Ocotber 15, 2005

The Big Scoop Series #8: The Lame Duck is About to Take a Plunge...

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"The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Love is the most durable power in the world. Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

"When I despair, I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been murderers and tyrants, and for a time they seem invincible. But in the end they always fall. Think of it, always."

- Mahatma Gandhi

“History,” said Time Machine author, H.G. Wells, “is a race between education and catastrophe.” Now, as the petro-philes of the current administration strut their arrogant, unilateral stuff on the world stage -- abrogating treaties, bombing, threatening, sanctioning, engineering coups, installing puppet regimes, supporting dictators and oligarchs, causing unspeakable misery, scoffing at international law abroad, trampling civil rights at home, targeting 60 countries in its pursuit of “Full Spectrum Dominance” (as the weapons wonks call it) --- a growing number of “observers” have begun to wonder if history isn't now more precisely, a race between the demise of the biosphere and the deconstruction of the American Empire.

- Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle -- taken from

"To maintain hope, we cannot focus only on the dark things that are going on. Once in a while if you get a 'bird's eye' perspective, you see all sorts of good examples, and they comfort you. You see more and more people who understand and who are making concrete contributions to the transition to this new understanding."

- Karl-Henrik Robert, Swedish cancer researcher and founder of The Natural Step

"There are two kinds of "globalization" going on simultaneously right now. One is the much-touted economic globalization being pushed by the TNCs, the national elites and their pet institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and the WTO. The other globalization - which you won't hear a peep about, by the way, in the corporate media - is the bottom-up, grassroots, internet-mediated, people-based movement springing up all over the world. Its saying, 'We know how to do renewable energy. We know how to do organic agriculture. We know how to do economic democracy. We know how to create a sustainable society.' All the pieces are there. Now we just have to connect the dots."

- Kevin Donahur, Co-Founder with Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange; Editor, "Democratizing the Global Economy."

"Worldwide, there are tens of thousands of NGOs that are addressing the issue of sustainabiltiy in its broadest and most complete sense. Domestically, my guess is that there are some 30,000 groups. They address a broad array of issues including environmental justice, ecological literacy, public policy, conservation, women's rights and health, population, renewable energy, corporate reform, labor issues, climate change, trade issues, ethical investing, ecological tax reform, water and much more. These groups conform to both of Gandhi's imperatives: Some resist while the other create new structures, patterns, and means. The groups tend to be local, marginal, poorly funded and overworked. It is hard for most groups not to feel that they could perish in a twinkling, and a palpable sense of anxiety is there. At the same time, there is a deeper pattern that is extraordinary. Around the world, organizations working on sustainability are creating conventions, declarations, lists of principles, and frameworks that are remarkable in accord. These include the CERES Principles, The Natural Step, Agenda 21, the UN Charter on Human Rights, the Cairo Conference, The Siena Declaration, and thousands more." Never before in history have independent groups from around the world derived frameworks of knowledge that are utterly consonant and in agreement. It is not that they are the same: it is that they do not conflict. This hasn't happened in politics, not in religion, not in psychology, not ever. As external conditions continue to change and worsen socially, environmentally and politically, organizations working towards sustainability increase, deepen, and multiply. Some day, these dots are going to be connected."

- Paul Hawken, co-author with Hunter and Amory Lovins of "Natural Capitalism."

(The last 3 quotes above come from

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Lots of revealing radio interviews

Aspartame Disease: An FDA Approved Epidemic

Time after Time - new movie by Maireid Sullivan>
Time after Time is a celebration of the great heritage of ancient Celtic, American and Australian peoples, - and has been described as a "cinematic poem" by the Globians Film Festival, in Potsdam, Germany. There is a 8 minute film preview, with extensive background notes at the URL above.

Who are The INDIGO Children?
Have they come to save the world? Or are they the product of wishful imaginations? Whatever you call them, our children are coming into the world with their eyes wide open, ready to play their role in creating a world of compassion and peace. Are we witnessing a major leap in human evolution, what Jean Houston calls "Jump Time?" Many people believe that we are on the brink of a global awakening, and that the Indigo Children are here to show us our highest potential. In "The INDIGO Evolution," you will hear from leading experts from around the world that this is much more than an imaginary fancy. The Children are real, and they are changing the world. Director James Twyman takes us on a journey into one of the most important questions of our day: "Has the human race finally evolved to a higher reality? Recommended by Fred Burks>

Got Democracy? - Vote Rigging 101
Electoral Reform is a non-partisan issue... Why does it matter if the last three U.S. Federal elections were stolen? Because, if they were, we have a democracy in crisis. Despite resounding corporate media silence, massive evidence exists that the elections were indeed stolen. Ohio was the key state in 2004. The Conyers Congressional Report “Preserving Democracy” cites “massive and unprecedented voter irregularities and anomalies” throughout Ohio. Attempted recounts met with serious blocking and tampering. Thousands of similar violations occurred in states across the country, dis-enfranchising primarily Black, Native American and Latino voters. Without electoral integrity the American ship of state is without a legitimate captain and crew. Without clean elections, no clean energy policy, no just domestic or foreign policy are possible. Got Democracy? - Vote Rigging 101 A look at the evidence for widespread vote fraud and what we can do about it.


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Voters said to hunt for polling sites in west Iraq (Oct 14)
RAMADI, Iraq (Reuters) - Hours before a crucial referendum on a new constitution, voters in western Iraq, where many are expected to say "No," were asking themselves a troubling question: where are the polling stations? "There are no voting centers in cities like Haditha, Hit, Rawa, Qaim, Ana, Baghdadi and the villages around them," Mahmoud Salman al-Ani, a human rights activist in Ramadi, said on Friday, listing locations across western Anbar province. "There aren't actually any voting centers or even voting sheets in these cities ... Nobody knows how and where to vote if they decide to," he said of the predominantly Sunni Arab region. (...) "The Americans intended to isolate the cities in western Iraq to prevent the huge Sunni population from voting," said Thair al-Hadeethi, a human rights activist from Haditha.In Ramadi, a group of residents said they had walked around their neighborhood looking for a voting center and not found one. Parts of Ramadi are essentially in rebel hands. A Western diplomat in Baghdad said he expected a fair turnout in Anbar, where most voters boycotted elections in January with just two percent turning up on the day.If two-thirds of voters in three of Iraq's 18 provinces vote "No" in the referendum then the constitution will be rejected, even if more than half of all voters nationwide say "Yes."Anbar, where more than 90 percent of the population is Sunni Arab, is likely to be the province with the strongest "No" vote. Despite their displeasure with the constitution, which they see as favoring Iraq's majority Shi'ites and ethnic Kurds -- many of whom are expected to vote "Yes" -- Anbar residents still appeared keen to express their disapproval via the ballot box. "This is a Crusaders' constitution," said Yassir al-Dulaimi, 40, an engineer from Ramadi. "Those who wrote it are people making a living and working for the favor of the occupier and for their own benefit, not for the favor of the country." CLIP Many more related and other news at

Poll: Bush Presidency Judged Unsuccessful (Oct 14)
WASHINGTON - For the first time, more people say George W. Bush's presidency will be judged as unsuccessful than say it will be seen as a success, a poll finds. Forty-one percent of respondents said Bush's presidency will be seen as unsuccessful in the long run, while 26 percent said the opposite. (...) Seven in 10 said they want the next president to offer policies and programs that are different from the Bush administration's. CLIP

Earthquake death toll rises to 30,000 (October 10),7369,1588625,00.html
More than 30,000 people were killed by this weekend's powerful earthquake centred below the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan, sending shockwaves across south Asia and reducing cities and villages to rubble.The majority of the deaths from the quake, which measured 7.7 on the Richter scale and struck early Saturday morning, were in Pakistan. One state minister estimated that 30,000 people were killed in Pakistani Kashmir alone. In Indian Kashmir more than 600 were reported dead. At least 50,000 were believed to be injured. The UN estimated that more than 2.5 million people needed shelter. (...) There were warnings from relief agencies that children could make up half the population of the quake-affected areas and would be vulnerable to hunger, cold, illness and trauma. On the roads into the foothills of the Himalayas from Islamabad displaced villagers had gathered for shelter."We lost everything we had in just one minute. My shop is done. My house is gone and now we have to wait here without anything," said Mohammed Habib, who was with his five children, sitting on a road above the Jhelum river. CLIP

Quake Pushes Pakistan's Health System to Breaking Point
Pakistan's massive earthquake has strained to breaking point an already patchy medical system, with hospitals in ruin, doctors dead and tens of thousands needing urgent treatment. President of the Pakistan Medical Association said they had been pushing for years for the government to double its GDP commitment to health.

Disaster Finds India, Pakistan Divided Still
J. Sri Raman: The fact that Kashmir as a whole has borne the brunt of the tragedy has not made the two countries or their governments compete with each other in relief efforts. It has only made them compete in preventing common relief efforts.

UN Puts Quake Homeless Toll at One Million
United Nations officials estimated that one million people remained homeless, hungry and threatened by disease in hundreds of shattered mountain hamlets.

Poor response to Malawi's growing hunger (Oct 14)
(...) Prolonged drought has brought hardship, uncertainty and fear to Malawi where subsistence farming is a way of life. Ordinary people in the parched rural districts of the landlocked nation have looked on helplessly as the maize harvest shrivels to the lowest levels in a decade. Malawi has reached a dangerous point in its chronic food crisis with an estimated 2,9-million people expected to need food aid in the coming months. Most of them are in the south of the country. (...) Without urgent intervention the numbers of hungry people could soon climb to about five-million in a country of 11-million people, the UN has warned in persistent appeals to wealthy donor nations.Against this grim outlook, however, UN officials stress that they are wary of warning about "famine". But they concede: early signs of a humanitarian disaster have became evident in Malawi.Aid agencies are particularly concerned in light of an outpouring of international donor assistance to other parts of the world that has seen the plight of George and millions like her go virtually unnoticed for months. "There's Sudan and Niger and the tsunami in Asia and now the earthquake in Pakistan," WFP public affairs officer for Africa, Peter Smerdon points out. Other NGO's agree. "We've known since February or March that the rainfall had not been normal and we knew this was going to be a difficult time," confirms Oxfam regional humanitarian coordinator Neil Townsend.Malnutrition among children in Malawi is on the rise. The latest nutritional survey shows a 29% increase in the south and a 40% increase in central parts of the country. A second survey due this month will indicate similar or even higher levels, aid workers predict. (...) High levels of HIV/Aids infection -- officially declared at around 14% of the population in 2003 -- is one of the leading factors that has plunged life expectancy in Malawi to 39 years.Describing the crisis in an impoverished society like Malawi, Smerdon highlights the logistical challenges and the time -- usually four months -- that it will take to get donor funding and food. CLIP - More details at

WFP Says Emergency Food AID Needed Now In Malawi (Oct 13)
(...) The WFP does not have enough supplies on hand to deal with the emergency. Mr. Smeardon says, “In fact, our biggest donor for the Malawi operation so far is the government of Malawi itself. So, we are urgently appealing for donors to come forward and particularly give cash because gifts in kind of food will take four months to reach Malawi. And therefore if you give in a couple of months, or come up with a pledge in a couple of months, the food will be arriving either in the hunger season itself, or after the hunger season when the damage will already be done. So, therefore, we urgently need cash contributions. The total need is $76 million to feed two point nine million people until April 2006.”

FEATURE-Erosion, forest loss add to hungry Malawi's woes (13 Oct 2005)
(...) With around 11 million people occupying a surface area of 118,500 sq km (45,753 sq miles), Malawi is one of Africa's most densely populated countries. But much of the arable land has been taken up by commercial plantations growing cash crops such as tobacco, tea and sugar. This has left millions of subsistence farmers to till what space they can grab. (...) Food security is already tenuous in Malawi. A drought devastated last spring's crop and a raging AIDS pandemic has compounded problems, striking down peasant workers in the prime of life.According to the World Bank, in 2000 - the latest year for which it obtained data - close to 26,000 sq km (10,038 sq miles) of Malawi's surface area, or 22 percent, was forested. But forest cover had been declining by an estimated 2.4 percent per year in the preceding decade and may have accelerated since because of subsequent food shortages. There have been some efforts to reverse this trend through tree-planting programmes sponsored by foreign donors but it is an uphill battle in the face of rapid population growth. Fragile environments cause problems across Africa from Madagascar, where deforestation is also stripping much of the soil, to the fringes of the vast Sahara desert in West Africa, where the slow creep of the sands is swallowing arable land.In Malawi, a booming market in wood carvings, which often wind up being sold to tourists in upscale malls in Johannesburg and Cape Town, has also helped lay waste to much of the forests. Malawi has been dubbed the warm heart of Africa. But its beat is slowing as its lifeblood soil is washed away.

How High Could Indictments Go?
Daniel Schorr comments on the tangled web of CIA leaks and wonders how high the indictments could go. The prosecutor interviewed President Bush and Vice President Cheney at some length. It is not publicly known if they are implicated, but Schorr reminds us that the Watergate grand jury wanted to indict President Nixon for obstruction of justice.

Rove and Miller Called Back to Grand Jury
The White House's handling of a potentially crucial e-mail sent by senior aide Karl Rove two years ago set off a chain of events that has led special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to summon Rove for a fourth grand jury appearance this week.

As Karl Goes ... (13 October 2005)
If Rove goes down, will the White House completely fall apart? (...) As early as Friday, Rove's mettle is expected to be tested by a fourth appearance before the grand jury investigating the leak of Valerie Plame's covert identity to the press. Special Prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald is expected to wrap up his investigation in the next two weeks, with broad speculation that he will bring indictments, either for perjury, conspiracy or the individual violation of various laws protecting classified information. The investigation is concluding at a time of political chaos for the White House and Rove. President Bush faces his lowest approval ratings ever, high gas prices, the continued fallout from the botched response to Hurricane Katrina, a mounting death toll in Iraq and a growing conservative insurrection over Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers. Some White House supporters worry that the possible indictments of Rove or other officials could throw the presidency into even further disarray. (...) In the end, the lasting damage to President Bush and his legacy could come from another source altogether - a revelation of the lengths to which the White House went to sell, and defend, false pretences for the Iraq war. On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal reported that "lawyers familiar with the situation" believed that Fitzgerald's investigation now includes scrutiny of the White House Iraq Group, an inner council of presidential advisors who first gathered in August 2002 to craft a strategy to sell the war in Iraq. The Journal report suggests that Fitzgerald has broadened the scope of the investigation to possibly include a conspiracy to punish Wilson and his wife that predates by months the articles in which journalists mentioned Plame's identity. CLIP

"Apply" now to secure a lucrative career both decrying and luxuriating in the spoils of Big Government! No experience necessary! Don't miss your chance to suckle greedily at America's soon-to-be-bankrupt bureaucracy teat!

Fitzgerald Nears Decision on Indictments
Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has a variety of options as he weighs whether anyone broke a law that bars the intentional unmasking of a CIA officer. Defense lawyers increasingly are concerned Fitzgerald might pursue other charges such as false statements, obstruction of justice or mishandling classified information.

The 2005 International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity Committed by the Bush Administration of the United States
When the possibility of far-reaching war crimes and crimes against humanity exists, people of conscience have a solemn responsibility to inquire into the nature and scope of these acts and to determine if they do in fact rise to the level of war crimes and crimes against humanity. That is the mission of the International Commission of Inquiry on Crimes Against Humanity. The first session will be held October 21-22 in New York City. This tribunal will, with care and rigor, present evidence and assess whether George W. Bush and his administration have committed crimes against humanity. Well-established international law will be referenced where applicable, but the tribunal will not be limited by the scope of existing international law. The tribunal will deliberate on four categories of indictable crimes: 1) Wars of Aggression, with particular reference to the invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. 2) Torture and Indefinite Detention, with particular reference to the abandonment of international standards concerning the treatment of prisoners of war and the use of torture. 3) Destruction of the Global Environment, with particular reference to systematic policies contributing to the catastrophic effects of global warming. 4) Attacks on Global Public Health and Reproductive Rights, with particular reference to the genocidal effects of forcing international agencies to promote “abstinence only” in the midst of a global AIDS epidemic. CLIP

The Oil Factor
Today, 6.5 billion humans depend entirely on oil for food, energy, plastics & chemicals. Population growth is on a collision course with the inevitable decline in oil production. George Bush's "war on terror" happens where 3/4 of the world's remaining oil and natural gas is located.

Bush Will Veto Anti-Torture Law after Senate Revolt
The Bush administration pledged yesterday to veto legislation banning the torture of prisoners by US troops. The administration's extraordinary isolation was underlined when the Senate Republican majority leader, Bill Frist, supported the amendment.

Who Isn't against Torture?
"Let's be clear: Mr. Bush is proposing to use the first veto of his presidency on a defense bill needed to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan so that he can preserve the prerogative to subject detainees to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. In effect, he threatens to declare to the world his administration's moral bankruptcy."

Remove All Torturers from Power
Scott Galindez writes that the Bush administration and those who support the Iraq war frequently justify it by saying that Saddam Hussein tortured his people. They say that Iraq is better off without him. He agrees that Saddam needed to go, but with the reports from Abu Graib and other US-run prisons, it is clear that the Iraqi people are still being tortured.

Bush Teleconference with Soldiers Staged
Bush's teleconference with soldiers in Iraq was billed as a conversation with US troops, but the questions he asked were choreographed to match his goals for the war in Iraq and Saturday's vote on a new Iraqi constitution.

Dahr Jamail | Violence Leads Only to More Violence
With names like 'Operation Iron Fist' and 'Operation Iron Gate' thousands of US troops, backed by warplanes, tanks and helicopters began attacking small cities and villages primarily in the northwestern area of al-Anbar. An Iraqi journalist writing under the name Sabah Ali recently returned from the al-Qa'im area of Iraq, accomplishing a feat no non-embedded western journalist has dared undertake. Her report tells quite a different story than US Military and corporate media. (...) Dr. Hamdi confirmed that the majority of al-Qa'ims population of 150,000 left the city, and that only the disabled and those who preferred to stay remained. He also confirmed that many of the casualties he treated were women and children (He has already confirmed this on al-Arabia channel three days earlier.) He explained that the families are not afraid of the bombing, the fighting or the mortars as much as they are afraid of an American-Iraqi invasion of the city, something which many families mentioned too. According to Dr. Hamdi: "After the families saw what happened in Tal-Afar on TV, and after the threat of the Defense Minister to attack al-Qa'im, they were terrified. The immigration was crazy. It was an irresponsible statement by the Defense Minister. There were no military evacuation orders. These thousands of children and families are living in the wilderness in very bad conditions. A child of two months got seven scorpion stings. Another two families of 14 members each got poisoned because of canned food. The health security in the camps is zero. And the health security in the bombed and attacked areas is 100% at risk. It makes me cry to think of those families. CLIP

Iraq's Foreign Laborers Face Exploitation, Death
Incidents of violence have raised troubling questions about America's reliance on hiring the world's poorest people to do the dirtiest jobs in one of the most dangerous places on Earth. In relying on a work force of third-country nationals, the United States has embraced a system of labor migration rife with abuse, corruption and exploitation, according to dozens of contractors, migrant workers, labor officials and advocates interviewed in four countries.

Punished for saving lives: US courts force anti-war group to disband (09/Oct/2005)
After 10 years of non-violent protest and direct aid to the suffering people of Iraq, Chicago-based group Voices in the Wilderness (VitW) has been forced to cease operating following an order by a US federal judge that the group pay a civil penalty – effectively a fine – of $20,000 for delivering medical supplies to Iraq without a permit. Founded in 1995, VitW was always upfront about its deliberate violations of the genocidal embargo on the Iraqi people, organising more than seventy delegations to the country, each of which took vital medicines and medical equipment. Their banning follows repeated warnings from the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), part of whose job is to ensure that Iraqi children die unnecessarily from diseases which would barely keep the child of a rich western family home from school. (...) Although delegations have ceased pending an improvement in the security situation – one which currently seems a long way off - VitW will continue to work with the Iraqi people under its new name, Voices for Creative Nonviolence. Despite the risk of up to 12 years in prison, founding member Kathy Kelly says that VitW will not pay “one penny or dime” of the ‘civil penalty’ in a “conscientious objection to the utterly ruthless policies of war criminals in power.”

The coup that wasn't (Sept 28, 2005),,1579841,00.html
Scott Ritter on failed CIA plot to overthrow the Saddam Hussein's regime using UN weapons inspection - 'This is big, Scott," Moshe Ponkovsky said. "We don't share this with anyone." Israel's military intelligence was already assisting us at Unscom (the United Nations Special Commission, which ran the UN's weapons inspections programme in Iraq) by scrutinising the "take" from the American U-2 spy-plane flights over Iraq. It had proved an unorthodox but fruitful relationship for... ...from Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story of America's Intelligence Conspiracy, by Scott Ritter, with foreword by Seymour Hersh - Scott Ritter was the former US marine captain tasked with finding Saddam...

US troops 'starve Iraqi citizens' (Oct 15)
A senior United Nations official has accused US-led coalition troops of depriving Iraqi civilians of food and water in breach of humanitarian law. Human rights investigator Jean Ziegler said they had driven people out of insurgent strongholds that were about to be attacked by cutting supplies. Mr Ziegler, a Swiss-born sociologist, said such tactics were in breach of international law. A US military spokesman in Baghdad denied the allegations. "A drama is taking place in total silence in Iraq, where the coalition's occupying forces are using hunger and deprivation of water as a weapon of war against the civilian population," Mr Ziegler told a press conference. He said coalition forces were using "starvation of civilians as a method of warfare." "This is a flagrant violation of international law," he added. CLIP

Bush told Blair of 'going beyond Iraq' (Oct 15),11538,1592808,00.html
George Bush told Tony Blair shortly before the invasion of Iraq that he intended to target other countries, including Saudi Arabia, which, he implied, planned to acquire weapons of mass destruction.Mr Bush said he "wanted to go beyond Iraq in dealing with WMD proliferation, mentioning in particular Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan," according to a note of a telephone conversation between the two men on January 30 2003.

Republican Congressman Slams Bush On Militarized Police State Preparation (Oct 12, 2005)
Ron Paul says indictment story is far more damaging than media is portraying, avian flu martial law provisions aimed at gun confiscation - Congressman Ron Paul has accused the Bush administration of attempting to set in motion a militarized police state in America by enacting gun confiscation martial law provisions in the event of an avian flu pandemic. Paul also slammed as delusional and dangerous plans to invade Iran, Syria, North Korea and China. (...) Paul responded to President Bush's announcement last week that he would order the use of military assets to police America in the event of an avian flu outbreak."To me it's so strange that the President can make these proposals and it's even plausible. When he talks about martial law dealing with some epidemic that might come later on and having forced quarantines, doing away with Posse Comitatus in order to deal with natural disasters, and hardly anybody says anything. People must be scared to death." Paul, himself a medical doctor, agreed that the bird flu threat was empty fearmongering."I believe it is the President hyping this and Rumsfeld, but it has to be in combination with the people being fearful enough that they will accept the man on the white horse. My first reaction going from my political and medical background is that it's way overly hyped and to think that they have gone this far with it, without a single case in the whole country and they're willing to change the law and turn it into a military state? That is unbelievable! They're determined to have martial law." CLIP

Military Dictatorship USA?
If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."James Madison, while a United States Congressman - We usually think of a nation being controlled by a military dictatorship when a military leader seizes control through a putsch, as in the case of General Pervez Musharraf in Pakistan or Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The previous government is overthrown and a military strong man places himself in power with few if any constraints from judicial or legislative oversight. But we must look for the essence of a military dictatorship, those features which are present whenever this form of oppression occurs. In essence, a military dictatorship is a form of government in which absolute power is concentrated in a repressive ruler or a small clique who use military and police power to dominate the people mentally and physically. Taking this definition as our touchstone, in the United States we know we're living under a military dictatorship when we see: * disaster aid deliberately withheld by White House and Pentagon to impose unfettered military control * a leader retaining power through stealing the election of 2004 and put into power in 2000 by a coup d'etat, not through democratic elections * the military used to control the civilian population in violation of the U.S. Constitution * the president ordering a US citizen held indefinitely by the military * a shadow government being set up consisting entirely of executive branch officials in violation of the Constitution * government informants spying on fellow citizens * the highest amount of government funds going to military initiatives: * taxpayer money being used to subsidize and fund domestic and foreign "defense" corporations * taxpayer money being used to subsidize and fund domestic and foreign military operations: wars, embargoes, training, etc. * a dictatorial ruling clique creating unnecessary, homocidal wars as a way of remaining in power * the spread of militaristic values and the increasing power of the military in our societyAll these conditions are now present in the United States.(...) The Bush-led military dictatorship is carrying out a policy of militaristic imperialism. The puppet Bush regime is now building the biggest-ever war machine: * military spending will rise to $379 billion, of which $50 billion will pay for its "war on terrorism" CLIP - Very revealing website!

Harper's Magazine: We Now Live in a Fascist State (Oct 11)
Knowing the source of this piece makes it all the more disturbing. It is not every day that the editor of a respected national magazine publishes an essay claiming that America is not on the road to becoming, but ALREADY IS, a fascist state.... or words to that affect.To help prepare you for what follows, here are the final sentence from this piece.... [I think we can look forward with confidence to character-building bankruptcies, picturesque bread riots, thrilling cavalcades of splendidly costumed motorcycle police.]

NYC Subway Threat Info Not Substantiated (October 11, 2005),2933,171917,00.html
The claims of a terrorist plot to blow up New York subways made public last week were not substantiated, administration and federal law enforcement sources confirmed to FOX News on Tuesday. The administration official told FOX News on Tuesday that "there was a lot of doubt" about the informant who led the U.S. military to the three suspects in Iraq. The informant who had been credible in the past and was known to the Defense Intelligence Agency appears to have pulled some of the names and information "out of nowhere," sources told FOX News. CLIP

9/11: Cold Case
A former Bush-appointed official is calling for a new, independent, scientific investigation into 9/11 (...) Morgan Reynolds, Bush's chief economist for the Department of Labor from 2001-02, is an outspoken leader in a movement calling for a full-scale, unbiased, independent scientific study into the events of Sept. 11, 2001. He claims the story the government wants Americans to believe is riddled with inconsistencies and untruths, and he recently penned a comprehensive paper detailing those oversights. He thinks the collapse of the World Trade Center, the crash of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Penn., and the attack on the Pentagon were all weaved together as an elaborate inside job, a claim that only forensics can prove. CLIP

Reclaiming the American Legacy of Civil Disobedience
TO's Sari Gelzer offers that one thing all Americans can do about their desire to see change in America is practice civil disobedience. This flavor of action is not just for radicals. Civil disobedience is the role of citizens within the political system and has a much broader legacy than one was taught to think. Civil disobedience, practiced by various movements of people, has been responsible for forcing politicians to comply with the demands of its citizens. Civil disobedience is how "slavery was ended, civil rights were won, it's how women won the right to vote, and it's how Vietnam ended," says Anthony Arnove, a writer, editor and activist based in New York.

The current U.S. Administration plans to deploy space-based weapons. One main purpose is to dominate and control space, as the actor who dominates and controls space, dominates and control all on earth. Space-based weapons are dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, and unnecessary, as they would not protect anyone or anything·and there is a better choice. Fortunately, a U.N. Space Preservation Treaty is ready to be signed into law. This is the one moment in time when space-based weapons can be banned before deployment under the guise of "research" or "tests" of missile defense, and/or before the accelerated momentum of funding, vested interests and technology gets put into place that would make this impossible to stop. Plans are in motion to convene a U.N. Space Preservation Treaty Conference.

"Electoral Cleansing" in Haiti Violates Human Rights and Democracy
Haiti is in the midst of a comprehensive program of electoral cleansing. Its ballots are being cleansed of political dissidents, its voting rolls cleansed of the urban and rural poor. The streets are being cleansed of anti-government political activity. This cleansing violates the fundamental human rights guaranteed by the charters and other instruments of the OAS and the UN. It also violates the electoral standards that are applied in other countries, and that were applied to elections run by Haiti's constitutional governments. The persecution and disenfranchisement of political opponents is being conducted openly, notoriously, and under the eyes of the international community. The persecution is not the result of a government unable to assure adequate security, but of a deliberate and multifaceted campaign against opponents by Haiti's Interim Government. This government's primary benefactor is the American taxpayer. CLIP

Planet Sees Warmest September on Record (October 14, 2005
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Worldwide, it was the warmest September on record, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Friday.Averaging 1.13 degrees Fahrenheit (0.63 degree Celsius) above normal for the month, it was the warmest September since the beginning of reliable records in 1880, according to NOAA's National Climatic Data Center. The second warmest September was in 2003 with an average temperature of 1.02 degrees Fahrenheit (0.57 Celsius) above the mean. For the United States it was the fourth warmest September on record. The average U.S. temperature for the month was 2.6 degrees (1.4 C) above average. CLIP

World temperatures keep rising (13 Oct 2005)
Climate data show 2005 on track to be hottest on record - New international climate data show that 2005 is on track to be the hottest year on record, continuing a 25-year trend of rising global temperatures.

Coldest winter for decade could spark energy crisis (October 10, 2005),,2-1819000,00.html
THE Government has summoned industrialists and generating companies to an emergency meeting next month amid fears of an energy crisis if Britain suffers a harsh winter.Long-distance forecasters are predicting that the country is facing its coldest weather for a decade, putting lives at risk and forcing businesses to lay off workers. The CBI said that there were only 11 days’ gas held in reserve. In comparison, other European countries keep an average of 55 days in reserve. The Met Office has already put the energy industry, the NHS and the Government on high alert. Now there are fears that Britain could run out of fuel. CLIP

Waterlogged northeastern US under flood warnings (14 Oct 2005)
Flood warnings covered much of the northeastern United States on Friday as swollen rivers overflowed their banks and residents fled their water-filled homes after a week of unrelenting rain. Flooding swamped streets and homes in northern New Jersey, while rains threatened mudslides in Connecticut and hampered relief work in New Hampshire, where seven people have died and at least 100 homes have been washed away or badly damaged. CLIP

New Laws May Let Power Plants Pollute More
The Bush administration proposed new regulations Thursday that could allow the nation's dirtiest power plants to release more air pollutants each year - and possibly undercut lawsuits aimed at forcing companies to comply with the Clean Air Act.

Most Endangered U.S. Forests Ranking Pinpoints Logging Pressure
MISSOULA, Montana, October 14, 2005 (ENS) - Oregon has more national forests at risk of commercial logging than any other state, according to the latest listing of the most endangered U.S. national forests released Wednesday by the nonprofit National Forest Protection Alliance. Representing some of the nation’s most diverse old-growth forests remaining, these wooded lands in Oregon contain the region's largest roadless areas, which provide critical habitat for threatened and endangered species.The Zane Grey roadless area and the Rouge River in Oregon. The Bureau of Land Management proposes a timber sale in this pristine area. "Our national forests face myriad threats from Bush administration policies and Forest Service management," said Jake Kreilick, Endangered Forests Project coordinator with the National Forest Protection Alliance (NFPA). "Collectively, the forest profiles in this report illustrate the poor ecological state of the national forest system, in large part from Forest Service efforts to place private industrial interests above the interests of the American people," Kreilick said. Since 2002, the volume of wood cut in the federal logging program has grown by over 300 million board feet due to an escalation of logging in Oregon, California and the South, the NFPA points out. CLIP

Report: Administration Drastically Reduced Water, Wetland Protection
In the past four years, the United States has drastically cut back on its protection of waterways and wetlands, whose erosion was cited as a factor in the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, according to a report issued Wednesda

The Mold Song and Dance - GRIST SUMMARY
EPA failing to inform or protect folks returning to post-Katrina mess
The U.S. EPA has the authority to assess and manage environmental disasters, but activists and even some EPA staffers allege that so far agency testing of water, air, and soil in the Gulf Coast has been insufficient, and its health warnings too weak, to adequately protect returning residents. EPA should be more actively preventing people from coming home, say critics, but is instead delaying and under-publicizing test results. People are entering the post-Katrina miasma of toxics, mold, and sewage under-informed and ill-equipped -- like folks from Meraux, La., who've been allowed to return to homes that were inundated with petroleum when a nearby storage tank burst, gushing an estimated 800,000 gallons of oil. In responding to Katrina, the EPA has been "understaffed" and "overwhelmed," says Oliver Houck, who runs the environment program at the Tulane University Law School. Some liken the current situation to the agency's performance after the 9/11 attacks, when it assured thousands -- falsely, it turned out -- that it was safe to return to homes and workplaces near Ground Zero. Details at

Solar Cell Panels Made out of Everyday Plastics
UCLA announces a solar energy breakthrough. Made of a single layer of plastic sandwiched between two conductive electrodes, UCLA's solar cell is easy to mass-produce and costs much less to make - roughly one-third of the cost of traditional silicon solar technology.

Gaza Border Security Agreement Nears (Oct 8);_ylt=A86.I15tvEhDjFcA5AHuOrgF;_ylu=X3oDMTA3b3JuZGZhBHNlYwM3MjE-
JERUSALEM - Israel and the Palestinians were moving toward agreement on new security arrangements for Gaza's border with Egypt, officials from both sides said Saturday, a deal that could allow Palestinian residents of the coastal strip relatively free movement for the first time. The signs of progress came days before Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas were to meet for the first time since Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.Also Saturday, the Palestinians broke ground on their first major development project in Gaza since the withdrawal — a $100 million complex that will provide housing for 25,000 people. The development, funded by the United Arab Emirates, was being built on the former Jewish settlement of Morag and was expected to take two years to complete.A border deal would mark a significant breakthrough. Before completing its withdrawal last month, Israel closed the Rafah border terminal, Gaza's main gateway to the outside world. The Palestinians say reopening the border is vital for Gaza's devastated economy. CLIP

"Stripped... and Sent to Die" in the Sahara
Doctors Without Borders located over 500 sub-Saharan immigrants who had been conducted by the Moroccan police into "a desert area, in the middle of nowhere, without water or food." Their crime? To have attempted an assault on the fence that surrounds the town of Mellila, a Spanish enclave on Moroccan territory, with their homemade ladders.

1,400 Guatemalans Missing as Floods Kill 618
A frantic search for about 1,400 people believed to be buried alive by a mudslide in Guatemala was continuing as the death toll from massive floods throughout Central America and Mexico rose to a staggering 618.

The True Story of How Multinational Drug Companies Took Liberties with African Lives
The pharmaceutical industry is bracing itself for criticism when the film 'The Constant Gardener' opens next month. But Jeremy Laurance reports that away from the Hollywood script is a true story of how multinational drug companies took liberties with African lives with devastating consequences. (...) After the credits roll, a note from John Le Carré appears on screen that reads: "Nobody in this story, and no outfit or corporation, thank God, is based upon an actual person or outfit in the real world. But I can tell you this; as my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realise that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard." This is hard to credit. The film features two brutal killings, a savage beating, a campaign of harassment, intimidation and threats involving two governments and their security services - all to protect the interests of a pharmaceutical company that is testing a drug on mothers and children and quietly burying its failures. Maybe there are pharmaceutical companies that have engaged in such crimes and enlisted the support of corrupt governments. Who can say? But it is not necessary to posit such a gargantuan conspiracy, where paranoia is the only rational response. The crimes of the pharmaceutical industry - from the price protection of Aids drugs which have denied life-saving medicines to millions, to the cover up of lethal side effects to protect profits - are well documented. But there are two cases in which named companies have been accused of wrongdoing that partly inspired The Constant Gardener and which give resonance to the allegations about the secret testing of drugs on the unsuspecting and the suppression of any negative findings. CLIP

Ten-year-old Indian boy has 25 fingers (Oct 12, 2005)
When Harney was born he had 25 fingers: six fingers on every hand, six toes on one foot and seven on the other

UFOs: What the Government Really Knows (November 2005)
Exclusive Interview by Jean-Noel Bassior - For more than 50 years, shadowy government agencies have suppressed information about extraterrestrials and the use of E.T. technology. (...) Why is the UFO issue so urgent? It's about how we live our lives. Aside from cleaning up the environment, it [E.T. technology] extricates us from our dependency on oil, gets us out of that Middle East mess and saves the average American household thousands of dollars a year in heating, utilities and gas for their cars. And, globally, it frees up enormous amounts of economic potential. This would be the tide that raises all ships. (...) What do our extraterrestrial visitors want? I think they're waiting for us to grow up and quit destroying Earth and each other. That may be the entry requirement for joining the interplanetary club, and we're just not there yet. That's the biggest challenge for the human race. Are you hopeful about the future? I'm very hopeful. In fact, I have no doubt that the outcome will be peaceful, that these technologies will completely rehabilitate Earth's fortunes and environment, and eliminate poverty. And it will happen in our lifetimes. But the question is, how much madness has to go on between now and then? Recommended by Kalama Hawkrider>

Omega-News Collection 15. October 2005


Forwarded by Dan Stafford>


CONTACT: Yoshihiro Kawaoka, (608) 265-4925,


MADISON - An avian influenza virus isolated from an infected Vietnamese girl has been determined to be resistant to the drug oseltamivir, the compound better known by its trade name Tamiflu, and the drug officials hope will serve as the front line of defense for a feared influenza pandemic.

Scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with colleagues in Vietnam and Japan, report in a brief communication in next week's edition (Oct. 20, 2005) of the journal Nature that a young girl, provided with a prophylactic dose of the drug after experiencing mild influenza symptoms, developed a strain of the virus that was highly resistant to the drug.

The finding suggests that health officials - now stockpiling millions of doses of the drug to forestall a global outbreak of influenza and buy time to develop and mass produce a vaccine - should also consider other options, according to Yoshihiro Kawaoka, an international authority on influenza and the senior author of the Nature paper.

Recent reports indicate the federal government may spend billions of dollars to stockpile as much as 81 million courses of Tamiflu to forestall a possible influenza pandemic. The government has already stockpiled an estimated 12 to 13 million courses.

"This is the first line of defense," says Kawaoka, a professor in the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine who holds a joint appointment at the University of Tokyo. "It is the drug many countries are stockpiling, and the plan is to rely heavily on it."

The drug would be used to slow the spread of influenza until a vaccine is developed, which may take up to six months.

Tamiflu is delivered orally and works to impede the spread of the virus by binding to and inhibiting one of the surface enzymes the virus uses to exit infected cells of a host. Once inside a host cell, the virus commandeers the cell's reproductive machinery to make new infectious particles that go on to take over other cells. When the drug is at work, Kawaoka explains, "the virus is still able to replicate inside a cell, but is unable to get out and infect other cells."

Oseltamivir, which Kawaoka describes as an "amazing drug," is one of three compounds proven to be effective against influenza. One class, derivatives of the compound adamantine, would be less effective, as some flu viruses have already evolved resistance to it. The other drug, zanamivir, which was developed prior to oseltamivir, is effective, but is formulated as a powder and requires that a clinician provide instructions for use. Thus, it is more cumbersome to administer than the orally delivered Tamiflu.

These flu-fighting drugs, says Kawaoka, are by no means a replacement or alternative to a vaccine. Effective vaccines can confer immunity, preventing the virus from gaining a toehold in the body. But it is unlikely sufficient quantities of a vaccine can be produced and stockpiled prior to the emergence of a new virus in human populations.

If avian influenza does emerge and becomes infectious from human to human - and nearly all experts agree that will happen at some point in the future - an outbreak similar to the 1918 influenza pandemic could occur. That pandemic killed as many as 50 million people, more than died on all the battlefields of World War I. Scientists and vaccine manufacturers would be in a race against time to produce enough doses to forestall disaster. Drugs like Tamiflu, used in combination with quarantine, would be intended to slow the spread of the disease until a vaccine is produced.

Kawaoka says there may not be enough Tamiflu to go around even though countries are stockpiling it. The Wisconsin scientist says that will create a risk of patients sharing the drug and using smaller doses, which could accelerate the emergence of virus resistant to the drug and hamper efforts to contain the spread of the disease.

He says health officials should consider stockpiling zanamivir and recommending that only the therapeutic dosages of Tamiflu be administered to patients.

"We've been watching for this change (in the virus)," Kawaoka says. "This is the first, but we will see others. There's no question about it."
- Terry Devitt, (608) 262-8282,


See also:

Bird Flu in Turkey Is Same Deadly Strain as Asia
The strain of bird flu that was discovered in Turkey last week is of the same kind that has killed more than 60 people in Asia, the European Union's top health official said today, intensifying concern about a spread of the virus. The announcement is the first official confirmation that the deadly H5N1 strain of avian influenza has reached Europe.

From frozen Alaska to the lab: a virus 39,000 times more virulent than flu (Oct 6),,1585716,00.html
(...) Inside the lab lies a batch of a virus, designated a "select agent", that more than justifies the extreme level of security. Resurrected nearly 90 years after it spread around the globe, leaving an estimated 50 million people dead, it is a replica of the 1918 Spanish flu virus. The recreation of the virus, which was driven by an urge to unravel why the 1918 pandemic was so devastating, has raised as many fears as it has hopes. While the researchers argue the work will hugely improve protection against natural flu viruses, critics say there is a real danger the virus will escape, with potentially disastrous consequences. (...) The finding that Spanish flu came straight from birds has raised concerns among scientists. Previously, a pandemic was only thought likely if an avian strain merged with a human flu virus. "For me, it raises even more concern than I already had about the pending potential of a flu pandemic," said Professor Ronald Atlas, co-director of the centre for the deterrence of biowarfare and bioterrorism at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. "It looks as though an avian strain evolved in 1918 and that led to the deadly outbreak, in much the same way as we're now seeing the Asian avian flu strains evolve." CLIP

1918 Flu Epidemic CAUSED BY VACCINES
This article says it all. The government is trying to scare the crap out of people to get them to get vaccinated, the vaccines themselves could cause a pandemic JUST LIKE IN 1918. The Fedstapo WANTS this to happen so they can sick FEMA on us under martial law, so each one TEACH ONE, lets mass forward this baby, eh?This eye witness account of the 1918 Avian Flu outbreak is a real eye opener. We are up against a government engineered plan to kill us off, plain and simple. CLIP

Homeland Security to be lead in flu crisis (October 11, 2005)
If the nightmare of an avian flu pandemic emerges from the dark chapters of doomsday scenarios, it will fall to the Department of the Homeland Security, not the medical establishment, to manage the crisis, according to federal documents and interviews with government officials. Under the National Response Plan, which also plans for actions in case of pandemics, DHS assumes top authority when an "incident of national significance" is declared. The first such "incident of national significance" was declared in August after Hurricane Katrina hit; however, federal coordination among agencies and state and local governments broke down on so many levels that even President Bush was forced to acknowledge that the plan was flawed. Federal officials have been role playing different flu outbreak scenarios for the past several months. Last year's plan called for closing of schools, restricting travel and...lock-down quarantine measures. Those extreme measures jumped into the spotlight...when President Bush suggested that federal military troops - not just the National Guard - may have to be called in to enforce a quarantine.

Note from Fred Burks: Isn't it interesting how the government seems to be predicting that the avian flu, which has killed less than 100 people worldwide, is going to mutate and cause massive deaths? How do they know this? Could this be another way of pushing us into fear and giving up our civil liberties?

H5N1 mutating steadily say experts (Oct 14)
GENEVA (Reuters) - The spread of the deadly bird flu virus to poultry in areas on the fringes of Europe has increased the chances of human cases and should serve as a "call to arms", the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday....The United Nations agency urged tighter surveillance of both flocks and humans to detect quickly any further outbreaks after avian viruses were identified in Turkey and Romania. Experts say the H5N1 strain is mutating steadily and fear it will eventually acquire the changes it needs to spread among humans. This could result in a human influenza pandemic, which could sweep around the world in months and could kill millions.

Prepare for Avian Influenza! (10/12/2005)
Various U.S. and U.N. agencies and the Council on Foreign Relations are spreading the word that the Avian Influenza, if it breaks out this fall or winter, could be as severe as the worldwide Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918, and they are predicting hundreds of millions of deaths worldwide.This influenza, currently isolated in China, is a hemorrhagic illness. It kills half of its victims by rapidly depleting ascorbate (vitamin C) stores in the body, inducing scurvy and collapse of the arterial blood supply, causing internal hemorrhaging of the lungs and sinus cavities.Most people today have barely enough vitamin C in their bodies (typically 60 mg per day) to prevent scurvy under normal living conditions, and are not prepared for this kind of illness. (Vitamin C deficiency is the root cause of many infant and childhood deaths worldwide, and it is the root cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS.) The way to prepare yourself and protect your family from this influenza is not a vaccine or anti-viral drug. If vaccines and/or anti-viral drugs are offered to you, please refuse them. These actually reduce your immunity; vaccines contain many toxic components, such as aluminum and mercury, and anti-viral drugs interfere with critical body processes. Historical evidence of vaccinations has shown that they actually increase the chances of becoming severely ill. The best way to prepare for influenza is by enhancing your immune system and increasing the amount of vitamin C in your body. CLIP

Microbiologist Deaths
Thursday's first hour guest, author Steve Quayle gave an update on the mysterious deaths of microbiologists. The latest case, the murder of Jeong Im , brought the total up to 40 deaths in the last 4 years, said Quayle. He theorized that a group of people plan to unleash "the ultimate epidemic" on the planet and are trying to eliminate scientists who might successfully combat it.

WHAT'S GOING ON? ... Starting in 11/01, about 2 months after 9/11, world leading Microbiologists have been falling like flies! WHAT IS GOING ON? Below is a 10 minutes summary of an hour long interview with Steven Quayle on the Cost to Coast AM Radio talk show (see info below audio clip that follows) This is a subject I have been following for about 2 years which HAS NOT BEEN REPORTED ON OUR MAIN STREAM NEWS.... WHY? At the end, you will find some of the information I have compiled on this subject. We better start raising people's awareness about this issue and force our government and media outlets to get to the bottom of this....while we still can! LISTEN TO THIS:
Recommended by Bill Derau> More on this issue at

US Mulls Federal Troops for Bird Flu Quarantine
The Pentagon is looking at the possibility of using federal troops to enforce a quarantine in the event of an outbreak of pandemic bird flu in the United States, a senior official said on Wednesday.

The H5N1 Equation (Oct 14)
We've known everything about avian flu for a long time. Here's a "documented" disease that presents no enigma to specialists, unlike the disease called "mad cow." That could be a very reassuring factor had the international community not demonstrated a confusing lack of solidarity the last two years when it failed to bring a resolute assistance to bear on the poor countries of Asia and South-East Asia that were the first affected. Let us summarize: the virus in question is the sub-type H5N1, a highly pathological virus, clearly discovered and identified for the first time several decades ago among wild birds. The epizootic in question today broke out at the end of 2003. At first, it principally affected Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea, then China, Taiwan, Japan, Cambodia, and Laos. In this geographic zone, about 150 people have been infected while plucking poultry and 60 of them have died. In parallel, the authorities in the affected countries have proceeded to slaughter over 100 million chickens, ducks, and geese. At that stage, the H5N1 equation was rather easy to resolve. A vaccination to immunize poultry exists. Rich countries should have reacted immediately by freeing up the financial resources to arrest this bird plague where it came from. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimated that investments over the next three years for that purpose would come to 100 million dollars. But up to now, only 20 million dollars have been promised, while, according to the British daily "Financial Times," the United States alone is getting ready to place an order for antiviral medicine of over a billion dollars. Suddenly, the equation begins to change its nature. At first localized and circumscribed, the epidemic prospers and globalizes. It was discovered in Russia and Kazakhstan in August; in Turkey and Romania today. Once imaginary, the risk of a pandemic striking Europe has become palpable. And, in fact, the European Commission's tone abruptly changed on Thursday, October 13. It had been distractedly attentive. Now it is mobilized. CLIP

BBC carried an article on 5 February titled 1918 Killer Flu Secrets Revealed which tells us that the scientists claim to now have figured out that 50 million people were killed by a virus that "jumped from birds to humans". Obviously this is to prepare us for a "killer epidemic", something that is supposed to hit any time now, be it this winter or the next or the one after that. Jon Rappoport found the most interesting analysis of the 1918 flu disaster, in a book by Eleanor McBean. And if you haven't heard of drugless doctors yet, here's the place where you'll meet them.

Len Horowitz debunks avian flu hysteria (11 Oct 05)
Avian Flu Fright: Politically Timed for Global "Iatrogenocide" - If avian flu becomes more than a threatened pandemic, it will have done so by political and economic design. This thesis is supported by current massive media misrepresentations, profiteering on risky and valueless vaccines, gross neglect of data evidencing earlier similar man-made plagues including SARS, West Nile Virus, AIDS and more; continuance of genetic studies breeding more mutant flu viruses likely to outbreak, inside trading scandals involving pandemic savvy White House and drug industry officials, curious immunity of these pharmaceutical entities over the past century to law enforcement and mainstream media scrutiny, and published official depopulation objectives. With the revelations and assertions advanced herein, the public is forewarned against this physician assisted mass murder best termed "iatrogenocide."* This genocidal imposition is expected to serve mainly economic and political depopulation objectives. CLIP


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


Pat Tillman, Our Hero

By Dave Zirin - The Nation

24 October 2005 Issue

"I don't believe it," seethed Ann Coulter.

Her contempt was directed at a September 25 San Francisco Chronicle story reporting that former NFL star and Army Ranger war hero Pat Tillman, who was killed in Afghanistan last year, believed the US war on Iraq was "f***ing illegal" and counted Noam Chomsky among his favorite authors. It must have been quite a moment for Coulter, who upon Tillman's death described him in her inimitably creepy fashion as "an American original-virtuous, pure and masculine like only an American male can be." She tried to discredit the story as San Francisco agitprop, but this approach ran into a slight problem: The article's source was Pat Tillman's mother, Mary.

Mary and the Tillman family are relentlessly pushing for answers to the questions surrounding Pat's death in Afghanistan. They want to know why it took the Pentagon five weeks to tell them he died in a tragic case of friendly fire. They want to know why they were unwitting props at Pat's funeral, weeping while lies were told by eulogizing politicians. Mary is now hoping that a new Pentagon inquiry will bring closure. "There have been so many discrepancies so far that it's hard to know what to believe," she said to the Chronicle. "There are too many murky details."

The very private Tillmans have revealed a picture of Pat profoundly at odds with the GI Joe image created by Pentagon spinmeisters and their media stenographers. As the Chronicle put it, family and friends are now unveiling "a side of Pat Tillman not widely known-a fiercely independent thinker who enlisted, fought and died in service to his country yet was critical of President Bush and opposed the war in Iraq, where he served a tour of duty. He was an avid reader whose interests ranged from history works of leftist Noam Chomsky, a favorite author." Tillman had very unembedded feelings about the Iraq War. His close friend Army Spec. Russell Baer remembered, "I can see it like a movie screen. We were outside of [an Iraqi city] watching as bombs were dropping on the town.... We were talking. And Pat said, 'You know, this war is so f***ing illegal.' And we all said, 'Yeah.' That's who he was. He totally was against Bush." With these revelations, Pat Tillman the PR icon joins WMD and Al Qaeda connections on the heap of lies used to sell the Iraq War.

Tillman's transition from one-dimensional caricature to critically thinking human being is a long time coming. The fact is that in death he was far more useful to the armchair warriors than he had ever been in life. When the Pro Bowler joined the Army Rangers, the Pentagon brass needed a loofah to wipe their drool: He was white, handsome and played in the NFL. For a chicken-hawk Administration led by a President who loves the affectations of machismo but runs from protesting military moms, this testosterone cocktail was impossible to resist. The problem was that Tillman wouldn't play their game. To the Pentagon's chagrin, he turned down numerous offers to be its recruitment poster child.

But when Tillman fell in Afghanistan the wheels once again started to turn. Now the narrative was perfect: "War hero and football star dies fighting terror." The Abu Ghraib scandal was about to hit the press, so the President found it especially useful to praise Tillman as "an inspiration on and off the football field, as with all who made the ultimate sacrifice in the war on terror." His funeral was nationally televised. Bush even went back to the bloody well during the presidential campaign, addressing his team's fans on the Arizona Cardinals' stadium Jumbotron.

We now know, of course, that this was all a brutal charade. Such callous manipulation is fueling the Tillman family's anger. As Mary Tillman said this past May, "They could have told us up front that they were suspicious that [his death] was a fratricide, but they didn't. They wanted to use him for their purposes.... They needed something that looked good, and it was appalling that they would use him like that." A growing number of military families, similarly angered, are criticizing the war in Iraq through organizations like Military Families Speak Out.

As for Chomsky, whom Ann Coulter would undoubtedly label "treasonous," Mary Tillman says a private meeting was planned between him and Pat after Pat's return-a meeting that never took place, of course. Chomsky confirms this scenario. This was the real Pat Tillman: someone who, like the majority of this country, was doubting the rationale for war, distrusting his Commander in Chief and looking for answers. The real Pat Tillman, the one with three dimensions, must stick in the throat of the Bush-Coulter gang, a pit in the cherry atop their bloody sundae.


Forwarded by "Mark Graffis">


CDC's tularemia cover-up & NORTHCOM's 'Granite Shadow'

item about airborne tularemia, a noted bioweapon, being detected by biohazard sensors in DC during the antiwar protests on Sept. 24; there is an interesting story posted to a blog called, a relatively mainstream affair that has in the past been featured on CNN.

Now, from OCTOBER 5, 2005:
"I just got back from my doctor on a followup about this (As I rarely ever get sick, I didn't have a "doctor" before, but I do from now on).

First off, it actually was the "Aww this sucks, I have the common cold." kind of sick, (small fever, cough, and aches) or at least it was until I read that and went to the ER about it.

Throughout my 3 day stay I wasn't told what all of the tests were for or what any of the findings showed. I had dozens of blood tests, nose and throat swabs, a lot of focus on what appears to be a cold sore on my lip (although I've never gotten one before), and a lumbar puncture (yuk).

Today the doc tells me that two separate "preliminary" tests done at a local lab confirmed tularemia, but a third "conclusive" test sent to a Center for Disease Control [CDC] lab turned up negative. I don't yet know which tests he was talking about. All of the other suspects, flu, cold (noravirus) bacterial meningitis, have been ruled out on all of the tests...

He knows that everyone in the ER and the floor my room was on has been put on antibiotics, which suggests to him (and me) that someone besides me isn't too trusting of the CDC labs findings or the fact that all of the literature says that it can't be transmitted from person to person. He said that it may be that a weaponized form of the bacteria could indeed spread between persons.He also said that he found out that there are at least 12 cities in the US monitored like DC, and not one sensor ever, in DC or otherwise, has ever picked up airborne tularemia even once, much less 6 different sensors in 1 day.


Review -- we have low levels of tularemia, aka rabbit fever, a longtime military bioweapon, detected in several locations around DC as hundreds of thousands protest the war. It's not a flesh-eating ebola or anything, but it does make people sick like the flu, depending on their dosage and the state of their immune system.

So, it's released, then the hundreds of thousands of people disperse from DC across the country, where tularemia results are tracked and covered up by the CDC. The whole thing runs like a drill for the "avian flu" outbreak we're all supposed to be so scared of now.

In fact, there was a major drill being run on that day, called "Granite Shadow." Run out of NORTHCOM, the drill tested (or perhaps still is testing) how the military and civilian agencies work to gether to combat a "wepons of mass destruction" threat. That includes bioweapons, such as avian flu, which Bush has announced he wants the military to "fight" when it strikes.

Let's take another look at that Washington Post 9/30: "Today in DC: Commandos in the Streets?

Today, somewhere in the DC metropolitan area, the military is conducting a highly classified Granite Shadow "demonstration."

Granite Shadow is yet another new Top Secret and compartmented operation related to the military's extra-legal powers regarding weapons of mass destruction. It allows for emergency military operations in the United States without civilian supervision or control.

A spokesman at the Joint Force Headquarters-National Capital Region (JFHQ-NCR) confirmed the existence of Granite Shadow to me yesterday, but all he would say is that Granite Shadow is the unclassified name for a classified plan.

That classified plan, I believe, after extensive research and after making a couple of assumptions, is CONPLAN 0400, formally titled Counter-Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Concept Plan (CONPLAN) 0400 is a long-standing contingency plan of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).


All of the military planning incorporates the technical capabilities of the intelligence agencies and non-military organizations. [...]

U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM), the military's new homeland security command, is preparing its draft version of CONPLAN 0400 for military operations in the United States, and the resulting Granite Shadow plan has been classified above Top Secret by adding a Special Category (SPECAT) compartment restricting access.

The sensitivities, according to military sources, include deployment of "special mission units" (the so-called Delta Force, SEAL teams, Rangers, and other special units of Joint Special Operations Command) in Washington, DC and other domestic hot spots. NORTHCOM has worked closely with U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), as well as the secret branches of non-military agencies and departments to enforce "unity of command" over any post 9/11 efforts.

Further, Granite Shadow posits domestic military operations, including intelligence collection and surveillance, unique rules of engagement regarding the use of lethal force, the use of experimental non-lethal weapons, and federal and military control of incident locations that are highly controversial and might border on the illegal. [...]


So, we admittedly have special operations running around DC doing illegal things, according to Washington Post. And next thing, there's a bioweapon release; just as the military is practicing how to takeover when a bioweapon is released. Is there any doubt given the media hype and official pronouncements about avian flu and martial law that this rabbit fever incident was a dry run, an experiment, a data-gathring exercise for a possible avian-flu-based takeover?

But when are THEY planning to release the killer flu? The last line of the WashPost piece may provide a clue: There's still time. The full-scale exercise of Granite Shadow's capabilities and procedures doesn't start until April 2006. Are you ready?


See also:

Health Officials Vigilant for Illness After Sensors Detect Bacteria on Mall (October 2, 2005)
Federal health officials are still testing the samples from air sensors on the Mall and in downtown Washington that collected a small amount of the tularemia agent. Health officials in the Washington area were notified Friday that the filters on biohazard sensors that make up the BioWatch network detected the bacteria Sept. 24, when tens of thousands of people were on the Mall for antiwar demonstrations. The naturally-occurring biological agent -- which is on the "A list" of the Department of Homeland Security's biohazards, along with anthrax, plague and smallpox -- was detected in small amounts. Detection of the bacteria turned into an incident with nationwide implications, because thousands of protesters had come from throughout the country. Police said that more than 100,000 people attended the rally; organizers put the figure at 300,000.



Also from">

Open Letter to Amnesty International on the Iraqi Constitution

The Brussels Tribunal

08 October 2005

The following letter was composed by members of The Brussels Tribunal, one of the groups from the World Tribunal on Iraq. For those interested in international law and the upcoming referendum vote on the Iraqi constitution, this is a must read:

We would like to congratulate Amnesty International on its courageous stand against the massive human rights violations inflicted upon the people of Iraq by the US-led occupation forces, as stated in the Amnesty International annual report of 2005.

US-led forces in Iraq committed gross human rights violations, including unlawful killings and arbitrary detention, and evidence emerged of torture and ill-treatment. Thousands of Iraqi civilians were killed during armed clashes between US-led forces and Iraqi security forces on the one side, and Iraqi armed groups on the other.

Armed groups committed gross human rights abuses, including targeting civilians, hostage-taking and killing hostages. Women continued to be harassed and threatened amid the mounting daily violence. The death penalty was reinstated in August by the new interim government.

The recommendations made by Amnesty International's chief Mr. Schulz in the aftermath of this report were very clear:

"If the US government continues to shirk its responsibility, Amnesty International calls on foreign governments to uphold their obligations under international law by investigating all senior US officials involved in the torture scandal," said Schulz, who added that violations of the torture convention, which has been ratified by the United States and some 138 other countries, can be prosecuted in any jurisdiction."

On August 9, 2005, Amnesty International launched a "Call for a human rights based constitution." This action alert calls on people to write to Jaafari, asking him to make sure that the constitution is one that respects human rights. Of course, we embrace the idea that Iraqi's human rights will be much better protected in the future than they are today. Nevertheless, everyone who cares about human rights should question the validity of a constitution that is written under the current situation. A call we received from a well-know human rights activist from Baghdad, who has strong reservations against Amnesty International's action alert, should illustrate our concern. For security reasons we can't reveal the author's name. We apologize for this, but in our opinion, people in a war zone should still have the right and opportunity to speak out without risking death. It also shows how grievous the situation in Iraq is, and how far the so-called 'Salvador option', the state-directed terror against the population, is now in action.

I hear Amnesty International is campaigning for Human Rights in the new Iraqi draft constitution? How wonderful that they are concerned about our human rights in the future... but what about now? Why doesn't Amnesty International campaign or at least say something about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who are held for months, years in the American prisons, without the least rights? The known and the unknown prisons inside and outside Iraq? Why don't they do something about the hundreds of Iraqis, whose bodies are found every day on the garbage piles, with evidences of horrible torture on their bodies after they had been disappeared for a few days? What about the miserable life the Iraqi government is giving the Iraqis for months now, in every field? Does Amnesty International consider the rewriting of the constitution now a legal process? Obviously it does, but on what bases? The war and occupation of Iraq are illegal (even Kofi Annan said it). Who wrote the draft? A member of the writing committee admitted that a draft was sent from the US. So, how far is this legal?

I would like to ask Amnesty International one question: why is it so necessary to write a new constitution for Iraq now? All the political parties, the government, the National Assembly, the media ... etc are preoccupied with the (controversial points) in the constitution for months now, and will be for the next few months. Meanwhile, the country is full of problems: the security, the services, the economy, the environment, the corruption, the Human Rights conduct of the Iraqi government... to mention only few ...two days ago I went to a dentist compound, one of the biggest in Baghdad, where at least 50 dentists work. They could not pull out my tooth because they did not have anesthetic...a very common problem in the Iraqi hospitals for months. Too bad for my teeth, but imagine with emergency cases?

In Tallafar families did not get the food ration, neither any other food since the beginning of this year. In many Iraqi towns, the majority, there is no authority, no law, no police, no courts, only the armed militias and their political parties. Racial cleansing has begun in many parts of Iraq. The government in the heavily fortified Green Zone is very busy working on the constitution.

During the last attack on Haditha, for more than two weeks, all the news programs, the dialogue, the forums were focused on the constitution and in the meantime an Iraqi major city was practically slaughtered. No one said a word about it as if it was happening on the moon. Do you think that this is just a coincidence? And, by the way, it happened and is happening continuously in other places.

There are so many problems in Iraq now, so many crimes committed daily, where innocent people are killed, arrested, tortured... Why is it so important to neglect all these crimes and be busy with the constitution? Why is it so urgent?

Saddam did not write the Iraqi constitution, and if there were some changes or resolutions added to it during the last 30 years, they can be cancelled, simple. We can keep our constitution until we have a proper government and national assembly. After we are done with the most urgent problems, we can take our time writing the most humanitarian and progressive constitution in the world!

Maybe more dangerous is the fact that rewriting the constitution now is deepening the divisions between the Iraqis and pushing them to the verge of civil war, because some of them were given guarantees to participate in the political process, which they refused in the beginning, and after they agreed, the guarantees proved to be untrue. Now these groups are saying that they were deceived, and they reject the draft presented to the National Assembly. All these problems are for what? Just to help Bush look more successful in Iraq, to give him more diplomatic credit?

To hold the election, thousands of people were killed and the entire city of Fallujah was demolished. Now, what is needed to impose a constitution? A civil war?

Can't you see that it is a game? The political parties and ethnic, sectarian groups are taking the chance of imposing a constitution convenient to their interests, and their masters' interests, not the interests of Iraq. I am not saying this out of my own prejudice, no, they admit it themselves, openly. And by the way, there is a very unhealthy, non-objective atmosphere in which this constitution is written, which is something very expected and normal in the current situation. But it is not the right way to write a constitution.

I know very well who are the friends and the enemies of Iraq and its people. I have nothing against any international organization. On the contrary, I, personally, am badly in need of an international organization that can help me in my campaign on the Missing. I want these organizations to come here and work on the violations that the occupation did and is doing in Iraq. We need them badly to see what the occupation is covering by rewriting the constitution. We need them to campaign for releasing the innocent, or at least giving them some rights in prison, not to campaign for a political process built on the wrong basis.

The problem is that the world is asking somebody who is burning in fire to scream in a low voice. Have you experienced living with death all around you, with fear of everything and everybody, with the horrible stories and pictures of what some Iraqis are facing? Excuse my frustration, with my respect to all the international organizations which defend Human Rights."

An article, written on August 17th by Haifa Zangana, an Iraqi novelist and columnist of 'The Guardian', reflects the essence of this message we received from inside Iraq:

"perhaps we need to remember that this constitution is being written in a war zone, in a country on the verge of a civil war. This process is designed not to represent the Iraqi people's need for a constitution but to comply with an imposed timetable aimed at legitimizing the occupation. The drafting process has increasingly proved a dividing, rather than a unifying, process. Under Saddam Hussein, we had a constitution described as "progressive and secular". It did not stop him violating human rights, women's included. The same is happening now. The militias of the parties heading the interim government are involved in daily violations of Iraqis' human rights, women's in particular, with the US-led occupation's blessing. Will the new constitution put an end to this violence?"

We do agree that a "constitution should make a specific reference to international law as one of the sources of national legislation and that in case of conflict between national law and international law, the Constitution should specify that international law should prevail", as it is stated in the second of a set of recommendations Amnesty International published on August 11, 2005. We regret that Amnesty International, which is a noted human rights organisation, doesn't seem to acknowledge that the war of aggression, the subsequent occupation, the changing of any law under occupation and this entire process of writing a new Constitution are fully in breach of international law. May we remind Amnesty International of the Judgment of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, Germany 1946: "To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." How can "a human rights based constitution" possibly emanate from "the supreme international crime"?

Just a few weeks ago, a highly significant judicial decision, comprising more than 130 pages, was handed down by the German Federal Administrative Court. With careful reasoning, the judges ruled that the assault launched by the United States and its allies against Iraq was a clear war of aggression that violated international law.

The occupation itself constitutes the gravest violation of human rights and dignity. The legitimacy and autonomy of this government, installed and completely controlled by the US occupation forces after an illegal and illegitimate war of aggression, is not only challenged by a large part of the Iraqi population, but also by the international peace movement and international lawyers.

At the culminating session in Istanbul, June 23-26, 2005, the World Tribunal on Iraq, a network of independent groups and individuals form across the world, who cooperated in order to investigate the US-led war of aggression against Iraq and the crimes committed by the occupying forces, resulted in a Declaration of the Jury of Conscience. This jury concluded that the invasion was illegal under international law, as is the subsequent occupation.

Some excerpts:

Overview of Findings

10. Any law or institution created under the aegis of occupation is devoid of both legal and moral authority. The recently concluded election, the Constituent Assembly, the current government, and the drafting committee for the Constitution are therefore all illegitimate.

We Recommend:

3. That all laws, contracts, treaties, and institutions established under occupation, which the Iraqi people deem inimical to their interests, be considered null and void.

10. That people around the world resist and reject any effort by any of their governments to provide material, logistical, or moral support to the occupation of Iraq.

International Law Appendix

III. The occupation of Iraq has fragrantly violated The Right of Self-Determination of the People of Iraq:

* Article 1 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights and of the International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights (1966): "(1) All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development";
* It is evident that the occupation, by its decrees, practices, imposition of an interim government, managed elections, and administered constitution-making process has violated the right of self-determination of the Iraqi people, a fundamental element of international human rights law.

The full version of the conclusions of the Jury of Conscience can be read at"> These conclusions are - as already mentioned above - supported by many Human Rights activists, a large fraction of the global Peace Movement and a considerable number of experts in International law.

In the above mentioned document of August 11, Amnesty International pleaded for an extension of article 44 of the Constitution draft, regarding international law. Today, in chorus with AI and many Iraqi human rights organizations, we deplore the removal of this article from the final Constitution draft. In the same document, Amnesty International emphasized the importance to "establish universal jurisdiction for the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, torture, extra-judicial executions an 'disappearances', in order that Iraqi national courts can investigate and, if there is sufficient admissible evidence, prosecute anyone who enters Iraqi territory suspected of these crimes, regardless of where the crime was committed or the nationality of the accused or the victim." These crimes have been and are committed by the occupying forces, the US forces in particular, who are controlling the country of Iraq until now, and by the Iraqi institutions that were established under US supervision. Wasn't it the present US government, which threatened to invade the Netherlands in case one of the members of the US government would be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court of The Hague?

We are not surprised about the removal of article 44 under the current situation, neither do we believe that the new Constitution will ever contain any provisions that could lead to prosecution of those, who ordered crimes against the Iraqi people, like the president of the US and other government officials and Army generals.

Therefore, it should be argued that the basic condition for drafting a constitution for Iraq is the swift ending of the occupation, with a scheduled withdrawal of all foreign troops. Only then, and under the full sovereignty of the Iraqi people, can an independent government of Iraq be formed. Such a government can then decide if and when a constitution should be drafted.

With the above in mind, we consider it suitable if Amnesty International would concentrate its efforts on denouncing the grave violations of human rights inflicted upon the Iraqi people by the occupying forces in order to bring the responsible war criminals to justice, instead of starting a campaign that de facto gives some legitimization to this inhumane occupation and its Quisling government, whose legality is highly questionable. We strongly recommend that Amnesty International focuses on humanitarian law to ensure that grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions are properly addressed.

Prof. Lieven De Cauter, Prof. Jean Bricmont, Prof. Em. François Houtart, Patrick Deboosere, Hana Al Bayaty, Dirk Adriaensens, Inge Van de Merlen. 



Date: 09 Oct 2005
From: Aspartame Poisoning Update>
Subject: Vaccine lies exposed AGAIN!!

Interesting excerpt from a book by a lady who lived through the 1918 Influenza epidemic.

She supports what a lot of us have learned, "Get the flu shot - Get the flu"
Don't take the shot and stay well.

My own GP is typical of the medical industry, religiously every year he gets his flu shot and just as regularly he is off with the flu EVERY YEAR. One really has to wonder just how stupid these doctors are.

Anyway for an eye opening read you can go to"> which will take you directly to the page.

You can browse the other Vaccination information including how to refuse vaccinations. This is the procedure in Ontario with the forms. A fair number of jurisdictions have similar laws and provisions and also many are lied to when they ask if there are any. Possibly another site might build a page for individual states laws.

This is yet more political bullshit by Bush and Co who desperately want to get the country under martial law and eliminate a lot of the population. Why be so stupid as to resurrect such a dangerous virus as the 1918 Flu, except,when you read the above article it appears that it may NOT have been so dangerous except to those fool enough to get vaccinated as a lot of the sheeple do these days. Wake up folks, its just another ploy by the government aided drug cartels to make you sick for their profit. You would be much better off going to a Naturopath or Homeopathic doctor who do get you well. The medical industry never does, you just get put on a "Drugs for life" sucker list.

John T. Linnell
Managing Director
Aspartame Poisoning Information Canada
308-40 Bay Mills Blvd - Toronto - ON - Canada -M1T3P5
Web Site:



Recommended by Phyllis Montague>


The song of Love: Patching the wounded grid of The Great Mother Earth

A silent cry from the Ocean of Consciousness

Part II: The war of the children against the One - The Potential End of Times

- The material presented herein is to be read urgently, and with great patience and reverence. When doing remote viewing sessions the information originates from the source that is most appropriate. For general and mundane targets (intelligence, police, missing objects or persons etc.. ), the Information Matrix usually suffices. For Higher level information we need to get closer to Higher Levels of the One within our deep common subconscious Kingdom in order to fetch the data requested. Many parallel universes exist in the multiple hyperspacial dimensions (universes) of the Cosmic Lattice nested and embedded within it, and occupying the same "mental space" as ours does (the void/vacuum), however these are all operating at different frequency levels. Many overlap with ours. Ultimately all is connected to the All-that-Is: The One. They all affect each other, they all suffer or rejoice together.

This message originated spontaneously as we were in the midst of a Remote Viewing session targeting a world event. Suddenly L. our viewer became very agitated and a great emotional sadness was felt within the confines of the room. The RV session was interrupted and we received the following message that we are going to post verbatim. We felt the vibrations of a tremendously powerful feminine energy permeating our space: we understood and believed it to be the Great Mother of us all.

I know that I have been giving out similar messages in the past. You may ask why even bother? I feel so often, as do many others who have received related communications, like a lone voice bouncing off hardened hearts and closed minds. Many get angry at or refused to face the truth of their being. They would rather remain blind, for they know that opening to this true state of affairs would shatter the comfortable illusion that they have imprisoned their minds into, and that it would permanently change the status quo ante. And they greatly fear changes, even if they are so necessary now. Well, for as long as there is a breath of energy in this vehicle of Mind, I will do what I feel what must be done, which is to try to reawaken many from this unusually disconnected man/womankind from Source, while there is still time for change. I will try to spread the notion of real love and real care to as many as are willing to hear and act. We have great intellect, but have lost our heart.

I kept from posting this for seven months, still hoping to see a positive change in Creation. Alas, none has appeared. In fact, the attacks against the environment are getting more and more savage and systematic every day and it has become politically and socially unpopular and "incorrect" to raise a outcry about it. Even environmental organizations are nowadays timidly protesting. No real massive marches are organized. And if some small mass protests are showing up, they are being characterized as organized by fringe elements, anti global prosperity citizens, former hippies and who knows what other stupid epitaphs! Scientist lifting red flags and warnings are risking the loss of their jobs and careers. The Great Mother cannot pay lawyers and lobbyists to represent her. She has no money printing press. She can only ask for all of you to represent Her in you heart, to carry Her Unconditional Love for you and your love for Her wherever you are and whatever you do. She can only gift you free Life force and protection from the elements and diseases. She can be your Divine Guidepost through these hard times. Our leadership is, as ever, cowardly following the winds of "popular" trends well-designed and concocted by media specialists who are following the whims and hidden agendas of media moguls who are promoting the short-term political, economical or religious interests they represent. Our form of democracy peddles to the lowest-common-denominator and basic human instincts. And we are enslaved equally by the lack of real courage, real leadership, long-term vision, of our elected representatives, and by the lack of civic courage and the total passivity of the people. The electorate and the elected are equally responsible for the sad farce democracy is turning into! The slaves of this Matrix of operation have created the masters of their fate and are allowing for their slavery to continue, for their minds are asleep to the "real world!"

So therefore here is the message that we hinted at when we covered the sad future facing the whales and dolphins in the ocean and its consequences for all of us.

Every day lately, we are being bombarded by grave natural events that might start to make 911 and the war against human terror seem small in scope and comparison. Something is definitely happening at the level of Mother Nature. Nevertheless since so many in the Western world have not yet realized that Nature is the way of direct manifestation of the Godliness to His/Her free-will entities, most are trying to fit all this in a pseudo-scientific light, or start blaming, in order to sooth their ego, some dark government conspiracy or extra-terrestrial experiments for what is really an act of God/Goddess. This is not intended to just scare you and/or make you anxious. Fear is exactly what neither of us needs in these times. Nevertheless there is a big different between fear that is mainly an intended product of dark thoughts whose goal is to keep us vibrating at low levels, and an awakening to the awareness of what we have become and allowed to happen. For each and everyone of us can move mountains if he/she really wants and believes it. But for this to happen we need to unite NOW and cooperate closely, filled with the emotion of Love and care for each other and for the whole Godliness.

This is a serious subject and as the article about the real laws of Creation points out, you either just shut the message off and then you get to see the beginning of the destruction and the increasing parallel realization that the Godliness is here and now - everywhere and everywhen, not leaving and reappearing, dying and resurrecting - but actively acting and correcting situations.

Or, and that is even worse, you get anxious about it. You think that you cannot do much about this, and leave this to a vague fear that you energize again and again especially as you witness the very unusual and increasingly violent phenomena that are originating from the level of nature all over the world in the form of weather disturbances, plague-like new diseases, rattling of the earth's surface etc... And you will then surely energize and witness that same path.

Or you become ultra-aware of this and without falling into despair, act forcefully in order to raise the awareness of humanity about its lack of respect for its planet of operation (and please, let no clown try to tell you that showing Love to your Source of Life is an ungodly act. For showing a lack of care to the environment is the ultimate sin of disrespect to God, and a show of lack of inner Divine conscience), and remote influence as many individuals as you possibly can reach, asking them to energize Mother Nature by showing in thoughts, and then of course acts, love and care for Her.

Instead of expecting Mother Nature to nurture and care for us, it is due time for us to show Love and care to our common Divine Mother, for she needs it dearly now.

And then you will not witness the path of destructive events that may have started to become very strongly apparent within 3 years or so, and instead enter a Creation that will reward you all with wonders and delights. You will all play in the newly found Garden of Eden.

I know that humanity is very preoccupied with the sound of wars and isolated terrorist events. The drums of nationalistic sacrifice are beating high and proud. I am not denying at all these threats. They are all manifestations of the low-level thinking and sheer madness that mankind has sunk into, in its great disrespect for human, animal, and plant life. Power is the only game in town, and all these children of the One are playing it with ever increasing fervor. Only the killing toys which they have at their disposal have changed and evolved drastically. Although the professionals of war machines might have, in their minds, great and understandable reasons to match, surpass and neutralize the killing power of their real or imaginary perceived enemies, the power and ramifications of the technologies employed for that purpose, often go far beyond the boundaries of what they seek to achieve, and therefore these professional soldiers and war scientists are capable, because of the restricted awareness and intelligence with which we all operate with for now, of endangering not only their enemies but the very existence of their own countries for whom they feel great love and even unwillingly threaten the existence of all of humanity. The following message is a case in point. I know that their intents are often respectable and that they mean well. I am only asking for them to open their hearts to new inputs and let the human mind be a slave to the information of the heart, instead of having the heart be a slave to the human mind. I am asking for their cooperation. I trust in the good of mankind. I only worry about its lack of deep understanding and still blinded awareness.

In thousands of years of History, man's consciousness has anything but greatly evolved. The same old questions are always asked, and the same sterile solutions are tried over and over again. The power of mass media and the time we spend watching TV has gotten us into the illusory perception that life is almost an unreal movie where all that matters is to watch, cheer or castigate, mostly from afar, the protagonists. We talk with a casual chilling tone of man-made global holocaust and mayhem. Global horror and annihilation has been viewed, since the great wars of the 20th century, by the mass consciousness of humankind as an acceptable and almost normal evolution of History. We have perceptually lost the understanding that, although reality is a projected sensory movie, it is very real, hurts, and can kill, poison, and maim. We have become asleep within our Creational Dream. We have created an atmosphere of impeding doom and accepted real living hell as a strong possibility. All that many care about is to be somehow spared some of it, as they accept to watch others entering it on their television screen. We have forgotten that all life is One energy interwoven. We are all part of a family, the human family. We are all children of Mother Earth, seeded by the Unity of the One Energy. We create by thought alone. We have repeatedly violated our common Mother and are in the process of killing the gift of life. It is all our choice.

Many readers have mistakenly, and probably due to a cursory reading of the material below, assumed that Mother Earth hints at our destruction as a species in 3-4 years. This is not the case. All She seems to be saying is that around that period the warning that She is giving now will manifest in events that will painfully make it clear that there is something really "big, unusual, and important originating from the level of nature that could potentially have a disastrous effect on the human race. At that moment, the Term "Mother" will take on more of a "real significance" and many will finally suspect and realize that Mother Nature is a BEING of Supreme Divine intelligence of a level that we, Homo sapiens, cannot even remotely fathom. We will start becoming acutely aware that Mother Nature is not a thoughtless, non-conscious machine that has, up to now, obsessed all of our scientist using their restricted intellect, in their attempts to understand Her intricate laws and ways of operations and forces, more often that not in order to gain active control over Her, and skew Her for their short-term benefits. So please do not take this a a message that wants to instill defeatism (if you believe that that Gigantic consciousness would send a direct message at all) and fear in your soul, for that will feed anger and rejection. Only concentrate on the message asking you to energize Her by Loving Her and caring for Her. Use our Remote Influencing course or any other means to directly learn to connect directly to the vibrations and intelligence of the level of Nature and and access this level of deep wisdom and infinite love. The focus of your thoughts energizes the recipient of it. This is an Universal law for consciousness. So, if all of us were to focus love upon Her, She should become so highly energized that she could rapidly fix in a seemingly miraculous fashion the cancer that is eating at the periphery and even core of Her Being, and is now destroying Her magnificent structure due to a general lack of Human care, and Egoistical energies. She has the intelligence and the wisdom to do all this in the best loving way possible, but she needs your support, and it should be so easy to show it: All you have to do, all of you, is carry love towards you Real Mother in your heart! (notice how heart and earth have the same letters). That is all She is asking of you! Is it so difficult to love?

Nevertheless, we can all change this state of affairs by our individual thoughts, each and every one of us. The 100 monkey theory will take care of mass consciousness as long as we reach a critical mass of higher awareness and care. Energy (and money is only a form of it) is to be shared and flow, freely so. It cannot be blocked, restricted and owned. For then the flow is impeded and we all eventually are removed from its source, and wither away. No exception. We are all operating WITHIN one organism: The Holy embodiment of the Creator - Earth Itself.

- PLEASE spread rapidly this message worldwide to as many human entities as you can using email or any other means of communication. Time is of the essence now, as the dawn of a hopeful new era for all of us, as the One, wants to break free and shine within us.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us."

- Pogo

CLIP - Read the rest at




DNA, Democracy & the Wireless "Revolution" - Can microwaves alter our brains and DNA?

The first definitive, independently produced investigative report on this key issue.

A 58-minute documentary on the human health dangers of Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) from cell phones & cell towers... and what we can do to protect ourselves.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE brings you the scientific and political facts the telecommunications industry doesn't want you to know.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE is a dramatic video report on cell phone and cell tower microwave technology now proliferating internationally, its sobering potential effects on human health and democracy, and what citizens and responsible public officials around the world are doing to respond.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE is the first independently produced documentary to report on the growing scientific evidence and the social movement pointing to the two main dangers from radiation from the runaway "wireless revolution."

1) The serious potential public health hazards of radio frequency radiation from wireless devices such as cell phones and the antennas which broadcast the microwave signals and

2) the massive threat to democracy when millions of citizens are forcibly exposed to radio frequency radiation (RFR) without their consent and against their expressed will.

Respected Scientists are featured who have braved heavy-handed telecom industry attempts at suppression of their findings, which show causal evidence of harm to biological systems from short term exposure to high levels of microwaves, such as from cell phones.

Studies also suggest chronic exposure to low levels of microwave radiation from antennas on cell towers may be equally harmful.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE chronicles our growing potential danger from chronic exposures to low levels of ubiquitous manmade microwaves as the industry makes a wildcat stampede for quick profit without adequate understanding of these energies. In the past 100 years, public exposure to man-made radio frequency radiation has grown exponentially, particularly in the past decade. Telecommunication Industry projections are to completely cover the globe with these radiofrequency technologies.

There will be no where to escape. 25,000 additional cell phone users sign up daily and antennas from multiple commercial & government carriers blanket the countryside and cities.

Wireless transmission of Internet data will exponentially increase the amount of microwave electro-smog we are all exposed to constantly.

Designed not only to inform, but to empower, PUBLIC EXPOSURE portrays the work for our democratic rights of national and international activists.

There are dramatic portraits of grassroots community activists in California and Colorado, Libby Kelley, Deb Carney and Francine Levien, actor Linda Evans, organizing in Washington, EMR specialist Cindy Sage and California Senator Tom Hayden who worked to sound the alarm, initiate responsible public policy, and to protect our democratic rights and process.

The international scope of the issue is seen through interviews with scientists and public health officials from New Zealand, Israel, the U.S., Sweden and Austria. Researchers from over a dozen countries and activists from Europe and Japan assemble at an international conference in Salzberg, Austria in June, 2000. Their purpose: to work collectively to protect global democratic rights, public health and the planetary environment.

Electro-sensitivity (already officially estimated by Sweden's government at 2% of its population) is escalating worldwide with the wireless communication technology explosion. .

REPORTED BIO-EFFECTS OF LOW LEVEL RADIO FREQUENCY RADIATION (RFR) EXPOSURE: Infertility, childhood leukemia, adult leukemia, memory loss, lowered reaction time; DNA damage; immune system effects; weakened blood-brain barrier; sleep disorders.

PUBLIC EXPOSURE takes a cutting-edge look at the science, the economics, the politics and the potentially irreversible health effects caused by this so-called 'revolution.'

PUBLIC EXPOSURE unfoldes through the indivvidual, local stories of diverse scientists, acitvists and concerned public decision-makers.


See also:


Dr. Neil Cherry, Lincoln University, New Zealand; former Member of the N.Z. Parliament, from his June 1998 report: Actual or potential effects of ELF and RF/MW radiation on accelerating aging of human, animal or plant cells. "There is strong evidence that extreme low frequency (ELF) and radio frequency microwaves (RF/MW) are associated with accelerated aging (enhanced cell death and cancer) and moods, depression, suicide, anger, rage and violence, primarily through alteration of cellular calcium ions and the melatonin/serotonin balance."

Cindy Sage, Environmental Policy Consultant, Sage Associates California: "If you think that the levels of radiofrequency radiation that we have from cell phones and communications is important enough to consider today, wait until you see what might happen when you dramatically increase the amount of information, or electrosmog, in the atmosphere related to wireless Internet. I believe that it's one of the most important public debates we could have on the planet today. This has not been a public debate yet. The technology and the industry have run far ahead, building, planning but not talking to the public. And this is not correct. We need to open this debate about high tech and about whether there is high risk and whether or not we choose this as our future."

Dr John Goldsmith, M.D., M.P.H., Dept. of Epidemiology & Health Svs. Evaluation, Ben Gurion Univ., Israel (deceased):
" The Russians, between 1953 and 1976, irradiated with radio frequency the personnel of the US Embassy in Moscow. It wasn't clear why they decided to do this. And it wasn't until the ambassador came down with leukemia and then the second ambassador who replaced him later came down with leukemia, that serious attention was felt and blood samples were sent back to the U.S. and they were found to show increased frequency of DNA abnormalities, a failure to reproduce. The radiofrequency sickness syndrome , which the Russians felt was one of the bases for their health protection guidelines - which were much lower than in the West - was reproduced in the Embassy staff, according to the criteria that was used in the survey. So one of the mysteries of the cold war - Why did the Russians irradiate the U.S. Embassy? - could be answered: Because they wanted to produce this interference with the ability to concentrate, the ability to think, the ability to sleep, which were aspects of the radiofrequency sickness syndrome which they defined previously under experimental conditions. They suceeded not only in doing it, they succeeded in getting the leading U.S. epidemiologist to document it, and then to ignore it!

B.Blake Levitt, award-winning journalist, (N.Y.Times), Science & Medicine Writer, author of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves: "It's very, very difficult, as you know, to prove cause and effect when it comes to the energy modalities. The brain tumors are probably going to begin, they probably already are beginning to show up in cell phone users. It's going to take probably 10 - 15 years for it to show up in those who live near the cell towers, more than likely. And then it's going to take another 2 years to gather the data; it's going to take another 3 years for peer review; it's going to take another 4 years to end up in the journals. So we're 20 years away from holding the industry accountable. And in the meantime - do the math! There's billions of dollars they're going to rake in and they very cynically know how many years it's going to take to prove this."



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