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Important notice from Jean

Because I have on several occasions included in my compilations Kiara Windrider's articles promoting his guru Bhagavan and his deeksha, I believe it is my responsibility now to let everyone know about the recent correspondence I've had with Janneke Monshouwer from the Netherlands who initially sent me a very enthusiastic report about her spiritual experience in India (see "Happiness a never-to-forget-experience" archived on April 14 at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2005/LightSeries76.htm - you can also read about her thoughts last Jan 6 prior to her trip in "Oneness in The Netherlands" archived at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2005/WritingWall35.htm)

I've been both shocked and dismayed as I discovered through Janneke's letters the true picture about what is now clearly a scheme to grab from gullible believers as much money as possible and in the process create a rather difficult learning experience for all those entrapped into this cult by writings such as those naively - or cunningly (you decide) put together by Kiara. If any subscriber to this list has been lured to fall for this scheme through my networking of Kiara's articles, I sincerely apologize to you for being indirectly responsible for this. To all others who may be tempted by this "deeksha" pseudo enlightenment, I strongly recommend that you read the entire series of emails I exchanged with Janneke archived at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Archives2005/Janneke.htm (27 pages!) as this should be sufficient warning about the extent of the risks you would then take. You should also consider recommending this to the attention of any friend also tempted by this "venture". As a preview, here is a quote from Janneke's last letter sent to me on June 12:

"Bhagavan is an impostor. For me it took some time but all puzzle pieces come together and now I can say: all this is fake. With all what Kiara writes, maybe at first sight for many people this seems really wonderful. That is the same as with Bhagavan (Kalki), but: HE SPEAKS IN ANOTHER WAY THAN HE ACTS: He says that people should be their own teachers, leaders, independent. But in fact he makes people fully dependent on HIM and let them pay lots of money for this. He declares that HE is the Avatar, God, The Divine specialized to enlighten the mass and the world. He declares that enlightenment is grace and that we need him to give us that grace. This is no enlightenment at all but a mass trance of the very fast growing numbers of devotees of Bhagavan."

In my reply to Janneke's last letter to me, I wrote:

"I must say that I'm extremely disappointed that someone - Kiara - whom I thought to be intelligent and spiritually balanced has allowed himself to be led - and to become an instrument in leading others - into such a dangerous sect whose true goals are the financial enrichment of its 2 leaders and their self-aggrandizement.

I hope this whole thing will be yet another important lesson in learning to not give our spiritual power away to anyone else, no matter how lofty their promises and how sweet their words because it always ends up in disastrous results with repercussions that are bound to last many lifetimes.

For those who were already subscribers to this list in 1999, this story will ring familiar as it is similar, to a much smaller extent, to an experience I had with another self-proclaimed guru whose words first appeared worthy of attention but whose actions, once observed first-hand during a trip I made to Glastonbury in December 1998, turned out to reveal the true face of this fake guru (to learn the whole story about this, read "The Time of Reckoning" at http://www.earthrainbownetwork.com/Initialetter.htm and also follow there the 2 links that will lead you to lots, LOTS more). We truly live in an era in which false prophets abound and so offer us numerous opportunities to test and learn to rely on our soul-connected sense of discernment."

LAST MINUTE COMMENT: I just received an email from Kiara in which he failed to address the concerns raised by Janneke - see his letter and my reply to him at the bottom of this webpage. I was hoping that all the evidence presented in this series of emails would suffice to begin to shake his blind, unquestioning support for the organization he is involved with, and perhaps enable him to begin to realize that, without throwing the baby with the bath water because anytime people sincerely dedicate themselves to a deeply felt spiritual pursuit, some good is bound to come out of it anyway the time had come indeed to recognize that the water is perhaps too filthy now to give a bath to anyone in it. I have always valued his views that is, until recently and still believe he is a good person in his heart. I trust that his soul-driven innate goodness will prevail and that, whatever the costs to his current relationship with this Indian cult leader and his followers, he will come clean and do the right thing for his soul and for all those who believe in his soul's higher calling in this lifetime. Since I went through a similar experience several years ago, I'm not about to cast a stone against my brother as he is going through his own time of spiritual trial and will keep him in my thoughts during my moments of spiritual oneness.



Date: 25 May 2005
Subject: FW: Please take this serious
From: Janneke <coreline@worldonline.nl>

Dear Jean,

I hope your seeds are sprouting and your plants are growing and you are doing fine! I work(ed) also very hard in my garden. I had to weed a lot, especially after my long India-trip.

Jean, in fact I mean this in the literal and all of a sudden I also recognize this in the metaphorical sense.

Because: after my first letter to you about my experiences in the Golden City I experienced also another side in the whole movement. When I was in The Golden City I spoke to many, many guests/students and I also saw the difference between myself and many others. For us Europeans and also for the people from USA and Canada the price is 5.000 US$ - Plus 500 US$ coordination money - Plus the travel costs. For me that’s a lot of money. I also noticed that some other people who had no money, paid less for the same course. Because of the fact that I had to borrow all the money to do the course, I started asking the management to give me some money back - or to offer me a deepening course for free. And I also asked Kiara to give me at least half of the coordination money back, because there was no coordination at all! We planned the travel ourselves and Kiara was not there in India to be our coordinator - and still, we had paid him 500 US$ (60 people!) in advance for that purpose. And there were more people in my country who are not so happy with this, who asked their money back.

Jean, for me this became an awakenings process. You helped me on this path with your correspondence with Kiara. You put in your email my question marks into words. Besides the money issue there is something else, very important: I notice that most (deeksha-giving) people are a puppet on a string of Baghavan and Amma and the whole movement. For me, this was and is no issue: I give deeksha’s right from the Source. But in my correspondence about the money issue I noticed intimidation and manipulation towards me. This does not fit in with my way of life.

I write this in short, only to inform you very quickly, I send you the last correspondence with the Golden City. When you want to know more, I can send you more correspondence (emails).

For me: it is also really remarkable that Calleman (also one of the advisors of Baghavan, I met him in the Golden City) distributes an article about deeksha’s – and everybody distributes this also. I set my question marks on that also.

Dear Jean, thank you for reading this ! See below.

Many greetings




Dear Janneke

What a strong contrast with your last correspondence with me. Talk about scales falling off your eyes...

I'm not really surprised to hear about your experience - I already expressed for all to see some of my reservations to Kiara - but I am extremely surprised that you would want to pay that much money in the first place to get "illumination" (as if illumination could be bought anyway). You could not say though that you were taken by surprise. You were entirely free to choose to go there at this price. I think that despite your disappointment that others did not pay as much - I assume because they come from poor countries and could not pay a much as you did, but it probably amounted for them to just as much sacrifice as what you had to consent to. Yet you should not have had to discover this only once you were there. This information should have been made available to all Europeans and other people from developed countries up-front with the clear explanation that this is a way to help less fortunate people to stay there for 21 days.

Also - not wanting to pick on you but the person who replied to you below has a point - if you are actually entirely satisfied with the results, why asking to be refunded?... If it had not been as you expected or as advertised, then you would be entitled to claim a refund - provided such an option was offered in a written statement - like a warrantee - beforehand.

And as for the guru trip surrounding Bhagavan and his wife, and the way people seemingly act like "puppets on a string" as you suggest - I'm sure they would say that devotion is the main reason for their behavior - to me it is all pretty obvious from a cursory glance at their site and their literature. But perhaps it was not yet obvious to you. Now I'm sure it will be if you encounter other such situations in the future. Good learning experience! Anyone who is not under the influence of charismatic leaders, mesmerizing rituals and carefully cultivated myths may see such people in a similar light - think of the religious frenzy that surrounded the recent death of John Paul II or even the deeply respectful admiration people like the Dalai Lama elicit. Bhagavan is their spiritual leader and just like most other such so-called "avatars" in India or from India (like Marahishi Mahesh Yogi, Yogananda, Babaji, and so on) these followers tend to act like they owe everything to them and don't seem to have an entirely free and independent mind. Is this bad ? It is their choice and it is not for me to judge them.

True, a spiritual leader - I prefer "inspirer" if there is such a concept - who is aware of the entrapment risks stemming from personality cults and of the disempowering effect it has upon people under their influence will do his/her utmost to encourage his/her students to think and feel for themselves and so will clearly emphasize that dependence upon his/her guidance is to be avoided and self-confidence into their own inner soul guidance is to be nurtured.

So once you have come to the conclusion - as you appear to have - that some aspects of your relationship with this group were not according to the high standards you were expecting - but I surmise that this friction is mostly the result of your request for a partial refund otherwise up to then they were acting nicely, right? - my suggestion is to focus on the good things that you got from it all and let it grow in you to build on it and become a happier person. Perhaps take also as a lesson that you will no longer give so much power away and credence to other people and instead strive to seek and find within your own source of enlightenment, while remaining open to the nudges from Life - the mysterious, magical synchronicities - indicating where you may best choose to direct your attention for more learning and fulfilling experiences.

Hoping these thoughts will be of assistance to see more clearly for yourself, beyond the shadows of the valley of disappointment you are in, where the peak of your - and our since we are all interconnected - ever expanding illumination rises so as to continue your journey with a lighted heart filled with unconditional, universal love.


P.S. Regarding the money you paid to Kiara for "coordination", it is in my brother's heart that resides the sense that his taking of this money was right or not. If he feels he does not deserve it, I'm sure you will hear from him, if he has not yet contacted you on this. One thing sure, if 60 people gave him $500 US each, as a kind of bonus as you assert below, and most of them ask for a refund, it is a difficult and yet very revealing decision for him to make as to where his true allegiance is: his own personal profit or his soul's commitment to truth and integrity. The proper ethical usage of money energy has often been a challenging test for many spiritual seekers and leaders, not to mention most everyone else on Earth. Drawing the line between personal legitimate needs satisfied with income generated in a totally uncorrupted, no-gimmick way and the excessive pull of money deification that has tainted so many souls is what can best test the true mettle of a soul striving towards real freedom and true abundance, the one that comes one billionth-fold from the Creator's heart.

I trust he will make the best enlightened choice for the progress of his soul.

Oh! since you mentioned it, my garden is just fine thank you and had very few weeds to be uprooted to begin with. After 25 years of gardening, I've learned to maintain it as clean as can possibly be ;-)

--- One final Question Janneke. Are you demanding me to publish your letter and my reply in a coming compilation? I'm not asking your permission to do so as I want you to decide whether it is better of not to make all of this public...

I'm Ccing Kiara so he may have his word too in it if you decide to make your letter public.



------ Forwarded Message ------

From: Janneke <coreline@worldonline.nl>
Date: 25 May 2005
To: Krishna Raj <muktikalki@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Re: Please take this serious



I am not happy with your answer. I am really disappointed.  Up to the last moment I hoped to be in contact with nice, incorruptible, upright people. But eventually I have to conclude: I made a mistake. Amma/Baghavan, your managers and you all act very intimidating, male-dominant and very corrupt. I don’t trust you anymore. This is the last mail I’ll send to you.  

The truth is: I am really happy that I am initiated to give Deeksha. That’s the good thing- and I am very grateful for that.  
And I want you to know: I stand on my own feet. That’s wonderful. I am connected with the divine Source myself.  I love it. Of course I give deeksha’s right from the Source. I don’t tune in with Amma/Baghavan for this. This is one side of the coin.

And the other side is quite clear to me now. It is really out of proportions: all the much too high amounts we have to pay for the courses and also the exorbitant high prices for personal meetings with Amma and Bhagavan- and the 500 USD coordination money for NO coordination AT ALL- Nobody can call this coordination. I understand clearly now: this coordination money is in fact a bonus for the coordinators only to recruit people to come to the Golden City. I don’t like the way you all deal with the money issue- and the information we receive here before we subscribe for an 21-day course. I don’t agree at all. This is really abuse.
I also don’t like the way people have to bow for a new God. For me: Bhagavan is a very inspiring, interesting teacher, but to act as if he and Amma are Gods high above us ? Not for me. And to suggest that his energy is much too high for us– that he needs his dasa’s to give this energy in a lower form to us: I don’t like that. This is not the truth. The Truth is that his words are different from his acts. What he says is: Everybody has to become his own leader. What I see is: Bhagavan makes people dependent (of him! and Amma)  in stead of independent. He needs people who offer themselves up- and their money. He makes people his slaves. This is really manipulation on big scale.

And you manipulate also Krishnaraj, in your mails to me. You are pushing me down. You want to make me feel little and obedient like a child- and act like a puppet on a string- and do what you want. Kiara does the same. But there are some people in the Netherlands who have power inside. I am not the only one who sees the truth.

In India more people call themselves Avatars- and: God.
I know: It is not necessary to build huge temples and more and more- to enlighten the world- and it is not necessary to invest the money in huge buildings in Chennai. It is not necessary at all to build an empire like that.

I can tell you: I am so happy that I am FREE, no slave, no puppet on a string, especially not from Baghavan and Amma, like so many others. I love it that I did not start making a film yet- and that I did not start business yet with Kosmic Studio’s. I LOVE THIS.

I can assure you:  I feel relieve and total freedom. That’s so powerful and really great.

I wish you all the best. I hope that you people will gain insight. I really hope that the Golden City deserves that name.

Goodbye Krishnarai



Namaste Janneke!

I did go thro the article and explained the gist of it to Sri Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan was not greatly disturbed; He just smiled at it. We are used to more horrible media attacks here in India and this is just one more such attack in Holland! As for the course fee, Sri anandagiriji is quite clear that as for now, we won't be stepping down. I had also clarified that even a single dollar more than 5000 is what you pay the coordinators for their services and we are not connected to it anyway. and as for the comments of people on India and Indian gurus, let me tell you, western gurus are no better! they just do some crystal healing or some breathing technique and charge exhorbidantly. If people are  able to see the worth of what they receive here and see beyond money, they are blessed! If they can only see like a worm, and keep grumbling about the cost and money, the time has not yet come for them. And please correct yourselves of this idea that spirituality and enlightenment are independent of finance! How else do you expect us to function in this world as enlightened people without adequate financial resources.

Finally, Janneke, I must put it forth straight to you; you personally seem to be in terrible conflict. One part in you loves Bhagavan and his work and wants to help him, but another part is filled with such suspicion, mistrust and probably even some kind of hatred! Seek Amma Bhagavan's grace and confront all that negative side in you, or else your moods would continuously keep shifting like this and you would know no peace. Don't bind yourself in concepts of gratitude, loyalty, love etc. if you feel these are really not there. If the fact is that you despise this movement and the people involved, that is Sri Bhagavan and his disciples, please be free to accept it and confront it! You will make far more spiritual progress if you do this! I feel this is the best form of help I can offer you.

Thank you,

Ever at the lotus feet of Amma Bhagavan,



Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for your answer. I am very happy with your very nice mail and clear way of expressing yourself.  I am very moved. After all I can say: These all are fantastic lessons for me Jean. Thank you so much for your part in this. Anyway: I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: There’s no place like home. I had to tap 3 times with my feet on the Earth and I am home again.  

Thank you for sending your reply also to Kiara. Of course I wanted this to share with Kiara also, but after some email contact Kiara let me know that he went away and that he should be unreachable. I wait for his visit to The Netherlands early next month. He promised me to phone me. Anyhow, I CC this also to Kiara.

About publishing this stuff, Jean, my wish is: first to wait for a reaction from Kiara.  Later I (we) can take the decision to publish this.

I would like to comment: You write: You were entirely free to choose to go there at this price. I can tell you: Kiara let me know (a month earlier): Janneke it was your free will choice. I can answer on this matter: Yes on one hand I agree fully. I take full responsibility for this experience. Besides this there is something else: I (we) was (were) not fully informed about the programme in the course, we were wrong informed about our stay (Kiara had told us we would stay in 2-persons rooms, but in The Golden City they expected us to sleep in rooms with 14-20 persons. I refused this, together with a few others. So they had to bring us to a 2-persons room. But I noticed that all the others were not happy with our action. Another thing: we were not informed about the different prices for different people, and also not of the fact that some people (from the rich countries) had received reduction because they don’t have the money, so I (we) was (were) not able to choose very consciously. Many of us also expected to have private meetings with Bhagavan and Amma for free (former students had that), but we all had to pay 250 US$ for a meeting with Amma (1-3 minutes!) and the price for a (very short) private meeting with Bhagavan is minimal 500 US$ (maybe still much more, but I don’t have the paper with the prices anymore).

Later I was able to oversee the whole situation (I was possible to use my top camera).  Yes Krishnaraj should really have a point, when I had all the information before hand. But not now.

And I cannot blame Kiara for everything, so far as I know I understood that The Golden City changed many things and did not communicate this to Kiara. In my opinion Kiara’s position was/is very difficult. Kiara asked us (people from the Netherlands) not to use him as a scapegoat. My meaning is: he is right in this. Kiara also let us know that he stops to be a coordinator. He also invited us (Dutch people) to come for a weekend to talk about this together with Grace (for free) - no salary for them. But I cannot come because of the lack of the money, I cannot pay the travel and the stay. And first of all: I am also not interested to come because I have sorted this all out already. I am only waiting for an answer from Kiara.

For me illumination was not my goal. My purpose was: finishing my trauma-digesting process. In this I found the crown on my work. I never was/am not very interesting in enlightenment. Many others are, not me. I know: this comes one day or another. For me God-Realisation was the most wonderful part in the programme. I asked Jesus Christ to come into me. And all of a sudden there also came another Divine Being into me: a Woman. (I saw her clearly, I can paint her!) I asked her: who are You?  Later I received the answer: Pachamama. I felt very happy because two years ago I founded the foundation: Viva Pachamama (Live Mother Earth – Inca-language). And Jean, I can tell you, I did this also already in The Netherlands: I always grounded myself (is this good English?), rooted myself, before receiving deeksha’s. And now I do the same before giving deeksha’s- because I noticed: otherwise we are not grounded.

On the moment I know: many Dutch people started to have problems because of not-being-grounded and also because of (old) unsolved stuff coming up out of their unconsciousness- something new for them. I am convinced they need help. Also the fact that many people see Bhagavan as a god now, so they give their inner power away.

Yes you are quite right: the best word for a spiritual teacher should be: an inspirer. That’s it. We are our own leaders, we create our own lives- and others are inspirers.

And be sure: I am really happy and very creative. I am happy with my happiness and happy with my lessons. Yes thjs all is really process of (Christ) consciousness. I am very grateful for that. This are awakening processes for everyone involved.

Thank you Jean, my garden is a paradise on the moment, so beautiful. I suppose for you the same!

Many greetings and THANKS from




Hi again Janneke

Thanks for your reply and further explanations and comments. So as you suggest we shall indeed wait for Kiara's reaction, or for your "go ahead and publish it" decision if you ever wish to make this public for the benefit of others who might also be tempted by such a costly adventure, even if Kiara chooses not to reply and provide us with his perspective.

I'm personally really stunned that people would be so mesmerized by this sect's guru to be willing to shell $500 US for a few minutes in his presence - or $250 US for a couple minutes with his wife. To me, that alone - the fact they charge such an exorbitant amount for so little in return and that people have so much become devoid of their reason and discernment to fall for this scam - says a lot about the devious power this group and its guru exerts upon people, which makes me question the validity of the claims they make about any so-called deeksha or enlightenment transmission which now appears to me to be more the result of a collective trance rather that a genuine phenomenon.

Nevertheless I don't want to take away from whatever positive results you feel this whole experience has brought to you. I just hope that all those other Dutch people now having "problems" according to you will be able indeed to find again some sense of balance and true connection with their own inner Source of Light so as to derive positive lessons from what happened to them in India.

I'll wait to hear again from you and wish you to stay grounded in your own sacred Self.




Date: 31 May 2005
From: "Kiara Windrider" <kiara@eternaldoorway.com>
Subject: Re: Re: I felt like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz

dear jean

i don't quite know how to respond to this. much of this comes from my private correspondence with janneke that should not have been made public, and i say this because there are layers of mis-communication here that i just don't feel is something to be debating in a public forum. i will just say one thing here, that the $500 she mentions is an administrative cost that goes to a number of places and people, including various transport costs and so on. i have offered to return to her the part of it that was to go to me, since she was not satisfied with her experience there. the other side of it is that there are many many people who have had a very satisfactory and continually deepening experience of awakening.

as far as i am concerned, i would have been just as happy to do all the coordination for free, as i did the first time i did this last year. since then, a decision was made on the part of the main coordinators (which does not include myself, by the way) to include an administration fee for the travel costs, time, and other relevant expenses of those coordinating, translating, etc.

regarding the golden age movement, it is not perfect, and like all movements there are growing edges and shadows. but this needs to be seen in a bigger context than what janneke is currently providing. let's not "throw the baby out with the bath water"! the courses are growing quickly, and there are many more people attending than were previously, and much of her frustration comes from the transition from how it was in the first few months of the courses to the current program. as with many things in india, this was not done very smoothly, (which was also enormously frustrating for me as a coordinator), and i would hope and expect that things are taking a smoother course for people currently.

regarding me,i am always reluctant to counter back when statements are made about me. i would rather not be in a position to have to do this in a public forum, if this is okay with you, jean.

regarding my own experiences of being there, i had asked my publisher to send you a copy of my book, "fire from heaven", which i am hoping you have received by now. knowing how swamped you are for time, if you do find the time to skim through it, i would be very interested in any feedback from you!




Date: 01 Jun 2005
Subject: Re: I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
From: coreline <coreline@worldonline.nl>

Dear Jean,

Thank you very much for your answer. I fully agree with you, also in my opinion: this Oneness movement of Amma and Bhagavan is a sect, a cult. And I also fully agree with you that many so-called deeksha's or enlightenment transmissions are more the result of a collective trance rather that a genuine phenomenon. I also saw many physical reactions of people who received deeksha’s: giggling, shocking of the body. Some people explained to me: that is kundalini coming up, but I did not believe that at all. In my opinion these were rather a kind of hysterical contractions than enlightenment reactions (what they think they are).

For me: There is also another point: I really feel the powerful energy flow through my hands and through my body. This is much more powerful than Reiki. My ex-Reiki teacher asked me to give him a deeksha. He was really stunned and stayed a quarter of an hour very quiet. And I felt the power myself also. So I really learned to recognised this gift inside of me and to use this. But I don’t want to call this deeksha anymore. I have to choose a new word for this. And you know: I am not a professional healer, someone who's only profession is to give deeksha’s. No. Like I wrote in my peace Happiness I have my own profession: making films and inspiring people to build in a human-and nature-friendly way. So I am not dependent of earning money with giving deeksha’s like many others (they also paid all that money!). In the meantime I'll take the time to learn to handle this gift in a responsible way. So Jean, Now I am writing you this, I feel that I am a kind of solitary, individual also in Spirituality-Land. I pick the things who are important for my personal growth – and I move on.

Another remarkable thing is: Because of my (former work) for the Dutch Television I am aware of film/photo and television-broadcasting facilities and rights. For me it is an amazing issue that we (students) were not allowed to make photographs or cam-shootings during the sessions with Bhagavan and Amma. During those sessions some of our questions were chosen by the dasa’s (disciples) and questioned to Bhagavan, who gave the answers. We were threatened that our camera and film/photo material would be taken away. But what I saw was: many dasa’s were shooting for themselves and the movement. And worst: with every session: professional cameramen with TV camera’s were recording all the sessions. When I asked: why TV camera’s and all the shootings? I received the answer that all this was meant to be broadcasted on TV: in India and also in other countries. (I visited the studio with all the editing sets, but I could not find out if they have there own broadcasting net). I protested: Nobody asked us permission to use us as important figurants in these TV specials. But no one wanted to hear my voice, also not my fellow students. So we paid for this whole broadcasting possibilities also ! And all the singers and musicians among us: they performed for free- and some even postponed their tickets to sing and play for free. The Golden City has more than enough stuff to make and sell DVD’s. And they do. So: we paid all the equipment, shootings and editing, and after the course many students bought DVD’s with the material (so they paid double).

And Yes, Jean, for me it is all right now to distribute all this correspondence via your wonderful Network- if you want. The last thing I want to add is the mail I wrote to the deeksha givers in the Netherlands and Belgium. I’ll translate as good as I can.

Many thanks for your wonderful fellowship, insight and support Jean. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

All the best to you and all your work.



on 30 May 2005: I wrote this to the deeksha givers in Netherlands and Belgium

From: Janneke Monshouwer, Hilversum

Dear fellows,

Herewith I want to share with you and to confirm that I stopped contact with the Golden City – and that for me Bhagavan has been an inspirer and that’s it. And first of all: the power sits in myself. Bhagavan is not my teacher, also not my guru, also not my god, also not my father, but I repeat: an inspirer.

I am glad that I am initiated to give deeksha’s, I am grateful for that. But I move on in my own way. When I give deeksha’s than I do this out of direct contact with the Divine Source. So I don’t tune in at Bhagavan and Amma, I am in tune with my own Divine Source and Mother Earth. I see the deeksha as a divine instrument to help to make myself and others more independent, also to connect us with our own Sacred Divine Power.

If someone says: this is not possible without Amma & Bhagavan– now, here I am the living example that this is really possible. And many more people with me.

I told you, that I asked the Golden City questions. First I did not receive an answers. And when I continued I received mail from Krishnaraj one of the dasa’s /disciples of Bhagavan (in my opinion they are monks and nuns). I am threatened by Kriashnaraj and he tried to make me feel so little that he expected me to react like a frightened little child, to hold my tongue and to adapt to THEM.

I have been very disappointed in the way Bhagavan deals with people and money. Het is clear to me that he SAYS something else than he DOES. He says that people should be their own leaders. But in fact he places himself on a pedestal, he makes people dependent of HIM – and let them pay high amounts of money for that purpose. This is not the meaning of spiritual grow or enlightenment. He pulls/draws power and money towards himself in stead off that he helps people to become more independent. Kiara has become an extension peace of this- and the way how people dealt with the so called coordination and the ‘coordination money’ we had to pay, this does not fit in. In fact that money has been used to recruit ‘students’. Many times we asked receipts for all the money we paid, but until now we did not receive receipts for the course and also not for the coordination money. What I experienced: the whole world of this so called Oneness movement included Golden City and Golden Age Foundation is dominated by male energy, in fact that old stage what we are outgrowing !  In fact we need to grow towards the balance male and female energies.

And I am very happy that I did not start making film shots and other activities round this item. The films of Mitchell J. Rabin: I send them back to him (I did this already because of the inferior technical quality of many tapes/DVD’s.

To enlighten the world: it is not necessary to build a huge temple for this, it is also not necessary to own enormous investments objects (huge apartment buildings in Chennai). Bhagavan is very busy to build an empire. Why is something like that necessary? To me: These things don’t feel good at all. I RATHER STAY WITH MYSELF. I rather help Dutch friends/ex colleagues (we worked together at the Dutch TV News) who founded a project and a school to help and to guide children in India to be able to go to school and to study- also to help them to find a profession.

For me it is remarkable: many people are used to pay high amounts of money for spiritual education programmes/teachers, like the Reiki Alliance and other spiritual courses (also often in business- and industrial life, with deduction of taxes). Many people in the Mahirishi movement (I also met them during and after the course) told me that they are used to pay high amounts. When I asked about their opinion about the high amounts for this 21-day course, they said to me: you must look to ‘what is the value’ of something. Everyone said the same. But my question is: where and how do you meet the value ??? Do you value (more) dependency ???  Or do you value greater inner Independency ?

Do you know the fairy tale The Wizard of Oz? Dorothy leaves home and she walks to find her way as a Seeker. She experiences many adventures and everywhere she learns something which brings her more to her Self- and than she visits an imposing wizard, there she learns also something- and that wizard promises her many things. Eventually Dorothy finds out that the power (which she wanted to find in the outside world)  is seated in her inner Self, in her heart. She taps 3 times on the ground and she arrives home again. She realizes: Home is where the Heart is. There is no place like Home.

Do you know the book of Paul Coelho: The Magician ? This is the same story in another way. The leading figure experiences wonderful adventures in different countries, he outgrows his former life, he learns a lot, he also meets the Love of his Life- and has to leave her, continuing his path, but he also experiences some heavy robberies, and he has to start all over again. Eventually people told him that he can find his treasure a few meters from the Pyramid, under the sand. So: he travels to Egypt. There – when he is digging in the desert – he was caught by two raiders. They robbed al his money and knocked him down. BUT he heard them say that the real treasure was to find in his homeland, in his back yard ! Down and out he travels home, starts digging there and find his fantastic treasure: his own Divine Power. Soon after he marries his Love of his Life, the woman he had met – she had waited for him.

Dear people, it took me some time to find clarity about everything, but now I know clearly how to handle this and how to act: I don’t come to the festivities 1 and 2 June and I don’t attend the deeksha-activities which are attuned to Amma & Bhagavan and the Golden City (Golden Age Foundation).  

I ask every one respect for my way of life and work. How YOU live and work is your choice. The way I live and work is MY choice.

Last but not least: I give the best of myself to be able to give the money back to the people I borrowed the money from. I am very, very grateful for the way people helped me. This is really fantastic.

Dear greetings from




Dear Janneke

Thank you very much for this detailed new communication. I'm happy to see you have moved ahead and seem to have come to a peaceful conclusion on all this. I don't know yet if I'll network this to the entire ERN list - and if I do, it won't be part of a compilation but posted on a separate webpage with a brief mention in a compilation referring interested people to go read it there. This is now so long to read it entirely and not everyone will necessarily be interested in this whole matter.

However before making my final decision, I'd like to get a feedback from you on the following short letter I got from Kiara yesterday (SEE ABOVE). I did not have time yet to reply to him (I'm enormously busy right now) and before doing so I'd like that you confirm to me or deny that he has indeed offered to reimburse you of the part of the $500 that he received. I trust you'll give me a honest answer on this, because if you deny he ever offered this to you, then it will be your word against his. He also invited me to not "throw the baby out with the bath water" but aside from saying the movement he promotes in a great number of articles is "not perfect" he failed to address specifically any of the numerous and to me legitimate concerns you raised - and you raised even more in your 2 letters above... Also he says he does not want to counter your statements about him personally in a public way and I understand and accept that.

You don't need to write back a long letter Janneke. Just a short statement to verify the validity of what Kiara replied...

Best regards


Janneke Monshouwer
The Netherlands



Date: 12 Jun 2005
Subject: Re: this Oneness movement of Amma and Bhagavan is a sect, a cult
From: Janneke <coreline@worldonline.nl>

Dear Jean,

First I want you to know this– let there be no misunderstanding-: yes I am in peace and I am happy because I follow my heart and I stay in deep contact with my inner Self and my inner Guides. Yes I am busy like you and also like Kiara. But for this important issue: I put all my other work aside, take all time I need to be able to work this out to the bottom and to answer your questions. There is something very wrong here and I want you to know this. If you want to distribute or not, that’s up to you. But I want to tell you the truth I found. Kiara’s letter to you is very intimidating and aggressive to me- he wants me to feel little, like the people do in the Golden City. And he wants you to know that I am lying. He also suggests that you and he are very important, much too high and too busy for something annoying like my questions and letters. And: I asked you, don’t distribute, let’s wait first for a reaction from Kiara. I did not want to play this personally. But: when I wrote you that for me it would be all right when you want to distribute this, I received no answer from Kiara, only You received his answer- without a CC for me. No Jean, I don’t trust Kiara anymore. And I read his book Fire From Heaven: this is only admiration for Bhagavan.

Thank you for your efforts to pull reality and the facts above the surface. I also read Kiara’s reply to you. This opens a new well for me.

Yes I need to tell you details, because in the details we find the important facts to sharp our ability to distinguish, discernment- and our awakening. When I look back: I am sure: when I did not met Kiara, I never had been interested in the Golden City. For me: Kiara was the way shower. When flying over the whole thing – first it looks wonderful: up to personal development and world enlightenment. But later, in a detailed way, there came questions. And than: People don’t have time for questions – they have a goal to reach with a certain deadline, so: please no questions. One person said to me: Janneke it doest not matter What we do and How we do it, but we have to reach that goal. Now- in this RUSH people loose themselves. The same rush as in world politics and in many business.

My contact with Kiara is the same. I have the idea he does not read/understand my mails- he only thinks that I am frustrated. I can tell you: Long before I registered for the course I mailed him my questions about: what is enlightenment. But Kiara did not answer. I heard nothing from him. So I found out myself. For me personally: enlightenment was never an issue, but when I experienced also other deeksha-givers I became highly interested in the matter, because they all say they are enlightened in one way or another. But for me: this is not enlightenment. Other people call this: enlightened state, but I do not agree with this. I saw many people in a certain trance- out-of-body experience. That is something else than enlightenment. For me: when we are enlightened we are INSIDE our body and grounded very well. I also saw deeksha givers in trance, for me these were no energy transfers to enlighten the world, but a kind of energy-taps: those people tap energy from us for themselves. That’s NO enlightenment. I saw mass trance: many people give energy to Amma and also to Bhagavan. Amma and Bhagavan receive SO MUCH energy. They live from our energy. And we: Yes everybody becomes high. In my opinion: This is no enlightenment, but a DRUG.

And: Of course in the Golden City many people LOVE Kiara. Many people thank him because of all the people he brings in: how more people, the better. So Kiara and Grace are VIPS there, they are in another position than the people they bring in as students. So they see with other eyes.

Now I can give you answers on your question about the coordination money. I can tell you: I DON,T KNOW THE REAL ANSWER YET. I wait and see. Yes I asked half of the coordination money back from Kiara: 250,- USD. BUT- and this is THE POINT: I DID NOT ASK THIS MONEY BACK ONLY FOR MYSELF. I ASKED KIARA TO PAY THIS BACK TO EVERYONE OF OUR GROUP.

And: Yes, later in his mail Sat, 23 Apr 2005 15:24:53 +0530 Kiara confirmed to pay me (personally) back 250,- USD minus 10 for the first night. But first: this I DID NOT ASK. And second: I was not there the first night, so the amount stays for me: 250,- USD.

Another thing is:

That same mail Kiara wrote, starts with: dear janneke, i will answer some of your objections. As far as not being there during your course, you should know that ricardo, cristobal, and i were specifically told by mukund dasaji not to come to the gc2 campus because they didn't want the participants to be depending on the coordiantors but directly on amma and bhagavan. So Kiara did not travel with us, he came a few days later, Grace followed him in a later stage,- and they did a deepening course for them selves during the same time when we did the 21-day course. And: it was not supposed, we were not allowed to speak to one an other. However many people in our group NEEDED a coordinator very badly, because of the Indian pronunciation of the English language and acoustic problems in the enormous meeting hall, many people in our group did not understand our teachers. We also had German-language people in our group, who did not understand the English. I translated many things for people. Many others needed support for their inner process. There was a remarkable, great difference: The other group in our same 21-day course- Mexicans, S-th Americans, had their coordinators, they arranged everything for their students: good translations, translators, and extra guides for people who needed guidance for their inner process, they cared for transport from and to the airport (this money was included in the price of the course, not in the coordination money). But Kiara was not there when ‘his group’ needed him. In my case: I came with a little group of 5 people. When we arrived at Chennai-airport in the middle of the night: there was no transport. We had to arrange things ourselves. Fortunately: Later the coordinators of the other groups helped us. In the early morning we arrived in the Golden City. But there was no place/bed for us. We laid down in the meeting hall on the ground and slept a few hours. And: there was no food. Nothing for us. And after the course: when I left, I paid the transport to the airport myself. Of course, these all are mistakes of the Golden City. But Kiara cannot say he was so busy. I had to arrange things myself.

When Kiara speaks about the administration work he did, yes there was some: In the Netherlands Kiara had told us that we should stay in 2-persons rooms (for many of us the condition to go). We had to fill in our application form, send this to Kiara. And during the workshops he collected 250 US$ cash for the coordination. By mail he divided our group in room mates: 2 by 2– and he also collected our individual travel schedules– sent these to the organisation. Later in The Golden City the first thing Kiara did was: collecting the other 250 US$ - cash money. This was the administration Kiara did. Later The Golden City wanted to have our passport number. Kiara collected these numbers (during our lessons). He was very irritated to do this. And of course we asked receipts for all the money we paid. But we received nothing. After some days Kiara came in our lessons: writing a number of receipts for 25.000 Rupees (± 610 USD) for accommodation charges only. Kiara was irritated that he had to do this work. He did so pitiful. I really felt sorry for him! He was so busy with his own deepening process that he had no time to give everybody such a receipt. This happened during the lessons in a nearly dark hall. First I thought: this was for the 500.- USD coordination money. But later I noticed, this was for accommodation charges only- Not for the coordination and not for the course. We all –our whole Feb groups- and also the March groups did not receive receipts for the coordination money, also not for the course. Of course we asked this repeatedly. Last week I received mail from USA: people are still waiting for receipts. And we also. Kiara and also the Golden City administration promised us to give us the receipts on the last day of the course, before our depart. But nothing happened.

Later they promised to send the receipts to our home addresses. This is 4 months ago. Nothing happened. And from Kiara: we never received any receipt for the coordination money we paid. And he also stopped answering my mail. But when Kiara suggests that I am the only one who is complaining – and because he does not want to give money back to the whole group, like I asked, we all received a mail from him. Date: Mon, 2 May 2005 10:29:31 +0530 This starts also: Dear friends, i have been aware of various issues that have come up for many of you during and since the 21 day program. some of you have written to me, and i have been summarizing and passing this on to the organizers in a detailed way that was hopefully respectful as well as honest. many people are feeling angry or upset about many things ranging from money to accomodations to health to food to acoustics to transportation to unfulfilled expectations. i can't say much about the pros and cons about these issues, since i am myself not in a position where i have any direct control of these things. i am not a member of golden age foundation, and i don't have any power to change things on that level except through constructive feedback. i do see that we all have our shadows, including the golden age foundation, and that there are many things that can be improved in the future. the purpose of this letter is not about solving these problems, since i cannot do this, but to offer a perspective. My question is here: What is that perspective ????

He asks us not to take him as a scapegoat and he writes also: from a practical standpoint, we do need to look at what isn't working and do our best to fix it, and i have done everything i can to collect and offer feedback to golden age foundation in a way that i feel can make a positive difference. Here follows the perspective Kiara offers us: from a perspective of oneness, however, it is not so important to look at what the issues are but our own responses to them. there is always a learning for ourselves, always a sobering reflection of our own shadow side as we act out our guilt, shame, or blame tendencies in the world.

Kiara writes also: and please don't "shoot the messenger". if there were any 'sides' to this, i am on your side as well. and so are bhagavan and amma, and all the coordinators and all the dasajis at oneness university. This is of course crap- and not true. And this: i have also decided that i am not willing to place myself in a position like this again, and i am resigning from being a coordinator for future programs, unless it is on behalf of someone i already know well. love kiara For me: this is nothing. A balloon. Empty, hollow words. I can only say: This is the same fraud/swindle of a politician or TV-minister.

I know 7 other people who are not satisfied: Malcolm, Riet, Alorah, Lina, Johanni, Gerard and Irene. I wrote Kiara and the Golden City about this. So they know this very well. And I received copies of emails they wrote to Kiara. They also sent me his answers. I still have some of them. And yesterday I received the message that Alorah started writing a book about sects.

And about the transport costs Kiara mentions: in The Netherlands, before we registered, we received the information: in the costs of the course all costs are included. But- during the course we came for surprises. We had to visit Amma’s Ashram in Neman twice, (Amma = Bhagavan’s wife), maybe a 50 km from our place. They arranged 2 transports for us with taxi’s: 6 / 7 passengers in one taxi. All Indian prices are very low. I estimate high: 3.000 Rupees for one taxi one day. In total (2 days): 6.000 Rupees for 6 people is 1.000 Rupees per person = ± 25 US$ p. person for this whole transport. Not more. And later Kiara told us he also had to pay our first lunch in Neman: 1 US$. The lunch the second time we had to pay ourselves. Of course we all were irritated about this. Also about the fact that we had to pay Amma 250 US$ for a personal visit for 1 minute. Many people did not visit Amma, and they were very disappointed- and they also did not go a second time to Neman.

So in total: these extra costs Kiara paid was not more than an average amount of 26.- US$ a person. Besides that: we did not know this at the time, we heard much later, after the course, that Kiara had paid this money. Of course these are organisation failures. In my opinion Kiara is a slave of Bhagavan and Amma and of the whole Golden City Administration. Anyhow: Kiara’s administration and also the costs he paid for us were very little. Much too little than the 500 US$ we paid him. And: For me this is an EXTRA point : I repeat Kiara’s text: ...as far as not being there during your course, you should know that ricardo, cristobal, and i were specifically told by mukund dasaji not to come to the gc2 campus because they didn't want the participants to be depending on the coordiantors but directly on amma and bhagavan.... and I questioned Kiara in my mail: Why did you ask all that money, while you KNEW BEFOREHAND that you should not be able to be our coordinator during the course ? After all, in my opinion it is fair when Kiara pays us all back 400 US$ in stead of 250 US$. In my opinion 100 US$ per person is more than enough ( is a total of 6.000,- US$).

This is one of many seductive messages for Europeans, persuading masses of people to join in and to do a brave job to help to enlighten others and to enlighten the world. But this is not the way to spiritual independency and enlightenment.

Internet http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/126

For European applicants of the 21-day process in Golden City , India

The 21 days process is meant for those who want to be among the pioneers and spread this energy across the world. You should be a brave “spiritual warrior” with the intention to help as many people as possible to reach the highest possible states of consciousness with deep states of inner peace, with total lack of fears and inner conflicts, where a feeling of unconditional love and limitless joy predominates.

Creating a Pyramid. This is the way they work and indeed this movement is growing very fast. This is very tricky! I have the feeling that Baghavan & Amma and their dasa’s (disciples) work under false flags with hidden agenda's. I have the feeling that a pyramid like that can bring great masses in trance (no oneness)- and this works AGAINST our awakening process, undermines our connection with the Earth (grounding, rooting), destroys our own divine powers, in doing so in fact work AGAINST Oneness, Enlightenment and Ascension. Instead of this we can develop our own divine powers and our independency to be Co-Creators to co-create a real paradise on Earth.


When the pyramid of Oneness (Shakti Stala) finally will be inaugurated it will be so much easier for the seekers to get Oneness. At the moment, we can expect maybe 5-20 % of the people to get Oneness through the locally given Deekshas. This number will definitely grow month by month. After 5-7 years we expect the locally given dikshas to give a 80-100% result.

There is also a 21 days process in Golden City that is incredibly powerful (where also individual attention will be given) where Oneness is expected to be more and more easily attained.

It is indeed a historic step that Oneness (enlightenment) can be gotten within such a short time and almost with a guarantee. This must be what most spiritual masters have been praying about.

Some more points about the multiple of students and money, here we see some of the outcome of the pyramid they are creating:

February 2005 In this ONE MONTH the Golden City received for the courses ± 705.000 US$ . This apart from personal meetings with Amma & Baghavan- and apart from the coordination money and apart from donations. For the 21-day course ± 60 Europeans paid 5.000 x 60 = 300.000.- US$. We had lessons together with the group Mexicans and S-th Americans, ± 60 people, who had a reduction, they paid 3.000 US$ = 180.000 US$ and on other locations ± 40 Sufi people from France, 5000 a person = 200.000 US$ and courses for private persons. Many people also gave high donations. There were also a deepening course 25 persons x 1.000,- = 25.000 US$, and a course for Indian people.
In March 2005 only for the courses ± 1.150.000 US$ . This apart from personal meetings with Amma & Baghavan- and apart from the coordination money and apart from donations. In April this continues. This is the last month with courses, because of the heat (high summer in India). But still many private persons stayed there for private education.

In August 2005 many more new groups are coming: 550 students in one month for 21-day courses! and apart from them the deepening courses: see this new information at http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/72

1. all processes for Westerners are nowadays?conducted in GC-2 (sleeping in centrally air conditioned dormitories in a new built place?800 meters from?Oneness Temple (Shakti Sthala).

2. It seems that from August 2005, we will have a different system, 1 or 2 groups are invited in each batch, where there can be up to 550 participants now.

So, there are NO 2-persons rooms anymore for the participants. They want to rent/sell them to visitors. And- they write also that participants for the courses are not allowed to come a day earlier or to stay there one or more days longer –like I did– fortunately! Otherwise I did not have all these facts. I was able to see them act so much quite different than they speak and want us to believe ! And I was able to ask my questions to people who stayed there more times. Yes there was a moment I thought: He is an inspirer. But no, Bhagavan is an impostor. For me it took some time but all puzzle pieces come together and now I can say: all this is fake. With all what Kiara writes, maybe at first sight for many people this seems really wonderful. That is the same as with Bhagavan (Kalki), but: HE SPEAKS IN ANOTHER WAY THAN HE ACTS: He says that people should be their own teachers, leaders, independent. But in fact he makes people fully dependent on HIM and let them pay lots of money for this. He declares that HE is the Avatar, God, The Divine specialized to enlighten the mass and the world. He declares that enlightenment is grace and that we need him to give us that grace. This is no enlightenment at all but a mass trance of the very fast growing numbers of devotees of Bhagavan. I see Kiara as an appendix of Bhagavan. I remember: When I was invited in the March Group (most USA people, also a professor from Berkeley and many other intellectuals also from Australia, Denmark) to attend a darshan with Bhagavan. I heard all ±150 people singing and repeating this many times as a mantra: “Dear Bhagavan and Amma I live for you and I’ll die for you. I love you.” I was stunned. I told Jeannette, a Dutch woman: I cannot sing that bull shit ! Jeannette told me: I am the one who wrote this song. I told her: we have to LIVE for our development, and the development of the Earth, not for Amma & Bhagavan! So I saw there people gave their selves away. This is no healing, this is no life, this is escape. This is really a sect, a cult.

The day after I wrote my first report Happiness, I wrote to the Golden City asking them some money back (because I had no money as well as Mexicans or other people without money), and for our whole group to invite us the deepening course for free. I also asked them for the future to reduce all prices for everybody- and to advice them about some other issues. I also wrote them about the coordination money, that I did not agree with that. But I received no answer. Later I wrote them again- but because of their evading and manipulating answers, my number of questions increased. And I started CLOSE READING, and question myself about everything I experienced, every little detail.

When I send them my report Happiness the deeksha givers did not publish this on the site of Living In Joy, they said to me that the article was very fresh, they enjoyed this very much, however they wanted two items out: that I had written that We from the West (rich countries) have to pay a great amount for the courses. And also: After the course I stayed 14 days and nights on the side of fellow student from Austria. She was very ill from a bad dysentery. I asked why? They said that this was negative. I told them that this is the truth. I asked them not to act as if this is a sect, a cult. But still they did not publish !

And later in a meeting, when I mentioned the money issue many deeksha givers became irritated. And on the moment the situation is worse: I received phone calls, also from: Jeannette. She said to me that the difficulties I have to encounter come out of the fact that I do not listen to THEM and to Amma & Baghavan.

Last week I received a mail for all Dutch-language people who are initiated to give deeksha's that they organize a course in the Netherlands to increase the energy level in The Netherlands because of the negative information (I sent many of them my letter): a 3-days course.

I hope that all many misled and abused devotees awake soon and find themselves back. They only can find the Divine and enlightenment in their selves, not via some one else.

And in the Golden City they want all inaugurated people to do 10-days deepening courses after 6 months- Costs: 1070 US$. The result for thousands of people who attended the 21-day course is: deeper infiltration, much more money (also ticket to fly to India). See their message: http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/306 For every student after 6 months a deepening course of 10 days is recommended. Application fee of 70 US$ (to pay the coordinator) and US$ 1000 which should be sent to Standard Chartered Bank (Hongkong) Private Limited.

Hongkong Bank
See: http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/126
The US $ 5000 for the course fee should be transferred directly to an account in Hong Kong. Name of the Bank: Standard Chartered Bank (Hongkong) Private Limited

My questions are: Why not a bank in India? Also Interesting is: the name of the Account Holder in Hongkong : Heaven on Earth Mission - Pvt Ltd, 15F Standard Chartered Tower, 388 Kwun Tong Rdl, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.
That name looks like drugs dealing. I tried to find Heaven on Earth Mission on Internet but I did not find this yet.

Personal meetings Amma & Bhagavan

Apart from this: people have to pay high amounts for personal meetings: 1, 2 minutes with Amma: 250 US$ and Bhagavan: 500 US$. I am told me that they are increasing these prices. I was very privileged: I stayed in a building next to the building where Bhagavan lives. I saw many people (individuals and families) waiting for hours in their best clothes with the most beautiful presents for Bhagavan and Amma and also many fruit baskets- and many of them also gave extra donations.

So: flows of money and people! And this flow is growing quickly, multiplying like a pyramid.


At http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/11 they write: As you might be knowing, all the money (minus the material cost) goes directly to the various projects of Golden City for social service for the poor as well as their most noble project enabling anyone to enter the highest state possible, Oneness.

Of course people can think: that’s wonderful– they help the poor. Than it is okay for many people to pay some extra money for the courses. But in India I never saw any social project for poor people. I saw no schools to educate children, no hospitals to help sick people. Nothing. Also not in the neighbour villages. From a fellow student I received an Indian Daily newspaper article (2004) with pictures of Amma & Bhagavan and their son Krishna and pictures of huge apartment blocks- for investment – in Chennai – the owner is: Krishna, the son of Bhagavan and Amma. In that article the writer asks: why investment buildings, why no projects for the poor? He is very upset and calls this Mafia. The Oneness Movement is also building many more huge meeting halls, more dormitory buildings, the enormous Oneness temple with a whole new village/hotel buildings next to this. On a picture on the wall in the room of a dasa I saw a painting with a white temple up a mountain hill top. I asked: what is that? I received the answer: Yes we are going to build that also.

I was stunned by all the beggars outside the entrance of Amma’s property in Neman, most children. Why no school for them ? I also was stunned by the facts Indian people told me: many of them help Amma and Bhagavan voluntary, they work hard, receive no money, only THE GRACE and Deeksha energy. One man in Chennai told me: Bhagavan had told him that he had to stop his work (he sold leather articles in Europe) because otherwise this work should give him more bad karma because he was a Brahman. I know him and his wife very well, because they came 10 days to the hospital in Chennai, twice a day to bring food! I was there to accompany the dysentery patient. Then I told him that the Golden City needs badly good honest managers. But he answered me: Yes I would love to do something like that, but I cannot allow myself to work for free as a volunteer, what they want of me, they pay nothing. He was really irritated- also because his wife works one day a week as a volunteer to prepare special food for Amma. Two nights a week they go to temples in the inner City of Chennai to give deeksha’s. I went with them. Their two daughters are dasa’s (disciples) of Bhagavan. They live like nuns, sleep also in dormitories. They work there day and night, a few years already. They receive clothes, food- but no money. So they are not able to help their parents financially (when they are old)- and of course, if they would choose to leave and to independent: that is nearly impossible because they have nothing and they are brainwashed. All people become fully dependent of Amma & Bhagavan.

I also was stunned to see some dasa’s who were totally out of their body. They gave deeksha’s to us! Very young people, who are not able to walk, talk, dress themselves anymore. I saw other dasa’s who helped them to walk, feeding them like babies. In darshans, group meetings, Bhagavan told us (students) that his energy is so very high, that these (helpless) dasa’s are fully enlightened. But that he was very careful with us, gave us not too high energy because he was afraid for our mental, psychic and physical reactions: he was also very afraid for his own Indian government and legal claims, that the police at Chennai-airport should pick up out-of-body travellers, or governments in other countries who should ask questions about their citizens to become crazy in a course India.

Bhagavan told us he did not like to be prosecuted and to live in prison. He explained that his high energy is a threatening for the Indian government. Bhagavan himself was day and night fully protected by two fully armed bodyguards – and many dasa’s. And also all properties and campuses are fully protected by high walls and many security agents.

I remember now that before the course started, we, students, had to sign a paper that we are fully responsible for our own health, mentally and physically. In former courses people had to eat Lehyam, a kind of herb, drug, to vomit and to come very quickly in high states (out of body). I heard about this from earlier students and I read this at http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/library/45 and in Kiara’s book Fire From Heaven. But Bhagavan stopped this habit for the Westerners. Fortunately I did not have to eat that stuff.

In Anandaloka 1, another location with many huts, where I spent the last 5 days, there are two huts in a very quiet area, far away and apart from the other huts. I saw a few groups of Indian people coming there walking on their toes very quietly and very devoted. They went meditating, praying and falling in adoration on the ground, and bringing presents for people in the huts. I asked: what is that? People answered: these are the first huts where Amma & Bhagavan started teaching and initiating their first dasa’s. I asked: are people living there in that hut? I received the answer: a group very young dasa’s, still children, who can not walk, talk, eat, dress themselves anymore. They are like babies. I asked: why? I saw them go to the toilet hut outside. One nice woman from Singapore, who did many courses there, answered: it is not done to talk about this. We have to hold our mouth shut. Because we were friends that time, she told me: the deeksha energy of Amma & Bhagavan is so very high, that these dasa’s are fully enlightened now, they are in a very high state. I asked: Enlightened? For me enlightenment is something else.

These children are out of their bodies. I asked: will the spirit of these children return into their bodies again ? The answer is: No. Never. I was shocked. I said: these people are damaged for life! But they explained that I need to think the opposite: people in a high state like this are a blessing for the the world. But I did not believe that. I was stunned: Than the woman told me that many many more people are supposed to come into that high state and to sit and meditate daily in the huge Oneness temple, when the temple is ready- only to radiate their high energy to enlighten the masses and the world.

I also saw many Western people also fellow students with out of body-experiences, but fortunately they returned to their bodies, also some Dutch people here in the Netherlands, when they give many deeksha’s. I remember the first workshop with Kiara, after he gave 90 people deeksha’s, he was not able to sit, walk and talk anymore. I thought: this looks like a drunken person. We, all the people of the workshop, felt very sorry for him and laid a plaid over him, so he could sleep. Next morning Kiara was awake, but he changed the programme, he did not give deeksha’s anymore that day. Something else: Grace, Kiara’s wife, writes about her enlightenment experiences in Kiara’s book “Fire from heaven”, Chapter 13. I believe her story that she felt like a little baby, and a little child, growing older. I think this was a kind of regression.

On http://www.livinginjoy.com/en/info/11 I read: One of the programme-items is: Samskarashuddhi. This is a deep process that helps: removing mental blocks, removing childhood traumas, removing negative patterns in life, liberating some of the negative karma, strengthening the contact with the Antaryamin (Kalki&Amma) and much more…

This is the big mistake: Here they programme Amma and Bhagavan inside people, instead of inner divine guides of our own. People have to become full of Amma & Bhagavan. They suggest: this is Oneness. And they suggest- let people believe (I did not believe this) that the trauma’s and so on are OVER.

My conclusion is: All their beautiful messages and goals are presented under false flags. This is really a pyramidal scheme they are creating: Many more, multiples of people become involved. They give away their personal power and their money: themselves. This is not Oneness in Spirit. This is oneness in slavery.

In fact these deeksha’s pick away personal awareness, personal responsibility. People flee away from difficult matters like politics, money issues, fair trade,
I can say now: This is no awakening at all. This is an escape, flee away from LIFE.

So Jean, this is the result of a thoroughly investigation of an eye witness: myself.
Feel free to distribute (some of) this stuff or not.

With love from Janneke

The Netherlands



From: "Kiara Windrider"
Subject: Re: this Oneness movement of Amma and Bhagavan is a sect, a cult
Date: 15 Jun 2005

dear jean

janneke has a right to her own opinions, as do you. there are, however, thousands of people who have gone through the process who have had very positive and gratifying experiences. this process is about changing the neurobiological basis of consciousness, and many, including myself, can clearly say that it works. one aspect of the 21 day program is the training that people receive so they can themselves channel this cosmic energy and give deekshas to others, and i and many other deeksha givers have seen that people are having identical experiences to what people have experienced in india. over and over again i see people moving into deep states of peace, inner silence, emotional healing, and oneness, so this is certainly not mass hypnosis or gullible salesmanship. i speak, not as some starry-eyed guru follower, but as a trained psychotherapist and someone who is well grounded on the spiritual path.

i have no interest or need to defend myself, since this usually leads to ego games, nor do i wish to criticize janneke for sharing what is her own unique personal experience. however, for your own sake, and for the sake of your readers, i would like you to also carefully examine the other side before rendering judgement. you have known me for many years, and i hope have learned to trust me somewhat during this time. perhaps you have received my book, "fire from heaven", by now, and i would invite you to at least skim through this and read a little bit of my own experiences and that of many others, and some of bhagavan's direct statements concerning this phenomenon. you could also check out innumerable experiences people have been sharing on livinginjoy.com and globaloneness.com.

as far as the high fees, the lifestyle of bhagavan and his ashram remains extremely simple. i cannot speak for the golden age foundation, but as far as i know the money all goes towards the construction of the "oneness temple" and the accompanying residential complex. the idea is to have 8000 people there at all times holding a strong unified focus, and anchoring the morphogenetic field of enlightenment for all humanity. it is not very different from the meditation focuses you hold periodically on specific themes where you invite people to hold a certain field of prayer to effect certain changes in mass consciousness. once the oneness temple is completed and activated, bhagavan says that it will no longer be necessary for people to go to india to receive this training, that the power will be there for many who have gone through the program to themselves teach people how to pass on the deeksha to others in an ever-widening circle. the intent throughout is to get humanity enlightened in the smoothest and fastest way possible, and the goal is to have this completed by 2012 AD. i would never say that this is the ONLY way to achieve global enlightenment, but it is time for the human species to undergo a major transformation, or we will drive ourselves extinct very quickly, along with our mother planet.

if you are publishing your correspondence with janneke to your e-list, i would request that you include this note from me as well.

love, kiara



Hi Kiara

I've just added your letter above at the end of the whole series of correspondence which interested people will review on this webpage:


However, I fail to see what new element there is in your letter above that would adequately address the serious concerns Janneke has raised over the course of her awakening from the experience in "enlightenment" she went through in India.

I wonder if you actually took time to read the last letter she wrote to me (archived on the webpage above).

Anyway I don't feel like I even want to try to open your eyes so that you can see what this movement is really about and no matter how many times you repeat to me whatever bhagavan said to you this won't change my understanding that this whole scheme is not about enlightenment but is solely about personal power and personal enrichment of this same bhagavan and his wife.

I'm afraid I will not be receptive to your book - which I never requested BTW - as I don't believe AT ALL in any and all the pr stuff you are throwing at me as if by repeating endlessly the same delusional falsities they would somehow suddenly become true for me.

Once the scales haven fallen from your eyes and you are through with this phase of your learning experience on Earth - and thus with the deep denial you are still in - I'll be happy to resume any intelligent correspondence with you.

I sincerely hope you won't hurt your Self too much before beginning to understand that true spiritual wisdom never comes out from someone else's mouth (or written words and thus certainly not from mine) but only through the wise instantaneous guidance of the still small Voice of God within - once you've learned to become One with this infinitely patient and loving Presence in All That Is.




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