, video games and, to a lesser extent, televisions programs is awash in violence and, to me, that is deeply unbalanced and can only foster more violence in the real world. As more and more people like you Glenn become fed up with this orgy of violence, eventually the producers of media content will have to realize that goodness and love can sell just as well. I seldom go see movies anymore in great part because of all this excessive, and often gratuitous violence. In this regard I totally agree with the analysis of this social phenomenon as explained in "ABOUT GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE" posted at

I also see that the movie and video games industries, because of increasing social intolerance regarding the outright depiction of violence in various media content, are eventually going to have to accept government-imposed guidelines restricting abusive violence, a bit like what happened with the current global movement against smoking in indoor environment that is finally getting the upper hand in its long fight to shift back generations of public acceptance of the deeply unhealthy smoking habit promoted by the tobacco industries for the sake of their own bottom line. Violence for the sake of violence in movies and video games is just as bad for our souls and spiritual equilibrium as cigarette smoking is bad for our lungs and the lungs of others.


Date: 05 Feb 2005
Subject: Why We Need A New Calendar?!?
From: Lindsay Espinoza>

Hi Jean

You may have been sent this already. It is something I've followed myself for many years and the profound change it produces belies it's simplicity.

We may well 'know' that disharmony is all around us pervading so many aspects of our daily lives, and we probably all have deep spiritual practices which help us to balance this out. But have we considered or consciously experienced the effects of unquestioningly following this wonky gregorian timing frequency? In my experience it really does serve to deepen the effects of the disharmonious events and ways of being/thinking and living on us in quite disturbing ways. We may well have to use it to co-ordinate our daily living, but we can also be consciously tuning in to alternative rhythms of time counting to balance our mental selves as well.

Jose refers to calendars as meta-programming devices, and if you think of where we mentally meet one another when trying to arrange physical link-ups you can begin to see how simple it is for this to have an effect on us.

Maybe you want to network this idea further.

much love,



Hi Lindsay!

Of course I've known for years of Jose's effort at changing the way we feel by re-synchronizing us with natural time.

And I've always been very sympathetic to him and to all he has done to help people shift out of delusionary thinking.

However I've never felt attracted to focus anyone's attention on this particular initiative because to me, in essence, time and space are merely an illusion associated with living in duality. So replacing a "wonky" crutch by another one, however more sophisticated and justifiable it may be, amounts to merely using another stepping stone to try to reach the other side of the stream of maya - a Sanscrit concept described as illusion or ignorance. I understand that it may be an interesting way to foster a New Consciousness revolution but I prefer to not bend my mind to fit another preset dogma. I feel better going for timelessness. I've not carried a watch for the last 35+ years and I find a clock useful only insofar as it helps me not miss the TV programs I like to watch and wake me up - with an alarm clock (although I usually awaken a few seconds before it goes off) - so that I don't spend too much time in bed. It is just a convenient device and system fulfilling a practical need. Nothing more, nothing less.

When I'm outside in nature, I never carry any time-counting device but rely on the sun and my inner spiritual clock to know when it is time to make a move. And that to me is the real magic which I love to experience when it happens: perfect synchronicity, impeccable timing in the here and now, moving in life as if I was leaving a time void behind me and being perfectly uninterested to try to look ahead to see what is coming - except when I'm driving, of course ;-)

Thinking as a soul, in other words, completely outside of any box, space and time-wise, as when you are a shining sphere of light in the higher realm where we all come from.

This being said, I totally respect the quest of those who, like you, find useful and inspiring to learn a whole new set of months and days names and get in synch with a new "Law of Time" as proposed by "Dr." Jose Arguelles, who incidentally calls himself "Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle". And if it helps bring about profound changes within you and others, so much the better!

Now at this point, I took time to read the material you sent me (now archived here) to find out what Jose was up to now.

Despite my best effort at being neutral and non-judgmental, I must say I'm nonplussed by his tentative arguments for justifying the need of his new calendar.

I even found a tad grandiosely pompous his allegation that "They are following a new calendar that they know will help make them happier, more peaceful human beings, and, if adopted by all humans, would bring peace to the human race."

Bring peace to the human race! A calendar!

I don't think so...

This reminds me of the Esperanto language, a noble effort made to unify humanity and get rid of lots of bad syntax and bad cultural influence and the undue de facto domination of the English language and American steamroller culture.

Or of all the various forms of bartering systems devised to get rid of money altogether.

Trying to get rid of the Gregorian calendar goes in the same vein. But will the Mayan-inspired Thirteen Moon Calendar solve all the problems of this world if everyone adopts it?

Asking the question in this context, outside of Jose's dubious rhetoric (as exemplified in his letter archived here) is eliciting a quick and easy answer. No.

So I don't think I need to add anything more.

Everyone reading this and what Jose wrote has two differing views to consider and everyone can make up their own mind as to which of these views best resonate with them.

Thanks Lindsay for your timely invitation you've offered me to explore this interesting issue.

Much Love to you as well ;-)


See also:

When the big hand says Thirteen Moon Calendar (August 27, 2004)


Hi Jean

Thanks for replying to my mail and sharing the thought processes it prompted! You surprised me somewhat. My own personal reaction to Jose Arguelles sounds like it is similar to yours. However, I am perhaps not so quick to throw the baby out with the bath water. My experience of time when out in nature is also similar to yours, I also have not worn a watch for around 20 years. The alarm clock serves the same function in our house too. I think it a pity that Jose comes across as grandiosely as he does, as I still think that there is much of value in the message he communicates.

From where I see it, those of us who have been blessed enough to experience the grace of timeless connection to all that is, to know our own souls' true nature and to feel that in our daily lives, obviously have little need to change our calendar. (What calendar?) But for many of the people we each come into contact with on a daily basis, such blessings may not have been a part of their path. And surely any tools we have tried and found to have served us, and which spirit offers an opening to share with people, are worthy to be shared. Does this make them crutches? I think it is more unthinking use of tools which turns them into crutches. Not the tools themselves.

(...) Glad to have given you a chance to re-asses an idea. It may be of little use to you, but I think you are wrong in considering it to be so limited in its usefulness, it is much less complex than it seems on first approach.

Blessings to you as always for all you are and do

With love

Lindsay :)


From: "Chuck Schettler">
Subject: Safe Places and What is Happening
Date: 9 Feb 2005

Dear Jean,

Love to read your wonderful emails.

I have seen many maps of how the surface of the Earth will change. Their only consistent feature is that they are all different. Which is precisely the point, we make our own future, and the near term future on this planet is very much in contention. It's like watching a pair of finely matched contenders in a Super Bowl. (The only thing known is that God always wins.)

Though the basic books sent to us by so many very literate sources now, do not give details about safe places, there are certainly a lot of them vying for our attention. Something really big is getting started on Earth.

CLIP - NOTE FROM JEAN: Chuck included afterwards a long list of channeled books whose names and author I prefer to not include here because of what I wrote to him as you will see in my reply which was:

Thanks for your appreciation Chuck ;-)

Thanks also for taking the times to put together your personal review of books that struck you as reliable sources.

Unfortunately, I do not share you enthusiasm about any of these books and alleged "channels". I'm quite familiar with some of them. To me none of these channels is a truly reliable source and although some of their allegations may come close to the reality, it is my view that most of it is heavily tinted with their own personal belief systems and thus comes across as unworthy of attention at this point in time. Some of them may have been of interest to many in their time but I feel we have now moved to a point where such sources of guidance are becoming a hindrance to spiritual awakening rather than a true assistance.

You may have noticed that I've never referenced any of these authors in any of my compilations. That is the reason why.

Many channels subtly flatters the people assisting to their public "channeling" sessions and frankly have very little useful material communicated in their so-called spiritual messages.

Remember we are right in the midst of an era of false prophets and very little that is published in books can be trusted. The only channeled source I've found of consistent value is Matthew Ward and the other spiritual entities coming through his mother Suzy, and I will soon have the privilege of undertaking the French translation of these very useful books.

Other than that, I recommend you develop your own intuitive abilities and stop relying on other people's interpretation of "What is happening".

We have within us all the answers we may need at every step of our own awakening process and are given through our still small voice within all the necessary guidance to take our next evolutionary step. Nothing more, nothing less. We just have to start listening.

And that is my 2 cents on that.

As for the delusionary notion that "safe" places can be found anywhere on this planet, this is a waste of time and mistaken focus. We can never, ever be in any danger as we are - all of us - immortal souls. Death is merely a transition from a very limited state of consciousness to a potentially much clearer state of radiant awareness, provided we don't carry over too much of the illusions and falsities people are so fond of nurturing while in embodiment.

You will inevitably lose whatever you try to protect out of fear and concern for your physical survival. Being here and now, blissfully imbued of your sense of perfect Oneness with All That Is is the only "safe" place where you need to be at any point in time.

Don't take my word for it. Being is knowing.

See you "there" ;-)





Thai tsunami trauma sparks rash of foreign ghost sightings

Jan 13

PATONG, Thailand (AFP) - A second surge of tsunami terror is hitting southern Thailand, but this time it is a wave of foreign ghosts terrifying locals in what health experts described as an outpouring of delayed mass trauma.

Tales of ghost sightings in the six worst hit southern provinces have become endemic, with many locals saying they are too terrified to venture near the beach or into the ocean.

Spooked volunteer body searchers on the resort areas of Phi Phi island and Khao Lak are reported to have looked for tourists heard laughing and singing on the beach only to find darkness and empty sand.

Taxi drivers in Patong swear they have picked up a foreign man and his Thai girlfriend going to the airport with all their baggage, only to then look in the rear-view mirror and find an empty seat.

Guards at a beachfront plaza in Patong told AFP one of their men had quit after hearing a foreign woman cry "help me" all night long, and similar stories abound of a foreign ghost walking along the shoreline at night calling for her child.

The majority of Thais are deeply superstitious, believing ghosts reside in most large trees and keeping a spirit house in every home where daily offerings of food and drink are given to calm nearby paranormal entities.

Mental health experts warn tsunami survivors have picked up on this cultural factor as a way of expressing mass trauma after living through the deadly waves and witnessing horrific scenes in their aftermath.

"This is a type of mass hallucination that is a cue to the trauma being suffered by people who are missing so many dead people, and seeing so many dead people, and only talking about dead people," Thai psychologist and media commentator Wallop Piyamanotham told AFP.

He said people who claimed to have seen ghosts first-hand were people that mental health specialists would be paying particular attention to.

Wallop is currently organising a team of Thai and international health workers to join other specialists in affected provinces who are assisting people suffering psychological trauma as a result of the crisis.

Amateurs and professionals alike have been pivotal in the recovery of thousands of corpses from beaches and coastal towns ravaged by tsunamis on December 26, and in the subsequent processing of handling bloated and rapidly decomposing bodies at huge makeshift morgues.

Their round-the-clock work could be taking a devastating toll, with at least seven workers having already been hospitalised suffering extreme trauma.

Volunteers helping at Thai temples, transformed into scenes of grisly death as forensic experts struggle with the task of identification, are especially vulnerable, psychologists and doctors said.

Wallop said widespread trauma began to set in about four days after the waves hit.

"This is when people start seeing these farangs (foreigners) walking on the sand or in the ocean," he said, adding the sightings started about the same time as people "began calling for help, crying, some scared".

Many people said they could not escape the smell of death or the sights they had seen while assisting in the crisis, he said.

Wallop said the reason almost all ghost sightings appear to involve foreign tourists stems from a belief that spirits can only be put to rest by relatives at the scene, such as was done to many Thai victims.

"Thai people believe that when people die, a relative has to cremate them or bless them. If this is not done or the body is not found, people believe the person will appear over and over again to show where they are," he said.

Wallop said in time people who need counselling would be reached and assisted and the sightings would settle down, but many locals claimed they would not be swayed by such talk.

"After visiting Wat Baan Muang (a temple where hundreds of bodies are still stored) I'm very scared. I can't sleep at night and when the wind comes I'm sure it is the spirits coming," said Patong bar manager Napaporn Phroyrungthong.

"I believe in ghosts and I always will. (The tsunami) happened so quickly, the foreigners didn't know what happened and they all think they are still on the beach. They all think they are still on holiday," she said.


See also:

Fear of Ghosts Torments Tsunami Survivors in Thailand and Other Countries (Jan 17, 2005)
PHUKET, Thailand (AP) - Since the tsunami, taxi driver Wiwat Sakuldee is afraid of the dark and won't go near the beach. Like a lot of Thais on this resort island, he believes many of the disaster's victims have become restless spirits who haunt the streets after sunset. Traditional beliefs and spooky gossip are fueling ghost stories along the Asian coastlines where thousands were swept away. In Indonesia, a student saw a shadowy human shape enter a house, only to find the door locked and no one around. Villagers in Sri Lanka hear cries for help from the ocean. Ghost sightings are the talk of the town in the beach resorts of southern Thailand, where some 5,300 people are listed as dead - a third of them foreigners - and 3,144 others are missing. In Phuket, Wiwat said he dreads working at night now, and he keeps away from the beaches. Wiwat shudders in retelling a story making the rounds about a Phuket driver who recently picked up Western tourists in his tuk-tuk, one of Thailand's trademark three-wheeled, open-air taxis. "Ten of them got in when the ride started, but there were only two left when it ended at Kata Beach," Wiwat said. "The driver was so scared he ran away. If any Westerners ask me for a ride to the beaches, or even one of the streets that run near it, I won't go." Thais don't necessarily consider ghosts malevolent, but more an unpleasant reminder of death and the possibility that unsettled spirits could lead to bad luck. In keeping with local Buddhist and Chinese traditions, monks are holding rituals to lay the wandering spirits of tsunami victims to rest. The ceremonies vary from simple prayers and incense burning to elaborate Chinese rituals during which replicas of money, clothing and other items are burned to provide spirits the things they might need in the next world. In Banda Aceh, the devastated capital of Indonesia's hard-hit Aceh province, residents living on the banks of the Kruengdhoi River say they heard cries of "Help!" from beneath the water every evening for two weeks after the Dec. 26 disaster. Soldiers have recovered dozens of bodies from the debris-clogged waterway. Adek, 22, a recently graduated university student, said he was going to pray at a mosque on the river's banks when he saw two spirits. One appeared to be the owner of a home who went in but faded into a shadow. Adek said he followed but found the door locked and no one in sight. CLIP

More related ghost sightings stories

Sting enthralls Indian fans in a concert for tusnami relief (Feb 4)
BANGALORE, India (AFP) - British rock star Sting enthralled more than 10,000 Indian fans in the southern city of Bangalore in a concert to raise money for tsunami relief. Fans in Sting-autographed T-shirts packed into the grounds of Bangalore Palace on Friday to hear the 54-year-old musician belt out hits including "Message in a Bottle," "Roxanne" and "Desert Rose". Copies of Sting's autobiography "Broken Music" and other memorabilia were almost sold out at the concert, a spokeswoman for organisers DNA Networks said. "The T-shirts and memorabilia including posters were lapped up. 'Broken Music' received an overwhelming response. It was almost sold out," spokeswoman Sandhya Mendonca said. Sting is also to perform in New Delhi on Sunday. DNA Networks says part of the funds raised from the concerts will go to assist tsunami victims in India where more than 16,000 people died in the December 26 tragedy. The performer has a legion of fans here. CLIP

The US Really is a Miser Tsunami Aid By the Numbers (January 28, 2005)
Over the past two weeks, "Tsunami-Aid" concerts were organized in many countries, including one in the city of Cardiff, England which the BBC described as an "event set to be Britain's biggest charity concert since Live Aid 20 years ago." These and other numerous events that mobilized people around the world for the past month, are a testament to the solidarity and generosity that ordinary humans can feel and display towards fellow human beings struck by calamity. Or are they?An article published January 16th by the Observer on Sunday ("West's tsunami pledges $200m short: Oxfam") compared the donations made by private individuals of 12 countries to the victims of the Asian tsunami, in the first 15 days following that natural disaster. The Observer's article reported the donations in absolute terms, showing that Norwegians donated the most per head of population ($13.20) followed by the Swedes ($12.04), the Dutch ($9.16) the Australians ($5.23) and so on, down to the Americans with a donation of $1.08 per head, and the French, whose per head donation amounted to 80 U.S. cents. The Observer table places Saudi Arabs in the middle of the pack, at number 6 with a donation of $4 per head, but still outranking Canadians, Austrians, Brits, Greeks, Americans and French in their generosity. Ranking people's generosity in absolute terms however is not very instructive. A more informative approach would compare donations as a percentage of per- capita income, the average amount of money each head of population is theoretically supposed to earn. Thus, if two people donate $1,000 each to a charity, but one makes $50,000 per year while the other earns $100,000, the former has of course proven to be twice as generous as the latter. This more accurate measure of generosity reveals private Saudi individuals as the most generous amongst the people of the 12 countries mentioned in the Observer article, followed in descending order by the Swedes, Dutch, Norwegians, Australians, Germans, Canadians, Greeks, Austrians, Brits, French, and in 12th and final place, Americans.In terms of percentage of donations relative to their per capita income, the Saudis are revealed to be extremely generous indeed: 112% more generous than second place Swedes, 134% more than 3rd place Dutch, 154% more than fourth place Norwegians, 194% more generous than 5th place Australians, and so on to a staggering 1,421% more generous than 11th place French, and 1,617% more than 12th place Americans. CLIP - Excellent and comprehensive analysis!

Aid That Doesn't Deliver
The U.S. has pledged $350 million to tsunami relief. It's a safe bet that at least $248 million of that money will be spent right here in the U.S. The U.S. government places conditions on its foreign aid that require most relief and development assistance materials and services to be purchased from U.S. companies and agencies. The last time the government revealed any data, back in 1996, 72 cents out of every U.S. foreign aid dollar was spent on U.S. goods and services. This arrangement might strike most U.S. taxpayers as a fair and just arrangement. Why shouldn't the nation's economy and its companies get something out of money the government spends on foreign aid? For starters, this arrangement makes aid less productive. CLIP

Special coverage on the tsunami disaster

Many more tsunami related news



The UFO Phenomenon -- Seeing Is Believing

Two-Hour Primetime Special Airs Thursday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m.

Feb. 4, 2005 -- Almost 50 percent of Americans, according to recent polls, and millions of people elsewhere in the world believe that UFOs are real. For many it is a deeply held belief.

For decades there have been sightings of UFOs by millions and millions of people. It is a mystery that only science can solve, and yet the phenomenon remains largely unexamined. Most of the reporting on this subject by the mainstream media holds those who claim to have seen UFOs up to ridicule.

On Feb. 24, "Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" takes a fresh look at the UFO phenomenon. "As a journalist," says Jennings, "I began this project with a healthy dose of skepticism and as open a mind as possible. After almost 150 interviews with scientists, investigators, and with many of those who claim to have witnessed unidentified flying objects, there are important questions that have not been completely answered — and a great deal not fully explained."

"Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" airs Thursday, Feb. 24 from 8-10 p.m. ET on ABC. The program will be broadcast in High Definition.

This two-hour primetime special reports on the entire scope of the UFO experience — from the first famous sighting by Kenneth Arnold in 1947 to the present day. The program draws on interviews with police officers, pilots, military personnel, scientists and ordinary citizens who give extraordinary accounts of encounters with the unexplained. Also included are the voices of professional skeptics about UFOs, including scientists who are leading the search for life forms beyond earth elsewhere in the universe.

The program explores the facts behind the enduring mystery of the incident at Roswell, N.M., and looks into the strange stories of alien abductions. Among the UFO cases presented:

Minot Air Force Base, N.D., October 1968 — Sixteen airmen on the ground and the crew of an airborne B-52 witness a massive unidentified object hovering near the base.

Phoenix, Ariz., March 1997 — Hundreds witness a huge triangular craft moving slowly over the city.

St. Clair County, Ill., January 2000 — Police officers in five adjoining towns all independently report witnessing a giant craft with multiple bright lights moving silently across the sky at a very low altitude.

Today if you report a UFO to the U.S. government you will be informed that the Air Force conducted a 22-year investigation which ended in 1969 and concluded that UFOs are not a threat to national security and are of no scientific interest. But as one of the world's leading theoretical physicists says in the program, "You simply cannot dismiss the possibility that some of these UFO sightings are actually sightings from some object created by … a civilization perhaps millions of years ahead of us in technology."

"Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing" is produced by PJ Productions and Springs Media for ABC News. Mark Obenhaus and Tom Yellin are the executive producers.




Putin pressured to accept Maskhadov’s ceasefire call


Seventeen leading Russian human rights activists called on President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday to accept Chechen rebel leader Aslan Maskhadov's call for cease-fire talks to end the fighting in southern Russia.

Last week, Maskhadov ordered his followers, including Shamil Basayev, to observe a ceasefire this month and to stop all attacks in Chechnya and bordering areas as “a display of good will.”

He also renewed his calls for negotiations with the Russian leadership, which has frequently dismissed his demands.

The Chechen leader said that he appointed a delegation to attend peace talks on the conflict, which has claimed the lives of tens of thousands since 1994.

Maskhadov also said that his call for a truce was addressed personally to Putin.

The right activists said in an open letter that the talks with what they called “the moderate branch of the rebels” was "practically the only way” for ending the Chechen war, which is turning into an “eternal conflict” and could ignite the whole North Caucasus region.

Putin and other Russian officials have labeled Maskhadov an international terrorist and believe that he is not different than Basayev, who has claimed responsibility for some of the attacks that hit Russia over the past several years. 

Russia has offered a $10 million bounty for the arrest of Basayev and Maskhadov.

The activists, including veteran activists Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Sergei Kovalyov and Father Gleb Yakunin, said that Maskhadov, a field commander who became Chechen president in 1997, has proved his moderate attitude by publicly censuring Basayev and demanding his trial in an international court. 

A source at the Russian military headquarters for anti-rebel operations in Chechnya confirmed that there was no fighting between Russian forces and Chechen rebels since Wednesday.

However, Russian officials claimed that Maskhadov’s call were fake and that it was made to attract media attention.

In an interview with the Kommersant, Maskhadov reiterated that his call for a truce was an “act of good will” and he doubted that Putin is aware of the conditions in Chechnya.

“This [call] is an attempt to prove our allegiance to peace and to call the Russian leadership to reason. I believe that what is going on in the Caucasus today leads to disaster.

"At the same time I am not sure that President Vladimir Putin is truly aware of the depth of the abyss Russia and the entire Caucasus are being drawn into. That is why my call is addressed, first and foremost, namely to the president of Russia,” Maskhadov said.

Maskhadov denied that the cease-fire was connected to the abduction of his relatives in Chechnya. He also dismissed reports of Shamil Basayev’s death.

See also:

Russia accused of kidnapping Maskhadovs relatives (2/7/2005)
Family of Chechen separatist leader Aslan Maskhadov accuses Russia of backing the kidnap of Maskhadov’s siblings in Grozny, to force Maskhadov to surrender.



Date: 10 Feb 2005
From: Joey>
Subject: Fwd: A Matter of Conscience by Sgt. Kevin Benderman

Jean.....One man has stopped killing. This is excellent from a career army (formerly) person who stands up to say no more killing. Also from his wife (below). Where are the conscientious objectors? Why have we not seen the younger people objecting to this war en masse? I am puzzled....

In Peace, Joey

'Peace is the state where love abides and seeks to share itself.'

- Gandhi


Subject: A Matter of Conscience by Sgt. Kevin Benderman
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005

A Matter of Conscience
By Sgt. Kevin Benderman

Tuesday 08 February 2005

Sgt. Kevin Benderman (40) is a U.S. Army mechanic with ten years of service under his belt, including a role in the assault on Baghdad. While there, his outfit was ordered to open fire on children who were throwing rocks at unit personnel. Troubled by this and other similar incidents, and facing a second tour of duty in Iraq, Benderman applied for conscientious objector status in December 2004. The U.S. Army has charged him with desertion. He has been called a coward by his commanding officer, and his chaplain has told him that he is ashamed of him. Born in Alabama, Sgt. Benderman currently lives in Hinesville, Georgia, with his wife, Monica, and stepson Ryan.

Having watched and observed life from the standpoint of a soldier for ten years of my life, I always felt there was no higher honor than to serve my country and defend the values that established this country. My family has a history of serving this country dating back to the American Revolution, and I felt that to continue on in that tradition was the honorable thing to do.

I cannot tell anyone else how to live his or her life, but I have determined how I want to live mine.

As I went through the process which led to my decision to refuse deployment to Iraq for the second time, I was torn between thoughts of abandoning the soldiers that I serve with, or following my conscience, which tells me: war is the ultimate in destruction and waste of humanity.

Thoughts that we could, and should, consider better ways to solve our differences with other people in the world have crossed my mind on numerous occasions. And this was the driving force that made me refuse deployment to Iraq a second time. Some people may say I am doing so out of fear of combat; I am not going to tell you that the thought of going back to that place isn't scary, but that is not the reason for my decision to not return.

I want people to know that the longer I thought about just how stupid the concept of war really is, the stronger I felt about not participating in war. Why do we tell our children to not solve their differences with violence, then turn around and commit the ultimate in violence against people in another country who have nothing to do with the political attitudes of their leaders?

Having read numerous books on the subject of war and having heard all the arguments for war, I have come to the conclusion that there are no valid arguments for the destructive force of war. People are destroyed, nations are destroyed, and yet we continue on with war. The young people that I went with to the combat zone looked at it like it was a video game they played back in their childhood.

When you contemplate the beauty of the world around us and the gifts we have been given, you have to ask yourself, "Is this what humanity is meant to do, wage war against one another?" Why can't we teach our children not to hate or to not be afraid of someone else just because they are different from us? Why must it be considered honorable to train young men and women to look through the sights of a high-powered rifle and to kill another human being from 300 meters away?

Consider, if you will, the positive things that could be accomplished without war in our lives: prescription medication that is affordable for seniors, college grants that are available for high school seniors - I could name a list of reasons not to waste our resources on war. The most important being to let the children of the world learn war no more.
I've received e-mails from people who said that I was a coward for not going to war, but I say to them that I have already been, so I do not have anything to prove to anyone anymore. What is there to prove anyway - that I can kill someone I do not even know and who has never done anything to me? What is in that concept that anyone could consider honorable?

I first realized that war was the wrong way to handle things in this or any other country when I went to the war zone and saw the damage that it causes. Why must we resort to violence when things do not go our way? Where is the logic of that? I have felt that there are better ways to handle our business than to bomb each other into oblivion. When you are on the water in a boat and you have a chance to see dolphins playing with each other as they go about their business, you realize that if they can live without war, then humanity should be able to as well.

Can't we teach our children to leave war behind in history where it belongs? We realized that slavery and human sacrifice were obsolete institutions, and we left them behind us. When are going to have the same enlightened attitude about war?

I look at my stepchildren and realize that war has no place with me in giving them what they need to survive the trials and tribulations of early adulthood. And if you look at all the time soldiers lose in the course of fighting wars, such as birthdays and anniversaries, their children going to the senior prom and college graduations, and other things that can never be replaced, then you have to come to the understanding that war steals more from people than just the sense of humanity - it also steals some of that humanity from their family.

I have learned from firsthand experience that war is the destroyer of everything that is good in the world; it turns our young into soulless killers, and we tell them that they are heroes when they master the "art" of killing. That is a very deranged mindset in my opinion. It destroys the environment, life, and the resources that could be used to create more life by advancing our endeavors.

War should be left behind us; we should evolve to a higher mindset even if it means going against what most people tell us in this country, such as that we can never stop fighting with other people in the world. I have made the decision to not participate in war any longer, and some people in this country cannot comprehend that concept, but to me it is simple. I have chosen not to take part in war, and it was easy to come to that decision.

I cannot tell anyone else how to live his or her life, but I have determined how I want to live mine - by not participating in war any longer, as I feel that it is stupid and against everything that is good about our world.


Catching Flack
By Monica Benderman

Tuesday 08 February 2005

A military wife speaks.

A soldier's wife, Monica Benderman of Hinesville, Georgia, used to be admired. But not anymore. In December 2004, facing a second tour of duty in Iraq, her husband, Sgt. Kevin Benderman, applied for conscientious objector status and was promptly charged with desertion. Read Kevin's story above and Monica's here:

For the past several weeks, my husband, Kevin, and I have answered questions from reporters, and other interested citizens from almost every state in the union, and about eight foreign countries. After all of these interviews, I have a few questions and comments of my own.

What's gone wrong when a man and his wife are called cowards, all because that man has chosen to speak out against violence, and his wife has chosen to stand with him?

What's gone wrong when a man and his wife receive phone calls and emails from all over their country asking them to explain themselves, calling them cowards, wondering if they have ever read the Bible or studied the scripture, all because that man has chosen to speak out against war and violence, and his wife has chosen to stand with him?

What's gone wrong when a man's mental stability is doubted and his morality is brought into question by a chaplain (a supposed man of God), all because he has decided he cannot use a weapon to kill another person for any reason?

What's gone wrong when a man can walk into a military recruiting office, sign on the dotted line and find himself in a war zone two months later, without one question directed toward his sanity?

What's gone wrong when war is glorified, and fighting for peace is seen as cowardly?

People ask how my husband arrived at his decision. They are amazed that after all his years in the military he has come to the conclusion that he can no longer bear a weapon and go to war against another man..

People want to know if it was stress or PTSD which caused him to change his mind. They want to know what terrible things he saw that made him make such a drastic change. People want to know if there was thunder and lightning, an awakening, an epiphany. There was no bright light. There were no angels, no mighty bolt of thunder. There was only reality and facing the music with eyes wide open?

War, all war is wrong. War brings nothing but death and destruction. War takes away all humanity, not only from the people who die, but also from the people who do the killing. War is insanity?

One man has stopped killing. Hope for more to do the same.
Care, Speak, Vote


Forwarded by Deborah>

World Sound Healing Day - February 14, 2005

"The Sound Heard Around the World" Sounding an "AH" for Planetary Peace!

Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, 8 pm Eastern New York time, 3rd annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY, The Sound Heard Around the World. Jonathan Goldman invites you to sound an AH for planetary peace. You will be joining sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity and sentient consciousness throughout the planet to send a sonic valentine to the Earth with an AH sound filled with the intention of Peace and Love. What better way to celebrate this joyous day then to tell the Earth you love her and to generate peaceful energy throughout the planet with sound!

In addition, one hour before The Sound Heard Around the World event, at7 PM Eastern Time, will begin a live internet webcast on World Puja featuring sound healer Jonathan Goldman, Sarah Benson, toning pioneer and founder of the Earth Sound Light Center, Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose extraordinary work with water molecules was featured in the film What the Bleep, and Kimba Arem, who recently released an album on Self-Healing with Sound and Music with Dr. Andrew Weil. This event, sponsored by the Yalaha Foundation, will lead up to and include the 5 minutes of live global toning that will occur on the hour at 8 PM Eastern time.

More information on


The following was laos forwarded by Jakina Déom>

For five minutes, sound healers, meditators, peace activists and lovers of all humanity will send a Sonic Valentine to the Earth with the heartsound "AH" filled with the intention of Peace , Love and Harmony! The "AH" is a universal, non-denominational heart sound that when projected with focused energy is extremely powerful and effective.

'AH' RealPlayer

'AH' mp3

When: 2/14/05 8 PM Eastern Time Pacific Global Time Converter

Our global tone will begin at 8 PM Eastern Time Pacific and will last for at least 5 minutes. In addition we suggest you tone the Ahhhhh at noon local time as well ..Through the POWER OF SYNERGY we have the extraordinary opportunity to dramatically effect positive changes in consciousness and thus further initiate the long awaited Golden Age of Humanity... By toning together we will generate a waveform of Light, Love &Harmony that will sweep across the planet and sonically bath all life here on Gaia/Planet Earth ...

Now, more than ever, Gaia and all evolving life will appreciate this amplification of Love , Light and Harmony... In addition, one hour before "The Sound Heard Around the World", at 7 PM Eastern Time, there will be a live internet webcast on World Puja featuring Jonathan Goldman, Sarah Benson, toning pioneer and founder of the Earth Sound Light Center, Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose extraordinary work with water molecules was featured in the film "What the Bleep" and Kimba Arem, who recently released an album on "Self-Healing with Sound and Music" with Dr. Andrew Weil. This event, sponsored by the Yalaha Foundation, will lead up to and include the 5 minutes of live global toning that will occur on the hour at 7 PM Eastern Time. We will discuss the power of using sound coupled with consciousness to shift planetary vibrations, and in particular, about the importance of water to assist this process.

To Learn More Go To

NOTE: Jakina Déom> also has a French version of this information above which you can get directly from her.


NOTE: This has to be done with a group of people. Everyone forms a circle. The number of participants has to be even. Everyone is attributed a number. Those with an odd number all move to the position of the next person with an odd number every time everyone has shared the following universal greeting (pronounced all together by every participant), face to face with the next person towards the right (of every person with an odd number). The people with an even number stay at the same position in the circle throughout the whole process as only the people with an odd number move around until a full circle has been done.

To enable those with an odd number to likewise salute the other people with an odd number, and same thing for all the people with an even number who have only met people with an odd number during the first part of the process, you then form 2 smaller circles, one with odd-numbered people, the other with even-numbered people only and you start the same process all over again.

Very powerful and moving when done in the proper sacred atmosphere and when each participant looks deep into each other's eyes while offering the greeting. A facilitator will have to teach first the whole process to the entire group when people are not yet familiar with it and say the words out loud to help everyone during the first few turns to help everyone learn these simple yet profoundly touching words....

A Universal Greeting

I offer you Peace
(Face palms forward, elbows bent)

I offer you friendship
(Cup hands palm to palm, elbows bent)

I offer you Love
(Draw hands forward from heart)

I hear your needs
(Cup hands behind ears)

I see your beauty
(Point to eyes with forefingers, then open arms)

I feel your feelings
(Arms cross chest, fingertips to shoulders)

My wisdom flows from a higher Source
(Move right hand, palm down, from head past face
to meet up-facing left palm at chest, fingertips forward)

I salute that Source in you
(Palms together in prayer position)

Let us work together
(Fingers interlocked as two-handed fist)


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